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Africa Needs Jesus

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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March 17, 2023 7:00 pm

Africa Needs Jesus

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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March 17, 2023 7:00 pm

Stu interviews Jogn Summerville from Trans World Radio tune to discover how you can help make a difference. 

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No, the devil's nightmare here. From it's time to man up. Challenging men to step into their true manhood. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it.

Share it. But most of all, thank you for listening to the Truth Podcast Network. It reminds you to get plugged into a solid local church.

What am I talking about? In fact, everyone hearing my voice is listening to it right now. Christian Radio. Christian Content.

Christian Audio. I'm Stu Everson and Truth Talk is our show and sitting next to me on this beautiful spring day. You may hear birds chirping. You can see the flowers blooming and the trees.

Look at that beautiful dogwood tree. I'm with John Somerville. And what I just described, Christian Radio, sadly John, over a large swath of Africa, people have no Christian Radio. They can't hear David Jeremiah. They can't hear these great teaching programs.

They can't hear you and me going back and forth. But there's something that Transworld Radio is doing about it because Africa needs Jesus. Well, Transworld Radio has a lot of great radio stations just like Truth Network.

And they're spread out all across Africa. But, you know, Stu, if they don't have a radio, they can't be listening to these great radio programs that we have, great Christian content that's ready for their ears. And we know what goes into their ears is going to go into their hearts and change their lives. And that's why we want to encourage our listeners right now to pick up the phone and give us a call because we want to put in the hands of these people in Africa a wind-up radio. Now, why a wind-up radio? Because a wind-up radio doesn't take electricity.

It doesn't need batteries. It has the ability to be just like a clock. You wind it up and then you have the ability to be able to listen to hours of radio, great Christian content, just like we hear every day here on Truth Network. So it's a quality unit.

We can ship one. You just gave me the price breakdown on this and we're pumping this network. This is our Give Back on Truth talk.

So great for awesome affiliates. You're listening to AFR, wonderful affiliates of AFR. You're listening to Wilkins. You're listening to Truth Network. You're listening to all the great programs, the great stations down in Jacksonville, Florida that carry this program. But people in Africa, they can't do that. There's so many people that can't even hear it. There's so many people that are searching.

Maybe they grew up in a Muslim home and they're just looking and seeking and searching and they want to know more about the true God, John Somerville. You told me it's 50 bucks. I mean, that's everything. To get a radio, am I off on that? Give me the breakdown of this quality windup radio that entire villages, just a couple of these, a whole bunch of folks can gather around and listen, right?

A $50 covers the windup radio, covers the purchase of the radio, the shipping, the customs, even the distribution. And let me just share with you a story. As we were distributing these radios in the country of Malawi, one of the guys who had been organizing that whole event for us, we called him Mr. TWR. In fact, he was known throughout his whole region as Mr. TWR.

Why? Because when he was listening to TWR on his radio, he would invite people to listen with him. These radios, when we're putting them in people's hands, many of them are impacting a family. They're impacting friends. They're impacting an entire neighborhood. And what I love to think about is they're impacting generations. And you know, there is so much going on. You know, Africa, many, many parts of Africa where TWR has signals where these radios are going. There are all kinds of cults going into.

There's all kinds of false doctrine. There's bad stuff going out there. We have an opportunity through these airwaves to put solid teaching. This is rich content.

Describe the content, John. And before you do, give the phone number. You can call this number anytime 24-7. You can go, we put a little link up at that says Africa Needs Jesus. You can go click on that. But John, give the number for folks that want to donate to support this amazing mission and talk about the importance of that rich content. Faith comes by hearing, hearing by the Word of God. Well, you know, you can always go to or pick up that phone.

Call us, 888-988-5656. These people are going to have the opportunity to hear great programming. Programming like David Jeremiah through the Bible, other kinds of programming that are going to be solid biblical teaching.

And God's, you know, where God's Word goes, it doesn't return void. It is going to accomplish the purpose for which he sends it. And so we want you to pick up that phone. We want you to give us a call. Maybe you can do one radio at $50.

Maybe you can do two radios at $100. Maybe God has put it on your heart to be very, very generous and can do, maybe you can do, maybe you can do $5,000 or maybe you can do $10,000. What is God putting on your heart right now? We'd love to hear from you.

Our phone number, 888-988-5656. I was just in a Christian university and they had a big verse on the wall. It said, and this gospel will be preached in all the earth and then the end will come.

I believe that's Matthew 24, 14. What a great reminder. Why are we still doing this on the radio?

Come on, Stu, enough already. Well, there's still millions you've never heard. There's millions across Africa, millions, hundreds of millions. Your gift can reach those folks. No, you don't know how to speak Swahili and the dozens of languages that Transva Radio already has translated. No, you may not be a great Bible teacher like a J. Vernon McGee.

No, you may not have a passport. You may not be able to afford to fly over there and spread the gospel, but you can get 50 bucks or 100 bucks. Some of you have 10 grand that you just inherited maybe that you can write a check to Transva Radio, a nonprofit, 501c3, and it will help get radios.

That's a lot of radios that are going to be shipped directly to Africa. People are going to wind them up and hear the word of God and they're going to get plugged into a local church. You're connecting with pastors.

Pastors love this because their people are hearing the truth and they're getting fed, and some people don't even have access to churches yet. Some people are under deep persecution. Christians being tortured and beaten and persecuted, they can hear this and be encouraged by the generosity of our listeners. John, am I off on that?

You're right. How shall they hear without a preacher? How shall they hear without a radio? You know, this is our opportunity to put God's word into their hands with a wind-up radio, and as we put it into their hands, it's going to go into their ears and it's going to go into their hearts.

It's going to change their lives. Call right now with your best gift. 888-988-5656. Like Stu was saying, maybe you could do something really over the top and generous.

We'd love to hear from you. 888-988-5656. That's the number to call. Ask God how much he wants you to be a blessing with.

Of course, it's above and beyond. You better be giving to your local church. That's number one.

That's God's plan A. And then this is a mission's effort to reach the world with the gospel through Christian radio. You're listening today because someone put that radio in your car, your truck, in your home, on your smartphone if it's an app, if it's maybe the Truth app or another app of one of our great affiliates that carries Truth Talk. You're listening today because someone's paying a lot of money for a tower to be put up and for programming to go out, and you have access to this, and you're hopefully being encouraged and being blessed, and I get all kinds of great... I love meeting our listeners. I love listening to their positive reports and encouragement. I meet listeners all the time. I held the door at a lady at a gas station two weeks ago, and the fellow coming in, before I give him a Christian radio card, John, he says, I listen all the time to Truth Network. He saw my little logo. Before I could proselytize, he's proselytizing me. He knows about the programming that I do. But people in Africa, they don't have this, and so this gift will enable them to get a radio.

The programming's there. The bill's been paid for this. You got like 200,000 watts blast night or more or less, I mean, all over different areas of Africa.

Tell us where this is exactly, and give us one more appeal, John, before we got to go. Well, we do it in more than a dozen countries, and so what we're doing is we're collecting the funds today, and what we do is we then send them to Africa. Africa then buys the radios. Those radios are shipped directly to Africa.

When we ship them directly to Africa, all your funding pays for the shipping, the distribution, the customs, everything in there, and so we do these radio events where we send one of our TWR persons out to the local village and talk to the pastors. They then are the ones who are saying, okay, this family needs a radio. This family needs a radio.

This family needs a radio. We gather the people together, and we hold a radio event where we distribute these radios. I've been to these radio events.

I've seen it firsthand. I've been the one who has had the opportunity to distribute these radios. I've seen how they receive them. Imagine for yourself that you're handing out these radios and putting it in the person's hand. Now, as you put it in their hand, the first thing they're going to do is they're going to clasp it to their chest.

Do you know why? Because that radio is a precious treasure. That radio is bringing them the gospel. You are giving them Jesus when you give them a radio. This is a precious, precious treasure that you're giving them, so it's just a $50 gift. Maybe you can do more.

Maybe you can do less. We would love to hear from you right now. Call 1-888-988-5656. Put one of these precious treasures, one of these wind-up radios, into somebody's hands right now. Africa needs Jesus. This is a short-term campaign. We do it as a give-back every year on Truth Talk, and we'll keep doing it until the King returns. We'll keep doing it until everyone's heard the gospel, and it's just good.

So if you think, well, these guys are like a broken record, well, look, then get your pen out and write a check. It's the Lord's anyway, right? And bless someone in Africa with a Christian radio. They're not able to hear what you're able to hear across Mississippi, across California, across the Internet. Whoever's listening, wherever you're listening right now.

In Roanoke, Virginia, on the new affiliate of Truth Talk, 101.5 FM, the truth. They're not able to hear that, so you can give them a radio. It's already programmed.

It's already set, and they wind it up. They can hear the good news that a loving God came and died for them all across Malawi, all across Central Africa. The trans-real radio signals are up and going. They just need a radio to get to these dear souls, so many will be saved, and many will be discipled, built up, and directed to a local church. John Somerville, thank you, my friend, my brother, for what you're doing with trans-real radio.

Longtime partners of the Truth Network and of Truth Talk and all of our awesome affiliates that are brave enough to carry this show. Give the number one more time. Folks, you can call this number, and there's also, I think, you mentioned a web link they can go to. All right, you can go to or 888-988-5656.

One more time, 888-988-5656. And you can go to trans-real radio's website from the website, and you can look at all the different pictures. You can see examples. You can read testimonies, and we'll come back on to share some more testimonies as we get into the campaign. God bless you, John. We love you. We're grateful for you, and how about this beautiful spring day the Lord has made? Isn't it amazing that we get to serve in the Lord's harvest to spread the good news of Christ?

There's no greater revival than a revival of a soul coming to know Christ, coming from darkness into light, from death to life. Amen? Amen.

Oh, we love it. And God has worked through your life. You love what you hear on the radio. God encourages you. Let's put that same kind of encouragement in other people's ears by giving them a wind-up radio today. This is the Truth Network.
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