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If Hollywood Hates America They are Free to Leave

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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July 5, 2022 3:35 pm

If Hollywood Hates America They are Free to Leave

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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July 5, 2022 3:35 pm

Many Hollywood celebrities spent the long holiday weekend bashing America — and attacking our freedom. I say, love it or leave it.

Sandy Rios and Mark Paoletta join the conversation!

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Do you see Charlie since conservative commentary from program a great honor to have you.

What a great Independence Day and by the way today. What is the fifth anniversary of the Todd start radio program. So we are celebrating a big anniversary here on the national radio show five years ago today that we launched this program border to border, coast to coast across a pretty plain and Doug going up against us some what people thought were insurmountable odds, but the great news is that this radio show continues to grow, we are adding more stations and folks.

It's an exciting time to be a part of this program and so I we want to say thank you because without you listening to the show without you supporting our great patriotic advertisers we wouldn't be here. So God bless you all and thank you and were really looking forward to the next to the next five years, as we just continue to have a great conversation Monday through Friday noon to three Easter so a lot of stuff, a lot of stuff happened over the weekend and I want to get to the shooting in Highland Park in just a moment, but I want to address a survey that came out. I know Tim VanHorn. The morning show host at K WA in Memphis Tennessee.

Our flagship station to that horn talked about this on the show on Friday of survey that was released from Fox news and they were asking people whether or not they were proud to be an American, were they proud of the nation and their finding shocked a lot of people as a matter fact I shared these statistics during a message. I delivered Sunday at lighthouse Baptist Church right outside of Mobile, Alabama had a great time. By the way, and a lot of our great listeners from W PM oh, 39% of Americans say they are proud of their country. That's it. Just 39%. That's down from 51% in 2017.

A lot of people are very surprised by this.

I know that surprised and a lady came up to me after my remarks because I explained why I was not surprised and she she very kindly but gently said I was wrong.

I was off my rocker on on the reason why I believe fewer Americans are proud of their country.

As a matter fact, an overwhelming number of Americans are not proud of their nation. They're not proud to be Americans. And I believe the reason why is because of our nation's public education system.

Now I know there are a lot of good patriots at work in public schools, but by and large the public education system is been overrun by the Marxist. They been overrun by the communist they been overrun by the godless even socialist and that's why I believe these numbers are pretty accurate, and I suspect are only going to get worse any we been teaching our kids were, how long, at least, what, 15, 20 years to hate America right after the September 11 terrorist attacks you had people actually trying to blame Americans and not the Muslim radicals who flew the jetliners into the buildings, but how many years and I will mention a phrase that many people may have forgotten common core for decades. Common core has been used to convince our kids that our founding fathers were just very bad people that are founding documents were tainted by slavery. Therefore, they are illegitimate you got the cultures jihadist. Over the past five or six years that would actively burning down our statues burning down our our paintings tearing down anything that has any sort of connection to slavery anything to do with this idea. This concept were the most exceptionally soon on the planet. They just completely dismiss and it's going to take years to undo the damage if the damage can be undone. But this, this lady came in to meet Sunday and said well it's not the schools it's the parents that you want to be going after why I'm okay with that. Yes I do believe that mom and dad have been derelict in their responsibilities for teaching the next generation about what it means to be an American.

Ronald Reagan said as much. What he said American exceptionalism is a start in Washington. It starts around the dinner table or the supper table if you will. So I I hope the damage can be undone, but there to be a lot of people that never come to Jesus minute and and and sit down and understand while we got affixes so over the weekend.

You got all these folks out there that are bashing America telling people not to celebrate 4 July. Did you listen any of these people. We celebrated all it was a great celebration of the Stearns household. We had commissary barbecue the commissary. The smoke sausage we had booked the smoked chicken and the baked beans and the potato salad in the banana Putman.

That's right I said Putman. It was a pretty fun celebration, watch the fireworks in Germantown, Tennessee, bombs bursting in air. It was very pleasant.

Did you celebrate or did you follow the advice of Katy Perry and Bette Miller and Jessica Chastain and Haydon America. Can you believe that much hate. That's not good for the health it's really not good for the health one of our listeners and Winston-Salem North Carolina WSJ as our great affiliate.

There simply a photograph. A screenshot of one of the local cafs in Winston-Salem North Carolina hide. Are you guys are there a lot of woke people in your city. I'm sure I'm shocked there's a place called Crane keys Caf and they announced they would be closed on July 4 and we got the screen shot up on our website, you can see for yourself. They said there to be closed on July 4 but not to celebrate our independence. What's wrong with you people over Crane keys Caf little cranky is that it a little cranky and they're not the only ones the entire city of Orlando. The city government put out a statement I got revisited was bizarre. The city says a lot of people probably don't want to celebrate our nation. Right now we can't blame them when there is so much division hate and unrest while on earth would you want to have a party celebrating any of it because your free morons limited but in all seriousness, you know in your heart. Fourth of July fireworks are amazing, especially when you're standing a 90 heat, 100% humidity next 200,000 of your closest friends. What's wrong with these people see their miserable again active for the health and that moment something takes over and we all become united and inexplicable body.

Yes, America is in stripe right now but you know what we already bought the fireworks that was from the city overlay the veil.

They apologized after people called about top Chef host Padma lashed me she's all upset because of the abortionist also apparently it's all over abortion and the Second Amendment. And that's why these people are hating America right now and then we have Crane keys Caf get your cranky sphinx this weekend because we will be closed Monday the fourth for mental health Monday. Definitely not close to celebrate Fourth of July or our independence. Crane keys Caf in Winston-Salem North Carolina. You know what we want you there may have been a business in your community that did the same thing and I want to let us know about you to reach out to us on social media and we are going to make them famous. They want to Haydon America were more than happy to spread that message for you so you will know where to go to get your biscuit and sausage and I have to imagine God fearing patriotic folks and in the Triad are are knocking to be going to Crane keys Caf, but I find this interesting. I really love how to fascinate all these people, Bette Midler, Katy Perry, the whatnot all these people when it's a great speaker. You're here, the basketball fan there. The WNBA star. What is her name. She got busted by the of the Russians.

Britney Greiner, Britney Greiner, she's been what, in jail for what since February methods right before yeah February now let me just say I hate IV. I don't think any of you know that she's an American and we gotta take care Americans and and Biden ought not to let the Russians treat our people I know. That that's just how it so but it's important for people understand the backdrop you're at and Britney Greiner is one of the ones who led the national protest against the national anthem and she's the one who said I'm not going out there on the basketball court.

I'm to stay in the locker room because I hate America. Wow so brave and so she did so then I guess she's she likes to vape and she had the of the the of the vape and the hatch is a bait cartridge not very good for your help with that. You're an athlete letting her run up and down the corridor get when you got into it every time you come back to the bench. The hashish oil is what was and so they arrested and she's been an she's been in jail awaiting trial and look of course it's all political. You got Biden out there who's basically waging a de facto war, a proxy war against the Russians in Ukraine you think Putin is going to do him any favors. So anyway, Britney Greiner, who hates America and made herself famous for hating America.

She's writing a letter to Pres. Biden on 4 July and I want to read this to you. She says as I sit here in a Russian prison alone with my thoughts. Without the protection of my wife. Yes, she's a lesbian. Without the protection of my wife, my family, my friends, my Olympic jersey, or any accomplishments. I'm terrified I might be here forever.

Well, you're right to be terrified lady.

She goes on on 4 July. Our family normally honors the service of those who fought for freedom including my father, a Vietnam War veteran.

We saluted service. I'm sure he must be very ashamed of the way you been behaving male quote it hurts thinking about how I usually celebrate this day because freedom mean something completely different to me this year. Now again I think this is all the great irony because here's a woman who hates America and now she's begging the country. She hates to rescue her from the grip of the Russians and she's right to be concerned by the way you maybe ought to do some homework. If you're going to visit a country you make sure you know the laws of the land. Ignorance is not an excuse. So here's a guy look. I hope Biden is able to get her out of there it's I would wish that on anybody. I really would not.

It's gotta be horrible, but here's my take on this if if Biden is going to secure her release. He needs to have a few conditions attached, and here's what I'm I'm concerned about.

I think the president says you know what Ms. Briner rabbit help you out. But here's the deal. When you step foot on American soil at Dover Airport wherever whatever Air Force Base we cut she flies back into work and I have the Marine Corps band standing on the tarmac and when your blood comes off of that airplane you're going to bend down on bended knee.

I kiss God's great American soil, then you're going to stand up hand over her heart and you're seeing the national anthem and if she does that. Welcome back to America, go dribble your ball. That's what I said so again, all of these. All of these people if they hate America that's only the user platforms. We hate this country. They're so cruel to women, especially women who don't want to have babies there cruel yeah you know what folks millions of people coming to this country every year. Most of any illegal.

They want to come here because a little of the American dream. They want to claim the American dream. So you know what if Hollywood you folks hate America. I say this. Don't let the door hit you or the good Lord split you Delta is ready when you are and I'm sure Bette and Katie and Jessica and Padma will be more than happy wearing a burqa in Saudi Arabia. Cooking whatever falafel's of the kitchen. Are we gotta take a break your word open up the phones.

Are you proud to be an American. Are you buying of this garbage coming out of Hollywood and the mainstream media and the Democrat party 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd surgeon, America's birthday is right around the corner, so now's the time to show her some love. A great way to do that is by joining a Mac the Association of mature American citizens membership to a macro for Jew benefits like travel and sulfone discounts plus special insurance programs. And what's more, it's patriotic because your membership supports causes that help preserve liberty. A max action advocacy team fights every day on Capitol Hill representing the concerns of true patriots.

We have to work together to keep our beloved America by joining a Mac you'll join forces with over 2.3 million other freedom loving a back members and help save America for your children and grandchildren go to Amax .us/Starnes to join today for only $16 a year you can receive countless benefits and show your love for America go to a Mac .us/Starnes to become in a back member today. That's a back .us/gardens sensors radiation by the Judas here about yesterday. This is insane. The poor guy idled they forgot to put something in his banana, put and the meds were off. He was mumbling rambling all over the place and Jill, you gotta listen closely Jill Biden. She's telling her husband what to say at the end of of his remarks take a listen. American God protect our troops.

She was trying to issue. She said a couple of times you could hear it.

You can hear the second time she's of the first. It was say God bless America said God bless America a bar and he said it, knowing that he hit her in the microphone and she had to say it because he did what was going on.

The port is very sad, but's were looking at senior senior abuse that's elder abuse right there in front of our very eyes it's very important and then did you see he grabbed her from behind and in a very appropriate manner and was like sniffing or hail. We got those photographs up on the website as well. Our let's go to the Folger 844-747-8860 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 Brian is listening to us in Mississippi KW a you are great affiliate in those parts. A bride what's going on my call will divert your a lot of people talk about award or to run.

You know, whatever of the group ball what you think some of the ticket drop on them for good or could we both looked together on plane tickets. There is there's little blood in the water right now, Brian, and that's why you're starting to see these Republicans pop up in Iowa. Nikki Haley has been out there on the campaign trail. So as Mike pence Mike pence for the past year.

Brian is actually set up shop in South Carolina. So that tells me something may be up there also hearing rumblings that that Mike Pompeo could could jump into the race and believe it or not Liz Cheney refused to commit one way or the other when she was asked about it over the weekend so will have to see how that goes by. She's not to be reelected to Congress. So the question I have in your question is about DeSantis. I don't think DeSantis does anything I think he stays put.

Right now he's got a great thing going for him. He's doing a terrific job in the statehouse in Tallahassee and I think the longer he does that job. The more the more he looks like the candidate in the post trump error. If, in fact, 20, 24 trump what runs now truck doesn't run. I think DeSantis is the front runner in the polling data actually back set up so little bit of national polling, you know, even in our area of what got maybe what you're whatever Rhonda knows that. But you know we need to run or not. I would could be an and there's nothing there's nothing wrong with you with again checking the water, checking the temperature to see if you know it is there is there interest within the electorate. I think there is. But right now it's it's trumps if he if he wants it and I don't think DeSantis is upset that apple cart. Now Brian another Brian, another name that came up over the weekend and this is a bizarre Glenn Young to the newly elected governor who's never held office. Glenn Duncan is now being talked about as a possible president and you know what want to try governing for a few years and will get back to you on Brian Ray question.

Thanks for the call lines open ladies and 74 four 747-8868 this is the concert's radio show.

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As it happened, and we understand that the gunman is a 22-year-old and surprise surprise, according to the police. They say that Robert Primo was known to police.

Now they don't tell us the context of that they don't do that they do not explain how they knew this person, but isn't it interesting that in all of the recent mass shootings that the individual has been known to law enforcement. By the way they they scrubbed the guys social media platform, but before they did that a lot of enterprising journalist were able to hop onto those pages. This guy was messed up. I mean, he was threatening to do all sorts of things on his social media platforms and what I do want to tell don't want to tell you to donut so Facebook don't want to tell Twitter how to do their job, but maybe they'll to stop cracking down on law-abiding patriotic conservatives and maybe they'll start paying attention to these deviance and these terrorist that are using social media platforms to tell everybody what they're doing. It just seems to me, but that's not how this is going to play out and it does make me wonder, especially over the past 10 years or so. It makes me wonder what the deep state is really up to. What is it that our federal law enforcement agencies are up to. Are they out there trying to foment this sort of violence on social media. Is that what they're doing, are they trying to are are they trying to cause these mass shootings.

It is that what the deep state within the FBI is doing.

I means we saw this play out in in Michigan with the attempted kidnapping of the governor of Michigan, Gretchen Weber, but as the story unfolded and really collapsed. We came to find out that it was in fact the FBI that came up with the idea to kidnap Gretchen Witmer and then it was the FBI that organized the entire campaign. So what exactly does it mean that these individuals were known to law enforcement.

In other words, are FBI agents, hoping to create these little monsters is that what they're trying to do because there's a big difference then infiltrating some sort of a terrorist organization than actually creating the terrorist organization.

That's all I'm trying to say here is the mayor of Highland Park saying we gotta be focused on banning the guns.

That's the probably got a band the guns. What's your recollection, no recollection of him is a sweet little boy. I'm sorry that that we are glorifying what he put on social media. I don't want to encourage other people to think that this is a way to lead into this kind of violence we need to have a very real national conversation about why were okay with allowing weapons of war weekly. Having mass shootings, the mayors have none of us will happen in our city and we need to ask ourselves why this is becoming a weekly occurrence in our nation's is full of great a hooey. It turns out that Highland Park actually has one of the toughest gun laws on the books as a matter fact so to Chicago and let me put a pin right there for just a moment over the weekend in Chicago which is about old 30 miles 30 miles away from Highland Park. There are 60 people who got shot almost 20 people got killed over the weekend mainstream media they're not worried about those awful things.

They're not talking about that none of they want to talk about what happened in the very affluent white neighborhood of Highland Park, Illinois.

That's the big story, not the bank that you got this sort of violence every single weekend in Chicago, which by the way, has again one of the toughest gun laws in the nation.

So here you have these two cities Highland Park in Chicago. He got people's it's a war zone out there and every single law that the Democrats want to implement nationally every single one of them are already codified in Highland Park in 2015 law-abiding gun owners sued the city of Highland Park because Highland Park bands the so-called assault rifle and they also ban high-capacity magazines so they filed a lawsuit. They said we believe it's our constitutional right to have these kinds of weapons were always all the way to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court in 2015 lawsuit filed in 2013 and 2015, the Supreme Court declined to hear the case.

Meaning the log remained on the books. Todd wasn't happy with with what happened yesterday one can explain that to be patient. Folks, we got three hours here.

Be patient. Here's what it means. It means that the only person armed with a rifle yesterday.

The only person with the high capacity cartridges yesterday. The only person in Highland Park with that was the gunman. Nobody had a fighting chance to to to defend their lives. Nobody because Highland Park felt like the safest thing to do was to disarm the law-abiding citizens and allow the bad guys to have the weapons so there is an argument that could be made that the gun laws on the books led to an helped cause what happened yesterday but ultimately this program. We believe in personal responsibility and what is that mean it means the person responsible for yesterday is not Donald Trump. It's not even Joe Biden. It's the gunman who pulled the trigger and until we start getting tough on crime and what do I mean by that, I am all for public executions and maybe, just maybe, if these sicko deviants who are being raised without morals. Maybe if they got if they get to see what happens when you do commit a crime when you do take somebody's life.

That is not glamorous Regulus from the rest your life in jail. Maybe, just maybe, they might think twice before pulling the trigger. 844-747-8868 was go to the phone. Steve and North Carolina on the talk station see what's on your mind. Well I gotta say I'm a little disappointed I love your show. You started something just a few minutes ago about having many videos of shooting on your website and I'm sorry but all you're doing is feeding that masses and glorifying this guy and giving him the attention that this sicko want to do that. How do I glorify Steve by posting the videos because it just gives him the attention that he wants people out there looking at all the stuff you know if the attention is given it his name is just briefly mentioned and then disappears. Then maybe they won't do this they will be. They won't get the attention they it'll curb some of this but III just, it smacks of voyeurism and I'm sorry. I love your show. I love what you stand for. But I gotta take issue with you on this one. Steve, did you have a problem back at 9/11 did you take issue with the people. So the jetliners flying into the buildings when you can.

Overwhelming yes you see in you see Steve I don't I don't think that when it becomes overwhelming. I think you show the videos.

Otherwise, you forget what what happened. I think people need to see what an immoral society looks like and that's what I mean when you look at what happened yesterday stating this is immorality. This is ace this is a soulless country that we are growing right before our very eyes. I think people need to see it. I think they need to see the horror at the people screaming.

I think they need to see that if nothing else, maybe, just maybe, moms and dads will pay a little bit more attention to what their kids are watching on TV the music they're listening to the video games or playing the kind of culture that their kids are our becoming enveloped in.

That's what that's the reason why we post those videos and what you people don't have to see them but I think they should. That's why we posted on the website I I agree that this agreement you are and and that's okay and and you are free to do that. Steve you really are seen. Appreciate the call and look we have a rule here and Grace knows this. Whenever somebody disagrees, they go right to the top of the list and we want to hear from those people. Steve says we shouldn't be showing videos and I contend we have to. You need to understand what what's happening. What what about what about what happened on January 6. The videos are providing the evidence about what really happened on that day.

That's why we need to see this kind of stuff folks we can we can't hide our heads in the sand anymore. We just can't do it. There's too much at stake, as a country, aren't we gotta take a break your 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 our website.

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Primo was dressed in women's clothing and investigators do believe he did this to conceal his facial tattoos in his identity and help him during the escape with the other people were fleeing the chaos during the attack.

We believe it.

Primo fired more than 70 rounds from this rifle into the crowd of innocent people. You can hear it. I mean, it's not.

It's just shocking. Just shocking what happened, but again, this news just coming out there having a press conference is happening right now and were monitoring that about that. The reality here is folks. There was not a law on the books unless you are physically going to take away every rifle from every American citizen. There was no way to stop that from happening yesterday or was there because the police said they knew who this guy wants Marjorie Taylor Greene says there are racing at and she's got a great point here. Listen to the saw what she just tweeted. While there are racing every bit of searchable history on the human scum that kill people at a July 4 parade, they should permanently delete his name to, but we should demand his records be released school history drug history arrest record hospitalization history. I completely agree.

Just get it all out there so we can find out what's going on here.

We got a very bad situation of this country. I mean, you want to talk about the medic. We have literally medicated a generation of boys in this country and I don't love anybody stop to to understand exactly the ramifications of when that happens and what happens next part let's go to the phones here 844-747-8868 Florida Keith on the line hi Keith what's up. I will think on well I'm very grateful or country of America crowded but most food, but you know you brought the death penalty.

Everything curve is now my mind pointed everything with tobacco dictation undereducated little white John in the quarterly or annual be nothing but taking the ultimate and the graduate finally built in life but you know the death penalty earlier committees should be that overdue for our country.

We got them influence their local Brevard County were things were overturned over K-9 unit guide creaking onto an ugly right but it on the road, found guilty on circumstantial evidence should be put on white without parole until improvements and get thorough appeal, but somebody like Brent remember the Atlanta okay I will go down that rabbit hole Keith but I will say this. If this guy is in fact the guy and they find that he's guilty of of this horrible crime yesterday but I say kill.

There's no need to. There's no need for an appeal. You know if they've got the goods on the guy he passes up and says he did it boom you're gone. Goodbye and that there's no need to squander the taxpayer dollar on a cotton, three meals a key appreciate the call. Let's go to Georgia Anna W do you enter great affiliate Anna what's up you will not. I know there is and I will say this, the folks in Highland Park, Illinois got exactly what they wanted. They they've successfully disarmed their population and they didn't take into consideration what would happen if a bad guy with the gun showed up. And now we know the answer because not even the police and by the way they had just about the entire Police Department at the parade.

Not only did the police not, were they not able to engage the suspect. They couldn't find the guy for what three or four hours afterwards. Thinking about where our what's going on. It's a point where I got a run.

We got a run and appreciate the call, but it is right.

It's time to stop talking about this and start doing something about it. Enforce the laws on the books. Stop releasing criminals into the public arena and by the way, all of these kids that are Medicaid. You gotta stop with the medication left with the boys be boys let the girls be girls let the kids grow up and be kids and moms and dads need to start parenting their kids if we get all bad started maybe, just maybe we got a fighting chance. This is bonkers America. I gotta take a break will be right back galaxies. He flipped for all these new tracks it might not like best selfies of the part I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles for short training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fit perfectly in my banner to get your galaxy's.

He flipped for universities to you in movies to see so: this hour of the program people for 747-8868 that is a toll-free telephone number eight 747-8860. Hope you had a good good Fourth of July gray speaker I'd I know that you and I were at a big event in Memphis with Merlot.

Oh yeah, the dog we were at the pigeon Estates parade and boy was it a celebration even had the Memphis fire department there really got to meet some firefighters was a good time saw the picture of the little Dalmatian with the other fire that I think she found them a little scary because there these big tall guys there like you know a little intimidating. Nothing hurts easier people try to tell her I love it. It's all just right.

It was didn't have the big fireworks last night and here's how you know the fireworks display is really good and I have to say after Brad on my family members because he's the well he's involved.

Man I love. I would tell his top leaders yet, but the fireworks in Germantown, others are attacked and they were so the concussion set off for the car alarms. It was great were sitting there watching all the sudden boom boom boom boom and then the car started going off. I thought this year's display was fantastic. It was well done very well done. The only thing is I nestled trying to get fancy with the fireworks and they were trying to do the smiley face fireworks, but the Launching upside down to the side and I was like these are not quite. :-) Gotta turn that frown upside down.

That's with the by the way, VP, here's my gosh you were to take Ms. Janice Berlitz plus bring Miss Janice on she's on the line from New Orleans and really get to what you want to talk about her in a minute. Ms. Janice but I have to do I have to talk about something that happened in New Orleans. How are you Miss Janice. Don't be nervous you you you seem apprehensive. No, now I just sent an email. Jim is working to get to that, but I gotta tell you what happened in New Orleans that you may not be aware, I have got one short just a minute. 60 seconds. Get the things I yet your company without the battery. On the other. You're on the phone.

The battery dies that that spot where you can get a signal is terrible. Miss Janice, here is the vice president was in your town was in New Orleans. Yes, and they got this big huge beautiful banner it's got the the seal of the president of the United States and is got her name and WE have this picture over our website and then underneath Miss Janice is got New Orleans, Louisiana. They misspelled Louisiana I'd like to particularly thank you very much John going with the banjo on your knee say I miss Janice how are you by just been a long time. Hope you're doing the rain a lot. I'm a week you would be proud.

Janice, I was in Mobile, Alabama.

Speaking of the church down there on Sunday and a lady comes up to me and she said that she was a transplant from the New Orleans area and I I said let me guess is she had a great accident. I said ninth Ward. She says how did you know that I said I got my ways. I know that I know this is not including a lot of people here that actually like the way God know I I get that but but being in New York I I understand, but it is. I like the New Orleans accent much better than I was in the Bronx with the Queens accents.

Anyway, enough of that. Hey I missed Arizona place audio there have in this press conference and we played this in the last hour so the police.

The police are now giving us some more information about the suspect. The screamo creep.

Let's take a listen. But we do believe screamo preplanned this attack for several weeks. He brought a high-powered rifle to this parade access the roof of the business. The fire escape ladder and began opening fire on the innocent Independence Day celebration goers. The rifle was purchased in Illinois and the information we have thus far is that it appears to have been purchased legally by Klima during the attack. Primo was dressed in women's clothing and investigators do believe he did this to conceal his facial tattoos in his identity and help them during the escape with the other people who were fleeing the chaos during the attack.

We believe it.

Primo fired more than 70 rounds from his rifle into the crowd of innocent people. So here we have a guy with 22 years old. He was known to the police don't say how they knew him why he was on their radar, but he was on their radar. And now he is facing some pretty serious charges. Janice you want to weigh in on the death penalty.

Part of this I would, but I get done and I told him that that needs to be got penalty and obligate anyone. I don't care if you cannot, I'd give L a 90-year-old woman who you tell I like your cell and I had a something you know and and and I had to protect you. That would be different because just killing people just to kill them. I think that penalty shall jog death penalty under the age of patient death penalty I'm with you Miss Janice and I say make it obedient and make it public. People need to get a new day and really what he admits he did it if if he's found guilty, you're gone. There's no appeals note 30 years an hour sticking a needle and you know my height and found guilty, found guilty, I may be a lie like that down might like to get somebody these people, these mansion people and all of you don't do that at all. Now I'm not doing that yield at the back panel gave it in a reasonable amount of time and I mean reasonable people continue to get what they going to take a backlash and let them out of jail. Absolutely insane.

I totally believe in the death penalty and life in jail. Depending on what it is you, Jack. You don't like jail you and don't kill anyone. Life in jail you make an my somebody when you stab someone like that would be got penalty tied very nice to the criminals.

Let them know they committed the crime, found guilty, punishment would be like to lead with a line down the middle. I have One Sidelight on the Other, and I Would like Done to Each One. You.

You Will Get You Do This You Will Get That I Would Play with Them Very Kind and Let Them Know the Right Hand and No Play. What Would Happen Is When We Were Kids Growing up Was Never Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts and I Remember Our Den Leaders.

The 10 Mothers from Cub Scouts. All I Remember This It Happened Years and Years and Years Ago They Took Us down to the Local Sheriff's Department and the Sheriff They Gave Us a Tour and They Shall Resolve the Squad Cars in the Unit Where They Do All Their Police Work and Then They Took Us Back to the Holding Cells, and I Remember Walking down It Smelled and They Had These Big Bad Guy behind Bars and They Put the Fear of God in Us As Little Cub Scouts and That's the Problem Janice Nobody's Put the Fear of God in Kids Anymore and That's a Good Thing by the Way, You Need to Have a Little Bit of Fear in Your Heart and That's the Problem. Everybody's Being Coddled.

Everybody Is Being Taken Care Of like That, That the Guys Uncle Primo's Uncle Was Other Well We We Never Really Recognize Anything How You Got You Got Markings Tattoos on Your Nephew's Face That's a Warning Sign That Maybe Just Maybe Something Is Not Quite Right. Really Really Horrible. It Really I Found in My Night You Are Going to Start Coming out. I Bought a Wide Open Table Shooting. One Thing I'm Talking about Taking Them, I Just Got Things like This People Are Not Doing Extra Popsicle Dealing Died Mysteriously. Now We Got a Run Here, but since I'm Sorry but We Gotta Run.

But Thank You for the Call in. She's She's Not Wrong. Go Back to the Pandemic. One of the Democrats Do in the Major American Cities. What Did They Do, They Opened up the Jails. They Set All of the Bad Guys Free. That's Why We Seen a Rise in Crime across America, Not to Mention the Millions of People Pouring across Our Border. Many of Them Are Drug Dealers and the Cartels and People Urge Their Surprise That the Country Is Going to Hell of a Handbasket. I'm in Trouble. So the Vice President, Here's I Don't Know. Maybe She Needs to Get into the the Inspirational Inspirational Quote Business. Maybe She Can Write a Book of Idle "to Live by of This Is the Vice President of the United States.

Just A Few Moments Ago and so Were Working on Bringing down.

Basically, the Cost of What Life Requires for People. I'm so I'm Sorry, What Did You Say and so Were Working on Bringing down. Basically, the Cost of What Life Requires for People out There You Go There You Go, Here's I'm Not Quite Sure What She Means by That. But She's but This Is the Quote Bringing down. Basically, the Cost of What Life Requires for People. What Does Life Require of People.

What Exactly Is That This Woman's Nuts Had She Been Drug Tested. That's What I'd like to Know, Harris or VP. Ladies and Gentlemen Are at 844-747-8868 That's Our Telephone Number. That's 844-747-8868 Will Be Taking Your Calls This Hour Coming up Were to Be Checking with a Good Friend of This Program. Sandy Rios Shall Be Here in Just a Little While and Also the Author of an Incredible Incredible Book about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Urinal to Stick around for That As Well. This Is the Time Charge New Galaxies. He Flipped for All These New Taxes Might Not like Selfies of the Part I Found It in Fact Not Capture Hands-Free Text from Multiple Angles for Training Sessions for His Followers Simply Wave My Hand to Start Recording Video Clip for Compact and Fit Perfectly in My Pocket Galaxies. He Flipped for. I Can't Get into That Right Now There Have Been Some Law Enforcement Context. Nothing of a Violent Nature I Can Get into the Specifics of the Context. So Again, What Does That Mean What Does It Mean That the Suspect Was Known to Law Enforcement. Every Single Man Shooting We Have Heard the Police Come out and Say Yes. This Individual Was Known to Law Enforcement. So, Were They Trying to Recruit This Kid Were They Trying to Coax Him along into Committing a Crime That They Could Stop Were Were They Grooming Him for Some Other Reason.

What Exactly Is Going on Here and We've Seen This Play out before We Mentioned What Happened with the Attempted Kidnapping of the Governor Michigan Which Turned out to Be a Crime That Was Being Perpetrated by the FBI Itself to This Day We Still Do Not Know How Many FBI Agents Were Involved in the Planning and the Execution of What Happened of the US Capitol January 6.

So Yes My Radar Is up on This One and I'm Curious to Know What These Law-Enforcement Resources What They Are Doing Online Are They Trying to Egg These People Are They Planning These Ideas in the Minds of the Suspects, Hoping Just Hoping They Might Be Able to Catch Them Engaged in a Crime. So What Is That Mean and I Would like for Somebody to Ask the Question at the Press Conference What You Mean What What Is That Mean Server That He Was Known to Law Enforcement and That the This the up the Spokesperson Says, Well, There Was Nothing of a Violent Nature. The Videos I've Seen Are Very Alarming. Ladies and Gentlemen Very Alarming. By the Way They Are.

Lori F.

Clarence Thomas Lightfoot out Chicago Is Now Calling for Civility in Public Discourse. Just Last Week She Was Shouting to a Group of People F Clarence Thomas F.

Clarence Thomas and out. Lightfoot Is Saying That the Toxicity in Our Public Discourse Is Something That We Should All Be Concerned about. You Know What Somebody Needs to Do to Lesbian Mayor Lightfoot.

They Need to Get a Big Old Boris of Grace Baker This Ever Happened to You When You're a Child Growing up Where If You Set a Naughty Word.

Your Mother Would Take a Bar of Soap and She Would Wash Your Mouth out Because You Had a Dirty Mouth. Notice I Was an Angel Child. One Time I Said OMG and I Was so Ashamed.

I Cried Really like Oh OMG Oh My God, Oh Yeah and I Got You That Got You Teared up Yeah Is Very Sensitive Child, but I Did See This Happen on a Christmas Story Telling Him I've Seen It As I Am Not Much Help a Great Season and a Christmas Story. By the Way It Thing but yet so I'm Back in the Day People Your Parents If You Said Something Naughty. They Would Wash Your Mouth. At Least That's What Happened. I Was so Wash It out Was so out to This Day I Cannot Handle the Smell of Zest Did You Say A Lot Of Naughty Were No I Was a Bad Child Bad Bad Child but You Know I Troublemaker I Was, Not Necessarily a Troublemaker but You Know I like the Start of the Pie. Can I Give You Little Smart-Alecky and I Yeah That's Actually and It Was Bob Because She Was Very Aggressive with the with the Soap Golf I'm Curious.

I Know There's Somebody Else out There Yeah Sure Suffered through.

What's Worse Is the That's Got to Be a Bar Soap and You Kick It like the Sadducees, the Liquid Foamy Liquid Be Very Problematic Terrible the Skillet Side Pod 844-747-8868 That's Her Toll-Free Telephone Number That's 844-747-8860 80. This Story Congressman Jim Banks, the Chairman of the House Study Committee Is Very Upset the Biden Administration Is Using Our Tax Money to Promote Atheism Abroad so I Congressman Banks and Several Other Republicans Have Fired off a Letter to the President Demanding Answers Here, so Here's the Deal. Biden Is Going to Give a Half-Million Dollars to Any Organizations. Yes, Plural Organizations That Will Share the Message of Atheism and Humanism in Foreign Countries. Congressman Frank Says This Is a Radical Progressive Orthodoxy.

And He's Right. I Mean, in Essence, Ladies and Gentlemen, Joe Biden Has Announced That He Is Going to Be Funding Atheist Missionaries Using Your Tax Money. Specifically There to Be Targeting South and Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa a Question. You Have a Problem with Your Tax Dollars Being Used To Promote the Gospel of Atheism 844-747-8868 That's Our Toll-Free Telephone Number Is 844-747-8868 Will Be Someone Who's Not Working No Chill Trust Me That Used To Be Me, but Then I Found Galaxy Full for Which Allows Me to Do More Things at Once. Much Now I Think You Calls My Phone and Use It to Take Notes at the Same Time or Check My Shopping List While Ordering More Scented Candles and Facemasks on the Foldable Expansive Screen. Don't Take You to to List One Line at a Time Multitasks He Can Relax, Click the Banner to Get Your Galaxies Evil for Todd Stern's Radio Show. Let's Go to Phones. Mike Is Georgia WC UN Mike. You Know What I'm Talking about.

The Model Was There with That Bar of Soap and She Was Forced to Be Reckoned with for Never Say Bad Words and I Got Savior. I Stand so Anything Equipment That the Cartoon Cackling Jackal Who Remember Them. I Wouldn't Say That I Just Wouldn't Do It Because Edward at Kennett and I Didn't Do That and and If I Said Anything. They Just Say Something and I Didn't. So What Did You Say Did You Say Blank and Chuckle Works. Now I Didn't Say You Know That Wanting Jackal and and I Had Some Kinfolk That You Know That They Now Know We Don't Know What Your Government. They Wanted Me to Say That I Wouldn't Do It Would Not for St. Hong Kong Phooey and so Bob Didn't like Yeah I Get Washed.

I Can Come out Washed out, but It's Hong Kong You Know That I Bore Those of the Good Old Days.

Based on What Was Now Hi Mike, Good Call and I I I Forgot about How Cool and Gentle, but There You Go Arno I Go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. We Are Honored to Have a Good Friend of This Program. She Is the Director of Government, Governmental Affairs for American Family Association. She Also Hosts the Very Popular Sandy Rios in the Morning Show on AFR Talk Said Radio Sandy How Are You Doing You Forgot to Tell Them That You Actually Became Famous by Hosting My Show. I Well It's Look, You Got a Great Program and Integrate Audience. Sandy and Were Always so Glad to Have You on the on the Show Knew the Three Eastern and Very Very Little to Talk about Today. Sandy Is with Her. My about You. I Truly Have so Much Time Trouble Keeping up Coming Word I Didn't Know Much Bad News and I Am Good but I'm Not Hearing Much of That While There Is Some Good News of People Are Coming. People Are Gathering Their Senses about Them.

The Latest Monmouth University Pulling out Today Binds Approval Rating Is at Eight Team Percent, 18% Sandy Him. It Is Unbelievable. I Don't Think, and in Modern American History We've Seen a President with with Low Polling Numbers like That.

Now I Don't Think the Leader and I Really Kind of Amazing That Anyone Admitting That All They Been Bringing out the Last Several Months I Find Myself Think I Don't.

I Can't Believe He Has That Much Support. This Can't Be Right and It Sounds Right to Me. I Think You Know People Are Understanding the Dangers of Having Bad Leadership and We Are in a Full Wearing Full Scale Danger Right Now and so Many Different Ways Not on the Economy That on the World Stage and with the Dangers of Home with Our Kids Growing up to Be Crazy People Shooting Other People. It's Just It's Really Frightening Time As It Really Is. You Know, When You Look at What Happened in Highland Park and Now the Police or Technology. Well, You Know This Kid Was on the Radar. He Been Planning This for a Couple of Weeks and You Wonder. Okay. Weird. Weird Things Go Wrong Here, and What Is It Mean That People These People Are Known to Police. That's What We Need to Get to the Bottom of with Doing Rat Videos a Long Time Ago. He 22 He Was Doing It in High School Directly Videos That Him No Posting Beheading. He Posted a Picture of Himself inside a Classroom That Get Dressed in Tactical Gear and the Title of His Wrath Was on My Mind. You Know That Now. Surely the Police Would Have Been Alerted a Family Member. It Wasn't Anybody Paying Attention to Body Cream in Highland Park. The Answer Is I Guess Yes or Even Worse, Sandy. You've Got the Government out There in Their Targeting Moms and Dads of the Recent Concerns of the Local School Board Meetings There Harassing Conservatives on Social Media Platforms and You Can't Tell Me That They Don't Have the Resources to Track down That Kind of Stuff Especially with AI Technology but They're Too Busy Trying to Shut down People like Donald Trump on Social Media and Then They're Turning a Blind Eye to These Terrorist in the Making on Their Own Platforms. No Question about That. I Think That We Probably Don't Even Need to like It. I What They Think Not. I Guess the One Thing I Would Say I Love History and I Know You Did Too. And When I See Our Founders That the Difficulty They Had Think This Country Don't Have the Character or the Fortitude to Do 1/3 of What They Did, Just so That We Can Have a Nation. Now I Know That Was Suffering. I Know Were in Trouble. I Know There's Their Lot, but We Have To Keep Fighting. This Is Our Generation. This Is Our Time and I Just Think People Don't Give up. I Don't Care How Bad It Gets. You Fight. I Think What I Am Sure You Noticed Tied It and Why One Person Who Speak the Truth Must Be Hung or Eliminated or Disappear Because the Left Knows That One Spark of Truth Has No Much Power. If We All Can Just Continue to Speak the Truth and Hold the Line and Instead on What's Right and What's Wrong and Unjust That Even We Don't Fit Coming I I. I'm Optimistic We Are Running High and I Get a Run to the Corner and Don't Take a Stand. That's When I Worry and Select Not Do That We Have To Just Keep Fighting in Our Own Time to Save Our Country at This Point Sandy Rios from American Family Radio AFR Talk on Her Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line CD. We Had a Caller Earlier in the Program and Asked Asked about the. The. The 2024 Presidential Election.

And There Are Were Starting to See Folks Make the Make the Pilgrimage to Iowa and I I'm Curious I Can Answer the Question He Asked Me Who Do You See Running on the Republican Side in 2024. Do You Think Trump Is Going to Run or Do You Think It Might Be Open Open for Whoever Well You Know That You Know That I like.

I Had That Feeling Say Family Day. I Wish He Wouldn't Run. I Hate to See Him Put Himself to That Again. But on the Other Hand, He Has the Spirit. He Certainly Deserves to Be Reelected, Given What They've Done. They Haven't Given What Happened in the 2020 Election If He Decides to Run.

I'm Going toward It. No Question about That.

There Are Others, of Course, There Are Others to Think about How Low the Approval Ratings Are the Democrats Right Now There Are Others That Might Actually Be Able to Be Elected Who Are Honest Also Very Good. You Know It Had Been Running but I Can't Hear In Spite Of the Labeling Might of the Drum Is Really a Man of Integrity and He Would Get in There. I Think I'm All for All of His Quirkiness Is a Key Is Just Proven Himself to Be a Warrior. There Are A Lot I Know There Are Others That Expressed I'm Not for Any I'm Not a Fan of Some of the More Political People That Want to Run South Carolina Comes to Mind, Governor, Gov. Email Farmers after the Youth to Nikki Haley, Nikki Haley, I Wouldn't I Would Not. I See Nikki to Be Little Bit Too Political and I'm Sure You Can't Do on Fire. We Are Losing Our Country.

We Don't Need No Talking We'll Need People to Play Games and a Kind of Waffle on the Issues We Need People Who Are in Character, Even If We Don't Agree with Them on All the Issues Likely Grandpa. I Would Think Someone Is Comfortable and Will Cite for What They Believe and Not Waiver over Someone Who You Know Tickles My Ears with Pleasing Responses on Tricky Question I Wouldn't Have To Have A Lot Of Discernment but We Need Someone with the Will of Iron and They Are out There.

I Mean I Want to Say This Obviously Would Be Wonderful, but I Hate to See Him Run Right Now. Yet I Really Do Well. He's Done. I like to See Anthony. I like to See Him Finish out His Term Is Again. I Think He's Doing a Tremendous Job and Every Single Decision He's Making Is Beefing up His Bona Fides.

What Really Struck Me As Odd. There's Talk of Glen Young Kim from Virginia Jumping to the Recent and He Just Got Elected Governor Sandy, Well, You Know. And of Course the Jury. I'm Not an Expert on Glen Young Can Take of the Establishment Writing for the Establishment Makes Me Nervous When I When I Support a Candidate. I Looked at Supporting Is Giving the Money Cheerleading No It Isn't Always True Bad at 50 Establishment. Later I Is a Red Flag for Me and Then the Person You Must Really Prove Themselves. And I'm Not Sure Glen Young Can Have Quite Done That yet at the Acting Gov. He Was Great in the Campaign Who Can Complain to Juries about How It's Going to Govern, so I Couldn't Be Enthusiastic about That yet Something like Some People That I Trust They like on Pale, but You Juries out on That to I'm Sorry to Be so Uncertain, but I Tell You I'm Uncertain to Declare Something This Early in the Race, but I Think in Terms of Quality Has To Be Someone Who Is Steadfast in Their Belief in Character and Can Fight like the Dickens. That's What Has To Be You Got That Right. All Right Cindy I Will Leave It There Always Good Hearing from You.

Everywhere I Go People Say I Hear the Commentary Every Day on C&D Show Always Excited to Hear That I Made You What You Make Your Alright so I Decided I'd Bless Great Lady Right There. Sandy Rios from American Family Radio on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line Art.

Look, We Gotta Take a Break Were Going Back to the Phones A Lot Of Folks Will Need to Weigh in on This Atheist like Your Tax Dollars. The by Demonstration Using Your Tax Dollars to Fund Atheist Missionaries and They Are Being Tasked with Going in the Southeast Asia Central Asia, There Are Going to Africa As Well As the Middle East and Preaching the Unholy Gospel of Atheism 844-747-8868 This Is the Todd Stern Show Galaxies.

He Flipped for All These New Taxes Might Not like the Best Selfies of the Part I Found It in Fact Not Capture Hands-Free Text from Multiple Angles. For Sure Training Sessions for His Followers Simply Wave My Hand to Start Recording Video Clip for Compact and Fit Perfectly in My Pocket Galaxies. He Flipped for Money over There Is Not Presented Bracket Build Taxes Later Today, Where Public County Are Going to Declare and Lesion at the Border There to Reference the U.S. Constitution Article 4, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution That Is the Article by the Way, That Guarantees States Federal Protection from Invasion, and I Just I Just Retweeted Beluga and I Said Whatever You Do Don't Use That Word on Fox News Radio. They Don't Think That's Why They Cancel My Contract That You Can't Be Saying Invasion of the Border Stars Enough Then to Some People. Be Careful, Bill. Gotta Watch Your Back over the a Fox News Quarter of the World These Days. Real Quick. Let's Go to the Phones Here 844-747-8868 Bridget, Gainesville, Georgia on W GUN Hey Bridget What's Going on and I'm Well Thank You for Asking, Are You There Bridget, All Right, Let's Go for Now I'll Want People You Think Might Not Dollars or Back. I'm Pretty Sure A Lot Of People Think They Even Packed to Go Find You and Teach and I Cried Our ATA on Alive, Why I Will Bridget I Am with You and II Was Thinking about This over the Weekend. The Reality Is That the by Demonstration Is All about Destabilization and They Know When You Go into Lecture Satan Take Africa for Example the Continent the Entire Continent Has Really Undergone an Evangelical Movement. I've Been Hearing Reports of Revival Sweeping across Many American Many African Nations, and so Much so That Who Knows They Might Be Sending Mission of Turkeys to Evangelize the United States Of America. So I Think When the Biden Administration and the Secular Humanist of the Administration See What's Happening. What's Take Take South Korea for Example, Which Has a Very Vibrant Evangelical Community.

The Best Way to Destabilize Those Nations Is to Neutralize the Church and That's What They've Done Here.

Bridget That's That's Why We're Facing Such Chaos in Our Culture Is That the Churches Have Allowed Themselves to Be Neutralized and That's Why Think Biden Is Doing This There to Be Spending Millions of Your Tax Dollars to Send Those up Those Atheist Missionaries to Those Foreign Countries. Thanks for the Call Appreciate That It's It's a Pretty Despicable Thing. But the Best Way to Take over Nation Is to Shut down the Churches and Sadly They but I Will Shut down A Lot Of Them Here in the United States Of America. 844-747-8860 That's Her Toll-Free Telephone Number Can I Tell You about Our Friends over Patriot Mobile I Love These Guys That the Team over Patriot Mobile. There Standing up and Fighting for Our Freedom Every Single Day and That's Why I Love These Guys, the Only Christian Conservative Wireless Carrier in the Country and Their Supporting Organizations Are Fighting for Causes. We Care about and That's Why I Want You to Consider Making the Switch to Patriot Mobile Super Simple Patriot That's Patriot You Really Go to That Website to Be Able to Type in Your ZIP Code and They'll Show You the Coverage in Your Area.

It's Super Simple and It Won't Cost You a Penny I Get This. They Got Incredible Deals to Fit Your Budget. No Matter How Big or Small. Great Discounts If You're a Veteran First Responder at Another Discount on Top of the Discounts Patriot 972 Patriot That's the Telephone Number 972 Patriot Use My Promo Code Todd Enter to Get Free Activation and a Free Gift. Now Grace Baker. Can We Talk about the Best Story of the Entire Weekend. It Happened at the Nathan's Hot Dog Getting Cheap. Oh Boy This Is Huge, Huge, so Joey Chestnut Is a Beast.

Oh Yeah, the Guy, It Was What Another Record 63 Hot Dogs Yeah Some People Call It Joey Chestnut Day Because It's Just like He Is Such a Beast Is Tenant Dominated His Sport If You Will.

I Had to Cover This When I Was at Fox and It's Insane, Just Insane. Is It like a Is It like Its Own Thing.

When You Start People Just like I Saw Somebody Wrote a Song with Singing People and Hats on Crating Their Aerial Artist and They Have Little Midget People All or Part Little People. They Got the You're Saying Is I Got the Foot-Long Hotdogs and the Leader Dogs the Cocktail Foot-Long Will Are There Any Dioxins There like There's A Lot Of He Dressed up so Look, Here's What's Amazing.

So the Guy Is like a Broken Foot or Something Is a Big Huge Bouquet. He's He's He's Hobbling around Gets on Their Is True He's Chowing down. I Mean He Sever the Hotdogs. All Of A Sudden Some Guy in a Darth Vader Mask Jumped up on the Stage. Joey Chestnut Puts the Guide I Had like and Knocks the Guy out. I Still Which He Still Scarborough The One Arm He's Got This Guy and Had like the Other Women Selling the Hotdogs Now Was It Was a Beautiful Ballmer Athletic History I've Never Seen Anything like This Run. James Could Never Sew It No Know I Bet James Goody Would Need to Hotdogs.

He Cried to Somebody Ran up to like That Joey Know It's Great Video. I Would Put the Guy I Thought It Was Going to Snap the Guys That Was a Great It Was. It Was Brilliant As Lavinia Often Winds and They Were They Were Interviewing Him on the Today Show This Morning and They Said How You Doing These, As I Probably Smell like Meat That He Didn't Feel Too Great a like Well Did Just Eat 63 Hot Dogs, You Know, It's Not like You Little Monster, Little Relish, Literally Shove the Dog into a Big Opening Water in This Market down.

So the with the Bread Right so It's Soggy.

Well Yes, but We Had There Was a Guy from Memphis Who Was in the Competition Was on the I Heart I Heard Him Doing an Interview This Morning. Okay, WHO, and the Guy Was like the Bread Was Crusty and Stale. So He Said It Was like Heaven to Swallow a Crouton That Was. I'd Rather Do like a Bar-B-Q Eating Contest or Banana Pudding Contest. But Anyway, Congrats Joey Chestnut Great American Page of This Is Why America Is the Most Exceptional Nation on the Planet Part Will Be Right Back Universities to Really See Is Yours Macy Gray Are You Are You Guys Really Are with Basically out There Is a Singer, Grace Baker, Is That Correct Thing Not a Bible, Not of My Platelets.

I Got I Have Jerry Kluwer in My Platelets. But Not Macy. Anyway Macy Gray Is Drawing Some Fire from All of You Dudes Who Think Your Women, but You're Really Not.

Here's Macy Great Change of Plot: Phila/Teleservices Potato and Then Because the Potato Head Goals Are, in Fact, I Guess Gender-Neutral so You Can Put Lipstick on a Potato and Bougainvillea Get a Female Potato so Sorry Marilyn Is All Upset with Macy Gray, Bette Miller, to You I Am You Got Have a Love-Hate Relationship with Bette Miller and but Anyway. Even Pat Midler Is Siding with the Women Here As Well As JK Rowling and Everybody's Trying to Cancel These Women Now Because There Standing up for a Woman Would. That Brings Me to a Story by the Way, Welcome to the Todd Surgery a Program of This from Fox News. Ella Colton Is the Author Washington State School Board Director Is Teaching a Sexual Pleasure Class to Nine-year-olds. The Washington Day School Board Director Owns a Sex Shop and That She's Making Headlines after Announcing She's Going to Cheeks Teach Sex Ed for Children As Young As Nine Years Old. Now You May Be Wondering What Exactly Are They Going to Be Teaching the Nine-year-olds Will, According to Fox There to Be Teaching Sexual Anatomy for Pleasure. In Other Words Are to Use the Children How to Pleasure Themselves to Be Teaching Safer Sex Practices Were All Kinds of Sexual Activities Quote the Class for 9 to 12-year-olds As an Introduction to Topics Related to Relationships Puberty Bodies and Sexuality. The Owner of the Sex Shop Called Wink Wink in Bellingham Says They Plan on Focusing on Making Healthy Versus Unhealthy Friendships, Romantic Relationships, the Science of How Puberty Works Consent and Personal Boundaries Defining Sex and Discussing Why People May or May Not Choose to Engage in Sexual Activities. Did I Mention Ladies and Gentlemen, That This Was for Nine-year-olds, Nine Years Old May Soon Announce There Will Be for Three Hours. Sex Education Classes Held at Wink Wink Starting Next Month. The Event Is Being Called the Un-Cringe Academy. The Classes Will Be Broken down by Age, with 9 to 12-year-olds in One Class, and 13 to 17-year-olds and Another Class. Did I Mention Ladies and Gentlemen That the Classes Were for Children As Young As Nine Years Old.

Class Topics Include What Is Sex Kinds of Solo and Partnered Sexual Activities for Nine Euros Sexual Anatomy for Pleasure and Reproduction. Gender and Sexual Identities, Safer Sex Practices Were Altered As Anybody Called the Police Hat. Why Had the Police Not Rated Wink Wink. Why Is That Anyway You Got Some Perverts Running Your School District There in Washington State and You Need to Get a Handle on That Nonsense.

She's a Little America.

Meanwhile, Some New Information Coming out. Apparently the Shooter in Highland Park Was Known to Police the Kid Been Planning This Wasn't a Kid Is a Grown Man You Been Planning This for a Couple of Weeks and He Disguised Himself at an Address.

He Was Wearing Ladies Clothing and That's How He Was Able to Get Away. They Said That the He Changed His Appearance to Cover up His Face Facial Tattoos the Families As Well.

We Don't. I Look Pretty Normal to Us at That Point I Would.

I Would Actually Want to Talk to All of the Family Members to Find out What Is Abnormal Behavior. Meanwhile, You Have the Mayor of Philadelphia That a Big Shooting Last Night. Two Police Officers Were Shot at the Fireworks Presentation. Here's Mayor Jim Kenney Cut Number Five That I Had the Ability to Take Care Of Guns. I Would, but the Legislature Won't Let Us US Congress Won't Let Us the Governor Does the Best He Can.

Our Atty. Gen. Does the Best He Can but This Is a Gun Country Is Crazy Where the Most Armed Country in World History. One of the Leasing so You Will Americans Decide They Want to Give up the Guns and Give up the Opportunity Get Guns a Question for You Is There Is There a Moment, Is There a Line for You Where You Would Say As a Law-Abiding Gun Owner You Know What for. For the Good of America. I'm Just Gonna Give up My Guns. You Know, Here's My Address. Knock on the Door, I Will Give You My Guns. Is There a Line in the Sand for You and What They're Hoping to Do Here and in the Mainstream Media There Pretty They're Pretty Devious Because They Know That These Kinds of Stories and They'll Play This to the Hilt. They Will. The Only Time They Won't Is, for Example, When a Black Nationalist Drives a Car through Christmas Parade and Kills a Bunch of White People That That's Not a National News Story. But When When You Have These Kinds of Shootings.

The Mainstream Media. They Want to Play to All You Grandmas out There All You Moms That's Who They're Going after with Her News Reporting and They Want You to Be Swayed.

They Want You Mom and Grandma to Change Your Opinions on Gun Ownership and in Their Thinking Is If They Can Sway You by Tugging at the Emotional Pursestrings, Then Guess What Your to Be Able to Convince Your Husband, Your to Be Able to Convince Your Partner That That They Need to They Need to Get on the Band the Gun Bandwagon That's That's What That That's What the Thinking Is Here and That's Why the. The Coverage Is Everything Is Tugging at the Heartstrings. That's All This Is 844-747-8868 That's Her Toll-Free Telephone Number That's 844-747-8868. There Is a Great Story from across the Big Pond.

There's a Bank over There and the Bank Is Gone Walk Halifax Bank.

That's the Name of the Bank. They Brought Woke and They Put up a Series of Messages Talking about Programs so Doubt I Will Dislike When You're in Your Bank, but by When I Go When Is like Oh Howdy, How's It Going, yet They Give You a Lally Isobutyl Bank That They Give You a Lollipop.

I Just Think That's Great for Soccer.

I like the Green Apple Anyway and It's a Very Casual Conversation. Nobody's Asking about Pronouns, Nobody's Asking about Gender Issues. You Just Go into Your Business. I Get Your Your Your Lollipop and Then You're Out Of There but in Halifax, but People Really Started Getting Offended by This.

Customers Are like What What What's Going on Here. Why Are We Wire We Engaged in This Pronoun, Hospitality Anyway. Halifax Bank Started Firing Back at People That Were Complaining on Social Media.

They Said in Halifax. We Strive for Inclusion and Equality Giving Our Colleagues. The Option to Add Their Pronouns on Their Badge Helps to Create an Inclusive Environment for Our Customers and Colleagues.

Is That True Is That True Grace Baker Duke Would Would Having the Ability to Wear Your Pronoun on Your Clothing Was That Make You Feel Affirmed. If That Was Where I Found My Affirmation. I Have Some Other Problems Exactly It Every If If That's What You Again and the Visa Teachers.

The Kindergarten Teachers of the Preschool Teachers, It's All about Feeling Affirmed the Children Love Me You Need Help You Therapist. Sorry. So Now the Bank Is Firing Back in There Threatening to Report All of Their Customers and Others on Their Customers. If You like It You Can Take Your Money Somewhere Else.

And Guess What, People Yeah I Will, of Thousands of Dollars Is Another Threatening to Report the Customers Were Being Homophobic and Transfer Money Talks and Ablest My Nose at the One Where If You're like in a Wheelchair All Yeah I Think If You Yeah and If I'm Able to Walk and You're Not.

I'm in Ablest Is That the Way That Works like I Have Privileges I Can Walk Is That Is That She's I Can Keep without up with All the Definitions Now, but Here's My Spirit. This Is My Favorite Favorite Story of the Day Is a Gentleman by the Name of Michael Lopez and Grace Were out with This Is All about Learning Lifeless. You Know, We All Learned in Life, Michael Lopez Is a Production Coordinator at Universal Music Enterprises. I Know What That Job Entails. It Doesn't Look like It's Much, but It's a Job, Sure.

At Least He Was Contributing to Society Exactly Anyway.

Michael Lopez Is a Queer Brown Person. That's How He Identifies Himself and That He Is Also Pro Abortion so You Basically He's a Pro Abortion, Gay Dude. Okay and He's Very Upset Because He Got Fired from His Job That You Would Think Universal Music Group Is a Pretty Woke Me the Article Universal and It's True That They Are Woke but Even among the Woke. There Is a Limit to How Woke You Can Be and He Cross That Line. So Here's How the Story Went, I He Wrote about This on His LinkedIn Profile and He Says Last Friday, like Countless Other Folks I Was Devastated by the News of the Supreme Court's Attack on Abortion Rights. Here We Go. Paired with the Flood of Anti-Queer and Anti-Translate the Solution Is Been Hard to Process How This Company Expects Us to Be Productive While Our Rights Are Being Stripped Away.

So in Other Words, He Said a Hard Time Doing His Job Is so Emotionally Overcome. He's Wrought with Emotion. Lopez Then Went on to Explain That Every Friday, One of His Jobs Was to Process a Report for Upcoming Releases That He Had to Email That Report to 275 People but He Didn't Do That Respect. You Didn't Do His Job. Instead, He Wrote an Email That Said I Did Not Do That Today I'm in Morning so We Wrote This to All of His Colleagues. I Midmorning Due To the Attack on People with Universes in the US Now.

Can I Just Say Something Here.

Who Does He Think He Is.

I Mean Really Heat.

He Thinks That Only People with Universes Have Babies. I Decided with Revenge, Face to Buddy I Midmorning Due To the Attack on People with Universes. Those People Are Called Women You Idiot Federally. This Is Horrible Federally Guaranteed Access to Abortion Is Gone.

Is This I Mean People's Heartbreak by One of the People Who Took a Mental Health Day on 4 July. Probably so Then He Goes on to Say, Universal Music Groups Must Stop Donating to Antiabortion Anti-Queer and Anti-Trans Politicians. Politicians like Marshall Blackford 10 Buck Victorious Parts or Expect More Unproductive Days. He Said Why Go Back to More Unproductive Days Yours and Very Michael Lopez in That Telling Sign on Your Yes I Have Your Wide Nonlinearity. That's a Marvel Character, No Yours in Your He Was Really Just Riled up As Landing.

So Anyway the Company Said Okay. Find Your Fired Credits Use a Job so He's Very Upset He Was. He Says When He When He Returned to Work, He Was Greeted with a Surprise Zoom Video Chat with HR Quote I Was Being Let Go for Not Doing My Job Disrupting the Day of 275 People and Poor Judgment. Lopez Then Said He Sent a Follow-Up to the Email List Informing His Colleagues Quote Okay Why Did They Do That Just Turn off the Guys Email He'll Disguise a Larger Spam. He Says I Just Got Fired for This Email so They're Letting You Know Where They Stand on Employee Speaking out on Politicians That Support Marginal Marginalization for Folks like Me a Brown Queer Person Terminated during Pride Month. Speaking in Support of Abortion Rights. Seems like That's Exactly What America Is All about Right Now.

Well Now I Don't Know Much about Universal I Need to Go Get Something I'm in a Budget Is Universal Is That They Sold BC Great Music.

I Don't Try to Really Go in Support Universal Because They Got a Good Thing Here, They've Done a Great Thing for the Entire Nation. They're Trying to Teach These Little Woke Moral That They Have a Job to Do and If They Can't Do Their Job There to Lose That Job Know the Only Downside of All of This until the Kid Is Able to Get a Job at the 7-Eleven Were to Be on the Dime for His Unemployment. This Is True As Well and He Apparently Was Shocked That the People Commenting Were Not Supportive of One LinkedIn User Called Him Entitled Lazy and Obviously Ignorant You're a Grown Man Pretending to Have Grief Basically Is Going Viral for All the Wrong Reasons.

Go Back to What He Can Go Back to Work.

Tell but Somebody Should Have Told but You Know We Got a Generation of These Young People out There. Great. So That's What's concerning Yeah so Anyway Let's Hope the People of America Pay Attention to This Wakeup Got a Wake up I Gotta Take a Break. This Is the Todd Sturgeon Galaxies. He Slept for All These New Taxes Might Not like Selfies of the Part I Found It in Fact Not Capture Hands-Free Tax from Multiple Angles for Short Training Sessions for His Followers Simply Wave My Hand to Start Recording Video Clip for Its Compact and Fit Perfectly in My Pocket Galaxies. He Flipped for the Last Time You Went to a Movie Theater Just A Few Weeks Ago at Sea. I'm Not a Big Movie Theater Person I Love Going to Really the Way That They Redone the Mean A Lot Of the Malco's in Town Have Completely Redone Their Seedings Now like a Recliner and You Get Space. I Enjoy It, but That's It. Teach There.

That's Called the Living Room in My Life. Look, Here's My Problem. You Got A Lot Of Parents and They Just Dump the Kids That's in You and I Don't Want to Be the Guy You Get off My Lawn Guy but When You Go to Watch a Movie. Would You Rather Watch a Movie or Would You Have the Screaming and the Hollering of the Kids Throw Popcorn All over the Place Fair. I Guess It Just Depends on What Movies the Nuns. I like the Crowd Reaction.

It Feels like You're Part of Something, but Anyway so There's This There's a Story of the Daily Water about Minions. Yes, We Were Talking about This. Maybe Last Week That It Right on through Non-Woke Alternative Delight Here. Yes, Elimination. So They've Got a Problem. Apparently This Is Apparently Teenage Boys Showing up Dressed up in Suits like This like a Sunday.

Going to Church Studio Exactly with Cigars and Their Calling Themselves the Gentle Minions Switch Is Very, Very Clever and Is Pretty Clever. So Anyway the Theaters Are Pretty Happy Because Her or the Lease, the Movie Companies Are Very Happy, but the Theaters Are Not Too Happy Because I Guess the All the Kids Are Doing Mosh Pits and All This Other Times, Whether Throwing Popcorn and Causing a Scene. That's the Thing. It Started out Completely Innocent and Then These Guys Are like Working to Cause a Stir in Working to Make a Scene. And Now I'm I Think That These Theaters Are Putting up Signs like Hey, No Gentle Minions Here. Please No Gentlemen, No Gentlemen, Anyway. This Is like a Thing with Jen's Email. Yes, and It's Apparently Trending on Tick-Tock.

That's Where It All Starts Tick-Tock Is That Right.

People Want to Become Internet Famous and so They Do Stupid Stuff like This. Well Anyway I Again This Is Why Am I Understand with Top Gun You Need to See It on the Big Screen, but I Been Hesitant Again Be Unless I Go like Right after the Show and Your That I like the Only Person That's the Best. But Jesus It's Sad Because You Know These Kids Have Ruined the Ruined the Experience. I Hate to Say This PA Go Watch the Movie. Enjoy Some Popcorn 844-747-8868 That's Her Toll-Free Telephone 844-747-8866 I Walked Back to the Top Search Radius Is Great to Have You with Us Today. There Is a Terrific New Fall about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Called Created Equal. Clarence Thomas in His Own Words Are Written by Michael Pack of Who's Been on the Program before and Mark Pay A Lot Of and Mark Is on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line Today Mark, Welcome to the Show and Congratulations on the Great New Book. Thank You Very Much and I'm Curious before We We Jump into the Book Because This Is in a Clarence Thomas Really Has Been a Man of Few Words in Public until Lately and Were Really Starting to Understand the Massive Impact This Man Is Had on the Supreme Court Right Now but You Didn't Really Impacting the Corporate 30 Years, Write More Opinions per Year Than Any Adjusted Supreme Court and It's Been That Way for Many Many Years. He Read Somewhere in the 3035 Opinions per Year Will I Only like 10 and All of Those Opinion Written A Lot Of Them and Then A Lot Of Currents over the Years Have Now Come along and You Persuaded the Got the New.

For Now It Is Now the Majority You Thought It Would. That Opinion Is End of the Term on the Second Amendment on Overturning Roe V Wade on the Religious Liberty with Kennedy and Then Leaning in Ministry for All the Thing Is Been Writing on Note for 30 Years on the Court Really Wonderful to Be and and He Keep His Big Lot during Court You're Doing All Oral Argument. We Can Talk about That but Influent in His Power That You Will on the Court Is Immeasurable. It's a Beautiful Book and When You You As I Was Reading through This Incredible Piece You Guys Who Put Together. It Reminded Me of of Justice Scalia and the Powerhouse Intellectual Minds That We Have among the Originalist on the on the Supreme Court. I'm Wondering As You Were Working on This Book. What Was or Anything in Particular That Just Struck You As Well.

I Didn't Know That about Justice Thomas, You Know, I'm Very Fond of the Company Back in 1991, and I've Known Him for Many Many Years Wiki Right Thing.

I Knew A Lot about Life. I Hope My Memoirs but Way of Describing Thing or Explain Anything That Was What Was Really Struck Me, and You Mention My Co-Author Michael Pack. I Work with Michael. This Is a Follow-On Book to That Wonderful Documentary, Called Created Equal to 2020 and Michael Directed a Film Producer I Work with Them on Based on 25 Hours One on One. Justice Thomas Picked out and so When We Need to Movie Two Hours Long. You Basically Were for All of the Great Discussion on All Sorts of Issues You Come to Talk on the Cutting Floor Thought. My Thought Would Gather All of the Book Is a Book Length Interview, That Came Out Of the That That Incredible Documentary, so I'm Excited to Book out.

People Can Learn A Lot More about Thomas's Life Is Incredible like, but Also Judging Him with Glee and How Close He Was with Him off of Him Calling out the Left and Their Tactics in the Policy and How the Greek Community and and and Destroy People and so I Urge Her to Buy the Book and Learn A Lot More about Going about to Learn about and That's the Point of This Conversation Is to Is to Give People a Little Bit of Flavor of the Book and There Are Couple of Things That Really Stood out for Me. First Is the Fact That Justice Thomas Actually Studied to Be a Seminarian at One Time He Was an Altar Boy about How to Call You Going to Seminary What School Did Very Well There for One of Black Enter Things on the on Minor Seminary Called Right outside of Savannah.

Many Went to the Major Seminary.

Michael Concepcin and on and He Walked to Vocation or That Would Connect up with the Recent Issues at the Time and a Seminarian Who When Martin Luther King Was Assassinated That Good.

I Hope That You Guys at That Point, the Lawsuit Vocation and Left the Seminary Shortly after That the Name of the Book Is Created Equal. Clarence Thomas in His Own Words Literally His Own Words of Mark Pay A Lot Of It Is the Author and He Joins Us on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line of Market. Another Interesting Thing I Heard, and I Believe This Was Sonia Soto Mayor Who Talked about How Justice Thomas Is the Only Supreme Court Justice Who Knows the Names of Every Single Person Working at the Supreme Court Building and Just Goes Out Of His Way to to Really Be a Caring and Thoughtful Person. Contrary to What You Might Hear in the Mainstream Media at Night, Most Engaged You Ever Meet, and One Story from the Book You Talked a Little about in Their Catholic School That Was Run by Irish Non-Got Older and They Were Tired and They Were Content up in the Tyrant, New Jersey. Everything Cleared up with Jonathan. I Would Drive up about 10 to 15 Years after the Company and Spend the Day with Non-about 80 of Them, and the Youngest Was One Was in There. Even Though This Was Hundred and Eight at One Point and Just Go Every Single Non-Know Their History or Story.

In That Time and Time Again. That's What He Does Knows More from the Janitor to the Doctor. Note Each Person in Their Life, Their Daughter Daughter and What They're Going through. It's Really Amazing How You Connect with People and Cares about That Okay What Other Final Streamflow She Got to Read This Book Is Just Chock Full of Just Really Amazing Stories about Justice Thomas, You Wrote about the the RV. I Had No Idea the Supreme Court Justice Was a Big like RV Guy Got about Going out Every Summer with with Getting 39 Feet 948 All across America and I've Been on the Bus up on Both Feet When Working to Get You What to Get Back and the Regular Guy Driving on the Road and Will Go to a Walmart Parking Lot Where Will You Will End up Staying the Night, Going to Stores Going to AAA or Something like That Is Just a Regular Guy Who No Good Just Enjoying America and Loving America Must Shock People You Your Pulling up in the of the National Park and You're You're Setting up Camp and You Turn around and There's a Supreme Court Justice Get Out Of the RV. Sometimes People Recommend like I'm Not Thinking Are You Got the Feeling That He Would Never Tell Them and Have a Comedy with Them and I'll Hang out with Them and They Won't Know Who You Are. Time You Can Get Some People Tell Me That You Know If This Is Funny but Great Treat to Be out There You Know That It Picked up but the Breakdown or Something like That and Not Very Handy with That with with Thinking about and Not Whole World Back Will Not Mechanic You Know Who's on Enrichment, Got to Know Dreamily Well with a Friend of His and I Go down on Some of the.Gentlemen, Consuela Project of Moore's Eclectic and Went to His Funeral.

I Language with Morrill Service Where There Is a Motocross Paper and Thomas Went the Whole Day There to Honor His Friend Know That That's a Big Part of His Life.

You Love Being on the Road Left in America and I Love Doing That with with Ginny Is like Every Summer Jenny's a Dear Friend of Mine and It Was so Great to See You Interviewing Her in the Book As Well, and Folks Again. We Can Work with Product Probably Could Do an Entire Hour on This but We Want People to Go and Buy the Book, Read the Stories and Be Inspired and Get to Know One of the Most Influential Members of the Highest Court in the Land so Mark, Congratulations on This Great New Book like That Yeah All Right That's Mark Pay A Lot Of Ladies and Gentlemen. He and Michael Pack Wrote of This Incredible Book about Justice Clarence Thomas Created Equal. Clarence Thomas in His Own Words, It Is Worth a Review Got Its Worth the Read.

Just for the Part about the RV Experience of the Idea That You Got Supreme Court Justice Driving down the Highway in a Winnebago That's Pretty Awesome. It's America I Got a Take a Break for Going Right to the Phones We Come Back Your 844-747-8868 That's 844-747-8868 This Is the Time Surgeon Everybody to Have You with Us. By the Way, No Doubt about It after Row America Is Never to Be the Same. And That's Good All This Week Greta Van Susteren's on Newsmax Looking at America after Roast You Can Find out How Abortion Will Change the 2022 and 2024 Elections. The Implications for President Trump and A Lot More Greta on at 6 O'clock Eastern Every Weeknight with Her Brand-New Show the Record with Greta Van Susteren. She Leads a Great Lineup on Newsmax with Rob Schmidt and Eric Bowling. Millions Are Making the Switch to Newsmax Is All All Major Cable and Streaming Platforms and You Can Also Download the Free Newsmax App on Your Smart Phone You Can Watch at Any Time Anywhere so Tune into Newsmax Tonight and Every Day Make the Switch to Newsmax. Let's Go to the Phone Lines Lanny and Memphis, Tennessee on KW a M What's on Your Mind Lanny. After Quick Question Heard A Lot Of People When Mentioning Rights in the Constitution Are Typically the Second Amendment Right to Talk about Our Right to Defend Ourselves or Whatever. No One's Ever Brought up the Preamble Bill Of Rights. If You Read It, It Clearly. These Rights Were Further Added to Further Limit the Power of the Government before You Read Any of Those Right Simply State the Limited Power of the Government the Right to Limit the Powers of Government the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. It's Only There for One Reason It's Not like a Hunting License Does Not Bear to Make Sure That That What Is Happening in the Last Century of Almost 200 Million People Worldwide Being Murdered by Their Own Despotic Government and Those Are Amnesty International's Numbers Not I Doesn't Happen Here That Can't Get Away with so Much before We Stand up Lanny. That's a Really Good Point You're Making.

Lanny and I and You're Right. I Mean, If People Would Just Take the Time to Read the Answers. The Answers Are Right There in Front of Your Eyes, but Lately They Don't Want to Read. They Want to Reinterpret the Constitution for Modern America, and They Just Ignore What People Do It at Church All the Time. They Just Ignore Parts of the Bible. They Don't Want to Follow Current, but I Think People like You That Ronald Reagan Greatest Thing with the Great Communicator. People Are Different in the Proper Accurate Information That Voters Can Be True. Elections Are Fair but They If There Got Nothing but Pablum on Propaganda Than They Don't Know so Folks like You Get the Word out.

Thank You for Doing It. People Do Listen and Repeat What You Say Other People and That's How Can You Think This Country If There's Any Hope While You're Trying to Say That Lanny and by the Way, I Was in the Market the Other Day and Heard Someone Say Cheese a Little and I Thought That Must Be Listing to the Wood. But You Know Lanny, It's and Again They Don't Teach This This Part of History in American Classrooms Anymore, but That's Why the American Revolution Started the First Flight Was Literally over Gun Ownership Going All the Way Back to 1775 When the British They Sent Troops up to Lexington and Concorde and Their Assignment Was to Collect Every Weapon Because They Knew That If They Could If They Could Confiscate All the Guns That It Was Good to Be A Lot Harder for the Minutemen Took to Fight and That's Why They Did It and and Again This Is Not Taught in American Public Schools, and It's a Shame When You Read the Early Writings I and I Recommend People Check out David Barton's Work When You Read the Early Writings of Our Founding Fathers. It Was Very Clear This Was Not about Going Hunting for Dear Lanny, As You Pointed out so Matter-Of-Fact I Want to Read a Quote Here This Is from Richard Henry Lee, Who Was a Signer of the Declaration Of Independence. He Says to Preserve Liberty. It Is Essential That the Whole Body of the People Always Possess Arms and Be Taught Alike. Especially When Young How to Use Them. So to Your Point, There Was A Lot More to That Second Amendment Than Going to Hunt Deer Lanny Thanks for Listening to K WAN Amend the Invite Your Neighbors to Tune in. We Do Try to Learn A Few Things around to Get around This Joint. Grace Baker. I Just It Just I Still Can't Get over the Fact That Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Is Driving around the Country and RV. Funny to Imagine. I Love It Quite the Image That America Image Ever Got to Be Careful Who You Are Standing behind in the in the Checkout Line at the Walmart. This Is True You Never Know You Never Know. By the Way, I Was Arms True.

I Was Driving Back from Mobile, Alabama, and It's a Straight Shot up through the State of Mississippi Door Where I Do Appreciate the Speed Limit Is $70 an Hour, or 80, As the Case May Be, but It Was Great Seeing.

I Saw A Lot Of Trump Signs down to Mrs. Italo. I Miss That. It's Something Simple You Fill in the Bible Belt in the South. There's A Lot Of Trump Supporters out There, Especially When You Get on the Highways and There's a Big Restaurant Right outside of Jack's Leg and Had to Find This at Its I Think Barnwell It's a Big Are Okay and They Were Closed on Sunday As They Should. Yes, Because There Was a Giant Cross and like When a Giant Cross like a Giant Cross like Yeah Seven or Eight Stories Tall While I Get a Figure out What That Place Is a Mess. It Will Figure It out Will Figure It out.

All Right, I Coming up Tomorrow Were to Be Jumping Back into This Arizona Gubernatorial Race Crazy Crazy Story Going on There.

So Really Get to the Organ to Get to the Bottom of That Root We've Already Spoken to Carrie like You to Be Speaking to Her Opponent on Tomorrow's Program so That's Good to Be a Fun Conversation and We Want You to Join Us for That. Also, New Polling Data out Joe Biden 18% 18% Approval Rating across America and That There Is A Lot Of Concern That This May Be It for for Joe Biden That That There's No Way That He's Going to Be Able to He's Going. We Will Pull off Her Reelection Bid at All, Especially When You've Got Joe Biden out There. I Can Even Remember to Say God Bless America, This Is Pres. Biden Yesterday in Washington Protect Our Troops.

It's It's Unfortunate, but in about so There You Go, and the Vice President Is Not Much Better, and I Love What Her Excuses. She's Just a Moron. I Mean She's Nowhere near the Age Where She Should Be Dealing with the Things That Biden Is Dealing with Hey by the Way, Folks. If You Have Not Already Done so Head over Right Now to Todd's We Have Some Great Great Opportunities in Deals for You.

All of My Books Are Now Available on the Website Including Cultures G Hard How to Stop You from Telling in a Ship If You Know What's Happening in America Rather You Read That Book I Mean Really Does Lay It All out There and It Is a Solid Read and Will Really Help Equip You for What's about to Happen in America. And of Course the Newest Book Is Our Devotional Book, Our Daily Biscuit Devotions with a Drawl Lady Came up so They Said I Love That Board and See about a Couple More to Give to a Friend so We Really like All Right Folks Get out There and Have a Great Rest of Your Tuesday. This Is the Todd's Surgery Will Know Someone Who's Not Working No Chill Trust Me That Used To Be Me, but Then I Found Galaxy Full Fork Which Allows Me to Do More Things at Once.

Much Now I Think You Caused My Phone and Use It to Take Notes at the Same Time or Check My Shopping List While Ordering More Scented Candles and Facemasks on the Foldable Expansive Screen. Don't Take You to List One Line at a Time Multitasks He Can Relax, Click the Banner to Get Your Galaxies Evil for

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