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February 15, 2020 7:00 am

Happening Now!

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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February 15, 2020 7:00 am

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If it's happening now. We talk about that strong delusion right now. I up and down. Life is like good is evil.

Everything is upside down Alice in Wonderland world. That is, I never thought I'd see the day that I'm saying day after day after day. It's not just once a week. It's like once in our time shocked and shocked out of my mind. Sometimes that things are stories that are breaking on the new situations that are mushrooming before her eyes is staggering welcome to understanding the times radio show Marco brought you by all of three ministries replay the recent happening now with Jim and Pastor Jack Fields Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California. Jack talked about a number of current events listed placed late last month. Issues remain on the front burner and in our daily headlines. Here is Jim Markel, John, and welcome to the program. Always so glad you can join me in all of January. I was privileged to travel to parts of Southern California and meet many remnant believers as well as speak at some churches and for the annual proximity prophecy conference sponsored by Calvary Chapel Tustin, California and Pastor Barry Stagner. All messages are posted to our YouTube channel under Jan Markel and Olive tree ministries. The proximity conference messages are being edited but will be posted in the near future to YouTube to his channel and to our website and I want to thank my hosts for the month-long journey. Pastor Barry Stagner, Pastor Tom Hughes, Pastor Jack Hibbs and Pastor Brandon Holt house. They and their congregations. Well, they encouraged me they inspired me even to keep gone in spite of frankly growing apostasy indifference in the church and among believers and what seems to be a rush to Laodicea in too many churches when I return I had an email from Karen and she writes this.

I praise God for the technology of today if I didn't have access to you and the information you give.

I would be so isolated.

I speak to people they look at me like I'm an alien will you have helped me Jan, you've kept me grounded in my faith and I celebrate my alien status. I have tried to find a church that honors God and his word and his plans yet.

I come up empty. I feel like a lonely goldfish in a bowl, but between you, Amir, JD, Jack Hibbs and others that you feature. I feel so much more excited because yes, prophecy is coming true right before our eyes, and then she concludes I'm not alone in my alienation thanks to all of you so you know what, I met hundreds of people like Karen and I would ask all of you who feel like her to try to hold on a bit longer.

So this hour I'm going to play the happening now session I shared with Pastor Jack Hibbs at his church, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills.

This is a monthly current events format they have that is attended by over 2000 people and streamed live to an audience that always surpasses 1/2 million online views or more over a few weeks or a few months.

Here's happening now with Jack Hibbs, and Yours truly, Jan Markel is a woman of God loves the Lord loves the word. She's a no nonsense Christian sister.

She hosts the largest Bible prophecy conference annually in North America and Minneapolis area, Eden Prairie, specifically I call it the Super Bowl of Bible prophecy events. There's nothing like it, but she is on.

She spends her life, analyzing what's going on in regards to the church and the word of God song and ask only to stand and give a warm welcome to Jan Markel for the record, you guys, this is the headlines for the last four days.

When I say headlines and talk about things that could easily if not directly relate to Scripture or possibly Bible prophecy. Jan has her list and because Jan is here. We want to make sure that she speaks to us the way that only Jan can, and she's also going to touch on some things which I'm so grateful because she's going to mention some things that unscripted without plan. Some days we are going through right now. Second Peter chapter 2 about false prophets and false teachers and Jan's going to talk to us tonight about some things are going on in the body of Christ that are indeed false but very popular.

Oh, the false is always popular, always yeah and you been covering at me know how Rob Bell and I found out today I found out today that Rob Bell may be hearing something said today to find out that he is a disciple. He is a famous follower, a man who used to be very grounded and now who was a bellringer of Rob Bell men is Rogers the quarterback on the Packers. What's his name Aaron Rodgers got swept away by broad builders that really bummed me out. Well I wish I would've known that before the game. Rob Bell is dangerous and I'm glad you you talking about him is shocking video I'd actually seen it interesting that it took a secular journalist Martin Bashir joint to do the expose and to call him out.

Say what earth are you doing Mr. Bell. This is not a believer, Martin Bashir that I know Jen you have a list I'm spying on your you want to start what's at the top of your list. Saturday I'm going to be talking about some of the prominent signs of the times. The problem is they change every 10 minutes and I think you're onto one of the biggest ones, which is the lurch left in the church. The apostasy in the church. The.

The fact that churches are no longer giving heed to sound doctrine and that is heartbreaking predicted. I'm not sure there's anything more predicted in the Bible than that there would be an end time apostasy. Verse after verse after verse after verse.

They won't give heed to sound doctrine of give heed to fables just one after another after another. So when we see it happen. Why are we surprised her somebody on Sunday make mention the fact that they were aware of the church somewhere Midwestern was a small community, but the of the population of the church had a particular view. A new pastor came in to tell that thing review that they had was definitely not a healthy biblical view and they actually coerce that pastor to publicly endorse their view even though he understood to be a good Scripture. So here you are knowing talk about apostasy.

But now we've got a church that is fallen away that is pulling young ministers away and that's that's very sad but I will be faithful to your to your slide my business stay in the genre for a moment or two and I think in 2019. Some really significant things in a sad way certainly happen. We saw Christianity today, which is I think we should call Christianity astray. Some of the magazine. The magazine, the magazine and a man came out hammering Donald Trump telling him to step down, which is shocking when that happened 200 evangelical leaders, thank you. 200 evangelical leaders obviously stepped in and said this is not right that critical race theory. I mean that's coming out of the southern Baptist convention, suggesting that we are racists, etc. what I had done a study on the history of the evangelical movement. Modern times starting with the national Association of Evangelicals they came into being somewhere in the 40s to be a counter to the national Council of churches. My understanding is in the 40s. This national Association of Evangelicals was solid as can be in standing for truth and then all of a sudden the 90s and the early 2000's. They struck point so haywire at some 15 years ago there global warming look I am president of Minnesotans for global warming foundation okay. I wish it were true.

Wish it were true to come to Minneapolis but but why why are evangelicals what is going have to do with soul winning is all insane. Well this note. If you don't know your she mentions this argument of climate change or global warming will peers who cares what was and what the Bible I would put that right there in the area of Romans chapter 1 yes because it's result. Having no faith in God that he can take care of the planet and it's about us saving the planet to the point where those who are rabid about that idea actually are very excited about catastrophes that lower human population on earth.

They want humans today because a smaller human footprint is better for mother Earth, and if you want to know where that's coming from the spirit of it you'll find it in Romans chapter 1, they worshiped and served notary alienation creation rather than the creator him as well as showing and I wonder if this isn't going to be a part of the coming one world religion. I want to talk about this on Saturday which goals tickets are sold watch on his channel that I just wondering all of this is part of the coming one world religion. Why would Greta to invert the 17-year-old from Sweden, the truth whose declared the successor to Jesus Christ declared times person of the year 100 president when a prime minister but here out of 7 billion people. This is times person of the year because she's again crying. The sky is falling and the temperatures are rising and we only have 10 years left and we need a green new deal on listen during the tribulation. We can have a brown deal. It's kind of a sad situation really is.

Why is someone like this celebrate and I think this is the strong delusion of our time when this is the as Jack said begin to worship the creation more than the creator to exactly what's going on and I think this fits into the coming one world religion. I'll get into that a little bit more and Saturday but the coming global system one world system needs crisis meets Christ we know it's the rapture asking me to crisis, but before that I believe it's this environmentalism. Let's be stewards of creation.

Okay nobody saying we shouldn't care frustration that's in Genesis and we need to care for creation, but when we have it going to this extreme that I think this is could be part of the coming one world religion and keep your eye on it and as part of the global agenda is the crisis needed for one world is going to say this will happen if we don't have a one world system is what I think was interesting because again it goes to the religious systems that are antichrist in spirit but earth related man the affine or as we'll know from Scripture earth. The affine and just missing the mark completely missing God in all of that.

It's very sad to because this grid of member achievement just exalted in the world I want she been she's been digital cheese dip school for two years. Racialism of the school in two years. That's why she's called Detroit know that that's her and kids want to be like her. Not wanting to go to school and it would be like the time person of the okay got rejection you have this or do we repress that God no strong delusion, yet will I think cannot talk a little bit more to about that on Saturday, but this Univision letter they can watch it online. If they can watch it on. They think they can watch it on YouTube. Later the check. Have you ever seen had he ever seen the strong delusion. We love socialism. Now, have you ever seen deleting God I got a shocking clip. I don't have it with me. What a shocking clip of how God is just deleted first from Europe and other parts of the world.

But now America in second Thessalonians. The Bible says regarding as we approach or get deeper into the times of the end it says that when this the temple built will say when the temples built in Jerusalem. All of a sudden the Bible says in second Thessalonians 2 out of nowhere the Bible lets us in on something that hasn't happened yet. So listen I want your attention. There is no temple in Jerusalem right now all of a sudden. Second Thessalonians 2 mentions a Temple in Jerusalem in the future and a man shows up called the antichrist and he's gonna declare himself to be God in the Scriptures tell us that God is going to send those who dwell on earth at that time strong delusion so that they will believe the lie has the definite article in front of why it's not a lie. There is a specific line that is coming that unless God is protecting you beautiful for now. The amazing thing is, were not even there yet there is no temple in Jerusalem was talk about it all the artifacts for our made they have the blueprints for it. Everything is ready to go. They just don't have the thumbs up for what's interesting to me is were not there yet but we are seeing people already embrace strong delusion delusion. Things that make no sense that strong delusion right now it up is down, black is white. Good is evil.

Everything is upside down. It's an Alice in Wonderland world that is I never thought I'd see the day that I'm seeing day after day after day. It's not just once a week. It's like once in our I just I'm shocked and shocked out of my mind. Sometimes that things are what stories that are breaking on the new situations that are mushrooming before our eyes. It's staggering and you got to the Middle East, which is in constant turmoil anyway. Having gotten to Jews and Christians are on the run everywhere on the planet. This is what's going on in Christian persecution is just staggering right what's going on in Jews on the run.

That got a clip of in time choose the endless Jewish presence in Europe? Now that's actually kind of a good thing because then they going to collect Israel. That's what God wants them to do is to go back to Israel. So that is his end time plan can really come into play in the and then then he steps in to start dealing with them, but they need to be in Israel, for those of you who are not familiar with your Bible.

The Bible tells us that prior to the physical return of Jesus to his land. He will call the heat, the spirit of God will call his people from all the nations of the world back into the room. It doesn't tell us how he calls them. Isaiah you can look at Isaiah 43 I think the first 11 verses help but here we have this look at France.

France responded to like just too late to the fact that the Muslim population in France began to attack the Jews and France did nothing about. And so what happened was the Jews. They have a history understanding what we remember, this Appian in Germany and in Europe and so they packed up and they moved Israel in his last few years the Jewish evacuation out of France has really tempered with their economy. All because they couldn't stand up. They refuse to stand up but this rise of anti-Semitism is going on around the world. It's increasing in the United States, which is very alarming to where now the president had issued Executive Order on the figure aware of this because of persecution against Jews in the United States.

Pres. Trump issued an executive order to protect the Jews. Did you know that that's a bad, skinny, and so the thing is, but it's driving Jews back to their home but they'd never been to before I get all of this in preparation for exactly what the Bible had said would happen.

Here's a headline it's number three you guys if you want to put it up just to get things going here Trump fires back after Arabian leader condemns him on Twitter Trump fires back and says make a wrong grade again now look this. This is something where along the issue of the lawn because it's in the news is you guys hear about it every time Donna and I get together but it's take number two you guys is former rainy and crown princes to Iran which is the capital of Iran regime on the brink of collapse that may or may not be true. The reason why Jan and I take issue with this. It may be true on the short-term. You guys, but we know that from the Ezekiel description which you guys hear about every month you're probably getting tired of hearing about it, but every month there's more news that is formulating regarding possible fulfillment of Ezekiel 38 is they may have a collapse and maybe it will be a momentary reprieve. Unlike program is America because maybe God is going to just get the gospel out to Lotta Persians if that regime collapses.

But we know this, that even if the regime collapses and they have a honeymoon season for a while. It won't be long live because we know that from Scripture or Ron Persia is going to join ranks and must join ranks with Russia. As you very well into them without and then Jan this one and I'll let you comment on these you know that something good must be happening with policy coming out of the United States when Arabian parliamentary member and government leader announces a $3 million reward for whoever kills Donald Trump will. This is serious.

This is favors.

This is very very serious. It also tells you that these few that control the Iranian people they don't like what the influence of your nation's been having on Iran's right because the young people in or on a rising up as they want freedom they want liberty, some of them want the gospel, by the way, very badly for so long. Nurse gospel exploding discussed here about absolutely in the wrong Ron.

I don't remember where I read this China for a long time, China was the best China the church going and that I've heard recently that in the last couple of years that it may be that Iran is the fastest growing Christianity is bursting in Iran.

But then the mullahs court won't let it happen right but if the mullahs were taken out of the way. That could be fastest growing Christian population. Imagine certainly that part of the world.

Another headline I saw Jack is Vladimir Putin being called the king of the Middle East you don't have that one there but nobody being called King of the Middle East, get this, the leaps out of the Bible leaps our Bible as much as exciting, but why why this how it's all I think my claim is someone who is not the life he could be. And it's a speculation so you better be careful if he isn't God. That's GOG if he isn't God. He certainly got gas sees fills the bill for being a potential representative of God from the land of Magog when the world is called the secular world is calling him the king of the Middle East, meaning that's huge.

I really do Jen. What can you were what would you like to say I think we should talk a little bit about this claim.

Here is coin rate. This was given to you today. You want to explain what this is. This is on this side is this is not a joke by the nightlight is not an this is right here. The shekel soon on the back.

By the way, what I think even is significant is what's on the front Trump being compared to Cyrus by the Israelis but on the back is the temple and if we got into a discussion here on the plans to build the third Temple in no don't start send donations to build the third Temple. Please don't do that, but that's on the back of this coin is you can see right here Israel honoring the US president quite like this.

This is your subject okay personal everybody this no joke. This is done by sanctioned by the Israeli government is not some souvenir died down on Ben Yehuda Street.

This is the real thing you said was ridiculous.

That's crazy.

This I understand any and all reactions to this. Here's my point. It doesn't matter what my reaction is to this or yours. It's their reaction to their reaction very see commitment that this president has made to them and it is inspired you may or may not like that. It's irrelevant.

It's already happened and again this is not a this is not plastic, and is not a joke. It's a sanctioned government issue commemorative piece that they decided it reminds us of Cyrus, but Jen is there preparing the text and send in their questions. Is there anything that you want to touch on before we start to. I am concerned about the new Netflix. There is some of you may have seen it yet. Is this this is the new Netflix series called Messiah, which I believe is introducing the antichrist and I think another one of the issues I have seen escalate in the last one to five years completely out of control. Is this rise of wickedness in this rise of an antichrist spirit the antichrist spirit came to Twin Cities heartland in October when Pres. Trump came to Twin Cities to have to set a rally in thousands and thousands of people from the whole region came just to have a patriotic rally and antiques was outside and talk about the spirit of antichrist inmate.

It was complete. Bedlam and the town campus again. The heartland is torn apart, so I I sense the spirit of antichrist around the world leakage site 25 cities tonight were there's turmoil, rioting, anarchy, lawlessness, sale 10, Netflix comes out with them series called the Messiah, but I believe it's introducing the antichrist and their version means that just the mindset of the antichrist is introduced know it's introducing a Muslim Messiah which the antichrist will be a Muslim. Folks just get your mind not to be a Muslim.

But Netflix and the producers who happen to be Roma Downey and Mark Burnett didn't think they know better have produced it's of series on a Muslim Messiah's come upon the world to save the world.

Has anyone seen this 5 kn and this is it started January 1, January 1. I mean, I think this is ominous to say the least may now were glorifying heralding announcing featuring it's funny to me to have a set antichrist. It's from three of the secular world loves to him on their terms talk about or post issues that are biblical but they like it their way they like it their way in their way. Apparently the antichrist whose they got on earth now happens to be clearly a Muslim, which that's a whole another topic.

We don't need to get into because it's not the Jews actively choose or not it is I am not going to except the Muslim Messiah but anyway that is not the point. Point is we now have a TV series heralding the antichrist as being here.

I think that's significant. I really do. That's never happened before. So this series is not the skies that walk around people and raise walking around doing miracles and what's his name I would know. I don't know his name but he made the name Amy.

He is named in the series evidencing the series. I'm there to show the trailer on Saturday at the approximate wish of the trailer.

It's about two minute trailer and it's shocking.

It's shocking on this appraisal because we talked about last time about thing we did regarding all these action figure hero marble comic type lords and gods and things and demigods that people we love that stuff. The supernatural power stuff and then you introduce God or somebody they don't know whether Your God and your perpetually entertained by these godlike creatures on your big silver screen. First ramps will keep your eye on that place and I'm not recommending a watch at really not, but I think they'll keep our eye on what the message is because it's saying he's here, he's going to do miracles and he's a good guy get one more clip that would be these three gentlemen, Boris Johnson, login Trump and Netanyahu and here's the thing with these three and these three global leaders of a statesman to be honest, here's the thing. They have come against the globalist agenda. These three goals three guys come against the globalist Guild is one of head of the UK.

He wants out of the doesn't want anything to do with one world is a more even the European Union. Trump has said I'm a nationalist and not globalist. I want anything to do with globalism and trying to throw Bibi Netanyahu out and he's interested in Israel, not the globalist agenda see that these three powerful leaders and I think that the globalist agenda and can I get a whole message on that that I give quite often it is given sensitive California but the globalist agenda than the last year.

The last five years.

Just stunning progress.

These three men are standing in the way these three men. So what's can happen.

You need to grow we need to pray for these three men because the globalists love to take them out really love to take them out so that their one world Empire can be formed in there so standing in the way can happen now.

We're one election, one US election away. Jen one US election away from well certainly a crisis. This goes the wrong way because the globalists will then get their grip and course. Those of us who want the end become a little bit more quickly. I mean we say bring it on a cell.

It's depending on how you look at it.

We love always right through the website. Aldrich all of its reviews.large circle time 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 or drop us a note to all of the true ministries Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible more in a moment. It is not too early to mark your calendars for understanding the times 2020 will have a two day event Saturday, September 26 and Sunday, September 27. Tickets will go on sale for the Saturday event next summer will be no charge for Sunday activities speakers at our annual conference include Julie Rosenberg, nurse our quality pastor just kids. Michelle Bachmann and Pastor Berry start muted good Grace Church, Paris, Minnesota, just outside of Minneapolis check our website for hotel options on Sunday, September 27 will have a morning service with Pastor John kids.

Jack speaks live at 9:11 AM Sunday evening will feature an evening with Joel Rosenberg at 6 PM. These events are free and seating is first-come, first-served location is revived church in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

Since many make plans months ahead. Please make note of the special week in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota will encourage you to better understand the times and become watchmen on the wall as we await his return. If you don't know your theology here to say Jesus for this. What about the believers and argue with you got to endure until he does come, don't confuse enduring hardship and persecution with the tribulation. The church must suffer persecution into us some your true relation. As the wrath of God coming upon a Christ. We know you lead busy lives. So if you miss a program listen at your leisure at our website. Aldrich one or on our YouTube channel, insert images and video give you a visual experience is like our current programming happening. Jack are all video think about watching the program.

Here is Joe Markel will need to be encouraged because it's all about salvation. It's all about the God who died on the cross for your sentence and for those of you are not versed in Bible prophecy, the whole reason why we started this happy analysis to calm your spirit. Yes, against all the craziness that's out there, but I understand that if somebody walked in the building right now you think those two people in the state are crazy. Globalism that's going on. The reason why you think that was because you have the wonderful privilege of being able to think you see it's an option for you but for many people in the world. It's not an option it's been imposed upon them, and globalism is a real danger because it goes lock step in its actions to control the people to control the economy to control the masses and it's normal for someone to say my gosh this. Those people are Jack and Jan are that those people are conspirators that are crazy for some conspiracy theory Bible was Revelation 13 all outlined if we were to tell you that there's a man coming and he's going to he's going to get people to follow him and he's going to really rob everybody by simply demanding that they add a prefix three digit prefix to their identity number to the Social Security number or their euro number and he's going to control the world without any money.

All numbers you need to read Revelation chapter 13, because it's all right there. The good thing is if you are a Christian, I would love some night we could have this out is have a wonderful argument regarding why it's very rarely argued case why the rapture theologically must happen before the advent of the seven year tribulation.

There are perfect theological argumentation is why that must happen and that's comes all out of the Old Testament and the people you need to be encouraged by that you be encouraged because there's naysayers will say does not what I told you before that some you see somebody say that you got to give him a hug and shake her hand and tell them out to meet somebody right now fulfilling Bible prophecy Bible says the last days will be people saying is not coming back.

You guys lets put a question of how do I talk to my pastor about teaching about biblical ideal. You know what I would go to your pastor with the gift I would go to your pastor with the gift. Perhaps of Dr. John Wolverton W a LVORD Dr. John Wolverton with his book the prophecy knowledge handbook. It's about this big. It's the most exhaustive executive work by the greatest eschatological scholar.

I think that's ever live Dr. John Wolf is in heaven give your pastor that book as a gift and ask him pastor I wish you would teach a Bible prophecy, and I got you this book to look at it please because you can't find any more diplomatic than Dr. John will read on introducing what that pastor you referring to my think is Jack. I think this goes back to our opening discussion on Laodicea and that the church today has steered so far away from this topic, partly because they want to grow the church and the church growth movement and everything and so what were talking about is deemed as well, such as things doom and gloom. It won't grow the church is not productive is controversial. It's divisive until the pastors by and large, and I think Brent Miller, whose coming out here in the next week or so.

I think Hawaii in February while his film before the wrath you and I are in the film before the wrath for the he spoke at my conference in September gave a 20 minute presentation introducing before the wrath herein. It case you didn't call herein, and I don't even remember Maryland Senate JD for Augustana I say about three words in it anyway. He says 98% of the churches today will not talk about what were talking about 90%.

That's a survey done by all life way and others looked into this inquisitive pastors as ways of this section. Funny you guys so pastors are free to talk about because of my damaged church growth. So look around, you look around you. Tonight was coming because they know you came but you know I I think the last time Jan was here when we did this, I think we had somewhere north of 500 or 600,000 views.

That's just YouTube you know that you know couple weeks ago Don Stewart my rewrite together. Don just told me this tonight that were north of 300,000 views in two weeks. What is that mean it means that people are hungry for it because people don't get it, and they want to know they why have they want to be taught. What does the whole Bible say and so that's why we started this happening else but martyrdom has happened in the church since the church was born since James okay. Don't think for a moment look Jesus could come back right okay that's a fact he could come back tonight. If he doesn't come back and pandemonium breaks loose in America and people are targeting Christians will my goodness, the targeting Jews now what if they decide to start targeting Christians, and it really begins to get unhooked unhinged if you don't know your theology here to say that Jesus is for this, but what about the believers in North Korea did happen for them.

Are you with me. You've got to endure until he does come, don't confuse enduring hardship and persecution with the true relation. The church must suffer persecution has for 2000 years. It's coming to us.

The seven your true relation. As the wrath of God coming upon a Christ rejecting world solicitor this first Thessalonians 5 concerning the times and the seasons, brethren, you have no need that I should write to you, for you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night. Listen, don't answer anyone allowed comes as a thief in the night to you listen carefully for when they say, peace and safety, then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman, they shall not escape. But you, brethren, are not in darkness so that that day should overtake you as a thief. We are all sons of light and sons of the day. We are not of the dark door of the night of the night, nor of the darkness. Therefore let us not sleep as others do, but let us watch and be sober. For those who sleep, sleep in a time of spiritual sleep. God help us with our sleep. Sleep you need. I need spiritual sleep sleep the night, those who get drunk are drunk at night. But let us who are of the day, put on the breastplate of faith and love and as a helmet the hope of salvation for God did not appoint us to wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ who died for us, that whether we live or die, that we should live together with him so whatever is coming to the world regarding these events were were ready both to die for you now, but were also ready to live for him at his coming up this next week.

That's simple Bible teaching uncheck protect the wrath during the tribulation is so grievous it's that if anyone even tonight. We want you to escape it's so simple call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ be saved and escape escape things to come in when that is all happening on earth thing again this unspeakable seal trumpets the balls were enjoying heaven now in the meantime, the honesty winning the loss, causing as many to escape here as possible, so the SF Xterra assets and times. It's not looking necessarily at signs and all the things and connecting the data that's all important. I think that we be aware of the things that the Lord is showing us, but ultimately is to mourn the loss warned the loss that you can escape all of this, the wrath to come. The wrath to come is the tribulation, and that's what the believer escapes and if you aren't sure that please don't leave tonight until you are. Do you think that the extreme hate for president trumpets due to him defending Christianity know. I know that there are political, and other reasons also. But do you think that's the dominant underlying reason why he's so aided and attacked by those on the left. I do not believe that although that's a factor factor. Okay, it's a factor, but is not the factor I actually note the factors hundred percent not his hair is not as money. It's his policies and number one policy that causes him to be hated from people who don't even know they absolutely hate him because he's the most pro-life powerbroker. The nation is safe to say something say throughout all of Israel's history and what all the pagan worship systems of the world have in common is human sacrifice and child sacrifice. Donald Trump is come along and said I do believe that stuff were to stop and so he's hated for that in that the feminism movement hates him because it's not the wisdom movement. It's the fact that the founders feel by his pro-life view anyway. Next question. The church I've gone to for several years is changing directions their hangers toward NAR. All you need to okay this makes idea.

I ought, and workshops being held mystical realm workshops while really what should I say to people that really love this church and don't seem to see where they are heading.

Jan, thanks for all you know that I told you the introduction. This is her. This is where she had NAR and parentheses. New apostolic Reformation. We actually talked about this last year rate here in a reference my deep concern for the rise of this which is the headquarters I'm going to show a clip of it on Saturday the everything on Saturday. Be posted on YouTube. Eventually up to show a clip of the chaos of Bethel church Redding California complete chaos and it's not chaos of God didn't did you guys hear the name Bethel church in writing this and this new apostolic Reformation, then they have a whole belief system seven mountain mandate. They believe they're going to bring heaven to earth, heaven comes to earth when Jesus Christ returns in the second coming. We come with them. That's when heaven comes to earth, not before. These folks believe otherwise. But there's also complete chaos going on now. Right before Christmas they tried to raise the dead. This little two-year-old Olive somebody you saw that in the news anybody raise your and Linda's made headline news all around the world all around the world and is heartbreaking and they were doing special services right before Christmas. All of come forth and forth from the more they put her in the morgue for a week, believing she would rise up and I guess come forth from the morgue. It was a terrible abuse to the little two-year-old to the parents. Those parents idea what they believe is that it came out of what they were taught with their parents idea, but it came up of what the realtor taught is that the new apostolic Reformation can do all that the apostles of old muscles and profits could do and that they are now the new apostles and prophets. Now, I get emails from good Assembly of God people who save Jan please expose this charismatic some Pentecostals and we don't go along with this kind of craziness which again show clip of you really have to see it to believe it really do. But here's the here's the thing. This is the fastest-growing denomination in the world that right growing denomination in the world is the new apostolic Reformation sea Peter Wegner gave the title. I believe that about 1970 he gave it a name. Now there's tons of apostles and prophets self-declared apostles and prophets who are trying to do what they did 2000 years ago, but in the process, all in San is in the process.

There's some terrible terrible destruction going on. I did a radio program trying to look up understanding the times radio watch it on YouTube. He's one of my favorite guests rate here you are because you're articulating you tell it like it is and you don't mince words and that's an assignment for you. I don't have time and their daughter Caitlin.

Well, she went voluntarily to Bethel Redding. She was given.

It's called so-so counseling where they programmed her to believe that her parents abused her.

I know the parents they didn't abuser okay but she believed it through this counseling and to this day that's 10 years ago. They lost Caitlin 10 years ago, and that's what they're doing is they're doing some unhealthy things that aren't of God, it's not God to take a daughter who's 20 then now she's 30. And believe. Take a daughter and ostracize her from the family and convinced this 20-year-old now little older that the parents abused her. And so, in the parents would come visit her at Bethel.

The girl would take off and run terrified of this wonderful couple that I know.

So I did two weeks on again. You know you know that this couple heard from like-minded parents around the world all around the world. At the same experience. This is of God. This is new apostolic Reformation out. I'm getting myself in huge trouble is ending pretty blunt but is this of God. I believe it is not of God will just type denying I don't encourage anyone to listen to the teaching comes out of that movement do not, unless you're really grounded, but it's exactly what were talking about on Sundays.

It's exactly exactly what Peter was saying in the result member, the result or will study it.

Soon the result is that the people who observe this craziness. The world winds up blaspheming the God of salvation. Because of their attics and that's what you say it's an embarrassment. Send fair comparison, God if he ever sought you to understand. You can YouTube all of this just going to YouTube and type these things in you can watch the images and it's truly shocked and its end time' I'm sure there's more questions, but maybe can someone very quickly before you go to the next Maratha time, but does anyone have another question regarding our NAR new apostolic Reformation as it would have a question that they can shout out clearly and quickly. If you have a question regarding our music is there.

Listen this thank you for the question and think because, well, I don't know I have a great handicap. For this reason, she mentions the music that way up there was way back when you guys a movements that broke away from Calvary Chapel called the Vineyard movement with John whimper and they created Vineyard music and it was amazing amazing music very great. Then there were others, then they'll just throw them at this, for example, this teaching that goes on at Hill sought that is horrific, horrific, dangerous, horrific, dangerous and horrific great music. I go down the list.

Strange that strange ministries that are out there and some areas clear violation of Scripture with really great music, but I'm driving along singing the songs, not knowing that founders of all this music is white. Does it offend me. The saw no because I know what the word the man's and holy in Jesus and God and so I'm driving along and I've been blessed by music that later on I found out was written by somebody who goes to Bethel.

The church is doing this playing it really putting their stamp of approval on new apostolic Reformation. If you really want to do that pastors and I think all some of us are saying is, why didn't you look at the authors of the music, look at the theology I just did two weeks on Eric's on my websites on YouTube two weeks on air on the worship wars and this was kind of the essence of it is pastors can we really excuse not only ones coming from the sources that were talking about, but the theology even about the lifestyles. What is the what if the author of some of the music revolts.

For instance, homosexual awning that were singing in church so I think we got a look at the music in the church and look at the words look at the theology is a promoting kingdom now working to bring heaven to earth. Much of the Bethel music. Not all some of its beautiful but some of the Bethel music Hill song. Music is going to talk about were bringing heaven to earth or Jesus.

He left heaven because he was lonely for us up there. He came down because he wanted to be with us.

Well, that's horrible theology, both theology the final question were equipped God and with this. Why do American Jews keep voting why strong delusion and strong delusion. They do logo marketable. They love liberalism. Some of them come from their ancestors or grandparents grandparents came from socialist countries.

They only know socialism. But here's I think the biggest reason I asked my Jewish relatives, Whitey, forever and ever and ever and ever going back to Hubert Humphrey and maybe even before that you always vote Democrat and they would tell me that we have to stand up for the little person and be a part of this big corporate and even though they maybe had corporations but they've been taught just looking for jobs been taught. We have to stand up for righteous values biblical worldview. Jewish people have been taught.

We have been persecuted. We are going to stand for those the minorities always so minor Road and get rid of vote for the team that keeps the people that serve them exact on that and we came out of bondage out of Egypt as Egypt but we vote for people who keep people in bondage and on a welfare system, and what's tragic about that that question is asked a million times a day.

It never gets a good answer.

Remember that she is in their defense. They have been blinded by God for purpose the blinders and come off the blinders come off during the tribulation, and one third of them get saved during the tribulation. That's when the blinders come often. They can see right now it's a remnant I have saved Jewish relatives.

Many in the past away now and still have some that are less by and large they have been blinded by God. It's something I don't fully understand and will but you need to take that in consideration I think that he drifts over into the political world as well.

When we talk about the blindness that is so will end with this is so excellent we should just said because the Bible tells us in Paul's letter to the Corinthians. He says that the listen carefully. He said to those who do not receive the gospel that they do not believe Satan has blinded them so that they cannot believe but then you come to Paul's letter in Roman string about the Jew. Did you know that Satan, if you look at the Scripture ticket exactly as it says Satan has blinded the ideas in the minds of the Gentile world. The Bible says God has blinded the minds of the Jew you see will just get saved course to get saved. Christians are getting saved, but as a nation goes as a people there walking on the blindness that they're embracing and it's a blindness that God has given to them. The seven year tradition. That all comes off so you see projected severe if a Jew wants six of Jesus today is Messiah can you do that yes of course you understand if you're Jewish, and as many are condemned. If you're not you're watching right now, you're Jewish, and she waited.

I want Jesus as my Messiah that means God is lifting the veil from your eyes and you receive him right now. Okay and you go to go to John chapter 3 John how to use your hunting is a right go to your hunting chapter 3 for Jewish and read how would you gets the heaven. Jesus tells Nicodemus a Jew how to get to heaven, so we just spent the hour looking at what's happening now is Jack Hibbs and Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California like to call it a lot is happening now so much we could have spent hours and hours talking about it and I know many of you lacks an opportunity now while it's tempting to unplug, so to speak, to turn off the electronics. The media even turn off Christian media.

I encourage you not to do that because you cannot warn others when you are tuned out and let me stress again. Things are going to grow darker and we must shine more brightly news of the day can be shocking and disheartening. God is trying to wake us up and shake us up so that we will look a few will awaken and some will listen. So we must not unplug from the news and information because you might be someone's early warning system I remind you of the verse in Ezekiel 33 six about the watchmen it says but if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet so that the people are not earned in the sword comes and takes any of them.

That person is taken away in his iniquity, but his blood, I will wreak wire at the watchman's hand. I want to remind you again that the hour is still very, very late. Someone must warn the world.

God may be calling you to be the one to do that and remember watchman have a very lonely assignment today. I want to thank you all for listening and we will talk to you again next week you made a difference in your life. Let us hear from you: simple talk 765-597-6355 44 customer websites all of three or all of or drop us a note to John Markel Olive tree ministries box 52 grow soda 55311, Box 145, Maple Grove, MN 5511. All gifts are taxed. Understanding the time you can remind you everything

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