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Josh Charles: Derrick Henry Is Going To Be A Great Fit

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 10, 2024 3:10 pm

Josh Charles: Derrick Henry Is Going To Be A Great Fit

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 10, 2024 3:10 pm

5/10/24 - Hour 3

Actor Josh Charles joins the show in studio to talk about his show "The Veil" and Derrick Henry joining the Baltimore Ravens.

Rich and the guys bring back a game where they take a look at his residual checks to see what type of candy bar he can buy.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. You have seven rings.

Well, eight. Now the Giselle gave hers back. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Chris Long here on the Rich Eisen Show.

What'd you think of the Brady roast? Nikki Glaser's been on my radar for a while. She's the one you don't want to see at your roast. Earlier on the show, Sirius XM NBA radio host Frank Isola. From the new HBO comedy special, Someday You'll Die, comedian Nikki Glaser. Coming up, from FX's The Veil, actor Josh Charles. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Alright, it's another hour right here on the Rich Eisen Show, right here on the Roku channel. This Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate, Sirius XM, Odyssey, and more. I'm thrilled, quite frankly, to have my friend back here on the Rich Eisen Show.

In a new show that debuted back on April the 30th, three episodes into The Veil, which is available right here on Roku through the Hulu app. My buddy, Mr. Josh Charles himself. Good to see you, Josh. How are you? It's good to see you, my friend.

You are the best dad ever, by the way. Well, listen, I know you are, because you've got your son Rocco here literally watching us across the set. Walking around the stage. That's fine, he's exploring the studio space.

He's exploring the studio. That's fine. Giving Chris a hard time. That's fine. Good to see you. It's great to see you. It's great to be here, again. It's been a while. It's been a long time. I was just saying to you, walking over here, I mean this, guys, I remember being with you, and I want to say it was around the time we were watching soccer, the World Cup, maybe? Yes. That sounds right, right? This might be like a 2008 situation or something like that.

We've known each other for a very long time. Well, when did this one start? This one started in 2014, so probably maybe, could have been 2012. Yeah, so it was around that time I remember you talking about really wanting to do this show and working out the deal and trying to figure it out. Yes.

And every time I watch it when I'm in New York or I'm at home and I watch it often, and I certainly watch clips a lot, especially when you're talking about Derrick Henry. Yes, sir. But I just am so happy for you, man, because you've made such a good show. These guys are fantastic. And the guests you have on are incredible. So I'm really happy for you, man.

Thank you. I really am. I know how important it was, and I think it's just an incredible thing you've created, and I'm proud of you. I love you for saying that, because you know, to use the Goodfellas phrase, I've been cultivating this caper for a while. Yes, you have. And I've been talking about it, and you've been there from the very beginning.

Like I said, you and I go way back like a car seat. And you know a lot about my life and about everything going on. You've been there for a lot.

But you know what? You deserve it, man. You do a great job. It's a fun show, and I'm real, real happy for you.

Thanks, pal. I appreciate that. And interesting you mentioned Derrick Henry. Let's just jump right into it.

Because I was saying, you know, back when he was signed, that this is, if the football gods created an offensive player that is the ultimate Baltimore Raven, I'd imagine it would be Derrick Henry. It seems that way, doesn't it? It feels that way. It feels right. It feels right.

There are certain players. I think Roquan, from a defensive perspective, felt the same way, right? Just felt right. Marcus Peters at that time felt right. Their guys just feel like Ravens. And Derrick Henry, I keep saying Travis Henry. Rocko's always giving me a hard time, because I'm telling him I'm old.

Sometimes I just make mistakes. Nice. That's right. But Derrick Henry is going to be a great fit.

So, yeah, I'm psyched. In fact, after, sadly after the AFC Championship loss, the Rocko, before we got back to New York, was just jotting down at my dad's house some notes. He said, Dad, here's what I think the Ravens should do. We were all obviously upset.

But he wrote down this little note. This is in the aftermath of losing the AFC Championship game. This is in the aftermath. I have to go back to the timeline.

I know it was January 30th, so I'm pretty sure it was after the game. Sure. But he said, hey, can you send this to Eric for me?

Can you text it to Eric to cause it for me? So I said, sure. I said, I'll tell you what.

I said, Derrick Henry for a fourth round pick. That's what he said. That was his idea back January 30th. There it is.

There's the actual proof. Is that a good old piece of oak tag or something like that? I don't know what the hell that is.

Why is it like folding up? I don't even know. I don't know. Rocco, is that your handwriting or my handwriting?

I think he's right next to Brockman right now. I don't know. No, that's Pop Al's. It is?

I don't know. Maybe mine. We're looking through my baseball cards over here. Don't worry about it. Uncle Brockman's on the case. Dad, Dad. We're good. All right.

He's looking through baseball cards while Dad chit-chats. And you did in fact send that to the general manager of the Baltimore Ravens? I said, just put the smile on your face and he said it does.

And then when we actually signed him as a free agent. You didn't have to send him anything. We didn't have to give anything away. I made a joke with Eric. I said, hey, can I tell my son that he played some small part in this? He said, sure.

Go for it. Dude, it's a perfect fit. I think it's going to be great.

I'm excited to see it. Because the number of times that he would just be hit behind the line of scrimmage in Tennessee. And that's the way to stop him is you've got to stop him before he gets started in any way, shape or form. I think there'll be fewer times in which he will have that behind an offensive line like this and a quarterback.

That if if there's going to be any mesh point stuff between the two of them and you don't you don't know who's got it. No, it's going to be tough, tough poison. Or are they going to put, this is fascinating to me, are they going to put Lamar under center a little bit more?

Interesting. And get the head of steam going in a way that we haven't seen. I can't wait to see it.

Because it's Derrick Henry, you know what I'm saying? I'm excited about it. No, you're getting me excited. I was saying, you know, I really you know this, but like after a loss, like I don't read anything. I don't watch anything for like and after the championship loss, I definitely like checked out for a little bit. Your own darkness retreat? You went to your own little darkness retreat?

I went to darkness retreat, which happens quite often. And and I'm pretty serious about it. And I'm the exact opposite when we win. And I can't read enough, can't watch enough. You know, I'm up till three in the morning reading, watching everything. Right, right, right.

So I just started to kind of come back into the into the fold of getting my mind set, getting ready for the draft. And certainly the Henry news was was very exciting last month. Yeah, I mean, that is as good as it gets in terms of assigning and then in terms of the amount of money that they coughed up.

If that is of any concern to anybody else, you know, because you're you're trying to build a roster together. And, you know, the loss of Patrick Queen, though, to the Steelers had to be an unkind. Yeah, that would happen around the same time as the Henry. So it definitely was bittersweet, that part, because I love Patrick Queen. And, you know, he was having such a great year. I know a lot of people are saying, well, Roquan, you know, once Roquan came and elevated him, made him a lot better. And I think that's true, like any great player will. But Patrick Queen was having an incredible season before Roquan came. He was really stepping up his game.

And he's a fantastic player. I really saw him going to Seattle or someplace like that. I didn't see him going to the Steelers. That certainly hurts because that's our one of our arch rivals. But it's football, man. You know what I mean?

I got you got to take the the personal out of it. I think, you know, you knew you knew they were in a tough spot. I have to sign one of those guys. And we got Matt a big way on a great deal. No doubt that.

Now, if you know, you look at the other deals going out, it looks looks like a pretty darn good deal. So I'm excited about about where we're going. Dude, the guy I love the most and I've told you this is Kyle Hamilton. He's pretty like they joke around here that he's like my my my third son.

Yeah. You know, I do love him. He's incredible. He's so talented.

And I don't I think I don't think he's hit his ceiling by any stretch. You know, he's he's remarkable. And it's especially when you look at two years ago, his rookie season, where he came from in that Miami game in the beginning of the year. Remember, he was getting burnt a lot and figuring it out. And just the journey he took that season and into this year.

I agree. He's an exciting player. And look, you know, we're Ravens fans through and through.

But I think we've got a lot of great pieces and I'm excited to see what happens. I've got Josh Charles here on the Rich Eisen Show. The Veil airs Tuesdays exclusively on Hulu right here on the Roku Channel platform. Hit me on the veil here, brother. What's cool? It's great. I mean, I love the spy genre. I mean, I'm a sucker for it as a fan. I mean, I just I love all the shows and movies and I've never been able to make one.

And this is really cool. Limited series on FX. We're written by Steven Knight, you know, Peaky Blinders creator, stars Elizabeth Moss. It's this fantastic kind of like this great template for the world of spy stories, but also kind of has this intimate sort of independent film vibe.

You know, it's a real nuanced kind of character study about these two women playing cat and mouse and playing a game of chess with each other, trying to figure it out. And it's also how all of the different agencies, DGSE, CIA, MI6 kind of work together on this one big situation. So it was fun.

I got to do a lot of research for it and talk to some former CIA guys. No kidding. Yeah, which is really cool. And I got to film in France and we were in Paris and London and they filmed a bunch in Turkey. So it was really cool. I genuinely love the genre and I sort of just so bummed that I'd never gotten to be in anything in that world. And so it was fun to play. So did you have to destroy your notes that you were taking down after these people or did they self-destruct?

No, he was retired. So it didn't give me any top secrets or anything, but it was more like, look, you know, it's kind of incredible because Steven Knight is such a good writer. And when you read great writers, you know, it's just the writing just pops, right?

It just sings. And so obviously I was a huge fan of Lizzie and I knew her a little bit personally, but never worked with her. Denise Tanove produces the show I just work with and I know Steven's work. So when they approached me about it, I was already intrigued and knew what the show was about.

But then you read it and it just pops. But when you go in and then you have to embody the character, you know, your job is to sort of bring as much authenticity and organic kind of genuineness that you can to the part. And so I didn't know nothing about the CIA, absolutely nothing, only just as a fan watching. So my way in was more about, you know, one of the guys that I got to know and talk to was a really, really good dude. And he happened to be passing through Paris while we were shooting. So we had dinner one night in a French cafe and I brought all my scripts and I took him to dinner and we had like, you know, just a great French meal. And I just went through everything just sort of peppering with questions, asking what would happen here and what would happen here? And you're just looking for little just little details, sometimes even just nonverbal things that you can so that I just felt more confident, you know, stepping into the role. And it was really helpful. I mean, I started before we we shot and then was lucky that he happened to be passing through and got to meet him firsthand.

Yeah, I mean, sitting in a French bistro with a spy does sound very Jean le Carre. You know, like sounds like a Ronan, like a scene from Ronan. And I mean, like, that's pretty cool. You haven't been on a while.

But so we're kind of have a different platform. So I'm going to re-ask the question that I have asked you before. OK, how old were you for Dead Poets Society again? How old was I?

Well, I don't know if we ever talked about this. I was the the Dead Poets Society was supposed to get made the year before with a different director. And Ethan Hawke and myself were cast in the original production with some other actors. And I was set to go down to Georgia.

We're supposed to film it in Georgia, I believe in Rome, Georgia. And I was set to leave like a week or two later. And the film got canceled. Canceled?

Yeah, got canceled. They were having a hard time finding a star that would attach himself to the to the project with the director. You know, they just couldn't find somebody that would agree to do it. And so in the role of the teacher, you're saying?

Yeah, they couldn't. And the Keating role. And and so that fell apart. And I was devastated because I had screen tests for it. I was super was going to be my first big film. And and then about a year later, it picked back up. And Peter Weir was directing it. And of course, I knew some of his films and I was thrilled. And but I had to re-audition for the film, you know? So that was a really scary, scary experience.

And so that was, I don't know, the first time I think I want to say I was 16 and 17, maybe 15 and 16, 16 and 17. Look at you right there, man. Look at that. Do you still have that W sweater?

You still got that in your closet? I don't know, man. I'd like to talk to whoever gave me that cut, though. So you reread for the role and you got to reread for the role.

Jeez. And so if you can imagine that, like, you know, I got I was cast already. And Peter, I don't know what it was if he just didn't he didn't see it or whatever. And, you know, I had to go and show him and I did. And I remember being feeling really when I walked out, kind of like, man, I gave it my all.

But I don't know. And then he then he hired me. It was great. How did Robin Williams get attached? He then got attached during that during that that phase.

And then Ethan was recast myself and then some some new actors. So, yeah, it was a pretty, pretty great experience. I and have some some lifelong friends from it. What's your favorite Robin Williams moment from that? Because you must have known who he was, right?

Obviously from. Yes. Were you like a Mork and Mindy fan? I was a Mork and Mindy fan, but I was also when I was my son's age, I got really into stand up comedy, even though I and I did it as a kid, like on open mic night. No kidding. Baltimore. Yeah, I went to this Charm City Comedy Club.

I used to have my dad's in advertising and some of his copywriters would write me these sort of Henny Youngman type jokes. No kidding. It's rough being a kid. It's rough being a kid, you know, and I would do these things.

I was just it was you watch it now and you're just like, oh, God, it's terrifying. But I was obsessed with Richard Pryor. And so that's all I would do. I would listen to Richard Pryor and I would just imitate Richard Pryor. So I would do that for Robin sometimes and that would make him laugh. And that was that was fun.

That was like one of our things that I've always felt really proud about, that I could make him laugh when I just throw some Pryor out. And then, you know, just, you know, I try to think the other things about him is like, yes, he's funny. He kind of what I what I remember most about him was that, you know, he was obviously the big star of the film.

And we were all these young kids who haven't really done anything. But but he was very respectful of like where his place was in the film, you know, that this was like this story was about all of us telling this together, this collective narrative together. So I always felt like he was very respectful in that regard and and and and also got to see like just a real quiet side of him. You know, I mean, he's a human being. And obviously, you know, you know, there's just so many lessons to be learned from that, from from people sort of projecting onto people that are famous stars, particularly funny people. Right.

That they're not in pain, you know, or going through something. And I think you could tell that just seeing him. He was a complex, you know, just rich individual. And I had a great time with him.

You know, very fond memories. I don't know if Garp had already been out yet. I don't know what the timeline of this thing is, but witness had been out. OK, but I remember seeing that in the movie theaters and then.

But I don't know. Was he because I don't know if this was a witness. I'm saying Peter Weir.

I'm sorry. Peter Weir was the director. Right. But I mean, I'm just wondering if he if it was just jarring to see him in a dramatic role like this is one of the first ones that he'd ever done. I think. Can somebody, Chris, do you know, can you look up when Garp was done? Because I feel like I'm a little maybe world according to Garp may have been out, I think, before. I think you're right.

It was before I've just been. Yeah, it was just looked up in our in our control room, but it just was always jarring to me to see that movie and see him. Yeah, I'm sure that's why he wanted to do it. And look, he went on and showed numerous films after that.

You know, he was he was an incredibly versatile actor, you know, and I guess that was one of the first ones that showed his dramatic side more than the other. I'm just wondering, did we meet over over sports night for the first time? We met I think we first met either.

I want to say at the SBS. Maybe so, because you're right. And you were you know, wait a minute, of course. And now I remember where you and me and Krause did something with you and me and Stuart Scott out of our seats.

Exactly. Was like a whole bit at the SBS. Yeah, that was the night where you you weren't with us in my hotel room and David Wells headbutted me. No, I was not there. But I'm keen to know how the story went.

Oh, all good fun. But it was great. We had me and Peter. I remember we just had such a night that night. Somehow, Wells ended up in our in our room and I just was headbutted by him.

I don't remember why it wasn't done aggressively. I'm wondering if there was a libation or two that spurred this on. I think that's what what we're talking about. It was more more in that vein, but definitely hurt. Definitely hurt. Even even in my condition at the time, I remember it hurting. We've been through so much that I had forgotten that that's right.

That was the idea. Stuart Scott and I were doing the show, the pre SBS warm up show. And then you and Peter Krause came in and kicked us out and threw a break. You threw a commercial break. I don't remember.

Was it funny? I don't remember. I think it was just of course it was. I remember hanging with you then first that night.

Yes. And that was a long time ago. Now that was definitely a long time ago. Very long time ago.

And then we've been hanging out since. How long did they do it for at the Radio City? For a while?

They did. And then they moved it to Vegas. Right. And then that's where it's been basically every single night in Los Angeles.

Pretty much ever since then. Right. Well now, yeah, right. Exactly.

It's in L.A. Pretty much during the All-Star break. Yeah. Okay. So Orioles World Series. You got your name?

What do you think? Orioles World Series, Ravens Super Bowl. It's going to be all Ballmer. Last year was a great year for Baltimore sports. Now it didn't end well in the postseason for either team. But, you know, we had to reflect.

My dad and I and my son were talking. It was a great sports year for Baltimore. To have both teams so good and thriving.

The city was just buzzing. And I am so excited about, you know, the new ownership. I'm excited about the pieces that we have.

These guys. I'm just, I just, yeah, I think the sky's the limit for the Orioles. I'm super jazzed about it. Brother, and I'm super jazzed to see you here. New episodes of FX's The Veil exclusively on Hulu every single Tuesday. You're the best, man.

Great to see you, brother. The great Josh Charles. At Mr. Josh Charles on Twitter and Instagram. Check out, again, The Veil.

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With supplies and solutions for every industry, Grainger has the right product for you. Call or just stop by. We just showed a clip of Josh Charles's show, FX is the Veil, exclusively on Hulu. Right here, you can see on the Roku portal, every single week new episodes are airing Tuesdays. Chris, you said what? You want to reset for our radio audience here?

Sure, I'll reset. I've been watching this show, The Veil. I've watched Homeland. I've watched, what's the other one, with Krasinski, Jack Ryan.

I watch all these, you know what I mean? I feel like I missed out on something. I feel like I could have been in the CIA. I would have been a great kind of badass CIA operative. Well, I'm going to, two words, offer pushback. Imagine that. I don't think you have the personality for that sort of thing. What do you mean?

All we got to do- Oh, that's super harsh. Because you can't- Wow, what do you mean I can't? I can't what? You can't hide your feelings.

Too much of a hothead? Okay, I see. So it's like a compliment, but not really. I mean, all we got to do is to get something out of you is bring up the Celtics three point shooting in game two. And it's all, you know what I mean?

It's just freaking terrible. See what I mean? You're the best team in the league.

Just make shots. That said, who would be, of all of us here, the best CIA operative? Meaning we don't know they could be right now. Oh, wow. That's really good. Out of all of us here. I would be the best because I tend to stand out in the crowd a little bit, so I don't think- But that's, you're hiding in plain sight, sir. Yeah, but still, I don't- Also, you were able to keep the secret of Price is Right.

That is true. I keep all types of secrets on the D.O. Keep secrets. He won't even blow the cover that we all know. You wouldn't even see names of people that we know that he's associated with. Known associates, that's a thing.

Correct. Known associates. He won't even talk about them. I try to take myself out of the game and you guys put me back in the game. That said, you know the- You name drop everybody, so you wouldn't. Oh, I'm, you know, I'm not good at, what you see is what you get here, buddy. That's why I was a terrible host of The Great Escape. There's no mystery about me. There's no mystery. They wanted me to be mysterious as the host of The Great Escape, a great reality show competition program on TNT.

Bertram Van Munster. That's great. Dave Velle is literally flying international today. It could be you. You could be on a mission right now. Well, the fact is, you might be the winner there.

I think so. Because, you know, you hide the fact that you might be the wealthiest person in this room. You drive, you drive the best car, you have side businesses, you've got a side hustle. This is a hobby for you.

Yeah, he don't even need the beer. Del Tufo does it because that's all he knows. Although, if I'm not mistaken, the whole point of, the whole rumor was that the game show host Chuck Barris, the gong show host. And there was a whole movie about this, right? It was an operative. Wait, really? Yes. Yeah.

Yes, there's a whole movie based on that. Sam Rockwell. Right, Sam Rockwell.

Who's criminally underrated, by the way. No doubt. Sam Rockwell's the man. No doubt. Oscar winner Sam Rockwell. And that, so you'd see him as the host of the gong show, the last thing you'd think of is that guy's an operative for the Central Intelligence Agency.

In that respect, Del Tufo's got the best cover. And it might finally be the, it might finally be. The Russian bots that happen. No, it's not Russian bots.

Every time he Instagrams out a photo, the number of people who like it are all the people around the world. He's signaling to start an operation. Wow. Rich, it just hit me. That they have just, when they hit his Instagram photo with a like, that means they've been activated.

I don't have everything ready. That guy. Remember we were just on YouTube and Del Tufo used to love to go like, I'm helping TJ fight the bots.

It just hit me. He wasn't blocking them. He was adding them. He was bringing them in.

He was opening up the, he was the Trojan horse for Russian bots. Yeah. Yeah.

That's rich. Not saying, I'm just saying that he, he's a perfect cover. Nobody looks at him and says, he's up to something. Well, that's actually, we say that every time, hold on a minute.

He's not saving the world. He's up to something. Okay. Okay. Good. Good.

Good talk. Appreciate that. Mikey.

Thanks. Mikey. Appreciate that. Mikey.

Appreciate that. Mikey. That Matt rule. I have no idea what that is. You know what? He's not here.

We don't like a drop. Delete that. Delete it. Hit delete.

Hit delete. Cause he's now making up drops that have not been approved by, by the way, he's gone rogue. He's a rogue CIA agent. Rogue operative.

Rogue operative. Sean in Kansas has been hanging on forever. What's up Sean?

What's on your mind, sir? Oh man. Thank you so much for taking my call.

First time long time. Attaboy. I appreciate everything, uh, everything he's done, rich sports center to now you've been a huge inspiration. I got into the radio business cause he used sports journals, no kidding.

I was about to take a sip of my coffee, but that just made me put my mug down. So thank you. I appreciate it. Thank you. Uh, before I, I tell you why Matt is the dumbest owner and take that one out, he was so, you know, he moved me.

He moved me right then. Now let me tell you why this guy's so dumb. I'm sorry.

You're a real inspiration. Let me tell you about this idiot. The exact opposite. Uh, all right, Sean, what's up? I've known two people in the last month.

I'm not going to name drop them, but that they've been on prices, right? One got $10,000 on the wheel. The other one, the showcase showdown, they made it look so easy.

I don't know why CJ made it look so hard. Hey Sean, I got there buddy. Sean's talking about people who did get to the finish line and by the way, in order to get to the finish line as successful as you possibly can, $10,000 on the showcase showdown is what we call the max and then getting to the showcase. Um, so, uh, you got nothing.

There was a double over, which is absolutely the most unsatisfying finish prices, right? And tee up for the viewer when you're screaming at the screen saying, are these people that that stupid, you know, Rich, like, you know how much a Harley Davidson costs. Get out of here. Let it go. TJ. All right, Sean.

I'm sorry. I've been a lifelong son fan. My dad was down in Phoenix. He used to take me to the games when Nash and Stoudemire and Marion were doing their thing. And, uh, you know, that team had depth and they had a bench. And you know, two or three years ago when we were up two zero on the bucks, that team had depth and they played defense and they had a point guard and it should be a came in and said, I'm going to just throw everything away. I'm going to sell the farm, the summer house, the winter ski lodge, and I'm going to go get Kevin Duran.

I texted my dad. I said, this isn't going to work because you can't just have two or three shooters and no defense and no, no depth and everything. Frank Isola said earlier is spot on, you cannot just pay Bradley Beal whatever he wants and not focus on defense or two way players.

And that's why I think bootenholzer is going to be fired next year after a first round exit. Wow. I don't know, man. I hope. Thanks, Sean.

Thanks for holding on as long as you, you, you did and, uh, providing us with a laugh and something to think about the Sean and Kansas, everybody right here, listen, I don't know what they're going to do. You, you don't have Deandre Ayton and I know that they were looking for the exits with him for a while, despite how incredibly talented he is. But you don't, you don't hire somebody like Frank Vogel who is successful with a big man in the middle, everywhere he's been and send your big man away. By the way, the only, the only positive that could be is you sent Damian Lillard out of your conference and they did set up, you know, themselves for Bradley Beal, who turned out to be, um, uh, highly disappointing and now thoroughly untradeable. So if one of them has got to go, um, is it Durant or Booker?

And it's basically who wants to raise their hand first and say, I want out. I don't know, but I know, um, everybody in this studio, although I think you're already maxed out, you already got your team, sir, 61 team, uh, you and I will, uh, raise our hands on the East coast for Devin Booker if he wishes to live in the, uh, Sella Carter. Wait, so you're admitting I'm from the East coast now? Uh, no, you root for a team on the East coast. I'm just saying I didn't call us East coasters. It's what you meant. No, I didn't.

No, no, you are, sir. Altoona is you're, you're, you're not going to the beach there, sir. You don't know nothing about canoe Creek, bro. Like canoe Creek. That's correct.

I don't, I don't know anything about canoe Creek. Wow. That's what I'm saying, or it's late or crick, I guess. No. Okay.

All right. It's, it's a Friday. It's time for what's more likely and what's more likely is presented by T. Rowe price. Hit it. What's more likely never say never, but never, all right, let's roll.

What's more likely Friday. I love these. These are always funny. What's up? Everybody. Good. Hey guys. Good.

I wasn't from Kansas called. Let it go, man. I saw a great clip of Jane Daniels thrown a bomb and practice rookie camp.

I can't get enough of it. Who's more likely to be offensive rookie of the year, Jayden Daniels or any wide receiver this year, not just his $10,000 bet with Malik neighbors that apparently just got called off. Malik neighbor says, says he's a tapping out of that. He said he's, he's, he has since been educated on sports betting now that he, he's a member of the giants. I believe, I believe the NFL front office got to Malik reached out and touched Malik Jane Daniels or any wide receiver, any wide receiver, there's so many good ones. The fact that you left all the quarterbacks out, that's tough. And so that's, and that's why I'll go with any wide receiver. Jayden Daniels also has the horses. Everybody talks about the rest of the offices around him. I know, I know, I know, I know, but Marvin, Marvin, listen, and, and, and here, and here's how I'll, here's how I'll, I'll say this, especially in light of the outgoing athletic director in a certain town in the state of Ohio, talking about there needs to be an asterisk on a certain three game win streak that happened.

I saw what Jean Smith had to say in Columbus. What over the last two years is the prerequisite of being offensive rookie of the year in the NFL? Two things. You have to have a stellar rookie season on offense. Two is you have to lose your last game to Michigan as a member of the Ohio state.

So Marvin Harrison fits that bill, right? Okay, just wanted to point that out. Okay.

Thank you, Rich. Asterisk needs to be on a three game win streak that started before Connor Stallions was hired by Michigan. But I'm just saying what the word Connor's up to these, hold on a minute.

Roma Dunsey. One, one last thing for Jean Smith, the outgoing athletic director of Ohio state. What are we doing? I'm offering up. Oh goodness.

A tissue. We've hijacked the segment for more personal vendettas against Ohio state. Here you go, Jean. That's for you. All right.

Hi. Did you hear what Tom Telesco said Raiders say, Chris, there's a quarterback competition who's more likely to start more games for the Raiders this year, Gardner Minshew or Aidan O'Connell. I'll go Gardner. I'll go. Yeah.

Cause you want that birthday party invite. That's a good one. Uh, no, I, I like Gardner, by the way, Gardner Minshew is the quarterback of the Raiders. Oh my God, Ken Stabler smiling by the light of the jukebox, wherever he is right now and saying let's go, honestly, like him in a Raider uniform doing Gardner Minshew things is going to be a lot of fun. Um, and I just think, again, this is just a, with all due respect to both gentlemen, a placeholder for whoever's going to be next there. Seems like it.

Um, they were the ones, they were the ones, they were the ones who got left without a chair. Um, they and the giants, right? So in this year's draft, but I'll go Gardner, he's, he's, I, he's, he's the more exciting guy and I think he is going to win some games for them in the same way that he won games for Indianapolis. It'll be fun. We'll see.

It'll be fun. I heard this on a total access clip, uh, yesterday, Robert Turbin talking about the wide receiver trios in the NFL. He likes the Seahawks to have the best one who is more likely to have the best wide receiver trio in 2024 Seattle. The Chicago bears or the Miami dolphins, who are you leaving out pal leaving anybody out the cowboy. We sure about that.

I don't think so. I mean, you're talking about big names, I'm saying, you know, dolphins have Tyreek waddle and now Odell. Uh, the bears have DJ Moore, Keenan Allen and Brandon cooks, Jalen Tolbert, this guy over there. Stop it. Rico. Daddle on a real route. Oh man.

Take it to the crib. I'm going to be kind of on this list, but now Tyler Boyd is on Tennessee is elsewhere about the jets. You know, the chiefs have, you know, I don't think Randall cobs anymore. Nice try.

Nice, nice troll job, pal. Get your information right. If you're going to comment at the jets, I'm handing out tissues, I'm handing out tissues better. Be careful right now. I'm in a mood. Um, I'm going to go dolphins. I'm going to go dolphins.

Let's go. And I understand why see turbine would say the Seahawks. Yeah, I got, I think Jackson Smith and Jigba, um, will perform, um, better this year than he did last year.

He was, he did come on strong at the end of the year. Um, but I'll, I'll just go again to those two guys and then Odell in that mix and they got a ton of really good young receivers also in this draft. So I'll go with the dolphins. What else, Chris? What else? Let's keep talking quarterbacks. I like it. Second year quarterback, second year quarterback likely to make the playoffs.

What do you got? Bryce young, Anthony Richardson will let this, Oh, I'll go Anthony Richardson, pal. Who was, who was in, who was in, which, which like two games, what's our sin is played.

He hasn't proven to me he can last a month in the league. So there's a reason why you have all three of these guys up on the screen. One one was on a team so bad. They got the first overall pick for another year and couldn't use it because they traded it up to get that kid.

And the other one is, you know, the other team didn't like the Colts play for the right to win their division in the final game of their regular season last year. So I'm going to go Anthony Richardson. Hell yeah. I can't wait to see what he's going to look like in year two. Yeah.

I saw some clips of him the other day. Okay. Yeah. By the way, those two games though, he, we were all like, I don't understand.

I give a decisive response and the pushback comes right away. I don't, I don't do the meal every time I'm still kind of mad about the CIA thing. I think I could be in the CIA, uh, how about this one $50 million quarterback per year to win a super bowl first DAC and who else?

That's not 50 million right now. Joe burrow, Justin Herbert, Lamar Jackson, Jalen hurts. All right. I'm going to say it again for everybody in the back.

You said the answer, right? I'm going to say again for everyone in the back and you know how I feel about Jalen hurts and you know how I feel about Jim Harbaugh and you know how much I really like what the Ravens have put together. Hardball, but Joe burrow has been to a super bowl. The only other one on the screen is Jalen hurts who played lights out there. Joe burrow pal. If he stays healthy, that's a pretty big, I get it is the only one in there's only one quarterback in the national football league now who has beaten Patrick Mahomes in a playoff game. That's it. The other one is hanging in Venice after being the subject of one of the most crazy ass roasts ever.

There's only one of those quarterbacks that two MVPs though. I understand. I got it.

Joe burrow. That's what I choose. Well, who do you choose?

Oh, I'm in on this. Who do you choose? Oh, well you gave me your original answer was the right answer, but since he doesn't make 50 yet, uh, you know what? I'm going for Lamar, man.

I'm still going Jalen hurts man. Okay. I can't, I can't subscribe. Put a pin in that one gents and send it to, send it to freezing cold takes. Yeah. Right. All right. A little hoops, a little hoops. Uh, before we get to the final segment here, uh, what's more likely the nuggets win the next two games in Minnesota or the T wolves sweep the chance to sweep the champs is a much better, more likely scenario.

I don't think the nuggets even the series and go back. Yeah. Why not? Okay.

I mean, I don't think they get sweat. I don't think either of these things happen. I think they split here, but the way it's looking right now, you think it's three, one going back to Denver.

Correct. And then we'll see, we'll see what happens tonight or do they win game four and then it's basically over. Oh, if I had to choose which one, uh, I'll say Denver makes it a series tonight. We can go home now. That'd be fun. It's what I will say.

That'd be fun. We need a series. So is, is, uh, is your catch getting the award in front of the Minnesota fans tonight?

Have we, have we not the, have we not heard about this? I haven't seen anything on any rate that much more likely will be the T wolves with the nuggets rather than the nuggets. Make it a pivotal game five.

All right. Two more quick ones. Uh, let's talk a little Nick's rich, more likely to be the higher total Jalen Brunson points in game three or Josh Hart minutes played Josh Hart's minutes played Josh Hart minutes played. I think he goes 48 again tonight. Yeah.

The thing is rich. Brunson's going to have fit, you know? No, no. Who knows?

I hope that would be great on, you know, the only way, the reason why that happens is because he plays in a big market. So what else Chris last one, and this is, this is kind of just for me, uh, more likely team from Boston to absolutely blow it and ruin everyone from new England's entire spring. The Bruins are Celtics because it seems like both.

You want to answer that one? They're both happy. It's both, both. They're both going to blow it. They're both bigger in Boston area. So you'd have to let me Bruins town. I will go Bruins. I think your Celtics are going to turn out to be all rides might be toast and take on the Ecker Bockers.

Lord is really good. They're going to, they're going to wind up taking on Gerald and Sly Williams on a Ivy bags. I thought you would say Gerald Wilkins. Okay.

Gerald Wilkins is coming back. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. Kenny sky Walker. The ghost of Ken, the animal banister. Bill Wanington. Is he still around? He didn't know. He never played for the next season.

Did he play for the next one? I don't think so. Oh wow. That's what's more likely presented by T. Rowe Price where confidence comes from a curiosity to uncover opportunities others may miss. T. Rowe Price asks smart questions to better understand risks, develop insights, and give clients an investment edge. Better questions, better outcomes.

Learn more at slash curiosity. We take a break and finish up this wild fun week of the Rich Eisen show and send everybody to their mother's day weekends. Afford Anything talks about how to avoid common pitfalls, how to refine your mental models and how to think about how to think. Paula, while certainly you can mess up on a million dollars a year, it is far less likely than it is on $30,000 a year. I would meet wonderful people that were struggling with a budget that was super tight. It was 100% you need to make more money, make smarter choices and build a better life.

Afford Anything, wherever you listen. All right, we used to do this a lot, but I don't know why we stopped doing it just because we didn't have the coverage on our cameras or whatever, but we're back, baby. Did you run out?

We've been back. I don't know. But the number of credits I've been fortunate to have as myself on television and film, how many do you allow? It says 25.

25, yeah. Well, more than that on IMDb, that's it. Well, at any rate, I get residual checks from SAG-AFTRA every now and then, and I open them up on the air to see what candy bar I can buy based on how much money I make. Hit it, hit it, hit it. Okay, it's residual rich time. All right, you ready? Here we go.

I'm now opening up the envelope here. I have no idea. I have no idea.

This is for Puppy Dog Pals, the episode of the Bark Bowl that I was in. Are we guessing the amount? Sure. Would you like to guess the amount? Yeah. Would you like to guess the amount?

Oh, gosh. I'm going to say 28 cents. I'm going to say 11 cents.

All right, closest without going over. You want to guess? 45 cents. 45 cents.

You win, closest without going over. The amount is $14.17. Look at that one right there. That's a full value, man. I got another one. That's a king size bar.

That's four twix. How much time we got left in this segment? 30 seconds.

We can do that. Next one up, next one up is, oh, I can't do that one. Is that like a real check? Oh my God, is it? Whoa. Come on, Rich. We got another baby.

Oh, this one was from Disney's The Kid. How nice. Which one? 25 cents.

What do you got? $1.15. $1.13. You are correct, Chris Brockman.

The actual retail price is $8.17. Look at all that. And this other one, I can't believe I almost opened up on the air. Why not? Okay. It's only Bob Thornton's situation.

Back here on The Rich Eisen Show. Can we do an over under on that one? No, you cannot, sir. Moving on. Is it higher than Del Tufo's likes on his- Slightly. Oh, wow.

Can we ask the project? No. It's okay. Well, you're going to tell us later anyway.

No, it's all right. Anyway, we're back on The Rich Eisen Show Radio Network. Malik Nabors- Malik. Is not going to continue his wager with Jayden Daniels, by the way. Apparently they said they were going to bet on who's going to be Offensive Rookie of the Year. I basically said, don't do it, Malik, because you're going against a quarterback that's not easy and your quarterbacks might not be the ones who can get you to where you want to go. He also said he has found out from the league that sports gambling is not a good idea.

Although this is just a friendly wager amongst friends or whatever. Yeah, but it's for five figures. Oh, is that what it was for? It's very public.

Okay. Anyway, long story short though, this is a neat thing. Malik Nabors had this to say about what football has done for him. As a person that plays football, the kind of thing that saved my life, so I take it seriously.

Again, I'm happy to be here, I'm finally here, so just to get out there running with the guys, it's a dream come true. Why did football save your life? It was the only thing that I felt like I could do with my life. It was the only thing that I felt like when I looked on what I wanted to do in the future.

It was the only thing that I had plans to do so. It saved me and my family's life. It put my mom in a house that she wanted. It changed my life forever, so I'm happy to be here. How important was it to take care of mom in the house? It was very important. That was the most important thing in my life, I'll probably say, is having her own house, feel comfortable and not having to worry about bills to pay.

I know that her little boy did it for her. Beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Malik Nabors, one to root for. I'm excited to hear that. My only thing I would tell Malik, and I will tell him through here since we haven't had him on yet, is to use your opportunity to playing in the New York, New Jersey market to meet as many people and get out there and find out what the next thing after football is because football can be very, very fleeting. If football's the only thing you know, I would counsel to find out more things that would interest you and enrich you, not just financially, but emotionally, spiritually, and New York, New Jersey market is filled with people that I think would love to find out what Malik Nabors you want to do next because man, football is fast. Even if you have a remarkable hall of fame career, it will be over for you potentially in your mid 30s, and then you got to find out what you do next and football will be gone.

Potentially. He's in a great spot to make all that stuff happen. Is he ever. Post career too, so.

Is he ever. That's, yeah. I mean, things can happen for you.

If you make it there, you can make it anywhere. You know what I'm saying? That's all I'm saying. I'm just saying. A lot of jokes on Twitter that Malik Nabors had one practice with Daniel Jones. And then he called off his bet. Okay.

Except Daniel Jones isn't practicing. Okay. Everybody just stopped trolling.

A lot of jokes. Stop trolling. Chris. That's stupid. Let's not. Come on, guys. Even though I said he shouldn't take that bet because of who his quarterback is, even I think that's a bridge too far.

Even though I was already spanning that bridge yesterday, it takes a lot of cutlets to pay that bet off. What a great show. Funny show. I want to thank Josh Charles. Everybody check out the FX is the veil on Hulu.

And then everybody check out the debut on HBO and Max tomorrow. Nikki Glaser, Someday You'll Die. She's already posting about her appearance here. The photograph that you took of the two of us together.

She wrote I Love Rich Eisen on it. And I just want to say this before we go. Nikki, do not put a bullet in your boyfriend for this. Okay.

I know that's the way you react to Michigan, man, that you're around. He never misses an opportunity. Never.

Never misses an opportunity. You want to create myself to Tom Brady? I'd like to.

Oscillators one. Hey, we'll just keep on racking it up, baby. The sports comforter.

Cage Brockman's in the house. Welcome to Talkville, the Ultimate Smallville rewatch podcast guest star Sarah Carter as Alicia Baker. Although I didn't really work with her a lot, but Tom did, and they had some real big smoochie scenes. Yeah. Should we talk about that? Could there be any more sex? What was the three page make out scene that just kept going? Good Lord. We get it. They have chemistry. Jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of Talkville on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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