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RE Show: Sonny Dykes, Jim Gaffigan - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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July 25, 2023 3:41 pm

RE Show: Sonny Dykes, Jim Gaffigan - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 25, 2023 3:41 pm

TCU Head Football Coach Sonny Dykes and Rich discuss the Horned Frogs’ hanging a 50 burger on Michigan in their College Football Playoff semifinal, facing Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes in their opening game, the future of the Big 12 after the departure of the Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma Sooners, and how the growth of NIL and the Transfer Portal has reshaped the college football landscape. 

Comedian Jim Gaffigan joins Rich in-studio to discuss his new ‘Dark Pale’ Amazon Prime Video special, his hilarious perspective on being a sports parent, the challenge of picking a movie to watch with a large (and outspoken) family, what’s is been like to work with acclaimed director Steven Soderberg on HBO Max’ ‘Full Circle,’ why he thinks he could have been an NFL long snapper, and reveals the massive number of tickets he requested from the Cubs when he threw out the first pitch at Wrigley Field. 

Rich and the guys react to yet another classic, snarky Bill Belichick press conference answer. 

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Rich Eisen Show. Only those who wish to listen may do so. That's a thinker.

Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. I don't know if you've heard but Naim Hines does appear to be out for the year. He's on your brother's team. Is that a possibility for you Dalvin? Gotta be a science but not half the picture for me to go you know go play that play that well.

Okay. Earlier on the show Open Championship winner Brian Harmon. Host of Pro Football Talk Mike Florio.

Coming up, TCU head coach Sonny Dykes. Comedian Jim Gaffigan. And now it's Rich Eisen. Hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show on the air on this terrestrial radio affiliate smart enough to have us.

Also we are on the air on Sirius XM Odyssey, the Roku channel and so much more. We've got Jim Gaffigan coming in studio in the middle of this hour. Just full disclosure as you know there is a strike going on here in Los Angeles, California. The Screen Actors Guild and the Writers Guild as well. The conversation that I'm going to have with Jim Gaffigan was recorded a few weeks ago in advance of the strike.

So as you know there are many comedians, actors and actresses who are not promoting anything that's going on. This was done before it but it's a great conversation. Don't miss it. He is hilarious.

I think you will enjoy it. My friends Mike Florio were on this program. My new friend Brian Harmon was on this program. He got to meet the Open Championship and I consider this guy a friend. He has called into the show and it's been enough time since he destroyed my New Year's Eve plans. I only took my son to go watch this game.

Flew to Glendale. Didn't your son cry too? He was crying. Of course he was crying.

He's 11 and he loves Michigan. This man cut out his heart and showed it to him pumping. Is that too tough? Is that too difficult?

You might be accurate. The head coach of TCU football Sonny Dykes back here in the program. How are you coach?

I'm well Rich. How are you doing? I'm doing better. Thanks for asking. Sorry to hear about your son. I need to carry that burden with me. Football is a cold heartless game sometimes coach.

It is. I got a six-year-old that I can assure you has no love for Georgia right now. Oh that was my previous New Year's Eve coach. That was my year.

So when you woke up that day did you feel like something like that was going down? You guys were confident, ready to roll into that national semifinal. Walk me through your preps for that coach.

You know what's interesting? As you get into sports and especially you get into these match-ups where you've had a lot of time to prepare for each other like we had you know going into that game. You know so much of it becomes about match-ups and we felt like that we had some we had some good match-ups we could create some good match-ups and and you know that a lot a lot of times in sports that's really what it comes down to is your ability to get your best player on somebody who may not be as good as them and then you know 11 guys have to go out there and execute it make a play and fortunately for us um you know our guys did it quite a bit and we were able to generate a lot of big plays in the game and then I think the thing that's probably overlooked as much as anything in that game was you know we we scored a couple of touchdowns defensively had a couple of goal line stands and so a lot of a lot of things went uh well for us uh that particular evening and they needed to. And then um you know it's interesting that the draft on and I know you know you didn't have such a great time in SoFi Stadium not for the uh national championship game but five of the eight uh horn frogs you sent to the NFL draft uh this year are gonna play in that stadium the Rams and the Chargers you're gonna maybe if you want to see some of your uh former uh players uh spend some time in Los Angeles it's kind of wild if you think about it yeah yeah I know it's cool it's good for those guys they get to go exercise some demons yes and I'm probably gonna need a little therapy before I go back to SoFi anytime soon. Um how much and again we'll get to the here now in a second um how much contact are you in with Max Duggan right now uh obviously seventh round choices with the Chargers. So I haven't much here recently but um but you know I'm really excited to see how Max is going to do um I'll probably usually about a week or two into camp I'll reach out to those guys just to kind of check in see how it's going and and get some feedback and try to encourage them sometimes I mean it's a big step you know going from college football to the NFL and and you know some guys make the transition pretty easy you know quarterback positions obviously tough and so you know there's going to be some challenges for Max and and the road will be bumpy but he'll do a great job and I'm really excited to watch him develop as a as an NFL quarterback because I really truly believe his best football is still in front of him. Right and um you know so now into the here and now is this Chandler Morris's gig going into your training camp that starts on the second? Yeah I think so I mean I think Chandler is the guy that's coming back that's got experience you know we we have some quarterbacks on our staff that are you know we're really excited about pretty talented and they all bring different things to the table but certainly coming in I think we anticipate you know Chandler being the guy you know the one thing we try to do is is you have a competition really for every spot we're not big on depth charts and all that kind of stuff and you know the guys that perform well in practice typically are the ones that get opportunities and games and then we kind of readjust and measure from there but certainly going into camp you know Chandler has played football uh here at TCU uh played a little bit for us last year you know played well the year before when he had some opportunities to be the starting quarterback and you know he's a guy that really going into last season was the starter you know he got hurt in the third quarter against Colorado and back stepped in and and had an unbelievable year finished second in the Heisman Trophy but but we really have a ton of confidence in Chandler and excited to see what he can do leading this football team and we have a lot of new faces but we're real optimistic that these guys are are really talented and have a chance to to be a special group. And then of course you know uh attention on you for various reasons uh for your first game September 2nd because you were a national uh finalist last year and want to see how you can follow up on that and then Colorado coming in with a different coach this time around uh Sonny you got Dion you got Dion's first game. Dion's a whole lot more interesting than me I can see uh you know a lot of uh interest in that and injustifiably so I think you know Dion's uh always does a tremendous job of of creating excitement energy um really around whatever he does I mean he did it as a player and he's certainly done it as a coach and and uh so there's going to be a lot of eyeballs on that first game it's a great opportunity for us to kind of come out and put that that bad performance we had against Georgia behind us and create some you know some momentum this season and it'll be a big challenge for us I mean they've got a completely new roster I think 70 new scholarship players or something close to that um you know he's got a son that's has been his quarterback at Jackson State Chidoor who's a really talented guy and understands what they're going to do offensively and so they're going to hit the ground running and as you said it should create a lot of interest and excitement. And then did I pick up a vibe at the Big 12 um you know media week of with Oklahoma and Texas being in this conference for one more year of hey you know um you know good luck to them where they go but they haven't really won this conference uh lately and you were obviously somebody along with Kansas State that played for the conference championship last year and that was you could make the case the best bowl game of the bowl you know of the conference champ best conference championship game of the conference championship season you could easily make that case just in terms of competition and level of play um do you do you have that same vibe or was I just picking up the wrong thing right here? Yeah I think so I mean I think you know I think the Big 12 teams if you look at the last two Big 12 championship games you know the year before was Baylor and Oklahoma State and last year was TCU and Kansas State so you know neither of those programs have represented um you know the the Big 12 in that championship game the last couple years you know I think obviously both of those teams are going to be very much improved uh you know Texas I think was ended up being the favorite uh going into the season but you know I think like anything else I mean Oklahoma had such a prolific run as Big 12 champions you know they were in the championship game almost every year and really won it almost every year for a long time and you know kind of hit some hard times last last couple years at least for their standard and I'm sure they'll be much improved as well so you know it's going to be a competitive league but I do think that the Big 12 is confident in the remaining teams and the teams that we've added I think that we feel like really from top to bottom you know we're the most competitive league in college football you know I think that that's our guys truly believe that I believe it you know week in and week out you can you have to play incredibly well you know you can't go out there and and play a bad game or you're going to lose and I think our league is different you know the worst team in our league can beat the best team and and you know it happens a lot of times in the in the Big 12 and I'm not so sure it happens in other leagues that often. Sonny Dykes head coach of TCU a couple minutes left with the with the HC in advance of the August 2nd training camp opening up for college football and of course TCU. Did you hear the commissioner of the SEC commissioner Sankey say that congress needs to step in and handle name image and likeness and give a federal guideline that is followed by all 50 states that's the answer to what's going on with NIL which is now two plus years old do you agree with that assessment coach? I certainly do probably you know in the short term um you know I think that there's got to be some some other long-term resolutions I mean you know I mean quite frankly the federal government's got a lot better things to do than to try to regulate college football and deal with the changes and the implementation and and all the things that that need to happen to keep our game the great game that it is um you know we have to do something I mean right now there's no other um sports league or organization that operates like you know college athletics does right now and certainly college football where you know you can go out you can buy the best players you want to buy there's no draft there's no salary cap there's no uh know anything and then so what what happens now is you get a you get a large school that has a large alumni base and they can basically come by your roster if they want to and and you know imagine that taking place in the nfl that you know jerry jones wakes up one day and says you know I think I want to you know go buy a quarterback so let's go find the best quarterback and buy him and it just doesn't work that way in in other sports and so we have to do something in our in our game to keep it the great game it is um you know I think that that is a good starting point but truly you know the ncaa has to somehow provide some kind of leadership for us and they haven't done a very good job of doing that up until this point and really the power players right now in college sports I think are conference commissioners and so yeah you know I truly believe that those guys need to get together and decide okay look here's what we want to do because they're the ones that that in my opinion hold all the power right now and so you know we've had some conversations with bret your mark uh the big the big 12 commissioner I think he is a really sharp guy um he's a doer he's a guy that wants to go out make things happen and so I think those conversations need to start taking place at the conference level because at the end of the day they're the guys that really have all the control over the game well I mean have you found that uh players are are are getting inducements we all know what nil is supposed to be for at least the idea is is to give the collegiate athlete um the opportunity to make money off of the name image and likeness when they're performing their craft on behalf of the university for a scholarship um but that's not really what seems to be happening right now yeah I've been a proponent of nil for a long time I think that's why we're in the situation that we're in right now is because for years the ncaa just kind of thumbed their nose at it athletes and you know at the end of the day you know no one's no one's no one's coming to fill our stadium to watch me play you know they're there to watch the student-athletes play and I always felt like that those guys um you know needed to to have some kind of benefit you know they needed to to have an extra benefit just besides the scholarship I mean they brought much more value to the university than that and so I think what happened for so long is we literally just ignored that fact and and thumb their nose at those kids and and fortunately the courts got involved and and freed up opportunities for those guys to earn money often named name image and likeness but the problem is that once it kind of started to head that direction you know the leadership just walked away and just said well we can't do anything about this and here it is and so now what you have is again you've got free agency and you got an open market and you know we have players in our roster right now that they're our grad have graduated um they can transfer really at any time and and you know I'm hoping that guys show up for fall camp you know when we kick off on Wednesday and there's still a couple players I'm worried about that I know some other schools have reached out to and tried to try to entice them to come play for them and so it's just you know it's it's a very difficult time to be a college coach and but you know the thing is you hate to see it for the players because it makes it makes it really tough sometimes to be loyal to their teammates and to their university that they want to be but I think sometimes you know when someone throws a pile of cash at you it's hard to hard to have that kind of loyalty in some ways and it just puts young people in some bad situations um at times and you know creates a lot of chaos for the sport certainly if they go someplace and they don't get the opportunity that they've been promised you know so my last question for you is has somebody had the temerity to go into your office sunny dykes and say this is my price if you don't hit it I'm gone has that happened oh for sure yeah and for sure it happened several times when I took over the program here at TCU you know some of the players who did you know in some ways become pre-agents and and had gone into the transfer portal and you know walked in and said okay list this is what this school's gonna pay me and you know this is what I want um and so you know those are conversations that are great and a lot of times these guys went to went to the other schools and found out it wasn't exactly what they thought it was going to be you know there's no one to govern these contracts I mean the way that these NIL cooperatives write these contracts is they're really personal service contracts and they can write them however they want to and it's not there's no standard for the player there's no protection for the player um you know some players and their families are being taken advantage of where they they you know are promised one thing and then receive something different and so you know someone has got to get involved a little bit to regulate it again more for the safety of the players than for the convenience of coaches coach thanks for the time uh I appreciate it um you know again I'm glad enough time went uh um between uh you know new year's eve and now for me to get over the opportunity to talk to you and I appreciate it yeah well I appreciate it rich always good always good to talk to you and like I said maybe maybe your son and myself can share a call sometime and and mourn together it's okay no it's all right my son needs to understand that not everything you can't always get what you want as somebody once said thanks for the call greatly appreciate it let's talk during the season you guys set me on you bet that's tcu head coach sunny dykes let's take a break my conversation with jim gaffigan I love this man that's next this is the rich eisen show are you currently enjoying the show on the stitcher app then you need to know stitcher is going away on august 29th yep going away as in kaput gone dead rest in peace stitcher and thanks for 15 years of service to the podcast community so switch to another podcast app and follow this show there apple spotify or wherever you listen you listen jim gaffigan dark pale 10th comedy special an unprecedented feat amazing i'm only 23 on prime video it's available starting today and you're talking about again these travel teams when you mention hockey it's i'm i'm uh impressed when people tell me this but also happy i'm not in that world when i hear okay so my kids on this hockey team travel hockey team we woke up at 3 30 in the morning and we drove three and a half hours to get in there for that seven o'clock start and i'm not joking like these are the actual times in the lengths of drives and stuff like that oh absolutely oh my god yeah i mean i you know i don't want to sound negative but i think i'd rather have my kids in rehab do you know what i mean it's just like you you write a check for 50 grand or you give up 10 years of your life i mean it's just no but it is obviously the value of sports are really important of course and you know i've got my 12 year old loves basketball and he's pretty good at it yeah yeah and uh but you know i'm not gonna sit there and say hey no one that has our pigmentation is playing in the nba you know unless you're from slovenia you know i mean it's like but i'm like yeah yeah you you know and i send him clips of kobe you know kobe saying do three hours a day and he's out there doing three hours a day and i love it yeah but there's no travel team how are you how are you watching the games how are you as the dad in the stands jim gaffey well some of it is you know my 12 year old is barely like he his middle school didn't even he was sixth grade and so like they didn't even allow him on the middle school team because he was too young or whatever okay so like watching i but i take him to practices and stuff like that i i mean i enjoy it i take videos and stuff like that no i know that but it's invariably again it's about being fun having fun and we that's we tell you know our kids that they just they just have fun go do it but there is a competitive moment in it where either somebody else's kid or the another team is acting a little bit oh yeah you know aggressive yeah and so it but you also know you you know it is a 12 year old's event here yes and it's a tug of war that there is also managing you know you don't want your kid no matter how talented they are to be like a douchebag you know i mean yeah right exactly like sometimes he might be like i shouldn't have passed it and i'm like no you want people to know that you're a generous you know teammate you know and so like there's things like that there's so many lessons in sports that are really valuable and but it is it is something that kind of can go too far you know and it's just also i don't know about you but like leaving a practice is my kids don't want to leave so like yeah the practice is over and they're like oh i need to do some shots i'm like no you don't you know what i mean you don't need to you just did it for an hour and a half let's just go so i'm kind of like let's go do you brought them to get off the court sometimes i'm kind of just that guy and you know the coach would be like hey uh you know i'm like we're done we're done here let's leave it's over i'm i'm essentially i love it i love it and there's nothing uh i enjoy more than like you know because of some of my success being able to take my sons to a nick game it's like amazing going to sporting events it's it's it's amazing so now um this week jim gaffigan i have my three kids are in camp my wife is out of town oh well i have the house to myself and the first day that it happens is the greatest day of my life yeah yeah and then around like morning to night yeah stuff begins to creep in like um hunger you know yes i i have to fend for myself and there's nothing in the fridge like yes like i gotta i gotta like shop i gotta decide for myself what to eat yeah there's no plates for me to pick off yeah and then it's really like day three i honestly feel like i'm a castaway on it and then you're like you're like am i just gonna sit at a bar and drink a bourbon i mean like eating because there are those guys that are just like sitting at the bar but and you don't want to be that but the first night you're like god that guy has a good life he does right so how do you how do you do you find are you ever in the house by yourself anymore five kids or what yeah so there's two at camp and then uh our 19 year old is home and the two younger ones are doing different camps yes but there's chaos but i i travel so much doing stand-up and i love touring so i kind of uh relish the opportunity to be at home doing some of this stuff but you know yeah so there's i mean there's just we do movie night and stuff like that which is an impossible task because children have horrible taste so uh do you know what i mean it's like i forgot what it was like to go when i was in high school and my friends and i were like well rent a movie and we go to blockbuster yeah and we'd be in like minute 50 of walking around because we couldn't decide on what to get or we finally decided what to get and that tape wasn't there and i forgot what that feeling was until we had to choose a movie with my kids oh yeah and it felt exactly like that yeah no i would search it up and then i will pitch it to people and you know i've got 19 17 14 12 and 10 and oh sometimes i just bully the situation i'll be like we're watching suspicious and they're like what's the spirit and i'm like you're not gonna like it but i want to see it but often there's not a revolt on your hands there's usually a revolt and there's uh you know there's complaining later on but sometimes you know but it should be a movie i feel like it should be a movie and sometimes it's freaky friday and these decent movies but like but sometimes we just end up watching uh we've been watching kitchen nightmares a lot okay it's amazing that's good right it's amazing okay and that's something where the whole team likes it which is a relief right usually it's a food show like we're we're we're a uh a great british bake show in our house uh we we that holy moly is something we can agree to as a family yeah we can do that but other than that it's hard it is warfare it truly is to choose something that we can all sit and watch and if it's something it's if i suggest a movie in standard definition yeah immediately rejected oh yeah immediately rejected i'm like no you don't understand this is a classic movie like i pulled the dad like the you don't know thing oh yeah and then but it's standard definition forget it out the door we watched uh rushmore because i was kind of trying to set them up so that we could watch asteroid city and so i'm like so is it that's a gateway it's like wes anderson so i'm so excited i was like all right i'll i'll get my 19 year old you know jason schwartzman so amazing my 10 and 12 year old climb on board bill murray's with bill murray and um and my 19 year old because you know he's in love with his teacher and at one point he tries to kiss her and it's kind of aggressive and my 19 year old was like i'm out you know because it was it was assault and and it's like i love it and i'm like ah so when this movie came out in 98 yeah the the humor of that like we knew that he obviously would never hurt her we knew that she would never hook up with him we knew that but like she's like wait a minute he's in love with his teacher and so like to a 19 year old she was just like this social justice construct she couldn't break through i fought through the standard definition no thanks battle with my kids to show him the original bad news bears oh wow i broke through it i got him to sit down and see it my daughter the look on her face when walter mathau reached for a beer and cracked it open while driving oh and she's just like why would you show me this we did the tanners language i'm like different time kids yeah you know yeah but they looked at me like i was we watched out of my mind you know uh nacho libre and watch nacho libre which uh and so to see them navigate because also my 10 and 12 year old they're like they're like is jack black mexican and i'm like i don't think so and they're like just a damn good part mexican i'm like well he was just hired i'm like no he wrote it he wrote it with mike white and they're like is mike white and mexican like no he's as white as me and i was like but this is an homage and i'm like and so they're sitting there justifying this yes and they're like maybe the director was mexican i'm like no it's the director who did napoleon dynamite probably looks like me and it was but it was just funny it was not it was it was it was appropriation as we understand it but it was an homage to this uh you know to the you know mexican and then i brought my kids to wrestling matches in mexico city they're amazing you did do that yeah man father of the year jim gaffigan here on the rich eyes and showing you i'd sometimes though and then we'll move on to your uh to your special um sometimes my wife and i will just give up like fine watch this movie that we know is gonna not be nearly as good as what we've suggested we're done fighting so one night we we relented and they watched a movie called war with grandpa war on grandpa where you know there's a grandpa who's in the who's uh who needs to be brought back into the family because he's living by himself and he can't you know do it war with grandpa's orders and so he's he's living in the third floor of the house kicked the kid out of his room because he came in so he and the kid are now in sort of like a home alone type battle oh wow the grandpa is played by robert deniro and it dawned on me about 40 minutes in that the first deniro movie of my children's life is war with grandpa and i i i grabbed the remote and i did the most provocative thing possible which is to pause a movie and try and explain oh my god i had to i said you have to understand we'll finish like i'll hit play again because hitting pause on them is just very provocative act um i'd explain them this guy on the screen is the maybe the greatest living american actor or if not the greatest actor of all time yeah and they're like hit play will you please they're like that guy that guy or you know also my kids when during the super bowl they're like uh my 14 year old she was 13 at the time she was like oh rihanna is for old people rihanna is for old people i'm like what is going on yeah that was her takeaway from the super bowl halftime show wow i mean kids are horrible but it is also fun it's like even you know so this uh mac show full circle we we got a screener and we're watching it and my kids are like you're playing a bad guy like do you get paid less for playing bad guys then like the good guys get paid more and i'm like no it doesn't work like that yeah and but like it's just the perspective is so different but it is fun you know and they but they get angry when i play a bad guy okay i was about to say i mean when you're playing a serious character yeah do they get totally confused here i mean not really because they kind of know me as they're like oh that guy yeah we could see you as a murderer you know they see you know they see dad you know like yeah your kids see a different person than you know is here right now sure you're like clean up your room you know i mean you don't say that here that's you being the heavy in the household well i try you know jim gaffigan here on the rich eyes and show okay so let's talk about uh full circle it's a max original limited series directed by stephen soderberg with a hell of a cast oh amazing so what what was it like for you to be directed by stephen soderberg it was it was incredible he's a very uh i mean the writing's also amazing yeah and i you know i love acting and i love kind of uh playing a character where there's an open end where you could play him different ways and so i would pitch ideas to stephen and he's like yeah all right you know it was it was really interesting because he is the he's the dp he's the director of photography he's holding the camera he's at he's gonna edit it and he's also bit had his hand involved in all the writing ed solomon's a great writer and so he's like you're essentially pitching to one person like you don't have to he's like yeah that'll work that'll work so i'm like all right so what if i pick out my gum and i kind of spit it here even though there is a scene where i'm eating a um uh like a 7-eleven burrito it's like the first scene when you meet my character with zazie and uh and i'm like uh you know this is kind of people are gonna think this is a hot pocket and stephen soderberg does it he's like what's what does it matter what's a hot pocket and so like he doesn't know that like i have this joke and i'm like and then i just appear like this narcissist is like everyone thinks about me and eating a hot pocket and he's like i and so then i'm like forget it forget it but it is uh to answer your question he's brilliant but it is very hands-off and it he's so quick so you do like one take and he's like we got it we got it and you're like really because he's editing it so in his head as well as later on for hours unbelievable and it the morale on the set is amazing so all the actors show up really prepared they have ideas and you shoot it and you move on and uh the he's worked with the same group forever so everyone knows what's going on that's so cool although that is a legit point by you is like hey you know it could be viewed as an homage and a wink and a nod to your fan base but you also don't want people to you know get out of the character that you're exactly i didn't buy the hot pocket and then and i was like but i i eventually decided it's like you know if people if they're going to be distracted it's just for a moment right did you did you did you youtube it for for uh steven and just basically no no he kind of looked at me politely like the world is not about you jim and i was like and you know and then reviews came out and i did read one review where a guy thought that it was a hot pocket but okay that's all right one out of 50 well it's all working um and now uh dark pale 10th comedy special yeah that's crazy i know it is yeah what was your first again beyond the pale there's always some pale element but now you're dark pale now dark because this is uh pretty kind of uh sardonic and okay um you know we've you know these past five or six years have been so weird right and we've been exposed to so much like if you're not a little nihilistic or cynical by now yes you should be in the burby movie right i mean it's you can't i mean we've all you know like we literally watched the news and there was a running tally of people dying like that is just weird right so and we all lost people over this time so i kind of talk with some of uh talk about some of that you know that dark stuff but i think you know and i toured with the material for a year and people enjoyed it but it is we're kind of more cynical than we used to be sure absolutely and so dark pale is available today on prime video seriously i'll watch anything that you do um and so before i let you go uh on a previous show we were talking about because it's that type of time of season when not much is going on sports wise about our abilities to do one thing for one split second against a professional athlete on their professional turf like and what we could actually pull off like i thought the number one tennis player in the world carlos alcaraz his his his serve is what usually about a about 25 or something i'd be able to get one point off him in a three-setter oh i would never okay so um my sound guy uh mike del tufo thinks he could get a goal on an nhl goalie in a one-on-one situation so is there anything you think you could do you know i played uh i played college football for a couple years right you know mainly division three but i used to always think i could be a long snapper just because you're just you just gotta take up space you have to deliver the ball and take up space like you don't even really even have to block you don't even really even have to block do you know what i mean so i was like you know what i could i could do i could be a long snapper maybe once like i can in the nfl or what do you think maybe okay maybe i mean i'm not saying i want to do that like i don't want to but i think that i mean now i can barely bend over but i think that right now i don't think i could do it but have you ever snapped did you ever do that yeah no i did that i did long or just regular shot no i mean that was also like if you're a center in high school doing the shotgun that's super fun right sure so yeah i think that i could have done that um but not now i don't think now okay now i can't now i can barely walk upstairs and by the way there's there's 80 year old people there are our country's being run by a man who's 80 and i you know i go to a parent teacher conference and i need to take a nap after a zoom i'm like wow there's i should take a break right it's just i gotta i do this show i go home at some point you know five to ten minutes that's all i need right like a power a power nap man yeah there's different absolutely yes there's some pacing that has to occur that whereas in my 20s i don't think i mattered and here i am asking if you could long snap once for the national football but so yeah it is an interesting task but otherwise i don't think yeah i mean if i sleep on the wrong shoulder like i wake up and and i'm like i oh that's right i can't sleep on this shoulder i'm that way too right i am that way jeez how old are you i am 5 000 years old okay i'm 57 okay yeah i'm 54 i'm right behind right i'm right i'm neck and neck i'm in your i'm in your neck of the woods we're doing good we're doing i'm fine yeah i know i'm doing fine i can get one point off the number one guy and uh on you really think you could i do think so yeah one point one point i just gotta get one point just one one time ball bracket racket on ball like when they show those half times of people shooting like if you can shoot five baskets i have anxiety i have anxiety i mean like i don't think i could you know like or you know if you hit this half court you could win a million dollars yes like like i threw out a pitch at a cubs game and i was like well now that's nerve-wracking that's i think that's a similar situation because you know if you do it wrong people are like oh we got this is gonna go viral it's just gonna go right that does go viral how'd you do i did it right i know i did fine it wasn't at the zone did you hit the zone no it was too high but it was i made it but i didn't practice either like my wife was like are you gonna throw a ball and i'm like i didn't have chance to oh i did so i threw one out at dodger stadium and i started i practiced uh at the ucla uh down the jackie robinson stadium so did you throw with some heat and all that i was did chris you were there that day i was there um i by the way the the guy that they had was their backup bullpen catcher at the time who was in the all-star game last week kenley jansen wow was not even the the closer that he is now he was just the backup bullpen catcher that he was the poor bastard that had to come and catch my first pitch he's like who the hell is this guy i got to come out in 90 degree heat in chavez ravine and bend down and catch this guy's uh so i threw from the mount yeah um i would have hit a right-handed hitter but firmly believe a left handed hitter would have swung over my um my garbage and so you and there was some speed on it because mine was just like is it gonna get there i mean it's gonna get there but it's you got oh there it is there it is we just called it up oh and you put your name tag on your on your on your thigh right there you know what that's what the cool kids do that's what the cool kids do that's what they do that was so fun and so i you know listening to a cut you know cubs games and white socks games so it was so amazing to do that and that and i'm one of six kids so when i was going to do this my siblings and their children i was like eventually i had to request 26 tickets what i was like can i have 26 tickets and they're like you know rigley fields not that big that reminds me of that uh animal house line can i have 10 000 marbles please you know like oh my god wow plus 26 that's how you roll uh check out again dark pale available today on prime video the max original limited series full circle currently airing with new episodes releasing thursdays on max check it all out right here of course on roku at jim gaffigan on twitter and instagram always love our chat thanks so much for coming in appreciate it right here on the rich isin show i'm sitting at the rich isin show desk furnished by granger with supplies and solutions for every industry granger is the right product for you call click or just stop by fitting i should mention on our radio uh program uh what we just talked about on our roku channel um feed um i'm uh honored to say that i was nominated for a marconi award yes indeed today and i want to thank my friends at westwood one teresa gauge karen glover and everyone else there that was assisting in my candidacy congratulations honor it's an honor it's an honor to be part of this radio business every single day coming on the air here on uh what's through westwood one's um you know help and and everyone else putting together uh the rich isin show radio network basically from scratch three years ago uh i'm honored and uh honored to be mentioned with fellow nominees as well um so uh let's get to this um the san francisco 49ers training camp is open brock purdy has been cleared to practice with no limitations correct except they are going to put them on a pitch count which sounds like they're limiting him that's understandable like what are they going to have him throw 90 million times to start this thing off so it looks like purty has answered the bell wow uh shocked now when you've got a guy who's on a for that they have not one but two quarterbacks on first year uh first contracts obviously trey lances paid at a much higher level than a guy picked last in the last round last year in brock purty so i imagine nick bosa would like uh some uh some money and um and uh i believe the general manager and the coach are very well aware of that as bozo was not there today do you expect him to practice get on the field and practice with his teammates without a new contract i wouldn't that would surprise me yeah that's a cool decision coach or a team and and the player we want all our players to be here we've got a pretty good track record of having our guys here and done you know with contracts so um you know like i said this one may be perhaps a little more complex and and uh no no timelines there but i'd tell you that we're working hard we have good communication and and we got to keep doing that and the the uh interest is mutual yeah i love it shanahan's man he's just he's at next the general manager i wouldn't i wouldn't i wouldn't show up without a contract well he is the one who is going to have to get into the if you will foxhole with nick boza and vice versa once this all happened it'll happen i would be stunned if that does not happen let me tell you rich they're paying nick bozo it's going to happen it's going to happen and lynch lynch will get it done i'm i would be stunned again if first game of the year nick boz is not out there trying to chase down kenny pickett for the 49ers at pittsburgh a sneaky good week one game uh and then you know and then you know holdouts are all over the place zack martin's not in uh cowboys camp and then the question was uh when bill belicheck showed up for a press conference today lawrence guy who wasn't there during the spring is he going to be there today bill belicheck being asked about a potential holdout of a star player of his is definitely fodder for today's bill belicheck press conference moment today's bill belicheck press conference moment we prefer to win lawrence guy wasn't here for minicam has he reported uh players report later this morning do you know we'll find out in an hour or so i don't know i haven't been in there they're doing physicals um i get started here in a few i don't know 8 30 or somewhere in there so i don't do physicals doctors do those do you believe the situation has been out of this brand has been resolved uh i hope so so it's football season most players play football in football season i don't do physicals doctors do those it's football season much like football season if it's just like is he going to show up i don't know players are going to come in about an hour multiple great uh postscript wow lawrence guy did show up today okay okay that's what i'm being told he knew better um so the update on that is lawrence guy showed up and belicheck still doesn't do the physicals doctors do those not a doctor oh they're so good using the whole fist coach oh my god you know he's so a little bit a little bit of fletch going out the door stay flew by guys all right we'll see everybody wednesday how wrestling really works and how you get the ratings eric bischoff and conrad thompson explain on 83 weeks collision has been struggling a little bit out of the gate with these ticket sales a little bit out of the gate this was a major show announced on a major network with what everybody thought was this huge star cm punk i said he was going to be the biggest financial flop in wrestling history and i think i'm being proven right every minute of the day 83 weeks on youtube or wherever you listen
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