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The FBI Raids Barron Trump’s Room, But Hunter Biden is Off Limits?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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September 6, 2022 3:18 pm

The FBI Raids Barron Trump’s Room, But Hunter Biden is Off Limits?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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September 6, 2022 3:18 pm

So, let me get this straight — the FBI raided Barron Trump’s bedroom — but Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell is off limits?

Ben Deeter,  Mark Meckler, Gov. Mike Huckabee, and Art Ally join the conversation!

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These days, critical thinking is more important than ever. That's why I'm a big fan of the King's College Christian liberal arts colleges or core curriculum of politics, philosophy and economics grapples with the most important questions and text. King's College graduate is rated as the right questions to earn the bachelor's degree online or in person at the King's College just visit Start your journey at the King's College Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by the legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee coming since conservative commentary from America. I'm the host of the program for God, man, I've been I've been out for about 145 days to further. Thank you. And I'm incredibly grateful to the great here and to the host we had Steve Dille, Barry Walters and Jeff Cantu filled in Iola what it was but I got smacked by some sort of like an upper respiratory unit of the sinus stuff and it was is very unpleasant and does so I thought you know I need to take some time off and I hate doing that because I love hanging out with you guys but thank you for thank you for the kind words and the thoughts of the prayers over the of the past several days. Good to be back. And honestly, even if I had been sick. I would've crawled back into the news bunker and because we got so much to talk about today a lot happening over the past of four or five days in this country very disturbing stuff, but we should not be surprised at all.

Not at all. I I want to share with you a word of caution and this is something that I'll be repeating just about every day between now and the midterm elections. I've had a chance over the weekend I had a chance over the weekend to go through and read a lot of the information a lot of affidavits a lot of things connected to Pres. Tromp and the grade at Mara Lago and I've come away with this conclusion that there's nothing there and I think the and I think one of the indicators that we know there was nothing there. What's been happening out of FBI headquarters when it comes to Donald Trump what's been happening everything leaks, everything. Anything that would reflect negatively on Pres. Tromp has leaked, and yet there have been no leaks of the documents that they confiscated the materials they found at at Mara Lago so I don't think they found anything because there was nothing there. As we have told you time and time again. Pres. Tromp has every right to declassified materials. Barack Obama had the same right.

He had the same authority sorted George W. Bush.

They've all done and it has only become a problem when Donald Trump became president now one of the the big questions and this has been a big one is whether or not Joe Biden knew about this. The White House is told us emphatically on a number of kit of a number of occasions that Joe Biden knew nothing of the raid. He knew nothing about it all until after the fact.

But now we know because a federal judge yesterday released her findings regarding the president's request for the former Pres.'s request for a special master. We now know because tucked away inside those documents is a very important piece of information you say Todd, what is that information it's very interesting. Ladies and gentlemen because according to the judge according to the legal documents. This is not the this is not the spin coming out of the mouth of a Ms. Jean-Pierre the lesbian immigrant black press secretary. None of this is this is illegal. This is a matter of the law. We now know that this entire investigation the entire raid. Not only did Pres. Biden know about it. Pres. Biden is the one who instigated that this was done at the behest of the incumbent President of the United States. Now that should be a headline that should be screaming across the front of every newspaper in America and every cable news channel in America, but they're not doing it and why are they not doing it will be answer is very clear because once again, this would absolve Pres. Tromp. This would tell the American people. Hey, wait a second, something's not right here, once again, we have proved that this is nothing more than a political witchhunt and Pres. Tromp was all about that over the weekend at his rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, and were in a place of audio from that speech in just a matter of moments, but I want you to hear this and this is what I'll be repeating over and over and over and over again. I know that many of you are exhausted your worn-out many of you say Todd I love this president I love Donald Trump he is a great American patriot. He made America great again, but I can't. I can't do it anymore.

Let me explain something to you that's what they want you to do. That's how they want you to feel they want you to be exhausted and that's why every single day. The mainstream media there pounding away at Donald Trump because they know that you can't take it. At least that's their thinking. But I believe you guys can.

I believe that everyone of you listening to this program right now you know you know what's really going on here folks every single day there piling on. Every single day I was last night I was I was channel surfing through the Netflix and I came across this movie it came out. I think last year and it's incredibly skewed to the left and it's a fictionalized account of the relationship between Jim cut James call me the then FBI Dir. and Pres. Tromp and watching that movie and being disgusted by it reminded me that the FBI has been after Donald Trump since before he became president. They have wanted to destroy this man and they and they vowed those FBI agents Peter struck Lisa page very powerful individuals within the within the inner circle of the FBI.

They made it their life's mission to try and destroy Donald Trump.

We cannot allow them to be successful again so what's the marching order. The marching order is to stand firm. Do not be discouraged.

Do not throw in the towel, you're going to have to pace yourself. Folks, it's a marathon.

You can go in every single day going 3000 miles an hour you got a pace yourself and you gotta know that at the end of the day. This is all about taking down you the American people as a matter of fact, Pres. Biden was very clear over the past couple of days that the problem the most egregious problem facing America is not China or Iran or Russia or what ever the greatest threat to democracy is we the people. That's what Joe Biden said over the weekend, you need to understand they're not just coming after Tromp they're coming after all of us and together we have to stick to take a stand.

We have to take a stand and if we do not.

Ladies and gentlemen were to lose a limb in terms it's it's that simple. So don't be discouraged. Don't get sucked in to the to the constant badgering day in and day out that's coming from the mainstream media and including Fox news channel.

You just can't by end all of what I want you to hear. And again this is this is truly what they think about all of you cut number 11 I seen words of encouragement I see optimism. I see a commander-in-chief who is calling out all of us, no matter our political affiliation. All of us. He wasn't calling out to the manga supporter. Certainly he mentioned in more than a dozen times, and as a threat to democracy as a president essentially given up on those mega Republicans some 70 million people. What the president has done and said that he will continue to work with mainstream Republicans that he will work with Democrats that he will work with independents to get things done in our country. But there's not a Republican agenda. This hate fueled engine that that's not the Republican agenda that we saw insight balance on our nation's capital has no place in a democracy, and if we are not intentional about calling out, which is what the president did then country everything that a country is built upon is in danger.

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, you have the president stealing in front of the gates of hell in where was it to Independence Hall in Pennsylvania desecrating that beautiful building using the Marines not as props.

Those Marines were there for a reason. They were there to send a message and the message is very clear, the president of said this is what got he's going to send the F-15s F-14's out after a manga people. What is he going to do shoot shoot all of us. I think the reason the Marines were there was to send a message that if you don't if you don't toe the line were to be sending the troops in.

That's what Tromp that that's what this is all about. Here, Biden is playing hardball but again it's not Biden, it's Susan Rice and Barack Obama. They're the ones that are pulling the strings of this Godfather trilogy here that's what's really going on. So my question to you ladies and gentlemen is very simple. Are you as a member of the magna community. Are you still proud to be a supporter of Donald Trump and are you willing to take a stand. Are these threats coming from the White House. Are they working 844-747-8860 that is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 arrived. I just have to brag on our great website team. They have been working around the clock over the weekend. Amazing stories for you to check out Todd Bookmark the bookmark the website great journalism being done there, folks. Also, you can download our free podcast and newsletter great resources for you to share with your friends and your neighbors.

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We will not been will not will not yield will never give in and we will never give up.

We will never ever ever back as long as we are confident in United the tyrants we're fighting stand even a chance because we are Americans and Americans kneeled to God and God alone together is only just begun and it is time to start talking about greatness for our country again. We are one move, one people, one family and one glorious American nation. So with the help of everyone here today and citizens all across our land. We will make America powerful again. We will make wealthy again strong again. We may proud. Again, we will make save again will may again. God bless you all.

Thank you for the big you president Tromp.

God bless user the video from that speech and bolts.

Tens of thousands of people unbelievable ground their people were weeping. They were cheering Grace Baker was. I get not the handkerchief out just a few moments ago. This is this is presidential ladies and gentlemen, this is a man as soon as I saw the amoeba of the president there in the beautiful arena with a massive American flag, the George Patton American flag behind him draped from the rafters. The only thing I could think of a ride.

I jotted this down on Twitter.

Let there be light. I mean it stands in stark contrast to what we saw in Philadelphia with the blood red lighting and the darkness enveloping the crowd and Joe Biden with the beady little eyes. Compare and contrast ladies and gentlemen. When president Tromp said that conservatives and Americans, we kneeled to God and who to the Democrats appeal to ladies and gentlemen, they kneel to the to the God of Moloch, the God of of child sacrifice fed to vent to the Democrats bow down to and all I could think of this I was watching a Biden standing there, bathed in the blood red lights in the darkness around him.

All I could think of was, it was demonic it was satanic.

It was as if we were watching the Prince of darkness. The antichrist just warding over America. I don't think people are actually buying what Biden was trying to sell may be wrong here, but I think the American people see through this they see evil they know what evil they know what evil is and that was it personified. I will go to the phones real quick.

Patty and North Carolina WSI CM Patty on braces telling me that you were at that rally with Pres. top five.)

I hope you feeling better. Thank you. You're welcome Allison yeah I what I meant to be over 50,000 people there and plot.

There were people waiting outside it was that big of a crowd. Patty what was the atmosphere like what was the blue like we just play back when you get that music coming out.

It's true very Gestapo very like Patty but I'm that was the only thing missing. By the way, God really was entitled to marine you know they were. It reminded me remember when when Biden or it was Obama during the rainstorm and he had the Marine standing out there holding an umbrella so Obama would not get wet wet. They didn't want a raindrop that's you know it was basically an up yours and I think the Marines honestly God bless those men because they stood their post as they were ordered to do, but I suspect it just it. They had to fight the urge to get up and walk away with every fiber in their body. I know I like that all the read back and thinking looked like walking out you Patty, that is a great way to point to look at it and I think that's a very descriptive like there is an evil coming out of the White House right now and again were not a root when not a religious show, but it just seemed to me I just felt a sense of evil demonic evil coming out of my television watching Joe Biden hey Patty, we got a run. I am so glad you're at that rally and thank you for the first up for the first to an eyewitness report 844-747-8868. I do believe are the forces of darkness. I do believe in demons out but I also believe in angels and we have a lot of Angels listen to this radio program. I think those are the folks in the save America 844-747-8868 that's your toll-free number.

That's 844-747-8868 this is the time surgery.

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It is, it is a tragedy.

So anyway and you know me I'm a I'm a good driver. So I'm looking over to the passenger side and when I do I'm like holy crap they tried to like break in my car so the good news is, this can like the only thing it doesn't have is like it doesn't have like like the James Bond car, which I wish it did the guns with guns. Otherwise there would be a dead car burglar summer in my parking lot. But no, they tried to smash in my window but I got the sensors and as soon as they touch the car they go off and I ran away, but now I gotta replace the blaster window just stinks but it's not good another day live in. It is not good. Indeed it is there you go anyway. Even in the nice parts of town. The Crandall element wears a meeting on ZIP Code. We got a George Soros district attorney. So what week is like San Francisco out there walking back to the time surgery is everybody good to have you with us. Memphis has been in the international news over the past couple days off you seen this bizarre story a a beloved schoolteacher and a mother of two young boys was out for an early morning jog got kidnapped and now just what just moments ago me this thing is been all over the news because apparently she's the granddaughter of an of it. She's an heiress of the grandfather ran a multibillion-dollar company. One of the relatives is a federal judge, so it's a high-profile case and it's really it's really gripped the entire world and the daily Mail sky news New York Post, the New York Times, Fox News has reporters boots on the ground here in Memphis and help us figure out what's going on is been Dieter who is the news anchor at K WAN. The flagship station of the Todd Stern's radio program, then I know you been working pretty much around the clock on the story tells what happened.

So it all happened on Friday right before Labor Day weekend. You have a mother of two Eliza Fletcher and she wasn't just a mother of two.

She was damp and she was so much more in this community. She was a schoolteacher at a prominent school here in Memphis at a middle school grade teacher. She's on a run near the University of Memphis. People would say that's an all right part of town but it wasn't. In this case because you have this monster who we've learned more details about as of recent. Pull up in an SUV force her violently into that SUV around 4 o'clock in the morning and took off with her. It was on Saturday that we learned the name of this monster, this dog that had been in and out of the criminal justice system. Here the oath the absent. He had done something very similar tide about two decades ago, kidnapping similar to this one.

In this case it was its schoolteacher in the early 2000's. It was edge. It was a prosecutor with a Memphis attorney and fortunately in that case, he survives. My understanding is that Casey is what 16, 17 years old and they carjacked this guy put the they stuffy attorney in the trunk of his own car and unfortunately the attorney lived, but he was sentenced to what 24 years in prison for that crime 24 years in prison and he did not serve at all. I was at and yeah because what this happened in 2000 he was convicted of the crime in 2001. So my question is why was this guy allowed to walk the streets of Memphis, Tennessee. He is a convicted predator. So the Department of Corrections there saying why he was released early because back of the napkin math tide would mean that he would still be in jail in the schoolteacher would be teaching her students in school this morning, but that's not what happened.

He was released early and it was because he received credits for the time he was in jail for completing some program so I'm not sure what programs he was complaining but I guess he got an A+ and then I got back out on the macram� was learning how to cook me what you will have any idea what kind of programs he was involved in what it's interesting because somehow he had access to a cell phone during his time in prison.

I don't know what kind of prison. He's in and was tweeting actually on Facebook about different things different violent things he had been capable of and things that he would future in the future he would do and it looks like he had his mind set on that in about two years after he had been released. He was released.

I just two years ago.

He's back doing the same thing in a teacher's dead this morning. Now the guy was picked up over the weekend and he would not tell my understanding is, he would not tell the police where they could find Mrs. Fletcher right and you know it was pretty clear on Saturday. They had the guy on Sunday. They announced charges that he officially kidnapped this woman. So the whole community, all of Memphis and really like you said, nationally and internationally. The world knew there was a ticking time clock.

We need to find Eliza Fletcher.

We need to return her to her family. The guy wouldn't talk, you know, if an event point Ben and I know your news guys so you can tell you to jump in with the opinion here, but it just seems to me that there was a time in American history where the cops would make some some thought like that talk I mean the reality is that we don't have a lot of the details here but here you have a woman and it could've been that she was still alive that maybe just maybe they could have. They could've saved her life again, we don't know we don't have the details are not sharing that information, but it seems to me that if you're an investigator you want to do everything possible to get that information out of the suspect and I'm just what if it had been my family member been Dieter, we would've started with the fingers we would've started with the pinky finger and worked her way to the farm and then off to the next hand until we got the information so that we can actually save the loved one. But again that's is what I would do if it was a member of my family yeah well that would be it one step closer to tough on crime policies and Memphis which type your native meant the end here. You note tough on crime and Memphis politicians don't go together. It's a war zone out there and the criminals had the upper hand because they know these elected leaders are never going to crack down on the criminal element.

The in their minds the criminals are the victims here yeah and it really what was interesting.

Todd is some of the victim blaming started going to the schoolteacher because she was out running in the morning that we can get into whether that was a safe decision or not, but I think the blame at the end of the day belongs squarely on the shoulders of this repeat offender. This monster out on the streets yeah I'm I'm with you on that.

And again I would caution folks, though it is a matter if you're in Memphis or any city you need to be if you're out and about and and look I remit I know what that's like.

You're out there running your walking your you got the headphones on your list of your music and you don't know what's happening around you of folks you can't do that anymore, not in America it's just too dangerous. I would recommend if you are a runner have some sort of a weapon, have some way to defend yourself in the event one of these monsters comes up.

Here's what gets me though been Dieter and by the way been Dieter news anchor at Kate WAN covering this national news story from Memphis you you had a judge who thought it was going to be it was okay to actually set a bond and allow this guy to get out and walk the streets of Memphis.

Any time where time, ways of the essence where everybody in this community.

Everybody in the nation way saying we need answers from this thug that you guys have a judge went ahead and posted his or her heirs set his bail. His bond and it was set at $500,000, meaning tide if he had $50,000 of cash he would be able to walk the streets while they're still looking for the schoolteacher. That's where were at.

We have a district attorney right now in men face. If you is all in favor of eliminating cash balance. It basically would level the playing field for a system that disproportionally discriminates against Blacks in the city so were talking about the same kind of a district attorney that New York and Chicago and San Francisco and Los Angeles. Yeah on believable folks. Here's what gets me about this this horrific crime and there are some videos and I get a plane you can go to Kate WAN and watch these videos its heartbreak to see this mom she made YouTube videos for her kit. The students in her class singing songs like this little light of mine. She was a schoolteacher second grade teacher at St. Mary's Episcopal school and you said 30 watching you realize this beautiful person this beautiful light was was vanquished was put out and it didn't have to be that way if the elected leaders. The people that we trust to do the right thing had only done their jobs. This thug this monster. This animal would still be in prison and she would've been at church at second Presbyterian on Sunday worshiping with her. Her husband and her two young boys.

It's it's that simple. It really is that simple.

And we can only hope and we don't know what this district attorney is going to do, but this is a death penalty case here know, I know some of you might be thinking, oh, all Starnes is just off. He's off the chain. It's a bunch of hyperbole.

Look, I don't have a problem if if you've got a life-and-death situation.

You've got a criminal who's not wanting to talk and you know that he's the guy that did it. I don't have a problem doing what needs to be done to get the evidence to get the information to save a person's life that you may feel differently. I'd like to hear from you. 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 been Dieter want you to stick around for a minute but I want to take a call.

Let's go to Memphis. Faith is listening to us on Kate WAN wants to weigh in on this some, this horrible weekend we've had here. I was happy Tuesday God a great Tuesday working prayers in the heart with the family and let clich�. I love the one from compiling data from the my heart goes out to them as it relates to boy I'll watch to print comfort and it doesn't inspire confidence.

Even if you look at his campaign admit that he is very crafty on how he talked about progressive policies, which he really doesn't. So, I don't think it would be much like got going and Krasner in Philadelphia and I say that because we all know the progressivism is the bloodwork of Marxism and stuff like that, but I watched his behavior and his advice to the pandemic and the things he was saying there, which promoted stripping constitutional right. What I will say is this. Anyone can meet with not the best DX.

I held my nose about the fark because many people may not know that she thought it was going to just panel box. It was BA. One thing I will say crime to try also put the current state of Tennessee because they raise the rate they raise the amount and threshold of what misdemeanors are no established communities be 570 family usually 500 up that way.

That's 1000 Malloy talk about Joe Coggin busted up to get Beverly get carjacked and if they are at their teenager. This always happens anyway did not to talking with adult they could take Nancy down values that I used to work at that there, and I'll let you center used to be a tough play because were running running up against the offered breaker and I appreciate your call and you're right.

I think every person in America needs to be prepared for what Biden is unleashing here the progressives they want chaos in the streets. That's how they thrive. Barack Obama was a community organizer. His job was to rile people up.

His job was to cause chaos on the streets. That man was the president for eight years. You've got Joe Biden in office now and and Barack Obama is still pulling the strings or in Memphis Tennessee is in a very dangerous very dangerous spot right now we have a great local gun store the gun store Memphis. I I've been encouraging people to get out go right down there get yourself gone.

Get yourself some ammo and prepare to protect yourself and your family. You just cannot. You can't play games here folks it is that dangerous of a situation not been Dieter but what's what's next, what are we waiting on for me. They had a big press conference year window layout window based on this going to the electric chair. That's what a lot of people like Faith are concerned about is how the new district attorney will prosecute him and that a lot of people on our morning show on TWA and we talk to our speaker here in Tennessee, Cameron Sexton and he's in agreement with some in the community that says an eye for a tooth at eight at night for her and I a tooth for a tooth, meaning let's throw the book at this guy and look at those options as far as a death penalty so will continue following this, but a lot of people disappointed really and just the disturbing devastating news. I have never seen so much anguish and anger in a in a community, but this is a community that is hurting right now and it is a story that has gripped the entire nation shockingly right here in Memphis Tennessee are working to take a break or folks. What is the answer to the crime. What are you doing in your communities to fight these criminals 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your gold. It's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time. Legacy precious is the company I investing in gold. They can help you roll your retirement account weight goal back IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metals safely and securely to your house. You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox called legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit the online legacy PM legacy PM all right now more than ever. It is so important that were fighting and supporting companies that that are fighting for conservative American values, and we been telling you about patriot mobile for a very long time now.

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You can also give them a call 972 patriot. That's 972 patriot when you do gotta be sure to type in that promo code Todd and her to get some great discounts and deals folks.

We've got another great hour coming your way two hours actually. So hang tight. In the meantime, Todd Be sure to read all of our great stories give us a call 844-747-8868 and hang tight really write back America, something like a soft place to land you can make it in New York City you can make a Christian school. This place is a profound influence multiplier effect on the rest move into a low college come to universities through you in Memphis, Tennessee are so great to be with you about about this.

This national radio program in 140 850 markets around America hundred 5800 stations around the country, a carrier or program due to three Eastern and we are just honored by all of you guys think you for thank you for carving out a section of your day to hang out with us on the radio about one of the cool things about doing the show back home in Memphis Tennessee as opposed to New York City or Los Angeles or Chicago is that you get to do weird stuff after the show was over me.

Sometimes we do weird stuff during the show, but Grace Baker, I, I, I, come back in from sick leave from the from the DL list. Oh yeah, and I'm up on deck and you say, by the way Todd after the so you got a good judge of chili contest. My weight what yahoos like, don't forget I got a good judge.

The chili drink lots of water before you get a gear up and be ready know I'm had noted. I'm heading over to the Germantown pharmacy for like a hefty bottle of Pepto that's fair enough because of chili so it is.

So I'm I'm so I'm judging a method is that the state fair. Yeah all right at times and I'm one of the judges for the chili carpet correct your other celebrity judges. Last year I had to judge casseroles. I remember that and I think like you just don't know what you can get the crapshoot. I yeah I like what is this, at least you know the base of what you're going to get, but I already can say I'm just an analysis. If anybody is plain listening to this am planning on making vegan chili for this Todd is not like you. I will Artie know I will not judge it, I will throw it out exact you know when I do I throw it out the window. If you are planning on devising a carrot or lima bean that's called vegetable soup that is not chili his mother that I think is there will be somebody that brings you a vegan chili. I don't want to lose a listers by what I'm about to say but I'm afraid we might lose a few. I can handle beans and Chile know it's not the point of even though it's chili is beef and beef only, and I I challenge anyone to really highlight a vegan when there is no just things okay great. This was just beans with juice.

I don't and being juice, which is just disgusting but I'm I when I have to have chili I go.

I know it's weird but I am braced the Texas way and the Texas way is just good beef chili okay okay well again if anybody is entering the competition this afternoon is listening you guys better start getting the bills out.

Yeah, that being that one by one, because I will disqualify it. Each piece off my plate that has been my bold it has been now I just I'm not looking forward to this.

I don't know it's because I don't I feel like I'm walking into controversy. That's true. You are walking on egg shells or it's walking on. It's know why good night judge like the great great tomato competition at the Goodwin huge tomato person just to eat them like that though there is one state fair is that I want Montana. I note somebody's got like a big huge like sculpture made out of butter is that I why don't you note somebody's going to call us and tell us, but I love state fairs, but the ones here.

You know they're a lot of fun� You know, these are working fairs for us because we have to judge things look like it's Iowa is not one in Iowa and Iowa where they get nervous like people show up at the exhibit with like idle low biscuits and a butter knife that you use unsalted or salted butter for the sculpturing salted butter is tastier got to nothing wrong with the local labor all right 844-747-8868 if you have any chili recommendations. I'll take 844-747-8868 art. We got a lot going on this hour. The program can't.

I want to go back to Pres. Trop. He was giving a speech over and walks. What is fascinating about the speech abided over the weekend.

Speaking in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Nobody showed up. Nobody showed up. And nobody in the media wants to talk about that but that all these empty raptors meanwhile trumps got filled to the rafters stealing remotely people outside waiting to get in and you know what the media does. And this is so devious. The media will take photographs of the stands at the Trump rallies before people actually get in and I'll post those essay showed up on telling your folks, there is still great excitement of this country about Donald John truck. So anyway, Trump is out there and he drops this bombshell about the raid at marl I go cut number 10 then rifled through the First Lady's closet drawers and everything out and even did a deep and ugly search of the room of my 16-year-old son leaving everything they touched. In far different condition that it was when they started later the FBI and the Justice Department had become vicious monsters controlled by radical left scoundrels, lawyers and the media who tell them what to do. People right there and when anything I think the mainstream media.

And I think establishment Republicans and I believe the Democrats are going to underestimate the anger and the outrage and the resolve of the make America great again movement because what is this all about you again. Biden has declared war on the Maggart Republicans water manga Republicans there people who want to have a secure border there people who believe in the sanctity of life there people who believe we should not be fighting other people's wars there. People who believe that we should abide by the Constitution. So Biden has officially declared war against United States of America, but I want to go back to this to what the president told us here that the FBI raided the room. The bedroom of a 16-year-old boy.

Now these are the same FBI folks who were ordered to stand down when it came to hundred Biden's laptop, you're not allowed to touch on Biden's laptop not a lot even though there's wealth of evidence that hundred Biden was engaged in criminal pornographic sexual activity that's off limits. But you're telling me that it's okay to go in and rifled through the private belongings of a 16-year-old boy and my sources tell me Amar Lago that Milani of Trump was so enraged and and rightfully so that FBI agents were rummaging through her clothes and her drawers with her. Her private unmentionables there that she actually got rid of all of it and bought new clothes because she could not stand the idea that somebody and a stranger with a badge was actually touching her clothing. These people are our per photos, the Gestapo provokes that to the FBI is these days are eight 844-747-8860 Effexor toll-free telephone about the phones here Tracy and George W GUN has some information on a butter tell Tracy what are you talking about. How is something that actually payment at the Illinois State fair in Springfield, Illinois I that's actually my home state. I don't tell too many people that because I have kind of denounced my affiliation with Illinois crazy up there, but the butter cow. It is a cute thing at the state fair and I remember going every year and I was one of the first things we had to go see in the conservation building work butter cow.

I was always led to believe that it was solid butter, but unfortunately that was that busted my bubble this last year and I actually just found out that the wire if the wireframe and butter on the outside but I also was not like pure butter all the way through.

Not that was kind of where you are like the size of a cow though that would be a lot better if it was solid. No doubt others. Those would be difficult to make with the but it would be but it couldn't hurt like hell.

Tracy, thank you for the information you see this is what I love about this show one minute word were talking about Donald Trump and the FBI never darted about whether or not there are butter letters on a butter cow 844-747-8868 Lester Louisiana Ginger listing to us on KROF Ginger, what's on your mind what I'm calling you about that chili with no being, and I make chili with no being, and it is some of the best Ginger I want your address right now on national radio. No, don't get this joke is that right so now you guys are pretty close to Texas so I can imagine the spill over there with the way they do their chili. What's up I went to give what your secret ingredient. But what's the secret ingredient well. Tomato and cumin cube a lot lot lot chili pepper you know and ask Culpepper jalapeno peppers that that's the key. You see, I'm a Louisiana hot sauce. I'm yeah I'd love to. I used to love Tabasco but I'm a bigger fan of Louisiana to the Louisiana hot sauce yeah yeah that's a good one.

Yeah, hands down. Ginger Parker, we are partial to that decadent right there in our little Cajun country Ginger hands down. I have I have never been disappointed in the food in Lafayette Louisiana. I've been down there about three or four times, amazing food seem yeah. Well have a great day. All right, Ginger.

I'm glad to know I'm not alone. Ginger from Louisiana chili with no beans right there. I gotta take a break here 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number hey coming up a little bit later. Gov. Mike Huckabee is going to drop by. Also Mark Meckler run the convention of states and you have really taken your if you got a state fair story got a good chili recipe.

Give us a call. This is the Todd Stern show balance of nature changing the world one life at a time like that. I met a girl, it all felt that the doctors on the Schuylkill like a song like and I all supplements but I've been thinking throughout the years, there were good there more in the high, but nothing compares the balance of nature is not." The silver for years until you because it is the same path never under years of violent and I'm really thought when I didn't know about his or start your journey. Call 1-800-246-8751 or go to the balance of to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance. This no no time chili with leaves is what you put on the hotdogs. What's the matter with you. I lived in Texas for 10 years.

Chili's got there have been Zana told you I should've said anything to get bivalves shot but what about what what I gotta do. It's a talk radio program. Welcome back everybody. This is the Todd Stern's radio show but II will say this I am happy to fellowship with those people who do enjoy the means of their chili just usually at at a distance and not downwind so I someone sent me a story during my convalescence last week and I think this is a parody, but I wasn't quite sure if it was a parody so I did little bit of research on this particular topic and comes to find out that while this may be a parody. This is a big issue in the trans gender community. So here it is. And I again the folks I didn't realize this was a thing but apparently this is a thing men are now bit biological man. Let me preface this by saying biological man are now being being encouraged to be more. Oh what's the word diplomatic when going to the bathroom so typically when you walk into a men's room. You will find a wall of blue latrines and you will have men going over and using the restroom. They are using the restroom.

So now there is a movement within the transgender community to encourage men to pee sitting down. This is from a an essay written by Jamie Braunstein quote as I was transitioning I found it triggering to constantly have to use the stall when going to the bathroom with my sis gender male friends.

My best friend recently told me that door confessed on a social media platform.

She had already she is a key she had already educated me thoroughly on the many know she is a sheet she had already educated me thoroughly on the many issues faced by the transgender community, but I I admit I had never even thought about anything like this before, so the wheels in my head started worrying and soon enough I came up with this beauty, you see benefits of sitting down to pay you for a sis gender man can include a feeling of independence a reduction in total bathroom breaks and even easier cleanup, safety, and much much more and then goes goes on to list 30 reasons why men should use the bathroom, sitting down first and foremost is solidarity with trans men and women sitting down to pee helps you empathize with and support new members of your gender community. It's really appreciated. Yay.

And I gonna remember to not to remember three sitting while peeing gives you a strong sense of feeling safe putting a more positive spin on the experience of urinating the ability to concentrate more on what you're doing okay to read that one not definitely not in a rebound. Sitting down is considered modern and progressive cultures like Sweden and the UK.

Yes we beat you at least meet one of them in a war so I'm not too sure that peeing standing as a sign of immaturity and they reference the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon which many of you have seen and are aware of. You should only stand when you can't find a talk and I can read that one not generally that one. So basically you get the gist of these people are idiots. But it turns out, there really is a movement afoot to change the way men use the bathroom. To accommodate the transgender community, and I will post the links to these stories over on our clocking show blog folks you just can't make this stuff up. God made male and female. Everything else, Facebook came up with 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 so Mayor lesbian Lightfoot out of Chicago is very upset with Gov. Greg Abbott and she sets that Gov. Abbott should be ashamed because he is now sending busloads of illegals to Chicagoland and she's she's questioning the religious beliefs of Greg Abbott. Take a listen cut six. The way that we welcome them is not what the governor of Texas is doing is absolutely un-American. I he professes to be a Christian. This is not Christianity and the teachings of the Bible and religious leaders all across the country standing up and denouncing exactly this. What we must do in this moment is make sure that we do live our values. We open up every opportunity that we can to support these migrants wait a second now. So is it Christian to make the people in the Texas border town suffers. That is not what the Lord Mayor lesbian Lightfoot is suggesting here seems to me that if it's if the people along the border have to suffer the good people of Chicago have to suffer there you go. I wonder if the illegals use the bathroom, standing 844-747-8868 that's your toll-free telephone number hey coming up Mark Mackler from the convention of states view survey want to hear the results of this will be right back America nature changing the world one life at a time. Things around the house. I really like your product and happy with it. You really think about it anymore. You got it in your diet. Regularity was put away very good cook. I don't always debug the group so I know about her work, more energy and feeling good.

Overall the work of the complaint. All sounds good. You have a little more energy work will want to do so. I think that a little more energy older disabled person but I don't always eat properly feeling a little stronger now. I start your journey to better health: 800-246-8751 or go to Townsend to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order using discount code balance are a people good to have you back with us today. Welcome to the Todd Stern's radio show broadcasting border to border coast-to-coast across the screen for the plane new survey out from our friends over at convention of states action.

They partnered with Trafalgar group and by the way, one of the best polling agencies out of these guys are incredibly accurate with the with the polling data, and though they asked folks after Joe Biden's speech from the blood red gates of hell whether or not his prime time address was troubling and an overwhelming majority of independents and Republicans called the speech a dangerous escalation in rhetoric and they believe it was designed to inflict or rather to incite conflict to the patriot mobile newsmaker line from the convention of states. Our good friend Mark Mackler, Mark. Good to have you with us today work when you when you saw the president's speech. I'm curious to know your thoughts as you saw the backdrop the imagery, the blood red lighting the darkness, enveloping of the president, I would say the main thing is that we arrived in America, and I don't mean that hyperbolic the definition of baptism. Accordingly, we would everything inside the state.

Nothing outside the data. Nothing against the state and you didn't mention the red and black imagery, but that's certainly I would say Biden brought all of that, the podium during that speech and I think we now have an openly fascist present. It's whenever I heard him use the word semi fascist a couple weeks ago. Alarm bells went off because you and I both know that when the Republic when the Democrats are out there accusing Republicans of being ratio racist or xenophobic. Whatever they're actually talking about their own policies that so it's a form of clinical projection. I suppose you constantly caught that because they are that they called racist because the Democratic Party is now it has always been the party of dividing people by race are important. We remember the Democrats were the party of the Civil War there were the party Jim Crow. There were the party filibustering and I think 64 Civil Rights Act and longer filibustering three of them are the parties in turning Japanese during World War II. The racism changes the faith in its color but racism is at the root of the Democratic Party as it was talk about the survey that that you guys put put out there. Just a few days ago were you surprised that 56.8 of Americans believe the president's address is is an escalation in rhetoric. I was a surprise I got from independent and Republicans so those numbers are really bright. There were a couple things that were right on it that only 28% of Democrats thought that way but I think this is important were living in a time where the parties and the ideology become so split where average Democrats are in favor of this kind of stuff. It's a scary time in American history.

The second thing that I was really anybody will call the crossed out the details of how these things break out among different groups.

What young people 18 to 24 were literally right up at the very top at 59.6% of people if I thought it was a dangerous collation in rhetoric and his ongoing fight in any type conflict among American biliary group available were 55+30 of the youngest and the oldest among us say that this was designed to incite everybody else around 55%� Big of a swing but definitely young people did not like the tone and tenor of the speech. I'm really surprised by those numbers. I'm with you I would've I would've felt like they would've been the least upset about Biden's rhetoric gently across most of the polling that we do is the younger generation, 18 to 24. Right now the youngest that we call it hurting more conservative/libertarian they don't trust government. They don't trust either party want government out of our business at different, by the way. Generally speaking on it when I get into the 25 to 34 that to be the most woken generation, most leftist generation, but eking the 24th turning the other direction in your polling data and talking to the students any indication of why that is why receiving that shift you are talking about, but I just talked to a lot of people like to travel across the country if it just trust for all.

In general, it's not about either party they don't like the power being wielded by Washington DC.

These are people who drink very cynical about power in Washington DC and of course that more closely matches the right or the Libertarians in the United States America I think is the cynicism about Washington DC that is driving the ship's fascinating well Mark, we appreciate you coming on to talk about the survey just came out and again I don't not the only shocking part I think is the number of young people who understand how dangerous this sort of rhetoric is but but again it is a very dangerous time in America. Mark and by the way and click on all the details that are presently there that they want to get involved, they can do as well because we got back to get well soon Ari marker to leave it there. Appreciate you coming on the show today. Thank you.Mark Mackler from the convention of states and we have links to their survey over on our live show block, so this happened just a few moments ago in the White House press briefing room here is Sean P.

Harrah on Peter when you're asking a question well stolen election. Election results is extreme now really clear that that comparison you made is just ridiculous.

I have been I have been asking me questions and the answer I was. I was talking specifically at the time of what was happening with voting rights in the white danger of voting rights. That's what I was speaking to at the time of the reality is, and the RNC is put out an incredible video 10 minutes 10 minutes worth of video of people like Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Karen Jean-Pierre, the whole lot of out there saying they did not believe the election outcomes going all the way back to buy the way and it's not just them Al Gore going all the way back to Bush V Gore time and time again you've had Democrats out there questioning the integrity of the election and suggesting not just suggesting but stating that the elections were stolen and they refuse to accept or concede the outcome.

I'm talking about Stacy Abrams for you people in Georgia. By the way, a brief aside here new surveys coming out looks like Herschel Walker is making and gaining ground and now leads Rafael Warnock in and some of the polling data type fascinating polls will give a little bit later, but all that bad.

Let's take the pen back out now but back to back to these Democrats and Jean-Pierre in particular. It is a double standard. Keep in mind the Democrats year after year have been sent have been telling us matter-of-factly that the elections were stolen. Now all of a sudden the Republicans want to step in and do the same thing and it's a matter of national security 844-747-8868 Fetzer toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 summer time. Nothing better than a delicious glass of life changed the love this stuff lives changed. He is amazing. It's a natural, gentle cleanse 12 herbs comes in three wonderful flavors natural peppermint and pomegranate life changed. He is made right here in the US of a it's super easy to brew. I drink some every single day. Absolutely delicious. Go to get the that's got the to order yours today use my discount code Todd 10 and there to give you get this buy one get one free and are getting give you $10 off and there to throw in free shipping. That's over $50 in savings. Ladies and gentlemen, get the use the discount code. Todd and the number 10 that's Todd 10 for an additional $10 off plus free shipping nature changing the world one life at a time. It all the stuff that the doctor told us all like and I all supplements but I've been thinking throughout the years, there were good there more in the high, but nothing compares the balance of nature is not." The silver years I can tell you because this is same years that Myla and I really thought when I can tell if I have the balance start your journey.

Call 1-800-246-8751 or go to Townsend to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance all right what about ladies and gentlemen of the phones. I will want to read to you from an official court document that came out yesterday. This is the order granting Pres. trumps a request to have a special master look over all of the documents that were stolen from our Longo during the FBI rate. This is a huge huge victory for Pres. Trump and and quite frankly, the judge here is saying something doesn't pass the smell test. Now it is a 2525 page report, and here's something that the judge wrote that I thought was quite interesting talking about the national archives. They in it and didn't mention the the national archives working in cahoots with the FBI. Now Biden said he didn't know anything about it.

That's they have been adamant Biden knew nothing about. But now we know according to the official document that the White House counsel's office granted the request to get the materials from our Longo on May 10, 2022. National archives informed the plaintiff that it would proceed proceed with providing the FBI access to the records in question as requested by the incumbent president, beginning as early as Thursday, May 12, 2022.

The government's filing states. The FBI did not obtain access to the 15 boxes until approximately May 18. So there you have it in black-and-white ladies and gentlemen. Pres. Biden instigated the raid on our Longo and why and and why the mainstream media covers the supposed course with, there are morons and they hate Donald Trump. Why would they report the truth are, let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Mike in Chattanooga, Tennessee, no radio, great radio station all over the region L thought quickly 45 years.

13 because back then Democrats feel like that's what they're good at look at the big picture big picture is the protecting about $3 trillion. The ball ball by Colby Iqbal is the federal government taking your money and your wealth. That's simple and direct the soul of this is not about politics but about protecting the ball and not after. Trump thereafter won the election. They couldn't prove he didn't weaken but when the election I'm sorry Trump 10 selection for Democrats.

Why did Mike escape they have not one shred of evidence we have the evidence but your if you're in that much power as the president or someone near the present ensuring that joint abolishing can float with the right people in place to do it to get to talk about wiretap the create evidence. That's what they do is evidence creator. They bring down countries they bring down individuals people then get a freight act, but Democrats are adept at dealing election to do it and they are they are 100% certain the media will protect them because it out the conspiracy of philosophy, they put them there in the sense that I would do is a long time. These people don't sit around the chair the media conspire what they do is to get money to promote an agenda or they hire like Mike. I called your thoughts.

That's what it is big on this for well over 100 years. Remember the dummy wrap the Democrats controlled Congress for nearly 100 years to be 80 Mike let me jump in here because again I think you're raising a very important point and I was talking earlier in the show about watching this a Netflix movie. The Colby rule that a sort of a fictionalized version of what went down before the election and after the election, and it reminded what you said reminded me of how shocked and horrified people were on the left that Trump one and the reason why I suspect they were so genuinely shocked and shellshocked is because they knew that they had this in the bag release. They thought they did because they knew the election was fixed, but there were so many patriots it came out and voted that we the people thwarted the efforts to install Hillary Clinton is the president well one like reading a book up Bob because I'm telling you on talk radio thwarted should fail and women are changing the country.

Even Democrats are switching to Republican because you know it's hard to wake people up. I mean even under Rush Limbaugh. The Democrats Getting elected.

So media really didn't use that much power that are real medium radio influencing people to not vote because when you're taught a certain way.

It's impossible to believe your being like to now, we can cope with the consequences.

Women are saying that they've been lied to and their children. They want the children know they can get the oh I'm with you on that. We were running some numbers over the weekend. Just analytics at the end of the month and we pay attention to that kind of stuff Mike, we realize 71% of the of the Facebook audience. 71% female for the Todd Stern show.

That's unheard of in talk radio, this is what's going to change American medical to change.

Men are not men are good to go toward going in there and shave your head to go about until some of the duty to do it and I talked alternate guy that you play with the toys, but women are intellectual they think about these things in the strategic and what they do.

So the left is gotta watch out because women are now in control and take this country back to doing it already.

Grace Baker is actually standing up with her fist in the air saying I am woman hear me roar.

I don't know what that's all about my already talk that Mike don't hang up. Grace needs to chat with you always good hearing from you and all of our great listeners across southeastern Tennessee now and apparently for a four radio station so I were very excited to hear that use as we continue to grow 844-747-8868 vendors are toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 now when we come back from the top of the right Gov. Mike Huckabee is going to be her also are good buddy Art Allie from the Timothy plan.

He's got some updates on some great things they are doing to make sure that you are investing your money in organizations that that align with your values and that's a big thing. What this this show is not about just throwing out complaints. We want to provide you and equip you with tools you need to make rocksolid decisions and again we've been telling people pull your kids out of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts but put them in organizations like American Heritage girls or treelike USA. So there always great opportunities and options available for you are right we do need to take a break Todd Stern' is the website. Be sure to visit our store.

If you haven't been over there. You need to go check it out. We have some great products, wonderful ball caps and shirts, great coffee mugs and tumblers and my favorite, I will personally autograph personally sign whatever copy of whatever book you by my all of my books now available at Todd Stern' course, the newest book and it is a bestseller, our daily biscuit devotions withdrawal check that out at Todd Stern' cigarette everybody hour three of the big self, not nature, changing the world one life at a time to get things around the house. I really like your product and happy with you really think about it anymore. You got it in your diet regularly very good but I don't always garbage. So I know about energy and feeling overall the work of the complaint.

All sounds good to do a little more energy work would want to do so well. I think that a little more energy older disabled person. I don't always eat properly is feeling a little stronger now.

I start your journey to better health: 800-246-8751 or go to Townsend to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order using discount code balance is universities do you see is conservative, so I my address likely Labor Day there was a guy in the ground was was tackling the president and the job I he was not having a good day yesterday. You know we talk about being off the meds, maybe they don't. Maybe they forget to put the pills in the porridge. Something was was askew yesterday. By the way, welcome to the Todd Stern's radio program.

So this guy is I get the hold out yesterday in a rough up the guy and then buying an intervening Scott number three go to idle, maybe somebody needs to list hit him on the back. It was kind like that to wind up at all and it gets that gets caught on light up when I was a kid we had the EI EI oh's, you know where you would pull the thing and it would have the love the animal sounds and would sometimes get stuck in Dobbs. Sometimes when I got stuck will you get so and then were to ask Gov. Mike Huckabee about this because I know Gov. Huckabee being the former governor of Arkansas is one of the great linguist in American political history. He is a wordsmith and maybe that maybe the former governor can help us understand what Joe Biden was talking to me before I played this, let me set the scene here Joe Biden was literally screaming.

He was so enraged that his body and we got the video on our website. Todd Stern' His body was shaking it was convulsing and here's the president said they said they oppose lower drug cross-linkers will result in punishing the pharmaceutical is blessed me father for I have bad thought they share share share change. People live now, Medicare will have the power to negotiate lower prescription drug prices goes on and on and on and others P's about it. I forgot to send it to you guys that's all that's only my apologies will get it, but he starts uttering these weird words again. It's unbelievable. Let's go to the petri moldings maker I Gov. Mike Huckabee joins us. Gov. hope you had a good Labor Day weekend. No no no no no no no no no I had a great weekend. Thank you very much. It is not pleasant listening to Joe Biden speak it, but it's incredibly entertaining because you don't know what he's going to say he may go off and didn't say words that don't even exist. He may be screaming at the Teleprompter and you Watkins went and I called like his speech at the Independence Hall I call it the get off my lawn speech. All he needed was a rifle in his hand and the Clint Eastwood wardrobe and he had the scout he had that look from the movie Gran Torino was wrecked a get off my lawn and I can't repeat some of the other things, Clint Eastwood was going to say but here's the thing Joe Biden says those things to a member when he called Peter Ducey crazy you know what any call one of the hecklers in the audience this weekend. An idiot but that was right after he said how we have to fight the soul of America and respect each other and unthinking yeah Thatcher did it for me. You know, Gov. we've been encouraging people to really reminding people that we have to be happy warriors here. I get the feeling that Biden is trying to bait the conservatives into doing something creating some sort of an incident and we just can't we just cannot take the bait. As as painful as it may be, we have to resist that urge. Well, I totally agree. I think that the most effective rebuttal is actually ridicule and what we should do is just reveal our ridicule over these policies that these people are boning up on the White House Press Secretary stumbles across her own words and says well it's not like that illegal or just walking across the border.

The answer is yes they are, what they're doing and we need to ridicule that we need to ridicule it when they say that it's because of the Republicans and the Republicans fault that we had schools closed. I mean that's laughable on its face get mad about it but slap in their faith. Let's get right up in their faces and laugh out loud and say folks, the Internet does exist this stuff that you have said and done lives forever.

Let's roll the tape and see what you did but I agree with you know going to get mad.

I find it got about a wonderful platform for their natural comedy that the far left is getting it and we need to enjoy it. I thought it was fascinating that the contrast between what Joe Biden did delivering the speech from the blood red gates of hell and then Pres. Tromp in this massive auditorium in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. This inspirational message, the, the American flag draped behind them like Patton in the movie. I mean, it really does illustrate to the American people the difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. I thought that speech last week somebody asked me what I thought about it I was on Fox said somebody had to design that setting and somebody had to write that speech that is very evident to me that somebody was it was Satan because nobody would write a speech like that. Other than the devil himself so angry, so romping with rage and nobody would put that setting together. What's the point of being an independent all if you painted in blood but a couple Marines back there for I guess additive back and it looks dark it looks darker than a Batman movie when the projector lamp went off that's pretty dark excellence. By the way I Gov. Mike I feel the petri abilities make her life governor we got this audio I was talking about earlier of this is from another portion of Joe Biden speed so let's take a listen how much they share 1,000,000,500,000. What is that me either 1,000,500,000. That's an odd number.

Quite frankly of government. Maybe he meant 1 1/2 trillion. I have no idea it I mean it just it's a head scratcher. That's exactly what it is anymore. You scratch your head.

The more you realize. No wonder Jill took Joe down to the podium, you would got he would've gotten lost on his way from the door to the podium that she not taken by the hand and guided him down there and went and retrieved them and got them away. There was a speech that he made yesterday in which he finished the speech any spare of the prompter was over. There was nothing else to say. Any look up and he said now it's what I Joe it's pretty simple. There's a staircase over on your right. That's what I would do.

See, I've looked for the steps but if you want to tumble often mosh pit action down there with these older people knock yourself out, but they're probably not to get you some Fairpoint I Gov. Mike Huckabee on the patriot mobile newsmaker line Gov., the Pres., Tromp, revealing in his speech that the FBI not only to the radar Lago but they went in the hot they wanted a Baron's bedroom be a 16-year-old, and they rated the boys bedroom at the same time, turning a blind eye to Hunter Biden that he can't make up and you know we laugh about some of. This is a flagrant violation of the court and the whole idea that the founders had of the fourth amendment was that the government just couldn't come in your house and just do a general search and grab stuff that has nothing to do with what may be at least in their minds. Some criminal activity. They can't just go through and take your passports take you know, stuff from your sons closet rifle, your wife's dresses. I still haven't figured that out, other than maybe there's some transgender agents that wanted to try on her close and then to go through and take privileged communication with his attorneys to take medical records, tax records, his passport, that's not a targeted warrant that sounds like it's a fishing expedition on the part of quite frankly a Department of Justice that I simply do not trust I'm with you on that governor and with Santa were to leave it there. Always great to get your insight and of course, folks.

You can watch the governor every Saturday on TBN I one of the most popular shows on network television. On the weekends. Gov. always good. Have anyone. Thank you.have a great week are Gov. Mike Huckabee, everybody, and again we have links to the Gov.'s pages and information is balks over on the live show blog I want to go back can you play that again. I just want to hear because it's a weird word that Biden was trying to get out. They share one 500,000 Cuban hub. You know we need someone who can interpret Tony's maybe he was just like in the spirit or something hello to start speaking in tongues. I don't know 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8860 80.

Our good buddy Mike Lindell has been at the rallies and I know Pres. Tromp just loves Mike.

Mike is really been a soldier out there fighting for voter rights and fighting for voting integrity and he has paid a price for that and a lot of stores have stopped selling his products and so Mike turned to us as one of the radios shows around the country and said hey can you help us out here and we said absolutely and Mike created a special page just for our program by That's my when you go there to find some incredible sales just for our listeners. Gotta use the promo code Starnes it's in bright red letters right there on the page.

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I really like your product and happy with it. You really think about it anymore. You got it in your diet for regularity was away very good because I don't always is barbaric. So I know about her work, more energy and feeling good. Overall the work of the complaint shall have a little more energy work will want to do so.

I think that a little more energy older disabled person but I don't always eat properly feeling a little stronger now. I start your journey to better health: 800-246-8751 or go to dance to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order using discount code balance. Apparently it's high over in in California so much that is like 100 and 2030�. I love people are suffering over. So here's how bad it is there.

Having to where's Gray's big brother you will grace so remember we been talking about the.

The metrosexual cars on the one gentle plug and by the way early source I was at Whole Foods again and I like to go get the joke. Right now you'd like to go there either. There's a something you really like to buy there or be you just like people. I do Virgil's cream soda. They do is really girdles is really good. I got it right now to get, but they have good mozzarella cheese and I started cooking a little bit at home and there's you get the good balsamic vinegar. There and it's pretty good stuff. Now do you think you make it within the throne some basil and tomatoes. I do fresh basil and fresh they got better tomatoes at Whole Foods.

I don't know how they managed to do it.

But you're right and I see on the problem is I wake up too late to. There's a great farmers market, called the Hernando. It's in Hernando, Mississippi and is the right of the town square.

A lot of fun and I mean hundreds of people show up in everything and a couple of folks by the way, the farmers, they listen to us on the radio while they're on their tractors. That's aggression which is pretty awesome and so anyway I get I get down there and I did I wake up late and if you're not there like at 8 o'clock in the morning. The tomatoes are gone.

So I this is one season where I have not been able to get fresh tomatoes know they say early bird gets the tomato something like that anyway so anyway the metrics of back to the metrosexual car yes to what you gotta plug in the wall.

The toy cars. So here's the problem. In California they want everybody driving the electric cars riots will now because of the heat wave. They're having these blackouts and brownouts of their telling people whatever you do don't charge her car to get around. I don't know is breaking the new reacting because it's ridiculous it's it's hilarious. It is hilarious that I feel bad for some of those people. But this does you.

What is that by 2028 or whatever 2030 everybody to be allowed to buy a gasoline powered car in California. So the question is okay. What happens if the power grid goes down and you can't unit you brought got stuck. I want you to get a horse and buggy do you address full-blown Amish.

Perhaps it's looking that way more more every day. So there's a great story on Todd and I this may very well be my favorite story of the day so there was one of these battery-powered cars and I guess the guy was going on some from a vacation from Washington DC to West Virginia interesting and the guy apparently forgot to charge up the car and the battery died where Grace better. You may say Todd, where did the car just kicked the bucket where Grace Baker and answer the question.

The car broke down at the entrance to a coal mine. That's convenient. So it will ironic so anyway.

A bunch of the coal miners come out of a look at the other metrosexual battery-powered car and others like what's the problem. The guy says yes it's battery-powered of my battery went out so the guys they were going to try to hook it up until it but it's plastic so there's nothing and there's not a so they can't tow it so they had to push it. They had six guys pushing this battery-powered car to the front office so they can plug it in again and get the church's that would've happened had he had a gasoline powered vehicle is very true.

So anyway we got the pictures of it up on the website and one of the guys really great coal mine is that there is going to give you the shirt off their back of actually gave the motorist a gift's license plate that said a friend of coal on a great vehicle in a stocking this year, I got I got friends with tractors sure it's good. Even better, I suppose of the friend zone coal miners.

Trip that room and that brings me to our next story out of Colorado, where there now.

This is a bizarre story but I Colorado utility company is now locking in thermostats grace. It is 69� in my home 69� minds about 72 well now.

This utility company is actually locking you out so you won't be able to change your thermostat level.

This is where I draw the line. Now they're in Colorado now they try to do that here in Memphis I would I would have started a revolt. Thermostats are set in at 79� know what that guy that's not super at night, especially no way you know what you do you get a baseball bat and you just bash your past the thermostat. I don't think that's all of the problem.or you could go down to the electric company and try your knee on there.

Although I couldn't survive the Memphis summers at 79 so I'm curious because in California right now the thermostats are telling people keep it ED degrees. I hate doing it.

Would you do that, ladies and gentlemen. Grace Baker says all not going to happen what what about you 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stearns nature changing the world one life at a time.

Things around the house. I really like your product and happy with it. You really think about it anymore. You got it in your diet regularly very good code. I don't always know about her work, more energy and feeling overall work of the complaint shall have a little more energy to work with people I didn't want to do so well. I think that a little more energy older disabled person but I don't always eat properly feeling a little stronger now.

I start your journey to better health: 800-246-8751 or go to Don's to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order using discount code balance. Sorry, what about everybody. Todd here let's go to the patriot mobile newsmaker are good friend, the founder of Timothy plan. One of the most important organizations I think of that in the world are alley joint just not normally from Florida but darn, I understand you're in St. Paul, Minnesota man, I am well I'm doing good what's happening in St. Paul.

You will vacation R&R well and Bonnie booked her stork tour of the Mississippi River and RRP. This is early in the tour and I'm standing here believing in the Wabash Street where were having a presentation on how all the gangsters in St. Paul used to hang out and hide out your that's fascinating so so your listeners are doing the RV to we are incredible toward historic having the time of our life, but it's early on we still got another 28 days ago so so that means you're to be coming through my hometown of Memphis, Tennessee oh we will alright so hard on you to be offended if I don't see the RV in the parking lots of organ have not have to have barbecue plan my grace Baker we got to make this happen.

All right, this is I don't care about.

I know president trumps trying to come on the show but are present.

We do have a truck bubble. Everything you do have a bobble head art alley. You know that's my next process. This is the bucket list. Are you got stuck up there like it was so hard I got again as you question her wheat we just did the story out of Colorado, where a lot of the homes a lot of the houses these days are smart home so there controlled by computers and technology and so now as a result of the heat wave. A lot of people are no longer able actually set their own thermostat in their homes. It's being set by the energy company and a lot of people are upset because the energy company is now setting the thermostats at like 79, 80� and they're saying hey what weight what I personally think take a baseball bat. There's no way it's going to be 6869� of my home.

I don't want night, but again, is this idea that big tech big government can come in and they can control how hot or how cold your house is in there so bold about a covert but you know I think even worse than that of California. No more gas vehicles are allowed to be billed or sold in California in a manner telling the people of the electric.

Culture can plug it in the charges that mean I'm stupid or the other. Pretty stupid. Are there pretty stupid but again, this goes to show you that elections have consequences, and people need to people either pay very close attention to all of this and and we are in a war for the soul of America. It is a culture war we are losing that war. I think we agree on that. And this is not a war fought with guns and bullets. This is a war with money and the other side pours money into their agenda. In our case, publicly traded corporations pour money into these corporations so that they end up going woke and in our side doesn't quite get to that level yet, but I'm hopeful. People are working out art alley is with the Timothy plan, the founder of a very important ministry for people of faith as Amber working to get into the investment part of this is just a moment, but are not. I'd love to to bend your ear on Pres. Biden's decision to forgive all of the student loans is a good idea or bad idea.

A great idea to talk to God.

You know what what another grants to hard-working people who either didn't go to college you're going.

Their own way or repeat their own debts. It is just a blatant scheme to try to buy boats from a relatively small group of people.

I think it is really something that was how long you know people are just waking up stupid and useless. I have to imagine is not even a political issue number there a lot of people are Democrats to work their butts off, sometimes working two or three jobs just to pay off their student loans and they're saying hey with the second.

This is incredibly unfair here. Yeah, you know, I think Democrat Republican other goats lost all of it is what's right and what's wrong. Truth is true, wiser lies, and we need to wake up whatever strike you call yourself and see your my better off under this kind of a leadership or my better off where I can be free to make my own decisions. I can succeed or fail on my own and I think it's a clear answer. People have lost the ability to think I'm not a no error except that they're thanking us for the lesson you're speaking truth and I think people appreciate that and and we need more of art alley on the patriot mobile newsmaker line, founder of the Timothy plan and art. One of the things that really transformed and revolutionized the way I invested was the work of Timothy plan. I mean, you guys are out there helping people make smart and and really godly investments and I want you to tell us. In a nutshell, what what Timothy plan is all about and how can you help our audience. Sure it's more that we are avoiding investing in companies that are trying to destroy us and people have been totally on aware you mentioned investments of most people's eyes quit so but there waking up to the fact you know where is this money invested. I don't want all these companies that I see on the news or to destroy us in a Timothy we have a team of five full-time people who do the research we identify what these corporations are doing and if they are funding what we call a unholy agenda. We will not allow our money management firms to invest in those companies, so investors can come to us. I what I wish there was a merchandiser store like that that would drop all the products of these companies are trying to destroy but we do it on the investment side, and all I have to do is give us a call or go to our website and in fact recovered to that will help them understand. You know the name of the funds are invested. We will tell them how much money is invested in companies involved in things like abortion cannot anti-family entertainment nontraditional married lifestyles, they can make up their mind. Do I want my money for the money doesn't trust me to be invested in these companies and so we help them understand where that money is invested in all the scholars I just think it's one of the most brilliant things and you guys have been doing this for a very long time now and incredibly successful people have have grown their investments. Thanks to the unwise biblical principles that you guys are following what $2 billion. Is that where you guys are out right at right now. Underinvestment really hard. You know brilliant spin 20 years and I'm encouraged because in the early years, people think of markets but they are not in the end that we do not excel in the world that I didn't start this war.

I don't want to bore in it and you can either go long or you can stand so you know want to know, so I'm not going to do this.

All right, Timothy that's Timothy If you can't remember that folks we got the link in the live show blog.

So head over there and I want you to cut to give McCall reach out and find out how the Timothy plan can help you artwork and let you get back on the road. Safe travels. My friend and will be rolling out the red carpet wisely. The blue suede carpet is the home of Elvis South Memphis will let you know all right art alley everybody out there in the RV travel around what a fun trip starting at the headwaters of the Mississippi, and I suspect he's going to end up in New Orleans before it's all said and done, but will it make sure we take about getting fed and watered him of the Mrs. I when they come to Memphis are working to take a break here 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 we come back Disney has caused a lot of controversy were commercial that was aired during that insane LSU Florida State football game over the holiday.

Disney now promoting a demonic cartoon featuring the antichrist. If you can't make this stuff up, but it's true will be right back balance of nature changing the world one life at a time like that. I met a girl, it all felt that the doctor on the Schuylkill like I could fall like and I all supplements but I've been taking throughout the years and there were good there more in the high, but nothing compares the balance of nature is not."

The silver years when I can tell you how I feel because it's the same path run for years that Myla and I really thought when I think the balance is start your journey company hundred 246-8751 or go down to to get free shipping.

And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance sitting I'll be hanging out with my good friend Rita Cosby 10 Eastern time. That's after the chili fast for the chili. Whatever chili judging competition thing anyway I were to be talking about this crazy story out of Memphis where a schoolteacher 34 years old mother of two and she was out jogging early in the morning and as a result of the hats she was kidnapped and killed.

We don't have a lot of details they just announced her death earlier today here in Memphis Tennessee but the whole country is gone bonkers of this and that grace into one of the things that I find fascinating is how the mainstream media tries to spin this as if you know she was kidnapped because she was a billionaire heiress, though she lived in a fairly modest home and I wouldn't say that they were destitute by any stretch of shore nation but I don't think this was the mayor the narrative in the national media is not the reality of the situation. Fair enough. I think that you know the national media just wants a more flashy headline so they just try to look for those and granddaughter of billionaire yeah okay yeah that's true but I'm not sure the business is worth a billion, but I'm not sure how much you know they're worth persevering exactly the other part of it. They're blaming theirs up there are people on social media, blaming her and they said that she should not of been out at 430 in the morning.

John but I wouldn't do that but that's not the point. It's part of an early morning. I I've known runners back when I was not so close to a barbecue joint I used to run marathons, and there is a process. A lot of you have put a lot of miles she had qualified for the Boston Marathon, so she was probably out of one of her long distance runs and if you're a mom and euro schoolteacher. That's the only time you got to yourself that's true, and it being so high in Memphis right now. I mean going early in the morning to be cooler and easier to run so but again you should be able to run at 430 in the morning without having to worry about getting kidnapped and murdered. Yes, it's very sad. So this is again I it's it's beyond me why people are trying to blame her.

I will say this.

If you are I don't care if you're Memphis or New York or wherever you need to have some sort of a weapon. Oh yeah, you can defend yourself. Definitely this is a big due at least pepper spray at minimum, absolutely current airhorn unit and the air horn. I mean, you got a have you got to be prepared. Yes. Unbelievable. So were to be following the story it's buddy. We will be talking about it tonight with Rita Cosby of WABC which is a great radio station. You know why that station is great because somebody local there are good friend John cast of Adidas actually bought the radio station and turn it back into a local radio station in New York City and I love it. We had a chance to do the show from their studios. A couple of months back and just had a great time meeting the staff meeting everybody as their working to make radio great in New York City and are basically thumbing their nose at the corporate radio talk shows and talk stations and their winning their winning in the ratings and were doing that to an extent here in Memphis at K WAN.

Many of the radio stations that carry this program are in fact locally owned and operated, and I love that, and I hope you do to read and as a listener, you know, it's incumbent upon all of you folks to get out there and to support your local radio station and a lot of know you're listening. I'll let them know that you know your your visiting the sponsors and buying stuff from the sponsors. That's what we have will forever popper I got by the way. Grace I was talking to our buddy John, who owns Wolf River popcorn and that he would hear and he and his wife were at the party, like I believe they they were at the big got became when 75th anniversary. Yeah, and Pete.

He said that they they can barely keep up with the with the out-of-state order.

That's fantastic. We love to hear that yes it's delicious popcorn and if you it's folks I'm telling you it's the caramel popcorn is my favorite, but they have other kinds of spicy light of the barbecue barbecue and then they got a mixture of all the salt of the suite of the advice that's the best, but I'm a caramel popcorn aficionado and I love this because it's super crunchy and I know how they do it but it's amazing what I'm hearing is you need to judge a popcorn competition all over that I will be there at heart, but one of the great things as they have little they have little Christian message on the on every single state on every single bag of popcorn so Wolf River popcorn. You guys can Google that and you can order it online and grace. On that note, I got an email from our friend the beloved cheesecake lady in Salem Oregon.

Yes, Heather sending us cheesecake heard a rumor I'm glad it's confirmed so I just want to find a way to see here I'm I'm cannot wait I forgot to talk about this earlier that so another, it was just a weird crawling thing going on in this part of the country over the weekend. Oh yeah. Who can yeah you can forget about the so some guy who works at the airport in Tupelo stolen Johnny hello airplane into a particularly big place he does and so he's threatening. He's threatening to crash the plane into a wall bar yelp and people are freaking out to pose a good-sized town but still I mean it's the Walmart hell yeah I don't know, but the Walmart in smaller-ish towns. It's like the hub where everybody sat so but he didn't crash into it looks clear so nobody figure this out but I I knew exactly where that guy was setting and he was heading to Memphis so yeah so he had sent a note, I think he was going to like do a whole suicide biplane thing, but fortunately were there some thunderstorms and it blocked him from flying to Memphis yet, but people are freaking out. The radio station people to know what was going on we were to try to his position. We got a great guy here Chet Hopper was one of our we can host, and that he is a a second amendment guy and so we're in a put him on the the rooftop and he was good to be our antiaircraft so we felt like we were in good shape. Yeah, we would've been a good hands that situation. But anyway, that a guy like grasslands and takes out like soybean jabs and anti-climatic.

I feel bad for the farmer. This is a huge galaxy crash path leading theirs. After that, though they said he was off his meds. That was the somebody asked with a sigh. Got a text message were talking about that. They said is true that some people actually carry guns at your radio station. I said were not MPR we believe of the first and second amendment I got is good out here.

It is great to be back. Thank you guys for hanging out with us today to do this all over again tomorrow. In the meantime had over the Caleb Parker great team of writers there a bus that's a great story of America nature changing the world one life at a time. It all felt that the doctor told us all like and I all supplements but I've been taking throughout the years, there were good there more in the high, but nothing compares the balance of nature is not." The silver years, but I think something I can tell you because it's the same path under years of violent and I really thought when I can tell if I had the balance is start your journey.

Call 1-800-246-8751 or go to the balance of to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance

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