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It's God's Money!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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March 17, 2021 1:00 am

It's God's Money!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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March 17, 2021 1:00 am

Stu is in Greensboro, NC, talking with David Belk, a Certified Kingdom Advisor, about where biblical wisdom and finances meet and how he helps people handle their money in a God-honoring way!

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Hey this is Jim Graham from the masculine dirty podcast where we explore relationship instead a religion every week their chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds to enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening you for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network friends I'm in Greensboro North Carolina sitting next to a certified kingdom advisor and he has agreed to tell all of us what that is but this is a man of God. He's been a Christian radio partner for some time and loves Jesus, but he's been in the financial world for years and has been real successful can you do both. Does the Bible talk about money. David Belk is it even come up ever in the parables in the Bible what you think.

Well I think there's over 2300 scriptures that specifically talk about Scripture mom talk about money and it's such a large portion of the things we do every day we think about high controls our lives.

I think God knew what he was doing to Jesus as he talked about it so many times it we were going to get caught up with and it is an area that we do as Christians get caught up with quite a bit. Yeah the whole eye of the needle parables the whole deal with the love of money course, a lot of folks say money is the root of all evil but is the love of money right you have to crack you want that you don't you. It is the love of money and it is the you know that I the needle.

Nestorius helpful. Often I walk in your office here in beautiful Greensboro North Carolina home to our flagship station AMA 3097.7 FM WTR you part of Truth Network.

You were so grateful to all of our affiliates. Awesome friends at AFR will be greater in order when it carries true talk, so thank thank you so much for putting up with us in you in were grateful you're being so glad everyone when you hear this guy's story but I walk in your look look at your screen. There you got a big zoom called says the Bible and money David Belk. He would walk and maybe see those words together and think, wait a second, hopping even bring anything into note with spiritual in the context of money, but that's what you been doing is it is a certified kingdom advisor talk about that what that is and all yet well this ironic. The real title of this show tonight were really doing is what the Bible really says about money and so I think there's so many misconceptions about what people say and how they say it often that it just meets Doug into. I think we often use Scripture not just about money, but in all areas to kinda satisfy what were looking our own biases to confirm and so you don't become a certified kingdom advisor was actually a mistake on my part of been a Christian.

Most of my life grow up in the church got saved as a young kid didn't always live as a Christian after college found my way back to that but and and got started in the insurance business and out of boredom, I kept adding things are Kind of figured this out is or something else.

And so as time went on over the 32 years I've been in practice, I've gone from insurance to understand mutual funds to understanding of financial planning two of the advisory mode and then the whole time we've had a part with Dave Ramsey being a part of this. A smart investor program there as well that we've always had an interest in helping people get a better understanding of what is the Bible say about money for those and whether Christian or not, because we do emphasize certain principles whether there a person is a Christian or not, and we have clients of all walks that we have from all faiths, not believers of Christ and they know who I am. They know where I stand and I've never budged on it and I've often asked them what why do you do business. We know and how what I talk about and in this been a trust issue and so I'm thankful for that. But note, looking at the certified kingdom advisor program. There's a group of guys in in town who now I'm a partner with at Carolina financial advisors we used to call me or one of the guys used to call me about the day before they have a monthly meeting. Say what you want to get together was for lunch. We talk about some Bible stuff and money and I was like what I can't tomorrow, humming my my counters book on only keep a 2 to 3 week out. As you know it so so after so many calls he happened to call one day it was. I was in October, two or three years back and I happen to be up and I said okay I'll come in so I went. I enjoyed meeting. I enjoyed the discussion, but a still and realize what the organization was about and so next month came November. He said hey can you come is like I can't. I can't but in the meantime they put me in the big the big organizations email books so I started getting information about what was going on and they start to talk about this annual conference. So the annual conference highlighted Brian Westberry, chief economist first trust Bob Dall who is now with Nuveen whose an investment person and I think it was Matthew West and tries like claimant and go to Orlando I can listen to my top economist, I listen to Bob Dall and I can have a good Christian concert. I like I said that Wilma told a lie visit honey were going to Florida and for a couple days and that she has blasted don't really know but I know this. These guys are going to be there will have good music and we don't like it will spend their time at the pool and God knew what was going on. Even though you are totally sure what you're getting into that.

That's true because I probably spent three days crying try not to let anybody in 20 600-3500 people there is investment advisors to learn about the Lord and finances to go back and share it with their clients and to integrate that into our lives and I was like how I been doing this for 30 years and did know this kind of stuff was even here, so I was extremely convicted and onboard and at the conference. I made the decision that I was going to become said I was going to to the certification process so within a week of coming back. I registered this was in February August of that year I was certified kingdom advisor and so that's the story of how I got this but it's ironic. I've I've met other guys and I further guys ~so in a similar they should found themselves they are did know why and it's, like the mud was taken off my eyes to see the biggest moment was the biggest kind of motive in light was your your believer here you been so successful in the finance world help in advising people with her money right which is kind of important deal, and yet clients were believers in him we would like what happened.

I conference what resonated in your soul with this whole certified kingdom advisor thing that saved the book.

Aha moment for you in your life that really changed everything. I'm not exactly sure that there was a single moment because it was it was continuous realization of three days that this is good this is awesome. And this was a part of the fulfillment that I've been trying to find out how I really serve people and why do you know everybody's got a career you enjoy it.

It satisfies you to a degree, but your like Scott be more as I told you I've always there's gotta be more but when I realized I can do this and I can show I've already been share my faith with people and I have conversations with nonbelievers about their money I bought. But now I've got a format in a group that can support me and help me and assist me in coach me through that process even more so it was it was a life it was. It was almost 30 years of progression to get me ready for what I've got to do bad part is I don't have 30 years in front of me but but part of that whole process that week was I don't have to quit I'm in the retirement planning business and I'm not a Levite, and my understanding is that's the only people who are supposed to, or did I don't know if that that's a part. I don't know if that still today for pastors about to say that biotic but there is no biblical retirement while in so once you understand that it's not just about not maybe quitting a job that you did, but is continuing to invest in the kingdom for the greater good and he's been a sponsor in Christian radio. He just I just love walking office and this is a successful like this is a nice firm and your partners are one and here's accomplished but yeah right you're on the board. The Bible and money biblical truth, all the Scripture verses God's word is true. I'm just so encouraged or that David Belk who is a kingdom financial advisor certified kingdom financial advisor David Belk grew quick as we wrap up, take us to Ground Zero so is Arthur listening and they're trying to reconcile.

You know it's it's good they say. One of the top you causes of divorce. They say you know churches are split. Overall time went on about money, it's the angst of politics is the issue globally. No one has enough of it. There's never enough month of the end of your money.

Rhetoric goes right so much debt, it's not even a national company takes to Ground Zero for listen healthier. What's a principle we can hang on to that is something that you when you're first introducing people into this whole keynote kingdom financial advisors ruled that urine can you give us some as we do is we as we got her prescription or whatever that would be that you not. It takes me back to number one is we are always quick to say I know God owns it all. But we don't often live out God owns it all and I firmly believe one when that gets into the depths of our understanding, we tend to understand that we've got a bigger cause in their money can serve us were going to serve the kingdom. It's either going to be my kingdom was going to be his. And there's a lot of toys that I would love to play with a lot of places I would like to go in all the things that this world entices me with.

But the riches are in heaven, and my reward is in heaven. And the whole purpose that we are here as Christians is to build wealth to build his kingdom, not ours.

What a great word was the best website folks will learn more about this whole kingdom financial advisors will maybe want to find a guy like you. You know, to help them but you're the kind of got like eight you help me out with this stuff does your organization listen what were words guarding your picture of your finances. What are you building for a love that God is given to you to give through you.

Those kind of principles what's the best website the people go to for tenant to get more direction learn.

It was in the radio program you sponsor things like that.

Yet what a Mexican to give to an end that they're totally affiliated that's that the spot the week we love to promote and also kingdom so moneywise is going to link you to guys who are part of the kingdom advisor skin of advisors is deftly going to link it to people who have said this is a part of the world of finance that I want to be a part of, and they should be preaching and in teaching biblical financial issues. Thanks for sharing your story and thanks for living your story out in this office in your home, and I've learned all about your family excited to meet them all here one day to be God bless you and appreciate your testimony. Great thanks to preset and you can meet You can go to truth, talk, listen to podcast and share it with everyone you know and be encouraged to remember were just passing through, so let's make but seek first the kingdom and let's layout not on treasurer earth to Leslie up treasure in heaven.

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