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May 27, 2023 2:03 pm

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Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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May 27, 2023 2:03 pm

Robby will be in company with Kelly Gilbert from Trans World Radio Memorial Day Special Evangelist David will join in as well. 

Kingdom Pursuits
Robby Dilmore

This is Rodney from the Masculine Journey Podcast, where we explored manhood within Jesus Christ. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Sit back, enjoy it, share it. But most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the Truth Podcast Network. Following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Music Kingdom Pursuits, where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion.

Together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into Kingdom Pursuits. Now live from the Truth Booth. Your host, Robbie Dilmore. What a fun show we have today on this Memorial Day weekend, as we have with us some really, really cool guests. We have Kelly Gilbert here with Transworld Radio, and you may know the Truth Network has been partnering with Transworld Radio, or we call them TWR, to do these wind-up radios for the people in Africa.

And so, it's kind of neat that, you know, all those people, you know, died for our country, that we'd be able to do such wonderful things like go to Malawi, right? Didn't you just recently get over there, Kelly? It's been a few years now.

It was back in 2019, but I still remember it vividly. That is so cool. And, you know, we've got some neat stories coming up on, you know, these wind-up radios.

You know, those of you who are listening to the Truth Network obviously love Christian Broadcasting, as I know I do. And so, how neat that we get to supply that with special programming right there for the people in Africa, right, Kelly? Yeah, programming in multiple languages. I think 20 to 30 languages across the continent of Africa with programming that is made and produced by people in country within the context of their culture, in languages. So, we just are a support system for the work that they are doing to reach their own people with the message of God's Word. And some of it is programs translated from ones that you might be familiar with, like David Jeremiah, or through the Bible with J. Vernon McGee, things like that.

So, it's those truths, but translated into not just their own language, but even some cultural changes as well to make it even more understandable and easier to grasp for the people there. And it's so neat that, you know, with these wind-up radios, they don't have to plug them in or anything. They can just wind them up and listen whether they're out in the field.

And when they're out there, right, there's a whole lot of other people that can listen. But, Kelly, just at the very beginning, it's so inexpensive, right, for people to contribute this. How much does it, to get one of those wind-up radios, what would that cost? It's $50 to purchase the radio, get it shipped and delivered into the hands of somebody in Africa that takes care of what it would cost to get it out of customs, for all the distribution. We are able to do that for just $50, which is a really amazing opportunity. If you look online, these exact radios cost a little bit more than that if you were to just order one yourself.

But we've been able to work directly with people to make this happen. And that's the part that you can play, is giving that $50 to make sure a wind-up radio, like you said, it doesn't need to be plugged in, it doesn't need batteries changed. You just wind up the crank on the side and it works for a couple hours and people can listen. And what they're hearing is God's Word. It's the truth of the gospel. It's encouragement.

It's a way for them to really, truly grow in their faith. So you're discipling people in Africa just with a gift of $50 today. Darrell Bock Yeah, and they can do that at, I know there's a special number. You've got live people there. 1-800- Rachel DeBose Yes. 888-988-5656. So it's 888-988-5656. You can also go online.

I'm sure you can get there through Truth Network's website and then also through Darrell Bock Right. So 888, I said 800, excuse me.

It's 888-988-5656. And so how cool is that? And also with us today, we have David Hevner, who has got an unbelievable TV series you may be familiar with already. It's called The Last Evangelist. Welcome, David.

David Hevner Hey, Robbie. It's good to be here. Thank you. And thank you to everybody out there.

God bless you. Darrell Bock So I got a chance to meet David at the NRB. And so, you know, this, you're going to hear a lot about this TV series. I'm very excited to share that with you.

But you know that since it's King of Pursuits, we got to do my stuff. So speaking of last... David Hevner So since we like to use the word shenanigans, I just play that from the 60s. Anyway, speaking of last, you may not know this, Carmen, but I always have the last word when I argue with my wife, Tammy. Tammy Hevner Oh, I bet. David Hevner You know what it is? Tammy Hevner No, what is it? David Hevner Yes, honey. Tammy Hevner That's the only correct answer. David Hevner And I remember my uncle's last words, right? I don't know if you remember yours. But anyway, his last words were, stop shaking the ladder.

Oh, yeah, that'll get you. And I don't know if you've ever heard this one. But you might remember the Greek Achilles, you know, the one that we got named Achilles heel after? Well, at his deathbed, Achilles realized that they weren't going to lose, they were going to lose the war.

And so Achilles uttered his last words. Tammy Hevner And what were they? David Hevner Defeat hurts. Tammy Hevner That one was good. David Hevner And the last thing I would have thought when I got my universal remote, do you have a universal remote? Tammy Hevner No, I don't.

I just use an app on my phone. David Hevner Well, when you have a universal remote, all of a sudden it might occur to you, this changes everything. I mean, everything. Anyway, you knew at the end of those actual shenanigans here, we would actually have a Bible riddle and we do have a Bible ready for you today that you can call in and win at 866-348-7884, 866-34-TRUTH. All you got to tell us is when was the last, since we're talking last today, the last tennis match in the Bible?

When was the last tennis match in the Bible? 866-348-7884. And if you can guess that, Carmen, tell them what they win. Carmen Hevner They'll win one of our marvelous prizes in the Kingdom Pursuits Prize Vault. So call in and let us know and you will win a prize. David Hevner 866-348-7884.

When was the last tennis match in the Bible? Alright, so getting back to David. So for those who have not seen the last evangelist, David, tell us a little bit about what it is.

David Hevner Sure. You know, it's a TV series. I play a cop, an FBI agent, and I bust underground churches for not being registered with the government because in the days of last evangelist, which by the way is probably today, you have to be registered. They have to know where you are.

They have to know who's involved and what you're talking about. Well, I end up going underground, finding these churches, groups, and I arrest them until one night God finds me. David Hevner Did you get blind on the road to Damascus?

David Hevner Yeah, I do. Actually, I do go blind, yeah. And God speaks to me. And of course, you know, it's not like a Googling Christian movie where, oh, there's God.

Now I'm going to walk on water and float in the clouds. No, this guy's still, he's a cop and he's still trying to figure out what's going on. He understands there's an agenda behind this whole thing. And so he sets out to find the ways of the Antichrist. So I call it like CSI, the book of revelation. David Hevner Oh, cool.

Oh, cool. And where can people, for those who want to know about the last evangelist, how's the best way to watch that? David Hevner Yeah, they can go to

You can sign up and it's the only place you can see it. But we are on Roku and Amazon and Apple TV. But you can go there, and sign up and watch it. David Hevner And Hevner is spelled like almost heaven. But anyway, H-E-A-V-E-N-E-R, right? David Hevner Yeah, H-E-A-V-E-N-E-R, like heaven with an E-R. David Hevner There you go. It is Hevner. It's like almost heaven. David Hevner That's right.

Absolutely. Do you know how to spell your heavenly home, Robbie? You know, where you're going to say eternity. It's like when you get lost, you know, you say, I got to go home, you guys know how to spell your street, you know, so. David So, Kelly, when did you start with Trans World Radio? Kelly Well, I actually came on with TWR as an intern right after my senior year of college in 2015. I served for the summer. And it's been a lot of fun because our interns for this summer just showed up. So I'm kind of reliving that time where God brought me here and had a ton of fun, but really just love the work that this ministry does, and how it does it so well together with the common goal in mind of reaching the world for Christ with the message of the gospel through mass media. So I was here for the summer very quickly just felt called and led to pursue full time, went and did a couple years at a local station in Ohio, and then came back to work here full time at TWR in August of 2019.

So almost three years now. David All right, well, we have so much in store for you today. Again, I want to give out that number. If you want to call and donate to one of those radios, it's $50, 888-988-5656, 888-988-5656 to donate to Trans World Radio's Windup Radio.

You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom and we're so blessed even to find out today when was the last tennis match in the Bible, which nobody's called. I'm shocked. I am shocked.

866, nobody's called in 866-348-7884, 86634 truth, but better than that. We have Kelly Gilbert with Trans World Radio and their Windup Radio to people in Africa program and David Hevner, which is Hevner for the last evangelist TV series. So Kelly, when you went to Malawi, can you kind of take us into one of those stories where you saw what was going on in person?

Yeah, absolutely. We were able to get there and meet up with the TWR Malawi team, which is headed up by a man named Victor. And we were able to visit three different villages and distribute windup radios to people.

And the last place that we went was to a school for the visually impaired. And to see these children, some who couldn't see it all, others who were buddied up with someone who couldn't see it all because they could see a little bit. Just hearing them sing, just amazingly beautiful songs of hope and of God's love and their excitement to receive a windup radio because to them, it is about hearing God's word.

It's about that. It's also about just knowing what the world is like and what they're going to face because the world is not very kind to them once they're out in it. So knowing that it was just a lifeline for them and being able to hand that over and say, God bless you. He's going to work in your life through this because you're going to get to listen to the radio every day and hear his truth and just be encouraged. And that truly was an amazing moment for me to witness, to see how joyful they were, how humbly they received that gift, the big, huge smiles on their faces.

Definitely a moment that I'm not going to forget anytime soon. Yeah, it's really, really, you may know Kelly, I work with special needs on Sundays or have been teaching that group for a long, long time and sometimes they're blind. I find it fascinating how they still have the light of God in their eyes.

And you can see it so clearly and it's really neat that you can see that all over the world, right? That there's these people, there's like these people that are helping people get to know Christ. And so don't you find it just amazing that God supplies people for those children to get connected to where they even could get these radios?

Oh yeah, we were able to work with what we call TWR ambassadors, people in local communities who had been in contact with TWR in some way and then were said, hey, figure out who needs a radio where you live. Talking with pastors, we did an interview with, he was like the education minister for that area and was in charge of that school and was so and was so excited, loved the Lord really and just was so grateful to see these kids reached in this way. So it's us wanting to get out there and give the gospel to people, but it's their own people wanting their people to come to know Christ too.

I remember one man that we talked to who was a barber was crippled. He played the radio in his shop every single day and was just passionate about the people in his country, fearing God, loving the Lord, because in his words, a country that loves God is a good country. So he was just so passionate about his people coming to know Christ too. So yes, we want to get the word out to them, but they want it just as badly or if not more so than we want them to hear it. Right, again, it only costs $50 to give one of these radios and they have folks stand and buy at 888-988-5656 or you can go to Transworld Radio, the Africa Needs Jesus program.

So either way, you can get hooked up with that. So David, what would you want our listeners to know about this series, The Last of Evangelists, that they may not know? You know, basically it ties Scripture to the current events.

In other words, we can sit and learn Scripture, we can memorize Scripture, but if we don't understand and apply it, understand what it means today, then what good is it going to be when Jesus talked in Matthew 24 and he said, you will be persecuted. He gave a list of things that will happen. That's what this series does. It unpeels that like an onion. You go, oh, that's happening. Oh, yeah, that's what, you know, so it's going to give people education. Well, I remember I heard one time Rich Cristiano tell this story where he went into a church and he asked everybody sitting there, how many people here remember the subject matter of last week's sermon?

Not one person raised their hand. He goes, now how many people in here know the name of the little dog in The Wizard of Oz? And the point is story. We live our lives in a story.

And so the beautiful thing about episodes like this, right, is you're putting context for people of what these things are in the Bible and allowing them to live it, right? You're exactly right. You said it. That's it, Robbie.

I had one lady come up to me after a screening and she had tears in her eyes. She goes, that's us, isn't it? That is going to be us. That is us now.

And she realized her eyes were open. And that's what I get from so many people. Even atheists have come up to me and said, look, I'm an atheist, but I'll tell you, I saw your episode.

You're right on it. I don't believe there's a God, but I believe that the government is doing this to us. So it's really touching a lot of people. And that's what we have to do in these last days. Everyone is someone's last evangelist.

We've got to get out and not just beat people in the head with the Bible, but we've got to put in people what the Bible is saying. And there's a big difference. And how cool. I really, you can tell that David's an actor and, you know, really neat that the desire of his heart was to act out something like this. And now God has provided for you to have this platform, right? He has, but it hasn't come without problems. You know where I'm going with this one.

I've done deals with HBO, Netflix. I mean, I pretty much can make some phone calls and get it funded right away. The scripture's written four years ago, way before the vaccine virus and lockdowns and all that.

But that's what it deals with. So I didn't call the studios. God told me not to.

He said, don't call any. I said, my people are going to fund this. It's going to come from the heart. And I said, great. So we set up a system for people to fund it.

And it's been tough, but it's happening slowly. And then releasing it, God said, you'll have your own platform. I'm not, I don't want it to be tainted.

I want it to stay where it, you know, people can have it separated. And so that's what we're doing. So if anyone wants to get involved, you know, I've got a website for that too. They can always go and get involved. I'm sure there's links there at No, there's no links. They just go to

They can find out how to get involved. Okay, So once again, we want to make you aware that the number to call for the windup radios is 888-988-5656, 888-988-5656. $50 buys, you know, one of these radios for these. And I, you know, the thing that just, I was thinking about, Kelly, as you told that story, is the guy that was being able to give those radios to those blind children. He was being blessed as much as the children, right?

Oh, absolutely. He was just blessed to have us there. I just vividly remember talking to him and seeing the smile on his face. And I'll never forget what he said is that he was so filled with joy that we were making a fellowship together.

And those were his words. And I typically think, you know, oh, we're going to have lunch in the fellowship hall at church afterwards. We're going to hang out. We're going to have fellowship. But what he meant was us coming together, working alongside each other as brothers and sisters to further the kingdom. It was an active thing that we were doing. We were forming a fellowship to together further God's kingdom. And that has just really stuck with me whenever I hear the word fellowship.

And it was truly what we were doing. And so if you get involved as you're listening and say, I want to, I want to make a fellowship with people in Africa, I want to be in fellowship with them and providing radios, we would be happy to have you be involved. It's just $50 per wind up radio. And these radios, they bless the one person who receives it, but also their family, maybe even their neighbors and their community, maybe their church as well, because they can all gather around and tune in and hear the gospel. Yeah, it's really, really spectacular what Trans World Radio does, because as we think about, you know, what's going on in all these countries is there's a shortage of the word of God.

There's a shortage of teachers. In other words, here's a way to reach really literally millions of people because you guys have transmitters that are like a million watts or something crazy that, right? Pretty big ones. From what I understand, Hitler had like a million watt transmitter or something that he was using to send out his propaganda. Well, Trans World Radio ends up with this thing and ends up sending what was meant for bad is turning out to be used for good for all the people that can receive.

I mean, it's unbelievable. So we come back, we got more from Kelly. We got more from David Hevner and the Last Evangelist. But more than that, I know you're dying to know who was the last tennis player, I mean, tennis match in the Bible.

I'm shocked that you haven't called 866-348-7884. I know it's Memorial. You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom. And we're so blessed to have with us today, Kelly Gilbert with Trans World Radio and their Wind-Up Radios to Africa program and David Hevner with the Last TV or the Last Evangelist, which is a TV series. The Last TV Evangelist with the Last Evangelist, which is a TV series.

So welcome back. And Kelly, you know, I'll never ever, as long as I ever live, forget the story that John Summerfield told one time on the air with me about the China church that desperately needed information and they were providing it through Trans World Radio because discipleship was so important because there was this, it was called the Church of the Upside Down Prayer. Have you ever heard that story? Oh, I don't think you shared that one with me.

You need to hear this. So this man was, you know, as they know in house churches or in Communist China are often invaded and, you know, they would chase people and capture them and, you know, torture them, all sorts of stuff. And so they broke into this church and this man goes out running across his field and as he's running, he falls into a well. And as he falls, the rope in the well grabs around his leg and he's just hanging there upside down. Well, you know, fortunately the communists didn't see this and they just run by the field. And, you know, he obviously escapes that situation but he's unfortunately down in this well hanging there by his leg. And he has no way to get free. And so he does what any good Christian would do when you're hanging upside down in a well with a rope around your leg, he begins to pray.

Yeah. And so, you know, shortly thereafter, you know, these people from the village come and find him and rescue him. And so he considers this and says, you know, the prayers that are done when you're hanging upside down by a rope seem to be answered. And so he started the church of the upside down prayer. And they would all meet in this church. And so when John and his crew go in there, all these people are hanging from the ceiling.

You know, the point being that, you know, without the Bible, and without people that understand, you know, doctrine and some level of things, you know, you know, I, you had said a little while ago that, you know, through the Bible, you know, just having J. Vernon McGee in Africa, or whatever your culture may be, and to be able to hear that teaching. I mean, how precious for those people who really don't know that much about the Bible when you think about it. Yeah, and they they're hungry, they want to know, they want to learn and grow.

And you know, we have access to so much here. It's it's almost too much. It's it's overwhelming.

It's hard to know where to go and what to start with. And but there for a lot of people, they might not have anything they might barely be able to make it to church because it's too far away. It's too long of a walk. Or maybe they don't even really have a good church where they live. Maybe they can't read. Maybe they they have no radio of their own. Or they're blind like you.

Or they're blind and they can't even couldn't read if they even had a Bible. Exactly. But that's why these wind up radios can be so valuable because to some, it's the only access to the gospel they've ever had or may even ever will have. And it's so cool how just one radio actually touches usual a whole family, if not a whole village, right?

Absolutely. They, there were so many people that we met who knew TWR, they knew Transworld Radio, and they loved the ministry, but they didn't have their own radio. And they listened to their neighbors. They listened when they were out in the fields doing the farming.

They listened as they gathered as a community. But they got their own precious radio. And I know we had one testimony that said, I never thought that I would that this day would come when someone would actually give me a radio. It's a very precious gift.

Oh, it's so beautiful. And you know, if God, you know, one thing we can all do is just pray, pray that God will continue to meet the need for these radios in Africa. Of course, if he puts it on your heart to give any level, it doesn't have to be $50.

If it's $10, whatever it is, it goes towards those kinds of things. And again, all you have to do is dial 888-988-5656 or go to, you know, Transworld Radio's Africa Needs Jesus, you know, radio program, which is right there. They're all over the website.

Not hard to find. And you know, if you do go to, you can watch a video of our time there with the people in Malawi and see the faces, see the people that are impacted by this gift. They were truly just a joy to meet. Oh, absolutely.

So getting back to the last evangelist, have you had a chance to work with some neat people that you might mention, David? Yeah, yeah. One of the guest stars is Johnny Whitaker. Johnny was, for those of you guys that are older than me, he was the star of Family Affair with Buffy, two little twins, redhead twins. And he was also Tom Sawyer. Oh, I remember. Oh, sure, I remember.

Yeah. And then he was also Sigmund in the Sea Monster, I think, in the 90s. So he was a child star. And so he flew out and he did a guest star and played the bishop. And then I had some people like Lisa Haven and Paul Begley, who are kind of like prophecy-type people that are in it. So yeah, I had the enjoyment working with people like that.

And also, I had enjoyment working with some atheists on the set, too, which is a very interesting story I'll tell you about sometime. Well, well, that is. And so how many episodes do you have? Well, we only have one, because we're doing them one at a time. So one is completed, then go to and watch it.

It's the only place they can see it. And we're funding each episode as we, you know, in other words, now I'm funding the second episode. So if they want to help with that, then go to So I wish someone would come up and say, hey, here's, you know, half a million dollars, go ahead, but it's not working that way. So we're doing it through donations.

That's so wonderful. And you're obviously, you know, you were at the NRB and out there, you know, making it available. So as people, you know, find out about it and go there and see this, you know, you have an opportunity to join in what God's doing with this as well. And prayer is a big, huge thing that we all need, right, is God will open the door and open up opportunities that are just unbelievable, right?

Absolutely. I tell people, if you had two doors and behind door number one was money and door number two was prayer, I would take door number two, because door number two will always open door number one, you know. I like that.

Yeah, I like that. I'll take the prayer. Yeah, look, but that's not to say that, hey, I'll just take your prayers and that you don't need to do anything else. But please pray. That's what we have to do as a body is pray for one another.

And God will open those doors. And then if God leads you to give, then I ask people to do that accordingly. You know, we are a church, we're a nonprofit, and I am operating under that umbrella. And right, and also, I would think that if you went to, you know, and read, watch the episode yourself, you might think, gee, who might I know that might be an atheist or somebody like that, that you might help, you know, share Christ by sharing the story, right? Yeah, you know, it's funny, I just interviewed the last showing we had, and the guy, he called himself, he said, I'm an atheist. And I said, okay, but I got something I want to say about this, you know, and he went on, he gave rave reviews as an atheist. And it just shocked me.

And so he called himself a gaytheist, homosexual. And so what was interesting, Robbie is it touched, it touched his heart. And this is how God wants, you know, he doesn't always just go straight to Christians, he goes out to the world.

And that's what we have to do. That's beautiful. Wow, what a story.

That's absolutely spectacular. Well, we got one more segment coming up with Kelly and David, again, as Transworld Radio, TWR 888-988-5656. And if you want to watch The Last Evangelist, you just go to David Hevner, which is like heaven, just saying,, So we'll be right back with a little bit more of Kingdom Pursuits. And since somebody hasn't called in, I guess I'm gonna have to give it away. Announcer You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build a kingdom. And since nobody called in, it is Memorial Day weekend, you're all out there doing stuff.

I'm glad. But we got to give out the answer. You know, when was the last tennis match in the Bible?

Of course, Kelly or David, I'm gonna give you an opportunity. When do you think it was? No clue. I know. My goodness, I thought about that. If it's the last, I mean, was it played in the book of Revelation? Even though it's actually in Exodus. No, it's in Genesis because, you know, Joseph served in Pharaoh's court.

It was the first and the last tennis match in the Bible. So it fits into both categories. But anyway, that's good.

I like that. Kelly, what was something that you were really hoping to share on today's show you didn't get a chance to? Oh, well, I think one of my favorite stories is always going to be of Oliver, who was just a joy to meet when we were in Malawi, he had been listening to TWR did have his own radio, but still was was able to listen and couldn't walk, was told by doctors that he'd never fully walk again, would always walk with with canes with sticks. But he listened to what they called Friday Night Live there in Malawi, which was pastors live on the air, having people calling in and then speaking with them and praying over them. And they had people that would call in with ailments of different kinds. And they would pray over those things and instruct people, hey, place, just place your hands over where it is that you're in pain where you're feeling hurt and pray. And so Oliver would do that he would pray over his legs, and that God would heal him. And when we saw Oliver, he was dancing.

He wasn't using the sticks at all. And God had healed them. And I just think that's something we don't see as often over here. We don't see God work in such incredibly miraculous ways, because I think sometimes we lack the faith to see him work that way. But Oliver had that faith to know that God, God could heal him. And he prayerfully asked for God to work in miraculous ways in his life.

And he did. And he was just one of the most joyful people I had ever met to be able to see him carry around those sticks, but not using them as a testimony to how God had worked and changed his life. That's so spectacular. Again, you know, that gift that we give, who knows who all might be dancing as a result of what you're able to give.

The phone number one more time is 888-988-5656. It's Transworld Radio or TWR's Africa Needs Jesus Wind-Up Radio Program. And also, David, because we only have a couple minutes left, what was something you wanted to share today that you didn't get said?

Yeah, thank you. I think what's important is our future generations. If the Lord doesn't come back, you know, with Last Evangelist, I feel like God's given me a message that we have to get out to the people, kind of like Jeremiah, Isaiah, not that I'm a prophet, I'm not saying that. But folks, if you're not maybe interested in this kind of a thing, you said, I don't know, pray about it, because it's our future generation, our kids. If we're going to have more lockdowns, we're going to have more of what we just tasted the past couple of years, it's going to get worse.

Jesus talked about Matthew 24. Pass this around and go to and tell somebody about it. So young kids love this gene. We've tested it out among 12, 13, 14-year-olds, and they absolutely like it, and they will watch it. So it will plant a seed for them to be equipped for what's to come. So let's think about our children.

Yeah, it is. That is the neat thing, is that, you know, you can really capture a child's interest in something biblical and then, wow, put a Bible in their hands and say, look, look where this is, and that kind of thing, and whet that appetite for, you know, the way they should go, right, David? Right, because, yeah, and I've developed the last evangelist Bible study, which is going to come out July the 1st, so they will be able to watch the show in three segments, and then I do a two-hour Bible study.

They can download, they can watch, and that'll be released on July the 1st, so I'm glad you mentioned that. Oh, that's spectacular. All right, and again, And it's the last TV, I can't believe I said it wrong.

Well, now, see, we've highlighted the fact on how you're supposed to say it, And so, again, Kelly, thank you so much for what, you know, you guys have such an amazing team there in Raleigh, and it's amazing how God has put together such a, you know, what an amazing opportunity really to work with those guys, and I thought about, you know, how fun is it that you have these interns come in, and what would you say to those interns that, to kind of whet their appetite? Oh, you have no idea how God's going to use you, so be open to anything, like just wherever he's leading. Don't have too much of a plan.

Have a little bit of a plan, but don't have too much of one, because God's is going to be way better than you really thought or imagined, and he's going to use you in ways that you can't quite understand, and just be willing, be willing and able to go where he leads you. Yeah, that's kind of neat, because we, you know, we have interns come in here at Truth as well, and to see these young people come in, you know, God's given them a vision, and where God's going to take them, it's going to be absolutely amazing. So thank you so much, Kelly. Thank you, David. Again, it's Transworld Radio and Eventually I get things right.

It could happen. So thank you all for listening. I really, really appreciate every one of you, and you got so much Truth coming at you. Oh my goodness, Encouraging Prayer is beautiful. Some prayers for Texas coming up on that, followed by Masculine Journey, and then Nikita Koloff is going to help you man up. All coming at you on the Truth Network. This is the Truth Network.
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