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When are the Feds Going to Raid Merrick Garland’s House?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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August 15, 2022 3:11 pm

When are the Feds Going to Raid Merrick Garland’s House?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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August 15, 2022 3:11 pm

The Espionage Act also forbids the leaking of classified documents. So, when are the feds going to stage a pre-dawn, guns-drawn raid of Merrick Garland’s house?

Christina Bobb, Ken Ham, Rep. Scott Perry, Buzz Patterson, and Art Ally join the conversation!

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Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee only since conservative commentary from our right in. As we go today conference radio program. We have some important fulfillment of the program loading a president trumps paternity she's going to be here this hour of the show a little bit later on our good friend Congressman Perry is going to join us. I guess he got a new cell phone of the FBI confiscated his phone, but he's going to join us. Also, Buzz Patterson, who is going to be here. He was the guy back during the Clinton years, who had to carry the good nuclear a suitcase. The football and organ to be talking about Buzz Patterson wrote a book called the dereliction of duty. The eyewitness account of how Pres. Bill Clinton compromised America's long-term national security.

Why is this important because now they're telling us that your president Trop had the nuclear codes Apgar log go and that's what this was really all about.

It turns out, and Buzz Patterson is going to confirm this for us. It turns out that back in the day Bill Clinton actually lost the nuclear codes he lost the nuclear codes may be because he was too busy running around with the interns in the oral office sorting to talk to buzz a little bit later on as well. Action-packed show, but I want to start out today with a with a couple of observations and by the way thank you Jeff Katz from our great affiliate in Richmond, Virginia W RBA.

Jeff did a terrific job filling in on Friday had to take the day off and we do that during the summertime I like taking the whole weeks off about you so I usually I just took a long weekend that's already but anyway, it's great to be back with you today but I got to thinking about some of the arguments of them and coming out over the past week or so in the aftermath of the predawn guns drawn raid at Mara Lago. The president's residence and they told us that for 18 months. They have been asking for this material which according to the FBI. According to the Atty. Gen., Mary Garland is top-secret that involves the nuclear codes. It involves materials and documents that put every single American citizen in grave danger in harms way.

That's what the FBI was telling us in the documents that have been leaked from the Justice Department to every mainstream media journalist in America and they told us of these were very serious issues.

No one's bothered to ask this question, but it's a question that needs to be needs to be asked and I will say this. Kudos over the weekend because at least one of the Sunday shows had the courage to ask pencil back shifty chef Adam shelf the question of why the DOJ waited to hear me. Hear me out here for a moment.

All right, first of all, I don't believe the presidents done anything wrong at all. All right, but let's just say for the sake of the argument that yes the president had the nuclear codes he had the names of all of our of all of our international spies and he was going to get that money to the highest bidder or whatever whatever nonsense they've concocted whatever conspiracy they concocted. Let's just say for the sake of the argument here that that's true that that we were in grave danger.

We were in in harms way. If that was in fact true, why did they wait, I mean if this was such an emergency. I made a president Trop had documents that could've destroyed America why did they wait 18 months. Why not just go in right away in a predawn guns drawn raid on Mara Lago. Why did they wait and that was a question that shifty chef got asked all the Sunday shows were truly materials of this classification level and it's been publicly reported elsewhere that their work and materials related to nuclear programs. For example, if there was that sensitive level of information being house why did Justice Department officials wait 18 months after the end of the Trump presidency. What change that needs immediate. I don't know but it if the Trump people represented that they provided all the classified or national security information and didn't. That's a serious problem. I can tell you anyone in the intelligence community that had documents like that Mark top-secret SEI in the residence after authorities went to them. You know they would be under serious investigation.

He doesn't know why does Anita. I'll tell you the reason why because this is all about politics. The Democrats know that Donald Trump is gaining ground. The Democrats know that the Republicans are in are in the works of having a tsunami in the midterm elections. The Democrats know all of this, so they've gotta try something something to stop the big blow momentum. That's what this was all about. And we know that because of all people, Congressman Jim Jordan says that they've got FBI agents were whistleblowers on their disgust of the rank-and-file are just disgusted with what's been happening at headquarters with the deep state coming after Donald Trump just time after time after time after time, here's Jim Jordan in the template. Here the template never changes with these guys. It's in the left creates a lie big media mainstream press reports. The lighting tech amplifies a life and then we try to tell the truth. They call us names and try to cancel his intelligence and tell the world over the was not not being square with the rest of the country know the good news is they figured it out and attending who else is figured out tray and you and John with the background law enforcement appreciate this for teen SEI agents have come to our office as whistleblowers and their good people are lots of the people in the FBI. It's the top that's the problem with some of these good agents are coming to us telling us this is baloney.

What's going on. The political nature down the Justice Department. God bless them for doing a come and talk to us about the school board issue about a whole host of issues is becoming a well-worn trail of agent to say this has got to stop and thank goodness for them and think it is that the American people recognize it and I believe you're going to make a big change on November 8 will read before November 8. We need to hear from these 14 FBI agent and look, I appreciate the passion of of the Republicans and conservatives on Capitol Hill, but that got us nowhere.

When they actually control Congress. So right now we need to know who these individuals are and they need to be testify before Congress.

We need to get them all. The record here.

These 14 FBI agencies whistleblowers who have come forward to expose the anti-Trop politics of the Justice Department who are these people and we need and we need to know who they are. Meanwhile, you've got president Trop out there and he's pretty fired up about this. The president writing on true social we have this up on our website. The president says there is a there is a great simmering anger among the American people do you believe that do you believe that there is are you angry are you beyond rage right now over what the government is doing to not just Donald Trump but to all of us.

You think those 87,000 IRS agents are to be auditing George Soros you better think again. They're coming after us. They're coming after the little guys. That's who they're going after they'll be going after the eight-year-olds in their lemonade stands were about to enter a very dark and dangerous. In American history again. Are you angry 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 meanwhile over at Fox News headquarters orders have come down telling everybody to just cool it that you really don't need to be angry. You need to you need to tone it down here. Steve Ducey. We just know that right now given the fact that there is a suggestion of their a lot of online very specific, apparently very specific threats against very specific agents at the FBI and whatnot it would it would be great for everybody to tamp down the rhetoric against the FBI because the FBI simply was doing with the DOJ asked him to do. The Atty. Gen. is the boss of the guy at the FBI. Of all the people at the FBI so with all of these threats going around it would ultimately be great if the former president who is always been a great supporter of law enforcement posed with a thousand police departments coast-to-coast. It would be great if you call for an end to the violent rhetoric against federal law enforcement and in particular the FBI that was just doing their job. But as Trey got a point last night for you to look at the situation and think the Democrats and Republicans have been treated the same. Over the last few years. You have to be looking at a different situation coming right irons for the travel around talked about that Timmy setting is interesting that Democrats and progressives are now worried about protecting law enforcement when I want years ago during the rates that no one is for the violence of FBI agents in our fight you any of these individuals there in Monterey. If you want to personify that search. Look at the Atty. Gen. of the United States mayor Garland is the one who is state's entire reputation on it. If there's something if there's not something really big. There, he's done well yeah I looked and I appreciate Steve Ducey. He's a fine cookbook author, but I'm not sure he died. I don't think he's in his element here on this because there are a lot of really bad people in the FBI a lot of Peter struck a lot of Lisa pages a lot of Chris rates a lot of James Comey's still left in that building and they have declared war on the American people that that that's what's going on here and I'll trust I don't trust any of I've said this once Allstate a bazillion times the FBI comes knocking at your door, your first order of business is to pick up the phone and call your lawyer.

You don't say a word to the FBI because he can't trust. By the way, that goes back to Martin Luther King Jr. days and beyond.

But for Steve Ducey to say all this that you're the FBI they're just good people there just following orders really are these the same FBI agents who tried to kidnap Gretchen Witmer.

Are they the same FBI agents who stood down when black lives matter in NT for nearly burned down the country same FBI that stood down when and teeth and black lives matter were killing people in the streets of American cities. We talk about the FBI that staged dozens of agents in the crowd on January 6 and to this day, the FBI refuses refuses to tell us how many people were actually there. And what the role was of the FBI agents in the planning and the execution of January 6. Is that what were talking about here because I think they're all bad, are working to get we gotta take a break and enter open up the phone lines 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show we are all feeling the pain at the pump and at the grocery store to the market is plunging and Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, but even worse. Seniors are struggling to survive. It's not time to panic, but it is time to act. My friends at a Mac the Association about your American citizens will help you save money on things like cell phone plans travel and restaurants but eMac does much more than offer senior discounts. Your membership will support their nonprofit eMac action which takes the challenges against our Constitution and the free market straight to Capitol Hill. Joining is easy just go to a Mac .us/starts to start saving today. 2.3 million Americans have already joined a Mac and you should to aim at cares about you and America so save money and support conservative causes go to a Mac .us/starts. It's only $60 per year and great news. Anyone can join, go to a back .us/starts that's a Mac .us/start and I was rising up on my the espionage because that's that's where they're going to try to go after Trump there there accusing him of of harboring these these documents in violation of the espionage act right will that's all well and good but there's another part of the espionage act and it involves merit Garland because you see that the espionage act also makes it a crime to leak confidential information from the federal government. So my question is who's been doing all the leaking from the Justice Department to every mainstream media outlet in the country right now who is doing that because those people are are just as guilty and again were talking in hypotheticals or if Trump violated the espionage act and guess what, so did merit Garland so what are we going to see the predawn guns drawn radar merit Garland's house with CNN cameras rolling. When is that going to happen are, let's get to the phone zero 844-747-8868 let's start with Jerry and Oak Ridge, Tennessee on KW AMR great flagship station hey Jerry what's up. Okay, I'm good how are you, I want to comment about the FBI here so we think of them talk about going a resource cooktop and is going a couple people I don't think it is like to point out all of think of the loan for years like a pulse nightclub and Omar McLean. His father was a nuclear informant in the Boston bombers familiar brothers got lost my credit card in the park when shooting in the fake want us to come up with Donald Trump know and how the good of the Department of Justice on 209 payment errors in the 29 fires once San Bernardino coupled with the ecological bobble waltz for something teenager started on Thursday to lose "loose above the walls of the garage door and don't start downloading the answer no to FBI was corrupters corrupt goats and the whole thing is going to be taken. Government plays with US marshals and assumes that you it's about my Jerry and Oak Ridge come get me guys and I want to screw up everything the clutch and I'm sick and tired about the Jerry just what would happen a few days ago in New York State for Salman Rushdie nearly got stabbed to death.

What 14 times the guy was dead may lose his eye, where were the FBI agents tracking down this Iranian national. This terrorist was on American soil. Where were going to Milan you comes under work order for the door. It's pathetic and it's enter into and they're putting all of the sick risk.

They have spent years trying to take down this president, Jerry, here's my argument.

Look, Trump may be as may be guilty as charged. I just have it there.

There's been no evidence he's never been arrested.

He's never been charged with anything. As a matter of fact, every single thing that's been alleged every single conspiracy that's been concocted was concocted by the FBI and it turned out not to be true so you know what I'm I'm going with Trump on this until they present the evidence to prove me wrong, I'm stealing with Donald Trump hundred percent I agree hundred percent all right. Jerry appreciate the call. Thank you for listening. Let's go to fill in Alabama. Hey Phil what's on your mind. Good morning, good Monday morning to you Steve Ducey probably won't like my rhetoric got all your previous colors. Rhetoric either, but I have been listening to it. Gen. Michael Landon Roger Stone of the group over at Clay Clarks reawakened America this weekend so you know, but very compelling. I'll get them apply quickly.I really believe that this election coming up this November is going to be the decision where you where we either get to alter our thinking of the Declaration of Independence, alter or abolish. I think that's what this November's election is going to have not talking 2024. I'm talking this November's election. If we can't put in Congress set up the house.

Good conservative Republicans are not talking rhino that we can't turn this thing around that were going to have to see about the abolish how we do that, that's open to discussion whether a baster session is much like the doing taxes but this is an older abolish election coming up believe that this is a crucial point in American history.

Phil and the end of the American people and by the way we been talking about you and again this red tsunami. I've been telling folks you got a campaign like your 20 points behind some of the polling that the polling data's get a little screwy right now and and will jump into that little bit later in the program, but it's not guaranteed that the Republicans are going to win in a tsunami and working to have folks where it had to be diligent and Phil is right, and Phil, thanks for the call.

Phil says were coming to a point can we fix this or do we go our separate race 844-747-8068.

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Why did they wait 18 months before going after them your thoughts on that right there was nothing there really nothing that was a vital national security or put the nation at rant and I think telling you I getting a lot of reporters freaking out right now and a myriad of questions and me it interesting that there are still many different theories about what they were looking for but nobody had not like a real crime that was committed that anyone can point you in a day, obviously there are no me know you get it completely made up, and unite the nation of the FBI.

You know where waiting to see what they have to say Christina, there is a story circulating that the president through an intermediary.

I reached out to Merrick Garland and said something about how the temperature has to be brought down in the country and what could he, as is former Pres. do about that. Do you have any insight into that conversation, whether or not it happened or not. I have no insight whatsoever.

I I don't think that that would happen but I don't actually know. Have you had a chance to speak to the president since the since the raid, what is his mood as he fired up over this. Is he angry.

The thing that that America. The resident net personal violation for him. But if the violation on Army and everything that we stand for and why we have a Bill of Rights and why we have a right against unlawful search of the theater and why there's that requirement that the government need to file out make sure that we remain free and stay society and all of that have been violated in that regard and not the present time, but this theory is that I'm on my black that the FBI and the department got taken against any trumps the corners or if there were staff members that he had no if anything, I think Egypt want to make sure the American people keep the country that we have no idea. Carrying anybody that the event causing anyone to cower and go. Okay, maybe this time will collect the FBI.

They've only done it 100 times before. I think Pres. comp along with 15 I think most of America are saying you not to fired. We have to put back so take us through the early morning when when the raid happened.

You were there.

How did all that transpire till I heard a lot of blood in it early in the report that I got a call around 10 o'clock in the morning that dad the FBI was on. I needed to get there so I dad I went down to my lie.

Like I got there around 1038. They had been there for a while and I'm guessing they probably got there maybe 9 o'clock take out earlier than eight meeting think they had been there but I don't think it too long and unite when upset that FBI agents when it beat up Laurent.

There's a little bit of the debate about what I was allowed you to learn cannot ultimately sell it to me wouldn't give it to me and I kinda thought back in for a Bentley at the end of the day. Maybe nine or so hours later they eventually did get me a copy of that that it will pretend like I could really do a whole lot FBI and their doing their thing. I tried to observe what I could observe take pictures if I could take pictures that that you know they were pretty strict on keeping me relegated to the circle drive so I wasn't allowed to see what they were doing or where they were going or what they were searching and I unite I did. Then figure out what was happening.

I didn't really give much information I know exactly where you are been a more logical number of times and it's it's heavily guarded secret service and a lot of people don't realize Pres. Trump is I think the only president with his full Secret Service detail because of all of the threats of what what were the Secret Service guys do cooperating with a quick bit higher. We have all cooperated, including the. Everyone anybody that had been involved in that even intentionally have been extremely cooperative and not with true ill a week ago though we were all doing the best we could to cooperate lot though. I understand that that creating violation present on the right could be taking Clay that only leave followed instructions and Secret Service escorted FBI where they needed to go and we also understand according to the president writing on a true social that they actually have materials that they should not have in their possession was that I got it correct when they gave me that the property basically the inventory left the court didn't write it on the document they need to document the public and to highlight it but they took five or think back then that were attorney-client privileged or some other form of privilege when they were greeting me on on the document they said in an these five boxes are separate because they contain privileged information and client privilege. Yes, possibly in linking.

I didn't get into that pathetic that what type of privilege that something that we will figure out at a later date, but at the very anything does the president have concerns that say that they planted bugs or maybe planted evidence or something. There are Lago I think in the country has I can start right now that we don't have any reason that the barely think that that the complaint we don't really know what right we need to department at the FBI to explain something kind of jealous.

What happened though not accusing anybody of anything.

That certainly wouldn't be the first time the FBI lied about what they were doing running at that time felt that that tactic that the FBI used is well aware of that but this client I don't think there's any calculation. Christina Bob is Pres. Trump's attorney's use of the Petrie mobile newsmaker line Christina I was reading through the espionage act of there's a lot of scuttlebutt over the weekend. Maybe that's the angle they're going to work. Gotta say, though, there's another part to the espionage act that deals with the leaking of documents and a whole heck of a lot of leaking going on from the Justice Department side everything I need to look good reason for doing any legitimate concern or fear or anything explain it in their action and reasonable doubt what they do it. They leak whatever document that they think will be a distraction or change the narrative or cause the need to look in a different direction and they're not but not falling for it anymore. The department does not connect money and they owe the country a reason for why they would have violated president from Brighton to the extent that they think they actually cause the I personally don't think they do. But if they do what you let them know that I fell sleep easier knowing that allowed Leslie did save us from some great danger that I did not believe that there are a lot of people in the conservative media that are calling the president to get out there and calm everybody down. And certainly we don't wish any ill harm on anybody. We don't advocate for violence best on who conservatives are the son who this presidents but the reality is, people have a right and they should be righteously indignant with what their federal government has done here and it just time after time after time, going all the way back to the BLM and NT for riots when they did nothing, because they been so busy trying to destroy Donald Trump and people are fed up with it. Christina people are angry when you put in place and put in by)), people get encourage all your listeners. You get involved find an organization in your area that focuses on an effort that is important whether it school board the border, election integrity, the economy, whatever it there be an organization in your community to fight back and put back on his and create change in your community. If there's not, start one again involved.

The whole point of what makes America great is that we have a government run by the people for the people and right now it's become very clear that not by the people in it not for the people we have political elitists think that they can I right, without any consequences, and so we we need to organize anything.

Make sure that we got people in the right place that you are volunteering to be collectors and coworkers. Then you know working at school board then died going to parent-teacher conference that the meeting get involved in the community in a way that we haven't before, and we have no doubt what the letter that we will take our country back that we will restore the freedoms that we all know, dear, but it can only be done at people get off see one final question here.

Let's talk about next steps.

The FBI they've done what they've done. What happens next, though. I'm working on that right now the London Monteith NDP and we know we got figure out what they're doing with the document know who the lot that their family out separately but certainly I I am waiting to hear what the DOJ had about why they think that what is that if you cared about the outdated court at that point. I mean, they're the one that did that and they need to explain 1000 will see what they would take it from there are the documents reviewed figure out who to take a look at the right good information leave it there.

Christina appreciate your time today thinking my therapist that I Christina Bob Pres. Trump's attorney. She was there when the FBI came a call and what a mess.

May I suggest that maybe there's another angle to all of this that maybe just maybe they know that we the people are just exhausted. I mean for four years and really five or six years I me when you go back and consider that this all started when Trump came down that escalator that beautiful golden escalator at Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York City announced that he was running for the White House.

At that moment the deep state declared war on Donald Trump and it has been.

Day after day, night after night 24 seven attacks on this president investigations out the was, and it's important to remind everyone that in that in spite of all of these allegations. In spite of all the investigations this president has not been charged.

He's never been arrested.

He has never spent a day in jail, just something pretty. Keep in mind, but I think that the American people are just getting exhausted by the controversies that I say that because Laura Ingram over at Fox News Channel just came out she was on one of the earlier shows and she suggested that maybe, just maybe, the country is ready to move on and that conservatives are ready to move on past Donald Trump.

She says that the country is just the country is just exhausted and that it's time to maybe move on from Donald Trump.

Do you believe that to be the case.

Ladies and gentlemen is Laura Ingram speaking for you when she says that that the country might be ready to move past Pres. Trump that Americans are exhausted by the constant battle. Does that describe you. 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 may I tell you about our good friends over at patriot mobile they're mobilizing freedom across this great nation a patriot bubble is America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier and they donate a portion of every dollar to organizations that are fighting for us on Capitol Hill and that's why I want you to consider switching your soul service to patriot mobile.

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You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox call legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit the online legacy PM legacy PM both welcome back to the concert radio show Laura Ingram blowing up our phone lines saying that maybe the country is just exhausted and it's time to move on past Donald Trump. Let's go to Georgia Rodney WT UN Rodney.

What say you think that me on my opinion is absolutely not it. I think what the Americans wanted to find out what Trump has done to stir the government up like it has obviously have something to hide. My thought is to get fire ants in your yard, you leave them alone they get more worse and worse and then suddenly you know if you step on one than the problems there. I think that's what Trump's gonna start the problem. You know my opinion has always been if Trump did something illegal. All right, so was the evidence. Let's go through the courts. But they've never been able to come up with the evidence of a crime. Not once great. I think with the rate of monologue honestly think they planted something I don't trust anything that they come up with at this point because of everything that's happened at the up to this point, the 25 FBI agents that were removed.

It was in investigation all that you know that they've proven themselves to be untrustworthy, well set a date yet know you're right Rodney.

Appreciate that call.

Let's go to Salem, Oregon Ronnie on KY Cayenne hey Ronnie, what's on your mind right now number one. This situation will go through and go along to get our butts kicked by appeasement is not liberty to what they done this president before he was president.

Now after the president and you go on that to the extent that enlisted Nixon and the last thing I will say is that people need to stand up in my Republican Party. I will say this in all corners of this country and especially in Oregon.

If you don't follow ready.

You'll be compliant to your ship business to the Auschwitz syndrome situation will perform a president that is unlawful and everything else just to kick kick kick but you know what the main thing is to deflect from what's going on 7005 residents. I went and supported the tea party before you know it. I had saved in an Salem mortgage only people ever seen a people under 40,000 year being audited like this is Tammany Hall/round-trip movement and Democrats going tribal people was done in about religious or milk or occultist convictions that you know you're you're right here and ever coming up on the of the brain to go but to that point. Ladies and gentlemen and what Rodney said that they don't want they don't want Trump to fix the swamp. They don't want him to clean out the SWAT. That's what this is ultimately all about. They know that their power is jeopardized if Trump is in that White House and they don't want him anywhere near that. So this is not even a Democrat think this is a bureaucrat. This is the bureaucracy of the government that's going after Donald Trump along with the Democrats and the establishment Republicans are all part of the same system your folks.

So again, if you're going to come after if you're to come after Trump you better, by golly, bring the evidence, but this is not what our phones are ringing off the hook. Hang tight way to go right to your calls coming up after the news right here 844-747-8868 this is the stage we'll know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for universities to really see conflate from with people's overall sense of happiness in the country now says that a friend of mine for 25 years and I was very open about this on my on my show. But you know we'll see whether that's what the country wants me. What a country country think is so exhausted there exhausted by the battle. The constant battle that they may believe that. Well, maybe it's time to turn the page. If we can get someone who has all Trump's policies. Trump right so the other concern.

Now I'm I don't have this on this one way or another, but the other problem is is that it's really not about Trump right this is about the views that Trump now brought to the fore for the Republican Party that they don't they don't like his views they don't like the fact that he called out the military for their failures that he wanted us to pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan that he wanted to treat China and our trade relationship with China and much smarter, but much different way than the globalists preferred and I certainly did like the fact that he saw those illegal immigrants back to Mexico that remain in Mexico. All right, that was Fox News Channel's Laura Ingram just little while ago on Fox News in the headline.

The news not good coming out of that conversation.

I me she sounds she sounds defeated.

Right now she sounds dejected and I don't know about you but I'm not exhausted. I knew I this. This is part of the game plan folks the Democrats know that they can wear down the Republicans that at the end of the day. The Republicans are looking to waive the right white flag of surrender.

They just did that in a massive election here in Memphis, Tennessee. The Republicans just wave the white flag while Todd we did when anybody accuses of being a racist. We test we not racist. We don't want people to think that we are so know you fight back. Somebody calls you a racist to get their face, that's what you do, you gotta fight back.

People we don't surrender. Did you really think this was going to be tiptoeing through the tulips.

This was going to be some sort of a cakewalk.

We got the future of the country at stake here, and whatever happens in these midterm elections will determine how quickly we rolled down the hill over the cliff to socialism that that's what's at stake here and Laura Ingram is right you had everybody come in after this present using the Pentagon was was hugging Donald Trump know the military-industrial complex.

They want the wars Trump got us out of the wars and talk about Afghanistan little bit but all you folks are fired up over this phones lit up every line right now. People wanting to weigh in on this question is very simple. Are you exhausted is Trump still your dry or or is it time for somebody else to stand up and carry the Trump mantle. Let's go to the phones or 844-747-8868 let's start with Dan in Georgia day and what say you got that old school route by not even for the Brown people on the left Bible told flag loving tea party poker to get that everybody from Lois Lerner for Brian to know that no impeachment.

Everything to do the same thing. I didn't dictate everything but I get told her to try to get 10 people fire them up, fire them up until especially if you have, you do not want the world.

People want you to go though I start good for you.

I know way tired you got a working that Hillary celery accident cadence, but I get your point. And yet this is the time to get fired up. We got a country to say that I will say this I just posted this on social media.

I want you people to understand where I'm coming from. Conservatives are a peaceful people. I know you got to see out there and all the folks at Fox and friends, and now I really we just have to get along. We got a thin Kumbaya.

No, you don't. You gotta be righteously indignant conservatives are a peaceful people will convert and condone violence that's not who we are, but we also don't condone Gestapo -like behavior from our government agencies.

There is a time and a place to be righteously indignant. And ladies and gentlemen, I say that time is right now. All right, let's go to the phones to Wayne, Hendersonville, North Carolina, WH, KP, what's a user Laura Ingram. I don't know what you are not going to live the lunatic from� Which way I want my country to go.

Anybody that the least bit exhausted by the is not going to make long-haul review all all my family and friends that are that believe in American exceptionalism of more fired up than ever.

We got to put a stop to this crap. So this really and I have usually been at and I have nothing I can imagine any other polyp going through 5 1/2 years of that, scrutiny and coming out on stage talking. Imagine you're right. When they got out the 5 1/2 years and they have nothing now we would have a different story if in fact there was something. He's the only guy in the history of the presidency who got impeached for doing nothing, not once but two times it's it's the most bizarre thing I've ever seen. Go ahead, finish her thoughts away. I bet you know that's basically what I wanted to say I don't know anybody that believe like that one out, but a little there a bunch of I don't know how to put it. Everybody in their evil monsters. That's who they are doing evil monsters doing. Gotta run. God bless you.

Let's go to Oregon Bill KY KM great radio station bill. What's on your mind.

We cannot give up until you got what they want doesn't matter if we get there. It exactly moving to. Well of course it what they actually accused George W. Bush of war crimes. They wanted him to slide and convicted on war crimes bill and now he's like their little darling because George W turned on Trump and now he's that the PFF of all the lives of the progressives out there. You're right, Bill doesn't matter who we put up there there to get the same treatment that Trump got a bill here's the difference.

I don't think anybody else can take it like Trump takes all right Bill appreciate your call 844-747-8868 let's go to Morehead city, North Carolina Dave on the talk station hey Dave what's going on. Thanks for taking my call. One abrasive site. I voted for Trump twice, but not my guy. He is the choice that we have against the opponent a lot a lot of people cannot do election map they don't understand it on I hear people all the time. I just can't go for Trump because and I tell him if you don't vote for him.

You're voting for the other guy. No, no, I never do that I write in my mailman is a right okay boys and girls do election map. If you don't vote for Democrat you're voting for Republican if you don't Republican voting for Democrat. That's just the way the system is right now and so I voted for Trump.

You know to use the Jim Bohannon. Sometimes you get older nose and pull the lever you know you vote for who isn't Hillary you go for who isn't like that's what you're doing and people just can't seem to grasp that I know that there's a lot of people out here right now. I hear every day. Well I guy I didn't want Biden in there and I didn't think that me nonvoting would matter, but now it does well. Elections have consequences. You know we gird out a thousand times and so now we are stuck with what we've got, but these people will still like the people who voted remember all the public interviews of people who voted for Obama and what I'm really sorry I did that and then when he got reelected. They went back and interviewed a lot of the same people and they shook why wasn't about four, but he said he would do this, we gotta get the general public has got to wake up. Got to get real about this and the reality of like Obama care. It'll never happen. It's not only good knowing happened, it still there and repeal and replace has not happened. Our Republican congresses is useless, but the Republicans in Congress, and I called out my representative here in the third North Carolina double times on reducing and then he comes out on local regular focus was terrible and Biden's. We can see he's great, don't you really get to the Republic just as weak as the as the Democrats are Dave and I going back to Obama care Sen. John McCain.

He was the deciding vote and what did he do on national television. He looked at the camera and set up thumb down, which was an up yours to Donald Trump and was up yours to every single Republican voter but James, your point, we gotta toughen up as a nation and we gotta fight appreciate your call. Let's go to Mississippi. Kathy listening to us. Our flagship station KW AM hey Kathy what's on your mind. I am mad. I am fighting for my grandchildren. I am mad. I am a conservative Christian if they wanted to Trump, the guy do it and that time the church actors wake up and like to keep up. I love that Kathy and I with you because again going back to and we know what the plan here. Kathy is because they've got to us once before when Obama was in the White House. They came after us yet yet yet carpeted church. I pray every day.

I got Murthy but we don't need to spell like the black robed Regiment.

I know you're bad going on and I'm about yeah and I listen to you and that is the first time I've ever caught, but I'm right Kathy I you're right and and there is a time and a place for we have never advocated for violence on this radio program never well never will because that's not who we are, but I will say this there comes a moment, we gotta stand up and you gotta call it like you see it and that's what were doing all this radio program. Kathy, I want to put you on hold great, let's get Kathy.

Let's get Kathy lined up with some ticket store big Thursday night should we try to do that, Kathy. Welcome to the program and you give us a call back. I like the way she thinks all right hang time were going right back to the phones are coming up in just a few moments really talking about is Patterson. He was the guy that carried the nuclear football back when Bill Clinton was in the White House. He has some Intel on that and the FBI raid Congressman Scott Perry coming up the next hour. It's a is an action-packed show folks 844-747-8868 this is the top search by Pres. Trump did an interview with Fox digital today. The president says that there's anything we can do to help IMI people would certainly be willing to do that talking about the outrage out there.

There's never been a time like this where law enforcement has been used to break into the house of a former President of the United States, and there is tremendous anger in the country at a level that has never been seen before. Other than during very perilous times so the president says that it's a very dangerous time for our country and he's right. It is a very dangerous time. He says he will do whatever he can to help his country that seems to that seems to almost verify the other reporting that's out there suggesting the president reached out through an intermediary to marry Garland to try to figure out how to how to you. I just put water extinguish the fire. I'm not sure that can be done to be very honest with you, the American people have reached a breaking point, and they see the federal government for what it truly is and it is a very bad thing. All right, let's get back to the phones Louisiana John listen to us on the great KR OF John, what's on your mind today you on the on going to play one thing I know that people think I know the thing that John John John Allen turn your radio down so you some feedback there and wait for John there you go.

You sound great. Go ahead and finish your thought okay will Donald Trump would be a great group is not fact. I'm tempted to vote for them do their Rhonda Sanchez tries to wants to run.

That's okay.

One objection may not be able to think you said this before you go, you may not be able to hold up to scrutiny of the Democratic Party be able to make it Donald Trump.

We all know, no doubt about that. John looks like there's can be a lot of repair work that has to be done in this country. I would match much rather have Donald Trump at the helm of that and then have Rhonda Santos coming up after another four years of Donald Trump that may work that may work John Frazier appreciate the call and thank you for listening and we appreciate all of our great blisters down there in Cajun country.

Let's go to North Carolina WSI C Lee is on the line Haley what's going on. I'll start the Donald Trump you got a man in war and I'm not talking about just Republic but it Donald Trump what really doing a good job would not be afraid it will that bed break below to try to keep right but all right. Sorry about that.

We focus our apologies. Gotta keep it PG-13 here of the Todd Stern's radio program is a gentleman all right look hang tight working to get to your calls. We've got bus Patterson coming up I were going to have to take a break here momentarily, but there is a lot of anger out there and it's okay to be angry and I want you to hear that it's not okay to go burn buildings down.

It's not okay to go beat people up. It's not okay to threaten people. That's what the other side does and you know what they do it and they got away with it because the Democrats and the bureaucracy in Washington DC turn the other cheek they just turn around. They don't they don't see it. They think it's okay they believe they are. They are justified in attacking conservatives that's not what we do here and that's not who you are either, but I'm concerned. Clearly somebody's giving talking points over and Fox news channel because they their way from the white flag. Guess what folks were not Fox were not wave the white flag eight 447-4788 $0.68.

Our telephone number. This is the Todd Stern's radio regulations is not what difference does it make America welcome back to the Todd Stern's radio program. So great to have you with us that music video montage going viral on social media so as night. Our good friend bus Patterson reached out on Twitter, you should follow him. If you don't on the social media platforms wrote an incredible book back in 2004 called dereliction of duty and eyewitness account of how Bill Clinton compromised America's national security.

A buzz is on the patriot mobile newsmaker line right now but is good to have you with us today greatly with you and I'm doing well and there was some you reminded everybody of a story that was not very well documented. A back of the day about Bill Clinton and those nuclear codes.

The ones were having this argument about right now with Donald Trump. Yeah, that was Bill Clinton's military airport military aid for years in the late 90s and in my time there. Course I was the nuclear football that sold the president and the president that we think that they Pres. Biden has them probably budgetary nuclear codes which is what allows the president to authenticate himself to God that he is in fact commander-in-chief has the authority to do a lot to retell it with nuclear weapons that Bill Clinton in my time there I was the first person in his office one morning in 1998 and he confessed to me that the back lot nuclear codes that was thinking I was January 1998 Todd and then step you shall wrote a book a few years later talk about losing them in 2000.

The scary thing is that knowing the clip move the walk. He lost them at least twice and I talked about the code may or may not: will things are that are declassified thought.

Immediately after the change so that the date the moment. The minute that Joe Biden took over present Trump codes were no longer legitimate, no longer effective. So if he does have an old code what they are their own code that the Empire of the vacant lot nuclear weapons tomorrow I'd like yeah that's what I never got you. I have a military knowledge of how all of that works, and even I knew right away when you say that there's no way that the present with utilizes to be able to utilize any code so it just seems to be much ado about nothing, as they say. Meanwhile once again, one set of rules governing the Clintons and another set for people like Donald Trump about what bothers me about weight crop is being handled in many aspects, really, but the way that the two-tier justice that you pointed out when we have one set of rules for the Clinton and Obama that he Berger who actually literally went into the national archives will classify documents at the best of President Clinton documented pants and socks and walked out. Got up and left and we know that Hillary 30,000 emails about �2000 were classified on her laptop in her devices to get the belief that that and great devices up with hammers and that Doug gets off without anything happening to her. So who cares what you know. I think if they're going to if we as a nation.

I do not know a lot a lot fighting and culture we Start reading all the people the same way and I just double standard like all hell out of you. I think that's what's really bothering a lot of people across the country and clearly there is there is concern that there is going to be violence, which I think is one of the reasons president Trump came out did the interview with Fox News personal condone violence here, but the FBI by issuing a bulletin that says that there concerned about a dirty bomb threat and the increasing calls for Civil War after I buzz. I just think people are are at their wits end and they see that if they can do this to Donald Trump there to be doing it to the American people as well. That's exactly right side of all Americans regardless of your political know. It is also colored by the IRS another 87,008 that, but they're not coming after us as Americans are not coming after the most belief in the writ of the biggest corporations in the country to come after you and me, and I think that the timing is odd sounds convenient to me but the fact that the going up. I also think that I think that you will be. I think that there are also the fact-finding or document finding that the day and was looking for anything that they could pin the tail on the donkey and classify documents don't work that way you know the president is the ultimate authority of this nation present crop. The ability had the ability when he walked out of the office the state.

All of these documents under my watch for now declassified, and I'm taken somehow and not the only one Bill Clinton that it likely that it Barack Obama that it sure George W. Bush that it all done it very curious that the Democrats are going after the espionage act with the completely ludicrous but the good work and work to bother you, but if he Berger teller requested Bill Clinton losing codes because you were there you are in the White House. You saw all of this, you saw the deep state and an action.

I'm wondering what are they really scared about me there. They are terrified that that Donald Trump could be back in the in the Oval Office. I think that it got nobody on the topic about this� I get there, but the midterm November the got nobody under Becky 2024 around lot numbers and vote for him this time around, and I think that is 20 feet front that I got a chance to somehow truck is not the GOP nominee like you what I know some people around something. I think that if anything this grade probably push them over the edge and then to finally committing himself 100% of the Democrats. I'm happy to see it and that the rest of this noise is just that noise yeah I'm with you I'm with you buzz. Great stuff to get you back is been far too long and I suspect your book is even that was published back in 2004 Is Making Its Way up the charts again not doing too badly. I am also writing correct date and direct state columns about equipment in the Trump monologue related people wanted to get into how the hell classify documents and the constant work who who who can possess and who can't that of all the speculation. What most of it. Quite frankly about 90% of them corrected on the social media about health classify documents work.

People want to know they can certainly please go to red state and look up the bus that Michael love the name before we let you go today.

The one year anniversary of that horrific evacuation from Afghanistan, 13 servicemembers died out one of what a disgraceful moment that was for America and for the Biden administration president binding commemorating the day on a beach in South Carolina. What say you as is is a military veteran of the military veteran to date and many types of operations. I think it was the work plan military uppers. Nothing of my adult life and that we did everything exactly backwards.

You don't take the shooters out first and then let all the evacuees go out after the fire fell in your court. You just don't and you don't take the airport downtown Kabul you think that a military airport.

We had out in the suburbs. That was 100% better maintain secure we could've gotten everybody in and out of their they're not what anybody we are done properly in the deep Biden Pentagon is visible across the board in my embarrassment I buzz we got a run there appreciate you coming on the program.

Thank you sir.anytime all right. Buzz Patterson everybody read his stuff.

We have links to to a social media platforms over on Todd okay folks, we gotta take a quick break going right back to the phones 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show is your life as an accountant to dull and boring yeah start an exciting new career as a Special Agent for the IRS all yes you can take your account to the next level area cooled and a pencil by the administration's 87,000 strong army of IRS Special Agent's only if you're willing to use estimated tax payments to slavery illegible. 941 10 stop filling out forms and enforce law all right wire and application or gender-neutral. We need 87,000 really is is I was living in a bad radical rest. That happened recently. I should the real estate agent should apply just to me I should read the fine print, so there's there's like a huge controversy was listing to our TWA on our flagship radio station driving in today and one of the schools, which is maybe what three or four blocks away from where I live is embroiled in this weird controversy.

So apparently seventh graders and some for the social studies class or social science. Whatever they were asked about their gender, gender identity, and then they had to write about Amanda Journal about their gender identity. What the world the right to that hi my name is Johnny I am a boy I like to play with fire trucks every why yeah exactly what's the so anyway the up one of the parents was on the radio raising came today and then another parent chimes in, and that this parent said oh yeah tapping at my kids school inhabit a math class and some of the seventh grade math class. What the heck is going on here in the Germantown schools in Memphis, Tennessee that makes absolutely no sense.

And I thought these people were conservative, but apparently my understanding is a lot of the people of the school board are these radicals wanted to the kids to mask up there like the mask Nazis and now you got the kids having to explain whether or not there boys or girls or whatever. This is the problem and grace. This makes a lot of sense about you go down to Walmart to go to Kroger and before cashier they don't know their pronouns are and they can't even make change very confusing for them. I'm sure can we can we just you know, can we just agree that math class should be about adding and subtracting. Why do we have to advance the LGBT Q I A+ alphabet people agenda in the classroom. I don't even want to know what kind of word problems are giving the kids nowadays by the time talking about like Sally had four apples and she gave her friend very how many does she sell you lesbian me that's seriously that's a question of their Sally was hanging out with two lesbians, one of them left. How many lesbians are left well lesbian and self Sally transsexual is very confusing. Yes I you don't want to have to parse those participants who thinks if you will, but again I you you hate to say this but it's happening and conservative. What you know and I think the people Germantown fairly conservative people 100%.

I have a radical progressive school board had that happen. I yeah got me on that one.

So this is to be up to the moms and dads to get all this sorted out, but all I can tell you is if that teacher and I don't know if the teacher was falling curriculum or if it was just kind of all its break the ice. Johnny, are you a boy or a girl. First of all, if you're a teacher and if you don't know if somebody is a boy or girl you don't belong in a classroom. That's number one and number two. If you are just a regular civilian and you're not a teacher and you just approach a child on the street and strike up a conversation about sex and gender is what they're throwing you in jail. That's what's going to happen. So if you can't do that on a public sidewalk. Why would you be able to do that in a public classroom. I'm just curious 844-747-8868 was go to Gainesville, Georgia PC on the line. What's going on or oh or above, but the thing that got me through. Everything that we delay. There are no amendment can start rubbing elbows with the money and then they realize they think anything they'd like to let it go alone to get well and getting that they give them what out in their classroom starter just like you were at an earlier date wrong wrong and the one working delay of the left everything the year history is not right.

Already there trying to want what you don't need to write good, bad or otherwise, it is later. And that's what you may dictate and then you got your you know, at least mostly over conservative, but I don't know. Looking and conjecture when they'll be throwing PCI we could go on for another hour and let us because we got a breaker but you sir are absolutely correct and it's starting in the classroom talking preschool preschool, Germantown, Tennessee.

You guys got to get that squared away. General insurance presents shower valid/everyone does something shower. Turns out, generally, the quality insurance company saving people money for newly 60 years since you will radical general insurance services, Inc. insurance agency Nashville Tennessee summarization supply universities.

Do you see so has been for Monday a lot going on here some Intel with this is from an American president proposal writing on true social that the FBI took three of his passports. One has expired, along with everything else. So basically they confiscated the presidents passports. Why would they do that, ladies and gentlemen of the president says this is an assault on a political opponent at a level level never seen before in our country. This breaking news are just coming out that the FBI confiscated the presidents passports during the raid on virologic want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker lie.

Somebody who knows something about the FBI and confiscation are good friend the chairman of the house freedom caucus Congressman Scott Perry Congressman good to have you back with us well to be elected by the court. The latest every day, yet think it can't get worse and then you hear more and more disturbing. I guess like what why did they complicate an expired passport why they confiscated anything at all have a copy stated under body board that the sitting president. Maybe he should have his passport confiscated before he goes and gets America wait for the Chinese for further to Ukraine. I made obviously me know that the evidence of wrongdoing surrounded by the ministration and the left in general and all his accolades that evidences right in front of yet nothing is ever done about it. Nothing is ever done about God.

Yet they continue to speculate regarding the president people on the right now at the Baptist Church, you name it. The right is under constant pressure and constant oppression, but by the instruments of federal power. Meanwhile, the evidence is starkly right in front of us about the left and nothing is ever done that simply cannot stand. And we just keep on paying more and more evidence of it every single day at the highest level.

Congressman, I want to take us back to your incident with the FBI and they know where were you and and what happened with the FBI showed up while we had taken our my wife and I have a young lady young daughters and we felt that our extended family that includes my in-laws and uncle. We share out the beach this summer. We try get our kids to the beach once a year for a couple days and that's where we were and I got a knock on the door at 9 o'clock in the morning, you know, you think maybe it's somebody that is there to work on the house or trance or something. Who knows, but unfortunately it three FBI agent dark and overly sick and out of place will sort down but back to their and they said good morning. I'm here to confiscate your phone and Congressman what was your reaction when you heard those words well of course you go through a flurry of emotions immediately. You think to yourself.

I'm not apprised. Unfortunately, at the same time you think to yourself, what could this be about. I have no idea what this is about you. Think of yourself you know your family didn't guide what are they going to think I made a flurry of emotions that go through your through your mind at a moments notice now and I actually have the phone in my hand at the time and I put in my pocket. You have to tell me more than that before hand over the phone, which they did.

Of course, wait, we've always complied with the law work for a law enforcement.

Unfortunately it out. In this case, if you're pretty sure that these agents that are working out in the trenches are just taking orders from the top and they could've called my attorney and we can all a completely different way that doesn't create a spectacle like like the radon monologue very similar to that all can be avoided. Parent job they want to show forth. They want the spectacle they want the intimidation they want to show the rest of the world that the executive branch has the power and authority and whether your Joe's or whether you let your and the legislative branch. It doesn't matter you're going to bend the knee to comply Congressman, here's here's what gets me by the way Congressman Scott.

On the patriot mobile newsmaker line this afternoon. Chrisman they have been after him from day one as soon as he came down that escalator. The fight started.

And they have thrown every accusation against him. They have fabricated a lot of these these conspiracy theories.

Nothing has nothing stock he's never been charged with a crime never spent a day in jail, so I am. It's very dubious. What happened to Mara Lago and I know there are people over at Fox to say well we just need to calm down the we need to calm down the. The attitude of the atmosphere. I disagree Congressman, I think now is the time for righteous indignation, peaceful indignation, nonviolence, but this is a time for Americans to be angry. No doubt about it time for Americans to be angry and you're right about the characterization FBI that went along with the thought that they weren't the same at PI where James call me classified information improperly to start the special counsel and and there was no accountability for that same FBI that the request scheduled for meeting so to speak, and was not required to provide any information or allow to sit with their attorney to work her attorney were witnesses instead and was allowed to destroy her electronic communications device did not turn them in for scrutiny.

So your you're actually right but it is time for righteous indignation, it is time for the American people to stand up but not more angry about the solution at the ballot box solution is not by being goaded into violent words� People are saying that's what. The left is trying to do right now. We just can't. We can't take the bait on that we need to be angry about what's happening to standard adjustment. The two-tiered system but there's a way to stop it.

That's at the ballot box in talk tomorrow there's a primary in Alaska is the primary in Wyoming we have a chance to show the world that the January committee is of course in the American people don't support it by making sure that Harriet Agyeman beats with Trey Cheney by the widest margin possible jettison the message got to do it tomorrow Congressman did you get your phone back what's the what's the latest there yeah I did finally get the phone back they told me they would have it for a couple hours. The court they were going to honor that commitment, but you know I get that I was traveling with my family. My in-laws just don't need this kind agree that you get older you not only the best to help him so I made one request of what I make to earth. I asked how they found me. Of course they would never answer that question. I kinda know how they found.

I just wanted them to own up to, but the second is I contact my Chief of Staff and let her know when the phone was to be available again. They did have a phone while they said they would do that course they didn't. They came back to the and you know they had to bug my my father-in-law.

This is not the good news that father-in-law want to hear. And that and when I when I went to get the phone from them. I asked him directly why they couldn't honor their commitment and they said we could get confined we could get in touch with her. The FBI who told me when I asked him how did you find me here. It's what we do. I don't think it's too hard to find a Chief of Staff, a member of Congress, but apparently they couldn't be bothered so that that's really the unfortunate thing about this, among other things, and in God and to remind you that there is a separation of power issue here with the legislative branch. You can't allow day. The executive branch to use these contracted for color the legislative branch and as a member of the chairman of the house freedom caucus should impeachment articles against Mary Garland certainly can't be people in the legislative branch that are intimidated into not doing the work that needs to be done. Mary Garland used an outside influence to put ideas on errands that were attending school board. That's not the purpose of the Atty. Gen. should be impeached for that and and I shouldn't have to be concerned about what the Atty. Gen. says about that using the power of the federal government to destroy my good reputation and that and the like.

My family is getting a lot of questions from people and they want to know if the Republicans retake the House of Representatives, will you guys go after Mary Garland and these rogue agents well you know� That I've already be the impeachment articles. I know there are more coming. I just got off the phone with Jim Jordan and and he agreed.

Mary Garland better clear his calendar and set up a cot over the Judiciary hearing room because I think is going to spend a lot of time there answering question about what he's done and abused and misused our and as necessary, should be removed from office without a doubt Congressman. We appreciate your great insights on this this crisis. I mean this is a brewing constitutional crisis of this country and we got to get to the bottom of it and I think you're right we actually are in a fight. This fight at the ballot box. Thank you, Congressman Mike opportunity.God bless you and God bless you Congressman Scott Perry out of Pennsylvania, chairman of the house freedom caucus and you heard them folks. He's fired up. Glad he got his phone back.

I wouldn't use it.

You know it's probably bogged how would you really believe those you trust the FBI after what they've done. Again, the breaking news is president tromped now telling the nation that the FBI confiscated his passports, including one that had already expired what you think that's all about.

Let's go to the phones real quick and we were to squeeze in one caller here Kathy Salem Oregon on KY KN Kathy. What say you well. I know everybody's wondering why don't they leave him alone. I think Pres. company.

I think that they keep getting stronger because he's got the good on and off a lot of people and I think that they're just going to keep going. I mean, why else would they not want him in the White House telling he's got something on all of them. No doubt, and and they're terrified of this guy, Kathy.

I mean, they're throwing everything, adding they've accused him of doing horrible things with Russian hookers they've accused him of being an agent for the Russians. The whole Pfizer warrant the other.

The Russian dossier and now this, and is just you know it's just unbelievable. Some of the stuff, but they are terrified of this man and they're just going to get worse and I am looking for some kind of an emergency, and October.

Well yes and that's why we need to pay very close attention.

Kathy, I'm with you, and now the FBI putting out the bulletin.

All were concerned that there to blow up a dirty bomb in a bag of supporters of might become domestic terrorists know the only place where Maca fans are domestic terrorist are in the made-for-TV movies and the TV shows that you watch in the evening time that because we are a peaceful people. Kathy got a run. Appreciate the call 844-747-8868. Boy I could go for a glass of life changed the right about now wife changed. He is an amazing natural gentle cleanse.

I drink a glass every day.

It's a great combination of 12 herbs comes in three delicious flavors natural peppermint and pomegranate and get this folks life changed either having a big summer sale buy three get one free. So go right now to get the that's get the order some today. Now if you will utilize my discount code Todd 10 that's Todd 1030 to give you an additional $10 off plus free shipping. That's over $50 in savings. So get the use my discount code Todd 10 to get an additional $10 off plus free shipping. You better ordered out folks will be right back. Well, and care you can tell right away that I had an acquired my friend got pretty uncomfortable. They lead Saturday night he came and didn't say anything for a couple hours. I got thinking about it and I was in the kitchen and he called me and to write it in their journal. Well, that's the mom from Germantown, Tennessee on TWA M.

Our flagship station in Memphis. Earlier today I talked to this crazy story where even here in Tennessee which is the buckle of the Bible belt, your you're having some of these renegade teachers. Rogue teachers that are trying to confuse children and it's not just at that school. Another mom called in and here's what that bomb had to say level on the night sky not now to lawyer.

I was shot not violate trade and hope that the love my you know didn't make it into our little town called NJ. I thought about it more Germantown page, you know, just hoping that that I can read that people with the intellect going on open peoples eyes that I needed. I would be attacked then and now is that okay well I'm getting I'm getting crucified right now this Germantown municipal school discussion group on Facebook. It's infested with leftist and I here's what one guy says it all boils down to a belief that kids should only be exposed to things that fit into this parent's narrow view of acceptable races, religions, sexual orientations and versions of American and world history but if you're if you want your child's school to only teach your beliefs. I would suggest private schools or better yet homeschooling with you completely control the books curriculum and what is written on little pieces of paper during class and you don't have to fear your kids will catch something from people who are different monkeypox. I was he talking about here. I have no idea what he's talking about only started I catching anything.

But I think a parent does have a right to know if there teachers are trying to encourage children to change their genders real quick. Let's go to Doug Illinois. Doug got about 30 seconds up with a new T-shirt. God knows your pronouns. Oh, I like that you're right member of your daughter doesn't know the programs that you can you can dress it up change it cut things out that they stood but when you're standing in front of God knows if you're a guy or girl you can make a look anywhere you want, but you know so you are you you know what amen that's a sermon dog. Appreciate the call.

Good hearing from you this Doug, our friend, the teacher died in Illinois by the white in Boston. There's a Children's Hospital and they're saying that even like little two-year-olds can determine whether or not they want to be trained should really do you want your two-year-old to decide that they want to chop off this and that. I don't think so.

844-747-8868 this is the search written so grace I was down at Shelby Farms.

My favorite part and that they had a big like and I thought I smelled what I could go for some barbecue. I just put it identify Bibles. I did 20 oh at Shelby's was a little hungry and then when I finally got to where they were doing the big event, I realized it was the it was the big Memphis Muslim day of Ethel Lockard know it well.

It was it was a big festivity, but who is saying little awkward know pulled pork at that event, but they offered me a free copy of the Quran. I said no I'm a Baptist. Appreciate also Emily communal as they say. I let's go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line, a good friend of this program, the founder of one of the most important organizations in this nation. The Timothy plan our good buddy art Allie hey Art, how are you today sir. God you get yourself in the coming end of you know, our interest in the site did happen to me all the time in in Brooklyn New York where I lived among the indigenous liberal population is a lot of fun and I like I like being exposed to new things, new cultures, ideas to go except for the vegan stuff I can't get into that, so much so hard I was. I was talking to somebody a couple weeks ago. The last time you're on that they were complaining about. I think it was one of the phone services and they were donating money to Planned Parenthood or somebody I said look, this is why you need to go check out the Timothy plan because these guys are to help you find companies that share your values.

So in other words your money's not going to support Planned Parenthood you know if you've got a mobile phone plan with hello Verizon or whoever correct that most people understand spending their money on a service or product and you know there are beginning to refuse to do that, but the other side of it is through your investment program. Do you own the stocks of these companies and you know that's kind of a disconnect on the stock your mouse.

There and improve their profits.

But you know what we offer is is an opportunity to clean up the investment side of things we do all the research we know what these companies are doing the radar and that we refuse to allow our money management firms to invest in companies of frailties basic moral biblical screens. It's not that complicated and I love this art and in here folks, here are some of the things they filter. So again, you want to get involved in making investments that you want to make sure that your money is not going to support companies that are supporting things like abortion, pornography, human trafficking, alcohol, tobacco, anti-family entertainment and so Pape Timothy plan does all the work for you and an art. I think that the that the coolest part about all of this is that you guys people are investing in their making money on their investments because of the great work of Timothy plan well you know you started.

People call me.

There's no way you can screen out profitable properties and those are a lot the trailer screens and back to good good investment returns for your investors for your shareholders well my knives at this time and time and I think I've said time and time again on the show.

If you are a Bible believing Christian or if you are just a morally foundational solid person. Obedience trumps performance over time.

Why would you compromise your values and your principles for maybe 1/2 a percent or 1% more than the answer is you don't have to but what we proven over the years and were were 20 years now we've been doing this Todd you don't have to sacrifice good investment returns for three top-tier money management firms and the other thing people don't generally understand that just another second or two is how this thing works. You know we've got 12 different mutual funds is strange. Funds. But all of them are professionally managed a will investment somewhere between 75 and 150 different companies that they believe have the best potential for being profitable and getting a good return. So make it simple. Todd for people talking on the investment world. This is all a mystery to you. It's almost like speaking Greek or Chinese.

But if you had $150 to invest. For example, and it goes into one of our ponds and owns 150 different companies. It would be like you have a dollar in each of those 150 top and you know sometimes a company may run into it helped spell her other times they really take off like a rocket ship.

But the point is you are well diversified.

Your well-managed our managers are top-tier and you just don't have to sacrifice personal performance.

I love it Timothy folks I can't urge you enough to bookmark this website Timothy to get on this website and you're right art. I'm I don't speak Greek or Chinese either was it's difficult for me. But you guys make it so easy to understand. And there's no hard pressure sales gimmicks.

None of that stuff. This is great information of folks Timothy and an art. Honestly, we've got to start being smart with our investments but we also need to be thinking biblically as as people of faith, warmer investing our money as well. Well, that's right, you know, when you're doing it biblically.

It only works every time we do as I do, but if the website is a problem because we have a human being, answer the phone and they will connect you with another human being that will answer any and all of your questions and simply wanted hundred Tim plan is just not that difficult were here to serve. We understand were in the service business and we don't have any hardshell or anything.

All we do is answer questions three quick people to make better decisions because we know it's a mystery to them and we try to take the mystery out of the program. I love it. Look are you guys do incredible work. There were honored to be partners with you guys and we appreciate you a couple of the program, ensuring the great news about Timothy plan well. Thank you, man. You guys do great work and keep it up.

What were doing our best.

That's art Allie everybody he is the founder of Timothy plan Timothy that's Timothy You gotta check out this website great materials for you and look especially if you are a young, luscious, a moms, dads, grandmas, grandpa's you got the grandkids are starting to invest. What better way than to get them started on the right investment path than by doing it as a young person. So again Timothy hi just I love what these guys are doing and it makes so much sense.

You know we've got to be smart with how we spend our money around this country. We've got a stop propping up a lot of these leftist organizations that are trying to silence us and take away our freedom. So anyway give those folks say a great a great look there art real quick. Let's go to the phones here. There is James and Arkansas listing to us on the K WAN app today. James appreciate you hold on, what's on your mind will cause you know your preview is prudent anytime to get back in office and control, but anyway, back to my original point my orders you know what, if you go to church on Sunday and use it to go out on Tuesday. You vote for Democratic.

I don't how you can you reconcile that with yourself going loosely God's word and know that God is you hurt one of my children, you would be better off. The millstone around your neck cast into the ocean. How can you do that and vote for Democrats support abortion. I James I'm with you on honest-to-goodness I don't get it and I get a lot of trouble when I say that, but I'm with you I I just don't see how you can be a Christian and in support abortion. I don't get how you can square that with your beliefs. Sorry, but I just don't like the logical but you know what you think this country is going in the right direction. Right now you go to church on Sunday. God help you today hello Bob, every knee will bow and every tongue will God help you when that day comes claim to be a Christian and you think this country is going in the right direction.

Right now RJ's gotta be careful to take up an offering. If you keep preaching like that sound like James Harry James, we got a run of folks real quick here 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show well-designed's family went on vacation earlier this year normally were like Dolly will maybe Branson head down to the redneck Riviera.

That's up the Gulf Coast review of folks out there in Wichita, Kansas, but this year the whole family.

The whole crew I went over to check out the the arc and counter the creation Museum folks if you've not been.

It is one of the most breathtaking, jaw-dropping and inspirational places that I've seen in a very long time and now they're having the world's largest music festival of its all it's already underway.

I would go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line Amber just so honored to have one of my favorites can him join us can hope you're doing well.

I thought yeah doing very well. Great to be with you.

I'm just sitting here at the I can counter looking out my office window saying that thousands of people out here today having a great time so I want to talk about this so is being billed as the world's largest music Festival. It's 40 days and nights of gospel music what's going on 40 days and 40 nights comes from a book while yet the Bible and we decided hey you know what why not have a gospel music that people here at the Aki Canada for 40 days and 40 nights. And so we did that last year that we've done again this year.

It is the biggest gospel music that will in the world because it goes for so long and we have 150 different out as many award-winning others. We just had Ricky Skaggs here and yet we had Karen Peck, can you Riviera and so we have also said and I hundred and 20 different concert and so the people who come to the arcing counted and we will set a consecration Museum to its included with the entrance to the attractions and it's a tremendous way of bringing people here who have never been here before they enjoy the music and it's a great way of presenting to them to God's word and the message of the gospel, which is what wrote about his Christian course also some great speakers, including the official chaplain of the Todd Stern's radio program you can him.

You may not be aware of that because we do need a chaplain to keep us on the straight and narrow and that person is Dr. Robert Jefferson was like to be one of the speakers he was becoming his spoon and� Be speaking in his church in Texas sometime in the next few months as well so you we have also to great speakers. Am glad you got somebody keep you on the straight and narrow. You deftly need that by the way, if they tell you in the church hey there to be fireworks during worship. Prepare yourself for literal fireworks can ham I about to keel over 31 of the services, but it's pretty spectacular what they do down there at the first Baptist Church in Dallas be great to meet. That you like and injected all across America around the world and I love to be able to share what we're doing and share from the Bible to the people you can. One of the things I just greatly respected by the way, one of our interns. One of ours workers here was an intern, a summer intern working at the creation Museum and just came back with filled with such passion and and I think what you guys are doing is so vitally important, because ultimately there has been an attack on the first book of the Bible and I just love what you guys are doing in the ministry that you guys are doing to affirm those incredible passages of Scripture.

People loved it.

Young people love the kids love it because when we not just talking about the cold Bible stories and anything wrong when I say that you we we certainly believe the accounts in the Bible but what we doing is giving answers to the attacks on God's word, particularly in Genesis today and so we deal with issues of origins of creation evolution.

The flood fossils we talk about issues of race and we'll go back to Adam and Eve is anyone race I we talk about dinosaurs coming these all the things that people today very familiar with the many have questions about don't know what to do with them, and many young people think it means you can't trust the Bible. Historians disprove the Bible so both at the I can count on the creation Museum we have these world-class exhibits I will cause every bit the quality of Hollywood.

In fact, I think even higher than Hollywood quality and way giving people answers that make the Bible come alive in the way you will not experience anywhere else. That's why people just love this and it helps make the Bible really connects to the real world and and it really is one of these multi-day events right can because there's just so much to see and experience their all you could spend millions of years. I said I believe in you. But yet he had been at the arcing counted at the I think out of the Aki is the biggest freestanding timber frame structure in the world is one half times the length of a football field topped with a football field and stands 10 stories high at the bow 3.3 million board feet of timber filled with three photos of exhibits behind that we have is you can walk through with the kangaroos. We have also to other animals and camel ride."

We present everything from a biblical worldview perspective we have live animal programs daily from biblical worldview prospectively of the virtual reality ride listed in those seats and put on the virtual-reality glasses and you feel like going back to the time of Noah. We have a wonderful playground for the children. We also have just opened the carousel that has unique animal kind and we have teaching about the animal kinds and have no could fit the animals on the Aki to needle species just a land animal kind. We have a conferencing to hear what we do daily program is about 2500 seat auditorium. I mean this is an incredibly attractive actually the Aki is the biggest attraction in Kentucky and that the arc and the creation Museum, which is 45 minutes away is like a hobo walk through the Bible and we have an insect RM and Adonis are exhibit beautiful gardens with the paintings that we have programs they live animal programs we have science labs with special programs for young people mean these are unique that the two leading Christian themed attractions in the world, which is why Northern Kentucky now has become the biggest faith based tourist area in America and tourist destination. Those people pouring here.

Thousands every day until one of the things I appreciate so much is the excellence everything is done with excellence and is a wonderful opportunity for families to go and I have a great time together and experience and really watch the that the Bible come to life before their very eyes again. We got it we hate to do this were running out of time to get you back.

We've had some crazy breaking news today, but we really want to encourage folks arc get out there and enjoy the 40 days 40 nights of music.

Can God bless you. I thank God I can ham everybody from answers in Genesis. Doing some incredible work out there and that of our family, they love it and I suspect yours is going to love it as well.

Heart we have links around the live show blog Todd hey sign up for the newsletter while you're over there welcome to all of our new listeners. You can also download our free podcast folks plug love is real, while surgery is

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