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Has Cancel Culture Gone Too Far?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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October 17, 2022 3:38 pm

Has Cancel Culture Gone Too Far?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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October 17, 2022 3:38 pm

President Obama accused his own party of being cancel-culture “buzzkills.” Agree or disagree?

Harriet Hageman, Marsha Blackburn, Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, Matt Schlapp, and Rep. Louie Gohmert join the conversation! 

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Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by the legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM delivers universities to really move this Tennessee is America's conservative absorption so we are hello America, I glad to have you with us today.

Broadcasting from our flagship radio station AWA by deed I Dottie about this Tennessee beautiful day here across the Midsouth having a very nice autumn wherever you might be wow, do we have a great show lined up for you.

This is pretty exciting. We've got Harriet Hagman who is running for Congress in Wyoming.

She is the Republican nominee beat Liz Cheney. Now she is going to be the next United States congressperson from Wyoming also sooner. Marsha Blackburn is here Congresswoman Nicole Malia talk is our good friend Matt slap from seatback and while Congressman Louis go work from Texas is going to drop by to talk about the border crisis. We also have a lot of polling data this year with you and I will say this. Things are looking very very very good for Republicans all over the nation. As a matter of fact even in New York State, Lee Selden now neck and neck with The whole Cole who is the current the incumbent Democrat governor so the polling data is looking good and it's only getting better for for Republicans around the nation are you feeling good. I will say this, I saw the Georgia debates and a lot of debates over the weekend I saw the Georgia debates Herschel Walker did not show up. He was a no-show to the Atlanta press club and I think based on the fact that he was a no-show. He actually won that debate Herschel Walker by on Friday did the debate with Rafael Warnock in savanna Georgia and I thought I'd I thought Herschel did a good job I what was he the most eloquent, well spoken person go, but he made his points very clear that the moderators were on the left side of the aisle, but Walker held his own night he came across as very gracious. A very amenable and a guy who's going to do the right thing. If he gets elected to the U.S. Senate, but the Atlanta debates. Many of those folks were just all over the place and demand that they did. They hate the Republican nominees but God bless God bless Marjorie Taylor green because she went at it. There was this there was a summer reporter from news channel 9 in Chattanooga and I know that we got a lot of people are listening to us on Google radio in Chattanooga, Tennessee, one of the host. One of the anchors on Google radio was one of the debate moderators for this Atlanta race.

You say why did the postcard from Chattanooga down to Atlanta. What was very simple. You got your geography records. Marjorie Taylor screamed butts up against the Chattanooga area so that that's what so anyway this guy is trying to be like a Chris Wallace real, smarmy, snarky, but you know the kind of person you just well I don't unit you just like to be around these kinds of people. Anyway, cut number eight rise to a more detailed Taylor green there your well known for making controversial statements to tell your process for vetting and fact checking your statements that you make in public and for social media.

Can you tell me what controversy of controversy all about defending that freedom of speech, or what's controversial about on defending our border are saying we need 10 what can you tell me and give me an example know you do this every time we have a debate where you asked I ask a question is obvious in your eye. What Amy you were kicked off your committees for saying things were controversial.

You apologize controversial statements right those types of things.

What is your process for fact checking and vetting the things you sent.

I say in public are the truth and that's why they're so offensive to Democrat this in the media just like you and you're asking me a blanket question with no example I think by the things that I say I stand by saying that we need to secure our border that we need to protect all of our freedoms and our rights that we need to stop the America last Democrat communist policies. They are destroying our country seen by the words that I say sent to Washington DC and the SWAT features there because the words that I speak are the same as as Americans background the famous people in Georgia's 14th district and the words that I speak of the tracing line is something Josh. Sometimes the truth hurts, and Washington deserves to hear it wherever 31 trillion � our government has failed the American people and right now this administration has us on the verge of a nuclear war with Russia when they care more about finding a war in Ukraine. Then they care about protecting Americans, helping homeless people in the streets and securing our border and stopping fentanyl from killing young people in America you sorry PO part of the moment there yet. You go girl you go girl MPG.

She just had that gentleman for lunch and dinner. His name is Josh Rowe. He is a news anchor at news channel line in Chattanooga and she smacked the living daylights out of that follow. He didn't even see a comment, did not know what was going talk, but this is this is how you have to handle the media.

I know that many of you Republican candidates of your nice people.

You go to church you yet you take a covered dish over to the neighbor when they're not doing good you send out the little notes kind note.

You treat the animals well yeah you pat the kids on the head there no you don't sniff like by budget, but you're very nice to children of the neighborhood and then when you run for office. You have to confront these really bad people like this Rowe guy from news channel line in Chattanooga and you just gotta get nasty old. That's how they play their nasty, you gotta get nasty back but you gotta get nasty and a very nice way. I thought Marjorie Taylor green hit a home run. I think Herschel Walker hit a home run and we've seen this play out all over America as Republican candidates. This this new generation of Republican candidates there actually learning from Donald Trump and the great take away from the truck presidency is that Donald Trump show Republicans that a it's okay to fight back against the mainstream media MB you can beat the 11 style of know that's all there's no see is just empty grace, we make it work. I'm just simplifying over the lunch hour. So anyway, good for you Marjorie Taylor green Trafalgar group whole out this past weekend revealed that a Republican candidate leads a Democrat candidate by 5.3 percentage points. Only generic congressional ballot so it doesn't matter if your import. Let me explain this year in Portland, Oregon.

According to this generic congressional ballot in Portland Oregon.

The Republican candidate would lead the Democrat by an average of 5.3 percentage points again campaign and support your candidate like your 20 points behind, but it's looking good. I mean is looking really good. By the way Grace Baker went to my very first food and wine Festival.

Yes, they had quite the event.

It was very snazzy over the weekend and actually met some people that listen to the show when they come over to say hello. Very nice. My will say that you are not big on the of the highfalutin food you know they had like a foie gras.

They had the up talk this inductor okay okay and somebody old Kyle.

So Kyle are audio jitters a big foodie and he was like all you gotta try this was the most delicious thing and so II put it in my mouth.

I realized immediately that it was from the ocean and it was not cooked.

Oh yeah, that's the best stuff.

It's called sushi or something tuna sushi sushi stiletto spittoon is like seared tuna, though it was like oh it's just to idled on the top of the bottom just a little bit and that's the best I saw that it was still flopping on the it was flopping on the Trinity OSHA so I don't know what that was.

Anyway, write a couple of a couple of tents that had like all these great shots from all over America and in so I found a barbecue joint. Or what about dessert digitals. Oh, and it was very good really. It was very nice.

All that to say it was nice to take a brief respite from politics, but got to hang out a burden to talk about that and of course of course really talking about the greatest thing that ever happened in America over the weekends. You know what I'm talking about. All I know I'm embracing myself I'm ready. I went out. I realize you know I don't have a I don't have the University of Tennessee volunteers orange dress shirt, so I went out to try to find one over the but they're all gone.

Yeah because I don't buy on the bed where yeah I saw that on the bandwagon. Oh yes, all that to say if we have Alabama fans that call a listers at college today. Let her know were to be respectful. We will be playing Rocky top is the attributes that I was can ask to make sure. I'll give them a fair warning from the same page so as ladies and gentlemen, you saw what happened at Nealon Stadium in Knoxville Tennessee over the weekend when the Tennessee volunteers had their way with the Alabama Crimson Tide roll tears roll. That is what the Republicans are going to do to Democrats on election day in the midterm elections you mark my words, here it is good to be a great and glorious day folks. Gotta take a break here. Are you excited are you fired up. Are you starting to see the energy now. Are you starting to see people talking about the big issues of the day church on Sunday. People talking about this give us a call 844-747-8868 that's your toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show we are all feeling the pain at the pump and at the grocery store to the market is plunging and Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, but even worst seniors are struggling to survive. It's not time to panic, but it is time to act by friends and a back the Association about your American citizens will help you save money on things like cell phone plans travel and restaurants but eMac does much more than offer senior discounts. Your membership will support their nonprofit eMac action which takes the challenges against our Constitution and the free market straight to Capitol Hill. Joining is easy just go to Amax .us/starts to start saving today. 2.3 million Americans have already joined a Mac and you should to aim at cares about you and America so save money and support conservative causes go to a Mac .us/guards. It's only $60 per year and great news.

Anyone can join, go to a back.US/starts that's a Mac .us/guards back to the radio show that was Peyton Manning leading the pride of the Southland Bien yesterday or over the weekend. Rather, in Knoxville, Tennessee. Grace, I will say this, that I know that were dealing with a major national issue with the midterm elections coming up, but I think this story Tennessee volunteers and I know we were like worst of it. That's Vanderbilt but from worst to first it's it's a great story Tennessee now right number three of the country and the culture it was in the coaches poll in the AP and AP poll the coaches poll number four and I you I think there's a good chance we could be Georgia. I think there is a chance I it's I think the good Lord is wearing orange height.

I do know that I will probably but it's good be the gospel.

It is all that everybody's talking about this week so I assume we are at this glamorous.

I said I was like bread until you the reason why what are the food and wine strength is a highbrow kind of an outdoor that you got the Jan has already it's a wine glass of the Baptist Martini and so all of a sudden I hear people screaming and I'm like oh my gosh we got an active shooter it is Memphis, Tennessee. But it wasn't thought they were actually watching the game on the smart phones and total people were gathered around.

It was like it was you know I listen for the big national news story breaking news and it turned out it was the football day yeah I gotta say I was adamant the speed to caf� a local joint here in Memphis for the game.

I was watching the end and I watched it. Couldn't believe it. And this woman runs up behind me grabs my shoulders are shaky mean she's gotten old Mr. Don she's like she's like screaming and jumping around and were just like oh my gosh the entire world shook. I was getting messages from people congratulating me as if I was literally on the football team like Jeff Katz.

I think Todd, it's just that you had so many years of bad football. You know it was we did the nation a great service. Yes, that's when we were dating Alabama may not for today as it had to be done.

It just had to be done. You had all this, all the trash talk Nick Sabin and the Aflac commercials.

It just had to be done.

Yes, it was good.

Finally, all it was good.

By listening to Marsha Blackburn was at the game were bachelors in the program want to find out what happened to the football game.

Yes, the present lies of the day exactly our scope of the phones here 844-747-8868 Susie and George NWT letter grade affiliate Susie what's going on hi I'm going to fight. I am over when I pull that up on my iPad and I thought it out. Open an Outlook at the Lakeside think they'd Alabama and Alabama that I had an it was Susie so the food and wine festival is a is a smoke free so you're not allowed to smoke you. It's a big outdoor area. Susie there were more people smoking cigars victories cigars they were light love up all over the state of Tennessee and goodhearted number 39 Gordon's number one, you know it's yes Susie and you know, I know you're probably be Georgia Bulldogs ran but I am not one to tell anybody. If you want some know that with but you know Susie what what I love most about about what happened Saturday.

It wasn't about politics. It wasn't about the canceled culture. It wasn't about anything but having a good day of southern football that great though those great rivalries that a been around for over 100 years. That's what it's about. And I love hi Bob, no Jan and having it, their life, anything you I didn't note country right now connate it may make the dough good. It was Susie. I think you're absolutely right. It was just a good you just you felt good. You felt proud to be American.

You felt proud to be a Tennessean and you know if you're from Alabama.

You know, just deal with even beat this for 16 years) and one man in Alabama and he wanted a locket around later.

Love it. You know you know a lot of people around Tennessee wore orange to church on Sunday day. They had been fantastic and going to think I'm at bay. I gained a lot. It's good to be a good one. All right, Susie will thanks for those kind words and what a great what a great day for college football. And really, I mean it's you guys have those rivalries all over the country and your you're just not getting that on the professional level. Words really all about the money it's all about the egos and it's not about team and I think Coach Ifill is done a wonderful job of bringing back the basics of those Tennessee maxims and making it be about the team and not the individual. So there you go.

Art, yet it's going to be a weird showed I'm just telling you ahead of time is going to be a weird show were to be talking football were to be talking politics. Oh, I am to be talking about bubble Wallace may I just I just have a question about this the gun he he the guy he attacked after the NASCAR race over the weekend also happened to be Asian American, so I'm just wondering why why didn't bubble Wallace get arrested I'm just I beat want to throw that out there work a place of work and play some of that ensure that story with you as well.

All right, Barack Obama says that Democrats are a buzz kill.

He says canceled culture is gone too far.

Do you buy into that, ladies and gentlemen, 844-747-8868 has canceled culture gone too far. This is the time surgery illegal drug trafficking has turned our southern border into a war zone. It's a war that no one wants to talk about. That's why I urge you to see border battle but use export limited documentary series from turning point USA that exposes the sheer evil and inhumanity of drug cartels and the illegal drug trade. Fentanyl has killed tens of thousands of Americans it's so dangerous just three grains of principle can kill you border battle reveals how illegal immigration, human trafficking, and America's drug crisis is only been made worse by decades of government neglect. Today's drug cartels are militarized with sophisticated weapons tanks and drones that drop explosives on their drug competitors right on our southern border. We've never seen this before in the history of our country hear directly from drug and border patrol agents about the horrific conditions along the border and what life is really like on the front lines watch border battle now download the full six part documentary that sale are you folks walking back to the Johnson's radio show so abide away Mercer University. Are you people in Georgia nor Mercer is. That's in Akin is making below the net line or above that I can and I can't remember. Maybe it's right there at the map why. Anyway, Macon, Georgia, Mercer University, where, and it's a good Christian school used to be a Baptist school.

I don't think you're Baptist anymore, but they are Christian and they've announced that they're looking at replacing the homecoming king and homecoming queen of they want something more inclusive something gender-neutral so there debating that issue edit these kinds of things are happening all over the place.

A lot of the comedians people like Jerry Seinfeld to Chris rock.

They will no longer go on to college campuses to do comedy shows because they're afraid of the blowback there to get from this canceled culture ball Dr. Phil was talking about this on his show just the other day and they have a bunch of these gin Sears. Keep in mind the Genesee crowd has grown up with all of that so they they know the only thing they know about about the, the, the culture is that if something offends you, that it has to be eradicated. It's bad for you. Let's take a listen cut 13 free to say whatever you want to get fired for an off-color joke on you out of step with the social questions of late and you're still acting like this is something there that people of like a rainbow iron for things that they find her forever, but now were seeing an era where very disrespectful word think it interesting when you get fired more than it's been kind of threshold is really low. They started utilizing these words essentially by saying just hurts me. This damages me. You grew up with the old salt sticks and stones will break your bones but words will never hurt you. But that changed when researching this hurts me I don't feel safe now. It had to be dealt with by administration and nothing is like whispering in the people's ears. By the way, you can't really handle life on your own if you hear things are confronted with things really bother you will be permanently damage is not the young people are not naturally fragile with the message you are giving them. On college campuses make them feel fragile. I feel like where just wanting to be heard and I don't think that there's necessarily anything wrong. I don't think that is fragile. I just want to be heard all right there you go. These are the people that are to be making a lot of the rules and setting a lot of the policy moving forward. You need understand as much as the millennial's were were recognized against the Constitution.

Genesee could be the kill shot. Because these people have been immersed in this this idea that that if you are a white person, especially if you're if you're a white guy then you really don't deserve to have any opinion you don't deserve to have a place in the public marketplace of ideas you've gotta be quiet because you're the bad guy. I was watching a podcast were these a video podcast over the weekend working on the new book.

I got a chapter on the in the book about DC comics and how they try to radicalize into the comic books are turning all the characters good gay or lesbian or whatever.

So anyway this guy who was probably I would say in his late 20s early 30s and he's a big comic book fan. He's in the culture and said you know what this is. This is a problem and he says people are afraid to speak out, but I don't mind speaking up, but the problem is because I am white because I am heterosexual. I don't I don't have a plan for her.

I don't deserve to have a plan for me that's for the mentality out there. So now Barack Obama is waiting on aloneness and he's he was doing an interview on a podcast and I think also for serious XM and Pres. Obama took a shot at the cancel culture, take a listen. I think we do get in the troubled look. I used to get in trouble whenever there's is you guys know well write a little too professorial and soon started when I was behind the podium as opposed when I was in a crowd. There were times where I get you your son like I was given a bunch of policy gobbledygook and that's not how people think about these issues that they think about them in terms of the life I'm leading day-to-day.

How how how does politics even how's the relevant you the things that I care most deeply about my family my kids work that gives me satisfaction. Having fun� He'll not not being a buzz kill you. Sometimes Democrats are. It's like sometimes people just want to not feel as if they are walking on eggshells and then in the lesson acknowledgment. The life is messy and that all of us at any given moment can you say things the wrong way make mistakes. Michelle talks about her mother-in-law or her mother. My mother long is extraordinary as Michelle points that she's 86, and sometimes you try to get the right phraseology were timeout issues. Michelle's light like her trying to learn Spanish.

It does mean she should try to learn Spanish but means that sometimes I don't get the words right. She simply that's okay right in and in that attitude. I think this being a little more real and a little more grounded. This is something that I think makes goes a long way in. In counteracting, what is a systematic the smooth the systematic propaganda that I think is being pumped out by Fox News. All these other outputs all the time. Jesus you know so look back up your couple minutes. First of all, propaganda is not being spewed from Fox News. Fox News is actually steaming up to this canceled culture Bob that Barack Obama's administration gave birth to you have to go all the way back to the Barack Hussein Obama era and he's the one who targeted a very large segment of the population, about half the country is all you folks are are clinging to your guns. You're clinging to your religion.

All you owe white folks out there remember when he talked about the cops acting stupidly at Harvard University.

We had none of the information about the arrest of the professor folks, Barack Obama's administration literally gave birth to the cancel culture movement. Look at what happened with the Obama administration did with the transgender issue.

They showed that agenda down the throats of every public school when they had when they had no right to do so under the law. They sent threatening letters to every public school saying you will you will open up your bathrooms, you will open up your locker rooms to boys who identify as girls and vice versa. And if you don't there will be repercussions.

So it's Outlook.

I'm glad that Obama has maybe seen the light.

Now maybe because a lot of his friends are are getting to RRR getting caught up in the cancel culture movement and there being destroyed and their lives are being ruined. Maybe that's it. 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 let's go to Victor and Marilyn wants to weigh in on the Democrats.

Victor what's on your mind. Well, last week there was a debate between Dan Cox. The Trump supporter and Westmore Democrat Westmore stepped in it by saying if you are governor. He would ban gaps cars and diesel trucks by 2035 just like in California and am afraid hey and the other watermelons doesn't don't understand that the electric cars are far more environmental polluters then the so-called gas guzzlers. Case in point, down in Florida after the dried up the electric cars after the hurricane down in Fort Myers that caught on fire because the salt water in the battery had a chemical reaction and the cars caught on fire. So I am hoping that the people of Maryland will wake up and not listen to lock down Larry the Rino governor of Maryland who wanted to be in the middle now and I think there is a commercial showing two yellow lines in the middle of the highway and those who are in the middle going to get hit by the left and the right time so the last week. Victor seems like a good enough guy, he's a Republican nominee and it is going to be it's going to be important for every Republican to get out there and embrace the sky. And unfortunately, Larry Hogan and the others don't want to do that. Yeah, that's the problem here in Ireland and also I'm sitting out here. Now my front porch. I got Alexa hooked up to my FM transmitter so I can get you on my radio in today. I'm learning a little bit about your affiliate down in Georgia W deal with and I like the way that you give the call letters of the various affiliates so I can tune in and learn a little bit about that area while you're talking to her friends at WG when appreciate.

Then of course there in the Baltimore area. They carry some delay on W CBM a great radio station locally owned there and I were trying to get those guys to convince us to carry us noon to three Eastern out there in the Maryland Victor got a run appreciate you and thanks for listing to us, enjoy that front porch. That's good front porch, whether right sit in on that front porch drinking some community coffee and a Cracker Barrel rocking chair that's the life Ellis go to Iowa Jerry listing to us on the live stream today hi Jerry what's up brother Todd showed a newer thing for me recently and record your head got me got me listening to you and we both love love you. She just just have to wait and I'm carrying carrying on our new thinkers sought just want to say in a little too hard on the agenda for years. I mean really, I think many really seriously you cut them some slack. After all day did not do this to themselves. We did 60 I watch this whole thing develop for two or three generations and I been the kill to tell people your be careful you send her to the government, education professors, I have hung out with them and this is been going on for long time so the agenda here. We told you little putting in K-12 wasn't their fault.

They were just born at good school government that we told him now you have to go to college so they went to college for a couple generations seeds have been planted. Chickens are coming home to roost and they are brainwashed and it was all done on our watch on the last couple generations, for sure, and by the way, the worst terrible thing and I look I love sports and all sole purpose of university sports is not for exercise or community education is to increase enrollment. So now we all here in Iowa we have a big three University.

Everybody gets behind the big game and what to do. It just puts more grist for the mail, puts them through the meatgrinder and now people are scratching people so woke well. The reason we want to jump in here yet look in there there's a lot of truth to what you're saying. I do think though that the parents bear a lot of responsibility. This is not starting at the college level anymore. That's where that's where it originated, but now they're planting the seeds in preschool and so by the time the kid reaches high school there completely woke and I've seen this even here in Tennessee where you got a lot of these school districts in their and conservative areas but the schools are not conservative, and a lot of kids are coming out of high school moms and dads are saying wait a second, when it will little Johnny went to Little Sally become BLM supporters, will they learn that through high school. They learn that in the public education system.

The taxpayer-funded education system like my dad and they all became teachers because when they went to woke University that's when the teachers are made, they have educated beast to cater to virtually any day by the letters PEI that's the Christian education, support your PEI. There are good teachers in the public school universities make the teachers and the teachers are governor and legislature made it illegal for to teach all the sexual weirdness to the schools but underground. The teachers have bowed their going to let it blow over and they're going to keep this and we had radio shows on here so the underground teachers. Most of them have been manufactured in what they're doing what they're doing here Jerry is that these people these teachers are going out there and are openly defying the law of many of these principles there in on it as well. Moms and dads are absent.

By and large, from what's happening in the classroom. So if you don't that that's why the biggest I'm a strong advocate for the cameras in the classroom. Let's let mom and dad, grandma, grandpa unsought the American taxpayer see what's actually being taught in that classroom. Jerry got a run great call. Folks gotta take a break 844-747-8868 this is the Todd search. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the blighted ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds and traditional markets. You are vulnerable.

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We told these stories every day on our website will.

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That's the amount were trying to raise so again Todd that's Todd Click on the alliance defending freedom banner. It's right there at the top of the page, you can't miss it all right while we got a lot of great guest coming up, including our friend Marsha Blackburn will be talking to Sen. Blackburn about politics and football. Also, Congressman Louis Goldberg on the way as well stick around everybody hour to come at our next thing you great Americans.

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That's my promo code Starnes or call one 808 nine �85 University studio in Memphis, Tennessee since conservative coming varies from our today a very busy day here on the program as we are in the home stretch for the midterm election by way out. Ricky from Ricky from Arkansas, wondered Todd, are you going to remind people that Tennessee beat Alabama every hour of the program. Yes, we are Ricky and thank you for reminding me of so were very happy Tennessee volunteers hero.

It's hot Starnes radio program. So look a big story brewing out of Utah involving Sen. Mike Lee Sen. met Romney is refusing to endorse or support Sen. Lee and it is causing major concern because Evan McMullen is running an independent race for the Senate and McMullen is trying to to coalesce get the Democrats independence and moderate Republicans to coalesce around his campaign, and it is make any sense everybody else who's a Republican, whether it be if the state level or even in the U.S. Senate.

They have thrown their support behind my cleat. But once again you have Lord met Romney who is a Rino, a Republican in name only someone who was cut from the same cloth as Liz Cheney who is trying to sabotage the Republican Party's efforts to retake the U.S. Senate want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line because there's our next guest knows a little something about that. Her name is Harriet Hagerman and she is going to be the next Republican Congresswoman from the state of Wyoming, Harriet, what an honor to have you with us today dear America Online, thank you for having me. You know you you have fought an incredible fight thus far and going up against the establishment of the Republican Party of what was that experience like for you have to measure it was pretty difficult at times.

Well it was interesting okay what I did is focused on my rate, my met in my effort to get out the vote for though I wrote drove in the last 13 months I have driven over 45,000 miles in the state of Wyoming had over 250 public event. I have met with industry groups, from one end of the state to the other, I have right now I'm on a tour of a wonderful school called while tax in Laramie, Wyoming, learning about everything from diesel engines to welding to interiors per vehicle. It's a fabulous trade program that we have here I and II just I really focused on on what I was doing in my message. I will say one thing about when you talk about Mitt Romney and Ms. Cheney. I referred to them as part of the unit party and that is there's a group of Republicans and Democrats in Washington DC that they don't care who's in power so long as they are and not to met Romney, and based Cheney are. I'm very disappointed to admit I was so disappointed in last I ran against her and replaced.

So we gotta get get conservative than their Mike Lee is a fabulous senator.

He is solid that he's conservative he's got the right philosophy and he's always going to work to protect the citizens of this country. So I I'm hopeful that I'm confident that he's going to prevail because the people of Utah, then, but taking on the establishment or the unit party. It can be cost, but it can be done with gotta do it. I have no doubt you are going to make a great Congresswoman from from Wyoming but like you I'm I was just disappointed and really frustrated with Liz Cheney you I followed her career for many years but it it's sad what Washington DC and in the establishment can do to folks. So I'm I'm just excited that there was a choice and the good people of Wyoming made made the right choice. There because of all of the things that I talked about. I talked about, you know, inflation will meet all of the things that are going up in price.

I talked about the open border and what we need to hear you I would get bored. I want to go back to that because it was a story about a couple of Wyoming was about a week or so ago that made national news this young couple from Wyoming. They they got a newborn. There have and eat Ramen noodles so they can have enough money to buy baby food to feed their kid to me. This is in Wyoming.

This is going going on across the country. We don't have a person in Christ. We all know Karen you were going to the grocery store actually higher than the gasoline prices are going back up, got in the administration got a war on our on our fossil fuels are energy companies in every decision that the Biden administration made it and distracted everything he taught. She's destroyed. I it's a terrible administration got a counter in the camp but yes we got we got issues right here. I went to the grocery store. Got four bags of groceries yesterday cost me over $100 and I think I had only one package of meat in that entire, and in those four bags. Prices are skyrocketing and it's because of this administration their failed policy and then when you look at what's happening along the border and you you've got, you got the border patrol agents are completely overwhelmed they don't have the backing of the Biden ministration, and I suspect whatever numbers are telling us Harriet.

We decide to multiply by two or three, and we might get a good idea of how many people are actually crossing the border illegally. Oh I think that's fair. I think that's absolutely fair. The other thing that I got our government is unlike any government in the history of the world of buy-in for the people in it Flag Day. We've got to be really aggressive in trying to force the fact that our government should not be making policies that increase the cost of food, housing, and energy. But that's exactly what this administration is done.

This administration has made the decision that they're going to dictate what we can do it our lives in every aspect of our lives and in the product that they're destroying the economy and are destroying real people I it is it it is just a tragedy. It's a travesty. We need to fight back. We need good people in Congress who are willing to do it who are willing to call out call amount and call out the illegal immigration validity is the destruction that it causes to our country. I did call out the inflationary courses that are that are being pushed out of Washington DC that failed policy coming in terms of transit transportation and infrastructure. We gotta get good people elected back in Washington DC and when we go to Washington DC we actually have to accomplish something. If we go back errantly protect the status quo.

We will fail with gotta go back and we got 30 years of really bad policies can it take us a while to do it. And right now it's a matter of blocking the radical Biden ministration, but when we get into power. We have got to roll back the horrific policies for right now. We got about 60 seconds, and I'm just curious what what are you doing all this. You didn't have to jump into the race. You could've, you could've just enjoyed the rest of the year and maybe kick back and relax, but you really decide and put it all out there for the state of Wyoming and I'm curious to know why you did that because I love landing. I love my country truly is the greatest country in the history of the world and it's based on freedom and liberty and limited government. I'm not going to let the people destroy my country and not to let them destroy my state, my family, my brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews. I I'm not going to let them destroy what is truly one of the greatest countries that every day until I stepped into that because it delete we have to. We don't have at this point we don't have any choice to put everything on the line to to get back to what we have and what we should have an block radical move toward socialism and marks them Marxism that every single one of us knows will not work well said, and Harriet best of luck to you on election day were so proud of the great campaign you run and your to represent Wyoming quite well thank you got it good to visit with you all right, Harriet Hagerman, ladies and gentlemen are running for Congress in Wyoming. She defeated Liz Cheney and there you heard her talking about the unit party. That's the one that's the one thing that could cause problems on election day, the idea that you can have Republicans like Mitt Romney who would knowingly sabotage go out of their way to stop Republicans were being elected simply because he disagrees with their philosophies. It's a pretty horrible thing but we have seen this play out time and time again Liz Cheney, John McCain, Willard Mitt Romney, the list goes on and on and on. Gotta take a break 844-747-8868. Again, that's a toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 just a reminder radio font for alliance Tiffany freedom going on right now. Go to Todd Click on that banner and you can make a donation to alliance defending freedom so time on a rocky time today and I was just so impressed Grace Baker to see at the end of the game where you had a sea of orange just pouring over the walls and in filling the filling be at the stadium there. It was a pretty awesome site and the firework and I was at the Memphis food and wine festival which is a smoke-free facility. I will tell you that there were a lot of people smoke.

It's a gawker C must had those on hand ready to go. I have so many questions for our next guest of a great friend of this program, and a great patriot from the state of Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn and Sen. I know you were there Saturday night live. What time.

I mean people now been talking with Frank like you are getting started talking about now you are telling a lie and the guy not fail on our one area.

All of the camp like that all our time and people were gathered around watching the game on that now people all that can out hearing you live near my it's the only time Sen. that it's okay to stop a red wave is their plan to well let me get November 8 howling out today and they are trying all telling that the generic ballot. It for Republican that you have 70 on the American people that had to change their shopping. I that they're having to change what they had planned to buy where they're going to go when you got that kind of energy behind it. Click it in place and the price at the pump. The price at the grocery store. I think Republicans will take the house and I think you're right and that where we been talking to Republicans all over the country, especially in Oregon where they could have the first Republican governor in 40 years. She is leading in the in the polling there.

You got Rhode Island's which could end up flipping one of those congressional seats as well in the Sen. I mean this really is. I think the perfect storm and of the American people, and especially Hispanic Americans are saying. Okay, that's it were done with the Democrats. Let's see what the Republicans can do my what we are hearing that many people that went never the American population think it's very polite but very light and very nicely involved, and the like in rearing their children. I tell with the way that Democrats have approached the issue and people are what inflation when it comes to crime when it comes to now in the community that open border program will write the Republican are in the right pot on the facies we're going to vote Republican on the ballot and changed forever. I got mean that they want the kind kick it later. Well about like they are going to do the hike told this time they are staying our value our freedom were right, matter market, and the party that were going to vote Republican. Do you do you think that the voters remember what the ministration did to them two years ago in the early stages of the pandemic. The church shutdowns the punishing of people for singing hymns of the shutting down of the schools.

Do you think that's the mandatory mask. Do you think that's going to have an impact on people voting and uncle Joe Biden had landed pandemic out there and had to go back and try to figure out how to make them completely. Americans call that all not gotten back, and did not like the like can mandate the loss of the ability to address the education of their children.

I looking at the learning lots of felt like I was looking at the law of wages and salaries and career and people are just that we are not on the fight game like and what I find fascinating is that the issues that face they thought were going to drive people to polls, abortion January 6 committee. Even the New York Times and Washington Post are saying the committee is on just reading your ineffective tedious a sermon that just won't end, and then abortion is ranked number 16 or 17. A lot of the list I've seen about issues that are important to voters. Sen. well, thank you for all of them are pro-abortion rights and interests think any time. If I had thought whether I'm hearing anything around the country. I met my collate and people will fight well I don't want that on abortion. I like that I don't want the federal ban joy. I read online that Don didn't like the federal ban the dog bacon it back and have them go online and look at patient actually not what bad about the dog bacon people think well you think I just like going to make that decision. They look like the restrictions and regulations on abortion out well okay so what people here but not actually putting the driver on each you find that they actually are. There you go, Sen.

We've got about 20 seconds.

I have two of the most important questions number one did you storm the field and number two.

Did you smoke a cigar, Saturday night I had a great day. All right. Will Sen. a congratulations. So glad you're at the big game and I will for the sake to down the road I Sen. Marsha Blackburn. She was there at the grandkids took a picture of the field was like they had a great time are you folks, we gotta take a quick break here and pays the bills. 844-747-8860 that's our toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 over the Todd download our podcast sign up for the newsletter comes out every day will be right back. American radio show very happy to have you with us today as we continue our countdown 21 days until the midterm elections want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line right now good friend of this program, and a great lawmaker from the 11th congressional district in New York, Congresswoman Nicole Malley a tacos Nicole good to have you back with us all right will how are things going out there in New York.

I we we seen the polling data, especially the New York gubernatorial race were Lee Selden could very well be the next governor. There looks like Republicans are really making some inroads even in a place like New York people are that I speak to Republican dependents and even Democrats each day that they're going to vote Republican this year because they are tired of the high crime they are tired of the reckless spending there tired of seeing illegal immigrants coming to New York and being treated better than distance by Gov. Kathy Ho: Albert and hopeful that we can put Lee over the top to get everyone else to vote and hold on bike night night night in particular, we split the Democrats Republican two years ago I made a rematch with the congressman that IP and I think we can hold onto this eat with the support of everyone is a critical state not just New York City but for the entire country to make sure we fire Nancy Pelosi once and for all and I think in New York he actually may come back with more Republican in our congressional delegation that we currently have UCI. I love how you frame that because I think this is one of those rare moments where these local elections and congressional races are really nationalizing you. It's everybody's got to do their part to get out there and we gotta stop these radicals. These AOC proceeded to leave Bill Hato bar Ayana Presley liberals that are out there wanting to destroy our nation. Gotta do it right the year they tell everyone that don't get sidelined everyone Vote a particular date for New York being able to take back the governor's rate in New York's one-party rule once and for all in the same thing goes for our country and the reality is, every single Crecy that were facing right now is created by one party Democrat rule from the border crisis to public safety issues in American cities to the economy to the lack of energy independent, all created by Joe Biden and one-party rule.

So we have to end it.

I'm proud to be working really hard community to hold onto this eat those who want to help, please go to Nicole Make sure we keep near the only Republican going but also make sure we hold onto the seat that we need to afflict the house. I think people recognize the importance of this election.

I think often times we hear the most important election about lifetime mean somebody born in 1980 is the most important election of my lifetime is just being highest inflation of my lifetime receiving New York City go back to the days that pre-Giuliani what it was like this really is for release my generation, the most important election that we've ever faced in two years of the setting at the bottom line every day Americans are starting to recognize that as they look at their 401(k) look at their investment in retirement saving their seeing how inflation is eating away at their paycheck. Right now you're talking a month salary just to keep up with the pace of inflation so it's it's hitting people where it hurts. And they recognize that it result of joke writing incompetent presidency and the Democrats that have gone along with them every step of the way you you have a lot of law-enforcement firefighters that live over in your district. I lived in Brooklyn for 15 years and that is traditionally a bastion of conservatives and I'm wondering especially with the out-of-control crime. Are you starting to hear from people who are maybe Democrats and they say you know what words were making the switch were were coming over to the Republican side of the aisle seeing that we can continue with the one-party rule in New York.

Our governor told the people of New York. We are that they have no intention of taking the disaster spell lot that has led to crime skyrocketing. So the only way to get claimant control is if we elect Lee Belding and Todd somebody is going to push push push a state legislature think that lobby take executive action of the first day declare New York any in a crime. American he can stop all the multiple on the ballot.

Multiple log legislature put in place that got us to this point. That is why we need a balance. They think Democrats recognize that we need a balance that that that that pendulum has swung too far to the left of the party basically left that part of JFK and offer short Bill Clinton anyone, and so on.

They need to get things back back in balance and delete you. That is to have at least one party controlling. We have a Republican governor if you're looking at a federal level lease having our public and Congress. I love it Nicole were excited about the great work you're doing there in New York and good luck to you out there on the campaign trail. Thank you. Great to be with you. I that's Congresswoman Nicole Malley at Sanchez a great great conservative there from the 11th congressional district in New York, also a boxer. A lot of people didn't realize that. But though she is. She's very good, very talented and she goes back to New York works with the police department near the police departments in New York City. They have the boxing leagues and that she's very she's very involved in helping kids get off the street and and especially those kids. Maybe they come from, but not so great homes she's able to help them get on the straight and narrow and but again you don't want to mess with Nicole Malley a talk to some tell you that much. By the way, there's a crazy story of speaking of Kathy Ho: I'm sure this this story with you. There was, there is a school district out on long island in New York and this school district. There is a teacher and the teacher is she she is of the LGBT QI a persuasion. I don't know which letter of the alphabet. She ascribes to, but she's one of and so she's also a math teacher, that's her main job.

She's a math teacher at the high school come to Quat high school in Long Island and she's also in charge of the gay straight alliance, which is a club will anyway.

She has turned her classroom. Her math class into sort of like a gay rights are gay pride room there and we got the photographs you consume on our website. There is a master been a big the chalkboards are you doing the traditional classroom. There is a chalkboard size gay pride flag in the classroom and then there's this gay progress. Pride transgender flag and that's been flat and then there's in the quarter is a teeny tiny American flag, but the and she's got all these sayings on the walls a hold on your so anyway. Students in the class were really getting uncomfortable they felt uncomfortable with all of this LGBT material propaganda the flags and so they they told their parents and the parents go to the school may say what's going on here what you people doing this is a math class resist gay pride class and they call the teacher and they told the teacher. Hey look, you know you're actually you're actually breaking the law, because only the only flags allowed to fly in the classroom are the United States flag in the flag of New York so the teacher refused to obey and said I might take it out. Anything you can't do that. So they finally said, look, here's the deal, you're going to take down the flag or you lose your job.

They said the students felt uncomfortable and they they don't want to be in the classroom and this is a math class. This is not gay pride class.

So anyway all you know what broke loose and that the teacher is remaining defiant.

They tried offer of compromise is an art.

Look, let's keep the gay pride flag but you gotta get rid of this.

This other flight because that's political and that's the whole point is you can't have political flags in the so so your you can have a of a blue light of a thin blue line flag.

You can have the Christian flag circuit have the Confederate flag but you can't have any of those flags those flags are not allowed to drill out of all these other flights so now it's like hundreds of people are protesting.

They got every news organization. Every gay pride group in New York and now the governor of New York is involved in all this is so, here's the here's with the governors. She is ordered the human rights division to investigate the school and they're saying that they have violated this woman's human rights by telling her to take down the flags in the text taxpayer-funded classroom want to read some of the comments are. This is great, and most of the people most of the people that they're quoting in the in the TVs and in the TV and news reports are supportive of the teacher quote.

If you take down the pride flag you're sending the message that homophobia is going to fly here, and I would have to hide myself. That's 1/8 grader who was commenting quote this is a disgusting blatant act of intimidation against the LGBT Q plus community and its allies and an attempt to create an environment of hostility for LGBT Q plus students. Another protester said we can't tolerate this happening anywhere in America you can't display a pride flag showing support for people who aren't straight. I'm sorry that's insane, but governor says that she is committed to protecting the human rights of New Yorkers and has ordered the Department of human rights to investigate potential violations of human rights law was going to go to jail wasn't with her to do here. This is insane. Now here's here's my take on this and I� Just climbed.

I know I'm not a fuddy-duddy I just I just have a few questions you. This is a math class right math so that the LGBT activists have yet to explain what any of this has to do with teaching kids about mathematics nobody's been able to do that. The teacher was hired to teach math not indoctrinate people or groom people. That's not her job and by the way, why isn't the New York State flag in that classroom supposed to be there under state law, and by the way, what about the POW MIA flag wise of that flag in the classroom or the flag for the Marine Corps or for the Army or for the Navy or the Air Force folks on telling I think the out like like Barack Obama said these Democrats are buzz skills but this is the environment they created.

I'm telling you is not good. Should the flags should the gay pride flags be in the classrooms 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 you just heard Sen. Blackburn, Congresswoman, but to Nicole Malley a tacos on the patriot mobile newsmaker line, America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier. We love patriot mobile. You know why because they are spending a lot of money defending moms and dads against the radical left of school boards and they have been very successful in these campaigns so they literally take a portion of their profits and their investing that in organizations that are fighting for freedom and liberty.

And that's why I'm a big big fan and supporter patriot mobile by the way they have plans to fit any budget.

No matter how big, how small. If you're just a family or your business. They are able to take care of you and by the way, first responders, they got you covered with even more discounts. All you need to do is go to patriot That's patriot and check out all of their great products.

Also, if you use my promo code which is Todd your to get a free gift and free premier installation that's patriot and our radio fund continues light is an sellable alliance. Defending freedom we are raising money so they can fight for our freedom. You can you can join the call told 800

Click on the lines defending freedom banner.

That's $100 and it's a matching gift. So if you give 100 thanks to a generous ADF donor they're going to double that and we want to take full advantage of those opportunities and that specific all right. Let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Jim and states will North Carolina WSI seer grid affiliate there hey Jim what's on your mind. I'm well, thank you. I am up to my eyeballs in LGBT like every day I hear it. Think of it at all seem to start back in 1985 with what you those small voices speaking and I'm just tired of hearing but on the other hand back in junior high ninth grade there was a teacher. She taught social studies and she had the cover picture of Playboy magazine posted on the bulletin board is but nobody ever said anything that was there.

I think used to change it when the monster but we all thought was conical. Well I you know we had those kinds of teachers. I remember my my civics teacher. I can't say his name because I'm in trouble, but he was to keep a flask in the in the desk drawer.

There used to take a couple of sips of reality we were watching. I don't recall anything like that will well float article where the Playboy I bet you do. All I read you know it is yet to keep the kids interested directors are a lot different back as they were soon appreciate the call there while you I got in an email from a Carrie Sween. She is running for school board in Germantown. The city I live where I pay my taxes. By the way Grace over the weekend again of the Kroger and the Healy's hamburger joint. They went, which is directly across from the Police Department headquarters that were smash and smash and window. I know exactly where that is what the world is going on over there unbelievable. I mean that's generally one of the safest places you could be you would think so so that I have an outdoor concert in my area and they said they had a couple cars over there.

Of course, ridiculous. I just we audit.

Either they need.

We need to be teasing these people or doing something. Gotta do something because it's just not in us out clearly. Anyway, Carrie Sween, running for school board is a conservative and some of the stuff she's hearing get this in eighth grade counselor for Houston middle school is telling students.

It's important to celebrate pride month. This is in the the South are people in this public promotion. The school counselor is telling students.

It's important to be an ally of LGBT Q causes sampling and at the middle school. The counselor also telling boys and girls. They should honor LGBT Q IA activist.

The counselor also posting things in and we asked the school district about this, they said hey look it's their personal social media pages so we can't do anything about it. I find that very hard to believe. It also features depictions of men and women's clothing as Carrie Sween writes schools are not the appropriate place to promote sexual and gender ideology, particularly to 11 and 12-year-olds Houston middle school counseling program is openly promoting gender ideology by using preferred pronouns in their Instagram biography. Doing so implies that genders are not linked to biology, but are linked to one's personal preferences or choice. Again, okay you can have that conversation but is that a conversation for school or conversation for home ladies 844-747-8868 that's her phone number hours three universities. Do you see an America log hours so good to have you with us today 21 days out from the midterm elections.

The moment that we can stop the radical Biden agenda. By the way, this information coming from the New York Times, Republicans are holding a new advantage in the in the quest to take back Congress. This is the New York Times Siena College poll. It was published earlier today, Republicans hold a four-point advantage over Democrats in the midterm elections. This is only generic, a generic valid, about 49% of likely voters say they would back the GOP nominee 45%, the Democrat, and we are seeing we are seeing reports all over America. You heard Sen. Marsha Blackburn in the last hour. The program tell us that things are looking good out there will want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line good friend of this program match slab from the American conservative Union and see Pac-Man. Hope you're doing well today. More politically, why do you say that because I look at that time I look at the Fox News bowl that came out today and you know, if you look a lot better than that. All they also were growing advantage� A growing Republican advantage and I'm on the campaign trail nonstop got back from Lake off to go help Herschel Walker at Carolina and we are on the really Democrats have know if they have no answer to the fact that they want nine-month reports are no answer to the fact that people are really worried about your price is the reason why so many candidates skipping the debate. Quite honestly, they don't want me to question two big question.

Is there any abortion your again none number two you invited Joe Biden campaign for you. None of them have its point and one of the things I love about the those who are going on the debates is that they have learned from Donald Trump how to fight back and how to push back on Marjorie Taylor Green did that yesterday with the Atlanta press club event and then on the Sunday show.

I just play some audio here.

This is Kerry Lake calling out CNN. This is a brilliant take on's on election deniers cut number six and 2016, Harris Amy Clovis shock and Hillary Clinton everybody on the Democrat side, said the nation had problem this like it and some of that but I want to play in 2000, Al Gore conceded in 2004 John Kerry receded and conceded in 2016, Hillary Clinton conceded and we didn't see that in 2020. That's the difference.

And so the question is a are you under my feet and elections by saying that the 2020 election was stolen when there is absolutely no evidence to support that and in 2018. Stacy Abrams never conceded she still hasn't. I don't hear CNN calling her, and election deniers.

We have the right it's protected with our First Amendment to question our government to question election's no-fly list and yet still have the first and when you start seeing the media cancel people for questioning the government then there that's only a problem. I totally agree about the First Amendment. You and I are benefiting from the First Amendment as we speak, so I couldn't agree with you more.

Well Matt there you go, Kerry Lake showing people how to fight back against this leftist media yeah when I was on the ground at dinner with Terry Lake and fertilizer to a great friend and they were talking through the question about going on for the throughout my career I've always agreed to go on combative media done Bill Mark so a couple of time and you know I think our country is better off when people have very different view than the host to go on the show. I get Kerry Lake a lot of credit. Almost all the smart political people are telling her that I think it's smart way.

I think she's winning people over in Arizona and that the state that's more purple than it is blue and I feel good about more red this time but I think you know their arguments are actually not found and I think that Dana Bash then went after her, but at Kerry Lake opponent while you debaters you would like, but she's crazy not to dinner at me and and in a battle like laxity was on my showing she she she gave it back.

So good for Kerry Lake you man I was reading this old icon they got the numbers from CNN's Polder.

They threw those numbers in here to compare those with the New York Times, CNN showing Republicans leading Democrats 48% to 43 inflation and the economy are hurting Biden and the gems which is really fascinating because Biden was just saying the other day as he was enjoying an ice cream cone that the economy is a strong as hell. That's what the other. That's what the president said Matt yeah Joe Biden said that better America vented their country back to America, the largest economy in the world and what we do have a big impact.

What we decided to do to increase the price of the fossil fuels because canceling programs left and right at had a global impact on everyone and then the fact that food doesn't fear America and it invaded Ukraine. I put that look good, the bad guy here back but it Joe Biden doorstep.

He is a weak leader and couldn't think he can have his way with his neighbors and that's that about impact on fossil fuel so price is really nothing he could say on any of these questions and the other thing is we purchased our economy, it did start under Pres. Trump because we have the pandemic, but then the Democrat never stops with emergency spending trillions and trillions of dollars and that's what fueled inflation and yes that's also had a global impact but here we are awash in dollars that go that are meaningless and Joe Biden that mean it's not like the political victim. The victim of his own stupid marks without, here's here's my concern that you got a Senate race like Mike Lee and Utah were you got Romney who will not endorse will not support the sitting United States Sen., you got Evan McMullen and people are really wondering if the Democrats are to be able to muster enough support among establishment types to take out a sitting Republican Sen., and that's my concern here is you got these a lot of these establishment Republicans are willing to to sabotage some of these races going intricate heat again. People like Terry Lake look at what met Ronnie Utah met Ronnie lying to people because you think inventory.

We wanted to work Mike Lee sitting Republican better because Mike Lee didn't endorse him, but Mike Lee was neutral in a Republican primary that much different than a general election contest, though what met Ronnie Liz Cheney and Adam can figure and although these folks that demonstrated that all about them really was never about the principles that I think you're right to be concerned about likely a look part of the Trump phenomenon, which is I think a lot of people in this country a lot of conservatives to avoid better Republican but part is a bit on trial are they going to take these positions verbally or they can do something about well met Ronnie is a Republican in name only.

He doesn't fight for our principles and when you have to be like Mike Lee does bite you out of the loop. And that was like so many Republicans stood up again down from they would say it's because they didn't trust them to be a strong conservative, but they were lying.

The reason it down from conservative push Raleigh thing that the rest the public is going to talk about but never do that slip on the patriot mobile newsmaker line Matt real quick. Your bottom line.

When the Republicans need to do to win and to win big on election day like that your doctor television look darn and quit reading all because I think the question campaign to get about Gerd that we polar can't they say we go or cancel because we believe in thwarting the rights of the unborn child and nothing could be further from the truth. To find out a myth election that being polite with the benefit bite by many point and were also going to find out that the American people aren't woke and they don't want socialism may mean that Fox news ball. Is it implied that the majority of Americans want government handout. I'm telling you I think after all the expenses we've been I'm really starting to feel optimistic and hopeful that the American people have found truth again and they don't believe that government could solve the problem. Alright man were to leave it there. Appreciate the great work you're doing is you guys have a good time of down then what is it down under is what they call Australia back Australia was amazing and never opted back Mexico right after the election. You know it's been amazing to watch the grassroots conservative populist nationalist movement to take off all over the world forgot here and a lot of important country.

I love spreading like wildfire.

Love alright man appreciate you. Thank you.match live everybody from American conservative Union, and of course they organize seatback. It is, it's encouraging but as Matt said turn off. I like how he said that the other term of the TV and listen to us and really get you through this again. I'm encouraged and you should be encouraged as well. That doesn't mean that our work is done. You've got a get out. You gotta go vote on election day.

And you gotta bring everybody you know and let them go vote on election day.

Let's go to the phone drill click here 844-747-8868 Bill Cordova, Tennessee, K.

W. AM. Our flagship station there a bill what's going on, what's on your mind and what a great station it is. I always enjoy pretty much all day long. I get very frustrated that when I hear people like that CNN reporter say there's absolutely no proof of election fraud by state five states. I believe it was closed down election night at like 1030 with Donald Trump in the lead. No votes were being counted supposedly but when they came back up. Joe Biden was in the lead in five states that that I don't get that. The other question I have, that when asked if he was a there's no fraud is in Georgia.

They had a broken water pipe. Two people stayed in the building even though it was evacuated and continued counting votes is a goal complete cases under a table and this is on video and ran those boats through that machine multiple times and it turned out there was no broken water pipe. So my question for the boat deniers from the 2020 election and I did change it up a little bit. You might've noticed is if there was no fraud. How did the woman in Arizona get prosecuted for 20,000 fraudulent votes that you pled guilty to doing.

There was fraud in almost every Democrat run state in this country on 2020 question Bill.

But honestly, at this point that's not going to move the needle when it comes to notes or what have race in November is is this really not know it's not.

And beyond under my point is, I'm just frustrated with their need to say there was no fraud, you can't turn back the clock is not going to be undone, but they need to admit that there was fraud in this last election and it just needs to be said they'll appreciate the call.

Gotta take a break here 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. By the way, this Harvard Harris poll the top. We told you about the CNN poll on the CNN poll only 5% of voters said abortion was a big issue for only 5% and as you are I think was Sen. Blackburn said and out about 5%. Many of those people are in fact pro-life source. The abortion issue. Harvard Harris poll the most important issues the top five inflation 37%, the economy, 29% immigration 23% crime and drugs. 18% abortion 17% your top five issues according to the Harvard Harris poll.

She got all these Democrats going out there campaigning specifically on the abortion issue. It's it's not registering with voters. It is not registering with voters the generic ballot among voters in the Harvard Harris poll Republicans up by six art. Gotta take a break. Again, 844-747-8868 take part in our radio time for alliance defending freedom go right now to our website. Todd Stern' you click on metallized defending freedom banner donate $10 $50 $100. Whatever you donate is going to be doubled, thanks to a generous allies defending freedom donor were doing our part to raise money so that we can fight for freedom and you can to it.

Todd start' John Starnes Laura radio show good to have you with us on. Gotta show the store before we go to market losing who's on hold. So hang tight for just a moment there Mark but now word out of Illinois is that the governor there is going to recommend that all you vaccinated individuals continue wearing your face coverings so this is this is part of an ongoing issue that is going to impact the, the midterms and it's got to the idea that people who live in Illinois are now going to have to wear their their mask whether they got the vaccine or not it's it's perpetual about would you do that, ladies and gentlemen, many of you have been freed from the face diaper would you go back would you if the government said you've got a put that face diaper back on. Or as we call it back in the day the burqa the face burqa would you do it if the government tells you gotta mask up again, would you do it 844-747-8868 answer toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8860 it was part of the villages was to weigh in on college foot all Mark.

What say you about it.

Ralph attended Alabama well-deserved winter. I believe that you probably probably already know the 385 yard fight young for Alabama, 455 yard touchdown or combine total yardage and 840 yard. I went to Alabama for 13 years in their in their teens and fans are arrogant and rude group of individuals, all many that's what that's laughable for Auburn, Alabama, and any other team that beat Alabama with out the championship a few years ago against Auburn Auburn went on to win the championship that cam Newton during the championship game with OR 20219 Alabama was Oregon instead of their own home where you either like it's a whole other world about football and Alabama had Mark for coming up on the news break.

There we we have let you go but appreciate the call it was it was an unbelievable game. And the folks of you gotta go back and watch it.

This is really fun girl smash mouth southern football all right. Hang tight folks. Gotta take a break here Congressman Louis go work coming up. If the government says you got aware that face diaper again would you do it 844-747-8868 were to be taking your calls on that will be right back. I know my articles welcome back to the Todd Stern's radio program. Let's go down mobile newsmaker good to have with us from the first congressional district in Texas. Our good friend Congressman Louis Gilbert hey Congressman, how's it going today well going to make God.

What is not going to well you know I think it's interesting I Congressman we been following the of the G6 committee hearings and even the Washington Post and New York Times are panning the hearings, not not much information coming out that people and really know about other saying it's not exactly fair or balanced. Are you surprised even the of the liberal media's going after the committee now well there beginning to take note of what the rest of the sea known for quite some and when things become extremely obvious. You know, it's not surprising that the lame stream media would eventually catch up and admit what clear to everybody else so yeah it wasn't fair. It wasn't balance.

It did not have anybody that Republicans had chosen to be on their list training and you say well, and Kinsey released Cheney were really hybrids of Pelosi and they become even more so about on the committee and what they've done so anyway, it was never a real committee committee supposed to be chosen by both parties and that just yet, Pelosi chose who she wanted on their so was in the proper commission proper committee. It's not a good way to go about fact-finding when it's is slanted as that was, and is so anyway grossly unfair. By the way. A good example is you had Liz Cheney who either suborned perjury or just totally ignorant and done her homework but she elicited from a witness who was talking about people that had requested pardons for themselves that oh yeah little Gomer requested a pardon so even lamebrain like our friend the Republican senator from South Carolina is is been out their own social media going after me for asking for a pardon for myself will. That's a complete live shows is in everybody else's ignorance because I have never ever ask for a pardon for myself because I have nothing for which to get or seek a pardon, but I had requested was a pardons you submit a big package you have the facts you have support from witnesses and seven of those eight were regarding alleged offenses that occurred in combat theaters for them had been observed all in Iraq. But then Biden went over his vice president had a press conference with the Prime Minister over there and he made clear that were going after those four guys they were defending a State Department diplomat. They had a vehicle coming at them.

The day defended themselves and others and for that they got years and years to do in prison. So just so sure. I asked pardon for people to deserve, but they J6 committee. They don't care who they are. They don't care about misinformation there out there to put on a show and to try to help Republicans lose the midterm election, no doubt about it. I mean it's an and they don't mind letting people know that's exactly the intention here.

There are certainly not trying to hide it on the patriot mobile newsmaker line Congressman Louis go work from taxes Congressman moving on to onto the date the illegal immigration issue. There's you just have to sort of laugh at New York City. It looks like 73% of the illegals are being bussed Buster New York City are now in homeless shelters and it it just cracks me up. These people are freaking out with just a few hundred illegals when you guys are doing with tens of thousands in Texas. Tens of thousands that Amat so that for them well, like out of Martha's Vineyard.

You know the breakout was to busload less than 100 people in their freaking out when we have hundreds of times that many coming in to Texas and what did they do it Martha's Vineyard with their great compassion for humanity. They bussed them right out of their they wanted to model their area, so that's what they did they get the complaint get them out of there regardless they didn't want them sticking around so it's easy to set around and say yeah how terrible is it people in taxes, New Mexico, Arizona, are concerned about the millions of people coming into their country illegally, which is tied, you know, it's called an invasion, but they can handle 100 people were less than 100 people is just so absurd. It is indeed Congressman and again I think that when you when you look at the eye the day after the midterm elections. I think when the pollsters look at at what happened. Election day there to find out a lot of Americans and especially Hispanic Americans made their decision at the ballot box. Because of this lawlessness at the border and that these illegals have just been allowed to like you said invade United States of America. Well, it really concerns me per Washington DC home rule that they are determined to violate the constitutional rights of other Americans there there to diminish the value of lawful voters by encouraging people that are illegally in the country to file there's no country in the world that will allow that kind of activity because they understand, but apparently the leadership in Columbia don't and perhaps that's why they're willing to allow the torture of the abuses that have gone on District of Columbia jail. The people that live there over January 6 is just absurd there as well. Congressman were to leave it there always good hearing from you sir well, you're right on with the most board stories that so much, Congressman Louis, government ladies and gentlemen honor patriot mobile newsmaker line 8 447-4788 $0.68 or toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 we asked a question a few moments ago. If the government comes in as they are doing in Illinois and telling people you got a mask up again. What would you do will Mary and North Carolina listen to us on W. HK P would like to answer that question, Mary.

What say you can't actually my name is Mary Grace to get over the anyway I day and I'm a Christian lady and they know not only know how no, I'm not going to wear a mask and I will very infrequently. The last time I was a rebel. I'm not doing it all. Mary Lou yeah I'm with you on that. I would especially on the other, the airplane rides. The they would let you take the mask off to eat or drink and you'd be shocked.

It took me 45 minutes one flight to each one of those little bits got cookies the biscotti coatings that I know those who were so frightened that they went back to people. All of this covert stop and you die. We know the man weren't really helping anything and I I will not do it. Good for you Mary Lou, you and I wanted tell you I love you show I love to get and I love what you say and how you say it in the way you explain it. And sometimes you make me laugh because of the way. Well, thank you for that Mary Lou will keep will keep trying to do that for you right now people it all right when you just keep at it� I thank you, Mary Lou Mary Lou from North Carolina. I love that part of North Carolina ulcers are great little towns and communities of through their and good people.

I ate at this all where will you Rutherford 10 but we want and we we were not there was a forest city I believe and there's a there's a great little diner, a great speaker and I can understand this reference so you should describe me wool Worth's have hadn't have you had a sandwich for lunch. Have you had a club sandwich at the Woolworths counter. Now you got me.

I got you, I come.

I figured as much. So back today. Grace there would be these drugstores and they would have like a little restaurant in the drugstore sit at the counter and you would have a soda jerk and I, little soda jerk is what they called me while Kyle would've been a good soda jerk and that you make the sodas or like ice cream or milk shakes or things like that and and you would have like a hamburger or something with that. Just good diner food and so anyway there's one of those in this town forest. I believe it is forest city North Carolina which I was a circuit. What about a week or so and that we they took me to lunch late because normally people I call you you want to eat at Ruth's Chris days house or of the pendency your cucumber sandwich on white cucumbers, so I said no you gotta take me over the local seat so they took me to this diner and it was great. I asked the waitress. I said what you got what's what your favorite thing of the sugars you gotta try the chicken salad were known for the chicken salad and was it was delicious. I bet it was good.

What were we talking about all good people there just good people in that part of the tongue. Yes, a great little towns and so we appreciate you guys all right look former resident from just made a big post to true social and he is pleasing our buddy Dick Morris's new book called the return of Tromso state. Morse's bestseller is a great book urges you to get a copy of it you we had to call the show to talk about this a while back. The return reveals that Trump is running again and will even when it's even predicted recent events. The return alleges that big media and big tech to the deep state of formed a secret alliance does not trot no matter what Dick Morris says there and I fail Trump calls a return fantastic and Dick Morris are real pro and Newsmax says the return is the book of the year already and Amazon number one bestseller you need to get Dick Morris to return in bookstores everywhere.

Or you can check out the free offer and I love free offers from Newsmax or to save $28. Just call 800 Newsmax that's 800 Newsmax or go to the return that's the return and get your copy today and everybody good news for all of you KX EL fans where on earlier work out of excited about that.

Thanks to our great friend great American patriot Jeff Stein for assuring that use with the nation and of course we are all going to miss our good friend Jim Bohannon, Jimbo retiring from radio after just an incredible and incredible career and does so work but were excited for the opportunities there in Waterloo. I great radio station KX EL art. Let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Dan is calling from Cleveland, Georgia, and what's on your mind. Hello, I got quick question, a quick comment. I agree with again like it was so dirty and a lot I love the my question is how do we prevent it from happening again. Well it's I don't think you can I Dan I mean there were several states that had issues that needed to be fixed and they fix those issues they they tied they tied up some loose in they fix the loopholes and that might possibly prevent it. I mean, you're always going to have people trying to steal elections. The issue is on such a grand scale. Is that possible, then I don't think it is mainly because these are localized elections, so it's not like you've got the president of the United States, and everybody's voting for the president of United States.

So if in fact the Democrats to try and steal.

It's going to be a heck of a lot of work on their part to make that happen. Yeah, I agree with you and Mike, it is as a contract programmer almost my career working in Warwick, Rhode Island, the Glendale, California to write a program or write programs that could still elected to be almost a textbook would not be that hard, but we need to have you go there should be a paper ballot.

It also and devote that computer should be confirmed by hand County would not. Here is what you need to confirm it with town he encountered though that the only way I Dan, good stuff.

Thank you for calling and thanks for listening to the program Joe Biden said these graces got the here sniffing thing going on and that he was at a campaign stop in California and so he I have to set this up so you can understand the scene we had the video on our website but he was taking a photograph with these young girls and he standing directly behind them and he Lee in a very creepy way.

Here's what he says is no series.

Yeah, keep that in mind, but he like touches their show is really creepy touches the girl shoulders leans in the girl looks horrifying to see you at any point.

Her eyes are as big as saucers.

Fitzgerald she's just looking like � what is going on, what's up with this guy I know and I'll want to know I'm events just creepy behavior, and of course we all know we've all read the diary so that he knows that we we know he has an affinity for showers with the children you and Lord, we don't know what else is going on about Helsel but there's some really really horrible stuff happening and there is on the campaign trail and you wonder that kind of manifests itself is overcome your children. The president found on the commander-in-chief. Let me smell your hair giving dating advice is even a favorite shampoo is at present I wondering is why he sold Irvine sniff the hair I don't know wasn't there like no, that was for baby. So if you like sniff a baby said it like gives you of the fountain of youth or something.

Never heard that my life so that everybody loves Raymond I don't know if legitimate that it does have its wife's old lifestyle.

It could be me that's it really like you will.

He's old well he is old, but I'm sorry Donald Trump is old but he doesn't already doing that no know most people do not do that, even when they're in their 80s find a way Jill Biden was at the Philadelphia Eagles and we gotta talk about this road looking up at the Eagles game. They introduce her face on the big screen and Eagles fans who hurt you and apparently is just off the charts increase arable nobody can see that I can find the video isn't that suspect nobody can find the video. There is video but is not the video. It's not the video of her coming into the stadium. There's a fake video, people booing and so I think that's fake to what it sounded even worse than that is what I'm trying to say they're trying to hide their shadow. How bad was it. We want to see the video is the present stuff.

I get out of here tomorrow

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