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Your Future and Your Calling

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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May 27, 2021 8:00 am

Your Future and Your Calling

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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May 27, 2021 8:00 am

When we can't see where we're going, we're forced to trust God for guidance. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he shows us how that's the best news we could hope for, since our greatest faith lessons are learned in the dark. It’s an important look at why we can trust God for our future.

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Latest Dr. Tony Evans says when you can't see where you're going is time to trust God's leading, celebrating 40 years of faithfulness. This is the alternative Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the urban alternative tomorrow can be a scary destination dark and certain unknown. But today.driven stage about the promises you can depend on. Even when the future seems unclear let's join the calling referrals to customer purpose for being the reason God put you here no matter where you come into this at when you're starting simply stop when you are pursuing God's purpose for your life. Even though it may be foggy outside maybe a little unclear where exactly God wants you, that's okay.

Maybe you veered all a year or two maybe a decade or two you start where you are. I have talked to a number of people who are living with a sense of helplessness to get to where I'm supposed to be to get it right like to work for me and lost a sense of hope when the boy said was wishing for something that you know you never going to get that's what a lot of folks feel they been looking for this and that this experience that experience with sense of destiny just can't seem to get well my son for the day is taken from one verse that is the court one verse it's just encourage. As you move on to the jury. Jeremiah 29 verse 11 for I know the plans that I have for you declares the Lord, plans for welfare or well-being. Good calamity or bad or evil, to give you and give you a feel little better right now the plans I have declares the Lord, that somebody knows him all the plans I have for you.

Let me tell you this much. They're not bad they're good. I am going to give you a future tomorrow and hope you people lost their home. You will see a future yesterday was bleak today.

Look any better.

The weather report for your life says no such there is nothing that looks like it had on it related to purpose and calling and destiny. It is time in the sun's motion class in the midst of that misery, pain. You cannot tell people have lost having a problem at all of us have probably lost. There's no way out you see any break in the clouds.

There is nothing there for Lauren live in perpetual depression, momentary lapse depression in perpetuity. This verse is found in a bad check.

This is not great great chapter is a great and a bad chapter bad life is good.

Verse relevant captivity in Babylon. Chapel said that the Lord of hosts, God of Israel, all the exiles have sent in acts from Jerusalem to Babylon. This verse is the people who have been placed in judgment against God, disciplining him God for the sins being spanked. If you will that day after day, month after month and year after year, and there is no solution in sight like it works.

The place where they are being incarcerated this circumstance is taken as you Babylon is not whether Christians hung out.

This was pagan, evil, idolatrous. It was a place to have to live especially if you were an Israelite judgment sins that in a pagan land. The Bible says and the preachers will leading them astray. Verse eight says God of Israel did not listen to your profit and your mind is deceive you, and do not listen to the dreams which majoring you in my name and I have not sent the claim given phone calls home in the name of God, to give you time to get rich, you saw the you not get sick) natural never has been true and never will be true which is when people need help. All hope is gone about anything. People will listen to anything because it comes with people don't have search's pain and he says the false prophets in this case, with taking a manager that is using and abusing of course, God deals with cloth God blesses what I mean.

I mean give people the impression that something God means that on the problem. That's a lot and I am in serving God alone. This people situation negative circumstances. The discipline pagan land and are being led astray by the prophets. It is in the midst of this hopelessness is in the midst of this discouragement. Verse 11 verse 11 shows up, and I know plans I have no plans I have for you know the plans I have for you.

Not that important because God said I still have you, you can assume I'm right if you plan is still operative but you don't know what happened last God. For I know the plans I have don't know the plans you have for me lessons I will be to learn in the areas where you know what in the world taken so long to get it when you want the most is when you got the trust as you know the plans I you seen a blind person, with the goal that walking by faith. They can't see they don't know whether the triple strand. Please. And that is that what the city's will be translated and no witness by saying no is a Facebook say, but because my best friend is beside when they stop when they will come when you get when you I'm right I'm not maybe unclear exactly when. I know it maybe unclear exactly where God is taking you. It may be outside hold all God moves you know so maybe traffic is coming this way.

The wife has your stock delay injured when he said I know the plans I even though you being disciplined even though you got a communication industry you're in a pagan environment.

Even though maybe the church is doing the right I know the plans I have tomorrow I have to get all plainly go to Indiana I have an electronic ticket. So basically that means all I do is go up hello my name story just have to come together for that to happen.

I have to have a plane at destination table only went to sleep in the Windows live also communicated a price. There is a place for this life is costing my name in the computer going to take the patent from the Indian explain what I'm going to.

I am not going to the Apple and ask them explain to me happily works you tell me what what you will push when and how it works and can feel secure that this is a workable instrument myself. You think I may want to check this out the door were we big trouble going to check on their roots that are going to take that going this way or that way I make with them about how many feet down they are not going to argue about. The table assumes that whatever airline is big enough knowledge and no and more importantly, simply go get my name said and Jim will become the plane with some sort of basic assumptions and that is that since that yeah that they will be supposed know the plans I have gone have a plan. I know you don't know whence the details of school.

I know that it's not fully flushed out. I know that all of these things are coming at you right now with you half in the minutes of your confusion said no you don't give you just a little bit information is plans for welfare, not for calamity, he says it involves the future of also tomorrow and plan that's good news.

God has gotten tomorrow covered even though you haven't been. He has already spoke out tomorrow and he has come back to tell you he has a plan for tomorrow already spoke out. I know it's not a future for you. So what you mean you want me to sit back and do nothing because you spent versus five: telling them what you doing nothing, he says, verse five build houses and live in them playing God and things that need to produce become as productive as you possibly can do nothing all at your hand to do it says plant gardens and eat their produce. Maximize your potential. All is that you can all that there is to do that maximize what is before you and become productive while you're waiting on God to make a change, while you're waiting on God to turn down, maximize the moment you see this moment.

Dr. Evans will continue this look at how our future fits into our calling. When he returns in just a moment for so today's teaching is from the final installment of Tony's life-changing series called for a purpose. As we been hearing God has a plan for each of us and embracing the truth is the first step toward discovering God's unique calling for you drunk your frustration and move on to a greater joy as you discover your calling through the help of a complete called for a purpose audio series available both on CD and digital download.

And when you make a donation today to support the work of the urban alternative will say thanks by sending you all 12 messages in this two-volume collection along with a bonus copy of Tony's popular companion book discover your destiny like God use you like and made you just visit Tony to make your contribution and request, but this offer ends today so make your request right away. Again, that's Tony or call us at 1-800-800-3222 14 members are standing by around-the-clock to help with your resource request that's 1-800-800-3222.

I repeat that information for you after part two of today's lesson and this how do you share the gospel with confidence. Once God's plan for our communities. Why does the Old Testament matter to your faith today.

Those are just a few of the questions you get answered when you enrolled in the Tony Evans training center and interactive online study experience with Dr. Tony Evans you can grow in your knowledge of God's word and learn to advance his kingdom agenda in your life. Visit Tony Evans to get started today. That's Tony Evans that is when there's nothing you can. There's nothing you can God have given something in your hand to do with with all my say. Well reverencing the rest. I have future goes on. He says not take wives and fathers and sons and daughters take wives for your sons and daughters and sons and daughters and multiply that do not decrease. He says be productive and then he says multiply become as fruitful as you possibly can you in a pagan land, even though you messed up. He said verse six the welfare of others can be a blessing to the welfare of the city in which oxygen pray the Lord's behalf in its welfare is your wealth that as you are being a blessing you are setting yourself up to be blessed as you are being a blessing. One of the reasons we lose. How is Scoville the person we concerned about seven verse 12 and 13 you will call on me and come and pray to me and I will listen to you and you will seek me and find me when you search for me with all your God said I don't go looking for the plan. Look for me on the web portal you will find the plans for you and I know what and if one will give you a future and it will give you all.

God is inviting you to participate with him in the trauma of the ages. I don't like can help with that because without faith it is impossible to please God them to come up to God must first believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of those who seek you don't know which way to go seek him and paying seek him.

You confuse see Kim Todd awaiting SECAM picture but we can apply so I wonder why this will produce anything.

God, I am the architect and I have built lives before the first bill you not my first project that you easy compared to some of the dudes to deal with sometimes look like God, like Allstate, God has you in his he has you in his and he wants to see the plan before you never dreamt possible watching to see you tomorrow night. You never know it could be once yesterday's pain and tomorrow I say hold on the my hand and let it go nowhere and take and it's a good place.

It's a wonderful place, consistent future, and it's all 2000 Jesus Christ plan and we got a good shot of redemption what God's.that is what God God and what God is not God sermon. Remember the birds. I have a plan for you, not for calamity but for good and it involves your future will Dr. Tony Evans with encouragement and a promise from God about your future and your calling the last in his current series of powerful messages entitled called for a purpose. This two-volume 12 lesson collection will help you find and fulfill God's unique plan for your life and as I mentioned earlier, if you make a donation today to the urban alternative and request the complete series will be happy to send you a bonus along with it.

A copy of Tony's popular book discover your destiny like God use you like you made you this entire package is our thanks to you for your support of Dr. Evans ministry here on the station at around the world. This offer ends today. So be sure to visit Tony right away.

You can also sign up for Tony's free weekly email devotional again that's Tony or call our 24 hour resource request line at 1-800-800-3222 let one of our friendly team members assist that's 1-800-800-3222 well as you've heard the urban alternative is celebrating 40 years of ministry this year and Dr. Evans recently reflected on the Lord's faithfulness there so many ways God demonstrated his faithfulness to me into this ministry over these 40 years. In all there were times when we just weren't sure we were going to make it. We got down to our last paycheck for our staff. After that there was no money to pay anyone. I remember as having a special prayer time and asking God to intervene and then out of nowhere a donors heart was touched in the notice, and God placed it on my heart to send you this gift was able to sustain us a while longer until we were able to build. I praise God for 40 years of his favor on us your support of the urban alternative makes possible the important work that continues even today, so you can contact us at 1-800-800-3220 2C thanks for your help by sending you called for a purpose and discover your destiny again. That's 1-800-800-3222 or you can make the arrangements The Declaration of Independence proclaims all humans have the right to pursue happiness tomorrow. Dr. Evans explains the only way to find it when it comes to your family is to pursue something else. I hope you'll join us tomorrow as he reveals that most important goal. The alternative with Dr. Tony have brought to you by the urban alternative celebrating 40 years of faithfulness, thanks to the generous contributions of listeners like you

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