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Truth For a New Generation / Alex McFarland
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September 19, 2020 12:00 am


Truth For a New Generation / Alex McFarland

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September 19, 2020 12:00 am

09/19/2020 - Missions by Truth for a New Generation

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PNG radio for today's culture and timeless truths come together it's reasoned relevant content apologetics worldview and answers to the questions that you need to know from Alex McFarlane ministries. This is true for a new generation radio and now the man who preached in 50 states and 50 days, writer, and advocate for Christian apologetics Dr. Alex McFarlane in the New Testament in a number of places.

There are scriptures that have come to be known as the great commission in Mark 1615 Jesus said preach the gospel to every creature in Matthew 28, 18, 19 and 20. Jesus said, go into all the world and make disciples from every nation hi Alex McFarlane here. This is another addition truth for a new generation, and folks. I wish you could see what I see him with some very special people and I'm on the road in West Virginia met some of the greatest people up here in Augusta West Virginia.

We were talking about missions and I've met some brand-new friends that do some incredible things to take the name of Jesus all the way around the world and I wanted you to meet some of them because here's what I want folks. I want you to get inspired that you as a Christian and your church would have a part in missions Christ great commission and so in just a minute were gonna talk with Paul and Christina Baker. Paul is the pastor of little Capon Baptist Church were going to talk with Mary and Paul Haynes that go to reach Indians, American Indians, Native Americans for Christ.

But first Volvo say thanks to everyone of you for making time to be on the program with us, but most of all, I commend you for what you're doing for Christ to take the gospel around the world, and pastor Paul Baker from little Capon dad this stuff. First of all, Telus just briefly what you and your wife and you and your church have done for missions was started out in the country of Haiti working with my father-in-law and then I was first actually and involved in mission work through my father-in-law and we would Haiti, Dominican Republic, and did wells we drill wells water wells for the people we went spread the gospel and work with the people and make sure they clean water and safe drinking water, conference centers, built churches in all kinds of things in my part of that was just a worker at that time and when I went to the worker process.

I was a certified welder so I get to build the trusses that we put on top of the ruse and made the roots of the building while they were building then the patient just thought that was just the greatest thing that you can build walls in the trusses at the same time I'm over in the corner building trusses there building. The other workers build the walls and we put it all together. You know, I'm glad you mentioned not doing too well when you think of mission trip you think of preaching in the pulpit and that's part of it, but people that do other things from construction work to just a myriad of things. I mean we need a lot of people of a lot of different skill sets to go on mission trips gently.

Yes we do, and that's that's why I got involved. I'm not an evangelist on this the part-time pastor, but the main thing I felt like I had something that God can use my skills in my abilities that he's given me a talent that he's given me to be able to go and share that work and to teach. Every time we went down or without somebody else how to weld. It was a great opportunity as well and Christina being married to pastor a mean your whole life is a mission trip really isn't that that's for sure and request my father-in-law and teasing my father in his and my father-in-law said my husband's father was often ministry said in a part of my life in my mind data courses been in the mission field for over 30 some years he's full-time pastor can as well, but now been involved that my entire life. How important is it Christina that the church continually keep missions really at the forefront and as kids grow up and we continually remind every upcoming generation of believers that that every Christian has a role to play in the great commission exactly right. We are the hands and feet of Jesus and we need to have workers in the field and that's part of what the Bible tells us to do and we try to help those who Christ is told us about. He said that they are the least of these, and Haiti being one of mean it is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and say we have and there's a great need there and for young people. I know we can talk our own daughter at the age of 14 and left it quite an impact on her tail as well. When she went to Haiti and down and that some of the things he was at the children down there.

I marched into the so loving and they just they have just Julie. I mean if you look at any Haitian no matter where they're at. If they always have joy upon their face and that is expressed especially in the Christian communities and when they see us coming. They get excited and it was Avenue and major impact on my daughter's life to as well to be able to help them in if she actually went several times even with her grandparents, then back to Haiti to help sell it left an impression on her which I'm very excited about, but we as a team.

My husband and I asked him he said he wanted to be a worker but God laid upon his heart that also now he needed to start leading teams and that's when he started daily started to start leading teams in 2009 and not and Matt progressed into where we are at today where we had now the new mission called the Haiti mission pastor Paul Looney asked you this. What will a mission trip do for the person you know of layperson or a minister person a ministry person going on an international trip. What what does that do inside of you. Number one, and exposure to the condition of the rest of the world.

Two thirds of this world that we know of only 1/3 of them live in the conditions that we do so, two thirds of the rest the world living conditions less than we do here in America. So number one and exposure to that number two gives you an opportunity to share the love of Christ in a different setting, especially if you go someplace we don't know the language and let God break that language barrier, let him do the work ahead with the Holy Spirit lead in that so important. I think as well to what what you say to churches that yeah maybe they've given some money to you know Samaritan's purse are they doing shoeboxes at Christmas, which is great, but beyond that they've not really had a lot going on in terms of missions.

How can churches begin to start a missions program. I think what you said was very important that you go, you gotta find something to connect with first find a reason. I would've never went. If my father-in-law witness and you can weld. I need you.

You need to go and you gotta find that reason, find a purpose and find a mission that is tied to the abilities that you have. Churches are missing the fantastic blessing financially and spiritually. By not participating in the mission work that God has put out there. It is our calling is a great calling not only in our backyard but to take it to the pool need everyone around that he calls us to minister to folks you listing to truth for new generation Alex McFarland here with some very special people stating looking to talk more about world missions and what God can do through you. Yes, through your life to change somebody's eternity stating back after this. America today is like a patient struggling to live yet is being forcibly euthanized by her doctors. The life force within the patient fighting for survival is the honest citizens like yourself team of caregivers are the local and national leaders actually contributing to the demise of patient economy is crashing crime is exploding.

The Constitution is being abolished the assault on America how to defend our nation before it's too late by Alex Farland has one single purpose to get you prepared the real source of America's current problems that no one else is talking about what you can do now to face tomorrow. Regardless of what tomorrow brings. The assault on America for our nation before it's too late. Available now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and local Christian bookstore Christians don't necessarily agree with one another when it comes to questions of religious pluralism, homosexuality, the role of government. The portion of the war. Too often, we manage these disagreements by ignoring network called to engage the world for the sake of Christ. How can we be effective if we avoid society's most pressing questions and issues that divide Christians Alex McFarland challenges us to drill down to the core of current issues such as social justice evil and suffering number feet and mentalism echoes the biblical patient come this reason together only by engaging the Scriptures thinking clearly and speaking truthfully can we, in God's family address our differences and discover the peace that comes with unity of purpose. 10 issues that divide Christians find this book and many others. Alex for apologetics resources by Alex McFarland and to find out where Alex is speaking to visit Alex program Alex McFarland here on the road so glad to be traveling and preaching the gospel I'm in West Virginia Christ Community Church. The town of Augusta, West Virginia 27 a great week. As many of you know throughout the code months. A number of our events from country got canceled or postponed 30 some events if you go to my website which is Alex with the calendars often and were putting things back on the schedule and so number one. Please keep me in prayer, but when I'm coming to your town after being in West Virginia. I'm going to be in Fayetteville couple times this fall I'm going to be in Texas someone to be in Florida we've got some things and I want you to pray folks right now I were talking to a number of the major national news networks that want me to come and talk about my book about a brand-new book called the assault on America how to defend our nation before it's too late and you are in the book. There are a lot of things about the moral and spiritual climate of the country and so I asked for your prayers and asked me to come when when I'm in your city or nearby. Come see us.

Let's join together. Let's pray for America and let's stay equipped to present explain and defend the gospel in our nation present explain defend the gospel. That's a heartbeat. We want to come alongside and encourage you and help you as you endeavor to do that you are part of our job also was to proclaim the gospel around the world. The Bible talks to the uttermost parts of the earth, and two very special people. I wish you could see these beautiful people.

The Bible talks about how beautiful are the feet that take the good tidings. The good news around the world and these people not only have beautiful feet in the biblical sense. But they are beautiful. Paul and Mary Haynes.

I wanted you, especially to meet them because they work with American Indians send Paul and Mary, thanks for being with us on the truth for new generation show. Glad to be here in the we actually started missions in 2004 Easter Sunday morning. God is calling you can go on this mission trip and Aston so I was so glad that did answer the call when I wound up in Guatemala of the mighty, and it's and so we spent four summers down going down there the mighty and its and to say like God was late admitted one of stay with American Indians. While not stated in your own country.

And so we did. So start the 2010. We start work on the Native Americans so it's been a spent such a joy. You don't want Paul, one of the reasons I wanted to have you on the program last night you and I were talking about reaching the Indians for Christ in you just had such a smile on your face and I could tell that reaching the Native Americans was such a joy to you, and I wanted to have you on the program. Mary, you participate with this. What what all what states have you gone to here in the USA to reach Indians for Christ alignment to Cherokee and then South Dakota went to three different tribes.

There things that were going on that we just joined in and worked with what's unique about sharing Jesus with Native American leather just like us think I need Jesus receptive thing except the Lord of thing are presented with the gospel, one that's been very rewarding. Paul what you do when you go out to the Southwest or wherever what's was a mission trip to Native Americans like well for us.

We we just let God lead us a will go out there and we don't know what God's going to have portion which is what wound up happened something planned but we always got always have some things that we can wound up maybe going to the hospital. Pray for people we just so many things but God is dismayed it opens up some late doors and we work up to Native American ministries always out there a couple places and that we did work on a couple reservations. The Native Americans action. The five poorest counties in the United States is on Indian reservations and so that makes it bad and movement through some reservations. That's been so poor and actually on Pine Ridge. It at the time we was out there was 70% unemployment said I was. That's outrageous and access stopped at wounded knee and about necklace off of the lady in the CEDIA she been there all day under this little brush sharper and not Tanda to make a few dollars cell necklaces and should, and she had to everybody that bought something off of it.

She had him to sign your name and it should. I had three people had stopped all day and I was the fourth one, so I made that it's and she thought she talked about the conditions on the reservation. She did have a water, no electricity or house you carry water from a distance. Last night Paul you were talking about a statistic that really broke my heart about the rate of suicide speak to that if you would him among the Native Americans, yet it's nearly so great.

It's about 7% greater than the date on the rest of her nation and the it's just no hope that I have no hope they they just it's just feel like it that they are hopeless they will have jobs and I felt without having given them Jesus to give him some hope. Well, you know they still have what is their response. Paul and Mary when you share the gospel.

You explain how to be saved. How receptive are they will repent several specially minted vacation Bible school.

It's usually Chris Kitson, Ali.

I just think in one little boy that came forward except the Lord and he actually was kinda laying down on the on the floor like just laughing. He was he was thrilled and so happy and I guess this was a little boy.

She talked about elected 12-year-old and asked a he never been inside of a church before having on the reservation and when he came in.

Their first night we picked him up he came a so what are you doing here and what would and it took a really he just was just like a sponge is set on the front seat. He sucked everything up and about third night a given heart to the Lord and and one when you actually want a daily just got this came over me just laughed. I may just notice what a thrill you know it just blesses me to see him have God blessed him because saving them and it been several like that and so God's been so good. We had one lady to her brother little boy was visiting your work product every night and she said cannot stay all shoe base text, and she stated she got saved on the last night over and summoned just what a blessing she brought aboard and she could see was one got saved. I made it. God is so good in itself is been such a blessing.

I know mom was part of the decide how I set up spot in my heart for them socialistic to choose for new generation states he will get to come back and talk about the most rewarding most thrilling thing in the world, which is to be used by God to bring another soul to faith in Christ stated her back after this you know Alex is writing for many years. One of his classic books is still great.

Today is a basic introduction to the Christian faith. It's called stamp courtrooms must know for unshakable faith. This book will help you help your teens get off the roller coaster of doubt onto solid ground will read about the six pillars of biblical Christianity.

They are one inspiration of the Bible to the virgin birth. Three. The deity of Christ for atonement. Five.

Christ's resurrection and six. Christ's return know Alex mixes it up with humor and stories gleaned from decades of working with youth and encourages things to build a foundation of faith that will stabilize their lives and help them take a stand for Christ. Simple and straightforward stamp courtrooms you must know for an unshakable faith available wherever Christian books are so American today is like a patient struggling to live yet is being forcibly euthanized by her doctors.

The life force within the patient fighting for survival is the honest citizens like yourself team of caregivers are the local and national leaders actually contributing to the demise of patient economy is crashing crime is exploding.

The Constitution is being abolished the assault on America how to defend our nation before it's too late by Alex Farland has one single purpose to get you prepared the real source of America's current problems that no one else is talking about what you can do now to face tomorrow. Regardless of what tomorrow brings.

The assault on America how to do for our nation before it's too late. Available now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and local Christian book stores in the midst of a culture obsessed with relativism. Alex McFarland is a voice you can trust to speak the timeless truths of Christianity in a timely way. You're listening to the truth for a new generation radio back on track for new generation Alex McFarland here again folks think about this. If you're a believer you heard about Christ and had an opportunity to respond because somebody share the gospel and if you're part of the church. There were faithful folk that preceded me and you and built those churches and I often view the body of Christ like links in the chain, and here we are were blessed their churches, their Bibles, there's gospel booklets and somebody prayed for us. Somebody shared with us but now it's our turn.

It's our moment to pass the message on to the upcoming generation were talking with Mary and Paul Haynes were talking with Paul and Christina Baker some dear dear friends and brothers and sisters in the time we got left.

Well, let's talk a little bit about how it honestly is every Christian. Some I was a privilege not just duty, although it is responsibility, but it's a it's a privilege is not have to.

It's a get to pastor Paul talk about how rewarding it is to know as a Christian, you're doing the assignment that the Savior gave us something. Is it fair to say that the Christian who is in no way interested in missions is really in a state of disobedience. Is that true, I would agree with. I think that God has made preparations for us out. I was in three years of high school I took French for no apparent reason, and little did I know that God would use that ability and speak with the Haitian people in an work with the kids and talk with the people. A couple of times.

There were a few small miracles were, they would ask for things and I didn't know the French word and also not blurt out something in the Holy Spirit must've said something like as a came back what we wanted, so no work but the rewarding experience is being obedient to God. And I think if we understand that and we move in that direction to watch him unfold.

Those things if we are obedient to his spirit is the greatest blessing of all Christina Baker yet yells church little Capon Baptist youth to jumpstart the Haiti hope mission or I know you participate with it, but were you all the founders of it. Our church a little Capon Baptist wise arm in a internment has been in Iraq out that he had led many mission trips to Haiti during that period of time.

We found that there are several members in our congregation who had such leadership abilities and not my husband had asked certain members within our congregation that they would be willing to like step up to the plate and they definitely did. I so we do have an organization now caught Haiti hope mission, we sponsor children for $25 a month. We also have teachers that we sponsor the organization sponsors an orphanage that houses 12 orphans and we have two mamas down there and we built a medical clinic in a dental clinic and so were constantly in her doing new things and I one of our newest things we like to do is to build a technical school and we first started we only had 42 enrolled in our school and now at the last semester we had 406, so it's just such a blessing and were giving him a Christian education and this is not just an education. This is that an education that they are learning all about the Lord on what amount of time from fortysomething to over 410 times the amount and how long the time.

That was started in 2009 11 is when the school started. And of course until 2027, three phase project went from 2011 with three phases built the kindergarten and then one of the follow them through to the six grade which is which is considered a reasonable education and aide to the six grade and unlike our schools, which is based on age there's based on capability so you may have a 16-year-old in the sixth grade, just because that's what they can afford. And that's where they're at but were currently in six grade looking to build the technical schools teach things like welding, plumbing, electrical, graduate to the next phase of that to get technical, you know I'm hearing one another's prayer and there's investment of time and everything but I'm hearing good strategic planning.

I mean the preaching of the gospel in the intersession prayer.

That's important, but just good common sense visioning and planning on me.

That's a crucial part of the success to his started out homes or hold hands around circle around the tree bagel mango tree right down and pastor Eddie sandhills compound down there and we just said God we want to be here. We want to be used another group from Pennsylvania was already involved in another work they had initially built the church and the orphanage we say we want to do whatever you want us to do didn't know what that was, had no idea came back reevaluated that set down started the strategic planning and allow God to work through that ended up saying hey we may not be able to proclaim God in the school here but in Haiti they welcome any, school, and they're willing to hear the gospel and they it's a government recognized school is run by Christians and teaching the children Christ centered thoughts and ideas folks if you just tuned in. Were talking about missions and this is such a great think my prayers that you would get a vision for this. Christina and Paul Baker, Mary and Paul Haynes and Paul Haynes. We've only got a little bit of time left. But I want you to give a final encouragement God as you and your wife to reach American Indians for Christ. How important is it that we, yes, be willing to share and go but to pray and to remember the great commission is the Christian's life assignment. How do we keep that at the forefront of our heart and our priorities that you have to be led by the Lord amended its have to have a such a desire to want to do it and God really put that desire in my heart so I'm so glad that we can do whatever he wants us to do is send them just the latest, all kind of different situations and since Minnesota say that that's been the main thing in our life.

It's just a thrill.

The say somebody come to Jesus space in our own Native Americans. You know I wish you could see the smile on their faces as he said that folks really challenge you a man asked me this when I was a brand-new believer. He said it. Alex will there be anybody in heaven because of you, this is Buford Smith in Greensboro and I kinda stumbled. I did not answer. Said will anybody in heaven.

It's because of Jesus, and Buford Smith looked at me. This is 35 years ago. He said that's right, but Alex do something with your life so that somebody at least once so would be in heaven because of you and Mary and Paul and Anthony also known as Paul and Kristin, you've done that, I commend you listeners.

I challenge you do something so that somebody would be in heaven because of you. This is strictly generation keep us in prayer you can find us is showing more were on YouTube and Facebook God bless you, pray for America and tell somebody about Jesus. TMG radio is made possible by the friends of Alex McFarlane ministry, PO Box 10231 rural NC 27404. That's PO Box 10231, Greensboro, NC 27404 call us at 877 yes God one that's 877 yes, God in the number one or give while you're there, listen the program archives.

Read Alex's blog invite Alex to speak at your event or contact Alex with a question or comment, Alex Thanks for listening today and join us again next time is we bring you more true for a new generation TMG radio

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