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When Have Your Given Someone A Bible

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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May 11, 2024 1:14 pm

When Have Your Given Someone A Bible

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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This is Rodney from the Masculine Journey Podcast, where we explored manhood within Jesus Christ. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Sit back, enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the Truth Podcast Network. Welcome to Truth Talk Live! All right, let's talk. A daily program powered by the Truth Network. This is kind of a great thing, and I'll tell you why. Where pop culture, current events, and theology all come together.

And now, here's today's Truth Talk Live host. When have you given someone a Bible? You know, what happened when you gave someone a Bible?

What kind of story would that be if you unfolded it? Well, I'll tell you that, you know, somebody didn't know this, but somewhere around 19, oh, 64, some Presbyterian folks, I don't know where they got the money in that particular church to give the graduating fifth graders to sixth graders a Bible, and they gave me one, although I didn't ever read it or even get that attached to the idea of the Christian faith. And you know, long about when I was about, well, in 1991, I must have been 36 years old, I took a course by Norman Vincent Peale, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, which was called The Power of Positive Thinking. The reason I took that course was I wanted to learn how to sell more cars. Actually, it had nothing to do with, certainly wanted to read the Bible, but actually I bought this tape course, and the very first thing it said you're supposed to do is get up an hour earlier every morning and read the Bible. True story.

And that sounded absolutely crazy to me. How would I sell more cars by reading the Bible? But I spent $100, I think, on that tape set, and I'm like, well, you know, I guess I'll do what this says. And so I started looking for—I knew I had a Bible somewhere, because, you know, even though I'd gotten that when I was going from fourth to fifth grade, I think, actually, or maybe it was fifth to sixth, whichever it was, I got that Bible, and I, you know, you just can't throw it out. You move—I don't know how many times you do as a kid and all that stuff, but I never had thrown out that Bible.

I still had it. And as I began to read that Bible, you know what happened? I gave my life to Christ. So little do those people know that gave me that Bible when I graduated from fifth to sixth or fourth to fifth, whichever had this remarkable effect on my life, and oh my goodness, I guess I don't know how many that, you know, eventually I'd end up in Christian radio and, you know, be a Bible teacher and a pastor and all sorts of wonderful things happened as a result of one person giving somebody a Bible. And actually, I know, you know, I completely came to Christ through reading the book of Job when I finally got there, and that's just the way God did it in my life. So you never know when you give somebody a Bible.

That just might be what happens. And here to help us out today, you know, we want to hear your story, of course. 866-348-7884.

866-348-7884. I've got Michael Woolworth, my old friend from Bible League, and talk about giving away some Bibles, Michael. We want to do some of that today, right? Hey, Robbie. It's great to be with you today, brother. You've been a great friend of Bible League over the years, and listeners, you've been incredibly kind of Bible League. Whenever we've come and we said, hey, this is what our God is doing in His Word, through His world, and we've invited you to be a part of that.

You've responded so, so generously, and so we're back really presenting the needs of the world, Robbie. And let me say this at the outset, I love the fact that you shared how you, you know, got your hands on a Bible, and you know, think about the Scriptures that are most important to you. Is it 1 Peter 5-7, cast your cares on Him, for He cares for you, right?

Is it the Perennial John 3-16? Is it John 14? I know when my mom died about a year ago, you know, what Jesus says in John 14, I go to prepare a place for you. Let not your hearts be troubled, right? I mean, that meant everything to my family. We mourn my mom's loss, but knowing that she is a believer, she's in heaven right now. And so that brings great comfort to me, I'm sure to you, Robbie, anyone that can open a Bible here in America. But think about these Christians we're talking about in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.

They have never read a single verse in their own Bible because they don't own one. But, you know, enter the Truth Network, listening family, Robbie, and we intend to do something about it. But all that to say, brother, it's great to be with you today. Oh, it's great to have you back, and I apologize for the last-minute confusion because we also have you on Kingdom Pursuits tomorrow, and you're the only guest tomorrow, and that is tomorrow. Okay.

Oh, looking forward to it. The full hour, you and me, wow. Yeah, yeah. You have a good joke lined up, you've got your riddles and jokes, okay. I've got it all. I've got it all.

Can't wait. Yeah, absolutely, absolutely. So, I know you've got this whole, you know, we need to give out this number. Obviously, the neat thing about Bible League, from my opinion, is like, man, you talk about an easy way to get involved with spreading God's Word. Certainly, you know, the opportunity for every single person that gets a hold of one of these Bibles, they could come to Christ just like I did, and for $5 for one Bible, right?

Or, you know, $60 sends $12. And again, we'll give out this number a bunch of times. It's 336-896-0830.

336-896-0830 is the number to give or, you know, to go ahead and donate to Bible League. Well, actually, Robby, can I give you a better number that'll get you to our switchboard? Why did I use that number? I don't know.

That's all right. That's 800-YES-WORD. 800-YES-WORD. We've had that iconic number, the number of years we've worked together. But yeah, 800-YES-WORD. That's 800-937-9673.

800-YES-WORD. Or just click the Bible League banner. You can find that at, But Robby, we said primarily during the month of May, you know, once we hit Memorial Day and we throw some brats on the grill, you know, Truth Network and Bible League, we said together, can we bless 3,500 Bible-ist believers that we know by name in the regions that I just mentioned?

Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. And so many of the stories that I've shared over the years, Robby, becomes a result as one person getting a Bible, reading that Bible, studying it, being taught how to share their faith, and then using that Bible to make much of God and to point others to him. Some of the stories are incredible. Jihadists coming to Christ, former village witch doctors coming to Christ, some of the most, you know, unlikely of characters, if you will. People like me, people like you, and others around the world coming to saving faith. All it takes is one Bible. Again, you can do that at $5 a Bible, and we're suggesting a gift of $60. If you've never given before and experienced the joy of sending a Bible, is that $60?

Does that work for you today? Pray about it. You know, a gift of $100, that's 20 Bibles. $150, that's 30 Bibles. Robby, we always have listeners that give at $1,000 level.

They say, you know what, my position a little better than I thought it would be. And so those larger gifts will help us hit our goal of 3,500 Bibles, again, by around June 1st. And so the number 800, yes word, 800 Y-E-S-W-O-R-D, or just click the Bible League banner, you can find that at

Very good. And so we're going to be right back with a whole lot more for you all. And again, we've got Michael Woolworth, but we need your stories, right, of when you gave a Bible, what happened? 866-348, that's the number to call in to share that.

866-348-7884. A whole lot more giving Bibles when we come back. You're listening to The Truth Network and

Welcome back to Truth Talk Live today. What happened when you gave someone a Bible? When did you give somebody a Bible? What happened when you did that? We got Bucksman, my old friend in Ohio. How are you today, sir? I haven't talked to you all week. Oh, it was great talking to you, Robbie. I was wondering when you was going to fill in for Stu.

I'm so glad to hear you on. Some people think that Stu fills in for me, just saying. Pay me $5, Robbie, and I won't tell him that. Buy a Bible.

If you buy a Bible with it, I guarantee you it's a done deal. Amen. He's probably listening.

He probably just heard that anyway. Hi Stu. Hey, about that Bible.

This is really cool, guys. So I went to my favorite Chinese restaurant in the Dayton area. And on their little rack, my brothers, was a Christian blue book, which was like phone numbers to Christian businesses, which was cool. But underneath that, you guys, was two Gideon's. I recognize the symbol, the Gideon's symbol, the lamp on this little blue Bible, this little thin Bible. Well, I did not make out the inscription on top.

It was Chinese. So I now, brothers, have two Chinese New Testaments in the buskmobile ready to give to someone from China. I can't wait to do this.

I've already prayed over them, and I'm like, I'm going to learn how to say Jesus loves you in Chinese, and I'm going to hand it to them. Well, there you go. I am excited about it. And I know you'll call in when that's happened, and we'd love to hear the story. Hell, you know I will.

Absolutely. I can't wait to do that. Okay, I've got a dad joke. I've got a dad joke, and then I'll get off the air. Okay, what is it? Okay, okay. Albert Einstein has an evil twin. Did you guys know that? I did not.

Yes, his name is Frank. Yeah, that's good. I could use that over the weekend, I'm sure. So just stay ready. All right, buddy. Thank you for calling in, as always. God bless.

Bye-bye. All right, how about your story? We would love to hear from you, or maybe you participated with Bible League before, and tell us about that situation. 866-348-7884 is the number to call in and share that. 866-34-TRUTH. However, I'm going to get this phone number right. If you want to call and certainly donate some Bibles, that number is 800-937-9673, or 1-800-Yes-Word if you're digitally gifted, which I am not. So I'm going to just say 800-937-9673. Michael, thank you for being patient with me on that phone number.

Hey, no problem. You've got how many numbers buzzing in your head, Robbie? Right? A few. But it's fun. It's fun. And I am always, you know, I guess because I know what the Bible not only did for my salvation, but continues to even do for me every single morning of my life, including today.

I know that it's like putting Jesus in people's hands. And man, when they get a hold of it, the stories, they always just blow my mind. So have you got one of those loaded for us?

Well, I do. Yeah, yeah, Robbie. And again, we're inviting your listeners. We have a goal to bless 3500 Bibleist believers that we know by name in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. So at $5 a Bible, a gift of $60 today that blesses 12 waiting Christians, 800-Yes-Word, 800-Y-E-S-W-O-R-D, or just click the Bible league banner at

Robbie, let me tell you about 200 believers right now that are waiting for Bibles as a result of Bible league giving a Bible to the former village witch doctor in the remote island nation of Madagascar, Africa. This is just off the mainland continent there. It's the southeast part of that continent, Madagascar. And the woman's name is- Made famous by King, what was his name, King Louie? I believe you're right. Yeah, I believe you're right. There you go.

I can't help but think my daughter used to quote everything from that movie, but it just brings a smile to my face. However, I also do land and rescue, which is a human traffic around the world. And those witch doctors in that part of the world are behind actually human sacrifices, human organ stuff.

Like the fact that we can get a Bible in one of those guy's hands, who knows the lives that would save physically as well as spiritually. Oh man. Right? Yeah. Well, let me tell you what God did through Lally. Got time for that? Please, yes.

Yeah, yeah. So Lally's story is this. She was the village witch doctor. She was all about sorcery, voodoo, black magic, all of that spiritual darkness, right? People would come to her for spiritual guidance. She would throw hexes on people if that was requested. She had a very high standing in that community in a very remote part of Madagascar, Africa, Robbie.

But her story was this. A Christian friend, somebody who stayed in her life, invited her to come learn about Jesus. They used a Bible study from Bible-y Malagasy language, and we've offered that. This is year number 86 for us, by the way, Robbie, year number 86.

We're on track to very soon give out our one billionth, billion with a B, right? Bible or printed biblical resource, you know, and we praise God for that. But somebody invited Lally, come learn about Jesus. Week by week, with about 15 others, she would gather and find out how is Jesus both God and man?

What's it mean to die to self and put on Jesus in the day to day? And so week by week, she went through that. And frankly, she came not because she cherished Christianity. She thought, okay, one more thing for my tool belt of witchcraft, right? But I can tell you a long story short, she became a believer. We awarded her a Bible.

We make a big deal about it, whether it's in remote Madagascar, Africa, or, you know, big city like Beijing, China. But she would read that Bible every single day. She came to the test in Luke 19. She read where Jesus comes into Jericho.

He encounters Zacchaeus. Remember the wee little man who, you know, was a former tax collector, climbed up in the Sycamore tree? For the Lord he wanted to see. I'm not going to sing all of that, Robbie.

But anyway, that's the guy we're talking about. When saving faith comes to this man Zacchaeus, he says to Jesus, I'm giving away half of what I own to the poor, and I'm going to make things right with those that I deceived as a tax collector. So Lalli, when she read that scripture, knew exactly what she had to do. She went to literally dozens of families that she had misled over the years through witchcraft, and she would unfold for them the Gospel. And she invited these people, just like the Gospel had been unfolded to her, to come learn about Jesus week by week. And I can tell you through her persistent and faithful witness, and God working through her there in remote Madagascar, Africa, 200 families have come to place their faith in Jesus Christ. The families represent about 1,100 people that have come to Christ, and they need Bibles in the Malagasy language. And you know, the problem there is, if you live so remotely like these new believers do, there is no Christian bookstore, there's no discount retailer, there's no Amazon to drop a box of Bibles into their village. But I say, enter the Truth Network listening family.

We intend to do something about it. Again, our goal is to bless 3,500 Bibleist believers by around June 1st, and now you know 200 that are praying for Bibles there, waiting in Madagascar. Robbie and this listening family today, in fact, can help meet that need at only $5 a Bible. Yeah, and that number, 800-937-9673, or 1-800. Yes, word. And so those Bibles, I didn't realize Madagascar had its own language, but I guess it would. It's kind of remote. Yeah, Malagasy is kind of the primary language.

Some people speak a little bit of French, and there's about, I don't know, 20 other languages spoken on that island. Oh, we've got to go to break, Michael. I'm sorry. We're going to be right back. We need your story. We would love to hear how you gave somebody a Bible, the answer to that.

866-348-7884. We'll be right back. You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Truth Talk Live today. You know, when did you give someone a Bible?

And what happened with that story? We'd love to hear from you. Or maybe, you know, Michael was talking about, with Bible League, that you might have a favorite Bible verse, and he's got some Bible verses of people across the world that we would love to hear yours.

866-348-7884, 86634, Truth. Again, we have Michael Woolworth here with us with Bible League. But, Michael, I got to tell you, Nick never heard of Woolworths. And I was like, dude.

Well, he sounds like one of my kids, right? It's all wasted on them. They're like, what? Yeah, they obviously know that Walmart put us out of business 25 years ago. So there goes that. I remember it all too well. Well, you see, my father was a soda jerk at a Woolworths in New York. And for those who really want to go back, you know, he mixed up sodas. And on the count, you know, most of them had like an ice cream kind of counter or whatever you want to call it.

They mixed sodas and that kind of stuff back in the days at Woolworths, right? So anyway, getting back to the topic at hand, which is Bible League. Now, again, I just think that what an opportunity it really, really is to meet somebody in heaven someday that, wow, you gave a Bible and it ended up in the hands of somebody in Madagascar for that matter in a language that, you know, I'm kind of really surprised that that language has been totally translated and there's a Bible in that language.

Well, you know what? You know, Bible League will take care of the heavy lifting. That is, you know, figuring out, okay, if you're in Nepal, that's probably the Nepalese language, right? China, it's Mandarin.

Mozambique, well, it's probably Portuguese. And again, that's, again, where God has positioned Bible League over 86 years of ministry. And Robbie, whenever we do these campaigns, somebody will rush down to a station with a box of, you know, English Bibles.

They may have updated the, you know, the Pew Bible at church. And, you know, they're excited because they hear the need. They know that the need is immense. Of course, we know millions around the world that go without the word of God, Robbie.

And so they'll rush down. But the problem is, again, if you speak Mandarin or Arabic or Malagasy, an English Bible does you no good. And so, again, that's where Bible League has sort of been uniquely positioned over the years. And, you know, think about this.

I mean, how important is the Bible to you? You know, what does the enemy do? He rushes you, pushes you, frightens you, confuses you, condemns you. But when you open the pages of scripture, all of us that can do that every day, again, to open our Bibles and be reminded of God's precious promises, he speaks to us and does what?

God steals us. He leads us. He enlightens us. He reassures us, encourages us, convictions when needed, right? And provides comfort through his word because it's not merely ink on parchment, right? This is the living word of God. And so, Robbie, I know your listeners are getting involved. We're about 10% to our goal, by the way, to bless 3500 Bibleist believers by around June 1st.

But I think so many of us wonder, okay, what would I do if I didn't have a Bible? Now, these believers hear the word, you know, hear the word preached. It might be weekly.

It might be every other week based on the frequency that they can gather. And some of these people walk, you know, two hours each way to attend a worship service in places where, you know, some of the powers that be are very antagonistic against Christianity. But again, how much better to open your Bible and be reminded of God's precious promises? Can I tell you a one-minute story from the Middle East? And, you know, this is only miles from the conflict. I know what's happening there in the region of Israel between the Israelis and the Hamas is something on our hearts and in our minds.

If you've been praying for, you know, a way to, you know, finally an opportunity to get involved and bless somebody in that part of the world, this might be it. But, Robin, we know a young gal by the name of Nora. Her husband was murdered by some radicals there just a couple of years ago, leaving Nora a widowed mother of four young daughters.

And it wasn't too long ago that radicals showed up again. They burned down her house, nearly killing Nora and her four daughters, the youngest of which four years of age, maimed for life from the fire that was set and totally destroyed their home. But I can tell you, rather than grow bitter through all of that, young Nora has been bold. She has led to share Jesus with friends, people in her sphere of influence. And she has seen about 50 Arabic-speaking women who gathered week after week using this Bible study from Bible League in the Arabic language who have said, what, we want to follow Jesus. And so the prayer from Nora is not an end to all the suffering she faces only miles from the conflict. She said, you know, we need Bibles, Michael, here in the Middle East.

It's nearly impossible. Put your hands on an Arabic language Bible. But what I'd like to say is enter the Truth Network listening family, because listeners, you've been incredibly kind to Bible League. You've responded when we've come and we've mentioned needs over the years.

But again, how many of us hear about what's happening in the Middle East? Robin, we say I'd love to do something for somebody that's suffering in that part of the world. Well, again, there's a need for thousands and thousands of Bibles right now.

And that's why it's important that I can share stories like these. Now you know 50 families, many of these widowed mothers, they want to raise their children to know and love Jesus. And they'll do that when you get involved, listeners, by sending a Bible for only $5 today. And again, we want to bless $3,500 by the time we hit about June 1st. Yeah, $60, right?

It sends a dozen, you know, or whatever, you know, however that works. But you know, even, you know, this week is Mother's Day. And I heard you mentioned, Michael, that you lost your mother a year ago. And, you know, I gotta admit, Monday, as I was preparing for my sermon stuff this week, I started thinking about mothers. And I just started thinking about my own mother, and I had a really good cry. And I had a very, very, very dear mother, and a lot of our old-time listeners knew.

She used to call into my show all the time. And as I was doing that, I began to read, you know, the story of Hannah, the story of Rachel. And Rachel, you know, weeping for her children years after she's dead. You know, there she is alive for eternity, right? And the encouragement my Bible gave me as I was sitting there, you know, still mourning my mother after she went to be with the Lord in 2016.

But I don't, you know, that comfort, the neat thing is for $5, $60, whatever it is that you give, you know, there's somebody in some country somewhere that is gonna be sitting there getting that same comfort. Jesus can come through his words, he does. And I know you've experienced that this week too, I'm sure, Michael.

Yeah, I really have. I mean, the Lord proves himself true, doesn't he? Through his word.

And, you know, I, again, I know that's why listeners are getting involved. And so, you know, one of the scriptures that also comes to mind when we do these campaigns, Robbie, is 1 Corinthians 12. Paul is, you know, Paul faced his own issues, right? I mean, he wrote most of his letters as he awaited, you know, sentencing and execution by Nero in a Roman prison. But again, he offered so much encouragement pointing us to the Lord. But he said, you know, when one part of the body suffers, we suffer together.

And that's what's happening. There's a segment of the Christian community around the world that goes without what is so basic to the Christian faith, and that is having a Bible again, being able to open the Word of God and be reminded of God's precious promises. And Robbie, so many of these believers, when they leave all the isms of the world, you know, Taoism, Hinduism, Islam, all those isms, right? So often what they have is a caricature of Christianity.

It's untrue, it's half right, it's incomplete. And so for those reasons, they really need to be, and they want to be, ground in the Word of God to know what it means to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus. So I love what Paul wrote, when one part of the body suffers, we suffer together. And so, you know, if you want to make a gift in honor of your mother and in memory of your mom, mention that when you call the toll-free number. Robbie will give that in a moment here. And if she is still living, we will send her a note. You tell us where to sit at, and we'll indicate that you have made a gift in honor of your mother.

But think about that again. Robbie, so many, you know, godly mothers have prayed for their sons. As we go through the program, I'm going to come back and share a story from India of a mother who prayed for a son that really wanted to end his life. This man went from wanting to end his life to pointing people to the bread of life. It's another amazing story of when somebody finally receives the Word of God, what God is able to do through that servant of the Lord. And so that's what we're doing today.

It's feeding heart-hungry believers. And again, we've got a goal to bless 3500 Bibleist believers that we know by name. We want to do that by around June 1st.

Right? The number to call, 800-937-9673. Or if you're digitally gifted, you can do 1-800-YES-WORD. That's 800-937-9673. And that's the number to donate, a little different than the number to call in and share.

As always, we want to give that out now. If you want to share something about, you know, maybe your mom's favorite Bible verse, however that works, 866-348-788-4866-3866, three, four, true. So as it happened about March 16th of this year, I was doing a funeral, and I couldn't help but note that it was planned for somebody, and most of the audience at this particular funeral did not know Jesus. And so as I began that particular funeral, I said, you know, don't you think it's kind of a wink from God that this funeral was planned on John 316, on John 316, and went on to share that verse and went on to share how precious the Bible was to me at a time like this when you needed faith. And interestingly, his nephew came up to me afterwards and said, Robbie, you know, I always like a Bible.

And I blessed him with a Bible, and he started sending me questions every week, like, oh my goodness, what the Word can do, just your favorite Bible verse. We'll talk about that when we come back a lot more. Again, the number to call, donate 800-937-9673. We'll be right back.

You're listening to the Truth Network and When have you given a Bible to someone today, and what happened? We would love to hear your story. The number to call in and share that would be 866-348-7884. Maybe you've got a favorite Bible verse for your moms.

If you're thinking about Mother's Day, you can share that as well. We'd love to hear it. 866-348-7884. Today, talking about giving Bibles, we have Michael Woolworth with Bible League. Again, they have partnered with us, or we have partnered with them, however it works, to help get Bibles out across the world. And we got a goal, 3500 Bibles, and it's $5 a Bible. I mean, it's more than amazing, and it's more than especially amazing to me. When you think about all the different languages those Bibles may be in, and so those people in Madagascar or wherever they may be in a remote part of the world, it's coming to them shipped all the way from wherever it's published.

And in the language that they prefer, and, wow, $5 a Bible, $60 will send 12. All you gotta do is dial 800-937-9673. Well, Michael, you promised another story. Yeah, you know, I have to remind my daughter, hope she's listening, Sunday's Mother's Day.

Don't wait until 1159 p.m. Saturday night to run to the local gas station and buy something for mom. And if that's of value to anybody else, it's free. There's no charge for that today, Robbie. But anyway, yeah, hey, joy to be with you today, brother, and to share these stories. I mean, you know, our goal is really that today these stories will be an encouragement to you.

What do I mean? Well, we all pray that the Gospel would take grip all over the world, right? And I'm telling you that we know that at Bible League firsthand. I've traveled all over the world on behalf of this wonderful ministry, been able to bring back so many of these stories. And so let this be an encouragement above all. Let that even drown out, you know, the ask for you to consider sending Bibles. Again, God is making good on his promise to redeem the world. Jesus said, if I be lifted up, I'll draw the nations to myself.

You know, Sunday is Mother's Day, and, you know, just kind of drawing on that theme. I can remember meeting a young man in India about 30 years of age. Shanti Vardhan is his name. He was born blind, lost his father at age 10, lived in abject poverty. Robbie, if you've seen videos or pictures of the extreme poverty in India, it's never exaggerated.

It really is that bad. But because of all that despair that Shanti Vardhan lived in, he wanted to end his life. He had a very, in his mind, just a terrible life there in India. But he had a godly mother. She prayed for salvation. And when it happened, he did not pity himself. He asked for an audio Bible because he's blind. A Bible, he was able to provide that in the Tamil language, one of the prominent languages within the walls of India. And he would listen to that every single day.

But Robbie, he didn't keep Jesus to himself. He would invite people, come learn about Jesus. He would actually call people up. He had people call into a number. A lot of these countries, a lot of people have cell phones. They don't have the smartphone technology, but they can call. He was able to sort of put, have people call into a conference line. I don't know how he figured this out. But he would actually play that audio Bible over his phone that Bible Eager provided him. Truth Network listeners, I wouldn't be surprised if you were the ones who helped fund that in a previous campaign. But I can tell you, some of these people are blind, others are physically and developmentally disabled.

Robbie, they often pity themselves. But I can tell you now that they've heard the gospel unfolded through the ministry of this man, Shanti Vardan, they realize the incredible worth they have in Jesus Christ. 200 people, 192.

I'll just kind of round it up a little bit to make it run off the tongue a little easier. But about 200 people have come to Christ there in India where they speak Tamil. And again, this is a man that wanted to end his life. And today he's pointing people to the Bread of Life, Robbie.

And I think about what's behind all that. Well, it's a godly mother that prayed for her son, that he would come to saving faith. He would see the hope of the gospel. And then, of course, a gracious God willing to bring this man from the depths of despair and minister through him. Again, there's 200 people in India.

They are Tamil speakers. Some will get an audio Bible. Others will get a physical Bible that they can hold in their hands. And the Holy Spirit will put that word into their hearts. And Robbie, that's why we're here doing this campaign, this kingdom work, as I like to call it. Again, our goal by around June 1st is to bless 3500 Bibleist believers that we know by name at Bible League.

And now you know 200 within the walls of India that are praying for Bibles today. Right. And all you're going to do is call 800-937-9673.

That's 800-937-9673. Or if you're digitally gifted, 800. Yes, word.

And again, $5. Wow. I mean, it's just unthinkable that it sends somebody, you know, that's possibly blind or whatever, an audio Bible in this language there in India. Did you call it Tamil? Tamil.

T-A-M-I-L. Tamil. Wow. And, you know, you think, how cool is that? And then, you know, obviously, God does miraculous things.

I mean, when it comes to his word, there's, you know, it's just more than unbelievable. And it's just as available as it could ever be. And you think about India, you know, there's literally like billions of people, aren't there?

Yeah. It's now the most populated country because of China's, you know, restrictions on family size. India is now the most populated country in the world. It's about 4.5 billion people.

It's a lot of people, isn't it? And, Robbie, that's a place where, you know, there's laws on the books. If you share your faith with somebody, tell them what Jesus means to you and invite them into kingdom life, they can throw you in jail. I mean, that was sort of what this young man, Shanti Vardan, was up against.

He risked his own livelihood even as a blind man. But you can't keep crazy Christians quiet, right? They share Jesus and people come to saving faith. And, Robbie, to think that from the U.S. we can be a part of the stories of people like Shanti Vardan and those 200 new believers in India.

Yeah. In fact, I was convicted a little bit this week that, you know, just we all need to be praying for, especially me, you know, more boldness, you know, for that opportunity that the door opens. But, you know, how amazing is it that he's done this for us and that we can just share it by giving a gift to such a resource that can provide it in all these different languages, ship it, all this stuff. Again, I think it's more than amazing and for so inexpensive. $5 sends one, $60 sends a dozen.

800-937-9673, 1-800-Yes-Word. It's a Bible league, wonderful charity. You would be joining me, I assure you, that I have done it for years and will continue to do it for years because what God did for me through Norman Vincent Peale, you know, and some people in Presbyterian Church in Naperville, Illinois in 1964. You know, all these things are available to everybody and just really, really amazing what you guys do and always so grateful for what you're doing. Are you getting to travel more now, Michael? What does that look like for you?

Yeah, I hope to head back to India, maybe Egypt this year. But yeah, Robby, I've got a great job. They give me a digital recorder and say, you know, go talk to these heroes of the faith, end users of Bible league materials, and then when you come back and get on wonderful networks like Truth Network with wonderful hosts like Robby Dilmore and share these stories, let's give glory to God and just let people have a glimpse into what Christians are up against. Robby, as we wrap up our time together, let me just mention a small, I know we're up against the clock here, just a few names, people praying for Bibles, and these are the ones you're going to put tears of joy on their faces. That's Rohan in India, beaten when he came to Christ by extremists. More than anything, he's praying for a Bible. Jawara is in Kenya, a former witch doctor. He came to Christ. He's praying for a Bible.

Mwashi's in Communist China. She and her husband are livestock farmers. They have two children. They want to raise them to know and love Jesus. They're praying for a Bible.

Then one more, Jong is in Cambodia. He's a former Buddhist, came to Christ, praying for a Bible in the Khmer language. And listen, what we're doing today is putting the word of God into the people of God. And it really takes the people of God to do this. Robby, I say that the world will send clean water, food, shelter, all those wonderful causes are very, very important. But I tell you, it takes the people of God to send the word of God because they know how it nourishes them and they want that for others. And so we're mindful and prayerful that we'll get to that goal again. 3500, that's what we're praying for.

And we'll hope then to reach that by June 1st. But Robby, I've been on the front lines as I've given out Bibles. I've seen people cry. They've danced.

They've shouted. And I cannot help but think of the Truth Network listening family that's given really sacrificially over the years. And that includes you, Robby, that have given sacrificially over the years to see all these kingdom transactions that take place.

I want you to be a part of this, especially if you've never given before, would you become a Bible sender and experience the joy of sending somebody their very first Bible? You know, what an honor it just is. 800-937-9673.

800-937-9673. Again, if you can do this digitally, it's pretty easy to remember. 800, yes, word. Oh, what a gift, right? And I love what you said, that if you wanted that, you know, from your mom, you guys will do a note, right?

We certainly will. Yeah, Mother's Day is Sunday. So anytime this month you mention your mom's name, we'll make sure that she or other loved ones know about that gift.

So yeah, it's a great way to honor your mom, yes? Oh, I can imagine if my mom were alive, she got such a note, you know, it would just bless her. Because she fully understood the value of it and prayed, right? And prayed and prayed for me. Thank goodness all those praying moms out there are praying for that word for their children. And here, when we're doing this, we get to answer some mom's prayer. I mean, that's pretty cool, right?

800-937-9673 is a way to do that again, amazingly to me. Five dollars for a Bible in their language shipped to them. And again, a dozen for 60 bucks. I mean, wow. It's just, it's really an honor. As always, Michael, you know, so fun to be on with you and see what God's doing. I can hardly wait to get to do this again tomorrow.

Sorry, Robert. Yeah, I always enjoy it. Thank you, brother. Thank you, listening family. You've been incredibly kind. We're so grateful.

Yes. And as always, you know, we are so appreciative of you spending the week with us here on Truth Talk Live. This is your show.

You guys are the ones that make it special. Just remember, get ready to call in next week. That number, 866-348-7884, to call the show. But you need to get these Bibles out now. 800-937-9673. 800-937-9673. We'll see you next week.
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