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STARNES: Biden May Not Finish Out His Term

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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May 20, 2022 3:49 pm

STARNES: Biden May Not Finish Out His Term

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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May 20, 2022 3:49 pm

Biden’s polling numbers are so low that Democrats may have no choice but to throw him overboard. It’s a disaster. Todd Starnes wraps up a wild week of news with Rep. Wendi Stearman (R-OK), Martha Zoller, and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, whose newest film 2000 Mules is hitting theaters!

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Wow we have a lot going on the day it's not you. Normally during the summer time agrees bigger houses little inflatable swimming pool and she builds it brings the news bunker fills up with water and she's got one of the auto folding lawn chair and she's got one of those little lob Tupperware cops with the umbrella and she's drinking a fruity beverage but not this summer because were just so darn busy Dodge so much going on today open wide Friday. So here's how it works over all of our new listers across the fruited plain your if you make it all the air you make it past Grace Baker. The top is because greater in America if if you make it past Grace you can come of this program talk about whatever is on your mind, and we reserve that you a lot of people want to call it during the weekday of they want to talk about you yesterday. I think we had somebody that wanted to talk about rutabagas. So what what we were talking about rutabagas yesterday. We wanted to stay on on topic. Grace Baker you know this, we want to always make sure that the caller stay on the topic of the day or the segment.

That's how we do things around. But today today ladies and gentlemen, it's Friday and thank God it's Friday because we've got an opportunity for you to talk about whatever's on your mind. 844-747-8868 is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 so there's a lot of political to use the word in kickoff that the day with the most important being a brand-new Associated Press poll coming out and it is horrible for the Democrats which means it's great for America. According to actio saw Pres. Biden's approval rating has hit an all time low. Only 73% of Democrats polled by the way approval. Biden's presidency.

I'm stunned.

It's at high only because Democrats by Gasson and they eat baloney just like everybody else, but the numbers roughly 2 and 10 people who were polled said the US only two and 10 only two in 10 believe the US is headed in the right direction, or that the economy is good Democrats.

By the way, the drops were concentrated among Democrats with only 33% say the country is headed in the right direction.

That's a 16% point decrease from April.

So there you go about looking good for a Joe Biden in the polls and that's great news for Republicans, but it's also an important thing for us to understand and keep this in mind that's why it's all the more important that we elect the right kind of Republicans the Congress in the midterm election vitally important that being said, you folks in Georgia. What the heck is going on in in your party right now. Now it seems to be that there is some sort of a civil war underway within the Republican party in Georgia you have Mike pence was backing David or Mike pence is backing Brian Kemp who is the incumbent Gov., your Pres. Trump was throwing in behind David Purdue, the former United States Sen., the latest polling data is terrible.

As a matter of fact of the latest Fox News poll has Brian Kemp with a 32 point margin over David Purdue. This is mind-boggling now be the reporting is that Purdue is has gone dark. Not running any ads. I want to read this report from NBC news Mark Caputo Alan Smith Peter Nicholas writing dark on TV trailing badly in the polls written off by Republican political insiders nationally and in Georgia. Former Sen. David Purdue's once spirited primary challenge to Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp appears to be sputtering of the home stretch ahead of Tuesday's vote. NBC news is reporting that Pres. Trump has washed his hands of Purdue in Georgia. According to NBC news. Even the man who recruited Perdue to run against Former Pres. Donald Trump seems to a given his campaign up for dead. That's according to three Republicans will spoken to Trump. They say Trump has groused about what he believes is a lackluster campaign effort from Purdue Trump is not planning to make any more personal appearances in Georgia on Purdue's behalf, having sunk enough of his own political capital in a race that looks like a lost cause, said 1/4 source a person close to the former president quote David either has a bunch of geniuses working for him because he's basically spent no money or he's run the most flawed campaign in America.

One person told NBC news is that true, you people in Georgia has have you seen the Perdue ads.

Is he spending money as he hollowed the campaign trail as he does running a lousy campaign or to people loved Brian Kemp that much now. According to NBC news, the Perdue campaign hasn't been on the air since late last month. Meanwhile, Kemp leads produced by 60% to 28% in a Georgia Republican survey conducted for Fox News that was released earlier this week that was on Wednesday.

A lot of people are going to chalk this up to a anti-tromp movement, and I don't think we can do that here folks, and I just like I don't believe we can we can say what's happening in Pennsylvania is anti-tromp.

I think you've got to flawed candidates are. That's what I'm thinking. But back to Perdue. So Trump is now coming out with a statement on true social by the way, are you on truth.

Social. If you are I wouldn't.

We are to I we got one of the red checkmarks and we would love for you to follow us on true social. We have a lot of fun engaging with with our listeners there. I here's what Trump said the Kemp campaign, together with fake news, NBC is put out a phony narrative that I have given up on David Purdue in Georgia that is completely false.

I have with David all the way because Brian Kemp was the worst governor in the country on election integrity. So there you have it Trump refuting the NBC news report that he has abandoned David Purdue hello trumps a loyal guy don't think is I would be surprised if tromp actually dumped Purdue but there's only so much Donald Trump to do right.

You gotta do your part as as a candidate to connect with the voters. I mean I could give someone my endorsement and what that tells the voters is hey this person is a solid person. This person has the same values that I have and all you know they got my seal of approval. But if that candidate is not making the connection with the average voter will. That's all. The candidate is not on Donald Trump so now you've got the situation in Pennsylvania where it could still be days if not weeks. Lawyers are getting involved and we still don't have a clue who the Republican nominee is going to be in the Senate for the Republicans. It's a mess out there but don't blame Donald Trump this.

I don't think this this is not a message about Donald Trump. I mean if you are looking for a message look at the fact that is what 95, 96% and all of the endorsements he's made so far. I me that's a pretty darn good track record so I don't think you can blame Trump here. Remember what they say all politics is local and I'm curious to hear from you folks in Georgia who are you going to support Brian David Purdue.

What was it that move the needle for you.

844-747-8860 if that's her toll-free telephone number you folks in Pennsylvania. It's this is going to get ugly. It's going to get ugly in Pennsylvania and I there's we just cannot have Dr. Oz. We cannot have Dr. Oz in the United States Senate as a Republican. We just can't. We cannot go down that path 844-747-8868 this is the Todd surgeon you're listening to historians friend since November of last year. The stock market has plummeted, but gold has been all the right gas prices are and see the stock market extremely volatile ablation is even worse than it was last year and now you have a war with Russia and Ukraine that could spread to the rest of the world. The markets do not like instability.

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You'll in movie theaters all over America and 2000 if you want info 2000 Gotta go see this document.

Are you friends, neighbors, bring the bring the of the mailman everybody get a been there and watches documentary art.

Let's go to the phones as promised 844-747-8868 Jason in Gainesville, Georgia W. Do you and welcome to the program and Purdue but not my choice and I really was thinking that I was hoping that I will get a lot more effective. But that didn't happen, but I truly feel that a placeholder. And you know I think it I think that he threw the compound of the best and I think that it was all" you get the battery plant there. I like that he was instrumental in agenda how that ball better with with not enough. You think would be the best governor for the state of Georgia who you think would know better job well I mean if you if you got to pick somebody, maybe it wasn't Kemp or Purdue. I really I really like that that I really like it.

I listen to a lot of what he had said.

Unfortunately, she did get traction. She did have a chance and I'm with life. I like Candace Taylor.

We are on the program bracelet letter signed up on Monday.

Let's get Candace Taylor back on the on the program for Monday because he was dead and she made it perfectly clear that they fail to write you know what time around, so you stand in a running.

I think we all right Jason appreciate the college go to Janice in Georgia. All right, Janice. What say you already on our bed are Brian can't on the current quarter that I think for myself. David Purdue ran the state of Georgia, like trying to get campaign we would be in a world of crumple.

Abram cannot cannot land election.

You know my question Janice will present a tromp jet behind Brian.

I mean he's he's trailing him and he's leading so far in the polls.

It's it looks like it's going to be a thumping. I do you think Pres. Trump will get behind Brian Kemp. I don't think held a little harm to burn can't may not like them got shot down like it hard to change his mind. Nevertheless… Live in Georgia. We did well, that's a fair point and as we ascend in the opening of the show.

Janice all politics is local. What's a big issue for you, Janice, why do you like Brian Well blended pandemic. What are bad didn't completely lock down, we contact freedom, and that meant a lot to the people helped our economy and yeah we get if we had had someone like Abram, we would have been in a world of hurt.

No doubt about it.

Janice, no doubt about it, but the key here.

We cannot allow Stacy Abrams to be the next governor of Georgia, so everybody better get on board after the primary and it's it just seems like there's a lot of turmoil within the Republicans there in Georgia.

Everybody's going to put aside their sore feelings and focus on the main goal a lot again think I can't tell and he's doing wrong state. Well we will find out Janice in the polling data certainly seems to indicate that so appreciate the call as promised whenever somebody disagrees with me. They go right to the top of the vote. The list in Georgia all right job, what, where did I go astray all you will let me that Democrats are able though elected elders.

A lot of Democrats that are going about Bragg try to get that note that the macro people are not about if they get double bit and keep going when the elected governor but your own way for some time limit so so Tom I misinformed because at least a dozen polls all have Brian Kemp ahead by 20 points of every single one of those polls is wrong. Is that what you're telling me oh so no I don't, but you will have about you and how do you base your what you base your argument on Nigeria somewhere a lot of bright.

I brag not probably the glad break all all right so so Tom, let me ask you the we had there was a big Trump rally couple of months back and commerce Drive. I was there.

How big is that how big was that crowd. Tom it was like yeah they were expecting about they were expecting about 40 or 50,000 people Tom or that was a lot like what about lab row or line like when that there they only had about bit barefooted about when David Purdue got up to speak. What happened in that ground. I was there I was sitting right behind David.

Tell me what happened well with people cherry pie which no, hold on, hold on. Some time I get it.

We can speak over each other, but I want to hear what you have to say. But when you compare the roar of the crowd when Herschel Walker walked out and when David Purdue walked out there's a problem they're both running from that spot.

00. Everybody else's fault on everybody what you're saying we got a run, we gotta run to take a break your job. I get what you're saying but Tom all and it may be time may be right. He's gone out. He's talked all these people.

He is a know a single person in Georgia whose voting for Brian. That's what Tom just sent but I can tell you this, my eyebrows were raised by curiosity was piqued when yours truly was at the Trump rally Pres. Trump personally invited me to speak at the Georgia rally I'm looking out and you know what I saw. I saw a lot of empty pavement. A lot of know that's not an attack on anybody that's him.

That is an issue of is their enthusiasm boots on the ground for for David Purdue. I didn't see and he knows exactly how that crowd reacted when Purdue came out in one what God 844-747-8868. We love you Tom but I don't know. This is the you don't and you're got something was not right about the 2020 election.

Well, you're right. And here's the proof you been waiting for Dinesh Desousa's explosive new documentary 2000 middle will see the jaw-dropping evidence of exactly how the Democrats of the biggest American history drawing of meticulous research from election integrity group truth about 2000 meals uses both cell phone tracking data and video evidence uncover a massive network of illegal ballot trafficking in all five key swing states, not election fraud to change the outcome of the 2020 election thousands across America attended the nationwide theatrical release. Now you can watch from the comfort of your home.

Any device with a web browser other friends, family and skeptics alike. But don't visit see the movie the Pres. Trump calls a real blockbuster go to Salem to watch today that sealer Salem sponsored by Salem media group. Apparently Joe Biden went to Tycho Bell the other day.

All right thank you drill appreciate and that what she was at the shoot she was doing more Spanish yesterday that was from months ago about that. Anyway, Joe Biden, a butchering Spanish once again yesterday out there. I don't know where she was think we really care 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 open line at Friday's. Here on the Todd surge radio program. Madison called for is a very unhappy with all of you people out there. Madison called for losing his pride is his primary battle there in North Carolina and elk. Hawthorne is threatening to unleash what he's calling.

Dark manga that's right ladies and gentlemen. Madison called Thorne says it's time to release the crack into unleash dark manga.

Now some of you may be wondering, Todd. What in the world is dark manga willing to tell you and apparently is not very good so called Thorne is a very angry because that he feels betrayed by the Republican Party and especially the establishment, but in my estimation, it's Madison called Thorne who betrayed the Republican Party its Madison called Thorne who betrayed people in his congressional district. First and foremost when you're talking about being a congressperson.

The most important thing is constituent services folks. They got a problem with their Social Security.

They got a problem with Medicaid Medicare. They've got a problem with something in their neighborhood there to go to their congressman what he called Thorne do. He hired mostly communications people because he wanted to elevate his own personal brand. Instead of taking care of the people back in the district and that's all that that's all this is now you can say that there was that there was the scandal and yeah that's a you know that's a big part of it, but ultimately if Madison called Thorne what he spent as much time in his district as he did hanging out with with Matt Davidson and Marjorie Taylor green. I think that Madison called her would've been able to overcome these scandals that have really embarrassed, not just himself but the good conservative people in western North Carolina who are very good churchgoing people. In my estimation now. Some of people. Some people well he's just a young Todd.

He's just up a fine young man who's just gone astray.

He's lost his way and we should be a little more sympathetic while I am sympathetic but I don't buy into this argument that he's just a young guy is making youthful mistakes.

They is 26 years old. He should know better. He should know right from wrong and he should you know if you're 26 years old, and your flat out lying to people that's on you and that's what he did not want to think about something for a moment. Madison called authorities out there saying all I was, oh woe is me all these elders of the Republican Party invited me to cocaine and cocaine parties and orgies, and of course it turned out not to be true, it turned out that he lied and he someone apologized, but Al called Thorne is going on the warpath and ease and he seems to be upset that there were that there are implications. In other words, he did so. There were consequences to his actions and you see this generation of millennial's and Jen Jen's ears. They don't seem to understand this idea that there are consequences if you go out there and try to accuse all of these Republican leaders and elders of being drug addicts and sex crazed maniacs. You know there's going to be a price to pay and what was not.

Price will we know.

Unfortunately, we all know because we've seen the photographs and videos of Madison called Thorne dressed in women's underpants of Madison called Thorne make it out with the. The cousin or the alleged cousin or the alleged staffer grab another man's crotch. All in good fun. All in good fun because as Madison called Thorne told America. That's what guys do they just sit around and they grab each other's crutches and pose seductively by the poolside.

That's what Madison called board that's as good all-American red-blooded man fun right there that's what Madison Crawford says I'm to have to disagree on that now. Kyle let's set the record straight. You are a red-blooded American man indeed.

Alright, so you're telling me that you don't dress and ladies underpants no and you don't go hang out with the guys.

I mean we go hang out the week we don't, we'll take it you don't hang out with you have anything hanging out when we hang out his eyes and fair enough that you can't. Thank you for clarifying grace. We have taken a very bad Journal. This program will I know it's a Friday when producer called note grabs the mic for me that I got to set this record straight. I got know what folks just here be a grace you can you will verify this in your seatback. Oh yeah and a lot of these folks like Hawthorne and Matt Gates all these others, they are very full of themselves and their they they are condescending. It's odd I know this is hard for people to accept grace you've seen it. Oh, I've definitely seen it and heard it and that on the receiving end of it. What you see what you see on TV is is not the reality with a lot of these new Republican yeah very rarely and I hate the whole idea. I feel like it was like old boys will be boys. This is one area around like okay guys, let's not use that term stupid and yeah I don't think they are and I don't think they do and and we all know that but again grace it is him all of that really at the end of the day would not have mattered if Hawthorne had just taken care of his constituents now and he wasn't doing that so it was obvious what he was doing and instead and again, none of that really matters. I mean as long as you're doing your job and as long as that stuff is not happening while you're on the congressional clock. What I like.

That's true. Do your job on Capitol Hill but he wasn't doing so he puts out this long screed. I gotta read this to you grace.

I got a little bit of trouble because I pointed out a typographical error or did Mr. Hawthorne's screen grammar police so anyway. Oh, and he is now corrected it but not it was so. But I will and I would read the original. He says I am on a mission now to expose old to meet you know Copthorne please the work Hawthorne and exposed together way to get it.

He's got a he's gotta start using his words a little better. It's too soon. I bought a mission now to expose those who say and promise one thing you legislate and work towards another cell profiteering globalist goal.

The time for Gentile politics as usual has come to an end only stop right there.

Wait, what Gentile politics, so I thought to myself, is he saying that only Jews should run for Congress. Is that what is that what Hawthorne is trying to say. Well, it turns out that was an error.

Anything you need to set genteel politic that's a… Time for genteel parcel Christians you can run so that's good news.

All you Gentiles out there you can run for Congress. The time for you know until I tell you about called here is my question about call now this is gets me goes all the way back to see back in Dallas, Texas.

He came on this program, one of the things that gets me grace and and I just mean the sincerely I don't like people who disrespect our audience. I just don't and you know because there's a list of people that will never be allowed to set foot on this program in the studio construe and and some of them are very well known and they do the other shows and that's all well and good but they have disrespected this audience.

They have lied about their credentials and we don't with those people on this program so I've got a list and check it twice so we were at. We were at sea pack in in Dallas and here comes called Thorne literally heat. He was rolling up in his wheelchair with this massive entourage.

I mean it was eight or nine people with that all women it looked like an Abercrombie and fish it look like a mobile Abercrombie lesson I would be surprised if there were guys in the mix, you could smell the cologne before you solve the things I have always locker room with a friend for it look like a roaming like frat parties. Okay. And so anyway they they rolled and he's literally during the interview. He's munching on a cookie and it was disgusting. I mean the guy was chopping and your crumbs are coming all over the place and I'm like you know what panel you're on this program talk in our audience and you're more concerned about eating a cookie can ask what kind cookie Dino butter cookie in the shape of Texas so we ate light through El Paso and then he is like.

I gotta go with what your buddy so then he he leaves the half eaten state of Texas butter cookie on the on the desk at sea pack and just rolls away course. This leaves the unit we try to have a laugh about it but I like to know, this is growth. This is discussed and a waste of a perfectly good cookie so anyway now.

Madison Copthorne is gone to the dark side and he has embraced dark manga gotta be a one quarter, and now he is embraced dark manga.

Let me read this to you it's time for the rise of the new right it's time for dark mag we have an enemy to the VA but we will never be able to feed them until we defeat the cowardly and weak members of our own part.

Their days are numbered.

We are coming up to saloon that escalated quickly, but he was the day after the prelude of the day of the pride was like oh congratulations to my opponent working to support you.

Go team saw that out as I would like it there is twitter feed and it was like here are the people that supported me and I just want to say can I also add in his list of people he misspelled one of the people's names because I know how that name is spelled right is spelled Michael Knowles and I was like that's not even 80 moles. He misspelled Michael and I was like really man in there just several.

Let's just say the grammatical errors, it does look like you know type it up without any kind of spellchecker and Joe guy. I don't know Joe guy and Guy Rogers. DC Drano Jerry hello I was idling with Michael it's very sad.

So there you go.

I'm not sure of the great Charlie Kirk.

But like the great is you know not capitalized. What I II don't know. It's II wishing the best of luck. My concern, though, is that there's a lot of chaos in the party right in the Republican Party. We stay focused on the big prize are the big prizes defeating the Democrats and stopping this radical by diligent that ladies and gentlemen, is the job here 844-747-8868 I want to go to. Let's go to the phones real quick here. Let's go to Janice in New Orleans. Ms. Janice, how are you today I when you were I think that's what I was thinking you could know that we rightly get back how well you really think I like it a lot.

It was little scary in light all while I can't believe that you could be an act day okay you know her bag out to nag saying hello to nag well and people get done making T-shirts picture by Renée to get to Maine by landing one again and you click how to mow ongoing I love it out tomorrow and I think that that would really down. I love that I love it all right this Christina is working to talk to her store people about hey real are grocery prices down there. New Orleans of the big easy.

Well I don't know about the candle because I only deal with Sam's Club and Walmart and thought I you know that I got. I'm not really bad but I'm not buying ground meat, chicken, and things like that cunning.

I can't speak all items that I don't know about Alaska still seemed to be gone at Danny like it's going to collect all country gasoline prices. Gas is going up. I read that got mad about that. You baby sticking children in the hospital because they didn't have the formula we've got the inflation we have the open borders and vital every body get out and got to do and how to tomorrow and you got to go this weekend and see to Dr. Neil connecting it in your area. I love you too. Good to hear from you. She was fired up. There fired up by doing a lot of people stocking. I got some emails last night Todd, so glad you talked about red beans and rice, because a lot of our moms. Monday was washday and had the watch day red beans and rice and that we maybe do a lot of red beans and rice. A very, very soon.

Gotta take a break will be right back radio show. Well, our good friend Michael Dell is back at it again hello everybody I'm Todd started Michael Dell not only created the best hello but now he's created the best towel in the world. That's right, Mike Lindell found the best tile company right here in the USA.

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Click on the radio list or special get deep discounts on my fellow product towels. Just enter the promo code starred or call 800-3950 six were these great radio specials. That's 800-839-8506 use the promo code. Mike Lindell is a great American hero and Isabella had great friend of this program.

Mike has some great deals for all of us over my that's my I gotta tell you about the my fellow slippers I get this for a limited time your to save $90 on a pair of my slippers and folks there worth every single penny. Now this blowout sale of the year will not last. You gotta order now I Mike took over two years to develop the slippers designed were indoors and outdoors all day long and it's made with that same bipolar foam and impact gel see prevent fatigue. I love these things are all you need to do is go to my gotta use my promo code starred with all of your purchases there or you can call 800-839-8506 all right, let's go to Deborah in Georgia once to weigh in on the Kemper do battle. Who do you support Deborah is that right. Why do you like What is he do for you where you need comparable thing on the note showing you what they're getting going on and on top of everything me and are doing everything you see, I've been hearing that from from a lot of people in Georgia that this was really about how Kim handled the state during the pandemic and in that alley yet. That's it. Never got around here. We appreciate you calling in and thank you for listening to W do you web of folks coming up big concerns next week about the World Health Organization, the Biden administration has been shoving through a policy that would cede American sovereignty to the World Health Organization in the middle of some sort of a global health emergency were to be getting into that will be taking your calls on that open line Friday all three hours of the show 844-747-8868 that's the number to call and don't forget download our podcast over at Todd's it's a freebie and you're gonna love it will be right back America progressive's home on such a screwup that walk in closet. If you have more storage in the unfinished basement. Eventually, her no matter how much you love it more knowing you and your home in a little with aggressive situations delivers universities to you in Memphis, Tennessee hello George, all right I Friday. By the way I want to dance prices looking like in your community there telling us now that gas prices probably going to double ABC News by the way has a report out gas up on a buck 55 that's the national dance average is up that budget cut 11 gas prices of course are still going up and experts say that's the story for months to come. Let's go to the national average.

Right now for 59 a gallon. Take a look at where we were just two years old almost 3 dollars Flathead 304 all right meanwhile you had hearings up on Capitol Hill. You had Deb Harlan who is the United States Sec. of the interior and as she was asked a very clearly about gas prices. Are they too high commitment, Mdm. Sec. Honest question, do you believe that gas prices are too high. Sen. I completely understand the crimes that so many Americans are under right now I I mean I'm thinking back, I've been driving since I was about 18.

So it's I know that we've had other you know I remember back when there were lines out the gas stations and that kind of thing.

I think that there that Americans are still recovering from this terrible pandemic and there a lot of other world events that are making things difficult for all of us sometimes you're unwilling to say that gas prices are too high and it's true they won't believe the Democrats are starting to speak out now this baby formula crisis has been months in the making and the Biden administration. It seems as though they were were caught off guard here that nobody's paying attention. There's a reason why because no one in the Biden administration and hear me when I say this, no one in the Biden administration was actually hired because of their ability. They were hired because of their sex, their gender, their rates, they are able.

Is that what ever whatever identity Pollock political cards there are. That's the reason they were hired. These people were not hired based on whether or not they could perform a task and that's why the country is in a freefall. Right now it's it's a freefall and the Democrats understand this. The Democrats know their entire political party is about to go down in flames. That's why you have lawmakers like Rosa DeLauro calling out the Biden ministration cut number five drag its feet.

They know in September and October through a whistleblowers report that there were serious infractions they can interview the whistleblower until December. They went back in. In January, and they found contamination and the recall only occurred in February and that was four months why corn month got the answers to that question from the FDA and nobody's, nobody's willing to take responsibility of the bite of an ostrich. Meanwhile, you have the new press secretary and she's completely clueless. The dear lady is his job as a load of bricks and that's why I do not be surprised if changes are made in the Commerce Department.

I mean it's it's almost as if she is reading a script off of Siri like she is the voice of Siri and you ask a question. The answer to that question has to be on a cue card and if the answer that question is not on the cue card. The question does not get answered.

They'll just keep reading whatever's on the cue card. Remember when I was a couple years ago there was a Siri hick up and people were turning left when they should've turned right instead there were beetle landing in ponds and driving into the building.

Remember that it's crazy.

That's just like the press secretary. She has no idea what she's she has no idea and the reason why is because she was only hired and she went before the day one on the job. She came out and said hey look everybody up.

Gotta be severe. I'm hello who are you people are at all what this job entails. They just hire me because I am a black lesbian check from some foreign country. God bless America.

That's it.

So will see how well this goes but is not going well were heading down a very bad path, here's Kathy K weighing in on moms and dads across America take a step back. The idea that the United States of America is having to import baby formula from Switzerland because mother is running down to one can or even last try and feed their babies.

They literally cannot feed their babies.

This is in 2022 wells biggest minute trade the well's biggest economy can't get baby formula to people just seems frankly it seems unbelievable that somebody told this to me a couple months ago I would've never believed that this was going to happen. This headline started cropping up to three weeks ago and three weeks ago that wasn't very much attention being paid to this defense toys I saw about it.

Back then I thought. I hope the White House is on this because this has the potential to blow up in that phase is politically a very big way was much more importantly, it is causing huge amounts of stress to parents folks this all could have been avoided but I don't think the Biden ministration is interested in making sure that babies have formula. What was it that Rahm Emanuel, the Godfather said many years ago never let a crisis go to waste. Never let a crisis go to waste. They want every person in this country reliant on the federal government for everything.

Everything that's the only way the only way they can shove our country down the path to Venezuela and part of that is what's happening now with the baby formula. They want moms and dads to suffer and soon soon, very soon. The government will step out. The question is how much suffering will have to have to happen.

That's the question. By the way, and this this all ties in to what to what the Biden ministration is doing with the World Health Organization privately, quietly, some would say secretly signing off on amendments that would literally cede control of this nation over to the United Nations. In the event of a health emergency you say Todd. Why is this important over one thing where a sovereign nation when we Who are we to care about what United Nations says or does. I say we need a boot on the heck out of this country. I'm tired of foot the bill for the United Nations, which is at a de facto communist organization. By the way, but right now across America. We are beginning to hear reports surface of health officials who are calling for a reimplementation of mask mandates and shutdowns. This is literally happening at their having these conversations right now.

I get a New York City. I know about you but there's no way the good people in Memphis Tennessee are to put those mask back on again.

There's no way not to happen.

There's no way that people are going to shut down their businesses. There will be violence in the streets before that happens. Now I may be off target here and again on this program. If you disagree, you go right to the top-of-the-line but I don't see I don't see a positive outcome for the federal government stepping in and saying we got implement mask mandates. We gotta shut everything down again for two weeks to flatten the curve you know it when I get to do that week. We've been there done that and the two weeks turned out to be two years 844-747-8868 that's our telephone number open on Fridays taking your calls or whatever subject you would like to talk about today. That's 844-747-8868 are you on truth social. If you are I hope that you follow us there. We are building up a following and is a lot of fun meeting a lot of new people over on truth social. Gotta take a break will be right back front lines of the culture will start my name is Joanne this is my father.

I know what's happening buddy. I won't be able to care was when the time comes to get more support for your parents care can help you find qualified caregivers nearby. What would help me. Is it could be somebody there that could check in on you. I realize I have to do the best decisions are made with care. Find help for your mom or Let's get to the there today 447-4788 68 is our telephone number Germantown, Tennessee. Nikki is listening to our flagship station, the mighty 990 K WAN hey Nikki how are you today I find time under Nikki I'm sorry.I am doing well thank you for asking Nikki so what's on your mind well and all the people calling in from Georgia and my last night and I think it's wonderful that Gov. Kemp did a good job with the coat bed, but my I guess my statement to the good people in your day would be that were in right now if Brian can get taken care of. The election fraud. So, in that I am holding the people of Georgia responsible for the baby not having formula for the gap that the case not just drove by orchid Galant. We don't We didn't have to go through that and we can get the people of Georgia and that and I'm not saying even getting rid of Gov. Kemp, but apparently they're not even holding the fire and their real dream they might want to take another look Taylor and at least let's get into right and legitimately meeting the entire Nikki that this is an interesting thought. So you're saying the reason the country is dumpster fire right now is because the voters of Georgia and is because of because Brian Did not take action that is interesting.

All right Nikki that is a good thought, and I know the folks in Georgia are the way you know that thank you for the call. Thanks for listening to us.

So you folks in Georgia Nikki from Tennessee says hey look, you guys are the reason that we are in this work were paying almost 1567 dollars a gallon for gasoline. Let's go to Clarksville, Georgia Mike on the line Mike.

What say you well. All all in there and I'm an ultra dark maggot deplorable and I voted for In the whole thing with the voter fraud you know Mark is dollar has a program on the radio station and she talked about that a lot where they didn't, they exploited a loophole that election laws down here with the ballot and all that stuff in the dropbox. So it's not that they did anything illegal by the law.

They did you know they did something maybe unethical, but so far as Goes I voted for him in the early voting in the other got a call in with asking about the don't about people voting when you go to vote, they ask if you want a Republican or Democratic ballot vote so that's by what he was talking about but will have Bertha Zoller on the program later today and answer questions about that because I think a lot of people are genuinely curious about what happened in Georgia, especially in light of the 2000 mules movie… Just came out right. She'd had on yesterday interviewing him and you know she's she's been saying for the last 15 years that that's one of one of her topics. She talked about about the loophole in the law. The date lauded. You know so I mean it just didn't happen. There is a difference between what the unlawful and with the omelette unethical.

So as far as campus concern. I like what he did during the pandemic and there was a surplus and everybody in Georgia least I did when I looked at my bank account today had a $500 deposit stated Georgia because of the surplus that they had throughout the last year so you guys in Georgia. The you guys in Georgia have a state income taxes. That right yeah okay yeah so we don't have that in Tennessee something good right right so that's what I'm saying is that the estate tax. There was a surplus that he gave everybody money back and that it everybody, bank, bank account this morning so well that was your money to begin with, while exactly exactly. But the thing is with you and I voted for Tromp, I'm a veteran, of you know conservative Christian and the thing is is that you know some of the people that Trump is endorsing like mad cough morning Dr. and even Herschel Walker Herschel Walker morning show. These debates will probably walk through probably when I voted for Calvin King because Herschel Walker morning show up any of the debate, and we've had, but we had Calvin King on this program.

I like him a lot.

Checks every single box.

My concern with with Herschel is he won't show up to debate. He refuses to debate and I mean II see the photos. He's getting big crowds. The only the only reason Herschel is running is because of name recognition. That's it. I because I I see nothing in the policies other than what's been put out there on this on the on the website but Herschel has not been held accountable by anybody because he refuses to do those interviews, he refuses to sit down for the for the hard questions right and that made the voter a job interview. I done anything like likely Madison up there wearing underwear women's underwear you know and all that stuff. Hey that's what you want to do that's fine but it comes down to it is you, you know, if there's something that you take care of the people back home that's all that matters to you do your job as a condors out.

If you want to wear women's under panties.

You know that your business that's between you and God in your life but at the end of the day are you taking care of business back in the district and end it.

Everybody in the countries that had to be asking those questions of their lawmakers got a run, thanks for the call. It's go to Mark in the villages Americas. Is it really America's friendliest hometown, Mark.

That's what they advertise that I love it.

The world I'm glad I love it except for all the golf carts. Those people all run you over golf cart look like fire pickup truck lot look like you record everything I got about a minute here. Mark what you want to land on the race. You did a lot of things that hurt him like he shut down job outsourced some of the job only to China.Montevideo staining product and you got That I will piggyback with you last colors that you don't get away with some of the gas that live out there and get a $500 check and send some of the text surplus back to get done a lot for them.

You know, and it is starstruck. He just me that you get up. He worked with the elections you got that 2000 mules coming out there. Some people think that some of the stuff in there could be the doctor what's been going on, need to focus on this country and start talking about the election being stolen. You know they make the mistakes in Georgia.

They need to figure out what they did wrong need to fix it and and take care of the problem, but this need to focus Kentucky keep beating this dead horse with that yes it was stolen. This happen that that's not helping us right now. He needs to focus on this country and stop talking about that. That's the bottom line all right and Mark that is a great point in this segment of the program with a good hearing from you sir. God bless you as a girl born from America's friendliest hometown villages down in Florida sorry folks got a couple of lines open open line Fridays 844-747-8868 Road Oklahoma man are they pro-life their urinal love this story coming up.

My name is Joanne this is my father. I know what's happening buddy. I won't be able to take care of myself when the time comes to get more support for your parents care can help you find qualified caregivers nearby. What would help me is if somebody there that could check in on you. I realize I have to do the best decisions are made with care. Find help for your mom or think user folds. A recent study finds that Americans don't trust big media now. Americans like me. We have found a new source that we do trust Newsmax I watched Newsmax TV. I even use the pre-Newsmax app on my smartphone.

Nielsen says almost 7 million cable viewers watched Newsmax but do not watch Fox news channel millions really are making the switch to Newsmax. You can start your mornings with wake up America and Rob Finnerty and finished the night with Rob Schmidt.

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Welcome to the Todd start radio program big story out of Oklahoma, where lawmakers are standing up for life.

Now the White House says the Oklahoma abortion bill is extreme absurd and ultra backup and that sounds pretty good to me let's go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line state representative Wendy Stearman joins us so windy. What an honor to have you with us today here and that this is an exciting piece of legislation.

Your reaction to the White House.

Clearly they been triggered by this might be a good bell and the current leadership on the value of life appointed our number one job in government is to defend life that I want to read through the bill here. It would abandon all abortions after the moment of conception, except in cases of rape or incest or to save the mother's life and what else does the builder well actually I'm like I grunted and bandit standing to a friend who want to bring collection against an abortion provider that we have. Also, a bill which does make it a felony, and we have a trigger bill should really lately overturned that will take our state back to the 19 law which makes felony and repealed all other?

Bill in particular is not a criminal side and that it is the unfortunate side we abortion because of the threat of a lawsuit. So this legislation. It has been in the works for a while and what I love is that you guys are willing to get out there and take a stand and and defend the unborn, and that is that it's hard for even some Republicans in other states to do but you guys have found the nerve and the courage to do the right thing here at great all right of Wendy Stearman from Oklahoma on the patriot mobile newsmaker line. How hopeful are you that Roe V Wade is going to be overturned based on whatever leaks we saw coming out of the Supreme Court. I'm very hopeful that with an encouraging sign and lately we want that decision. Return to the states where it should have been prickly. Your governor says working to stand for life in the state of Oklahoma. That's a that's a good thing to know that you got somebody in the executive branch is willing to stand alongside you guys have done a great job on finding life and here to the legislature that we can get a bill protecting like you will find it and I don't know of another governor that I very much appreciate that in government that well said Wendy were to leave it there. God bless you and I were excited about the great things that are happening in Oklahoma really setting the pace for the rest of the country, are Wendy Stearman, everybody from Oklahoma. There you go. I know it's it's hard for people to understand this, but you're the pro-life movement there is an industry side to this and there are some even within the pro-life movement but not willing to go as far as the Oklahoma lawmakers are going here and the reason why is they still need jobs and are, but it's a coldhearted thing. The to think. But that's just the reality of of where they are 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 by what we've been talking about crime and how out-of-control it is the smash and grab robberies. I got a share the story with you from Memphis, Tennessee by hometown, so the crying here is so bad that they're shutting down a local grocery store there is on now. I'm a Kroger guy, but there is another chain called all GAL G.I. and they have a lot of stores around the Memphis area. You may have an Aldi grocery store and in your community. So this particular store is in its it's in an impoverished part of Memphis and there are a lot of elderly people a lot of people who love this grocery store you could go there and the prices are pretty darn good.

You can get fresh produce. You can buy your milk. It's a clean place, but it's not a safe place. The store which is on Lumbar Ave. in Memphis has been shut down and the company put out a statement explaining why this store has been shut down. They said are that we did not take the closing of the store lightly. Our decision was based on several factors, including repeated burglaries, property damage, and poor sales performance out of concern for employees and customers keeping the store open was no longer a sustainable option. So they're shutting it down so now the victims here at all of this art are the good law abiding citizens in this neighborhood who rely on this local grocery store you talk about these food deserts and in some of the major urban city and the reality is, is this and 19. I know what's going to happen because we see this all the time, the, the activist or to come after Aldi there to say how dear you, you're just a bunch of racist people.

How dare you what the reality is all he is in business. They gotta make money. They gotta make money so they can pay their mortgage, they gotta make money to pay their employees and pay the vendors. They gotta be able to make money and they cannot make money if you got people literally walking into the store loading up grocery bags and walking out without paying. And I know what it's like in your city, but here in Memphis we are controlled not by liberals. We are controlled by radical progressives of the AOC kind and they hate the police are city Council refuses to give the police the tools they need to do their jobs to keep all of the safe were about 700 800 officer shy of the full complement of Memphis. What is that mean it means the bad guys are not stupid.

They know they're going to commit all these crimes and there's not enough police officers to take care of business. Police officers can only do so much so I feel bad for these people in in Memphis in this neighborhood because it was the only grocery store around and now they don't have any because of the thugs. The thugs who came in and stole the people blind and now you can have the activists out there not blaming the thugs the criminals there to be blaming the store, but this is why this is why you have places like Target and Walgreens and CVS. We saw this in San Francisco were finally basic corporate says you know we can't keep doing this.

We cannot afford to stay in business if were to be robbed blind, but this is how the progressive Democrats operate they want to empower the criminal element in America and they wanted chain. All of the law-abiding business owners and taxpayers. That's what's going on here. All right, let's go to the phones and again I hate it.

For these folks, but you can't blame Aldi is not their fault. 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number. Let's go to the great state of Maine web on the line was talk of the border crisis hey Webb what's going on. I met a couple of very because we have the illegal and on the border with Yemen crimes that Marie would be all right through our that's one of the main reasons there and back of abortion because one company is thinking that Americans to kill their own children. They can replace those children with the illegal alien know they sent the formula of the border, not to American children. No doubt about that. My friend and you talk about this replacement theory. This is something that the Democrats were talking about going all the way back. Believe or not web John F Kennedy, that's me this is this is part of their mantra is been that way for generations. They're the ones we been playing the audio over and over and over again of the Democrats who been advancing this theory over the years, not the Republicans. The Democrats remember John Caliendo everybody about the kind of strange in a lot of directions and into the country very much good no shirted. I have one of our worst presidents to be honest with you, and I don't even think it was the lack of trying. It was a World War II hero that the Peter principle. He went one step there you go hey Webb got a run, thanks for the call. Let's go to Memphis Tennessee faith listening to us on K WAN abiding 990 hi Faith, what's on your mind. Why thank you quickly contact Barnett. I think many compilation integrity and maybe finally comes the red state there's an issue with it because people cannot stand populism, but I think back down to the twinkling election and am really going out and I think the handling a lot of Republican elected and I don't believe that there was a lot of locking going on with the election twinkling in his death, and I think they were contacted we would have merely voted like that romance Dale and you have dropped every requirement needed to ensure more times than not they are thinking, even if the drilling when coming home at velvet bailout at the mall and held it into even new friend Ed Tennessee home think that the election integrity hampered people have to really pay to local politics think it really boils down to knowing how you apparatus working in your county and in your state and how to implement people and how to get what you need to get on the mall and all that that meant buying it upright that Rick Goodale part but great Kelly what was behind her current behavior. It was like there was gone that was gone and my mom, capable Democrat came over the hand of down from Glavine clean obedient to the spirit came out and the lease agreement that thing didn't the dog show below the old horrible anyway but to try to paint her trainer.

They're going to rally and I'll bet global faith we had. Can't the owner show on Monday and I you know I heard nothing from her that would disqualify her from being a senator and nothing to add questions about whether or not she was conservative. She sounded quite frankly and even if even if she was a liberal, she would not be as liberal as Dr. Oz so I just really link with God's word that one thing about people and money. I'm impressed that he will make you believe that you people play a special player (shot dead he like trying to get lump clean, open counsel you on my life. Not good for you. We got a run for breaker personal thank you for listening to K WAN and we want you to give us a call back. One of these days I like how you think and do and I suspect and hear me on this before we have to run the breaker.

I think especially in places like Memphis, which is a majority minority city.

There are thousands and thousands of minority conservatives and we want to be able to give everybody a voice hero.

This program again a lot of people are walking away from the Democrat plantation and the realizing you know what these Democrats they really don't care about anybody but themselves. They only care about power got a take a break will be right back radio free America star will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen.

Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy.

See full for the next hour and 2000 meals got to go see that documentary in the meantime, let's see we can squeeze in some phone calls here. Let's go down to the great state of Texas, Victoria wants to weigh in on Roe V Wade hey Victoria, what's on your mind, and allow to clear Victoria what's up I need your insurance company called patient all day long.

My rank right now meeting today and carry thinking really cannot guard that quality in the Royalty rate of return hello the company I'm working for major insurance company catering possibility and paying for women who read like picking catering for women who live in go to another state to have a portion execution liking, so Victoria, here's my thought on this if if you're a private company and you want to do that. Hey you know what that's on you.

I have no right to tell you how to run your company but what we can do is let people know hey these are the companies that are doing that and if you go for example auto Starbucks has offered this say Starbucks you know when you going get your Starbucks coffee you're helping to support that kind of nonsense. So that's one of the reasons we love our friend Art Allie from the Timothy plan because they actually investigate all of the stuff Victoria got a run here, but they investigate all of the stop and they say hey here, the companies that support abortion. And if you're investing in these companies. If you support these companies are supporting abortion so that's why Timothy plan is so vitally important.

Victoria, thanks for the call Jerry Lynn Tom on the line to hang tight guys really get to this is the time surgery is someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much better. Now you calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for liberty University studio in Memphis, Tennessee since conservative commentary from Todd Stern here real press secretaries of America that could be a to be a new reality TV is so little red lion hood Jen Saki circle back sake. She is gone off to MSDN. See, and the replacement for her occur. Karen Jean-Pierre is a little bit of hot water. Karina Jean-Pierre.

She has been getting very poor reports and grades since her debut this this week and it's pretty obvious.

It doesn't matter if you're Republican or Democrat. The more love her but bless her heart.

She's dumb as a load of bricks. That is what it is. So anyway of the White House, trying to figure out what's what to do here because again, and is not her fault. She acknowledged to the world that she was she was hired in part because of the of the fact that she is a a black lesbian emigrant and she took very she took great pride. But the question is did you do the job of communicating the message of the of the bided administration. This news just coming in that Pentagon spokesman John Kirby is moving to the White House in a senior communications role. So the question now is what is that mean for Jean-Pierre my question will be what does it mean for the bided administration that things are so bad they actually asked a white guy to step so will keep tabs on that that's going to get ugly and I will see how we'll see how that progresses. Welcome to the Todds's radio program. Our three we been talking a lot about this, Georgia primary, not just force the Senate race through the gubernatorial race. It's there's a lot going on and I thought, who better to address that issue than our friend Martha Zoller.

She is host of the Martha Zoller show on our great affiliate there in Georgia W GUN and Martha will be at this year's talkers convention which Starnes media group is proud to be a sponsor of a Martha, hope you're doing good great Koran given me great material all week long, as well. Kirby is not that not that better, but at least he knows how to spar with the with the press corps so that could be entertaining Martha Zoller are your name has been mentioned by a number of our callers who listen to your show and a lot of people are just wondering what the heck is going on in Georgia. Brian What triple digit work for 30+ points ahead of Purdue's are those numbers correct 30 point back. I had here at Gartner at that very well. I mean you going to Lake Farm Bureau off any county in Georgia you will find multiple iterations of business card of Frank Campground when he would say, a business guy working in the farm business 20 state Sen. he has been traveling to a for a long time.

You know you can call a career politician. If you want you can old school career politician where he actually did the work you know anywhere at any met people any talk to people know very well known, and I think that when we get you back I married a mixed bag are at the front door candidate.

The candidate in the race like Frank can really well now what to do an article on Frank can then candidate people of any kind about the content on in the race where people are not as well now the Trump endorsement. You can and and how it back what I think it can be a really interesting break. I don't know if 30 point, but he clearly about 50% and way about you. I was and people love questioning my credentials as if that's you, as if there into how I mean, someone said a couple of days ago because again I'm I've been supporting anyone other than Dr. Oz.

For example, in Pennsylvania, because when I look at Dr. Oz. I don't see a Republican I don't I see I say maybe a conservative Democrat. I guess I but I don't see a Republican there so I don't well, you know, Trump has me speaking at his rallies, so I guess I'm doing something okay and I was. I remember the rally and in commerce, Georgia, and Martha. I was sitting I was sitting right next to Herschel Walker and all those guys. I remember when Herschel came out. The crowd roared its approval. David Purdue comes out polite applause, but that was about it tonight. I remember thinking then wow that's not good. You need right really back. He gotten me endorsement you have people been trying to Herschel Walker around for something in Georgia for years because I have his name ID and Georgia football and then went a perfect storm that you got Herschel you got endorsement and the Georgia Bulldogs won the national championship.

I mean if you had to bring that out and bring it out. That's right. Now you remember both of those rally he had a very different kind of speech. Then the rest of the each with more of that kind of note, the uplifting kind of speech and I'm in a pretty good job and he will win back all I am like in the story is that Walker's been friends with Frank and with 18 years old Brian Kemp best friend Daniel delete delete. The court file to coach it University of Georgia that Brian had now herself what I'm helping and I know a lot of people think that is in Trump will never come to terms with Frank camp, but anybody can broker at they can't clean former Pres. trunk and Frank can't Herschel Walker. Well, I mean, and in there you got the football component there when Herschel played for Trump Steve back in the USFL days and so maybe maybe there is something there and that that has been a question of my mind.

Would Trump endorse, endorse, If in fact and it certainly looks like you still went on Tuesday. I'm not that I don't engage it out like what he did with him, but he didn't really come in and ate it in interesting thing to watch because it a great job and more and more you see that his policies were good. I think you have a little issue with situational loyalty at time and you're seeing that with kind of him throwing and that's of your point again and Herschel, I mean if you were talking about name recognition. The guy just wins hands down. And I think job and will be the next senator from Georgia.

My concern though is he did not take advantage of those debates during the GOP primary.

He refused to debate and I think that may come back and hurt him if in fact there are debates in the general election, starting now down for difficult anarchy and I interviewed him several times, more currently Republican and hard question. I wasn't trying to nail him to the wall right now it what you doing contemporaries, but you're right, he is cracked debate. Raquel Warnock is a good debater Raquel Warnock at his own, and he had never been challenged yet interesting to scrap the million dollar by not beginning to get back on Raquel Warnock though it coming and we probably should've mentioned this ahead of time. You and I there some tension here in our inner friendship and relationship because you are a Georgia bulldog and I am a Tennessee volunteer fan and of course you guys sent Dooley son to sabotage our football program back so I thought I'd try heads. It's a strain, but I just get my buddy I'm sorry, Martha, Martha, is to be nice is Friday. Martha Zoller of the patriot mobile newsmaker line. No Martha this do. You are our people in Georgia do they understand that that this really is a bellwether state. I mean, I think a lot of the it's it's a nationalized race, even though it's a Georgia really didn't like like that delete Michael 2024 holding about three point back and what she ended up with at the end of the last election, which he did not concede and see not drawing big crowd. I mean I know there's a mural of current downtown Atlanta with her head about John Lewis and Martin Luther King Jr. she lifted up so high and Frank camp Latimer hanging doing the work and I with I believe women with children in school are going to be with the fact that collection and Republican current and are you hearing that Republicans are energizer to get out and vote.

When I can have a repeat of what happened in the Senate races. I think they are. I think they are united in wanting to eat Abram, but they'll be a little bit amending the content pretty bad. He would pee with the court.

Frank camp at all credibly, and Frank, though I think that work together to try to keep that going. Well I'm glad to hear that are in your coming up to New York for the big talkers convention. I'm looking forward to my favorite weekend is really a lot of fun. Tim VanHorn, who was on the morning show host at JWM in Memphis so he hasn't been to New York. This could be a great experience so will have to make sure that he gets together.

I will look forward to it. All right, Martha Zoller, everybody, host of the Martha Zoller show we've got links to Martha's social media platforms over on our live show blog Martha have a great weekend. Thank you are a great lady right there and we say something Martha knows politics, probably better than anybody in the state of Georgia to that point on Mondays. Show that calorie is going to join is one of the best pollsters in America and he's going to help us break down what we can expect next week. In these big primary battles all over America. Okay, as promised, were going right to the phones. Gotta take a break first open line. Friday is what is that mean it means you can call in and talk about whatever you would like to talk about you and asked me a question.

You could do that you want to yell at me you can do that 844. No, not you graced us the colors 844-747-8868 that's our number. This is the Todd start radio show back up and start my mom's line and she's having trouble walking and taking care of herself and remembering things are expectations. My mom feels I'm her daughter and I should be able to do for her. Sometimes the help they need is more than we can do alone. Care makes it easy to find senior caregivers who live nearby and know how to help. I love my mom. I need some help. The best decisions are made with care. Find help for your mom or dad and phone 4747 88 CA Jerry Ladd and George it's been a while. Jerry Lynn, what's going on. I how are you Jerry Lynn. I've just been waiting all day to talk to you in that country find them trying to cross the right about Aiden my pant buddy that was priceless with a lot of hot dog guy that led to negative demand that I want to make. Yesterday I went to get dad and I were out there, recalibrating date and I think I want any bad because never in history have we had double-digit and were predicting. By the end of July that it can dollar the machine can't handle it and recalibrate on the machine throughout Georgia. Is that right so are you in one of the prices now in your in your area, we got yesterday that any nine and got regular GATT and with four goodness gracious at you not we can think big and by big idiot Damon rat ever nominated that Todd another point I want to really make before I get awfully deep is about can't enter day. Let me take on I mounting every day and not Martha what he won't, but I felt a lot of people, and I'm worried because what they did fully nominate I'm simply not bad, really. And I like letting you. Michael Blumberg handed GATT about. I don't like that. We got like we got a career politician that we can keep you going to pick and you know I thought Warren.

My friends and family. Buddy form cut big on guards the knowledge that that's why when he met with back pain back. Nobody I mean like Anna Gandhi. American people are out here, but by looking for, in Deborah you everything you want to hear Todd and get in there and did not not panicking. I'm not paying a lot with you. We had a call earlier from Tennessee and she said hey look, the reality is that because of what happened in Georgia.

The Republicans do not control the U.S. Senate. There was a lot of stuff that could've been prevented had the people of Georgia gotten out there and actually voted and and put the Purdue back in the Senate and that just did not have what you think it is with Perdue that he's not connecting with the with the voters. Well, what they told him to go fight in court career politician and accurately time people in Georgia are.

He did not adhere last night that I and honey lot are black that really bad about you.

I bet it did door writing now wait for Barnard Herbalife now. I referred Bob back about five. I don't know, thought that darn thing right God.

You can only get caught about it tomorrow with you. Applicant are doing the thing that Damon rat with one another when Jerry Lynn no Iris I look, I get it if you get into that if you get that much power you if your TV host were radios and you think you're you're changing the direction of the country. That's a lot of that's a lot of ego. That's a lot of power. I remember one day early on of the trumpet description. I was on Fox and friends, and I was making the argument that anybody who any public university that tried to silence free speech.

We should we should be defunding them. They should be defunded immediately, and three minutes later Pres. Trump is tweeting out. We should defraud any public school that doesn't defend free speech and I thought for a minute I'm like wow, look at me and that I thought holy cow, I hope he doesn't hope I'm not influencing you to the president that much because sometimes ideas are right below it are you are your kind is influenced or what.

I thank God I'm a lady with darling because I like out that Matt Damon ran.

I can't let that get on a boar hog.there you go. Jerry Lynn will have to… That's it. That's a biological truth. I think I will write what can I say it's Friday I could take a break here 844-747-8868 this is new galaxies. He flip for all these new taxes might not like the best selfies of the part I found in flax mode and capture hands-free text from multiple angles.

For sure training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video does he flip for it compact and fit perfectly in my pocket galaxies.

He flip for Star Wars story coming from the daytime, Marvel and Lucasfilm are celebrating pride month with the new Star Wars variant covers so basically they're turning the entire Star Wars universe and day so everybody is now day in the Star Wars universe seven new Star Wars comic book covers have been unveiled by Marvel and Lucasfilm to celebrate pride month, a new batch was created by LGBT Q plus artist to showcase the franchises characters who identify as members of the community. Each cover also features a rainbow burst along with a classic Star Wars logo accompanied by a rainbow trail so the new variant the covers go on the cell in June and will be available through July. Go are fabulous. Let's go to the phones in Gainesville, Georgia WT UN Tom what's on your mind. Well, thank you for not putting me on immediately after Jerry Lynn Wanda, what a treasure she is. I'm telling you anyway. Herbal essence. So about what is wrong so it took 2000 mules.

Todd to elect a jackass with Tom. I have never heard it put so well, but you're absolutely correct in original so I can't take credit work but you want to pass that on to the good man that I got another one.

The Biden administration invited the owner of the Kentucky Derby winner to the White House to congratulate him. He responded by saying I wanted to see the horses behind. I have directed my jockey to come in second was very well played sir and look at working up to let you go because I want to hear. I want to make sure Mr. Sousa heard your great comments there.

Adjust the Souza on the Petrie mobile newsmaker line the Dinesh Tom says that's over 2000 mules to elect a jackass at the really good what you absolutely did as well come back to the show and I were so excited about the success of 2000 mules and I it's in theaters that we been promoting its around-the-clock and I know a lot of the theaters around the Memphis area are already filling up what were you surprised by the success of this documentary well yeah in a good way. I mean this is the fourth film I've released in an age of the ship and I realized early on we can put a trailer on YouTube.

You cannot advertise on Facebook. It's risky to put the movie up on Apple iTunes or Amazon prime because it perhaps will be an effort to take it down so we had to develop a whole novel kind of relief blinded very topsy-turvy.

I mean, traditionally we release the movie the kind of waiting. Then it comes out in Home Box Office or DVD. Then later, maybe screaming, but no, we start out we are in the theater for today, but we do really well and this is really why were going back in the theater this weekend or hundred theaters game… It guys we've heard within your number. If you've done fantastic on today's let's open the movie normally for showings today and so were very excited about this weekend and frankly if we do well in the theater this weekend will be an even more theaters next weekend and 2000 folks is the easiest way you go there. Type in your ZIP Code and it tells you exactly where the movie is playing near you and and we want you to like to and I said we gotta fill up those theaters this weekend.

You know Dinesh yeah I think this also reaffirms the power of talk radio because even the conservative networks like Fox News. They didn't want to go anywhere near this documentary. I know it's really strange because this is not, by the way of the foxhole that I know several but want to talk about the movie being blocked from doing so by the network.

I don't know if it the legal matter, and the foxes because of their lot with dominion because quite frankly, we don't talk about machines that we don't talk about dominion so I don't see where were creating any liability for Fox and yet they are avoiding the movie like the plague. Well, I mean the good news is that we made the movie not only a map of success but a cultural phenomenon without it being ever mentioned on Fox news and then again I think goes to the power of your plan goes to the power of talk radio and the fact that people are mobilizing again on talk radio because that's where you're still able to have these kinds of conversations. Lewdly I mean in any way. Even the left port that handed forth because they started out they deploy their fact checkers and the fact that you 20 and 30 somethings.

Who are you, they don't know anything about your tracking there frankly know very little about election law, which varies from state to state that if they do these clumsy attacks but kind of fall by the wayside.

And so now the left is realized. We need to take this seriously because this is going to cause a big problem for and so just a couple of days ago there was literally an interview with me in the Washington Post that ran about 10,000 word so you have 10,000 words of discussion of this topic on the Washington Post and yet the Word 2000 you will not be mentioned on Fox it's it's it's mind-boggling, mind-boggling Dinesh, I was listening to our good friend Lars Larson the other day and that he said that what you he brought up a good point. What we do now, so the information is out there. What where do we take this information to get justice. Well, I think the way we handled it about two or three different levels at the most ground-level. We want somebody I knew this might work very well be the sheriff in Yuma County, Arizona to start arresting these mules because if you are a meal for the 10 bucks that they get paid roughly to deliver each ballot that I'm trying to swing the election for Biden. At least not all of them so all you have to do is catch the low level character and find out who paid you organize what you up to it and law enforcement would do that in any other situation and completely appropriate that they do it here. Another option, by the way, is to raid these so-called boats – how these left-wing organizations that come up with the ballot and ask those exact same questions though.that's one way in which we I want things to move forward. Another way that I want to kinda help wake up the Republican Party.

Quite frankly, and you know this Todd and me if I was Michael Moore. I made the film in 2016 showing how a bunch of crime stories and stole the election for Trump. I mean you can predictable panic reaction from the left and from the Democrats to meet summa would be screaming from the floor of the defendant. Below see me live that Warren would be having Derek. The Republicans just I don't have that psychology. In fact, a lot of Republican senators and congressmen. I talked to a part of the movie we go to you but we haven't seen the movie. Could you send me a DVD so that the kind of lumbering lack you know on enterprising psychology of the Republican Party is something that has to be overcome. I do believe when people see the movie. Don't completely know that they're dealing with the problem.

Have you got any calls from law-enforcement anybody in leadership saying hey look, we want to start investigating the beat of the boat is working with the authorities in Georgia but even there the situation is really dicey because Rothenberg of the Secretary of State who said he is opening up an investigation in response to the geo-tracking evidence and video evidence supplied by true the vote, but nevertheless to the vote and and Catherine and Greg. I'm sure if you trying to advance the investigation or install it because members of the guy who declared the election with safe and secure.

It's going to be a little hard for him to admit it. Do you know what I was the sheriff and it was a major height going on right under my note.

Here's here's right I get concerned. What's I don't think a lot of the loopholes have been fixed. I don't think a lot of the integrity issues have been fixed around the country. My concern is we going to the midterms and somehow the Democrats are miraculously allowed to hold on the Congress that tells me that the election was stolen and I'm not sure to be able to control folks at that point, I don't think people are to stand just let that stand.would be an extremely scary because quite honestly be the Biden people are thinking ship right now mean the Titanic is like going down fact I'm not even sure fraud can save them at this point but but you know that certain steps that need to be taken right away. I mean I'm talking about.

In addition to voter ID laws and in addition to strengthen signature requirement and out of the simple step of having eyes with electronic surveillance on every dropbox. By the way, you don't need laws to do that is already in the election rules and the idea that you you're not going to have surveillance on these drop boxes is outrageous to me and every Home Depot every parking lot.

Every ATM has surveillance.

Why would you have surveillance on voting process should be a surprise. I mean, I get it that the Washington Post attack you in all that I get that people like Ben Shapiro coming out and and really questioning the legitimacy of of your documentary. How are you dealing with well in the very kind of affable way because I think that the question being raised are legitimate questions that mean some of this is been one of the points raised by Bennett. It's a good point if he basically says look on these fraudulent votes that are fraudulently delivered OID legal vote fraudulently delivered now.

Frankly, in both cases, the vote shouldn't be counted but you have a legal vote fraudulently delivered, it still is an illegal vote but but but the problem for Ben is that he has the thought of he had. He haven't thought about that you were talking about 50 or hundred vote were talking about hundreds of thousands of votes I would hundreds of thousands of legal voters just magically decide you know what I am too busy or too lazy to go drop off my own ballot in the dropbox at the post office at City Hall. I'm going to go to a left-wing organization deeply embedded in the inner city and give them my ballot so they can hire mules in the middle of the night to go deliver those votes. I mean, that's just preposterous just to Susa is on the patriot will please make a line of the movie in theaters right now.

400 400 screens this weekend and that's my understanding is where this works and if you do well this weekend we can call one 800 theaters by the next weekends had a very rough time. The last couple you're really looking for good product and quite frankly documentary normally very difficult to get people to go to the theater to see a documentary except this one. Why, because this is a topic that's been haunting the American mind for two years and we are showing video that have never been seen before it's official surveillance video of the explosive content of the film is why I think, really, everyone should see it make up their own mind. I love it again folks go to 2000 that's € and will be able to find out where the movie is playing in your neighborhoods, grab some popcorn and some milk duds and the settle in for a for a great night of theater, absolutely. I mean, it will be with me. Kind of a whodunit and appointed that you know what I thought.

People can only feed on the computer or even the TV that theatrical experience is totally unique, hard to NASA. Congratulations again well done and the let's pack out those theaters this weekend absolutely. Thank you.

All right. 2000 everybody are good friends and Esther Susa are you going to see the movie and if so are you bringing somebody along with you this, we need to pack out every single one of these showings over the weekend and you need to bring along some of your fellow Republicans, and especially if you know people in Republican leadership bring them along. Let them see it as well. Even spring further popcorn. Yeah I know is 30 bucks for a bucket but you know what it's infant while lessening inflation. This was normal, but come on out to the theater and have a great time be informed. That's what this is all about.

You gotta get yourself informed and Dinesh is done a terrific job of that 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868.

I gotta tell you, folks in America facing big challenges, soaring inflation, alarming crime rates and that's why I am proud to be a member of the Association of mature American citizens a Mac a Mac is America's only conservative 50+ organization and their fight and every single day on Capitol Hill for you and me, and I want you to join a Mac with me just $16 a year and folks are to get some incredible discounts on travel cell phones, restaurants, all while fighting to preserve America and the causes that we care about. So go to Amax .us/Starnes. That's a Mac .us/Starnes and your to be able to join 2.3 million Americans who share our values. That's a Mac .us/Starnes coast-to-coast Starnes my name is Joanne this is my father.

I know what's happening buddy. I won't be able to care was when the time comes to get more support for your parents care can help you find qualified caregivers nearby. What would help me is if somebody there that could check in on you. I realize I have to do the best decisions are made with care. Find help for your mom or are showing a positive note, but this is a great story, right out of the St. Jude Children's Hospital. They do some incredible work and its such a blessing to meet moms and dads that are coming to town and Memphis distance. They do a super job taking care of these families. As her kids are being treated by these these heroic doctors and miracle workers over St. Jude. Anyway, Calvin Corbett is a 13-year-old. You might've seen him on Fox and friends Calvin has been dealing with radiation treatment for what 18 months. He's a big monster truck fan is of the monster truck guys were going to give him a toy version of the monster truck but here's what happened in real time far you got an announcement regarding the little truck that we have on the set that is about 3 inches right yeah so that truck is really awesome.

It's a small inherent loss of Jim we really like to do things you and scale so Calvin pulled on Searcy and world is amazing to see scale personal to do great.

So the little boy had designed this beautiful really encouraging logo and they were initially big and they put it on the toy trucks and now this weekend at monster jam in Orlando there to be debuting this huge monster truck that this young man and they say you through his entire cancer experience. You never knew the kid was sick because he was always in such a great mood and had such a positive outlook on life and so while words just good for Chris and good for the folks at St. Jude and good for the folks at monster jam offered bring a smile about little boys face.

That's a pretty awesome thing working to have the video up on our website.

Todd start start, I'd encourage you to check that out folks, we got a crazy, crazy primary week next starting on Monday were to be doing our pre-primary day coverage I were to be bringing you some of the best top guest in all of the nation right here on the program. Hey Todd is our landing page. So if you bookmark that check that out. Download the podcast in the newsletter you folks what get out there. Have a great Friday and whatever you do, be sure to go to church is someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for

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