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What if God Called You To Be A Full Missionary

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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May 7, 2024 7:27 pm

What if God Called You To Be A Full Missionary

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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Hey, this is Jim Graham from the Masculine Journey Podcast, where we explore a relationship instead of religion every week. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the Truth Podcast Network. Welcome to Truth Talk Live! All right, let's talk. A daily program powered by the Truth Network. This is kind of a great thing, and I'll tell you why. Where pop culture, current events, and theology all come together.

Speak your mind. And now, here's today's Truth Talk Live host. Stu Epperson here, and what a day I have had, and so many of you out there have met me today for the first time, and I want to say thank you, because my day started looking at... Saint Nick, you're about to salivate in there. You're gonna love this.

Biscuit King, High Point, right there on Highway 68. If you haven't been by to see David and the team there... Oh my, Joy and... I'm shouting out right now... I'm shouting out Joy, Jamal, Tott.

I'm shouting out Maddie and Swan, who is a... He didn't even work there, but he came in, and he didn't know about the Truth Network affiliate 97.7. A little bit of heaven.

And so, Swan, welcome to the Truth. Good to have you here, my friend, listening out there, delivering those packages. Solid, solid brother in Christ. Pastor Jeff and I, who has, by the way, left his denomination, because they have left the Bible. And I'm so proud of this guy, and we prayed and talked and shared and encouraged him to stand strong. He's a Methodist minister in Greensboro, who stood strong when his denomination has turned their back on him.

And they are no longer a church, by the way, when you deny what the Bible says about marriage. So God bless Pastor Jeff. He's agreed to come on the show at some point in time, but they served me up a biscuit at Biscuit King, maybe the best I've had, Saint Nick.

I'm talking crispy bacon, over-easy egg, pimento cheese, slice of tomato. Oh, it was so good. This isn't an ad, by the way. I'm just saying thank you to my man Dave Graziano, man of God. I dropped off a little something for his sweet wife, Elaine, a book, and we just love our Christian radio. They are Christian radio partners. We're grateful for them.

We're grateful for the whole team there at Biscuit King. And then I went to hear Herb lead his men's group at his church. Who is Herb? Herb is a guy I've known for maybe almost three decades who got saved. He called me, he said, I got saved.

I said, hallelujah. He said, you got to come to my church. So shout out to the men's group, Herb and Pastor Jeff, Pastor John. Now listen to this, and all the guys at Robin Hood Road Baptist Church on Robin Hood Road.

Now check this out. These guys were so kind. I gave them Christian radio cards, a bunch of them listened.

And this is the best part. Youth Pastor Jeff walked up to me before I left. He said, Stu, I got to tell you.

He said, I started listening to AM830, one of our first Truth Network stations ever, in the Triad. He said, I was driving somewhere. He said, I could take you to the exact food line. He said, I never heard this kind of Bible teaching before, this kind of content.

Never heard it before, Stu. He said, I can take you to the exact spot, the exact food line, where I pulled in the parking lot, and I bowed my head, and I surrendered to full-time ministry. He said, thank you, Truth Network. I said, hallelujah. I said, my day is made.

I said, I got to shout that out on the radio, St. Nick. And then I went to the nursing home, where one of our former team members, Ed, I'm shouting Ed out. Ed, I'm shouting you out. Smile big. Grab that Bible next to you.

Keep digging in there. Keep sharing Christ at that place in Winston-Salem. I went by and saw Ed. Ed was one of our key programming leaders here at the Truth Network for years. We went to school together years ago at Bob Jones, and he's had a little health hiccup, and we're praying him through that. I went by and prayed with him, shared some love with the folks there at Mill Creek in Winston-Salem.

So shout out to Ed, Room 100. God bless you, man. We know where you are. We love you. And DJ, who we just shared some big Stu stories, and he really encouraged me.

Thank you, DJ, for that word. He's driving to Wilmington, North Carolina, right now, and shouting out everyone else. I mean, I said, Pastor Jeff, and I mean, what a day, and I've just been able to just, you know, you hear about... When's the last time you celebrated someone's salvation?

I mean, just how cool is that? When's the last time you stopped and said, thank you, Lord? When's the last time you talked to someone who is in Utah serving Christ, reaching people all over Utah with the good news of Christ, representing the Truth Network, like Russ East?

Russ, we have a lot to be thankful for, don't we, buddy? And I'm so glad that you took some time out of your busy schedule to come on Truth Talk Live, my brother. God bless you, and it's good to have you here. Praise God.

Praise God. Just out here driving around Salt Lake City, just stopping at some churches, saying hello, dropping off a business card, and I just appreciate the opportunity to be on your program. Well, Russ, you got a lot of people that love you.

You got a lot of people that are supporting you, and I talk to people all the time. We have a lot of ministries that say, hey, just send my special sponsorship, my gift for Truth Talk Live, Truth Network to Utah. You have got a studio out there, you've got a Bible, like a scripturium, like a little Bible museum right across the street from Weber State, and you have an open invitation to all of our listeners to come to Utah any time, and you'll take them to go soul winning.

You'll go meet some Mormon friends and share the good news of Christ with them, that you don't have to be on the treadmill, is that correct? Absolutely, we'd love to help you if you needed any coaching, some support, some prayer, some advice to reach your Mormon friends. The Lord saved me out of the Mormon Church when I was 14, so what a privilege it would be to try to help you. I'll mail you out a bunch of material, you just let me know.

Just go to and you can contact with me or talk to Stu, I'd be glad to help you. Yeah, so Russ, kind of like the day I had, I met a pastor for breakfast, encouraged him, and I kind of tried to encourage the whole restaurant, and they were very gracious. But it's kind of easy, it's not hard when the main lady that kind of helps you, her name is Joy, which my daughters, you know, my little daughter's name is Joy, and she just had the joy of the Lord, and they all now are listening to our Truth Network main affiliate, AM 830, 97.7.

But Russ, it's not unlike that for you, a day in Utah. I mean, you're out meeting pastors, talk about that, talk a little bit of, like, what's, you know, people, you have a lot better scenery than we do, I believe, with those Wasatch Mountains, those beautiful snow peak mountains there across Salt Lake and all up in the mountains, parks sitting everywhere. Well, you know, there are places in the world, like in, for instance, like Salt Lake City area out here, Provo, you know, where there's not a lot of Christians, but there's a lot of places, like I was just recently in Athens, Greece, and we've met with a pastor out there, we want to try to help him maybe even get on the Truth Network somehow, because they found a piece of property out there, and we want to maybe, who knows, help them out and stuff.

But, you know, there's only about maybe 80,000 Evangelical Christians out there in Greece and now in Athens, that area there, it's just a, it's a needy area, so pray for our brothers and sisters in Greece. The Lord allowed me to go on a trip on the footsteps of Paul this last week, and I'm so excited because there's that possibility. We're praying, you know, this isn't in stone, but maybe there's a truth travel trip to the footsteps of Paul trip next year, maybe, I'm just putting that out there. Hey, we're putting it out there, yeah, but we're always looking at things like that.

I think we need to do a trip to the Museum of the Bible for sure. And hang on a little bit, Russ, people want to know how they can pray for you, they want to know more about your ministry in Utah, and what do you say to two sharply groomed and well-dressed young men that come to your door that say, hey, we have another testament, it's the Book of Mormon? What do you say to them? Do you just shut the door on their face, or do you show them the love of Christ? Russ Ease is going to help us with that situation, and we've got some more special guests and some more headlines on Truth Talk Live!

Don't touch that dial. You're listening to the Truth Network and You know, barely a day goes by where someone doesn't come up to me and says, Stu, I love your, I love the station, it's been a blessing to me. Like that youth pastor, I mean, he floored me today. God bless you, Josh, first of all, for being a youth pastor, for loving those kids, but for listening and for being encouraged. And then other people, they came up to me and I said, oh, by the way, did you know that we have a Truth Network station in Salt Lake City, Utah? And in Russ East, the jaws drop.

They're like, what are you doing out there? What do you mean? I had no idea. And this is why we need more Truth Networkers. We love it when someone tells someone the good news about the radio station, and we've had so many people that are spreading the news. But Russ East, you know, it's interesting, I get that kind of weird sideways look when we tell people we have a Christian station in Utah. Why do we, let me ask you, let me put you in the hot seat, Russ East, our Truth Network market steward for the whole, you know, state of Utah, the whole Wasatch Front, they call it Salt Lake and Provo and Ogden, North, South, Layton and Beulah, and all these areas. Why is there a Christian station out there, Russ? Truth Network.

What is that? What's the point of that? Well, Jesus said to go into all the world, you know, and preach the gospel, and so Utah is a place where, kind of like in Romans 10, 1 through 4, where Paul was referring to the Jews, that they kind of have a zeal for God, but not according to knowledge. And so you have these temples that Mormons attribute their ability to be a God someday, and they've taken the words of Christianity and they've twisted them into a type of twisty entity, sadly. And we just got to pray for these Mormon people, these missionaries, these guys and guys that are out walking the streets, knocking on doors for two years, and they're sharing about this, Joseph Smith and everything, and I can just tell you that these people are not, they're not content with what Jesus did on the cross for them. They feel they have to contribute to this. Well, how powerful is it, Russ, that those same people, when they come to your door in Gaffney, South Carolina, or Greenville, or Roanoke, Virginia, and you say, hey, tell the Nest, tell the folks back home in Utah to turn on AMA20!

My buddy has a radio station there! Well, it's great because, you know, Mormons can listen to the Truth Network in Utah, and God has been so gracious and faithful, and we're so grateful to Truth Network for taking a chance, trusting the Lord—not taking a chance, I shouldn't say that—but just trusting the Lord to make this happen out here. Because Mormons can listen in the anonymity of their cars, you see. And you've had LDS people come to faith in Christ through the radio. God's used it, huh?

Yes, yes. And people are growing in their walk with the Lord, and I get to have these great conversations with people, and they tell me how they listen. Like one guy tells me, he listens like just every day to work, just he drives, and he was saved out of the Mormon Church, you know? And so he gets strengthened. He says that God just speaks to him when he's ever got a question about things, because he listens, and he goes, there it is!

There's some meat for me right there, you know? Listen, whether you're a Mormon, a Jehovah's Witness—now, this is going to get tough and sticky here—but whether you're a Baptist who's just been going through the motions, faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. Right, Russ? So we all need the gospel. And Russ, one thing I love about your ministry—you know, Utah Partnerships for Christ, you've been in Utah forever—the story of how we got connected is nothing shy of miraculous and providential.

We were at college together out at the Masters University, John MacArthur School out there in California, and I went off to North Carolina. You went to, of all places, be a missionary in Utah with your bride, and you just kept banging my door down. You kept bugging me. Stu, you got to do Christian radio out here. When we started The Truth Network 25 years ago, the calls were coming in from Utah, and I'm like, oh my, caller ID's—maybe this is even before caller ID—I'm like, oh no, this could be Russ. And so God used you to push me. But you have such a heart, Russ, because you're not looking your nose down on these Mormons like you're some Pharisee. Talk about how the grace of God met your life, and how it's more of, I'm a beggar trying to show other beggars where they can find bread.

Well, sure. When I was 14, I was knocking on doors to do some yard work one summer back in 1979, and a lady invited my family to church, invited me and my family to go to Santa Rosa Bible Church. We went there, and I heard how to be forgiven, and that's what you want to ask. I went to church, heard the gospel message, and I just got saved right in that church. It was just amazing, and started going to Utah on mission trips and things, and the Lord led me to my wife down in college, like you said, at Masters University. I moved to Utah in 94, and God has been gracious to us.

And just, just to share this really quick, you know, ask the Lord for patience to reach your Mormon friends. Like, there's a friend of mine who's doing a debate with none other than our own Matt Slick. Matt Slick is coming down to do a debate with a guy named David Robinson. Come on. You met David Robinson when you came out here with Alan Wright.

Yeah, I played basketball against him when he played for the Spurs, and I think I was playing for the Nets at the time. Different one. Okay, different. Okay, gotcha. Okay, my bad.

Okay, you mix them up. It's easy with, you know, with my prolific basketball career. This guy, he's a friend of mine for like 15 years. I met him, I met him at the Big Blue House.

We were there with Alan Wright. Yes, and so Matt Slick has agreed to come down and do a debate on, does the Bible teach salvation is by faith or by works? Oh my soul. So will you pray, because I'm going to be the moderator for this. When is this?

I've never been a moderator. This is on May 31st. Oh goodness. Coming up in a couple weeks.

Maybe I'll come out there. Matt Slick. Now, a lot of you listen to Matt Slick, the Matt Slick show, live show, St. Nixon here to, you know, keep the callers right on that.

Every evening, 6 o'clock Eastern, across the Truth Network, and then I think that's at 4 o'clock in Utah, and Matt does apologetics, and he debates atheists, and he can be ornery sometimes, but he's kind of funny. But he also, I mean, you may not agree with him, but he always takes calls, and in this case, this is a beautiful, slick ministry opportunity. So Russ, he's coming to Utah, he's going to debate this guy, you're going to moderate it.

This is huge. But you're trying to create these conversations, aren't you, Russ? Because the Bible wins. The Gospel wins, right?

Well, yes, and it's such a blessing. The Lord's given us this Bible museum. It's a small Bible museum, and my trip to Greece, I was able to bring back some really cool things, footsteps of Paul, some great things to add to the museum.

But it's so fun. I got to go, and I get to go and share the things about, like, how the Bible's been preserved, and how we can know that the Bible's trustworthy, and how we know that, you know, these different emperors were living at the times of Jesus. This is not a myth. This is real stuff, and we've got pottery to substantiate civilizations from Bible times, and various things like that. And so great. Just recently, a dad and his two boys came by the museum, and we went through it for about an hour, and at the end, they were walking down the steps, and this one little kid, about eight years old, he said, I used to think that all this was true, but it's just because my parents told me, but now I know it's really true.

I have to be in through the museum. I know this for myself, and it was so great. We put them on, I recorded it, you know, and maybe I'll go ahead and put it on our program, Passion for Christ, you know, because it's a blessing to see how God uses what we have. He uses our, like, the boy with the fish in the loaves, you know, and God's graciously allowed me to just be here with my wife, and supporting me, and so many people praying for us, supporting us financially, and just helping us be there for Mormons who want to know who is the true Jesus, not the brother of Lucifer, not some idea that you can become a God.

I mean, in Greece, there's all these gods and gods. Yeah, you were just on Mars Hill. Now, I want to hear about your experience on Mars Hill and how that's even connected. I want to hear how that's connected to the LDS when we come back from this break, and I wanted you to give us a website so folks can support your ministry and come alongside you, Russ, in prayer and financially. When we come back on Truth Talk Live, don't touch that dial. You're listening to the Truth Network and What if God calls you to be a missionary full-time in Salt Lake City, Utah?

I'm Stu Everson. This is Truth Talk Live. We're on the air with a man who's a full-time missionary to Utah, to Mormons, and to anyone that needs Jesus across the Wasatch Front, which is what they call it. You've been there.

Maybe you've been there skiing. Get away with the family. If I had a dime for every friend of mine that goes to Utah, and they don't tell me they come back, I'm like, you've got to go see Russ. So everyone listening right now, write his name down.

Write the information down. And Russ, is it okay if we bombard you with love and gifts and come by and see the Big Blue House and come by and see the scripturium, and you can take us to the Temple Mount, and you can introduce us to all your Mormon friends that you're trying to lead to Jesus, and we can have a good conversation, and you can equip our listeners on how they can better pray for and how they can better reach the folks in the LDS. Is that okay?

100% yes. I'd love to meet anybody who'd like to just sharpen their skills in reaching our Mormon friends, absolutely. I mean, why don't we do a trip—you know, we're talking about a trip to Corinth and, you know, to the steps of Paul and Israel, you know, to the steps of Jesus and the Museum of the Bible, which I want to do, and I want to do the Ark Encounter. But why not a trip to Utah? Why don't we take a bunch of listeners to Utah to get a view, a picture, a front row seat like I did with Alan Wright when we were in a room full of a bunch of friends having a nice lunch, and two or three of those guys were ensconced, deep LDS, you know, four or five generation, and they had some tough questions, didn't they, Russ, about the faith? And it was a very heated but cogent, friendly conversation, because people are looking for truth, and they're not going to find it in the false religion of LDS. And that's not disparaging, Russ. You can love people without embracing a false view, right?

Right, absolutely. Yeah, you speak the truth in love, and you just ask the Lord for the right words to say, and he opens up the right doors for you to share, to plant a seed, to water that seed, and we just trust the Lord. It's just a real blessing to watch how, you know, God is moving, and I'd love to encourage you, if you have those missionaries come to your door, just ask them a question like, well, first of all, just say, how did you become a Mormon? And let them just talk, don't interrupt them, just let them just tell you their story, and then when they're done, thank them for sharing with you, and then just say, hey, do you mind if I share my testimony with you? You're not condoning, you're not validating their story, you're just being polite, you're being courteous, but now you have earned the right to share your story of how God saved you.

See how simple that is? You just ask someone to share first, and you just be polite and patient, and you're praying for them as they're talking, you're quietly praying, and then you get to share your story of how Christ saved you and gave you forgiveness, gave you purpose. It's just exciting to plant that seed and, you know, let that Mormon, just help them understand, what is the New Testament all about? Give them a run-through as to what is Colossians, what is Philippians, what are the Thessalonians?

These are places that you can go to today. You can see these places, you can see Mars Hill, you can go climb up to the top of it, just like Paul did, and he spoke, he spoke about the resurrection, he spoke about these things, and some people got saved, not everybody did, but we have to just trust the Lord with that, right? We just have to be faithful.

So yeah, please get in contact with me, I'd love to try to encourage you, send you out some materials, I'll be glad to do that. Well, and Russ, you know, it's interesting you say that because, like, my co-worker, I'm not going to run down the hall and start yelling at him, you're following a lie, you know, you believe in multiple lives and you have holy underwear, I'm not going to be attacking him like that, I'm going to build a relationship. I'm going to say, hey, let's go to lunch, hey, let me hear your story, where are you from, what's your religion, this and that. And the same thing is true, you're trying to build a bridge with these folks that are in LDS, the Mormon faith, so that you can point them to the true Jesus, because effectively, at the end of the day, Mormonism, like all other world religions, Russ, is about doing. It's about earning God's favor. I mean, they'll say words like, we believe in Jesus, but they believe in a different Jesus. They'll say words like grace, they'll use the word gospel, but it's a whole different system, and it's all performance based, right Russ? Give us the quick differential between two biblical gospel Christianity and what the LDS, the Latter-day Saint Mormonism, believes. So Mormonism has three heavens. The first, the lowest heaven, is where the Holy Spirit lives. The second is where Jesus will visit you, and the top one is where the Father is.

So you have to perform, you have to be worthy to reach these different levels, and you never really know for sure where you're going to be. Now there's a chance that you could deny the Mormon Church, and then you could end up in outer darkness, you see, and so there's never any security for someone who is Mormon, and that is the real sad truth. And the devotion you have towards Joseph Smith has to be central. You have to believe that he is a true prophet of God, and you never know where you're going to put your scripture in. So they have different scriptures like the Pearl of Great Price that comes from a funeral scroll that has nothing to do with anything about God. It's all just fabricated.

And then Doctrine and Covenants, it's got all kinds of things in there that are just not truly of God, and so you see, just like Islam, you know, they have their own prophets today, they have other scripture, they believe that you can be in a place in the highest level of heaven, and you can have multiple wives, the list goes on and on. It's tragic, but you know, we are seeing people, like if you ever want to watch a great movie, Unveiling Grace, it's a great movie on YouTube about the story of some people that came out and became born again. So cool.

Well, what a blessing. So folks are coming to Christ, they're finding the gospel, and Russ East is right on the front lines. He's our wonderful Truth Network ambassador, steward manager of the entire state of Utah, the Truth Network station there, AM 820, 103 point... I want to see, is it 103.1 FM? 13.9 FM in Layton, and then 95 or 95.3? 95.3, all over Provo, South Salt Lake, folks listening. We have a lot of Brigham Young University people that listen to that radio station. If you have a question, if you're a Mormon you want to call in, we welcome your call. If you have a question about how to share the Lord with a Mormon, maybe you have an experience you'd like to to recount on the air, the number is toll-free, 866-34-TRUTH, 866-348-7884.

If you have a word of encouragement for Russ East, who is with us, he started a ministry called Utah Partnerships for Christ, and God gave him a heart for these people who have so much of the form of a godliness, but lack the power thereof. Russ, I remember going all over the Temple Mount with you, and you took us to the giant, beautiful, palatial sanctuary there, where you have just, you know, but there are, like, satanic symbols in there. Like, it's kind of, it's tough, it's sad, and there's not one cross in the whole Temple Mount, not one cross.

Why is that? Paul said, I'll boast in the cross. Yeah, the cross is foolishness, you know, to those who don't truly have put their faith in what Christ has done on the cross, and sadly we see that with the Mormons. They have a huge statue of a man who became an angel named Moroni, and it's at the top of their temple, and they do handshakes that are Masonic. They do all these things, but they don't have a cross. They don't talk about the sufficiency of what Jesus did on the cross. They put more emphasis on the Garden of Gethsemane, sadly.

They think that when he sweat, as it were, drops of blood, that was part of the atonement, you see, and so we can talk all day about all the ways that twisty-anity has found its way within the the annals of the Mormon Church, and it's a sad thing, but you know what? We're seeing more and more Christian churches being being started here in Utah. Maybe you feel like God wants you to come out to Utah on a mission trip. We're still consulting on that and helping with that. Yeah, you can facilitate.

You got the big blue house, you got housing, you can help them kind of set the program up. Totally put together a trip for you. Russ, when I found out about what you're doing with that, it blew me away.

I mean, imagine this, friends. You have no passport, a few hundred bucks round trip from most airports. You get beautiful, beautiful area, and it's the least Christian area in the entire United States that you're going to, and you can drink the water, and you never leave the country. It's going on a missions trip to Utah, right Russ? It's a very unique place, and what you said is absolutely true, and so it's something that if you're a church, maybe you're somebody who feels led to come out here and you can plant a church.

We've seen that over the years. The Lord has allowed us to be here for about 30 years. It's 30 years actually this summer. 30 years in Utah. Unbelievable. You're not even 38 years old, Russ.

How does that happen? You know, here I am in 58 years and just trusting God and just trying to be faithful, you know, and I really appreciate Truth Network, everybody back in North Carolina, all of you guys who are supporting all of our sponsors and things because, you know, if it wasn't for truth, you know, a lot of things would be different out here. Well, what's it like when you get in the car, you turn on AMA 20 or 95.3 FM or 103.9 FM, what's it like to hear great teaching, to hear David Jeremiah, to hear Greg Laurie, hear John MacArthur, Alistair Begg, this great Bible teaching, you know, Truth Talk Live?

What's it like for you? You know, you feel like people are surrounding you, pointing you to Jesus, you know, pointing you to remind you of the promises of God and His protection and His promises, His presence, you know, He has not left us in Utah. He owns this place, you know, and so we can trust Him and we can just wait on Him. I mean, the Lord might come back any day, come back right now as we speak, but then again, maybe He won't, you know, and so what are we doing to carry out the Great Commission in Utah? So if you feel called or led to at least come check it out, I'd love to have you come out and just come out for a weekend, you know, I can kind of introduce you to some of the churches out here.

Maybe this is what God would have for somebody. Okay, we're going to get his website, this is the last quick break, we're going to get his website, how you can support him in prayer and finance, and a quick testimony, what God's done to bring a Mormon to Christ through that ministry out there and through your prayers when we come back. Hang on, more Truth Talk Live after this. Truth Talk Live from Roanoke, Virginia to Lynchburg to Richmond to Salt Lake City, Utah. Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

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So thank you to them. And Russ, thank you for your service, man, to the Lord. You're a blessing to me, and there's a special encourager we're not going to bring on just yet.

We're going to bring on in a second. But first, I want you to give, Russ, you depend on people to support you. I mean, people have financially written you checks, and you're like George Mueller. You know, you're very reluctant to ask anyone for anything, but I just want to give a chance for you across the vast Truth Network audience listener base to invite people to support you. What's the website they can go and donate to your ministry, whether they want to support radio, whether they want to support just your family, maybe go on a little break? You know, you're out there in Utah sharing Jesus. Go ahead.

Sure, sure. Well, our website is the acronym for Utah Partnerships for Christ, so it's U as in Utah, B as in partnerships, F as in for, the word for, then C as in Christ, dot org. Appreciate your prayers and your support, especially for this Bible Museum, because there's nothing like it. Even though it's small, we've got a lot of great things. We've got three or four rooms just full of things that will help Mormons understand they can trust the Bible, and it's so fun to show Christians and Mormons about all these things. I've got pages of Bibles from like the 1500s, and just show them the history of the English Bible, but we need funds in order to do this, and sometimes it's tempting to say, well, you know, I don't know if I can do this or not, because I don't know if I'm going to be able to make it, but then the Lord just provides, you know, and as long as he keeps on allowing me to do this, then we'll just keep doing it.

It's so cool. A lot of LDS people, like scholars, will say, hey, I want to come look at the Bible Museum. You know, it's like they come in on an academic premise, and then you get to share Jesus with them, because they're seeing the stories of these guys that were burned at the stake for preserving the Bible, you know, and the authenticity and the authority of Scripture.

It's tremendous. That's going to be just such a neat new chapter of our ministry now, you know. It's getting a little older, so the mission trips aren't as prevalent like they used to be, but that's okay, because God has a new chapter, I think, for us.

I'll still help do consulting and do some work here and there, but this is something that God has really given me excitement about, these trips to Greece and stuff, and we'll just trust the Lord. And a lot of good, solid local churches have been on the air with you and are on the air. We're thankful for all the great pastors out there that are supporting the Truth Network across Utah. Russ East, his wife Tammy, Utah Partnerships for Christ, is their non-profit, their 501c3 that handles and operates the whole ministry. It's just a blessing, Russ.

We're so grateful, man. Pray for one church in particular, Lifeline Community Church. You've met with Pastor Brian when you were out in Utah before, and he's open to being on one of our Truth Network stations, so keep him in prayer. He's got a real great gift for keeping God's Word, and I think you guys would just love to hear it in Winston-Salem or wherever he might be.

Yeah, isn't that cool? A church from an area that's got the least Christian population in the world, or in America, wanting to reach us, wanting to encourage us. I mean, that's just such an just so reminds me of the Church of Antioch, wanting to send money to Jerusalem. You know, it's like, you're hurt, man.

You're being beleaguered and beaten up. You want to send money. Philippi, you want to send money to a church in Jerusalem. How gracious, how kind. So thank you, Russ, for that. Now Russ, there's someone who wants to encourage you, because he is one of our resident evangelism experts, and you met him as he talked to you till about four in the morning at NRB, and he's on fire for God, and he just wants to give you a word of encouragement about how you are graciously sharing the truth, and he wants to bring his team out to Utah, the goal of which would be to pass out 500,000 Share the Truth cards across Utah. Can we get that done, Jesse? What do you think, buddy? Come on in here to the conversation.

What about it, Jesse? I don't see why not. I mean, we have Russ over there. We have a lot of churches over there that can get involved. It's just very simple. People take the cards, including Mormons.

You would just say, I may never see you again, so I want to give you this. It's a website that proves Jesus loves you, and they take it. And then, of course, when they go on the website, they can see how the website adapts to them. There are special Mormon videos there that love on them, and they learn people talking to them are actually converted from Mormonism.

It helps them understand the logic behind that decision and makes it less of an emotional time, but more of a logical progression. Yeah, it shows the gospel. Jesse, what do you say to Russ? He's been out there sharing the Lord, man. How can you encourage him today? Isn't that neat to hear his heart? Well, I will tell you that I wish everyone would take up the cross the way Russ has.

We would not be in the mess that we're in today. So Russ, thank you so much for your wonderful heart and your evangelistically inclined family that just goes and serves with you. We just can't thank God enough for what you guys are doing out there. Of course, the Truth Network and the sacrifices that have been made to put a radio antenna right there in the heart of Mormonism. We just can't thank the Truth Network enough for their sacrifices to make this happen, and all the sponsors and all the people, all of you that are listening, you guys are missionaries into Salt Lake City because of the Truth Network, and you're supporting Russ, who is a critical component of that mission's work for the Truth Network, too.

He's been with them for years. Amen. Russ, what's it like to hear from Jesse and all these people that love you, man?

What's your word about how important it is to share the truth, Russ? You know, I couldn't be more blessed, you know, to hear from Jesse. I've met Jesse, I appreciate everything he's doing, that the Lord has led him to do, and so I'm just overwhelmed and grateful for just the fact that I know I've got a wider church family out there than I can imagine, so it's always a blessing to come back to North Carolina when I can out there and visit with people, and you take me to great places like the gentleman there has the bookstore, Dwight, I think his name is. Yeah, Uncle Dwight Gollion, yeah, and he sent you a whole box of stuff, didn't he? He sent me a whole box of books. I've been giving them to people and stuff and and everything, so I'm gonna, I'm gonna just do what I can to, you know, get these cards out to people.

Wow, so cool. We're gonna make sure, Jesse, we're gonna make sure we mail a bunch of cards to Russ, and we're gonna make sure, in fact, Russ and I did an NRB in Orlando two years ago. Russ and I did a video about his testimony. Jesse, let's get that front and center at I mean, it's a relevant video, and the people listening... That could be something that needs to happen, and we just need to have him send it to us, and we can help to have that attached to the QR code that's on that card.

That would be so cool. Yeah, it's a customized QR code, and all the churches out there, Russ, this is a simple tool for all the churches. What, Russ, this is the vision that Jesse has, that we have at The Truth Network and Share The Truth. We, if every believer, you know, for years we've said this phrase, until the whole world hears, and that's good, but in my humble opinion, it's a little bit of a cop-out, because we can't necessarily do something about that, but we can do something about this, until every believer shares.

Did you catch the difference there, Russ? So what I can do is I can get off the air, and I can get out, and I can, I can badmouth all the churches that aren't sharing the gospel, or I can, when I stop and grab gas on the way home, I can share a Share The Truth card with somebody, and I can share with my neighbor, and I can, if every believer, if we mobilize every believer, including the three guys, the three amigos on this show right now, to share the gospel, Russ, what would happen in Utah if every believer of Lifeline and that big old church up near your spot in the other churches that are on the air and aren't on the air, if every believer shared the gospel, everyone passed out the gospel tractors you just shared intentionally every week, what would happen, Russ? Well, you can't help but imagine, you know, I'm just looking, as I'm driving, I'm looking at the trees and stuff, and it might take a little while, but before long, you'll start seeing growth, you'll start seeing fruit, you'll start seeing amazing forests start to grow, and what better thing is there than seeing, you know, growth rather than just dead, you know, parched land, and so I think if everybody got involved, you know, we'd see multiplication, we'd see just so much blessing that we can't imagine. Well, don't say the word revival in front of Jesse, because you'll set him off, and we only have a minute left, but Jesse, you're praying for revival, because that's what happens when you start sharing your faith with someone that has a bigger problem than you, like they're on their way to hell and you're given the good news. A revival happens, right, Jesse? You're suddenly like, oh wow, my problems are tiny, right, Jesse? It's crazy, but isn't it amazing what could happen to someone's life if they start sharing right now?

Give us a closing thought on that, quick, 30 seconds. Yeah, just go to, get your free cards to hand out,, it's so simple, anyone takes it, there's a 99% response rate, some don't take it, very few, but the next one they get handed probably will help them take it., we're out of time. Hey, go share the gospel wherever you are, whether it's in Utah, North Carolina, Lynchburg, Virginia, with Jesse. Russ, your website, one more time, real quick.

Okay, support him financially, learn more about what's happening in Utah, go by and see him when you're out there again, pray for Utah, and pray for Jesse, and share the truth. Jesse, your website, what is it?, what's the website do? Bless you guys, let's go share the truth. Another program powered by The Truth Network.
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