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Hunter Biden Scandal Could Bring Down Biden Admin

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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July 11, 2022 3:39 pm

Hunter Biden Scandal Could Bring Down Biden Admin

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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July 11, 2022 3:39 pm

If the allegations are true, the Hunter Biden scandal could very well bring down the entire Biden Administration.

Rep. Scott Perry, Art Ally, and Lance Walker join the conversation!

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Did you don't easy flip for well go to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM universities. Do you see Charlie since conservative is very strong. So good to have your web post but anyway what a day. What a way to start the week got here on the tots herds radio program. So look, I as much as I want to jump in with 100 binders of working to do that but if you have seen the videos. If you see the photographs you know how revolting the Hunter Biden situation is you know how insane this story has gone but I'm here to tell you that the end is near for the bided administration. Again, welcome to the Todd Stern's radio program. We are honored to have you with us today and folks moving forward we need to pay very close attention to what is going on with the bided administration. This is the end game. This is where over the weekend. The foundational blocks were laid for the Democratic Party for the mainstream media to destroy the bided administration to remove Joe Biden from office. Now keep in mind this has nothing to do with doing the right thing. This has everything to do with saving their political practices or archive if you will, because the Democrats know that they are about to be decimated of the midterm election so they gotta get rid of Joe Biden and that's where all the blame is now being heaped. Now they've had these cards in their back pocket pocket all along that the Democrats have known that Hunter Biden was not just us was not just a sleaze void. He wasn't just a pervert.

He was in fact a criminal. I mean unbelievable. The stuff coming out about hundred bided over the weekend that we got a couple of moving parts here ever to get to those in just a moment so put a pen and that for just a second and I want to talk about the New York Times, who came out with really an extraordinary piece over the weekend. Now look this is the court the mainstream media deserves no credit here because we been telling you about Joe Biden. We been telling you about his issues with dementia, possibly senility.

We been talking about those nonstop for quite some time and now all of a sudden the New York Times is talking about what we've all known from day one, that Joe Biden is not mentally fit to be president of the United States.

So the times over the weekend I published a story talking and using unnamed sources within the Democratic Party saying people are very uncomfortable about Joe Biden's age of the article's title at 79. Biden is testing the boundaries of age and the presidency and they claimed that the reason why the presidents for date Middle East trip was originally scheduled to be combined with his trip to Europe. The reason why that was changed is because they felt like Biden was not up for the task, but he wasn't able to make the trip, which is why they cut it in half. Meanwhile, you have Joe Biden out there saying he plans to run for second term, he would be. He's already the oldest president in American history and office should he be reelected, he would be 86 years old at the end of his tenure in many Democrat strategists are now saying they don't believe Biden should be running for president in 2024. There is a Harvard poll that came out just last month, 64% of US voters say Biden is showing he is too old for the presidency. Do you believe that, ladies and gentlemen based on what you've just seen a by the way a few moments ago our president Biden out there talking about get the guns and he actually said the Parkland high school shooting happened in 1918 Marvin Stallman Douglas high school Park on Florida 19 1917 dead 1700, no, no, Mr. Brett no Mr. Pres., it happened in 2018 1918 there were no school shootings, Mr. Pres. In 1918, Marjorie Marjorie Douglas was just a young woman. She had no school named after Mr. Pres., this is folks, this is happening every single day, every single day. The guy can't even ride a bicycle and is not even a matter of riding the bicycle he can't stand up Wiley's on a bicycle and how many times have we been through the Biden gaffes how many times whatever the weekend he was reading literally reading instructions on the Teleprompter but the question is okay will who's actually running the White House of an factual Biden is not of the job and clearly he's not up for the job.

Do you know that.will. This is from the other. The New York Times, Beazer, and against staggering, staggering revelations, they said that while the presidents energy level while impressive for a man of his age is not what it was and some aides quietly watch out for him. By the way those of the people you remember when Biden gets up and he says that I need to get in trouble if I do this or they told me not to say this and if I do that I need to get in trouble. Those are the people quote he often shuffles when he walks and aides worry he will trip on a wire, he stumbles over words during public events and they hold their breath to see if he makes it to the end without a gaffe. Mr. Biden's public appearances have fueled apperception.

His speeches can be flat and listless. He sometimes loses his train of thought has trouble summoning names or appears momentarily confused. The New York Times wrote more than once. Quote again, this is from the New York Times more than once he is promoted vice president, Harris calling her Pres. Harris, Mr. Biden, who overcame a childhood starter stumbles over words like club to Grazie. He said Iranian when he met Ukrainian and several times called Sen. Mark Warner, the Democrat of Virginia John confusing him with the late Republican Sen. of that day from virgin.

He stays out of public view. At nights and is taken part in fewer than 1/2 than half as many news conferences or interviews as recent predecessors. They described Biden is generally a five or 5 1/2 day a week president.

The outlet also go to the White House appears to protect Biden from unscripted interactions with the news media. Biden has held only 16 news conferences less than half as many as former presidents Donald Trump, Barack Obama and George W. Bush. Biden has only given 38 interviewers interviews far fewer than 116 by truck hundred 98 by Obama and 71 by Bush I this is not good. This is not good. And this tells me that the radical progressives are running this man's agenda, but what I find interesting is that any time any conservative over the past year and 1/2 has brought up what is very obvious that he has lost his mind. We are dismissed we are smacked around by the fact checkers items are deleted off of social media and yet now the New York Times comes out, and apparently it's okay to start talking about Biden's age and mental capacity. Now here's the problem.

Trump is not that far behind.

So if Donald Trump runs for the White House in 2024.

There will be the same kind of issues raised about Donald Trump but at least Donald Trump has his mind at least Donald Trump has his mental faculties about himself. So the problem is one of the Democrats going to do with Joe Biden will Joe Biden go quietly into the good night and that's not the question they should be asking the question is will Jill Biden go quietly into the good night.

She's the one that's been pushing him, telling him what to say where to stand where to go when to get off the stage window smile when the frown. Unbelievable. This woman, but it's fascinating because Joe Biden has lost and now the Democrats knowing they're about to be crushed in the midterm elections there to place the blame squarely on the Biden of the nutritional by the way, Harris is not out of all of this going back to the presidential debates. Remember Julian Castro what he Castro site. He went after Biden's memory and mental capacities and he did that he did that during the debates and he was castigated for that going after a fellow Democrat because of his memory and his mental capacity Rasmussen polling found 59% of voters do not believe Biden will complete his first term in office. The Atlantic reported last month that other focus groups have revealed similar data. The word young voters most associate with Biden is old, followed by Gord and then creepy while he does. He sniffs the hair. It's been the whole him caressing his liquor that's offputting to children.

According to another focus group conducted with next GEN America. This is the one focusing on the youth turnout. So there. The Democrats are counting on the young people, and here's here's some of the words he associate with Joe Biden leader great nice okay cool senile and dementia. Now I'm not a professional political pundit, but I need to go out on a limb here and say it's never a good thing when your constituents consider your candidate to be suffering from dementia or senility understood go out on a limb here and and suggest that is a big big problem are working to take a break or do you think Biden is going to be able to finish out his term do you do you believe that the Democrats may force him out 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your goal. It's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time, like you see precious metal as the company I investing in gold. They can help you hold your retirement account into a goal back IRA still own the physical goal also shifted over precious metals safely and securely to your house. You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox called legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit them legacy PM Stern radio show good to win thousands today 844-747-8868 all that to say that the Democrats are trying to figure out how there to get rid of of Joe Biden. They know they gotta get rid of the guy they know that the country is in a tailspin right now and Biden is completely clueless. So the question is will will he go because of his health or because of the hundred Biden scandals, which by the way if any of this stuff is true. The entire ministrations going to come crashing down, and quite frankly, the Democrat party.

These these allegations and the videos of the text messages the.

The photographs it's unbelievable hundred Biden will literally bring down his father's ministration by the weight. According to some of the reporting out there and I with hundred Biden's text messages, he would he would refer to his dad is Peter Pedro is an pedophile ideal. Biden's been out there I mean about the whole point of the Ashley Biden diaries back. It was a couple of a couple of weeks ago that reporting came out that Biden would take showers with his daughter. We have to imagine that they were well with you. You've taken a shower before you. It's the end of the reason why Grace Grace Baker grace. The reason why I'm hesitant about talking about the hundred Biden is the burglar talked about it, but it's just so graphic and yeah it makes me a little uncomfortable. I mean it's their duet is the God is a work pants.

I don't know what to say he thinks is a cartoon character Nick just get away with knowing pants. I guess it's unbelievable. The sliding did you see the one where he slid down the pool.

The slide honestly, I didn't want to watch that well. He slid down the slide and the Denny's.

I mean he's doing the coke is all that you made with the prostitutes there, how to make one a minute they had a big argument about how much the cocaine was there.

I mean this is a guy and and look this is were dealing with. The guy was serious, serious problems or I mean mental problem that's the understatement of the century and and the reality is it's not a laughing matter to me. This is a guy who is in a tailspin right now and I unconcern for his own safety. Oh yeah for sure his own safety in it. Clearly he's involved with other people who are putting them in danger to self all the grandkids I mean something's not right there is a matter fact Rick and this is the guy that Joe Biden calls the smartest man he knows is hotter by scary use Norton crack smoking crack. He's hanging out with anymore prostitutes I have never's it's a shocking, shocking, yet disgusting. It's everything you can imagine, like in the Old Testament hundred Biden is yummy and it's also like during that during the lunch hour.

I hate. He described these things to people make you lose your appetite real quick what it was like eating a sandwich. Coke eating a sandwich and yummy having his way with the other side wants Alec, it's so but it's all out there now and fortune and is releasing that they were able to hack in the hundred Biden softens. This is not old stuff. This is new stuff, but I just want you to think about this for a moment imagine if that had been Donald Trump Junior all like gas. I mean, could you imagine the hour, the outcries time do we have to impeach Donald Trump East.

He's hurting are democracies destroying it is hell is an embarrassment that would've been over 90 they would've impeached the guy they would have thrown everybody in jail. There would be FBI where the FBI raids on the houses, that's what I wanted to busy with project.

They literally went to Trump's attorney's house and hauled him out in his underpants in front of it developed that would not even let them put on patients that he asked and they were like know about if I were that the attorney I'd be all of it. I would I would use my platform to name and shame.

Every police officer involved through every single one of my not an I know I had. They're just doing their job. I don't care.

So is it a scop the a Gestapo over Nazi Germany, but they had to pay a price to yeah there comes a point and that's with the app and by the way, that's what the FBI has become their state police, the other political going after truck but where are the late-night rights and and Roger Stone Paul Bana Fort Steve Bannon, all of those guys and and then you have the video evidence of what hundred Biden is doing. Not to mention his own father admitting on the cell phone video that we have the audio that we have that he knew about his son's dealings in China Thursday and they're going CBS News now reporting that Hunter Biden is under a federal investigation again, why are they not reading the homes. Why are they not going after white.

Why are they not posting this on CNN, where were the news crews. Why were they pre-position because they certainly were with every Trump supporter. Everybody who is associated with Donald Trump.

Every time the FBI showed up. Jesse was there. CNN and MST agency you think you think hunters going to go out yet how do you think this is all going to go down folks do you think hunters going to bring out the administration or is it Joe Biden's old age, one way or the other.

Joe's gone. I don't think he finishes out his term 844-747-8868 and I say good riddance. Don't let the door hit you with the good Lord split you this is that surgery if you are looking for my fellow you will not find it in the big box stores and the reason why it's pretty awful. My fellows been canceled by the canceled culture Bob.

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I guess I don't fly to Portland and then drive down to Salem so I will look forward to restaurant recommendations or any of you folks in Oregon you let me know where I need to be chowing down. Let's go to the phones 844-747-8868 Germantown, Tennessee. John on the line.

Our flagship station K WAN hey John what's on your mind. Good morning. I am from Germantown York to listen to things on my mind about Biden. I totally agree that the same old things are basically saying that the act way others and you picked up in its administration mixing that more or less though. Let them let them finish out because the alternative VP Harrison is not at all, and to take these but turned it back in the Senate the house and whatever Biden tried will not go forward with Lester's agreement. On the other side of the aisle. I also have another, elect Biden 76 Ivy League graduate intelligent God used to be more intelligent.

I don't think Donald Trump at 78 going to be capable and that is as much as a anything else these guys that are old like this, just ask her to step aside.

Maybe he could be a very good kingmaker. But let's find a conservative constitutionalist Republican candidate. There are couple. I'd like to see you help that along rather than stay in the Donald Trump And Scott will hang up. John let me before you hang up when make sure I understand where you're coming from your Trump guy you're just saying he's saying he's good to be too old and we need to we need to be looking at someone else. That's right you like John, you have anybody that comes to your mind guy in Florida to census. He's got it.

Military graduate are basically military experience businessman is on the state extraordinarily well and it held up well down there would be my man right now and maybe a good female light come on with your winning ticket. We will not be anyone with Donald Trump again. I really don't believe he's got the popularity anymore work so that's my whatever it's worth what your opinions are worth a lot here. John and I appreciate your insight and I suspect you're not alone. II think that's a big issue facing some Trump conservatives.

Is it time to move ahead. Is it time for president Trump to become the elder statesman and the kingmaker for you for the future of the party, John Burton opened it up and I'm sure people are gonna way in one way or the other.

Thanks for the call of folks John and Germantown says you know's the problem I Trump just to be too old and it's it's time for somebody else to step into you agree or disagree 844-747-8868 that's our telephone number. Let's go to North Carolina.

Steve WHKPR great affiliate there hey Steve, what's on your mind all hello Mr.� Thank you for all your work you guys are fantastic. Thank you Mike.

I I agree with what you say Joe Biden is too old.

My humble opinion, is there gonna wait till after the midterm. He's going to quote unquote do the right thing and resign, will become president. Our first female president of color never having been elected to the job and as the next two years. Go forward and things do get better. Just through attrition because they will because were America, she will totally take credit for that.

And then in 2024. We could be in trouble. I love Donald Trump cannot wait to vote for Donald Trump but we obviously underestimated the hate two years ago and we probably need somebody new you know this is an interesting point and Steve, I know a lot of people are concerned about, Harris.

I'm not. If the Republicans if the Republicans controlled the Senate of the house. They'll be able to stop, Harris from doing anything.

So basically shamelessly a lame-duck president. If that happens, but I'm with you I think if if Democrats are massacred at the polls, which I think her to be there in there and I want his head on a platter.

Somebody's got to pay a price for that. But they're going to have to make it look like he does the right thing. And as that Alzheimer's is progressing, he's stepping down for the benefit of the country.

Bob Loblaw think you know that I hear you, but it really depends on what the wife wants because Joe Biden. She's the she is the that the kingmaker I think in the Biden household and I'm telling you, based on some of the of the leaked text messages between Hunter and the other family members. The family hates her. I mean she is ruthless. She sound like it. Well, I mean look at what she had done.

She shoved her husband. I mean, he's not even I don't think he ever wanted to run. I think she pushed about their that's what I think ultimately happened the whole thing is weekend at Bernie's with her holding up the court Steve appreciate that visual. Thank you. 844-747-8868 Gainesville, Georgia Carol on the line WT UNR great station there. Hey Carol what's up. Well, nearly everything that I would say get bad bad collar before me, but had not thought headband that needed yellow hair was simply wanting her husband to be able to complete four years so he can go down in history as the president who completed a four year back if she is mean and mistreating Camden. That's a whole different story� Battling.

I don't know Carol, it's interesting. There are reports out there that Joe Biden has really been nasty to the children is very aggressive towards her husband. And of course she and she and Michelle Obama. They'll get along all that well, and by the way she hates, Harris, there is really bad blood there, so I'm wondering if you just have a strong-willed woman who wanted you wanted to be first lady and quite frankly she may be the de facto president right now. Well that put out the Baptist say I get happening for happy in history that happened before going back I would remember Woodrow Wilson after he had that stroke sheep pretty much ran the country as the factor president.

I think that well there and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Finally Eleanor Roosevelt. A lot of people don't know the story, but she actually wrote most of his speeches, she was. I mean she was but it was a co-presidency, especially towards the end I begged her and see what wonderful woman that one other comment I want to make it. I don't want him I don't want, my hair gigantic nice body and I want him to be able to finish it. Craig granted me that I don't think you can know I don't either and Carol God bless you, thank you for that call and thank you for listening. What's going on in Georgia. By the way, there is a there's some new polling data out couple weeks ago Rafael Warnock was up double digits over Herschel Walker. Now Walker is up slightly over Warnock in both of the very different poles, but both of the polls show Brian With a sizable lead about a 10 point lead over Stacy Abrams for governor and then of course Warnock a walker for the Senate but Walker is facing all sorts of of troubles with the, the, the secret children a lot of allegations out there and it's a pretty scandalous stuff, but the concern is that this may be a very tight race for the U.S. Senate in Georgia throwing what's happening in Pennsylvania with Dr. Oz and there are some concerns that the Republicans may not be able to take back the U.S. Senate because of of weak candidates. Now I get to rely on you people of Georgia because it seemed to me the only reason that Herschel Walker was elected is because he was a football star and everybody knew it.

Everybody knew his name.

That was pretty much it, because you actually had some rocksolid trunk conservatives true conservatives conservatives who could debate conservatives who could get out there and fight conservatives who actually lived in Georgia and those people were shoved aside and the. The decision was made. Herschel is your guy whether he debates or not. It doesn't matter so I'm hoping I'm hoping that actually pays off for the Georgia Republicans because if Dr. Oz loses and and Dr. Oz is not doing well. The polls, Dr. Atwood, nobody knows what Dr. Oz is up to. At least Herschel Walker is still clinging to president Trump but president trunk may have may have to come back to Georgia and do some rallies to really get those numbers up for Herschel Walker. It's it's very puzzling, very puzzling what's going on right now in those Senate races 844-747-8860 events or toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this past Saturday.

President Trump held the big rally in Alaska, Sarah Palin was there.

Newsmax the only major news network covering the rallies live and let me save you if you miss the rally you gotta go to my website. One of the funniest things I've ever seen, involves a couple who were wearing trunk T-shirts and Trump told that he wanted their shirt so they literally gave them the shirts off their bag of whole areas. We got the video I made that switch along time ago to Newsmax and you should too. They got incredible coverage of Biden's dangerous programs every night. You can see Greta Van Susteren, Rob Schmidt, Eric Bolling, millions of people are switching from the old cable networks to Newsmax. Even Pres. Trump says Newsmax is good by the way, Newsmax is now the fourth highest rated cable news channel and the fastest growing news channel. All you need to do is text the word remind the 30 9747 urine continued to get in. For information about trust big views the upcoming rallies and more breaking news reports from Newsmax text the word reminds us 30 9747. That's remind the 30 9747 galaxies. He slept for all these new taxes might not like the best selfies of the part I just found it in fact not and capture hands-free text from multiple angles. For sure training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for its compact and fit perfectly in my pocket debater to get you galaxies he flip for Grace Baker. I got to ask your question here. This is a there's a crazy story out of Plano, Texas, as long as it's not about hundred Biden know it's not about how to write that none of this is a woman is fully clothed outlet so there's a mom and she's a she's getting ready to have a baby. Okay, she's like 35 weeks along and so I mean you know she's there. She's committed gets pulled over on the interstate because she's driving the HOV lane and she the, the deputy sheriff says I gotta give you a ticket. Because of this, the carpooling was the HOV rule you got have one other person on the car yes she says officer. I do have one other person of the car.

It's my unborn baby Adam and is lightweight.

What and so he goes and edit ego seductress partner and so long stories they give the woman a ticket.

Let's take a listen and I had had I pray for my great great car looking will be by an me. Trust me on this job only conversation about, so here's the question.

Is she right or is the police officer you're asking me a curious woman zombie. Obviously the child first love the unspoken rule meant it's very tricky when you see a woman out in public in your like sheep or now she just really like hobos another yeah so you had to be careful to asking that question.

So there's that aspect of it you price a little awkward. Secondly obviously yes it is another human inside of her. Now I understand the argument of we need them in the passenger seat. So when he pulls her over. He doesn't see the baby. So I understand that argument, but I also get her arguments. I don't really have a good answer for you Todd sorry I know it's it's a this is a head scratcher because initially you think okay this is about whether or not you believe it's is a portion really what is really now is not, it is no we all agree that the baby is the baby is the best. The question is what is the point. And I heard a caller on K WAN earlier today talking about this and they said, look, the point of that HOV lane is to reduce traffic so does the unborn child drive a Nissan.

No, no, it doesn't. And that's why you know again it's like can you see I mean I've seen unlike San Francisco there like put a blowup person like a balloon in the passenger seat to make it look like we were talking about hundred Biden elf and I just say I love you, thanks, tied.

I think that the I think the deputy sheriff was was absolutely in the right to hear, but he was completely wrong yet let it go, sir. Just how would I know I will let her go with them without warning and center on his child like you to try to do that exactly what exactly I give her points for cleverness, it was pretty clever. What would you do ladies and who is in the right here that the driver, the pregnant driver for the deputy sheriff do you give a woman a ticket 844-747-8868 that's or toll-free telephone 844-747-8868 I think she's more ticked off that she's got to go to court because the cop told her where you know you're probably you're probably aware, okay will I give her a ticket. Why waste her time. Why waste her effort. Why waste your money and I just didn't get that, but it is kind of interesting. So that's pretty bold of the cop but I try to done that. Are you gotta take a break your folks our two of the big show coming up. This is the time surgery is you galaxies he flip for all these new taxes might not like best selfies of the part I found it in fact not and capture hands-free text from multiple angles. For sure training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for its compact and fit perfectly in my pocket.

Debater did you galaxies he flip for liver universities. Do you see coming since conservative commentary from fairly today is 711 so happy and happy for the day America as I've done and it is a great joy to be with you today.

We got a lot going on. By the way were expecting Congressman Scott. Join as he is chairman of the house reading proctors in just a little while. Also, our buddy Arn Allie from the Timothy plan and if you have not checked out the Timothy plan.

You don't know what you're missing and it's over to have a good conversation with art about where the economy is going and more importantly how we how we can invest wisely in an American businesses, especially with all these companies going walk Maranda Devine from the New York Post.

She's been all over this hundred Biden scandal were to be speak with her little bit later on and a good buddy that I you're gonna love this guy Lance Walker from Walker auctions, one of the top top auctioneers in America is is going to be here a little bit later on what I want to get to the phones. We've had a couple of folks went away on stories from the last hour Thomas in Statesville, North Carolina, WSICI wants to weigh in on the big vitamin controversy. Thomas what's going on, a Vietnam veteran and but this time as well. Like a good way already know, like a good nobody has to question that, in the so right. Well, I mean.

And again I think Rhonda Santa served his country in the military as well and you know is a pretty horrible Gaia think he's done a pretty good job of leading the state of Florida.

Yeah buddy government whelp Trenton was never president yeah but you know what before Donald Trump was president he had never been president or elected office and he did a pretty good job on before before born, I could not stand the man but when he walked on that coming down an escalator and start talking. I told her violate the United States and so far it been the best bet that my life.

Well, no doubt about that and I think history is going to judge him as. As such, Thomas. I really do Thomas. I appreciate the call. CBS News.

By the way, reporting that hundred Biden is under investigation by the FBI based on our investigative units reporting the US attorney and Delaware has been probing a number of issues. They include tax fraud and tax evasion and money laundering as well as whether Hunter James Biden and their business associates complied with foreign lobbying laws. What I can also tell events and I reporting is that there's a lot of noise and static in the system. Based on my experience that can be an indicator of conversations and discussions between the two parties on whether they can reach some kind of plea agreement. As Catherine heritage over CBS. I do know that she's got impeccable credentials so and sources up on the Capitol Hill, so she clearly knows that the hunter is facing big big problems. Do not be surprised. All of this comes to a head right after the midterms if the Democrats face a shellacking in the meantime, Mayor Pete booty judge.

I didn't realize Grace Baker.

I've been mispronouncing his name. I've been calling him Sec. but edge edge and I had no white wine and sometimes only sorry it was just more entertaining to hear you say that sudden you otherwise you know I would've but it was just too entertaining to pass up. All right. Well anyway, transportation Sec. booty judge was on the Sunday shows last week we told you about Supreme Court Justice Brent Cavanaugh. He was having a delicious steak dinner and I you know I appreciate him even more knowing that he's a red meat eater unit is not one of these vegetarian plant protein people vegan snowflakes. Thank you. I was gonna say that, but yes, that is accurate. So I always try to eat I enjoy a good Allstate dinner at the Morton's in Washington DC and he set upon by these animals. These protesters that were out there acting like fools, but he had to be rushed by a security team out the back door of the restaurant and now all these Democrats are suggesting that there's nothing wrong with that.

In other words, that there should be that that these individuals should be heckled and chased down as Maxine Waters said we should absolutely harass trump supporters, Trump officials all over America. So anyway, transportation Sec. booty judge was asked to respond on one of the Sunday shows and the reason why is because his his spouse, his husband's chastity is that his name Kasten chance dinner chastity.

I can't remember the guy block to be, by the way Grace Baker Bayer booty judge's husband got triggered by something I wrote.

It was probably you guys meeting all I mispronouncing that I would say that you mispronounced his husband's name I could. I mean I want a lot of things that there's a lot of things it could've been the fact that they were chest feeding on maternity leave. This is true, that could be. Anyway, I got blocked. But anyway the judge's husband is saying that basically telling the Supreme Court justices to suck it up and deal with, and so booty judge was asked about this on the Sunday shows cut for your husband tweeted after six. Justice Brent Cavanaugh left a Washington restaurant due to protesters.

The tweet reads sounds like he just wanted some privacy to make his own dining decisions is that appropriate center when public officials go into public life.

We we should expect two things one should always be free from violence, harassment and intimidation to your never to be free from criticism or peaceful protest people exercising their First Amendment rights. That's what happened in this case member. The justice never even came into contact with these protesters that reportedly didn't see or hear them. These protesters are upset because a right important right that the majority of Americans support was taken away. So there you have sec. booty judge and he says it was the problem. I don't have a problem. Keep in mind that Brent Cavanaugh was the focus of an attempted assassination. There was a guy that wanted to assassinate Brent Cavanaugh that guy now in custody. Nobodies condemned out from the Democratic Party right Joe Biden has not condemned that. Not once.

So my question is at what point do you draw the line. Seems to me seems to me that what we need to be doing is condemning the sort of nonsense and that Joe Biden and Maxine Waters and Pete booty judge.

They all should be telling their games their mobs to stand down. Otherwise somebody is going to get hurt and their responses this to shrug their shoulders.

Now again if Pete booty judge doesn't have a problem with the protesters showing up every time Brent Cavanaugh goes out to eat or goes to the gym or goes to the supermarket. Maybe, just maybe, some enterprising journalist will publish Pete booty judge is personal address, home address, maybe P booty judge would not appreciate it if there are people outside his home 24 hours a day protesting, or going outside the restaurants when P booty judge is eating at his kilt with his kale chips at the the vegan restaurant with his husband.

Chastity maybe just maybe P booty judge would have a different thought process a change of mind. If you if in fact he was subjected to the Bob outrage just want to throw that out there. What I don't think way to be bother these people you know if you got a problem with the with the Supreme Court justice go protest at the Supreme Court you want to go to the neighborhood we all know what this is all about. This is about intimidation. This is about bullying and harassment. We saw the same thing happened here in Memphis Tennessee. We have these radical terrorist, some of whom are elected to office down here leading leading protesters a mom to the home of the district attorney, the Republican district attorney firing projectiles at the home hoping to set it on fire. We got the video and if they're doing it in Memphis Tennessee. You better believe they're doing it in in big cities and were seeing it play out right now in Washington DC look.

We gotta take a break were going to the phones 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 this is the top search galaxies. He slept for all these new taxes might not like best selfies of the part I found it in fact not capture hands-free tax from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fits perfectly in my pocket don't easy flip for articles welcome back to the conference radio show want to go to the patriot newsmaker line good friend of this program from the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania very chairman of the house reading carcass Congressman hope you're doing good today well.I'm doing as well as I can be in this world where every leftist Democrat from on stage and held that the economy is doing just fine and doing well and never better.

You know, we saw the poll you I'm sure you wonder like I do. Who are the 29 to 33% but still supported by but even at that, with the rest of them are run him over the cliff. You wonder you know do they really are not talking about changing policy. They're not talking about changing direction there to talk the talk about changing the horses pulling the wagon right so it doesn't matter if you change the course.

The wagon still carrying the same bag destroying America the terrible energy policy terrible fiscal policy terrible national security policy, which means that you know. In essence, they really care more about their party than they do the country and the people that they pledge the server there serving themselves.

You're paying for it and the demand and command you to do is that because they know what's best for the coastal elite there the favored few, and you, the rabble need to just do what you're told and ended Biden doesn't do a good president.

God doesn't do it an effective job at it and can't be reelected, but we need to find somebody that will because were sure not to change what we think of you and what we think America should be that the message that the really standing at this moment Congressman over the weekend the New York Times put out a really scathing piece on Joe Biden and his mental capacity wondering if you will, is going to be capable of running for reelection. I believe national reviews got a piece out CNN a couple of weeks ago actually talked about that issue on the air or are you beginning to hear scuttlebutt there on Capitol Hill as well at the reason I asked.

That is, I think this is one of the ways the Democrats are able to get rid of this guy. They want they want to get rid of the court. Nothing new With doing that. Actually mainstream. If you want to call it that or left reporting on it. Everybody in America do it.

Going into the 2020 election. It's just that they would report on it because they ate it. President trumpeted policies so much, they would've taken anybody at all long as they could look remember the criteria in the Democratic primary beachfront who can save America who can do better for America can beachfront. That's all they cared about and now they're stuck with this thing and they don't know exactly what to do with it.

Like I said with the New York Times that should also be talking about is not only the fact that the elder abuse and that the president is incompetent and and maybe incoherent, but the fact that the policies of the left which is championing at the behest of all the people around you pointed destroying the country not just about replacing Joe Biden or who's at the top of the Democrat ticket. But the policies that are destroying the very country that they have pledged an oath to uphold the defendant.

Meanwhile, you've got these reports coming out surrounding Hunter Biden and one of the things that I just I was I was think about this last night during my years at Fox News, I would go and work at the White House had to submit to an FBI background check or Secret Service jacket you if if you want to be anywhere around the president. You had to do that it matter who it was.

I'm just wondering how the role Hunter Biden is able to get inside the White House. Based on all of these allegations, the videos, the text messaging a Congressman, this is a very disturbing stuff that's happening here serving God and disturbing for some, although we can all the there have been two standard not only to standards of justice, but to standard of national security review if you're a hardcore leftist doing what Barack Obama and what Pres. Biden want you to do then were just in a way that will change the standard Iraq to comply at all and report on it. If you're conservative.

If you're interested in America first policy you know what you probably can't even get security clearance. I remember during the past administration we talk to the president about hiring different people at national security levels and so on and so forth. And they never made it. They were never hired in four years and one of the reasons that they could never get their security clearance is approved. They just would get lost in the little thought it the permanent bureaucracy that the establishment being a party and the hard left that refuses to make any changes in that regard and lecture with them. Your their enemy and they're going to use the power of the state to make sure that that that the status quo Washington DC has all the power because none they want to make sure that that is maintained will there be investigations if the Republicans retake the house, boycotted the easy answer is absolutely there have to be nice. They that the lowly chairman of the freedom caucus, not in the position of leadership. But if our leadership at the time that will be elected does not do that and does not do that in a forthright manner and fair manner and a transparent manner that they don't deserve to serve in the Republican Party and stated it's hurtful to me but Republican Party will lost its right will have lost the right the majority we have got to restore truth and justice and equal justice for all and we got to get the bottom of bodily underbody the last election the use of the Justice Department and the FBI to target political opponents by the left all that stuff needs to be ferreted out this abuse of power by the so-called G6 committee and all their acolytes must be ferreted out and there must be accountability for this real quick. Our time is short here and we will talk about this a functional hang tight and I'll explain the background here but Congressman, our understanding is that the presidents of former Pres. Trump's attorney was not even asked to corroborate or refute the testimony of of Hutchinson.

What's the point of all that. The point is character that the nation once they ring the bell.

You know it you working politics and around politics for a long time. Once the bell has been wrong. It can't be un-wrong so just because it's not true, does it mean that once it said that that's not can it be used in campaign commercials and add rhetoric across the board to defeat their political rivals. That's what this is so once it said there's no corroboration know exactly the truth though was actually speaking back. This is personal and political assassinations.

That's what the characters that it's disgusting on Congressman. Our time is short.

Here we appreciate the information of the Intel I disturbing days and let's just hope and pray the Republicans win in big numbers in the midterms will do more than hope and pray God, but God bless you stay in the fight worked at the wicked back brought you are a Congressman Scott.

Everybody, chairman of the house freedom caucus your pants up alone. He was called before called before that January 6 committee and of course all these allegations that were made by the what the 23-year-old truck paid and he she made allegations concerning Pat Sue Pallone and they didn't even bother to ask him any questions about that and he's absolutely right.

It is character assassination so that hang tight. Got a lot going on. This is the Todd Stern's radio will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you calls from iPhone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for alright so hard, Allie. I want to I want to circle back to this conversation we're having with Congressman Scott. The chairman of the house so Friday Pres. Trump's former White House counsel pants, a Pallone was a testifying before the January 6 committee and the reason why he had been summoned. We all thought was because of this testimony delivered by Cassidy Hutchinson, who basically her testimony was well. I heard or somebody told me or there was a person who was in the room and they told this other person they told me and wanted the big allegations was that Pat Sue Pallone was making the point that lots of people would be going to jail that they would quote get charged with every crime imaginable. Now you would think that they would be that that the committee would want to hear from Pat so Pallone himself, not the hearsay known sources are telling CNN that it never happened that he never said what he said cut number eight former Mark Meadows a Cassidy Hutchinson testified that that that's a Pallone said that something along the lines of they would get charged with every crime imaginable. If Trump went up to the capital to sources tell CNN that the committee did not ask Pat Sue Pallone whether he had set said that. Is that true and if so why wouldn't you ask him. We never calling witnesses to corroborate other witnesses or to get their reaction to other witnesses. Why not. Isn't that the whole point of this, but it's not the whole point is to destroy Donald Trump. This is a sham committee.

Keep in mind this is not a court of law, and if it was a court of law. This thing would've been thrown out a long time ago because there is no evidence, and for the committee to say, well, no one no one pushback it's because they were there not asking the witnesses to push back there's a no one refuted her testimony.

That's because no one was asked to refute her testimony.

That's how they're able to get away with his folks, this is really ugly stuff you are and I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line, our good friend Art Allie. He is the founder of the Timothy plan.

One of the most important ministries and and financial organizations in the country are good to have you with us today are on a roll today, so good to be with you. Walmart you know it frustrates me because I believe in due process. I believe having a fair day in court. Granted, this is not court but they're making it out like it is to the American people and and I'm afraid a lot of folks are to be paying attention to the nuance or amazing amazing out easily through much of the American populace really is. But on the other hand, there's all bunch of waking up and saying you know what enough is enough of this kind of deception and lying cheating right out of the Marxist playbook. That's what they're doing and unfortunately there are victims of this look of the people jail for just standing there in front of the capital on January 6. A lot of a lot of people are crazy, crazy him and it's almost like you're in a good got me my gosh you to be upset the American people out of the that we ought to go show are upset at November. I hope I hope it's a brand-new word writing this down in the lexicon Art, Allie. I love it looked some there's there's been some big news in the world of business Elon musk, announcing that he is walking away from this $44 billion deal to buy Twitter and he says that the reason why is they have not been forthcoming with a lot of evidence about how many people are actually using the platform well you don't know the guy, but I'd like to bring anybody who thinks it is not recommended by Twitter is better really thank but I'm a water strategy may look how much water as fallen in price and all that those makes the deal much sweeter print. I believe you still going to do it. I don't know what I don't have any information about the dinar is a negotiator just like Donald Trump is a negotiator of land up with the best deal and I think that's just a little bit of strategy to see what happens. I think the other down the Twitter stocked out about the little over 8% said that's probably going a little better today that's just today just Art. Allie is with Timothy plan Timothy is their website and folks, it is seriously the greatest resource for you with your investing how to check out to the great the great programs and the great resource and information they have invest with integrity. That is, that's the motto and I love it's a great motto and you need to do that you need to invest your money with integrity, especially in these difficult days. Moving ahead, and art.

I want to ask you about that. Some people say were already in a recession. Others they were heading to a recession. What advice would you give the average consumer's out there in these in these coming days after we are either in one or ones coming and it's all been orchestrated by corrupt leaders started toward America.

We don't have to go through this have high hopes for November and I don't know I don't put thousand percent confidence on the outcome of the election, but we can turn this country around in a long weekend heard our say that one time and as you know he's right. You do the right things in America is a powerful strong country that I don't think they're going to be able to take about like to try doing the date of the folks that are running the show in Washington DC, a member of the blue states when people will wake up to the fact that liberal policies liberal that's a wonderful word for socialistic policies don't work. Can't work won't work and they have driven us and what I mean.

There is a conundrum what's going to do well. I get in trouble for saying you been doing this for 45 years I have never seen the Fed do the right thing ever.

So whatever they do the mess it up even more. You got inflation way out of control and so out of your control and or your raise interest rates will you raise interest rates is on the current country and recession if not, you know, trying to implement system that never have never will never can work that socialism I know that you guys have been in this business for very long time and you encourage folks to talk with their financial advisors and then you guys help provide the resources necessary to align investments with values and that's a huge thing that I suspect a lot of people don't really think about but if if you don't have a financial advisor you can actually invest directly with the Timothy plan is that right where you can we have a team of people here are. And we have another team that will counsel with investment of directors whose a lot of them don't get it. It really doesn't matter where your investing money you're seeing. You know the headlines of both companies that are going so woke it's almost unbelievable you're seeing a list of companies now that are paying all the expenses for travel for an abortion to a different state. If you're sick.

I mean, these people have lost their minds. When I started the importance 45 years ago. The important thing was a company would operate as efficiently as it can to make as much profit as they can for the benefit of their shareholders, and today that's all taken a backseat to being politically correct and woke up with this ESG stuff: it is crazy what's going on. However, like you say were Timothy. We got great money managers are 12 mutual funds and Certs exchange traded funds. The best thing to do is diversify. Hang in there things are really down now so you want to wait until I go up before you invest or would you rather do it well or down. Now it could go down more and probably will, but the only way to lose money in the investment world is when you panic and sell at the wrong time lies. Yes, you're absolutely right.

I have to leave it there.

Timothy folks I trust them with my money and you can trust them with yours Timothy there to steer you in the right direction. Art Allie a wordsmith on top of a great financial guru who knew I Art will be talking to you soon.

I that's her good buddy Art Allie and I'm telling you folks, it is they make it so simple, so easy and your and appreciate the great the great work they do with your money over it Timothy and we have a directly come alive shall blot right in his go directly to their website are 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 grays hold onto your shoes because our buddy Mike Lindell is having a blowout slipper sale of this is exciting Mike Lindell is that he's a big fan of this program is built on as a guest many many times and he's actually set up a special page just for our listers. My That's my and or to find all sorts of great, great discounts, including the blowout slipper sale of the year for limited time you're going to save $90 on a pair my slippers. This is not last long, and you want to get a pair because these things are incredible is like you're walking on the my pillows.

It took Mike over two years to develop these great slippers you can wear them indoors and outdoors all day long. Made with quality leather suede. So here's how you get yourself a pair of these great slippers go to my and Jott. You can order them over there with my promo code Starnes or you can give them a call 1-800-839-8506. That's 800-839-8506 and be sure to use that promo code Starnes 7% of women who wear bladder weakness products experience intimate skin irritation having incontinence wasn't stressful enough intimate path colleges that do not cause skin irritation tent on the intimate skin. I need to try 10 intimate pads sampled in return for your free sample to skin protects Lantana rainmaker. We have a crazy story in the unit. We do the crime or have the police blotter and with the crazy crime story from all over America. Yes and and for whatever reason, they typically seem to happen in one specific state, and let me guess Florida tomorrow night time now for crime and is keeping you updated on crimes sweeping across the stone Florida the sun shines a trailer on their neighbor Ruth don't know this is not hundred five. By the way, when Congressman Scott. Does summon Hunter bite into the US They need. It's only wear pants she's in service. I yeah I just got a were put on some pants, not when he all right here is the this is the actual report from a local television station about a guy got arrested for killing his neighbor's rooster. One day when Nick says the rooster followed him and attacked 10 players a strategy about me trying to dump the animal away with the cheapest you accidentally not call it a lucky shot.

Whatever we deeply think came home he found was his rooster. Each contest called just yesterday and denied that a couple days later I realize I can control in 19 James next went to jail for cruelty flexing police only mother neighbors continue to fight. He never should've been arrested chickens.everyday. What church is Popeyes in Kentucky fried. She really, it's true.

When you when you read how many how many chickens have given their lives have sacrificed their lives so that we can enjoy a finger licking good meal and Chick-fil-A sandwiches. Oh don't you check for Larry. That's the more chicken that's that's a paltry genocide, so I'm curious here should be.

They say spend 30 hours in jail. He's facing charges of the surest apartment was not there, like what's wrong with you people, but it's the animal welfare people that have jumped in all this and that's why he's facing these charges of it seems to me of a rooster is attacking you. Bring it on big boy that's true now, like say the rooster was minding his own business in the neighbors yard and you shot the rooster and killed it then that's on you buddy yeah but at me. But at the rooster is attacking you different it's that's right self-defense right there so anyway he said that yeah he he was very upset because the neighbor called the chicken police well you know what they say. I mean you got PETA people like Woody Valentine. People eating tasty animals and they don't need Chick-fil-A so they're kind of bitter and grumpy so clearly, as are most regions throw the hammer and the vegans today. I don't mean to I just say I I'm not sure this guy should've been arrested. What's that you ladies and gentlemen, should this man face charges for killing a rooster that was at me that's like say you're in the at the zoo and a lien gets loose in the line is trying to do all your leg and you kill the lion. Are you going to be charged at that .844 747-8868 let's go to bark in the villages, which just happens to be in Florida, Mark. I'm just curious why all the crazy crime he was coming from Florida. It was me, I would've waited till night, and let nature take its course. They retired their drink if you like. I don't know I guy I waited quiet again but I don't like my thing is, people keep calling in and saying I don't want to admit he's too old for that something trumpet their best candidate right now. Forget is not done in this country because I think if you get back into he can groom somebody like doing a nominal with our state you're in Florida and I think anything get in there he can groom the next president, which I strongly think could be to Santos but I think you're saying he's too old and is now okay give me a candidate you think you can get in there. It can do what trumpet are done and secondly look at the backing he got from his son family daughters they're not running around smoking crack pipe with a bunch of hookers you don't think you got a good organized family who can put this country back to where it need to think anybody else can do it by our market looking well.

Sadly, I leave it there. We got a run for a breaker but I like the way you're thinking. I looked at Donald Trump. If Donald Trump wants to run. He's not running he's the that's all there is to it. He's not doing it now, and there's a strategic reason while I'll explain that after the break got a take a breaker 844-747-8868 Mark says the guy should have been charged. What say you got good doodle progressive person's home for another house.

I totally understand house confirm this just another. Some newer homes on the market looking at those other houses don't have a crack in their foundations, no matter how much you love it more knowing you could say aggressive situations as universities. Do you see well that it is to happen this chicken story. Oh yeah so critically say when snow and I really you know it's kind of weird but I think I'm done with AAA for a little while with that so it's okay loading space here. It's okay. I like to play.

I hated attending college. I think a break from it for a while.

I've had it a couple times now don't happen again for I don't ruffle feathers, but you okay thank you for that. I may get some angry callers, but often noted, a look I know I hear you.

So anyway, there's a guy in Florida living in a trailer park is neighbors rooster attacked him and a long story short, the neighbor called the chicken Popo and according to the he got arrested, not by the police but by the animal people. The poultry Popo the poultry police poultry Popo Arnold.

Anyway, the guy is what spend 30 hours in jail and now he's facing he's facing charges of animal cruelty because he killed the chicken now might take it.

If you are if you are being attacked by an animal you have a right to defend yourself. Just like if you're being attacked by human you have a right to defend that. All right, so 844-747-8868 that's our phone number seems to be a no-brainer to me. But I will go to Benjamin in Texas in a bedroom. I understand you have a similar story. My mom one family and our chicken can I send a check in the data director at the time thing and then there are exempt on her back. No interpreter or whatever, but she turned around real quick and scheming to data that they only get them right on the head it out on the spot but I think we have fried chicken at night that he should not to jail. You see, that's how they look, I don't baby there's more to the story that that we don't know, but based on the facts as they were presented.

I just don't see why this guy should should be in any trouble.

I don't get all right Benjamin I think you're going to call up the chicken was good. Good for you. 844-747-8868 is an and have you noticed the crazy crime stories always come from Florida.

I don't know how that happened. I used to be hi hello Vegas or San Francisco, but now it's Florida. Let's go to North Carolina died on the talk station hey Don what's what's your take on this one might fit the part that owners unintended but they think their pet can do no harm, but think the friendly to everybody and I don't know how it is another part country but animal control here is useless. I called him a couple and the dogs are still running loose and still charging people. I think it okay AccuWeather to rooster our dog or cat or whatever you pick up a stick or 2 x 4 and take care. See John. The cats are the worst because you never know were there to. I mean at least the dog they give you a warning. There's like a low growl and then they just got your stop and stare at the cat. The next thing you know I'm either there like purring like all happy and then they've got their claws planted in your face and you can't pull the cat off and you're guilty until proven it near the person you know defended yourself, but the homeowner are the pet owner and the animal control people charge you for being you know mean to the animals now well what I started doing it. I started taking videos of the actual dog or the cat or whatever it is it coming at me on the bicycle are coming at me when I walk in, so I have a little bit of proof that this animal was actually attacking my uncle Jerry had a dog named Rambo that's BEA UX and I Rambo love to chase motorcycle so whatever motor they live way out in the country enough that you know a car or something would come by you, the dog would give day Rambo actually caught caught the car and sunk its teeth into the you know that that the tire and it was not a pretty I Rambo survived but Webb suffered some significant injuries. But you know what I Rambo stopped chasing cars and rode a bicycle late and he ended up in the hospital about three weeks with fractured pelvis, a fractured femur, a broken neck, because the dog charged him and according to the pet owners. The dog had never done that before DS that the big time. It just yeah the pitfall. The problem is that the pet owners fault for not being able to manage their pet.

Some of these people.

They treat their their animals truly like children know if it's no but seriously and but they're not rare animals there in the grocery stores and low on the plane. There they can go five minutes without their pet with light. They got emotional problem grace you have an emotional problem coming trouble for. I feel personally right now.

You don't need your pet in the grocery cart when you're in the grocery store you can shop for 30 minutes by your grocery without having your dog with you can ally would you are fun yet if not, not everybody likes your dog like you do not know.

I disagree.

Well see that I am, you may be one of those pet owners ally know it's interesting, though, because people that we live in the society and our people seem to not understand that animals are animals there not units and I and I mean there were these reports were a couple of weeks ago you had at least two or three people that were gored by the bison Yellowstone and I you know, I'm sorry I have no sympathy for people board because I see what you're doing out there. They're trying to feed the grisly fitters and then they you're very upset and they want us to fund you know it give money either go fund me because they lost their arms. No, you know, if you're to be stupid enough to go up and try to pet a grizzly bear or bison. Sorry, you get what you got, darling. Evolution no go ahead and call out people that are doing that you think I'm hard at that note, if you're that stupid. You get what you deserve, I can't appreciate the call. Folks, I'm serious here. Do you agree with Don that people are taking this whole animal pet thing too far 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 I hello how in race graces, but our chief engineer just ran out of the building. I think everybody's running for cover here. Grace is the way he was thinking about it like okay, first of all, I have a dog it's hot outside. I can only do so much with her. I have to keep her in the kennel and I'm gone. So I think her where I can like obviously getting up at the grocery store with her soon. Like people take their their kids everywhere because they got to I think my dog places sometimes you know what she's better behaved than the kids. Often times idle again. My issue, I do a lot of flying. I travel a lot and I'm just concerned with the number of people who need the so-called support and will support whatever they call themselves the support animal. Well, here's the here's a little secret behind that you can get that easy. I mean even get that from a doctor and get that from all kinds of people you can take an online test and you get your dog service. The only reason people do that because it makes traveling with your pet. They don't actually but it doesn't make travel for the rest of the I was in this tiny little plane a couple weeks I'll give you a great example tiny little plane.

The lady next to me had a big old dog.

And then there was the guy behind her had a dog and then scared the freak and living daylights out of me because I didn't realize that there been a dog sums up underneath my seat from behind me. I felt like I was at a kid I was sneezing the whole flight. Now that I can understand the allergies so what's go. I mean, okay, fine.

Can we get like a dog free or a Free flight and going back to 2020. I wrote this story. Back when I was although this is early that because I was to let Fox some moron comes onto an airplane with a miniature horse okay that's great as is animal. I think there has to be some amount of warning to people just so you're aware some people are like extremely allergic to dog care, pet dander, that sort of thing and I understand that but I'm also like you know if they are if they pass the test and everything and they can fit under your seat in the kennel. They can fit and you buy the seat next to you and they can sit in the seat. She had had dogs and cats here are not kind not worse than dogs are just as big as the miniature horses.

That's all I'm trying to smell. I'm not even to make common people. That was the name of the horse.

Fred, who in their look, if you got to walk around with a miniature horse as your support. You've got you've got submission of the persons moving are going to visit somebody long-term and they just need to bring their animal with them.

Then take greyhounds and you know what the hook up a trailer behind the bus all horse trailer.

Alright ladies is on where to go to the phones on this 1-844-747-8868 who is right is wrong me or Grace. This is the.Spurgeon, Portland, Maine Mary W LLC hi Mary, I will let Dale when a woman comes I typically don't like mine but I guess that's the last. Whatever you do don't care why you give up drinking and live on land. It had rained dog and he can't find back-and-forth the pig to go back.I better let you get close (like that you would not even appreciate you really like snakes. Somebody said that the snakes of the emotional support animals.

Somebody comes on board my flight with the snake. I'm personally thinking about that flight and your care. Yet the snake gets loose wanted to contact the pilots going anywhere high thing that movie snakes on a plane, snakes on a play well pet I great why God saved pets are horrible, Mary. I'm just saying it's you know I think people are taking advantage of the whole emotional support system and I think are there people who legitimately need them members of the military, but if you got a get on board with a 300 pound horse to get Kalamazoo you need to go BC you need to go see a therapist. I absolutely can't you see Mary, I knew you agreed with me and not grace.

Great write very well alright well it's it will attend when they bury out your you see what I did or Grace Baker. He checked for Mary highlighted me to think straight� My 300 pounds miniature horse. I agree with you there. That would just disrupt the plane.

I feel like I Dog@how do we get off on this tangent story. We were talking about the chicken, which I I just don't think the guy should've been arrested, and I agree with you. We agree on. Stephanie went down the way they said it went down, then you know Don from North Carolina Blossom. He came on and I don't think he's ever owned like a pet that he's been close to because he sounded kind of upset that I agree with you on the chicken story if he attacked them. If an animal or human attack. She got to do to get you get out get out the buttermilk brine in the bar. The white flour for KFC buddy get that cast-iron skillet go retired three-star general Lieut. Gen. Gary Wolski and Lasky rather blessed and this is an important part of the story.

He is retired has been punished because he appeared to mock First Lady Jill Biden of the story from Newsmax CD Fitzgerald is the author you can see it up on our website. Todd It turns out that the general was was responding to something that the First Lady had written after the Supreme Court decided to overturn Roe V Wade, and so the general said, glad to see you finally know what a woman is II don't see where this is mocking the First Lady height.

I see this as wow well were so glad you see things the way you are to be seeing them now but the military didn't take it like that. It turns out, the retired general laws was working as a consultant.

He was getting paid $92 an hour to work with the torque with the Army and so they have now suspended the, the general the three-star general from his job by the way, the Lasky is also a silver start recipient. Experts say that velocities response breached a quorum for a retired military officer and ventured into partisan politics. How is that there is a raging debate in America right now over. What a woman is USA Today notes that the Lasky had posted other tweets with political overtones.

He said that the January 6 House select committee is all about partisan politics, which by the way it is. What about what's wrong with that. He also said that that member will hold on though that's what I'm writing this Newsmax story. The Army reports policy earn $50,000 from November 2020 to August 2021, $18,000 from September 20 to June 22. His job is to bring enlightened thinking to the military. I hope that's from a conservative viewpoint. The Lasky's tweets reflect the trend of recently retired senior officials who take political stands including and they mentioned Michael Flynn, among others, Marine Gen. John Allen, who endorsed Hillary Clinton got a problem with this American got a problem with a highly decorated military general getting punished because he's got an opinion about about Joe Biden. I'm still not quite sure what he said is all that political because it is true I mean a lot of these folks on the left have finally figured out all week.

Now we know a woman is after Roe V Wade tape we we all know that right. By the way the wind when you are a free you to go visit Todd

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See full for America turns here on this Monday. Addition of the show broadcasting from our flagship station is Hope you guys are doing great. Don't forget next week on the road to Salem, Oregon. I looking forward to hanging out with all of our great listers KY cayenne countries can be a lot of fun out there. One of my favorite shows on TWA in Memphis Tennessee is a Saturday auction program and it's hosted by the Walker family, one of the nation's premier auction. I mean, you guys, Lance Walker, like the first family of auctioneers in America and ISO fun fun show and I told Grace we gotta get Lance on Lance Walker. Welcome to the progress great to be here.

Todd and Ray said to keep it light and lively.

So about using Gibsons don't know when to bed, just get in the same room is either doughnuts, fried chicken, or both yes and I gotta tell you nothing finer than a Gibsons doughnut. I one of the best doughnuts in America and the base right here in Memphis Tennessee right down the block. You know they did like I mean, there always mentioned whenever you have the big magazines. The foodie world and that they just do a great job there. They do this one have a maple bacon don't know, I got going for my health, my annual physical.

After the show, so don't tell my doctor, my goodness, Lance, are you guys a bit of the auction business for a long long time and I remember so when I first heard about what you guys did the only reference I had when I was a kid we would go down to Coldwater Mississippi for the big auction and typically you were by and it was basically a yard sale and you know somebody was always trying to pawn off of velvet Elvis which are probably now worth hundreds of thousands of dollars idled but but the auction industry is not anything like that down snow. It's completely changed and that's how we got started, Todd. My wife, who by the way, was named the number one female auction in the country several years ago. She her dad became an auctioneer and we started out helping him hold up the pots and pans in the yard and we caught auction fever and all of our auctions were alive for years and years and then maybe 15 years ago.

10 whenever online auctions came out and it changed our entire world and that we still do love auctions love doing that you've attended some of our live auctions. But now online seems to be the way to go and your wife I believe is in leadership is that right.

He was the she is past president of the national officers Association. She's now chairman of the board and by the way, I am going to run for vice president here in couple weeks have been children, you have gone from first gentleman under her administration to be advised Mr. Brightwell so is this, select the letter when it's over. What I love about what you got it so it is first class and and the first time I sat in on one of the auctions I was complete I was blown away. It was so much blood so entertaining and I were talking about high dollar in November.

There's a lot of you guys to the estate sales of like that.

But this is like really big dollar stuff as well and a walker By the way is is the website yes what we do think as I wrote a course for the national Association called benefit auctioneer specialists to an auctioneer's myself and I thought public on hundreds of auctioneers so so we we do large benefit options that you attended and those are fun we just have fun with the crab get out and we get people to donate to the charity by buying items and then having something that we call a fund in the relax and just make a donation and travel the country doing those. And so we we we still do live auctions love doing them but online is that seems to be the trend right now for most things. Last year at sea pack. I was interviewing somebody up from I believe is very easy and they knew you were risen from Missouri are we to sell the ranch up in Missouri and the member from the boot heel that I don't have north of here from Memphis fascinating Lance Walker with walker Lance a couple weeks ago I was listing to you guys do a radio show on a Saturdays okay WAN and you are telling the story about a woman who had some comic books, you gotta share this or it's fascinating that this is what I love about the auction business you know today I resend a Harley-Davidson and a tractor and and the closing on the house was sold at auction and then we sell comic books now limited what happened with this was in a house off of summer, not your very nice house knowing they brought Berkeley area think I'm not mistaken I just the modern home and the lady said when we were setting it up so tearing about the way there's a box of comic books up in the attic.

If you get anything for those please put them on.

Make a long story short, we found the number one addition were wonder woman was featured on the cover and it we sold it online course $13,200. No no no no she is $32,200 at one comic book buyer was up in Maryland and Washington DC area were used to hang out and that's that's what online auctions do you know we reached way out and he was so he sets in the collectors so picky.

May I guess rubber he drove down here to get his, but he did not want to fish is that right $32,000 for one comic book of just the one, so that lady what was your reaction when you told her that this was not just what you would a two dollar comic policy still in the hospital which is shock and then we had several about a thousand or more video is just incredible. That's what I love about what I do. We sell all of the country. We sell everything imaginable sell in a vast ectomy of the benefit auction of so what what what I didn't benefit auction once and nothing was in Chicago and the donation was this doctor who was on the board with the donated vast ectomy and I thought always that I just don't know this may be poor taste and I don't know if I should do this but then that's all you have my life on with what we did.

The crowd went crazy they were bidding on it as all get on the last minute. This lady was probably in her 40s or 50s and get in the crowd as he saw me in and have fun with go up to her and put him her shoulder said, ma'am, why are you buying a vet vast ectomy. She said I want to give it to my honorary son-in-law everybody laugh because it's so old mothers and that that's that's that you have.

You just just have to enjoy what I do have a lot of fun doing it really shows and of course your son is wearing yes coming in yet he's Ortega he's easy. Julie knows all about how to set up our online auctions and answer questions that in so we are proud to have them on board so I wanted.

We gotta take a quick break. You can stick around just for a few more minutes, and when you get what I want I want you to think about one of the other weird or unusual things that have happened out of the auction and then I want to figure out we got in trouble auction off these doughnuts.

Maybe we can. I want you to auction off a Gibson doughnut on the air so it can't do so.

Hang tight. Lance Walker books I gotta tell you, it is summertime it is hot and I am telling you one of the best things that I've come across is a delicious new sponsor of this program called life change to either having a big summer sale buy three get one free life changed. He is amazing.

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It takes couple years to where you master you go to school for very short time. Just a couple weeks they teach you the basic and then your printers and we pray to send our father-in-law, Bob Turnage is now deceased, and so it takes a couple years to where you really develop a good chance if you want to do like Terry did win a championship. You do a whole lot of practicing and that some people even hire coaches and I've never won the trophy I tell people what they say.

That's where your trophic tears going as I don't have the trophy. I have the trophy wife. 00.

I like to just me brown pot collar that is good. Are you so you brought in some delicious doughnuts from Gibson and that's the best doughnuts in America. Ladies and gentlemen right here in Memphis Tennessee and where is Grace Baker great is lusting after them when I what is it was pretty bad.

Grace you been accused of lusting after the doughnuts. I'm sorry they just smell so good. I don't tell Mr. producer Ari's ears were into Grace and Kyle are working to bring up working a bit on the how we are to do this and I will order along with the don't I go with.

I land out. Yes, this is what I call short dozen. There was 12 at the map of how to do here to guide that is just a great lip to doughnuts and incomplete collection so it's okay if you're talking there are several ways you can sell them but each agrees they wanted 10 times your bid.

I want to know as a whole, and I thought Grace was about to go a dozen donuts could be of five Doug 557F and I think that's what 5015 return to your and secondly get the that would be attending that one more time.

Something I have 20 to 29, 38, now 35 years old before departing. I have $35 to Todd start with what you said you would type $XXXV Ernesto into you get a cut of this I guess is all the doughnuts. I love it does the this may be a first in noon to three talk history and it may be the last of the lands that I love it Lance Walker with Walker auctions and in Lance you again. There is a serious side, what you guys do because a lot of times when people they lose a loved one.

They have to they have the estate sales and and you guys have to count a walk through that and I know your personal faith and that was really it does also have a Masters degree in guidance counseling is what I was before I was an auctioneer that really helps because we we are doing a lot of times with people going through a big change of life, their moms dad dad's dad. Or maybe they're going to retirement home nursing home or whatever so we have to be conscious of that and we we make great friends with ourselves that we just get to know them real well and we ask advise on what to sell, not to sell it to its present retail sale. No you don't sell that. That's something you want to keep our something they want to keep chills. I hate what you can do that you have room for it where you're going. And then to you know I should sell it so we talked about the comic books are the other.

It was, or any other is another moment that was really special for you guys that stood out the highlight of my benefit auction ice do one San Francisco. It was a very, very wealthy crowd and George Lucas. His children attended that school so you can imagine that you will come people there at the auction and he donated one of his movies coming out and it was one of his nephew with one a Star Wars movie. And so for 50 couples. You would go to the thing that I think you call it Skywalker branch. He would feed you a nice steak dinner and he acquitted this great theater.

There you'd watch a movie with four came out and so I sold that it brought $100,000 and he let me sell it twice. Wow, so that one item for that charity wrote $200,000 and that was that was really exciting. We start about 30,000 just movable live without.

I love doing things like that for that help charities of private schools, hospitals foundation, St. Jude, you know that Lovato would do for that charities all over the country.

We were in mobile couple weeks ago helping the Presbyterian children home. That's a great charity in Alabama and had a lot of fun down there doing that so I just think what you guys are doing is spectacular and it's it's so well done Walker is the website and folks it there's a lot of great stuff that you cannot bid on yet online online rank without it so easy.

I like to show you another promoter said. But what was happening today is everybody's getting out the phone, which is bidding on a forklift. I knew forklift and I look on Leslie I just been outbid punch a button and boom. Now the high bidder so it took me five seconds to make that bid.

I didn't have to go anywhere. I didn't why was on your radio show instead of having to show up somewhere and stand and you know why for that task.

Need a forklift. I knew forklift.

I don't have Todd do you well know, but I what we got young, strong guys here that little staffer they can lift and totes may not do that anymore. The eye I love this is just great and and again all sorts of crazy stuff here from and how these these people just reach out to you or how does that work but we ate we marketing is huge for us and I think you know they say times are tough to talk to me this is a time when you step up your advertising. You don't you don't cut back and so we've increased our online presence or radio advertising or TV advertising. So we have we can reach about 500,000 people throughout the country while so as we were part of was call Martin alliances in six developing countries went together and so we have a great outreach on any outing you want to sail this out at the comic book so we were able to find buyers for comic books through them love and that's an entasis a lot of fun to his love. You enjoy, I mean what you enjoy more the online stuff on you alive out there is that I wanted to live auction is this just a lot of fun that you were to sell a house up in Missouri or a couple weeks and it will be live will be standing on the front porch and sell a house and this can be fun, so nothing like a live auction and you are on an episode of quarters we had about 60 sacks. Yes, we had one of our buyers that her daughter in August was called turn. So the comedies and where did you get all this stuff, I'm you see, it was she had so much stuff and and that she said what I got from Walker auctions is over that producer calls me up so I went down in Collierville and was on the show and it was a great experience, but I know that my work, bless her heart. I had no idea she was warding.

We did not know that we thought she was in cell where a lot of people to buy from us and resell them all. It was it was that that start learning about your celebrity as well. That's awesome Lance is been a lot of fun.

We appreciate coming by add that I get a system.

It's a fun thing that you guys doing your help and so many people all over America and that we just want to say I think you only salute your appreciated and that's the been a blessing to be a part of your team, your all right Lance Walker everybody Walker if you want to check it out. But if your big political buff. They got some great presidential signatures and other memorabilia.

Gotta check that out of folks at music means we gotta scoot out of your Todd is our website and that you can check out all of our great news stories as well. Newsletter coming out momentarily got arrived that we will see you tomorrow. This is galaxies flip for all these new taxes might not like I just did in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for its contract and fit perfectly in my pocket galaxies. He flip for

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