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Deep State Declares War on Trump

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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August 11, 2022 3:47 pm

Deep State Declares War on Trump

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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August 11, 2022 3:47 pm

There is a target on every Trump supporter in the nation right now. They know they best way to shut down Trump 2024 is to shut you down.

Kara Zupkus, and Cheryl Chumley join the conversation!

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Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM no actual if we are putting commercial some months ago you got me G-man ladies and gentlemen, that was yesterday's high Jim, head of the Federal Bureau of investigation. Sure, we used to go get the bad guys, but I changed all that you take on a more meaningful role here in Washington. Now, thanks to the leadership of the eyes. We engaged in collective. I hate you. Great job struck and our apology center is now second to none is called those guys have to be on the ball 24 seven. Will somebody please get the stupid say something phone they*probably for the best.

Now where was I nevermind let let's take it from the top you see well I will walk back to the Todd surge radio program.

It's amazing what you are brand-new addition to the Todd surge radio team.

The great Paul Shanklin parodies are a marriages of the Rush Limbaugh show.

It's amazing what that what Paul can come up with wealth you got a laugh, folks.

You gotta have a little bit of humor these days.

Otherwise is going to drive you bonkers. By the way, Eric Tromp is now saying that they been able to. They been able to ascertain that the FBI agents were doing some pretty nefarious stop doing some inappropriate stuff that we can only imagine what that is because we do know that they were rummaging through Bolano trumps closets and they were rummaging through her close. We don't know what they were maybe trying on some of the pantyhose or the high heels. We don't know but we do know that they were they were in areas of Mara log that they were not authorized to be.

We also know at this point that they refused to actually show and allow Pres. trumps lawyers to actually observe the warrant. When we come back right corner place of audio from this interview that Eric trumped up with our friends over at Newsmax but it's really appalling now that we're starting to get this information from the front from insiders who were there and saw all of this going down at Mara log. By the way, can I just point this out. And maybe, just maybe, just maybe it's one of the things that we've never heard BFI FBI doing and just think about this for a moment.

Have we ever heard about the MPI staging arrayed at Hillary Clinton's house. I don't think I don't care how bad of a national security crisis, it is or what sort of top-secret documents. Hillary Clinton may have had. I don't even think the far left as deep state FBI agents would even try to rummage around in Hillary Clinton's drawers, I just say 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the we're all feeling the pain at the pump and at the grocery store to the market is plunging and Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, but even worst seniors are struggling to survive. It's not time to panic, but it is time to act my friends in a Mac the Association about your American citizens will help you save money on things like cell phone plans travel and restaurants but eMac does much more than offer senior discounts. Your membership will support their nonprofit eMac action which takes the challenges against our Constitution and the free market straight to Capitol Hill.

Joining is easy just go to a Mac .us/starts to start saving today. 2.3 million Americans have already joined a Mac and you should to aim at cares about you and America so save money and support conservative causes. Go to Amax .us/Starnes.

It's only $60 per year and great news. Anyone can join, go to a back.US/starts that's a Mac .us/guards are very good to have� This is the Todd Stern's radio show.

Hey look it's out the situation in Cincinnati.

The original headlines PI headquarters under attack shots fired and I'm it's it's unbelievable. So no, that's not exactly what happened. Some guy who was armed with a gun did try to break into the FBI building then God took police and state troopers on a car chase. That's when the gunfire was exchanged.

So anyway, will you know again will get you the information as it comes our way, but don't believe everything you read in the newspapers.

All right, let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868. Do you trust the FBI. Do you trust the federal government at this .844 747-8868 let's go to Melissa Jonesboro Arkansas listing to us on the great KW AM our flagship station hi Melissa what's on your mind. Well I learned yesterday that that I had written a letter to Martin Luther King anonymously, wanting him to commit suicide. Yes, that's actually that is actually a true story. Melissa yeah unbelievable yeah it's I mean it's pretty vile you know they were trying to destroy MLK and Hoover's so there's there's a fascinating back story better. LBJ who grew up in Texas was dirt poor taught school. One of the borders small school just a ramshackle place and LBJ really did have a heart for minorities and so when he you know when the heat assumed the office and took on JFK's platforms and policies.

There were many within the government and all of them are Democrats bye-bye all of them Democrats and they wanted to destroy MLK and LBJ said no were not going down that path because this is a guy was going to be able to help us and LBJ said who do you want leading the civil rights movement. Do you want Malcolm X or the one MLK yeah and so have any answers. MLK you want somebody who was nonviolent. So yes, it's insane and lack of information for facial recognition lighting that data that we you know this is what bothers me. I've got that activator myself, and I'm not sure how that happened. Melissa. But if I'm not wearing my glasses.

It won't recognize my face authorized that's Well anyway, thank you bullets formal as this is like yes I did a little care about your issues to. I don't blame you one bit was nobody's true grace. I got new glasses and now it won't recognize who I am.

I will understand that you now I feel as a girl wear makeup right sometimes that I make upon. Maybe it is worked out. It has trouble recognizing my faith and I'm like wow I feel little insulted by this. This is like this morning I got to if I was running late.

Just had one of the it was just a long night.

Got home, woke up late, jumped up and got into a fist fight with the razor as I was trying to shave this when somebody said who you need some concealer unlike no makeup where radio where men will do that not all radio it's okay, God.

So what you're saying is you lost to the razor I lost the razor. It's unfortunate, but you know it chicks dig scars. What can I say let's go to all.

It's been a while. Jerry, the liberal and Milwaukee Jerry what you been up to. Are your conservative yet not quite working on you were to go by the way Jerry, you know, I think the RNC is coming to town again if they do have to have you on the show. All right, Jerry. The liberal takes on Starnes. It will be like better than Hannity and Colmes: I like I like Dell and Colmes, which he was a good guy even though he is a liberal like you are Jerry would succumb to complain about. Okay okay I don't know exactly why you rated.

I don't know and I don't know where to run because I don't know what I'm trying to keep objective possible thing you know the "applied material out of the White House and no longer was able to access that would probably be reason but I mean there's a reason why Judge Warren and Ron even formal present art above the law that the rule of law. The rule of the country is more important than the rule of a person is when we say the rolloff trumpet did wrong and it morning a warrant at a rate though. That's what happened. Yeah but I don't think that's what happened here. Jerry and and I think we can both agree that this is an unprecedented moment. Even that even the New York Times well yeah but you know he's never been actually charged with a crime. But what we do know about truck is that all of these allegations turned out to be trumped up by his political opponents and that so so here we are, and I'm with you I agree, no president is above the law and the FBI. If they need to get documents, there's a way to do that but I don't think that's what this was all about. And even there some report there's reporting out late last night that even the Justice Department was not aware of the extent of what the FBI was doing. I I doubt I sincerely doubt that I'm sure they were aware but now people are realizing holy crap. The optics here are off the chains horrible and you know that because even Democrats are saying. Oh, this is not going the way we thought it was going to go in the public purse. But in the public sphere what what I would think would hope people try to keep an open mind, don't come to a conclusion before they know and maybe maybe warranted. Maybe you know I don't know I you know I like it quite clear.

I will trump but again I try to be objective when it comes to him that I don't want to take you guilty when I don't know the fact that when they don't all so far and I know how many investigations are then but I would say he's probably what 20 and no, he's won every single I mean the guys you know it is not that he's Teflon is just that. It turns out that everything was fake, so everything so far. It is made with Western know that you trumped hour, and they may have. But there was nothing criminal about that. There was nothing illegal about a criminal baby nothing criminal but it did me meeting the truck boys are earning you know multimillion dollar paychecks from Ukrainian dance company so so there's that Jerry hearing tied around my friend is good hearing from you where to convert him before it's all said and done, what do we have had like a hallelujah chorus players are at 844-747-8868 only some audio this is Eric Trop on Newsmax. This does not happen without presidential consent. You know the White House new Mark my words there out there today saying that knowing the White House new this was 100%. Mark my words directed by the White House.

This is a political hit my father. They know Biden is floundering the polls.

He's doing absolutely horrible. So what do they do they put on a stunt like this and you I want everybody to remember God forbid.

I hate having to say this, but if there's ever another terrorist attack in this country. If there's ever another school shooting in this country. The next time you see a serial killer in this country. I want everybody to remember that the FBI spent all the resources going tomorrow I go to look for effectively records for a public library, rather than being focused on China is ripping off America every single day, rather than being focused on the threats that plagued this country terrorism that was coming here Al Qaeda. By the way that raid nine hours nine hours they were rummaging around in a bar Lago Eric Trop now says and this is coming from the attorneys. The trump attorneys. They said they were shown the warrant from a distance, but they were told that they were not allowed to observe anything they had to leave the building and here's the most important part of this folks, and this is why we know something else was going on a far larger they told the bar Lago staff to turn off all of the security cameras so they didn't want they didn't want anybody seeing what they were up to. Inside the president's home again a predawn guns drawn raid on bar Lago on the home of a former United States president who has never been charged with a crime. They have tried they have investigated, but they keep coming up with a very important thing that just like all the news coverage, the crimes alleged are fake as well.

All right.

Let's go to Cordova, Tennessee bill listing to us on KW AMR flagship station. What say you, thanks for having me on all actually got good morning worry about with all of this great number Lago more Lago go through them at another location. You have to be concerned about what they could plant inside the box to make your evidence plant motorboat evidence. The other thing that concerns me is with all the cameras and everything. I think there is a medicament that placed microphones and cameras that they might've put in there. What they did and I think they really are read underhanded on think it solidified from 2024. To be honest with base brought in donation part so Bill you so you you suspect that the FBI was actually planning listening devices and other things inside bar Lago exactly. I think that they planted something inside the boxes when they review them there will be evidence found in the trunk was smart.

It would've probably made a number� Everyone. Yahweh brought a man and I think you probably did well and Eric Thompson. The safe was empty. They crack they brought in a safe cracker and the safe was that there was nothing in there. So the question now is what were they looking for our understanding from our sources over trump HQ is that a lot of the stuff that was confiscated has nothing to do with anything other than the fact they what got cocktail napkins, a dinner menu and they were rummaging around in Malaga trumps a dressing room, which was a little creepy and perverted but we'll see what that's all you.

I wonder if the I wonder if the surveillance video was going to capture some of the FBI guys you know may be tried on the close and you do want to tell her to know what they did here with anything it's sleazy and and I gotta tell you, Bill, and we had the caller from Jonesboro, Arkansas, and she brought up a great historical point. Remember what they did to MLK where they tried to convince him to commit suicide.

We were talking about.

I don't think that attitude I don't think that sort of atmospheres change the PI headquarters. I don't trust anything. I know Bill appreciate the call 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number. May I tell you about our friends over at patriot mobile I love these guys, mobilizing freedom, America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier. The best thing about patriot mobile. They have incredible service and that's what we really care about. But beyond that patriot mobile is actually supporting organizations that are fighting for our freedoms pro-life groups economic groups and I want to encourage you to check out the great plans they have over patriot That's patriot give them a call 972 patriot. That's 972 patriot use my promo code when you check out Todd there to give you free premier activation there to give you a special discount to get this if you're a veteran or first responder by golly, they're going to give you an even bigger discount. That's patriot, my pillow is having their biggest sheet sale of the year you all of help build my pillow into an amazing company that it is today.

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I want to get on the air.

Leave a message know you do not you could if you support us or disagree with me, all you have to do is go to K Wam that's K Wam and download the free app and you will be able to will be able to give us a shout out like many folks are already doing across the nation. All right, let's go to the phones here, Bill Statesville, North Carolina WS ICR great affiliate there hi Bill, what's on your mind. I can't let go back to the top of the hour you were talking about minister saying that a bunch of baloney. Our Constitution is a covenant between the people in the government federalism that, in the concept that HD STD which is mutual accountability and responsibility.

Christian needs to support that covenant and the only we can support the covenant if you get out there and vote in God-fearing people into office. Study the writings of Dr. Caleb Fisher by the APRN Liberty University ministers need to get back and get the book educated on this process though. I just think it's incredibly dangerous for the country because you've got churches that have been neutralized and they're more concerned and I I know this is gonna rankle some folks.

And while some folks up there more concerned with their worship bands than they are with the word of God. That's all there is a name that I can worry when I walk I don't reckon just screen up there, mom on the phone only people getting out of it. Yeah I hear you, and quite frankly it's, you know, I mean some of these dogs you know and I and I want to get off on a tangent here, but it's like going to a bar with a bad cover band. But if you're but at the job description is you gotta have you know a 5 o'clock shadow and and wear skinny jeans available to play guitar all right. I'm not too sure that's going to move the spiritual leader needle, but that's just me that's the view from the pew of Bill appreciate the call. Let's go to Adam in Statesville, North Carolina WS IC hey Adam what's up great. Thank you. Here.

Over over the Marshall level I because they have jurisdiction to Adam.

That's a good question, and that we were doing some research on that we don't have an answer for you right now the only until we've got is that the FBI didn't alert the Secret Service in advance to let them know they were there on the way over and make sure they were doing their job underwear drawer.

It's a family point water crossing will hear everyone in the world may work in between separate all that was not behind that was FBI agent that was that.

Have the I know exactly the image you're talking about. That was an FBI guy right there got around here were running late for the news but appreciate the call and really get to the bottom of it. There's still a lot we don't know about the how it all went down and how it all transpired were to get to that were to find out for you. Is it time for the FBI to be dismantled, dismantled, defined start all over again 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 our website. Todd start� Check that out closely right back. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the blighted ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd start and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your goals it's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time, like you see precious metal as the company I investing in gold. They can help you roll your retirement account wake Goldbach IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metals safely and securely to your house. You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox call legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit them online legacy PM legacy PM universities to see will not need to be cleaned out pretending were some sort of Banana Republic. This is exactly why we conservatives are opposed to 7000 new IRS agents people and the Democrats want to hire right after spending $700,000 on any mission for the IRS. It was time today your next if we don't take a stand. Remember, this is about power today with a complete show of force. This is about the desire of the deep state had total control and president Trent is standing right in their way. They spied on Trent. They lied about Trent. I'm calling for a select committee into this political rate of Trent preserve your document and clear your calendars, Democrats, these letters continuously create new distractions from their failed policies that Americans are paying the price for tonight. I'm praying for you and praying for president, Trent and the Trent family and I am still getting ready for the majority, I will make sure these tyrants pay the price. You have my word you you go Warren Bogart while a Congresswoman alarm over there from Colorado ahead of everybody. Welcome to the concert radio program power to of broadcast excellence underway, you cannot. May I just make an observation, a general observation, and this is the opinion of Todd start and switch matters on this radio program.

It's my observation that not only are conservative women drop dead gorgeous but also they can kick your butt. I mean, we've got some pistol packing mamas on the conservative side of the table. I don't know why I don't know what it is but by and large wind.

When you let let's just say I don't need to paint with a broad brush her but when you look at like you know the liberal dowels the Mexican Manchu wearing crowd the unshaven leg tears of the feminist out there and then when you look at the beautiful drop dead gorgeous conservative intellectual weapon.

It sort of like you looking at idle mode the bar scene of Star Wars. I just say it's my observation 844-747-8868 that's her telephone number. That's 844-747-8868 bad news for all you people on twitter, twitter, is announcing, and this just came out of about an hour or so ago.

Twitter says that they're going to be implementing their 2022 midterm election.

This information procedures which basically is a lot a hullabaloo and way too many words to say were about to start targeting all of you conservative people. Twitter says working to take action against misleading claims about the voting process.

Misleading content intended to intimidate or dissuade people from participating in the election or misleading claims that may undermine public confidence in elections outcomes are locked. We do gather weed to parlor in Gab we got the Facebook and result in a post to Twitter but you can find us all those other platforms, but most importantly, we just want you to come and hang out with, your Rush Limbaugh, the late great Al Roscoe used to say, hey folks, you got.

You cannot build a business.

You cannot build a brand on social media. He says why would you spend money to build your your brand, build your company on a platform that you have no control over, and it's a great point. I mean, yes, Rush had the platforms but he wanted everybody to go to the Rush Limbaugh page. I would everybody go to the Todd start page because guess what, nobody gets censored over there if you're liberal you want to have your say we got the message boards.

We got all sorts of places. Rita commented way ahead on what's happening. So there you go. Twitter is basically announcing their start cracking down on all of you conservatives, we have an interesting story over at campus reform and the folks at campus reform do a great job of keeping tabs on all the crazy stuff going down on university and college campuses. So anyway there is a college out there.

But don't worry college Grace Baker you are you are a recent college grad. What about eight years ago now a like two years ago. Thank you Ari two years ago. So did you have a job like at the college while you're working or did you work off campus. I worked off campus. There were like, you know, dorm, people who worked in the door, more like students. A lot of times got you so so you there was an opportunity to go to get a job campus. If you wanted 10 yeah they are in the library are in the Starbucks yet everywhere. Are you sure about. I mean, to my knowledge, because the reason I asked this question is your a white woman yes and I don't mean to trigger anyone but you know what is right is anyway your white woman and that's a problem if you're wanting a job at Montgomery College in Maryland so campus reform the author of this great peace Sterling Mosley writing that the University was looking to hire two faculty interns. Again, this is a community college in Maryland and there was a requirement that the interns be minorities have a little weird. Yours truly Todd start just proud to be a hockey person of the Caucasian persuasion, a saltine American, if you will. We like to save the cracker seaward my apologies.

We able to dump that we did okay.

She's so the seaward your eyes.

I know I do find my chair saltine American. So anyway campus reform got a hold of this and their light weight weight. What your only heart note, nonwhite gift. If you're not a white person you are not allowed to apply for the job. Sows like you showing the you've got a nice Brooks Brothers suit and tie, walked in there in your hair is combed dead smell nine just smell good old spice you got the shoes polished all men were triggering people all over the place right now you walk in there and you've got your resume and you're on time for the interleaving, which is very racist you know you walk in there on time and you handle your resume and they leave a bother look at it. That said, sorry your whites.

So my recommendation if you want about gum or college is book doubletime down at the tanning salon yeah maybe you could pull off the ghetto.

Well I biracial life is like to work at the tanning salon instead. But somebody self identified ago they pulled a Rachel don't know. I have no, so anyway so now they pulled this and I'm glad they did. But the reality is they're probably just telling people all right were sold and only hard minorities just don't tell anybody where will you realize the value somewhere in the middle of Appalachia will know you find out side of the room. Is this version.

Don't you notice something about the officer know I wind five special privileges.

My license you should use your will, late on a Friday night. Did I tell you I was white when you realize you think you are great parodied the one the only policy now a member of the Todd Stern's radio show team that we've got a great crew around here. Grace will like to expand maybe build another we yeah of the bunker, the West Wing lie like that the Oval Office made a right wing. The right wing I like it I like having out are the story from North Carolina ladies and gentlemen, swaying a high school that's Bryson city, North Carolina. They got a brand-new football coach, a guy by the name of Sherman Holt. He's a good Christian man.

Coach Holtz is wrinkling atheist from Wisconsin turns out somebody found out that the coach was taking the kids to the Fellowship of Christian athletes can, and they found out that the coach hired a chaplain, a volunteer chaplain for the high school football team there at Swain high school and the atheist are enraged so they sent somebody down from atheist HQ which is over Milwaukee so they send the atheist down and there, lurking in the shadows of the high school football stadium and there taking pictures of the players praying on the field with the coaches during practice and they took photographs of the players, some of the players being baptized in a trough that was hauled out onto the football field and the atheist are saying this is no. I know it is creepy right even for even for atheist, you know, even for the godless even crowd and that's a little creepy, so there taking all these photographs. There does lurking in the shadows and other demanding that the coach be fired.

They say the coach broke federal law by telling his players about Jesus Christ. The coach also accused of taking the players to a local church for a meal followed by a sermon, I want to stop right here and I don't care if you're godless, even atheist when you start going after the church ladies in the fellowship meal, you better watch yourself that's dangerous territory.

You don't you don't want to be messing with the women's missionary Union down at the first Baptist Church in Bryson city, North Carolina sows good church those good church ladies will come after you with the cast-iron skillet I'm to say will have a come to Jesus meeting anyway. Coach Holtz is facing a the wrath of these atheist, the school board has not commented on this. I have not waited but here's the problem. Now the problem is, the Supreme Court just roll all of this stuff right we just had coach Joe Kennedy from Bremerton Washington and coach Joe one his day in court. He's the coach that took Anita pray and got fired in the Supreme Court. The trunk Supreme Court said, hey, wait a second. You can't fire that coach. It's his. It's his constitutional right to pray while the atheist you gotta give them credit their finagling, disease, atheist, they say yes, that's true, but the coach and the coach, Joe Kennedy case was offering a silent prayer, the coach and Bryson city was offering a verbal prayer and so now they're alleging that the verbal prayers� Making the verbal prayers of a Christian coach are unconstitutional. That's what they're alleging and they're threatening a lawsuit.

I'm telling you these atheist they are ruthless and they will not be stopped. According to the freedom from religion foundation coach Holt should be reprimanded and if he is not willing to immediately cease infusing the football program with religion. He should be terminated. So they basically want the coach to be persecuted for his religious beliefs is whether Singh just seems to me that that football got in the great archer to go hand-in-hand.

I my great uncle Chico Starnes from Travelers rest, South Carolina.

He was the head football coach at Travelers rest high school first idle 40 years. The devil dogs. That's what they called any atheist dared to show up at his football field. He would've dragged him off the field by their hair. I just don't but uncle Chico was old school like folks you got a problem with this. The other problem with the coach telling the kids about our Lord, you have a problem with that. The church is feeding the football players that this is this is a regular part of our growing up in the South, but I'm wondering you know, in today's modern world where the churches have been neutralized and the coaches have been told to keep her mouth shut.

You had a problem with this 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 this is the Todd search all right hello people walking back to the Kaiser's radio so they some finally some good news coming out of Fox news channel word is that Shannon Breen, one of my best friends has been named as a replacement for Chris Wallace are by the way, Chris Wallace. You might remember it has gone over to the dark side CN in the most profane day M�ni�re's road network. Thanks, Judge Joe Brown. He's always yellow judges is hanging around the so but does Shanna bream is she is a good friend and she is a she understands the Fox the Fox message of of old. Of olden days fair and balanced so this is great news and I'm so excited for Shannon of this is a well deserved promotion over over at Fox Fox news channel and I say good for her, and by the way, good for a Suzanne Scott who was I heading up Fox news. I think that's just been a wonderful wonderful choice. 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 some sad news from Memphis, Tennessee with there was a horrible accident last night with the Memphis fire department and we want to send out our thoughts and prayers to the Memphis fire department, the Midsouth Bluff city's bravest a one firefighter was killed of three others were critically injured in the carcass are on the way to will fire the weather here's been terrible rain coming down and there was a collision and the one of the one of the firefighters. What 30 years on the job. I believe lost his life, so you never want that to happen in the system.

It is just a terrible thing to get back this briefly before we go to break Young America's foundation. By the way coming up that we got some breaking news a lawsuit has been filed, but you do understand what this country is about to become.

If we do not get the FBI and the IRS and all these other government agencies under control. You do understand that there to be coming after you there to be coming after our church houses there to be coming up to our conservative organizations. You do understand what what's about to happen here, and that's why.

And that's why the midterms are so important. Yesterday Mitch McConnell came out and Mitch McConnell. He does not account votes. You gotta give them credit for that which McConnell is now telling Republicans quietly not to get terribly excited about the midterm elections he's warning that there may not be enough votes for the Republicans to retake the Senate and I believe him and the reason I say that as we just came out of a race here in Memphis where the Republicans got their butts handed to them. So unless the Republicans get motivated and get out to votes we could be and in dire straits of this country 2022.

The midterms this is going to be the election of the century are gotta take a break 844-747-8868 this is the top search radios like that regard and implode. Maybe I will get back everybody. I'll explain what that was about it. Just a moment paying side of your own.

If you are on the whole really get your calls. Let's go go to the patriot bubble newsmaker lobby. Gotta important story to share with you out in California.

I believe this is Clovis community college where there cracking down on conservative college kids and you know this program. Nothing gets us going like these attacks on conservative college kids on their campuses we have with us Kara's Optus from the Young America's foundation. Tara good to have you with this what's going on at Clovis very important story community college Ring. There will be the administrator of the college for them for having comparative mallet that kind of bring back at school are new. That hung around can't that running anti-Communist than 90 Bell Memorial line plot incoming country and look at them and complain paying the rent and on any flash for a dramatic situation where the chapter wanted to hang up the light flyers around the time of the God end up back in Brockport in court. I will refuse to prove that and then told them that they can hang the fire on all three beach kiosk what you think in the middle of nowhere and can't that not very well traveled and really run down area working here. Not everything in their being treated like any network link you are administrator because we will not be tolerating behavior good for you guys and I think that's exactly what needs to happen taken the court let the alumni let the donors know what's going on and maybe hit them where it hurts the most, which is the pocketbook the care I just find it very interesting that anybody would be offended by my posters that were pointing out that the dangers of communism in this country. That really cool at becoming an authority not allowing what was revealed actually a public record done by an American foundation showed that administrator" story one and then he would quote gladly fired after people complained about other people administrator and think changing the policy revising it and not allow the weird lately and terminating again. Even behind the door to get it and not be able to get expectantly betray which you can get a card can't that actually the cornerstone of higher education in the open exchange of care. You might remember a couple of years ago. I believe it was always a Miley Anapolis he was doing the big protest at their Berkeley which is the cradle of the free speech movement on college and university campuses, and those kids almost burned down the college that the University over there is just insane what you guys are having to go through it. Other conservative kids are having to go through these university campuses track holding accountable in like it correctly like or not we are competent under in a long time looking at very many months now, and finally under question and excited to see what response will be weeping.

Well good for you guys and Cara, I'm curious school just getting started. You guys are launching high school chapters middle school chapters what sort of response. Are you guys getting from young people based on what's been happening in the country right now any kind of a groundswell of new members actually become a lot realization that the government actually the horrible idea lockdown lack working an increasing number then TB bring me panic at work all across the country and all that really be making sure that there it can be hard on me.

Good for you are a Cara keep us updated on on the story and that we appreciate the great work that all you guys are doing over it yet. I Kara's up. Does not America's foundation, the oldest of the conservative organizations that are working with young people founded by William F. Buckley and the great irony here is what was old is new again. Buckley actually created Young America's foundation and they signed this incredible declaration.

This document called the Sharon statement, which sort of lined out your outlines all of their beliefs and the principles and was about fighting communism going all the way back to that with the late 1950s, early 60s, it was all about fighting communism, and atheism, and here we are years later, and what are we doing were fighting communism, and atheism, among other things are at 844-747-8868 that's our phone number. Let's go to Georgia James alive once to weigh in on this FBI chaos hey James what's on your mind really enjoyed thinking I was working in the shop to import it with your show will host we're talking about the raid and held a conservative as well as the Crump people were going over their weapons in order to rise up against the benefit we talk about them. Course we have to be prepared to fight back and keep control of our democracy as they described and the first thing to come in the moment with any any kind which weapons was grown by could clear up national emergency and then suspend the Constitution and was my fault but come to think they would look really got that letter that in order to suspend the Constitution. James again, it's not the first time that the FBI and the feds have tried to stage something which is what I would be concerned about is that they would they would try and facilitate some sort of an incident that was funded sponsored orchestrated by these federal agents. And again I don't I'm going back to the caller. The first hour of the show. James, who talked about Martin Luther King Jr. and the FBI trying to get him to commit suicide by fabricating a lot of this this evidence against him yeah they been doing it for decades. So I don't put it. I don't put it past him one bit. James all right appreciate the call.

Sorry had to listen to national public welfare radio.

Nobody deserves that, by the way pole 83% of Republican voters say the FBI raid on Mara Lago has increased their desire to get out and vote in November is that you are you one of those people. This is the Trafalgar group and the convention of states just over 70% of Americans said the FBI raid on the president's home increases their motivation to vote in the 2022 midterms, 52, or rather 55% of Democrats say it increases their motivation to vote in the fall. According to Mark Meckler of the convention of states independent and Republican voters are united in their outrage about this unprecedented and tragic event. It's clear to voters.

The FBI is designed to punish the primary political enemy of the regime in power, by the way, 71.7% of independents and that's a key number here say that that and it increases their motivation to vote in 2022. What about you doesn't motivate you, 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 a bizarre story from Memphis, Tennessee. There's something weird in the water in Memphis these days normally is the Florida guys right Florida man yeah normally here's the headline PETA PETA alleges courses at a Memphis racetrack were injected with cocaine grace.

This is a shocking PETA. That's the people eating tasty animals grout.

They sent a letter to the Shelby County Sheriff's office and they want an investigation not only not only are the horses shooting up with cocaine, but apparently their gambling and taking other drugs. Wait, wait a second is that the people are the horses.

I'm confused. I don't analyze it so gambling as got hard to provide Dionysus told the it's kind of our the dicey date and amount of spit it out. That's very difficult so anyway, according to the report of your the.okay, so humans are engaged in the illegal gambling and drug usage and the horse doping and it take that they say is taking place at a Fraser racetrack at stair so the letter claims that one horse died of a heart attack in a race at least two more horses have died since 2020 there saying that the this is part of an investigator's investigation into the Rancho Elson to narrow, which is a large black market track so I made that you know if if the horses go on about you hundred 40 miles an hour there's probably a pretty good indication that you know something's off exactly hello I am Mr. is okay. You see, you see what happened to take God out of the public marketplace and the horses are gambling about doing crack cocaine boarding about what you've done. America are we gotta jailbreak your 844-747-8868. That's 844-747-8868 this is the dog's words. Heart hello everybody. Welcome back to the touch.

Surge radio so so glad to have you with us today. Old is refused, this is what we we love we love when we trigger the drive-by media, and they get they would hear lately. They begin really triggered by what we've been saying because I just we just share the truth on this on this radio program.

We give you the information you can what you do with that information is up to you but anyway Newsweek coming out and this is the big headline is a big story for them.

FBI will storm stage arrest trump on live TV, radio host predicts how it's true. I predicted it.

I certainly did. And the reason why I'm glad they're putting the stuff out there is because hopefully just hopefully the FBI will see that in say, how did Stearns know that. What is the Starnes had the FBI headquarters like bond what's going on here will maybe just maybe it will give them pause to actually follow through with this nonsense. That's what I'm that's what I'm really wondering about but anyway, it's true, I do believe that and I believe there is a big possibility and a danger that these rogue FBI agents are going to come after trump at one of these live events and try to stage some sort of initial look you just think about this.

You have a save America rally was 60,000 red-blooded American patriots and they see the FBI storming the states to take down the president, you better believe there to fight back. No doubt about that. So it's probably not to be a save America rally. This can happen, but the president is going to be somewhere and you watch they will either arrest him in public or they'll wait till like the early morning hours hauling him out of bed in his pajamas, and you better believe that CNN, the New York Times, MSDN C. They will, of all been alerted and they'll be there watching all of it go down. These people are dirty their evil and they need to be. They need to be dismantled and defunded but Steve Ducey over at Fox News and I by the way I thought Fox and friends was safe from the liberal rocks that has infected Fox News Channel and I thought Fox and friends was safe. Clearly I was mistaken.

There number of people online and elsewhere who are demonizing it. The FBI and some Republicans call gospel or a Republican in your from Gaza.

We met you I we must save America, I say with Donald Trump Marjorie Taylor Greene says defend the FBI. I'm just curious whatever happened to the Republican Party backing the blue and in particular the 35 members of border enforcement, federal law enforcement at the FBI were were very strong supporters of law enforcement and it concerns everybody. If you see some agents go rogue and if you see an agency that doesn't have the right checks and balances at the top.

This is positive. They were following a search warrant. We want to find out we want to find that out and that's what were asking these questions because there report yesterday that Mayor Garland said he didn't even know about this rate, I don't know if anybody believes that but he should be asked under oath if he knew about the rate prior to it happening here is an answer that question wisely held a press conference will provide by and talk about the state arrest at his desk that is deafening right now. That's a as a relay to Scott Perry having his phone taken away by FBI agents who came to thousands and just give it to me all will we were just took his phone bites of the thing UFOs are all things that are concerning whether they want to at 87,000 more IRS agents at the same time that the webinars and other see why wait a week or so until we know more about the search warrant, then you don't immediately know rush to judgment and sink be either crazy or asking questions right now that no one's answering were not here in the FBI answering these questions will not hear justice sure that hearing the White House answer these questions so Lord Fox and friends are working on talking points and more loving. There a couple of them on that couch unless it's right there in front of the Teleprompter. They don't have a thought in their brain and it's really sad. It's really sad.

But the reality here, Mr. Ducey, and maybe I if I could just help him shed a little bit of light on this. The issue is the rogue FBI, the department is rotted. It's rotten to the core and that FBI is designed to take out political enemies.

That's why it has to be defunded in this mantle is not an attack on every FBI agent is not an attack on every law enforcement officer.

This is an attack. This is an attack on those who would use our federal agencies as weapons to take out their political enemies. And if Steve Ducey can't see the difference in that, then there's really no hope for Fox News Channel, but I'm really disappointed. I thought I really thought Fox and friends was was isolated from the leftist ripened and infected much of the rest of the network clearly and sadly I was mistaken and and that's unfortunate, but this is not an attack on law enforcement.

This is an attack on the bad apples, but unfortunately there are a lot of bad apples and all the more in leadership in the FBI right now. One of the worst decisions. President truck made putting Christopher Ray in charge of the FBI. He's got a go. Mayor Garland Atty. Gen. got a go and will see what happens if the Republicans were able to retake the house of the Senate will see if will be able to write some of these wrongs are somebody's good answer for this.

This has nothing to do with law and order. This has everything to do with political payback. That's what that's all about our we gotta take a break your 844-747-8868 your calls coming up next. That's 844-747-8868 this is the thought is universities do you see at the bottom of the hour, so we will keep you updated working to try to carry that live for you, but that be Atty. Gen. will be making some sort of a statement we have no idea what is going to say so at this point it's all just speculation but we do know that the the Justice Department and the FBI is under fierce fierce fierce protest over how they handled the raid the predawn guns drawn raid on bar log. Even Andrew Cuomo was riled up over that that's saying a lot. So will carry that live at the bottom of the hour you want to stick around and and will will broadcast whatever he says to you, I will go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line right now. I honor to have with us. The Washington times opinion editors.

She's got an incredible best-selling book called lock down the socialist plan to take away your freedom. Cheryl Chumley joins us now Cheryl hope you're doing well find it great to be with you. Thanks for having me. So a bit of trauma here today as we wait for whatever the Atty. Gen. is going to say yeah and you know it's about time because I think that he come up with some sort of explanation that will try not yet the Republican proton faction, but also many in the mainstream media that normally do not support anything that defendants trying to asking questions about that yet to come up with good talking point they can count you name dream America what exactly went on yet it's is not a good day when you've got the young Turks and Andrew Cuomo coming after you, along with the Republicans on me.

That tells me that got big problems and honestly any American out there he'll hearing the fact that the FBI went into Donald Trump's personal right step back and take a look at the constitutional ramifications that that I mean I don't even see how it it or John with the fourth amendment will you have to name particularly typically what you are searching. What person in place is the object you are searching and what you will remove from that from that place that was searched and we are still waiting on those questions to be answered, and I understand it when an investigation is ongoing.

There's a certain amount of information that can be quick to tell you but into the home of the former president of the United States.

The very former president you may in fact be running against Pres. in charge of the players and actors busted into the home and not to mention that Cheryl, but let's just let's just say for the sake of the argument okay they got the dirt on the president. But the problem is the way they conducted this rate, it taints everything they ordered the security cameras turned off. They refuse to let the attorneys be present. They show them the search warrant at for my understanding. According to Eric Trump standing 10 feet away, so there's no way any of this could could possibly stand up in a court of law. Yet the other problem right now. If you're a member of the FBI came search right in the last couple days. You have to wonder why you would not allow somebody with watchdog height. I on on what you're searching for to be present because for 3+ years gained height can't I trump action when after Donald Trump crying Russia collusion Russia collusion Russia collusion and Trump named Dave it was a big quick time getting it.

Nothing. Now you happy think they are going after the private by the rifling through Mullaney own clothes in her closet for some strange Audrey and were supposed to fall on the side of deleting whatever they could produce from this search is truthful and honest. You have to have red flags about whatever documents or information comes forward to be questioning yourself is that the planter wasn't really there within 20 seconds of getting word of this.

The first question I had is what they plant. Again, that's it. And that's a concern. You have to have with the FBI and this predates. This predates Donald Trump and I made it even predates MLK when they tried to get him to commit suicide. Remember those letters of the tapes, Ron Paul back in the 1980s was talking about how the FBI was actually created to really go after political enemies of the president in America who think that American government would never do anything untoward toward and not have good I show that they were justified in doing it.searching felt what those are the Americans that don't know truthful American history because our history is filled with government overreach and government doing things that are unconstitutional, and really you only have to go that far is just yesterday or last week or last year with all the creed with all the pandemic justified clamp down on liberty features of individual right to show that the government is quite willing to exercise its powers in unconstitutional manners when it fell want Cheryl Chumley by the way folks from the Washington times.

She is the opinion editor on the patriot mobile newsmaker line. Cheryl, you got a story up trump supporters signal trouble for deep state.

Do you really think this is going to be this is going to be the line to be the crossing the Rubicon, I do. I really do. I think American work that up with the Russia collusion only conservative American, and I think American of all walks of all political blocks were getting weary of the coronavirus clamp down in the randomly for Diane, and so forth. And then I think a lot in the Democrat party independent even a moderate Democrat party were getting fed up with inflation in the empty grocery store shelf and the inability to find baby formula and the doubling of gas to fill your gas tank all bubbling and grooming beneath the circuit.

And now, widely reported rate that we still have?

Hovering in the air about and I think it could be a final strike not yet for already ordered America who are fed up with what the Democrats have produced in the last year and five I'm I'm with you Cheryl and were hearing it from our listeners all over the country people are just fed up and they're ready to take their country back there very concerned they didn't know about the extent of the wrought, the deep state in Washington DC and thank God for present Trump because I know you set a target on his back for a number of years now, but he's exposing what needs to be exposed and rooted out think any American right now should be praying for the Trump family because my goodness think about what he did with Goodwell Pres. and now what do you know the family together are still having a fight and for having the leg on which you fight. Well said, are you Cheryl great piece we got a link to it on a live show blog folks I gotta check that out Cheryl Chumley Washington times opinion editor always good having on the show. Cheryl think you have a great day.

Are you do as well. By the way, gotta get her book to lock down the socialist plan to take away your freedom.

It's all tied in together people. It's all tied in together are easily give you an update on what's happening. I just got word from from team Trump were going to have the president's attorney, Christina Bob is going to be on the show. She's going to come on after we hear from Marek Garland, who is scheduled to speak at the bottom of the hour.

So a lot of moving parts here on the show so just hang with us on this is high drama coming out of Washington DC as we wait and see what Garland and the Justice Department are up to write. You want real quick.

Let's go to the phone. Here Arnie's oven.

Hold on for a while. George W do you enter great station there hi Arnie, what's on your mind.

I think that the radon Trump from phone. I really like that. Deftly it was wooden not have been done without the blessing of everybody all way up to the top of me. No middle aged, I don't think Chris Ray would've done that all okay so when garlic. Why did you think about it. If either a line or be completely lost control of the date about going rogue anyway way he and the director should be fired should be there so many different ways of doing what they want to do this with anybody from work point go ahead Arnie, you were talking about what would happen if they wanted rally and they came out and public spectacle of resting that rally that probably the word following the punch bowl, but quite cover what could possibly happen in, I wonder if that might be something done instigate everything that put up another level or body good to declare martial law.

Everything's gone crazy when they are ready to say no I don't either. Artie and again I keep going back to January 6. We do not know the extent of the FBI's involvement in what happened that day. Going back to the fact that we still don't know who planted the bombs, the alleged bombs outside the RNC and DNC headquarters. Even though there were plenty of video camera surveillance cameras around.

They refused to tell us we've seen the photographs we've seen the video and they will not tell us, and we know we need to be asking these questions because these are the same individuals who were caught. The FBI was caught by the federal judge in the Gretchen Witmer kidnapping plot which turned out to be a fabrication. A complete fabrication of the FBI so there to your point Arnie. I wouldn't put it past him and that's a big concern that you cannot trust your government agencies a big concern. Go back and look up Ruby Ridge all the way in the 90s under Bill Clinton or what happened in Waco with Asian Arena correct you Marriott government will there are no get what it wants from the people. There are no limits to what they will do very scary situation right now. What they did just know today what next, Arnie, God bless God bless you Arnie and Arnie's making a lot of sense. Folks a lot of sense, folks, I gotta tell you about life change T life changed is an amazing, gentle, gentle natural cleanse. I drink some every single day comes in three delicious flavors natural peppermint and pomegranate.

I drink at 12 Herbst delicious life change. See, it's been around since 2007 meeting right here in the good old US of a all you need to do is check it out go to get the that's get the use my discount code Todd 10.check this out there to give you a great special big summer sale buy three get one free.

Then there to give you $10 off then there gonna throw in free shipping. And that's a pretty darn good deal get the that's get the discount code Todd 10 is one major difference. Everybody you know doesn't look at when they talk about Democrats and Republicans you know everybody maybe targeted the country, all the Republicans but when the Democrats come out for election to come out and vote for the candidate is Republicans are different. Republicans say will I'm not going to vote for that candidate because I don't like him and that's what the Democrats are in office right now all will will is the deep sea and easier to all right there you go. A couple of our great listeners sending us shout outs and you can do that over on our exclusive app which is run by our friends of our flagship radio station K WAN go to K-1 and and you can download the app and you can send us a shout out art.

We are waiting for the Atty. Gen. to come out and deliver a statement then after that were to be checking with Pres. Trump's personal attorney who is going to join us in just a few moments, but first Gen. Bart Meli, the man who once our military to become women. Gen. Bart Meli, the man who is very concerned about toxic masculinity. We got a hold of his letter of resignation and I want to read. I want to bring to set the stage here were to set the stage here with a dramatic reading of the resignation letter of Gen. Bart really music please Maestro dear Donald, I regret to inform you that I intend to resign as your chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Thank you for the honor of appointing me as senior ranking officer.

The events of the last couple weeks have caused me to do deep soul-searching and I can no longer faithfully support and execute your orders as chairman of the joint chief of staff, but it is my belief that you were doing great and irreparable harm to my country.

I believe that you have made a concerted effort over time just politicizing United States. I thought I could change that.

I come to the realization that I cannot and I need to step aside and let someone else try to not normally ladies and gentlemen, this would be where you and the and the letter writers of resignation letter really only needed to do was send a you know I hereby resign my position as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but no dodo general Billy is in touch with his womanly side. He continued to write, second you were using the military to create fear in the minds of the people and were trying to protect the American people. I cannot stand idly by and participate in that attack verbally or otherwise of the American people. The American people trust the military they trust us to protect them against all enemies foreign and lasting no matter their pronoun. Our military will do just that. We will not turn our back on the American people there. Morning goes on. I swore an oath to the Constitution of the United States and embodied within that is the idea that says all women are created equal.

All men and women are created equal no matter why is a straight or something in between Muslims or Jews not radio program. We are following some breaking news coming out the nations capital and right now we are monitoring a speech prepared remarks that are coming from the Atty. Gen. Eric Garland. Now it should've happened in the well by now but you know how things go in Washington time so I working to carry those remarks alive momentarily. Right now the reporters are gathered there in Washington at the Justice Department, but so far no sign of of merit Garland you another big story that we been following is the is the bus caravan the freedom train to New York City by the way, let's go now to the White House or let's go to the Justice Department somebodies at the microphone we actually are not issuing all the behind.

That's not that's not merit Garland so maybe there is giving us a heads up on when Garland is going to be there. Either that or somebody decided to hang out at the podium. We don't know but were not working to hang tight here. Looks like somebody's putting down some prepared remarks or something of the people on the podium and you will keep you posted on that. But another big story within following is, indeed, the Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sending thousands of illegal aliens to New York New York is enraged and they know what to do. Same thing with Washington DC where the mayor of Washington DC calling out the National Guard.

So anyway, here's Greg Abbott.he's weighing in on his way he handled all of this, go ahead. Mayor make my day.

There could hardly be anything better to aid in my campaign against Betsy O'Rourke and have better work habits campaign aided by a bunch of New Yorkers that will not be viewed very positively the state of Texas.

Generally, the only thing better than that is what is already occurred and that is Bento has received $8 million from George Soros. This is a campaign by Bento is being run by people outside of the state of Texas. This race is about Texans and Texans are fed up with what the bond administration has done on our border.

The chaos that is caused the damage that is calls in the state of Texas and that is exactly why we are sending these illegal immigrants to places like Washington DC and New York City are good for you.

I appreciate the sentiment, but you know he could've been a little bit more: East 20 know what I mean. Go ahead, go ahead. Mayor make my day. Now don't know you got it you got a little bit of open to all gusto. Come on, Mr. Donovan your attacks and you could do that, but to his point. The only thing the governor is doing is he sending the illegals to the sanctuary cities right. How many times we heard these liberal mayors out there saying come all ye, ye who are invaders and working to take care of you were going to give you a place to stay were to get Ms. some food were to send your kids to school were to give you some closed-end of the T.J. Maxx oriented take good care of they never meant and again how may times of receptors, the Democratic Party, they don't care about the black man they don't care about this planet met all they care about is power.

They just want your vote. They will promise you everything everything and at the end of the day they will lie to you. They will turn their back and they will betray you, and a lot of folks are starting to wake up to. That's why you're seeing historic numbers of people voting for president truck. That's why over the past couple of months we have seen Hispanics coming out in record numbers to vote for Republicans.

I'm just telling that's what this is really all about. All I can tell, the governors of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas is keep sending those buses and maybe Grace Baker may be what we ought to do as a show is to sponsor one of those buses we could get our show logo emblazoned on the side of the bus as it said I had to cross America down for the Big Apple. I think that would be pretty clever. What say you, ladies and gentlemen, 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 New York there pitching a fit and they should because they gotta take care of all these people, but you know what why should Texas why should the border states or for that matter, why should the rest of us be forced to suffer if the Texans have to suffer them by dollar New Yorkers to suffer. That's the way I see it all in Central Park. Better yet, put up on the upper East side of the upper West side. That's what I say but sooner or later.

Sooner or later these Republican governors are going to get in there to realize they gotta play hardball just like the Democrats did. That's what's gonna happen here. So he shaken the camera now.

Either that or there's an earthquake in New York. Personal stay connected no Atty. Gen. but sooner or later he will come out. You know you guys are: audible let's go to break 844-747-8868 and that when the Atty. Gen. comes, we will bring that your life will be right.

This is life radio waiting Atty. Gen. make a statement.

Merit Garland we are ready to go. We got our audio hookups in place was most of already spoken about 15 minutes ago and become whatever's in the habit of that press conference. It could affect our interview with the president's attorney, which we may have to move, so just bear with us were to get through this next few moments together. Let's go to the phones Ernie North Carolina. Now Ernie, I don't have to be. I'm to be a little rude because when the Atty. Gen.'s before and after break in the bat but go ahead. The platform is yours there.

I understand that the Vietnam War that I really all my life I never been politically active. I'm going to people at my ability. I'm going to try to get everyone born in voting that got talk with this this Thursday persecution.

I'm with you Ernie. I do believe when you look at what happened. I think this was a politically motivated attack on Pres. Trump and I cannot believe that there are people that think trumpets are white eclectic dessert be prosecuted for steel in the silverware product rather like out what we Trump ever taken that they don't have copies of I don't understand the big Damas diplomat, but I don't understand why they did that that that time except the trying Trump being a candidate doesn't take nine hours to crack it was safe. It doesn't take nine hours to get the 15 boxes of whatever was there but it does take a few hours of your to be planning evidence. It's going to take a few hours if you're installing surveillance devices inside Mara Longo and when you tell me that the attorneys for Trump were not allowed to be present and they were ordered to turn off all the security cameras that tells me everything I need to know Ernie and right now they're going to be a backlash that they never predicted what happened.

I have no doubt about that, Ernie. Appreciate the call Lebanon have to interrupt just so I thank you for listening to us 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 Ernie's got a pretty good point and of the surveys that are coming out the polling data and this is all fresh data and overwhelming number were talking more than 80% of Republicans say they are now motivated more than ever to go and vote on election day because of what happened to Mara Longo and you know that the that these rogue agents within the FBI. They were thinking that this might actually destroy Donald Trump's plans to run in 2024 so the whole thing is backfired on the whole thing is backfired and just remember you have Peter struck Elisa page the people talking about the smelly Walmart voters. This is the these were the lovers. The parables there were cheating on their spouses working together in the FBI sharing text messages and we went through these text messages over and over and over again and the fact of the matter is they said they had an insurance policy.

So if they were unable to stop the truck campaign from winning that if Trump one they had an insurance policy. Nobody ever rated Peter struck sounds.

Nobody ever rated Lisa Page's house.

These are people who tried to overthrow a duly elected president, and they were getting a government paycheck so you better believe you better believe these people are evil and they will do whatever it takes to stop Donald Trump. Let's go to Statesville, North Carolina WSI see all Luke you're on the air. What's on your mind be a red way what our Toros probably got there polling stream, but having out of the country and that's a fair question and and we don't we. We honestly don't.

I hope that states like Raja have strengthened their voter integrity laws.

I hope they've done that there are no guarantees, which is why we been telling everybody gotta get out and vote. I made of only 20 only 20% of Republican voters are going out and voting on election day. You probably got beat again a lot of people that are like puppet boy got a lot of pocket stop now and get our country back Joy let Luke, you're right about that. Thank you for the call and thank you for listening and I wish I could tell you matter-of-factly that we got that voting situation straightened out. I don't think we do.

I hope we do, but you can do your part by getting out and voting on election and and and and in all honesty, do you really think let's just say it's going to be bite in the Trump do you really think Biden would win that race. Do you really think that would happen 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number yesterday. Biden's out there saying, well, we got 0% inflation.

We know that's a lot of hooey we don't.

I don't think before I begin today I want to say a word about news came out today relative to the economy. Actually, I just want to say number zero today received news that our economy had 0% inflation in the month of July.

Now we all know that's not true. We all know that the inflation rate is over 8%. Right now we know that that would be like somebody going out there that would be like somebody going out there and saying oh so you got somebody was on the biggest loser and they go out there and they got they they weigh 300 pounds and they go out and say you know what I didn't lose any weight. I didn't gain any weight today. It's been a great success, yet your three cell 300 pounds. This is nuts.

Just flat out nuts, but people believe this.

They believe, and here we are are let's go to Mike and George W GUN bike what's on your mind right.

Sorry. I would do that previous caller here in Georgia.

I'm a lifelong Republican never made an election. Doubts about whether your they haven't changed anything in our state machine and I have a real problem with the machine.

You know you walk up the ballot you make your selection and your printed out a piece of paper that your book on your ballot QR code you know you don't feed your choice and you put the QR code in the scanner, you never paper you there was obviously a lot of problems with the Georgia election and I haven't really seen camper Brad Arthur Thursday they haven't done anything to make any changes here Mike, I have a serious question for you. How does it make it better if you stay home. I don't how does that help the cause.

Well it does, of course, but I believe my vote would likely not counted or or you know, maybe not my area so much. I mean I'm in Jackson County, Georgia. My mom worked one of the bowls. She said the numbers are lined up but there been no changes to the technology use on all they've done innovate there. There were some election think where you can't have water and made her get rid of some of the dropbox, but really across the nation. We forgotten what happened 20/20 week. We are watch those numbers flip the middle of the night and in no discussion about it. You know you're you're ridiculed for even bringing it up your domestic care for acknowledging what you want happen and have real concerns. I mean, I'm a big fan of virtual I went to the Trump rally back e-commerce Georgia a few months back pretty energized very energized crowd, but I really can learn about our boat.

I really am, and I think you're right to be concerned but we still have to get out there and vote and and that that is something you can do what I I don't know Mike. I will say this, if if let's just say that at the end of the day, Biden or the Democrats win. I would at that point, with inflation being is high. It is as it is gas prices as high as they are. People can afford to buy food at the grocery store you're telling me all those people voted for the people that put us in that spot. I'm not gonna believe that for one minute. Not one minutes. It's true in our state in real trouble. Abrams that my only real motivation to make sure the date when what I'm I'm deeply concerned that my vote is counted.

That piece of paper is counted but I have no way to validate that the election, but I made on that screen are what show up.

I really I get angry, but it might be to get the ballot because then at least somebody is counting your boat, your handwritten signature your mark on the paper, not some illegible QR code that we have no idea what it actually that's a fair point Mike were to leave it there, look. Hang in there and go and vote. I hear you and I hear your concerns and are valid concerns but you still gotta get out there and you gotta vote all right. Let me explain the situation here. We still know where the Atty. Gen. is these politicians. I don't get your they make an appointment.

They say okay were to be here and at a set time and it's always an hour late with these folks so look, listen to your local radio station.

They will have the latest information with what ever the Atty. Gen. is is going to say here there's been a lot of concern about the warrant. Nobody's been able to see the warrants. The even the president's attorneys were not allowed to actually inspect the warrant that gave the FBI the permission to go in and rummage through Malani the Trump's personal belongings. Nobody's been able to see that maybe, just maybe that's what the Atty. Gen. is going to release today. We don't know. But listen to your local radio station of their and have the very latest on the Atty. Gen. working to keep you updated. you will be able to watch the Atty. Gen.'s remarks over there and have full analysis tomorrow on the Thompson radio show but a great show today everybody great calls you get out there and have a great day

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