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REShow: Greg Olsen - Hour 1

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January 27, 2023 3:18 pm

REShow: Greg Olsen - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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January 27, 2023 3:18 pm

Rich breaks down the AFC Championship Game QB matchup between the Cincinnati Bengals’ Joe Burrow vs the Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes and the NFC Championship Game’s matchup between the 49ers’ Brock Purdy and the Philadelphia Eagles’ Jalen Hurts.

FOX Sports NFL analyst Greg Olsen tells Rich why 49ers rookie QB Brock Purdy looks like anything but the last pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, how the Eagles’ offensive scheme with Jalen Hurts compares to Cam Newton’s Super Bowl season, and how much an impact Christian McCaffrey can have on the NFC Championship Game.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

And now back to, to, to, to, to, to The Rich Eisen Show.

Now, and now. The hiring has begun in the NFL. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. The New York Jets fired the first shot today to hire as an offensive coordinator. The man who will come to New York, Nathaniel Hackett.

You could already hear the howls. I kind of like to hire. Today's guest, NFL on Fox analyst, Greg Olson. NFL Network insider, Tom Pelissero. Plus, latest news and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Yes.

Oh, baby. It is time for this Friday Before Championship Sunday edition of The Rich Eisen Show. We're live right here on the Roku channel. 844204rich is the number to dial here on this program.

So excited to be here with all of you. 844204rich is the number to dial. Please call us. Tell us what you think is going to happen this weekend. If you want to give us your prediction as to who will make Super Bowl 57. We're all for it.

Please do so. It'll be a lot of fun here on this show. We have Greg Olson, who's getting set to call the NFC Championship game on Fox on Sunday. He's calling into the show first up in about 20 minutes time. And then Tom Pelissero is going to join us as only one head coaching spot has been filled right now. Sean Payton is still out there, apparently, for somebody to go and just generationally enrich him more than he already is and have him come and be the head coach there.

Is it the Denver Broncos? Could he go to Arizona or stay at Fox? What is going on with all the coaching searches? Dan Quinn, TJ Jefferson, I'll go to you first, said that he's sticking around in Dallas to stay because there's unfinished business and, you know, that one kind of surprised me to be compensated. I'll ask that of Tom. Tom is going to join us shortly, but good to see you over there.

TJ like that candle. Chris, how are you over there? What up, man? Good to see you.

TJ, Mikey Diaz and Deez Nuts. How you doing, Rick? I'm so glad you were here because do you know how many people are looking forward to your weather report at the end of this program? Not to get you flop sweating, going already at the top of the top of the line.

I'm ready. TJ just wants to laugh. I have friends who say, please tell me Mike's doing a weather report. See that? I like that.

Tell them thank you. And I'm ready for it. Do I really? Yeah. Yes. Okay.

I will show you the text. I actually believe you. I believe you. Yeah. You know, people want to see me sweat. And that's what it is. They're not interested in the information. It's the entertainment factor.

Gotcha. I could say it's snowing. It could be sunny as hell. The most entertaining weatherman since Lloyd Lindsay Young. And everyone remembers him from the Northeast.

Lloyd Lindsay Young. Okay. Very good.

So another three-name guy who, you know, folks in New Jersey know very well. So that's the way we're rolling here on this program. What's more likely? We'll give you our picks for Super Bowl 57 and who we think is going to make it. That's how we're going to go out the door later on today. Rich, you're still on the ankle watch too. I mean, we'll see. We'll see. I don't think Mahomes is talking today, but you never know when video might pop up.

We could just imagine it. So we've been having a lot of fun with the ankle watch. No question about it. So let's talk about these quarterbacks. The four that are remaining. The four quarterbacks that are remaining. One has an opportunity to win his second Super Bowl. One has an opportunity to make his second Super Bowl in consecutive years in just his third year. And then there's two young ones on the other side, and one happens to be an MVP candidate and the other one happens to be a Rookie of the Year candidate.

And one of the most amazing stories of all time. I'm talking about obviously Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow, Jalen Hurts and Brock Purdy. How about that as the final four quarterbacks of this NFL campaign? And so many are talking about the AFC Championship game because of Mahomes versus Burrow. And the fact that we are watching some young, talented quarterbacks who appear to be quite generationally talented, going against each other, forging a rivalry in the conference that Brady and Peyton Manning had so many great moments together. And last year, we thought that was the birth of the Mahomes and Allen rivalry. And this year, coming in to this year, the conversation was not will Mahomes and Allen play each other in the playoffs, but just which round was it going to happen?

And sure enough, they didn't get to see each other because for the second straight year, Joe Burrow has raised his hand and said, I've got to see you at this tail. And in terms of this rivalry between the two, I've got some numbers. It's fascinating that these two guys are already right now are on the list of quarterbacks all time that have 50 or more percent of their franchise's playoff wins in the history of their franchise. Mahomes and Joe Burrow both have exactly half of the all-time playoff wins for their franchises. Mahomes has nine career playoff wins. Burrow has five. We'll do the math. The Chiefs have 18 career playoff wins and the Bengals have just 10 career playoff wins.

That's it. That's crazy when you consider the Bengals have been the three Super Bowls. And they have just 50 percent of their wins. Another quarterback with 50 percent of their franchises wins, Jim Kelly. Bills have 18 all-time playoff wins, just like the Chiefs.

Kelly has nine of them. The other four quarterbacks, you can guess one of them. Chris, Tom Brady, he has 30 of the Patriots, 37 all-time playoff wins, 91 percent. The only one with a higher winning percentage, higher percentage of his team's all-time playoff wins. Drew Brees has nine of the 10 Saints all-time playoff wins. John Elway has 14 of the Broncos, 23, 60.9 percent. Close to being nice.

Almost nice. And how about this one? Our buddy Kurt Warner has 57.1 percent of the Cardinals all-time playoff wins. He has four of the franchises seven. Did you mention Russell Wilson? I did not. He does not have that large percentage of it. Oh, interesting. Really?

Well, he doesn't have over 50 percent. This is Jim Zorn was putting all time. Well, Matthew Hasselbeck, as you know, made the Super Bowl.

Yeah, that's true. So look, these two are now, you know, marking making notches for their franchises all time and now against each other. You want to talk about this rivalry here? I've got an interesting statistic for you.

They're all over my desk. I got to find it for you. Here it is. Mahomes and Burrow, as we know, have placed played each other three times and Burrow's won all three. The NFL Network Research Department came up with a list of notable quarterbacks to win their first three or more starts against their rival in head-to-head matchups. Aikman beat Steve Young in the first three times he faced him. No way. Bradshaw beat Roger Staubach the first four times he faced him.

Okay. Ken Stabler beat Dan Fouts the first five times he faced him. Bart Starr beat Fran Tarkenton the first five times he faced him. And Tom Brady beat Peyton Manning the first six times he faced him. And this is an opportunity to just get right in this mix, this all-time mix.

Can't wait. Nor can Joe Burrow, who said this about taking on a Chiefs team that is once again hosting them in the AFC Championship game, coming in as the top seed. They weren't the top seed. Remember last year it was the Titans the top seed and Burrow knocked them off.

He's going for another playoff victory against the top seed in the conference in as many years here as Burrow about this. We've been in these spots. We have the experience. We know what team we're playing.

The team that's been to this game the last five seasons and they've all been in that stadium. So to me they're still the team to beat and then we're coming for them. But we know it's going to be tough. We know it's going to be hard fought and we know the kind of players that they have on that side.

I mean for the radio audience. It doesn't look like he even has to shave. You know what I mean? Like he's a shave. He doesn't sweat. Look at him. He is like a cologne. He looks 12.

You know what I mean? Like he is just starting. He is a baby-faced assassin. And I really thought to myself I'm going to maybe show my age here.

I don't care. It reminds me another baby-faced assassin. Finster baby from Looney Tunes. Look at that.

Smoking a cigar. Oh wow. It's just like coming for you. I never knew that kid's name until right now. Finster baby.

He's the Finster baby of quarterbacks. Look at that right there. He's coming for you.

How did I not know this? And you know he got the house surrounded and the house is burrowhead. Oh baby I can't wait for it.

Chiefs better not let this dude win man. If you rename your home field burrowhead come on now. That's all anybody's going to be talking about for a whole year.

It is. We went out the door yesterday with Willie Gay the linebacker being asked about it. He was just not even terribly happy about it at all. And then asked well if what impresses you about it?

Anything impressive about the Bengals offense? He said nothing. Nothing. Yeah right. Finster baby. The baby-faced assassin is coming to rename the stadium.

Dude. Then there's the other quarterback matchup. I mean nobody is like Hertz versus Purdy. I'm telling you by the end of the day and that day could potentially be two Sunday nights from this weekend the story of the sports world could be Brock Purdy. And the MVP of the league could be Jalen Hertz.

These are all two very real possibilities here. And they're playing against each other in a playoff game representing the first time opposing starting quarterbacks will start a conference championship game under the age of 25. That's never happened. As a matter of fact their combined age on Sunday of 47 years 208 days is two years and 29 days older than just Tom Brady. Their combined age let me repeat that Hertz plus Purdy on Sunday will just be two years and 29 days older than Tom Brady. And Brock Purdy could be the first rookie quarterback to ever win a conference championship game. That's never happened and thus the first to ever start in a Super Bowl. And he's also got an opportunity to become the first rookie starter in any playoff game to beat the team that came in with the number one passing defense in the regular season which is the Philadelphia Eagles. It's not just a one seed it's the number one pass defense. Rookies never in any playoff game ever beaten.

It's only happened twice before they're 0-2. And I'll explain who those other ones are later on when I give you our player of the weekend who needs to have that big game in order to win as I do on these Friday shows during the playoffs. These two have faced each other before by the way as Hertz has a first of his own. Did you know let me get this stat have it right here.

God I love the NFL network research staff a 60-page guide they sent all of us up. He's been taking it all in. He's never Jalen Hertz started a regular season or playoff game against a team that ranked number one in scoring or total defense. How about that?

Never done that before. The Niners are number one in scoring and total defense in 2022. He's never started a game against one. Against the top five scoring defense he's done that. Four and three in those games. Top five total defense he's done that.

He's three and three in those games. So this is kind of a first for Hertz too. But again not the first time they played against each other. You got the date here November 9th 2019 Iowa State and Oklahoma. Let me just say this if the NFC championship game plays out like this one obviously Big 12 and NFC championship game football two different universes.

Two different universes. But this game Jalen Hertz and Oklahoma took a 21-point lead into the locker room at halftime 35 to 14 was the score there at halftime. By the end of the day Brock Purdy had five touchdown passes and one rushing touchdown to overcome this deficit that was set up by Hertz's three touchdowns thrown at the zone.

Two to C.D. Lamb by the way and he ran one and two. Brock Purdy with 24 seconds left had a two-point conversion to win it and it got intercepted in the end zone. 42-41 Oklahoma wins. Wow Purdy was asked about that game this week. Yeah it was a game you know just you know obviously there was a lot of points scored you know it was almost like you had to score every single time you had the ball almost. You know different situation and scenario than what we're about to go through. You know on Sunday but you know it was a fun college game was a great experience to go against you know Jalen and they had a great team and he was making plays and stuff and feel like we had to do the same to keep up and stay alive in that game as well. But you know this is a different situation you know different scenario going into Sunday.

Think about it if I had told you on November 9th 2019 hey look at those highlights between Oklahoma and Iowa State because that's the matchup of the 2023 calendar year NFC championship game. What? We smoking bro let me get some. What?

Yeah get out of here man. That's the weekend. Quarterback matchups in this quarterback driven league. Which one of those four quarterbacks I just mentioned gonna win it all?

Somebody is. Which two are gonna face each other in the Super Bowl? We find out those answers respectively two weeks from this weekend then just two days from this very moment we're talking. Greg Olsen's calling the NFC championship game let's be on time for him let's take a break and come back. I've got the top four because there's only four of top four list top four Super Bowl matchups that I've ranked the matchups what I'd prefer to see the most.

And we'll see if you agree with me or not what's more likely 844204 rich phone calls Tom Pelissero on the latest of injury fronts for championship weekend and coaching searches take a break Greg Olsen of Fox when we come back. This is it the putt to win the tournament if you sink it the championship is yours but on your backswing your hat falls over your eyes is this how you're running your business poor visibility because you're relying on spreadsheets and outdated finance software to see the full picture you need to upgrade to NetSuite by Oracle. NetSuite is the number one cloud financial system to power your growth with visibility and control of your financials inventory HR planning budgeting and more. 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NetSuite is a new financing program for those ready to upgrade at slash rich pod head to slash rich pod for this special one-of-a-kind financing offer on the number one financial system for growing businesses slash rich pod welcome to talkville the ultimate smallville rewatch podcast where each week we watch every episode of smallville a show that changed our lives forever and perhaps your lives too i'm michael rosenbaum hello i am tom welling what was the sign off now always remembers talkville that's it always hold on to smallville folks we love you can do it without you we've got a great season two coming up catch up with season one or start season two on youtube or wherever you listen back here on the rich eisen show radio network i'm sitting at the rich eisen show desk furnished by granger with supplies and solutions for every industry granger is the right product for you call click or just stop by i gotta tell you something didn't i come back from the combine a few years ago and i'm like greg olson's got it he's got the chops he was on the field you know talking to the tight ends and he was he was giving us the scoop on the tight ends for the combine well he's come a very long way he's gone from telling us who the 10th best tight end to the combine is in real time to getting set to call the nfc championship game and super bowl 57 on fox and one of my favorites doing a dynamite job with kevin burkhart and the rest of the crew is greg olson back here on the rich eisen show how you doing greg i'm doing good i was enjoying the cargo short conversation i got to listen in on that i feel like there's a lot to unpack there lots to good use of unpack for the garment see look at you turning phrases i like it uh greg so let's just jump right into it are you are you in philly yet are you there for the game no i'll fly there later today so i'll get in uh all right here in a few hours and i know like everybody else across the country i i don't think we could ask for a better game and i know all of us are fired up to be there in philly and in the link and call this game between you know arguably the best two teams in the whole league but for sure the best two teams in the nfc that's for sure i know and it's pretty cool that i think the the league and the football gods got it right i think these have been the best four teams uh in the nfl certainly since um you know the calendar turned to november and here we are with both conference championship games uh representing the best when you've talked to purty brock purty um what have you gleaned what can you tell me about how this kid is pulling off and doing what he's doing greg yeah every time we we get off our call with him we've had him now we had we had his debut and they you know beat beat the bucks they were up 35 28 nothing at half and we're sitting there at halftime saying who is this kid out here throwing three touchdowns like what's going on here all week we've been you know preparing for this to be the christian mccaffrey show and protect the quarterback and then there we were in his starting uh rookie debut and he's he's up you know 28 nothing at halftime against brady and the bucks it was it was wild to see him there and just now to see him all these months later and just the growth that he's had just as a player but from the first time we got off the call with him all the way up through last week's divisional round game every time we get off we say the same things to each other we say it's hard to believe he's a rookie it's hard to believe he's now played seven games in the nfl like he has a really interesting demeanor and and what i mean by is he's very confident he's very calm he seems like a guy who's kind of like yeah been there done that been through the fire come out the other side and here we are like you know you're getting ready to go play the dallas cowboys in a divisional round game and the stakes just keep getting bigger and bigger and you would never know it and i think that's the biggest thing that when you talk to kyle shanahan and and you know the guys are on the team with mccaffrey and kiddel and trent williams they all say the same thing they're like this kid from the moment he got here even though he was the the last tick of the draft we all know his story they're like he had a personality and approach even in training camp throughout the whole off season that just caused us to kind of look at ourselves and go you know did we just did we just kind of find a diamond in the rough they're like it was from day one um what caught everyone's attention was just his approach his demeanor his confidence and now he's just growing as a passer and growing as a quarterback in this league but it's evident the moment you talk to him so what did the cowboys do that you think the eagles can also affect to make purty look um as green as we think he could right and and i think we we we saw purty struggle without the turnovers dak was the one who did that but what do you think the eagles can affect that the cowboys put on film to to knock the niners out and make purty maybe even turn it over what do you got for me there greg yeah i think there's a lot of similarities i think as we were preparing last week you know as we were preparing for this san francisco offense and what they were going to face with dallas's defense i think you know we we said it at the top of the broadcast you know that was the best defense that the 49ers had faced since purty tip over that was by far the most talent that was by far the best pass rush and speed and and i think that speed element is where dallas and philadelphia defensively are pretty similar you know they they don't just have one or two guys up front who can rush the passer and get after it they got four or five they got guys at the second level and in the secondary who can support the run from depth play with speed play on fire so in that regard i think there's a lot of similarities you know schematically and the way they build their fronts and coverages you know the way jonathan gannon with the eagles versus dan quinn with dallas they're obviously it's a little bit different but i think that the thing that purty and this offense of san francisco is going to face is there's going to be speed at all three levels you think there's space there all of a sudden that space gets eaten up really quickly you know whether it's on reddit coming off the coming off the edge or gardner johnson coming from like that safety nickel kind of hybrid spot that he's been playing now so it's it's a talented group and i would say the same thing we did last week this is probably the best defense brock purdy has faced now again and that's the way the playoffs work each week the stakes get a little higher each week the competition just takes up a little bit of a you know a notch up and um it's a great challenge but you know listen they got kyle shanahan he has unbelievable weapons around him he has a very good offensive line san francisco doesn't take a backseat in talent or scheme to anybody and i think that's what makes this matchup so interesting is regardless of who's got the ball regardless of the situation there are stars there are there's talent there's coaching on all aspects of this game and uh that's the way it should be greg olson getting set to call the nfc championship game sunday and then two sundays after that super bowl 57 on fox right here on the rich eisen show when you chat with nick seriani you got a good story he just is so um colorful is a great way to describe it what what's he like when you're chatting with him um and you got a good one for me greg when he's talked to you guys i don't know if i have like a specific story he's told he's been really fun to talk to i mean these calls have probably been like as fun as any aspect of this job i mean i've gotten to have conversations with more coaches and coordinators and players than i had in 15 years of playing in the league you're just exposed to so many different people but you know we we always kind of get on them because when he does the call he's like sitting it's a zoom call so like we can see him but he's like sitting on some like random couch in his in his office and he's just like crouched back super relaxed and it's like he's sitting in your living room like having a beer just kind of shooting the you know what like it's it's just a very relaxed and calm environment and i think that's i think that's the appeal of him he's he's ultra confident they have an unbelievable staff of guys who really understand what the mission is what the you know what their plan is how they're gonna how they're gonna execute that and that and i think that's what comes across the most is like when you talk to people around the philadelphia organization whether it's seriani on our calls and just his body language and how at ease and confident and comfortable he is i it's the same way when you talk to the players i think there's just a really quiet confidence amongst the group they're very sure of who they are they're very sure of where their strengths are and what their strengths aren't and i think that's the sign of a good team i think that's the sign of a team that's kind of been battle tested they dealt with that adversity at the end of the year with with jaylen missing a couple weeks and trying to kind of having some some tough times they're trying to find wins but i just i can't say enough about the job that seriani has done i mean we we had his coaching debut last year week one down against the falcons and you know we were preparing for the game we didn't know a ton about him we knew he only had the wide receiver background and came from indy and jaylen hurts was now the week one starter how was that going to last and now here they are fast forward you know almost two full seasons and they're in the nfc championship it's a pretty it's a pretty incredible and impressive uh coaching job that he's done and you can't say enough good things about him well greg you had a front row seat to a dual threat quarterback winning mvp and taking an nfc championship uh victory to the super bowl um in in cam newton any similarities to him and jaylen hurts that you've seen at all on film chatting with them you got something for me on that front i'll take a stab there yeah okay i i see a lot of similarities you know run game wise start starting with that like run game scheme and style there's a lot of similarities to what we were doing with cam you know here in carolina especially down in the red zone you know you hear coaches talk about that a lot down in the red zone you know accounting for the quarterback when the field becomes you know wider than it is deep right like that whole idea of how the field shape changes and how the schemes change and the coverages and how you try to attack zones in in the red zone it's hard to account for the quarterback and you know cam made a living as a red zone runner both designed and improv and i see a lot of that in their scheme with jaylen and it's a huge challenge their ability to spread you out start every blade of grass and be able to still throw the ball over your head with aj brown and devante smith and i think that's what makes this style the way they're operating as a run first quarterback run heavy team if they still have that element of the elite passing game between those two wide receivers dallas gotter you over commit to trying to take that run away you over commit to trying to account for the extra body in the box to account for the quarterback pulling the ball with jaylen and all of a sudden that passing game they're throwing it over your head and aj brown's one of the best in the league along with devante smith so that's the cat and mouse game that i'm most looking forward to i think that match up between damico ryan and uh shane stryken and syriani like how willing are you to let them run a little bit so as not to let them have the big explosive plays in that run game we didn't quite have that same passing philosophy or you know personnel here in carolina but as far as the ability to make you account for the quarterback and what that does with the offensive line and the run blocking and the numbers there's a lot of similar scheme and philosophy that i see with what they're doing that we did for a long time here in carolina to me you know any key that involves the guy who i think is going to win defensive player of the year it's not a very long limit you're going out on but to me nick bosa if i'm damico ryan's i'm testing lane johnson's groin from jump with him and i'm going to see what's happening and because that way i'm affecting the run game on the way to the pass that's that's what i'm looking at when i'm starting what do you what about you greg yeah i'm with you i think you know again we haven't talked to demico yeah i'd be interested to pick his brain here well we're going to talk to him tomorrow in our meeting but you know if i'm them and i'm just looking at this fact like i was just saying about you know dealing with those threats in the passing game that that philadelphia has i think knowing i have nick boza and i have eric armstead and i got green law and fred warner you know four of your best players are in your or in your front seven right i think at some point for as good as philly's offensive line is they're the best in the league at some point i think you have to say all right boza we can we're not going to bring an extra safety down we're not going to go crazy you guys got to play like you guys he's already the best defensive player in the year i agree with you he's going to be the player of the year like you guys got to go win and you need to go chase down some of these design quarterback runs and you guys need to win your matchups up front so i don't have to over commit and i can maybe keep some of those extra bodies in the back end playing our zone getting an extra body in jaylen's face in the passing game the second you have to over commit to that if they account for boza and they can block green law and fred warner and all of a sudden now you're bringing an extra safety that's where the problems come so i'm with you i think this game nick boza needs to be the star i think fred warner needs to be a star and those guys are amongst the best of anybody at their position in the entire league damico ryan's is going to need those guys and that front seven to play to their complete capabilities and that will go a long way in trying to take away the hundred things that philly can do against you on offense and it just shows you about how you know this is a game in the trenches and the quarterbacks are fascinating and the pass catchers are fascinating we didn't even talk about mccaffrey i mean obviously he could change he could flip this script in a hurry right i mean um how effective do you think he's going to be here what do you think about that uh before i let you go uh greg yeah i mean i i can't say enough good things obviously i got a front row seat with mccaffrey when he first joined the league for you know my his first three years we were teammates and obviously a close buddy i mean i've seen just what he's capable of you know firsthand and i think a lot's been made and and just you know rightfully so you know about since purty's taken over there's seven and oh and they haven't lost well since mccaffrey got here outside of that first game he got here he got there in like friday and he ended up playing a little bit in the sunday game they lost to kansas city starting that next week in his first full week on the team they're 12-0 right so like they haven't lost since mccaffrey's been a full-time player now there's a lot more nuance than just adding one player but the point is he is in the best offense for his skill set the creativity and the offensive mind and the players around him with debo and george kittel and uschek like all of them you don't really put a position on they're all kind of this like positionless player tag and they have one of the best offensive minds at creating advantage and creating um stress on the defense with pile shanahan so i just i think it's the perfect marriage i think it's the perfect you know the perfect combination of talent and scheme and they got a lot of guys and mccaffrey obviously is there at the top of that list and um i just like i said before no matter who has the ball no matter what the situation of the game is that the storylines and the matchups in this game are as good as you can hope for and uh i know i'm excited to get up there and talk about it and see how it unfolds and i'm sure all you guys are the same safe flight greg keep killing it man i love listening to you you're awesome at this you are awesome at it i appreciate you guys thanks it's always good to be on and uh right back at you have a great weekend enjoy the game see you in a couple weeks that's greg olson of fox calling the nfc championship game and the super bowl he's so good at it he's so good and he's just great to listen to when he talks you don't think he's talking too much but he's giving you information and getting out before the snap and he's so um engaging and he's his energy is terrific quick thing here the a the nfc the nfc championship game features in my mind the two best players acquired the two best off-season acquisitions in the hell going on month of march we were talking about who was going where and who was landing where and how it was going to change the landscape of everything championship weekend in super bowl for short the vante adams here and kaleel mack there and randy gregory here just in the afc west alone right and the two biggest most important acquisitions did not occur in march mccaffrey you just heard mid-season we may talk about this if the niners go on and win it all and he is as good as we expect him to be the greatest trade deadline pickup maybe ever i mean i don't know other trade deadline pickups and you know on the top of my head but what as greg just pointed out greg olson just pointed out since he's been a full week practice every single week member of the niners they haven't lost he arrived if you recall late in the week against the chiefs and they're like well he's so damn smart he knows the offensive he's a mccaffrey i'm a shanahan it's in our dna get out there get out there they lost that game haven't lost and in the the way that the niners are so great where uh receivers run and runners catch debo may be the best receiver that runs and mccaffrey is definitely the best running back that catches that that is for sure i remember mccaffrey at the combine he looked better at running receiver routes at the combine than every receiver that was there as a receiver and for shanahan where everybody does everything it's everybody's like a swiss army knife receivers block receivers run runners block runners run runners catch he's perfect and then on draft night the eagles flip a one to tennessee for aj brown and i love this guy because again we're talking about how many times the eagles run it 44 times for 90 million yards against the giants when you try to stop that with hurts also running it they throw it over the top of your head as greg oleson just said and the person who does it obviously debante smith from a previous draft in this year's draft they drafted technically aj brown but already as a grown-ass man veteran and this is and he's he's a he's great because he's not the so-called diva receiver here this is listen to this exchange this week with him if you throw the ball to me 100 times i'm gonna want it 101 times you know i i just feel yeah you know it just i just uh me personally i just feel like i can change the game you know in a moment you know and uh you know getting the ball often you know keeps you going keeps you in a rhythm you know uh definitely just put you in the zone you're locked in and and of course you know of course i want the ball my friends you heard that phrase that um that has been associated with receivers called the divas is i mean i don't know if that's something that you would uh embrace or not but um is that kind of the mentality does that kind of include that term like in that mentality no i'm never the receiver to to go on the sideline or to try to cause like problems on the sideline i'm not that guy i think i think that's what you can describe as a diva or whatever the case may be but i'm not that person you know i'm a guy who votes and talk to the court quarterback or talk to the oc and uh do it do it that way you know i'm not gonna not ever got to try to cause cause commotion on the sidelines i'm not that's not who i am i'll never be that guy every single thing aj brown has done all year long reinforces the question i had on draft night and every single day since then and the question is simple how the hell did the titans give him up and why period what are you thinking now obviously the general manager has since been let go in tennessee after aj brown torched tennessee but i had that question that night that night may just be the night howie roseman won executive of the year and both of those guys are in this game for the right to go to the super bowl amazing let's take a break eight four four two oh four rich phone calls hour number two tom pelosaro what's more likely coming up oh we have so much more runway on this championship weekend preview show eight four four two oh four rich number two you can listen to the nfl on the nfl app on the odyssey app on via westwood one station streams or by asking alexa to open westwood one sports sponsored by autozone tom pelosaro coming up next hour to give us an update on all the coaching searches everything that's going on in the nfl there's still a little bit of injury news talking about this week i'm assuming we're done with the mahomes ankle talk i don't know is he talking today do we know if mahomes is talking today because if he is that means his ankle's attached and we have done again um emmy award-winning yeoman's work um the last two days talking about mahomes's ankle and how he's stepped down from the riser in kansas city where the press conference podium stands using the uh two smaller steps on wednesday and then on thursday just jumping straight off the riser i mean we've done incredible work again this was wednesday step step and out and then on thursday he just saw those little steps and he's like i'm gonna take one giant leap for chief's kind and show everybody that i'm fine on my right foot and my right ankle that the foot is attached to and i'm just gonna jump i'm just gonna step off that riser and here it is i mean that's a choice that's a choice that's a choice made out of i think um uh showing off that he's healthy to everybody and my favorite part about this is we had two very long segments about it wednesday and thursday you caught somebody commenting on the rich eisen show youtube page yeah comment cracked me saying that uh i can't believe that this is saying that uh i can't believe that this is not the same video but an entirely different video 10 minutes in length i can't believe this isn't a repost from yesterday but an actual other entire 10-minute video thank you michael leary for sticking with us and understanding what we're doing here well done journalism very good you know it's kind of like you know what it is it's it's kind of like the two godfathers that's what it is there's one and there's two you don't know which one's better they're so good yeah you know they are great we know it's in this it's instead of the saga being of the corleone family it's of patrick mahomes right ankle and we definitely know the third one isn't as good so maybe we should just stop it maybe well this is kind of the third right here but every time i think i'm out mahomes his ankle pulls her back in let's be back let's get them all now while we've got that was from the mahomes stepping off the podium entirely that was my home's ankle part two very excited about it we'll ask pelos arabine tommy p now i'm cracking myself up how great was that with charlie steiner yesterday i cracked myself up hilarious hey rich you know we you spoke earlier about best uh trade deadline deals yes in history i looked up some of these okay there were some good ones man um 2017 eagles added j aj which helped them get to the super bowl uh rams training for vaughan miller in 21. that's a good one the rams training for jaylen ramsey in 2019. 2019 bill is acquiring cornelius bennett in 87. okay uh and seahawks getting marshawn lynch in 2010 and then i think a deal that most people kind of most people kind of forget it happened in season the cowboys hersha walker trade that was in october so they also picked up amari cooper mid-season that was also one yeah but that didn't lead to anything so that's why i didn't well did it led to a large void this year so that's why i kept that one out i would probably push back saying it led to nothing not having him this year pretty pretty dominant you think pretty dumb but everyone's pointing out it's the zeke contract that handcuffed him where they felt the 20 million a year for a receiver we got to get it we got to get him out jerry's rich it doesn't matter that's nothing to do with that's the beauty of the nfl doesn't matter how rich you are as an individual it doesn't matter well then they don't have a everybody as the ram's well i don't know they decided that that was the question coming in it's like really these are all the weapons for dak don't forget that was the question coming in oh i how can i the gallop was hurt still hurt cooper's gone then they lost uh washington right we thought he'd be back by week six they wound up getting rid of for ty elton yeah because ty made that catch they should have gone to ty in week one yeah it was sitting in the house that whole o'dell o'dell didn't sign with anybody no uh-huh i mean i gotta say though i like the moves keeping the coaches i mean look what something to be said for stability right if you are on hold stay on hold we got your phone calls coming up i also have my top four favorite um super bowl matchups i've ranked them all the ones you're the ones i would like to see the most or i think america would rank it the same man of the people i think i have my finger on the pulse i'm looking at you i i believe and then your phone calls we'll we'll get your phone calls and then we've got what's more likely we've got mike del tufo's weather report those are the next two hours hanging out here on this friday on the roku channel and more fast first hour just cracked me up just we're still on roku we're still on roku we are here on the roku channel which we love we absolutely love that no doubt okay guys i know where i'm watching the games the crib i'll be at the crib as soon as i can get home from my six hour edition of nfl game day morning six hours six nine o'clock eastern to three or as we would say out here butt crack early um it's still dark oh yeah yeah my left eye just started twitching when i started talking about six a.m to noon matt hasselbeck can't understand he's doing three they think that's a lot too by the way oh my goodness gracious is three hours long and it's the shortest show i do game day morning is four then it's six on championship sunday it's it's going to be eight and a half on super sunday and then those are nuts and then the combine is four days the draft is three i am actually shocked that you're the super bowl gdm hasn't gone to ten be quiet don't don't speak it into existence because you know there's going to be some executive in their beard we did a 10 one time i think nine years ago whatever yeah he said don't speak that evil in him ricky don't even do that i don't hear that noise i'm shocked it's not ten why isn't it tell them it's like talking about your kid's sleeping schedule want me to do that for over 40 years jim ross has been the voice of wrestling nobody has stories like jim ross and he shares his tales with co-host conrad thompson on grilling jr this nickman was the top heel in the attitude era it was a fresh character it was new it was material that we had not seen or heard to that date and we could have created a bigger or better heel now we wanted to make more heels and we tried to make more heels and we did but nothing compared to vince the grilling jr podcast listen wherever you get your podcasts
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