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September 1, 2023 5:08 pm

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September 1, 2023 5:08 pm

The Matt Slick Live daily radio show broadcast is a production of the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry -CARM-. During the show, Matt answers questions on the air, and offers insight on topics like The Bible, Apologetics, Theology, World Religions, Atheism, and other issues-- The show airs live on the Truth Network, Monday through Friday, 6-7 PM, EST -3-4 PM, PST--You can also email questions to Matt using-, Please put -Radio Show Question- in the Subject line--You can also watch a live stream during the live show on RUMBLE---Time stamps are approximate due to commercials being removed for PODCAST.--Topics include---06- False Religions, Cults.-11- NAR, New Apostolic Reformation.-13- Balancing work and the Christian Walk.-18- Praise music, the Great Commission.-26- Matthew 9-27-31 how did blind men follow Jesus---35- Isaiah 53-4-5 Healing.-46- LDS, Mormonism, are they praying to a demonic deity--


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Today is the last day of August, August 31st, 2023.

Tomorrow, September 1st. So hey, if you want to give me a call, all you've got to do is dial 8772072276 and then we can blab. If you don't want to do that or you can't do that, you can email me at info at And you can ask a question or a comment.

Just put radio question, radio comment with a topic and that'll be fine. All right. So we're being broadcast on Discord in the Karm server. We're also in Clubhouse and on StreamYard and Facebook and on Rumble.

So I think also on YouTube. Yeah, we've got a lot of stuff we're feeding out, so it's pretty good. All right. So hey, I want you to give me a call.

Boy, I've got a lot of stuff going on. Now tomorrow, I will not be on the air live because I have to fly out to Pennsylvania. I'm going to be at a conference out there in Indiana, Pennsylvania. So that's what I'll be doing out there and it sounds good, sounds fun. I put it in the newsletter and the information was there. So that's that. Hey, why don't you give me a call, 877-207-2276.

And if you don't, what I'm going to do is get into some of the radio questions that are coming forth because a lot of times, the calls don't come in towards the last half of the show and that's fine. Someone says, I was having a conversation about whether the gods that the ancient Israelites worshipped, the Balaam, were real. There's a passage that says the gods that created the heavens and the earth do not exist because they're not gods. We use this with Mormons all the time, but today, I can't find it. So Deuteronomy 32, I think, is what we talked about with that after the show.

I think it's where it was. But anyway, there are demonic forces that imitate being gods to different religious groups like Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christadelphians, stuff like that, where what they do is they, if they're involved, I mean, if there is an actual spiritual manifestation with a prophet or prophetess or head group or whatever it is. Personally, I believe that there's demonic manifestations in the Vatican.

I don't know. I can't prove it, but I just suspect it because what the Vatican teaches, what the Catholic Church teaches, how evil some of the stuff is, it teaches false doctrines. And so if there are any actual manifestations of something that claims to be the true God, it would be a demonic manifestation. And people, if they don't trust God's word, they don't believe in what God has stated, then it'll be difficult for them to discern truth from error because the word of God is the final authority in everything it addresses. What people often want to do is doubt God's legitimacy, and they will doubt his word, and they'll say they need a restoration.

They'll need a new prophet. And just believe it, and people believe all kinds of stuff. So I've said that what I could do is start a cult.

I'm never going to do it, but I could. I could start something. I could get a bunch of people, and we could get 20, 30 doctrines and cut them up, put them into a hat, and then randomly pick out five.

Those are our five main doctrines. Create a cult and a website, and people would end up following it because all you've got to do is defend it. And people start believing stuff. There's just a group of people that will believe most anything because they don't trust the word of God.

Just like the devil says, did God really say in Genesis 3, speaking to Eve, doubting the word of God. So cults do that. They will lessen the word of God and exalt something else in order to justify their new theology, the restored gospel, whatever it is. And it's pretty common. It's a common thing among cults, and there's hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them in America. The dominant ones, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Science, Unity, things like that. Those are Bible-based Christian cults, and there's lots of them.

The Way International is another one. At any rate, ultimately the gods that they serve aren't real. The God of Mormonism is not real. The God of Jehovah's Witnesses is not real. They're just figments of people's imagination.

Now, whether or not there are actual spiritual manifestations that represent those gods to different people, I don't know. I have heard, for example, I've heard anecdotal stories of people in Mormon temples going through their rituals, and Aunt Martha, Uncle Joe, whoever it is, will appear and say, you're in the truth, you're in the right religion. And I've heard stories about that.

I haven't verified them, but that's what I've heard from more than one source. Here's the thing. When you open yourself up to demonic, not possession, but sometimes possession, but oppression through occult means of worshiping a false god, believing in false things, false prophets, false this, false that, the door to the occult remains open, and the demonic forces don't necessarily want to reveal themselves to you unless you get scared and look for the truth. So what they'll do is lay low and say, yeah, you're in the truth, you are right, you're good, and whatever it is. And they get this feeling. And here's another thing.

I'm just going on putting all my experience on you, the years and years and years of doing this. It just reminds me of how many times I've talked to people in cults and they just feel that it's true. They just know it's true. And what I do is I just say, well, can you show me that truth in scripture? And they can't do it. And they sometimes don't rip scripture out of context to make it fit, but it's just so common that this is an occurrence.

And so it's pretty bad. But anyway, so there's only one God. There's only one true living God. Isaiah 43, 44, and 45 talks about that there's only one true living God, not created before and not created after God. So if that's the case, as it says in Galatians 4-8, when you did not know God, you served by nature those which are not gods. So like the God of Mormonism, an exalted man from another planet, that's not a real God.

It doesn't really exist. It's a figment of Joseph Smith's imagination. And the God of Jehovah's Witnesses, which is a denial of the Trinity in one person, instead of the Trinitarian essence. And Jesus is a created thing. That's a false God also. Just like the God of Islam is a false God. And there's ways to prove that about Islam, too. It's false.

It's easy to do. And so there's just so much, you know, worth talking about. But anyway, so to use it with Mormons, it says, and I think an email goes on, I think it's in the trial of the false gods. It appears in 1 Kings 18, Isaiah 42, and somewhere else, but I'm not defining it. We talked after the show yesterday about that and came up with some verses. I forgot which ones. But Galatians 4-8 and 9, oh boy, you get a good yawn there.

It definitely tells us that there are false gods. In fact, where was that? Maybe I can find that. Because as I was looking, you know, in my Bible program, I'm going to go back to see which ones.

Oh, I just didn't go back that far. See what references I found on stuff like that. So there you go with that. That's a nice little opening.

Let's try this one. Hello friend, can you please stop? Oh, did I get the same kind of stuff from people?

And they'll say it several times. It's been a lot of quiet time in the New Apostolic Reformation. Oh, it says he was raised in a Nazarene in a vineyard. Oh, in Meridian, Idaho.

That's my next door neighbor city. Part of the Nazarene church, my senior pastor lost his first wife. Okay, so reading churches about abuse, that's right.

The NAR is very self-centered. All they talk about are signs, wonders, and miracles. Never talked about sin and salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

Sin was rare, very little in the way of music ministry opportunities. Lack of real relationships and compassion for others, especially when tragedies take place. I consider the New Apostolic Reformation to be a narcissistic kind of a movement where people go for emotional release and experiential verification. They don't really, like I said, it happens within Protestantism as well, is that they don't want to trust God's word for what it actually says. They just don't want to do that.

I don't know why people don't want to do that. You should trust God's word. You should trust what it says. To me, that's what you do, okay? You trust God's word. But hey, you don't have to.

People don't want to, right? Anyway, let's get on the air here with Dave from Salt Lake City. Dave, welcome. You're on the air. Hi, Matt.

Hi. A question regarding taking up our cross, carrying it daily, dedicating our lives to the Lord while also managing, earning a living, providing for our family. Is there anything biblical that gives us specific guides on, like, obviously, like tracing after material wealth, we know it's all going to burn one day, right? And I know that through grace we're not judged on, oh, well, you know, you're putting too much into making a living versus, right, serving the Lord. Is everybody's individual basically choices to where to strike that balance, or is there a good guide?

Well, yeah, you have to decide what you're going to do, because, you know, let's just say there's different kinds of scenarios. Let's just say there's a single mom or a single dad, and they are taking care of children, and they have to work and do a lot of stuff and homework. They don't have much time to evangelize. They don't have maybe any time at all. Maybe they might have one, two, three opportunities a year.

If that, well, that's okay. You know, they're doing what God's calling them to do at that time, and that's to raise kids, for example, and be faithful and true and do an honest day's work, and that's fine. You've got to strike that balance.

You've got to decide what and how. I have the unusual privilege of being able to do this full time and be able to witness constantly, but that's not the norm. There's people who do it as a living.

There's hundreds of people who work by faith all over the world, and they just preach the gospel. But normally you've got to raise a family. You've got to pay the bills, and you've got to find out how to balance that with serving God, and raising a family and paying the bills is serving God, because everything that you do is God-ordained work and ministry. It's different kinds that we exist in, so we're to do all those jobs with honesty and integrity, and that's fine. And, you know, in your credit to your credit, right, that you don't have to do what you're doing. The fact that you're able to make a living doing it at a standard of living that you're, I guess, satisfied or willing to live at, right, but you could easily go do something else and make more money is my point, right? You could. And I guess it's whatever is right for each individual.

Absolutely. That's why sometimes people ask me questions, and I say, you know, I can't answer it for everybody. It depends on you and God and your relationship with God, the elders, your circumstance, and you've got to work it out.

You just seek wisdom and seek God. Hey, we've got a break coming up. You want to hold? All right. I'll go. Thank you, Matt. God bless you. All right, Matt. God bless.

That's Dave from Salt Lake City. Hey, folks. If you want, give me a call.

We have White Open Lines, 877-207-2276. We'll be right back. It's Matt Slick live, taking a call at 877-207-2276. Here's Matt Slick. All right, everybody.

Welcome back to the show. We have nobody waiting. If you want to get in line or start a line, all you got to do is call 877-207-2276, and we can talk. You can also email me at info at, info at, C-A-R-M dot O-R-G. You can do that. You know, I was reading the email from before the break, and one of the things that I've noticed with a lot of the contemporary Protestant stuff, and you're not Protestant, of course, but a lot of contemporary stuff for the worship is there's something missing in it, and I've been purposely listening.

I'm going to bring it up and tell you what it is. With the N-A-R, I'm singing the same kind of a thing that is really bad, and so in a lot of these praise songs, they talk about being blessed and about God's Spirit fall upon me and more of you and things, and those are all nice, but I don't see or hear, I should say, any songs about, Lord, send me into the world, Lord, change me and send me, because the Great Commission, which we're talking about, and the idea of going out into all the world to make disciples of all nations, this is what Jesus said to do. That was his command to his people. Now I'm not knocking the idea of those kinds of songs and praise songs, I like them, but you note that Jesus didn't say, go out into all the world and do really nice music about your relationship with God. That's not what he said, and I'm not saying it's not okay, but it is okay to have those kinds of songs, as long as they're biblically based, but when you just don't hear anything about the cost of discipleship and the commission that Christ gave us specifically, and those things are not in the worship and the songs of praise and churches and the gatherings, it kind of tells me that as a whole something's wrong, because we're supposed to be sent. Now a lot of people don't know this, but the job of the pastor is to equip the Christians. I think what I'm going to do is go to the scriptures here, I'm going to read you something, what the job of the pastor is.

In Ephesians chapter 4, it says here in verse 7, but to each one of us grace was given according to the measure of Christ's gift. Therefore, it says when he ascended on high, he led captive, a host of captives, and he gave gifts to men. Okay, and he says, now this expression he descended, what does it mean except that, well, excuse me, now he also descended into the lower parts of the earth, he who descended as himself, also he who ascended far above all things so that he might fill all things, and he gave some as apostles, and some as prophets, and some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints and the work of the service to the building of the body of Christ. All right, now, so the reason we have apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers is because they are to work for the building of the body of Christ. So, here's a quick litmus test, let's say you meet apostles so-and-so, because I've encountered them on the web, you know, at 7 o'clock tonight, talk with apostles so-and-so, talk with apostle Bernard, and you know, or prophet Miriam will be on tonight, prophetess and all this stuff, and I'll say, okay, go ahead and listen, you know, I could tackle on that theology, but, you know, listen, and I just don't hear them being evangelical, being mindful of the things of our sanctification as it relates to getting out there in the world, I don't hear it, you know, I just don't. So, anyway, what's the purpose is to equip the saints for the work of service, equip the saints, that's us, you see, the hagioi, the ones who are redeemed in Christ, we are the ones, we're the saints for the work of service, that's what we're supposed to be doing. So, the prophets, assuming the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers, their job is to equip the Christians for the work of ministry. So, if you go to church, and you're sitting there, the question I'm going to ask, you know, and you can ask is, are you being trained for the work of ministry in the body of Christ? Whatever capacity that could be, serving in the kitchen downstairs, in the rec room, under the church, in the basement, is it outside cutting grass and helping people in their yards in the neighborhood, the elderly, is it going on a mission trip, is it tithing, is it, whatever it is, whatever it is, that's what we're supposed to be doing, to preach that gospel, to get that out. Our job as Christians is not just to go to church and be babysat, and be nursed, and then, you know, maybe put a tithe check in, and then, oh, excuse me, wow, I got a lot of yawns today, sorry, you know, put a tithe check in and then go to a restaurant and come back to church next week. Now I'm not saying that every, you know, doesn't witness, of course people do, but this is what we're supposed to be doing overall. That's what our job is, is I'm a teacher, and I would say a teacher, that's what I would be.

So I teach and try and equip Christians for the work of ministry so that they can understand what the truth is, and I'm delighted when I have people call me up and they say they learned this from the website or the radio show or whatever it is, and they went and they witnessed to that person or this person, I love to hear that, that is awesome to hear. Hey, we have four open lines, why don't you give me a call, 877-207-2276, let's get it to Alberto. Alberto, welcome, you're on the air. Yeah, good evening, Max. I have a question. In Matthew 9, verse 27, he said when Jesus departed from the area where he raised a girl when she was dead. Wait, wait, wait, I'm not understanding you. It's not a good connection. My question is, okay, okay, my question is, I said Matthew 9, verse 27.

Yes, I'm looking at it. Two blind men, uh huh. So how could two blind men follow Jesus if they are blind? Well, they could follow them by having someone who is with them lead them. They could follow them by simply using a cane to tap on the ground as they walk towards the sound of the crowd following.

They could do stuff like that easily. So in other words, they weren't literally like behind Jesus walking, they were probably just following him from a distance probably. Well, they were probably behind him. If Jesus is walking forward and they hear in the crowd and they knew it was him, they could tell. Maybe they had word earlier that he was coming through. Maybe some relatives were with him.

Who knows? But it's not impossible. I did ministry with blind people for two or three years when I was younger. They're quite capable. A lot of people are quite capable of being able to do a lot of stuff. Okay. All right. Well, that's true. That's outside their blinds. But, uh, you know, that's a good question too.

You know that some people say that they're probably Mr. First John. Can you hold on then? There's a break. Okay. Hold on, Alberto. Okay.

We got a break. All right. We'll be right back, folks, after these messages with Alberto. I want to welcome you all, 877-207-2276. We'll be right back. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276. Here's Matt Slick. All right. Welcome back to the show. the bottom of the hour and uh... disorder mind you'll not be on the air live tomorrow i'll be traveling to a conference handle course monday is a holiday back on we're going life on tuesday artists could become with alberto he's still there yes i'm right here my question is uh... other people say that another person john chapter five or seven in the pistol john for john they said that that first uh... for seven she was not supposed to be in there because that was probably added later on centuries later it's called the comogenium it's called the comogenium it's in the king james but it's not in more older manuscripts greek manuscripts so there's debate about it you had a new king james has it too they had a new king james has it too so a lot of king james accused the modern translation bible that that they said that persons are dancing with the top the top of the world that they're going to put the combs not probably wherever at it british product throughout the centuries yeah that seems to be with the case is at least with the was called the comogenium that's what that that is first on five seven all right all right okay all right thank you all right and god bless all right now let's get over to let's see grant from utah grant welcome here on the air i do do a lot i'm doing okay i'm hanging in there man what do you got uh... my question is on uh... isaiah fifty three talking about uh... the stripes are healing us can you explain the correct translation because i hear a lot of people say oh look god can heal us physically and to me it doesn't say that well the yeah they use that a lot the positive confession people do is crush for our iniquities chasing what fell upon him because the iniquities fall on us on him it is and uh... so i'm trying to find that verse where it says uh... that exact verse right there where it says that he took our sorrows unacquainted with grief like the one who despised he uh... that's right our griefs he bore and our sorrows were carried away and uh... he was smitten of god and afflicted pierced through so um... the uh... i'm trying to remember because there's uh... it's in matthew eight oh boy let's see if i can remember this verse it's been so long yes i found it matthew eight seventeen for this was to fulfill what was spoken through isaiah the prophet he himself took our infirmities and carried away our diseases so that's uh... that's uh... isaiah thirty three four so when they will bring this up to me that's very rare that that happens anymore but uh... they bring this up i'll say it was fulfilled in matthew eight seventeen before the crucifixion that's what the bible says in matthew eight seventeen and that really throws them for a loop because they haven't studied so he was able to do this he took our infirmities and carried away our diseases and it's in the context of just healing people and demon possessed stuff it was fulfilled he could certainly do that now can he do it to people today of course he can heal and but it's not an obligatory thing that god has for us which is what a lot of people like to say right right and the reason why i say that because uh... i'm i'm legally blind and i i have other ailments and you know i pray that you know i'm not trying to be selfish so to speak you know i'd like to be healed and uh... i want to be able to read the word of god with my own eyes and i struggle with that so and to me what it really says to me is that he healed us between men and god the healing between us that's what it says to me and that's valid okay and it's a prophecy here showing that what christ could do to demonstrate who he was and it was fulfilled when he was walking on earth before the crucifixion and so we can see as Matthew 8 17 we can see that that Isaiah 53 is prophetic of that now one of the things here i'm going to say something and get into this a little bit it says in Exodus 4 11 and i'll read this is the context of Exodus 4 11 is moses doesn't want to go talk to pharaoh and he's talking to god he says i'm not a good speaker etcetera and the lord said to him who has made man's mouth or who makes him mute or deaf or seeing or blind is it not i the lord i show that to people every now and then it really shocks them god does these kind of things i'm not saying it's your case i'm just saying he does these kind of things we don't know the situation we can't say that is or isn't and so you you're blind and uh... my wife she has uh... a very serious medical condition called louise deets and more and more she's in a lot of pain and there's a lot of stuff with it heart surgery open heart surgery and other surgeries she's had like twenty five so i pray basically every night i mean for god a couple three nights ago she's so tired she just went straight to bed we usually pray at night together but uh... i pray every night and pray for her healing and i don't know why god doesn't heal and why doesn't heal you i don't have those answers but the only thing i can come up with is whatever condition we're in that in that condition we're to work with what he has ordained for us and praise him through it and it's easy for me to say it you know i mean i'm not blind i don't have all that pain of course i do have aspergers and eighty decibel ringing in my ears which is nothing compared to what you and my wife are going through but we all want healings and god so frequently does not and i think it's because he wants us to endure through it it's a consequence of the sin in the world and then the redemption to come with all the more glorifying to him and wondrous to us yeah i always refer to Paul take the stone out of my side and the lord says my grace is sufficient for you and i look at it that way and i go forward and think hey i'm still blind yes but i'm going to make the best out of it for god he says his power is perfected in weakness this is the words apparently of jesus himself to Paul my grace is sufficient for you which is interesting because what does it mean when we say god says his grace is sufficient for you what does it mean you know grace isn't a substance it's rubbed on your body to make you feel better it's something that's occurring in you you're in a good position to tell people what that means how you handle it because we're only temporary here there's more after we fall asleep it's like you always say talking about to die is gain so i look forward to that no matter what i'm going through now you know it's worth it it's worth what i'm going to be in my next life with christ that's an amazing witness there to say hey i'm going to be with christ for eternity and that's worth what i'm going through right now with whatever's going on with me, your wife you other people you know if they know christ they've got something more to gain than what we are ailing through right now and i thank god that he's chosen me in my prayers i say thank you for choosing me because i have nothing to offer he doesn't owe me anything we don't owe him he already did a lot for us wow that's amazing, the grace they say you know i pray for you and your wife occasionally, not every night but when i'm able to remember stuff i praise god though anyways it's just stuff we go through and for most of us it's going to get worse and worse until the lord lets us slip into his presence and we can endure through it but my poor wife, she needs a lot of prayer she does, she's not really comfortable with me talking about over the air like that but i just let the body of christ know that she needs prayer more and more and hopefully everybody needs to pray for you guys at one certain time and just pray boom that's right, the prayer is powerful that's right it is oh man, a lady yawns today, sorry about that but you're right, prayer is powerful because it's in the true living god not the false god other religions and there's the music buddy, we gotta go god bless, alright? alright man, god bless hey folks, we'll be right back after these messages, we'll get to Angel from Utah wants to know why he considered the LDS god to be demonic i'd be glad to talk to him about that we'll be right back, please stay tuned it's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276 here's Matt Slick alright everyone, welcome back to the show, the last segment of the hour, let's get on the air with Angel from Utah, Angel welcome hi, thank you, can you hear me okay?

yes i can so what do you got? so, i listen to your show everyday because it happens to be on during my travel time from work to pick up my kids from daycare and i absolutely love it, but my question for you, i'm sorry to bring back something that you did discuss at the beginning of your show today but i actually grew up LDS and i'm not necessarily active in the church, i don't go to church and i've never, i read the book of Mormon when i was younger but i do not i follow the bible and i read the bible everyday and so you were just saying kind of how you, that like LDS members worship uh like basically like a demonic deity or whatever it is and so i'm like i pray every day to god and i do read the bible and so i'm just like i'm just wondering what makes it like you say that basically i'm worshiping like a demonic deity when it like i actually don't i actually don't go to the LDS church but i was baptized and you know from what i was taught is that all Christians worship the same god and that as long as you're following the teachings of well i understand i was listening to you earlier but just i was taught as long as you as long as you're following the teachings of the bible and like that that you are you are following the right god so i'm just i don't know i'm basically just wondering like what makes it that i can be worshiping a demonic entity when i like get down on my knees and pray to pray to god and i do read the bible well so the god of mormonism is not the god of the bible the god of mormonism is a false god the god of mormonism doesn't exist the god of mormonism is an exalted man from another world who obtained salvation as uh bruce mcconkey said the father's a glorified perfected resurrected exalted man who worked out his salvation for by obedience to the same laws he was given to us and uh he like i just sorry oh i'm sorry i just i just don't understand that because like i've always thought like he was he's a god he's not a human and i don't i don't ever recall being taught in church that he was a man so it just it just confused me because i've always thought that he is the god like he's the creator of everything well here's the thing mormonism is okay official mormon theology is anti-christ it's false it's ungodly joseph smith was not a true prophet of god he was involved in the occult he can prove that he lied about god we can prove it there's always prove it but what's happening in mormonism a lot is they're not talking about their older doctrines they're trying to sound as christian as possible and they're using christian terms but in mormonism the trinity is three separate gods there's a god the father another god the son another god the holy ghost this is what mormonism teaches right and then that's false there's only one god in all existence and so they deny the trinity they teach what's called a triad an office of three gods then there's the mother goddess because god has he's about six feet tall in mormonism and he has relations with his wife in heaven and produces spirit babies which come out of intelligences from eons past and i mean i can go in i've got a lot more i know this pretty well that's what mormonism teaches because i like obviously like theology fascinates me in general but i i just like it it's just so strange to me to hear the like lds doctrine being completely different from like my understanding and my knowledge of it i'm not i'm not disagreeing with you i've actually been watching like a lot of videos on joseph smith and him being a treasure hunter and all kinds of things that i had i was never taught about even though i went to church every day when i was younger so but my biggest thing is like my issue is i want to make sure like that like the god of the bible is like like even though there's a lot of confusion and like it's hard to understand and i'm definitely not as bible verse verse as you are in by any means but i just i want to make sure i'm not like praying to i i wouldn't want to be praying to like a demonic entity and i would never have that intention well you need to reject mormonism flat out repent of it and then you need to understand that the true god has always been god it was never a man on another planet who became a god uh and you don't need secret handshakes in the temple to become a god of your own planet all that is blasphemy all of it is ungodly made up by joseph smith so there's a ministry there i don't know where you are in uh in utah but i have a good friend in a sandy and he's bill mckiever and a good friend eric johnson and they are experts in mormonism and they run a ministry called mrm mormonism research ministry dot org and these guys are the they're the experts of experts so you could contact them they could tell you a lot that bill would meet with you eric would meet with you there's lots of people who are experts in you know in that area you can talk with you and you can find a good church i would absolutely love that absolutely i mean i'm i'm in a boise area so i'm five and a half hours north but i'm just saying there's good people and so okay well you could contact them and they'll tell you they'll tell the same thing i'm telling you and you know because actually with joseph something joseph smith said is what started me studying everything i don't think you know i don't get to talk about it very much but so a quote from joseph smith uh what he said is what got me studying everything and uh well he was very smart you can't deny that oh wow you said me smart my wife would oh no yes you you of course too i listen to you every day but i just meant joseph smith was obviously a very intelligent man being whether he was good or not he was very intelligent yeah he was he was likable he was personable and he was a con man and the first anti-mormon book written was in 1834 called mormonism unveiled by e w how h o w e and it's sworn affidavits between judge before judges and magistrates and ministers of the people who knew the joseph smith family and they didn't trust him they're a con artist here check this out this is what joseph smith said this is in history the church volume 6 page 408 409 a friend of mine charlie spine he's listening he read me this quote when i first met him or like i met him a week earlier at bible study the next week he read me this quote it enraged me i started studying because of it this is what joseph smith said god is in the still small voice in all these affidavits indictments it is all of the devil all corruption come on you prosecutors you false swearers all hell boil over you burning mountains roll down your lava for i will come out on the top at last i have more to boast of than ever any man had i'm the only man that has ever been able to keep a whole church together since the days of adam a large majority of the whole have stood by me neither paul john peter nor jesus ever did it i boast that no man ever did such a work as i the followers of jesus ran away from him but the latter-day saints never ran away from me yet wow yeah you blew my mind that's joseph smith that's what he's that is blasphemy that's insane wow how did you where did you just out of curiosity where did you find that quote oh it's it's been known you know when i studied stuff uh teachers who knew far more than me introduced me to this information other information you just acquire stuff i've been doing this for 43 years so it's you know you just get it from everywhere but that's uh in history the church volume six page 408 409 that quote is what got me started studying what i call apologetics the defense of the faith that quote made me mad and so i said who was this guy and charlie said well that's joseph smith who said that i said well who's he and he said he's a founder of mormonism and i said well mormons are christians but that guy isn't and he said no they're not christians i said yeah they are and he said no they're not and i said what do you mean they're not and he said well they teach god came from another planet what you know jesus is the brother of the devil what you know what where'd you get this no that's what they teach and that can't be what i thought it believed that christ and satan are brothers yeah but they're not i mean think about it think about it what are the greek gods they have bodies of flesh and bones they produce offspring and the greek gods and they you have the god of this and the god of that what is mormonism is he's the god of this world he's a body of flesh and bones he has relations with his wife and produced spirit babies i mean what so i'll tell you what i what i was taught is that there's god who's the lord of heaven and then there's christ who is the lord of the earth and then there's the holy spirit who is the the spokesperson basically like the voice so jesus is the god of this world right that's what you're taught yeah it's like so jesus as well they say lord i okay let me read you something okay so he's the lord of this world or the god of this world second corinthians four three and four even if our gospel is veiled it is veiled to those who are perishing in whose case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelieving so they would not see the light of the gospel the glory of christ who is the image of god that should shock you you there yeah so so yeah i was speechless for a moment um so i'm just wondering so i mean would that make god is the god of all with that i mean i've also been told like by other people that satan basically rules this world so i'm not i'm like a little bit confused about that that's a yes and no it gets into different eschatological views jesus is lord right now and and when he returns the wicker will be taken out of his kingdom that's matthew 13 and uh you know there's more stuff we have to get into and lay some other concepts down before we you know put that in the proper perspective but the god of mormonism is one of many many many many gods that are out there the bible says god doesn't even know of any other gods there aren't any before none after the god of mormonism technically is an alien a life form from their planet came to this world form this world he has a goddess wife so what uh mormons do is they worship a god and its mate who are exalted beings from another planet who became so crazy because we're like we weren't allowed to talk like we weren't allowed to talk about like a heavenly mother so to speak like it's very banned and forbidden to talk about her in the church yeah and why would that be if that's what they teach see there's a mother goddess that's articles of faith by james talmadge page 443 it's sold in the bookstores of the christian they teach it yeah and mormonism is not christian plus they teach a false gospel they teach that you have to cooperate with god actually i've actually been um i i've actually when i tried to return to church i i had questions and i asked questions and i actually um one of the churches i did like there's wards all over the place especially where i live but one of them actually asked me not to return because the questions i was out you know just like but i'm not being like blasphemous or anything i'm actually asking genuine like wholehearted questions i'm not trying to be suspicious or anything and they actually were like well we're just gonna ask you not to return and because it's a cult but look we've got like 15 seconds left so i want to just tell you of course look up mrm dot o-r-g mormonism research ministry you can ask for eric johnson bill mckiever you can write them tell them where you are um and they can tell you what churches to go to these guys are the experts of the experts and okay well thank you so much for they're in the area okay you're welcome okay well god bless and i really appreciate your showing for you taking some time out to speak with me today sure no problem at all god bless all right it was angel from utah mary from north carolina you're gonna have to call back on tuesday and we can talk about the zap issue because it's an important one sorry about that long wait hey everybody see you on tuesday god bless you another program powered by the truth network
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