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The Divine Purpose of the Family

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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May 28, 2021 8:00 am

The Divine Purpose of the Family

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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May 28, 2021 8:00 am

When we can't see where we're going, we're forced to trust God for guidance. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he shows us how that's the best news we could hope for, since our greatest faith lessons are learned in the dark. It’s an important look at why we can trust God for our future.

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God's purpose for creating families dominion comes under God Dr. Tony Evans is true happiness comes from a good foundation. God will be any happiness personalities will get you backgrounds will get in the way celebrating.

This is the alternative Dr. Tony Abbott, author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the alternative, the Declaration of Independence proclaims all humans have the right to pursue happiness today. Dr. Evans explains the only way to find it when it comes to your family is to pursue something else.

Let's join them as he reveals what that is about the time where I had on the wall in the house so I called the pain I had them come over to remove the old class to put up new plaster repainted it look good.he went home all look well, except a month later the crack reappeared again. He redid the whole thing re-plaster repainted and went home.

Everything look good for about 45 days so I thought what I needed with another penis about who Michael really knew what they were doing all this other pain over he came over and extended my wall stared at it's there that it stared at it, stared at a stand and it should be looked at me and he says I'm sorry I can help you. I said why can't you help me in this. What you do is what I do, but I can help you. She said because you have a problem with cracks on your wall because your problem is you have a shifting foundation is that the foundation undergo houses movement. The cracks on your bedroom wall reflective of a deeper problem. She says if you will solidify foundations. You will forever be doing patchwork on the walls of your house today in our families. We got a foundation problem in most vocal spending time dealing with cracks on the wall.

The Trenton patch of an argument here and catch up a fight. There marriage over here and patch of rebellious children over their electronics. This era past their patch everywhere patch that never getting around to solidifying a found in Genesis chapter 1 God establishes the family and by virtue of creating 20 God made man in his 27 God created man in created him male and female he created them.

He made this instruction manual comes with all the family jewels male and female apply through the protection of this with the family.

That's the quest. Wait a minute what God why he gives the answer in verse 26 let us make man in our image that them rule the family is not your happiness that's aiming for a family living happily ever after. That's the benefit is made to benefit the goal we will because I'm not getting the benefit out of this, but I thought I should be getting when I got married, I'm not getting the benefit that I'm supposed to get this one God's first concern is first concern. If you get concerned get back to the benefit of the benefit without getting back to the benefit God's purpose for creating families dominion dominion means only one God in history.

The history comes under God's will. God wants God created an option that will family God bless them in verse 20 and said be fruitful and multiply. He wants to fill with raising children is not like it is to replicate the image of God spread the image of God's plan. Once the application is image and so he says I want to be fruitful and multiply, and image.

What I want them to reflect me. That's the reason for family and when that force happiness without the will of God will be any happiness personalities will get in the way you backgrounds will get in the way Genesis 2 is the explanation of Genesis chapter 1 Genesis chapter 1 he tells you what God did in Genesis chapter 2 we tells you how God did it so and what is a created family, but we tells you he created family that explained that this changes everything about family for you and me. Whether you are single or married because they don't start off Mary based on all single and the principal units, single was supposedly how they will rate for when they get married to the reason why people get chaos because they were not waiting on God as a single into the relationship make things better singles create marriages and singles with his nose in chapter 2 verse seven. The Lord God formed man from the Lord God planted a garden verse nine out of the ground the Lord God caused every tree verse 15 God took Adam verse 16 the Lord God commanded the man. Verse 18 the Lord God said in verse 19 the ground the Lord God formed verse 22.

Now, gentlemen.

I'm a single woman created with God and all this is number one single because of man's sexuality is right now in jail right now. One other thing about verse 16 God commanded the man saying from any tree of the garden you may freely from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you may not even for the day you eat a big game and commandments now like what I'm telling me what to do is to submit to the will of God in his life, man is not a biblical man and Adam family verse 19 ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field bird of the sky and brought them to the man to see what he would call and whatever the man called a living creature that was its name. So the reason I love being the main if I get to name things. See two main things meant to exercise the lien of what you mean. Remember, he created the animals, but God didn't made him but he didn't name brought him to see what is what is just man what God said things which means man responsible for. That's why the man needed some help with Dr. Evans will come back in just a moment to talk about how God provided for, so I want to let you know that what we been listening to today is from the first message in a teaching series by Dr. Evans called the kingdom family.

God has a plan for every facet of family life and a specific job for every family member. The closer your family gets to living by God's model. The closer you get to each other at the same time, you find new power to overcome problems to reinforce relationships and to set a godly course for yourself and your kids. And because we believe this information is so important. We are offering on CD and digital download the entire six part audio series. The kingdom family as our gift when you support Tony's ministry with your financial contribution, and if we hear from you right away will send a series to you along with something extra, the kingdom, family devotional, a 52 week journey through the most important concepts of the Christian faith. Each week covers a different topic like salvation spiritual warfare prayer, forgiveness, discipleship, and more.

Then their specific inspiration and instruction for each weekday, simple enough to keep your kids engaged but meaty enough to challenge you to this special double offer won't last long, so visit us or call their night 1-800-800-3222 to make the arrangements. Dr. Evans will come back with more of today's lesson right after this summer and today we're excited to announce his follow-up book pricing with authentic stories of Tony takes us to God's word to show me how to clear all obstacles in the journey that leads to living a life of influence and impact replace hopelessness, boredom and liquid power significance and influence. Get kingdom memorizing for yourself or for someone you love makes a great gift for husband, son, father's cousins, pastors, athletes, coaches and there was not found a helper for him.

What is the problem Adam needs help but help for what to do the best for which God created marriage and the family which was the person that is well that's what the Bible says don't pray God will reset because what you did was you deny the help me the opportunity to help that is visible to rule. I love this verse 19.

Abraham had chosen him to raise up his children to teach them.

My ways so that I can bring upon Abraham all that I promised to him what he promised Abraham to make him a great nation was a bramble make a great nation by building a strong family week family leads to weak nations. When you get enough of them. We have plenty of today. First of all because men have abandoned their calling. That's the first because they don't want the Lord God. When God Adam C wanted him to have a helper. What we find out he's God. Verse 22 fashioned into a woman the rib which is taken from Adam gave his name. What is naming me authority over and responsibility for. That's what naming the sound of the Lord God and you have authority and responsibility for his okay to submit to the problem. The submission is been abused submission when it's right means the safest place to be picked responsibility for this is only a bad term and would have been abused by bad men but when God talks about it.

Please check to verse 24, 25 for this reason a man shall leave his mother joined his wife and they should become one flesh.

The man and his wife were both naked and not ashamed total exposure. He says okay now the serpent was more crafty than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. Satan shows okay double desk of Satan is after dominion mistakes single so that you are available to him when you get married.

So select shows up showing God's religion relationship just don't have a relationship with God relationship when we leave to take the Lord with God and coup d'tat ladies. The devil goes to the woman and skips that was the purpose of the woman was supposed to be underneath the man when she does this she goes to her directly and turns her into the decision-maker begins to run the show runs this and now helper axles mix roles. Adam becomes the passive respond to my wife's woman becomes a different God will you all you say what in fact, because you missed to you, but you will call you delete the tree, she brought it to me saying we will make you want to the Lord God how to get into the home.

That means male women on the man of the family is your family too far gone to get back in alignment with God's model.

Dr. Evans will return to answer that question in just a moment. So stay with us for so I wanted to mention that today's message is called the divine purpose of the family and its available to review again on your own or to share with your friends or small group.

It's also part of Tony's complete teaching series called the kingdom family an in-depth look at why God created families in the first place, along with practical advice about how to fight back against the influences that tear homes apart. Don't forget when you make a donation to Tony's ministry will say thanks by sending you the entire six part audio series. The kingdom family as our gift to you along with the kingdom family devotional I mentioned earlier. Get the details on this special double offer. When you visit us online at Tony Avenue in stock or that's Tony or let one of our friendly team members help you when you call our resource request line at 1-800-800-3222 more and more children are growing up without both parents in the home these days. Dr. Evans says many of the problems we are experiencing in our society can be traced back to that problem. Be sure to join us next time. As he talks about what we can do to change direction right now though is back with a final illustration say a lot about tomorrow. Maybe if you will will will will and the society where actual school. God never meant to raise your children in the alternative, celebrating 40 years of generous contributions of listeners like you

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