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A Challenge to Overcome

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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December 17, 2020 7:00 am

A Challenge to Overcome

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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December 17, 2020 7:00 am

Nobody sets their sights on just being mediocre, but Dr. Tony Evans says thats where too many Christians seem to level off spiritually. Dont miss this look at the commitment it takes to turn from an underachiever into an overcomer in this lesson.

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You will not give you only see Dr. Tony Evans is God's power in your life can only be evident once you choose to review him once identified with Christ in a position to some, this is the alternative Dr. Tony Potter speaker senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the Trinity.

It may seem like if you focus on a problem. You're more likely to find a solution today. Dr. Evans explains that sometimes your focus is the problem.

Let's join him as he talks about how the right perspective empowers us to overcome challenges to being over, and whatever needs to be overcome in our lives to what's this begin to look at Jesus differently in Colossians chapter 2 verse 15 it says that when Jesus died, he wrote letters of this present age. I think the Scripture says now like reality, like reality, like reality. That's why the script is will look at chapter 12 of Revelation. Verse 11 and they overcame him as word because of the blood of the Lamb because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with one nurse will shift how you relate to Jesus. When you shift like Jesus shifts you relating to him as he is not wanting to be because a lot of what Jesus wanted to be not as he declares himself to be paying him in front of Satan in the context they prevailed when things were in place, things can be so one-word patient with Christ following closely with Christ.

They prevailed God reach not in your hand. The difference is in your reach. But if not in your hand and it was not a drop victory in within your reach. Because you exercise faith to get about all day, church all day. If you do not grab you don't get what you can say they'll overcame because the dictation with the cross with the confession and with the commitment that me, it means that by the blood says that the class II years ago was relevant right now for many people.

The cross is a historical event to the cross and I believe he died for my sins and accept them as my Savior and because of that I'm saved, I'm going to have all that's true but peaceful overcoming about the blood of the present and the present of the stuff this text, overcoming because the blood for 2000 years ago. That's why when Paul described his identity in Galatians 220 now crucified with Christ live is Christ who lives in me and the life which I now live. I live by faith in the son of God me and gave himself for me to look at my life and now I am controlled by the cross that is controlled by the work of Jesus Christ 2000 years ago. Decision-making in the present. It is my point of reference. If you know which is why you don't make it relevant today. It becomes a beneficial benefit from eternity and will be used as in other words the reality of what Jesus accomplished on the cross which was why he said when he got up from the bed. Matthew 2819 given to me in heaven and on our translation. I'm in charge now I'm in charge now come to take some time to take the charge call the shots. So if he's not calling the shots you don't get overcome the shots you don't get overcome your appraisal or how little you got good all the time all the time that that sounds good but is my point of reference, I accomplish the transfer today. Secondly, they overcame him by the word of their testimony stay with you will not overcome whatever you overcome.

If you are a secret agent Christian vestry. If you and I decided not available, if you are spiritual overcoming because Jesus Christ with eyes is not come to be associated with him.

He says you did not. Maybe I will did not compress you before my father's public meeting with the St. Sunday but you know that you love Jesus Christ what the point of your baptism when you went public, claiming me coming in my life. Testimony is another way trying to keep believing God will using God's name won't cut it. God has placed in the hand of the son, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is more to the glory of the father is glorified with Jesus. Running around like everybody against the cost of law know we both people talk about about his plans with Apple going public protest plans good morning. Please let me know where they stand. Dick rings believe in believe that patients can you tell me was transgressing price test because of a love relationship that they possessed with you that plans some serious love transcends time, but it's not unusual. Most parents if they had to give their life for the children. Most parents because of the depth of their love men would give their lives for the banks because of the depth of the love. It was a choice between the two in the human level we know what it is to sacrifice the life for the he says to being over, because he got five to Seattle, ninth and I die daily everyday when I get up in the morning. I said I am dead to me and I'm alive to you. You are my life, not just a place I go on Sunday. You're my defining definition. You are my like the Internet will be my disciple must deny himself and his cross and follow me.

If this understanding and pursuing a relationship with somebody that I want to fall in love with life itself. In other words, this is serious commitment but you probably got some serious stuff, overcome casual Christianity well blessed meal meal blessed me so God is a visit once a week and I think some miracles will drop from heaven when his part-time Christians, wonderful time deliver to deal with the risen Christ now and the reason Christ is in charge of the pulses pulses are for me to live is Christ and to die is gain looking for death which is deputy since, but he says for me to live is Christ and to die is gain pulses.

I don't know whether to stay here or go home to be with Christ, set betwixt and between. If I stay here is to serve Christ if I die is to go be with Christ and if I stop what he says.

I reckon that the suffering of this present time is not worthy to be compared with the glory that shall be revealed so he said, no real live and die is all Christ. So if I'm gonna be rejected because of Christ's misunderstood because of Christ. Not like because of Christ, not because it's not foolishness because of that's the way it is. Dr. Evans will be back in a moment to describe the benefits of a committed relationship. Christ don't go away 2020 year unlike any distraction easy to feel apprehensive and wondering what in the world is happening permitting his Tabasco County in 2020 series Dr. Evans office messages of hope and certainty in the craziness of 20 2010 seating 10 MP3 downloads. I got there and listen to sermons from this past year here Today will send you this special series. Dr. Evans devotional book calls for a purpose to Tony If I can lessen your hearing today is one of those 20 most listen to messages 2020 sure to visit us to make your your intonation and request the best of Tony Evans 2020, along with his popular devotional book called for a purpose. This collection makes a perfect Christmas gift for someone you care about and would like to send it your way to say thank you for your financial support of Tony's ministry make a contribution today or call our resource Center at 1-800-800-3222, I'll repeat that information after part two of today's lesson once with Christ positioned yourself to be in overcome her positions yourself to see the move of God rule in the circumstances of life. There must now be a shift in perspective, look at Jesus.

Now differently is the sovereign on fire Lord's. We all believe in the Sun SQA assignment to the people go around all day looking at the sun this walk down believing something on looking at the sun all day may reasonably than the sun even as she went. The main reason we believe the masculine is because because of it we see everything else will sun all day. But we look at everything else all day but because of the sun. You see, everything else. What was true in the physical world because of the asset, all in just to look at everything else. Everything else is supposedly because of him shining what you see him or not, and therefore brought in line with that said before, I still wear glasses and had surgery to wear contacts and let me explain how that happens. My left is all my left eye's office by 2050 or something.

So far, my right eye and just look at you with my left eye finger fuzzy and fussy my left. But my right eye is 2020 right eye's but they would put in the category provision. So my right eye can see clearly my left is because mom is 2020 it open states. The weakness in my left wearing glasses is not perfect because, become subject to submitting this string is about 45 pounds no I do is determine the minutes as I will admit to you, I am unmotivated does not assume like I look forward to doing 530 or 6 o'clock or we meet myself and we got have a congregational gathering. I am laying in bed and I am saying do I want to do this today, so yeah, I know what you talk about is really good today because it's not doing you know you want to lose weight so all coming to way to getting up to get on the treadmill, but is still a problem because walking and going nowhere is just so I drag stuff what treadmill this is a chair that she should get on. The problem is treadmill S on the treadmill struggling this goal in mind, but struggling is this a struggle.

So what I always do the struggle of overcoming the treadmill and the fact that I don't want to do it is an internal news so right in front of me stare at the news.

45 minutes.

It has not only about attention does not take away the sweat breathing. It distracts me it gives me something else to focus on this, when I'm focusing on this magnificent focus of this bad enough. This is my mate me. Dr. Evans will come back in a moment, but for those who doubt that their life story could have been overcome her sending first. So if you like to hear the full-length version of today's message including material we didn't have time to bring you on the year you can get. It is a part of our current series the best of Tony have in 2020.

As I mentioned earlier, all 20 messages in this collection are our gift to you. When you make a contribution to help us keep Tony's teaching on the station and for a limited time will also include a copy of his devotional book called for a purpose. Just drop by toning up and start or you can get all the details and make your donation online again that's Tony or you can call our 24 hour resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 let one of our team members help you with your resource request. A lot of people think God's offer to be close to us is too good to be true tomorrow. Dr. Evans will explain how Satan perpetuates that attitude and what you can do about it right now that he's back to wrap up today's lesson with this final story like pro wrestling explain some of explain the wrestling is prescriptive winter it's going to be predetermined is coming out right in the nick of time to jump in the national way. If you believe if you because you made it look more real now and slamming you want is, is made possible by the general

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