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Interview with LeMont Rich

Truth For a New Generation / Alex McFarland
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July 3, 2019 5:05 pm

Interview with LeMont Rich

Truth For a New Generation / Alex McFarland

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July 3, 2019 5:05 pm

06-02-19 Interview with LeMont Rich by Truth for a New Generation

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PNG radio for today's culture and timeless truth come together it's reasoned relevant content apologetics worldview and answers to the questions that you need to know from Alex McFarlane ministries.

This is true for a new generation radio and now the man who preached in 50 states and 50 days speaker, writer, and advocate for Christian apologetics Dr. Alex McFarlane. I love the book of Ephesians how it says that the church is growing up into the head, who is Christ.

Welcome to dingy radio Alex McFarlane dear, I'm so excited because if you listen to the show for very long at all. You know that love the church. We know that the local church is God's organization to bring the gospel to the world. Often I define the church. This way, a group of born-again believers banded together for the purpose of world evangelization and the Bible has a lot to say about the church. In Matthew 1618. Jesus said I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. Ephesians 411 and 12 Jesus said that he called out pastors, teachers, and evangelist for equipping the saints for the work of the ministry and out whenever I meet somebody who is encouraging pastors and helping grow the church and really being used by God to help contribute to the fulfillment of the great commission. Whenever I meet people like that. I just want to get to know them and I've got a very dear friend with me today. His name is Lamont Rich and he is a part of the staff of Karis Bible college and many of you know, I teach out here in Colorado I I fly out to Colorado and teach in working to talk about what Karis is. But we can talk about the church and leadership in pastors and those in ministry and Lamont you are the director of church relations for Karis.

Well it's the official titles pastoral relations manager and so we give care to the pastors across the nation, especially where Andrew is heard on radio and television and conferences and things where I where he's being her places where he's being heard and so yeah we give care to the pastors amendment Andrew being anti-Obama care yes. Do you know yesterday.

What a thrill for over four hours.

He and I recorded television, and out I was really an honor for those that may not be familiar give give an overview of antiwoman ministries and Karis Bible college and events. You say he's preaching around the country. Yes yes so we we just got back last week from a conference in Texas. He did a will recall, the GTS conference in the Dallas Metroplex area and so part of my role is to go into the state and some of the cities week or so ahead of time and just begin to meet pastors and have her build relationship with pastors ahead of the conference and our hopes is to get them become the conference, get them to meet Andrew and other pastors in the ministry and and and then whatever we can do to just help pastors Andrew his is such a gracious and generous general he sees as such generosity. He just wants to give whatever the Lord is given him to pastors really done whatever they need is Lamont was given to him.

So whatever resource it is whether it's a book or DVD series are, whatever it is that can help them in their church and disciple their people. He wants to give it to him and then it's just a build to synergy have a certain unity to come alongside a brother and say you're not alone.

You're not by yourself. We all want to stand with you for through prayer I pastoral counseling and just through the word, a million Owen building. Building a relationship to where it is sometime pastors. This is pastors sometime don't have anywhere anyone to talk to.

I know you know and often deal with things alone and it's not been a good thing. The do you know many of them found because you know the. The enemy wants you to feel isolated yeah and but we want to come alongside them and say no.

We are your brother we we want to befriend you and and you know and we know the will of the way to become friends of the show yourself friendly. Amen. And that's what were doing showing us a friendly would not try and get anything. We just simply want to get get whatever we can to you and help you.

It can be a lonely road it really can.

If it can be a lonely road, but it doesn't have to be and is not meant to be. We do understand that pastors they they trusted in certain ways and and because of that they've been hurt and and they've been misunderstood. A lot of times, and so instead of just trying to get over that. You know, sometimes they they turn inward and they just they just don't trust anyone and and we wanted to say hey we love you.

We want to encourage you in any assignment that you have, because God has put a call on their life as a pastor and we just want to be the one to to help help blow the trumpet for them. Amen and and encourage them and strengthen them because you know, as I often say, even though they have a call to the church and it is about the church.

We want them to reach the goals of God's given them for the church but really it's it's bigger than the church as well because we believe that as the pastors go our nation goals. Amen is a IR our nation as well and so you started off with Scripture and Ephesians were talking about equipping the saints, and we know that's the role of the pastor and if we effectively equip the body of Christ we can go out and we can take over in the marketplace and and we can reach the we can become the school board president. Amen we can hear on this. The chocolate chip cookie committee president and we need Christians to permeate leadership at all levels of society don't need that and the pastors are the one that has the authority and has the influence to pour into their people so that the people can go out and do the work of the ministry and I believe we do that the Bible says righteousness exalts a nation, and I believe in America. Righteousness will return to our nation. Amen. Well, our future depends on it. We take a brief break. Folks don't know what were talking with Lamont Rich of Karis Bible college and his role to the pastors of America who would come back on TMG radio from I am a watchman ministries. Here's today's I am a watchman minute. Being willing to step out for God and to the unusual is a mark of spiritual maturity. Consider the prophet Ezekiel, he was the son of a priest from a very distinguished family.

But God told Ezekiel to do things that many thought were undignified.

For example, in his preaching he utilize drama and shadow puppets and miniature props. He cut his hair and burned some and buried some and through some to the wind. Once he allowed himself to be tied up for 430 days. He was radical for God but also righteous before God. Ezekiel was a watchman watchman faithfully follow God's leading.

The I'm a watchman ministry is here to help you grow in Christ, and as he leads be radical for God.

Are you willing to be radical for God's people, be faithful, be a watchman, I am a If you're a Christian parent, you will of course want to instill a biblical view of life in the hearts of your children, your pastor, you want to offer ministry that draws young families to your church. This is Alex McFarland encouraging you to check out my new book and video curriculum.

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And yes, it's a summer camp with all the summer camp activities. Your kids would expect the TMG Christian apologetics youth camp July 29 through August 2 at Camp kale to learn more and to register, call 800. Yes, God, one 800 yes God in the number one or email info and truth for a new in the midst of a culture obsessed with relativism. Alex McFarland is a voice you can trust to speak the timeless truths of Christianity in a timely way. You're listening to truth for a new generation radio. Welcome back TMG radio Alex McFarland here and were going to resume our conversation with Lamont rich, but first this summer camp is coming up the truth for a new generation summer apologetics can't listen up, folks, it's July 29 through August 2. We got great speakers like will and Mickey Addison from the American family radio network, Daniel Ritchie, one of the most inspiring speakers you will ever hear in your life, Andy Lawrenson, one of America's premier youth experts. He's a great speaker and he's really an expert on youth and youth culture. I'll be there know what to do all the fun ropes course kayaking, you name it, but we can have 15 sessions on worldview apologetics.

What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. How do I defend my faith and last summer we had students from nine states they loved it.

Listen, mom and dad youth leader, parent, your teens will love this and I know we have young people listening. This is the summer camp experience that you don't want to mess truth for new is what you do is you go to the website truth for a new truth for war truth for new is coming up quick, but you still have time. July 29 through August 2 and it will be a five day experience that will touch your life for ever. So we hope to see you there.

Well somebody that God is using to touch lives is my friend and colleague Lamont rich. He's on the staff here at Karis Bible college where I come to teach several times a year to teach apologetics biblical worldview and speech and debate and other things.

As part of their school of practical government but Lamont for the break we were talking about the church and nowadays, studies show. I know I read born and different statisticians who say that church attendance is declining Easter weekend on Fox News on Good Friday it said church attendance is plummeting, and this has people worried and rightly so, but the growth of the church depends on the health of the church doesn't yes it does yeah and so the the health of the church is very crucial because especially now we want to reach the next generation.

Yes, we've got to to get the young people, and I believe the young people because of the way were doing church in a lot of ways were not grasping are not catching the young people in the church any longer and I believe that's one of the key reasons why church is declining because we are not reaching out were not reaching out were staying within the four walls and it just expecting them to come in. But we have to reach out to them and compel them to come into the church and then I do believe church needs to be relevant as well. You know now that that means that we have to look like the world act like the world and do what the world does. But we do need to have a relevant gospel that's relevant to the way we communicate the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ today and so I believe that's above a big part of it. Even with dealing with technology and things like that. Things have changed from you know three decades and four decades ago know so I do and so widely being a healthy church is is one of the key things that we would need to do to grow our our body on it. As you interface with pastors across America. One of the the issues you're saying that bring fatigue and burnout. What are some of the top things that the American pastors are struggling with how that's a good question and one of the things that I have been seeing is passed, we just we have too many irons in the fire.

We are trying to do everything, instead of doing the one or two or three things that God has shown us with excellence with excellence and so we get burned out because were trying to do everything, everything can be a good thing but it's better to do a God thing than just a good thing. Come on Alfredo and so and so I think that's one of the key things for pastors and those in ministry experiencing burnout. You know in the book of John. You can go through the book of John and Jesus showed us. He sat only do what the father show me and that's why he had the success that he had is because the things that the father showed him was the things that he spent his time on and so he didn't do even though he had all the power and all all the wisdom all the knowledge to do it. He only did those things that the father showed him and that's what brings the father pleasure. That's what pleases the father, I think we've got to stop. If you not called to build a homeless shelter. We know a homeless shelter is good if that's not your call.

Support your brother down the street where it is his call. Amen. Amen.

And don't try to do it because you'd you just wearing out yourself and you taking away from tying that God giving you to do the thing that you are called to do didn't do you think that pastors feel this expectation that their congregation is wanting them to be Superman and you got a do everything and pastors. Probably they do things that they know they might not should be embarking on. But there's this expectation of performance, they have to achieve. I definitely think that's a part of it. But the thing about it is I think we have been the ones that have have given that perception to the body to the congregation and so you know we have to we have to back up and we built our churches. A lot of times on our personalities. And you know is been personality driven and when you build a ministry based off of your personality. It's it's it it only now means they've gotten used to seeing your personality involved in everything and they want you a part of everything and so therefore if United Church of they find out you not will be a church. They are going to come listen, I've had many a pastor say hey I want you to come preach I'm not to be in town but don't tell Kelly don't tell me because if if I'm out of town.

My people want, so they won't show that's messed up and that is not the right way to build.

We've got to build a brotherhood and we've got to show the body we are brothers. We are all one in Lonnie Proverbs 1717 says a friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for time of adversity, you know.

And so it's when we build that unity of togetherness.

You know, Psalms 133. The Bible says that when we come together, that's the place of commanded blessing men.

And so we can't just expect them to put us on a pedestal. We need to teach them that hey if it's going to be in the office going to be my brother from another mother. Let them let them bring the word to a this is right. The way is getting good would gotta take a break. TMG radios back after this with our dear friend Margaret, as we take a break, let me tell you about 310 three books that will answer questions that come your way from others or even yourself about the Christian faith book number 110 answers for skeptics today. Skeptics are looking for authenticity, integrity, and straightforward faith in this book you will learn how to answer intimidating questions.

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Welcome back TMG radio Alex McFarland here with Lamont shift gears Bible college and I'm so thrilled to hear of their outreach to the churches of America. Lamont not only lifting up the arms of pastors that need encouragement and a fresh vision but also promoting unity within the body of Christ because, listen, if we the 345,000 Protestant churches and something like 130 million adult Christians if we ever decided to link arms and unify we could steer the future of this nation and in it's almost like I caught this every week Lamont but in John 1721.

Christ prayed for unity father that they all may be one ON a one that the world would believe that has sent me, Alex MHA brother see now you just my spirit is leaping now.

Hallelujah because that's the key. Let me tell you one of the number one things that the that the enemy Satan has done is division in the body because the world is looking for a manifestation of the sons and daughters of God.

They already can't find it because they don't see one body but but they're hungry they're hungry for. People think teens and college kids aren't spiritually hungry and they are they are hungry they are waiting for the church to become one hand and one body, and so you said it in John 17 when Jesus prayed for the disciples and those that were to come after him. He said father make them one for you and I'll one and as you and I want but here's the key. I grew up in church. Alex, I went knocking on the doors. I passed out tracks and I think those things were good, actually good, but my problem is this.

I wish we had done the one thing that Jesus said would work and that he is if we become one. He set the world would believe what we need to do is gospel tract that we could ever give this world is if the family of God would unify the unify and come together. That's the place where there is a commanded blessing and men and so why don't we wait knowing whether you Baptists whether you Pentecostal what the Assemblies of God whatever it is, let's come together a unify so that we can reach this world. Jesus said it himself. He said the world will believe when you do that you know if it like you say there's all these denominations and and that's okay. But if you're a follower of Jesus were family with family were from the only one my heroes back in the 19th century deal.

Moody said any friend of Jesus is a friend of mine, Dale Mitty said this, he said, God is pleased when Christians work together that's good and that's true you know Scripture. Ecclesiastes 412 says that one may be overpowered to can defend themselves and 83 strand card is not quickly broken of us working together. That's what we want to do with pastors we want to come alongside pastors because we Andrew believes that if we come together we can do more together than each of us can do by ourselves into a love that Ecclesiastes passage a three strand cord is not easily is some reading this article about rope. I was on the farm we were going take an engine out of a truck and I had to figure out what kind of cable could lift a motor that some reading about this will 1/4 a cable or rope tensile strength is how much weight it can hold. So if you've got one strand, it can hold X amount of weight.

If you got to but if you've got three strands is not triple.

It's 10 times the amount. So one plus one plus one equals like 10 and when the body of Christ comes together. There is power in unity and now I want to I can hear it. People say will wait a minute. Are you talking about compromise. No, we don't complement things like the deity of Christ Jesus. Jesus is the son of God that he'll we die on Jesus died on the cross, he shed his blood wash our sin away. We that's a rock on which we stand, but within the body of Christ. Listen we don't have the luxury to be sequestered away from each other. The body needs the body.

Listen, you know, for me. Some people believe in the rapture and some don't. That's, that's no big deal to me. You know, for those weary crisis, we will agree Christ is coming when we agree and so let's agree what we can agree and let's get together we can be together so that we can win souls to Jesus Christ that he died far and so that we can win them back to back to the father for just a second.

Talk to me about prayerless this because there's power in prayer. There's power in corporate prayer. Talk to me as you travel this nation. Lamont what you see about the state of our prayer life for the church. I believe right now I don't I don't think where we've been in a good spot because we are not coming into agreement in prayer with the will and the word of God and men, we are we are praying a lot of stuff but it's we haven't aligned ourselves with the word of God, and I think that's one of the keys of getting things accomplished.

You know, and so people call things prayer and so take healing some people that do believe in helix. I know some people don't believe in it, but for those that do believing healing. You know those that that the very want to say they believe in it, they will pray, but they don't pray adequately are the right way.

They don't pray biblical principles about healing and so they say if it's your will for me to be healed, then Lord I'll be healed well. It was his wheel because he died for you to be saved and he died for you to be healed and you know and so that's what what I'm saying prayer. We've got to whisper what we are doing things what we call prayer, but the power of our prayer lacks the word of God coming into alignment. Our agreement with the word of God supporting the will of God, and you not read in John 1516, wherein he says some if you pray in my name.

According to my will.

I will do it yes and so when our prayers and our life and our whole orientation is to the word of God the will of God, the son of God as a child of God will see the power of God. That said, that's it, because you know when it when it boils down to Alex, his word will not return void 10. Do you have a website I cares Bible college website for simple carrots Bible and then for the Andrew wanted ministries simple a what Lamont God bless you think you give what you are doing well. Thank you for all you're doing to help the church is the pastors ministries of America. Hey folks I website newly redesigned truth for a new keep us in prayer. And hey tell somebody about Jesus for a new generation Y, featuring a multitier conference tour and student led club program to equip teenagers and those who lead them to live for God creatively communicating a compelling Christian worldview to the next generation TNG radio is made possible by the friends of Alex McFarland ministries PO Box 10231, Spero, NC 27404. That's PO Box 102310 NC 27404 call us at 877 yes, God one. That's 877 yes, God in the number one or give online truth for a new While you're there, listen the program archives. Read Alex's blog invite Alex to speak at your event or contact Alex with a question or comment for a new Thanks for listening today and join us again next time. As we bring you more truth for a new generation TNG radio

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