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THU HR 2 092222

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 23, 2022 12:39 am

THU HR 2 092222

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Apparently this is a bit article I've written a long time. It is a true domestic enemy of the American constitutional republic is a tyrannical globalist ruling class and it goes on to say that it says our recent Gateway pundit article pose a question.

Is Lindsay Graham trying to throw the midterm election to the Democrats and was Mitch McConnell behind it. The answer is simple, intentional election, sabotage the one might ask why would a Republican senator want to sabotage his own party's chances for election victory, the answer is also simple.

The US government is the de facto one-party state composed of the entire Democratic Party, the federal bureaucracy and obsequious media, a radical academia, and most corporations, and 90% of the Republican Party one-party state is beholden to and fulfills the ambitions of rich powerful globalist whose governance model more closely matches those of world economic forum in the Chinese, the part Communist Party seasoning in the American constitutional pump. That is why the 90% Republican Party does nothing to oppose the Bidens destructive policies and works with the Democrat party to defeat make America great again Republicans.

It's also why 90% of the party does nothing to inhibit Bidens war will make America great Republicans. The greatest fear of the tyrannical globalist ruling class is that Americans might take back control of their government. Patriotic Americans should stop thinking about the political battle now underway to determine the survival of the American Republic as one beat defined be between the Democrats and Republicans. It's a battle for control.

United States government black ceramic tyrannical globalist ruling class devoted to maintaining the de facto one-party state and Americans wish to restore their constitutional Republicans yes vote like your life depends on it. But it quite literally does know that 90% of the Republican Party as part of the tyrannical globalist ruling class in Republican-controlled Congress will not necessarily lead to any change in the corrupt status quo. Now this is now intercultural virtual. This is not the end. It's not even the beginning of and but it is perhaps the end of the beginning.

But if we do not defeat the tyrannical globalist ruling class and take back control of the US government.

It will be the end of everything, and that's very true right now here over take a look this that holds true in seminaries. For example, you have people like Josh, how you have people like Jim Jordan he have people like Marjorie green here. People like Ted Cruz you have people like Meg Gates. Again, a remnant that we have we have a small percentage of those in their lives. Others have no legal work is a good one in there that have held a piece.

I mean, had taken in still underground and actually doing their job and I agree begin to get people like Tom cotton, slowly sucking to the west like where's yet yeah and he was he without tiring.

He was really like that. I thought a rising star.

Well, here's what happened on January 6 when when we were sold out.

That said, it was there. You had Josh Holly there you had Jim Jordan or you handle all these people by regrading they had all of the information it was all the evidence right there. The evidence now here somebody had a job to do. Who is that LVL are Mike Prince had a job to do. He could to stop the whole thing is what was his job to do. He was to do what he was to do the right thing to my right thing right in the end he didn't. And did you see yesterday work that they're going to subpoena Jenny Thomas. No, I didn't see it yet yet yet yet get in and she's going to teach is that they're going to call her in the court and I am wondering what kind of the shenanigans are going to try to pull their own her will. Again, they're going after the all the people that you good people are going after yell that this is this is a police state. We are now in a reality-based okay the FBI is like the KGB. Okay Lord, the Nazi secret police. That's what they become Gestapo they become that way now. Again, I know that that there's a number of the agents and I feel bad for them that say you know we didn't sign up for this note. This is not what you this is not who we are okay and it's this way all the time. You know right now Paul in the barrel makes the whole barrel and and and rotten and welding. The other thing about the 87,000 IRS agents that remember. Initially they were saying that they made it would have to must agree to use deadly force will be willing to use news media deadly force in late they backed off on that, but now Biden to save the other day that the that.50,000 of them were to replace people so really it's only admit 37,000 they're supposed to be 50,000 of the 87,000 supposedly replacing people that are retiring or whatever transition and I guess as a call it and that is only going to be 37 he's a he's insistent on that which III don't see because why are you arming them will amass this. Can you trust to abide no later than that could never occur tentatively.

I.I know that that's what their density or retort to to the whole situation there and get it. It's really kind of scary and I was looking at 80 billion of that. What was at the $737-$790 billion worth of legislative let legislative money 80 billion of us for 87,000. That's almost for every 1000 IRS agent is close to what was what would that be $81 billion because it's it's $80 billion bill in its 87 that them so if that's a lot of money yeah okay here you go. Biden admits that the pandemic is over but refuses to give emergency powers known here. Remember what Karl Marx said he said the people must be kept confused off balance, uncertain decay and if they're doing that if you keep them afraid of balance that are easier to control that went and set against silly a set in the process say one thing say another go one way, go another. In other words, keep keep keep it out right. This is where what that this whole idea about is you say will have have they they lost their minds.

They don't know what a woman is they don't know what a man is they don't they don't know that 10 men don't get pregnant. They don't know that that young boys don't have Mr. Perry said to have they lost her mind to the going crazy not this is a part of their own strategy but here here's how that backfires out. They continue to say this radiation insane things pretty soon they start believing the strange and insane things and then they did go crazy. They get to the reprobate okay now here Joe Biden made in an unexpected admission in a 60 minutes interview that aired last Sunday.

The pandemic is over. There is just one problem. He is still actively continuing to use COBIT as an excuse to ran through his policies. Biden made the admission had a rare lucid moment while visiting the impact Detroit car show alongside journalist Scott Pelley liniment limits the alleged journalist okay who prompted by the robust attendance as Biden whether the pandemic was over pandemic is over by the greed we still have a problem though with COBIT we still doing a lot of work on it.

The pandemic is over. If you notice no one's wearing mask. Everyone seems to be pretty good shape. Listen, that whole thing was a hoax from day one.

It would have been isolated. The ink it's never been isolated.

They've never come up with what this COBIT thing the they've made. They've never seen it in a remember Canada. They lost in the year trial up there about Dave they lost because they they couldn't produce what the covert virus was they couldn't produce it. Let me show you what the code later.

Here, this was a what the virus did. This is what the so-called vaccines did you why did deaths among female children increase by 57% immediately after they were offered the covert, 19 vaccine.

This is an article and expose prior to young girls being offered to cover 19 vaccine deaths among the age group were in line within the expected five year average but in Ellison's official data published by the office for nationals stats statistics shows the deaths among female children increase by 57% immediately after they were first offered think over 19 vaccine that's in, well, just think about this that we just read that article, but Israel all of those young soldiers.

All of those young soldiers not don't that it doesn't affect though the young women is as it does the new young males. The cardiac the what is called cardio might affect his the young men a lot harder than and not only that, but listen in a normal year in a normal here and around the world with as far as world athletes go you have between five and eight that have dropped dead on the field have dropped and uptight about soccer playing football writers write up and in basketball players on the court that his that number has reached over 500 hundred.

That's a good exactly right. Okay. But you not hear and then an NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN area know nothing and so will you know what you want. What's interesting to me is it it if if if this were a box of cereal in that safe somebody 810 boxes of Adam was a brand X series.

I don't want to say a name of any cereal but let's say some cereal if they drop in drop cannot be dropped if they take that thing off the mark. It it it to be off the market like the next day. Yes, it will benefit this vaccine can kill a few hundred thousand million people and in the band plays all you know and and and is Jesse. It's it it it it it there's the inconsistency in you know what they do and these are the same, same institutions because you got FDA you know and people like that that are all involved in the same thing with the Democrats really necessarily be Froot Loops as already here that that is literally cheese chicken articles is ready to go go for Lisa okay US median politicians are celebrating Ukrainian offensive in the region north of khaki. What they failed to mention is the fact that the Ukrainian assault is being spearheaded by that neo-Nazi eyes of the judgment question online news site manta reports that mercenaries from academically, formerly Eric princes Blackwater are also involved in the car Keith offensive siding Russian state owned television journalist Andre meant that gift that there is information that private military company academic is actively involved in the operation of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine. The former Blackwater Medvedev said the Zephyr regime was long decried in Western media as a neo-Nazi militia until the Russian invasion of Ukraine when they were certainly whitewashed is just another part of the Ukrainian military and a 2016 report by foundation for the study of democracy for the OSCE accused as of regime of systematically torturing prisoners again if people in this country and that it if they really knew what was really happening there compared to what they're being told by the fake news media again they would feel one more time know they would be angry because they are being lied to and that there is so much disinformation about what is taken place.

Remember the they call it the narrative, but it's it's whatever comes down from the Soros group in a state. This is what you're going to say forget had nothing to do with the truth and they will say whatever they're told and they will report that every now and then one only has enough they can take it anywhere else that we just can't. I can't take anymore and they leave him when when they leave the pack turns out okay in them, but the other thing to meet its interests and even in that wars like down to who was winning you quit wheat we don't really even know who was one 9 million you had you. You have those as a guide. I didn't look it up a bunch of those this week, but at the same time, the idea that like we don't know who's women that will we don't write well. We do know that if Putin out there. We know who this Telus is not bluffing and and H. Telus the to you know he's got loving employees because this country. First of all, they had turned the Ukraine and NT huge money laundering operation this country. The Joe Obama Biden and the Obama regimes had taken allowed the rightful elected leader and a president took him down and put in their puppet okay that's that's what you and I can hear an NBC, ABC or CBS you will. That gets the and so again they all had big investments over the Ukraine money laundering operations.

All of the very very corrupt. I mean the very corrupt Democratic Party had heads. Here were making money hand over fist in Ukraine and Joe Obama remember when when there was a prosecutor looking into all of the corrupt practices and dealings that his son had okay Joe Obama pressured the president because they were they were hurt and that they were going to take away billions of dollars if in fact you don't fire him and he bragged about it okay Joe. Obama bragged the Biden crime cartel is ill. I until Biden came along Obama by far was the most corrupt.

Then the most amount of damage but the Joe Obama Biden crime cartel has done much more damage and organics and so now is bigoted damage.

Governor Newsom meets. I caress now PG&E is in your dating California Northern California residents with warnings of the no power apocalypse.

The frantic message proclaimed that a people keep using electricity. There will be no electricity so you can use that electricity or you will have an electricity so here and so they must stop using electricity which is this a Galloway does not have the power to deliver the power to the people. California government deliberately reduce reduction of energy during the past 50 years, and this had to beg and borrow and sometimes do without.

A little history as necessary and the lessons are worth learning first thank you Gov. Jerry Brown when Brown was elected governor the first time he declared the war on hydrocarbon fuels, cars, freeways, dams, water distribution systems refinery fuel distribution systems, prisons, single-family housing and just about everything is daddy.

The first Gov. Brown to work to build edge. Jerry had for terms and 16 years to turn California agreement into a sidewalk tent living that he was very good. Yes, the destruction so now like about this.

Remember when Reagan was the governor California had a bigger economy than the than most countries on the red. I think they were like number three unit when the top 10 rate California, myself, Sophia Nguyen, when Reagan was governor. People were flocking to go to California and and it was a huge garden state administrators Garden State when the Communists took over again, as with this well was either hard-core communist and now you got one. It's even worse than him. If that is possible we can vote with their worry about the water levels in the rivers being too low.

Determine the power build the turbines for the for the generation of electricity have to revisit live out there and I talk with my one brother almost every day and teeth really didn't guess you know and that's one of the problems are worried about the levels of the rivers that they won't have sufficient enough power to turn the turbines that generate electricity so the innovate and annexed it you get into the Catch-22 that here is, here's the answer is it is what greater colligative gas by now.

If you read through this you find out historically that when people turn their back on God, God would often cut off their water supply right. He was real and bring on a drought of drought. More often he would would bring on fire.

He would either. I'm right so use fire and water. What is California been played with Bernard for 10 yes I played nonstop for 10 years and always been burning and probably longer than that and and the same. Like you said drought and then no water doesn't ring a dozen when God is withholding the right. So are these people so stupid that they don't get it. I mean, they just don't get it.

And obviously the answers yes you are so stupid they don't get it. Yes they are so Newsom was taken it.

I just don't get it got. We would try to tell God he doesn't exist. Okay, but was in her seatbelt since he doesn't exist. He can't be the one you need to talk to about water can, he can't be, since he doesn't exist.

Can't talk to him about water or fire can't do that in the just can't do that because you don't exit okay so now when people are leaving the state in huge numbers. The state is imploding right is a if I was was doing something and it wasn't going the way it should be going I would change the way I'm doing it right. Right.

Let's see that's you that's the definition of insanity remember is doing the same thing and hoping for a different result in death is exactly what he's not just doing the same thing. He's trying to make it worse. If you think if you do it quicker and faster in the greater that it is something different. Incident when you have him okay this guy. The book Nuno according to the book of Jude. He's a brute beast now right right if you look at New York with Amir there with the talk audience. He pronounced that their last name of the focus of the hotel.

All you she virtually said that all decent people should leave their go to Florida exactly she did know and and so note New York like California they've got an extremely wicked legislator in it that the pastors in New York should be preaching to overtime.

You people when they celebrated when they celebrated the killing of innocent children reallocate the evil just permeated out of their again. I wish there had been a way I could and got them in.

In this session lock the doors where they couldn't get out. And why would just love to have a captive audience were just the weather preaching about the fires of hell because there are very wicked people there were very wicked legislators that what you think would happen if the pastors in this country had the courage once again to preach the way the pastors preach and say the days of the revolution, but they get the results that people like Jonathan Atwood's and those people did with the project say sinners in the hand of an angry God's people would be on literally on the floor and they would be screaming and crying for repentance. They probably would fill the flames from mail on their feet like the people said they did in those day but you know I did my my point is it. But see what God said if my people, and that that that's not everybody of my people were called by my name will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways and seek my face.

He said that Vito did you know didn't you know I hear from heaven right forgive their sin and heal their land. Florida. My point is, they're not doing know they're not in the Bible says that all nations that forget the guy will be turned into hell and were seen in America being turned into hell, and California definitely is the leases ready for her third when she's got another article know what were going to do is were to open the phone lines and then we can let Lisa do her article so phone lines and open at 888-677-9673. That's 888-677-9673 Lisa Hewitt K Canadian transgender high school teachers gone viral. After wearing a massive set of fake lubes with protruding nipples and short shorts in front of young students.

According to reports. His name was Stephen Hannah who allegedly began identifying as a woman last year. Now the administration at Oakfield Trafalgar high school in Ontario, Canada sent a message to parents through email in which they defend this man's job status in the name of inclusivity. According to Redux. In addition, Halton District school Board chair Margo Shuttleworth told the Toronto Sun that in light of possible protest when classes return on Monday. The school is quote working through creating a safety plan to safeguard the safety of the old will Trafalgar high school transgender teacher Michaela Lemanski about this when you think those parents that allow their children to stay in the class. Do you think they care much for the children. No there turning right over to pedophile and thing is they are and that that's cool you know that again folks. This is why we been telling you for all of this time first unit since the early 70s we told you if you love your children get them out of the public schools get them out of there now can a mother now and you see what's happened to yes all right. Let's go to we have okay we have none other than sometimes is he goes by the name is Clifford, other times not showing the tip depends that would show is on ribbon we been monitoring a Clifford's is been he's been embedded different radio programs here on Clifford. One thing that might not listen to the propaganda report podcast on iHeartRadio latest episode is not trapped. Frankly, that something about the cop advisor from Obama is basically.

He had no getting information out like against prop against the negative.

Basically, they gave him started him on a podcast and back him what millions of dollars and made it look like it was a grassroots podcast not really totally catching fire, but that's an example of how they use thing information warfare, and then he goes into like these training classes that he has like clips, where it seems like that they're getting like maybe like kids that get in on tandem like 17 $19 an hour, and they are giving him instructions like cubes how to face down your promptly and uncle you know that would be one side, and that this information on the vaccine you knowledge does not affect fertility… Think so. One clip from that also was that they said that even asking a question about the so-called vaccine not not questioning, just asking a question would be considered.

This information just the question of when you interesting thing because there's a lot of chatter below the tenor of their about before the election, taking down the Internet and there is saying that because to the conservatives now going is it's going for more with them getting the independent websites, getting away from Facebook and these others that can take you down. Twitter what other so that they can that the death of parents might try to take down the Internet but now that might backfire on them because they would go then to talk radio and that's where the conservatives have a huge advantage on talk radio over the year. Kindest thing about how bad one. If you look at Grey's Anatomy about anybody can buy that book and read the section on the skull. If you do read that book you gotta make copies of the diagrams. The state will start to like there like a page later, but the angularity of the woman's skull is different than a man's skull and how it angles well I gotta take Cliff to the whole thing a lot of things that woman's buddies different than a man's body.

I noticed it right away thinking that my last question is just on from James work said he always troubleshoot the easy shipwright Eagle is inflected.

He supplied what what what is Randy think about that. Another words, like the honest appraisal summary of problems was really on you with a lot of people call Pratt line and that's good. But you know you make that delineation and you know what you have a problem. It's on you to pray about it you Randy know what will actually Cliff that this is not how I see it, who stands and ends in judgment who stands in the judgment you or somebody else for you client that acting on not but I'm saying that that that that your responsibility ultimately thymic uniform for will say the rational beings is for you to pray for you because you you are simply responsible for your actions and that was God's not going to judge me say for what you do.

He's really not. And it's up to me to maintain a fellowship with God so that God can and I can communicate on our own level so as far sprinkles you know we are it.

We are admonished to pray for people but God said back in the Old Testament. I guess it was with the jeremiad of what or maybe it was easy to pass. It will probably be members of when he said that there would be no more of this that you want to talk to somebody or somebody that everybody was what was on his own so you you can pray, and if you think about it how many times did the majority of one one-man plan in Scripture one man prevail because one man prayed one man understood what the problem was.

David understood what the battle was with Goliath. They didn't. Daniel all right. It dates clip we gotta move on. Will be back right after this the local hero so I still live in no leaflet so that I can stop by at all, but I remember when I was a test that with the new English is for my long on cost but a one I better you. I you ever read about a child seem to know he's coming back but I know I you I am I better I better wear back. Let's go to AC included a senior in the year hello hello yet yes night last night you had your thing, you were saying that some well-known preacher was predicting that on the 24th at the rapture based on a 7000 year crossover and start a cycle. Yeah, that's my question. You said this guy was well-known and he was saying that the Rapture Will Take Pl. in September 25th.

Okay that's got lively Scott Lively is an old friend of mine that years ago him and I were we were on the circuit together we viewing to initiate the nation tours and so he's an author. He wrote the book the pink swastika which is a bestseller that he was also the number one man in the entire world on the LGBT Q hit list and so in the home. I just regular but was cut into say Ray is my readers may know the newly reconvened and Julie 700 in Jerusalem declared that he rehear 2015 and 16 enjoyably literally for the first since the Roman expulsion of the Jews from the holy land in A.D. 135 if there right the first seven years of shipment out of the new 50 year Jubilee cycle ends and begins in September 25 in the light of current events. It is quite questionable that final seven years of the age of the Gentiles begins this very weekend, along with a 3 1/2 year countdown to the unveiling of the antichrist and the abomination of desolation around Passover of 2025. If so whispers the beginning of sorrows. Matthew 24 have already begun with far greater drama soon to be in sealed case of the article is quite lengthy and it goes into a lot of different scenarios but basically that's what were talking about. Okay the beginning of sorrows already happened.

Yeah, well, we can say no. As far as you know where we're seeing that were seen that happen within the reduction but has a unit we are in the Bible talks time of the birth birth pains. And that's that's happening where we definitely are in the evil day, and so there you go. All of those things where literally at our doorstep, are they not want one of Matthew 24 have already occurred. Yeah, wars and rumors of war that was World War II that perfectly so and I don't get into making predictions and prophecies of the time of the rapture the church of the time of the start of the tribulation. All I do know is that we are seeing if you go to second Timothy chapter 3 where he takes you to any other passages. If you look like in chapter 4 1st Ave. talk about and it says in later times or in times but right when he gets to second Timothy three is very specific. He says in the last days so he's talking about this specifically. The last part of the six dispensation. And so all of those things.

When he shows you right there right now are present in our society.

Everyone right but no man knows the day or the hour of the rapture and got to be preached and published in all the world the rapture will occur. So, and because so many pastors have failed God. They haven't been done completely yet you telling me preaching that is for 50 years. In the yeah well, although I'm I'm just curious when I heard it now predicting to this and that I had to move them because leaving the whole board slid up at what what I said earlier that if preachers were preaching the way that they should.

The way that they did okay. Back at the beginning of this nation or bank if they were preaching against sin, the way they should not be afraid to offend the offering plate to be more concerned about offending God by not being in John the Baptist. I preachers you think the country would be in this condition that it is today. No, no rate the quality of preaching and diminished.

Look at the whole picture. A lot of pastors have failed God know the vast majority of your absolutely right. A lot of Christians don't even have a clue what the rapture is going to be or what the tribulation period to be well a whole lot of of those have a profession of faith. Another position is why Jesus said many are called but few are chosen to delete this again and be a just a fraction of those that the thinker saved the good of the wrist to get me in for an extremely rude awakening. In that time without I got them a bug in the whole board slip of things to was good at include an edge or in the air going.

I'm doing okay. How are you my friend on obliquely give my take on quick things are today. I believe that there is one constant.

As far as the call go right thing to be masonry as you can go back. All you can look at the situation in the Americas, and so on even think the founding of what I believe that the mystery Babylon United States was grounded by in many cases very bigoted Masons and to deploy that sentence conception have been ran by Freemasonry to the Bush family and beyond in the whole 9 yards of government. I think that 81 Achilles' heel if you choose to look at that way if in doubt take an outsider.

If he is amazing.

He's not wanting the insiders and they hate him.

Look up passion you go to run Reagan leaving JFK. JFK also, even though he was a Democrat. He spoke out he was the one that actually started the iron Mountain, like 11 documents Freemason before he left office. I don't know a lot of times. Let me just tell you about this like three times they attempted to recruit me three different and three different occasions okay and and often what they did like with George Washington.

When I asked him if he was a Mason. He said he attended one meeting and it was an honorarium he didn't. He didn't really know what it was all about. Okay. And that's the way it is with a lot of these people that they don't there. Given these awards.

Ordered honor and they don't really know what it's really all about.


And so I think we've had a number of I don't believe that Eisenhower was one of those he was. He was the one warning against that to and so in my lifetime we've had a few presidents that were not Masons but not many. But there is even worse than the Masons you got the skull and cross bones which both Clinton and exit the bushes to the bushes and the militia and I and I boo I don't pout I would be surprised if Obama wouldn't part of that one.

But one thing that really got going out talk about the bigotry having the scholars wider Freemasonry with this Congress. Right Freemasonry in the United States for about 100 years and it was founded by Macon for our hike which was both Confederate Gen. and Arab-strong government. Bob Dole gently handled Jesse Jane Outlaw. They were all Scottish Rite Mason and it is answer traded in the whole United States government and retaining their Freemasonry doesn't have a hold on the United States government that I bear in your hand and it always has and always will greatly make bankers are Mason the Rockefellers and Rothschild 09 John meeting get back, that's American history we've done over the years I've done probably at least a dozen programs and those that have written books about what masonry is so, but I gotta move all my figure the whole board is lit cases that we have global research John hello okay you're in there. Glad John up a couple.

Vital point that I agree with. There is an article called up & not global and it's by a former CIA agent to turn to when a blackout like white hats every year. Got disgusted with the assassination torture. I don't think that they were involved in covertly and this is an article in the global Zelinski over to see his campaign of kidnapping, torture and assassination against any dissenters against his war against Russia and another article on global research PA and also on the gray zone to graze on is how the bipartisan CIA cultivates.

I make & make a left and how they bought captured and subverted that element of the political spectrum of clinical app that is because they get. I could usually be read like a plan to up? One of the CIA skulduggery and wars abroad and what your character that you blown the entire propaganda war and I think you are not among the wonders that are not only the Ford and Rockefeller foundation, but people like George Soros is a leftist, he is a supporter of the clinical app which is really crucial almost even more than he sees an antichrist. He is worse than the disease. He's worse than the Nazi. I mean he is an antichrist in these he's as bad as they get less) and speaking of Nazis and you brought out that the United States spent $5 billion in CI subversion and violently overthrow the democratically elected government of Ukraine in 2014 under the bipartisan about Obama Biden and Republican. We would tell if you remember we were telling you what they're doing. We were till you see what they're doing over there you see what they're doing. Obama said to you understand folks was actually happening there, but we were the only ones talking about it.

Nobody alleged that striving people gotta realize bipartisan evil uphold war pro-imperialist people like you about pointed out like dry. JFK got killed because they wanted to oppose this constant debt war mongering by the controlled CIA media that were exposed to all every day of our lives to lead us into genocidal wars like Korea and Vietnam. Kohlberg awards that killed millions of people to saturation bombing around the world and are now supporting actual Nazis as the spirit absolutely. But I gotta take this 9 November 12 to wanted to get rid of the CIA and this is why you know he he's got like three layers of security around him and I hope that's enough that we need to keep him in prayer, but he too wanted to eat to eliminate them to because they have become their own like a little government within the government, but the things, shall I gotta move on.) How much time do I have pastor Hellyer in their you've got four minutes, four minutes to tell us how we can get to heaven and avoid hell. Okay, everybody was tonight you get one thing in common that you have any sense at all. You really go to heaven and go to hell. Most of us that led to our lives. But church leaders and the press and everything else must've tell you your good works that balance your bad works of get that heaven you know if you can quit sitting right now and never sin again of the day you die just since you've already done. We keep you in heaven is got eight sin, and he can't let one sin in heaven that he made provision for you to be able to be saved safe and help when Jesus died on the cross got Linehan prepare the payment in full for everything you have ever done. The Bible says in Ephesians 17 in whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace, God loves you and hate your sins.

God wants you to come in heaven, but he says your sins to come with you and the only thing that can wash away your sins of the blood of Christ, and that takes place when you go to Calvary and admit to God that you're a sinner that's repentance. Reverently, I mean the Bible says, except ye repent, you shall likewise perish and 13 three so when you go to God for God you know and admit them a dirty rotten lousy stinking center on my road to hell and that I deserved hell in the everything else that but I'm asking you to forgive me and come into my heart and give me the payment you paid me for me on the cross do that don't want trusted but as many as received him, then gave me the power to become the sons of God as a free gift. Ephesians 289 cents for by grace are you saved through faith and not of yourself as a gift of God. If you want to go to heaven instead go to hell you go to God and admit how unworthy you are. You can't save yourself. You want to receive the payment Jesus paid for it. This John 14 six Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life no man comes to the father but by me.

That means the Pope can save you your best friend can save your church membership can save you your good works can save you if you get what blood it baptized so often everything on the creek that your social security number and that's not in the Savior is when you come to Jesus Christ and your wife by his blood and redeemed by him that saved and he's the only one that can save you. And so if you want to receive Jesus Christ as your Savior.

The Bible says in Romans 1013 but whosoever shall call upon the name the Lord shall be saved.

That means if you believe in your heart that Jesus died on the cross and shed his blood to save your soul. You call upon him, which means you invite him to come in your heart and give you that payment debate be on the cross is the free gift. Remember that you gotta pray and you got asked him to come into your heart and give it to do that and if you like to pray together. I like that they got as a preacher is Christian not likely to feel it's a time sinner's prayer. But even though were praying together strictly between you and God.if you'd like to receive Jesus Christ tonight.

The payment he paid for you this pray this prayer with me a minute with all your heart.

Dear God, I confess unto you that I'm a sinner and that I sin against you in thought, word and deed and Lord Jesus.

I receive the payment you paid for me on the cross. I believe you died on the Crescent should get back to save my soul wash away my sins and give me eternal life, and I hear it now you to come into my heart and give to me that they met Lord Jesus, and I receive it, and in your name right now in Jesus name, amen. Folks first John 513 says these things by written unto you that believe on the name of the son of God, and that will praised Levon that that you received your Savior. Why you may know that you have eternal life. The Bible doesn't say that you may think it was to wonder about it and hope for, but that you may know that you can you know because God make a promise that if you repent your sins and receive Jesus as your Savior is going to get you going to get eternal life right then and there so that if God cannot lie. It makes you promise you just sincerely pregnant Jesus in your heart you have eternal life right now and so the King James Bible read it though others Jesus now to be saved and just fellowship with the Lord, read your Bible daily got the walk with the inclusion of any sins daily between you and him and just enjoy walking in fellowship with Jesus Christ, but that will help. I don't know you honey this a lot of people optimist into this cross-country coast-to-coast and I don't know how many of them believe everything he just sent but I do know this, that every one of them will believe everything hinges. That's right yes and that that will happen is no chance in and I was telling this this atheist Dr. Lee call himself an agnostic doctor.

I was telling. There is no chance there is no chance at all that you and I can believe every word you proceeded forth from the mouth of God. And he had Outlook on his face was just like I can't believe that you have so much confidence that you're speaking with so much confidence I've got up 110% confidence because God always does what he says he'll do well in time for the night so until tomorrow. Good night God bless.

And always, always TA by the way, keep fighting the fight.

Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right.

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