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Becoming a Kingdom Single

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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June 3, 2021 8:00 am

Becoming a Kingdom Single

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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June 3, 2021 8:00 am

God has set up a "chain of command" for family life, and sometimes even talking about it can make women uncomfortable. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he talks about the purpose behind the plan and the difference it can make in your home.

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Dr. Tony Evans is unmarried believers to celebrate their single just celebrating this is the alternative Dr. Tony author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the alternative, some singles, life without marriage is life without meaning today will offer you a very different perspective hears Dr. Evans to give us a look at what's ahead. I'm excited about a message today because we discovered that singlehood from God's point of view is not only not all that bad.

It can be downright awesome. I know sometimes singles on the kind of credence and credit everything empathizing marriage. Marriage is great, but Paul is going to argue today singlehood is even better. So I think I find this a kind of different spin on singlehood you stupid one well worth hearing what you're about to hear is part of Dr. Evans teaching series. The kingdom family and tell you a little later you can get this entire collection of messages is our gift along with an added bonus right now let's jump into today's lesson store furniture store items. One was a large table that set in the middle of the furniture store she was going to sell the table a lot of work into it.

She slashed the price down to $400 so gentleman came into the store and he saw this beautiful table you she says no. $400 400 300 you understand the stables were the files. So for me 100 big break. I can go below 400 $7300 scratch on the table. I think you can get down with now before I leave. I want you to think about what you really think we just saw this when you think about this table for $300. Just think about. She paused, she thought about it I will change my price the table is now $600 dollars for 3 to 6 because the longer we understood it was worth every time I kept telling myself it was worth $1000. So the more you talk the more value in the more value the higher price I was willing to put together a table that he was ignoring for $400 because this lady was reminded of many single Christians who don't know the value so that willing to reduce their value price and Gucci when it long enough and biblically they would understand that God's view of singlehood is a lot different than the value placed on it world. Unfortunately, I confess, by the church is a major emphasis on marriage in the church to be, but not enough attention is given to what it means to be a kingdom single chapter 7 is talking about singlehood. First Corinthians marriage and he talked about singlehood and he wants to give you that in the kingdom view of singlehood something in verse 24.

Each one is to remain with God in the condition in which he was called discussion of singlehood and marriage attention to as we get this condition where the single call. I want you to remain with God in the state in which you were called about not right, even calling that is against the just a physical relational state. She says will come to me call you to bring you just want you with me in the stager ran is marriage with God in the states with God. The states become a Christian singles on the glory of singlehood about marriage.

Marriage is great. One single piece is with God.

In other words what you just find somebody grab somebody and somebody and somebody somebody just want you to get me somebody because the world and the attainment does friends do you if they make a big deal of thing God makes so well because the value system that you are just not right and you may not be okay singles time in a way God never to be divided and therefore able to rip all your single and when God made Adam wife single but he was God's purposes single run around 35 on marriage because of the plan right now world challenges them what God is trying to say to you and me in this regard is that you all something that's not yours now to this from you if you want to be fulfill. Some of you heard me tell the story of playfully land embrace and capture that year when he was planning know you talk about no know mammals that can no longer make noise and embarrassment).

The writing insignia, the writing on your back is turned the wrong way to face the writings will think you if you don't have the right and right where you could break the battle reverberate which enhance the writing in the right way. So let's say for Louisville slugger on the back so you haven't anything in writing insignia on the back is turned the wrong way you look at it didn't pay attention to look at the pictures from the strap and pumping it into the picture next to the king down the central plans for home runs. Reference 112 second round search consultant touches the home plate is on his way back to the dugout after hitting a home run stops looks back and he'll be better. Just thought you might want to know. I come here to read if you don't know what you hear for you have a bunch of voices distracting you from God's purpose for you because it calls you. If your marriage is not only a state but you want to take you want to take care of the question every Christian singles you want to use me in the state you change my state purpose that is the question because when God to be married will stay there.

The nomination of marriage will be because you will be distracted distracted by bad relationships with distracted by the wrong girlfriend with his TV show make us feel bad. We all just got attention and as a result we don't experience what God wants us to experience a life.

During this time you should be prepared when that day, so that you not only met the right person. You are the right person to marry because what if you find Mr. right, you become a better person because of the devotion to a real pizzeria, one from Buddy Realty. No takers want to go in and they began to abuse it and slam it down and take a rolling pin a flat they pick it up and spend it on the finger.

Come on I want the good stuff. I want the sauce and cheese the pepperoni and sausage. I want the good stuff. But real pizzeria you can get the good stuff until the bill has been made ready to receive a lot of good stuff when the dough have not been made ready to receive God wants to do something you give to someone because he knew what he wants to do when you get around to someone because he wanted to do distracted you over there. I want to every single Christian singles just devotion to the Lord that his name and every Christian has won every single Christian has one God wants to use whatever given you so distract you from being single class in God. Dr. Evans will have more for us when he continues her message just a moment, including a thought about why singles on to be the happiest people in the church first. So I want to share a few words about a powerful resource we are offering to go along with Tony's current study, the kingdom, family, devotional, written by Dr. Evans and his son Jonathan covers 52 practical topics one for each week with a set of five devotionals for each topic. The material is simple enough to share with your kids, but solid enough to challenge every member of your family to grow stronger in their faith while also growing closer to each other where offering a copy of the kingdom family devotional as her. Thank you gift to those who support Tony's work here on the air with a financial contribution and is a special bonus will also include all six lessons. In his current teaching series. The kingdom family available on both CD and digital download. This special double offer runs out tomorrow so visit us right or call our resource request line at 1-800-800-3222 team members are standing by around-the-clock to help with your resource request that's 1-800-800-3222, or however contact information again for you after part two of today's lesson and this are you hungry from his trip, then you need to God's word with explicit teaching from Dr. Tony active online study experience allows you to explore theology of history and application anytime, anywhere. Tony Evans training to get started next 10 training this one you and I was in this crowd of people like me there going somewhere. I'm going to mix all the sudden I hear this only happens when you pick up the red participle go look around for records records to phone. It's my assistant, my assistant says they have been a change in plan I just got a call from the folks in Memphis they rearrange some things so you will not be flying out of that airport today for this.

Come back home because they rearrange some things when a lot of people and I got a plan. My plan is to go to Memphis today. I got my bag with me because I was to another destination trying to say I'm trying to say.

God knows where you knows your name when it's time to find you and reroute you.

You are what attract one another, and another priority will give you and not to him.

You will hear him call your name on the loud speaker gets our attention because you fooled around with the phone around what you think your wife places messed up situation you will hear him call me call you been this way tell you not to be distracted makes a statement in verse 37 report about closing Scripture stands firm in his heart be under no constraint but has authority over his own will and decided in his own heart to keep his virgin daughter. He will do well not what's interesting is the Bible the word daughter should be italicized. That means it was not in the original text they added it to try to finish out the sentence to make the sentence make sense in English because the word daughter is used earlier in the passage word daughter all that's italicizing your body, it would say simply to keep his own virgin so it only referred to a boyfriend girlfriend situation not messily the situation, he says the relationship and you are having your girl virgin. In other words, things got hot in the relationship. He says with her, but don't mess.

We got a lot of girls being messed this appeals were not very of the Virgin was the and goes back to the temple in the temple there was a veil that separated the holy place, from the holy of holies there was this mail that came down because the holy of holies was the private dwelling place of God, and it was a veil of the Bible talks about sex and to talk about the women providing the temple when God created woman. He created a veil featuring a veil, because to penetrate the veil is to penetrate the holiest place of all six. It was designed to reflect the temple what God is saying is if you're in this relationship and you know you not to be able to keep you not go biblically from having said that, you should should not continue the relationship, but what you should do is jeopardize her why you're jeopardizing someone ultimately belongs to somebody else and you are not free to use her MS her and the deserter so he wants a man in particular the state to take this very, very seriously, then it comes down in his final point is boundary. As long as her husband lives husband, she is free to marry whomever she wishes only in the Lord. In other words, you only supposed to marry another Christian today when folks are looking for soulmates. That's not the first major you suppose a first look for spirit make when the body gets all the souls in conflict better have the spirit launching when the body in this conflict, there is nothing else to hold it together because there is no spiritual way that is holy to another Christian said a lot about fathers in this passage because of the Bible.

The father covered the daughter is the job of the father to come of the daughter from male predators no man he is to protect the daughter from male predators, and this is where we can get permission of the father giving permission for his daughter to get married because he was to cover every woman is supposed to have a covering under natural way. This should be her father. Assuming father is there, and assuming father is responsible taking responsibility for her well-being, your finger, you don't have a father. Paul says in chapter 4 verse 15 he says your father says to the church. I am your father. So the church should covering, particularly for single women hold them responsible particularly for single women to make sure they are not ripped off by good will destroy their lives. So ladies, when it's time to get married, find a father that is spiritually responsible churchman if you don't have a biological one spiritual who will make sure that that man understands his responsibility covering you once you release because a woman is supposed to be covered by a man not abused by man not hit by a man that cussed out by Max got pushed around by a man being mistreated by a man that's not what you are entering this into and he needs to look in the eyes of another man countable for his responsibility to the woman you he says in verse 40, but in my judgment, opinion means judgment if she remained there she is, and I think I also have the spirit of God to watch this if you want, but in my judgment, which is based on the same as Dr. Tony Evans talking about what it means to become a kingdom single part of his current six lesson series, the kingdom family and in-depth look at God's original plan for life in the home. As I mentioned earlier, we are offering the complete kingdom family audio series as well as the popular kingdom family devotional is our gift when you make a donation to help support Tony's ministry.

You can make the arrangements to get the special double offer at 20 of stone or again Tony ever and start all the or let one of our team members help you when you call a resource request line at 1-800-800-3222 number again 1-800-800-3222. You know the world works overtime to sell as its broken version of sexuality tomorrow. Dr. Evans will confront what our culture is saying with solid biblical truth brings us a message called understanding kingdom sexuality. Be sure to join us, the alternative with Dr. Tony have celebrating 40 years of faithfulness, thanks to the generous contributions of listeners like you

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