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Defund and Dismantle FBI

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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August 9, 2022 3:29 pm

Defund and Dismantle FBI

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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August 9, 2022 3:29 pm

It’s time to dismantle and defund the FBI. They are targeting law-abiding America First patriots.

Gregg Jarrett, Rep Guy Reschenthaler, and Rep. Andy Biggs join the conversation!

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We all know someone who does not work and no chill.

Trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think video calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy Z full for welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by the legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM investments The legacy PM investments.job liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee, since conservative commentary from our woman third radio program really no need to beat around the bush the American people are now in a de facto state of war with the FBI and the deep state and Washington DC. We have got a lot of information to go through to share with you today. I been reaching out to our sources up on Capitol Hill and the were to do our very best over the next three hours to bring you the latest information on what happened last night at bar Lago the lasting implications of what happened in order to be opening up the phone lines as well. We have some great analysis coming Greg Jarrett from Fox news is going to be here.

Congressman Amy Biggs is going to drop by as well and I were going to be opening up our phone lines throughout the day to hear from you because ultimately, Pres. Trump is right. He wrote about this in a statement and you and you can read that statement over at Todd start' but the FBI is coming after Trump because they can't come after you. That's that's why in this is a fairly nefarious thing that happened yesterday at Mara Lago in the early morning hours a drawn raid. These agents arm to the team. Over 30 agents storming into Mara Lago and you better believe they were sending a message to all the rest of us that they have declared war on every freedom loving America first patriot in this nation and you better believe if they can do this to trump their going to do it to us and we gotta put a stop to this. How do we do that we gotta unify the Republican Party. We've got a campaign like you know what, and we gotta go and vote on election day. That's what we gotta do.

That is, that's the call to action here. We've got a get out and we gotta vote what what the president ought to do today. Pres. Trump needs to call a press conference from bar Lago may be with the safe, that they they ripped apart in the background. Maybe with the empty bookshelves and anything else that was that was confiscated. Maybe the president needs to stand before the nation and officially declared that that he is running for president of the United States and the election starts right now you are right to be angry today. Ladies and gentlemen, you are right to be righteously indignant today because this is not who we are as a nation. What you saw happen at Mara Lago in the wee hours of the morning is something that you would see in some sort of a tinpot Third World dictator of a country that's what we have right now under the Biden administration and the White House as we do know anything about eye, but you know what I called BS and is not even great APS of course they knew about it. I guarantee you that Barack Hussein Obama was ultimately behind all of this. Even Andrew Cuomo says that the FBI overstepped" was right when he said the FBI needs to come out and they better show what they've got because otherwise it looks like a political hit job and that's what it is 844-747-8868 what happened last night.

Does that make you more of a supporter or less of a supporter of our president 844-747-8868. But here's what I think needs to happen. I think that we need to completely defund and dismantle the FBI though rot is so deep. The FBI has gone so road it cannot be salvaged, but you think about this for a moment.

Pres. Trump was in New York City. He was staying at his apartment in a Trump tower. He was not at home. Mara Lago had the president been at home, there would have been video cameras of of the FBI dragging the president out of the home so they could conduct their investigation and noticing the coverage they would've had CNN there and it would've been broadcast live on national television. Pres. Trump, in his pajamas standing on the front lawn of bar Lago you just think about this. It's not over. There is still common for this president and ultimately they want to drag this man out of his home in handcuffs and shackles and throw him in jail. That's the end goal here is some of you have been single. Todd what wire we why are they doing this.

Why over over a bunch of papers that may or may not be classified. Why are they doing this because this is there's a there's a method to the madness here. They know they got nothing on Trump when it comes to January 6. Nothing at all that there will not be criminal charges coming out of G6, you got a couple grand juries you got one in DC you got one end of Fulton County, Georgia, and I don't believe those certain amount to anything. So what they're doing. There is a there's a maneuver for the left to disqualify truck from ever running for the presidency if it if in fact he had these classified documents but this is a great big nothing burger to go through this and show you blow-by-blow how the how the government handled Hillary Clinton and Sandy Berger and how they've handled Donald Trump and quite frankly Hunter bite into because clearly the FBI and get this with the Hunter Biden we know crimes have been committed because he was on video committing the crimes. There was the drugs there were the hookers and Lord knows what.

And yet the FBI has not stormed in a Hunter Biden's home. The FBI hasn't dragged him out. The FBI hasn't confiscated Jack squat and is because his daddy is president of the United States. There is a deep rot in our nation's capital and the only thing that Donald Trump needs to do is get himself elected, and if he does nothing else he needs to fire every bureaucrat in that deep state. Every single one of you got a start from the gotta start at the FBI had a defund and dismantle same thing with the Department of Education same thing over the rest of the Justice Department because I'm sick of this. I want you to understand what were dealing with here. This is the same FBI the same Justice Department that investigate a law-abiding moms and dads and what was that what was the crime there in Virginia over the crime was a complaint about school board policies. They complained about critical race theory and LGBT grooming and then these people got knocks on the door from the FBI. This is the same Justice Department that targeted law-abiding gun owners the same Justice Department who refused to protect the homes of the Supreme Court justices. So yes, I believe that the American people.

We are now in a de facto state of war with the bureaucratic deep state.

We have crossed the Rubicon. Ladies and gentlemen at I don't think there's any turning back your this is unprecedented. The first time in American history that the government has raided the home of a president. We are in uncharted waters right now and I'm telling you, if Joe Biden has Donald Trump arrested you better buckle up for that one.

I believe the macro world will take to the streets, and I don't think anybody will be able to stop it.

I not even Richard Nixon. Just think about this, not even Richard Nixon faced such a gross abuse of power, but this is what happened and it started under Barack Hussein Obama when he wet but not raised the federal government. He weapon eyes the government to take all of us out from the Pentagon to the Internal Revenue Service to the Justice Department. It's all been weapon eyes so folks, we are dealing with evil. That's all I can tell you we are dealing with evil here and is not over yet.

It's not over just yet, so we a lot of audio to play. We are monitoring all of our new sources of on Capitol Hill and were going to bring you the latest Intel were again we still have not heard from the Justice Department.

We haven't heard from the judges. We haven't seen the warrants. But again, this was apparently over some documents and by the way, do you really think that Donald Trump was was physically packing up his office himself at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. You know, of course not Newt Gingrich. One of our great American-Statesman, I've never heard Newt Gingrich I was watching his his interview last night on Fox news. I have never seen him so angry.

I think you remember the Sandy Berger incident, he went into the national archives and came out with those documents in his pants and his socks in anywhere I can stick up there's clearly a double standard, but I think what's even more troubling, and what every American will your Democrat Republican doesn't matter liberal conservative it doesn't matter if 30 FBI agents can take over the house of a former President of the United States and probable candidate for president. What can I do you know when you look at the Democrats were trying to add 85,000 IRS agents to the already existing 77,000 domain hundred and 62,000 IRS agents compared.

For example, to 29,000 people we have on the border trying to control the border, but the purpose of a simple control you need these raids, the kind of thing. You talked about earlier with taking people off an airplane in chains, having people a guy standing outside at three in the morning and his pajamas. These things are all designed to intimidate this government can get away with Third World tactics and worthy of Venezuela or the instruments topsy or Zimbabwe under Magali. If that's the future than the Constitution is a working document has ceased to exist and I think part of the answer has to be to say that everybody was very upset fine go beat them at the polls in November. The answer, this is to have Republican house Republican Senate and let's rip the corruption not just in the FBI but across the whole system. Let's rip the corruption of the license I like. I couldn't believe it when I first heard today that 30 FBI agents had invaded Malaga was totally unnecessary since clearly in an effort design. I think partly to goad president Trump in the hopes that he will do something that will further validate the left fantasy about the kind of guy is fact is, he did nothing wrong.

He's cooperated and for his trouble and just heard Eric say this is the Trump family has been persecuted more than any presidential family and history and I just want to paint if they can do this to a farmer and potentially future president.

What can they do to you or your cousin or your friends or your neighbors, and I think it's a very scary step towards a police state, eliminating the Constitution is a real document. You know I Keown and by the way he's right about that. They are, they are literally setting the Constitution on fire to go after Trump. I have never never never seen someone like Donald Trump and his family so brutally attacked and assaulted by the media and by Democrats and their own party. By the way, that piece of garbage. Mitch McConnell still not a word from him. Not a peep. What a piece of garbage that you know you folks in the Connell of the Kentucky, you may as well have a Democrat leading you in representing you in the U.S. Senate because he's completely worthless doesn't even have the courage came to be man enough to stand up and defend Donald Trump. At least Kevin McCarthy did that, shame on you.


But again, this was Mitch McConnell the same guy who let his wife go out and and take care of business when they came under attack with these these occupied people not even man enough to protect his own wife. So maybe we shouldn't be surprised. Are we gotta take a break your 844-747-8868 were opening up the phone lines is our that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show.

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It's happening in this country and the question now is what are we going to do about it. Ladies and gentlemen we understand just a few moments ago got word from Congressman Jim Banks and that his crew are there to be meeting with the president, the former president tonight at his golf course that meeting is going to include a number of Republicans up on Capitol Hill, but we got up, folks, this is it. This is the hill to die on.

We been talking about that for a long time now. This is the Hilton Zion art. Let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 mark in the villages Americas friendliest him down. Mark what's on your mind today to clean a great way to get a Democrat, call it accountability that would be the biggest crap of you know what I ever heard these idiots want to talk accountability start with nearly every how about the puppet by his side kick Obama is really running this country into the ground you're going to talk accountability after everything by this country.

You're all a budget cloud holding Trump accountable. As I have an idea. Try looking in the mirror that would shatter it for sure. Try holding hundred Biden accountable product accountable for that box of rocks below the and the list goes on for Correction pics of the year. The Democrats don't know the meaning of accountability for sure know the word corruption guideline or two things will happen. Either they will continue to destroy look this country upside down or Trump wins election again and they all went they will all go looking for God, you know, can't they date may attempt silent you.

Thank you for recognizing us with knowledge improved to continue this fight for years to come. You know, whatever they think from him. Todd, you know damn darn well that they're going up there gonna flip it around and Dr. up whatever they can. I think this is recognize that the people and I think they're going to let Michelle you are guided to.

I think this is going to completely backfire on the Democrats and the federal government and and I hope that we see tens of thousands of American first patriots taking to the streets mobilizing we've got a couple of hundred that outside guarding Mara Lago right now, but ultimately the reason why this is so dangerous they're trying to stop him from running and an unmitigated of this after the newsbreak market. So thank you for the call they're trying to stop him from running hunting. Explain how there they plan on doing that after the after the bottom of the hour break but now Bernie carriage, the former Commissioner of the NYPD says hey look, there's a very real possibility they could try and physically take out Donald Trump is and assassinate Donald Trump really get to that to its folks, we are living in unprecedented times you 844-747-8868 we have a line open. That's 844-747-8860, my pillow is having their biggest sheet sale of the year you all of help build my fellow into an amazing company that it is today. Now Michael would tell the inventor and CEO once to get back exclusively to his listeners. The parochial bed sheet set is available in a variety of colors and sizes and are all on sale. For example the Queen size normally 8998 now only 3998 with our listener promo code order now because when they're gone they're gone.

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Look, they're not that look they have no qualms about telling you what this is really all about. So again, and that's about as we have the pretty characters that will hang tight paint type it out so Mark alliance is saying that there is a much bigger story here and why the raid is a potential blockbuster in American politics. And then he tweeted a copy of US code title 18, section 2071. Okay, what the heck is that all about. Well, here's what it says there's a paragraph that says anyone having the custody of any such record proceeding map of document, paper or other thing willfully or unlawfully, conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies or destroys the Senate same shall be fined under this title or imprisoned, and here we go, and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. When I tell you earlier.

They don't have any. They don't have anything on January 6. We've Artie heard that from the, the chairman of the of the G6 committee. Then another criminal, not against Donald Trump. He didn't do anything illegal you got these other grand juries, but I I'm I sincerely doubt there to be finding anything criminal, but this they confab you don't get all of my greatest concern about yesterday was Eric Trump during an interview with Sean Hannity, Eric Trump said that the president's attorneys were not allowed to observe what the FBI was doing inside Mara Lago, my concern is not what they took out a Mara Lago. It's what they may have planted in Mara Lago.

I'm just telling you folks, you can't trust the FBI in hearing if there is a knock on the door and I'm expecting one here any minute now. I really am. But there's a knock on the door and they say FBI you call your attorney and you don't say howdy do to those people can't trust any of our let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 let's go to Daniel W do you integrate affiliate Daniel.

What say you, with God, come out and declare 20/20 or lecture leader not only affect Republicans but Democrats might wake up a while back about her tire. This is a fixed polymeric owner could should be a lower what what happened the other dark red and your whole department.

If the air. She wrote because that you're not go there.Bureau of investigation or Bureau, local false information on the matters will be part of. I'll finish up luck with all of the Democrats to the care they will try to record that open what Thomas Jefferson happened.

That's why we have inspected regular good but all right Daniel, thank you and appreciate the call 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 now look this has nothing to do with January 6. This is everything to do with the national archives.

So it's a it's a big load of who you are. I mean there's nothing there. There is no there there. Let's go to Fay in Georgia hi Fay, what's on your mind's Carol Obama third term labeling. Remember he's going to thank the Mandalay change America and working hard and I came just a few days ago they can count and how to defend last Sunday, but they are aware of your life that friend that crap going to be in bad and that name. It can't run gondolier in a spiritual warfare. This estate were anything eco-with anything banging out his days are limited and I truly, truly, truly believe and I had in Cranston 1980. That God would bring an awakening battle ever you want to collect that we have got to have it in America.

They appreciate the call and thank you for that folks listen, this is evil we are dealing with here and if they can do this to president Trump they will be able to do it to us. Just remember what else the Democrats did they just funded 87,000 additional IRS agents. They basically have their own militia and we are providing them with more guns and ammo.

Even as you and I are sitting here having this conversation. What is going on here when you backup and when you look at the big picture here, the federal government's weapon, Isaac itself against us. We the people and the great thing about having a national radio program is they can't shut us up on social media, they may be able to on Facebook, but they can't shut us up here in the studio and were to be fighting folks were to be fighting until the last person is left standing and were still going to be fighting this is despicable.

Oh by the way, the judge, so where were getting some Intel the person they believe who is the judge who signed off on the search warrant has ties to Jeffrey Epstein I'm not making this up. You can't make up. Of course he's got ties to Jeffrey Epstein.

Let's go to Iowa Jean on the live RAG what's on your mind.

Well I bought. I'm not a lawyer. What I understand, the president have the right to be collapsed by any document or anything Wally going on all anything I find knowledge by now Jean that's a good point II was looking I had to do a little bit of homework last night and I brushed up on the presidential of the presidential records act and it's pretty vague as far as you know what the president can do here.

So I again I just don't think they have anything on him.

He's done nothing criminally.

There's been nothing criminal here were dealing with the national archives for crying out loud.

But Jean, they're doing this because they think they've got a path going down this route to ensure that that Donald Trump cannot run in 2024. That's what this is all about.

They've gotta stop Trump that's what this is about. Got a question and maybe you can answer it. Maybe you can, but what would stop a ride in a campaign innovate that is qualified people said no we wanting and Brody man they couldn't stop but that I don't think that would be. I don't think that's feasible. I just don't see night I don't think the American people are would be that engaged to do something like that is as sad as that is to say, I'm just telling you because here in Memphis Tennessee. We could barely get 20% of the registered voters out to stop a George Soros district attorney so II just don't think there will be that much interest.

A Jean appreciate the college go to Maine Mike listing to us on W LOP. That's Ray Richardson country.

Hey Mike what's up. I think people will react a little bit right now III don't I think were all pretty ignorant what the founder didn't find and I don't think it is reasonable to say with despicable we don't even have any clue of what they found it did not fine I just think that's to get to regular development well Mike. Well, if you know I don't agree with you. The fact that the FBI could not. The FBI did something that is unprecedented. They've never done this in the history of of the nation that there's a process. If you are trying to acquire these classified documents you go through the attorneys and then you you handle this very in a very diplomatic way and it that they did the same thing with Hillary Clinton.

They did the same thing with Sandy Berger. They did not do this with Donald Trump so that tells me that there's something more going on here trying to point it is a matter that we don't know what it is.

It happened my know you don't know that speaking for ignorance. Mike why what are you saying that you don't know what they found they found no we can't know something. As I nodded. I can tell you this lite what's going on Mike you got the federal government abuts a fascist jackbooted Nazi thugs who stormed in the bar Lago in the early morning dawn raid and are attacking a former president of the United States. That's not ignorant sir.

Those are the facts might be got under don't know what I know what sir what you call an item longer longer as you know what's our know I'm a factfinder I'm telling you, these are the few that was there that you want to know what the facts are jackbooted starting tomorrow.

Lago said that those are the facts led by Mike I'm angry today people. This should not be allowed to happen in the United States of America is a shameful day 844-747-8868 that's our phone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd surge will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much better now. I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for five artifacts of the Todd surge radio selling Todd Haslett, blood pressure, looking over their you know I don't have the time of her nonsense today. I could feel the heat coming following in the control room. It's you again grace we we like to have a good time of the show, but we are dealing with some pretty egregious things that our government is doing to the PO for sure you're very passionate and you know they're coming after us next at Hyde Marlowe know that we need more hello get like Marlo unchained unleashed the guard dog homework on it right now. She won't hurt a fly. But I'll work on that good alright let's get back to the phones here, North Carolina Ronnie, although I WSI see our great affiliate hey Ronnie, what's on your mind stores just want to point out that our country is under hundred and we got behind on their role in we just were just going down came Ronnie it's it's it's more than a shame. It's terrifying and and if we if we don't have enough people standing up and fighting back, working, working to be turned into a socialist hellhole that that's all there is to add really occurs with her family in Brooklyn.

You, I remember that the did the whole Marilyn Monroe routine. She gets a great boy not believe it may been trying to find that particular episode. I'm purely concerned about where children are going to be Ronnie you are right because you are right to be concerned every single one of us should be paid very and folks looked. This is the time of choosing, you're either with us or you're against us. That's where we are right now this country. Ronnie, thanks for the call and God bless you.

I know Ms. Janice is listening for those of you who might not of heard of the news yesterday one of our regular callers Miss Janice from New Orleans. Her husband passed away and I just took a good man, a very sudden thing and do we certainly want to upkeep. Keep praying for Miss Janice and these of these difficult days. Let's go to Chattanooga Tennessee knew the radio Ronnie on the line Ronnie.

What say you, or would you.

Your great work Obama. I mean, I know you blame Obama. Framework. But what would you look Obama that will target your correction regular document from the White House. What will your about Ronnie. First of all a Pres. Trump has not been accused of deleting an insurrection. If you go back and look at the video he says very carefully that it was a peaceful protest but to answer your other question, the feds would never do that because they loved Barack Hussein Obama and I suspect Barack Obama is ultimately the guy pulling the strings in the White House right now where would I let you] Mayor but why would be very anyway who's going and what you brought racing to buy why did you bring race into it right you are you are because you do, how many how many people do you play going on and you have a white president but you don't blame that make idea and it was glowing with a black guy but you, Barack Obama, Ronnie, does that make you a racist.

I know I know because you but but but but but I do not let you get away with this one.

Ronnie noted Outlook I get to talk over you.

Ronnie why are you calling me a racist.the race has nothing to do with this because you are like-minded and blackening to meet you in the wind and I believe a black man you.

That Obama is running American like you make up a marriage that you think that's a bad thing. You don't think that Barack Obama is controlling Joe Biden and Andy created fear control, you better believe Americans will be all right but but but immaculate guy. Why would Traut want to truck on the combat attributed would you trust me if I cheated you out of New York above.

That's why he wants to go back and he wants to clean out the swamp Ronnie but I will answer your question is already little time to write you you you as I got a question for you. Okay you told Grace Baker that you want to come on here defend Pres. Trump here because you will it ever so effectively what I will write you know that's a lot you are you are a peer hatemonger like God. You are you you you broke a jar use scare tactics from the thought. But you're a lot Americans will be just fine without pro-American goal be different without regret my goodbye Ronnie, goodbye folks, you know will take these calls all day long. You don't. First of all, don't lie to Grace Baker, be a man, Ronnie, be a man and by the way, if you disagree, you go right to the top of the line and Ronnie knows that unbelievable 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the time to see so little University studio in Memphis Tennessee.

You remember 2000 right before I was in Washington DC for social people talking this is Chris what is good so bad it wouldn't put assassination behind and I want to tell you something, try to impeachment. They tried another impeachment they tried one investigation after another. This is about one thing. This is about stopping him from running in 2024 and I want to tell you something. I'm not into conspiracies not into antigovernment.

This is the first time in my lifetime I would say I am deathly afraid for Donald Trump.

I would not put assassination behind these people right that was former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerrick on Newsmax. He's very concerned that the left may very well. The deep state may try to take out Donald Trump to stop him from running for reelection. So good to have you with us today on the Todd Stern's radio program. Lot of people wanting to weigh in at the lines are busy.

You just give us a call.

Keep Tryon nine OR rather 844-747-8868 let's go to Oregon Kathy listing to us on KY KM great radio station hey Kathy what's on your mind and not well. I keep hearing people wanting to know about that motivation. Why would they be doing that in him that he wasn't guilty and I think that it is a Democrat party and the right number public and that are fighting for their because you got a good all about trying to play night before when he was in there. That's why you didn't yell the firing in my opinion that on. You got a good start and they're fighting for their yeah I think there's a lot you Kathy.

I think there's a lot to that, but ultimately they want him out of the picture because they're terrified of Donald Trump because they know they can't control Donald Trump. That's the that's the issue, and that's why the establishment Republicans want him out of the picture to yeah there very threatened their very political note, no doubt about might at my cake Kathy God bless you how far you got it Kathy from KY KM in Salem, OR 84474 788 68 I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line. Good to have with us. Our good friend he is a legal and political analyst for Fox News Channel, author of the New York Times best-selling books. The Russia hopes and witchhunt Greg Jarrett joins us. Greg hope you're doing good today.

I'm well you are I am about to deeply concerned about where this nation is going Greg, I want to get your reaction to what happened last. Yesterday at Mara Lago will write a column today and it's entitled, at the I read on that equal justice is a force you know it's it's inscribed in the pediment of the United States Supreme Court justice under the law. Sadly, Atty. Gen. Merrick Garland, the FBI director Christopher Brady have been throwing a at equal justice under the law to be doing just the opposite. You know if your work public in you to be persecuted and prosecuted Democrat get special elevated status untouchable. That's what happened with Hillary Clinton. That's what going on with hundred Biden Comey FBI document for the admitted purpose of triggering the appointment of the special counsel to investigate Trump over company allegations of Russian collusion wrote two books about never faced any consequences that with you on raided by the FBI in the dark of the night. Of course, not with Hillary Chappaqua home rated after she thousand of government document and put them on her own personal server that was then asked jeopardize and effectually handed over to foreign government, America's secret and grateful me jump zero, the Hillary Clinton thing.

I mean, were talking about tens of thousands of government records. And we know for a fact that some of those were top-secret documents here.

So, again, to your point. Why was she not dragged out of her house. Why was why was her home not rated Democrat and she was protected in the investigation took place during the Obama administration. The Obama appointed Atty. Gen. names currently in the back for Democrats. They protected her. Remember that Comey announced that he had found 110 classified documents on her email server that were not protected hundred and 10 crimes under the espionage act on. She should've been prosecuted and Comey stood in front of television cameras, the famous infamous July 5, 2016 whose competency laid out in intimate detail. I broke the law and then he did this magical caraway and he said, but I'm exonerating it no power to do that usurped the power, the Atty. Gen., so this is another example of unequal justice under the law on the patriot mobile newsmaker line, our good friend Greg Jarrett from Fox News Greg out what happens next. Are we going to see the warrant will we know what they were looking for it entirely up to the FBI as well as the Department of Justice what you signed off on the ministers insane because the premise of the search was under the Federal records act of 1978.

If you haven't read it the most opaque, nonsensical, conflicting, contradictory law, I think I've ever read.

It actually does give authority to present to identify an excluded dispose of documents and remember, he's the ultimate declassification. The ready for use document. So when the national archives without consequence. Document competent eat. You know that everyone classified then declassify to this.

This is really great and the FBI and the Department of Justice and I'm praying Garland both signed off on the gray area and on what I find interesting and you got you guys have the story is that Andrew Cuomo is saying that the Justice Department needs to get out immediately and explain what happened. Or else they're gonna and I think he's concerned it might hurt the January 6 Pro, but to his point. Do you agree with that but does the Justice Department need to get out in front of the cameras and say here's what's going on absolutely. Transparency is something that Garland and Ray to say hi and conceal an up you skate at every turn. I mean just look at Ray's testimony last Thursday before the Senate committee. That's a lot of direct questions in the article vacation and get a go catch my clean up which by the way, is a government taxpayer private jet and was going on vacation day went up the Saranac Lake. He didn't have the integrity integrity are the sincere, the rectitude to answer legitimate questions from United States Sen. my fishing: wakes up and Saranac Lake and I cannot get it to take my private jet up there the help of the United States of America. Now Greg, I before we let you go I I'm hoping you can clear something up for us. There are people out there saying and again this was on MSDN see you had a Mark Elias suggesting that the real story is that that whatever happened to Mara Lago could disqualify Tromp from running for the the White House. Can you would continue to talk us through that and is that a concern is that a possibility of truncating Mark Elias, the sum total of what he knows about anything, including the locket written on a yellow Post-it note and then we got the guy behind so many of the corrupt activities of the Democratic Party. Clinton campaign Democratic national committee. You know he's about as untrustworthy as anybody I can think and I you know he is not correct. To the extent that each jumping way, way, and assuming that you know somebody's going to be convicted here of a felony. Donald Trump. The charges are to be brought that a conviction will be obtained. This is a guy who is a hyper- partisan that I would encourage viewers and listeners hate absolutely no attention to Mark a lot. Good stuff that's great advice Greg. We have links to all of your New York Times best-selling books and photos are must reads if you want to understand what were going through is a country right now.

Greg appreciate your great work at my pleasure to our YouTube Greg Jarrett everybody great former colleague over the Fox News corner of the world.

He was on the Hannity show last night and did a great job walking people through where all of this is going. By the way, were getting word that later on today about a dozen Republican lawmakers led by Congressman Jim Banks are there heading over tomorrow Lago I'm not Mara Lago. I'm sorry Bedminster over New Jersey where they will be meeting with Pres. Trump who knows why to discuss strategy. I don't know, but the one person who is not speaking is Senate majority is Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell I love.

He's got laryngitis. Don't know if there's been some sort of medical issue. We don't know, but he's not talking are we gotta take a break. A couple of lines open here 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 and I tell you I could really go for a delicious glass of life change.

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So go to get the that's get the use the discount code. Todd 10 since day one.

They cannot stand that guy name Donald Trump was a real developer who go into a political system in the US and take out a person like Hillary Clinton and beat them at their own game and then going to Washington DC into a phenomenal job and not play by the rules and end up becoming one of the best presidents this country has ever had any put in one of their own guy turns out to be an absolute flock. He does it. Terrible terrible job in the country's going to hell. Under his leadership and Ellis and they realize that his sons in trouble he's in trouble and their political parties in trouble and I Donald Trump is pleased he wanted if he decided to hop back on the stage and wanted they know he's poised to win.

And guess what that threatens them that threatens who they are and they will do anything they can to take him out to take me out to take Don out to take Yvonne To take our family out every single day the state level the federal level, the FBI doesn't he subpoena us. They make our lives hell. Sean every single day because they are threatened by Dante Trump and honestly I hope bouncing this for the first time. I hope he goes out and beats these guys again honestly this country can't survive this nonsense. This is not who we are.

This is Venezuela a Sean this is Banana Republic antics having a home of the 45th president of the United States rated by FBI agents seeps broken open. This is not who we are as a democracy. Imagine that happened to Barack Obama. He's not wrong.

Welcome back to the times for his radio program that's Eric Trump on Fox last night. He's not wrong and I don't know. I don't know if I would be able to stand up to the level of the tax that have been directed at the Trump family unloads any of us could go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Doyle and George W deal when our great affiliate Doyle what's on your mind guide unit you and lead their guilty dictated that, rebelled by Benedict and I go planning to map out all math is currently product you go back to all the credit live in will he rented map that likely that the day even math and that's all I'm saying is God himself called, not nothing I could tell that I'm not that I'm not that here is deleted that gold thing but she is Jesus is that that that LLC is not gone just Doyle and appreciate the call, and by the way.but Hillary Clinton has already put out a tweet and she's trolling Donald Trump and we will post a tweet on the live show blog on believable, but Doyle says that Trump is the problem was that Trump was running his mouth. You know it you can run your mouth. It's a lick. You're allowed to run your mouth into the United States Constitution folks. That's not illegal that's not against the law are, let's go to Josie Morehead city, North Carolina hey Josie what's going on and How Are You I'm Good Thank You Going to Be My Solution for Why It Happened This Garbage. I'm Going to My Local Board of Elections I'm Going to Change My Party Affiliation and Come off of the Role and I'm Gonna Register Now Is an Independent I'm Going to Try to Get All My Friends That I Know to Do the Same Thing and I'm Going to Leave the Democrat and Republican Party behind and Go Independent When I Go to the Polls in November and in 2024. I Will Vote There and Come Back out. All of Them out. What I I'm Not One of These People That's a I'm Not a Big Fan of Term Limits. I Think You Ought to Be Know If You Got Somebody Who's Going to Capitol Hill and Doing a Great Job. I Say Stick with My Problem Though Is the Deep State Here, Josie, and If That's What We Have To Do to Get Rid of All of These People I Mean Were Talking Tens of Thousands of People Need to Be Losing Their Jobs and If That's What It's Going to Take You Know What Maybe That's the Way to Go Exactly Because Here You Know Where like That at the Bottom Were Not at the Top and Everybody Trying to Find a Way Solution for What We Can Do in Our Cities in Our Town and It Starts at the Local Level. Yes, It Has To Start There and We Have To Come out and Vote in the Road and Get These Incumbents out to Run Josie Great Call Though. Thank You. This Is the Will of Someone Who's Not Working No Chill Trust Me That Used To Be Me, but Then I Found Galaxy Full for Which Allows Me to Do More Things at Once. Much Now I Think You Caused My Phone and Use It to Take Notes at the Same Time or Check My Shopping List While Ordering More Scented Candles and Facemasks on the Foldable Expansive Screen. Don't Take You to to List One Line at a Time Multitasks He Can Relax, Click the Banner to Get Your Galaxies Evil for the Radio Show and Development Head over to Our Website and Check out Our Store. We Have Some Great T-Shirt AND We Also Have Copies of My Latest Blog, Our Daily Biscuit Devotions with a Drawl. We Love Really Get a Copy and I Will Autograph and Send It to You Again Todd Stern' All Right. A Lot Of the Phones Have Just Exploded. Today Grace Is Taking a Nap Right Now. Let's Go to the Grace to Take a Nap Right Out Of Your Busy Let's Go to Georgia Beth on the Line W Deal in Our Great Affiliate. There, That's What Say You out Bow My Mouth by Heiner Ukraine, China and Russia and He Would Reach out and I Had Ever Been the Plan and Now Obama and I Pray That Again under by How Well That's All I Will Say This, and I Appreciate Your Call Again. One of the Things That That I Find Very Interesting about Joe Biden That Guys Clueless Earlier This Morning and We Got the Video up on Our Website, You Can See It for Yourself. He Will Chuck Schumer Went over to Shake His Hand. There Were Three People and Then There Was the President He Showed Chuck Schumer's Hand and Then Biden Forgot That He Had Already Shaken Schumer's Hand and He's Just Standing There Shaking and Her. This Is Not Normal Behavior Is All That All That to Say Beth Is Correct, It's Barack Obama and His Team That Are Actually Pulling All the Strings Are All Right. Let's Go to North Carolina WSI. See Charles on the Line. Hey Charles, What's Going on. I'm Equally As You Are about What I Saw Last Night Serious Serious Me. I'm Now Look toward the Reach of the TV and and Beat Somebody up.

I Mean I Just Cannot Believe What I'm Witnessing but Then Again I'm Not the Product but I Think That Right Now at This Point Is Maybe Two Approaches We Should Take It, but I Really Think That Time Is Short for Our Movement.

Right Now I Think What We See up There with Joe Biden and His Regime. They Are Behaving like a Solitary Machine That Knows That They Do Not Have the Support of the People in There to Do Anything They Can Remain in Power. Even If It Involves You the Legality, but I Think We Need to Do Right Now God the Perfect Opportunity for the Republican Party and Kevin McCarthy Make Good Announcements to Come Together to Unite to Condemn Not Only What It Happened.

But to Put Forth This Contract with America That We Talk about and Right at the Top of That with the Repeal of the Upcoming Senate Bill They Were Going to Repeal the Bill If We Retake Congress in November. Also, Think up There at the Top of the Legislative Priority Should Be the Impeachment of Joe Biden, (Alejandra Majorca Merrick Garland Christopher Ray and the Holding We Got to Get Rid of Them Somehow before They Get Rid of, but in Fact Only Guy I Think We Need to Do Much Economic Pressure on Washington Everything Emanating from the Imperial City of Washington DC in about a Week Already and I Would Love the Somebody or Some Organization Orchestrate Something That Could Shut That 25 Mile Radius Family Put These People in Economic Thing Affected the Trucker Strike Railway Worker Airline Pilot Just Pretty Much Lay Speech so That We Were Not. We've Got the Solution Here and It's Coming from the Border. I Just Say We Quadruple the Number of Buses That Were Sending Washington DC Inundate the Whole City Yeah That Got Yeah That That That's a Very Good Option, but I Can't Beat 80,000 New IRS Agents Guide If People Don't Think That Those Agent Can Go Find the Political Affiliation. Look at the Political Affiliation of the People and Target Those People for Audit. That's Exactly What to Do and Most People Do Not Have the Stones to Withstand That They Will Cave in and They Will Not Fight Back. Charles yet Look. I Went through through Three Audits during the Obama Years. First Time in the History of My Life That I've Ever Been on Three Times during the Obama Years and Was Because I Worked at Fox News Channel and You're Right It Is Agonizing Just Agonizing but but We Were Going to Have To Stand Tall Charles Were Going to Have To Fight Back and and We Are Going to Have To Have United Front.

I Love the Idea of a of a of a Contract with America. I Know Speaker Newt Has Been Working with Folks up on Capitol Hill, a Republican, so We'll See How That Goes.

Charles Got a Run, Thanks for the Call Always Good Hearing from You. By the Way, I Got a Note to Read This Note. It's Always Nice When We Get the Handwritten Notes Here at the Todd Stern's Radio Program Billy Jones Writes and Grandma Billy and She Put That's Not Put That in Parentheses. She Says Dear. Todd Recently Received a Copy of Our Daily Biscuit by Answering a Trivia Question I Want You to Know How Much I'm Enjoying Your Book. The Recipes and Messages. My Favorite Is a Little Gravy on Top, Asking the Reader to Consider What Was Read Sunday Sermons Should Consider This Will Thank You Very Much and so the Lovely Card Billy from Beaufort North Carolina Listens to Us on the Talk Station 1071 FM. Thank You so Much. That's Very Kind of You to Do That.

Billy All Right, We Got a Line Open Here 844-747-8868 Let's Go to Steve and Arkansas Hey Steve, What's on Your Mind about a Little Better at Anglo Way for Documents to Incriminate Draw One so Much about Documents.

Criminal Trial but about What I Incriminate You, Wow. Well, You Know That Steve I Really Haven't Thought about Life so You Your Thinking Here That Maybe Trump Had the Goods on the FBI and They Were Going in to Get to Get Well. Thinking about It When He Was Running for President.

He Called about 403 Vietnam You You. Thank You for Four Years and You Didn't like the Little Documentation Could Be You Don't Hoover Was Life He Had All the Tapes on Everybody. That's Why He Stayed in Power for so Long. Steve You Think We Got It We Got a Blow up the FBI, Dismantle It, Start from Ground Zero. Again, I Don't Know How They'll Ever Gain Credibility Are You Alive.

I I'm with You about yet a Deep Fund and Dismantle That's What I Said Steve Bryson and yet Be Good Point and and You're Right Is Not a Mean's Soon You're Going to Have the the Internal Revenue Service with Their Own Militia and They're Going and and Let Me Tell You Something about That. Steve Yesterday I Saw a a Graphic and the It's of the United States and the They Were Able to Analyze Where People Were Getting Audited and It Was Very Clear to Me That the IRS Is Targeting the Red States. I Me That's That's the Documentation. So There You Use That There Are No Weapon Eyes Internal Revenue Service to Come after All of the State. It All Installed Our Government and Tell Me What Prize You Go Fairpoint Stick Steve, Good Hearing from You and Thanks for the Call so Seeing the Birders Now Allow You Millennial's Are. I Can Remember All Sandy, but He Was Bill Clinton's National Security Advisor Back in the Day Back in 2003 Sandy Berger, Who Was Then the Former National Security Advisor, Walked up into the National Archives and He Found All These Documents Five or Six Drafts of Significant Documents and Literally Stuffed Them into His His Pants and His Suit Coat. He Was Basically Walking Out Of the Building with the Stolen Documents Gone to A Lot Of Trouble $50,000 Fine and You Never Saw the FBI Going after This Guy They Never Knock down the Door of His House. They Never They Never Stayed Some Sort of an Early-Morning Predawn Raid with Guns Drawn, They Didn't Do That. And Here Is a Guy Whatever National Security Advisor Who Was Stuffing Top-Secret Documents into His Pants and His Underpants and His Suit Coat and Walking Out Of the Building. You See, It's a Double Standard. Everybody That's What I'm Upset about. It's the Double Standard. So Unless Donald Trump Had Somehow Gotten His Hands on Hunter Biden's Laptop and It Was Stuffed in the Saved Other of Our Lago.

There's No Way No Way That This President Has Done Anything Wrong. All Right, Working to Take a Break When We Come Back Going Right to the Phones 844-747-8868. That Is Our Toll-Free Telephone Number. This Is the Todd Stern Show Someone Who's Not Working No Chill Trust Me That Used To Be Me, but Then I Found Galaxy Full for Which Allows Me to Do More Things at Once. Much Better Now.

I Think You Caused My Phone and Use It to Take Notes at the Same Time or Check My Shopping List about Ordering More Scented Candles and Facemasks on the Foldable Expansive Screen. Don't Take Your to Do List One Line at a Time Multitasks He Can Relax, Click the Banner to Get Your Galaxy. See Full for Republican Promise A Lot Of Accountability but A Lot Of Times Were Disappointed to Change Now It Is Going to Change That Present the Latest Statement and That's Exactly What Needs to Happen. But Even before That, This Friday Were Going Back to, but on This Stupid Bill That the Democrats Pass the Senate Yesterday so We Will Be There All Day for Albion Thursday Night. Mary Garland, Chris Ralph Come to the House Judiciary Committee This Friday and Answer Our Questions about This Accident Date Which Has Never Happened in American History. What Was on the War, but What You Really Doing What You Looking for.

Why Not Talk to Present Trumpet Having Get the Information You're after. This Is Unbelievable to Understand the History Here One Year Ago. It Was the Mirror Garland Using the Patriot Act against Parents. One Day Adele Was 87,000 Agents in the Bill.

The Democrats Pass to Go Harass Americans from the IRS and Today We Have the Rate of a Former President Home in America so We We Deserve Answers Now in This Friday Would Be a Good Time. Jerry Never Called Christopher Ralph, Mary Garland Bring the House Judiciary Committee so We Can Asking the Questions That the American People Deserve Answers to. Good for You Jim Jordan. You Know, I Will Say This, That the, the FBI Has Really Done a Favor for the Republicans Because They Have Managed to Mobilize an Entire Political Party and Outrage against the Machine so There You Go, Let's Go to the Phone Zero 844-747-8868 Line Open Faith in Memphis Tennessee.

Our Flagship Station KW AM Hi Faith, What's on Your Mind. I'm Well, Thank You for Asking about the Rate That Told McConnell and on What They Do and Do Not They Have Got There, There Is a Unique Way. Where No Thinking That a Good Effort and They Do Not Look to Have a Job That That Ground and Have No Date. They Make No Don't Think They like Red Think That You Think a Good Thing They Don't Want to Do New and Neater and What They Now You Laid It All out There and Very Well Done and I Think There's A Lot Of Truth to What You're Saying Will See Will See How This Plays out, Though. But You're Right about One Thing G6 There Will Not Be Criminal Charges Coming Out Of G6 and That Committee Faith Got a Run. God Bless You. Thanks for Listing to Us on Our Flagship Station. Grace I Want to Get to the Story Were to Be Slammed in the Next Hour We Got Congressman Biggs and Congressman Rush, and Faller and We Got A Lot Of Calls so You but I Need to Address Something Probably One of the More Egregious Stories That We've Covered This Is from the New York Post, Ketchup and Mayo Ice Cream Flavors May Be Coming to a Supermarket near You. Well Wises Not Front-Page News. This Is Disgusting. So the Ice Cream Project They're Coming up with Their Elevating Every Day Flavors to Ice Cream.

So There to Be Used, so Hines Is Coming up with This and They're Going to Start Serving Ice Cream That's Flavored with Baked Beans Mayo Catch-Up Quaker Rolled Oats and PG Tips That's Discussing the PG Tips like a Q-Tip. I Don't Want to Know What up You Know Todd Because Is That As Bad As the $15 Velveeta Martini That They're Now Pushing As Well. What $15 Velveeta Martini. It Is Literally Cheese Sauce Infused Vodka and Garnished with like the Shells That's Discussing Click. So, That's Not Bad, but It May Be Thinking That That with No Heaving All Beer Boys That I Was Producing How Couple Years Ago We Made Our Intern in New York City. Go out and Try the Mustard Ice Cream French's the Mustard. I Know It Was It Was Horrendous. It Was As Terrible As You Might Imagine, I Hope You Give Them a Raise with Fox and with a Paper We Do down Here. Hey Folks, We Gotta Take a Break When We Come Back Were Going to the Phones but Were Also We Want to Do Something Special for Our Memphis Tennessee Lister. So If You're in the Midsouth Next Week Where Having the Big K WA 75th Anniversary Bash. It's an Exclusive Party and I Were to Be Ordered to Be Sending Some of Our Listeners. So If You Are Listing to Us on K WA Here in the Midsouth Give Us a Call Caller Number Three Urine When a Pair of Tickets to Our Big Bash Next Week. That Number Is 844-747-8868 That's 844-747-8868 You Want to Win Tickets to the Big K WA M7 11 Anniversary Celebration to Be a Doozy I `Cigarette Will Know Someone Who's Not Working No Chill Trust Me That Used To Be Me, but Then I Found Galaxy Full for Which Allows Me to Do More Things at Once.

Much Now I Think You Caused My Phone and Use It to Take Notes at the Same Time or Check My Shopping List about Ordering More Scented Candles and Facemasks on the Foldable Expansive Screen. Don't Take Your to Do List One Line at a Time Multitasks He Can Relax, Click the Banner to Get Your Galaxy. See Full for Liberty University Studio in Memphis Tennessee Is No Well to the Radio so As yet We Have Not Been Rated by the FBI, but Where Weight Where Ready.

Hope You're Doing Good.

Hey 844-747-8868 Is Our Phone Number before You Go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Lined up.

I Want to Go to the Phones We Are Getting Ready to Have a Huge Celebration Here Memphis, Tennessee. The Radio Station I Own KW AM Celebrating 75 Years of Existence. This Radio Station Once Employed Johnny Cash and BB King Ike Turner Elvis Presley, Played on This Radio Station and an Hour I Were a News Talk Station As Audio or Having a Big Bash Celebrating a Big Bash in His Next Week in Downtown at a Beautiful Hotel and A Lot Of Fun Rooftop Celebration and We Want to Go to the Phone Sierra Because Were to Be Inviting Some of Our Listeners to Join Us in the Celebration. Let's Go to Southaven, Mississippi.

Chad on the Live Chat. How Are You Today and Chad Were Going to Actually Make You Do a Little Bit Better Because Guess What Chad You Are a Big Winner of the Law Is to Be A Lot Of Fun. Great Food Is the Whole 9 Yards and the Chad Were to Put You on Hold and the Grace Will Get All of Your Info, so Congratulations. Sounds a Little Noisy out There on the Highways and Byways Today Will Give You Guys Another Chance of Momentarily Two to Win Some Prizes Aren't, Let's Go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Lined the Front of This Program. Congressman Guy Russian Faller Joins Us. Congressman Very Disturbing Developments from Last Night. I Understand That a Group of Republicans Will Be Meeting with the President Later Today. What Can You Tell Us in the Aftermath of That FBI Raid Grab Me on the Only Guy Congrats on 75 Years That You Are This Raid Last Night.You Know People Are Mistaken If They Think It Is Just the Chart It It Reaching the Ruling Elite Have Nothing but the Pain for Everyday American Donald Trump Is Getting in the Way and If the FBI Can Do That. They Don't Tromp What Can They Do Every Day That the Overarching Take Away, but in Terms of How This Pertains to Donald Trump. It Apparently Disgusting That There Were Other Means Necessary to Do That to Effectuate Getting the Document in the FBI Can Stay While the Document Going to the National Archive. So Far so Court Okay That's Fine but Why Would You Do a Raid on Mara Log Bargo. If You're Not Trying to Cast Doubt upon President from 2024.

Ron, I Continue to Rat nor the President Try to Delegitimize His Legacy Things Late on the Season Can Work. I Think That Moderate the People That Might've Been on the Fence about the President Getting Galvanized around in the American People Know That Inherently This Is an Abuse of Power by the FBI and FBI to Turn into a Political Tool of the Democratic Party. I Think It's Important for People to Understand Here That This Is Not the President Tromp Sitting down with the Unit with the National Archives or with the FBI. These Are Conversations That Were Hand with the Attorneys so This Is Your Again.

I Think People Are Maybe Not Understanding You Know How These Kinds of Things Operate. So Typically You Have an Attorney and You're Able to Work These Things out Privately or Quietly, without Having to Have the FBI Stage a Predawn Guns Drawn Raid Right Exactly How It Handled with Every Effort to Get Document I Remember When Hillary Clinton Was Accused Neatly Acted Watching Her Hard Drive. I She Was Allowed to Be Present When the Egg I Came to Get Document with Her Lawyer Present from My Understanding, the Fact That This Was Handled in Such a Way That Predawn Raid Guns Drawn. It Goes to Show the FBI Was Trying to Sensationalize That Get Headlines and Again Now over Pres. Drums Running 2024 That There Was Any Doubt That Managing around 2024. You Would down Back and into a Corner.

I Think the President Will Run Again and I Think It Can Be Amazing to See How to Type Start and I Think That the FBI Grossly Underestimated Conservatives and Caught Congress Because I Believe Dr. Document so Many My Colleagues. That Is One Thing That Everybody Had in Common and I Think a Lack of Confidence in the FBI to Get Ready When We Take Back the House in 2022 22 Because There Can Be A Lot Of Oversight in the Allotted Investigation and We Need to Rein in the FBI If Not Totally Read Yeah I'm I'm for the Latter. There I Did. I Just Don't See How Anything Can Be Salvaged Here. Looks to Me.

The Rot Goes Pretty Deep There, and FBI Headquarters Right Everybody Talk about the Rank-And-File That the Rank-And-File That Where Were Delete That Everything to Be a Raid on Mara Log Because If This Would Have Been.Abiding Household You You Can That You Were Delete That Though I'm Very Skeptical. I Think the FBI Had a Troubled History Going Back to the Department of Investigation. Back in the 1920 in a Court, a History of Corruption, Domestic Spying, and so Forth. Think the Data J Edgar Hoover Who of Course Founded the FBI Attended the DI over the FBI but but I Digress They Can Tell You God That What Used on Display. What a Political Job and It's Not Gonna Work Because Craig and John Can Overcome That and Run When in 20 Johnny I Think Your Point. I Think He Almost Has To Run Now to Restore Legacy and Took to Vindicate Himself, At Least in the Eyes of History Because This Is Such a Sedated Event. It It Angers Me, Congressman, the, the Level of Hate and the Vitriol That's Been Directed from the Deep State Towards Pres. Tromp and the Trump Family. I Agree with You. By the Way That That You Were Running and I'm Thankful Because I Think You Would Incredibly Think That's What I Would Love to See Another Four Years of Trump White out but in Terms of the Disdain You Were Talking about.

I Can Tell You Having Having to Go to DC.

Two or Three We Come on Dealing with with People in the Bureaucracy Real.

I Stated If You Eat a Cracker Barrel If You Shop at Walmart If You Go to Church on Sunday. They Mark You, They Laughed at on so There Really Is. He Is on and If You Think That This Is an Awesome Person and Arielle after This Raid, You're Kidding All You Have the Woke Yuppie Liberals.

The Ruling Elite Game, Whatever You Want to Call That Each State That Bureaucracy You Mean What You Want That You Had That Flat and You Have It Pitted against Everybody Else Because They View Us As a Bunch of Country Bumpkins in Flyover Country. No Doubt about That but They Certainly Do Love to Audit Us. I Mean, When You Look at the Bobby Most of the Audits Are Taking Place in Red States and Just Wait. You Have 87,000 More IRA. So, in Light of What You Thought Last Night with This Raid Calculate That What the IRS to Be Doing with Conservative Small Business Owners by What I Conservative Charities Remember Louis Lerner Yell Again and in Bill That We Have To Vote on Friday. The Reconciliation Bill.

The Democrats Are Adding 87,000 New IRS Agent. They All Really Got Your Billionaire and for a Billionaire the United States 87,008 Goes down Attended Thousand Agent Dignity Used To Go after Conservative Business Owners Think Here to Guide It on the HVAC Company to Guide Their Plumbers to Guide the Avid Dog. You Don't Care Business or Whatever Those Are the People the IRS Targeting. It Can Be the Backbone of Our Economy and in the Core of the Republican Base, Which Is Small Business. Congressman Really Was There.

Really Appreciate Your Insight Here and I Really Do Hope That You Were Able to Take Back the Congress in the Fall. Real Quick. Are You to Be at This Meeting This Afternoon.

Now I'm Not Going to Be There Part Aren't Very Good Congressman. Again, Thank You so Much for Your Time Think I Digress and Follow Everybody a Great Congressman from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Coming up a Little Bit Later Congressman Andy Biggs.

He Is a Live-In Death As Well As We All Should Be of Hate Get This. Even Former VP Mike Pence Newsmax Has the of the Breaking News Banner up Mike Penn Says the, the FBI Raid on Tromp Is Unprecedented and Smacks of Partisanship.

Let's Go to the Phones Here, Cleveland, Georgia Bob on the Line by What Say You Get There Right Away That There and Go Ahead and Faithfully Protest in Front of Nancy Q Have Laterally Go Ahead and Give Janet Nancy Pelosi's Address Why I Would Give George Soros Address and She Got Already There. Now Come on Now Got a Be Appropriate Where Family-Friendly Live Is so Family-Friendly. Let's Go to Angie and South Carolina.

I Am Very Dirty Now. I Mean Going to Make-Come Look like a Criminal. People That I Know That I Gagged Noble Liberal Baby Will Be Born Again and I'm Thinking at Play in Tromp. I Get Away with Hoping to Get an Arm and Actually Guide People Clock Angie I Will Max out My Donations to Donald Trump If He Is If He's Able to Go in There and Fire You Know, 10, 20, 30,000 of These Bureaucrats Clean House.

It'll Be Worth Every Single Penny.

I Hope You Get Good, Really, Really, How Can I Help Him Are Not Meant to Be Cleaned out and out Here so You like Would You like to See Him Run Again. Angie I Worry I Don't Go in Writing and Ended Night.Gov. Florida. I Think That Would Be Great. You Go Wrong with Trump DeSantis. I like That You Know I Was a Big Fan of Tim Scott until This Weekend, Us God When Little Wishy-Washy Squarely on Us so Now I'm Afraid South Carolina Grand Lake Right Now.

I'm Tired of Working 1980 and down to Get Caroline and I Got Our Faith Will Angie. Thank You for the Baser Call Again and I Keep an Eye on Things There in the Palmetto State Boats and Got a Couple of Lines Open and Again We're Just What We Were. It's Kind of a Weird Thing but Were Celebrating Her 75th Anniversary Here at K WMR Flagship Station and That We Got Some Tickets Were Given Away to the Reese Life. I Forgot to Give Away Yesterday Great Speakers. I Got up I Got a Make up for Some Lost Time Here. Like I Said That's Okay. So If One Well so If You're in the Midsouth Area and We Would Open This up to Everybody but the Parties Next Weeks Out Of the Plane down Here so Far, Listers of the Midsouth. If You Would like to Join Us for a Big 75th Anniversary Celebration Is Going to Be an Amazing and Amazing Party Caller Number Two Is Going to Pick up Free Tickets. If You're Listening to Us. Okay WAN Caller Number to Give Us a Call at 844-747-8868 That's 844-747-8868 You Folks and Alanna, I Have Two Speaking Events of the Next and Next Month I'm to Be in Los Angeles Were Going to Be the Atlanta Twice and I Think I'm Going to Wichita but That's in October so Were to Be Busy around Here over As over the Next Couple of Weeks and Months Are You Gotta Take a Break. This Is the Time Storage Radio Show. Welcome Back Everybody I'm Todd Darden Happy with Us Today. Let's Go to the Phones. Germantown, Tennessee, Elisa, Listening to Is Okay WAN Hi Lisa How Are You Today What You're Going to Do A Lot Better Lisa Because You and Again Started to Be Going to the Big Anniversary Celebration. Please Let Me If That's a Fancy New Hotel Downtown the One Overlooking the Mississippi River They Have a Beautiful Rooftop and Still Be A Lot Of Fun Good Food I Can Tell You That Much. Lisa, How Are You Enjoying TWA and Now I like to Break the Local Here.

Well the Team Worked Really Hard on That and That We Got Really Some of the Best of the Business Working Here at the Mighty 990s so We Really Appreciate You Listening Were to Put You on Hold and Grace Baker's Going to Get Your Info Folks Again.

We Are Having a Big Celebration Next Week and Also the Todd Stern's Radio Show.

We Turned Five Years Old so Kind of Nice Anniversary Is Coming up Here in This Area. All This Money Sent Me a Note. Start The Daily Beast Is Ranting about You and I Was Checking out Someone Sent Me This Is Just Just Published Daily Beast Is Going after Some of Us Conservatives.

They Say Probably Conservative Glenn Beck Tweeted the FBI Needs to Be Fumigated Any FBI Agent Who Knows about Corruption and Keeps Quiet Is Just As Guilty.

Now Get This. They Call Glenn Back a Conservative Commentator They Call. Yours Truly, a Popular Right Wing Talk Radio Host, Why Am Popular I Guess I'm Right with You. See I Don't Necessarily I'm Not Offended by Right Wing Night, but I Am I Do Consider Myself to Be a Conservative.

So Let's Make Sure They Got What I Said Correct Your Folks Are, They Said, Starting Says the Real Concern Is What the FBI May Have Planted inside Bar A Lot You Think Will Be Accurately Well Done. Oh, They Also in the Quote Hannity so I'm in Good Company There Back Starnes Hannity. That's a Good Lineup on a Radio Station Bible All Right.

Let's Go to the Phones Real Quick Here Alone Please and Georgia W GUN Hey Louise, What's on Your Mind A Lot More Outgoing. I Can't Believe That Man Running in a Malegaon, Well, Well, He Didn't Really Let Him on the Air so You Heard That, but We Have a Dump Button so the People Listening on the Radio.

Good Night out and Found That My Having Lot. I Don't Think I Want Anything I Am Well Louise You Better Hold out Because Were Going to Be Coming up on the News Right You Might Hold on after the News While I'm out LOL I Know You Have. It's Been a Busy Day Louise. All Right, so Louise Were Working to Put Louise off All She's Got A Lot to Say Folks A Lot to Say. Congressman Andy Biggs Is Going to Be Dropping by Were to Get to Louise Mike Dave. Hang Tight. We Got a Couple of Lines Open. If You Guys Want to Get All the Action Here 844-747-8868. That Is Our Toll-Free Telephone Number That's 844-747-8868 This Is the Top Galaxy Flip for All These New Tracks It Might Not like I Just Did in Fact Not Capture Hands-Free Text from Multiple Angles for Training Sessions for His Followers Simply Wave My Hand to Start Recording Video Clip for Compact and Fits Perfectly.

My Doubts Easy Flip for Well All I Can Tell You Is the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Liner Has Been Fired up Today and Thank Goodness That They Are Partners Here of the Johnson's Radio Program, You Know, II Just Love These Guys. They Are As Authentic As the Day Is Long, Patriot Mobile Americas Only Christian Conservative Wireless Carrier and There and All the Events a Resistant Seatback Hosted A Lot Of Great Folks Patriot Mobile. They Have Great Nationwide Coverage. Use the Same Towers. The Other Carriers Used and a Best of All, They Got a Plan to Fit Any Budget.

No Matter How Big or How Small, and by the Way, If You're a Veteran or a First Responder Patriot Mobile. They Got Special Discounts Just for You. I Made the Switch and so Easy. All You Need to Do Is Go to Patriot Check It out There. Then I Got a Hard Selye Patriot Check out What All the Packages They Have There. You Can Also Give Them a Call 972 Patriot. That's 972 Patriot US-Based Customer Service Team. So Are There to Be More Than Happy to Talk to You Now Very Important. Gotta Use My Promo Code Todd T ODD and There to Give You Free Premier Activation Get a Special Discount and Again Veterans You Guys Are to Get an Additional Discount on Top of That Patriot Art Let's Go to the Phones from Arizona Are Good Friend Congressman Andy Biggs Congressman Good to Have You with Us and I Have To Imagine You Are Righteously Indignant Today Making the Worst Thing Going on This Week Alone.

You're Saying the Weaponization Order for the Organization of the Police Apparatus for Political Purposes to Go after Donald Trump Seeing It with the IRS Agents Being Westernized and Horrible Bill That's Going to Be at the House and You Know What Else You're Seeing It in This Two-Tiered System Where We Continue to Put People in Jail and Told Him There without Bail on Political Purposes and Other Other Hand, You People like Hillary Clinton and Hunter by and We Bend over Backwards Not Leave but the Establishment Bends over Backwards to Protect Them.

Congressman, Here's My Concern Is That They're Going to Target Donald Trump and There's Going to Be a Moment Where They Surround the President and Taken into Custody. I Mean He's Not Doing Something May Be Speaking at Sea Pack or Whatever. And the Next Thing You Know You've Got an Armed Raid like like What Happened to Mara Longo over Yesterday and That Would Be Crazy to Do That Because He Also Has Still Has Security around Him Now. Lots of It, or You Have Lots of Security or Artichoke. What You Do Have a Keep Them in the Middle of a Scrum of Violence Scrum People Know Know the They Know No Bounds. No, No Sense of Propriety in Order They Are Using Every Institution Regime Rule to Better Conservatives. And This Is All Because Donald Funk Disrupted the Slow Steady March to the Camorra That Was Going on 40 Elected Congressman Is Again a Bubbly Congressman Andy Biggs of the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line.

Is There Any Way That the FBI Can Be Salvaged or Do We Just Need to Pull Bulldozers and Start over. You Know, I Think We Agreed That the Bowl Does Start over. I Mean I Look at It. Well, Maybe Then We Defined a Little Bit.

Maybe We Could Get in There Girl and the Holman Will Be 0.0 out Salaries of People Who Should Go We Should Stop Certain Programs but They Won't Give Us Information.

They Stay up to Skate When They Come in the Congress Weeks Even Tell Lies When They Come to Congress, so There's No Oversight.

There Is No Legislative Oversight. If You Can't Have Legislative Oversight and That Bureaucracy in This Case, the FBI and Many Others Need to Be Eliminated and Then You Have To Have the Debate with You Going to Actually Reinstate Some Kind of Federal Investigative Unit to Deal with Security Issues Internal. What about Mitch Mitch McConnell. He Is a Set of Word Not a Word Well.

Immediately Donald Trump or Me. That's Just the Bottom Line Is Content with That.

You Know I Mean You Get to the Left Is Celebrating and Our Own People. If You Can Call Mitch McConnell Our Own People Are Silent and Won't Stand up.

That Is Just Appalling. I Just Am Even VP Mike Prince Came out and and Condemned This. Even Andrew Cuomo Committees He Is out There Saying the Justice Department Is to Get out Here and Explain What They Had Just Happened. That's Right, but If You've Been a Target of Injustice Didn't Feel like You Have like Cuomo Feels like He Has You. You Recognize This Is like He Hasn't Been Court Are Present from Benjamin Cooperating Respondent Is Giving Them Documents and Everything Else. But That's Not Enough to the to the New Left Is the New Left Is the Same As the Old Connie and That Showed Baby like Powers Are like Authority in the Going to Go for It against People Who Have Opinions That Are Different and This Is Make No Mistake, This Is Pure and Simple. A Political Ploy. Otherwise, You Write the Letter to the Attorneys and Say What We Understand and Maybe Some More Stuff We Turn That over to Her Spirit to Just Review Work out. We Want We Work This out. They Didn't Do That. They Didn't Do That Here. According to Reports Congressman Andy Biggs on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line.

We Understand about a Dozen or so Congressman Meeting with the President in New Jersey. Are You to Be Going to That Meeting, I Will Not Be at That Meeting. Now I'm out with Them and They Will Be at the Funeral Object Will Any Word on and What a Terrible Car Accident That Was Just an Incredible Lady and a Great Congresswoman Congressman Real Quick.

Do You Have Any Guidance on What They May Be Talking about That Gathering.

I Think They're Going to Be Talking about. Probably Some Internal Workings of the House Republican Conference, I Think That's Probably What's Going to Be the Focus.

There and I'm Sure Trump Can Advocate for You Know Oversight Greater Oversight When Republican Come to Our and Is Right, We Need to Have Greater Oversight Democrats. We've Had Three Committee Hearings Multiple Our Committee Hearing over Dan Snyder and the Washington Commanders When When the NFL's Artie Discipline Them against Letters, Not Even in the Loop Anymore, but That's What the Democrats Focus on Instead of Saying Let's Have Oversight of What's Going on. The Order with the FPR DOJ No Oversight from This. The Democrats Are Unbelievable, Congressman. We Appreciate Your Insight Today. Thanks, Thanks to Our Congressman Andy Biggs of the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. By the Late Sen. Tim Scott. I Want to Read You the Reaction from Sen. Tim Scott. This Is What Sen. Tim Scott, Who by the Way, Has Presidential Aspirations. He Says We Need to Let This Play out. That's What Sen. Tim Scott Says about the FBI's Raid of Mara Log and by the Way, Running Assistant Rises to Be Calling a Raid of the CNN MST, and C.

They Say We Have To Call It a a Judge Endorsed Search Were Not Allowed to Know. It's a Raid It's an Ambush but Anyway Tim Scott Says Well We Got up We Have Let This Play out and Compare. That's What Andrew Cuomo Said the DOJ Must Immediately Explain the Reason for Its Rain and I Must Be More Than a Search for Inconsequential Archives, or Will Be Viewed As a Political Tactic and Undermine Any Future Credible Investigation and Legitimacy of January 6 Investigation, Andrew Cuomo Sounds Sounds More like a Republican but Tim Scott Dots Unbelievable Are and How We Get Back to the Phones. Poor Louise, She's Been Holding on for Three Days Now without Food or Water Leak in Your You're a Brave Woman All Right Lonely Is It That Is Your God Grant What I Think You Want to Talk Okay I Greatly Did Not Enter My Day Great and I Think I Think I Think My Eating That Any Man. The Bottom of the Barrel.

I Don't Know What out and Do Because They Did the Plant and Grant Security Never Run Anything but What Angered Me at the Low Ron Adams Can and Hollowed out. They Can Be Investigated Because They Had Me Download I Got It Kind of Trial. I Found the Landing and Family Bank and Starve. That Is What I That They Had Been. Laura Went the Day a Year and I Get a Pro Rata Lamp without It Now We Can Get Now I Want That Tucker Carlson Mapping Only Present Lamp by Then I Will Not Vaccinate Any Entrapment. I Am Thousand Five, like Me, You, and Regular Painful I Want.

We Think Has Put in Bay and Why We Know the Light Was Rain and Nobody Will Indent One More Thing Kelly Ran. I Want to Get Rid of Alameda Legal Country and Draft and Make It like Playing Think Ranch Draft and Given Proper Icon Is That Anything I Got Me Going to Man and Not Read the Gang Everything Here and Wanting to Start Now. Anything That I Need to Get Them Back at McCormick and Not Doing Hearing What Happened in November. If They're Not Careful Away and That My Name and Indicate How I May Pay the Painful. I like Barack Obama and Now I'm Running Late in Their Writing and Grant One More Thing, Clicking Noise, We Gotta Take a Break Low and Get Going. Cherokee Country Needed a Ride Cannot Is A Lot Of Christian Thing Okay and A Lot I'm Not on My Constant Partner.

Yes We Do. Always You're a Great American Patriot.

I Agree with Everything You Said Maybe I'll Let Louise Osler so I like That. Thanks for Call Part, We Gotta Take a Break Here but before I Got I've Got until You Share This Information with the Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, First of All You Know They Thought All This Guys a Former Cop.

He's Got to Be Tough on Crime. This Guys Worsened the Bellagio and They Got Thousands of Police Officers Are Putting Retirement Papers, but That's Not What I Want to Talk about. So Eric Adams Is Furious Because Greg Abbott Is Sending All of These Illegals to New York City and I Think Greg Abbott Needs to Be Quadrupling the Number Just 24 Hours of Buses and a Loop Dropping Him off, Coming Back Filling up the Buses and Come Going Right Back to New York City and Eric Adams Is Enraged and That He Says That Something Has To Be Done. He Says That They They're Trying to Find Places to House All These People to Me Saying That That Is Horrific Will Guess What Pal Guess What, Mr. Mayor, That's What They Have To Deal with Every Single Day down the Border Every Single Day. But Here's What I Don't Get so Absent Was That He's Going to Start Sending New Yorkers down to Texas Okay Are the New Yorkers Illegal to Do the New Yorkers Know They're Actually Going to Texas on a House That Don't Work out, but Here's What I Don't Get about All That. I Don't Understand Why the People in New York and Washington DC Are so Upset That They've Got Thousands of Illegals That Are Being Dumped into the Neighborhoods and Here's the Reason Why Both of Those Cities, New York City and Washington DC Are Sanctuary Cities. They Want the Illegals to Come.

But Guess What Happens When the Illegal Show up. They Have a Change of Heart. Gotta Take a Break. This Is the Time Search Galaxies.

He Slept for All These New Taxes Might Not like Best Selfies of Facts Not in Capture Hands-Free Text from Multiple Angles for Training Sessions for His Followers Simply Wave My Hand to Start Recording Video Clip for Compact and Fit Perfectly in My Pocket Galaxies. He Flipped for Us and This the Life They Said about Disney. It's America's Left of the Happiest Place on Earth or Something like That. I'm Not a Big Fan and I Know That Makes Me a Horrible Human Being, but I Really Don't Care I Just Got up I Will Be the Dancing Furry Creatures.

I Did They Give Me the Heebie-Jeebies. I'm Just Saying I Have Questions about Your Childhood, but Continue Although I Just I Didn't like the Job I Was There I Give a Speech. A Couple Years Ago and I'm Trying to Have a Nice Quiet Breakfast Need All the Screaming Kids. And This File, Well Yes, but It's Also a Restaurant and Then You Got.

Then All Of A Sudden They Announce You of the Chippendale's Review.

I Felt like I Thought I Was like a Topless Bar That I Don't Always Go That It Was like a to One of One of the Gerbils Works Chipmunks Yeah You Rangers Anyway. Continue Now They Whose Which Ones so That Which Ones the Girl Is Dale There Supposed to Both the Boys Really Yeah I like Okay I Watched a Movie, Not That Long Ago That Had the Characters That They Were Both Voiced by Men's Anyway. Disney Has Canceled Grace Baker Disney Has Canceled a Speech so Every Year I Guess When They Open up Disney for the Season That Walters They Play a Speech. The Walt Disney Delivered Back in the Day.

Let's Take a Listen.

All This Happy Place. Welcome Disney Land Is Your Land. One Member Is Here. You May Savor the Challenge and Promise of the Future.

Disneyland Is Dedicated to the Ideals and Dreams in the Heart Have Created America Will Be a Source of Joy and Inspiration to All the World. So Anyway Apparently Got Triggered over Disney HQ and Are No Longer to Play That Speech They Say Why I Guarantee I Know Why Because It Is Talking about the Ideals That Made America Great.

You Can Have That by Jolly No Not Anymore, but I Think I May Have a New Mission Statement for the.Serve Radio Show to All Who Come to This Happy Radio Place Welcome Todd Stern's Radio Land Is Your Land like the Same Affect the Effort Me Know What It Is That We We Need We Need a Beautiful Symphonic Band behind Us to Serve You with with the Trumpets and the Violins of the Swelling Music and Will Work on It.

I Get Rights to Hot. I Think There Could Be Something There.

This Is I'm Going to Universal This Fall and Not Disney so Well There You Go Right up Folks Tomorrow Were All over the Story. It Is Far from over. As We Get the Very Latest on Whatever Happened Tomorrow Lago I Were to Be Checking with Some of Our Experts Will Be Taking Your Calls As Well so He Didn't Make It on the Air. They Give Us a Call Back Tomorrow. Todd That Is Our Website. Lots of Great Stories Free to Check out Their You Guys Have a Great Day Will See You Tomorrow.

You Galaxies.

He Flipped for All These New Taxes Might Not like Best Selfies of Facts Not in Capture Hands-Free Text from Multiple Angles Capture Training Sessions for His Followers Simply Wave My Hand to Start Recording Video Clip for Compact and Fit Perfectly in My Pocket Galaxies.

He Flipped for

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