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New York Attorney General Letitia James Announces Civil Lawsuit Against Former President Trump and His Family

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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September 21, 2022 3:51 pm

New York Attorney General Letitia James Announces Civil Lawsuit Against Former President Trump and His Family

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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September 21, 2022 3:51 pm

Guest host Harry Hurley fills in for Todd! 

Rep. Jeff Van Drew, Rep. Matt Rosendale and Rep. Barry Loudermilk join the conversation!

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Of course, at 844-747-8868. It's the Todd start show. As I mentioned, it is clearly a big news day Pres. Biden delivered his speech before the UN Gen. assembly. He said that Russia is shamelessly violating the charter with the war against Ukraine and that it's a brutal. Needless war that's pretty much the cliff notes on Pres. Biden and this is literally just in in the last few moments actually New York Atty. Gen. Leticia James and then let's remember we have to put context of this. This is someone that before she was even the Atty. Gen. had it out for president trump full disclosure, I'm a former president trump senior hotel executive interview the president trump.

I was hired directly by president trump and for about 23 years just prior to starting a career in broadcasting, which is 31 years now.

I work directly with president trump but that doesn't mean I don't tell the truth about it. I just want to give you that disclaimer just to be more honest than the other side is this individual.

Leticia James ran as a candidate saying that she would get president trump and everyone in president trumps orbit to does that who says that this is America Barnett in America there supposed to be a crime committed then you allege that someone has committed that crime, but there in search of crimes with president trump now this is a civil matter, but it has very harsh words in it to make it appear that it is criminal in nature, but no matter what you hear about this is the day goes on and you can you can rest assured the Democrat media and you look at all these things that are just coincidentally happening right before weeks before the most consequential election since the Civil War. Look at all these things all these deadlines trump trial has to start by October 19 no later mean the world ends.

If it doesn't start. By the 19th. This this fake January 6 committee, you know, there can be coming out with some kind interim report has to be before the election.

Of course, but they're not political will keep telling you they're not political.

Liz Cheney that abominable individual coming up with some fake legislation because they keep saying she keep saying at the nine. I'm sorry that January 6 committee keep saying it.

I know I mix that up with the 9/11 committee because 9/11 committee was actually legitimate equal number of Republicans and Democrats you had the cochair, Republican Tom Kane Democrat Lee Hamilton. They actually that actually was a legitimate committee. This is a sham. This is a Democrat flimflam operation all the way but they always tell her what I would not political, but everything they do is political so they keep saying that there is no role for the vice president as it relates to the electors certifying the electors that it's a ministerial thing. It's just already done and you're just a potted plant that sits there while that's true if the vice president who was the president of the Senate has no power in what you need this legislation for so they they are liars who lie about lying. So if you think Leticia James announcing this, and shall be raising funds off of it already. I promise you already started.

If you think it's a coincidence that this is big worded civil suit that names president trump names his children, Don Junior, Eric, and a Vaca if you think any of this is just normal or coincidence you would be mistaken. And I don't think that you do. Also in the news former Minneapolis police officer Thomas Lane has agreed to a plea deal for his role in the death of George Floyd. I can't fault him for taking the deal you know when when you think you've done nothing wrong and that you certainly have done anything to deserve conviction you can't take a chance on all these years because he already had the federal sentence that he serving so to have the opportunity to take a plea deal and judge Peter Cahill has agreed to accept the plea deal and that he will sentence Lane under the guidelines, saying, because he is accept the responsibility for his role in the death of George Floyd and he'll be able to serve that in in.

I think many of you know this but me just say it to get out there. You.

You can serve based on decisions made by various courts. You could be given multiple terms that either can be served consecutively or they can be served concurrently. One is very bad news. That means you serve all these years. And then when you get done serving the first one the second one starts after that. That's obviously disastrous if you are the person that has been sentenced to that type of sentence he's been given a sentence on this one will be the judges agreed that he will let them serve at the same time so it's almost impossible other than principal, which obviously matters a whole lot about we are living in a very dystopian crazy time. It does matter. Principal matters but the same time.

If you're already serving three years for the one charge and you have the opportunity to serve this in the form of a plea agreement and you get to serve it at the exact same time, most people are going to take that deal. And in fact the former officer Lane is going to take that deal. So that's also in the news so it's a very very busy Newsday like to comment a little bit about this New York Atty. Gen. Leticia James. I find her to be one of the most reprehensible DAs Atty. Gen.'s you name it of any level top law enforcement appears to be strategic and highly hyper- partisan political remember she was going to run for governor, and it lasted about an 05 minutes and that was out of there but very political.

Just the way this thing was announced this morning promoting you know what a big blockbuster. This was going to be and of course the timing of all this, I believe this all submitted as an opinion because I can't prove it but when you look at all the moving parts. All of this appears to be in coordination.

If you think about it the last going on two years now. We went from zero to very low inflation now were between 8.3 and nine-ish under the Biden administration.

We were energy independent and we were a net oil exporter and gasoline, and I know Todd has listeners from all over this wonderful country. So depending on where your listening this might not be your reality. But in many cases. Most cases gasoline was about two dollars a gallon and on about talking about premium blend talking about regular about two dollars a gallon may be a little bit more, but in that range. We know where it's at now these fools get away with saying all were doing a great job always come down $0.50 in the past few months.

I think it went and now you more than twice you more than doubled the cost of a gallon of gasoline. In some cases you tripled it and and $0.50 comes off over a couple of months and you want credit as though your policies are working. This is this is insanity. By definition, so we had high employment, high work participation rate. We had every demographic enjoying the best wages they had ever had every demographic African-American men women in Hispanic and you name it. Every single demographic was enjoying prior to Joe Biden.

There's a demarcation line. It's it's undeniable can deny it, but you be lying you look at where we were.

You look at where we are and I could keep going summer of love, the, the horrific spike in murder rate in violent crime in defunding the police and all these things we could go on and on and on about the breaking of our immigration.

The trump policies were working if you're being honest. This ministration is not being honest they lie Karine Jean-Pierre Joe Biden the whole all lot of them when they say the border is closed and were fixing the broken policies of Donald Trump gave me a break.

We had stay in Mexico, which meant, guess what, if you are going be welcome to this country then you come in.

Not this stuff with the border wide-open you come in, and that if your you're not welcome. We have to go find you somewhere and you got the got a ways.

You've got the drug dealers you've got the human traffickers you have the MS 13 and the other horrific gangs you have terrorists. All of this 2 1/2 million people this year it'll be 5 million for the first two years of the Biden administration coming into this country and we don't know who they are but don't let your heart be troubled because of course, if Rhonda Santos sends 50 people to Martha's Vineyard. Well, that's the end of the world, not the thousands every day and will be talking about the. The border states a little bit later in Todd's program with a few members of the House of Representatives, 50 people that were given food and vouchers and signed permission that they they knew where they were going given maps to the beautiful Martha's Vineyard. How about this, could they have gotten those 50 illegal aliens at a Martha's Vineyard note. Remember that the beautiful people. They're the ones that support sanctuary cities they support sanctuary states, but here they had 50 people and these 50 didn't make it, but for several hours and there on what a fraud.

What a fraud. They are the same types of people that will tell you your carbon footprint is too big while their commercial airline planes are idling in their big SUVs are idling and burning fossil fuels.

They're the ones that don't tell you about the stripmining and who's doing that labor and how horrific it all is how expensive it all is you ready for your $80,000 electric car that if something goes wrong you have a 10 or $20,000 battery that you have to do something with replacer. Whatever, and that this to them is progress. And oh by the way have an electric car but will put an edict out telling you not to charge your electric car so that's fantastic, isn't it that you got big large paperweights at that point. So when we mentioned at the beginning of the program. It's a busy Newsday. It is, there's a lot to unpack and a lot to share with you as the program continues will take a brief timeout will be back in just a little bit if you would like to react to anything that I've said or anything that's on your mind this is a Todd start show the phone lines are open 844-747-8868. I hope you check in with the substitute teacher Harry Hurley filling in today with grace and with Kyle will be back in just a little bit. This is the Todd start show my pillow as having their biggest sheet sale of the year.

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So you better order right now. Call 1-800-986-3994 and use the promo code Starnes. That's 1-800-986-3994 or you can go to my That's my use the promo code. Starnes, welcome back to the Todd start show Harry Hurley filling in today.

Let me add a little bit more color commentary little more context to the civil litigation filed today by New York state Atty. Gen. Leticia James. She is seeking quote unquote around not not a hard and fast number around $250 million. She's calling this disgorgement from the defendants. The defendants are president trump Donald Trump Junior Eric trump my vodka trump the CEO or CFO rather, and several other entities within the Trump organization.

She's also seeking for the Trump organization to be banned from having any involvement in commercial real estate acquisitions. Of course, because she knows that's exactly what they do. So hit them where it hurts and obviously New York City before they've destroyed it used to be called the greatest city in the world. I just don't know that you can say that anymore with how dangerous it is. I remember when Rudy Giuliani saved New York you had trash piled up, 20, 30 feet high. You had rats as biggest cats you had squeegee guys all kinds of things going on and it does show you though. If you elect the right philosophy of governance you can fix just about anything you really can because New York was in very bad shape. New York City very very bad shape so the Trump organization would be barred from engaging in any commercial real estate acquisitions for five years trump himself and his children would be prohibited from serving as officers or directors in any corporation in the state when it really is just inviting you just to move out of New York. After all, that's what this horrific governor for governor inherited governor Kathy Hogle says she told people get out go to Florida. I guess what a lot of them did. New York City had in the past 30 days. The most people ever in history to leave New York City for guess where Florida that doesn't count the people that also left to go to Texas and to South Carolina and to other places around the country. Todd start's country, you name it. So it's not a kill shot. But it's a big hit. If she prevails is obviously a lot of money. It prevents you from doing business Army Donald Trump has been the king of New York real estate since I since I work form well more than 30 years. This is in my opinion this is very style and ask this is show me the person and I'll show you the crime.

This was an effort in this civil but this is an effort of investigating in search of a crime, not investigating anything that's real, but in search of an is not what were supposed to do in the United States of America. You not supposed to pick a person by name and then say you're going to look at everything about them when we come back on the shift gears to what I think is a definitive important item that's right upon us in the next month will be back in just a little bit. This is the Todd start show there is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the blighted ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd start and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your goals it's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time, like to see precious metal as the company I investing in gold. They can help you roll your retirement account into a throwback IRA still own the physical goal also should precious metals safely and securely to your health. You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox called legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit the online legacy PM legacy PM welcome back the Todd start show Harry Hurley filling in today with executive user grace and preserve Kyle. Now Mike is in North Carolina microgrid where you want to just a moment he's not listening to the Todd start show over WSI C and he's reading my mind because if you go back to a similar election season 1994 Newt Gingrich, the architect of the contract with America. The Republicans told the American people. These are the things we will do.

You need to put us in power. Democrats have been in the house, and power for 40 consecutive years, as unbelievable as it and they were terrible then and they control the Senate for much of it as well. The Republicans would have control for two years here and there but it was basically 40 years of legislative democratic control, but Republicans drilled down every single day and said these are the things we will do in the American people bought it.

They hired them. I had been on the air for three years at the time.

I remember January 1995. Vividly we took our show to the bowels of the capital and did it from the capital building for three straight days.

A parade of all these members of Congress and the promises that they had made in the promises that they intended to keep, I know that Mike wants to talk about Republicans hammering home the issues because right now what Democrats are trying to get away with with her co-conspirators in the Democrat national media they're trying the old game of transference what they're guilty of. They try to make you guilty of it. They're trying to game of distraction. Let's talk if you think all this Trump stuff the rate at Mara Lago. This civil suit. Today, the trial or the lobby of the trial that's coming up on October 19 to January 6 committee disclosures are there to make if you think all this other stuff that's not on any list of what the American people care about. If you think it's an accident that that's what they're to be doing and that's what they have been doing abortion trump from Trump Martha's Vineyard don't look at the 5 million that are getting in illegally look at the 50 that came to us.

Beautiful people that we have to get rid of.

Even though we say were sanctuary cities and states. So let's give Mike an opportunity to share his thoughts. Mike welcome the Todd start show very good there show every day when I wonderful show break follow-up directions so they were talked about the other day that his brother on wonderful follow-up behind drug been listed or you just nailed it on the talk pretty much there. We we have three issues I think the first to which you touched on the economy the economy the economy exactly, of course, and the border disaster. I think the third thing. If you're looking for some rollup that would be there horrific mismanagement of foreign-policy. Yes, I think anyone with a sense with no we we would have a war in Ukraine that we didn't have such a weak point out we went when we wouldn't have the mess we have Mike we would have the mess we have in Afghanistan. Imagine a sitting president with 50 years of experience that took the military out first.

Let everybody all these horrific terrorists go free. Left billions of dollars worth of equipment and still we have Americans that are trying to get back home. We just don't talk about them anymore.

They're just off vaporize like they don't even exist. And of course women's rights are gone and everything else and then you look at your absolutely right. If Donald Trump serving his second consecutive turnouts can be to nonconsecutive terms because he is going to Ronnie is not going to win and it will even be better. He'll get to make America great twice to be able to fix it twice. The if he was in office. There was, in my estimation, Mike zero chance that Putin would've invaded Ukraine no way no how it work and work available for me when you are pathetic by the we have the French and German throughout the sender. Blankenship stand up to China because her right nose up, but I wanted to let the world, but we know that even Nancy Pelosi broke with Biden to go to Taiwan and then we wonder why are they so weak on this look like we know the answer why think we know what I might see see see if you agree with me is not just the president. Biden is weak and feckless and he is and basically an incoherent president Ami look.

He said the pandemic is over twice now is people said no it's not there there there counter mentoring their counter mentoring the president of United States. But this is literally Joe Biden in my estimation that is compromised, so he cannot do. He's compromised in China. He's compromised in Ukraine. I believe he's compromised in Russia. I still would love to know what hundred Biden do to get $2 million from the former mayor of Moscow's wife. You know, Hunter. We we just love you little wire transfer $2 million. And don't you think of this was a trump situation. Just replace the names and you are this laptop from hell that that Miranda Devine has done such tremendous work with that is is just a cavalcade of crime all through it naming all the people there so much evidence. If this had Trump on it instead of Biden every American should be market saturation level nonstop insanity, and it would be so many criminal charges filed. I like to know why did this guy pony up $2 million to pay some of hundred Biden's back IRS obligations. What what's that all about. And by the way Mike, how come he can spit with a straw ink onto a sheet of file copy paper and it sells for $500,000 that had that happen will likely to hammer the economy all the social issues ignore all this ridiculous book about drunk focus on what they haven't done.

Destroy the economy. But what the country lose control of its borders and it made a mess of foreign-policy you have to supper going to end up with a war which I might back down Mike before we go.

Let me see if I'll take this for test drive real quick and see if your buying or selling this.

I think we should simultaneously say remember on January 20 of 2021 a gallon gasoline was two dollars a gallon of inflation was between 01%-ish. No higher than 2% unemployment was basically nonexistent.

Only people didn't want to work or if you are not able-bodied. We understand that but there were jobs for everyone. The wages could keep up the supply chain wasn't broken. We could go on and on and on and on. I we didn't have this kind of it's kind of interesting how they all warned that trump would just blow up the world because he didn't have this experience that they they seem to call for when it's Biden that is blown, the whole thing up so in the midst of saying we want to get the price of gas back. We want to once again be energy independent and a net oil exporter about Biden after trashing the crown prince of Saudi Arabia going there begging him to loosen up the spec it which of course the slick, the crown prince told to go scratch and they're not doing it thrashing to cut back. Look at the Europe winter that they're going to have with Putin choking off their natural gas supply there and of a cold winter. All of this from the so-called expert with 50 years experience their terrible they are and you right on the nose: that these issues because I think the economy especially with moderate Democrats and Independents and wobbly Republicans that they really realize how bad it is about bad it's going to on their retirement by buying new homes all the think we can get them to vote our way and then we can build everything once we get Lenny Lenny squeezes a real quick them say goodbye, Mike. I loved your call.

By the way, remember Bill Clinton when he ran it was.

It was great great politics. It it it kept everything focused. It was the economy, stupid James Carville.

It was the economy, stupid.

That so then it didn't matter if he was accused of rape. I forgot that a moping monologue somebody's coming back out and accusing present trump of raping her in a note and a changing room.

Decades ago, so that's coming back.

I mean, they are just throwing the kitchen sink at at trying to distract the American people from what you're talking about, but Republicans just keep saying that were to bring the price of gasoline down were to bring the price of food down working to fix the supply chain. All these things are happening, record numbers of restaurants and businesses are closing all over the country because it can't find enough people to work and enough people to work that want to stay and of course the cost of doing business is so astronomical get on the word you're saying they should've done it before. Now they said they were going to do it. They have to focus on the economy and then take back all that energy away from these other distractions that don't change anybody's life at all. Good to talk to Mike such a good point from the guest listener Mike that's what every single candidate running for the Republican Party. Every single Republican incumbent you run on the pocketbook issues and is not it's not theory. It's not abstract it's not it's not difficult, they did it before when trump runs again. He will all he has to do is say look now it's not me making promises. I did this already and we can do this again, but I need a Republican house and I need a Republican Senate and I will tell you that even though they have most of the media, but not all talk radio and and a couple of outlets are not Democrat owned and operated. Still, I believe the American people get it because in the worst scenarios Republicans win the house and most likely win the Senate.

My theory is this.

I want to see both change hands, one has to let me tell you how important selection is, I believe that the November 8 general election is the most important election since the Civil War. I know that might sound to quote Joe Biden -like hyperbole. How often does he use that word makes me sick. He almost takes the word out to play so that when it really does fit.

You don't want to say it but I did it on purpose. Give me a chance to mention he says it. This election is so consequential that it is my belief that if they had two more years with the presidency and both houses of Congress if they have it all for two more years we lose the country. I can't believe I'm saying that, but it's true. And I been saying it to keep saying it. Elections have consequences. Do you think when Joe Biden ran and set him I like these crazy liberals on moderate Joe, do you think anybody really expected.

I did because he's a congenital liar, plagiarist, liar, I mean this is what you get everything I say the exact opposite is true. They say the border is closed and that there fixing the problems that present trump created. Come on. That's as unserious as anything can ever get. But if they have control for two more years we lose the country there destroying education there destroying every traditional value that we know and love their trying to vaporize the history of this country and recast it that somehow the greatest country in the history of the world that were bad. There was a poll just released yesterday and we couldn't get to 50% of America saying that America is the greatest country in the world. How is that possible I would tell you how 70 some percent of Democrats say that we are not the greatest country in the world one day asking the next obvious question after that.

When you say that America is not the greatest country in the world. What is the greatest country in the world. Then would not be illustrative would not tell us a whole lot about where their heads at what what are they gonna say Russia, China, what country they go to pick 75% or 78% there about's say that America is not the greatest country in the world do you know how easy I think every listener in the cost on universe answers that question in a heartbeat if you got asked the question, who is the greatest country in the world. Everybody was a nice ace America but not the Democrats, so vast majority 80 some percent of Republicans. They were the greatest country in the world think it's somewhere around 70%. I don't have the numbers in front of me but this is close 70 some percent of independence and then close to 80% of Democrats 75, 78% of Democrats say that were not the greatest country in the world.

That's how sick they are. How do you say that how you enjoy the the incredible blessings of the greatest, freest nation that the world has ever known. How do you then answer that question that were not the greatest country. Remember Barack Obama as a candidate that should've been disqualifying on its face. He wasn't wearing a lapel flag American flag and finally somebody in the media asked him, and his answer was I don't want to take sides. How can anyone that wants to be the American president so you know his whole thing him and his father. They hated America, they hated the United Kingdom. All this is documented guys were in a couple books are all about himself. It's amazing never had a job in his life till he became president but didn't want to take sides told it's a busy Newsday will be back in just a little bit. This is the Todd start show heard my little sis is buying a car in my secret guide growth. No way already use N how to navigate your credit score Pleasanton back. I got my real rate and monthly payment. Amazing test time and made the patient taking the easy way out that so you getting it sell you N your terms and conditions apply. Find out more capital navigator. We are back welcome back.start show with executors or Grayson producer Kyle my name is Harry Hurley, a longtime friend of Todd's. And what a wonderful colleague Todd is a great a great voice in America. I called him often the Paul Harvey of this generation. A great presenter excellent leader, motivator, and most importantly a great person, kind, generous, really, really good man and that's why am sitting in today for Todd because he such a good friend and he such a good man. You have such a great show here and it's one of the most important radio talk programs in America and that's not just me saying it that's talkers Magazine that year in and year out. Has Todd is one of the very important most important top 100 talk radio hosts in America it's coveted list thousands and thousands and thousands of people do this. There's room for 100 people on that. If you're on it doesn't matter if you're one or if you're 100 you're on it, you're on it and Todd is every single year honor to fill in for you my friend, but later on in the program will be visiting with two great members of what I call the people's house. The United States House of Representatives is very interesting in Montana and I know it's kind of gone back and forth with her and have two districts, but they had one at large Congressman Ryan Sankey before Matt Rosendale now and that for me makes that like another United States Sen. It's almost like Wyoming is the same and I got this Janie is just a couple months from being out here but don't worry James call me he got to that one book deal book deals is F is not fantastic that this guy that actually took confidential classified information and admitted that he gave it to some Prof. dude because he was afraid there wouldn't be an independent counsel appointed me that nothing happened to call me did it just classified documents. No problem, but it's like having 1/3 United States Sen. he'll be joining us next hour little over half hour from now and Congress and Barry Loudermilk of Georgia heard my little sis is buying a car in my secret guide growth. No way already use N out that your credit score Pleasanton back.

I got my real rate and monthly payment had an amazing test time and made the patient taking the easy way out that so you getting it sell you N your terms and conditions apply. Find out more capital navigator universities. Do you see Charlie since conservative Germans vary from my thoughts on show. My name is Harry Hurley filling in today for Todd will be back tomorrow and I've been privileged to work with executors of grace, and producer Kyle so you know I'm in good shape. Reprogram great to be here with you with the big Newsday if you just joining the program. We've got a lot to share with you this hour. Let me start with this because of changing all the rules. One of the things that I was very regretful in the 2020 election cycle. All the energy was mistakenly put in something that couldn't be proven. Nobody was going to prove that machines failed or didn't like like the movie with Robin Williams when he became the president well I forget what is Delacorte or whatever was called voting machine would would cast a vote every other vote a different way and that and that the wrong person wanted all the stuff that was never going to be proven any that even if you believe that was never to be able to be proven. Here's what I did know because I saw it happening in advance and you gotta give them credit Democrats when they can't win, they'll do anything the cheapo do anything in order to prevail. This is why they love it when elections are not decided on the same day because then they know exactly how many votes they need and it's a really bad I know the demarcation line to all of this elections used to have finale. No one challenged in the way that they do now and when Al Gore challenge the election of 2020 or I'm sorry of 2008 has forever changed to where and as I go. We may not know tonight who wins. So there already. Who are they your friends in the Democrat media already doing the pre-bottle for why we may not know the results of key determinative races on election night always and that fantastic. You already know it in advance what is in summary, take a page out of what Florida does. They have a very large sampling and we knew who the president that the presidential candidate that won the 2020 election by 10 o'clock. Many of the networks purposely wouldn't call Florida was over was a comfortable, whatever five-point win for president trump and they counted all the vote by mail and in account all the ballots came in that day. We've got to get back in the business were we demand finale that they get away with saying that all you you have this amount of time for to be postmarked after the election unlike any ballot.

No ballot should be postmarked after the election to uni-two weeks after the election, who's delivering that mail.

Who wants that job that you did take two weeks to take what you take one day, two days three days tops, but we may not know, no sales, not just Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, see they all have these no excuse mailing ballot things and there's all kinds of time that they're given to get the men and I for one, I can't stand the fact for ever in this country And like I when Lincoln was president and people and find out for two weeks and somebody in a carriage road by your home and said Lincoln Juan and you found out that Lincoln one we knew that evening, usually in the 10 11 o'clock hour something like that who would be the next president who wins these other statewide races now were were getting pretty bottles that we may not know. So for example here's my prediction on the Todd start show grace Kyle marked the tape. II know it as sure as I'm saying this, Republicans will win the house and we will know it that night.

That's not going to be in doubt.

My feeling is somewhere between 25 comfortable 25 to 35 seat Republican majority. That's over know trump trials other Star chamber proceedings and at all this other stuff. None of us can change any of that. Those races are district by district and their baked in and it's over and in fact Chuck Schumer already said it's over. He just didn't tell you he said.

Nancy Pelosi is in big trouble. It's over what he think their leaving ambassador to Italy open because Nancy Pelosi will not be the speaker this January and she will leave the House of Representatives and she will become the ambassador to Italy marked the tape now on the Senate side. This is my my bold prediction.

I believe that Republicans when all the votes are counted regardless of anything it's going to go down mail and balloting ballot boxes. All this stuff any type of contest phases. Someone when it's all said and done and it won't be that night.

Unfortunately, I don't believe unless we have an absolute wave election where it won't matter how many are out. It's just over that could happen. The Democrat media is trying to prevent a wave election.

They know they can prevent the inevitable Democrats are going to lose at least one house of the legislature.

My feeling is you're gonna lose to. But I do admit the Senate is a little tougher to call Republicans are defending more seats and you have some interesting races. Now if I if I knew right now. That hurt Herschel Walker beat Rafael Warnock and lack salt wins in Nevada there to pick up right there. It's pretty much over that point, Pennsylvania will be nice and I think it is going to happen because for me, this Fetterman come on already. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Come on, this is ridiculous. So I think Oz will ultimately wind up winning that he may not, but I think he will. Now I will tell you right now if Republicans win Pennsylvania which will behold the Toomey seat if they win Nevada which will be a pickup and they win Georgia which would be a pickup.

I promise you it's over, and Republicans will have at least a 5149 or 52 to 48 seat majority. So my prediction on the Todd start show is Republicans when the house and we know it and it's announced in itself evident on the night of November 8 will be certain races that aren't decided, but that will just add to the totals literally. If you consider that there's 30 competitive races. This is the irony 435 races 700 people running and I guess it's a little more than that in districts where you have more than just a Republican and a Democrat running both just say just for just estimation purposes. All that many people running and really only about 30 races are competitive and amazing after all that now Democrats would have to win all 30 of water being called competitive races in order to keep what would be probably a two or three seat majority something like that to 19 the 216 to 18 to 17 May something there and it would be it would be a nightmare for them because the squad and all of them at me that we would be impossible to govern.

That's what you really want 15 seats would be comfortable. It could be more than that, I think it's can be a minimum of 25 and that it doesn't read out you. You can have people that principal or certain votes are cast can peel off and you don't have a problem if you have something where every single vote every single time is white knuckled. Every hundred percent vote you would need every time it becomes very very difficult, it becomes impossible actually to govern socket to be that if Democrats were to pull it off. It would be that they're losing seats and I think you lose quite a few seats and like I said, I think that the minimum on my map is Republicans +25 and I could really think it will be closer to 30, 35 so that's it be that there and that will help to save the Republic.

Now Joe Biden will get very busy with his pen and his cordless phone. He'll be doing a lot of executive action, but that's not the same as this horrific legislation that we seem to the tunes of trillions upon trillions upon trillions upon trillions more than $4 trillion that weren't getting our children's children's children's children and keep going for a few more generations. It's it's an abomination what's going on and what we have to show for it. Horrific inflation very, very structural imbalance country in many many ways. Nothing to show for it all, but just get ready on the Senate side were to be hearing that key races are too close to call. There's too many ballots that still need to be counted on is richly sickening can be terrible and yet for 200 and some years, probably 220 Psalm out a 240 some we always knew who won and who didn't win and people accepted the results. In other Stacy Abrams is just beyond words to me. She has been a denier of the 2018 loss that you and it wasn't close even the amount of votes that she was challenging they were not enough to change the lead that Gov. Kemp had and yet the media Acting like there's a challenge phase and like this could be turned around and she could when they say Stacy almost Gov. Abrams when it wasn't close. Here's the saving grace we have as I speak to you today on the Todd start show. Gov. Has a more than eight point lead very comfortable, and Stacy Abrams is failing and what allegedly is her strength, her wheelhouse, and that's new registration so this whole luster this fake luster that was on her candidacy as though there were positioning her to be the next president.

She's gonna get smoked in her race for governor, and that that will make it less you are. What's at that guy in Texas better that O'Rourke and Lester him and you just run for everything. Hey I wrote for this I lose I okay I wrote this I run run for Senate. Now I lose now run for governor is a lose out to just keep running and losing and create your little cottage industry of all this money that comes in from all over the country as a try to nationalize these races so expected.

No that Republicans won the house and expect to be told that there's not enough information. There's too many votes to outstanding and that the Senate is too close to call. I really believe that when the polls close in a close in most places. At 8 o'clock at night and I know we have different time zone differences, so that's different. Whether your and Todd start country which is an hour different than where I live on the East Coast or three hours difference for me, as opposed to the West Coast, but my belief is 8 o'clock Eastern standard Time on November 8.

There will be a forecast that the United States House of Representatives when all the votes are counted that there is a change and that the Republicans will have the majority. I don't think that's going to take five minutes into election night coverage that is going to be self-evident, and it will be able to be forecasted and reported the Senate, it can be just the opposite to say it's too close to call. And then you get tortured with these returns coming in and then ease these goofy people saying that we got the stronghold of this and that, not in yet in and will just be a nightmare and it will wait and see, and in particular, it'll just be what want to be just amazing, though, that all the key battleground states will be the ones that aren't going to know who won Pennsylvania. I hope not Georgia but probably Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin and places like that. Always keep in mind that the Democrat media is and I talk to people all the time and end the morale is better today than it was last week, but they had a lot of people convinced that this November I can get here quick enough.

You lose this it is suspicious getting away with this is really good happen. They're not getting away with it. Wait until the American people actually vote and vote.

How much food costs how much gasoline costs and everything else not going to be as close all Democrats with their abortion strategy. There really making gains look they'll bill lose by less, but they're not making gains that will make them winners.

They'll make the margin of defeat. Less than it would've been. That's the only difference and maybe a handful of seats, house seats, that would've gone Republican might stay Democrat they might luck out because of trickery. But now it's the houses is over. The Senate is very close, but the Republican should have a two-seat 24 seat majority and then it's on to 2024 for all the marbles and that has a great chance to go well. We need a break will be back more right after this.

This is the Todd start show heard my little sis is buying a car in my secret guide growth. No way already use N how to navigate and that your credit score wasn't that I got my real rate and monthly payment had an amazing test time at the dealership and made the patient taking the easy way out that so you getting it sell you N what's in your mind terms and conditions apply.

Find out more capital navigator, welcome back.

It is a Todd start show with executive producer Grace and producer Kyle on Harry Hurley filling in for Todd. Todd will be back tomorrow. He's flying back from the left coast and I cannot wait to be here with you tomorrow.thanks for the opportunity to fill in today. A point I made in the last segment, but I really didn't get into the, the, the sort of the if you are a fan of Quinn Martin programs the epilogue the ending.

In other words, I said that I felt was a big mistake when you were smart people doing this when people were focusing on the 2020 election and getting hung up on the voting machines and if they were accurate and all this kind of stuff stuff you can use. There was no way was ever going to be proven. Here's what I said and I said it in advance of the election. We needed to keep an eye that this whole Soros project of secretaries of State and board of elections and boards of cancers that all different names around the country based on the individual states and and this after all, in the national elections it's not one national election, it's 50 state elections in its that's the way that it's supposed to be the way it was set up, but what they really should have been focusing on Republicans in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and in Georgia and in other key battleground states they changed the voting rules they changed things like signature verification and you went from in Pennsylvania and Georgia. You went from having four and 5% declination of ballots that shouldn't of counted 2.4.5 percent, then the rest counted ballots that shouldn't of counted then that was because of machines. It was because they changed the way that you vote and what votes would be accepted versus what votes would be thrown out. That was all the difference. I mean you look at look at Georgia you had both Sen. perdue and Sen. Kelly Loeffler. They both one but they didn't get the 50% plus one in most states.

You don't need that. It's a shame that you don't need that you need it there though and then in the room and the. The runoff election. They got to nationalize them because that they Democrat media and that the whole country that wanted to make sure that Republicans were not empower went and did what they did and we see the result Congressman that Rosendale from Montana is next on the Todd start shows my little sis is buying a car in my secret guide growth. No way already use N how to navigate your credit score wasn't that I got my real rate and monthly payment had an amazing test time and made the patient taking the easy way out that so you getting it sell you N what's in your mind terms and conditions apply. Find out more capital navigator, well-connected Todd start show with grace and would file my name is Harry I am privileged to be filling in today for Todd who will be back tomorrow.

He's traveling from the left coast back home and back where he belongs right here with you on tomorrow's program joining us right now on the patriot mobile newsmaker tossed on top line is a distinguished member of the People's house of the United States House of Representatives that Rosendale and I've always looked at this like this is 1/3 Sen. because it's one Congress member for the entire state of Montana.

I think I'm right about that. But anyhow joining us is Congressman that Rosendale welcome tots program at Congressman air area. I do the same amount of work with the budget as of Sunday.

They lay our mama Violet who converted like a mad there you go.

That's right.

You only need half to do twice.

I only need that exactly right.

I love it and I love the letter that you and your fellow Sen. because I might basically call you Sen. that your fellow Sen. sent to Pres. Biden about not sending illegal immigrants to Montana. I'm sure this is not lost on you that my goodness were talking about 2 1/2 million this year. 5 million by the end of the first two years of Pres. Biden illegals.

We don't know who they are.

Some of them with very bad intentions. As you know, and 50 go to Martha's Vineyard and you might think the world just ended.

The other day Congressman, your blood, your board and now that I've traveled to the father border. Read on being worn and all January 2021 I hadn't been for a year. Harry and I just went about 30 days ago to get updated and all my got it hit the ball even worse than that.

Yeah, we did it myself and things that they letter to the president to make sure that we work very clear on the record that we did not want him to begin trying to transfer some of the problem. If you will, and to Montana that we would have to use the limited tax dollars. We only have 1 million people in the state.

Think about that. Think about that. Actually, he has brought more illegal immigrant into the concert at half time. More illegal immigrants into the country of delay of the 1820 month then then the entire population of the state of Montana and we just want to make sure that he does not try to do anything to increase our population any further by dropping people that that would require all the services of Greek life here illegally and we don't know who they are what they are and are constant.

Rosendale what you think and I'm sure you think a lot and would have a lot to say on this. When you hear whether it's Pres. Biden. Some of his other underlings, Karine Jean-Pierre when they actually while the vice president said it recently as well, Harris. When they say the border is secure the border is closed.

I mean that they should spontaneously combust of just intellectual dishonesty on the spot anytime they would even say that based upon the truth that we know that we know that there is a definite that goal. Operational control. Typically lays out what that means and I can tell you something we do not have operational control of our border. It was put in the statute back in 2008 the cob shortly 250 years ago and they don't and and our country is under an invasion right now and Harry it it's a big problem.

Not only do we have the problem with all of the people that are here in our country illegally and that is a massive problem that will go to be dealing with for the next 15 years if we sealed it today, but in addition to light now I've got that no streaming live called we are literally under a chemical attack China. That's where the components are coming from the create that in all the cartel of the integral of the border because it has a high plat but more for them and killing. We are under a chemical attack.

We had 105,000 roughly individuals that died in our country last year from drug overdoses.

The vast majority of that was from that in all that no and so this is what topic I talked to the state attorney general in Montana and he told me it takes 48 our work that no fault father border people to live in Montana and and begin distribution. It's a major, major problem.

We are to follow the nanosecond, just a quick reset.

It's a Todd start show and on the patriot mobile newsmaker hotline is Congressman at large for the great state of Montana Congressman Matt Rosendale for the next five minutes and we still have a lot to to talk about a follow up on that and now they have the Sentinel. As you know Congress and Rosendale looking like candy.

I now I know it very early and again the the cartel Chinese the people have made about what is the best way to undermine the United States of America, was the way to her dogs and they know that this this is a way to do it is very troubling to me when I hear my colleague all on the far left bod of the aisle.

There the Democrats throughout the nation.

Talk about compassion and we saw how they demonstrated their compassion Martha's Vineyard the other day. Meanwhile, we have in the neighborhood of 250,000 people arriving to our country illegally.

Everything about Harry that does not include the roughly 20 to 30,000 getaway okay let me after that. If it is so easy and we know it.

I've been down there.

It is so easy to enter into our country without having any kind of pushback whatsoever and to be sifted by the federal government to be transported by the federal government to another location around the country. Why would anyone make it.

While I will tell you 20 to 30,000 people a month are sneaking in full camouflage bonehead though had had net corporate you that they don't leave footprints leaking into our country, though the criminal though or here those of the people that are looking to do on here in our country. They are the ones that are bringing over the bulk of that that no and it is not compassionate to release them into our country, and quite frankly it is not compassionate to incentivize 250,000 people a month to come to our country to have financial obligation to the cartel for transporting them up here and young women that are going to be forced into prostitution young man to be forced to be your God transport drugs in our country or people of all ages that are forced into indentured servitude for an extended period of time to make sure that they pay that that all and even once they get the debt paid off. They are living in the shadows of substandard wages, because that Democrat United States have allowed them and incentivize them to come so important and so well said joining us for a few more minutes very busy voting session day is United States Congressman at large from Montana, Congressman Matt Rosendale.

Let's touch on this in a couple minutes that we have because is also very important. I have long maintained.

I think you're going to agree with this, then I want to let go. This emergency power stuff.

So what it what a gaffe on the 60 minutes interview the president made when not once but twice. He definitively unambiguously said the pandemic is over you'll see anybody wearing masks in the pandemics over he wasn't saying the worst of its over. And all this this cleanup in aisle six that they're all trying to do.

He said what he said and then of course everything he says is always subject to change.

When the people that are really running the executive branch correct him. So embarrassing. I have to say, but I've always maintained and see what you say to this congressman that will echo this emergency power. This gives them almost dictator like powers. It's intoxicating to them. They never want to let it go so he can't say the pandemics over because any then the emergency powers are over right your bottle Harry and their dock between the proverbial rock in the heart because he wants to put the country and act like a one goal pandemic brought you want. They want to love and that you wanted to hold the code.

Situations, meanwhile, natural immunity is going around the globe and unfortunately we also lot alive does reality is a lot of people were going to die regardless of who was vaccinated and was wearing math and and so it had to run it.

It's course and it has done that, but you are 100% correct. They don't want to leave that power got. We still have people voting on the house floor by plot. It is an absolute right that we have members that do not show up on the house floor to vote either for or against the legislation that is being proposed before Congress and and their constituent should be aware that we are part of 100 people 100 people that will echo by but I don't let that go. They don't even have to go shallot, they can vote from wherever they are. I know you have to run I know it's a busy day.

I could talk to you forever but want to keep our our wording and get out here on time, times, and Rosendale great to visit with you on the Todd Sancho background military. God bless you and your listeners near Great American.

Thank you. Let me set the stage and and will lot then step aside for just a little bit more come back strong coming up after the top of the hour break will be Congressman Barry Loudermilk, among things that will be talking about. Obviously I'm going to bring up how important it is to me it's tomorrow imperative is it is an urgent imperative that Herschel Walker defeat Rafael Warnock will get Congressman Loudermilk's allowed Loudermilk's take on that will of course talk about the border crisis.

This is some something that Todd star in sky's listener Mike talked about earlier in the program during his phone call in and that is about the Republican commitment to America.

This is this generations contract with America. In other words, if we if we honor you with our vote and we make you the majority party. What will you do huge doesn't get any bigger than that will be talking about that, of course. Interest rates are going to go up again. The only question is, and it's it's it's almost surreal. It's now up to 20% possibility not probability but 20% possibility that the Fed might increase the interest rates by a full point or what they call 100 basis points it's more likely about 80% prospect that it will increase by 75 basis points or three quarters of a point now just to put put the emphasis on what this means.

This means that everything becomes more expensive borrowing becomes more expensive the house you want to buy may did you qualify for a qualified for yesterday.

You might not qualify for tomorrow.

This is serious. This is what you get with runaway inflation.

When the Federal Reserve Board's only instrument in their tool chest in order to try to combat it is to bring immense pain.

Can you believe that in order to fix high inflation. You have to deliver pain. It's it's insidious horrible sick and none of this had to be.

This is all a direct byproduct of elections have consequences and the philosophy of governance of enormous tax and spend liberal socialist Democrats versus the free market unbridled, then making it unlimited. The potential for people to earn for people to achieve for businesses to prosper you know we've lost one third and it's more than that now because more closing every day it seems I'm sure you're experiencing experiencing it in your communities. We had more than one third of all restaurants close forever.

It's just incredible. And if America would've followed the Rhonda Santos blueprint of being responsible but not killing the economy. They didn't have it happen in Florida like it happened in all the blue states in particular.

So yes, we have a lot to still talk about in the remainder of Todd's program again.

If you're just joining the Todd star Joe Todd will be back tomorrow. He's traveling back from California.

He'll be back here tomorrow to do what he does every day in the spring. You want the most important programs in America and I have one other item I will share with you the very excited about not only a great congressman not only the only congressman in American history to switch parties and go from the majority party to the minority party, but he's going to be back in the majority in just a couple of months and he happens to be my Congressman and he started his career at the very lowest level of government basically when I started my career in broadcasting and we've been very, very good friends for over 30 years United States Congressman Jeff Andrew, who in the White House with Pres. Trump switched from Democrat to Republican and he never looked back and under the Reagan doctrine.

He didn't leave them. They left him because this radical socialist Democrat agenda is so out of control that there are so many reasonable Democrats are saying come on, how much further you go with this they can even stand it. It's getting so out of control.

So after Congressman Loudermilk coming up at 35 minutes past the next hour will be visiting with united states. Congressman Jeff Andrew will be right back don't go away much more. This is the Todd star show 77% of women who wear bladder weakness products experience intimate skin irritation having incontinence wasn't stressful enough that intimate path gynecologist path that do not cause skin irritation tent on the intimate skin. I need to try 10 intimate pads for your free sample to skin protects Lantana and we are back with grace and with Kyle my name is Harry going in today for Todd who will be back tomorrow which is obviously a very good thing because after all, this is the Todd star show, let me conclude this hour with a comment and I will give it that I will take a comment on the United States Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell and I say this with a heavy heart because he was outstanding. One of the things that goes on and in need, and especially in the more modern presidencies they grasp how important it is to nominate as many people as you can for the judiciary as many as you can.

Confirmed because these positions many times there for life and it really matters you look at some these decisions had been coming down you know there's only a handful of cases that get to the Supreme Court so these courts right below the Supreme Court many times they become the final word and Trump in one term Pres. Trump had one the most successful presidencies in United States history in terms of the number of judges. I mean look at the numbers on the Supreme Court alone. My goodness, in one term is very rare yet to get lucky to the E had all the say all these openings, Mitch McConnell held the one over or we would've had this horrific merit Garland on the Supreme Court for life. Imagine that. Look at this guy the job he's done this to us as Atty. Gen. My goodness, it would've been. It would've been a friend of Friday the 13th horror show horror movie Freddy Krueger pick your picture horror movie genre. Mitch McConnell was great when it came to that and also lower court, getting them through committee getting them onto the floor, getting them passed. He did it. He did a fabulous job and Pres. Trump is often said that what I am very regretful about is that Mitch McConnell has said some things and in this election cycle that are disgraceful for the leader of a party. He must know is not to be the majority leader when they when the majority because he he commented actually adversely about Republican candidates you don't do that. But now privately he saying how optimistic he is my little sis is buying a car in my secret guide growth. No way already use N how to navigate your credit score Pleasanton back. I got my real rate and monthly payment had an amazing test time and made the patient taking the easy way out that so you getting it sell you N terms and conditions apply. Find out more capital navigator universities. Do you see my liberty. This is the Todd Thorne privilege to fill in for my good friend Todd Starnes just for today is executive producer Grace and producer Kyle, thank you for the privilege to fill-in just for today. Todd will be back tomorrow and on the patriot mobile newsmaker hotline is one of the best and we've gotten for the next 10 minutes is a very busy voting session today in our nation's capital. Congressman Barry Loudermilk of the state of Georgia's 11th congressional district joins us, Congress and welcome to Todd's program will model the thank you so much. Carson Loudermilk, 1994 was the year as you know, Democrats had control the House of Representatives for 40 years and along came the contract with America. The American people both liked it and voted for it in Republicans commitment to America. I see the same philosophy of governance being very appealing this November 8 and of course we have to look now. The summary people vote, even before people are already voting now, but I really believe that you can't copycatted but it's it's a prescription that works. Republicans came in. They kept their word. I believe every item in the contract with America ultimately passed. Even Bill Clinton worked with it because it was so popular he wanted to get a second term. So he he worked with the team. Do you see the parallel between 1994 and this 2022 election cycle will not will talk about money for conflict more women are working with the one of replicate what solvent and also look at you know what were the failures out welcome some of that lovely Menlo Park book probably is better.

What were doing is taking the contract with America line. I want one camp and it's great but because you only what that not finding how you're going to do it your worst enemy because part of what is coming out with some of the not only the contract with America legislation be filled.

What were going and looking for buy-in from all of America Republican plan even though the publicans are taking it, because the standpoint and then a conservative standpoint, American cure, less government, not more, because it is because of too much government call inflation with the lucky bank CEOs.

One of them came out looking clear.

The cause of the Congress, which Democrats basically more than anybody else but themselves that so you have to aggressively one on the short term and met all the long, long in the next year or two years, but we can in clinical follow-up appointment, so I think it's so great about this one. It will not give accurate will doubtless from Washington DC, will be rolled out across the entire country public a member of Congress rolling this out would be filled because this is something we worked on it isn't something that is just come cocktail.

Minority leader Kevin McCarthy want to group that we put together over a year ago looking. How can we stick more importantly, what can do to allow American problem. So like getting government cons Loudermilk how concerned are you that not only the Democrat media, but of course their accomplices Democrats that you're running against, that they cannot run on the cost of a gallon of gasoline because RC was like two hours before they broke at all. We were energy independent. We were a net oil exporter. We had anywhere from zero to maybe one 1 1/2% inflation. Now it's it's just all over the moon over the top off the charts can't run on anything. The record is terrible to get to the border crisis.

The record on that they broken that. So of course now they're running on my former boss Pres. Trump there running on abortion there running on 50 people came to Martha's Vineyard I thought they should love that they say their sanctuary cities and states, but I guess it and like it so much, how concerned are you that they that they have any chance of succeeding in transference and flipping the script and getting the American people to to go to look at a shiny object instead of what's right in front of them will make about one election that we don't have to go out elemental. How about the policies of their when you look at what the top line issues are probably other, but when you plug like a gold blood clot about grocery store and found out that you know or small but mostly because Milgram called the constant reminder that Washington is the problem of the Democrat federal government that is basically the entire issue so this is what so great about you of independent moderate that they understand what they might be socially local, but they also have developed book. They also have to buy gas, and the like, look at Democrats of the progressively argue logically left leaning, okay. And it's not that I think also knew you called massive groups all of a sudden become Republican though.

I want to think excited is unfocused mess it up so we know we focus on the economy focused on then it's a one horse and it said exactly right. It's a Todd start show with United states Congressman Barry Loudermilk of Georgia's 11th congressional district we have for a few more minutes on the third very busy voting session day in our nation's capital.

We have to talk about the border abject failure by any measure, they have the audacity all of them. Biden the whole peanut gallery Prime Minister claim that's his nickname believer not lays jumble of thoughts start show.

I know that the congressman asserted before he thinks is the Prime Minister. You've got the Susan Rice you've got all these characters, Karine Jean-Pierre. They say that Kemal Harris, the vice president they will say the border is secure the border is closed.

Even the illegals coming into the country have gone on camera to say the border is open. That's why I'm here.

I got in because it's open and I came because I was told it was open so it's it's it's complete intellectual dishonesty. I believe that remain in Mexico under Pres. Trump was working this way if you can come in.

You come in. If you're not supposed to come in. You never got it in the first place seem like a pretty good idea to me.

What are your thoughts Congressman about the border: that white well leadership think so little of America, but they won't tell the people the border is secure. Are you kidding me how well those are Google is not secure because they put the American people.

It's almost euro look of how stupid they think American dog like you need to believe it, but any and all the women, the governors of the reason for this ability. Taking action and Americans were saying that they will. They were responding positively to call the White House to determine what should they told my you don't have to live out what going to do about the link but to secure the border look at what half of the market, but one of them called the National Guard and also in record time and liquids.

They should be that responsive to everything that they do. Boy, that was that was a profile in courage there. They had to get them out of there as quick as they can so they speak one way they say there for all of this, but now they don't want it in their neighborhood, but it's okay in your neighborhood really incredible stuff. I know you have to run how important your running on the ballot when you're not. You have no problems.

Your your your good you're good to go.

But there's some tough races. Herschel Walker, who I believe is going to win. I believe it's imperative that he defeat Rafael Warnock and of course, Gov. camp, defeating Stacy Abrams which is looking more more comfortable make a quick comment about the ballot how important these positions are walk the normal Democrat majority or public Myrtle," which I think it can be rightly positive in our own way so I'm hoping think government can't really good place to go to show him how to lead out of billable situation of federal government, including the destruction of people responding economy is good. The problem is called and so is beginning to show you and people bonding very cognitively in the second part of Washington elitist with Warnock is one of the guests income by leaving with Dr. so quickly that's so true. I yeah I know you have to run. I was, I want to squeeze this and I know you have to run car Congressman Rosendale you seen it all, but were you at least a little bit surprised a little bit shocked because I thought I heard it all to in last 31 years doing what I do. But when Stacy Abrams said that the state of Georgia is the worst state in America when the world says that that wants to be the Chief Executive Officer of the executive branch of the state level who says that it only Muslim below problem, though oil because they can't because make them look good so the boat believe there are better at telling a lie we are telling the problem is the logic that you should note that in the current. But she can't give while camping got anything right so let's just try to make Congress and Loudermilk.

Thank you for the bonus time because I know you have to run appreciate you and the great job that you do Georgia's 11th and the country. All the best, you are the expert. You're welcome. That is Congressman Barry Loudermilk of Georgia's 11th congressional district working to be right back in just a few minutes and then coming up after the bottom of the hour break we will be joined by yet another member of the People's house United States Congressman Jeff Andrew and yes he's in the same situation. All the members will join us today on a Todd start show today they been outstanding because it is an enormous I think they have 224 different votes that they're doing because remember they vote and then a vote on amendments and a vote on this in a will that sometimes you might think it's 22 votes, but it might be actually 88 votes. So it's an extremely busy voting day and you know with the election coming up soon. They like to get out to get back into the districts so that this is making it an extremely busy voting time in our nation's capital.

So we thank the good Congressman Barry Loudermilk from Georgia from the 11th district Congressman Barry Loudermilk Loudermilk live right here because this is the Todd start show heard my little sis is buying a car in my secret guide growth know I already use N how to navigate your credit score Pleasanton that I got my real rate and monthly payment had an amazing test time at the dealership and made the patient taking the easy way out that so you getting it sell you N terms and conditions apply. Find out more capital navigator where a backlog of active Todd start show with executive producer Grace producer Kyle I'm Harry Hurley filling in just for today. Todd will be back tomorrow. This is the Todd start show. Let me give you an example. Now this is this is unique but when we take full advantage of the resources that we have. These are the kinds of things that are possible. Alaska is a very rich oil state and they've always been very smart in my estimation, and look UTI I'm I'm a big fan.

I watch these different shows are based out of Alaska.

I love them there also very eco-friendly.

You can do both.

I know the Democrat Socialist will make you believe that fossil fuels are evil and any but look at the things they go for the let oil go on ships and on in trucks to have all kinds of potential eco-disasters, but they're not for pipelines, I can move it very very clean and secure and safe state. They did everything they do is backwards. It's a good dystopian bizarro world. Nearly every single Alaskan just in the past 24 hours have received more than $3000 each.

You've got one amount that goes out for like $2622 then they add a one-time benefit on the top of that. To help with the high energy costs that are happening. That's another $662 in OC at all that up and it's in the range of note close to $3300 they date directly deposited $1.6 billion of these payments to the Alaska people that started hitting your bank accounts on Tuesday. Yesterday and some that have asked for a physical check. It will arrive at a later date, but what a difference. What a difference in terms of philosophy of governance and we were we've we've talked about this a few times today on the Todd start show we were energy independent and we were a net oil exporter.

Now we are begging people that don't like us very much to help us out doesn't really make a lot of sense and let me tell you one of the most disgraceful acts of all time. Pres. Biden continuing to take oil from the strategic petroleum reserves. That's not supposed to be done like this.

There there down to a level I can't remember the year that I saw her recently but they are down to levels not seen in quite a while. But what a great great idea.

This would be an incidentally just a programming note because I just spoke with them. A moment ago, and we been telling you it's a very busy voting session. We were expecting Congressman Van Drew at about 35 minutes past the hour.

It's now good to be closer to 40 minutes past the hour just for your planning purposes, because we've announced that is coming on.

We we have a lot of content that we can share with you the time will be well spent. Will just wind up having a Congressman Drew a little bit later than we had thought, but not too much later. So that's coming up after the bottom of the hour break united states Congress and Jeff Andrew from the second congressional district in New Jersey and he knows recently what it was like to be in the majority and will will restate that coming up but in a very rare event while so rare. It's happened exactly one time in all of American history and that was in the in the last year or so, when Van Drew switched from the majority Democrat party to the minority Republican Party, but in a few months he will be back in the majority will visit with him and just stay with us because this is the Todd start heard my little sis is buying a car in my secret guide growth know I already use N how to navigate your credit score Pleasanton back. I got my real rate and monthly payment had an amazing test time at the dealership the patient taking the easy way out that so you getting it sell you N terms and conditions apply. Find out more capital navigator, welcome back to the start show with executive producer Grace producer Kyle Harry Hurley filling in just for today.

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Use the promo code's Starnes STA are NES or go to my My Click on the radio listener Square and use the promo code. Starnes, let me tell you little bit about Congressman Van Drew because he to join us just a couple minutes. That way we can get right into what I want to do any introduction at all. Congressman Drew and I we go back over 30 years. My career in broadcasting his career in public service began basically on almost the same day. He has served at basically every level of government. Local legislative branch local mayor what was called County freeholder. Some people call it Commissioner so he served at the county level.

He was the first Democrat since Reconstruction to win countywide in his county C was always a special Democrat and I always maintain. Really, that he was a Republican but it took. Basically, nearly 3 decades, and he made the switch in the Oval Office with Pres. Trump in a very celebrated switch from the majority Democrat party to the minority Republican Party, becoming the first member of the House of Representatives in the entire history of the Republic to switch from the majority party to the minority party. In other words, no one had ever done it before. He had served after the county level. In the lower half legislative state chamber.

Then in the Senate of New Jersey in the state Senate and now running for 1/3 term for the United States House of Representatives in the second congressional district of New Jersey. Here it is a really effective member. He's a very responsive individual and up just write a personal privilege every year and Todd was our featured guest speaker just a few years ago we do a charity dinner and we feature a major figure so in fact yet Gracie is ready.

I just got word from his office he he's ready for you so you could give a call back now. Congressman Van Drew is filling the role the Todd did a couple of years ago and we talked about this on talkshow before we do an annual charity dinner. It's a Who's Who event in our community in New Jersey. We feature great people is what we call our guest of honor and keynote speaker and Congress inventor will do that role.

This upcoming Friday, October 7 and we can properly thank him enough because it really does bring a lot of people together and it gives us the opportunity. The whole point of my charity is to write grants and help people that are doing important work people that need help in my goodness now more than ever. So will let Congress inventor, no who right now is on the patriot mobile newsmaker hotline on the Todd start show that we gave you a rousing introduction Congressman. Welcome to Todd's program.

Great beyond the area.

We've been here about the whole point be able to do it you know it, the 45 minute boat 15 minute boat and go up though, then worth waiting, but there's only so long you can wait though war story for literally just walked off or notify lacked both the morning and am outfitting it. We have the old telephone booth dear, that actually you kinda quiet night and I'm there, unable to speak with Jumblatt made a Mason and it literally yummy to Congress, Jeff Andrew on the Todd start show.

While obviously this upcoming November 8 is one of the most consequential elections in American history. You and I both agree on that. Give Todd's listeners an idea of just how important and what's at stake every literally American by you know what America we know what it is the Republic as we know it that is on the wall and that is all the trust that you know if we're not careful, were going to lose.

This is no joke.

You vote consequential election history. Maybe others in the war, and it would give the Civil War run for money because there may not be biting in our street. God help us, but what is going on is changing. For example just for education. I was at a press conference with Margaret Pellegrini yesterday reading about what they're doing for children changing their sexual identity not discussing this with their parent literally removing their breath changing their genital giving them chemical castration and not teaching them what does the post the learning school not teaching them about our great hero Great American was going on with our military out the lower the standard because the military so poorly created boat unfocused on the wall thing now again the actual gender change the that many people don't want to go into the military at the literally lower our standard think things happen for police are crime rate in a record high of dangerous and low people get jailed or left right out of jail. We don't even have a network spending more about our energy portfolio.

We were number one in energy now.

We literally are unable to compete around the world were on our hands and knees begging like dog other country or energy oil Europe in the same situation.

How long that parable is that look what happened in Afghanistan. My God word no work.

I think in the history of United what I've been there and we still have good daddy good American that are stuck in Afghanistan and we took in some people that are on the terror watch list, but want to talk about the carwash but talk about or keeping wide open borders where people are coming in by the million. Literally all the people we took all the people that were in actually came in to America illegally illegally during the Biden ministration and put them together in one state would be the 35th largest date. The green disease there. There are literally bringing the cartel that whole rake and hurting women and children, organ, or the thing they're allowing multiple common from China. They try to glassing and you know what weakness we have a weak president we have a week Congress, we have a weak administration. If we don't straighten this out our country going to fail. It will not be the Republican Republic brother Michael spoke about on the Todd start show patriot mobile newsmaker hotline is United States Congressman Jeff Andrew from New Jersey second congressional district is running on the ballot this November 8 for 1/3 consecutive term to the people's house to the United States House of Representatives. You did something that I outlined in my introduction of you, right before you arrived and you did something that's never happened in American history and all recorded American history.

No member of the House of Representatives that was in the majority party ever left to switch to the minority party. You did that and you're gonna be rewarded because it was very principled thing and you've done a tremendous job then and now.

To be honest that you know human, my friend.

It didn't matter to me if your Democrat or Republican, but I thought that it was the absolute appropriate move because obviously that party of yours has gone berserk.

I mean there there there socialist now Democrats. I mean, you could do the ragged line you did leave them but you did something that was never done before and I know you you're very smart and you study things that was a big move was in it. It was a little, and yet it turned out to be more but to be on with you more important than me more to me was that I wanted to go area. Couldn't do it anymore.

I was sitting there on that The Democratic Party that that I knew this is all already believe in abortion up to the lying month and beyond all the other things I mentioned, I mean things like I couldn't sleep at night I couldn't vote would want to be part that I don't believe it can't. Congressman Congressman Pres. Kennedy could not win a Democrat primary today. Cody know he could not you that I'm glad you brought that up. You imagine the candidate in the Democratic Party would be okay. The Republican Party, but in the Democratic Party what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. Hee hee we get today that a Democratic convention they wouldn't allow him to speak. If they did allow him to speak he would get booed will change so I could be part of it anymore. I couldn't be part of illegal impeachment.

I couldn't be part of the week.

Russian collusion I couldn't be part of it all just ignoring all the things that Hillary Clinton had done his secretary in the past and how she destroyed all the records and nothing was done. I can't be part of literally altered by Don so many ways diminishing the mean corrupt this country and his father was part of the people.

Now I'm not.

These are not good people and I'll tell you before you know her well for many years.

He tell me I was walking home that day when they said to me only that you will obey and that you will go impeachment. You don't know me, I'm from Jersey and I was just trying to be funny but was walking back I understand to you know you know everything has its beginning and instead in this very well may be no hard for me to stay into law a year hopefully get some good things you gave your best and maybe time to move on to something else was a lot of things I can do and went home and course you know the story got a call from the White House. The present want to meet mean that we talked for an hour pledge to me that he would make sure that you know I have read on got nobody to try any wiseguy stuff on your part and you know we had a job is my friend. To this day I don't care some people don't like my understand that but I will tell you that all of them. I'd rather have a meeting between now and then USA that would number one in the world doing great than what we have now. So, no, no question about that. We are three minutes from a heartbreak. Let me get this and I did asked two of your colleagues earlier your calling from Montana and Georgia. This question of any concern that the Democrats distraction campaign of running against Pres. Trump running against, or for abortion not running at all on their horrific indefensible record of the past two years, so it's all about other things. Typically, things are really not even at high or at some of them don't register at all. In terms of the important issues to the American people. But since they can't run over what they've done.

They've wrecked our economy. They've wrecked immigration mean that the record is is probably the worst of any session to your session of the House of Representatives in the history of the Republic. It's not bad. Do you have a concern that they could get away with talking about other things and mucking it all up and making this about something. It really isn't. Let me be clear on holy you all for your time for the whole.

You have to be concerned more while we are capable of doing anything and there capable of only lolling about calling the truth as well so they are little going to try everything they cannot meet To be candid, but there was an advertisement. They just playing out less than somebody sent it to me. It was a picture of a man like for more than a man and woman started to make love and and yeah he has economy yeah and then he goes into his law and you have the worry that you left. Looking Republican mayor betting no birth control on the rock won the election will Republican. You're lucky to get to use birth control is the kind they're doing. Look what they're going to be yellow only going to win.

Yes you are definitely going without. I think will really get that by low now. I really think George is good to go our way, but I also down to about 20 seconds. We have to be aware sure the play hard and all day and all and we have to have one made of black okay Congressman Andrew, thank you for making time for us today. I know it was very very busy voting session day.

Thank you sir. What you love, get on your show. Thank you so much Ali. Thank you, Congressman Conyers and Jeff Andrew live on the patriot mobile newsmaker hotline because this is the very relevant.start show my little sis is buying a car in my secret guide gross know I already use N how to navigate your credit score Pleasanton that I got my real rate and monthly payment had an amazing test time in the dealership and made the patient taking the easy way out that so you getting it sell you N singular lolling terms and conditions apply. Find out more capital navigator, welcome back to the task are shown with executive rooster Grace producer Ryan I am Kyle I am sorry, I am Harry Hurley filling in today for Todd who will be back tomorrow. Now I was just getting email from a friend of mine named Ryan by the way, who just shared with me. I think it's hot off the presses. This show is been breaking news all afternoon long. The Federal Reserve Board is not a surprise. The only cliffhanger would've been what it be 75 basis points would be 100 basis points, and it's another jumbo 75 basis points increase of buying your mortgage buying your next car buying your home. Everything just got more expensive now more than ever it's important support companies and organizations that share our values.

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