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REShow: Rob Demovsky - Hour 1

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April 17, 2023 3:57 pm

REShow: Rob Demovsky - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 17, 2023 3:57 pm

Rich breaks down the opening weekend in the NBA Playoffs that saw some unexpected outcomes, thrilling games, and key injuries to the likes of Giannis Antetokounmpo, Ja Morant and Tyler Herro.

ESPN’s Packers Insider Rob Demovsky tells Rich if the Jets or Packers have the leverage in the protracted Aaron Rodgers trade talks, what happens if the deal doesn’t get consummated before the NFL Draft, and which player Green Bay could be targeting with the #15 pick in the draft.

Rich recaps Jalen Hurts’ rollercoaster football career from getting benched for Tua Tagovailoa at Alabama to becoming the highest paid player in NFL history.

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It's Rich Eisen. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show here on the Roku channel.

This Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate. We say a good Monday to everybody listening on Sirius XM and Odyssey. What a weekend in sports it was. What a Monday we already have developing. We have the highest uh paid player in the history of the NFL being freshly minted by the Philadelphia Eagles and Jalen Hurts.

We'll talk about that over the next three hours on this program. The off-season workout programs across the NFL opening up today and all eyes in Green Bay. Boy I would love for Aaron Rogers to just walk through and say how are you doing fellow youths?

Wouldn't that be great? So that's what's going on in the world of the NFL and Rob Dimofsky of ESPN who covers the Packers will be joining us in about 18 minutes time to discuss all of that. Jeff Van Gundy was part of the trio at the worldwide leader in sports in ABC to call the Lakers game one win in Memphis on Sunday. He'll be joining us in hour number two of this program and then in hour number three TJ just for you as if your weekend of the Sixers winning and the Clippers winning isn't enough.

Fresh off of a victory over the Oakland Athletics yesterday with the polar bear himself Pete Alonso hitting his ninth home run of this early season 60. Francisco Lindor of your New York Metropolises will be calling into this program. Very rare to have major league baseball all-stars call in.

They never do shows like this. To radio shows and television shows or shows like this one. But again Rich you know. Go ahead I know you like to say. You know we are two-time Emmy nominee.

That's correct. Do you think Lindor knows that? He will when he gets off the phone. Very good. Two time in a row. Three times. Three times. Two in a row. That's our lineup for today. Good to see you TJ.

Candles already little. How are you Christopher Brockman? Good to see you. I'm great.

DJ Mikey D is in these nuts. Good morning. Good to see you sir. What's going on? Fresh off your USFLing. Oh yes.

For the world of Fox. Mike why'd you post that picture twice? Did I really? What photograph are you talking about?

Same one on Twitter and Instagram. Oh very good. I always do. Great job kicking off the show that way guys. Thanks.

Great job. Oh by the way and kudos to Fox. Kudos to Fox for giving us a beautiful cherry on top of the end. A very highly pleasant surprise at the end of a remarkable NBA playoff weekend for Fox and TNT to get together and say sure let's get Gus Johnson out there.

I mean that was just what a what a pleasure to hear Gus's voice calling a basketball game let alone an NBA game a playoff game. What a great weekend in the NBA we saw and just to just lay it all out there for everybody talking about the parity of the NBA playoffs as we talked to a whole host of our guests going into this playoff weekend all the observers of the NBA from Shoms to Chris Mannix to Brian Winhorse to all of you calling into the show 844-204-rich by the way is the number to dial. Parity.

Nobody's gonna run away with this. Even the one seeds can get knocked off by somebody. Celtics the two seed, the Sixers the three seed.

Don't sleep on the 4-5 series. The Cavs and the Knicks were superb. What a great fun game that was and then Clippers. Suns 4-5 in the west, 3-6 in the west, Kings and the Warriors as advertised high scoring tight game. Curry and Andrew Wiggins who was terrific having shots to win it in Sacramento and the Kings survived for their first playoff season. In 17 years they win game one and folks were surrounding that stadium like it was WrestleMania on Super Bowl steroids. I mean it was just insane that scene outside of Sacramento. And we saw three home teams win Saturday and three road teams win Sunday.

Four and four home teams and road teams. That's called parity. And then make it even more even-handed I guess. Unfortunately the Bucs lose Giannis in the middle of the first quarter as Kevin Love tries to draw the charge. It's a blocking foul. Giannis lands hard right on the small of his back.

Can you call anything small? But the small of his large back and he's out for the rest of the game. Tyler Hero breaks his hand in that game and the Heat still shoot the lights out and Jimmy Butler says but he turns it on in the second half of the season and he plays for the playoffs. Well once again the Heat showed and I understand Bucs fans can push back well we didn't have Giannis. That's why the Celtics fans and you over there Christopher were very happy to see the Hawks beat the Heat. You don't want to see that. You don't want any piece of the Miami Heat in the playoffs.

Exactly. Celtics handily winning game one against the Hawks and then again that Knicks-Cavs game was just terrific. As the Knicks win game one on the road in the playoffs for the first time since probably Dave Debuscher played. What a contest we saw in Memphis where Ja Morant he's now out. He gets knocked out of the game as Anthony Davis tries to draw a charge and he did and it sure looked like it was a block to me. As Morant goes down and clutches his right hand that had been bothering him for a couple of weeks it was something he's been dealing with while also dealing with his own off the court issues. You can sit here and say they were brought on by him whatever you want to say it has been non-stop for Morant in and out of the lineup and the Lakers come up with the win. Who would have thought these two things about the Los Angeles Lakers prior to the season? Prior to the season Austin Reeves would show up in a playoff game on the road for the Los Angeles Lakers. By the way the fact that we'd be talking about the Lakers being in the playoffs that's number one a lot of folks thought that was pie in the sky and then Austin Reeves would be miked for sound and he would scream I'm him that happened.

I'm him screams Austin Reeves. I saw a report that some GM thinks he could be a hundred million dollar player. Austin Reeves has got game pal he may not have biceps but he's got game and then who would have thought of all the off-season acquisitions I'm pardon me in season acquisitions of all the deadline day deadline week deals sure we're lost in the Durant to Phoenix fog and Hayes and Kyrie to Dallas and all those big-time trades who'd have thought the biggest one in week one of the playoffs weekend one of the playoffs would be Rui Hachimora damn near scored 30. After the Lakers advanced in that ugly play-in tournament win against the Timberwolves I'm like wow if LeBron and Anthony Davis turn it over like that then we're gonna have some problems for the Lakers and Austin Reeves to the rescue with some big-time shots in the fourth quarter and Hachimora hey folks if these two guys play like that for Anthony Davis and LeBron James who after the game coach Darvin Ham said they don't have any limitations he was they were asked there are any limitations on their time he says I like being alive I'm not going to put any limitations on their time if they're playing like that the Lakers are a most dangerous seven seed and now Durant looks like he's out for game two injuries galore and who would have thought the Los Angeles basketball teams would emerge from the weekend number one of the playoffs undefeated Paul George it's announced is going to be out for this entire series against the Suns and hey you think you need Paul George active when Durant's taking on the Suns challenge to try and win a championship with the rest of the Suns and Chris Paul and everyone else what they're doing they're in Phoenix and the Clippers hit him in the mouth what a w that was Devin Booker played his ass off on the defensive end and Russell Westbrook's line holy smokes three of 19 from the field three of 19 from the field and he damn near triple doubled is that is is that as Russell Westbrook as you possibly get pretty much and I honestly I'm watching this game with my kids and I'm telling them look this is a perfect example of you cannot get down on yourself when you think you're not playing well in a game you imagine you're going three of 19 Westbrook did everything else including the defensive stop of the first weekend the defensive stop of the first weekend it's a two-point game the Suns trying to inbounds the ball they have to use their last time out meaning it looked like they'd have to go for a three pointer down three by the way and what happens is Booker drives anyway and Westbrook blocks it they did seem to clap hands together but it's not the wrist as they pointed out in the broadcast no foul hands part of the ball ball pops up in the air and Westbrook has the presence of mind after blocking Booker to grab the ball and throw it off Booker Suns have no choice but to foul Eric Gordon who made a huge three after Kawhi made two big threes wraps it up Kawhi's been the best player in the NBA the last month that's what Charles said during the broadcast I believe at halftime of this game last night in which you said the Clippers were going to win the series and the only thing I can say about Kawhi is this is the truth it's a good thing they rested them on those back-to-backs all week all season long yeah it is once again like I said this is it we don't care about Kawhi October rich didn't care don't care where we're seated don't care home playoff seed rope playoff seed doesn't matter don't care just need the man healthy baby don't need Kawhi playing every game all season long don't care what the last laugh in game one 38 for Kawhi Leonard holy smokes trying to tell Chris Brockman and the Clippers go into Phoenix with Booker playing top level and Chris Paul playing top level he had a double double but not in points in rebounds and assists eight and making these little bunny jumpers from from in between the circle and the free throw line and Durant having 13 in the second quarter and then six assists in the third quarter they were cooking yeah and the Clippers come out with the win for crazy ass bomber holy cow what a first weekend in the NBA playoffs wide open yeah wide open now it does appear that Giannis they're optimistic optimistic they're optimistic for game two which good for them isn't until Wednesday and the same thing from Memphis although there is no optimism when you hear from Moran this is what Moran had to say after the game one loss to the Lakers tough man especially you know everything I've been through pretty much you know this season my main focus was to you know be out there for my guys another you know incident where you know that's pretty much in you know jeopardy at this point I'm not even surprised with you know how my life been going so it feels like it's one thing back to back on Friday when you injured the hand as well um was it worse then or was it worse today today I don't know man I'm just you know pretty much numb to everything now it's like I'm not even surprised um it's one thing after another when he says back to back he means last year's playoffs got cut short due to a knee injury so back-to-back playoffs he's dealing with it I mean in Austin Reeves is flexing on Dylan Brooks what the hell happened over the weekend good god the hell going on the hell going on was the first weekend of the NBA playoffs yeah it's the fun going on that's and he's him right so is Austin Reeves uh well you know you gotta do it more than whatever Stefan Diggs was yesterday he's the I'm him and the hell going on all at once we'll talk about going on we'll talk about with Jeff Angundi because you know what the conversation is what's that coming out of these playoffs first weekend with Giannis going down the way he went down and Moran going down the way he went down I saw all over Twitter yesterday a conversation of ban the charge get that that that is a for player safety issues with the size and the athleticism and the speed with which this game is played and the size of the players who play it you know Anthony Davis sliding underneath latest Moran is just going straight for the flush I don't think it's banned the charge it's banned the slide late it's like you have to be there for more than a quarter of a second but I mean to get a charge call so or move the lineup move the circle up that seems let's discuss that later on because I want to be on time for Demofsky but I'm just setting the table for Jeff Van Gundy's conversation that we're going to have with him at the top of our number two oh yeah okay I'll by the way I did my run yesterday at the Rose Bowl yeah we'll talk about that yeah no you do I know I do all right last night was a was a rough one oh was it oh yeah from feeling it and then hearing it extra aloe joe huh hearing it from sues jesus like what the hell did you put anything on nope I did oh you have more important things in mind no no no well I mean at any rate I'll tell you about how that run went down and how you can contribute to Saint Jude uh and when you're gonna it's gonna air during the draft um so there's lots to talk about on this program uh Francisco Lindor joining us as well uh Cody Bellinger uh how dare he be cheered by the uh the Dodger faithful when he's supposed to be in the batter's box an insane pitch clock moment boy baseball's got some kinks to work out a little bit but Francisco Lindor will join us in hour number three and you at eight four four two oh four rich number to dial Rob Dymofsky sorry folks Aaron Rodgers is not showing up to off-season workouts in Green Bay where is he we'll talk about it with Rob Dymofsky coming up next Nobel is a training brand for people who work hard and don't believe in excuses Nobel's performance footwear apparel and accessories are worn by some of the fittest athletes on earth and is now the official combine training partner of the NFL and the official on-field supplier of apparel and headwear for the NFL scouting combine head to NFL to see how Nobel forever changed the NFL combine and to shop football training essentials and more gear for your day to day workouts stay tuned to the Rich Eisen Show and keep your eyes on our Twitter feed and YouTube channel as I'm hosting a new segment sponsored by Nobel called from the combine of the draft I'll profile a few players journeys from the physical and mental tests of the NFL combine as we head towards the thrilling moment when the picks are announced in Kansas City during the draft that's slash rich eisen show and slash rich eisen show from the combine of the draft sponsored by Nobel. Men do you get distracted during the day thinking about your underarms sweating itching or emitting an odor do those thoughts keep you from showing care when it counts new and improved dove men plus care antiperspirant with 72 hours sweat and odor protection and one quarter moisturizing cream helps you forget about your underarms so you can be present for the moments that matter don't let underarm insecurities keep you at arms distance from the ones you care about buy new and improved of men plus care antiperspirant wherever personal care products are sold well it's another uh edition of uh the Aaron Rodgers watch or as we call it here on the Rich Eisen Show sorry folks got that over there mike are you just you're texting your usl friends what are you doing over there sorry folks thank you usfl oh what is it what is it that's ffl Aaron Rodgers is still not on the jets and so we're calling this segment man who covers the green bay packers sorry folks for the worldwide leader in sports rob damofsky back here in the rich eisen show on the day the off-season workout program is up and running uh for the national football league what's up there robert rich is that uh sorry folks parks closed is that the rest of that yeah yeah yeah we have a beautiful uh uh full screen graphic here um it's production value is what we call it sorry folks uh and it is john candy with his wally world um a uniform uh telling everybody Aaron Rodgers is still not on the jets so well if something doesn't change then um chevy chase might have to play the role of brian gudekun i like just break into the jets draft room and tell joe douglas will you please accept one of my proposals is that is that what it is because we're all wondering who's it on are you saying that that is right that is a great question um from what i was told um back at the owner's meetings when i was in phoenix so what was that about a week or 10 days ago whenever it was that the the packers had um essentially put together you know a vcd efg however many offers and presented them to the jets and and and that's the last uh that's the last i've heard of what's happened now if you ask the jets they'll probably tell you that the the that they told the packers this is what we want you meet our demand so like it's it's um it's it's so hard to tell and that's why we really don't know rich who actually has the leverage in this situation i mean you can make cases for reasons that the that the packers do reasons that the jets do it depends on your perspective um i really i really believe that that that it's it's hard to tell who exactly is driving this so uh look it really is a calendar point of view because the jets have leverage right now because they've got the they've got two second round draft choices back to back one of them has the packer's name written all over it if they if they can figure out of the sliding apparently from what i'm hearing the sliding scale of what the the draft choice in the following draft would be based on what rogers is going to do and the idea that there was a first round pick on the table no matter what um after he said he was 90 retired and the jets been went through you know brett farve using them as a portal to the vikings before you know the owner of the jets kind of wants wants some sort of assurance that the first round pick is only on the table if rogers not only succeeds but returns for another year i mean that's and that's a great point but here's the thing rogers is never going to be able to at least i don't think is ever going to tell anybody i'm going to play x number of years yes i'll play this year and next year i just don't think he's at the point in his career in his life where he's willing to operate on more than a one-year basis um you know did farve really think that if he went to the jets for one year he could get to minnesota yeah maybe he did but even with brett i'm not so sure that he knew that he wanted to play more than that one year which is i believe the 2008 season that he played with the jets so yeah if you're woody johnson that's you you want assurances the problem is i don't know that he's going to get them so um the the i guess what would you say 50 000 question because i saw your tweet earlier today um laying out the incentives personal incentives for 16 green bay packers who could make money just by showing up at the packers off-season program that starts on this very day on monday the sick the 17th of april uh there's aaron rogers he can get himself 50 grand any shot 12 shows up just to say hey everybody um i'm still around here and meet me at my locker any shot for that i'll tell you what no no but that would that would spur a trade i mean do you remember back in 08 what actually spurred this the fire trade that happened he flew into green bay landed at austin strawball international airport why they call it international i don't know because i don't think you can get anywhere outside the united states maybe canada rob don't sleep on canada don't sleep on canada don't sleep he arrives he arrives literally as the packers are going through their family night scrimmage that they hold that at lambo field the one practice every year that they practice in the stadium and there's like 70 000 people that pay to watch a practice he lands that night uh in green bay and that essentially forced the packers hand like he showed up said look i'm under contract i'm unretired play me uh that certainly would be one strategy that that aaron rogers and his agent dave dunne could could try uh i i don't think it'll happen though well i mean it could if this thing goes through the draft right i mean may has some uh some some mini camps uh and then there's june for a mandatory mini camp and i i imagine and you know rogers gets hurt in any of these working out um that that creates another conundrum for green bay and that's the fear from on the packer standpoint is if he were to come and get and get hurt in their facility then they then they would be on the hook now if if he's working out on his own and gets hurt i believe they would be able to categorize that as a non-football injury and then they wouldn't necessarily have to pay him obviously there'd be huge arbitration and all that stuff but that would be a thing i i do also believe rich that the that his workout bonus is tied only to showing up for the mandatory mini camp that's what it was last year whereas the rest the rest of these workout bonuses it's almost always you must participate in x percentage usually it's somewhere between 80 and 90 percent of the off-season program rogers though i believe it's only for the mini camp the mandatory mini camp which i think is june 13th to the 15th so uh let's let's maybe wait wait on that one okay so the it's the draft really um that is a significant deadline and uh we are closing in on single digit number of days because it's the friday night really of the draft that's when the second round pick or even a third round selection depending on the sliding scale of what this second draft choice in the second year uh would look like so um i guess ballpark it for me how you're hearing it's going down or what the conversation is as the off-season workout program opens up in wisconsin there on monday yeah i think your point about friday rich is a really really good one um the deal doesn't have to get done on thursday night in the first round because a first round pick for this year is almost certainly not going to be on the table i mean even brian gudek is the packer's gm said he's not asking for the jets first round pick this year which is which is 13 obviously this year being the key there so so they could i could easily see both of these teams like hey we're gonna let's let's let's do our first round let's let's get this picked on and then friday morning we've got what 6 p.m i believe is the start of a friday night draft which is rounds two and three you know let's get it done that day that way the packers get something they can use this year uh being that second day pick whatever it is maybe it's more than one uh and then you know the next year's compensation we will hammer that out during that day as well i i really could see friday being the day friday of the draft so a week from this friday being the day that it gets done now if it doesn't buckle up and we might we might be talking about this and on august 1st or whenever training camp hope wow so then last one for you rob um i know i i guess i'm allowed to ask just a packer's specific football team question i think um really if there's anything they're gonna have a season i'm gonna dare to do that uh 15th overall pick what are you hearing about green bay's draft strategy or who they covet um going into this draft rob i'm actually just building my big board which is really a very small board because i don't know enough about all these guys but all good look their hit their history suggests like they're not going to pick um you know dalton kinkaid or meyer the the also tight ends kinkaid out of utah or uh meyer out of notre dame mayor uh sorry uh because they haven't taken a tight end since 2000 in the first round wide receiver basically the same thing 2002 and it's just not in their mo to take those guys that they play it a little bit safer what they believe to be safer to be safer they would love uh peter skorowski the tackle from northwestern whose grandfather coincidentally paid for the packers during the lombardo era uh but again is he going to be there at 15 uh if not you know i think they look to to an edge rusher uh if possible that's they draft a lot of defensive players around here um and when they do draft offensive players it's usually offensive linemen but what's the stat the last but the only skill position player the packers drafted on offense in the first round in the last what decade or so was was jordan love which obviously didn't help erin rogers so uh i would look at at the offensive tackles and the edge rushers and see how those come off the board the first dozen picks and uh you know i i would i would think that they probably go in that direction yeah i mean skorowski you and i don't know what you make of mock drafts anyway uh these days but if you took everyone's mock draft and just laid one over and over and over the other if it was just like a clear sheet uh the only one that would match up would be skorowski going to the team that erin rogers owned you know like that's the one at ninth overall like yeah if he slips past chicago that would be a shock to me yeah that does seem to be uh the consensus there's a couple other there's other good tackles there right the ohio state tackle and georgia you guys love to draft players out of georgia um so there's definitely some other tackles and play there look david bakhtiari is probably going into his last year here um based on just age and and salary type situation so they're going to need a franchise tackle um for for jordan love as he goes forward so bakhtiari won't be part of any draft night deal rogers just get him just bring them all out like wouldn't you know wouldn't think so but i would be willing to bet that david bakhtiari would love to be part of that well you take care rob appreciate the time we'll chat again soon thanks again you got it rich you got that's rob domofsky right here from uh the great state of wisconsin right here on the rich isin show covering the packers could you imagine if green bay decides in their first draft after rogers to draft a wide receiver like zay flowers 15th overall oh my gosh wouldn't wouldn't wouldn't stretch the imagination boy there's a lot of people that love that kid from bc a ton you're one of them i would love him right knowing just well he might not be there because new england drafts right in front yeah and they got to get someone for bailey zappi so um what what come on now is this thing on yeah i got it i mean the same intensity covers bear same intensity i mean when exactly one same intensity rich wouldn't it worry you though that if the packers did draft a wide receiver then rogers went wait a second yeah this is what i wanted yeah that's exactly what uh yeah rogers i need a i need to babysit another young wide receiver sounds great to me he's gone man this whole business he's gone isn't it funny though like nobody knows like who's the last one to have given the offer who's it on who's the last one to say here's the offer or the way that rob said it at the very beginning is gudekunst is saying well will you accept one of them here's what walton that he gave them like a menu yeah and the jets sent the meal back to the kitchen that's what it sounded like to him well i know it's what it sounded like to me with what he just said never send the meal back and that's why i said you could have spit on the offer that's what i made well that's what the jets have done i mean it's delicious it really is i guess i mean like i told you and he's right rogers 100 percent is not in a position and rightfully so to sit here and say i'll definitely give you a two-year commitment and the jets are rightfully so saying yeah we're not going to just guarantee you a one in 2024 we're not going to wind up like the rams and the broncos where we're going to hand you a top 10 pick that we can't use because we decided to go for broke with our veteran quarterback we're acquiring at least the rams can stare at that beautiful shiny precious in the case right so that makes sense but they're going to figure this thing out and by the way i wouldn't be surprised let's go through the draft on thursday let's all like i'll send you a zoom i'll send you a zoom password joe rogan and you hop on and we'll and we'll and we'll zoom and we'll have a conversation that took a second to sink i mean here's your password i mean i just picked one out on the top of my head so let's go jr that's the password that we could just go we could just go ahead and zoom it out and sit around on friday make it the whole day the whole day they even have more than the whole day jets don't choose till 40 second overall so that's like pick nine times five five minutes seven minutes so do the math you got damn near can't do math that's it got damn near a whole full hour although you don't do when the clock's ticking you got other things going on got other things you want to do that may be the case all right we'll take a break right here on the rich isin show one of the best stories in the national football league just got better today i mean this is why you root this is why you watch and this is why you never personally give up that's next right here on the rich isin show 844-204 rituals and the number down april is national financial literacy month what is financial literacy it's applying different skills effectively including managing your finances budgeting and saving it just so happens the cumulus podcast network has three great 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make them want to have a conversation with me and yeah i think people are not thinking that far ahead that's why we'd be leaning into you career coach so as you look to improve your financial literacy follow stacking benjamin's afford anything and brown ambition wherever you listen we've been doing this combine to the draft stuff for for years um that's uh kind of a benefit if i may there is an iron rich and heisen of uh having the host of a program like this one being the one who hosts the combine and draft so i get a lot of questions all the time of how do you prepare for the draft right how are you prepping you prepping you're prepping how do you prep you read a lot of newspapers right oh yeah i read papers get the papers you know what i do is i sit here i sit here i talk to john beck i talk to willie anderson i talk to you know pros i talk to everybody i talked to dan campbell last week he said he already has man crushes in this year's draft but i talk to you i talk to you eight four four two oh four rich i talk to you then i called will anderson willie he'll be a grown-ass man very soon hey i talk to you i hear what you want to talk about i hear what you're interested in your teams what's the what you need what you got to do so that's how i prep and plus hosting the combine 98 of the kids at the combine comprise the draft we just don't know the order it's by position group and alphabetically within position group at the combine and then the draft just kind of orders it the teams do that for you so the draft is and i just love getting to know the prospects through this show through this show because you never know who they're going to turn out to be you have an inkling they got to be drafted in the right spot and sometimes they're drafted in a spot it's not so great and they still have to make the best of it and succeed or they have a narrative coming into the league that they've got to overcome and they've got to figure it out for themselves sometimes thrown in the deep end of the pool in certain locations around the country that have a very intense fan base who like to call into radio shows and bark a bit and that person in 2020 thrown into the old mosh pit was a guy a kid named jaylen hurts jaylen hurts that guy from alabama who had a terrific career at alabama just couldn't get over the top at alabama for nick saben did some incredible things one day showed up in a national championship game and started it only to get yanked in the middle of it and watched the kid who took over win the game against georgia in front of the whole country in overtime a kid's name was tuatunga valoa and jaylen hurts had to sit there and watch and took it on the chin full class excited and showed up the next year showed up the next year and actually got in a game of high importance for alabama stuck with the program came up with the w we all know his story he winds up transferring to oklahoma anyway in his final year of eligibility after baker wins the heisman after kyler murray wins the heisman he shows up he doesn't win the heisman like baker and kyler but he shows up at the podium he lost it joe burrow beat him out so he's beaten out by so he's beaten out by joe burrow for the heisman and he doesn't fill kyler murray's shoes in that same way and that's how he walks into the draft wondering can you really do it couldn't do it alabama too had to take it over yeah he's did a first class first class kid got it but really can he really do it we had jaylen hurts on this program in 2020 god bless it we came to work during the pandemic i think i sprayed down this desk 15 times we all did right everything we walked in here like we were cooking and breaking bad every single day head to toe no one else is here the amount of lysol and disinfectant we went through good lord wow we were going through through some things of this show we didn't think there were emmy nominations in the future we had no idea what the future was and jaylen hurts comes on this program and he just absolutely laid it all out on the line i asked him who's what's the team gonna get if they've draft you jaylen hurts and here was his answer what does an nfl team get with jaylen hurts well i'm a dog um a relentless competitor um and i'm gonna work my cell out every day try to win ball games i mean i've done a pretty good job with that and and just most importantly impacting the people around me to my best ability um i think that's the biggest thing is can i gotta impact guys and um bring guys with them um and you know just just bring a bring a presence about himself to the organization and to the program so i'm looking forward to what the future holds for me and um i just continue to work my tail off and trying to take that to every day to be the best player quarterback man i can be mission accomplished draft goes down the aforementioned burrow and tua get drafted in front of him justin herbert too and jordan love who is a quarterback of the moment in green bay wouldn't you say as we're waiting on the aaron rogers trade hurts gets drafted by philadelphia and i'm sure the whole fan base is like what are we doing we got carson wince to try and get back on the beam here yep carson wince they finally put him in wince finally after wince just threw one pick after another after another after another he plays four games he winds up getting benched in the final game of the season the whole country's watching because there were some playoff implications on the line winds up getting the starting gig the next year gets the team to the seventh seed tom brady beats his ass the rest of the bucks bounce the eagles one and done and what's this kid going to do now in his second full year of being a starting quarterback except take the whole damn league over and take the eagles to the super bowl how about that and in this league where we're all wondering about who's being paid this and who's being paid that and what's the player willing to accept and what's the team willing to give and that's roosting all over the lamar jackson conversation and the sean watson with 20 some odd civil cases hanging over his head getting 230 million all guaranteed that's resting over the entire league and kylar murray signs anyway for less than that guaranteed but for a whole bunch of change 200 let's get that number for kylar murray 230 million 46 million a year but in terms of guaranteed dollars not as much as the sean watson russell wilson signs not for as much money guaranteed as the sean watson how are the eagles going to get this done with jaylen hurts well jaylen says you know what i'll take uh 255 million over five years happy to do that 179.3 million in total guarantees including 110 million fully guaranteed at signing and 126.5 million fully guaranteed by march of 2024 and on top of it i'll get the first node trade clause in philadelphia eagles history i can even earn 15 million more in incentives to push my deal up to 274.3 through 2028 and i will become at 51 million a year the highest paid player in the history of the national football league that's the dog and jaylen hurts what a story yeah what a story a story if i had told him in that conversation in 2020 that this would happen you know what he would have said i believe you correct got it because i'm gonna work i'm gonna be a leader i'm gonna show everybody what i've got beaten inside and what i can do with my head my brain my heart my arms and my legs and that's why he's got the c on that chest and that is why the philadelphia eagles are paying him that money and not a single boo or a peep will you hear that's an amazing story yeah it is holy cow if i had told you on the night that tua replaced him in the national championship game i had a kid that got replaced he's going to be the highest paid player in the national football league prior to a snap in 2023 he's going to be the highest paid player in the history of the national football league and the philadelphia eagles are going to be the team that pays him you be what the hell are you smoking i'll have what you're having you'd be getting tested after the show if you could have said that back do the del tufo jeff walker head shake uh-huh no so there you have it what a story jaylen hurts congratulations to you sir the power of belief in self the power of it it is incalculable say it again rich power of belief in yourself and the opportunity he got he wasn't drafted into a spot that just welcomed open arms and you know and said you can compete right here right now i'd love to know what that 30 for 30 was behind the scenes were twist doug peterson's arm did it need to be twisted did he want to put him out there was it carson wentz that everyone organizationally couldn't quit what the hell happened there and then they pull him to see what they got in jeff's in nate sudfeld yeah and try to cover those tracks and then your coach is gone the one who drafted you was gone a new guy comes in get the hell out of here and you're gonna still tell this locker room i'm the guy follow me and then you do it and then you are piz aid holy cow way to go jaylen hurts i am rooting for you one to root for good people good heart good head great contract 844-204 rich nematodal right here on the show wanted to tell his full story one but i can't tell his story enough another one of those guys rich like you like to say you're not the gm how he's not going to get a call in the middle of the night like guess what your quarterback did like nothing like that you will not you will not great stuff jeff van gundy is going to join us in just about five minutes time top of hour number two to talk about the wild first weekend in the nba playoffs conspiracy theories paranormal ufos in the 1960s the united states and the soviet union started developing directed energy microwave devices and even to this day the united states government is still continuing its research into high power microwaves it is nothing compared to what china is doing theories of the third kind on youtube or wherever you listen
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