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Rashan Gary: We Believe In Jordan Love

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 19, 2024 3:29 pm

Rashan Gary: We Believe In Jordan Love

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 19, 2024 3:29 pm

6/19/24 - Hour 3

Packers DT Rashan Gary and Rich discuss Green Bay’s expectations for QB Jordan Love, facing the Eagles in Brazil, and taking on Chicago Bears rookie Caleb Williams in what should be a very competitive NFC North.

Actor Judge Reinhold joins Rich in-studio to discuss much-anticipated release of ‘Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F’ with Eddie Murphy and shares some great stories about ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High,’ ‘Stripes,’ his Emmy-nominated role as the close talker on ‘Seinfeld’ and more.

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Tatum and Brown, they climb the mountaintop. Live from the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles. Five, six rings, get ready.

Hope you guys got yours because it's going to be a long time before anybody else gets one. Earlier on the show, host of Pro Football Talk, Mike Florio. Panthers wide receiver, Adam Thielen.

Coming up, Packers linebacker, Rashawn Gary. Actor, Judge Reinhold. And now, it's Rich Eisen. That's right, hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. First hour, we remembered Willie Mays to kick off our program. We talked about Connor McDavid extending the Stanley Cup final with the rest of his Oilers teammates to a game six after losing the first three games of this series.

That next game is going to be on Friday. We also talked to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, Adam Thielen of the Carolina Panthers. And in honor of Judge Reinhold, the actor sitting in our green room right now and about to come out to talk about the new Beverly Hills Cop. Beverly Hills Cop, Axl F, which is going to be streaming on Netflix exclusively starting next, in a couple Wednesdays, July 3rd.

Which you can see right here on Roku. I gave you my power rankings of my top 80s movie comedies of all time. And you guys actually didn't mind the list. It wasn't bad, man. It wasn't bad.

Alright. So many good movies. I know.

A lot to choose from. It ain't easy. You know what? That's why the name of the show has two eyes in it. And Rich and Eisen, it's about me and what I can do for you.

I don't know what the hell that means. This is the Rich Eisen Show. If you missed any of it, we re-air on the Roku channel as soon as we're done Channel 210.

All three hours. And there's our YouTube channel. slash Rich Eisen Show. There's our podcast version of our show as well.

And that's through the Cumulus Podcast Network where you can get all your podcasts. And so Judge Reinhold is about to come out here. We've got a dynamite celebrity true or false about not just Beverly Hills Cop but Stripes and Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

His Emmy-nominated role as the close talker in Seinfeld. There's a lot to talk about with Judge Reinhold and we're going to have an epic celebrity true or false. It's epic. Epic.

To the point where you'll call up and tell us how epic it is. I got you on that one, huh, Chris? I got you. You didn't see that one coming. Thank you, Rich. You got me.

Okay. So let's go now to one of our favorites. Not just because he's terrific at what he does but he's also a great human and he's also a Michigan Wolverine. He's Rashawn Gary of the Green Bay Packers back here on the Rich Eisen Show. How are you, Rashawn? I'm doing good. Doing good. And happy to be back. How you doing, Rich?

I'm fine. Where have I found you? Where are you right now? I'm in Dallas, Texas training. Okay.

Middle of June. Training right now to go dominate right now. That's all. That's all it is to say. Dominate.

Okay. So what's part of the domination drill for today, Rashawn? What'd you do today before zooming in to chat? Before today, I had a seven-year workout. Got back from that because right now I'm in two a day so I'm attacking the R. So I got my speed, strength, then I got my position work. So just getting back home a couple of hours ago. And now I'm relaxing. I got some feeling to watch. Still trying to break down. The many candidates we had in the OTAs.

Just trying to find ways to get better. Lunch? Getting lunch, Rashawn? We got a little lunch? What do we got? Not yet.

Not yet. But you know I'm thinking about something. Okay.

Well, I'm just trying to figure out. Because again, it's like middle of June here. You could think about taking a day off, right? I mean, that's the general sense people might have. But that's not how you become great September through February, is it, Rashawn Gary? That's not how you do it.

Yeah, not at all. Especially being a Green Bay Packer and especially to help my team get us to where we want to be. And that's to hold that LaBarge Trophy. So in a quiet time, do you envision that sort of stuff? Is it truly a 24-7, 365 thought process for you, Rashawn? Monday to Friday. If I do unplug, I might get myself a Saturday and Sunday. But around this time of year, it's really hard to lay off of it because it's every day separation from your opponent. Because I know some guys out there today taking some breaks.

I'm not one of them. So that's always going to keep me ahead and keep me sharp. What was it like being around the guys a couple weeks ago? What was that like, Rashawn?

Oh, man. Great. I love the energy. I love the swagger that we all have from top to bottom. It's a great feeling. Understanding who we are a little bit more coming into the season and what that we expect for each other is great, man. And just the work that we put in through OTAs and through the minicamp is great.

And the message that we have for each other, just come back one percent better than what we left in, we'd be fine. So what part of Texas are you in right now? I'm in Plano.

Plano, Texas. Okay. Are there a lot of Cowboy fans around there in Plano, Texas? Yeah, I might be in the heart of it.

Okay. That's what I was wondering. What's it like being a Green Bay Packer walking around the heart of Cowboy country? What's that like? I can't complain.

Can't complain. If I say it's quiet this season, you know. Well, who quieted them? Who quieted them, Rashawn? Who were the ones who quieted them? I don't know.

You tell me, Rich. The Green Bay Packers, you know. That's old stuff.

That's not old stuff. Because if you think about it, the way that the Cowboys have reacted to you, you quieting them. He must be a Cowboy fan. He must be a Cowboy fan. TJ, do you want to introduce yourself to Rashawn Gary? Rashawn, we met, you know, he came in studio, what, right five years ago?

Sure. Right after your last season of Michigan. So we met when you were here. It's great to see you doing well, brother.

You are, you're killing it right now. No, no, no, no, no. Come on, tell him. Don't talk to him like the way you want to talk to him. I ain't talking to Rashawn Gary like that.

Okay. But after, he says, look at this man. You made him very upset. Rashawn, you and your teammates made, I'll talk on. No, you can't say it because Rashawn, even though I am a Cowboy fan. You made him very upset. And Chris Broadmoor will tell you, I did predict that the Packers would beat us in the playoffs.

I called that for the whole week and Rich couldn't believe that I came out and said it. I just felt like you guys had our number and you did your thing on that day. So I mean, I'm not happy about it. Don't get twisted.

Don't get it twisted. I'm very upset. He's too nice. I'm very upset about it. He's too nice, Rashawn. You pissed him off.

I'll be very honest with you. You pissed him off and Cowboy Nation off and the way that they've reacted to it saying that they're going all in and they're, that's one of the stories of the off season for me is the way the Cowboys reacted to your victory. What was that like for you guys to go into Dallas and do what you did and how are you still building off of that right now? You know, it was great and you know, everybody talked about the Dallas game, but the turn of the season, I want to say for us was, you know, from Thanksgiving all the way, you know, up until that point and you know, that was just us, you know, taking it Monday to Sunday, you know, buying in, believing each other and also holding each other to a standard. So you know, it was good, you know, to have that win, you know, for the fans and things, but we didn't think nothing less. We didn't think nothing less, you know, we were still thinking, you know, going to the Super Bowl, we all understood how our last game ended, but you know, we right around the corner, man.

Just a couple of plays in the way. Yeah. I mean that Thanksgiving game, who had three sacks in that Thanksgiving game, Rashawn Gary? Who did? I guess he's talking to him.

Oh, that's right. It was Rashawn Gary and, and, and oh my God, this is so fun. What happened two days later in Ann Arbor, Michigan after that victory by you in Michigan? What happened two days later, Rashawn?

Can you refresh my memory? What happened in Ann Arbor, Michigan two days later after that game? Two days later.

Yeah, think about it. What happened? We played a great game.

That's right. You could remind your center, Josh Meyers, who went to The Ohio State University about what happened, right? Did you talk to him about that game that day, about what happened after all that, Rashawn?

Do you do that? No, I let them be, you know, cause you know, feel good for the year, but you know, we got to stack up. We got to stack up. So yeah, we feel like we feeling good this year, but you know, we got to stack up and we still got things approved.

So for the young guys out there listening, we still got work to do. Okay. I love it.

That's Rashawn Gary right here on the Rich Eyes that show. I'll just, I'll, I'll, I'll, I'll thump the chest. You, you, you be, you be you. Don't you worry about it. I'll be me.

I'll take care of all that stuff. So how has Jordan Love shown up this season that's different than the previous one, Rashawn? Man. Um, it's crazy cause last year he took control, um, you know, from day one of off season OTAs and you know, he started off right off the same foot, the same way, uh, bringing it up, bringing it down and, you know, talking about the standard and what it needs to be.

And I just love, I just love it, man. It's laid back and you know, it's a guy you could talk to, man. I'm talking about from 17 defense to offense, man, all guys, you know, believe in him and you go have a conversation with him on talking about anytime at lunch table, um, you know, you have any questions you sit down and talk to him, man, talk with a guy and those type of guys that may go to war and play for it. Could you give me an example of what you do talk with him about if you don't mind me prying Rashawn?

Yeah. Uh, you know, with me and Jordan, you know, we had a different leadership, man. I just talk about being great because I understand, you know, I was coming in year one, you know, to where it is now and, uh, you know, he probably ain't scared to say, but people haven't seen nothing yet. You know, the things that he's been doing in camp that y'all can't see the practice state that, you know, y'all can't see that those that he's doing and how he's planning on the money, man is ridiculous right now.

And, you know, I just can't wait until the season so he can display it, but he's, he's in store for a hell of a season for us. So he's eating, you're eating you. You come up with your tray, I don't know, again, I don't know, I'm, I'm, I'm painted like it's high school, but, and then you, you sit down and then you're what you just say, you know, what's, what are you doing to be great today? I'm, I'm, we sit down and be like, you got a word of the day, Jordan, like, what's the word of the day? We getting better today, right?

I'm like, all right, cool. And then I go out throughout the day, I'm like, Jordan, we getting better today. You bringing somebody along with each other, we making sure we, we holding self accountable because at the end of the day, the guys look up to us, you know, as us being one of the, uh, you know, top players on our team, you know, it is what it is. So we have to make sure we carry ourselves in that standard. And that's one thing we enjoy and do is hold ourselves to that accountability. I love that.

What, what lights your fire then seriously? What, what lights it up for you in terms of what just in terms of, uh, you know, winning, winning at all, like what, what, what gets you going, uh, just everything, uh, you know, how it is, you know, coming from, you know, Michigan that rich tradition, um, you know, understand how it is to win and win at a high level. And you know, me, you know, God bless me being able to be drafted to green Bay, me coming into the same thing.

And, you know, the more and more, you know, I learned and, you know, about Green Bay and the history and just the year that I've done played, you know, I'm going on year six this year and, you know, every time I played, we went to the playoffs or, you know, we was two games short, you know, one game short, you know, one year. So, you know, it's a lot of motivation that just gets me hungry because I understand though in this league that we have this opportunity of time and we're in the window that we can maximize and I'm just trying to make sure everybody is ready to, you know, reap the benefits of it all. I got a couple minutes left here with Rashawn Gary. How are you getting ready for Brazil, Rashawn?

Man, what I'm doing right now, working, training, so we can start the season off right. Okay. And have they already walked you through like what it's going to be like?

Any conversations about that? I have no idea, but I'm excited. You know, it's going to be the first football game in Brazil, so God put on the show. Right. And obviously the Eagles have a lot going for them and you can make your presence felt right off the bat on a Friday night of football season. Looking down the schedule, you've got the Minnesota Vikings is your first division opponent. You face the Lions at home. That's a home game. That is a home game.

That's right. Then you see the Lions at home right to kick off November and then you got to buy and then you've got the Chicago Bears after all that and I'm going to take my crack at this question here and kind of mixing sports a little bit up, Rashawn, because there's a conversation I'm sure that you hear about in the WNBA and Kaitlin Clark being a rookie and how there's a lot of welcome to the WNBA moments that she's been delivered by some veterans. What's your mindset going to be with Caleb Williams on the other side of the line of scrimmage, Rashawn?

Yeah. In that time in the season, what you said, that's 12 games in, so we'll have some good tape on them, understanding how the Bears want to run the offense through him or they're going to be passed heavy by that time, run heavy by this time. So we're going to understand and have a better feel than where we would week one in terms of no game more trick plays, things like that.

But from where I can see from a college man, great arm, great vision, and right now we've got to be able to contain him and still play our ball. I guess I was going to say, are you going to be the one to deliver, you pointed out it's going to be later in the season, to deliver his welcome to the NFL moment? Is that something you would relish? I hope so. Why not? Mm-hmm.

Interesting. I appreciate that answer. And then in terms of, one last one for you, narratives, that's what I'm in that business. And the Lions almost made the Super Bowl and you took them out in Thanksgiving, you almost got another shot at them, but you hear how the Bears are better and you hear how the Lions almost made the Super Bowl. And Aaron Jones is now on Minnesota and they have a lot of hope. What do you say to people that think this division is wide open and it's not just you who can win it?

Rashawn? For the people that feel like the division is wide open, we're going to see in a couple of months when we got to strap up and play. And like I said, the pads are going to do the talking, and I don't like really talking about that. We're going to do all the speaking when it's time. And do you guys openly talk Super Bowl? Oh yeah, that's a mindset. I told you, right? I want to hold up the Lombardi trophy, it's out there in the air, you know, that's real positive energy.

So yeah, that's something that we believe in the building from top down and we've been working for it. Well, Rashawn, thanks for helping us be great today. I appreciate your time, as you know, always catching up. Thank you for brightening up my day, Rich, I appreciate it. Did I really brighten your day, Rashawn?

Did I really do that? Every time I talk to you, I have a good time, man, Michigan man to Michigan man. Look at us, look at us. So I'll, you keep being humble, I won't be.

Look at us, look at us in 2019 right there, holding up. I got some, I got some, I got some facial hair now that I'm growing up. Listen, look at you, that is a baby that I was talking to on that day. And I've gotten older and you've gotten wiser.

That's how it's gotten. Very good, Rashawn. Thanks for the time. You be well, keep training, and let me know if you're ever out here in LA.

I'd love to see you in person. I will, appreciate you, Rich. Rashawn A. Gary on Twitter right here on the Rich Austin show, there he goes.

That's the conversation with Jordan Love, right? What's the word today? Let's be great. Let's be great. Okay, sounds great.

Yeah, it works. You know, he said something earlier in that conversation, which tells you a lot about him. He said, I know there are some guys taking breaks.

I'm not one of those guys. I did like that. I know, I saw you were nodding your head over that. I know, I know. But that conversation with Jordan Love, it sounds a little bit like, you know, looking good Rashawn Gary, feeling good Jordan Love. And they would love to trade places, if you will, with the Kansas City Chiefs.

It's going to be a fun season. You know what? I'm just, I'm just weaving tapestries.

I actually think coming to America is funnier than trading places. Excuse me, sir. It is not. It is not. It is not. It is. It's a little.

I'm going to go here. It's a little bit cheesier. It's a little cheesy. Coming to America is cheesier? Cheesier. Whoa.

Cheesier. Trading places is hardcore, man. Only one movie has Samuel L. Jackson, TJ.

Trading places is hard, well, trading places. Isn't Sam Jackson in trading places as well? No. No, he's not. Are we sure about that? No, no.

He tries to rob the McDonald's. I'm not aware of that. Hold on a second.

Maybe I'm wrong. I could probably promise you he's not. Here's what we're going to do. Instead of doing this, I'm going to welcome our guest because he's also got his wife here. They're going to be coming out. He's going to be, Judge Reinhold is here.

I met a whole bunch of people in the green room. Let's bring him out. Let's have an epic celebrity true or false and pop culture conversation with Judge Reinhold.

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Unlimited more than 40 gigabytes per month. Slows full turns at Back on the Rich Eisen Show Radio Network. We just showed a clip of Beverly Hills Cop Axle F of Eddie Murphy back as Axle Foley and John Ashton back as Taggart. And then of course, Judge Reinhold back as Detective Billy Rosewood.

He is here on the Rich Eisen Show. That was just amazing, Judge, to see you guys all back on the car together. I just got to tell you, there's another dimension to watching that for me because that was the first scene that we shot together and we were two blocks away from the original location back in 1984, dressed pretty much the same. And when we all got out of the van, the crew got really quiet. Like we just walked out of their collective past. We walked out of their childhood. It was like seeing Winnie the Pooh or something.

I don't know. It was a magical night and Jerry was there and we were all just beaming and oh yeah, Eddie gets in the back of the car. I hadn't seen him in 10 years.

I think it was longer for John. And Eddie looks at us and says, well, at least we still resemble our characters. Which is good. Yeah. Yeah. It's good. You hadn't seen him in 10 years.

I hadn't seen him since Spike TV did a tribute to him that I went to. And then he just strolls in the back of the car and then you guys start working. That was, we were, we were rehearsing that scene. Yeah. Wow.

I know. It was great. It was a great way to start, boy. It was a great reunion. Well, I mean, and it's just great seeing it again and it's great seeing it again.

It's such a high level and it's great seeing it again when you didn't think you'd see it again. You know what I mean? Yeah. I kind of decided, well, two things, either it was going to have, if it was going to happen, I wasn't going to think about it anymore, but I also knew that Eddie wasn't going to do it unless it was going to be good because it was important to him. Axel's important to him and we, he wanted to, he wanted to use the first one as a template which is, was a pretty great way to start. I think that we, if we didn't create the genre, I think we definitely defined it because you had action movies and then you had comedies, but the, the fusion, when we were shooting the first one, it, it felt very daring because you had these tonal shifts between the, these, these scenes of, of real stakes and, and then this, this funny stuff.

So at the time it did feel a little, a little dicey and Marty Brest, the first director was so brave to do that. Is it true? And we're going to play celebrity, full, true, false, and I've got some extra ones that I'm just going to get out of the way right here with you.

Is it true? You mentioned Marty Brest, the director of the original Beverly Hills, that he blew some of the Bronson pin show scenes because he was too busy laughing. He couldn't hold it in with the surge scenes that he, he couldn't stop. Marty is a great audience and the best or my favorite directors are a great audience because you know, you don't have one and if the director is really digging it, especially in a comedy, um, it just, it feels great. Marty was sitting on the camera, it was a Bronson's first day.

Nobody knew who Bronson was. I'd never seen Eddie lose it like that. So you know, we did. And so yeah, Marty was sitting on the camera and they had to tell him to, to get off because he was shaking it. So yeah, he, you'd never seen him before and Eddie had never really, I guess, seen him before. You know, Eddie had, did not know Marty just said, where do you see this guy?

And then he started showing up. Yeah. Yeah. He just came out with it and it was just the funniest stuff we, you know, some of the funniest stuff we'd seen. And it was his take on just some Beverly Hills shop guy.

Yeah. He came in and Marty said, where's that from? What accent am I detecting? And he said, I don't know.

It's just this and that. It truly is one of the funniest scenes of the film. And then another one being the banana and the tailpipe scene, just to kind of bring this all in a full circle, but you being back in the car together, what was shooting that scene like originally? Oh, well originally it was a potato, but Eddie said, potato's not funny. Banana banana's funny. Potato's not funny. Banana's a funny word.

And so they changed it to banana. And we questioned the authenticity of whether that would really happen or not. And then they had that TV show that it's all about myths, dispelling the myths and stuff. And yeah, myth busters, myth busters, right, right. They even did it.

The director, the new director, Mark Molloy, kept after us to want to reprise it. And Eddie was adamant, look, we're not going to cannibalize the whole movie. That just stays where it is. And then he said, plus most people have electric cars. You can't, you know, you can't shut down an electric car with a banana. So come on.

That makes sense by the way. But they were pushing that banana on us and you know, it wasn't my call, but luckily Eddie didn't want to do that. He just thought we've, we should just leave that alone. Well enough. Yeah. Yeah. So the original script called for a potato in the tailpipe.

Yeah. Potato in the tailpipe. Banana was funnier. I think banana is funnier. It makes more sense that a banana would fit in a tailpipe.

I don't know. Potato might be more effective. Uh, interesting. Less potassium. You know, if we were going to go there, I think technically potato has more actually.

Are you serious? I think so. Oh my God. I think that potato has more potassium than a, than a, than a banana. I had no idea, but interesting. So he's like bananas funnier and yeah, he just knows bananas funny. Some words are funnier than, than others. I love it.

Bet. Judge Reinhold here again. Beverly Hills comp axle F no banana in the tailpipe. Spoiler alert. Uh, in this one, uh, we'll be available again for streaming Wednesday, July 3rd, no bananas.

Nice. But there's money in that stand. That's for damn sure.

Exclusively on Netflix right here on Roku. Uh, okay, um, we have a great celebrity, true or false for you if you don't mind. And as always, we've got outstanding production value to kick it off. Hit it please. Celebrity true or false. You can't handle the truth. All right, there it is. That's our production.

That's about it. I love it. I got a little, uh, trivia about that line.

Okay. Well, my friend Kevin Pollack was there that day when, when Nicholson did that scene. First take, just nailed it without blinking, nodding that eye.

When you see it again, he does not blink. Kevin actually told that story, any celebrity, true or false. No. And he talked about how he played some of the roles as well because you know, Jack had a lead. Yeah. That's right. Right. Yeah.

Some of the, uh, off camera. Yeah. It's the greatest.

I love it. I heard that from Kevin. You heard it from Kevin and the audience has heard it twice. And the crazy thing is, is Kevin's lying about it.

No, I'm just kidding. Uh, all right. First up, judge Reinhold, celebrity, true or false. Beverly Hills comp was originally set to start Sylvester Stallone and you had to meet with Sly for him to approve you, uh, as Billy true.

Very true. Uh, the original script was an action vehicle for Sly who was by far the biggest star on the paramount lot with the Rocky movies and um, I don't know what else he'd done by that point, but he was bringing in a lot of money for the studio and um, I, I was cast as this young rookie who it's Axel Foley is, uh, from Detroit and comes to LA to avenge the death of his friend meets a young rookie. You guides them through Beverly Hills, but it wasn't a comedy. It was, it was an action vehicle straight up Stallone.

Yeah. And I was thrilled to have the role. It was a big break for me. Marty had seen me in fast times, Marty breast and, and said, I want to use you one day. And, and, and it, and he, he cast me for, I was cast before Eddie. So where did you meet with Sly? Ah, this, this, this deep recess of the, uh, the paramount lot.

Um, I got terribly lost and turned around. I was walking around and then finally there's this enclave of, of, of maybe four bungalows that hadn't changed since the thirties. The air was rarefied that the lawn was, was they would, I mean, they had bikes in, in the, uh, the racks in front of him.

You just expected Catherine Hepburn to just fly out. You know, they had, it was, so they were reserved. This was, this was a, a secret sanctuary of power. You know? And so I knocked on the door and said, yeah, come on in. And uh, yeah, he approved me. So that was it. That was it. Yeah. We know what? No, we talked a little bit.

He was very nice. And then you get a call one day and say, Sly's out at he's in. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. Um, he, uh, Sly took it on him. He's a very good writer. He took it on himself to do another draft of Beverly Hills cop and included, uh, a pretty very, very expensive, uh, car chase and car crashes down Rodeo drive. And they didn't know it was Beverly Hills cop. They didn't want to spend that much money on the movie. So, uh, rather than say no Jeffrey Katzenberg, very brilliant executive, very shrewd said, um, Hey, Sly, I know you liked this Beverly Hills cop, but, uh, this Cobra and this Cobra, man, you got to read the script. Yeah. Okay.

I'll do Cobra. And so then I'm left without a movie. And I wish I knew, I wish I could tell you whose idea it was. I feel like it was Marty's because Marty is edgy enough to think, okay, you know, let's put, especially a black guy in Beverly Hills at that time, it makes it even more of a fish out of water.

And, and it was, so it was just an edgy idea. You know, I think I've heard that, um, Marty saw 48 hours and saw that scene where Eddie walks into the redneck bar and says, there's a new sheriff in town and says, that's axle. So suddenly I'm in a Eddie Murphy movie. Yeah.

That makes complete sense. And it's mind blowing at the same time, judge Reinhold, celebrity, true or false. Let's get to your career. True or false, your first speaking role was on an episode of wonder woman that also featured Rick Springfield and Debra Winger. Yeah. This is where I don't like this, uh, so is this true?

Is that what you're saying? My first professional line on camera after my father paying for a pretty, pretty nice college at North Carolina school of the arts and all this, my first professional line was wonder woman, I'm so glad you're here. Oh, and I'm seeing right now, Oh my God, how could you do this? Wow.

That looks like dumb and dumber right there to be honest. We were, I didn't ask any questions, you know, it just was what it was. We were like Ken and Sarah Purcell.

She went on to be a news real people and all that stuff. Sure. Yeah. And we were like, Ken and Ken and uh, Barbie, no, Ken and Karen Carpenter. Oh, I see. And it was a music studio and Rick's Springfield was there and there were some bad guys running the studio and suddenly wonder woman was there. And that's all I really know.

Oh, I guess it's my first, that was it. And you were in the, were you in the Magnum PI pilot? I was in the pilot and at one point they said, you're going to Hawaii, you know, and I'm living in this little studio with a hot plate.

I'm going to Hawaii. And then they said, no, we're going to shoot this in the back lot. Selick was one of the sweetest men. He was so relaxed for his pilot. I couldn't believe how relaxed that guy was.

I'll never forget this. I got to tell you this line, we're in the makeup trailer and he says, Hey judge, you know, uh, very personable. And he sits down and he looks in the mirror and he goes, just another, just another California sun kissed hunk. Now wait a minute.

I just blew it. Wait, just another golden sun kissed hunk of California beefcake, just another golden sun kissed hunk of California beefcake. That's right. As you're sitting next to him in the trailer, he goes, what do you think judge?

Like he's making, he's just, he's just making fun of his looks. He was the coolest guy is the coolest guy. Fantastic. Yeah. All right. Next up. I got to tell you.

Okay. So, so yeah, I have the, one of the worst green credits of all time out of that because the setup was, it was just one scene. I played this, a sailor who is guarding this, these files that Magnum has to get to. And so he's got to get past me. So he gets me a bucket of chicken for the sailor to eat.

And while the, the sailors eating, he goes in there. And so my screen credit was chicken eating semen, mother sent me a polaroid picture that she'd taken of the TV screen, you know, I did the rounds and they said, you know, we brought you in because we just thought you were so good as chicken eating semen. Fantastic. Yeah. It's about a break.

I got three more for you here. George Reinhold celebrity, true or false, true or false stripes was shot in a dry County in Kentucky. So you would hang in John Candy's hotel room where he kept a bathtub full of beer. Yeah. Correct.

Very correct. The one thing you don't know is that somebody had to explain to candy who was like the King of Molson, right? What a dry County was cause he's from Canada. And so when I first told him, no, a dry County is, is a place in the United States where you can't a County, you can't buy alcohol. And he's like, yeah, right. I said, no, it's true. And he goes, what do you mean?

The weather dry? What are you talking about? I said, you can't buy alcohol in this County. And he goes, beer's not alcohol. What sort of thing is that?

What's parsing? Like, he's like, that's not alcohol. Yeah. Beer's not alcohol.

Hey, don't look at me. So we were about, I don't know, a little less than an hour out of Louisville. We were in the middle of nowhere at Fort Knox, Kentucky. And um, next day he just had the teamsters in on it. And so he got an adjoining room and that was kind of the party room and he just kept that a bathtub full of ice and beer for us. And that was where we hung out. And you rehearsed the razzle dazzle rifle scene.

Yeah. We had the razzle dazzle rifle scene. They were all wooden rifles, but there was a lot of spinning involved in the room. There were big cracks and holes in candy ceiling because we kept losing the rifle. Smashing the, yeah, that was, that was so wild and wonderful.

That was, that was comedy college for me. You know, I had to have been, I mean, look, there's Bill Murray and Harold Ramis up on the screen there and Francis, you know, if you touch my stuff, I'll kill you. Yeah. Oh my God. Yeah. It was originally teaching Chongos to the army. That's what that was.

Yeah. And then, uh, for some reason the deal didn't make with Columbia. They were out, they brought Ivan in who had produced animal house and just directed bill and meatballs and a bill said, I'll do the movie, but I want Harold to be my sidekick because not, I mean they were friends, but bill being no slouch, they, the, the, uh, the movie was teaching Chong. And so they had to, as they went, Harold and bill made it a bill vehicle. And so we would, we would block the scenes, decide where everybody was going to be going and, and the camera would, well, they would set up the lighting and then, uh, uh, Harold and bill would go into Harold's trailer and come out with the most outrageous stuff that we'd never heard before. Even candy would put his, he put his head down like this to keep from laughing.

And I put my hands in my pockets and would squeeze my thighs so hard to keep from laughing. Yeah, because we'd never heard it before. I, I, you know, it's all those great speeches and stripes, you know, just the most outrageous stuff like Lee Harvey.

I want to party with you guys. I mean, this was all, this was what they did in the trailer. They came out and nailed it. And then he'd go off like some kind of comic beat poet.

He would just go off on these tangents and Ivan would shut it down eventually. And we were just crying. We were crying. Talk about Sergeant Hulka being the big toe of the, you're the big, that's exactly right.

That stuff that they came up with in Harold's trailer and, and we'd never heard it. Fantastic. Uh, okay.

Let's get to, let's get to fast times here. True or false. Sean Penn stayed completely in character as Jeff Spicoli throughout the entire shooting of fast times. And you didn't see the real Sean Penn until the last day.

That's correct. Uh, I figured, well, we were, it wasn't a directive, but we were, we were just told the guy would prefer to just be referred to as Spicoli and that was fine. We, nobody knew anybody else. Um, the first time I saw Sean was when he poured out of that van in the parking lot with all the smoke and I figured, okay, this guy is either the guy Spicoli or a comic who has this one shtick. And I kind of decided, okay, that's what it is. He's an actor who has this one character. And uh, yeah, the mighty March scene at the end, that was our last scene.

I think it was, uh, Sean's last night too. He just, he, he dropped it and was suddenly this very articulate Spicoli turns into this extremely educated, articulate, um, guy and I'm talking to Amy about all sorts of movies and I thought, this is, wow, this guy is brilliant because he was so different. You know, he was so different. Just talking like some erudite professorial type of guy. Just like that with insights about the, yeah, about filmmaking and yeah, yeah, we knew he was from Malibu too.

So that kind of fed the belief that he was just the surfer guy. Is it true that the scene where I'll never forget it as a red blooded American male with Phoebe Cates is actually like something that you don't like talking about because of that scene? No, the reason I, because you know, when I talk about it with print, they always lead with it. You know, they always, if it's a print interview, they always lead with a judge Reinhold professional masturbator or, you know, so that's why I'm hesitant to talk about it. Recently people magazine came out with judge Reinhold masturbation was humiliating for him. Like somebody had made me do it, you know, and so I decided, but no, I'm safe with you.

You know, I'm okay. Obviously it was simulated. It was just a series of indignities that Brad had to go through.

So when I read the script, I thought that scene was hysterical, but when it came time to shoot it, the reality of it was, was chilling. Is it true? You was a prosthetic.

You used a prosthetic. No, no, no, no. That's false. Yeah, that's false. All right. We finally found a false one. Last one for you.

True or false? Seinfeld fans still approach you about the class close talker episode and get nose to nose with you to close talk with you in real life. Yeah. That's gotta be weird. Yeah. It's, it's disconcerting. And then you realize, just seeing it on a screen here.

Okay. The story behind it is a good story behind that is, uh, during rehearsals, I would make sure that I'd get a little closer to each cast member when I, cause, cause I, the gag is that I'm talking to his parents and then as I'm talking to people, I get a little closer. When I get to Jerry, I'm, I'm the closest. And then the crew was laughing in a way that it was seemed like something was going on. And so we broke for lunch or whatever.

And I said, why are you guys laughing so hard when I get the Jerry? And they said, because he's such a germaphobe, he's terrified of what you're doing. So of course, by the time it got to camera, I was almost touching his nose.

I mean, we were, our nostril hairs were almost touching. So I know he was so uncomfortable. If you see it again, you'll see, he's just, oh, he's just, he's just, you know, crawling in his skin. He was sitting here a month ago in that very chair and he kept on saying over and over again, you know, he goes, you don't understand Larry and I meaning David, we do not act.

He's basically saying that he's being himself pretty much all the time. So that's another example of it from this very scene you're talking about. Yeah. Yeah. And there's, there's a, I have to tell you this story because, okay. So it was a double episode, which was fun. But this whole thing about Jerry getting caught, making out in Schindler's list, Spielberg, they found out Larry and, and Jerry found out that Spielberg was watching Seinfeld episodes while he was shooting Schindler's list to unwind from the, from the Holocaust, you know, to, so he'd go home and watch Seinfeld just to, you know, take a break from the awfulness. Yeah. The awfulness. And and so when they heard that, they said they got to do something like a, you know, a send up of Schindler's list. So that's the inspiration. Of having Jerry getting caught making out with his girlfriend in Schindler's list. And then my character, Aaron, just goes full crazy and, and is so concerned about Jerry's parents and I could have done so much more for them, you know, so that was all for Steven Spielberg. Wow. Yeah.

Well, this celebrity, true or false in this chat, Judge Reinhold went better than anybody could have hoped. And and you're awesome. Oh, thank you. We spent, you know, decades, you know, entertaining me and so many other people and so many memorable things. And Beverly Hills, comp axle F is the latest version of that streaming on Wednesday, July 3rd, exclusively on Netflix. Be one of the, no doubt, millions upon millions worldwide to check this out.

And that's why I've never been a summer movie. So it's exciting to brother. Yeah. It's a great first time for everything right here.

Yeah. George Joseph Gordon Levitt, Kevin Bacon in it as well. Everyone should check it out. Thanks for coming, sir. Thank you, Rick. Thank you.

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Shopify dot com slash Westwood one. Can you tell me the story, the famous story of you noticing John Candy in the crowd before that two minute show at the Bengals? Harris Barton was a people person, so we were free for dinner during the week, but in practice and meetings and then come back after dinner and more meetings. So when he would come back from dinner, he was like a little kid.

He could not wait to tell you about all the celebrities he saw while he was at dinner. And so I had we were just standing there in between the tight end and his shoulder was framed John Candy in the crowd. He was on the sideline. Oh, he's on the sideline. And so I was and I sat there and I looked and I go, dang, I remember Harrison saw John Candy.

It's what you're thinking in the Super Bowl with minutes to go and needing to drive down the field. OK. And so I walked over and said, hey, man, there's John Candy and Harris stood like this for eight minutes. Perfectly still. He's a little bit angle that way. He would not move.

He's like little. I didn't do it to unwind him. I just thought he would appreciate John Candy. Did you ever meet Candy or that was the only thing? Yeah, no, I had met John a few years before that. My contract was up. OK. And he was one of the owners of the Toronto Argonauts. OK.

He was trying to get me to go to Canada. Come on. Yeah. They just didn't have enough money, but if the price was right, I might have been wearing an Argonaut. Yeah.

You'd have a 55 yard line. I'll do that. So he legitimately said, you know, hey, you know, we had a couple of meetings about. You did. So this is real. Like, it wasn't just like, oh, by the way, no, no, no, no, I love that. Here's not alcohol. That's the latest John Candy story that we've elicited in our 10 years of this program. Welcome back to the Rich Eisen Show radio network, sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grange with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grange has the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. Minute and a half to go. We went long with Judge Reinhold because it was so great. Jimmy in San Antonio, you got the last word. What's up, Jimmy? Oh, great.

I get to follow Judge. That was great. That was so much fun, wasn't it?

Well, it wasn't as fun as your top 10 on the 80s, funny movies, comedy movies. Yeah. What do you think?

First of all, I thought your top 10 was solid. Thank you. Solid. He knows. He knows what he's saying to me. He knows what he's saying.

Jimmy. Well, and then I have to give you credit for footing midnight run at 10. Thank you, sir. That's the equivalent of you admitting about the golf hole in one because you have respect.

You have respect for the audience and you cannot lie to them. It is not in the top five. Your top five was on point. Thank you. Midnight run is number 10. Thank you. I appreciate that, Jimmy. Well, Jimmy, what you didn't see is after the interview was over, Rich and Judge were just going on about how much they loved midnight run and how great it is.

I think you would redo the list now after that. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no.

Because the director of Midnight Run was the original director of the first two Beverly Hills Cop movies, Martin Bresch. So that's why I brought it up. And I got to I got to jet because the show is also the most quotable 80s. You picked the best. Thank you, sir. Thanks, Jimmy.

That's Jimmy in San Antonio here. Sorry, I got to see you, brother. We got to run because it's the end of the show. A quick final segment because I couldn't stop Judge Reinhold if I, you know, because he just said many great stories. That was as great as it gets. Epic interview. Fantastic. That'll wrap it up for this Wednesday edition of The Rich Eisen Show.

We're back on Thursday with more. Hey guys, welcome to the Candy Valentino Show. I'm Candy Valentino. I was a founder before I could legally order a drink and for more than two and a half decades, I've built, scaled, acquired and exited multiple businesses in diverse industries. Now my goal is to help you by sharing the knowledge that I've learned, the mistakes that I've made and the wisdom that I've developed over my journey. High weekly episodes every Monday and Thursday. The Candy Valentino Show, wherever you listen.
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