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Todd Starnes Explains How Conservative Media Has Failed Herschel Walker

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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October 5, 2022 3:14 pm

Todd Starnes Explains How Conservative Media Has Failed Herschel Walker

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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October 5, 2022 3:14 pm

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Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM delivers universities through viewing movies to see America's conservative George so well hello everybody turned his radio program delighted that you have joined us today and are right out of the gate. I want to give a shout out the radio station that I own AWA news talk radio in Memphis Tennessee.

We have the best people in broadcasting working on this radio station, and they are really crushing it, covering local news and events breaking news whether traffic talkshows in the community and last night I I joined the staff as we drove to Nashville and there was a huge banquet and awards ceremony, sponsored by the Tennessee Association of broadcasters they were presenting their excellence in journalism awards.

Now we were going up against every other radio station of the state of Tennessee including the other folks over the government for the taxpayer-funded radio stations of the MPR crowd and I very excited to announce that our little radio station TWA him.

I came away with three major awards last night so well done. I know Grace Baker was one of those honored in grace. Congratulations her friend, Tim VanHorn, who fills in for me also awarded Ben Dieter who you here doing news and so I just want to give a very special congratulations to our great team and Memphis Tennessee.

Not only do they do a great job covering local news and information, but they also produce this national radio program, and I truly believe and local radio. It truly makes a difference or congratulations everybody and it was nice to bring some hardware back to that I know what right.

By the way, the number one talk radio station in Memphis Tennessee right here on K WAN all right. Very rarely do I make a mistake on this program Grace Baker. I think we can count on our thumb.

The number of times we have made a mistake on this program yet. I haven't written down. It's only a couple well at work and add one more to that and I had a chance to rethink on that 3 Hour Dr. to Nashville, Tennessee, and the Cadillac. By the way, you can you can hit about 95 miles an hour and you don't feel like you're driving 95 Todd, I don't think you're so that's what I try to tell the state trooper known as SOI energy is to think of this Herschel water situation and it's really getting ugly out there and I have a theory I'm I'm walking back by my approach to the story is and I want to explain why the first I want to play some audio because I have to explain. I think the bigger problem here is that the conservative media. They don't know the right questions to ask Herschel and if they did this would be a anon controversy now, just to give you some some background here are Herschel or her sons coming out and that kids unhinged.

I'm sorry it's he's just unhinged and you can see it in his voice. It is what it is at a father's like to go out there and attack us on this is not to happen so we have to really discount those those conversations, the allegations that were made.

What about those well Brian Kilby on Fox Fox and friends really confronted Herschel about this and and I want to play this and then I can explain the right questions. The media should've asked and before you before you start screaming or yelling. Hear me out. I am still a Herschel Walker supporter and I'm going to explain why, but is not because he's a Republican and their some of you out there that say and and and work in place of this audio as well. There are literally people out there saying I really don't care if a person is pro-abortion, pro-Second Amendment. I don't care their Pro critical race theory. I don't care their Pro open borders as long as there's an R behind their name were putting them in reporting that office.

We know that kind of mentality got to John McCain and Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney that kind of mentality means that you place power over principal I got a problem with that, but that's not what were talking about here were talking about a human being. Name Herschel one now Brian killed need and Herschel this morning.

Fox and friends cut number six place so Herschel, you're saying that you were the perfect dad of the perfect spouse, but you been redeemed. Is that what you're saying as I glance at all and no one is perfect. The items that needed I'm a sinner.

We all sin, for the glory of God. Every day I get up in the morning I pray to God to let me do his wheel and is resuming his race right now when I see people get hurt on the street crime is going on right now the time is going on.

The call center will not enjoy positive trombones and nobody will hold anyone accountable for us and not on my watch. I sit with Jessica and the lease and would not � is this okay was not this is this is a new normal is not, and I hope you know is not a new normal. And if I told him if I had to fight alone when the fight. I love America, I will fight for this reason I got into this race yet two and 50 people packager to a side view, and you were a $5000.

Since Sean had a reason to be. And so you still have it seems like you're backing is still there. So they go on and is backing is there.

He's raising a lot of money.

He was, he went on to address this issue with his son cut number seven like you split your son surprised a lot of us because he's been said.

He said to it. Positive things for you is new and this is what he came out and said after this revelation in your appearance, which on was paying attention is done via a bunch of my extensive meeting my mom and all of the people affected throughout your life. You know that the potential some moral family to pretend on the policy taught normal to not lie so he saw that and says you're lying Herschel what you say about is he telling the truth love my son unconditionally and as we have always been always loving on condition of the year he graduated college a couple months ago is now young man doing his own thing, but his father is always there for him, always will be, for in Wayne and Mike using a level not always supported him and always have support in the mall always will and I love you unconditionally, but he's doing cut tremendous damage to you by coming out with those statements. Do you know why he saying this where the damage he's doing is then people know that they left would do whatever they and Windows CE and I told when I got is that when this someone sincere to hear from you been redeemed and I will know I'm living proof that you can make it out and keep going for what you don't do it in this country right here.

You can only do it this election read correct this on November because we vote for the people and allows like the guy running the center will not have a chance be redeemed is a minister.

He completely don't believe in redemption right now trying to destroy America that try to destroy Georgia and on 9/11 happened happened on my alright so there's there's a lot of people doing some really bad stuff. And it's not Herschel so first of all, the conservative media. I'm not surprised that Fox News doesn't know the right question asked her if I would've still been on staff. I would've told them this is how you handle this interview. The question is, I got a text message out from from some Georgia folks and their same time you need to understand this happened in 2009 it's what happened after. And that's the question they should've been asking because then that would have resolved all of this controversy.

But there's also an art. I'm just a bring appeal this onion apart real quick. Your folks understand that Herschel had a conversion experience. He became a new man you you heard them talking about redemption.

Kilby should've followed up that because with what do you mean by that.

So you're one way in 2009 and I don't know. Herschel Walker may very well paid for the woman's abortion.

I don't know that's between Herschel and God and in whoever that person is. But the reality of it is this.

If after that event. In these horrible things and we've heard the stories and he's actually admitted to a lot of the stuff, the date the bouts with anger a mental illness of the family stuff he submitted all of this. So if in fact all of this happened before 2009. In 2009. He has some sort of a religious conversion experience, then Herschel walk or is a new man. And if any of us who profess to be Christians. If any of us are out there condemning this man for his past behavior, that in and of itself is a sin.

His his old life has passed away. I want to get into a sermon here on national radio, but if in fact we do believe that that God's grace is amazing and can save a wretch like me. As we sing the song amazing grace. The song, not my call screener and executive producer resumes, but if we truly believe that we have to leave. He is a new man. That is the question that should have been addressed, but they did know to ask that because were dealing with people who don't understand those concepts and conservative talk radio. So here's the deal Herschel walkers, a new man.

He is pro-life. My question is okay Herschel what your life been like since 2009 have have you been able to turn a path away from all of that behavior and those things and to our knowledge, the answer to that question is yes, he has there been no allegations that I know. So I would say she will the conservative media. I think we have let Herschel down because we didn't ask the right questions, but I think the Georgia Republican Party also bear some blame here. There's a report from meteorite and politico that Georgia political operatives within the Republican Party, knew about all of this stuff all along. They said they warned the campaign that this could this story could torpedo the campaign and sorta they do about it folks. They didn't know anything the campaign didn't think that was good to be that much of a story and maybe at the end of it all. It's not but it is a distraction. So the Georgia Republican Party had an obligation early on to address this and if nothing else come up with a game plan.

Is it true is it not true. How do we respond, how do we fight back when the story if and when the story does come out. We need to be there with a plan of attack and they got nothing.

They got nothing. So again I I believe the Georgia Republican Party. I blame the conservative media and then there's another issue altogether and it's this issue of Republicans, regardless of the politics if you're as long as you're a Republican that's all that matters.

Power is the only thing that matters here is Dana Lasch cut so does this change anything. I mean, do you want my opinion you're listening. Not a damn thing. How many times have I said for very important words, these forwards winning is a virtue when I'm about to say is in no means a contradiction or compromise of a principal and please keep in mind that I am concerned about one thing and one thing only at this point so I don't care if Herschel one pain to abort endangered baby eagles. I want control of the Senate.

If The Daily Beast story is true.

You're telling me Walker used his money to reportedly pay some scan for an abortion and Warnock wants to use all of our monies to pay a whole bunch of scans for abortions. And yes, when they're used predominantly over 99% of birth control is my taxpayer dollars. You have invited me up in your business and I will use what ever the script I would like to thank you okay all right if that's and I heard from so many of you yes are you so tight it is a matter it is a matter we can have a Republican wheelchair at their probe, which will cure their Pro critical race theory time. We don't care if that person wants to take away every gun we own. We don't care as long as they have an R after their name.

That is the only thing that matters. May I say something loosens on. If that is true, that makes us no better than the Democrats. 844-747-8868 I support Herschel want her 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show we are all feeling the pain at the pump and at the grocery store to the market is plunging and Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, but even worst seniors are struggling to survive. It's not time to panic, but it is time to act.

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That's a Mac .us/Starnes is a lot all of our listeners out there across America.

This is the Todd Stern's radio show an opportunity for you to have a voice. So many people in Washington up on Capitol Hill.

Listen to this program and we hear from of all that this is medevac somebody just sent me information for our Herschel walkers keep the a campaign manager, you gotta talk to this guy. They were happy to do it and were happy to give Herschel platform on this program to answer those questions and not only do I think would it be an informative conversation for the electorate but I think it would be an inspirational message for all of the phone zero 844-747-8868 and I'm curious especially you folks in Georgia. The attacks will Herschel walk or have they emboldened you, are you more resolved now to vote for Herschel will grin get out and vote on election day, then you were before the attacks happened. Let's go to EMG listing to us on WT UNR great radio station there.

I NG what's on your mind are. I'm well I'm no alternate voter fraud thing I can figure out a way to hundred and 50 times I would vote for Herschel locker. Last thing I want commercial Haystack at 32nd commercial about Herschel Walker supporting and paying someone and having abortion and they keep saying he lied or any aunt that can treat something the Democrats glad their own way and it didn't pay for this one and abortion Whitney Democrats want Herschel to be on their side because they support killing children, you know that's a fear question to ask their EMG had there been mighty silent as matter fact, the Warnock campaign of this is interesting they're not taken the bait on this and they're not going after Herschel on this issue and I think because ultimately this is a matter of redemption At way what clearly states and take out nine you got people on there and think out that night we watch it every five seconds.

Every five seconds that come on in the state of Georgia and you got people at all races getting on their well he killed a baby in 2009 in Cape Verde, abortion don't think Herschel walk or export Georgia I and I'm glad that I'm playing those answer playing in Georgia right now. You can get anything in the state of Georgia.

I just want one right before I called you and there is a Caucasian woman on their saying that he that were harvested. Walker lied and killed a baby and we just don't think about Warnock.

We don't think it's important Georgia accounting. Glad about boarding the bait well the day that I mean it don't mutate. I badly want to talk about racist. Talk about racist exactly exactly. And I know about Republican� Democrat this is not about liberals. This is not about guide our American nation and we are being laughed at literally glanced at. Then I got on act at North York at deputy UN the other day and you need to make a call down put out an article that the early voters for November. Their ballot that they lost they can't find their ballot will be all over the voter fraud stuff and you can promise you that. And we got a run. You can hear the music there, but I can promise that when I can love and get away with stealing the election again not to happen again. I can promise you that there will be people in the streets.

If that happens, 844-747-8868 protesting peacefully 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern's radio show America.

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They see that hundreds of thousands of illegals. It is pouring into the neighborhoods and taking taking jobs away filling the classrooms. I mean, how much money is having to be spent in many of these border towns on just English teachers teaching kids how to speak English.

These are teachers that could be doing other things in the classroom all at taxpayer expense art I wanted. So anyway great job keep it up in Nevada. I'm very curious to hear from you folks out there. How are the campaigns going. Are you feeling the sense are you getting the sense that there could be some sort of a tsunami and NV 84474 788 six did I want to go to Stephen Central Arkansas. Once the wellness Herschel walk or story are and see what's up will speculate like everybody else is on this by number one on credibility parcel and that anything so far that really made me doubt his credibility zone�. Our own and Arnoldo so does the 100 own. There are offers that I am is there always said that the devil incarnate Jonah credibility sat on tackling for commercial exposure. Reason is why his phone right parcel to stay at the cute kids graduate college and now a man on his own.

Good may be as simple as the kid discovers a lineup that all the stoning a little and that could be at Steve, the other party or this kid is 23 years old.

He's a grown man. 23 years old and I do still believe he is a conservative. I think I i.e. I hate to cast doubt on people like that but I just doubted I really do doubt that he's actually what he says he is politically better dollar good kids never even had a job.

These just now step in the real world image. It's it's a little spooky: get that very well could be dollar to a donut Steve as just like that. All right, Steve, God bless. Appreciate the call. Let's go to George or Georgia again. Judy on the line W deal when our great affiliate. There hey Judy.

What say you are on it. What I believe.

I live below about Ali on and I won't be in my car got it Judy well said from Georgia and I know Herschel is going appreciate your support and that's really what is to be about Judy, thanks for the call. It's not about it's not about abortion. This is not going to be the motivating factor to get people out on election day. All of the survey data coming out. It's the economy and folks, you better buckle up, because gas prices are about to skyrocket again already setting records in California and that's only going to get worse so you better get better pay attention here. We gotta stay focused and again the question and and were working on getting Herschel the program this week so we can have that conversation and it will clear up literally every I promise you it will clear everything up but I don't think it really matters because people like Judy they get Judy from Georgia, says Todd, this is a man who clearly has made a new path and carved a new path of his life. He's going down that path and I support this man. Judy said she she's focused on whether or not she still be able to go to the grocery store living on a fixed income. Those are important matters to the American people 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 now I want to say something about our friends and allies defending freedom. All this month we are taking a stand with alliance defending freedom folks.

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So glad the situation in Ukraine ever getting into this with our military expert David G about a little bit later on of the show. This situation in Ukraine is putting all of us on the verge of a nuclear holocaust, and folks hear me this is not to be one nuclear weapon being launched against Ukraine. This is going to be all out global war and that's what the Democrats want. That's what Joe Biden wants really get into more that I want to get your phone calls. 844-747-8868 are you worried about nuclear war are you worried are you preparing in the event that nuclear bombs are dropped in America. Clearly somebody in New York and New Jersey has signed off on all this 844-747-8868 let's go to Susie and George up now Susie you are very unhappy with me yesterday.

I will not. I have been thinking you rush that and I'd like to hollow lot now college before is always been positive, but myself and a lot of other people in Jackson County, Georgia just turned you off yesterday because of your comments about commercial and because we don't know that that woman, and a crew tied in a woman could make up anything about you and put it out there and I don't know that's true. Somebody could pay that woman to say that and and I didn't like what you said that if one personal and that they might vote Democrat. We don't know that he partook of a one the greatest tentatively that I have from Georgia could be.

Let me ask you this, Susie. Did you ever get who who was a thick killer who was at that stop Obama care for been killed. Who was that I know it was John McCain a single Republican senator who we all thought was conservatively with bodies, we thought he was one of us and then he turned.

He turned around and betrayed assorted met Ronnie what I'm saying here Susie is this is not about that.

There are two issues two separate issues. One of them is about Herschel, and I don't care if he didn't have it up. I don't care if he did pay for the woman's worship we don't know what happened but even if he did less for the sake of argument here, Susie.

What say that he did. It doesn't matter if if after that he had a meeting with God, and he became a Christian. It doesn't matter. At that point because he is a new person so that it just doesn't matter, so whatever happened after all of that. Herschel's lived a very good decent honorable Christian life as far as we although but the other Susie. The other issue is we have to make sure we have to make sure that the conservatives that we are sending Washington DC live up to their promises on the campaign trail.

We just have to because we've got a lot of John McCain's and Mitt Romney's and Liz Cheney's and the Republican Party right now right and I think that the ability to call and keep after them and make sure they vote the way I want them to vote but would you like to know that before they get to Washington. Susie I would like to know that, but don't vote for you and if you want to talk you about both the Senate by Glover Herschel Walker okay and hope and pray that at and look but again Susie that's not the issue. It's a mindset among Republicans. This is a mindset among Republicans. Are you picking people in your primaries that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt are truly conservative. That's all back now know you can't go back but you know what Susie, but I was but there were people there were people calling me from Georgia how dear you seriously how dear you demand that Herschel will debate his fellow Republicans, who do you think you are what you know what Susie I just I believe in debates and I believe that if the other candidates are to debate. I think you ought to debate as well. That's all I so we could not we could resolve this, but nobody in Georgia really wanted to do that and I get it I get it to issue.

I think it debated and does that make you a bad person. Does that make you know, of course, not a reasonable person now, but I mean it time in history in Georgia. We got into what were not in a bad outcome and no doubt about it later because himself a preacher and I hope people will listen to me because I am a born-again Christian and now born-again Christian can support abortion up to the time a baby is born and that's what Warnock is doing and I hope people know know that they would not listen in about that. Well, we've been we've been preaching that on this radio program for very long time.

Susie and you again these people out there saying that you will Herschel Walker's not a smart man yet that's all that's a loaded grade a who we right there.

This this is a very intelligent man. He may not be well spoken, George W. Bush wasn't well spoken and he led us through. He led us through the terrorist attacks. So just because someone is well spoken, doesn't necessarily mean there there there worth salt. I will say this if you want to talk about stupid and ignorant. Let's take a look at Congressman Hank Johnson. This is a man who thought an entire island would tip over if too many people receiving audit, you better believe it but I don't like network that that man's stupid management and is a moron on top of that, so right has been making people backup backup they do, they sure do all right. Susie got arrived I think thank you for the call and let folks I hope is nothing else you now know that you're not going to agree with everything but you're also to find out to and you found out this week that if if I've had a change of heart of it is you are to be open and honest about it with and I think we try to do that, we done a good job about Chris Pickard.

Thank you Grace I think that Todd was looking for actual affirmation.

I'm here for.

All right look really jump into this whole craziness around Ukraine and Russia and other concerns that there could be a nuclear war and folks, we are in very dangerous waters right now this is something we all need to be paying very close to sure I will say this, you do need to get yourself prepared. You do need to get yourself ready, because if in fact a bomb gets dropped on New York City or Chicago and you say well pay I live in Alabama you know what is still going to have an impact on you. This will, it will freak folks, this is were going all the way back to World War II stuff here and it's going to be a very bad situation. That's why Donald Trump is saying hey look, send me.

I will broker a peace deal. Joe Biden does not even he does even what planet he's on this guy. We've got a send Donald Trump. We've got a sin truck to broker some sort of a peace agreement. I'm telling you, Ukraine. Right now Joe Biden in the Biden crime syndicate are employees of Ukraine. That's what this is all about. So really get it or that with Col. G about up a little bit later on. Pleasure calls 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the time surgery. Liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee Charlie since conservative Germans vary from. This is Todd. Radio program. Great to have you with us today. I want you to write down her telephone number is 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 we've got it sort of a final blow is like Wednesday night supper buffet so we have a lot of casseroles use casseroles to share with you before we get to that. I want to go to the phone. Charles been on hold of her WSI C in North Carolina and we were sharing this information about New York and New Jersey posting these public service announcements warning people to be prepared in the event of nuclear war.

Charles, good to have you with us today what what concerns you, sir. Well I think that based on recent event over the last month that the policy of the Biden administration are leading out ever so closely to nuclear war with Russia. You heard about the I marched right well don't forget about the I of October. It's kind of coincidentally that it was 60 years ago Todd this month. April 1963 Pres. Kennedy played nuclear poker with Nikita Khrushchev and the Cuban missile crisis. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and nuclear war was averted, but this time around. I think things are totally different. I think that Warren I just I believe the United States will what that pipeline North Korean food.

I firmly believe that.

I think we had the motive. I think we had the means and we had the opportunity and we did blow it up. I think we did and Charles and we threatened to do it, Joe Biden, Pres. Biden actually said on video he threatened to do that yet. And baba called back Todd. I do think there's going to be a Russian response. Now that could be targeted toward pipeline coming out of Norway Europe. I know this past weekend submarine called the Bell garage like electric port in Arctic waters submarine that has the capability of detonating the drone with a nuclear weapon about 3000 feet below the ocean surface to create a 1500 radioactive Nami but I do believe there can be some type of Russian response. We love Vladimir Putin hate Vladimir Putin and I can't stand the guy he's an authoritarian but God in my opinion the biggest threat to world peace is not the guys that in the Kremlin.

If the got is the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Yeah, a God that will use weapon out the intelligence services against citizens, a God that will try to steal election a God constantly lies and I got out I think you see political fortunes going down the drain.

And just like Vladimir Putin or any other authoritarian figure I don't. I have no doubt that he would try to instigate some type of conflict to gain political popularity, but enforcement got nuclear war. I mean, you can wipe out a city like Chicago and New York in about 30 minutes with weapons that are 20 times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on your Shema, and once it starts side.

There's no way to turn it off.

I mean it could start with faculty but then it's going to escalate and it's going to escalate and then it's good for you and if you have killed millions of people destroy our agriculture and it it it's unthinkable but important. I think a lot of Americans thought looking nuclear war like were playing a videogame chart at the end they act like you know after couple weeks everything goes back to normal and it and it does not, and Charles, I'm not so concerned about the bombs falling on New York City or Chicago I'd be concerned about the ones that are hitting the heartland for farms and decimating the agricultural community here in the United States and we that's already becoming an issue with the, the war in in Ukraine where a lot of the production of grain has completely stopped and I suspect were to be looking at food shortages moving into the winter months globally. Yeah, absolutely and card 100 thing the last week of Vladimir Galinsky applied for fast-track membership tomato. We all thought the right well the worst thing that we can do except that meant the makeup occult. Once we do that are automatically working to be at war with electrical trigger article 5 of the NATO chart and it's going to require us to go to war with the Russian and then all bets were all go this weekend and somehow turn this thing off and I'm unfortunately a lot of Republican or war mongers. People like Lindsey Graham, the former John McCain.

They've never been awarded did not like you did not want to be in. But this is not something like you said is good to be over in two days or two weeks there looking at something that could destroy this country for two years and decades to come, that we would never ever recover from Charles your right and something we do have to pay attention to its we just cannot allow this to happen, and Charles, I appreciate the call we let you go want to go to John in central Arkansas job what's on your mind, God, I had read an article this morning about a Russian submarine that has gone missing in the Arctic yeah okay you know I'm talking about so and that thing from what I read it capable of creating a radioactive tsunami that is installed at 1600 feet so that would make that thing yet where it can maneuver around the coast of the United States. It would make that thing able to create a synonymy and yell I couldn't get everything in there. I didn't really understand a lot of the technical stuff but that's where you're at it, let me jump in and explain this so and again this, the submarine has gone missing investment report for several days now Naval news says that it's apparently been spotted in the Arctic. But we got no confirmation of that. As far as the mainstream reporting nobody knows where this thing is but the belief is that they're calling this the weapon of the apocalypse so again I sort like remember the Hunt for red October and so one of those deals you a state-of-the-art submarine and they say that they that the submarine comes equipped with these mega torpedoes well and they could, they could literally see you launch these tsunamis that could inundate every coastal city in America depend on where the submarine is is located, but nobody knows, since nobody seems to know where it is. I suspect we do why I have to imagine that you know our military, CIA, they're all over them but I think the point here John is that Russia is positioning itself to push back if if the United States becomes even more involved in what's happening in Ukraine, where I agree with you for sure if they're not already planning now on the net was a pretty aggressive move. You know, not in those those pipelines out you think that that's on if you had some man well only administer but I do agree that it would be crazy not to do that would be lead Biden administration so that would be my guest. First up front. And you know it's interesting talk also raises a couple nights ago on the channel and was crucified. I'm being crucified by even suggesting this as as a possibility, but it it not only is it a possibility of viable possibility.

I think it's only will that make sense right now.

John well you are wanting to retaliate know as far as Joe Biden blowing up the Nordstrom pipeline I that's that's the only thing that makes sense. John got a run were late for a break.

Appreciate your calling this is coming from use nation NATO warned members of the military alliance about a nuclear submarine is gone missing from its base in the Arctic Circle.

The criminal and by the way, is pushing back all these allegations, NATO said the bill abroad is no longer operating out of its white sea base were to been active since July, Fox News says the officials are quoting saying Russia may plan to test the Bella garage Poseidon weapons system. I guess your calling of Poseidon because remember the Poseidon adventure with the big wave takes out the ship. One of those things. Russian officials say the submarine has the ability to create a 1600 foot nuclear tsunami that could drown coastal cities part of a new program of super weapons being developed by Russia's Navy, US officials monitoring the situations that they have not seen Russia prepare any of its forces for nuclear war as George W. Bush strategically love that. Then love is pop his policies but using little boy when asked about the media reports, criminal and spokesman Dimitri Pesca off said Russia did not want to take part of what he said was the West nuclear rhetoric.

US officials continue to warrant Boudin in Russia there could be catastrophic consequences if it resorts to nuclear warfare.

By the way, keep in mind the only people talking about nuclear war. The only people are coming from the Biden demonstration and those folks in Ukraine. By the way what happened I'm it's it's there was a moment where if you are waiving the Ukrainian flag your un-un-American you're not you you're not a patriot if you're not supporting Ukraine and we may as well bake them. The 51st state of the nation worsening of tax money over there. Geez. Hello. Are we had to take a break. There 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the conservation so there's a new survey out to nuclear war, and there is a survey and according to the survey, Memphis, Tennessee is one of the most profane cities in America. I mean come on, what's up on what's that all about what Lake Louise amino Claude Grace.

Watch your language like I say I'm from the potty mouth. What's wrong with our hometown.

Stop picking on Memphis. You know what, if you walk outside and dodge bullets every day you knock off a couple of the four letter words as well. This is not just getting work for very good Baptist zero accorded the key findings were not the worst though of the worst, the most profane city in America is Columbus, Ohio. The key findings of the survey, the average American curses 21 times a day hikers zero times a day out loud. Anyway, I purchased a geez a little timer to I say what the flip oh that's actually what I can to get to that list is just a cell okay because there are alternative words. So the average age the average age. This is fascinating. The average age American start using swearwords.

The average age average age 13 Art Palisade three Ricky 1313-year-olds are courtesy well you know so you you so you guys both 13 I think 1312 33,012 it's 1111 years old start young Americans are most likely to swear at work. 69.

I believe that you do hey now, but this is what's interesting is 67% said they are more likely to swear in front of strangers because they know you know the strangers might judge them, but the never see them again. And this one blows my mind. 63% of Americans say they use bad language at the dinner table. Really, I don't believe that man that's not a good idea. Have you ever experienced the the soap your your mouth is washed I ever did that. I know Christmas story rug.

I don't trust me that's a real thing.

I was an angel child. What can I say well it sounds to gifts. If something like that. It happened at our dinner table. Somebody's get the mouthwash that was so yeah I just say that's not a good idea to southern I mean about it unless you're saying it to say how good the food is. I just don't think that's a good idea. Okay, here are the cities that curse the most of your top your understanding of this was Columbus Ohio Las Vegas I conceal a space yeah you lose all that money at Jacksonville, Florida, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

I'm shocked you people filthy mouth like it filthy Dallas Texas what's wrong couple sport get Dr. Jefferson Philadelphia.

The I see them. Indianapolis, San Francisco, Fort Worth, Louisville, Washington and Austin, Texas. So this is fascinating grace because apparently Americans are using other words, instead of like the band were yeah and I want to give a list here.

This is fast because I get called out of this around again. I will people say you've gotta stop saying geez a look so instead they these are the favorite swear word substitutions okay fudge sickle 050 fudge sickle shoots what was the one you did.

I said looking. Oh, this is its Frank F RIC cannot say that this is Esther close is useless to call and it's not even a genius in for and not like and be crap. Yeah, that one guilty dang hectic darn holy cow. Dang that windowless essay with the biscuits. What what the biscuits catalyst poop okay fork once work. Yeah they finally let out there. I don't like that. Hard to say sugar all sugar diddley darn that's on the list either holy smokes is the list you say that mother trucker that I like so anyway what is the conclusion here your budget potty mouth. Shame on you all. We have some use grace out of the world of cartoons where there are no more heterosexuals in Saturday morning cartoons yet. No more Blue's Clues know this is the story from variety magazine editor involves of our beloved Scooby Doo Scooby Doo is as far as we know, still heterosexual, but we don't know Velma on the other hand, is officially a lesbian. It's true. This is from variety of Velma officially a lesbian in a new Scooby Doo film years after James gone and others try to make her explicitly sexual cleanliness.

You know she wears the turtle that her leg sweater got I think classes shorthaired, the mannish haircut in the sensible shoes and the signs were all there, but I was not always like it was time it was the five I went. I don't think a romance with the shaggy at one point that so I don't know how don't know that's going deep into the weeds.

That's yet I don't want to upset your Scooby snacks over that one of the new movie is called trick-or-treat Scooby Doo of the mystery Inc. members are involved in trying to track down a lesbian vampire is a cartoon but Yahweh back in history. I mean everybody's ME what Superman's gait now wonder woman is a lesbian. Aquaman is doing an appropriate stuff with dolphins. I mean where do you draw the line here, by the way the character was not created to be a lesbian or sensible shoes aren't water back to the side surge of radio program.

Good to have you with us today 844-747-8860. It is her phone number of the petri bubble newsmaker live good friend of this program. Congressman Pat Fallon joins this Congressman hope you're doing well today� You are a Great American well and and I'll tell you that the fourth Congressional District in Texas blessed to have you as their representative in Congress Congress movie been following the developments out of of Florida with the Coast Guard doing heroic work and what's been going on well instead of being congratulated many of those young men and women are being booted right out of the Coast Guard because of these vaccine mandates.

You know what first and foremost for your listeners.

The military haven't even met the Army was 20,000 recruits short the Navy only had 89% and the airport is also several thousand shot. And in that kind of it.

I just did we get right back.

Why in the world you throw out body well-trained in our military because they won't take an unproven experimental vaccine. It literally boggles the mind.

And that's what Joe Biden is doing it the worst kind. I will obviously freedom and liberty so I I would never think, but particularly in times like this when you have your critical it's like I think that Congressman, it's, it's insane. I mean you look at you look at what's been happening in the country you look at this a ministrations attack on our military.

Specifically, I think a very good argument has been made many times by your colleagues on this program that we are not prepared our military is not prepared because of all these woke social justice policies and procedures that are being shoved down the throats of the great fighting men and women of this country. Yeah, about 15,000 active duty service separation because they won't take over the next eight so again people are younger. We all know if you want to actually follow the diet that coated even the original version of covered before all invariant was, not a threat. Young people and now we also know that the variance like most viruses do not know they get less and less potent as time goes by. Think the Lord but the military because Joe Biden commander-in-chief is still held that unfairly people out of the service. So Congressman, what's, what's the answer here is there anything you can do before the midterm elections will reset like that onto a letter that we sent to Lloyd and we asked because you know in the letter we say Joe Biden's office declared the pandemic over what are we getting people out and furthermore did you all consider the effect that this has not only on the morale of the current service members.

What about retention of those numbers. What about recruitment of future members.

He lay folks out there like I have to go on the military and by the way, only 9% of the population.

If he wants to serve anymore less than 1% request.

Wilshire Giorgio a very narrow cold now I go in, but I want that you know if there Coca-Cola decking going to the first place. Had he considered did you do a review on the impact on operational readiness of the what considerations review make offer reinstatement and we know I don't. I'm not only about letting one turn blue. I don't want her back, but these are the things that we need to do now that of course we need to win the midterm will have commerce and I'm curious we've we've had for Scott Perry on Jim Jordan from the house reading talk is how you feel about this commitment to America you think that's gonna resonate with voters. You know III hope so because you.I love you got. Great at Congress.

I personally if I were offering it, I would've been I would like to drill down coastal American view of the voters that this is basically what you will do.

I mean literally right to legislate, you have the bill summary of the bills that we would submit to what we did in conjunction with the commitment to American taxes because we need to address in order.I mean it in you know that. And so what members of the Texas delegation are 24 Republican members. We work together on you know I'm an unveiling a plan that complement and you don't really supplement to American today.

This is what we think about that are on the front line in this particular Nottingham crisis, but we need it. When I think the voters want sneakers, Congressman, we've been paying very close attention to a lot of the rhetoric. Some military movements surrounding Ukraine and Russia. How concerned are you that the administration may be forcing us into a war with Russian yet that that's what important I really your hiring people right there. I never contrary to what you hire the president elected. This is the commander-in-chief. They need to be highly intelligent and they need to really put America's interest first. I asked Pres. Trump a month ago I said what would you do differently about Ukraine Ukraine. He looked right at any drill right and personable. I told I looking right behind Vladimir yelled back in 2008 do not invade Ukraine don't do it. You don't want to.

And that at obviously Cook did during those four years, because I think is really concerned and beer spot. The event that you know we do if he were to invade you. I was to make sure that we bankrupt them because we are you know he was already unleashing the American energy sector, but he would put that in the hyperdrive and driven the price of oil down so low that food could even fund the war isn't data night there a way to handle the situation rather than by taking authoritarian regime to increase production undivided by the way they fit to impound fan part of the fun I cut production. It's absolutely insane and a lot of people are very concerned that all of this talk about about nuclear war.

Whatever happened to the Nordstrom pipeline a lot of people pointing the finger at the Biden administration. I hope they understand what what they're about to get our nation involved in, and it will not end well, you know. Great point out about an orchard to eat what by doing it. He canceled the Keystone Excel and then removes all objections to which Pres. Trump would bite and then of course that didn't work, it backfired, and of love and faith that what you reinstitute the child policy of fighting the Nordstrom to you know in Germany was far too dependent on Russian energy and they found that out now.

I think price is the last thing I like my check in Germany for energy work, and times what they normally are that if your electric bill is 70 bucks a month $700 a month but there was an average family bathtub plate and they might not be able to.

That's where we are and we need to be protected. Strength putting our interest books. Congressman really was there always a good hearing from you, sir, and I think the program today.

Thanks� Congressman Pat Fallon out of out of taxes. Among those expressing concerns about what's happening in the country right now and especially with our foreign policy. Are you folks really take a break get back to the phones. I headed over to Oregon to talk about the governor's race there also. Charlie and Georgia wants to weigh in on candidate selection 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show our info sort of accident on Stern's radio show.

Let's go to the phones they like ANR great affiliate in Oregon.

David on the line. David, what's what's on your mind about it until yesterday afternoon answering your call for input from okay go right ahead. What's on your mind, David.

Conservative to connect with what you been paying about 3000 Georgia the battle of principal party. I look at our candidate Peter and in all that integrated and I'm not really sure exactly what she's about. I note that I don't really doubt it is. I look at her legislative record and how you carry yourself as the leader in caucus and in the campaign here and interviews debate and knowledge, but I don't really trust her on the principal, Mr. David will be what has she done something that would cause you to doubt what she's saying. So what if you were the minority leader out here. Well about.

She was a freshman legislator.

This is about three years ago right after the walkouts over the cap and trade bill that the Democrats and the governor trying to get through to get deep in the weeds here, David. So what's your concern, so, like it.

That she did good on the campaign cart but not on the substance that you will actually put what does she want the push and it looks like getting rid of some of the bureaucrat and the stuff that is going on like in our school� Shutting down the school, but I believe push the bill to open the backup a year ago fully and tightly around that. But as far like the Archean. All that I don't. I'm not really sure about it or see it on that I would. I would suggest going to a campaign event or going to a town hall asking these questions directly of the campaign. I'm sure they can answer those questions. I mean, she says, and she identifies as pro-life as you said she she worked hard to to reopen the schools in Oregon.

I think those are all of those are all good indicators of, unless there is a specific thing where she has misled voters are so I just I see no reason to to oppose her her campaign. David appreciate the call. Let's go to Charlie in Georgia.

Charlie what's on your mind what's on my mind thought that the Republican Party of Georgia is a big reason why where inmates were in right now between Kelly Leffler and David perdue and now virtual walk or is really hard to flip this date back. The only true conservative. We got in this state is Brian Kenya and for some reason Donald travels to go to war with me and I don't think that's all honking up a lot, Donald Trout and will export the Republican Party of Georgia can't get it together and start filled candidates to report on the current vote for trouble. Well it will Charlie raise a good point, which again is why we need to we need to be doing her homework. I mean, you're right, Kelly Leffler, David perdue, horrible campaigns, but keep in mind who was it that put Kelly Leffler in the U.S. Senate that was Brian Kemp, Charlie red Trout steel best alternative the best thing we got in the problem with flicking state but God is Republicans it's not there.

Everybody knows what the Democrats really. The vast majority of the headway we made in this country was old executive orders. The legislation that the Republicans had both the House and Senate and didn't do thing to protect the in the region. Applicable law served in the military 21 year club of retards thinking, reason people go to military right now is much to do with Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld did not in the 30 year war is it that's what about nobody later love Holland know when you're just going quit walking out well it's what this is something that is not unique to Georgia, as so many people of eloquently stated, this is ultimately about power that Republicans really don't care what they vote for as long as the person is Republican and so if you have that mindset in an Charlie hi I hate to say this but this is a mindset that is prevalent within Republican circles and I've seen this play out. I have seen this play out in front of my very eyes here in Tennessee where the most important thing is power and prestige. It's not about values is not about the party platform. It's about who they can get that will that will beat the Democrat doesn't matter how they vote. Once I get to the Senate as long as there's an arm behind her name already and we wind up with Bob Corker Bob Corker here you go, you know that because that treaty is possibly the Senate. They bequeath that to Obama with but what about Bob Corker. Charlie got a leader there.

Good call. Thank you for listening 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 by the Roy of Reno has a brand-new show on news nation. It's a weird thing this news nation.

It's not conservative it's it's it's not liberal but it really is liberal is a sort of middle-of-the-road pablum.

Nobody is watching things so anyway Chris Cuomo. They gave him a show that pretty much to tell you all about news nation ratings came out the first week of the show hundred and 47,000 total viewers. That's 147,000 total viewers. It's a flop.

It's a done. Just like the of the prose comedy the story from the blaze. No white people allowed a group organizing and antiracism discussion band white people at the University of Buffalo are partly the University of Chicago you Chicago United was founded in 2017 to turn the campus into a truly inclusive space that fits the needs and empowers students of color. To that end of their having an upcoming event for freshman called disorientation. Disorientation will include classes like anti-militarism 101 policing gentrification and abolition along with a lovely walking tour of the Chicago campus. Might I suggest Kevlar is very dangerous on the streets of Chicago. Anyway, only black indigenous and people of color are invited to attend.

If you are a Caucasian. If you are a cracker or a hockey you are not permitted to attend the antiracism you just can't make this stuff up, folks. It's really unfortunate sending white folks to the back of the bus got use those separate drinking fountains that's coming up that you watch. You just watch art. We gotta take a break here, as promised, Col. David Giamatti is rejoining is also there is a crazy new fitness there's a there's a fitness craze sweeping across the country. The New York Times had a big story on it. Really talking to the guys from fitness fellowship faith, the president of that group.

Frank Schwartz is going to join his F3 is what they call but your Christian guys get together and work it out. Give each other nicknames I talk about all that coming up 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's P44 747-8868 this is the talk turned University through viewing movies to turn radio show Howard. Three of the go for four 747-8868.

That is our toll-free telephone number and of course her website is Todd all sorts of great stories, news and information for you. There free of charge, by the way, you can also download our podcasts all three hours of the show, commercial free and is available to you free of charge, along with our newsletter while almost 300,000 people now subscribe to the Todd Stearns radio show newsletter and we certainly appreciate you guys hanging out with us so I was reading the New York Times the other day and I was astonished to see his story and to read a story that was about a Christian fitness group and what really astonished me about this story is that it was a pretty fair and balanced look and quite frankly a favorable a profile of this organization called F3.

It is a no-frills fitness group that combines fitness fellowship and faith and it was featured on the front page of last Sunday's New York Times.

I will go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line. Right now the president of this organization.

Frank Schwartz joins us Frank. Good to have you on the show today great to be here.thank you so much so that in and of itself is a miracle with the New York Times to this flattering profile and you guys write you had no idea will you get a good interview so we did that, but you never know how you could turn out that we were amazed that it turned out that like they were made on the second and maybe that's it. Is that what you guys are doing is making an impact.

And I want to do up a dive into this right away. I want you to tell our listeners how you guys started F3 like a lot of great things throughout his street.

It was an accident. There was a couple guys, Dave Redington Whitmire with the original founders F3 and they can't respect what I know a lot of guys that sort of mid 40s find themselves where they got in and got a good job. It got a couple of 83 kids they needed to home and they still find themselves sitting on their front porch. Sometimes there are not enough in and said his father's until he knew they were out of shape and wanted to do something bigger and make more impact in our lives they got there I got together with the fellows and start working out outdoors, not just it turned out to be the thing that the secret sauce. The great magnet if you will, that brought men together they they bonded over fitness and and it's not just you know Richardson inspected little more intense than all that. I think that's part of the draw is it is difficult and we live in a world where you well know were not overly challenged. Many of the things that we do and so there was something magical. I think about bringing them together into a difficult thing first thing in the morning that brought them together bonded them together and then from there just faults where now that you know we had better friends real close, intimate bonds with other men. Realtors not not the you know that the fellow dad standing on the soccer side like friends or all our lives are friendly so I guess were default friend drank it out. We get to the real and true and deep and vulnerable place with other men and and share what's on our hearts to start life together and that blossomed into looking for ways to back the community and then pretty soon you know what started this 40 men. About 11 years ago in Charlotte North Carolina has now grown to somewhere in the neighborhood of 55, 60,000 men across the entire United States. About seven countries it's it's amazing and work were talking about 530 in the morning workouts. But beyond that you're building. I think what you guys described as a circle of trust among men. I appreciate you saying this is not you know Richard Simmons Pilates soul cycle of this is this is very different and this is a men's only group that you guys have formed and my understanding is what more than 3400 groups now around the country is at right. Yeah, you pretty much in the lower 48 and the countries in any guys you know pretty much any major city year in the US somewhere in 530 in the morning you can roll out of bed and find it after workout now and growing every day.

How do people find this group so they associate with churches, so they are the standalone great question. They actually that's one of the things that I find underfunded the it is true us as we are. We are a political and we are not agnostic in the sense you don't believe in a higher being, but we are also the pool if you will. We don't we don't really care what denomination you might be your will, really, if you have a denomination at all.

Where were brave men together under this umbrella of faith is the belief in something bigger than ourselves and submission to that, whatever that thing may be in so thrust me as a Christian hearing in Charlotte, North Carolina. My my thing that I believe is God in the Northwest that might look a little different but but ultimately that dedication to wanting to get better and wanting to push other men to get better and to live the best life that we can be the best husbands that we can get the best, father's that we can. It's not it's not tied to any church is not tied to any organization. It is its own standalone thing, spread out like fight club word-of-mouth that we don't talk about it. The Rotary clubs like going out but the deleted. It starts now to find it now.

It really could just go to our website and find location and it's near you and I to show up at the beautiful things you shall update though call you and FND that for friendly new guy sitting to your show about the various places in America. It's friendly.

That's what the evidence for well that's good potty mouth here in Memphis is currently and we also have a coarse language. I have not heard on any Wednesday night church business meeting. But I digress the, the New York Times described this is as nonsectarian in the same style of say alcoholics anonymous. However, many AA groups have a very strong Christian emphasis. I suspect that's the case, and a lot of these groups as well. You know the date of the current take on leverage. You will where there planted. That's one of the other things that makes it wholly unique over every other organization.

Maybe in the world, but certainly we may theoretically sit atop this organization, but I have no real authority. I can't revoke anyone's targeting workouts, or all three were planted by me or my keying.

They were planted by men saw a place to have a mission, a place to reach out and that of the community to deliver started because of that know Frank and of folks we got Frank Schwartz on the pantry mobile newsmaker line from F3 fitness Fellowship faith Frank really over the past we have seen, that's probably longer than that. We've seen a war on men, and that this attack on manhood toxic masculinity's become a big buzzword these days and it looks to me like this is a group or guys who get together P guys and be men delete me jokingly, sometimes grim and recess were allowed to go out and be who we are and just enjoy all the things that make us unique as meant we couldn't agree more like a you know you know being on the front lines of the culture war right right there with God. We we feel very much that there is been a look at everyone.

The pendulum swing right. There's deftly been a pretty heavy pendulum swing away from traditional masculinity and the there is a push to make anything it's that even sounds or smells a little masculine.

The label that is toxic and we reject that a holy and and incompletely we don't believe that masculinity is toxic with intoxicants, toxic or toxic it is. That's what you are as men as men who were trying to exhibit what we consider to be true masculinity that we believe that the highest form of masculinity's greatest love. It's being willing to sacrifice yourself for the good of others, and in our estimation clerk greater first family second everybody else had a bus and we we liberally call third, we put ourselves bottom because we know for ourselves anyway. That is a way to bring people together that we were the conditions in our world and our communities and really everywhere we go. Good stuff folks. We got a link to the story and their websites over on our live show blog if you like to get information on maybe starting a workout group and I in your neighborhood, you'll be able to do that frequently with their appreciate your time this afternoon. Congratulations Frank Schwartz everybody from F3 a no frills fitness group got an emphasis on faith or I like this is sub again stunned that the New York Times actually a positive piece on a faith-based organization. Are you folks, we gotta take a break here and pay some bills.

844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 now when we go to break.

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By the late Pres. Biden will get to Florida about Pres. Biden is having one of his episodes you did you see this so we was in Puerto Rico a few days ago and that he was walking out to some sort of a staging area and he stops and he grabs his arm and is rubbing his arm as the crowd of people, including his his personal nurse Mrs. Dr. First Lady Joe Biden.

Others just keep on walking. Everybody's walking away in the area. Standing by himself holding this arm as if he was you I've seen this. I've seen that behavior before when someone's had a heart attack or is having a heart attack and there there there grabbing her arm because of the arm hurt, but we guess he's okay. We think he's okay but he is clearly not with it. No doubt about that deed for four 747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8860 800 couple of days ago about this some Memphis firefighter.

This was really a strange story, a black firefighter went to see a movie about these African Americans know their African is an African kingdom. All female warriors and the guy goes to see the movie and the firefighter of post a message on his social media pages saying I hope there are some white folks killed. Now this is not gotten national coverage and very little local news coverage.

Not a lot of people want to talk about this in a reasonable eyes because it's a black eye, threatening to kill white people and they don't think that's news. So anyway, I was I was doing some research of four of the new book and I remember just a couple weeks ago there was another firefighter and this firefighter was in Chicago have to be a white guy in this firefighter was actually fired because he posted racist language on his social media page.

Just like the guy in Memphis, Tennessee. The 500 offices and I get a different cities. I get it different rules but it's the double standard that really gets me.

Her books because again the media coverage very lacking, and I explained the reason why I just want to think about this for a moment imagine how much I imagine that a white firefighter went to go see a movie and this white firefighter is posting a message saying you know I really hope a lot of black people get killed and the guy is a Trump supporter. How do you think the media would've handled that story, I would imagine that you would've had protest marches at the fire stations. I suspect you would've had civil rights leaders and these race baiting race agitating preachers coming out of the woodwork.

Issuing statements of condemnation. I even think you might possibly even get a statement from the president or maybe even the vice president United States.

It would be a pretty heinous thing, but none of that happened here. None of that happened mellow. I think that we can all agree that all racist language should be condemned, but I also believe that we need to take a very hard look at how we treat behavior this country that there's always ones were little, literally setting up two separate societies one rules for people of color.

Another set of rules for the Caucasian persuasion and I know about you but if you're needing to be rescued from a burning building.

The last thing on your mind should be whether or not you should worry that the person coming to pull you out of that burning building may or may not do it. Based on the color of your skin I just say I I'd I just want to put that out there. It's all hard, but this is where we are in American society right now is pretty pathetic, but we've got to start pointing out these double standards.

I don't think anybody I don't think anybody else is going to be out there talking about these things all right coming up David G about is going to join us that he is retired U.S. Army Col., and that he has been all over this story about Ukraine and Russia in the Nordstrom pipeline. Who do you think that a lot of people think Joe Biden did it.

A lot of people think that we were responsible for what happens. So I'm curious to hear from you.

Who do you think did it and why do you believe that the buy demonstration is trying to get us engaged in a war with Russia. What you think the endgame of that is that we had. We had a conversation earlier on and somebody raised a very good point here. I'm were looking at an October surprise. We haven't had that October surprise just yet though Herschel was nothing October surprise folks were still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

And I do not put it on. I do not put it out of the administrations I I'd I really should go there but I meant to go there. I would be surprised if this a ministration tries to do something to stop the elections there. I said I'd I think it's possible. I really do.

What is that look like does look like chaos in the streets does alert like a mushroom cloud over city. I don't know but I think there to try 844-747-8868 this is the top search fact to the.start radio show good to have you with we go to David G about.

I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line and we are very honored to have an incredible guest with us.

He is the pastor of the First Baptist Church in Atlanta Georgia and he has been very he's really been at the forefront of of finding and standing up for religious liberty, not just in Georgia but across America, Dr. George, what an honor to have you with us today on the honor is mine and and I know pastor that you've had some conversations with Herschel over the past several days I think of the newspaper has been out there and writing about that. How are things going with Herschel right now he's under the gun.

Yes, he really is taught we we actually hosted a prayer gathering for partial and it took place yesterday over lunch. We probably had 250 people there at first Baptist and I think you know he needed that encouragement. There were a lot of people there to speak words of support and also just more importantly we were able to gather around them and pray for, so hopefully we send them off and ready to go out and face these challenges. Pastor George real quick here when it comes to these latest the latest round of accusations we are concerned is that the conservative media has not been framing these questions correctly when addressing what happened after 2009 were his life was changed or are we right in and going about it and approaching it from that aspect. I think so sure about something. He even acknowledged yesterday that I am all in human being broken but redeemed and he said I've made mistakes in my life. But God has forgiven me of those things and he said I feel like there more people who can relate to me that you cannot in our culture, and he got a roaring round of applause on your your pastor, one of the most prominent churches in America.

I'm curious your take care to. What is your message to people of faith.

In Georgia there to be casting votes. What is your message about Herschel walk will I can tell you if you walked in the mall yesterday before the prayer gathering and said look, there's truth to this. I did this. I'm sorry have asked God's forgiveness. The ladies forgiveness, none of which he said by the way, currently denying that that any of this is true, but had he, it, it would not have affected my support for him because our our alternative is a so-called Baptist preacher who occupies one of our Senate seats from Georgia and Washington, who advocates for and disbands the taking of unborn life on the bank. So in my opinion there. There's no there's no dilemma here, but the choice is still clear for me. Despite any allegations that we heard and any allegations between now and election Pastor George. I have to leave it there. We were slammed this for this hour but I want to get you back on the show so we can have a much more in-depth conversation about the role of Christians in the election service only people trying to barge to to shut down the Christian vote and and and I appreciate the great work you're doing at first Baptist Atlanta circuit. Can we get you back on the show is that possible, absolutely. You let me know and I'll I'll be available sorry pastor thank you so so that's Pastor Anthony George and Britney get him back on this week or next to talk about a very important issue for the First Baptist Church of Atlanta. All right, I got Col. Jim owner is on the patriot mobile newsmaker line and Col. thank you so much for holding on.

I know your time is limited, but I want to jump right into this, a lot of people are very concerned about these these talks of nuclear war. How close are we to something very bad happening of this world you know what you put in a wounded animal in order to fight back there. He is losing this war, things are not going well for him it conscripting 300,000. But those irregulars are not generally help them anytime soon. There's a lot of things going against him and so probably talk to his generals right now. How can they launch a tactical artillery or cruise missile nuclear strike at an unpopulated area right now. Let it blow and give the Ukrainians are worried, but if that were to happen, all bets are off. We could hundred stop on the brink of extremely dangerous footing here as you outlined by Garrett NATO present United States and the Russian where were dangerous territory right now, Col. I've heard I've heard it said that that Biden has. He's blown past the offramp here are really not giving anyone any options anyways to get out of all of this is that accurate, I think so.

No, I negotiate he doesn't know what he's doing and even a very dangerous mission as the lack look leader, United States of America.

With all that, given his record, Afghanistan, and the feckless job as leader of our military that could keep me potentially bigger problems and deeper problems for the world and you I never thought about asking this question before that I would but is in fact there are nuclear hostilities here.

How do you think that plays out wherewith that battlefield be that theater of war, well you know what Roger just launched one of the most powerful dog here lately.

We don't know how ready it is the launch that the drone mega torpedo. It has dictated several years out could be now we don't know the wreck indefinitely is the superpower.

In the event that it had nuclear capability, and I don't believe there afraid you are you that adult right now they're trying to let you know withhold the thing. So what was what happened is that Russia tactical new. What we may answer with our own tactical new needle may come online in Ukraine is accepted to the NATO alliance, which is in the works right now we have a whole different ballgame with needle coming into the fray with Russia because at that point we would have to respond. I mean, it is that something we would have to respond immediately to the to the Russian aggressions do we immediately send NATO troops in gal article 5 and dark.

You know our NATO allies. I don't know what kind of stipulations needle plate Ukraine in the middle of the war you know not normally they would not be rushing through this. I'm not sure what the outcome is going to be a good heavyweight beat, but it NATO agrees to bring them then and what I need is going to be that the light I work at IBM war war footing that we have previously because now we have a NATO I look alike and well and my concern would be the United States Army would you think that we could see bombs falling over here with this be something that would primarily in your estimation be isolated to to Europe. I think right now isolated Europe, but don't forget that war fought on many different levels� I'm diplomatic, informational, military and economic, and so forth. So right you could do a number of things to do it on the you know computer war information war is all kinds of diplomatic work at happen on different levels of the writing is a very weak right now militarily get there not doing well.

That doesn't bode well war well for the rest of the world United States. I don't want to get a shooting war with Russia that would involve other players coming in and he could escalate very quickly. We have Col. David, Jim, a retired incredible author of the book the military guide to disarming deception and we got a link to that book on our live show blog Col. Norge three pipeline a lot of accusations and speculation about that and I know Tucker Carlson, among others, suggesting that we may have done this so what what are you hearing from your sources.

Well, there's a lot of finger-pointing right now.

In fact, Sweden, Denmark, others are going down to Greg that would happen. It had to be at our God did do that kind of destruction because the reinforcement military grade metal and armor and so superpower like right you are tornado had to do it with one of the United States to change the whole world again.

I geopolitically and you know it and straighten the enemies resolved against. I hope it's not that I heard Tucker Carlson talk about that a lot of the work thing is Russia to bring more people into the war and and relieved biting at home I meet you at home in a militarily because the utilities not doing well right now so maybe she might get it is Russia, even though it multibillion-dollar economic load to them want to get the owner talk again and onto ally. Let's talk real quick and we got a ramp here but out real quick. I want to talk about warning signs. What are some things we need to be paying attention to what are some things that that will happen that will be trigger warnings for you you I think a lighting ally getting buckled up anymore military might into the fight, using his ballistic missile systems all these kinds of things and more happy at the same time spell dangerous kind that we may be living in with this Russian there's no way rub my back out to go forward that way is that the history I you can continue to do that is good both for his military reserve and until you know those kind of things are just a prelude to a globe.

More of a broader global war that we had previously all right will, we appreciate your time this afternoon and thanks for being flexible therewith at the last second changeup.

No problem. Always glad to be with Ari David G about everybody retired U.S. Army Col., he has a great book that you need to read and we have a link to the live show blog the military guide to disarming deception battleground tactics to expose the enemies lies in triumph. In truth, so certainly that sounding the alarm here. And of course a lot could change on Friday when Ukraine assigns that NATO membership request.

We will keep you updated on that story as well 844-747-8868 Thatcher toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 folks. Now is a great time to it over to our friend Mike Lindell's place my That's my, and there are some really really nice specials going on, including the awesome my pillow quilts and gossamer blankets are and save over 50% on these and who does not like a quilt, especially as we enter the fall months. Again the live hello culture to say 50% with my promo code that Starnes my You'll also find throw blankets my pillow waffle blankets and the my pillow duvet covers all up to 65% off my and be sure to use the promo code. Starnes is, ladies and gentlemen, hope you're doing great on this hot day will be happier got in the wee hours of the morning was a long drive between Nashville and Memphis and via Interstate 40. I know if you've ever driven through Tennessee. There hasn't been a time when it has not been under construction and the Popo out in force.

He can't can't really put the pedal to the metal as they say it was go to the phones here 844-747-8868 Brian and Mississippi listing to us on KW AM Brian what part of Mississippi are calling from find my gallbladder the top of Mississippi.

Brian, I like the work or at all for you working on Robert you know Brian, we when I was a kid we would always go to Opryland in the summertime now is just a big shopping center but used to be a great amusement park and we would always stop at the KC Jones village government over there. I it's a good thing they had some good southern food. But it's fun if you're into trains and things like that feel Casey Jones Museum. You should check that out. There are not my court will you know the all grain rock or whatever. The bottom line is right or what is the line of land or other countries.

Many countries that blew up there pipeline, i.e. the way gallbladder may want when I'm going back Western European countries United States or whatever allowing Ukraine to join as a NATO ally like that line you know all the important thing regarding that. It's a great question and in the again we don't know for certain if if we were responsible for sabotaging that pipeline. It makes a lot of sense and I think there's a lot of evidence there and find out they will find out who did this other question is if in fact was us how it how is Russia going to retaliate or are they going to try to take out some of our infrastructure will they try to hack as I don't know but I think Putin is ready to fight back and it concerns me and I know we asked Col. G about whether or not we would see bombs dropping on the United States. He seems to think that if in fact there is some further nuclear conflict that it will be isolated over and in Europe. I don't know about that. We just don't know how far Biden is willing to go here right now to be a bright 11 plan whatever you are you going that that you know we were thoughtful for contractors. Whatever Kovar Albright, whatever they call it wanted pipeline or whatever and then we allow you allow Ukraine. I may not think now it at some point and all I can play the last nonvariable know it is not an we've already had some reports of Russian Saabs and and ships in that area dangerously close to Alaska and Brian Putin is not going to is not going to allow himself to lose. So if if the situation on the ground in Ukraine is as bad as they say is it is for Russia and for the for the troops, then we are in entering a very dangerous phase and the Col. seemed to agree. We've missed the exit ramp and so now we've got to see how this all plays out great.

All I can say is you know it is good to be prepared, but you can only do so much. But you know if you are into gardens and planting and getting your own sustainable food. I look.

I think that's a good idea. I think Americans should always be prepared. You should always have supplies on hand you never know what's gonna happen these days, especially the infrastructure so you know it's I think now's a good time for a buddy to sit back and say okay what would we do if asked why or receipt happened. Brian appreciate the call in always love hearing from our good friends in North Mississippi.

Beautiful area. By the way, if you haven't, there's a great new shopping district out there. If you're ever traveling through this part of the country called silo Square you check it out either. The stacks pancakes televise our folks is been a great day. Get out there have ago but yourself. Todd don't forget our newsletter coming out to see you tomorrow surgery is

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