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Trump Fights FBI Raid at Supreme Court

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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October 5, 2022 1:14 pm

Trump Fights FBI Raid at Supreme Court

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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October 5, 2022 1:14 pm

President Trump filed an emergency request yesterday seeking Supreme Court intervention in the FBI Mar-a-Lago raid case currently moving through the judicial system. Jordan and the Sekulow team break it all down for you. This and more today on Sekulow.

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Sekulow Radio Show
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Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

Breaking news secular was present from the US Supreme Court will break it down for you and you informed and now this is why hundred 60 so right away if you have questions about this new filing by Pres. Trump at the US Supreme Court will take your calls on that 164, 31 to the 2064 3110 present troubles as the US Supreme Court to weigh in on a specific part of the document review when it comes to the special master's review of the documents taken from our Lago. It's specifically the classified documents.

Department of justice said hey we don't want the special master Taft to be able to review those we want to continue our criminal investigation.

So right to any kind was so adding where this stands right now, the 11th circuit said special master does not get these documents of the DOJ could keep them continue their investigation. What Pres. Trump is saying here's listed some of those documents out of the 10,000 were talk about we think about 100 pages of paper here. It could be classified or marked classified benefits remain classified as they could be declassified, but if there are documents you can bookmark classified and be privileged and those documents should be excluded from the DOJ's investigation that's correct Jordan this is a kind of a two-part attack that the Trump attorneys the new Trump attorneys are taking in the Supreme Court. One attack is that it's a two-pronged approach one is they are saying to the Supreme Court of the United States that the order that P that Judge Cannon and are appointing a special master and the appeal from that order is was not a proper procedural step. In other words, that that was not an appealable order, the appointment of a special master was not an appealable order. What is that mean it is required under the Federal rules of appellate procedure that you cannot appeal something that is not a final order in the case that finally disposes of the case so they are saying this is not a final disposition. This is just interlock at Torrey, which means into RAM own way and that you cannot appeal it. That's number one that they're saying so that the Supreme Court should say 11 circuit you stay out of this.

You let Judge Cannon handle this. Judge Cannon appointed the special master. Let the special master do what the judge hasn't told him to do. The other thing that they're saying is the 11th circuit said that the Justice Department could continue its ongoing permanent criminal investigation of Pres. Trump and now the 11 circuit block that and said you can then can continue your criminal investigation and the special master doesn't have to review the documents in the meantime to determine first if there privileged are not disposable.

So it's two prongs that there are taking your Jordan heart function order take your phone calls, one 800 684 31 to the 2000 684-3110 is for the DOJ of ever really appeal this to the 11th circuit because again, this is procedural but it could have a sick significant impact the future as well. When it comes to Presidential privilege, executive privilege, that is why a lot of these matters. I would say it's always unlikely. This report takes case and really look at the data case they take, but when it comes to Presidential or former Presidents privilege that does add some weight and why they exist. US Supreme Court is when you got these different branches of government to forward credit branch, but asserting executive privilege and another branch of government that another covered agency saying hey how we should be able get these documents like Nixon tapes like Paula Jones but is not at that level. I would say is that nearly at that level. But it is another could be a very interesting precedent that could be set by the Supreme Court will wait and see if they take the case, but I would think your calls. If you have questions about this fight. 1-800-684-3110 share the broadcast watching with your friends and family will be right back on secular hundred 60 this procedural matter, it's I would say that the commentators on the left. You can already hear them say love you using sprinkler would take this, but this court there so political there so right way that they probably will just to help Pres. Trump would in fact if you look at history would print would Presidential issues arise. It's not unlikely for the Supreme Court to take it up, especially on procedural matters that it is that doesn't mean they will deftly do so, but there's another play at this to and I want to ask you this question gives a call with with your pay 164, 31 to just buy if they take the case, which is a big if any times to this report. But if they do, will the left use. This is another way to try and delegitimize the US Supreme Court gives a call one 800 684 31 Ted at Ed Pulley is showing that their strategy has been working to some extent. So usually the court is not bid like very popular or unpopular with the public. In fact, the public doesn't know a lot about it, usually because of the high profile confirmation course the Dobbs case high-profile decisions there.

Now throw that in there would like political polling questions would you like the Supreme Court are not easy get too political.

So what do you think will happen with that side also in interesting unique angle here. Remember the January 6 committee was supposed to have another hearing last week a public hearing. We do know while they they they cancel that because of the hurricane.

We also know that Justice Thomas's wife Judy Thomas did go in to provide test was. She said really sure to clear her name. It was being thrown around in the left-wing media saying she she's somehow delegitimizing this report by being the wife of a Supreme Court justice, of being a Justice Thomas's wife and so AB this situation, the decisions, like for instance with the DOJ has to respond, which is by October 11. It is Justice Thomas, who oversees 11 circuit that fried every circuit has what they call a circuit Justice and Justice Thomas is the circuit justice for the 11th circuit, which consists of Alabama, Georgia and Florida and he handles matters that come up that require a judge to make a ruling usually on procedural matters and Justice Thomas, not because he injected himself in the case for political reasons but because he happens to be, and has been for years, the circuit justice of the 11th circuit where this case is coming from, has said to the Department of Justice. You've got until October 11 to respond to the petition filed by Pres. Trump's lawyers in the Supreme Court.

Now of course everybody's going down the left is an essay he should be recused. He shouldn't do this. His wife has made political statements that is the most biggest nonsense I've ever heard. She has arrived she sui juris. She has her own law her own right to make those decisions, and Justice Thomas should not be recused from her hearing this, and again it's an attempt by the left to do anything they can to delegitimize the actions of the conservative members of the US Supreme Court to listen to the fall 2064 30 wanted if you want to talk to us on at 2000 684-3110 Jubilee, would you talk your friends, family, that this effort by the left to try delegitimize Supreme Court you believe it's working anything. The tribe uses even thinkers take up the case, I think there's got to be reactive. Well course today because it's Pres. Trump and he dominated three of those justices even though that won't even be entirely military, even if they do take it up with the decision is an presence any product with four heads have that fear that well before the Supreme Court would asserting these kind of issues and they've given a lot of deference to releasing documents to being transparent so I get all these privilege case you look back at the Dixon case look back at the Paula Jones case with the civil trial was allowed to proceed while President Clinton was in office and treated differently than like a criminal prosecution. So would take your calls at 1-800-684-3110 is the bride in New York on line. What a bright light call just two quick things. First, I think that because they couldn't pack the Supreme Court going to do everything they can to delegitimize the next step in the and the other thing I just had a quick question not too far off topic but if Trump was to regain presidency in 24 what is to say that he doesn't quote unquote but denies Department of Justice to look into all the other former President tapping to heaven well it's interesting because Andy on this specific matter, Joe Biden present Biden waived the privilege yeah that he's opened up the store actually is not present Trump to open up the door is present. Biden who opened up the door to the incoming President waving.

Try able see it did. This would be, what part of what the court be looking at two days. Can a incoming President waive the privilege rights of a former President so holding game develops oyez completely.

I mean if the if the new President who comes in waves arrives and the privileges of his prior successor or predecessor I should say in office, he changes the game considerably and entirely and it can open up the door for all kinds of investigations by new Presidents of their predecessors, as you point out, you, so I think Brian you're right.

I'm not saying it's right to do that but if it becomes the norm, becomes the norm that you're from a different party. This really saw you clear the privilege I think is a very dangerous path to go down I think that present Biden was not thinking long-term unit looking its Trump derangement syndrome notes three through 65 days a year. 24 seven over in the on the left and part of that is a deep make decisions that are is not thinking through, so I get working to figure 4100 684-3110 at 2000 684-3110 on this case that other part is question 280, which is.did the circuit court really have the jurisdiction to override with the trial court judge tried to get a cow that she try to conduct a trial right, and I think the answer to that is no that the 11th circuit should've stepped and kept out of that entirely and two-term judges went along with that, I think, as I recall about that. I have been appointed special Master by federal judges. I have been appointed as a examiner and as a receiver by federal judges. These are and and I've done this for 40 years.

These are discretionary moves by the judges as I don't want to be burdened with having to review thousands and thousands. In this case, hundreds, maybe thousands of documents I'm going appoint somebody as a special master as an neutral party who is like a judge and she appointed a former judge from the a judges sits in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York to conduct a document review absolutely nothing wrong.

The ultimate determiner of what happens is judge Cannon however not judge.

The special master the 11th circuit.

I think jump the gun on this and got into an area that it should not of injected himself in and that is the discretion of the district judge to appoint a special master with instructions to that special master to report to the district judge and therefore that's one reason why think this case is an over. Therefore, an appeal that the that the Justice Department took to the 11th circuit was premature, and that's one of the things the Trump lawyers have pointed out you got June on YouTube.

Is this a good reminder for those you in those chats with your travel, Facebook, YouTube, at your watch of the broadcast. We look out for your question statement sets up all the subtypes of lot going on there so we, but we do our best to do that. June wrote it on YouTube. Said the speaker should look at this case to the abuse of power.

We see so a lot of people think you should just do this because this is so and and there is it if it was a normal person.

I would say that's not really how the court works with its up a former President states anything they do. So I think take a at least a second look, even if their initial reaction is idling involved in this this in on the trial decisions that let you know. But what is a former President.

I think that there's a lot of pressure on them both sides of their ideological spectrum to clear it up for about all I think so. I think the fact that it is a former President is talking about such things as executive privilege and Presidential privilege and Presidential records and Presidential documents and 11 circuit that is overturned, a significant holding by a district judge.

This is things that a Supreme Court ought to be looking into and as you pointed out early on, the Supreme Court only looks at a very small spectrum of cases that are appealed doing or that seek adultery to be reviewed in the Supreme Court, but with a President or in this case, a former President. I think they look at it more critically and with a view possibly door that we don't know what the going take it or not, but if I was betting I would say that they probably are going to look into this because of the depth of privileges and things that are implicated right folks I want to update you on that is what we traders broadcast for there's something new. Legal is about Supreme Court loss present tropopause of Malaga rate of most documents and really how this will move forward going take the time to update you on that. If you have questions again about a cost of 164 3110, On the broadcast freight made it from her ACLJ legal team is also be joining us to talk about it. A new filing in Kentucky. I specifically there are two other pro-life laws will get you up to speed on what is happening and states that took very proactive action in light of what might've happened to Dobbs there ready to go down the there of course are to be challenged in court through talk about that with freight made in ACLJ involved there filing a brief as well as always you could to learn about all the were doing.

We write back.

Second to secular.

We are to your proposal is how quickly Kentucky online one on the Trump matter and inwardly needed to actually Kentucky's of life issues hey Rick, thanks for taking my call and my quick question is my understanding. Maybe I'm sorry but this goes to Judge Clarence Thomas, is that correct you like to schedule event write episode goes to him, he will likely refer to the entire court that he's handling right now is with the DOJ has to respond which is October 11 without a case of this magnitude. Even though it is a procedural issue. I don't think they would handle it on their own so he did it again. There's lot discretion was there's a huge call right now by the left to sale just subsidies to be refused if this is procedural that's substantive to the case. It's important procedure and loggers you we understated procedures very important but it is not sepsis. So it Rick a good question there by the because it if the court decides to take this up. It involves a former President. It could be the full court when you go right to freight made in Kentucky as well. I like Rick was calling and frankly I just filed amicus brief with the Kentucky Supreme Court. Let's tell people about the following day we are supporting the attorney general spending to pro-life laws that went into effect immediately upon the court's decision is laws have been passed in years will grow held way and they each said that in the event that Roe was ever overruled. These laws are going to affect the one that splits the most sweeping is the humanlike protection act, which prohibits most abortions in the state of Kentucky. Although it does contain a fairly broad health and life. Mother exception basically left to the judgment of any of the medical about the Dr. basically I was also a heartbeat law which kicked in the affected the first detectable heartbeat around six weeks but obviously the humanlike protection act is even more restrictive than that.

So that is in effect now and stop immediately after Dobbs happened Planned Parenthood ACL you Kentucky's usual suspects sued, they went into Circuit Court which is the trilevel court here Kentucky and they got injunction against those laws obviously not based on will be later Casey and Mark but on the basis of an alleged light of private Kentucky Constitution Atty. Gen. Kentucky has appealed, obtained a stay of that that injunction from the Circuit Court. So as of today, most abortions are illegal in Kentucky and that that's the case that were involved in the Supreme Court has scheduled a hearing on it with November 15, which incidentally is a one week after their appeared on the Kentucky ballot proposed amendment which would specify that there is no light to abortion contained the Kentucky custard Supreme Court obviously wants to bring see what the voters have to say because that will largely determine the case it is Police Department that basically what's going on here to take basic Kentucky to Frakes on the amendments one at what is Apollo again on that either I nor ACLJ action were involved in those amendments throughout the country because the Southerner saying you recognize a right to privacy, which means recognize a right to abortion in the consciousness of others that are in the negative. This what is in the negative.

It's it's 2.there is not a right to abortion. The Constitution has a pretty polling yet audited they were getting close election that were about about out all the coordinates and it's a little bit concerning the quality of the concern most of the money that has been flowing mostly on the pro-abortion side, they don't have the numbers performing yesterday, and let's put it this way, where's the pro-abortion side funding figures for their advertising campaign is in the tens of millions, it looks like the pro-life side is still trying to get to 1 million.

So the TV ads broke out and I've only seen the mother pro-abortion side there very slick and very smooth are also very misleading as a step, but I suspect will be effective for a lot of people this is that it's departed at this fracas.

It was so used to dealing with us at the federal level and may release all of it being held up at it.

But by ultimately federal court circuit courts. Maybe this report now that these have opened up because of Dobbs were instead state courts all across the country. What is the makeup like of the Kentucky Supreme Court day. They granted a stay of the lower court injunction and afford remote seven-member court that the good side.

It's not a it's not determinative of what the essay on the merits of the case and obviously Dolby will have to go to a considerable degree by what people say on November 8. But here's a factor in Kentucky that we try to alert them to basically what we sentence recorded. You don't want to go down the road of the Supreme Court in the federal courts throughout the weight become a super legislature. The nation ex officio medical board getting involved in every decision involving the medical procedure of abortion, you just don't want to do that. And that leads to a sort of institutionally debilitating factor which Justice O'Connor first diagnosed way back in the 70s that gives the court adamantly and not what should be doing either decision that should be left people any Kentucky think about that. This is an elected Supreme Court if the Supreme Court of Kentucky injected felt that this is a woman to find a constitutional right of privacy the covers abortion the Kentucky Supreme Court election to become the equivalent of what we've seen in Presidential campaign and U.S. Senate campaign for the last 50 years. Talk about destroying the independence and impartiality of the judiciary completely destroyed and become nothing but a political body for as we appreciate the updates.

We appreciate the working they were doing. Also just ate is unique.

I did so I guess remaining ACLJ senior counsel and I in leading the charge. Your protecting life in Kentucky really all over the country. The Frakes Parlett that significant life advocacy that we do here at the ACLJ and it is it is the indifferent guy that's I would take as well as to you. I don't at all in Kentucky but their strategies going on in every state.

Some are very different at Cypress Schaefer joyous because this was what we talked about the post out there is that you are outside federal court. Several year, the state Supreme Court's the state Supreme Court.

Sometimes there artist elected sometimes and nonpartisan election subtypes are selected by it is like you don't votes to whether or not you want to keep justice on the court or whether you would like some new and most people depending on the state depend on how it's made up for like they have either not much to say.

Or it's a lot of incumbency depending on how it's made up. This is where these cases are getting it up a less the voters take it really outside of court so that they finally seal amendments to the Constitution or clearing up what the Constitution does not allow some Kentucky of the submitted be put forward.

Since we are not going to recognize a right to abortion center Constitution in other states. It's the opposite.

She has to be very educated if your moral states got those ballot initiatives very educated and not to not be misled by confusing language. If you're confused audit you should reach out to us. We literally this part of the reason why we exist at the ACLJ live a lot information We had a whole map of of what was going on around the country when it comes to abortion rights. So You can see your state. For instance, in South Dakota there will be a preview of a potential commitment that a vivid and try to write to abortion so we would make sure that was cleared for people they see this for the first time no see it in the November elections ended. They agree to move forward in healing to gather pictures to actually get it on the ballot next. So some of these are to be a couple more years from now we have more time to educate people, but is registered for freight. Others were passed in case the Supreme Court did what they did support our work.

Significant decades ACLJ has been on the frontlines protecting your freedom is defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member. If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us,, where you can learn more about our life-changing become a member today ACLJ keeping you informed and now is Jordan secular to secular record majorities. The next segment of the broadcasted out West 14 here. It would have of the Trump appeal. This report is a we've updated you on that.

If you missed it the first half of the broadcast always go back and listen online or watch the broadcast online as well. If you're watching by the way on rumble, YouTube, Facebook E on Facebook you can share on rumble you hit the plus button that actually helps move the broadcast up more people will see it and on YouTube. It's thumbs up so little different for each place. But if you're probably familiar with the one you're on a few watching the show in force you listen like the majority of eyes is listing the show. We appreciate that as well. If her she always tell Fred's and family about the broadcast 3 inches of it different to finish this and have our first with Rick Burnett will be the OPEC issues which move this will affect all of us. So we started to see some stagnation when it came to the inflation when it comes to gas prices so they came down a little bit there was the use of the strategic petroleum reserve.

And there's a lot of criticism by the by the ministration that by releasing those million barrels a day for our reserves are depleting it and that is true and is also for conifer politics is its short-term it's not it's not handling long term, but we need to do to become energy independent like we were were just a couple years ago when we were we were exporting energy overseas it and it's because we were we were not only independent and extra so that of course helps the entire country. Instead, OPEC is just made a move which by the way, tested that lack of influence. This administration has been present by went to Saudi Arabia and the increase output a little bit now. They met again. OPEC plus it's OPEC plus some additional countries that have joined up and out are going to cut production by 2 million barrels a day to think about the math there.

We opened up the strategic petroleum reserve present by did at 1 million barrels a day. If they cut it back to me that one of the deadly white out all anything that would have an impact of plus more. So what we are getting the situation. I think the White House is probably freaking out a lot about that. I John Kirby was on Fox News with covert today from his home to say all this is that big of a deal where they said they were to increase oil output.

It really did even get to that point yet and so they decrease you some folks if it listed in the states. If you're Republican political strategist and they have failed to convince the world hate help us out here allies like Saudi Arabia really leads the charge is in OPEC right before the election.

If we start seeing like dirty city in California is not everywhere yet but your receipt gas prices back in like seven dollars account. You know the signs 650 Elizabeth Sartor back up again you we talked about Herschel Walker podcast yesterday does issues go out the door because it's all about pocketbook and and so is a very bad timing for Pres. Biden and Democrats.

It's not good for country you might like the politics of it short-term, but we as President of the office a couple more years and any it is just kinda breeds American weakness that that that's I feel that I've asked McNeil about it as well. I want him to weigh in on on all this involving OPEC and also Poland's request to the United States to host our nuclear weapons. Now there other countries the world that do have US nuclear weapons on in their country that we control fights: of course, borders Ukraine and this is been something that is directly said here and I will see that take that as it more direct threat to return at both those issues. The former acting director of national intelligence and invested in Germany record now as part of our team at the ACLJ as a senior advisor for the American Center for Law and Justice share the broadcast of your friends and family stay up-to-date on all of our issues if you have questions to calls with Rick give us a call one 800-6843, 100 questions that OPEC question about nuclear weapons 100-6431 10 second half hour OPEC cutting production by 2 million barrels a day OPEC +2 falls were countries outside of just the Gulf states, but of course the leader. Leaders of OPEC really are those go states specially Saudi Arabia and they think it will not have to energy production in the world when it comes to oil and the by the ministration supposedly was working for this not to happen. This also involves Russia celebrate Rick Grenell in right away just because it one Rick right off the top for everybody listening. This is can affect them yet again in the pocketbook right away. I mean they're arty surrogacy gas prices go up. This was the White House was hoping it would most be like a million barrels a day cut and they announce a 2 million barrel a day cut local one of the problems that we gain from by breaking from the beginning, inability that apply in my own company apply in order to bring the price down what they tried to do and really manipulate the market in every possible way. Getting OPEC involved trying to do you know lower prices through a short term political manipulation.

I think all economists are theme happening there draining the strategic reserve to pretend like we have more supply when we are just using up the strategic reserve. This means that they're manipulating the price in order to get to the election and then quickly thereafter. There won't be any other Troy dentists the skyrocketing gap.

We will speak skyrocketing gas prices after the November election day have been shown their card and this political manipulation by Washington DC politicians gotta stop the reason to keep going. We talk about that of the manipulating the DOJ and FBI and now through the economy and gas pipe is because the media doesn't push back on Democrat and when the media doesn't push back the lesson that the Democrat learn is they can keep going and keep getting more outrageous support Well you know it's it's really a Saudi's and there there standing up with Putin and they did were beautified in on this. The ministration was hoping you'd be added. OPEC would do this but I would when you are acting director national intelligence here in Vassar, Germany, and the trumpet ministration we did really have to rely on OPEC anymore.

We did have to rely on Russia anymore. We were next net exporter of energy just a couple years ago yeah not put really bad that this supplier can easily default buyout by America we have the ability to supply our needs and what we were able to deal with either an LNG and gas to become an energy exporter was literally ended by the Biden administration. The ended pipeline. We ended gas exploration, drilling and in a significant way and yet you don't weeks the Biden administration invented Democrat dropped the Trump sanctioned on the Russian pipeline into Europe literally both domestically and internationally. Biden teen has mastered up on on both sides of his salary really does leave this a bit, fairly close ally, the United States, but that there were some bad blood with the by the ministration of some issues and then you present. Biden went there to try to repair that and and the way this is being portrayed in the media is also that this is a move of OPEC towards Russia say Abby how big of a failures. This, by the by the ministration that that not only is OPEC basically ignoring the United States.

But there also innocence helping the bailout rush a little bit for the garden.

I would say that there is a rejection of the Biden. He remember that OPEC would considering a kind of a million barrels a day and then what we thought of the Biden administration come out very publicly and they were in the launch and effort to stop that were not going to report a million barrels a day. Being cut and so they pressured LTAC we thought lap diplomacy from the Biden team going on and what happened is OPEC cut oil output by $2 million 2 million barrel a day so they literally did the opposite of what the Biden team was trying to question. I think that there is a there is a recognition internationally that when Biden asked to do something like drop the Russian tanks in on the pipeline on the march in pipeline that we could do the opposite. Do the opposite of what Biden is asking, and you might help the situation ask a question on this and then I want to move to this nuclear weapons issue but just the sense of how you talked about how you think what they will do is just keep releasing from that strategic reserve to try and keep the price down this next month basically is what they they've got to try to do at the White House so we might not see it all across Huntsville. Some states regarding the numbers are going up but that's their attempt here is Dell Dell Unocal to give that up in our security based off of that drain that resource just to hope politically that they can keep the price down through November 8. I I would encourage people to go to my twitter feed it at Wintergreen.

Now I share the graph from the department of energy which is noon till October 2022 forecast on the oil piggy bank by the strategic reserve. The oil that we have in our piggy bank and it plummeted. Let what is in our piggy back for hard time is literally at near the bottom that even you look at this graph in it and it falls off a cliff and that is Joe Biden administration using up our piggy bank of oil because he's trying to prop up prices that much if he can through November.

They are running out of oil in the piggy bank and this is the Christ that they're not thinking about increasing the supply here at home, but they are talking about several month ago about trying to find oil from Venezuela and other places when I don't understand it. The same people who really care about the environment. If they do care about the environment are willing to. Take oil that does not use the same technology that we do when it when it comes out of the ground. It dirtier. They're willing to use dirtier oil simply to make sure that the America doesn't pump some that's an outrage to strategic reserve is a 40 year low-inflation at a 40 year high cereal boxes very closely, real quickly. Want to get to that this Poland nuclear issues. The poet is made to put in a request to host US nuclear weapons, and I do or create their other countries in Europe to do host US nuclear weapons but at this Poland specifically hear the orders Ukraine what is your take on this situation again. The more the Biden ministration you have to make some serious decisions you look I think Poland offering to have the nuclear protection in the area though, they obviously are feeling threatened. When I would get them back to the Germany I always talk about the different and the threat that meant between Europe and America.

You know Europe doesn't believe that they are under the same threat assessment from Iran from Russ delicate lie they were doing that pipeline until we just got Avenue a X theory of conversation about the threat that we all day and I think Poland is having that conversation.

As always, we appreciate you joining us and uses updated insight into what sex every one of us is always record now and it is said, you should follow it out on twitter so much good information fights back for all of us against the left takes them on with facts with info with data that that's the way you fight back.

Folks it's with that with the numbers and when you look at the strategic reserve being Rick is by this point I would make this point to just forget that the strategic reserve is not put in place to keep prices down, and certainly not put in place to keep prices down for politics and political games is there in case you have a situation where you get cut off in the world and you need oil fast and I'm thinking about price at that point is pregnant, you know protect yourself. It's white states is to teach it were seeing some of that now from the world. I think we can quickly right this ship. Politically we a strong showing in the midterms and then a strong showing in the general election a couple years from now, because as we know you can get. You get back to American energy independence quickly that the longer we stay away from it, the longer it takes to get back to it. That is the hope that his wife continue fighting. This administration is not to make the decisions see that time and time again and now we come back really talk about new piece up by Westminster active ACLJ the likelihood of Russia using nuclear weapons seven things he did know it's Places to walk us through we come back on secular was always support the work of ACLJ AC that's How that will also benefit Russian Ed spike really cutting the oil supply to the world which impacts Europe. It impacts of course, almost United States as you heard Rick say he thinks the Biden ministration will do everything they can, using our strategic reserve. Try to keep that price down through November 8 for a few more weeks and did here we go again later said see those numbers at maybe 11. We haven't seen yet is OPEC was expected to go to 2 million barrel cut. They were White House was worried about their 1 million barrel a day cut and OPEC IB. This is a message to the United States is this is what this the bad part about it is we don't really see you as the leader of the world and into the day or as a real threat to anything we want to do so if were the salaries for this were to take this actually just they have not.

They did not take advantage at all of what that truck is fish and left them which was a lot of positive actions in the Gulf and instead okay that's it would take down the setting are related to regime change all that.

So you that put putting that aside, we got it just nuclear issues as well. Westminster Marty with ACLJ's got new piece The pieces title was very clear. Will Russia use nuclear weapons in Ukraine seven things you need to know such walk-through for folks absolutely and if I could just backup what you just said about the strategic petroleum reserve that the that all is reserved for war and national emergencies is the lowest since 1984. If something happens and we actually get into a shooting war with Russia. Our strategic reserve of oil. No war is fought with oil for it on so many levels. We would be sure to know is just amazing that for for political purposes present by just doing this but that Becht was going on in Ukraine Russia is losing this war hi can generate over 10,000 Russian soldiers killed, wounded and captured. They are losing the war in Ukraine for now occupied land by Russian forces is being reclaimed by Ukrainian forces. So Letterman or Pruden is humiliated and is desperate and sometimes desperate men do desperate crazy things and that's the fear of this nuclear threat in Ukraine because Pres. Putin has several times indicated that he is considering using low yield tactical nuclear weapons in Jordan three things happen just in the last three days. That should I don't want to say it should create alarm, but it should create concern in the administration needs to take these three things seriously.

First of all, former Russian Pres. Dmitry Medvedev said this week that using tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine should be considered is the former President, but he is also the head now of the Russian Security Council. This view was echoed by the head of the Chechen region in Russia guy name rims on counteroffer who actually said this week that now. Right now, low yield nuclear weapons should be used. In Ukraine you take those statements, combined with intelligence officials have revealed that a train has been traveling through Russia. Russia is a very large country. Of course, but it it originated near the directorate that controls Russia's nuclear technology, weapons, supplies, maintenance and equipment.

We don't know where it's going. But the fear is that because is in charge of issuing tactical nuclear weapons and equipment to individual units that it might be heading towards Ukraine.

That would be a game changer and then finally the other thing that happened this week.

Russia had launched this past June, the world's largest nuclear severing. It is 600 feet long call the Belgrade. It is a nuclear capable submarine that can carry what they called the Poseidon nuclear drone. Russia claims that this underwater nuclear drum can be fired off the coast of the country, creating massive title way to tsunami that will render the coastland for example of America uninhabitable for decades.

They that that Russian severing this week, left its port in the Arctic Circle.

And we, at this moment.

Don't know where it is and so you take those three things. Artists know the date they didn't know where it is worth going.

It left and they can't find it. So you take that with the nuclear saber rattling this going on from prudent. This is serious business probably not since the 1962 Cuban missile crisis. Have we been under this kind of a threat in this kind of uncertainty about the outcome of a conflict with Russia is happy.

This is I get weird we are with you sometime in the Poseidon weapon that they claimed it could cause a tsunami plus nuclear fallout, making places uninhabitable that that's tested more than a tactical nuclear weapon on the battlefield moving those weapons around to see that the one risk of the even the tactical nuclear weapon of smaller scale. Because this is a type this in Europe, the wind blows a wrong way and suddenly got nuclear fallout from a weapon like that and a NATO country and get tough decisions to make on top of that there threatening them, the bigger weapons as well. I think important.

You have to take his threat seriously. It could be a bluff, although he said last week. This is not a bluff, which is indicative of the man who has a really big credibility problem in a self-confidence problem when they have to say this is not a bluff but I think his fear probably is that if he uses tactical nuclear weapons in NATO and the United States responds and some military leaders this week Actually indicated what a possible response would be in it included an act could not believe I heard this because I think it's unwise to say it, even if you're thinking that, for example, Gen. David Trey said we would target every Russian unit in Ukraine that we would also sing the Russian Navy if we were to do something at work as a full-scale war and and here's the thing. The tactical nuclear response we have to respond to that if uses tactical weapon, but if an all out war breaks out and were trying to sink the Russian Navy.

I think that's the point where Pruden would consider using a strategic nuclear weapon the ICBMs. This new submarine that kind of thing. So I think what Putin is doing.

He's hedging his bets in case this escalates into a full-blown shooting war, but in reality I think what he wants to do whether or not he will do it.

We don't know but what he wants to do is use a low yield tactical nuclear weapon in order to turn around the war in Ukraine and he hopes that he can do that when the war and get by with it because the grantors of regret for a call up hundreds of thousands of Russians they called reservist cannot really reserve us like we have here that are constantly training right and ready to go. Even the others report out and getting tempted to call the greatest upper Ukraine set up a hotline number so that run these Russians were put put into that the battlefield can call it to surrender and the executive thousand calls of they are in many draft aged man in Russia by the thousands are leaving the country because of his call up of these 300,000 so called reservist now put some politicians in Russia are being bold enough to call for complete withdrawal and a few politicians, including the mayor of St. Petersburg were Putin's ramp have call for his resignation as its patent is not doing well and presently on that battlefield. They are losing the war. That way when he's I drew out an order facing serious desolate men sometimes do crazy DS. Let me encourage you folks, as well as Wasilla try to be alarmist, but we should be served. Take this very seriously. The pieces will Russia use nuclear weapons. Ukraine sure that your social media platforms seven things you need to know by iOS Smith and and we always encourage you go to our website at ACLJ that are support the work of the ACLJ for Financially free to do that, but it's also great piece like Wes is share with your friends and family brings more people to ACLJ website and they see the kind of work that we do expansive work that they show all the topics we covered with our own expert and ACLJ

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