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Speaking Hope to the World!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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March 19, 2021 1:00 am

Speaking Hope to the World!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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March 19, 2021 1:00 am

Stu is in Cary, NC, talking with Andy and Kelly from Trans World Radio, as they work to raise money to send wind-up radios to Africa, so those in need can hear the Gospel!

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Hi, this is what you meant, talk radio, podcast admissions to break down the walls of recent nomination, your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds. Thank you. This is the Truth Network power of the gospel the radio to reach someone for Christ. Listen to this.

What this person said. Tears filled my eyes and ran down my cheeks when I understood the many things I never knew the Bible taught hearing.

This program through Transworld radio and I am Stu Epperson and I am in Cary, North Carolina in the world headquarters studio one. There is a city named after me up with the student studio but I don't know but Andy God bless you Kelly God bless you to my heroes of faith as you guys work tirelessly in this building, along with her awesome producer NATO look at him and we got Keith and Rachel back back at the home base of the Truth Network put this in and so awesome God is doing here at DWR. Andy, what is TW everywhere those initials in a year that testimony like out to be a part of that inward invite people today to be a part of that. This is a unique time. You could change your life forever based on how you respond to what happens in the next hour and I'm not exaggerating, because I've got a pocket of notebook packed with testimonies of souls and change that is exactly right when were talking about TW are we used to call ourselves Transworld radio but were more than radio are all different types of media around the world and are you ready for this and I'm not bragging. This is just the fact that it 275+ languages we have. We reach about 190 countries. 4.1 billion people around the world have access to TW R which means they have access to God's word, the teaching of God's word in their heart language that is a big footprint around the world. That's what were talking about now.

Specifically, today were talking about reaching people in Africa last Mullally Africa in particular in Kelly you're looking at a little radio that's a cool lady right there to quality radios, gun intent is gonna wind up things was not dependent upon electricity. Some of these far-reaching areas like Mullally with, you know, 16, 80 million people. They don't have access to stuff we have access to the right from electricity to batteries there so many things that not only did they not have access to. But even if they did, it's too expensive batteries cost a lot of money. Radio costs a lot of money and we took a trip to Mullally over a year ago, hanging out these radios. How grateful they are for us to be as simple gifts that you know we know we can get radio at any corner store any any place that we go to, but to Dan, this is special. This is a once-in-a-lifetime gift that is not just the radio it's a way to access the gospel and you say, wait a second, or radio. Let's put into perspective in Malawi that you watch as their currency 25,000 quantity is the minimum wage in Malawi per month 25,000 watcher per month what you think that that that translates to in US dollars. I have no idea $34 a month. The minimum wage right now for many people in Mullally $34 amount they could not afford a device like that, that's that technical that has a light on it that has all kinds of other features that's that's a month and 1/2 what is right there for that radio so this is really cool.

I want to get a little picture of you guys with me on it selfie right now to put on my Instagram and my Facebook just innate unity and his two buddy because you are your to deliver the goods managed is on the blessing as we do that when you look at the whole the radio up Kelly will you look at that little picture so that my social. A second, but so that you so 50 bucks a listen is what were trying to cross Truth Network across the room across Steve Noble Shallcross to talk all of our shows are coming together tomorrow. Logging in pursuits the garage or Coast Guard as you have John on you know we need to be talking to him about giving these radios. We are try to get 200 Caracas 200 listeners and others gazillion times out listening Shirley, but 200 listeners to spend invests 50 bucks $50 gets that radio right there completely intact ready it's assembled get it shipped and get in the hand of allowing of someone in that region. I guess that's the eastern part of Africa right south eastern part of okay. And, in fact, just about where North Carolina is to the US is where Mullally is to Africa and and think about this DWR already has multiple high powered radio signals that are going across Africa, but you tell we have the power to have the signal we have in the language to they can listen to, they can understand it but they don't happen they will have a way to bring it in the way that I put this is in football, we've got the greatest quarterback you could possibly have, but we need receivers in the end zone to be about pick up the football choose yes or 200 of of you listening anyone to start with one can call this number and what we normally do you know this show takes a lot of coleslaw-were not asked you to call your rescue call this number. I know that there are godly people, sweet people, unbelievable folks your transfer radio in Cary, North Carolina.

I'm in the studio with these awesome people here call this number 888-988-5656. I will repeat it. 888-988-5656 and pledge $50 pledge. You can you can want to get our business radio ship there are hundred percent and they wind up they can listen to entire families you this is really like little like 1940s and 50s like my dad was growing up in America where they'll get around.

Listen to the Phantom or the Green hornet writer for the different programs right on the radio or the old gospel. Our programs like that right famous things I death to the Bible. This radio does that in an entire families will come over and listen to the radio hear the gospel and be changed forever now: number 889885656 and pledge whatever God tells you to pledge you place five dollars, $10 will go toward a radio doubt if you do 50 that gets already the 200 it is to know I was getting out of my car coming in here to do this broadcast and I called my buddy John Huson is in Raleigh and he's listen right now. He knows something about he said stupidly number 200 bucks arriving. I don't hundred dollars you got to so we had 200 and you know radios we covered it by the truth, always awesome Truth Network listeners and Steve showing all these programs just what we only need 198 left so will you please call joint dog give a radio change a life forever. Eight 889-885-6560 at page the testimonials are Andean you got Sen. to Kelly, we sure do, and it really is about Africa needs Jesus and we can be a part of delivering Jesus to them through these radios again that number, 888 988-5656 amen call that number donating out $50 put the radio in the hands of someone in Mullally Africa through Treas. radio 888-988-5656 40 right Africa needs Jesus, I just posted my grandma shout out to David, who literally said, put me down for radios to he's texting on the show and I'll take texturing. These national shows these big-time shows big-time ratings. But guess what was Stu Epperson gets a text about helping get Christian radio to someone.

I take it and I tell everyone. God bless you, David, God bless you, Doug – it's all kinds of people and I put some shouts out to people and I attacked all my kids and their two on my Instagram story like that little they know that there ought to be given to this thing and mama always comes through for transferable radio where my now I'm in Cary, North Carolina with my friends, Andy and Kelly and we got Nate run sound. Thank you God bless you man, this is a beautiful new board and the enemy didn't want to do the show today I'm telling you right now or they will there were obstacles every last one of our enemies. That guy right there right and he's like my new hero. He was like a ginger two of this is connected talking to Mandel at Truth Network Central and you know what were doing wire.

We're here to read the good news of Jesus Christ. Now is not just to stop there with them because in Mullally when they get a radio and they listen to it. They come to Christ like this notebook full of testimonies.

You just like Victor who just took all village radios and these people are crying to see if they never heard the Bible talk like that. They never heard Dr. Vicki Dr. Stanley these awesome Bible teacher, Dr. Davey, in their own language they haven't heard this before they hear they get say what they do they go to neighboring villages and they spread Christ to spread the gospel like the book of acts they read the book of acts, they hear the book of acts, and there is no one didn't get the memo that you're supposed to hide it under a bushel.

Know not to let it shine right so you can join David and Doug and all these friends were in recent names of some people to been so generous. We want to hundred Truth Network listeners Steve Noble listeners to talk listeners to argue all of the country to step up to the plate, get 50 bucks.

That's three lattes.

Five. What is nowadays is less you know because you hardly did anything that you can give a radio but also wind up radio. There's a picture of it at my Facebook page.

My instrument page. Your radio to someone in Africa who can wind it up and listen to God's word. Andy, this is change in life forever. Just noted: number 88888 toll-free 988-5656 pledge whatever God tells you to give what I can hold you back if you want to give 20 radios absolutely for for $500 that's that's awesome. Much like a thousand bucks or something. Think about how to be able to be reaching not just one individual, but a family.

Maybe someone else who is working in the field with someone. This can be receiving this radio.

How many radios can you give how many people in Mullally you want to bless.

Here's the phone number 888 988-5656 now recently in Mullally they distributed 800 more of these radios and one of the areas that they went to was a predominantly Muslim area. Listen to this testimony here stated, someone says I am. This is a lady received a radio. She says I have learned a lot through TW arts programs. She says I've learned how to take care of my family. I listen to the children's programs there helping my children a lot.

This is someone from a Muslim background. Think about this. We know in Deuteronomy chapter 6. This is where the Lord says that you know the children of Israel are to teach God's word to their children, teach it diligently, you write it on their hearts.

People from Muslim background's word is being written in their hearts through these radios that we are handing out now that is an amazing thing is happening in Mullally while I do so I can be part of that right now with that gift and you can give.

Now they know this is the wet physical website and its link in all these other at all of our other sites. Africa needs Africa needs toll-free 888-988-5656 and some folks are even generous and awesome Kelly amazing Bonnie decided she wanted to get a radio $50 gift. Thank you so much to Bonnie for wanting to bless an individual or family media community or a church with that one radio and heard from Peter who said I want to give for radios allowed to get the $200 and he's from Raleigh were sent Bank of the Peterson empathy.

Bonnie setting them for you to get the phone right now to call AAA eight 988-5650 status.

Imagine not having Christian radio.

Imagine on I go out places and and I was out recently and someone heard me talking this it's too large on the radio and told me a story of someone to come to faith in Christ to the Truth Network interest radio and I thought wow we have so much of that here we have Christian music we have southern gospel with Christian teaching talk. We have programs like a Steve no-show like to thought in these countries like Mullally Africa, they don't.

They have yet is powerful radio going out with Rachel radio guys given you these amazing towers and all this power three, two, 340 W thousand watt they just need a radio to turn it on like you did for me a lot. You wind it up and it just powers that thing 24 hours a day and this could change a life forever for 50 bucks. That right there can be shipped that's cleanup $50 covers the cost. It is also a radio that has a power generator and it is satellite is because medical little little things in antennal and it'll send this ship asserting rights to correct that from from from the from the from door to door. The front porch of Trevor radio to the front porch of the of the village in Malawi, Africa, that is correct and we should point out we're not just standing on a street corner handing out $50 radios.

We are working through a local church working for pastor who is identifying people in his community can't afford a radio and who need to hear God's word, who either need salvation or they need discipleship example of a couple of testimonies.

This one says I am really moved by the InTouch program and I am a regular listener. I feel that I am learning many Bible truth is not as if I were attending a Bible school someone else's. After listening to TW more I realize that life is dependent on the word of God. I can testify that your program has changed and improve my relationship with God. Just as God is using Truth Network to change your life and disciple you. We want to do that.

Mullally and we know he's all God is already doing this through radio him allowing the long people can afford to go and buy radio so let's put one in their hands and so have you been generously supportive of years of casual radio helping them build these awesome radio transmitters all of the world.

This right here now.

Now we've got the power to take of the towers going out. Ellie got to going out now and you have radio right Kelly so they can hear the gospel a meeting here what is already been… Already at work, you can be a part of the work is already doing Terry's people and Mullally more people that need to hear someone is elected and you getting a radio Internet hand 888-988-5656, Muslim lady and no go. But I'm enjoying your programs, especially her Bible study. Please pray for me and my husband because we don't have peace at home. These are people that have a radio like I'm looking at right here because someone like David and Doug and Brenda Sally have said graciously while I get 50 bucks to get that radio to someone like this sweet Muslim lady in Enugu. People all over Mullally many radios. These are people even if I do care for him and what you can put radio there hand it can turn it on. They can hear the gospel in their language and hear about the saving grace of Jesus, the wonderful grace of Jesus that reaches the most to file like me, the worst of sinners and saves us from hell to heaven and change their life forever, and at least that we go all day thank you for teaching on salvation is through your teachings that I've accepted Jesus as my Lord and my Savior and these test was gone. Will you step up I'm Stu Epperson asking you to call this number will call me here on the show call this number 888 is a toll-free number rings right into Transworld rate of these folks are fully committed to taking the gospel to the ends of the earth to this huge continent of Africa. There are a lot of places that were folks I Mullally Africa because you're such a need their for folks to hear about Jesus and who have never heard about Jesus, if you'll call this number you can pleasures people dear saints here at Treas. radio stand by the note taker: the process $100 donation of $50 donation of five dollars donation of 57 nation if you want to do like this. Dylan gave he gave 40s for $200 for radios are gone Africa because him. Raleigh listed for $200 toll-free 888-988-5656 is a toll-free number 888-988-5656 just doubting your cell number. Maybe save it for later. Call later to answer take your information and give a credit card whatever and in then the websites Africa needs that's really the commitment. When you walk in the door. Your your your confronted by this massive tower that that's on my Facebook story. Right now they just put of you and Kelly anything commitment treasure radio really is to take the gospel global that's correct to get God's word. The truth of of who God is who Jesus is our only means of salvation we can get this around the world, and TW artist doing this in about 275 languages hundred 90 countries were focusing on Mullally today. We got powerful signals in Malawi and believe it or not, state, you would love these numbers ratings wise.

Are you ready for this. All of the ratings of UNICEF and generate all the labs chips. There are 45 or 46 different stations or networks in Malawi. TW are is number five getting one third of the people in Malawi regularly listen to TW on but some of these people don't have radios of their own. Let's put radio when their hands listen to this testimony. Someone said I accepted Jesus Christ through your programs.

I was on my way to hell.

But Jesus set me free using TW are.

Please pray for me.

I want to understand what God requires of me since I received him as my Lord and Savior hear someone who came to Christ and is being discipled because they have a radio, people can we reach it we can just put more radios in the hand a circle and Kelly. These are people there and tell people learn to tell people and invite their chums over to the twofer for supper for tea or for whatever and you listen this together and imagine they could give them a radio themselves to take back to their home invite their people are only were in Mullally over a year ago. A lot of the people that came to receive radios. They been listening to their neighbors radio to friends radio to their pastors. Radio had one of their own. In fact, we had a really cool moment when we were driving from one village to the next inventor who runs that Mullally team down there. He said you know what I want to stop at home that's a little too far from the village for them to get there for the distribution and I want to find a specific home that's a thatched roof in his native clay bricks and I want to give them a radio so we stopped and he went up to this this mother instead. We want to present you with this radio wherefrom TW are and she was so excited to see and have radio but her neighbor did concede listen to Pilar on her neighbors radio in the fields is how the fields and the random drive by. You made someone's day in their life and literally that's life-changing is that this it went over not talk about hearing some goal. No funky music it or some news are coming. This is the word of God is coming to these receivers literally the word of God you got Scripture being quoted over and over again.

You got pastors bringing forth truth. You got pastors listening to get equipped. This might be the only seminaries are getting and you got folks a large concentration of Muslims will get a radio and hear the word, and they're just glad here's on their language on here in but it'll change life forever. We only met someone. His name is Peter. Peter came to Christ relisting the T.W are.

He is now an elder in his church and he teaches a lot. Peter just simply put it like this. This is important because it is about life. We were talking about changing someone's life and you can do that with your $50 gift, 888 988-5656 also online and this is easy to remember Africa needs I am in Cary, North Carolina right now is a world headquarters a treasure radio.

The phones ringing in the other room because you have been gracious to call that number I'll give it again. 888-988-5656. Sometimes we take a little time out from the awesome topics of the day. From a biblical perspective and which we love to do engage to invite people to call in and give back. It's not is not our money anyways as God's right and it's it's you can put a radio right now in the hands of someone in Mullally for $50 and were active or dismay. Matthew only get 10 bucks.

Five bucks whatever tenses was all going to the kingdom but but whatever you have. Some of you can give 100 things were 2200 total $50 buys a radio and Africa needs that website also has these wonderful video testimonials of people whose lives been changed forever like the one right there yet.

Listen to this. I am born again in a mother of two, but we live in poverty. You see, I am jobless and it's difficult to feed my kids and by radio batteries for our radio.

That's why we are giving out for $50 each.

These windup radios people can afford batteries. Many people don't even have electricity and this is something Stu that I learned that I'd I just bought was amazing in certain parts of Africa. They have free paid metered electricity. It works like a parking meter in their home.

They put money in a manner to have electricity and so this is why hey if you got a cook or you gotta heat your house or do something, you put some money in it, but you can afford to do that to listen to the radio. So let's put a radio in their hands so that they can crank it up and listen to TW are that phone number 888-988-5656 also is slower 988. I'm sorry, 888 instructor, 888 988-5656 go online if Africa needs each radio $50 and Kelly the commitment to treasure radio teller little bit about this is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit ministry. All the donations go in the course are tax-deductible, but they're going toward getting these things to get the gospel in the hands of people who otherwise may not hear me this is this is the great commission work spread the gospel saying the gospel to people where they are in their culture with in their heart language. Some who may not hear it. Hear the gospel otherwise in their heart language. You can even read. Maybe they can't go to church to hear.

Maybe that's not something available to them. They can hear the gospel in their language through a radio and not just here for the first time, but continually being discipled as well constant presence in their home and in their life to continually minister to them getting a quick break if you want a phone in a donated $50 radio. Whatever Jeff will think for the Lord treasure radio 888-988-5656.

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me I once was lost but now I'm found was blind but now I see in so many people can't even read yeah but taken winder radio up turn on treasure radio and Mullally Africa in hear the gospel for the first time and come to Christ and showing people during this hour have given back on Stu Epperson so glad you all have been here and Kelly got donations coming in from all kinds of people that have been so gracious to get 50 bucks to buy radio so people can hear the gospel allowing $50 gets this windup radios is an awesome little Unisom. This is substantial and a flashlight on its gonna power selector on it, you wind it up your crank it on your list and the crew they turn on our Truth Network station in Raleigh at McCarran North I want you to turn on auto 5.7 FM of the theme is working on the air and crank it in the lobby and you know it's great about this radio. It has four bands they can listen to AM/FM to shortwave bands and you mention the light, we will just be a practical tool to where I mean when they're doing out, let's be honest, Mullally. They don't have indoor plumbing and most of the houses they go into the outhouse and will take the radio if you listen to a great Bible teaching program and you gotta like to go outside with a circle. You know you mentioned also that some people might not even can read, listen to this testimony. If God can speak from a burning bush, God can speak through a little box if you consider that that box is a radio that God spoke to me. I'm a 47-year-old Christian man and a leader of a Baptist church in my city and I'm writing to let you know that I became a Christian through TW are I mean think about that God can use your gift today of purchasing one of these radios to be not a book. What an amazing tool to where God is speaking through that box through that $50 radio into someone's life and that person might become the poster.

One day while the Ministry of transitional radio.

You can give a gift to the number was that toll-free number and you and I want tell you gotta share somebody's goal and we want to get some shout outs of the will been very gracious. It is 888 988-5656 if you got it 888 988-5656. Also, you can get online by going to Africa needs delivering hope into the hands of people in Africa are changing lives through radios and it really is that ripple effect to because he knows how those people as they have this radio and they are discipled listening to solid Bible teaching programs. How is, God can use them then in their community.

Maybe being a pastor may be leading someone in a field one afternoon. By listening to the radio to the Lord as well. Your gift has really an exponential amount of potential call now 888 988-5656. Each radio is $50 that you can pick up your phone or go to Africa needs you can get one of these radios so people on the other side of the world can hear the gospel before stepping off and just think about how these radios are to be used. Here's a testimony sir. I listen to your preaching on the radio. I am a sinner and I've confessed all my sins and I've accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Just as you told me and am now convinced that God has accepted me. Amen. Somebody gave a gift of a radio this guy for a radio came to know Christ can use your radio for maybe someone to come to Christ or someone that already knows Jesus, but can't afford a radio.

There can be discipled and who knows how God is can we use them as he equips them through this radio to do ministry in their neighborhood in their nation of Mullally call now a 888 988-5656, make that gift $50 per radio.

How many can you give how many people you want to touch, but you can call this toll-free number. You can pledge whatever God's given you to give to someone Mullally Africa to hear the gospel and be changed forever its 50 bottle by Wendy's windup radios in time at all. Our and it also is a flash that is really nifty. It's a white of race was not you know down by the power regulations and people that are in primitive areas or also not bound by literacy issues because people that can't read can hear and that there their families. Right now we have pictures of families huddling around a radio 10 people listing the gospel and come to Christ.

But let me tell you an amazing story. Victor and his team distributed 800 radios just over the last several weeks. One of those radios went to a particular man who was a witch doctor. He lives far away from his home.

He is accused of practicing witchcraft he's traumatized, but you know what he's now listening to the radio and exploring Christ, but because of of what he was in the past. There's a lot of persecution of this guy, so he is in hiding, but as he is in hiding.

What's he doing.

He's listening to God's word and the Lord through radio is transforming this farmer which Dr. and that's often you can be part of reaching into someone's life that no one else is can reach into it.

You can be a missionary and got him allowing right now. You can even travel healthful victim labs. What brings a big issue of with this with Kelvin all the pandemic all at stuff people can listen to radio people can check it out.

People can go that they can't intermingle, or they can't normally go see travel grandma grandpa was a can listen they can hear the gospel. This is so critical that the in in. Thank you so much. Always people who've given thank you for folks to the member to my phone at this hour that given the limited give this number because you can just call this number will quicker write it down and call later when you have time. 888-9885 656 is a bit at all hour long. We just going to give back to it to bless the Ministry of transfer radio as God is given to you. Now God is giving through you to get a radio in the hands of someone whose life will be changed forever its 50 boxes awesome cool radio that shipped over there and everything that can result on Friday that is right even customs is a counterterrorist customs against it in the Mullally to family the needs of the pastors of identified. This is a family that needs a radio they can turn it on and hear the gospel beaming out through these transfer radio towers and transmitters people are in predominantly Muslim areas.

Christians who are premier you talk about Christians are persecuted in the Bible is illegal in 35 countries there are Christians right now in Africa who are being persecuted and even killed trafficked for their faith and Africa needs that's the website transfer radio ministry was part of this year the Truth Network to get you involved friends did evolve will know when Jesus tobacco would be nice to take a bunch of folks with us to heaven.

I was delighted to spread the gospel. Any let's do it. Someone said this, listen to this. I am a Muslim who wants to accept the Christian faith. What am I to do their people that are wanting to know they're curious about Christianity. Let's put a radio in their hands and let them hear day in and day out. God's word, just as it says on your shirt, truth, the Truth Network, let's give them the truth of Scripture.

The truth of who God really is. We can do that with a $50 radio 888 988-5656 AAA 988 5656 bringing hope to people in Mullally people who don't have access to their radio stations like we do here if they don't have a radio they can afford a radio you can get a radio into their hands today by calling AAA 988-5656 thank you for being a part of this special give back you know in our life is a giveback you know what a policy in first Corinthians. He said thanks God thanks to God for his indescribable gift were all here because of the gift of God know we can give back to God. We can give to others the radio that takes the gospel to Mullally everything he Andy, thank you, Kelly cancellations, rational rate of the website to give online 50 bucks takes regular give give 100 lease rate of 2200 by the end his campaign for dinner.

Radio at 888-988-5656 and that website is Africa needs This is the Truth Network

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