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September 14, 2023 4:48 pm

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September 14, 2023 4:48 pm

The Matt Slick Live daily radio show broadcast is a production of the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry -CARM-. During the show, Matt answers questions on the air, and offers insight on topics like The Bible, Apologetics, Theology, World Religions, Atheism, and other issues-- The show airs live on the Truth Network, Monday through Friday, 6-7 PM, EST -3-4 PM, PST--You can also email questions to Matt using-, Please put -Radio Show Question- in the Subject line--You can also watch a live stream during the live show on RUMBLE---Time stamps are approximate due to commercials being removed for PODCAST.--Topics include- --05- Goodness, Wickedness, Righteousness, Sinfulness.-23- Joyce Meyer the heretic.-30- NAR, New Apostolic Reformation, WOF, Word of Faith.-39- Hermeneutics.


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. It's Matt Slick live. Matt is the founder and president of the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry, found online at When you have questions about Bible doctrines, turn to Matt Slick live.

For answers, taking your calls and responding to your questions at 877-207-2276. Here's Matt Slick. Everybody, welcome to the show. You're listening to me, Matt Slick, on Matt Slick live. For those of you who might be new, listening, Matt Slick is my real name. It's not a radio name. Every now and then, I let people know that I kind of, they go, no, it's a radio name.

But no, well, it is a radio name, but it's also my real name. So how about that? All right. Hey, look, if you want to give me a call, all you got to do is dial 877-207-2276. Tonight I do a Bible study, going to go through probably the last half of Romans 11, starting at verse 17. I'm going to go over a little bit of eternal security, covenant stuff, and some other stuff, and you can watch that online, just giving you an FYI. And if you want, you can email me. All you got to do is just address your emails to info at

So if you have a question or a comment you want dealt with on the air, just email me info at, and just put in there, you know, the subject line, you know, radio question or radio comment, and stuff like that. And Oh Super busy man Yeah, it's you know. I'm 66.

I'm almost 67 supposed to retire, and I'm busier Just get busier and busier so much to do. I'm not whining I kind of laugh through it you ever stubbed your toe and it hurts so much you can't help it But you're laughing because it's just so bad. You just feel ridiculous. That's kind of how it is. It's like wow It's just you know so a lot of stuff. All right, man.

What do you got buddy? Okay, I have a few questions, but they're kind of leading into each other I guess That's all right, so first one is Can you describe the differences between wickedness sinfulness goodness righteousness and holiness whoa wickedness is a Characteristic of action, I would think in the heart So top my head here, so we could you're wicked in your heart the intentions of your heart are evil Sinfulness is the quality and characteristic of our nature We have that fallen nature we are by nature children of wrath of epsians 2 3 and out of that comes wickedness Goodness can only be measured understood compared by looking at God's character So people can offer Ideas of what good is but it's usually based on some relativistic ideas So God is good, and he can never sin. He's always holy so goodness is what corresponds to him and His nature so we are good only insofar as through Christ we are corresponding to the will revealed will and direction of God Righteousness is a legal standing with the law So we are imputed with the righteousness of God flippin 3 9 by faith Romans 5 1 Romans 3 28 and this occurs Because of the righteousness of Christ where he fulfilled the law perfectly and never sinned first Peter 2 22 bore our sins at his body in the cross first Peter 2 24 and By our believing which God grants to us flippin's 129 then the righteousness of God flippin 3 9 imputed to us by faith Romans 4 5 Romans 4 3 and So we're right standing before God, and what was the other one holiness was that it was that yeah? Yeah, holiness is a quality and characteristic that belongs to God alone now So I differentiate between our holiness and God's holiness now.

God hope is holy First Peter 1 16 be holy for I'm holy now. He's describing his character his essence his nature This is a quality that belongs to God alone and personally I believe that all creatures will sin Because they're not holy they don't have that characteristic that belongs to God's nature However we are told to be holy be holy from holy so we are told to do that which we cannot do now some people Think that's unfair, but it's that's what's right Because the standard of holiness is God not us not our system Not our hearts not our abilities So we're always going to fail, but through Christ We're able to achieve by proxy seen through Christ a kind of holiness That comes from God through Christ to us that we live by his work So that's what I would say okay Okay, so so you mentioned that all things you mentioned all things sin, correct? All things sin no not all things. I thought that's what you said in there people all people do Sentient beings like angels not all angels sin there's fallen angels And I think it's at a second Peter 5 21. I think it is and our second Timothy 5 21 I mean and the fault those who are the elect angels I believe with the ones chosen by God not to fall and not to sin they don't sin, and I don't believe the can and what we can and So that's what's you know we all okay? So that means like animals since they I guess Weren't passed down with a sin nature unlike us through Adam. They aren't Uh sinful, so they're not necessarily Yeah, I wouldn't call them sinful.

I would call them just animals. They don't have the image of God They don't have that quality and characteristic of moral ability that is do they're not any rebellion of God I Wouldn't say that no. I would not say that okay, but fallen. They're affected by the fall they get sick they die Because Adam represented all of creation when he died we fell in him James 5 I mean a Romans 5 18 and 19 first Corinthians to 15 22 also Okay Okay, um and so the next question is I'm assuming the answer is yes Because you're talking about how just a justification through faith So Noah was righteous correct yes Okay, it's because of his faith in God right correct Okay, so what the what is Romans 3 10 then referring to? It says there's none righteous not even one there's none who understands the context is that what Paul is doing is giving a blanket condemnation of all individuals Everybody has sinners done righteous now. We know that this excludes Christ because he never sent first Peter 2 22 so what he's doing is giving a blanket understanding of Jews and Gentiles because the previous verse He says not at all for we all have already charged that both Jews and Greeks are all under sin as it is written There's none righteous not even one so we have an imputed righteousness that comes from God flippance 3 9 and We're justified by faith Romans 5 1 and justification is the imputation of righteousness to us So in one sense nobody's ever righteous, but the other sense we are it's kind of deals with the now and the not yet And deals with the issue of a one sense nobody's righteous of course not well except Jesus And then but yet we could be righteous in God's eyes By our faith and trust in him and the imputation of Christ's righteousness to us is granted And so only the elect once they're saved become righteous, correct They are they become righteous in that the the righteousness of Christ is imputed to them So the elect sinned that is canceled at the cross Colossians 2 14, but they're justified when they believe And that's so okay, so it's at all points.

They are righteous, but they're only justified after they've been saved, right Well again, this is the now the not yet And I can't answer beyond that because Jesus and first Peter 2 24 bore our sin in his body on the cross Well that was 2,000 years ago, so he bore my sin in his body How is it possible because I'm I was not yet, but it was his now so there was a Spiritual kind of universal whatever it is that the imputation of the sins of the elect to Christ back then So this is a perfect example of the now and the not yet so you could have an atheist who gets saved at the age of 50 and he's elected by God for the foundation of the world Ephesians 1 4 and So God grants that he believed lip ins 129 because he's appointed to eternal life acts 13 48 But this occurs when God grants that he has that faith and he comes to Christ John 6 65 and that's when he's justified So it's kind of a weird position because he could be an elect individual for Since the foundation of the world, but the manifestation of God's election and granting of faith and repentance Flip ins 129 2nd Timothy 225 does not occur until the regeneration which God works in a person John 113 1st Peter 1 3 and so there's this One foot. Yes one foot. No at the same time in different worlds kind of okay Okay, yeah, that's it. Thank you Matt So what church you go to? So I got a clever Hill Baptist Church, but right now more so just studying your resources right now Okay Well, just remember you can't trust a guy named slick You got to always check everything I say against scripture always look at the scripture and if you disagree with me You call me up and he said I don't think you got it right in this area and I'll listen Don't have all the I don't know the thing the thing you just told me.

I don't know it doesn't seem right like hmm What? Well, he's what that you should always check everything with scripture, of course you should yeah I know that you say that you said I shouldn't you I shouldn't trust you unless it's comparable in scriptures I don't know trust me. But then I said trust me by the scripture.

That's a bit of a problem, isn't it? There you go So good for you. Good for you. All right.

Well, God bless you keep studying. All right, okay, man All right All right, if when I give me a call all you got to do is dial 8 7 7 2 0 7 2 2 7 6 that we have for open line. So give me a call. Okay, let's get to Rudolph From Raleigh. Hey Rudolph. Welcome back, buddy Yes, sir.

Um, I was listening to yesterday. He's talking about Tim coping, but you need to be defended My question is how is the word of faith? Movement heretical and I've found the okay answer off the off the air. Okay, sure No problem. Thank you All right. Bye. Bye.

Okay. Bye It's heretical and that it has faith in faith, which is idolatrous instead of faith in God Just as some people will call me up sometime and you have to activate your faith if they use your faith you have to Understand that faith is is something you have to use and utilize It's like a substance and so then they have faith in faith and that's idolatrous That's one point The other point is that they are then saying that God will do certain things by their command now They'll say it's not true. But that's functionally.

Yes, it is. Because what they're gonna say is that if you Confess with your mouth certain promises God has made he's gonna follow through with them So what you do is you confess them with your mouth. You don't confess things like your sickness Oh, you don't say you have sickness.

Otherwise, they'll become a reality. Why because your words have power just like God You have power to create and a creative force. So by what you proclaim what you confess positive confession Then it's called name it and claim it blab it and grab it So if you do this, then you can do create the spiritual realm of creation This is I also idolatrous because it puts the onus on the scent the person's Individuals and it uses sorcery in order to try and get spiritual results by certain Physical things and word things that they do and that's idolatrous, too It's a very dangerous thing.

And if you have questions about it, don't agree with me. Call me up eight seven seven Two zero seven two two seven six and after the break if no one calls, I'll read some of the stuff these heretics have said It's Matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Here's Matt Slick Alright everybody. Welcome back to the show. We have let's see.

It looks like three open lines eight seven seven two zero Seven two two seven six. Let me just spend a it's a few minutes before we get to the next caller I'm gonna read some of the stuff that these false teachers have said Like John Avanzini, Charles Capps Charles Capps, for example said faith is a substance And then he said check this out. God filled his words with faith. He used his words as containers to hold his faith It's false. Okay Or how about God said let us make man in our image after our likeness?

The word likeness in original Hebrew means an exact duplication in kind No, it doesn't he said Adam was an exact duplication of God's kind. This is just blasphemy Let's see Let's see. Oh, I love this one John Avanzini says notice that when Jesus says I have finished the work John 17 for we know that he had not finished the work I mean Can we say moron?

That's where it is. Jesus says it's finished. Oh, no, we could tell you was not finished Jesus will tell you how it is. What an idiot. I'm serious. This is serious stuff How can anybody just directly contradict what Jesus said? It just blows me away. He's just Kenneth Copeland said this heaven is a planet. Okay has a north and a south and an east and west Consequently, it must be a planet. He said that in 1985 He said faith is a conductive force It's a power force a tangible force. Okay, as we said in eight 1989 And uh, he said don't you think earth was first do you huh?

Well, do you think that no it's a copy of home? It's a copy of the mother planet Where god lives? He made little ones just like his so god lives on another planet or there's a copy of a of a mother planet of earth He said this in 1989 Now this is from the book of John Avanzini of earth, he said this in 1989 now, this is from the book of second moronicles Okay, somebody just stand up and call these heretics on the carpet say enough of this and and uh, They need to be dealt with because they're heretics Should we support heretics financially prayerfully? Well prayerfully we certainly should But these guys are heretics um Kenneth clopin said god spoke adam into existence in authority with words Uh, these words struck adam's body in the face his body and god were exactly the same size This is mormon doctrine Uh, he said adam's god is a reproduction of god. Adam was a uh, as much male as female I mean I can go on there's so much I could read.

Okay, i'm gonna get to the callers, but and then uh, how about this? uh Kenneth hagen said adam i'll just go through this really lightly quickly Kenneth hagen said adam was the god of this world. He said that in 1991 uh And let's see, uh, adam became satanic when he sent he said Oh and look at this physically, uh, this is what uh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah, kenneth hagen said uh Jesus tasted spiritual death for every man and his spirit and inner man went to hell in my place Uh, by the way, folks, it's a heresy Can't you see that physical death wouldn't remove your sins? Wow To the physical death of christ did not remove our sins. Yes, it did Uh, so he said jesus went to hell his spirit and inner men went to hell in my place physical death couldn't remove your sins He said it again Uh, every believer is an incarnation Uh to check this out you you are as much the incarnation of god as jesus christ was The believers as much an incarnation as was jesus of nazareth kenneth hagen said that Can we say? Blasphemy I can't blasphemy. Hey, let's all say it together blasphemy All right.

Um Now i'll skip Benny hin said, uh adam was a super being when god created him, which means he could fly Uh god's original plan is that the woman was to bring four children out of her side She was created with an opening in her side. This is benny hin talking. Um Let's see Uh, when you say I am a christian you are saying I am mashiach in the hebrew. I'm a little messiah walking on earth There's uh, that's from the second book of moronicals again.

These guys read the same heresy book. Uh, god touched a piece of dust Uh, check this out. God came to earth and touched a piece of dust and turned it into a god Are you a child of god? Then you are divine You're a child of god, then you're not human benny hin said this what a moron seriously Uh, how about uh, let's see joist meyer Joyce meyer He could have helped himself up to the point where he said I commend my spirit into your hands at that point He couldn't do nothing for himself anymore. He had become sin. He was no longer the son of god. He was sin. That's blasphemy There's absolute blasphemy She has no clue how blasphemous that is And the elders in the body of christ there the men in the body of christ should have we should have had film of them Running up to the stage and silencing her you cannot speak You are not qualified get away from here.

It all been fired. I'm sure Right Uh, jesus said check this out. George meyer said he became our sacrifice and died on the cross He did not stay dead. He was in the grave three days during that time He entered hell where you and I deserve to go legally because of our sin. He paid the price there That is a denial of the sufficiency of the cross of christ.

It's a damnable heresy She that was in the book, uh, also, uh, the most important decision you'll ever make by joist meyer second print in 1993 page 35 that's where that was And uh, this is two pages later page 37 His spirit went to hell because that is where we deserve to go There's no hope of anyone going to heaven unless they believe this truth You can't be saved unless you don't believe the heresy she's teaching that means she's preaching a false gospel This is just ridiculous I can go on and I can go on maybe I will for the caller I got more and uh As i'd like to say so much heresy so little time Let's get to ken from richmond, virginia ken. Welcome. You're on the air Turn your mic down to the speaker down You there Can we're hearing you but turn your speaker down there you go. Okay.

What do you got man? Are you there can you hear me? Yes, I'm here. Okay Yes, I'm here. Okay. So what do you got? I'm here I'm here.

Oh, all right. Uh, I'm hearing you. Do you have anything you want to say or add or ask here? Okay, we'll try a little bit longer But looks like we're having some connection problems.

It sounds to me like he might be on the road and losing connection So he may have to call back so We'll just drop him call back if you're on the radio, uh, just listening call back Okay, we need to get to a better area because it was just wasn't working there All right. Let me continue to read for you the wonderful heresies that are spoken By people, uh, here's some more from Joyce Meyer. Okay They were having the biggest party that had ever been had They had my Jesus on the floor and they were standing on his back jumping up and laugh and down laughing.

He had become sin That's out of the book of uh, Deuteronomy Next to the book of second moronicals And we call this in theology Stupidification To horrific to cause it to be heresy This is all ridiculous False teaching and uh the bad news. There's a there's the music for the break. Do you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 Put it right back It's Matt Slick live taking your calls at 877-207-2276. Here's Matt Slick Hey, welcome back to the show everyone the bottom of the hour.

If you want to give me a call for open lines 877-207-2276 Let's get to Steve from Raleigh, North Carolina Steve welcome you're on the air Matt I appreciate you being on the air. Listen to you for many years first time calling in So that being said I'm gonna roll right into it Um, all right, what I was looking for was if you have a compilation of the different heretical people From Joyce Myers to Benny Hinn to whoever else might be out there as I was sharing with your call assistant We had a pastor bring a book called the bait of Satan, which is from John Breivier. Are you familiar with John? No, but you could send me that information it to my email address because I would like to do some more would like to do some more work on these heretics Okay. Well, he's the disciple of Benny Hinn And Benny Hinn wrote the four to his first book and then Benny Hinn got exposed so he took him out But he was Benny Hinn's personal assistant And so the bait of Satan basically is the way I understand it because I didn't read the book, but it has the uh, Don't judge the anointed one sort of present to it again heretical that the leadership cannot be wrong What's the name of the book? What's the name of the book again the bait the bait of Satan?

By John Breivier That's right. That's right. All right.

I'm looking at it and There I'm downloading it. Okay? Yeah, perfect. So any of the other well Benny Hinn's another one for me because that way I know that he was heretical I just didn't know some of the things he said as well as I share with your call screener Your call screener. Uh, somebody mentioned to me about Joyce Meyers the other day that they like watching her and I know she's not the one to watch but I didn't have any like Concrete black and white what she said if you have any kind of compilations Or is he going to get them in the future? I'll just listen to see when you get them that would be a help aid not only to me, but i'm sure a lot of people All you got to do is go to karm my website and type in positive confession preachers and teachers it says in this whole article is positive confession preachers and teachers list of heresies But you could just go to karm and type in positive confession preachers and teachers and and you'll find it and with the Joyce Meyers stuff I have the audio That are there. Wow.

Wow. So a lot of people don't know this but The work that was done early on Exposing these whacko morons Uh, there was a friend named Perry and I know I remember his last name But i'm not going to say his last name over the air. This is back in southern california he's the one who listened to hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours of tapes from these guys and Compiled stuff and delivered it in part to christian research institute And so I talked to him about this and he told me how he did this and So a lot of this is due to him but there's a lot of other people who've done a lot of good work too and uh, justin peters does a great job At exposing these heretics and they are heretics Heretics absolutely good. So my one of my pastors that i'm listening to all the time has it exactly right? There's right and then there's almost right and that's how the false teachers do it Is they make a little bit of the truth and make it sound good and then they go off script unless you're spiritually mature Unless you're spiritually mature and I figured out from this, you know thing that i'm going through now with this Like i'm sharing with you what i'm going through And when jesus said if you do anything to one of these young babes It'd be better if you not have been born.

I realized it wasn't talking about a young child It was talking about somebody young in the faith and that's what happened They all got duped and including myself until he brought in something That you know was blatant to me. And so therefore, um, it all came out in the wash But the bottom line was that's how it started and you check that book out and then you know I'll catch back up with you and I appreciate you being there. Like I say, thank you so much I'll let you get back to the next caller. But again, we love you.

We appreciate you and we'll keep him prayers All right, man, thanks really appreciate it well god bless all right So I like that kind of good stuff. All right So, you know what folks i'll tell you what, uh, I want to expand the area You know what? What are the things we need at karm?

This is serious. This is a real serious need we have in karm Is for people to watch these videos. I just can't do it uh I can't you know, watch just sit down listen for two hours to some video. I've got Hundreds of emails to do i'm working on a doctorate degree now I've got books. I've got to finish editing. I've got articles. I've got to write videos got to do And my wife's health and so much, you know, and that's just life what really helps if you want to be a helper You want to help out this kind of ministry?

It's you don't get a lot of glory. That's a lot of work But that sounds appealing to you Then one of the things we do need is to have people listen to joist meyer stuff listen to uh, Kenneth copeland stuff just listen read through their books, you know and just find You know, like she said, uh, you know, you can't go to heaven unless you believe this stuff you're like what that's something What that's something, you know and you you document where it is like in a book and I buy the book You and or on a video and you give me the url You know the forward slash whatever it is and you say it 43 minutes and 15 seconds or whatever it is Start listening where he or she says blah blah blah. That's what we need And then what I do is I go to that I listen to it I back it up five minutes and listen to the context make sure it's not taken out of context And I decide if i'm going to use it or not and I and if I do I can extract That pit of the audio or the video I can extract it and there's there's common use laws And then we can upload it and I can give it a link. It's where we got it from this original part Here's a segment whatever it is and we can do this kind of thing even if it's from their own sources like uh, you know Kenneth colpin's own own ministry website and it has a video on there that we can do this we can Extract or it's called a fair use laws. We can extract certain things for representation And this is this would be extremely helpful Because what we can do then is collect all this stuff have a whole section on these teachers these false teachers We've got over a list of over 100 people are supposed to do but i'm buried buried And if people could do stuff like that what that does that really helps a great deal And then it can go to it be efficient and uh, we could develop more stuff like that. That's what we need just Saying, all right. Let's get to ron from california ron. Welcome.

You are on the air Thank you. You said you were working on getting your doctorate as kind of curious as to where you are going to do that Uh, birmingham theological seminary in alabama. There are uh, they're accredited through reformed denominations And um, and that I won't tell the story but the doors opened up unexpectedly and there we are Okay, okay And my other question is i'm in a Uh hermeneutical theory class and I was curious What you think of bernard ram and if there's a really good? Um author that I can read regarding hermeneutics and so forth. I'm in a master's program almost done with my master's Oh, I don't know of any fantastic works on hermeneutics that i'm sure they exist But I haven't had to get into them.

I do want to write a course, uh, you know, I have the school of theology apologetics And uh critical thinking I want to write one on on Uh hermeneutics, but uh, I do have a book on the canon That i've i've enjoyed. Uh, where is the new book? and I'll have to open it by opening this up Actually, i've been through your whole school of the good school. Oh, okay, which one? Uh, the all three you mentioned all three of the schools.

Oh you did. So did you learn? About my diploma Okay um Yeah, here it is. It's called the the canon revisited by michael j kruger now this deals with the canonization process But I think there's some hermeneutical stuff in there as well But if I were I wish I could have the time, uh to do Uh school on hermeneutics i'd love to research it because to me it's pretty much common sense I have a method that I use for hermeneutical examination And I could just list out what i've done as i've developed over the years. It doesn't mean i'm right It's just what I do and I can learn i've learned a great deal that way, you know, uh, and it's awesome stuff So anyway, so there you go Yeah thing that's frustrating for me is in my class, um We read about nine thousand different people's ideas of how to do hermeneutics and uh, nothing really solid on I wish the instructor would just come right out and say hey, this is what I do. This makes the most sense You know, I just in my undergraduate studies.

I I just learned, you know, grammatical historical lexical and You know to me that's still good enough without having to adopt all the historical criticisms and all the doubts and everything They want to throw it the word of god, so Well, you know what i'm developing we're going to break in a minute, but i'm developing A trinitarian based view of everything and That all truth is god's truth that is representative of his infinite knowledge all things actual and potential And hermeneutics has certain practical levels, but the ultimate ultimate source and goal should be the glorification of god and correct And so that's what i'm thinking of and I want to apply it in this case But if you understand that then you can understand the covenantal aspect of how god works within your trinitarian communion And that should be something that Is useful inside of hermeneutical interpretations because covenantalism is how god works because based on his character and his word Hey, there's a break. Hold on man. We'll be right back.

Okay Okay. Hey folks, we'll be right back after these messages. Sorry talking fast, but uh, we have two open lines 877-207-2276 Be right back It's matt slick live taking your calls at 877-207-2276 here's matt slick All right Yes, people are commenting about my my doctorate Which I may or may not complete because I don't know if I can do it all With karm and my wife's health and so much going on, but we'll see i'm giving it a shot for now uh ron Okay, so where were we there was Hermeneutics, that's right so much going on. Yeah Yeah, so, uh Yeah, i'd like to write a course on hermeneutics. Oh, yeah, I remember now and so, um I think that a lot of people what they do when they interpret things is fail to do what I call the target system You know target has concentric Circles you go The middle first what's the text actually saying then you expand out and there's certain realms you need to get into You know greek hebrew words word studies, which I think is an under an underappreciated Uh avenue of hermeneutical studies. I just i've learned so much from word studies and it's changed my theology in a lot of areas Where I should say polished it So, uh, that's one of the things and I gotta finish editing my uh, my first novel and uh People want me to write a second. I'm telling you And I gotta do videos.

I need lots of help. I'm sorry. What? Do you feel like the context even trumps the actual word in other words the context trumps the lexical Yeah, I do too Yes, yeah context always determines the meaning So the word green has numerous meanings.

It could be envy money sick naive color And so the context is what determines meaning and then we have to be careful of what's called illegitimate totality transfer So a word can have a semantic domain a range of meaning in different contexts What false teachers do it very often is take the meaning of one place And transfer it over to another And i'm reminded i'm just going to keep going here. I'm reminded of matthew 125 what a catholic did with me once and uh In matthew 125 it says this. Okay, i'll read it It's says this. Okay.

I'll read it. It's talking about joseph kept her a mary a virgin until she gave birth to a son And what he did was he went to another place where the word until is used in first corinthians 15 and there it says uh, uh It says what was it that jesus will Rain until he's put all enemies under his feet, but you see the until there means continued So he says over there. That's what it means there And he transferred the meaning over to matthew 125. That's called illegitimate totality transfer.

It's a perfect example matthew 125 and first Of what not to do Yeah, I gotta write a school on on on hermeneutics. I do that would be good. I need help I need helpers I need to be able to to just you know, get my speech program Just just put it all out there and have someone edit it up present it back to me. Go. Yes. This is good You know stuff like that.

I need video help I'm whining a little bit, but i'm doing it with smiles. It's a pleasure to be so busy But man, you know, you can do the same thing with the word on the loss, can't you? On gloss absolutely angel. Yeah. Uh-huh messenger. Yeah Yeah, it depends on how it's used in context Excellent.

Yes, but you can't really do it with a word like pentecontemporaneous now that's not easy to do to change the meaning with that pentecontemporaneous No, you don't get too obstreperous doing that so okay I like words. All right, so The the school that you're going to can you do that online at that particular school? I'm thinking about going to liberty for my doctorate and so Just because I can do it online and so Yeah, I you know Yeah, it's what happened was well, I won't tell you but uh adored the lord opened up those doors there I would have liked to have gone to liberty. I just can't afford anything Ministry is not doing well And financially, I mean because it well I slipped out let's put it this way A lot of ministries are suffering right now and this is because the economy it's not just me I've been hearing this from all over and it's we're affected too and so uh, the schools that i've written really do help to keep the lights on and pay the missionaries and um So I could do a fourth one, you know, maybe I well I would actually like to buy from you guys and i'll contact you later. Um, I want to buy it the school's Uh binders on all three schools where I could teach from those binders because I mean, I really feel like it was so good Well, i'm glad uh, i'm really glad I'm, really glad. Um, we do.

I think we do have them in binder form We put them in there and then we change the format Electronically and modified a little bit. So we have to update that And one of the things I want to do in addition is go through and do a video For each lesson where I just go through and kind of ad lib through the lesson Read it and then because remember and ad lib and just add a little bit more and uh comments I think would be helpful too so there's just so much Be a lot of help. What's your opinion on? Yeah, what's your i'm struggling whether to go after the doctorate ministry or to go for a phd. It's a one-year difference But I I hate writing ethereal stuff.

That's not really meat and potatoes, you know, kind of like the book of james meat potatoes And and so I don't do real well with the ethereal. I just want substance And so i'm wondering how well I would do writing a year thesis about something that supposedly nobody had written on and so I don't know if the phd is worth it and i'm just kind of curious what you think Yeah, um Yeah, that's why i'm not doing a phd one of the reasons, uh, generally phd thesis is 200 to 300 words Uh, a demon thesis can be around 150 words But let me tell you something. There's something called and I don't know if you are familiar with it, but you can I have it on my computer to I do my writing with it Okay, good. Well, it has different levels of of Um writing styles that it'll aim for and you can aim it for the most highfalutin arrogant pompous Whatever and uh, it'll you know, tell you, you know use too many passive voices. You mean like that objectivity And uh, that's one thing but here's something else i'm learning is that you have what called a cohort You have other people who are in the group with you kind of like study partners And so they can help criticize or critique. I should say the writing style Now i'm in the same boat with you though I'm very very very practical. I'm very efficient my writing. I like to get to the point And so the ideas I have I only have two ideas for a thesis so far. One of them is to write a novel Where a student goes through different classes and he's been trained by his pastor dad As an apologist and he goes in to different classes in college philosophy evolution Mathematics art and he deals with the varying assumptions presuppositions Per class and I think they'd be with documentation. I think it'd be a great uh a great Idea the other one is to do something on the nature of the trinity being the necessary precondition for all intelligibility And narrow that down even further So that does that's it, you know Okay Yeah I don't know that anymore your line.

You probably have other callers and stuff. So yeah, that's right Well, appreciate it buddy. Okay. Well god bless. All right.

I appreciate the info. Thanks. You too. All right. God bless. Bye. Bye All right. Let's get to next longest waiting by uh by a nose is john from rolling north carolina.

John. Welcome Hey, matt Hey, you got me. Yeah, I got you.

You're on first first. Let me apologize for my potty mouth earlier today Oh, it's okay. Don't worry about it. Um, I was a little I noticed it but I was like whatever you know, it's good It's because I understand the context that was on the phone folks were talking on the phone So I forgot about it quickly. No big deal. It's all right.

Thank you I just want to bring your attention. I don't know how I did it, but I ran across your Wish list and it seems to be empty. I think there was only one thing on it. So Could you add some things to that and could you tell us how to get there? Well, you can go to uh, amazon and you can just type in karme wish list um, the only thing i'm even thinking of Yeah, the thing i'm thinking of putting on there is uh, you know, I'm not sure if you know what I'm talking about Yeah, the thing i'm thinking of putting on there is uh a camera, but I already have a nice camera I always two of those. I mean One thing but it's a $1,100 camera I don't want to put that up there because i'd like to have two angles But that's that's one thing the thing is the camera i'm using right now on the computer is not as high res as i'd want I was looking for a You know a cheap less than 200 camcorder The idea to see if I can use that to make it a better, uh, a better quality. That's the only thing I can think of right now You know, well, you know we were using cameras for my wife's Auditions and stuff and she's dropped down to using the iphone And the iphone Is incredible.

I mean in fact, um I forget what is uh, there's a couple of uh, Films on the web that are all white, uh, iphone and you can't tell the difference from 70 millimeter I know in fact, uh, um Living waters ray comfort, uh, he's done videos simply on on I guess this is his iphone or android because android phones are very good Also, and I have a spare android A spare android sitting around i've so i've tried to see if I could hook it up to the system, but there's a lag Because of the I don't have uh, because it has to come out live. That's one thing has to be live That goes in I gotta figure it all out There's just too much to do. I need a tech person to come out and camp out here and say You've been doing it all wrong. They thank you for telling me.

What do I do to fix it? Yeah, I hear you all right, let me let you get to the last caller there All right, buddy. Sounds good, man. God bless. Okay. God bless.

Bye All right. That's john. Hey, we're becoming friends.

He's annoying like I am He's kind of one of those kind of guys. We just get along, you know So we just talk i've never met the guy and we just talk like we know each other Okay, one of those things good stuff. Good. Let's get to gabriel From uh, maryland. Hey gabriel.

Welcome. You're on the Thanks for taking my call on that sure what do you got so What do you got? So I I was doing uh Devotional and I came across an imprecatory psalm And i've heard um Some people in the church using predatory psalms against the enemies of the church and Saying that we should pray these actively against the enemies of the church, but it got me thinking. Um Um The specific verse in particular Which was talking about how Uh, they're rich they live in prosperity And I think to myself Well, i'm kind of rich i'm kind of living in prosperity in the united states and The united states isn't particularly innocent When it comes to various wars And the motives behind them So would somebody and say a christian in syria Be justified and praying in a preparatory psalm against the united states Which would include me And what would I then do about it? What you do is you pray for the glory of god first and for his will to be carried out And you pray for the judgment upon the ungodly that they will be brought to repentance repentance that that's the purpose of that and ask god then to Invoke upon them the proper judgment, but also with the prayer you ask and lord that they would be saved And according to your ultimate will lord as I am short-sighted To to pray according to the psalms the boastful shall not stand before your eyes.

You hate all who do iniquity You know or psalm 40 let those be ashamed and humiliated who seek after my life to destroy it Then what we do is we pray for their salvation as well And let god sort it all out and we're out of times. We've got to cut it short Why don't you call back tomorrow? Let's talk about this tomorrow, okay? All right, man All right, buddy, seriously call back tomorrow Hey folks, we're out of time may the lord bless you by his grace. We're back on the air tomorrow And uh, we'll talk to you then have a good great. We'll try it again. Have a good evening. Talk to you later Another program powered by the truth network another program powered by the truth network
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