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12/1/19 - Interview with Darrell Orman

Truth For a New Generation / Alex McFarland
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November 28, 2019 6:30 pm

12/1/19 - Interview with Darrell Orman

Truth For a New Generation / Alex McFarland

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November 28, 2019 6:30 pm

12/1/19 - Interview with Darrell Orman by Truth for a New Generation

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The radio for today's culture and timeless truths come together, it's reasonable relevant content apologetics worldview and answers to the questions that you need to know from Alex McFarlane ministries. This is true for a new generation radio and now the man who preached in 50 states and 50 days speaker, writer, and advocate for Christian apologetics Dr. Alex McFarlane, God tells the church to be salt and light in this world and Jesus said, behold, I send you forth as sheep among wolves and Jesus gave us an assignment that we are to speak truth to the world and are we to love people, of course, we are to speak the truth and were to speak it in love, but part of the message and the mission of the church is to tell people, maybe not what they always want to hear but because of eternity and because of the state of us. A lost soul. We are to tell people what they need to hear hi Alex McFarlane your untruth for new generation radio and I'm so excited about a person. I want you to meet because you know in the course of ministry.

You made a lot of individuals and, and, as might be expected.

Some make more of an impression than others, and one of the people for whom I've just got a great appreciation. Is this friend that I want you to meet.

His name is Dr. Darrell Orman. He is the pastor at First Baptist Church of Stuart Florida and out pastor dear one thing about you. You've got a great heart you love your people you love the word of God. But I appreciate this about you as pastor of first Baptist. You're not afraid to speak out about issues, political issues, cultural, social issues, and so wanted to get your your voice on the show and just maybe hear from you how God brought you to where you are and why you feel like Christians and especially ministers should courageously speak out about the issues of the day. So, for one thing, welcome to TNG radio like Alex to be with you. What is your assessment of the American pulpit right now.

I'm disappointed when it was worn out clichés is there's two things you don't talk about religion and politics that are the two most important things in our life of a buddy cover everything from our now to our future and really there absolutely essential in the things we should always be talking about.

And of course the history of our nation. When you go back to the founding fathers and the clergymen that were served with them.

In fact, several of them that wrote a constitutional clergyman and there back in the referred to what's been called now the black robe pastors were these pastors would wear their clerical roads and then when they were through preaching, they would take the roads off and they had on their army uniforms underneath you and they would lead their men their deacons their elders their whatever Sunday school teachers whatever they had and they would go to defend the country, and we gone so far from that now and I'm afraid that many of my brothers have sold out just for a large crowd a large budget and they got to the point where there handcuffed till they live in what I call a velvet cage. That's right and there's there's issues that can't speak on any longer and I can't proclaim the whole counsel of God, because I can't afford to drive the crowd away and then disenfranchise the leadership of the church and ultimately maybe lose their positions by fear.

In America you know where were to the point system little a covered dish supper. The prayer meetings not to do it and then we need a serious return to the Lord Jesus and are are we at a point will putting Band-Aids on a chest wound. Yes, absolutely, severe ministry friends attend one of the multi site medical mega churches in the area and the sermons are preached in a brought in through video feed on Sundays and the main pastor was in the area and they had the opportunity of meeting and interview them and they were talking to him I said you would been attending a church for nine months. We never heard anything that remotely was a reference to hell or judgment or anything I'm saying repentance and so well about the sin and repentance. But the Helen judgment and his response was there so many good things in Scripture to speak on.

You'll never hear me speak on that.

Will the Lord Jesus, the God of glory incarnation of everyone time he spoke of heaven. Twice he warned of hell. And if it's good enough for the Lord Jesus is good enough for us and that's one of the reasons why we've lost the culture is the that the judgment side the the judicial wrath side of God is been completely denigrated and neglected in modern liberalism, God is only loving. He's George Burns he's a little doddering man that a kindly old grandfatherly times to be your friend. Yeah he know him and that's that's unfortunate well and I think to do at this hour in our nations history. All the pulpits should ring out with a clarion call that people be engaged, informed, prayerful, and the butts that the big box mega church smoke machine subwoofers, to your knowledge, how much did they speak about politics or political involvement. Wilhelmina resident pastors conference reaches a small area pastors conference and the main speaking pastor got up and said we need to be careful about the tone of our churches. We shouldn't use the God didn't create Adam and Steve. But Adam and Eve illustrations anymore because it are or anything like that. Those kind of references because in offending their homosexual members or people struggling with their identity, sympathetic center. If our God.

Let everybody in the heaven, but I'm not in. Thank God I'm not because of the unrepentant land and in turn heaven into Chicago, you know, so his view of us, in our view of him are two completely different things. And the only method, opinion or conviction that matters is his view, not ours. Listening to for new generation radio my dear friend Dr. Darrell Orman stated in the console in combat were going to talk about some practical ways that you can obey the Lord's mandate to be salt and light yes speak to the issues that you can do it in love and effectively and not lose your job or your members stating TNG radio after this from.

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I will send you the book 10 issues that divide Christians and I thank you for helping us evangelize the lost and equipped the saved will Dr. Darrell Orman about the way gift the church's website on people come to Florida first Baptist Church of Stuart Florida.

It's right near West Palm Beach phenomenal people, phenomenal church and up for anyone that wants to get in touch with you or find the church.

How can they do that FVC FB say first Baptist Church that's Have to ask you this. Who influenced you, who shaped your worldview and then the minister that you've become a been discipled by Adrian Rogers. Jerry Falwell in the James Kennedy and Adrian Rogers led you to Christ Adrian Rogers led me to Christ to play basketball in college and have an Associates degree in business was going to become a lawyer than I was converted and the Lord gave me rebirth and from there I went to liberty and so Falwell was influential for my bachelors degree through my Masters degree and then went back and received my doctorate. There is an when I was at liberty University would go out into the neighborhoods in the city and share Christ. It was pretty much pucker were either loved or hated based on the idea of being associated with liberty University and Jerry follow. Remember that sending you know some people would say oh you go to liberty University quiz which is wonderful. I love liberty proud to be a twice graduate of liberty and then others with Jerry's kids they would say oh you got a Jerry Falwell's college unit and you knew that's right if they said it that way that they probably want a fan. That's right. That's exactly right.

What I get asked what he think that Falwell would say him and for this you don't know he really was one of the giants of American Christianity. I absolutely put Dr. Falwell in the same vernacular as DL Moody, Billy Graham, Jonathan Edwards. I would say because he was only started liberty godparent homes. He was he was a pastor is a theologian, but what did you know that follow. Had the book of Romans committed to memory verbatim. I did not and he would recite the book.

16 chapters.

The book of Romans. But, educator, pastor, evangelist, social reformer, Falwell was in many ways just an amazing multifaceted champion for Christ. What would he say about the America of 2019. Dr. Orman will. I had the opportunity to interact with them personally had a couple of meals with him and he should he witness to the waitresses.

He shared Christ in the same things with the D.

James Kennedy from cordage Presbyterian and evangelism explosion. I would have one meal with him at a restaurant across from Coleridge, and he shared Christ with the waitress adopting interact with him when I was an officer for one of our Southern Baptist convention pastors conferences and it was the year that the Bill Clinton first collected and so he already saw some of the trends that were say and in full fruition.

Now back in that day and so I heard some of his personal responses, so I know how he felt about it and how you would feel about it and he would be active like he always was more majority.

You know it being denigrated and vilified. He just embraced it.

I mean, he wouldn't. He said I know I'm going to be confronting this culture and he prepared for. Also, D James Kennedy adopting interact with him personally a few times and I was he not spoken a small conference years ago in Fort Lauderdale and is interesting talking to him.

He said one of the comments they say that you can't legislate morality and this is one of the big dogmas you can't legislate morality and his response and was classic and I loved it. He said will pray tell, what do you legislate all legislation is either morality. Morality or immorality. If you would make a distinction between morals and religion because when we talk about morality. Marriage is between a man and a woman heterosexual monogamy is the basis of society and family, and the left would say oh, but your your imposing your religion on me pastor. What is the difference between morality and religion, but as you discussed here with us.

And as we've looked at not shared for years. In the book of Romans. You have a foundational principles. First, this creation, the witness of creation where God says that for the invisible things of him are clearly saying, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal God had in power so that they are without excuse, and then you have conscience, rolling up chapters 2 and three where he says those who are without the law or launder themselves or their hearts either excuse them or in your command them based on their behavior. So throughout the earth.

You got this moral ingrained code that is everywhere and sometimes there's some hybridization off it. Don Richardson talks about in peace child and the treachery of the Indians there and how their their highest value was treachery, and when he finally translated Scriptures form when I heard about Jesus Iscariot.

They thought it first. He was the Savior of the book.

They were thrilled with his betrayal of Jesus and he thought Hamilton when these people of Christ when they get this hybridization of the natural moral code and he was able to do that when he saw the illustration of the peace child. Yeah you listening to transfer new generation radio. My dear friend Dr. Darrell Orman stating TNG radio is back after this. Alex is written many books to help you defend your faith.

One of them answers questions from skeptics it's cleverly titled 10 answers for skeptics today. Skeptics are looking for authenticity, integrity, and straightforward truth and in the book Alex McFarland identifies the 10 most common types of skepticism that plagued doubters minds. It offers believers proven strategies for connecting intellectually and spiritually with those who are skeptical about the claims of Christianity. Learn how to answer intimidating questions.

Identify the root issue behind those questions and dismantled the spiritual bombshells dropped by atheist plus find encouragement to face hostility by persevering in love. The ultimate apologetic Christians can offer as a witness to our loving God, check out 10 answers for skeptics.

When you visit Alex first Peter 315 tells us to be ready always to give an answer for the hope we have were instructed to be prepared to defend our faith. This is Alex McFarland for the life answers teams students we train at North Greenville University, a leading Christian college in South Carolina. The life answers. Teams are made up of students who will inspire and equip your congregation.

These apologetics teams. We train speaking churches to youth groups and train Christians of all ages to address key issues of our times. From a biblical perspective like is there a God is the Bible true. What about gender and moral issues.

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Alex McFarland is a voice you can trust to speak the timeless truths of Christianity in a timely way. You're listening to the truth for a new generation radio. Welcome back to TNG radio. I love the promises of Christ about the church in his preservation of the church.

You know it's interesting that the seven churches of Asia Minor in the book of Revelation as far as we know that no longer exist that were literal historic churches, but they're not around now, and while God has promised the preservation of the church.

Matthew 1618. He's not promise the preservation of any one single local church. That's why each of us really have the calling and the obligation to be a part of the church and do our best to help preserve that church and grow the church and somebody's given their life to doing dad and God is used in wonderfully and is using them at first Baptist Stuart, Florida. My dear friend Dr. Darrell Orman Darrell in the time we've got left. Let's talk about that the church we hear a lot about church growth in evangelism is talk about church health it in America from the the time you went into the ministry to where we are now.

What's different. What was different from the church of 2019 to the church when you first went into the ministry will definitely the proliferation of multi site churches, you know, is that occurred in the last couple decades to three decades and is not necessarily been a good thing is Pros and cons to its kind of, there's been articles written like Mac church you know the idea of franchising and the goal of McDonald's is for people to walk into one anywhere in the country and the restaurant. Like the saying the menus the same. The food tastes the same.

That sort of thing. So I think that's one of the aspects for multi site churches in a region is they can tell every body whichever one you go to union experience will we do, I can be good and that can be bad does it exclude the creativity of the spirit of God. There is also an accountability issue. The problem with the multi site churches, especially if the extra sites don't have their own autonomous leadership, which most don't, then if there's a moral failure. For the main speaking, teaching, personality, pastor then it hit instead of it being a local or a distant areawide effect negative effect. It's a regional effect on the body of Christ. And so there's definitely a difficulty that you and I were talking during lunch today about G. Campbell Morgan's interpretation of the mustard seed, you talk about that.

If you would, yet he basically took the parable of mustard seed were Jesus said that it mustard seeds. One of the smallest of seeds or basically says the smallest seated and it grows up into a tree and the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches and it's interesting.

His interpretation which same sound of mustard seed is actually an herb and it is not intended by God to grow into a tree. It's intended to be a small herbal plant and so the analogy that he brought is in the kingdom of heaven. When the structures grow abnormally large, then they become a habitation for birds and then birds in Jesus's parables often times are assembled demonic activities right with the Satanists hours birds in Scripture generally have a negative connotation in stride and willing parables, especially with the Satanists hours, the birds, need the word of God, date, and devour that the seeds which he said is the word of God and so his his his teaching is analogy is that when churches become abnormally large.

Then there's room for heinous types of sands behaviors, activities, and it's true. One of that the reform brother and among us are critical of the mega-church movement in the larger churches by saying that they've virtually abolished church discipline.

How many people go into a mega-church or a super large church of ever saying anyone come up and openly repent in front of the congregation over their sins. Like virtually never hear and part of that is not want to drive off anybody not one that hurt the crowd and so there's there's definitely there's some merit to that criticism from our reform brother and and and you know with corporations you know whether it's a franchise of a restaurant and it's a nationally known brand or a retail store. The company becomes like a person and that the guarding of the brand position the market position becomes very paramount and so you not to do anything to alienate your customer base.

If you're if your goal is to protect the brand, but our calling is not to protect the brand of our church logo.

Our calling is to proclaim the life-changing message of handwriting Savior contrite and it is as the Bible says it's a rock of stumbling on an offense to some people as just part of the territory is it is and at one point in Jesus's ministry got down to his core. 12 and he said are you and leave me to and I said, to whom else can we go who has the words of life. Yes, though I love that answer, Peter said, Lord, Lord. Where else would we go, and listeners. That's our message to you on Jesus is the Savior. And if Christ wasn't the Savior as Peter craved says up in Boston brilliant one of America's great philosophers and a believer.

He's a look if Jesus wasn't the man then God is unknowable because nobody else but Jesus fulfilled prophecies did miracles by rose from the dead. Either it's Jesus or history is in comprehensible man has no hope is nobody else comes close to being that living representation of God to a lost world. Folks we've been talking with Dr. Darrell Orman of first Baptist Stuart, Florida. Let us encourage it. For one thing, Jesus is its close by is a prayer and the Bible says that whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.

That's Romans 1013 maybe God's call to you today is to be saved and to know that your saved, we've got a little booklet that we would love to send you free of charge is says, what does God say about my relationship with him.

This little booklet we've given to over 1/4 million people. I will send one to you and it tells how to know that your saved to know that your born-again.

You don't have to leave this world merely hoping that you can know and then some of the things about how to be a witness how to share the gospel had grow in your faith and so we thank you for listening come to Christ or maybe come back to Christ to tell people about Christ and will see you next time entries from a generation TNG radio is made possible by the friends of Alex McFarland ministry, PO Box 10231, Spero, NC 27404. That's PO Box 10231, Greensboro, NC 27404 call us at 877 yes, God one. That's 877 yes, God in the number one or give while you're there, listen the program archives.

Read Alex's blog invite Alex to speak at your event or contact Alex with a question or comment, Alex Thanks for listening today and join us again next time is we bring you more true for a new generation TNG radio

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