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Free For All Friday from Nashville

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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February 23, 2024 5:46 pm

Free For All Friday from Nashville

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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February 23, 2024 5:46 pm

From the NRB convention stu talks with a man who was saved and to share the truth


Free for all Friday.

You are in for a treat. A radical Muslim saved by Jesus. Some technological guys that talked way over my head. A guy who had a massive father wound.

His parents literally tossed him as a baby to the cops. He got saved and now he's helping folks heal that father wound with the father God himself. And share the truth. You're going to love today's program. Thank you for tuning in. Please listen and share this with others. And don't forget you can listen on your smartphone.

It's about to get smarter. Just download the free Truth Network app. Listen anywhere in the world. God bless you and now here is our Free for All Friday edition from Nashville, Tennessee of Truth Talk Live. Today's Truth Talk Live host.

We are still in Nashville, Tennessee and it is crazy and we had to move from the exhibition center, the expo, to a quieter suite. We started the week in this room Tuesday afternoon. Pastor Rob Passianza, Truth to Transform, Jonathan Falwell. If you missed that, don't worry you'll hear it nationwide tomorrow on Truth Talk.

We're going to play a debut of that show. We have a man in front of us right now with Lighthouse Ministries who is a has a remarkable testimony of getting saved out of Islam. I can't get away from this guy. Every time I turn around at the convention, he's there. And his family is here and his son-in-law.

He's quite a ball player by the way. And you can't see me but I'm not dressed up in a suit. Brother. We can see you always everywhere. You're omnipresent.

I'm dressed up in a suit because I've got this little game called basketball I like to play and I found a gym and we went out and balled out. We dropped buckets didn't we? Didn't we?

How about it? So your son-in-law is amazing though. He played some good ball and he fed me the pill. I took care of business. Love the young guns.

He dropped some buckets. But hey brother, is this your first NRB? Brother Emad? Yes, that's my first NRB and I heard that's all your life NRB. You came here not as a baby.

Yes sir. Your mama came here and she was pregnant. So I'm 53 years old. I've been coming to NRB for 53 years. It's been nine months. Nine months. So I came here as a little tiny baby and I'm here now today as a grown man.

My first NRB without bigs too. It's been emotional. It's been hard. They've done a lot of honors for him.

I've actually been wearing a couple of his suits around the gallery. Had a lot of hugs. A lot of tears.

Salem had a big breakfast. They honored my pops. Mom and I came up. Uncle Ed presented an award to us. You spread quite a bit of joy around you and the emotions.

It was good. And watching your mom reciting those two chapters and she kept going. She kept quoting James chapter 1 at our 25 year anniversary event. With the drama. She's acted with background music. She made it her voice. Background music for God's word. So you're bringing the light of the gospel where it's hostile to Jesus Christ.

Everyone did you hear what I just said? It's hostile. I look at your name badge here. Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon. Places where if you're a Christian you could be locked up in jail. You could disappear. Never to be seen again. What's it like? Tell me about your testimony.

How did you come to Christ? Let's clarify something. There are places in the Arab world or the Middle East where you can be in jail for your faith. But also there are places where Christianity is ancient.

It's old. Like in Egypt you have over 20 million Egyptians. Lots of them are coped.

You can be a Christian. Lebanon was 50% Christian. Syria was around 10. But what we are noticing is the decline of the presence of Christians of the Middle East. It happened before in history. The Christians of North Africa since the 7th century they disappeared. It's the land of St. Augustine, St. Tertullian, all these big theologians and now there are no Christians. Or the Christians from Muslim backgrounds. I'm one of those. I want to hear your testimony.

It's a dry and thirsty land. You're a TV host. You're an author. You've got this media mission school. You've got a radio station there talking about putting some of the Truth Network program. Imagine Truth Talk Live on across Lebanon on this big FM station.

Unbelievable. God is good and we're going to make the Middle Eastern listen to your beautiful voice. We want to point him to the voice of Jesus. Tell us your testimony a little bit and we'll start it. When you hear a little bit of music that means we've got to go into a quick break.

Then we'll come back. We're getting texts from people in North Carolina. Hello brother Dave listening to us. Texting the other friends who are listening to this program right now all over the country. Hello Toledo, Ohio. Hello Lynchburg, Virginia. Roanoke. Rock Hill, South Carolina 105.7 FM. Our new friends in Greenville.

I met some Greenville listeners this morning to 96.9 FM. How did you come to Christ brother Emid? I was born in a Muslim Sunni family in North Africa, the country of Tunisia. In 1982, without asking for a Bible or anything, somebody sent me a New Testament in French language. The Bible. And then I started reading it.

Long story short, I get the idea of the Bible. French is my second language. Arabic is my first language.

And then that summer actually I was going through a tough time but I was memorizing the Quran, the book of Islam. Secondly, I get a little novel about the life of Jesus in Arabic and then I get a bit confused because in Islam they use the name of Jesus differently. They say Isa. And then the Arabic Bible they use the name of Yeshua. Between Isa and Yeshua, two names, I get a bit lost. And then in Islam, Isa Christ is a prophet when in the Yeshua, the Arabic version Bible, he's a son of God.

And that's the way he taught me. Years later, in college, I was reading history of Western history and I read a book about Jesus again. And then I read Calvin and Calvinism because of our Western European studies. And I got really attracted to the way of thinking of Calvinism. Muslim attracted to Calvinism. Interesting. That is wild. You have five pillars of Islam, you've got five points of Calvinism.

There's a lot of tulips and other things going on there. But you're reading Christian literature, you're reading the Bible, you're reading these theologians. And what happened?

I liked it. And I liked it to the point I start knowing a lot about Jesus, but I never met Jesus until I met one missionary. That Christian person secondly introduced me to other Christian communities. And then I start meeting Jesus through some of his followers. And one of them, by the end of the 90s, gave me the Bible in my own language.

And I remember reading the Gospel of Luke during Ramadan, late 90s. And when Jesus was dealing with Mary Magdalene and healing her and the scene of the verses, I mean, when she's cleaning his feet with the perfume, when Jesus talked about forgiving her sins and the Pharisees and everything, that made me really cry for no reason. I was like, I'm a tough man.

Suddenly, a tear started coming from my heart. He's a tough man. He's a Muslim, grew up in a Muslim home, read the Gospel of Luke. Let's listen to what happened to this man's transformation and how he's put the Gospel on radio, in theater, on the big screen in movies across Lebanon and the Middle East. And when we come back, our Truth Talk Live from Nashville, Tennessee, at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention. I'm Stu Everson. Don't go anywhere.

We'll be right back after this quick break. The booth, the truth booth, or the suite to be interviewed and to jump into the big ratings river that's just rolling downstream here on Truth Talk Live with Stu Everson. But they're really coming to get some vine-tastic. So Brother Ahmed, before you get in your testimony more, Lebanon needs that vine-tastic. I mean, that's unbelievable. Our friends at Mighty Muscadine and Le Bleu Ultra Pure Bottled Water have really blessed us with a gift. And they sponsor this program. And they're helping us be here at NRB.

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But we know he's cheering from heaven. I've been wearing his suits. We've been telling a lot of Big Stu stories. Beautiful suits. Yes, sir.

And they fit me, too. Isn't that crazy? Brother Imet is opening that VineTastic. Now take a swig. Tell us your testimony. You grew up in a Muslim family. Right now, you are making Christian movies.

I'm telling you, he's drinking the VineTastic. You're making Christian movies in Lebanon, Morocco, in Egypt. You have this Christian media company. You've translated the chosen into Arabic and all these languages. You've got this Christian radio station over there.

You want to put Truth Network content. We're flattered. We would love to work with you.

That would be incredible. Truth. We're brothers. You've already invited me to come over. During the break, you asked me to come over and be a speaker. Are you trying to run people off? Put me up there to speak.

And then you've got this whole training school. It's just amazing. You've been a TV host and you speak yourself. You're just a renaissance man. But tell us how you came to Christ.

From a Muslim background, you've got the Gospel of Luke. What happened? First, I really would love to thank you. I met you a few days ago. I heard about you from Lebanon, from our common friend Nabil.

And I met your mama again and again. I was amazed about her ability to recite the Bible and the love and the joy. If you don't know this man, if you just choose a voice here and there, you get next to him, there is some dynamic of joy and craziness.

Maybe you'll see him a little bit talking to you and talking to somebody else. He will thank everybody and anything and everything. I love the spirit of thanks in you. What did you get that? From where do you get that?

From where do you get the energy? Is it from the drink? Some people tell me I shouldn't drink any more of those. I don't need the caffeine.

They say get this man some decaf quickly. But hey, the Holy Spirit of God is so good. And that's what happened to me reading the Gospel of Luke as a tough man.

I hate the crying guys. And actually, since I cried that tear reading how Mary Magdalene was receiving the love of God and taking all that shame from her life. And, you know, women 2000 years ago, no one as in prostitution became a Jesus follower, a champion of faith. If if a woman like her, get that forgiveness and get that shame away. Why not?

Well, why not me? I was born born in a broken family, divorced and dysfunctional family. And I had quite a bit of hurt and anger.

I was a cheater and liar and many other things, though I tried to fix my life. I always loved God. I want to pray.

I prayed in Islam like the five times. You tried. You really pushed hard. You really tried to try to drill down.

I failed a lot. Then when I understood the idea that Jesus loves you and actually God loves you so much, he came to you. I mean, he is.

You don't need to go to him. And one time I heard this this truth like really liked it. Somebody told me, I mean, the difference between the Old Testament, the law of Moses, all the religion, it's all to tell you to do do do do do do. When you meet Jesus, he will tell you to be the difference between religion. It's how to do the New Testament is how to be like that. Yeah. And Jesus said it is done. It is done.

He finished. So you came to Jesus. And then I was one of the early Christian.

The number of all the believers in the whole country was less than 30 believers. Wow. So how did this whole lighthouse Arab world get started?

I mean, you are reaching the Arab world. I mean, this brochure has a whole lot going on here, brother. You got Be Help, Be Light, Media and Mission.

You got Lighthouse Cinema Productions. Like how did this all? Is this just God putting in your heart to reach your people with the good news? The truth is, is the work of many men and women. And as you see the picture, like just for the radio team, lots of them were a team of around 50 people from different Arab countries. We love Jesus, major evangelical from different churches, different background, lots of them from Muslim background. And we decide to serve our Lord and tell the truth and share the gospel through music, art, through creativity and tell the stories of Jesus.

As simple as that. And God blessed us with the radio station. And you know, so running a radio station, it's not an easy task. Especially when you're putting the gospel out there. You have to be on the air.

You got to be clean. It's got to be right. I got an email along the way of this meeting. Someone's trying to cause trouble at one of our towers. I mean, this is an ongoing issue. And to think about in Lebanon, when they maybe don't really want Christian radio blasting out over the airwaves. I mean, in Lebanon, still you have lots of freedom. The truth is, Lebanon, you have lots of freedom.

You're using that freedom to spread the gospel. Give the website, folks, you can listen more. My brother Nabil Costa, you guys are mutual friends. He had connected us. Kaleem Andreas, who's listening right now in Winston-Salem, he connected us.

Man of God from Lebanon. And he's been inviting me to come over. You're saying I could come play some ball with this brother right here?

Yeah, basketball is fun. Lebanon is beautiful. We're going to put it in the hole. It's beautiful.

We've got an indoor-outdoor corner. I don't care. You should come to Lebanon. Hey, Lebanon is in the Bible.

If the goal's ten foot, the ball's round, I'll drop buckets. Give us the website so folks can support you. What is it? It's Donate, support, pray for these people. Get involved with reaching people.

All kinds of refugees are flooding in from Syria and all these places. You can reach them by helping us, brother. Thank you, brother Ahmed, for sharing your faith and your testimony today, man. Thank you.

God bless you. You've got to catch a flight. We're going to reach some fatherless kids when we come back. You won't believe our next guest. Stay tuned. You're listening to the Truth Network and Hold that thought because we have three more guests that just invaded the Truth Talk Live World Studios at the Nashville, Tennessee, Opryland Resort. Unbelievable.

Hey, Jesse, you just walked in. Grab a vine-tastic. Right there. No sugar, no carbs. It's going to be good for your diabetes. It's not going to awaken any unhealthy insulin.

It's got no unhealthy diet, drink stuff, like that spare time. You don't want to even hear about what they do with that stuff. Anyway, thank you, vine-tastic, for sponsoring us here at NRB and Le Bleu Ultra-Pure Bottled Water. So many partners with us, Clearview. Today, Dr. Abinon Shaw, their team came down with us.

Dr. Alex McFarland, his amazing book, Ten Questions You Want Your Kids to Ask About God. He's killing it. You've got to talk to this guy. He's debating atheists on college campuses.

He's partnered with us, Mighty Muscanine, Le Bleu. Date the Word, Dr. Dwayne Carson. What's your birthday, Sean? September 3rd.

A little louder. Put that on your... September 3rd. September 3rd. So if Dr. Carson were here, he'd say 9-3.

So I'm thinking 9-3. He'd probably direct you to Proverbs 9-3. Hey, you have a Bible? Grab me a Bible. Maybe Proverbs 9-3.

We're going to go there later. But he's got a Bible verse for every date of the whole year. Isn't that crazy?

So we'll find a 9-3 before we're done here. But you love on the fatherless. You're going to churches. You're preaching. You are on a crusade to reach out, which is the heart of God.

I mean, look at the end of the book of Malachi, the last book of the Old Testament. What did he say? He quoted it for us.

He said what? I'll turn the heart of what? The heart of the fathers to their children and the children's hearts to their fathers.

Yeah. And so this is a promise. The last promise, 400 years of silence. And then the father sends the son to save the world. And so tell us about this real quick. Tell us about how God calls you to this, brother.

Well, I mean, the Bible says, James 1-27, it's pure religion, undefiled before God and the father exist to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction. And I was blessed. My dad walked away when I was about 9 months old. I have a whole story of him throwing me to the cops when I was a baby, threw me across the room to the cops.

Oh, my. And then he packed out from our small town, Pennsylvania, went back to his hometown, Las Vegas, Nevada, and never came back. And so we were on a journey of fatherlessness. That's where we started out.

We went and tried to navigate that. When my mom tried to be a single mom, I had an older brother and sister. And my dad lived in Las Vegas, never paid child support, never did anything for us. And I'm not better at him. I forgave him.

He's passed away since then. Because that curse could have driven you from prison to drugs to everything. I mean, this is the epidemic. There are no Father's Day cards leaving the prisons in Father's Day. Now, Mother's Day cards, you can't get enough of them.

There's not enough postage stamps for them to get out. But this could have been you. And yet, look what God's done. And tell us how that's catapulted you into all this. I mean, I've got quotes from people on Fox News about your powerful ministry. Dr. Elmer Towns Liberty University saying a word of blessing about your ministry. You've been in hundreds of churches. You've got all these books.

You've got, I mean, wow. Since 2008, you've been doing this, Sean. Yeah, God led me into doing it. It started from a book called The Fatherless Journey for Guys. I went to school to be a pastor. And God led me to write a book.

Soon after that, in 2007, 2008, I wrote that book. And it turned into a whole ministry. Life Factors, Fatherless Ministries. And what we do is we spread awareness about fatherlessness. We create unique resources. We partner with local churches. We speak all over the country. We've been at youth attention centers, all over the place.

And then we establish local ministries like single mom groups and churches across the nation. You've got this website, Now, your son's here. And look at that shirt. Would you look at that shirt? Someone take a picture. Ian, take a picture of that shirt. We've got a digital, dadgum, digital, nuclear disciple here. Ian's here with us.

Jesse's going to take a picture too. Say it real loud. What's that say? God is my dad. God is my dad. And add a little dot com to that. What do they find when they go there? is a free website, free mobile app in the Apple and Google Play Store. On there you find fatherless, single moms, grandparents raising grandkids.

Yeah, don't go to that site, people. We don't want that. We don't need that healing to spark.

I mean, revival's going to happen. What are you doing here? Someone get this guy out of here. We need security or something. It's an epidemic. We're just trying to spread awareness and spread hope. Unbelievable.

The Russian nightmare, Nikita Kolov, has been with us all week. He's kind of our security muscle and now he's gone so I can't have anyone keeping people like you out trying to change the world for Jesus. Unbelievable.

That is really cool. So it's just you're providing tools. So practically, practically, you've got people struggling from the father wound. What do you say to them? People listening right now, they're struggling, man. They're ready to put their fist through the wall. Their marriage is just on the skids. They've got problems with their kids. They never told their kid they love them. They don't even hug their children. You've got dads that are deadbeat dads.

They're just disconnected, maybe on the phone, taking their daughters on daddy-daughter dates. How do you get that father heart healed? What do you say? Well, God's a redeeming God. So my dad grew up fatherless. He had the opportunity to overcome and not make me fatherless, but he chose the world's methods. So if you're in that situation where you're like, hey, I grew up fatherless, but I've messed everything up.

Now my kids are fatherless. There is a time where you can find redemption through Jesus Christ. Personal relationship with Jesus Christ is where you start putting your faith and trust in Jesus Christ alone. But then going on past that, getting discipled and understanding that you have a job to do as a dad. Become the dad that God's called you to be.

That is your first ministry, most important ministry you'll ever have. It's more important than any hobbies, jobs, anything like that to be that dad. If you're a single mom, you can overcome this through God. Your kids can grow up and succeed. You can break the cycle.

That's what I'm trying to do. My son's here with me. Who's this young whippersnapper tagging with you? This is Malachi. He's 15 years old. I just talked about your book, Malachi.

How cool is that? Yeah, I'm breaking the cycle. I'm trying to help him out. I'm not perfect, but I'm trying to help him out.

Why don't you just leave it home? Let him watch TV. Give him the phone. What are you doing bringing him to this Christian broadcast?

I want him to learn. I love it, man. How cool is that? Malachi, you don't have to say it out loud, but just nod. Are you excited about being with your dad, hanging out? Are you enjoying this?

Yeah, and you know, you're already... How about that? Ian, what do you think about this, man? Your eyes are like popping out of your head. He's a digital disciple maker.

This guy's got this huge attention live. You're going to have to explain it to us at some point. But what do you think, Ian?

Come into NRB, you're running into these big circles, these kingdom-minded guys that are doing this kingdom entrepreneurship. Ted Haas is your buddy, your partner, guy I played ball with in college. He missed the game today, I'm telling you.

We were banging out there. He would have loved it, man. He's doing some very special things. Six foot eight, 240 pounds. He's still going hard. We call him the specimen. He can still get up.

He can still dunk it at 54 years old. But what do you say to Sean? What do you say to him?

What do you think about all this stuff? Well, I think it's destiny, Sean, that we're seeing next to each other in this moment. My parents both grew up not only fatherless, but grandfatherless. My name is Ian. Yours is Sean.

That's derivative of John. My oldest son's name is Malachi. My father chose a different path than yours. So my mom's dad was hyper-abusive in and out of all sorts of bad situations, died at 14. So my dad never met her father, and he was disconnected from my mom and the family. She didn't have her grandfathers. My dad didn't have his grandfathers, and my dad didn't have his father. So my father had my dad and his older brother in between wives with my grandma.

So my dad just kind of did what every kid does in the 60s and just kind of living the hippie life until he had a radical encounter with Jesus at 17. So he has always said, God is my dad. And so I'd ask him oftentimes, because my dad never did any therapy. He never had a boss.

He's always been his own boss. Never had a father or grandfather. Even his wife, my mom, didn't have a father or grandfather to lean on. So my dad never had a man say, I love you to him until he was deep in his 20s. It was a Pentecostal pastor that said, I love you to everybody.

I love you and I love you. That was the first time my dad ever heard the words, I love you from a man. My dad had a very, very difficult situation at home with his siblings and the way that his home kind of functioned. So when my dad became a follower of Jesus, the one thing that he picked up is this creator of all things is very mysterious. I'm never going to really understand, but it seems as though Jesus invited me to treat the creator as a benevolent father.

So I'm going to take Jesus up on this and I'm just going to treat this creator as a benevolent father. And that was the one and only thing that my father did. And still today at 72 years old, my dad gets up every morning, does a devotional, reads the scripture and lives a life that is a great example to everybody around him. He's a great grandfather to seven grandkids. My younger brother has five.

I have two. And my dad and mom have become like beacons in any environment they've ever been in. And, you know, when I had friends tell me that grew up with my parents, your mom and dad were the least likely to succeed because of their family upbringing. Like your mom was the most likely to go off the rails because it happened to her sisters and her dad. And your dad was the most likely to, you know, and they their friends are still, even though their friends follow Jesus are still can't really wrap their head around how God made such a profound impact. Being my father's dad because they did not have that same experience.

And oftentimes it's because they didn't have the same needs. So my father had a need to have a father figure. My father chose the path that Jesus called God, Abba Father, this benevolent father, this present father that's always available, always cares, is merciful and is gracious and is kind and is long suffering and gives vision and provides passion and purpose and pleasure. And my dad did not shy away from the whole human experience, even though he lived a life that has been honored amongst the American evangelical expectations, which we asked people to cross a lot of T's and dot a lot of I's.

My dad was able to do that and still live a full life of pleasure. All right. What do you say to him? What do you say to him, Sean? That's a lot going on there. That's awesome.

I love it. I want to interview him on my show. How could you guys connect? I have a show. Let's talk about fatherlessness.

I'd love to interview you on that. Tell people about the story. Hey, listen, we're small potatoes. Something big is about to happen here. God's working. Thank you, guys.

That's why it's called the Truth Network. We just connected each other. God bless you. We're going to be swapping contact information after this from fatherlessness, breaking the curse in your family and your family while your son Malachi is here. Thank you for what you're doing, Sean.

Give the website one more time. God is my dad dot com. God is my dad dot com. Isn't it crazy that your dad was saying that in his return to Christ?

Right when I saw that shirt on Malachi. That's what my dad always says. Hang on. We're going to talk about reconciling with the father after this. You're listening to the Truth Network and Truth Network dot com. Changing the world one listener at a time.

Lifting up Jesus and actually having a whole lot of fun doing it. I'm Stu Everson sitting behind the mic right now. This is the final segment of the week. It is Friday. It is free-for-all Friday on Truth Talk Live.

There are tears flowing. A man has a fathering ministry, a powerful man. Sean Teese is in here with his son Malachi. He sits next to this guy. He never met him, never seen him on planet Earth before today.

He's here from the Bay Area. He has a huge ministry out there. Their sons have the same name. They have the same father wound stories just about how God healed, God reconciled. We have this radical Muslim who gets radically saved by Jesus reading the Gospel of Luke. Now he's spreading Christ through media all over Lebanon and Morocco and Egypt. He was in here. You missed Ahmed. He was just in here.

He takes off his team. They're like, we want to connect. We want to bring Truth Network over and put you on our big FM radio station in there. We didn't complain or argue about that. Then we got Jesse walks in. Share the truth, Jesse. Every week we stir people and challenge people to do what God's already called them to do.

We do. To tell people about Jesus. It's as easy as handing someone a card. Let me tell you what's happening at the Religious Broadcasters Convention. I'm Stu Everson.

This is Truth Talk Live. It's Free for All Friday. People are handing out cards. Can I have your card? How many times in this room, guys, have we said, hey, give me a card?

Do you have a card? Well, what we are trying to equip people to do, Jesse, is hand people cards. Yeah, but not just people at the NRB, just the strangers around us. And I think that's really where we're hammering it home is that God wants us to know that strangers are a major target.

I mean, because if you think about it... Well, Jesse, what if Jesus never talked to strangers? Oh, you took my line. You took my line, Stu. I want the listeners to think I'm smarter than my guest, so I had to jump ahead with it. Okay, sorry.

Let's let them marry on that. It doesn't matter who gets the credit for that line. Okay, I agree.

God did it. You know, that's the beautiful thing about God is when the Holy Spirit is using you, you can give the glory to God. And when he's not, then you are okay taking the glory. But what I'll emphasize to the listeners is to help posit this. Now, there's a solution, okay?

So don't feel like, whoa, now what am I going to do? But what would Jesus' ministry look like if he didn't talk to strangers? Okay, so let's all think about the strangers that he talked to. I think that if we got down to it, maybe only Lazarus would be raised from the dead.

I mean, that's literally what it is. And here we're supposed to emulate Jesus, but what are we doing? You know, we don't talk to strangers. In fact, a LifeWay research study came out in 2023 that 73% of unbelievers are willing to talk to what?

A stranger about Jesus, but less than 1% of Christians are willing to talk to a stranger. Well, why is that, Stu? It's because they don't know how. They would if they could, but currently they can't, but thankfully the can't is going to go away.

Yeah, and that's what's cool about the NRB. Ian, you came in today. You've had some meetings in Nashville. I'm so glad you and I got to connect. I'm sad that Big Ted's not here so we can't ball out.

You know, we balled out in college and he and I might be the only two guys still playing. But the fact of the matter is, Jesse, you have hooked up with movie makers. You've hooked up with

You've hooked up with all these people, these radio networks. The Christian Basically everybody that's here has been praying for a revival.

And just to be clear, because everyone's wondering what's going on now. What I have in my hand is a special card. One side allows an unbeliever to go online to a website called And it's a special QR code. And on top of that QR code we have the Chancellor of Liberty University, Jonathan Falwell, sharing the gospel.

But down below there's all these video answers to life's hard questions. And it contours to their faith. So the unbeliever is getting something that actually adapts to them. And then I'm going to explain in a minute how you hand this out to somebody. But just on the other side, which is imperative to explain, is that if a Christian receives this card, it allows a Christian to order their cards for free. So now what happens is, when someone hands out a card to somebody, to a stranger, they just say, I may never see you again, so I wanted to give you this. It's a website that proves Jesus loves you. How has this been received by people? Oh my gosh.

I'm almost done. Oh yeah. So it's a website that proves Jesus loves you. That card is given. And they take that card.

Then they scan that card. And then they're like, oh, there's Jonathan. He actually has people behind him that are packing the boxes. He's like, well, why do you think they're packing these boxes?

It's because we love you. We want you to know that Jesus loves you. And he goes into the gospel.

And then down below there's all the videos. And there's a great place for the conservative churches to get plugged in there and to be on the Church Location System. But then on the other side you have the believers ordering their own cards too. So yes, we have unbelievers going online, getting their questions answered, finding the church, and believers getting the same card.

And those people are actually ordering cards to multiplying the effort over and over again. This is the answer to prayer. And while I've been walking around the NRB today, and yesterday, and the day before, and the day before, no major booth, no major budget, nothing except just the Holy Spirit's wind in my sails.

Hallelujah! We've been going to one big thing after another. You talk about the biggest names in Christendom, and not emphasis on the dumb, okay, but in Christendom, the biggest names in Christendom today are, I'm in process of talking to them. And many of them have already solidified a partnership. And I've realized today that this is a bone, you know, the church is the bones, but the church needed tendons, and it needed some cartilage, and it needed the joints, and I really believe that this is what it's doing because we're pulling together the Presbyterians with this.

I'm going down to Fort Lauderdale soon. We're pulling together the Baptists with this. We're pulling together, I'm telling you, we have something that everyone can unify under now, and we give God the glory.

And by the way, that one side, that one side that was the duplication side was an idea that the truth network, the very own truth network entrepreneur, Stu Epperson Jr., called me one day, because after, during COVID, we lost like 70% of True's churches, and we were almost bankrupt, and he's like, I got it! I got it! I got it! I'm like, what do you got?

What do you got? Tell me! And he's like, we're going to get the True cards out to people, but we'll make the other side free for other people to order it.

And I was like, oh, I had this piece that came over me that was from heaven, and it blanketed me, and I said, okay, Stu, you're right. You're right. And since then, has partnered with us. They're doubling our donations. So you guys can go to, get your cards, donate, help make this effort a reality. Put wind in our sails. Is there any downside to sharing the Gospel, Ian?

Absolutely not. And so what Ian does is he takes things like- The Gospel is the good news. The Gospel is the good news?

Why wouldn't we want to share the good news? You take things like this, and you just amplify them. Listen to this. Just get ready.

Tell them real quick. You got to give us the nutshell. We only got about four minutes left, three minutes left of this whole show. So this is important. Attention live. Yeah, this is important. Let me start with this clarity. There are three billion people in the world that don't have access to the internet. They're about to get it. Now there's about two billion people in the developing nations that have access and about two billion in the developed nations.

Right. So you have about two billion on both sides, some in kind of the Western society of developed nations and some in kind of this emerging society. What do these people do on social media? They talk to strangers. That's what they do. That's what we do on X. That's what we do on LinkedIn. That's what we do on Facebook. We make videos for strangers on YouTube.

So social media has created an environment where what you do is you interact with strangers. And what do we mostly do? We're mostly telling them about our products and our services. We're finding out about their products and their services. Maybe we're finding things in common. Like we share worldview. So now we're part of a community or a group.

But when you think about the fact that the people coming online is about to double and that the folks that are about to come on to the internet make an average of two dollars a day. These people have every opportunity of upward mobility, spiritually, financially, physically. They're going to have access to education. They never had access to before. They're going to have access to knowledge.

They've never had access to before. And so at our company Attention Live, we've created what we believe is the most effective communication tool in the world. Think of the Gutenberg printing press for the digital age. Bringing it all together, right?

That's right. We've got the video, the audio platforms, all that. So Jesse, imagine this card going viral with people. I mean, what happens to more of these cards? We have digital cards. They can click the link.

They can get over there and get exactly what they need. And remember, this is a one-stop click. We're a one-click generation.

And people get these cards. There's also a Truth Network app access, too. And there's a video of my dad on the website, too, so people can see the service. How fun. So what's your challenge to use the genius, the gifts that God's given us, someone listening that may not be as sophisticated as having an entire digital platform, Ian?

How can we all be a part of the Great Commission? Well, I would say that people that are listening to this are part of the Truth Network, and they should lean into what the Truth Network and your partners like Jesse are providing. And so that would be my suggestion is they're already part of your network.

You and your partners like Jesse are creating lots and lots of opportunities. And that's why when I talk about Attention Live, I'm not talking about what our product does and the features and benefits. I'm talking about the vision. He's talking about the souls. The vision of what's about to happen across the world. It's the souls.

We love the lost. They need to know Christ as their savior. And he's built a platform to allow people to go online wherever they're at in the comfort of their own home and get with Jesus, and they can come to know Christ. Just like my dad came to Christ by himself on a pier in Virginia because someone handed him a track. He got on his knees. He didn't care. He said he could have had a pity party and said, no, I hated my life before.

I had a terrible family just like yours did my brother. And then he got on his knees and he said, I'm going to come to Christ. I'm going to come to Christ. And then it changed our trajectory because he did that. You know what? You guys are listening right now.

You guys are listening. You could change the trajectory of other people's lives because God's given you the benefit of being able to survive. How can they order their free cards, Jesse? What's the website? Go to and get in part with Christ and his plan for your life. That's easy. If you want to learn more about Attention Live, what's the best way to learn more about y'all?

A-T-T-N dot L-I-V-E. The last thing I'll say about evangelism is people have a tendency to share the good news in the way they received it. So it's important that people recognize simplicity is important. Inexpensive methods are important. We don't want people to have to be dependent on going to big stadiums and big bands and big speakers. And that's one way to do it.

We don't belittle it, but why focus so much effort and energy on that when we can meet them right where they're at? Ian, Jesse, Sean, Ahmed, what an amazing way to wrap up the week. One of the greats in the kingdom, Ron Weber, just walked in from TriNet. Ron just walked in the door. Man, I'm telling you, it's crazy.

And the room got brighter. Learn more about us at Download our free app 24-7. You can listen to the truth. You can share the truth that way as well. We love you. Thanks for being with us. We'll be back on Monday with more Truth Talk Live.
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