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REShow: Louis Riddick - Hour 1

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January 26, 2023 3:10 pm

REShow: Louis Riddick - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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January 26, 2023 3:10 pm

Jets fan Rich reacts to the team hiring failed former Denver Broncos Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett to be their Offensive Coordinator and says why he’s dubious about how well Aaron Rodgers would do under the scrutiny of the NYC media if he were to join his former OC in the Big Apple. 

ESPN NFL analyst Louis Riddick tells Rich which matchups will be the keys to victory in the Bengals vs Chiefs AFC Championship Game and the Eagles vs 49ers NFC Championship Game, what Niners HC Kyle Shanahan must do to minimize Brock Purdy’s lack of big game experience, what the Cowboys and Buffalo Bills must do this offseason to get over the playoff hump.

Rich weighs in on rumors that some NFL higher ups are keen on the idea of playing the AFC and NFC Championship games at neutral-site stadiums.

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See terms and learn more at slash online privacy protection. Last one for you, Joe Mixon. Did the league fine you for flipping a coin on the field? This is the Rich Eisen Show.

They did. Okay, how much was the fine, if you don't mind me asking? Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. 13 racks or something like 13 racks.

I probably had the most shiniest quarter you could pull out. Today's guests, ESPN NFL analyst Louis Riddick, Eagles tight end Dallas Goddard, Los Angeles Dodgers radio announcer Charlie Steiner, and now it's Rich Eisen. Yes, indeed. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show here in Los Angeles, California. 844204, Rich is the number to dial right here on this program. We are live on the Roku channel, which is free on all Roku devices. It is free on all select, on all Amazon Fire TV, select Samsung smart TVs. We are live on the Roku channel, which you can watch us through the app. The Roku app has the Roku channel on it. The Roku is another way for you to watch us. And this is, you know, we're thrilled to be on terrestrial radio. We're thrilled to be on Sirius XM and Odyssey. It's just, if you listen to that, you can't see how terrific my Mauve sweater looks right now to kick off this Thursday show.

And then there's Mauve, is essentially the way I almost came on the air, but I decided to let you know how you can see us first. 844204, Rich is the number to dial here on the program. We're thrilled to have a bunch of guests on today to make you smarter and maybe make you laugh and spend the next three hours with. We've got our friend from the worldwide leader in sports. Louis Riddick is going to join us on this program to break down the upcoming weekend of championship games. We also have on this program Dallas Goddard of the Philadelphia Eagles. He will join us before taking on the San Francisco 49ers. And when we say hello to him, that means we'll have had somebody from each team taking part in this weekend's championship games. We already had earlier this week Juju Smith-Shuster from the Chiefs and Joe Mixon from the Bengals. And we had Fred Warner from the Niners. And today we're going to have Dallas Goddard from Philadelphia.

We're just checking boxes. Charlie Steiner is going to join us in studio hour number three. Charlie texted me the other day because I tweeted out the happy 30th anniversary to Charlie not being able to make it through his segment on SportsCenter because he was reacting to Carl Lewis's national anthem.

That happened 30 years ago this past weekend. And he texted me I'm like how would you like to come in on Thursday and just you know stroll down memory lane talk not just obviously Dodgers baseball but as we know we have football in the brain. Charlie's called hundreds of NFL games as well. So the great Charlie Steiner will come and get his whooping to use the phrase from his Y2K commercial in studio hour number three here on this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. And there's you at 844-204-rich-number. Good to see you over there Chris Brockman. How are you sir? Rich I follow you to freedom my friend.

Yes follow me to freedom. That was that other Y2K commercial. I sat there opening cans of peaches playing solitaire by a light that was being generated by it was like a it was a generator because the lights went out. I was playing with John Randall in an office that wasn't really mine because I was only given a cubicle. Mike actually John Randall.

Mike he was actually playing. Oh yeah because he doesn't know that story about me. Inside joke. I'm up to somebody thinking I'm John Randall one time and Brockman is like that's not John Randall. About literally a half an hour later. Oh great. They're real John Randall.

I'm so glad that you made an inside joke to give Mike Del Tufo the opportunity to try and make it not inside and then keeping it still outside. Yeah. A great way to start the show. Good morning Rich. Good to see you back. I am back. TJ Jefferson the candles already lit. Good to see you over there sir. Candles lit.

Brockman stole my line. I got nothing to say but good morning. Beautiful. Great. Good to see you. That's it's fine. Sometimes it's okay just say good morning and start the show. Well I mean for me not really.

Well good to see you nonetheless. So the the hiring has begun in the NFL. We've been waiting.

Waiting. I mean OC jobs are open. DC jobs are open. HC jobs are open.

GM jobs are the only ones that have been filled. But the New York Jets fired the first shot today to hire as an offensive coordinator. The man who will come to New York and either fix Zach Wilson or not. And we assume that's the person who he will be coordinating the offense for until we know otherwise. Unless they acquire somebody big. Some big name. Some veteran guy that the owner Woody Johnson said he's willing to spend on.

That person has yet to be identified. But right now Zach Wilson is still the quarterback of the New York Jets. One would think they're taking it to next season as the starter. Much to the dismay of much of the fans. But hey he's only going to be in year three.

Still time to fix him. Who's the guy that they are putting this very important task into his steady hands? It is the man who just went one and done as the HC of the Denver Broncos Nathaniel Hackett.

And you could already hear the howls from the metropolitan area. This guy. This guy? How many other ways can you say it? This guy.

I mean there's many ways to say it. But all I'm saying is this. Despite the unmitigated disaster we just saw unfold. The fact that the Broncos acquire one of the best quarterbacks we've seen last decade into this one in the NFL. Russell Wilson up there.

And what he was not this year was up anywhere under this man's care and tutelage. And all I'm saying based on all of that I kind of like to hire. How about that for a little turn? I like it. I kind of like it. Yeah sure.

Why not? I know. I got it Mike.

I hear you. That might be my attitude but I think part of the problem up in Denver for Nathaniel Hackett was he wasn't ready to handle all the things that came with that job. Ownership change. Quarterback coming in. Finally wanting to cook. And he has an idea how to cook. And that's the issue I have with the hire if there's anyone is that it's his job to make sure Russ cooked the way he wanted to. Period.

End of story. And that didn't work. And the things that also didn't work that were head scratching was the idea of let's have Brandon McManus kick it from let's have Brandon McManus kick it from 90 yards away to try and win the game that Russ really wanted to win more than any other one.

The first one we had and the one he was back in Seattle. I mean that's not going to be part of his job. The defensive players having problems maybe with the way things are going. That's not part of his job. That's Robert Salah's job. That's Robert Salah's job. And Robert Salah knows that his job status in New York I would proffer to say is predicated on the success of Zach Wilson if that's the way they're going to go. Now you sit there and say well successful years was with Aaron Rodgers.

Yeah buddy. But before that though 2017 he was the offensive coordinator for the Jacksonville Jaguars who as we all know was one Stefan Gilmore batted pass away from making the Super Bowl with Blake Bortles. So I would sign for Zach Wilson having one possession in New England to win the AFC Championship game. And I know the way that the Jacksonville Jaguars ran their offense with a run game and a quarterback that could move around in the pocket, beat you up with Leonard Fournette, beat you up with some physical wide receivers and a quarterback who could run it. Okay. Breece Hall comes back. Check.

Garrett Wilson and the rest of the receiver court. Check. Defense. Check.

Okay. Do what you did in Jacksonville. That's all I want. And he's very positive.

He's very sunny. The question is is the rest of the locker room there going this guy? Are they the ones going this guy?

This guy? Offensive players we just went through last year we're getting this guy to make it work with Russell Wilson when he had a shot to be an HC in the league? Well so that's going to be part of Nathaniel Hackett's job is selling the locker room. And again that's Robert Salah's job too.

You don't have to worry about that anymore. Defensive lineman barking at Zach Wilson? That's Robert Salah's job.

Making the decision to kick instead of go for it? That's Robert Salah's job. So I kind of like to hire.

I kind of like to hire. And let's see where we go now then. I know what's coming.

Yeah let's get to it. So Nathaniel Hackett goes to Denver and the first thought was well Aaron Rodgers is coming because Aaron Rodgers loves the guy and he's the offensive coordinator for this guy. When you know when Lafleur came by and they win 13 games every single season until this year.

Well when Nathaniel Hackett wasn't there and you know a lot of young kids were there and Aaron Rodgers you know was grinding gears and his gears weren't as well oiled a machine as they were in the last two seasons when he was back-to-back MVPs and as we all heard he feels he can play at that level again. So if Aaron Rodgers is done in Green Bay could he pull I mean he's pretty much followed and I know this would probably drive him nuts in the footsteps of Brett Favre his entire career where he now plays the role of Favre and Jordan Love plays the role of him waiting and waiting and waiting and that he's now spending time for a second straight year. Am I gone? Am I not gone? Am I staying?

Am I not staying? Again I will tell everybody having sat through a half dozen Favre watches this doesn't even come close to Favre not even remotely close I mean Rodgers would have to drag this thing out say he's gone then after they move to Jordan Love he then says I want to come back. Can you imagine because that's what Favre did? Yeah I can imagine yeah we lived there. No I mean can you imagine if Rodgers in this day and age does it now?

Yeah why not? Okay so what you're saying is in 2039 we're going to be going through the same thing with Jordan Love. Maybe so all I'm saying is this would I want as a jet fan Aaron Rodgers to to come and play for the New York Jets? A million percent because take a look at Brady's years ages 39 to 41.

You could make the case that those were his best years as a patriot. The age means nothing to me it truly means nothing to me. Ain't nothing but a number. Means nothing to me he seems to be taking care of his body he's mindful he's drinking tea whatever the hell's in the tea we don't know what's in the tea I think we do know what's in the tea whatever work it's working for him it's working for him. Getting his mind right Rich. It's working for him and if he looks at New York City and goes you know I'd like to trade I'll take that on you know what they have Garrett Wilson you know I saw that kid Breece Hall like there's some weapons there I like Salah love Hackett I know what offense we'd run right away there's very few orders of business we have to get through in order for me to get comfortable with the offense obviously there's new this there's new that there's new everything the thing that would be new is New York and and I the one thing I just don't know is if Rogers I mean I think he gets it he understands it I just don't know if Rogers fully completely one thousand percent grasps that whatever happened in Green Bay will not matter in New York you know that throw that he missed over the middle he didn't see one of his receivers I forget was it Lazard in the playoff game two years ago right the snow against San Francisco missed that the throw was open everyone on Twitter all the all 22 guys like Lewis Riddick and all the who's coming up shortly talking about that throw was open and in Green Bay you know you'll see some people on Twitter saying you know Rogers isn't perfect but everybody in Green Bay shrugs Rogers is our guy and he'll do the the I love you thing going off the field this this thing won't work in New York if he comes to New York and misses throws and New England still has its way with the Jets and Belichick still has its way he'll have to reconfigure those fingers in New York I just don't know well the fingers will be reconfigured in his direction TJ and I don't know why he'd want to take that on to be very honest with you and plus some of what he's saying on McAfee show that doesn't get any run in the local media as far as I'm concerned any run in the local media from people that hear it and don't ascribe to the same echo chamber that it appears Rogers lives in I think that that would light up 24-7 stations and would new you know radio stations there's multiple talk shows there's you know I I mean I don't know how many local media he talks to on a on a weekly basis on his locker there's definitely a a large national following for the Packers understood national media is always around I don't know if Rogers would want a piece of that now he could play lights out and be comfortable and make his money and win a championship and he would be also on the positive side of things the toast of New York I mean the king would that be the king of New York sport it would be I totally hear you with the jets rich I want to be positive about it too but I just don't see him wanting to take on a new spot a new challenge in New York where a lot of things in Green Bay are either overlooked or shrugged off or not chewed up and spat out in the way that he's taking it in obviously the way that he feels the media treats him or doesn't treat him properly or has an axe to grind or there's some theory that he believes ascribes to certain companies that own spots on radio shows and television shows and thus people who talk on those shows are not giving him his fair due because there's an a business cabal or something I mean I mean if he says this stuff in New York City I don't know how it would play it would certainly play differently than it currently does in Green Bay so I I'm football wise would I love him to be my quarterback for the Jets yeah and hacker is the guy that he's comfortable with yeah and he wants to play alongside the defense that was in his face yeah sure I don't know what it would cost it would cost a lot I just don't know if he'd want to take that on and leave his world where he is Aaron Rodgers and everything that he has done definitely sets up a cushion in New York that would be the floor there's no cushion that's the floor all that stuff that you did that's the floor and it didn't work out for Favre who was doing all sorts of stupid garbage anyway that I imagine Rodgers would never even dream of doing or would do but let's go if he wants to do it but understand you know it's a different world I think he understands it I mean he seems to be very savvy when it comes to that stuff but he also seems to have a lot of ideas about the media world that if he ascribes it to New York media and espouses it I don't know how that would play but I guess I'd love to see him play for the Jets if Nathaniel Hackett's coordinating for him he's comfortable let's go see that all play out Lewis Riddick's first up he's going to join us here on the worldwide leader from the worldwide leader in sports right here on the Rich Eisen show how does he see the championship games breaking down Dallas Goddard Charlie Steiner in studio hour three and you at 844-204 Rich number to dial here on the Rich Eisen show back with Lewis Riddick in a moment this is it the putt to win the tournament if you sink it the championship is yours but on your backswing your hat falls over your eyes is this how you're running your business poor visibility because 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all right I'm a little late for this guy because it's going on and on about how Aaron Rodgers would fit in New York City now that Nathaniel Hackett's there as the OC but we're focused on Championship Sunday one of our favorites Lewis Riddick from ESPN back here on the Rich Eisen Show how you doing Lewis?

Good Rich how are you man? I am great the matchup give me the XO matchup Championship Sunday that you are looking forward to seeing the most that might actually affect the W and L more than anything else what do you think what do you got for me on that one Lewis? Yeah yeah man there's two of them all right one for each game that really intrigued me okay so let's just start with Philly and San Fran look for this for this game I mean this is class of the titans right we already know up front that it's all it's going to just be a battle royal I mean both of these offensive lines and defensive lines are just studs everywhere just men just grown men but here here's the kicker as good as San Francisco is defensively and I love D'Amico Ryan you know as much as anybody as much as anybody it's the secondary that's the issue for this team it's the secondary as far as giving up explosive plays outside the numbers 15 plus air yards you know the big shots down the field and Jalen does it better than anyone Jalen Hurts throws a football you remember Jeff Blake when Jeff Blake used to play for Cincinnati I played against him when I was with the Browns the quarterback he says throw a real high-arcing moon ball that I mean you just like it would lose it in the lights man and Carl Pickens and Darnay Scott and then we're coming down with this big playoff the big play that's how that's how Jalen Hurts is with AJ Brown that's how he is with Devante Smith and I that worries me that worries me for San Francisco especially if they can't pass Russ if they can't get to Jalen against this offensive line so that's that's x factor number one in that game for Kansas City and Cincy and I'm gonna boil it down to one guy and I know Patrick you know look obviously Patrick's health's an issue as far as how long he can he can play in this game and whether or not you know he can sustain some semblance of mobility this is about Chris Jones man this is about Chris Jones going up against an offensive line that has lost three-fifths of the starting unit he's going to be going up against a backup right tackle and nice I mean right guarded Max Sharpen that look Chris Jones has to wreck this game because if he doesn't they will lose if he is not terrorizing and I mean terrorizing Joe Burrow the way Patrick was terrorizing the Super Bowl a couple years ago by Tampa they'll lose this game simple as that so I love I love that the way that you just phrased it because that is rare to just say I can boil it down to just this scenario right in the middle of the line that and but I'm with you I'm with you because but and here's the thing Jones can do that this is possible this is more than possible this is gonna this could potentially really happen yeah he's um look Chris is one of those dudes who you know what what is he six six about 315 320 a bit when you see him you see him up close I mean he he doesn't look that big he doesn't look like he's that stout but he's got those long long long arms and has so much power and he's so fast with his hands nobody look we did that game week 18 out there in Vegas against the Raiders and I'll tell you what Alex bars who was playing right right guard for the Raiders by the end of that game he was like you know what I quit if I have to play against this guy anymore I quit because Chris had him on skates the whole day just throwing him around like he was throwing around you know a high school player he has to do that in this game and he hasn't had a lot of success really against Cincinnati as far as Russell or rather I guess I should say in the playoffs overall as far as affecting games to the degree that he can if he doesn't and Joe has time like he did against Buffalo now I know you know Buffalo you're playing on a slick surface defensive lines don't really have great footing Joe's getting the ball out quick they're running downhill in the running I know there's a lot of excuses for Buffalo although that's another story about their d-line but this game it's going to be cold but the surface will be fast in him Derek Noddy Frank Clark these guys all have to absolutely Mike Dana they have to go off in this game because not only can Joe throw it obviously I mean you see how Samadze Peterines running the football you tell Joe Mixon's running the football right you guys are not messing around man and so I mean Chris Chris has to have that game that people go it's him and Aaron one and one a as defensive tackle in the league that's it he has to have that game Lewis Riddick of ESPN here on the Rich Eisen show so what would you boil it down to if you could just in in I know you mentioned the secondary but Bosa and Lane Johnson I mean would you say just how Lane is holding up because wouldn't you want to see if you were if you're D'Amico Ryan's like okay um you know the Giants didn't really test Lane Johnson's groin we we shall yeah we we we we shall do that and we shall do that early and often and we've got the you know we have the candidate to do it to say the least yeah no question what do you think yeah you know yeah the the issue becomes okay so you have to get them to third down in the first place which means you have to take care of it right you have to get you have to take care of first and second where you know as long as I I guess it becomes like how much do they want to expose Jalen Hurts in the run game how much do they want to have him getting contacted if he's feeling pretty good and that means that the zone regain really is uh at his you know at his disposal he's willing to tuck it and run it then Santa France got look they've got an all-day sucker going on there then okay then you have a tough time getting the third down because of how how strong and strong and formidable formidable he is in the run game so now it's up to everybody up front like it's up to it's up to Eric Armstead, Ken Law, you know, Samson Evakin, all those guys have to play their part. Fred, um, Greg Greenlaw, they they got to come downhill and stamp out that run first because if they don't then it's not going to really matter on third down then Nick can't really do his thing so that that's I mean you're you're on it when you say look it really is about the lines but it's really about the line of scrimmage first and second down first and foremost the same way it'll be for Philly it'll be the same thing they have to they have to snuff out San Fran's running game because if you don't and then they start getting that inside breaking play action passing game over the middle where you know IU just kills you, Kittle kills you, Deebo kills you then it's not it's not going to really matter you it's not going to matter you're not going to be able to rush the passer if you can't handle first and second down. Well I mean if you do get San Francisco to third down um if the Eagles win first and second down on the defensive side of the ball as well then you can then you can you can see whether Brock Purdy's got it or not despite of despite whatever he has proven he has and I think he does have it you know his two road games were in Seattle on a short week which is no you know uh walk in the park of course but then there's Vegas um when they probably had half the building filled with Niner fans this is a whole different ball of wax and different crucible so what did you see last week Lewis Riddick out of Purdy was it the inevitable hiccup or or was it maybe he's closer to strike in midnight here uh what do you got for me? You know you know what I think look for Brock when you when you go up against a team like Dallas that can that can rush you and make you a little bit uneasy in the pocket I mean it's not going to always be perfect right he was able to you know there was a few times he broke out you know broke outside the pocket on you know off-schedule plays where he's thinking you know maybe I can get here to the perimeter get to the edge pick up six-yard puck out of bounds and you know live to fight another day and Micah Parton's like uh-uh you know no you can't outrun me so it's a it's a whole different class of beef that he's dealing with now it's going to be the same in Philly it's not going to be perfect Hassan Riddick can roll Josh Sweat can roll Brandon Graham these guys this is the best pass rushing team in the NFL as far as pass rush win rate I mean as a team they're as good as Dallas if not better than Dallas they can roll seven guys through there so you know he's going to have some issue at some point in time he's going to have some issue with it not looking great what he can't do rich as we all know is he can't turn it over he can't give it to Jalen and Miles Sanders and AJ Brown and that offensive line on a short field you can't do that you have to tuck it eat it whatever punning is your friend in this game for him and I think he he's already shown that he's you know he's smart enough to do that and Kyle you know how he is man he will take it straight out of his hands and say look you won't throw this damn thing at all then if you're going to do that you're going to do that and we'll run the ball 45 times because if there is an Achilles heel for Philly defense it can be a power running game it can be a team that will come downhill on you and nobody nobody smacks you in the mouth with the kind of attitude that San Francisco does it this is this is my kind of game right this is 1988 89 90 91 football for me this is Leonard Marshall blowing up Joe Montana is that what you're saying is that what you got for me on this one unfortunately yeah the Cleveland Browns January 1 1995 versus the Pittsburgh Steelers in the divisional round where I saw John L Williams Van Mars and Barry Foster unfortunately coming at me for an entire game and all three of them went over 100 yards all and I had about 13 tackles at the half so that's what this that's how that could become damn so you wait a minute so you closed out the Browns in Cleveland for Belichick is that what you're saying yeah Lewis yeah yeah that was my that was my last year in Cleveland then they moved but yeah it's closed up shop it was the night it was the 94 season yep that was the 95 playoff and then the 95 season is when they announced the uh announced the move damn Lewis Riddick here a long time ago dude yeah I hear you Lewis Riddick here on on the Rich Eisen show I love it um okay so um Bills and Cowboys those are the two teams I would say that had the highest expectations of the those who who lost on divisional playoff weekend uh what would be your advice for either one of those teams um or for both of those teams hitting the off season and based on what we just saw and their viability to to get back and and and get to where they're gonna go where they're everybody's expecting to get there what do you got for me on that yeah yeah we'll start with the one that just lost you know lost most recently being Dallas Dallas needs more weapons for deck period they need them they need another they need more speed you know we don't know how Tony Paul is going to come back you know what that what that leg's going to be like Zeke is done all they got is CD they got to get more juice they need more juice in the back field somebody who's healthy who's got speed they need more juice on the outside to go with CD that's simple as that I think the offensive line to work in progress they're going to be okay there Dak has to do a deep dive on what the hell happened with me this year as far as what how I was seeing the field my timing with the wide receivers why was I making the decisions I was making why was I putting the ball in harm's way he's got to do a deep dive with himself with Mike McCarthy he needs to get with all the coaches and just be like you know let's figure this out defensively defensively so you need another corner to match up with to go with Trayvon continue to get more speed you know get some more playmakers on on the defense line at linebacker just fortify the rest of the defense they'll be okay I think I think they'll be all right but they got to make sure Dak's got to make sure he's got his process right man he and he needs more help Buffalo on the offensive side of the ball man Buffalo wants they have to be able to control the line of scrimmage and control the game running the football no doubt you know playing outside up there with somebody other than Josh now exactly that's the and and not to just jump in you know not to just jump in although I am doing that it's just that but but you know all their numbers of well their red zone rushes are are top of the league and their running game is top of the league that's because the quarterback is their best running back and if you want to have Allen feel that he doesn't have to do too much and you want him to do less and have that as his mindset then give him somebody you can hand the ball to 20 25 times try and win a game with Josh Allen where he throws it 20 to 25 times and see how that works don't you think no question absolutely and you know we talked to them earlier in the year uh we were up there for their week two game against Tennessee right and I know that philosophically that's who Sean wants to be McDermott right he said it I mean he said as much look I I want but they they had been retooling their offensive line the past three years trying to find five guys who would come off the ball and really play dominant football and earlier in the year I mean it was in the preseason they played out in LA they played the Rams that preseason I can't live so long ago but I remember how they were they were running the football in that game and I asked Sean about that he goes he said Lewis that's who I want to be I want to be able to do that when we want to do that but as the season went along they just kind of reverted to being well it's Josh and it's and it's and it's Stefan and it's Gabe Davis and that's what that's just what we do you know we just we just throw it all over the yard and that isn't what they want to be philosophically in the beginning of the year and they have to they have to get that component defensively Brandon Bean sat there at the table in the conference room and told us the number one thing last year when we finished the year and we were um coming back from Kansas City he we said we have to get a closer who can put number 15 from the Chiefs on the ground because we don't have it and when they lost Von it all from that point on the pass rush disappeared it disappeared they didn't have a guy I looked this up they didn't have a guy over the past five weeks of this season who ranked in the top 40 of individual players in terms of past rush Winrich they didn't have a guy in the top 40 Greg Russo was like 43rd amongst all pass rushes you know there's just no way man there's no way you're gonna beat Joe Burrow like that there's no way you're gonna deal with Patrick like that you're just not and that's what they have to figure out they got to get some people they got to get some people whether it's inside or outside guys they got to get some people and continue to find more playmakers in the secondary which is where they were beat up just this year they were just beat up there so that's that's really what it is establish a running game be more physical on offense and not rely on Josh so much no defense you got to get some horses man you got to be like Philly you got to be like San Fran you got to have a guy like Chris Jones you got to have a guy like Trey Hendrickson who may be one of the best pass rushers in this playoff who nobody talks about no Trey Hendrickson absolutely terrorized Orlando Brown last year in the playoffs again when Kansas when Cincinnati went to Kansas City and beat him he terrorized Orlando couldn't block him watch that on Sunday too so before I let you go your best guess who we're seeing in Arizona in a couple of Sundays yeah you know it's gone you know what do you think if if if Patrick can play this whole game I think Kansas City will pull it out simply because I do think Chris Jones on a fast surface that's where the weather isn't an issue I do think he will make enough plays against Joe and they're they're pissed off enough now to the point where they're tired of hearing it you know about how Cincinnati Burrowhead Burrowhead yeah yeah I heard that one that was pretty good yeah I heard that right I think I think they win that and I do think although I pick the Kansas City San Francisco Super Bowl beginning the beginning of the year I think that Philly Philly is just so deep defensively and the big play component worries me a little bit for San Fran's corners but I think Philly wins this game so your best guess is Philadelphia and Kansas City but it wouldn't be surprising if it's if it's the third time we see the Bengals and the Niners play each other in the Super Bowl and fourth we're so close to being last year it's unbelievable how those two franchises keep circling each other for the big game uh Lewis thanks for the time truly always appreciate love talking ball with you greatly appreciate it we'll see you soon thanks you got that's Lewis Fredrick Lewis Riddick always makes me smarter always makes me smarter Chris Jones can wreck the game yeah he can yeah rich chief's minus one now so stupid you know why you know why they watched our ankle coverage yesterday yeah they heard the snap crackle and pop and I will say this fully believing it best ankle coverage in the business right here on the rich eyes and show absolutely honestly yeah where are you gonna find we were all over right we were all over his ankle history we've all rolled our ankles at one point there's well I mean we have our own personal experience with ankles yeah I mean I yeah so look at that right there what more do you need to see other than this still photograph from the other day nice adidas pop Mike there you go there you go he spatted he spatted the one what do you mean it's even so it was it was chiefs then bengals and chief and then they saw him moving around they saw him moving around oh they saw him moving around yesterday man if I could have got chiefs plus two is there a special ankle person in Vegas no doubt that there's the you know the sports books are like if it's an ankle we go to that one if it's a knee we go to that one maybe if it's a shoulder we go to that one how do I get to be that guy dr erwin hart yeah all I know is that you people don't want you as that guy no I still think bengals okay very good I don't know how'd you do last week did you split him because you took you took all the underdogs all the dogs last week two and two so who didn't cover oh the jab the jaguars that was the last second right well the jag snuck in the back door right always leave that back door open right uh giants got routed routed routed and the cowboys didn't cover either cowboys is that because uh mar got that one blocked or that wouldn't have mattered wouldn't have mattered okay thank you the cowboys really were the favorites in that game no they were not they were the underdog the niners were that much favorites and they they they they surpassed how favorited they were okay did I get that correct late field goal because I definitely didn't even look at the line at that game so now it's chiefs minus one oh baby again because they saw our ankle coverage and we saw that he's okay eight four four two oh four rich number to dial right here on the rich eyes and show dallas got it still to come when we come back uh a close call this was for something that I don't want to see the nfl do and um I'll describe why and what I'm talking about I would stay tuned if I were you that's nice welcome to talkville the ultimate smallville rewatch podcast where each week we watch every episode of smallville a show that changed our lives forever and perhaps your lives too I'm michael rosenbaum hello I am Tom Welling what was the sign off now always remembers talkville that's it always hold on to smallville folks we love you can do without you we've got a great season two coming up catch up with season one or start season two on youtube or wherever you listen net suite wants you to know your numbers folks because if you don't know your numbers you don't know your business and you need to know your numbers in these uncertain economic times for sure if you don't have proper visibility on the numbers for your business that means you're relying on spreadsheets and outdated finance software net suite by oracle has the fix because net suite by oracle is the number one cloud finances financial system to power your growth you have full visibility and control of your financials inventory hr planning budgeting and more everything you need to grow all in one place over 32 000 businesses already use net suite be one of them for the new year net suite is a new financing program for those ready to upgrade it slash rich radio head to slash rich radio for the special one-of-a-kind financing offer on the number one financial system for growing businesses slash rich radio 844-204-rich is the number to dial here on the program we all know uh joe burrow what he had to say after the um afc championship game win the uh the famous line that he had to say after that uh game when uh when uh he was asked by tracy wolfson about what we said could potentially be bulletin board material hey uh chiefs and bills if that game happens that game's taken place in atlanta better send those refunds 50 000 tickets the league let everyone know was sold in 24 hours and they were going to create bills on one side bills fans on one side and chiefs fans on another like a college football game like the national championship game i saw on sofa i don't know how they split them up i mean there were dots of red georgia red in the tcu purple section and i'm sure where you were sitting in the georgia section you saw dots of purple right couple tcu but and um and the bangles said uh uh refund not having those refunds there it is now baby and um and all i'm saying is i'm i'm glad it didn't happen because you're hearing from people like breer who was on the show the other day and other reporters that there are some in the league ownership or some in the league office that like the idea of a neutral site conference championship game weekend where they would bid it out like the super bowl i'm serious they would bid it out like the super bowl and use these sites as potential super bowl city stalking horses and also you know the league already controls do you know they control the championship games they they they take the whole process away from the teams the teams just host it but the league runs it and so they already run it they just don't run the whole thing by having a another city hosted it's still hosted by the team that has the best record between the final two combatants or whichever team might have a tie break over the other because they beat them in the regular season despite having the same record overall so you know they're already halfway there the league in terms of they run the sites they just don't control the location the games control the location the results control the location and all i know is this watching these games at the site of the team that earned it and having the fans watch it and having the fans watch it in their home stadium is one of the best home fields the league can put on television and also watching a team win it on their home field and celebrate making the super bowl is second to none now the other team winning it in that building is also one of the great road wins any team can come up with in the nfl and that's the stuff of legend as well why would the league want to remove that and then on top of it if they did that what are you going to tell fans hey you know we're all about you but you now need to hop a flight to detroit folks in arizona you need to now hop a flight to atlanta folks in kansas city or buffalo really i don't think that's cool and then one last thing it would totally kneecap the bye week so you're missing wildcard weekend and you're getting a buy directly into divisional playoffs so basically you are for the one seed getting a buy into the second round of the playoffs which is huge but that's your only home game that's it your final two are neutral sites which are to be very honest with you sometimes antiseptic audiences because there's a lot of corporate people who have no fight in the bills or the chiefs or whatever getting into that building and then all of a sudden why would you just cannibalize one of the best home field settings your league has and two spots on the same day i don't get it because you know what's better than one super bowl rich three three i know that's money and i understand it i understand the way of the business and and i appreciate having um you know bosses who don't at least and uh you know don't mind that i can come on a show like this and and and and say i i don't appreciate that business model at all because i don't and i'm kind of glad that they didn't get a free run and look at it this week even though some are upset about that i i just think it's going to be amazing in kansas city it's going to be amazing in philadelphia these sites have earned it these fan bases have earned it with their season tickets and they're going in these games many of them go all year long hey congratulations your team had the best record in the conference now go hop a flight to indianapolis now you got to go hop a flight to san antonio which is in a regular nfl city but hey would love to host a super bowl let's see if they can handle an nfc championship game really no you want to have it in philadelphia and let san francisco go there and because they didn't win the one seed they should have to go into the belly of the beast and prove it and if the the beast proves too much for the two seed well then you should have been the one seed and then the one seed fans get to celebrate like a party it's like a closing party for the season as you send them off to a understandably neutral side super bowl that i get but why would you want to get rid of conference championship weekends at home sites i i know it's money and i know it's opportunity to make money and i know that's what this is a business is at its heart but that would be a bummer it would be a bummer and i'm glad that we didn't see it this year i hope we don't ever see it our number two dallas gottard coming up here on the rich eisen show from the philadelphia eagles for over 40 years jim ross has been the voice of wrestling nobody has stories like jim ross and he shares his tales with co-host conrad thompson on grilling jr best nickman was the top heel in the attitude era it was a fresh character it was new it was material that we had not seen or heard to that date and we could have created a bigger or better heel no we wanted to make more heels and we tried to make more heels and we did but nothing compared to vince the grilling jr podcast listen wherever you get your podcasts
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