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Becoming a Kingdom Wife

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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June 2, 2021 8:00 am

Becoming a Kingdom Wife

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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June 2, 2021 8:00 am

God has set up a "chain of command" for family life, and sometimes even talking about it can make women uncomfortable. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he talks about the purpose behind the plan and the difference it can make in your home.


Points this point is Dr. Tony Evans talked about the danger of downplaying the importance in disobeying God's and brings consequences and that's why celebrating 40 years of faithful. This is the alternative Dr. Tony author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the alternative speeding can get you a ticket of felony could land you in jail today. Dr. Evans will talk about the consequences of disobeying God's laws and explain what we need to take the concept of sin very seriously.

You want to turn to Genesis chapter 2 as we join him when you go to the store to purchase a device whether it's a tool, an electrical device you do so because you want that device to improve some aspect of your life or your home walk your vehicle. It is just to make something better or easier for you, but when you purchase an electronic device or tool or an appliance, you will see something on the box or sticker on the item. It will simply say warning read before using. And so we get these warnings in order to maximize the device that we have purchased is a device called life doing I get to live it, but I want to talk to you about a warning that comes with the device called life is a warning, often unread or when read on use creating a breakdown of the device called life. It is with that understanding that we begin at the beginning when God first creates man against man.

Time life.

I'm using the word device but I'm referring to life. You are alive. You possess life, but I'm sure that plenty miserable. Good testified if devices taught from the floor is broke down because it was misused or a warning was not heated. Michelle you two verses in chapter 2 the Lord.

Verse 16 commanded the man saying from every tree of the garden you may eat freely, but from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not in it for the day you eat from it you will surely die. That was the morning on the package called life.

While this is the beginning of mankind. It was not written in the beginning Moses is the author of Genesis, Moses is living. Many generations after Genesis occurrence because that's the first man Adam was the first woman he Moses as many generations ladies in the book of Exodus, but he's one of Genesis and Exodus and Leviticus and Numbers, and Deuteronomy called the Pentateuch the first five books of the Bible was written by Moses, so Moses is recounting God's history and the history of mankind.

Up until the point he's writing it in order to deliver it to the Israelites, who is the leader.

He's the leader of the Israelite nation that group to know the history of God with man so that they will have the information necessary to move forward as a nation and as a people to live a victorious life. So, to teach them how to live a victorious life.

He reaches all the way back to the beginning to show them how history God story unfolds with mankind and how this principle I'm going to share with you today and beyond works itself out and wanted to get them to move into their future differently so doing with you and with what Moses was doing with them in his day, going all the way back to the beginning so that moving forward we can get life and not continue to repeat the generational cycle that has gotten so many of us messed up the point that Moses is making the Israel that he picks up from what God told Adam was a very simple principle, and it is this sin brings consequences.

Sin brings consequences and that's why. Matters that you and I live in a day when the word said is been dumbed down. We call it. Mistakes bad habits that we want to be cool about it. We just beside my bed.

But what the Bible means when it refers to sin, it is referring to disobedience and departure from the divine standard sin and God's definition is disobedience and departure from the divine standard. God sets the standard management department from it. The Bible calls that sin from God's standpoint. Sin is way T from our standpoint citizen convenient from God's standpoint. Sin is serious. From our standpoint. Sin may or may not be so when God creates man who have not yet sin he wants to give you a device called life works with a warning label on it. He says Genesis 216, commanded you not to suggest to what I'm about to go with you is not a request from God. You need to pay attention. The best one because this is your life every tree of the garden you may freely stop with good news. Freedom was not created by man, what great about America. The first use of the word freedom came from God from every tree of the garden you may freely eat so God created Adam, he created Adam's home state called God's house and he says I am going to provide what you need to sustain your life. I'm going to catch I'm going to give you what you need to live and I'm going to make it available to you anytime you want from every tree of the garden you may freely eat the translation as it is much that you want whenever you want because you're free to go to midnight snack.

No breakfast does one lunch goes one afternoon snack go because you get what I give anytime you desire.

But you see the word freedom is a meaningless word unless it is accompanied by choice C freedom assumes you have a choice and so God says you're free so if you're free to leave you free to the word freedom is a meaningless term without a boundary.

In order for freedom to occur boundary must exist so that you're free to do whatever you're seeking to get done. For example, you can't play football with outside lines of the goal line because of the running back can run off the field in order to stay applied to the concessionaire into the pack a lot in order to avoid being they may think he's free, but it brought chaos to the game in tennis, you need a baseline in order to be free to play tennis and baseball you outlined still to be free to play baseball that was only free to do what you're supposed to do if you got the right boundaries, restricting you the moment you remove boundaries. Freedom becomes chaos.

So freedom is a mean principle without choice and without boundaries.

That is, restrictions and so it says got your back got you covered and you are free and you are free to enjoy what I have provided every tree in the garden you may freely eat except enter boundary enter a warning on the package called life. God gives us his life. He says and you free to maxes you free to enjoy it and live it.

Maximally, but here is a warning label you see that tree in the middle your house so you can't miss it but I put it in the middle your tree in the middle of God is the tree of knowledge of good tree you do not eat from it actually will kill you. You shall surely die.

Show no That's the killing tree tree and we arbitrate freedom is available to you, but there is a warning if you introduce that tree to your life tree is going to mess up your accessibility to every other tree trees were killed. Warning label given by God about a life in this warning label says don't mess with that tree, but I will put that treated why why would you give me a tree put in the middle of my house so I can listen in any direction. I go into and tell me don't touch it seemed like cruel and unusual punishment, especially if the fruit is looking good will naturally Dr. Evans will come back in a moment with the answer to that question.

First, I want to let you know that what you're hearing today is the first in a brand-new message collection called consequences. It's a six lesson said. That explains why societies who cares attitude about sin is not only wrong but dangerous. Along the way you learned about the deadly traps Satan sets for us and how to recognize and reject them using the freedom of choice. God provided we want to help you put these important principles to work so we are offering CDs and digital downloads of all six full-length lessons in the set with our thanks for your contribution toward Tony's ministry at if you contact us right away will also include his powerful booklet 30 days to overcoming emotional strongholds as a special bonus, we can only make this offer available for a limited time, so be sure to contact us to make your contribution and your request or give us a call at 1-800-800-3222 were someone on a resource team is standing by around-the-clock to help you again dial 1-800-800-3222. I repeat that information for you after part two of today's message and this men wireframe pack at home and in their communities.

In the game of life either makes clear self freestanding.

The sidelines wants to play being made.

The choice is yours.

Too many have chosen to sit it out and Tony Evans on the way to seek looking him in rising cousin men to rise up in places that are needed most. Get on the field. Listen intently to God's plan to embody potential. This is something reach it's right there can almost touch it. It's available if you rise and become the influencer.

God has designed you to be kingdom men it's time to position yourself to leave a lasting legacy. Find out more. Tony also makes a great gift for brother, husband, son, uncle Pastor Ray why God will warning so that you and I no longer view ourselves as in other words, you even everybody who follows you. You are not to look at any part of your life as an independent for me to remind you that you all and a bag of chips to remind you that you got limitations to remind you you're not just answerable to you. I am going to put this tree in the middle of your house so that when you wake up in the morning when you go to the living room when you go to God through this little spot called the God you will be reminded Olds somebody else I need from the tree shop that you drop treat the question on the floor is will be the source, what will be the source of your information people in your life you're responsible for bringing information into from the people that they know some you know they don't want the universe thinks when you choose opinion of divine revelation are starting to him that your friends yell, yell yell cousins, your posse homeboys John Hall girls know all guns will be a show on the floor would be to maximize life because it's been three to live in summarizes the warning this kick tree in the garden you may freely eat that tree in the middle your house for you shall surely die.

When you think about the word die you're thinking about a casket with a body of a deceased person think about with in the Bible the word die does not mean cessation of existence. We look at it that way, nor does it mean annihilation of existence. That's not the biblical understanding of the word that the family room for the word in the Bible is separation case so where I am now I want you to think the word not cessation or annihilation. Would you think separation when you think of that occurs when something that should be connected is illegitimately separate when you see a body lying in a the reason the body is lying in the coffin is that the soul has separated from the saw the body, and since the soul is the essence of life have left the body, leaving the ground conference and the salt marches on, to return there has been a separation that has occurred so that you shall surely die with me you are going to experience legitimate separation that day and kilo heart attacks that day that Adam lived for hundreds of years after that soul was God for about what he meant by that day doesn't one day = long period of time, or did he mean what he said separation is death on that day a whole series of separations took place. That is a whole series of deaths took place. Number one spiritual walk with God. The Bible says in the cool of the day running from God, not walking with God shows an illegitimate separation spiritual death. The family fight between a man and a woman took place where the Bible says and you will be with one another so that was a relational that did occur.

The reason why people talk about marriage is a separation that has occurred. Best siblings became separated and came to label so there is a separation that occurs people commit suicide when they can't live with them when they are so out of sorts with their own humanity and the Bible says that Shane took over and took over in their emotional well-being collapsed and may dissatisfied with themselves satisfied with themselves that separated them satisfy which of the relation separated and that we find in chapter 3 is an environmental separation. The environment goes crazy so that no longer is there can be environments in which they live. So that was a lot of people today. The sound of my boys that I physically didn't like the name but your circumstances and your well-being is dead. The relationships are dead.

People often say I just because there is an illegitimate nation that has occurred as a consequence about the wrong tree. The day away from it you will surely die the day go for information that may help me you don't know and it may taste good but you just bit death when you and I live. It's independently of divine revelation, a separation occurs, even though it looks good on the outside and maybe good in terms of its look and it's tasted all of that separation occurs first from God spends over everything else.

So how do we heal that separation and restore our relationship with God. The Bible is clear there's only one way to do that through personal relationship with Jesus Christ. But what does that mean how does it happen. Dr. Tony Evans will be happy to answer those questions and explain what being a real Christian really looks like.

Just visit Tony and click on the link that says Jesus while you're there.

Find out how you can get a copy of today's lesson to reviewing your own or pass along to someone you care about the title to request is why sin matters and you get the full length version that includes content. We didn't have time to bring you on the air. Better yet, get it is a part of Tony's current six part audio series called consequences. As I mentioned earlier, it's available right now is our gift to you and appreciation for your donation toward Tony's ministry, along with a special bonus is popular.

Booklet 30 days to overcoming emotional strongholds visit Tony today to get all the details before time runs out. Again, that's Tony or call us at 1-800-800-3222 our phone center is open 24 seven. Again, that's 1-800-800-3222.

Every parent tries to teach their children the choices have consequences. Our heavenly father is no different tomorrow. Dr. Evans will take us back to the book of Genesis to talk about some consequences of disobeying God that many people never see coming hopefully with the alternative with Dr. Tony Evans is brought to you by think of an alternative celebrating 40 years of faithfulness, thanks to the generous contributions of listeners like you

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