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God Bless Rand Paul

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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May 13, 2022 3:42 pm

God Bless Rand Paul

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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May 13, 2022 3:42 pm

God bless Sen. Rand Paul for having the courage to block the $40 billion aid package to the Ukrainians. Sean Spicer, Kari Lake, and Washington Free Beacon writer Patrick Hauf join Todd Starnes on today’s episode of The Todd Starnes Show.

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Welcome to the Friday edition of the Todd third radio program.

We are so glad to have you with us today.

We've got a lot going on here folks, and a lot of big stories want to give you some updates on the on the big Pennsylvania Senate race and if you thought it was ugly yesterday. It is a it's a fight in a pig. Right now it is ugly you GL why nobodies got an alibi. Sorry I'm get ready for the grizzlies game tonight, so we gotta have some cheers bod teleworking to get to the Kathy Barnett story we been doing our own investigative journalism here on the program and nobody else's and the work that we have something to share with you and will do that this hour of the program, but I want to start today by saluting Sen. Rand Paul, who did something that no other Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill have the courage to do so. Rand Paul stood up and objected to this $40 billion aid package for Ukraine.

This is an aid package that nobody has had a chance to read nobody and it has bipartisan support. So you got a lot of Republicans are supporting this as well as all of the Democrats and Rand Paul stood up and said, well, hold, hold on a second here we've got out, we gotta stop we got up. We've got to take a long haul a long hard look at this thing. Sen. Paul is demanding and inheres as problem he's demanding the legislation be altered to require an Inspector General to oversee spending on Ukraine and I don't know about you but I think that's a pretty darn brilliant idea because right now we have no idea. By the way, again nobody's been able to read the legislation, so nobody knows exactly how much of the money is going to Ukraine and how much of it is going to porkbarrel projects in the in the home districts of these Democrats we don't know nobody knows. So I think Sen. Paul is is making a rather prudent decision here. Now Mitch McConnell is a very upset about all of this.

He says Ukraine is not asking us to fight this war. There only asking for the resources they need to defend themselves against this deranged invasion and they need this help right now. Okay I get it. I mean II understand resending what hundreds of billions of dollars. I mean, at some point you realize and Rand Paul pointed this out yesterday.

The amount of money that we are sending to Ukraine exceeds the total military budget for the nation of Russia. So what's really going on here water. What are we doing aside from fighting a proxy war against the Russians in Ukraine which clearly we are now, by the way that's going to come back and bite us in the behind. But all Sen. Paul is trying to say is hey we need some accountability here were follows were about to say there may be up there couple of gals, guys, gals in the U.S. Senate were about to spend $40 billion of hard earned money that was paid for by the American taxpayers. Many of you listening to this radio program you're busting your backs trying to earn a paycheck and they're taking money out of your paycheck and they're giving it to the Ukrainians and Rand Paul says we just want to make sure the buddies get the right place. So my question would would be to Sen. Chuckie Schumer and Sen. turtle face exactly why servers why servers do you not want oversight of that money and the answer is very very simple or thoughtful as well that something called know it is Sen. turtle face.

It's very simple sir, we know that that money is not going Ukraine is going someplace else. And Rand Paul does it.

Everybody on Capitol Hill knows that they do it all the time so I say God bless you Sen. Rand Paul for lease standing up and slamming on the brakes so there may or may not be a vote on Monday.

We don't know. But my question is how where we going with all of this where we going with Ukraine, and in this war.

This is beginning to look and again it is a stretch right now, I know, but it's beginning to look like Iraq and Afghanistan where were dumping hundreds of millions of dollars and and were sending them weapons and then we get sucked into the conflict.

Now the Afghanistan I want to give all of our homeschool crowd a little bit of a history lesson here. The United States involvement in Afghanistan goes all the way back to the early days of the Reagan administration where we were actually funding we were giving we were giving weapons to the Afghan leaders the rebels so they could shoot down the. The Soviet helicopters and planes and it was very effective. The Soviets eventually pulled out of Afghanistan much like Joe Biden did so I say good for you, Sen. Paul as the senator went on to say this is the second spending bill for it for Ukraine in two months and this bill is three times larger than the first.

So where do we draw the line.

Her leg's enjoyment. Is there a line to be drawn or should we just give Ukrainians a blank check and is anybody else still sort of weirded out by all of this. Something is still not right about what's happening in Ukraine right now and I say that because you have a president Zielinski and he's out there it's almost like this is some sort of a idol it's it's weird, it's you know he's doing all the talkshows of the celebrities are flying over there. There get the selfies he's always wearing a meet everybody else is wearing suits, but he's wearing you know the whatever jeans and a T-shirt or whatever and it's almost as if it's like I don't Coachella as it is like a Ukrainian version of Coachella where it's kind of a celebrity Who's Who coming in walking the red carpet, and meanwhile the Russians and end Ukrainians are blowing the living daylights out of each other. It's just all weird something is not right. We don't have the full story yet to get the full story. We don't have the full story just yet, so I'm curious if you if you think we ought to continue funding this this war. 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number and do you really believe books you know Americans and military troops are fighting over there. You know it's happening. I don't know who they think they're fooling but we all know what's going on in sort of the Russians.

Just remember that when the Russians decide they're going to fight back there to retaliate by embracing Cooper as JFK affectionately called the island nation and the folks south of the border. 844-747-8860 if that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 now Sean Hannity is: add it with Kathy Barnett and I want to give you an update here I gray speaker. I know that you've been working with the Barnett campaign and I want you to give our listeners to we reach I personally reached out to Kathy. She did reach out to me last year year before last, wherever she was running for Congress and and we are Facebook friends haven't had much correspondence at all until last Saturday when I said hey come on the show. Let's have a conversation and she said absolutely. I gave her your contact information. That was last Saturday gray speaker yes and where are we now well I've been chatting back and forth with her team, and we finally found a date and time that works for the both of us and soon she should be joining our show on Monday, so Monday Kathy Barnett will be here yet and aren't very good, very good, so we will have her on the program and working to ask a lot of questions and Fox news channel.

Thank you, Grace Fox news channel Sean Hannity specifically has been leading an ugly campaign against turnout, Hannity supports Dr. Oz who is a flaming leftist and there's I will never ever support any lawmaker who is pro-abortion, pro-abortion, you don't get any support from Todd start you know you get a platform on this on this radio program you just don't because we'll play that kind of a game here.

So even on the abortion issue. I have no idea why Hannity and all these other guys have embraced Dr. Oz may meet mainly because he's a celebrity, Dr. Oz, by the way, buys into the whole critical race theory nonsense Dr. Oz. By the way, supported juicy smooth lay in the fake hate crime attack. It goes on and on, ought not to mention his affirmation of gender reassignment surgery for children. The children of America will not be safe if Dr. Oz is like is elected to the U.S. Senate and there's another diner, a stable McCormick and I he is fine.

I look he's I think you would be good. I don't we don't know. There are some questions about Kathy Barnett that she's got answered. Her team is not done a very good job of, but all of these headpieces that are coming out you that they want you to believe that she some sort of a Marxist. I idol. Maybe she is. Maybe she's fooling everybody but the yesterday to give you an example of what were dealing with it and this is why you gotta do your homework now.

You cannot trust anybody in the mainstream media. And that goes for the folks over at Fox everybody's got an agenda. Everybody's got a play. Look, I'm a conservative talk radio host. Even I have a place here, but we also do our diligence with when it comes to journalism. So there are allegations that she's not who she says she is that she really did not serve in the military that she really was not a college professor and as she did out a horrible interview where she was asked about. We are what years were you at this university that you work that she couldn't answer that it was just weird.

So guess what we did here. We did a little bit of journalism picked up the telephone called the communications department at Judson University in Illinois and I said hey were working on a story and we need to confirm did Kathy Barnett work at your university dig sheet Kathy Barnett says she served as an adjunct professor at Judson University did she do that and guess what happened folks. The marketing director called me back and gave me the answer and she said yes as a matter of fact she did work at the University. She was an adjunct professor and she was very well-liked as a matter of fact she left the University in good standing. So all the reports at least about the University stuff that you see out there on the social media platforms of folks just don't believe it's not true. It's fake news and as you know, the only thing worse than fake news coming from the left is fake news coming from the right and is just unacceptable. It really is. So anyway, before I hung up the the lady the door to give vacations had a few questions for me and I told her about the talkshow and I told her about our great audience and she says you know it's interesting. She says I know the story is blowing up out there. I said yes she says you are only the second journalist to call to verify the information. Only the second journalist who had the wherewithal to pick up the phone and call to find out if information was true or not and that, ladies and gentlemen is is a verdict that should be rendered on the mainstream media in this country.

That's pretty shameful that people aren't even do a basic journalism in our newsrooms, conservative and leftist art. We gotta take a break, a going to the phone line 0 844-747-8868.

Do you agree with Rand Paul, should we be sending money over to Ukraine the and also are you are you guys doesn't feel right.

I work my just off the ranch on this, but something is just still off about Ukraine 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show you're listening to historians friend since November of last year.

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We got a great show for you on our good buddy Sean Spicer from Newsmax TVs to be here. Also, watching and free beacon did an credible investigative report.

Remember circle back sake little red lion would.

She said that the crack pipes remember that they were having the same smoking kids. They were giving away all the homeless people of the drug addicts and of the report was that the a crack pipes were not part of the kit and as a matter fact here is sake a back in February a cut number two.

Please clarify for smoking cessation never wanted to put out information to make that clear. Well now all the ladies and gentlemen, we know that to be untrue, a falsehood. A white if you will know that's not racist is what they call the white lines we are really talking to the reporter the investigative reporter who broke the story actually went out there and discovered that they are giving away taxpayer-funded crack pipes.

Patrick half a with washing free beacon's good to be here just a little while also carry Lakefront out in Arizona is going away and on the 2000 mules, a documentary I let's go to the phones a lot of folks running away and today 844-747-8868. What start in Salem Oregon Tom listing on KY cayenne Tom what's on your mind. There he revved up brightly is only Rand Paul would speaking up about this, but I think what they're doing their spending so much money nobody's got a clue where the heck is going to fight with the coded money supposedly the that ends up in teaching CRT and whatnot. And so I think it's got my go to Ukraine and then come back to the NGOs and the Democratic Party helping the illegal dude in the country who knows where they'll it goes. Tom and and that's why I appreciate Sen. Paul standing up and speaking out, not to mention were in the middle of a significant crisis economic crisis of this country. You've got moms who can't find any baby formula, meanwhile, were giving pallets of baby formula to be to the illegal alien mothers that are coming across our border and in my thinking here. Find your innocent $40 billion to Ukraine.

While we just got knocked off $1 billion of that and let's figure out how to get baby formula, even if it we have to buy it from a foreign country.

Yeah it's terrible. And also I told integrated during the week Gordon Scheller I think should be registered foreign agent and maybe the rest looked George Soros is funding all of this he is he is funding the disruption of America right now and and it's only going to get worse especially come election time because George Soros is the one funding radical district attorneys were to be unleashing an untold number of criminals on door streets.

Tom gotta run.

Thanks for the call and appreciate you a listing two is 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number now look I want to share an item with you and that we got a direct link on our live show blog in a in a couple weeks.

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We will have to borrow that money from China to send it to Ukraine. The cost of this package were voting on today's more than the US spent during the first year of the US conflict in Afghanistan, Congress authorized force and the president sent troops into the conflict. The same cannot be said of Ukraine. This proposal towers over domestic priorities as well.

That was Rand Paul yesterday standing up for the American taxpayer. Does it surprise you and I'm really short. This is a rhetorical question.

It doesn't really surprise any of us that he's the only one the only Republican willing to stand up but there you go. Alright, I welcome back to the time Stern's radio program and again we are trying to help out a Baptist Academy call the lighthouse Baptist Academy there doing a big scholarship banquet. They've invited me down.

Saturday, July 2. I'll be speaking as can be a fun fun night and we have all the information over on our live show. Blondell appears to be some of you may not be able to make it to the banquet but you can still make a donation and that these are good solid people there raising up the next generation of God, loving, patriotic American citizens, young men and young women and we need to be able to support schools like this so lighthouse Baptist Academy. We got all the Intel there on our ally show blog Another great feature we have and the just a reminder this week we've officially launched our live video feed so you'll be able to watch the Todd Stern's radio program live one Todd star'

You don't have to go to rumble. You don't have to go to YouTube, but you can go to Todd's

We want to make sure all of our material is available for you and is never ever censored and is not to be centered on Todd I was there something wrong with me, so, so, where and when I get to censor ourselves so we hope that you folks join us and watch the live show on on your laptop or your smart phone are a big news coming out of Georgia so we all know that Pres. Trump has thrown his support behind David perdue who was trailing by double digits in every single pole across the state of Georgia weren't coming in that former VP Mike pence is going to drop into the the battle and he's going to hold a rally for Gov. Brian And he's going to do that on the eve of the states on May 24 GOP primary battle.

So this is going to be a Trump versus pence throwdown. As if this race could not get more contentious. Mike pence of the statement called Kemp one of the most successful conservative governors in America all boy that's got to be that is going to be a throwdown.

I let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Joe from Ellijay on the line Joe how you feel about Mike pence, down, I strongly report David perdue and Bryce don't be alone your mother so that I didn't call from all over Georgia is based on the results I'm getting from people calling him to me is not a scientific poll but I want to predict. You're the first one I've done this moment for Dr. I wanted predict based on the results. I've got been on your Joe's mother does. I predict David perdue will be elected governor of Georgia Atty. Gen. elected will be John Gordon. That's a pretty bold statement and just about everybody. Actually there's nobody suggesting that that perdue is going to win. I mean all of the polling data shows him getting trounced somewhat easier.

How are you basing what are you basing that sleep well, I think. Here's what I break that out, the people I'm talking to the perdue people are really fired up and energized. I think they are going to drop it the boat, but David called me yesterday and spent that, based on the and North Georgia where David is really strong by stone the go far. Why many people have devoted early voting as it did in the last like that and I think that's very good news but David because you know where Ali validated all around the about 95% Republican. So in my opinion the David perdue voters are really fired up and energized and I think they'll drop with the bold, and I don't think that you, in my opinion the other people I'm talking to. I don't like the young voters are � and also of course you know Donald Trump is endorsing David perdue and I think you're going to see drop after the Pennsylvania primary next to do with you were talking about. I think you're going to see drop really concentrate on Georgia and of course that's going to be good news but David and I talked to David yesterday and I've talked to him many times in our good friends are like that clear. I've never sleep currently am so fired up and energized the things you will when and and I and I agree with Andrew and will laugh lightly but I think the perdue folder is much more fired up than the other. The Motor and I'm not against bronchial bond drawing for David perdue all right know I I get you Joe and will see how it goes this going to be a slugfest and I will see how we'll see who has who's got the most votes at the end of the day. I will say this though, I would not read, read. I would not read anything into this with regard to the pence versus truck match about that's that's really not playing here. This is really about how the state was was governed through the China virus pandemic and our phones have had been lighting up for weeks now with people say that Brian Did a good job in ushering through and and steering the ship through the pandemic 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number by the way on that issue of the of of the election controversy donation to Sue's is really upset at Fox news channel so this is a fascinating story so Desousa's new political documentary 2000 mules. It's only been out for a couple of days already generated $10 million in revenue. That's that's unbelievable. That is the best political documentary in a decade breaking the record, once held by Dinesh Desousa. What's fascinating about this number is that Desousa has not been able to promote this.

The documentary on Fox news channel, or any other conservative network and he's not even been allowed to talk about it on the major networks so again going back to the power of talk radio. This is why talk radio still matters because this is the platform were Desousa was able to come on he was on our show talking about 2000 mules and providing his evidence that he believes shows that yes the boat was stolen and he's got the proof he's got the goods so Fox news channel took a pass on this, but it turns out there's more to that story.

He was in touch with some of folks on Tucker Carlson staff. Specifically, Tucker's executive producer, a guy named Justin Wells and Justin Wells through a series of text messages that Desousa has published ripped him a new one and and basically told Desousa you're finished here, you'll never be on Tucker show that's it was pretty ugly, so Desousa was actually talking about this with the Jenna Ellis on her podcast the other day cut number five may not quite sure what's going on at Fox. I'm not sure of this is some kind of generic Fox ban on mentioning the movie I'm not sure for something specific to talk. Our space was a little bit of bad blood that went back several lines in which one of our teaser trailers can't talk. It was in half Catherine Engelbrecht on and she said oh we have this great teaser trailer for the movie and then the Tucker people said to me, Dinesh, you know were enough to cut your trailer, 90 seconds to 45 seconds and I like you sure you want to front.

I really want the back part going on and off we went to middle part part so you want to cut out Desousa media sale of media and you want to cut out the fact that it's part of the movie. We are basically stealing on content pretending like you produce the segment doesn't really very fair so I just half Catherine on don't show the clip because it's not your clips. If you're going to show it you can. I need to say that it's part of the movie insolence and then they become unbelievably Tucker. This was producer Justin B. Wells is all Dinesh you know you're finished you will never be on Tucker ever again abusive type of behavior is when you have a network is the only place to go.

I think it encourages this kind of arrogance and where people basically feel like they can brutalize you because ultimately owing to shut up and take it because you otherwise you band on Fox news and so so I decided you know I'm not to say anything about it. But then when recently Catherine Engelbrecht went back on Tucker and don't say a word about the movie. I thought this is a little too much. The movie is now out. People are talking about it and think of how we are the segment was there discussing the content of the movie under explicit directives, not to mention very creepy.

It is weird I will say this though I know Justin Wells and I worked at Fox news were number of years almost 15 and I had some experience with Justin Wells, the executive producer of Tucker Carlson July look. I enjoy Tucker show is a finding of show. I don't have any issues with font. There is a very competitive spirit inside Fox news channel, especially when it comes to debuting books and and here's an I've seen this play out many many times. But let me give you an example so let's just say you've got a book and you're going to debut that book on Fox and friends, that's great. But you know what you will not be allowed to appear on any other show on the network that day. It's it's that's how it works there, very competitive within the building.

Much to Desousa's point about about some of these folks just letting their arrogance get the best of them. So anyway I had I back in 2019. I had written a culture she hunt and again I am, I was a full-time staff member at Fox news. I'm not some like it all just a contributor or just somebody wrote a book I'm I'm in the building.

I'm part of the tribe and Tucker's team wanted to debut my book culture. She hawed on opening day on his show and I was very excited about that. I thought it would be great would be able to get a lot of exposure sell a lot of books and I said sure and we had to turn down all the other shows that I would traditionally appear about an hour or so before we were supposed to go on.

They canceled Tucker show just canceled so the launch. My publisher was just they were just dumbfounded. What in the world, but this is how they operate. Somebody else came along that they thought would be better and they put them on and they basically said screw you, and think they can do it be that to show I can tell you that you know it's you know there are times when we have breaking news that sometimes we have to pump a guest but will try to reschedule but that wasn't what this one so I understand exactly how how Dinesh Desousa is feeling and it's really unfortunate that they did that because it didn't hurt. The launch of the book and not an apology, not an explanation. It was just you know up yours.

But that's how they operate.

That's how Tucker's team operates are pretty ruthless and you know that they were right to be worthless or what the number one TV talkshow and cable television. By the way, you can get a copy of culture she hawed it Todd start' and I would encourage you to do. It's a great read and it really does help you understand what's happening in the country right now but Dinesh raises a question I don't.

He says I don't know what's going on at Fox right now and then when you tie back in what's happening with Sean Hannity going. I mean, he is all in for Dr. Oz, Dr. Oz, who is pro-abortion anti-gun and he supports transgender surgeries for children and people just don't people don't understand that they don't understand what's going on.

Why is Sean turning on Kathy Barnett, who by the way, made multiple appearances on Fox news channel, but now she's apparently a closet black lives matter activist who supports Barack Obama and hates Donald Trump that that's what they want you to believe and looked at me being the case, I don't know, but people have not done their homework and they talk about vetting and that's a big argument when she has them invented okay will whose fault is that there's something called the Pennsylvania Republican Party did anybody bother to that the candidates who are running in the GOP primary crimes. Did anybody do that. I don't think so. So that's on the GOP. Shame on you folks aren't look we got it will take a break your 844-747-8868. Again, that is our toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868's radio show. The fight for the unborn is raging in our country an unprecedented leak from the Supreme Court indicates Roe V Wade is on the brink of being overturned during this critical time a new movie is about to be released. The award-winning film the matter of life cuts through the rhetoric and hatred and exposes the real issues surrounding the plight of the unborn matter of life will be in theaters nationwide for two nights only May 16 and May 17. If you care about protecting the unborn. This is a movie you will not want to miss go to fathom now to reserve your tickets for theater near you or May 16 or 17 and have your own life transformed.

As you watch the matter of life.

That's fathom there's a Battle Taking Pl. in America whether you are pro-choice or pro-life.

You need to watch this bill. All right, folks looking back to the so let's go right to the phones Martin is listening to us on the Nevada talk at work Martin what's going on today hope you're doing good thought of the planet disappointed with you that you did more research and currently you have Dr. Oz is not a an abortionist is one of those that may be wise one, but he delivered babies and he was on Hannity the other night spelling it out in the bold black letters. He is not an abortionist enough doesn't believe in abortion. He delivered babies is a Pennsylvanian which I know a little bit about her that there my wife was born there I lived there but called Phoenixville out in the US Army hospital near a place called Valley Forge and I really disagreed with you, you're coming down hard on Hannity will Hannity is a former Catholic.

He says he was a Catholic. His family was Catholic in that he decided he didn't want to go to confession anymore.

I mean something here back in 2000.

So as late as 2019. Dr. Oz. I never said he was an abortionist, I said he was pro-abortion, and in 1019 and 2019. During an interview on the breakfast club radio show. He said that what he was emphatically pro-abortion rights. So my question is how did he change on me, so he spent most of his adult life supporting abortion.

How tonight.

How did he just miraculously change his opinion on that issue.

Just in time for the Senate race. I think like talking to people like had a day you could be swayed by him as a Catholic. He was an event against abortion, obviously.

And so I would think I matured Dr. Oz as a godlike. I'm Catholic, I'm Swiss Italian, but I don't. You know, I don't even get along with people in Pennsylvania because they didn't care much for Italian, mostly German and so the point was I and I saw what he said on that interview and I said you know this guy is not lying. If he liked abortion at one time you could change your mind, will, you can change your mind.

The question is did he really change his mind and he's been struggling to address that issue and and Martin, I think it would go a long way.

If he sat down and said you know what yeah I was pro-choice my whole life.

But something happened and and that something cannot be all Senate seat is open. I got a run is our life, Republican II hope that's not the reason why I hope so. Also, and I just thought I thought it made a very very good impression.

RA Martin do this we got a run. You can hear that music covenant he give us a call back. Martin. Whether you agree or disagree America. That's the whole point of having a conversation pay 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern's radio show. Well, our good friend Michael Dell is back at it again hello everybody I'm Todd starts Michael Dell not only created the best follow.

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Enter the promo code. Stern or call 800-3950 six were these great radio specialists. That's 800-839-8506 use the promo code from liver universities through viewing movies to see his conservative doors, not to any foreign nation, no matter how sympathetic the cause. My oath of office is to the national security of the United States of America cannot save Ukraine by dooming the US economy in March inflation hit a four-year high gasoline alone is up 48% in energy prices are up 32% of the last year or that was Sen. Rand Paul yesterday taking a stand for the American people. The American taxpayers and stopping this $40 billion aid package to Ukraine.

I welcome everybody to the Todd Stern's radio program. Good to have you with us today on this Friday addition of the show we got a great hour I had 844-747-8868 is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 I know Dino is on the line. He wants to weigh in about Rand Paul listing to us on Google radio Chattanooga Tennessee Dino what's going on American like you and by the way, you're probably good actually got you the covered player is ideal. That year at talk about what we know will roof that would, but like anything people.

They stick together, they get stuff done that the cartels are doing 400 a week and narcotic make up for the 4 million off the illegal aliens that's about down there know that Brendan is looking for more voters.

We got a kick look aghast to get big on bonds on TV cry that breaks my heart. We got it� What do you know we do. I know Sen. Rick Scott. Once the president to resign basically because of inflation. We are heading to a very dangerous point of this country.

You have farmers out there warning Americans that the food shortages actual food shortages are coming and when I talk about you not being able to get the little Debbie Swiss Miss roles were talking about significant food that you need to survive were to be facing some shortages of this country and it's gonna get ugly so went we got to get prepared Dino I've got a run. I am so sorry but give us a call back. I do need to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line, our good friend Sean Spicer.

He is a host of Spicer and Company of the top program over Newsmax TV show on first good to have you with the second congratulations are you guys kick to see it ends. But the other day that will look I'm probably bringing an end.

Great to see that happen on a Friday night and the people know where to tune in when they can see new patient will cover it put out there. We let you decide. And so great.

Well I think that's a brilliant strategy I the contents of been there and just keeps getting better and now with the graphics packages and you know it it's just a great fun looking networking people really meal their responding units on wheat we just had a cholera from Chattanooga, Tennessee, and he brought up this this issue involving the baby formula and of course can't cam it came out and announced a guess what your mom's dead, you will be able to get the the formula, but the illegal alien babies are getting the formula complements of the American taxpayer. Yeah well you got Florida they came in from a border agent, Ursula crossing station showing that that you know that that there their shelter.

It shows you what the priorities are untreated, it will we don't protect the border with the people and we give them more than our own people have here so it it it's sad and disappointing. Sean Spicer of the patriot mobile newsmaker line Sean Jen sake. It is her farewell tour today review once held that job. What is Jen Saki going through right now I'm watching the screen.

If it were talking now start at 1 o'clock but played a little bit you know I think it's two different things.

I collect my and look it is very different to me. Jen's prior job with that CNN book working in the light out and she headed up MSNBC hurst, etc. Karen, Jean-Pierre, it came from. And it didn't married to someone at CNN. These folks have a very chummy, collegial, friendly relationship with the press that was clearly not the case when when I was there until I spent my last day with the press that the communications team talking president and obviously try to take in that last day there at the White House. I wouldn't expect I would less than no functional clause maybe can take this afternoon as junk department DVDs are stating look at this like an adversarial position. They look at it like buddy, it's cocktail hour at the White House up in the brief. I will take to quick .5 weeks ago she announced that it was the news came out that she was going MSNBC at the first time in history that that happened that I know several folks have tried to rationalize that all is normal. I started to not years after I left Dana Perino. I think with years before she went to Fox to do PR agencies going to book publishing company. She did a lot of other things.

First, there I talked her standard the other day and I just remind you when you elect something after Fox did you start a contributor to the Golgotha month but since Saki was announced Jean continue to greet every day and I find it such a conflict of interest that you keep staring down at whether you are Christian Welker Kelly O'Donnell commitment anything knowing that those are our future colleagues in there looking back say okay we can't damage the good, but make sure that we keep looking good and she also disparaged other networking shut out other people eat my queen on the unbelievable conflict of interest Month by week end and we see virtually no pushback from anyone in the media, and quite frankly if you're if you're the boss, your president biting your hole in your price-earnings like what what's going on here going MSNBC yeah I am okay goodbye I'm just not quite sure why she was given this long farewell tour well because think about what happened to me.

She spent the last five notes, sitting at the table at the White House press Corps dinner. I will she get that editing and she was then going to contact a brand promotion and I look I got a personal she's very kind to me is with the team during the 20 16th condition, but for all of the concerns of the press had about ethical concerns and conflict of interest date date distorted thinking very chummy with with this administration inserted not to keep you. I met Jen Jen, I got to know each other back in 07 when she was working on the Obama campaign and we had a we had a good working relationship out on the campaign trail and she was always very kind to me but clearly something is changed over over time, and now the replacement she's Artie been out there calling him at least one other network.

A bunch of racist and doubling down on those comments.

You wonder if it were to still get that the same story just a new person.

Yeah, they both have cut their teeth in politics. I mean, I think it can be very similar, but Karen would have worked on several campaign she's been around the rough and tough, if you will campaign world so I so II just I I think you are getting more the same will be interesting to see what favor chiefly she, she, it became some of her trial rethink did seem to go around the room a little bit more.

Jen stuck straight to the front row buddy Sean Spicer on the patriot mobile newsmaker line Sean it's it's the campaign season is is cranking up. I know we got a big big primary battle on coming up in Pennsylvania how you see things going as we move towards the midterms. You think the Republicans still have the upper hand. Yeah there's no question that you and Gov. very well this year. I think health representative forgot to lock how big of a margin and then the Senate is what worries me a little bit and I think you you see that now. With mania there is to be buried.

Concerned about Kathy Barnett candidacy. If she comes in the final few days and I think that the stuff that comes to light the week. The questions about her biography position that she taken against Pres. Trump and some other normal conservative position are ones that deserve scrutiny now. The problem is that she had not thought about then correct the record of our 90 hours away and I I get why they may have chosen that strategy that concerns me that you can come Pennsylvania voters because she I think that if we don't keep that Pennsylvania right now with a hold to me as a Republican you got a hold of you get a chance wanted takeback majority and right now right now you know it. I think it's from what I've seen. If you are Colette's primary putting question whether not the old media find another ski Georgia that answer just get back to even. Nevermind attempting to try to get the majority now I hear you on that and we are working to be interviewing Kathy on Monday show.

And you're right, there are a lot of questions out there.

I want concerns me though is the sleeting of the mud and the fake news reports coming out and just as an example, there were some allegations. Oh she's really not she really was a professor at Judson University what we called and sure enough she was in fact an adjunct professor at Judson University, the director of PR at the school said you know it's interesting, you're one of two people from the media. That's actually called to verify that information so it seems to me Sean that the GOP in Pennsylvania did a great disservice to the voters by not vetting every body from one not the job of the party. I really because we do it here in Tennessee that all the you don't know you don't owe me a we do not know party. I've been doing it for 30 years. It did that it is no apparatus that exist to do that that the only kind of that. The opposition research team at a level I spines on and let me stop you here for second let me stop you. That's fine if Kathy Barnett is in fact a black lives matter activist, a fascist disguised as a trump supporter, then let's show the evidence but I'm tired of these tweets coming from people saying is I don't have a dog in this, but I do. I do have concern when you are people out there saying hey were to release information release the information world Broda I give you credit for taking the time but not many people are doing that I I agree with you to let you get back to where we agree. I am 100% in agreement that that if you're going to make an accusation. Make sure that you got your hundred percent right.

So if you say that she didn't go to college and everything you better know that she did know you better call the night, I thought you were doing right so I want to give you credit that beat what concerns me is that when for example Selena Zito. I don't do long time is it is a straight up journalist that has done great work that you are questions that I sent them and she put out there. She's been doing this for every candidate. We asked you here's here's just your bio and the response that they got.

That she put on her own bio was as you can imagine she you know Cici is kind to seek a level of pride. If you think will you put this information on your bio sheet is kind to confirm and as she did with the other candidate. I agree with you I'm not for making up accusations and all I'm saying is it incumbent upon the candidate hasn't been for every other candidate seeking any people are questioning conditions that you've taken her position on your floor or are you biography your able to justify if she can't, God bless her.

I have nothing I think you have a dog but I don't want to hold the feet what my concern is that 96 hours out of an election there are serious concerns that are bringing being brought up about her bio positions that you take on BLM president, etc. if she can justify them. God bless her and she should get if you do your show she should do Newsmax you should do everywhere can't take your find any but we hold everyone other candidate to the fire as well about absolute loud and and so my only point is you know when the response that they're giving to media outlets and adequate data printed the exchange with them. They said you know when I can answer you. You look at coming out of people who are trying to get answers in network. I agree with you, but I'm also saying if you're going if you're if you're her you're gonna claim to done certain things are taking positions. You better be on the defendant and the same for you and for Dr. Oz as well. I mean everybody everything I saw and we got Chuck today and I and and and I'm going to meet a week thinking tuning tonight like my.

If there is an attack against the I am thinking of Dave McCormick of the night. Here's the charge against you. How you answer it, but I'm to give everybody one of the everyone he got my show at least the opportunity to tell them what to get it to get them, they want you to answer the people tell why that's true or false, or how you come down so I agree with you I would but I'm going to give them a chance to answer if they wanted docket and that you show exactly exactly. And in that lease and that should've been done by the media there there there lots of missteps in all of this where people should've been out there getting all of this information and right Barnett Scott answer the questions and when I can let anybody duck on this program either, so I was, so that'll be fun to something I wanted. New York, we got around my friend. Where were late for break are a John Spicer Spicer and company tonight and it's that you gotta watch it. He's going to have Dr. Oz in order to get hopefully to the bottom of some of these are big questions but I'm telling you folks, if you're in a sling, but you better have your facts. That's all I'm saying. I don't care if you support cause or Barnett or McCormick. It doesn't matter if you support Kemp or Purdue facts matter, especially for conservatives. Are we are to take a break will be right back lines of the culture will start you've known in your got something was not right about the 2020 election. Well, you're right.

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I guess it that's not right. Are you printing me.

Grace Baker maybe says I have prayed to me and older in cultures that pay men of America just Peter's better step it up so that I can get doesn't matter if it's 2% or whole step it up to snow skim.

Please chocolate my guys, I think about that way I keep you ladies and gentlemen. Some said user try to keep our composure here in working to save this were to save it for the next segment but we have some sad news coming from the White House.

No president by just a line that's not it. That's not what will tell you more about it coming up next call moves that's an appropriate America all right 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number 844-7478 60 will be right back will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found out it's easy for four which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take you to list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy.

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Let us know about that. So right side grab some apple brandy and drink some iced tea and you'll be back to normal in no time at all. All right, welcome back to the time surge radio show's shocking story out of the Washington Free beacon and I love this. I love this news publication. They do great investigative journalism that we heard Jen Saki say that there were no crack pipes in those those smoking kits that are being distributed all over America will back out the folks over the Washington Free beacon. The thinking let's investigate. There is a fascinating story. We have a link to it in our lives shall block the writer is Patrick cough and he is on the patriot mobile newsmaker line right now Patrick good to have you on the show today so I want you to tell our listeners what you and the and the folks at the freebie could discovered was actually inside these kits. What exactly it for ourselves what I call it what you really or a pipe spell about it all along.

We prove it to show the media about nutrition. The fact that ridiculous was just peddling talking point think it contain a pipe I thought so all or part or are thinking on harm reduction organizations all around the country take local government money directly with the government handout needles and out looking addicts walk in that they get the structure clearly only walk out of the truck. There's no offer location. The whole idea behind it and out clean drum equipment so it's a little bit safer as quickly come Patrick where did you guys go in and how many how many of these kits did you find that have the crack pipes by the DC, Baltimore, Richmond, New York, all the kids got there, had quite several fights, crack pipe and met.

I will probably walk right in at some of the organization is equal to or approved by the state. Right legal and you get in a jail free card systems okay if you called early needles or any further legal okay you're good to go with what Patrick if you or I were to be pulled over and they found a crack pipe in the car we'd be we be behind bars right now there are what started it against the law.

This program wow this is fascinating. I'm curious how did so did you come up with this idea or to the editors call you and say Patrick. We got a job for you.

My online talking point� I want to go out myself.

Also exactly but no doubt in our story. We knew there I got to be as easy as it was so simple. Walk right in there I think I need their story is the story over the years in Seattle left the economic DC bomber all around and I'm starting tomorrow now and his book on the $30 million in federal grant money by the end of the month and that is the question. Are we the taxpayers paying the bill for the crack pipes program start at the end of the month and it will be needed to fund crack because he lifted the carpet into crack like point out that no no no, we don't contain the five that they don't worry about the narrative. I hope we actually got that audio once this is Jen Saki back in February cut number two police force smoking cessation and accurate reporting. We wanted to put out information make that clear. Now just to be clear, Patrick. Back when I was a journalist I get paid for my opinion elbow back when I was a journalist. If somebody complained, they said there was something inaccurate in my story they would call the editor. We would sit down and we'll go through the notes did that happen to anybody from the White House called the Washington Free beacon. We reach out and work great and it prevented obviously made it went along, we publish that story on Monday. It went viral about the call by Wednesday about the other and never ever a part of the Now story. There will, of course, as a matter fact now they're calling it a conspiracy theory.

Let's listen to their explanation outcome number one. Now there is all is a program like this one. There is no this policy does not allow for crack pipe included.

I would just note that this is a bit of a conspiracy theory that's been spread out there. It's not accurate. There's important drug treatment programs for people who have been suffering from what we've seen is an epidemic asked the country and money is not used for crack so there either call you ultra magna Patrick or Alex Jones Junior IQ, conspiracy theorist, you did not even see Kepler back to East share our story.

A story like the original one. So it is hard to really by making the go along the face of pressure and appliqu�d. Well, it's a it's a terrific story and you should be commended for doing some great journalism and really alerting the American taxpayers hate this is what your money is going to fund and as a congressman said it turns out, and it's true. It's easier to get the government to buy crack pipes and then it is baby formula that I'm real tired. All right, Patrick. We got a link to your story over in our lives shall block congratulations and they keep us updated. All of this I Patrick half of the Washington Free beacon great journalist. Great job. Can you imagine the race for his grace but grace.

Could you imagine he grace let some let's do a let's do some sort your grace.

We had to turn Grace's microphone off because were expecting some bad weather in the area and the emergency alert system went off right as we're turning on her microphones. Grace no you don't have to hide under the desk. It's okay. We got time, we have time. I think were clear now. Are you sure I think I all right well if it is really still want to hear that, but could you imagine I called you and you will be doing. We do a preshow meeting and shall be our grace awareness and unit out of the Memphis Shelby County health Department. I want to go into civil give your crack pipe. Not sure how my husband would feel about that assignment like hey honey I got a go from there for work which doing it a crack pipe.

The crack pipe but boss told me to this. Don't let Marlo grab it and run away with no no no. Could you imagine no grab my hair brush or something to start running around the house so that I like.

No money grab by the by the way you to save working to save our Jen Saki story. For this moment.

I gotta get to this, I gotta get you. It will take a break and will regroup here in our apologies. The alert system cut above to resolve for a loop of bad weather all over the place of you folks in Sioux Falls South Dakota. Geez, a low you guys got hammered yesterday and we got a lot of the video from that storm up on our all right where is that story here we go now, ladies and so you know that we hear on this program are at the tip of the spear when it comes to covering the culture war in America and we bring you stories that many others are not talking about and that's what we do here and were very honored with and humbled by that responsibility.

We have so I am here to announce that there has been yet another new gender created in America again another new gender created an American doubt let's go back to what I was taught at Hope. P. Sullivan elementary school in Southaven, Mississippi. That's when we were told in grade school public grade school that God made them male and female, two sexes, two genders now there are about 70 or 80 that are made in the image of social media and the latest make-believe identity is something called take gender and no I'm not making this up its cake gender. It's all the rage on tick-tock.

So here's how it works.

A person who identifies as cake gender feels lights and fluffy and sweet.

This is the newest gender grace Baker cake. The cake gender now my tennis now this is what happens when you reject the Bible's teachings on absolute truth you get chaos of the culture but I can't really talk it well.

I'm not sure. In any and I'm not sure if there's a gender variant within the cake. Sexual world devil's food K.sheet cake, you've got seven layer cake and possibly fruitcake which might be incredibly inappropriate for cupcakes.

Yeah cupcakes so what kind of what kind of a cake on your cup take sugar very I mean it depends on how your foster cake. I suppose these the cream cheese icing.

The royal icing all know I'm you see I'm a I'm an old fat. I love the I love the vanilla cream that's my classic.

I see I see.

Anyway, I'm probably not the best person to be talking about Kix actuals, mainly because we just until a few days ago I was under the impression that pansexual's had an unnatural affection to his cast-iron skillet which turned out not to be back. I mean we all love cake not like that true. So anyway we got the video bar website Todd of someone who claims to be cake sexual and I never thought I'd hear these words on the radio well look on the look. Just think about this now grace we what happened God define marriage right mail. You may vehemently disagree with that idea.

That is the definition, but that's the definition that's that's what that's that that's just how it's been a lot of times ships but then there's marriage was is different so then the Supreme Court comes along and says going to redefine what God define and what was the concern from the Christians base that will wait a second. If you do that you are opening up a Pandora's box and the other side said just staff it just a bit hardware just going to limit it to gay marriage.

That's okay. Well, wait a certain amount. Who are you to limit what marriages, who are you LGBT person to now say we have to have a limit on what we can and cannot call marriage gathers no I know there's no way the Supreme Court open up that door now and and so now you've got the cake gender people so somebody's probably good to get married to.

I low a jar of Betty Crocker frosting and in you think that's ludicrous. There's actually a story about an Alabama man who married his MacBook computer got a virus. It had a horrible and then skipping on a highway nonanswer still married.

I don't know and then you got the echoes actuals were literally having sexual relations with trees and potted plants. It is my actual is an actual thing.

So all that to say this is why this is why we have to address this issue because as ludicrous as it is.

It's an anything goes Society right now it is anything ghost I just say this, we had to take a break here. We don't have a diversity problem in America will have a tolerance problem in America we have a freaking mental health problem in America will be right back radio free America stories will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full fork which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list about ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen.

Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy.

See full for I fear Carl and North Carolina WSI see our great affiliate.

There Charles was on your mind about arm about everything that I had backed all but what you know people that have called the big lie caught up. Their workday if I took somebody who was the fact that you lived in what words your the legality of you at all like 2020 and that movie and that movie is my think it would be can you you would be convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that the like. So my question is that everything been done to the country and thankfully the economy on policy, but the pandemic. I know we can't go back and relitigate the election, but this movie and then this movie the Republicans should use that against her lot well that's a terrific question and and you're right, we can't go back and we can just undo what's been done on the question is can those people be punished and and I think they must be punished to the fullest extent of the law. I think this is the behavior was treasonous. My concern Charles is what happens if the same thing happens of the midterm elections that you and I and everybody on this in this country knows the Democrats are going down in a in a firestorm in November. But what happens if they don't, what happens if they are able to took to fix the boat again.

At that point, I think you're in a sea good decent churchgoing folks rising up and marching in the in the streets. I I think there will be on the rest. If the Democrats are able to pull off yet another steel while I agree with me that that's probably what right now you know how to unite without that outgoing court and it was a good moral man and cop Charles Charles, I need to do this, we are up against the hard break here and I'm terribly sorry, but it's a mess is a mess and I'm telling you, they better hope and pray they fix those election issues or else this could get ugly. November is the way it is. I gotta take regular folks will be right back galaxies. He slept for all these new taxes might not like the best selfies of the part I found in flax mountain capture hands-free text from multiple angles. For sure training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video bar is compact and fits perfectly in my pocket.

Click the banner to get your galaxy easy flip for liberty University studio in Memphis, Tennessee since conservative commentary from the development of welcome to the Todd Stearns radio show wherever you might be bordered on border goes across the fruit and by the way, welcome to all of our brand-new TV listener TV viewers You can now watch all three hours of our radio program over on the website. Just a click on the live tab at the top of the page and you'll be able to watch us free of charge again making that move to consolidating all of our efforts on our website which by the way outside in the talk radio world we are we are second only to Sean Hannity in readership. So that's on you think you guys so very much and we are just honored that you would hang out with us three hours a day, Monday through Friday. All right some sad news from from the White House today is the day that quite frankly will live in infamy among among Democrats, Jen sake, it is her last day here at here at the White House.

She is no longer going to be White House Press Secretary. She is leaving the White House and what is that godforsaken music is playing Grace Baker. I thought this was the exact music you requested can't know that.

I hate that song that I hate. That's all great spring anything particularly like sake either.

No, I will look and you know what, that's a fair statement so were doing this for circle back for little red lion hooded sake says that by the way they say that the standing room only crowd in the White House press briefing. People are trying their their people with tears in their eyes, and further holding a candlelight vigil for as a matter of fact, according to the according to the White House pool report.

Somebody actually said thank you for your service date as if she was storming the beaches at Normandy well let me just say this is kind of the death of her career as an so I think we need to be holding a memorial for their there is there is there is more of an audience in that press briefing room. Then there will be for whatever show she's going to get over it. MSDN seems gotta be better than CNN.a bit, well, that's true.

That's a fair point to go to one of I just don't. I mean, would you watch anything. I mean she's just got this grading nasally Hueneme little voice that I had a stone unpopular opinion but I'm not the biggest fan of Press Secretary's going on to be political pundits. After that wejust in general, spicy, a little spice is Pfizer's a little spicy with us and he was going off about how you know what all these prosecutors, nor for CNN MMS D&C and I'm like yeah when you're at Newsmax and what's her head up Perino is over at Fox news channel and Tony Snow, the late great Tony Snow was over at Fox news and I got got Kaylee McEnaney. Haley McInerney: I was thinking I'm thinking this more recent like people who you know they were just press that you know I mean she's literally hopping from the White House over the TV studio like my lady give a little time because I mean there is no way you're going to be remotely unbiased unit like make it McInerney. Her like her. I just don't love that she emails that's negative. She's not the morning show blonde whose the oh that's Ainsley are how I get them all confused. Is it just me.

I'm sure there yields a lot of money in the audience. Yes, it's hard to keep the blonds in slide the dye my hair red. I got into it with one of the blonds I could remember her name so discolor me know we're liable beer and she was she was coming. After all, she was a big pro-abortion rights check. I mean I just mainly blame the news networks for that having with their deal with blonds trying to say some Wiggins brunettes I like brunettes I like redheads, at least in sake's got red hair, but I'm surprised that Julie Reed and Al Sharpton didn't raise a holy you know what, that's it. As you know, she's a little pill. Oh my gosh, I'm just saying they don't like what they like or replacement know they want diversity will date and they like or replacement.

So there like come on over here will get you out of the way one so have we figured out why Karen Jean-Pierre was hired was because she's a lesbian she's a woman root is our skin, and we figure that out yet and I'm still trying to remember her name. To be honest, Jean-Pierre Alexander Jen sake sake name. I love make it better anyway but knew back in the day she was a lot of fun. We were on the campaign trail together travel all over the country and we even flew to a Hawaii II will say I have felt for her because I don't know how on earth he defend with this administration's doing right now she's not doing a good job now think anybody good. It's absolutely nuts. Unbelievable.

By the way our pal from Wolf River popcorn drop by the other day brought more popcorn EN EN are pal, this is great. So every now to get this big huge delivery truck. The show right in front of argues bunker, and this is from the William sausage company and folks, I'm telling you it is the best they don't pay us to say this, it's the best sausage in America and is made right here in Tennessee insulation so good knowing you skimmed over my question. Popcorn guy came west popcorn is not here, it's not. I'm not saying but I did because every time they bring popcorn for.

Yours truly, it never gets to Yours truly it was in your office. We just yes in my office after the meeting. So is there so I love our listeners because they bring us food which is great but I'm trying to lose weight. I'm trying to I'm on a diet and are bringing us all this great food live mean they could bring you salads. I'm sure I want to six of the delivery guy you know how it is a New York City build truck will combine a couple addresses will fall off the people you don't like weight nod nod back in the day. You know the couple addressing how well we gotta do your go back about some of the mob and the so anyway, I think the same thing happens with the sausage because he brings us three cases of delicious hot William sausage so good it's in the freezer right now. Love.

Anyway, our buddy over Wolf River popcorn drop by. He says Todd every time you mention us on the air. We get tons of calls from all over America and it is a great popcorn Wolf River popcorn here in Memphis Tennessee.

It's a mom, dad, and so on.

And I guess they're in their 60s or so early 70s. The sun probably in his 30s. I guess that's what they do. The three of them and they do it all and is the best free can popcorn in America.

I love the white cheddar mixed with the barbecue sex is paramount. Oh my gosh, mouthwatering stuff. All right anyway I'm I'm not otherwise to say thank you guys for thinking Williams sausage for dropping off the crates of sausage and also thank you Wolf River popcorn so everybody brings us is that we have a Vicki Gandy my my realtor brought by homemade chocolate chip cookies today and I have cut way back on sugar but I did have one cookie and it tasted like the sweetest best thing you know that I need to I need to go back before we are the phones or I want to address something that happened in the last hour when we were talking about the cakes actuals. The people who identify as Kate yes the cake gender people. What happens if it's the third gluten-free I sugar free. I'm telling you, can undress you when you start getting of the gluten. People take that role seriously and then like to Joe. They like you joke about his it's for some people it really hurts left. Yeah, it's like laid out literally is like when you find out somebody's a member of the Mafia, you're like, okay, just give him a wide berth.

That way about vegans oh vegans and gluten so I gluten because I've been one of them, but I'm like a highlight go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Ruth in Tulsa, Oklahoma wrote what going on in Tulsa well right right. A 10. Well, where buckle on the Bible Belt you know that yes you have them wait. We really are and I'll tell you something.

We have been very great hackers and teachers fear and down so you know they discussed things like get your life in order N and Donnelly were talking about cultural chaos and and I remember as a kid. It was never this kind of fun. If you talk to many thoughts. You certainly wouldn't think them if you think he went down to the welfare system and got the T-shirt certainly wouldn't tell anyone and how far we've come as a society and the worst part of it is Kim's the cohesiveness that we have everything these people wanted a race the Constitution in a race the 10 Commandments in a race Christianity. If he can't. When you have a standard of behavior that everyone he hears to this predictability in dieting and culture you wouldn't have otherwise.

Predictability gives you great line there to explore helping businesses and try different careers or move different places, but once they take away that security be expected in the predictable relay shutdown yielded a study on kids and they took the fences off the playground and all the kids congregated to the center of the playground. Once they put the fences backup. The kids are at the very edge and I think that says a lot about where we are right now that's equally Ruth and so that's it, that's a great point and and I think there is a lot to that again we we talk about faith and values on this program because that is ultimately the problem in our country is not a political problem.

It's a spiritual problem that space in the country. Ruth, we gotta skedaddle here so thank you so much for the call and thanks for holding on Ender and Ruth is absolutely right folks I want to tell you about our good friends over at patriot mobile. America's only Christian conservative wireless provider of patriot mobile. They been a longtime sponsor of this program and they have some wonderful deals for you. Here's the best part about it when you pay your patriot mobile bill to be sending those their profits to support Planned Parenthood supporting pro-life organizations that support the second member organizations. That's what patriot mobile does.

I made the switch a while back and I do not making I do not regret making that decision. You're gonna love these folks there so great to work with patriot That's patriot and if you go online. You're to be able to check your coverage area and other to give you a free activation free premier activation and a free gift. But you gotta use my promo code Todd that's patriot to sign up for patriot mobile. America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier will be right back America and star something you probably do know progressive cannot only offer you a great price.

We buy the home and auto around-the-clock protection something you probably don't know about including the base weighs around 400 something you probably do know there's a whistle something you probably don't know. That's about tipping over roof like a can opener your home and auto with progressive and get more than a great price, around-the-clock protection, something you know the things you don't know progressive casualties or something affiliate to third-party insurers excited about the terms of the two situations back America John Stearns hanging out with you from our flagship radio station AWA 99 broadcasting along the shores of the mighty Mississippi River and we are so glad to be here and not in New York City anymore good to be back home when you go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line that we are honored to have with us the next governor of Arizona.

Our good friend Carrie late Carrie hope you're doing good I'm doing great.

I love your broadcasting from the shore from the river, count myself a little further on north and Iowa is that what you know we had our good friend David Limbaugh lives in Cape Girardeau which is where El Rushmore grew up just right up the river from us and does so. Good people live along the book the banks of the body Mississippi yes indeed and I will say this, we it's about the same temperature. You guys don't have the humidity we've got the humidity so you may have the better end of the deal there in Arizona. I do appreciate the dry about a week ago in my Lago and I went oh man, I miss you dry Arizona eat a lot, you know, I wasn't able to get down to that event. Of course the big the big debut of 2000 mules on Sonesta Susan's incredible documentary work.

Were you surprised by anything that you saw in the documentary supplied by how late they were about that and shock that got Alexander mule that they call them in the movie taking hundreds of thousands of fraudulent outlet and this is going on for weeks on end and the fact that they were so brazen and with that, and that that then I realized how many people had to been involved in that. This isn't just a few individuals doing this on their own.

It was coordinated and I think it was coordinated very high level and that could be going on it to me.

It was like a punch in the gut and shocking at some point we have to ask you know the Republicans, especially in states controlled by Republicans. Why aren't we doing anything.

What are we doing to make sure this does not happen in the midterm elections because I based on the video and what I saw.

These people are emboldened into your point. They really don't care and you know we have all the data we have all the information been handed over to people like Mark Berkowitz, our current Gov. and in Arizona.he knows about it when we can have a leader stand out and do the right thing by the people of this great state and by the people of this country and our founding fathers must be rolling over and it breaks right now you think about this crime against this country when it did not affect not does not just Todd. The Republic will fall and just waiting for one crowded American to stand out, and darn it. Do the right thing. It makes me sick that that we don't have more patriotic American loving people like Bernadette listening and I connected him this I talked and the weight of the Republic is on his shoulders. He has the evidence do something you know all the people want want justice they want to make sure that these mules are erected, they want to make sure even more than that the people who ordered tenant pay down our rented end if the stock and we don't have anybody who is willing to stand up no lawn then no prosecutor is going to stand up and do the right thing to save this country. This testing and that's why come next election.

If we can somehow get just enough fairness to win an election year and working to make sure that the that I will not stand by and watch my kids grow up in a country that communist but they don't have freedom to blame you one bit, there a Carrie link on the patriot mobile newsmaker line leading in the polls for in the GOP primary for Arizona Gov. Carrie, were you surprised by this coverage. Black, not even Fox News is covering this. This documentary well know, because the corrupt news media. Even the perceived good guys aren't good guy and this is why I left the corrupt news.

I thought that it worked for the good guys. But you know as I would say the good guys would've been covering telling that I connected hydroxychloroquine awaits to save our lives rather than reporting that's number and they weren't doing that and they're pushing propaganda so I'm not surprised about Fox. I am a little surprised about Newton that they invited me on during the premier at marl I got this one. Have you on and and I assume they wanted me to talk about 2000 know. That's why within my Lago and so I leave the movie. Thankfully I seen it a couple days earlier so I mean the whole movie.

I go up to my room and I guide you know, get ready to do my live shot with them and they never asked me a question about it. I was pretty shot so I finally found a way to work it in and talk a little bit about this really important movie that I think I cracked open. One aspect of cheating in our election and it was it was such a wide spread huge Beano level of cheating that it would change the election and and I believe Pres. Trump line and it's pretty laid out in that movie.

Carrie would get about 20 seconds.

How's the campaign going great were doing well in fundraising.

We got a lot of the grassroots to find a way that all members were having an event in Tennessee actually and it people there listening want to come and join up with that idea.

Amazing country singer John Rich's homework and is a great food, and people want to find more information they could carry ARI LA and we also have a direct link on our life. So bloggers will carry as always. Best of luck to you. Thanks for coming on the show think pride. Keep up the good fight and working to get this country back on track will be right back folks you bundle your letters in auto insurance with aggressive you could save money, but it doesn't cover any terrible memories looking for you in your shower, and you realize that your bathroom shared along with your neighbors bedroom to do was stand there silently and all the other things any of her in the four years he lived there times. Sorry, but we could save you money bundling the renters insurance with progressive situations

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