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Open the Floodgates: Bibles for Africa!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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May 21, 2021 1:00 am

Open the Floodgates: Bibles for Africa!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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May 21, 2021 1:00 am

Stu is talking with Michael Woolworth of Bible League about their Open the Floodgates: Bibles for Africa campaign and the huge impact just a small donation can have on the eternal state of someone's soul across the globe!

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Speaking of how angry we got we got some going on the Truth Network. This can help the world not be so angry, just need God's word is please help the Truth Network send Bibles to Africa and we know that they they need God's word. We have until the end of the month, just five dollars gets a Bible in the hands of a poor, impoverished believers all over the African continent with the help of the Bible league, just five dollars. Think about that Robbie just five dollars a please give, you get more than five dollars man would love for you to do it in the number to call is one 800 yes word, one 800 yes word on 800 yes word. This is Amy Thomas from the masculine journey podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network. How has the word of God change your life. The Bible claims to be quick and powerful living, sharper than any two-edged sword, a lamp to my feet. A light unto my path. Proverbs 30 verse five. Every word of God is pure.

He's a shield of those who put their trust in him. Jesus said man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. And I'm so excited to have a guest on who is ambitious, intentional about getting God's Word the Bible into the hands of people all over the world, especially in sub-Saharan countries in Africa. People that have no access to the Bible. People who are in battle and attacked and beaten for their faith in Jesus that the, the, 10, 15, 20 Bibles. Michael wars that I have in my home.

They would love just one of them. They would love just to have the gospel of John and one of them. We have so much Michael but the Bible league. You guys are doing something about it.

Is that right will appreciate your faithful witness of the Truth Network great to be on with you to put this before your listeners and invite them to be involved in what God is doing through the ministry of I believe this is our 83rd year of ministry still won't talk much about Bible league, let me say this, we been on the front lines involved in the great commission again for more than a decade. We do this all over the world focus right now to on the continent of Africa. Here's why this is where Christianity is growing in the greatest numbers around the world second region is Asia. Number three is Latin America number one is Africa and yet what you know if I believe we noticed a trend in the 12 sub-Saharan African countries that you just mentioned Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique on I will look talk about those as we go along.

We estimate that as many as nine of 10 evangelical Christian, but absolutely no access to the Bible know you talked about, you know, the pure milk of the word only because I been able to walk with the Lord for 40 years.

I've had a Bible my own language at a level that I understand. I know how deep how white, how long, how love of Christ for me right and that fueled walk with him again if you cannot access it. Bible one would ask me how you grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus.

So, do we have endeavored to get others to ministry do something about this. We know we can solve this really Bible is Christian in Africa. Gilligan that we could do this for belief that can we do it, maybe for about 4000 Bible as believers, and only five dollars of bisulfite box using five dollars puts a Bible in the hand of someone who doesn't have one may never had one. Well you long gone are the days we put a cardinal Bibles ownership rate gets there in six months. I mean we we do this at five dollars a Bible because of print on demand. We work with predators around the world do at work safe to print Bibles and we meet financial goals with the resources we can say to them. He rolled the presses we need Bibles and Portuguese in Swahili at Emerick and all the languages of Africa. So our prayer today listeners is that you'll let you hear the stories would soon I will talk about rejoice of the gospel is going forth. Even in the time of pandemic. But the priest. Please pray that the resources would be available to help meet the need. Again, we want to do this for 4000 Bible as believers in Africa. While that's the voice of Michael wars with the Bible league. I'm Stu Epperson hosted through talking once in a while we do a little bit of the giveback on the show heard all over the country. We love our friends, affiliates, AFR Wilkins radio networks only folks that carry truth talk are so grateful for all the solicitor part of the Truth Network. This is one of those tobaccos. This is where we challenge you on the show we interview amazing guest. We got an interview with Greg Laurie coming up here soon, we got all kinds of interviews but once in a while we want to say hey you, the listener can get involved you the listener can give five bucks to give someone a Bible who didn't have one. You give 100 bucks to send 20 Bibles to sub-Saharan African where there believers there who are being beaten for their faith and were to give your old phone number to call and the Truth Network website. I believe there's a link in there Isaac Michael for people to want to learn more and click on that. To learn more about the Bible league of the Bible. He tells a Google little bit about your background, your testimony in how you got excited about the Bible league, and how this is a 501(c)(3) ministry.

That's just helping advance the gospel years ago I worked in Christian radio excited about Bible league of known about them forever. Had great respect and admiration for what they do and that's doing that. The invitation came to come to Bible league to serve in this role. Oversee all these wonderful radio campaigns back to a mission trip I took with my church. My local church to Africa many many years ago I was probably 15 years ago we were in Ethiopia Africa. He left the country to face the great famine of 84 million people lost and I met a man by the name of KB knows I travel you know if you traveled on a trip you.

You see things you'll never forget you meet people that will never come out of memory. One of the men I met with statement 30 years of age, wife, two children, yet at the actual role of the church taking care of a lot of the widows and I had together with these Christians worth a three hour outdoor service. It was quite long for this Westerner, but as you might imagine, the worship was vibrant. The preaching was solid and afterwards I saw this man cadence to.

He was hunched over the table, the back with 800 people had worshiped any in an open and written language Bible think the whole thing was even there banana lying piece of paper.

Thick pencil and he was handwriting Scriptures in the Emerick language onto that line piece of paper just to have something to take into his week grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus. You see, I found that in this congregation of 800 Christians very solid in their faith. Only a handful had the Bible and I met this man loves the Lord.

Elitist faith families faithful in worship at the think that he had never ever read a single verse in his own Bible because again it just was not available in that part of Ethiopia and so you have never forgot this man came in that congregation and when the call came that you acted sir with Bible he got certainly came here.

You are a Genesis came the Good Friday of 1938 are two founders were in the Chicago area man was on his deathbed he elders church came prayed over him that God restores health give the moon in the ministry when that happens and you know what the ministry would look like, but listened expectantly, weighted the health came in these two people build a William and Betty Chapman began to engage people with the word of God and is to we've never wavered from that original ministry charge from 83 years ago we engage people in God's word all over the world and we never going to a village do it, willy-nilly give a Bible all the Christians we talk about our week together on the Truth Network our time today are people that we know by Dave in villages who come through simple Bible study Christianity with no one the gospel of John. Together we've got: project build whose Philip Easley, evangelist, and ask. They believe the Ethiopian eunuch to faith in Christ we help refill it all over the world who were neatly positioned to share Christ with her at the end it in the on the ground so do we have people that on those studies.

There's other studies that new Christians will go through but were asking your listeners to do today is to help us make good on our promise to put on his word into the hands and hearts of these believers will be in their language. It will be a level they can understand it again were praying that that comes together today for more thousand Bible as believers in Africa is Lawrence and this is really awesome. My story while just a thought that you got 800 people in the church and in many of them. Most of them don't even have their own copy of God's word so the pastor says turn to God's word in your looking over the shoulder of someone seven rose up me and others one pliable so and so the Bible you guys are doing something about it. Michael and were so encouraged by that. So friends five dollars can put a Bible in hands of someone who doesn't have a copy God's word and this is just at a very important but time sensitive little campaign were doing to give back and $100 will send 20 comes it whatever you can give whatever God puts on your heart is not our money anyway. God gives to us in order to give through us. There's an 800 number like that.

I love this 800 number 800 yes word I get that right Michael, you got it. It's that simple. 800 yes word and spelled out its 800-937-9673 call that number anytime it's free. Call and pledge give your credit card number to the gracious person and it's taken these these incoming pledges and and commitments to give a Bible through the Bible league to someone who needs one desperately there's a big link there and were so grateful for everyone. Michael, we gotta go to a break and want to come back in here a little bit more about your testimony and how you found the Lord and how the Bible is played a role in your life and I want to just throw the Southard everyone listing everyone listing this program right now in some way some form some fashion. The word of God has made a dent is made an impact on you. Where would we be without God's word, no. Isaiah the prophet says it. He says the grass withers and the flower fades, but the word of our God endures forever. Also in first Peter chapter 1, so it's really really important; we come back from our break will you expand on that little bit and also talk a little bit about your testimony okay and how you came to the Lord and we want to challenge some folks more and wait to hear another testimony of of a pastor and some others who have been physically assaulted simply because they love Jesus and because they proclaim God's word.

Could that persecution be coming to America. What you do about the dozens of copies of the Bible that you own when there's churches with dozens of people, and no Bible around the world more with the Bible league right up this river five bucks will give a Bible to someone hundred dollars 20 Bibles were trying to help them raise money to send Bibles to sub-Saharan Africa to countries that have will have no access to the word of God through the Bible league, the number is 800 yes word and there's a big You can click on that and you can support and donate all this goes to helping get the word got out more with Michael in the Bible league. After this, and how the word of God is change your life on truth talking on hey it's one thing to for someone to take a shot at you on Facebook or on social media for your faith. One thing to be insulted is one thing to be attacked relying socially at school were you kicked out of the club because you love the Lord, but it's another thing if someone takes a real shot with a real gun at you or a taxi with a club or a stick and that's exactly what's happening to so many Christians around the world because they love God and love his words are proclaiming his word and you're here enemies of those folks right here right now.

Truth talk on Stu Epperson honored to have my friend Michael Woolworth with me from the Bible league and honored to invite all of you. You like what can I do this, do I like to go to this dangerous place on but you have a grandparent I can't travel very well and I totally know this will you can can you spare five bucks. Can you miss one lot that you know what or 20 bucks run a bunch of thousand bucks or whatever God puts on yard to give kids every five dollars to the Bible league is getting a Bible to someone in Africa that does have a Bible.

They have no access to God's word.

Michael, this is the best selling book in history as the most only book in history. It is the best most read book in all of history. And yet people still don't have it. How can that be Michael Woolworth explained that to me well admit it's hard for us to understand what you Bibles are so plentiful here in America. I mean, you can't hardly really almost think I'm exaggerating the truth work we say there's a handsome plate development pastor as a Bible and sometimes that's not even complete but that they were doing something about it. So grateful that our two ministries are addressing the other pandemic.

What is that the severe shortage of Bibles and training available to Christians on the continent of Africa said this earlier. This is where Christianity is growing in the greatest numbers in the world. And yet, we estimate that most evangelical Christians in the 12 countries where we serve have absolutely no access to the Bible that were doing something about it and that's good. Love to take your listeners to Zambia can we do, then at least take us to wrong everyone hop on badger passports but said airport and just all you gotta do is listen to Michael to take us to Zambia. This is a real snapshot of something is going on in the life of a real believer right now and all season tells how we can help.

Go ahead Michael. Well, you know, Zambia. This is in the central south Africa. This is the country where famous missionary David living stone, carried out years of ministry. I'm sure the success we enjoy as a global ministry is in part due in part because of David living stone's ministry in the country. A man by the name of Shadrach unit elder and Ashanti church there in Zambia not far from the capital city, but he had warned us do that. There was an attack coming from Islamic extremist and sure enough one week.

That attack came about 20 people showed up. The intent of killing every single Christian.

It was at that were in service and the man had a handgun. Shadrach and his handgun attempting to defend the congregation and in self-defense.

He shot a man one of the extremist.

A man by the name of Ishmael.

He didn't kill the man but nursed him back to health. In Christian love.

He was a livestock farmers we help take care of his animals guy had a daughter to Stu that could not read could not write because of her standing in that Islamic community through a program from Bible league. He gave her the gift of literacy like soul of his great Christian love on display at the entire family has come to embrace Christ but it does not in there. There were 80 extremist some of those aunt that attack that morning. It's always great Christian love display. They have come through Bible league set project Philip Bible study just talk about that her last segment and they have come to profess the name of Jesus.

They left Islam to very slick.

They were seeking a law who did they find Jesus and there is tremendous pressure on these new Christians to revert back to Islam comes from their families comes from their communities back and tell you what I asked Shadrach how can we pray for you. Not once did he say Michael get on the Truth Network and asked the listeners to pray for an abrupt indoor suffer because they know that God is working through it. Prayer was want to be able to endure and persevere and you can do that when you have a final medication shown a language you can open that you get the reminder were Jesus is look in this world you will have trials and tribulations. But take heart I have overcome the world and the other thing that stands out for toss it back to you is that these Christians don't look at those around of the Islamist pagan is look at them as the enemy to look at them as want the mission field. They know that they need to be introduced and spoke. The extent that they may what about sculptural Web servers talk of persecution as you say you can come to be ripped to shreds on Facebook, but in Africa it's a entirely different level and again the prayer today as per the word of God and you think your listeners can send that only five dollars a Bible there's a need and that very congregation I just mentioned in remote Zambia for about 100 Bibles were rounded up. It's about 100 Bible do the math it's it's five dollars a Bible, we can take care of that with one $500 gift that maybe five if you would hundred dollars 20 Bibles each you know it there's millions of people right now in Africa were doing suck about what a joy from a at Bible leaks due to be able to tell these Christians look your Bible coming there, praise the Lord in their coming because of generous gracious people that listen to this program.

Listen to these awesome stations know what I love about all of our affiliates of the Truth Network of truth talk is they have listeners that are giving endeavors in. There's so much more. And God wants to give so much to us, but you have your brothers and sisters in Christ. They need a grade for this Bible. Imagine someone holding a sign up on the side of the road and a big busy intersection and assigned and say will work through this.

I didn't say I need you not homeless. I need needs need five dollars. This I didn't say you need money. One of the sign said I need a Bible and there's like these people ever holding signs of the safe need the Bible I need God's word.

I want to grow closer to Christ. I want to study to show myself approved negatively to 15. I want to hunger and thirst after righteousness. Matthew five and I want God's word and they don't have it but you.

My friends can give apartment so Michael has a work listeners call the number, pledge the money. Tell us where the money goes goes the Bible league, the Bible, he does what take us through the, the circuitry of kinda how Bible gets from here to the right language to the right people group say in Zambia were that your pastor is been beaten for his faith in Christ. How does how does it happen. Take us to the check that the change yeah great deal what you give online that's about it to the transaction safe, quick write get done quickly. You call her up one of our operators available 24 hours a day. It's about a two minute transaction but also an eternity of benefits for those on the receiving end of the Bibles in Stu one of the great things about this campaign.

What a listener sometimes hears this bill run down to a local radio station with a box of Bibles that were the basement of the attic. Write me they hear the need they want to do something right meant to.

These people are. But the problem is if you speak Portuguese or Swahili or Pemba on the continent of Africa. English Bibles do you know goods of God is allowed Bible league for 83 years of ministry to kinda do some of that heavy lifting. But make no mistake about it, the evangelistic efforts, I just talked about of the church in Zambia. That's impressive.

Write me praise God that 100 former extremist now embrace Christ but to what were asking your listeners to do today were inviting them to get up and become a part of it is no less important, it's being involved in the great commission by by writing that check. Pray for these people you just heard about and you know if you're defined as a Christian is kind of outnumbered like in a place like Zambia.

I mean, you need to be able to open the Bible, Psalm 139 means a lot to me to do are to me just read this real quick Lord you know all about me. You know when I sit down when I when I get up.

You know my thoughts from far away you know where I go you to wear lie down.

You know everything about me. And Lord, it brings me great peace. Can you imagine being able to open the Bible in a place where your outnumbered and you reminder that what God knows us intimately. He's involved with those he loves us and the person that sent you. The Bible is half a world away here in America but that's okay were all part of the God's family, and that's how it gets done in Stu, let me say this before I talked to back you have the quick call with one of your listeners, John and Gail and sometimes when I have some downtime. I'll call to hate. Thanks for your gift like you give and you know what Gail said. She said John and I were talking we were listening to stories on the Truth Network and and and we it dawned on us you not to be intolerable in our minds and our hearts and our checkbooks that there Christians even half a world away who are going God's word.

We have the opportunity to do something in Stu. Just like you said about finding someone with a sign saying I need a Bible she said of that was a relative little college roommate. I mean, you do anything to get them up Bible so they can get on with their a new relationship with Jesus Christ and she said we have an opportunity right and I think of her gift to do that to your listeners are in the update is what our goal for thousand Bibles were about halfway to the enemy that the first time working together to see his point, but we need to ramp up in the coming days, and again, your listeners can do this in only five dollars a Bibles ring gift level is $100 at Bibles. The 20 Bible as believers in Africa stupid again, we appreciate your faith now in this and that helping us get it done in this campaign were calling open the floodgates Bibles wrap well and I was at lunch with Liz a couple. About two weeks ago and she was a new believer, but didn't have a good Bible and literally I made the obsession of my day.

Michael, the obsession of my day to find her a good Bible and I called the radio station I said Rachel I said Jamie I said hey do we go and scour and find that Bible. When I called and we found one and she was tickled to death that you know is she's just it, and she was about to go away for for a few weeks and so in that was the only book she took on a trip and that goal in so I thought you know. And so when when Bible he came to sit. Truth Network and we have so many amazing affiliates to carry this program to talk and he said look we just want to do a partnership campaign with you and would like is what your agenda and Michael's like we want to get Bibles to people to don't have them in Africa in their native tongue. We said okay will like that's what what about this is a no-brainer. So friends I'm appealing to you right now to give you know don't don't take away from what you're given your local church or what you're donating to the local Christian stations that carry this program but above and beyond as God has blessed you give some you can write a check for 10 g. Nothing to give all my soul. What's killing of hundreds of Bibles in the five bucks a pop. These are good Bible to write Michael older New Testament Old Testament right right UK not cut. Now they intend no part of the whole deal right so so please donate 10 box 10,000 but whatever God's given you guys given it to you to give it through you. The Bible league is partnering with us and were so thankful for Michael Worthen's amazing team go to there's a big fat link there that says Bible league, click here. You can donate will take two minutes to send whatever God told you to send is not yours. Anyway, it's not ours is not even there should not give the Bible your given to the Lord because the word of God is going to go out. We know when the word of God.

We know the one thing that doesn't return void is the word of God medical. The two things you can see with your eyes that last forever are God's word and people in here with the Bible we were able to give God's word to people with your little gift your big gift. Whatever you want. Every gift is big. By the way. Five bucks is huge. If the Bible someone that someone you'll see in heaven.

One day they will look like you they will have your accent.

They will talk like you don't know Jesus and they'll give you a big fat hug. Could you introduce them to God's word, which took them right to Jesus Christ. Michael give another one more time, will you please and say goodbye to your listeners. You been wonderful things you been great as well. Here's a number to call at 800 yes word 800 YDS WOR D 800 yes word to think a five dollar bill could put God's word into the hearts of these believers half a world away that we look forward to write expectantly and then wanting to finish strong in his campaign to do and I really appreciate the time today.

I know God will use this to make much of himself and that they help build of the church in Africa also for folks other like rapid dollars on their phone.

Give the 800 number one more time and then give them the link that they people to the one donate whatever amount the Lord leads them to give a Bible to someone doesn't have one in Africa.

Please give us the number more time. Thanks yeah 800 yes word you can spell that out at 800-937-9673 or Stu says just go to there's a Bible league, bandages open the floodgates Bibles were Africa just click that again the gifts of all sizes greatly appreciated.

We want to finish strong to get it to Charlie for me is kind of guys and years of Bible league to circle back to groups like the one I just mentioned in Zambia. Let them know the Bible is your praying for the coming there coming. God bless you think the Bible is Michael thanks for your love for Jesus and forgetting God's word out. Thank you. All listeners for supporting this all the awesome listeners of truth talking all the wonderful fillies to make this program possible.

Because you are all a part of getting God's eternal life changing word out to people. Be blessed and follow me on Instagram Facebook all do some stuff on there about Bible league to and twitter were all on their under Stu Epperson God bless. This is the Truth Network

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