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Was Biden ‘Juiced’ During Recent Speech?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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July 27, 2022 3:18 pm

Was Biden ‘Juiced’ During Recent Speech?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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July 27, 2022 3:18 pm

Pundits are taking note of President Biden’s bizarre performance during a speech this week.

Liz Harrington, Allen Moro, Timothy Head, and Rep Chris Stewart join the conversation!

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Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by the legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee coming since conservative commentary from America, like I'm wearing a blue shirt olive green.

My pronouns are not her father. Hello everybody, this is not working for me Grace I know you told me to do that.

You told me to start the show off like that. I know you told me to embrace my inner, but it just sounded creepy. I I'd I don't understand.

Yeah, I'm sorry but I just try to make you more relatable to our audience that you know really did I sound more relatable now. Now I see I don't.

Maybe it was another butter line and might've been that every now and that was it Todd another butter. You see, I changed my pronouns because again I believe in this whole of fluidity thing.

So one day I could identify as buttermilk biscuit, which I did yesterday but today I'm feeling more like another butter falsely a little soft hello a bout a bout a couple of days ago I was.

But you know the hot toddy that was my that those are my pronouns as they changed daily. Here it does not me. That's how this fluidity thinking works by the order you feel your truth know it's that is my true. If I want to if I self identify as a Nabisco snack product, then by golly Selby because this is America that's all I tried to say Marvin Hershey's kiss kinda gal behave now and now walking to the Todd Stern's radio show this is weird. Good to have you with us today. There's just a lot of weird stuff going on but I does I want us say something about what happened yesterday with Pres. Trump dueling speeches of the nation's capital VP Mike Penn. Speaking of Young America's foundation you had Pres. Trump who was speaking at the America first Institute and then you and Joe Biden staring into a camera not blinking by the wave you seen that video is that not the creepiest video folks. We have the full video up on Todd Stern' and you gotta see this.

The average person. I look this up Grace Baker. This is not made up the average person blinks between 15 and 20 seconds per minute on average.

Biden is not blinking. He's just staring at the camera and you can tell he swaying back and forth and it did. This was a prerecorded speech and it wasn't that long, and you could literally tell that it had been edited because the video had been spliced at least 10 or 11 times in just a very short amount of time so that tells me that something's not right and clearly they had to juice the president he never blinked his eyeballs who does that.

So anyway, Pres. Trump, he blinked his eyeballs to his credit, Mike pence. He blinked his eyeballs but not Joe Biden. Very odd anyway to get back to Pres. Trump and Mike Prince rumbled so I'd I don't watch Fox news Channel anymore. Like many of you I've I've left the network.

They are no longer in my estimation, fair or balanced, and I watch Newsmax predominately I get most of my news from talk radio now and and of course Todd Stern' but anyway someone said hey surgeon, I cannot believe this. They did not cover Donald Trump's speech last night on Fox news channel. They carried Mike Prince's speech the whole speech. They carried but they did not cover Donald Trump speech on Fox news libraries making a big deal about this.

We got a story if I got a call about about it over on the website when you go back though Fox news channel has covered at least 1/2 a dozen of the committee hearing surrounding whatever happened on January 6 and the right, but they did not take the time to cover Donald Trump speech.

Some of you may say will maybe it was because they had already agreed to carry pence and they didn't want to interrupt pincer speech will none of the speeches were different times so that wasn't it. Pres. Trump lashing out saying that Fox specifically Fox and friends is gone off to the dark side and others a report out that Pres. Trump is concerned he may be losing support from Laura Ingram was one of the prime time anchors presidents seems to believe that he's got Sean Hannity's full allegiance or devotion not necessarily Laura Ingram but again this to me is not a matter of pledging your allegiance to Pres. Trump.

This is a matter of being fair and being balance.

I would have her to cover the vice president speeches. His triumphant return to Washington DC.

Why would you not do the same to the man who was at the top of the ticket, the man who was the commander-in-chief. Why not cover his speech, and I want to explain why because Fox news channel is going to be anti-Trump Fox news is now no different than MSDN. See, or CNN private road network. Thanks, Judge Joe Brown. There is absolutely no difference now. None whatsoever.

They are all neighbors in a zero lot line neighborhood in media world. That's what's going on so they're going to be supporting whoever is running against Donald Trump and that's why they're jumping on board the establishment bandwagon and they seem to think that Mike Prince is there.I'm not sure what they been feeding Mike pence but they have somehow convinced him that he's the guy that he's the guy that compete. Donald Trump maybe they're feeding him lots of propaganda lots of cash put it altogether big ego and maybe pence has been led to believe. Baby has brainwashed to believe that he's got a fighting chance of beating Donald Trump in a head-to-head primary because it makes no sense. It makes absolutely no sense when you look at the polling data because when you look at the polling data. Pence is typically in third or fourth place, there's normally Trump with 70% of the vote and you got DeSantis and then you've got job I will owe some County Commissioner somewhere in the middle of Timbuktu and then you got by parents, but I want to say something about Pres. Trump speech last night, I thought it was spot on. That's the kind of speech we needed to hear from Donald Trump.

We knew going in that he was gotta be talking about this this contract for America.

This contract that said when you hear the things that we need to be talking about. These are the things we need to be focused on. He did not dwell on what happened in the past, the president is looking at what's happening in the in the present day, and I thought he nailed it yesterday. I truly do. I think the president understands the big issues of the day. Chief among them being cry member to get to that in just a moment, but I I thought one of my favorite parts this president and his sense of humor.

And that's the thing about the mainstream media. They don't get the sky they they have no sense of humor and that is a tragedy. That is, ladies and gentlemen my estimation. If you have no sense of humor that is an American tragedy and that's at and that's unfortunate because to truly understand the man Donald Trump. You gotta understand his sense of humor and so the president waited just so beautifully on this whole transgender nonsense.

Now I want to say something before you play this audio.

There is there is man.

There is woman. We don't get to pick and choose. That is a decision made by Almighty God. There is no such thing as transgender is him. There is something called gender dysphoria.

Educate yourself so anyway you got this big controversy and of course the big muse and my head is somewhat off to the NCAA because they saw fit not to make Mr. Leah Thomas there female athlete of the year. Maybe you pen can resubmit him as the male athlete of the year. I'll make that that that may be still available, but the NCAA rejected Leah Thomas, the male swimmer who swims what the girls they rejected him as their female athlete of the year so there's been a lot of talk about all of this and so Pres. Trump. He does help frame the argument so everybody out there in the across the fruited plain can understand what this is really all about.

And I'll tell you what if I were ever be the greatest women's basketball coach and presenter like Lebron James. I like Michael Jordan much better when I go up the Lebron James it doesn't matter say Lebron, did you ever have any desire to be alone because what I love you to do a star on my team that I'm building up I will have the greatest human history.

They'll never lose. Nobody will come within 70 points of this day stroke I Grace Baker you're the basketball player. You're the biological female and if you can have Lebron James and all these other superstars just identify just briefly as a woman to have. Like the best WNBA team of of of of all times.

Based in 2.0 baby, I don't know what you're talking about but yes I so you're affirming that yes, I mean, and we would be the best team ever erect if that is an option available to you as a coach. You see, I don't fault the coach or if you have your culture, looking for any edge or leg up to win.

Will you have to win to keep your job. So, gotta win to keep the job. So if I if if they're coming to me and say hey coach, you don't. You don't have to have players you with lady parts anymore. You could go out there and if you if you want to get Lebron James Evan Durant, the whole 9 yards.

What Judge John Marantz, ran from the grizzlies. Oh yeah just put on a slip in some high heels and pulled welcome to the WNBA. Never lose again little makeup than then Liselotte make up a Bentley doll sweats authors note point so what is the point. What is the point one state of your work it out. Now you know where but do they pay their bills. The WNBA or do they have to update are they being propped up by the men.

I'll be honest I have no idea yet you don't go to many WNBA games to note that like like everybody else in America besides, it is what I honestly wants a little bit a women's college.

That's about it. I figured I know I'm on a tangent here, but you would think that. Remember when they shut down all the ballfields and then they reopened.

This is baseball, but they would let fans into one of the little cardboard cutouts.

That's what I need to do for the WNBA would look a little better, baby pipe and some people cheering and applauding and booing, but to the point, but I will say this, if you start letting guys play in the WNBA. I think you can have a bigger turnout will delay it would be probably a little more entertaining. Anyway, I maybe I woman. I'm saying that so do you think do you think that women could compete at the same level with Lebron. No way. Libby since all of this coming from the biological female on the Todd surge radio program. The women's father Minnick a train twice as hard as a guide and still they were born that way you know as they were born that way. Things women can do, and men can do, and vice versa are I got away and working to talk about the tropic crime stuff, which is fascinating but I I want to share this with you because it ties in to this whole to what Trump was talking about and the absurdity of the transgender movement.

So the Associated Press is the nation's largest news agency. And so when you it is a matter if you have a big paper small paper in your child there using Associated Press copy and in other words, everybody's pretty much getting the exact same news and one of the big things they have a something called a stylebook. Every journalist knows that the stylebook is sort of like the holy Bible in American newsrooms. We have one here in our bunker and you everybody follows. By and large, everybody in journalism follows the AP stylebook. Now here's the deal. AP stylebook just announced that they have added a topical guide for transgender coverage.

The Associated Press now says that this is again this is determined settled science AP now says sex and gender assigned at birth by doctors and turned out to be an accurate they now say that gender is a spectrum. It is not a binary structure consisting only of men and women. The Associated Press is now telling journalist to stop using words like biological male and biological female.

So all these words are about to disappear or be disappeared from your local newspapers for any of you who still read your local newspaper. What about pronouns, reporters are being told to stop using phrases like preferred pronouns or chosen pronouns like this is this is evolving on a daily basis.

The number of words and phrases were not allowed to use.

Can't say grooming any born social media, but we do by the way you talk about these people mutilating their bodies to chop it off their their bulbs a chop chop off their love a lot little plumbing yet you're not love a call that mutilation anymore.

According to the Associated Press.

They want you to call that gender affirming care. She really got a call from from aunt Wanda and aunt Wanda is good to be weeping, you're saying at Wanda why are you crying why are you so upset, little Billy check out his word and you have to say no no no no little Willie did not chop off well it's gender affirming here at Wanda. That's what that is.

So basically the Associated Press is codifying fake news. All that to say after the program. Today we will be burning our copy of the Associated Press stylebook 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd start show. My pillow is having their biggest sheet sale of the year you all of help build bipolar with amazing company that it is today. Now, Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO once to get back exclusively to his listeners the percale bedsheets that is available in a variety of colors and sizes and are all on sale. For example the Queen size normally 8998 now only 3998 with our listener promo code order now because when they're gone they're gone.

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Those people need to get the death penalty.

Do you agree with Pres. Trump playing hardball on crime 844-747-8868. That is our number, let's go to the phones Mark from Florida. The villages America's families them down. Hey Mark. What say you wanted to link the couple and it's hard. I can't.

I don't know what you think and we smoke and I don't know what you doing but yesterday would Trump get you a spot on everything from crying. Read and the list goes on and on it o'clock we knew they were working to cover it.

It's just the way they turn they turn like NDP and the Internet. All the rest of but we knew we knew darn well you know Trump was a credible yesterday, even with the weightlifter.

I'll let you weigh in on that one that O'Leary is on the transgender park going great.

You don't see man coaches hiring minute why you think that it not talented and strong in the but you can't compete against the man so they turn around and they figure transgender cigar Wanda and joined the women's basketball because I know we can beat that we could beat that goat the biological women who had worked hard for these records and everything else that it is going to try to degrade them integrate these women and I just think that's totally applicable to theory to doing that always getting crazy market, it is appreciated the call Mark. We got a run for a break, but you're right, look, this is this is abuse. That's what that's what this is and that this is a war on women and God was the feminist that have the courage to get up and and say just as much. I just wish more Americans. What are you gotta take a break 844-747-8868 this is the Todd surge. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the blighted ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd start and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your goals it's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time, like you see precious metal as the company I investing in gold. They can help you roll your retirement account into a goal back IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metals safely and securely to your house. You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox call legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit the online legacy PM legacy PM so you don't even have to go to the doctor. Scripture is Americans that use Paxil facts back slowly.

I tell you what I think it's used fax love including me Lord that I was Pres. Biden just a few moments ago they carded amount and he was giving a speech just all over the place. By the way, we were talking to you about her. We told you earlier about the president not blinking and it looks clearly, it looks likes somebody has been juicing him up before these these speeches. So today he's got on the sunglasses so you can see the eyeballs and whether or not there, blinking the president that goes on I just a few moments ago and he was comparing his again that he was comparing his China virus with the president trumps China virus. Here's the bottom line. My predecessor got killed, he had to get helicopter to Walter Reed Medical Center. He was severely ill.

Thankfully, he recovered my Geico I work from upstairs in the White House and the offices upstairs and out for the five day period.

The differences in vaccinations accord but also three new tools free to all, and widely available. You don't need to be present to get these tools used for defense. Yeah, I'm calling grade a fertilizer on that one. Do you really think the president was functioning. I don't think you still functioning 844-747-8868 fence or toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 we go back to Pres. Trump speech yesterday.

He needs to keep doing more stuff like this by the way, Pres. Trump explaining what needs to happen with drug dealers in America cut nine you execute a drug dealer and just say 500 lives because they kill on average 500 people. It's terrible to say you take a look at every country in this world that doesn't have a problem with drugs. They have a very strong death penalty for the people that sell drugs if were going to stop the scores it's time to get brutally tough on the dealers and traffickers in narco terrorist cartels were stealing over 200,000 American lives a year and that's a very low number compared to what the real numbers and he's he's absolutely right.

And you got the folks on the left and the mainstream media they're freaking out. These drug dealers have families families what about their rights and other drug dealers don't have any rights to bring this poison into the United States of America. You know what you're going back to where you came from in a coffin. A good for Pres. Trump for calling it out with these people on the left. They coddle you know why because most of these people in the mainstream media. And I guarantee you the Biden administration are doing the illegal drugs and they don't want their drug dealer sent back to wherever they came from, but the president laid it all out here if you want to get a handle on crime in America, you gotta play hardball I been a strong proponent of bringing back public executions. Maybe, just maybe, the side of somebody getting shot on the put in the public square it by a firing squad might deter someone from going out there and committing these violent crimes because what they're doing now is not working.

So here's president from talking about the National Guard cutting and where there is a true and total breakdown of law and order were citizens most basic rights have been violated in the federal government can and should send the National Guard to restore order and secure the peace without having to wait for the approval of some governor thinks is politically incorrect development should he swing the takeover. He's got a bring out the National Guard and he's going to take over America.

He said dictator that's what they're saying on the left there freaking out over this and these are the same people, by the way, who are complaining that Pres. Trump did not call out the National Guard to protect the capital when in fact we know that the president offered not just 10,000 troops, but 20,000 National Guard troops.

They were at the ready, but they turned it down. Nancy Pelosi said we don't need better back. Nancy Pelosi told the capital police to stand out.

Nobody's ever explained why that J6 committee then want to get into that story. But this is where the president shines when he talks about policies when he talks about what we need to be doing in this country. Pres. Trump keeps us up.

He's done if you have to announce he's running Windows can demand that he run 844-747-8868 what you think about the president's speech and compare that to VP Mike pence nobody can remember what Penn said yesterday. Nobody oh Mark from the villages. He was talking about Pres. Trump and he weighed in on the a trans center, bodybuilders or weightlifters.

Let's take a listen stick for 11 years and a mother and father screaming you down and I'm so proud of Micah she couldn't do and then is named Alice sent away bracket world, and another couple hundred pounds on I think you and Alyssa and people are horrified even on the in the establishment wing of the party said disrespectful. That man Alex can't help himself. If not his fault that Pres. Trump eats is the big Mimi you did that being pygmy knee you mean mean man that I look a series as of a talk on the other side. I'm not making that up. It's is not that much of a stretch but that's that's how they think that they don't understand that Pres. Trump with those two stories.

The one about the transgender weightlifter named Alice and the. The other story about the basketball player Lebron James. They don't get that the average American says oh yeah, we get it now. What what's going on here.

This stuff is nuts. God bless you, Mr. Pres., that's all I can tell you is this going to be one entertaining campaign cycle. The Pres. Trump jumps back into the race, but I will say this I feel very confident that if if Donald Trump sticks to the issues and and shares his plan to reclaim America then were to be okay now the big question people are asking now and and there's all sorts of scuttlebutt August does he announce before the midterms are after the midterms I proponent of luscious weight, get the midterms out get them out of the way. We got enough to focus on with the contract with America unless the president presents the contract with America.

All the candidates sign on and all of his candidates when it says we got it we got another term of Donald Trump in office and I don't think that's gotta be a bad thing at all. What say you, ladies and gentlemen, 844-747-8868 let's go to the phone's Doug and George up hey Doug what's on your mind. Well I want to weigh in on the whole thing for a minute that all of the guys who think their women are just pulling the wool over everybody's eyes that they are doing it all and the world effeminate me. Talk about patronizing email I think it's really funny and I came to the conclusion a woman look like a man, but she's not going to be thinking like a man because a man think the one thing and because when the air I'm not going, and vice versa. A guy can look like a woman, but until he has been unwilling on and unrelenting desire and nag is not a woman will call Jesus a little hard to get the phone calls my friends. You're wonderful and I do love you. Your little boy. Well, you're very kind to say that dog and thanks for listening to us to say hello to all of our great friends there in the North, GA 84474 788 68 one of my favorite things I've enjoyed the summer life change T all this is an amazing iced tea.

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Don't do it yourself okay simple enough just to get in there with my screwdriver.

You mind handing me my Scripture, screwdriver, well I'm in your Senate.

Weird. But yeah luck, mainly Sabina my home and I with progress as we can save and pay someone to install this for so you don't have to pretend you can. I know my way around the screwdriver is going to get the leaves have Fisher safe when bubbling a little with progressive and use the money to do it yourself comfortable discussing interest on this about a little sticky situations and aren't hello, welcome back everybody good to have you with. I was I was on social media last night and I've been usually I do a lot of writing in the afternoon but little Starnes is the play in football they got big football practice already and that war they want today's today's envelope anyway as part of the blue blazes why Bennett down at the football football field all this week, but at last I was at home and just browsing through social media, and I came across these videos from Ukraine. Yet there still a war going on about how anybody told you about that but I we are worsening billions and billions of our tax dollars over there anyway. This video was they had a big huge concert outdoors in Ukraine and there were like thousands of people there. Have a good old time you and I was looking at the crowd and many of these people in the crowd are of were men, young men of fighting age and my question is what is a polite way to say this, what the heck is going on over there. I thought there was a war.

I thought they were fighting for the heart and soul of the nation and now you got the reports coming out that all of a sudden of the Zielinski, the president of Ukraine is no longer really a good duty. There may be some corruption there. Well, yet we trying to tell that to you folks early on but nobody wanted to hear you had to pledge allegiance to the Ukrainian flag and anybody who failed to do so was some sort of our Russian bot but now everybody starting to wonder what the heck is going on over there and if in fact there's this major war, major invasion wire they gathering thousands of people together for outdoor concerts, and more importantly are our tax dollars being used to fund that nonsense. That's what I'd like to know tomorrow's going to be a very big day in this country were to find out what we all know to be true that were in the middle of a recession in the Biden administration is working overtime to redefine the definition of recession because they literally there hauling people out in front of the TV screens I've never seen anything like this. It's almost like you and you young folks out there millennial's you will not understand this reference so you will have to Google the reference there was a guy named Baghdad Bob you guys remember Baghdad Bob he was he was Saddam Hussein's a spokes guy and he was talking about how great things were and how the Iraqis were defeating and killing the Americans yada yada yada while while Baghdad was burning of the background and bombs were falling. Everything's hunky-dory here. That's what the Biden mistresses doing right now we've got our own modern day Biden Bob out there. All of these White House officials that are going in front of the cameras and saying what you people kidding me.

The economies great get your pain.

A few dollars more for for food in your paying a few dollars more for dance, but Joe Biden has brought down to prices quicker than any other president in American history. Yes, because he raised up. He was responsible for the high gas prices. The story from Walmart. Walmart has announced it's dramatically reducing the cost of closing and why are they doing that because people are buying close, why aren't they buying close it's back-to-school time.

This is typically when you got mom and grandma and there out there at Walmart and tar J and their they're getting new closure back-to-school close. While it turns out a lot of families are doing that because I can't afford it in the Biden economy. According to Walmart their customers are being forced to spend more money on food and gas so they're cutting back Walmart is facing some financial difficulties, folks, and you better pay very close attention to this, Walmart shares took a steep fall yesterday they taken a look what's going to happen down the road in this country and they're saying that they're expecting an 8 to 9% decline 13% overall for fiscal year 2023. So what is this me Walmart is the nation's largest big-box retailer. And if they're struggling, you can only imagine what mom and pop stores are going through right now and the Biden administration's philosophy is turning a blind eye and trying to convince you that this is all normal and that everything is okay there there there celebrating the what 2%, 3% unemployment rate.

That's because nobody wants to go back to work.

There are people out there who don't want to go back. Why do you think the fast food restaurants and I saw that some of my favorite RBCs in Germantown. I love the I love the brisket. What can I say that I was going to get the Arby's and the got the crinkle price now and I was going to go to Arby's a drive to the civic side of this Arby's closes at 8 o'clock other restaurants around town or shut down at 5 o'clock because they don't have workers they can't find enough workers, dear. I say this, it's even happening at Chick-fil-A.

The official chicken of our Lord.

They're having a very difficult time finding people work because why is that you want to know why I'm to tell you why it's a very simple explanation that during the China vipers. That's what all of this started the China virus you will have you had able-bodied Americans that were told. You will go to work anymore. You're going to sit home and to get a check from the government. And guess what happened. American people's debt stood down, they quit their jobs. They stated home and they they were content. They were satisfied just getting a check from the government. And that's why people want to work anymore. Unfortunately, the broader problem. Aside from all you people got the vaccine and now you people are dropping dead. But for the general population.

The bigger problem is we have been infected with the disease called laziness in the Biden administration taught Americans to be lazy to rely upon the federal government for everything that's what's going on here and it is an ugly thing and we are going to have to break the cycle because one of the most un-American things is laziness. Americans are hard workers.

That's what makes us the greatest country on the face of the earth. But now we've got a generation of lazy bombs. America lazy bum. I gotta take a break 844-747-8868 this is the top surgery something you probably do know progressive cannot only offer you a great price when you bundle home and auto around-the-clock protection, something you probably don't know the average oak tree branch can hold 70 pounds something you probably do know your neighbors building up to the treehouse something you probably don't know a falling tree house would take offense to your home and auto with progressive and get more than a great price get round-the-clock protection something, you know, for the things you don't know your scheduled insurance of the affiliates of the reporting services of the depositor and spun a little sticker situations University studio in Memphis Tennessee is horrible. I Democrat coming out hello really welcome to the concert radio program so honored to have you with us today. Brand-new CNN polling data 75% of Democrats and grant leaning independent say they do not want Joe Biden as the party's nominee in 2024. That's up 24% from earlier this year and why is that while tell you why it is is because just like everybody else. Democrats have to eat, and many Democrats like to eat things like chicken. They like to drink milk, but they can't afford those things anymore and I'm telling you folks, these reports coming. I know nobody watches see it in the most profane name in news. I get that. But the reality is that these stories still impact and when you see the reports of struggling elderly people and struggling moms they can't find baby formula, they still can't find baby formula, you've got elderly people can't afford to to buy meat anymore. They have to live on rice and beans. These this is coming from CNN, not Fox News, not Newsmax. So people are really hurting out there and there is a unique opportunity for the Republicans to step up and do what they ought to be doing which is behaving like president Trump taught them to behave or go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line. Great to have with us from team trump our good friend Liz Harrington. Liz hope you're doing well today.

How are you. You know I'm I'm doing a lot better after the president's fine remarks yesterday in Washington DC. I thought I thought he did a great job hammering home the issues not focusing on the election this go-round, but focusing on the issues at hand. Liz got really nailed something that is affecting American on a daily day regardless of where they landed.

He talked about the grocery store price inflation gas prices but went on getting neglected is the issue of crime and and the law was going on and that's something that he really wanted to hammer down on and gave seven concrete policy changes that would take this situation tomorrow and would show that America country you live in again and quite frankly right now not in horrific with going on. He went that really gruesome detail, but it's necessary to do these stories are just average Americans that have fallen back down to the lawless policy and make them take any neater policy by Democrat radical laughter into cities, but they think it's really spread out everywhere that they're just letting criminal rain and run on the street and the law-abiding are punished and normal average American becomes the victim and laid it all out there is very powerful and negate concrete that is how it could all be thick and quite easily very strong on EEE was really enjoying being at this time that there is a lot of good energy and buzz in the brand name back now in the nation capital for the first time and really gave us turn on each arm to go back and listen to it. I want to play a couple of clips here of this is president Trump talking about sending in the national guard where there is a true and total breakdown of law and order were citizens most basic rights have been violated in the federal government can and should send the National Guard to restore order and secure the peace without having to wait for the approval of some governor that thinks is politically incorrect to follow.

Liz, you know, I heard the president say that and I thought wait, Mr. Pres., send them to Memphis, Tennessee. My hometown, where were we been controlled by progressives for generations and it's it's a war zone out there and adjust the other day we had a Methodist minister who was carjacked in our front yard carjacked and then shot to death by a 15-year-old boy who was wearing an ankle monitor because he had been arrested a couple of much before for another carjacking. And yet this 15-year-old is out of the streets and he got all these people saying you gotta treat this kid like a juvenile. This poor little child know he's a cold-blooded killer and I think that's it. What the president is trying to say here.

We've got to shock the system here and we've got to get crime under control politically in this story that pregnant women unloading from her baby shower and get killed right there and got a light that all the awful things that are happening on a daily basis. What you just mentioned can't happen in America and every American there, the peace of mind to be able to get out go out when they want to go to the store and not be afraid going to happen any let their kids play in their in their own yard. Then you can't you can't do it anymore the country reliving units because it was so soft on crime. Radical prosecutors that are going after the real criminal and they're going after the law-abiding stock. What happened in New York where that date, owner just protecting you from light gun camera any you know Kirsten with the heart and soul wanted that baby only knows what going on here and he thanked him and he perpetrated and yet the victim is the one you ended up in jail.

Thankfully, because the public attention to that day to Rikers. I unbelievably grant and I think it's the same state. You're at the bodega owner an innocent guy who was physically attacked in his store and then you get so he's in jail for defending his own life. Meanwhile, you have the guy who tried to attack Lee's Eldon and he he was let go walking the streets down, you know, call evil good and good evil that's what her dad shared rain and control wrong and present current really went after that issue because it can be sad and shy away from the issues we need to call them out and and Elaine spoke about, you know what happened to our 80 how they lack then eat over that. You know, law-abiding storeowner have to close their business because the city and the government just let every city block become a homeless encampment and to run and everything put straight. I mean back to H is wrong and he wasn't present current and shy away from the bed. We had cleaning place without, we need to get people out.

But we need a total breakdown of civilization and IME, and it is just not in America and you I know you that you said you and Michael.

It wasn't so much focus on elections that luck when you're election start to look like 1/3 world country. Don't be surprised in the rest of the country followed and that's where I'll start when you grab a breakdown of the rule of law when he had politicized just when you have you know about that don't illegitimate both count and legitimate boat. Don't that they thought basic fundamental.and we don't door integrity to our legal system in our voting system.

Nothing will change that all tied together Liz Harrington on the patriot mobile newsmaker line Liz real quick of the report coming out last night from Washington Post there alleging their sources are telling them that the Justice Department is looking at president Trump in connection with a criminal probe of the president came out guns ablaze and on true social and said that's that's all just a little hooey there ridiculous and mean you have people actually converted people transfer power. You think to check department yet EI even the entire AT&T and turmeric are to get out there and tell where were going to Dr. anybody did give me a break and go after Barack Obama go after Joe Biden said Logan after Michael to try to stab the incoming transition administration during the transition they spied on everybody that Eddie people are sick, twisted" the trail you know that the only come out in their favorite paper. Let's not forget what can started again general plan. The same thing they do that in turn returned to DC to try to change the narrative in the Washington Post with it out-of-control absolutely abusive abusive power just that department are going after you know their political comments done nothing wrong, like, but they tend Peter Navarro to China due to Steve Bannon. It's an absolute disgrace president Is totally anything the man of the people and always ever done it. Fight for the people and to make sure that we had on boat and there is clearly interest at the Justice Department that they don't want to make sure we have an honest vote because they never even looked into our lives were to leave it there.

Good stuff as always appreciate you coming on Sunday my friend Honey are that's Liz Harrington from team Trump and working to get to this Washington Post story and just little while.

Also I we have some audio from Eric Garland of the Atty. Gen. was doing an interview of Lester holds out from in the seat New Year's but I want to go back to this only go back to what we were talking about the lawlessness in this country and it is sickening especially when you look at what happened to that poor bodega owner and we were the first national radio show to jump onto that story. The first ones, and we were very clear to point out, this was a case of a store owner simply trying to protect himself from thoughts, but this is how we live every single day in Memphis Tennessee and grace I and I know that you and you live here in the Memphis area.

You see this up close and personal. Every single day where you can't even just go out casually to fill up your car, your head is literally on a swivel and you're praying to God that nobody comes up and tries to carjack. Gotta make sure doors are locked at all time all time. It's the craziest thing I it's it's hard for people your people live in Republican-controlled cities.

They don't have to worry about this, but you have to literally drive.

I don't I don't fill up my car anywhere within the Memphis city limits is just too dangerous.

Something else I've noticed that some of the Kroger gas stations the put the cones out the traffic cones out in the middle of the aisle so that you know cars on the right and the left but so that someone cannot drive through and carjack that's what that's for. Because there are so many carjackings now and it's it's unbelievable but you're right, there's a there's a process you have to get out of your car you roll up the windows, lock the doors, take your keys with you. You've got a you got a when you're pumping the gas you basically have to turn her and we just have to do it your your head on a swivel to make sure that nobody's coming up behind you that neither the time of day either and it's everybody I it's it's unbelievable. And you're right, it doesn't matter broad daylight that people and this is a Memphis, Tennessee which is now one of the nation's most deadly and violent cities because of the policies of the Democrats in charge there was Chicago and by the way, I got an update and I'm curious to get your take on this grace so that Methodist preacher who got gunned down below her brains out right there in the middle of the parking lot out of her driveway. The 15-year-old had already been in the system and was wearing a freak and ankle bracelet monitor and he was out of the streets or carjacking right before a carjack the same crime and there and so now they're trying to we've got a George Soros Democrat running for district attorney. Other make it a big deal that Ender out there I'm an people are saying well that young that young median is just a victim himself heeds it doesn't matter that he blew a woman's brains out, but he desires to have a life you know the saying that Grace Baker, the victim's boy. Her daughters are out there that the poor dead preacher. Her daughters are out there saying that this guy needs to be charged as a juvenile so we can get back out in a few years and kill somebody else's mother, that's the most shocking part of it all. The shocking eat there either idiots or they just love their mother been brainwashed or something.

It is flat out indoctrination. It's ridiculous but it's it it should appall every event and I heard that anger when I'm when I was watching the president. I was feeling what he was saying because grace we have to live that every single day in Memphis, Tennessee. Just about every evening. There's a shooting, and people wondered why in the world or get the hell out of Memphis and going to places like Mississippi and the suburbs to escape all of this, especially take a break or 844-747-8868 to get that off my chest.

844-747-8868 will be right back. Someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take you to to list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for this palace. Not expecting anything in an unexpected car accident and unexpected loss of her full-time job just before an unexpected rise in food and gas prices have all created an entirely different life. And what an edge around was used to. She now turns in recycling for cash 137 pounds and works part-time as a caretaker for a resident of the senior center to add to your unemployment check. But that barely covers the Dell.

This is my mortgage. 825 24 and this is my car payment of 482 90 and those are just some of the costs she was in Riverside County where the metro area's annual inflation rate in June with likely around 10% higher than the national average because people move to the relatively more affordable inland Empire during the pandemic driving up population and demand for goods and services. Not only have prices going up folks in the in the in Empire can't really shift the thing.

Well I guess will be able to work from home a little bit more in response to higher gas prices right. They are the types of workers that generally have to actually commute into their workplaces and demand needs to drive for her work as a caretaker filling up her car a month ago cost her $94 in groceries and on by me anymore.

She had to take out money from her 401(k) to cover credit card debt and still jewelry that she bought for herself when times were better clinical anchor handling this. My health list independent of the little girl that I have.

To make payments but it's hard to keep up good spirits when she has to rely on weekly charity family.

I tend to get her like a man tell seven so that the secondhand line. This is Joe Biden's America people that report from CNN not not Fox News Channel at Newsmax CNN people are hurting out there and when you hear that woman's voice. I read you know that she's trying to do everything she can, just like many of you in this audience and I'm wondering when you hear that woman speak, do you see yourself in her predicament.

Are you beginning to see those kinds of struggles are people in your community, your church starting to deal with those kinds of struggles 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show is a process. Don't do it yourself okay simple enough just to get in there with my screwdriver. You mind handing me my Scripture, screwdriver, well I'm in your Senate.

Weird. But yeah luck, namely Sabina my home and I with progressive we can save and pay someone to install this for so you don't have to pretend you can.

I know my way around the screwdriver is going to get the leaves have Fisher dwindling a little with progressive and use the money to do it yourself parking to respond is about a little sticky situations. While why Grace wanted Kyle have to place the somber sad buffers using coming out of the second I don't know I don't like snow but I know it's already it's sentimental it's it's a little emotional because we're having to say goodbye to our world-class intern Alan Morrow who is joining us. I hear the studio. Alan Friday is your last day and you are the pumpkin or the carriage turns back of the pumpkin and you go back to Ohio. Yes I do. Friday is my last day and I'm starting to get really sad to be bittersweet know when to pick up my lunch is anymore your system mentioned that only but yet so Alan has been as a student at Liberty University and of course we have a a long-standing partnership and the friendship with the liberty add to your journalism is a journalism major actually government politics and policy.

Major that's like political science and I have a journalism minor okay good for you yet nobody needs a journalism degree, excuse me, I'm just saying it's coming you can teach somebody how to write what you need a discernible skill and he's got the discernible skilled care enough. That's all Atreides thank you� I'm trying to help out here Alan, so sorry we are heading back to school in the fall and that you had that this is been a full summer here in Memphis you been working around the clock. It is been a real job for you all.

It's it's been exactly like that, like there's not been a moment here.

It felt like all that's like Alan the internally given these little things like I've been able to do some really cool stuff and write some really great stories and it's been a blast. I've learned so much and gained so much experience and and that's a part of the process here is really training next-generation journalist or broadcasters and end the only way you could do that is just to jump in and start writing and start learning. Absolutely my confidence and what I'm able to do has just boosted so much here because once you are challenged and you overcome that you succeed. It shows you in the future, you can continue to do more than folks. You will notice Allen's byline and I got a check it out in and read his stories, no Alan, one of the stories you been working on involves the state of Florida where there's been a big effort underway to purge public school libraries of some very controversial of material what's going on there. You're absolutely right. This story 75 books with pornographic and sexually explicit content were found in a Florida school's library school board member for Clay County school district names Ashley Gehlhausen. She brought all this to light and she's calling for disciplinary action for those that are responsible for exposing kids to us. It seems like you know you've covered a lot of the stories that sort of been your beats over over the summer. There have been a lot of issues in Florida, where they discovered critical race theory was sort of woven into the curriculum whether it be math class or English class and then on the other side you got these the these pornographic books are the libraries is crazy thought. It's like public schools are becoming government grooming centers tax dollars are going into teaching the next generation the stuff one of the books found in this library. It's called Julian is a mermaid and is recommended for elementary school students as an introduction to gender fluidity and it features a boy puts on lipstick and jewelry and then goes to a New York City mermaid festival so that he can fully express himself. This is for elementary school students in the library for grade school kids yeah she's a little it's again it's over you when you're covering these got you. We do this every day here. What's been your perspective just stepping out over the summer and covering all these kinds of stories you. I've always been interested in news and politics. I've always followed the stuff closely but now it's like I'm really immersed in in one way it can be like discouraging to see how many horrible things are happening out there, but it also it like lights a fire in you to like stand up against the stuff because if we want to survive as a nation and as a culture and society. People need to be speaking out about this and people need to be aware of it. I know you're absolutely right. Now you are heading back to Ohio, then back to liberty and your to be hanging out with us at our liberty studios up for the rest of the school years that right yes liberty has a great program that allowed me to write for you guys as a student worker there that have a thing called the Center for conservative media and it's been a blast. I learned so much there and coming here really stem from that and I couldn't be more thankful for that opportunity. Alan, this is been great so you don't attribute you set up a pretty high bar for future intervals.

Thank you.

I really learned so much. Everyone here made it so easy to succeed Caleb's been so great Caleb Park Caleb are managing editor. Yeah, he's wonderful and so encouraging and patient and you been the same way and everyone's just like believed in me and taught me so much and I I couldn't be more thankful for the opportunity and it's I learned more doing this than you could in any class. I love it I love to hear that and we don't charge tuition you actually get paid. Yeah, this is this is way better than paying the data class. I'll take this any day but still go to go to liberty liberty is a liberty Al Anbar I would to the cigarette you can you not love the way I'm of the story but Grace Baker. I got to I have a BMI bonnet a bone to pick with you when I do. Well, you know that there has been an ongoing controversy in our in our realm surrounding the word midget and so I there is a story on the stack of my pile here about Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones so Jerry Jones is facing backlash because he use the word midget to describe someone who was rather short. As a little person seared out of it. I guess you're not allowed to say midget as I know that was yeah I think what is a matter of fact I just find this hilarious.

The Fox News Fox Ryan Gaydos is the writer and you know how they do the � � � for the naughty words are now, it is not a thing about this is liberty. So anyway it's I want to read this to you Joan somebody I use the term M � � � � T with what was talking about Larry Lacewell, the former director of college and pro scouting who died in May, the Cowboys executive said he wanted to quote get me somebody a midget to dress like Lacewell and said next to him at practice.

So see my guy. I thought it was like mother what I did. I mean, when you see the � � that's typically what that is thereupon about mother fornicators, but not the dark about little people. Anyway, it's like a multipage story here and so Jones had to apologize for for saying in a midget. It's a very unfortunate instead of little people. What you call the pickles. The midget curtains what you call the gurgles there just nameless. Now I have nothing little pickles sources to call a little pickles.

I know I just want to know I can keep up with the politically correct term.

That's the problem I have a crazy story and and we've got so much news to cover but I have to share this because it's very rare that we actually talk about the little people of the program.

So anyway, I was writing a book many years ago and I used to love to write in this beautiful lounge over at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott hotel beautiful and it was usually only go in on Tuesday to do a lot of my writing is you get to know the staff in that year they had the regular the concierge desk and so anyway are on that particular day and typically on Tuesdays. I get kind of weird because the Orthodox Jews would gather in the lounge and they would they would not eat. They would only drink water but they would use that as sort of some sort of a meeting meeting ritual so they would basic it was like speed dating for the Orthodox Jewish but it was fascinating to watch from up if you're in the religions and so it is pretty fascinating to watch. But, and I would I would be in and then here's the Gentile amongst them, and I just know writing my writing my stories.

Mother take no because it's absurd. I'm not kosher, I love you so anyway, one day I walked in a shirt up there and at the same time I'm coming and so are all of the, the, the Orthodox Jewish folks and we walked in, and in the lobby are thousands of little people and so I walk over and of course I didn't know the time I was very uncultured and I went up I would put all of this on me. Yours truly, your host and I wanted you I just didn't know. And so I walk over to the concierge and I'm just, like waiting for all these little people and and there is a convention of little people at them at the hotel so as I go over to that because shooters I say so what's going on with the midgets and he just his face went ashen.

He says for the love of God and our level people.

People will I'm like oh my goodness hard. My apology really stuck there almost wanted sister so so anyway that's my story.

You are at their great snow are not okay to take a break will be right back as it presents don't do it yourself okay using 1/3 screwdriver trying to get how that was just how that fits. It's something the language to progressive, we can say think and pay someone to do for us. Maybe next time you see an Protestant hair fell in Latin safe when belittling a little with progressive and use the money to do it yourself to respond is about a little sticky situations. All right hello race as our intern. He did a good job for us while getting he's done it. You know he's written some really great stories the summer we shut them around town forgot to ask, I had asked him what his favorite barbecue was. He tried the summer. That's true. We we got them around to some barbecue joints. I saw the staff was pretty much sending him out all over the place. So yeah, I think he kinda think he's been the central barbecue is popular Baines you to come to Baines that you have your favorite yet when veins are great brisket terrorists. Yet Texas brisket okay thank you but it is brisk and out. It was good. It was very good. Yeah around town. I think he likes it here working on this and we have the I'm just asking because I forgot to ask the right we have that fox audio only are we going to set the stage for this. This just happened on Fox news and I've been telling you Fox is gone not just woke to the left, but they have literally embraced the LGBT agenda. I am telling you they have and completely embraced it. So look, there's been a raging debate about monkeypox. Here's the deal. Again, there is a cry of foot to actually rename monkeypox because they say the name monkeypox is an appropriate Outlook I can come up with a name so I'm not sure if they're saying I what were they saying it's racist or homophobic I know but I want to change the name. Meanwhile, the government has been dancing around this, but predominantly this is a disease that is impacting the gay community, specifically gay men who engage in sex with other with other man I me that's will typically that's what I did preside at some redundant oxymoron but anyway it's been having sex with men that those are the people that are coming down with us and it seems to be that you would think that in all seriousness here. It seems to me that if you know something is impacting a specific demographic. In this case gay men you would want to be very clear very clear in your messaging and your narrative so that people don't get sick and that people don't die healthy people are dying from those I think it's a harlots is horrible affliction, but it seems to me that you would want to be clear and focused and direct to help people not get the disease.

So anyway, Ned.

Ryan was on was this that the show with all the women and the one guy in the in the middle. I think that's what what I figure what they got one lucky guy or something. Something like that.

I never did think the guy was all that lucky. But anyway, he was surrounded by all these leftist on Fox Fox news and what was that grace Kennedy Kennedy soak out this that this happened on Kennedy should correct my apart so Kennedy is a leftist, I don't care what you say she is a leftist and that she is.

She pals around with all of the massive LGBT workers that currently work at Fox news. So Ned Ryan was trying to.

Here's what happened. This plan for monkeypox II think is a pretty good rule in life don't attend a orgies when you look at the New England Journal's report of the file you Ned, my man.

Go look at the New England Journal's report that NBC news reported on on Friday in which of the 528 cases they review 95% were between sex between men sit in conversation about where those coming from when I was done using toss instead of going crazy and declaring a national pandemic on 3000 people at her right now. It's insane to be gay to get monkeypox to end. You don't have to be dated when you talk about drinking something that is easily spread. This is science. Kennedy, 95% of the cases from the Bradley 372 doses states in Denmark where that smallpox monkeypox vaccine is manufactured.

There ready to go by because this has been an issue for more men in the gay community. It seems like it is been lower on the priority list. Brad is right. He says the monkey bars right now is mostly gay men. The problem is that public health wise not going to orgies in general is a good policy to not get sexually-transmitted diseases, and so we have to be really careful we saw with the AIDS crisis with HIV crisis how certain communities are certainty we stigmatize something that lots of people do we gotta be careful about that. I will use the term language that the only people from one friend and family members and colleagues and is transmitted through sexual transmitted through close contact don't fight Brad HIV-AIDS. You don't think is even I caricature and the people who got one plain time so is that a caricature though and I'm I'm curious to hear from you because a major Fox news host Kennedy and she is BFFs with God, fell that all background and hear me. They do not like evangelical Christians. They mock you at Fox news.

But you just heard Kennedy her own mouth. She said that if you are suggesting that gay men are getting monkeypox that makes you bigoted.

You heard it and she went back and she reiterated so she's doubling down on her assertion. Did you hear anything that sounded remotely bigoted about what Ned Ryan was trying to say how is that any different than what then what the CDC is saying that that predominantly gay men are getting monkeypox and it's being spread at these raves at these events or is Ned Ryan described them. These gay orgies, and it seems to me that if the hole as if it was sexual.

Let's just say you've got a bunch of straight people, down the monkeypox would you not want to be pretty clear with people. Hey, this is the demographic that's getting the disease and you need to be aware. You need to be alert you need to keep your pants on. Does that make me a bigoted person 844-747-8868 that's her telephone number outlook. I appreciate Kennedy coming out and on national television on Fox news and saying that all you people out there that are blaming the LGBT community, specifically BG of the LGBT community for the monkeypox that you people are just bits. Keep your mouth shut. That's what people like her and then they try to portray her as some sort of a cool, hip, edgy, conservative, that's a load of crap. Ladies and gentlemen, and it's not even grade a level just my thought, just my thought are we gotta take a break or another full hour. We gotta get to the view the squawking magpies at the view have been silenced by TP USA were to get to that story some great news there also some great guest coming your way and your calls.

844-747-8868 this is the Todd start radio show. Head over to the website. Todd sign up for that newsletter and download the podcast will be right back America will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I you calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee is yours about this. Here's something with you and when you hear this.

I just want you in the back of your one how the media would've responded Pres. Ron had done something like this. With this it happened during the Trump administration. I want you to imagine the mainstream media uproar and outrage.

This is the headline coming from politico. The Centers for Disease Control under the Biden administration is going to make monkeypox a nationally notify a bowl condition, so could you imagine. So let me explain what how this is going to play out. What say that you got all raging case of the monkeypox at your wherever you are at and you go to the doctor and they declare all you've got the monkeypox, your name goes into a system and anybody that you been in contact with gets notified that you've got the monkeypox. Now I want you to think just for a moment what you think would happen if that it happened under Pres. Trump. There would have been all you know what byword we can't believe this man is dying this he's creating up a database he's created he's gonna bring us all together and put us in camps.

That's what tribes gonna do you. That's exactly how this would play down and it very well may be with Biden because they're looking for any excuse to get rid of him anyway.

Will a sea of people to judge as a comment on that later. 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 will keep you updated a new survey out from Gallup confidence in the mainstream media is now at an all time live according to Gallup, just 16% of American adults say they have a great deal more quite a lot of confidence in newspapers, 11% in newspapers. It's a big deal.

There was a time in this country where we could rely somewhat on the media getting the story right and we can no longer do that as you just heard on Fox news in the previous hour will play that audio gimbal bit later so what's going on here you go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line. Great to have with us.

Our friend Timothy had who was the executive director of the Faith and Freedom coalition Timothy good to have you back with us.

Thank you so much for having me back on one of the most ordinance reports that's that's actually making its way out right now. I'm glad you talked about this, why, why is it important Timothy, well, you know, it definitely applies to news actually will extrapolate an even broader American institutions just writ large are our spiraling and spiraling down and in credibility and believability and reason wanted such a huge problem is because all of us need so I think of it, like language, like we need to have a commonly shared word for what a chair or what wall is what you know what ceiling is what a car is an and we can at least just kind of agree on basic you know of this up-and-down is down. It actually kind of like it dissipates just the basic functions of any civil society, and that's one of the major problems. I think they were having, you know, in news and journalism writ large.

People just don't believe it. And so I know they were all coming in from different different frameworks or platforms. No chemistry or basic factual credibility. And yet Timothy II think there there's a large segment of this audience, you might be looking at these numbers and they're not all that surprised.

It would, you know. Looking back was a turning point.

Can you go back to my be a certain time in history or a decade were were things really started to take a turn for the worse as far as the media and objection objectivity goes well I would say to be perfectly honest with you that the app vendor kind of introduction of of 24 hour news probably started the slippery slope, because there's not really 24 hours a day worth news happening, you know, yesterday, in any given yesterday and so you network honorable reporting news for eight minutes ago. Of the 60 minute show and were just going about finding entertaining, for that matter. For the other 52 minutes bit by bit over the course of you know now I was in early 90s, but we are 25 to 30 years later, and not only not getting 88 minutes of truth factual reporting. You know absolutely we are only getting sort of one perspective of of that report of the late minutes post fertilization, and honestly, you know that is good and bad. Whenever Katie Turton one of the kind of a primetime host grimace and BC just last week she read the very report that you just alluded to and she and I under private Instagram account basically said I don't. I think I'm actually hurting more than helping at this point to which you and I and others like us were like, no kidding, right. It really is its transit because there there is a place for the fourth estate in American history that goes back to the founding of the country which is one of the reasons that our founding fathers were so adamant about having freedom of the press. But, unfortunately, and I think I'm not sure there was ever a time when there was fear and balance in the news Timothy and going back into that your the 19th century and into the early parts of the 20th century when yellow journalism really developed its name your baster called the fish wrap was that's you know that they had such little respect for journalism back of the day and up because ultimately was about selling ads are not necessarily getting news and information out there to the people well and you totally fair and you can even rewind further down the unit of the nation that we certainly have had sort of. It wasn't Republic per se, polarized or politicized newspapers and in sort of other dissemination channels of information so it's it's nothing new under the sun but in a fast-moving and not complicated or complex culture like ours when when nobody really knows. Even at this point whether wish you know you won't tell us that government said you wear a mask don't work, we can get this basic on you know on on sort of foundational or fundamental dissemination of critical information. That's when we know that we truly jumpstart Timothy had is on the patriot mobile newsmaker line talking about this Gallup survey media confidence at a record low and intimately I think when you extrapolate from that okay will. How about coverage of people of faith evangelical community. I just think it's it's appalling. It's abysmal even in some conservative circles, but absolutely like a couple nights ago I was drinking on on CNN website on athlete or don't go out like Michelle looked one of the guests on their was talking sort of journalistic context was talking about the clinical rise in Christian nationalism just like it you know I'm in anybody that that the described you know, subscribes to a biblical worldview would watch that and laugh out loud there.

We are naturally national health program with what they and invited no professional guest of a professional perspective talking about his Christian nationalism actually biblical.

Who the heck you talking like this is stained a famed argument. You know, so I do think it's important, is more important than ever know for for individual people, especially from our perspective for Christians and people of faith to be rooted and grounded themselves in truth and in Scripture before they can go to the journalistic out outlets for news are certainly the perspectives all right. Timothy really was there. Great stuff.

As always, and we appreciate you coming on the on the program today. Thank you. Love it always like so much fun. All right, Timothy had folks and what it is what it is you gotta do your homework. I mean if you're a news consumer. You gotta make sure that the news and information you are getting is coming from good journalist and good and they're doing good journalism we do that over our website all the time over at Todd certain' so I wanted a place of audio for you there. There's been a dustup between TP USA and the folks over at the view the squawking magpies over the view so anyway there was the big TP USA event, Tampa, Florida, and you had a bunch of these of whacker doodles that would show up and protest outside the convention hall and some of them were in a had Nazi symbols all this, what knobs they were not affiliated with TP USA.

But that's not how the view described the situation initially. Take a listen. Okay so you have to read this that I've got a little note.

I know how to play a turning point FA neo-Nazis and sending nothing to deal with the organization is what you are complicit all right so that was yesterday and TP USA exploded threatened to sue. They sent a cease-and-desist order because clearly they had nothing to do with SMTP was that it was much of conservative high school kids and an MA I just say this and Grace Baker. I don't want you to respond publicly, but you can shake your hand. I would say that about 50% of the teenagers going to a TP USA conference in Florida really have no idea what their political beliefs are there going to go to the beach, I knew you would agree with me as a part day mom and dad doubt they are having a good time and who knows I just might be converted to the conservative way anyway so TP USA rightfully angry over this. Here's what happened today on the view that there were strangers outside the Florida state action Summit of the turning point you think we want to make clear that he demonstrated demonstrators were gathered outside the event and that they were not invited or endorsed by turning point USA a turning point FA spokesman said the group hundred percent condemns those ideologies turning point USA security tried to remove the neo-Nazis from the area because they were on public property. Also turning point USA wanted to clarify that I wanted to clarify that this was a turning point USA signed the Republican Party and we apologize for anything. He said me a bit unclear on these points see see they've already got plenty of other lawsuits, and Adam and I can't wait for what you said, Rittenhouse, Rittenhouse, there's been talk about him going after the Dalles over the view was well there to be working at the local diner before it's all said and done, I gotta take a break 844-747-8868. Good for you TP USA will be right back galaxies. He slept for all these new taxes might not like southeast of the park. I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for its compact and fit perfectly in my pocket galaxies. He flipped for you got a brand-new book from Dick Morris that his father would turn from big 24 come back. It reveals president trumps secret plan for 2024 Dick Morris would know he is one of the president's closest advisers. By the way, the return is the best political book of the year already on number one Amazon bestseller, and it gives you all the background about the 2024 campaign by the way Dick Morris also says Hillary Clinton.

She's gotta be in the race. Yet Dick Morris is the return in bookstores everywhere. Or, you can see the free offer from Newsmax and save almost $28 go to the return that's the return and say almost $28. The return all right new survey out of this is from Newsmax Theodore Bunker is the writer. Pres. Biden has fallen behind transportation secretary people to judge in a poll of 2024 Democratic presidential candidates conducted in New Hampshire, according to the University of New Hampshire survey Buddha judge narrowly edges out Biden among likely Democratic voters in 2024. 17% would vote for Buddha judge 16% for Biden 10% for Pocahontas and 10% for Gavin Newsom Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey was the most selected candidate. When voters were asked to name their second choice for president. What Buddha judge is going to be the guy, and here's all you need to know about that, why, when was the last time you actually saw administration carting out the transportation secretary every night on the National League of a window that happened it didn't. And it hasn't, until now. It's almost as if any, get when you're looking at the hierarchy of the president's cabinet. The transportation secretary is not up there but you got the Secretary of State. You have the Secretary of Defense and you hardly ever hear from those guys. It's all about secretary Pete and the husband and the chest feeding of the children that they did not themselves birth but they want you to believe they did.

That's what it's about. So there clearly and pardoned the word and I don't mean this in a negative way. Their grooming secretary Pete to be� That's what's going on here and we talked about this a few days ago and every time we bring up Pete. I will remind you of this that people to judge his father was in a fouled communist.

He ascribed to radical Marxist theories and the theories involved infiltrating a nation's culture a nations academic institutions and raising up and brainwashing the next generation of Americans to hate capitalism to hate freedom now people are just as he was never inspired at all by his father, yet he had a deep and abiding relationship with his dad and all son should have those kinds of relationships with her dad.

But in this particular instance that is not necessarily a good thing because you can't tell me that the communist Apple did not fall far from that tree. And what better way to advance a radically progressive agenda and when push comes to shove I would be willing to say this that people do judge, is just as radicalized as ill handlebar and a OCR but what better way to advance that radical progressive agenda than with the guy from the Midwest, has that mad magazine look with the hair and the that shiny white teeth. The pearly whites. He was a military veteran and as far as we know, and again we honor everybody who serve you put on the uniform of the nation. We honor you on this radio program, but let me caveat that by seven truly a caveat. There's a difference between being Capt. America and radar O'Reilly and those of you who are of a certain age know what I'm talking about MP Buddha judge was radar O'Reilly that's that's all. And that's it. We honor we honor service. I will take a break 844-747-8868 gracious Google � MASA Google and the Google radar no I. Progressive's home for another house. I totally understand house from just another.

Some newer homes on the market looking at those other houses don't have a crack in the foundation, no matter how much you love it more knowing you could say in your home and aggressive situations are below the headline drivers are staying off the road to save money even as gas prices continue to decline again that people can afford unbelievable you got, here's just a few moments ago saying that under the Biden administration and I'm like Congressman Chris Stewart when a congressman on the patriot mobile newsmaker like good to have you with the server. Thank you Congressman just a few moments ago, Harris says, and she's praising the Biden administration because under the Biden administration. Gas prices have fallen dramatically more so than any other time in recent American history. Yeah, their efforts to make people said inflation is transitory. Start claiming it's not really recession that you know they wonder what is a woman in order to secure I mean, they just say things that are actually demonstrably untrue and expect us to believe it and and Americans are so stupid Todd. They don't they know they can't remember it 15 months ago what they were paying for gas, which is about $2.21 percent and walk out the door and look what they're paying for it now and then pretend that they're there to give this administration credit for the price of gasoline. Just as I said another part of the course. Tomorrow Congressman is the big day expecting the GDP report and every indicator except from the Biden ministration every economic pundit out there is saying that working to be in a recession. That's what it's going to show, but the White House is now redefining what the word recession means yeah I'm not an anonymous but I have my degree in economic I think I understand it pretty well but again, you don't have to be economists to know that the generally accepted definition of recession since probably the early 70s was two quarters of GDP. GDP actually shrinking and that hasn't been contested that been controversial for heaven sake that it is something that everyone accepted up until this week where the administration goes they know this number can be negative or at least the second will be in most of us do. And so rather than deal with the problem rather come to the American people as they look. We know you're hurting and we want to try to help. And here's our plan to try to help you to come together to give Jos� know what you're saying isn't real. Did not really recession here is the new immediately session and I think you're going on pretty well which is what they may claiming for months now about what the great economy to presiding over all the jobs it created that he once again taught American people are done going to be like to know this isn't right. That's right. And I think that is certainly evident in the president's poll numbers, especially among members of his own party where you've got an overwhelming number of younger voters who say Biden has that there's no way he can run for second term. I suspect were going to see a lot of pushback from voters in the midterm elections. Oh my God surely will, and we should hear .92% Democrat under the age of 30 don't want Biden to run again. 92% in the cold was just released last week. I don't how they look at any of these numbers and think there is any argument that they won't lose the house and probably the Senate and they should. They should lose their power when they've misused it, and when they've abused it so severely as they have since this president has come to the White House and the American people and holding to account.

Once again they should know that time I Congressman Chris Stewart from the great state of Utah on the patriot mobile newsmaker line Congressman, when you look at the you put all the pieces together. You have an economy and you know it's it's it's bad and it's going to get worse. The American people are hurting. We've got an open border. You've got the war going on in Ukraine with the Russians.

There are threats of war with Russia, and especially with there's a lot of concern about Pelosi going to Taiwan.

What what are you sensing here about where all of this is going. I I think it's were heading in a very very dangerous place. Well I think that been in my most book I make a point very clearly in the fracturing of the nation and as our enemies watch Babel move table counts when they see it.

Just commit national suicide is doing and you know there's 100 think we have to mention as well. If you don't mind me interjecting that it were coming up on the one-year anniversary of the fall American and the memories of many of the tablets out hundreds of panicked working to meet the Afghan is actually falling off the aircraft as he looked into the sky begin and end this absurd right to strike is Gen. Millie called with a killed seven children in an attempt to distract from the image that many people have of America. So when you talk about China you talk about Russia when you talk about all of the couches and they have this image of a weekend ethical American under Jekyll American leadership. Why in the world would anyone globally any national or global leaders. Look at America. Respect, and I'm afraid that that leads to the danger Congressman I know you been leading the charge on that calling for an really demanding transparency you want the background of the declassified Intel on what happened. Are you getting that information from the administration will not right anyone and were not going to get that until we take the majority can actually subpoena that it requested it eight months ago and and and by the way, this is not something they can claim class cited clearly not classified as long as we would seek to protect it, but it's not all asking for is to give the background show was the analysis way into the decision-making led to this catastrophe, and in the series of decisions that led to, as I said this heartbreaking memories that we have no of Afghanistan understanding so that we don't do it again and finally, how can the president get across the table from Gen. Millie and Gen. Austin and ever trust them again after the date of the leadership in the decision-making that day. They demonstrated we just want to understand what happened but no, they're not good. Given that I'm sunk. I'm confident they won't until again.

We can take out should actually compel them to choose. I'm curious to get your thoughts. There's a fascinating piece open on Newsweek and the writer is is making the comparison what's happening in Ukraine with the administration's recklessness could very well be turning backcountry into another Afghanistan of sorts. You see that happening, and it's something that many of us are afraid of and I had a chance to talk with some leaders in Ukraine American leaders there last week and I told them that Congress doesn't have an appetite for $40 billion check every six months to just simply not happy with the American people are goodhearted and an honorable and they want to help and they want to lead. They understand United States has a special role to lead in the world stage. If America doesn't lead them present.

She will at present pollutant will or some other other hand, we also are smart enough to learn from our mistakes and we look at Afghanistan or Iraq, and we see ourselves what we do wrong there and let's not do the same thing doubt in Ukraine and perception among some, but it doesn't matter what it takes to involve ourselves to whatever degree to defeat Russia. There, which is an honorable goal and that we all want to support. But on the other hand, we have our own interest. We have our own capacities that are limited and I think it's a fair question about what the appropriate level of involvement to commit to Ukraine all right. Good stuff here. I Congressman would have to leave it there. We appreciate your Intel and your oversight on what's happening in Afghanistan and we appreciate your time with us today are that's Congressman Chris Stewart out of the great state of Utah CNN poll, 75% of Democrats don't want Biden to run again tonight. 75%. The vast majority of Democrats. They had a four don't want Biden to be their nominee in 2024 is acquainting a CNN poll I found David Axelrod, former senior advisor to Pres. Obama.

I heard that sort of stopped in my tracks for a second three quarters of Democrats don't want the incumbent president to run again at how worried should Biden be right now about that.

I mean, obviously this is a this is a very unhappy data for him and I'm sure you know is concerning.

Well, it's very concerning to terrify everybody if your Democrat will keep you updated on that. Oh we got an update on the story. This is a breaking news about the condition of Tony down what the city is not so the poor guy Tony down from leave it to beaver this a crazy story so it came out during the show that the star of leave it to beaver had died under the guise been in bad health and so the wife comes out and says her husband's dad and then it turns out that he's not dead yet buddies I is a star. It's all horrible stories.

We want to apologize.

We were this week we figured if the wife was saying that the husband was dead. That's a pretty good source in the news business that's a pretty good source but anyway of the start, leave it to beaver not dead yet.

That is, the headline will be right back America process. Don't do it yourself okay fix the water heater he's seen. I secure the 60 seconds doable to the pressure tip that is interesting to think that we should just underlie hung out with progressive and pay someone to do it for us.

That's cool. The stools Ross is safe when bubbling a little with progressive and use the money to do it yourself to respond is about a little sticky situations take it easy. America is going to take it easy. Wednesday is it Wednesday.

It's Thursday. What day is Wednesday.Wednesday I'm confused Grace Baker was coming on the big show Meijer show coming up tomorrow.

Tomorrow it's in a be packed got Sen. Marsha Blackburn Representative Jim Jordan and Representative Ron Estes. We've got a stack. Wow. All right.

Good stuff.

And of course your calls. Ladies and gentlemen, 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number oh, Biden said at that press conference earlier today and again. People talk about the blinking of the eye.

That's a weird thing. I mean typically, when people are not blinking. That means they are juiced up on something there hopped up on what she's doing math or something. I don't think that's the case, but anyway Biden out out in public today wearing the sunglasses and he says all you people gotta start where the masks again, so you should consider wearing a mask when you're in a crowded indoor public place. These precautions add an extra layer of protection for you and for those around you.

But the reality is that BA five means many of us are still going to get covert, even if we take the precaution. Would you do that, I mean the president want you to wear your mask again, you've got a couple of school districts around the country that are already ordering students to mask up.

Do you really think that people are going to mask up 844-747-8868 that's her number. I think were done were done and if you are one of those people that goes out there and I see you have most of your driving around in one of those battery-powered cars and you've got a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker on your backside and your wearing the mask in the car by yourself.

You're a moron.

And there's really no polite way to say it durable rod. By the way, gotta brag on our friends over at patriot mobile they're all over the place.

I saw them at the big TP USA conference down in Tampa. By the way, they'll be at sea pack as well and we hope to see you at sea pack patriot mobile.

America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier and they got some incredible nationwide coverage that use the same towers. The other guys use. They just don't send their money to left-wing organizations, and I completely respect that they also have plans to fit any budget. So if you and especially these days folks couple I mean everybody's looking for a way to save a few dollars and patriot mobile is going to help you do that by the way they got some incredible offers for our listeners know if you call in or go to their website.

Use my promo code tied it there to give you free activation and a special discount that's patriot patriot or give them a call 972 patriot. That's 972.

Patriot gotta use the promo code Todd again no hard sale there to work with you in there to help you find the best pan best plan and best package for you and your family are all where is that story here. We got New York Times now calling for Pres. Biden to step aside and announce he will not run for reelection this coming from New York Times columnist Brett Stevens is accusing Pres. Biden of being a failed president who was so weak the Western world has been left effectively leaderless.

All right, welcome to the party power. What you been up to for the past couple years. Stevens also advised the best thing Biden could do is announce immediately that he will not run again in 2024 Fox news channel has the story up here, the author says the Democratic world is leaderless 25 years ago we had the confident presences of Bill Clinton helmet: Tony Blair and Alan Greenspan. Now we have a failing American president a timorous German Chancellor, a British prime minister about to skulk out of office. This is bad. In normal times, it is catastrophic and bad ones. Mr. Stephens writes. He claims that Biden's lack of leadership is put holes in US international credibility. Again, welcome to the party's. He described the latter is a situation which Pres. Biden is committed enough support to prevent outright defeat, but not to secure a clear victory. He also expressed high doubt invited being able to deal with an imminent nuclear crisis with Iran. There is also the looming crisis over Taiwan and not to mention dear May I just say this Ukraine.

Now I'm just curious. Does anybody really think we have any business involving ourselves what's going on with Ukraine now.

Now that we've had a chance to step back and send him six $7 billion of our tax money.

Anybody else having low second thoughts about any of this, that maybe, just maybe the wrong move was made because we were like we are about ready to lower the American flag over the capital building and raised Ukrainian flag but thank goodness. All the Ukrainians can now go to the beach and hang out in suntan go to the outdoor concerts while who's fighting the war. I it's all very confusing. But again, we were told don't ask questions, just just pay your tax money and shut up that's that's our that's our job. So we just want to put that out this story from Yahoo! News. The lesbian mayor of Chicago. You say Todd. Why would you what would you say that was because she campaigned on so she wants everybody to know she's a lesbian and were happy to oblige. Lesbian mayor of Lightfoot has a lead foot Chicago bear Lightfoot is now apparently refusing to pay multiple speeding tickets.

She's also running through red lights so I get I guess she's the mayor. She doesn't feel like she has to obey any of the laws of the lands of the earth to go all that the Savior driving around Chicago you might want to be careful.

You never know when lesbian Lightfoot my plywood beer to get T-boned by Lightfoot. I gotta take a break here a long break. This is the end of the show world will see you tomorrow because America general insurance presents shower valid/everyone does something in the shower. It turns out. Generally, the quality insurance company saving people money for newly 60 years since you go to general insurance services, Inc. insurance agency Nashville, Tennessee summer sections apply

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