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REShow: Francisco Lindor - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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April 17, 2023 3:58 pm

REShow: Francisco Lindor - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 17, 2023 3:58 pm

Mets SS Francisco Lindor and Rich discuss the possibility of Shohei Ohtani playing in New York next season, how Buch Showalter brought more accountability to the Mets clubhouse, why he’s a big fan of MLB’s new Pitch Clock and ban of the shift and weighs in on team owner Steve Cohen’s big spending ways and if his team will be playing in the World Series come October.


Rich weighs in on the opening weekend of the NBA Playoffs in his ‘Overreaction Monday’ segment and says what Jalen Hurts’ big new contract means for the forthcoming deals for QB’s like Justin Herbert, Joe Burrow and Lamar Jackson.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

It's Rich Eisen. Our number three of the Rich Eisen show is on the air here in Los Angeles, California.

844-204-rich number to Donald in our third hour of this show. Overreaction Monday is coming up. Chris, you've got an NBA version of it today, right?

All NBA all the time. Okay, because it's the NBA playoffs happen this weekend. Big weekend. Very good, very good, very, very good. And if you missed any of the first two hours, Jeff Van Gundy called into the show, Rob Dimofsky of ESPN talking about the off-season workout program beginning in Green Bay.

Obviously without Aaron Rodgers, Jalen Hurts hitting it big with the richest contract in the history of the National Football League on an annual basis was given to the NFC champion quarterback. If you missed any of it, stay tuned where you are. Right here on the Roku channel, we re-air this Rich Eisen Show radio, terrestrial radio affiliate. We are appreciative of you listening here or on Sirius XM or Odyssey. There's our podcast, there's our YouTube page, there's the Rich Eisen Show collection page courtesy of the folks at Roku. Joining us here on hour number three of this program is one of the best in major league baseball, his ninth year in the big leagues.

He's a four-time all-star and the New York Mets are here in Los Angeles to take on the Dodgers on a four-game win streak fresh off of a sweep of the Oakland A's Francisco Lindor here on the Rich Eisen Show. How you doing, Francisco? I'm doing great. How you guys doing? I'm doing fine.

Welcome to Los Angeles. You just got in last night. Yeah, yeah, we got in last night. It was a short flight, wasn't too long. Okay, good. Yeah, I got in, I was able to go out, get some dinner, spend time with the family, which is always a plus. Oh really, do you have family here or do your family travel with you?

What do you, you got? Yeah, they travel, they travel out here. Okay.

Yeah, they travel, so it's great. So who's? My girls. How old are they? How old are your girls? I have a three-year-old and then my wife is another girl. Okay. She's pregnant with another girl.

Okay, all right. So they're traveling with you here and what's the flight like after a four-game win streak? What goes on in the Mets' plane that you can tell me about?

Well, there's guys play cards. They just go up and down, hanging out, talking to each other. Usually my flight consists of sleep, watch baseball. I was watching the Rangers and the Astros play a little bit and just fell asleep, got up on the plane, landed and yeah, that's usually my flight, the way I travel.

I try to sleep, take that time to recover. So who's your favorite player to watch that if you were just a fan, you'd say, I'd want to watch this guy? Who's your favorite player in baseball to watch Francisco? Jose Ramirez and Eddie Rosario. They're two of my favorite players. Why? I like them.

I just find them gamers. I have the opportunity to come up through the system with Jose Ramirez. He was a guy that always practiced, but most of the time it was just like, I'm gonna take it. I'm gonna stay inside today. I'm gonna do my work inside and once the lights are on, it's go time.

And the same thing with Eddie Rosario. I just appreciate gamers. I appreciate people that when the lights are on, they're not backing down from anything.

They take on the challenge and whether they do it good or bad, they stay the course. What about Otani, Francisco? I mean, that's different.

This is a different human being. He's one of the greats, for sure. He's amazing to watch, but I haven't really had the opportunity to play against him much. I play against, I believe, one serious player against him. Never really faced him. He came up, he got hurt, and then I got traded to the National League, so he didn't really have the opportunity to go to play against him. But he's amazing.

It's definitely fun to watch. Well, speaking on behalf of all Met fans, including one that's to my right over here, maybe instead of playing against him, you could play with him in New York, Francisco. That's something that's out of my control. I would love to have on my team, for sure. Well, there's a guy who puts you in a Super Bowl commercial who can afford him, right, Francisco? I'm sure a lot of owners can afford playing him. Well, I mean, do you have that relationship with Cohen, with Steve Cohen, where you can go up to him? Yeah, for sure.

I mean, I can call him, I can talk to him, but it'll be in a day. There's a front office for a reason, you know. I don't want to be in charge of saying, sign this player, don't sign this player.

Yeah, I want to have an input, but I don't want to make the decision. I'm a shortstop right now. You're just a shortstop, you're just a guy who just happens to be incredibly talented on a team that's won 10 of the first 16, and we'll just leave it at that. That's it.

Okay, understood. Francisco Lindor here on the Rich Eisen Show. So, how has Buck Showalter changed things around there for you, Francisco? The accountability that's in the organization right now, it's huge, you know. Everyone has a level of playing that we all have to reach, and we're not there.

We got to be accountable and say why we're not there, you know. He doesn't expect perfection, but excellence, it's a big word that he expects, you know. He understands we're gonna have bad days, but you can't have bad days when it comes to the little things, whereas running the bases, hustling, hearing all your teammates, being there, backing bases up, understanding the rules, stuff like that.

You can't really not be on top of it. Well, I'm sure he called in, you know, for the lack of a better word, but you are one of them star players on the team when he first came in, and I'm sure he gave a message to you. I'm wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing it with me, because I'm sure he knows you buying in along with Pete and other guys on the team would be crucial for him. What was your first meeting with Buck like, Francisco? The first meeting was good. I mean, I walked in, didn't know what to expect, because from the other side, he looks intimidating, and he looks like the guy that you don't want to really talk to. So, yeah, I walked into the office, and I sat down, and he goes, what do you got?

I'm like, what do you mean? And he goes, well, do you have to tell me something? I said, well, I appreciate you here, and I just want to play shortstop, and he said, that's exactly what I want you to do. I don't want you to be a coach. I don't want you to be anyone else but Francisco Andorra. I said, done.

I got you. So, he says to you, what do you got? So, he asked you, that's how, when he sits, get out here. Yeah, he wants to get to know the players. He doesn't want to enforce his rules and stuff like that. He wants to get to know the players and let the players be themselves, and he gathers information from everyone and then makes the ultimate decision, and I appreciate that.

Francisco Andorra here on the Rich Eisen Show. What's it like to be in the order with Alonso and your role in it and his and how you guys cook pretty well together? What's that like for you? It's great because I don't feel like I have to be the hero at any point. If I don't get it done, I know he'll get it done, and if he doesn't get it done, the person behind him will get it back. We have a thing that I tell him three or four, all year long, you know, three or four, three or four. Just understand that he's got my back. I got his back. He's one of the best hitters in the league.

He's been driving runs, and he's going to be tough and bad for the pitchers, so whenever I know I don't feel good at the box and I don't feel like I have a good timing of the pitcher, I just understand that I got someone behind me that might pick me up, so I just stay with him myself and just pass it by time. Is that your one-year-old with you right now, Francisco? By the way, we love kids. Yeah, my two-year-old.

Two years. She's right here with me. So are you pulling a double play right now?

Is that what you got? You're talking on this show, and you're being a dad at the same time? Yeah, yeah.

It's something I never thought I would do, but here I am. Impressive. You're a multitasker, Francisco. We'll endure a few minutes.

No, no, no. She's the one that can handle all of her things at the same time. I'm like holding her tight and just talking to you guys.

Sounds good. Does she know there's no crying in baseball? Does she know that? Whenever it comes to crying, I tell her, baby girl, you can always cry, but you can't because it's a real emotion.

I hear you, but you cannot cry to try to manipulate, try to get something out of it. Okay. Or you could pull a buck. You could just look at her and say, what do you got? It worked out for you.

What do you got? I love that. What do you think of the pitch clock and the rule changes, Francisco?

I like it. I like the pitch clock. Yeah, I think it obviously speeds up the game, but also just kills a little bit that time in between pitches and in between it.

And, you know, you know exactly how long everything's going to last now. You know, you know, after one pitch with a guy on base, there's going to be 20 seconds. And if there's no one on 15 seconds, you have a clock, you know, what's happening.

If I have to run up to the clubhouse to go to a restroom or grab a snack in between, in between the evening, I know I got two minutes, so I better hurry up. Okay. Or you could just do it when, you know, you know, you're not due up, you know, you're not on deck or. Yeah, no, there's no way I can do it. There's no way I can do it if I'm on deck. Understood.

You were known for speed, but I understand that. So what about the shift? Do you like that being gone too? Love it. Love it. I think that's my favorite part. Why? There's no shift. It allows me to be myself and try to make that play and go off the baseballs without worrying about running into someone else.

It's more real estate now. I can run around, you know, I don't have to be timid to go off the ball. I want to be that little kid in Little Lake that the ball has been hit. I just want to go catch it. I like it. So is there a rule that you'd want to change that hasn't been changed yet?

You got one? Well, with the shift thing, I can't be on the grass at all. If the pitcher is moving, I can't be on the grass. It kind of sucks because we all have like a pre-pitch, and the pre-pitch is you go left, right, and then you do a little hop. So if you start in front of the grass and you go left, right, forward and do a little hop, you got to be three steps into the dirt. And now you're cutting down the roots that you don't have. You don't have much range now because now you're closer to the plate.

So I kind of wish they would let me be like my hills on the grass or something where I could just left, right, up, and then I end up in front of the grass. But it's almost like a trial year. So we'll see what happens next year. Well, I just find it interesting you go defense. I mean, have you seen there are some hits that you've gotten from the left side, Francisco, this year that would have been gobbled up by some crazy ass placed third baseman out there in right center field? Not in season. In spring training, I got a couple of what we call cheap hits.

It's like, oh my God, I got it. It's decent now. It's nothing for me.

I haven't got that luck yet. Okay. All right, Francisco.

Hey, so a couple more questions for you before I let you go back to being a dad before playing the Dodgers here on Monday night. So you were in a Super Bowl commercial. I mean, was your phone lighting up like crazy on Super Sunday night, Francisco? Yeah, it was. A lot of people were texting me, what are you doing here today?

Why are you on TV today? Yeah, well, yeah, it was good. My part was easy. I didn't have to read much. I didn't have to stay there for four hours. It was great. It was a very easy, smooth commercial for me.

I've had longer ones. Okay, I'm sure. So, I mean, how did you respond to people saying, what are you doing on, you know, in a Super Bowl commercial?

Did you respond, my owner? Buy some tickets. That's it, buy some tickets. I thought, you know, the guy who writes my check has 90 billion dollars in his ashtray, so he's just spending it on a Super Bowl commercial.

I mean, buy some tickets. I mean, you must love the fact that the owner of the Mets is just shoveling the money out the door. I love that he's putting the same amount of energy into the team that I'm putting. I respect that, you know, and same thing with the front office.

When front offices and coaching staff are putting the same amount of energy into the game that players have put in, good things happen. So, I've been very excited since the minute I got here because I knew what was going to happen. I knew what the path that we were on, the things that were going to come along, and now everyone is seeing it, and I'm pumped, you know. This is my third season here.

I still got, after this one, I got eight more seasons, so I'm happy with that. Exactly, and so you've been on a World Series team before, and that you're as on fire as anybody's ever been in the postseason at the plate, Francisco. Are you on a World Series team now? I think so, but it's early, but I think we got what it takes, you know. I think the World Series teams don't start in April, don't start in February.

I think they kind of get built throughout the year. You create some memories. You create a bond with your teammates, and then all of a sudden, you roll into the trading deadline, and then you go into August, September, and that's when teams kind of like just find their grooves, you know.

The identity of a team, it's usually found, like you can tell what we stand for in spring training, but usually players start believing in it, like game 40, 60, that's what players start like, ah yeah, this is who we are, this is what we gotta do. Let's get it. And getting it is Otani in July for 600 million dollars. Is that the it, Francisco? Is that the it that you're referring to? No, it's a different it? No, no, no, that's not up to me.

Okay, I understand that that's been established. Hey, Francisco, this has been a pleasure to get to, have you on this program, and get to know you better, and I hope this is the first of many times. There, you know, I would say this, there's not a lot of players of your caliber in baseball who do this sort of thing, which is get out there, and talk, and put yourself out there, and get to let people know you, or take the time to promote the game.

Seriously, that just doesn't happen a lot. Thank you, whatever it takes to make the game better and bigger, and yeah, thank you guys for having me. Anytime. I like talking, I like talking. Right back at you. All right, say hi to your daughter for me. Say hi. Say hi. Say hi. Yes, meet the Mets, greet the Mets.

Step right up. All right, say hi to Mr. Met for me in his four fingers. You take care.

Be well. There's Francisco Lindor, everybody, here in Los Angeles. He's gonna take my best dad every son away from here. Yet another steal. Hey, brother.

Got a good one, man. Yeah, he's nice. Oh my gosh. And you know, during a presser last year at the end of the season, he was holding his daughter, and she was calling for Buck Showalter, like they were friends, and she was like, Buck? Buck? And he was like, yeah, yeah, it's Buck over there, so. Doesn't that sound like something Buck would say? He takes over. Look, we all remember Francisco, and the Mets didn't do very well at all.

Wasn't a great first year for him. The whole Javi Baez thumbs down thing, all that craziness. Buck's brought in. He's got to get somebody like Francisco Lindor to buy in, right?

Gotta have it. Lindor's probably wondering what's, you know, he's heard, he's heard about Buck being a no-nonsense guy, right? Buck sits him down and goes, so what do you got? Tell me what to expect from you. So what do you have? What up, bro?

I just want to play shortstop, and you know, and play baseball. And Buck's like, great, that's what I want. Good meeting. All right.

Let's get something to eat. You know what I mean? Yeah, I love it. Sometimes it's that simple. Yeah, sometimes. Yeah, it's funny you say that because baseball sometimes gets, seems like it gets over complicated, right?

And then sometimes, like you said, it's just simply that simple. I didn't want to put him in a position, I know you, I know what question you wanted to have answered. What? When the hell is Verlander getting on a bump? Now you actually did ask, I was gonna, the question I had in mind, you kind of already hit on, so.

Which was that? Just about, you know, we won 101 last year, had a great season. Do they think that this team, when they showed up to training camp, they feel like they had a chance this year, and you already, you touched on that. Alonzo hitting bombs, just need to get Scherzer out there, and then Verlander. Because if they show up, like vintage, like they're, you know, they pitch like their plaques are gonna read one day.

It's gonna be tough to beat. You going this week, TJ? Man, it's funny, like.

That means he's got to leave his house. That's true. Everyone that I know that's a Dodger fan that I hang with, they're out of town or they can't go this week, so it's either go by myself or not going. I'm not trying to go by yourself. There's a bunch of people you can, you know, you know this whole town. Bro, I don't have a whole lot of friends. I mean, I have a lot of acquaintances, you know. Maybe just reach down to your B-list friends. Why?

I'd rather sit it up for that. This guy. I joke. He literally just said if you're not A-list, don't bother. Don't bother call me. I'm not hanging out with you. I'm not calling you. He's probably blocked him on his phone. He's got a list.

Block two, I can't remember. They're not even in their names, they just pop up and it's a number. You're like, I don't know. Who is this person? I don't know who that person is. Wow. Well, it pops up PNM, Pay No Mind. Spam.

That 50s show. Nah, I mean, I can't go today. As I told you guys, man, I had the worst migraine of all time last night and I'm still not feeling that hot. Well, you look good with your Mets hat. Ready. Okay, let's take a break here.

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Buy new and improved Dove Men Plus Care Antiperspirant wherever personal care products are sold. All right the NBA playoffs have begun it is time for Over Reaction Monday presented by Dave and Busters. Are you kidding me?

Are you kidding me? It's the end of the world. Over Reaction Mondays Monday. All right Chris what do you got over there? Hey what's up guys? What's up man? Anybody enjoy the weekend?

Those eight games were awesome man. Crazy crazy you know it's so crazy Rich the Lakers are gonna win the west. You know what that is I knew you would I knew that's how you would start overreaction Monday. It's happening there's no denying it now. It's oh my gosh it's an overreaction at this point.

My goodness thank you. This is an overreaction. The Lakers can win the west is something I would have bought but I understand this is Over Reaction Monday and I know how you have to phrase these matters but Rui Hachimura right and Austin Reeves and the rest of that team and LeBron and Anthony Davis that was a heck of a first game and the fact that Morant is hurt and the Lakers might be able to get out of Memphis to send things back to Los Angeles in a best of five series that they have home court advantage for. Let me just put it this way more of an overreaction. What you just said the Lakers are winning the west or you saying on the air last week and then also in our text exchange that a certain ref would show up in this series and Scott Foster and totally change the tenor of the series and was he there game one did he I mean I didn't watch this entire game soup to nuts because I was too busy doing my run at the Rose Bowl but he was there in game one oh my gosh so yes yours is more of an overreaction saying okay so this is an overreaction I'm not gonna say the Lakers are winning the west but it's a heck of a start and the way that these things have laid out I think has shown the Lakers can do it but I don't know how repeatable that Sunday performance was overreaction what's next T.J. Kawhi was awesome yesterday thank you tried to explain that to you but if I'm the Suns I'm in full-fledged panic mode. Suns should be in full-fledged panic mode man they go out and get Kevin Durant they got Chris Paul who's still the point god and Devin Booker and they got punked at home to a team without one of its best players. That would definitely cause give me cause for concern but this is still a stacked Phoenix team and I don't think they should be in a panic I think that's an overreaction to a game one win that showed why the Clippers can win this series because they're deeper but how many times is Kawhi going to come up with 38 and I guess you could say is Russ going to shoot three of 19 every time nope nope but that hustle is going to be there every time he's on the and the bench is going to be there too they have a much better bench which is my point last week I'll tell you what Plumlee might turn out to be a terrific you know deadline deal acquisition as well so because they didn't have anybody after Zubach like Plumlee and now they do the left hand he shot two clutch free throws left-handed after his whole career shooting right that's wild so I'll say that's another overreaction you're two for two and overreactions what else that's your opinion right thank you you're saying that's an overreaction all right so Saturday we got three home teams winning Sunday we've got three road teams winning yes I'm gonna say half of these series are going half of these series are going seven games I think that's a good one I think that's a good one I will say let's let's call them if you want to go half the series going seven games I'll go both four five series yes uh Knicks Cavs being the other one with the Suns and the Clippers yep I'll go with Kings Warriors bingo and I'll go with and and and I'll I don't know if the Grizzlies Lakers will go seven because I really think Morant being out and them having the height advantage like they have that they're going to keep pummeling them I'll go Heat Bucks going seven I will go Heat Bucks going seven too that'll be my fourth one that's the one off the radar screen because if Giannis misses one or two more then I think the Heat can force a seventh game here I think the Bucks can absolutely win like a game three in Miami to flip the script but I think that could go seven also well that's good because the other half of the series are going to be done in four or five games I think Sixers Nets would be one of them let me see I think your Celtics Hawks might be one of them Denver Minnesota is going to be one of them four or five what's the other four or five one Sixers Celtics and then Nuggets the half I guess I don't know maybe the Lakers finish them off no no no five games I would be surprised about that the Lakers are just not as consistent they haven't been consistent I know these are the playoffs and they just took a major first step forward but I mean come on man this is a team that can turn it over 20 times at all known Laker haters the last like three weeks they've been awesome I'm okay to admit that they look like a different I'll call that an overreaction too I can't sit here and say half are gonna go seven and the other half are just four or five all right how about this one yeah this is for me and TJ winner of Celtic Sixers next round we're already in the finals winning the east yeah I think that's a good one especially if Giannis is banged up at all how many times have we seen a divisional playoff game in the NFL or a championship game in the NFL you're sitting there and you're like this is the Super Bowl yeah feels like it so I think that Celtic Sixers is gonna be for the for the east I mean if that version of James Harden TJ shows up I mean look out he was awesome I understand that but just you know there I don't want to speak anything into you know the ether or existence but we saw how fragile things can be for the Bucks but I would I would say that that is not an overreaction at all and that's what we've been talking about for quite some time so what else how about this one love the lower seeds in this in this uh in this round at least three lower seeds are going to advance I'm looking at Lakers I'm looking at Clippers I'm looking at the new York knicker buck yeah and then there's the Warriors dude that game was totally in doubt that game was totally up in the air oh I don't don't am I taking out your steam okay so that's not an overreaction what's now let's get to the one that you think I was about to cannibalize go for it this is the beginning of the end of the Warriors dynasty get out of here with that noise get out of here because guess what after they get eliminated by the kings here draymond see you later wiggins back you're going to start up the steph the Lakers trade talks oh get out of here get ready hold on breakup mode I in the same way that I firmly believe draymond will win a championship with another team before he winds up in Springfield massachusetts Steph Curry will never wear another jersey no ever again yeah neither would Tom Brady neither would Aaron Rodgers excuse me yeah he's even hold on a second hold on a second what do you mean hold on a second in this you even admit yourself and Michael Jordan there was always an undercurrent with Brady and the Patriots and you know it you and I both know it the whole free football world knows that there was always an undercurrent always an undercurrent and we always thought Bob Kraft would always make sure Brady would never leave and Rogers get out of here there's always been an undercurrent in the last five six years ever since Ted Thompson left his fault all these people we think would never wear another jersey they always end up another jersey curry will bring another jersey curry will never wear another jersey and that's the reason why this dynasty might go in a different 2.0 to use the silicon valley phrase but that said one loss to the kings on the road where both Wiggins and curry including a curry shot where I thought they were going to get a quick foul to make sure that they couldn't get a three off he had a look hey shot like a one leg he had a look he had a look let's all pump the brakes on the dynasty being over nice try is that it that that's it that's an overreaction monday presented by Dave and Busters that was overreaction monday again presented by Dave and Busters watch basketball like a pro at dnb with 40-foot hd screens mouth-watering cocktails ice cold beer and delicious food it really is the ultimate watch experience Dave and Busters you want your free cards don't you I love Dave and Busters very much I would love free cards half the price game night on Wednesdays rich best spot good overreaction monday you think curry's gonna wear a Lakers uniform no way let me tell you what let me look at my crystal ball and tell you what's gonna happen way there's gonna be the Kairi to LA all summer all summer all summer that's one thing that's not gonna happen and then LeBron pivots and then Steph comes down instead why would Steph want to leave Golden State why would he want to leave San Francisco broken up they're gonna lose in like five six games to Sacramento where's Clay going Steve Kerr is gonna just out of nowhere quit and take some time off this guy over here they will offer Steph ownership of part ownership of the wars before he ever gets out of town you know but then again yeah no one thought Michael Jordan would ever leave but then you know I don't think the general manager and you always knew something was out where the Reinsdorf like lake up in that whole ownership group they love each other it's a love fest no way no way um just throwing it out there I know you're trying out you're hoping that happens well you'd like Mike Tomlin says right never say never but never but never but never one million percent Manning wore another uniform I mean he makes valid points here Namath I mean we can go down the whole just keep going you know Emmett Kawhi J. Unitas Unitas Montana whoever thought Joe Montana wins four chips and then he gets kicked out yeah he almost became an Argonaut right it's John Candy I mean had the money been right had the money been speaking French speaking of the money being right it sure was for Jalen Hurts hey yeah and what does it mean for the rest of the quarterbacks who are looking for new deals or are in line for it we'll discuss that next right here on this edition of the Rich Eisen Show April is National Financial Literacy Month what is financial literacy it's applying different skills effectively including managing your finances budgeting and saving it just so happens the Cumulus Podcast Network has three great podcasts to help raise your financial IQ Stacking Benjamins with Joe Salcihi Bankrate's 2023 Best Personal Finance Podcast what's one of life's biggest expenses that we can maybe talk about reducing housing is housing on the list buying a house is the number two expense of all these expenses what's a way that we can reduce our housing expense we're from Seattle to Florida wow it's fucking like somebody with a little knowledge of that situation afford anything with financial journalist Paula Pant you have many financial goals you want to buy or pay off your house you need to replace your car you want to pay for a wedding send your kids to college travel the world and one day retire but how and Webby award-winning Brown Ambition with Tiffany the budget nice to Alicia and personal finance expert Mandy Woodruff when I was crafting my resume in my career I wasn't thinking about the job I had I was always thinking like what's going to impress the person who has my next opportunity and make them want to have a conversation with me and yeah I think people are not thinking that far ahead that's why we'd be leaning into you career coach so as you look to improve your financial literacy follow Stacking Benjamins afford anything and Brown Ambition wherever you listen so we all know Lamar Jackson and the Ravens have not agreed to a long-term contract contract been going on for a couple years now couple years now and it seemed this whole Ravens Lamar long-term contract conversations hit a snag when the Cleveland Browns decided to give every dollar guaranteed to Deshaun Watson 230 million worth and it sure seems like I mean Lamar's never come out and tweeted it or said the words I want the same contract as Deshaun Watson we are assuming that has been the hold-up we still don't know that's the whole deal with this Lamar stuff is we don't know what we do not know he even pushed back on what an Adam Schefter report that he turned down you know he got 133 over three and then he turned down a bigger contract where he demanded 200 million and he laughed at that so we still just again don't know what we don't know and with each passing day that he does not sign and others do it can make matters far more difficult for the Ravens because it sets a new bar and what if Joe Burrow who is in line for contract extension Justin Herbert who's in line for a contract extension what if those guys hold out for Deshaun Watson money with the Bengals and Chargers respectively again run by two organizations that we would not be surprised if we found out their entire cash reserve was kept in a velcro wallet it would be absolutely no surprise to anybody that any if you'll know if the Burrow or Herbert contracts are done if you hear that velcro rip we might actually get the velcro rip as a drop from now on as a contract watch for the Bengals and the Chargers but they're gonna have to pay they're gonna have to pay and everybody's got their eyes on those two guys in relation to Lamar Jackson and the Ravens and sure enough somebody from the 2020 draft went first on the contract extension it wasn't Burrow and it wasn't Herbert it was Jalen Hertz who happened to make the Super Bowl this year and finished second in the MVP voting and was beyond dynamite and he did not take the Deshaun Watson contract and say that's my template I want exactly that I want every dollar guaranteed as a matter of fact not every dollar is guaranteed but it is still on an annual charge to the Eagles the best contract in the history of the NFL on a per annual basis 51 million dollars richest contract he's got that 255 million bucks total value that's the best in the history of the NFL other than Patrick Mahomes so it's the best in the history of the NFC so the bottom line is it's a lot of money it's generationally enriching money it is in some ways of looking at it the richest contract in the history of the NFL but it's not all guaranteed so we here at the Rich Eisen Show have an exclusive photograph of Eric DeCosta learning of this contract put it up on the screen there it is there it is sitting in his barca lounge you're having a beer to smoke and point oh that's I'm being told that's Rick Dalton pointing Rick Dalton that's Eric DeCosta that's great there it is hey it's not the Shawn Watson it's a lot of money it's a lot of money but the owner's been told before that's my bag on the table and you need to pay it he did that with Flacco as we know but that's it right there where he's sitting there hopefully watching NFL Network or he's pointing his Twitter feed that's it that's the contract not all guaranteed how does this contract land in Lamar Jackson's world he might sit there and go great I'm so glad Jalen Hurts got paid now will he sit there and say I'll take the Jalen Hurts contract because if he does he's got us he's got to be sitting there and think 255 now the Ravens can push back say you didn't get tickets to the Super Bowl as a matter of fact you finished the last two seasons Lamar so that's an apple you're an orange or you're the apple he's the orange however you want to put it not the same not apples two apples apples two apples but Lamar could sit here and has to sit there and think if you have the terms and dollars that we showed at the top of the show one more time he's got to sit here and think 179 million in total guarantees all right that's not 230 115 not signing on a dotted line that's pretty good it's not 230 I get it 126.5 million fully guaranteed by March of next year okay I got it that's not too that's not 230 guarantee I got a no trade clause huh okay yeah I don't have that right now oh another 15 million incentives make as much as 274.3 through 2028 but that's not guaranteed oh and I'm I'm technically the highest paid player in the history of the NFL so there is a certain way that I can sell this that saves a bit of face if that is at all important to me that it's not all 230 guaranteed like Deshaun Watson my answer to that if that is the Mars thinking and again we do not know nobody knows did you hear Lambo said over the weekend that he told the Ravens Mike Lombardi said he told the Ravens I want Odell and DeAndre Hopkins and we'll talk I saw that and they said we can't afford both we'll get one and they went and got one okay so I don't again we don't know so many talks so much talk about what Lamar's thinking or what he's demanding or what he's willing to accept nobody knows I guess the Ravens do and they as you know are not talking you do not hear anything I mean they are a freaking vault yeah which is something another metric I would think from Lamar that I would like about it from my team because he's not perfect and the team isn't out there like saying well he missed this he missed that he's this guy he's that guy he doesn't eat right that's why he was running into the bathroom in Cleveland I mean honestly this is the sort of stuff if things go sour you're gonna start to hear and you haven't heard anything like that but if I'm Lamar I'm sitting here and going my Hertz contract ain't too bad that might be your new benchmark and it might be something where the Ravens are like this is workable I'm again I don't know we don't know you don't know we don't know what we don't know but I'm wondering if the Eagles just helped solve a Rubik's Cube here would the Ravens be willing to approach this or do this it's not all guaranteed if that's what they've been holding on and this is what teams in this league Eagles left the Haslam family out on the island in Cleveland that's your deal we created our new deal and it's not all fully guaranteed it's a lot guaranteed it's incredible I'm wondering how this sits in Lamar Jackson's world this is this sounds good to me I'll take one of them I would yeah play with Odell be with the team that loves you so much they've kept everything in house every day something new man every day you like our exclusive photo of Eric DeCosta I was not expecting that so that was good okay well done here it is there it is it's not fully guaranteed there's a contract that's the next one that wasn't like the Sean's I could be the rest of NFL owners too there it is yeah because Burroughs next and Herbert's next and if those guys do the same thing that Jalen just did Lamar is just going to be sitting there signing a franchise tag for way less way less way less that's a lot of cash right there please believe he got 110 million at signing Lamar would get 32 million at signing I'll help you do the math that's a large delta 78 that's a large delta 78 come on now I wonder how this one lands in an LJ land you get more than the entire gym you get every gym wrestling fans feel the podcast heat join hall of fame wrestlers every week sharing their stories from the past click this with Kevin Nash I'm in the ring in my mind saying that's Hulk Hogan like Hogan's with us and insights on what's happening now straight business with Eric Bischoff we love breaking down the business of the wrestling business Ric Flair Mike Moley jake snake roberts goal jr and more get into the wrestlemania spirit just search podcast heat
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