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REShow: Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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January 30, 2023 3:30 pm

REShow: Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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January 30, 2023 3:30 pm

Rich recaps the epic showdown between Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs and Joe Burrow’s Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship game and explains why Cincinnati fans should remain positive despite seeing their Super Bowl hopes dashed in KC.

Rich recaps the 49ers vs Eagles NFC Championship game that saw rookie QB Brock Purdy suffer an elbow injury early on that doomed the Niners’ offense against a stout Philadelphia defense, and debates the guys if SF head coach Kyle Shanahan adjusted enough after Purdy’s injury and the concussion to his backup Josh Johnson.

Rich weighs in on what he believes is the false narrative that the Eagles haven’t really played a tough schedule and will be exposed in the Super Bowl against the Chiefs.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

Ladies. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Now a flag is going to be thrown.

Burrow head my. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Hey I got some wise words for that Cincinnati mayor. Know your role and shut your mouth. Her mayor said it all.

No one picked us to win. This is something to dream about as a kid. The Rich Eisen Show. Now a flag is going to be thrown. Today's guest, two-time Super Bowl champion Eli Manning. Overreaction Monday, two-time Super Bowl champion and Green Light podcast host Chris Long. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Yes indeed it is. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show here on a Monday after championship Sunday. It is on. We've got three hours of fun conversation for you and with you. The for you is Eli Manning, two-time Super Bowl champion in hour number two.

And Chris Long, two-time Super Bowl champion in hour number three. And of course the for you is overreaction Monday and all of our thoughts and concepts about what we just saw this past weekend. And the with you is 844-204-rich number to dial. If you're watching on the Roku channel, guess what? It's free.

Enjoy it. And we're thrilled to be on all Roku devices. Select Samsung smart TVs. We're thrilled to be on Amazon Fire TV. We're thrilled to be on the Roku app and then on the internet at the

If you're listening, guess what? It's free on Terrestrial Radio, Sirius XM and Odyssey. We welcome anybody who's listening to us on our podcast which is free. And you can please find it where all podcasts are acquired thanks to the Cumulus Podcast Network through our relationship with Westwood One Radio. And please hit us with a subscribe button there, slash Rich Eyes and show free as well. Much of this show will be placed there throughout the week so you can check us out.

We're all thrilled if you subscribe there and be part of the now 515,000 subscribers and growing. Good to see you over there, Christopher Brockman. How are you, sir?

Hello, Rich. How's that? DJ.

All right, good. DJ Mikey Dees and Deez Nuts back from wherever you were this weekend. Good to see you. And TJ Jefferson, light the candle. Good to see you here on this Monday, kind sir.

The candle's lit. It's great to be seen. Excellent. Let's roll right into it. Super Bowl 57 is set. After all this time, after all these weeks and months, days, conversations. Look at us.

Look at us. It's the Eagles and the Chiefs. It's the Andy Reid Bowl. It's the Jason Kelce Bowl. It's the MVP Bowl.

It's the one seed versus one seed bowl. And it is coming two Sundays to a television set near you. Or if you're in Arizona, check it out. Super Bowl 57, Mahomes and Jalen Hurts. And we'll talk about it and chop it up and massage it. And we're going to go to Phoenix. We will be in Arizona Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of Super Bowl week. We'll be nestled in our spot in the Super Bowl experience. It's going to be awesome. Now then, let me just say this.

I'm just going to come straight through the front door. That's how you do. For those of you out there who think we in the national media, and certainly in the NFL media, gush too much about Patrick Mahomes, it's going to be a long day for you. A long two weeks. A long day for you.

A long two weeks for you. And you know, just so you know, we do know it's not all peaches and cream. And we do know that.

No, no, no. We understand it. He's not perfect. I get it. That his quarterback rating in Super Bowls is what we would say less than.

Okay. His quarterback ratings in Super Bowls, 64.2. That is substandard. Damn near half of his passer rating in every other playoff game in which he's played. He's won 10 of them. He's been in 13 playoff games. He's won 10 of them. His 10 and three record.

That's good. And we'll round up. We do the math for you. He's won 77% rounding up of his playoff games. The only quarterbacks with a better postseason winning percentage in the history of the National Football League is none other. Troy.

Jim Plunkett and Bart Starr. Troy won 11 of his 15. Bradshaw won 14 of his 19. Brady's won 35 of his 48. That's insane.

That's not good enough. It's only 73%. Montana won 16 of his 23. That's 70%.

We're rounding up. Otherwise Gronkowski would think his winning percentage is nice. And of all of those guys I've mentioned, Starr, Plunkett, Bradshaw, Aikman, Brady, Montana. Mahomes is, as of this sitting, the only one to not win two Super Bowls.

All the other guys won two. Which is why you kind of have to sit here and wonder why Jim Plunkett's not in the Hall of Fame. But that's for another day. That's for another day. This day is about what we saw yesterday. And we do have to share the stage, if we're talking about yesterday, with Joe Burrow, who is unbelievably unconscious at this position for somebody as still young and one would think green.

Because in just your second year of starting, you shouldn't be able to just do what he's doing. And I will say this about Joe Burrow, mixing it in with the Mahomes love. Joe Burrow is so good. How good is he?

Thank you. He's so good that his incomplete passes hit his receivers in the helmet. I mean- That pass was ridiculous. It hit Jamar Chase on top of his head. That's how good his incomplete passes are.

Yeah. His throw to T. Higgins to tie the game in the third quarter to cap what we were all feeling and what everyone, yes, in Arrowhead was feeling, that it was happening again. The it being the Chiefs take a double-digit lead on the scoreboard and then out of the blue, momentum changes.

Out of the blue, momentum switches. And it switches after Burrow throws an interception in the first half. The Chiefs turn it into nothing because the Bengals D does something. And then the Bengals drive the length of the field, almost score touchdown right before the half. They put a field goal on the board and go in only down seven, which is better than last year when they were down 11 at halftime. And they come out of halftime, get Mahomes three and out, and then they go down the field and score a touchdown with Burrow high-pointing one to T. Higgins before Higgins even turns around the balls in the air.

And he places it exactly where number 85 can go get it. And he does touchdown tie game. Mahomes gets the ball back. And this is the stuff that we're so fortunate to be living in these NFL times watching two kids, yes, kids, do what they're doing on the field in a huge championship game, whole country watching, trip to the Super Bowl on the line.

Come on now. Mahomes travels down the field. At one point, as he's driving, rolls out to his left. If you notice, they were rolling him out to his right the entire game. Rolling out to his left means he's got to at some point stop, plant his feet, and throw. And if he's anywhere off balance, which is kind of near half the time with him, and it doesn't matter because he still makes incredible throws, that's why we gush about Mahomes, is he plants his foot. And sure enough, for the first time mid-third quarter tie game, we see him hopping up and down on that turned right ankle of his in a way where we're like, uh-oh, it's cold out. It's the second half.

This is exactly when we thought in our soon-to-be Emmy Award-winning Ankle Watch 2023 coverage of last week, which has now got two more got two more weeks to go, we thought this is when they could be a problem. And Mahomes keeps it on the track, keeps it on the rails, and his throw, let me get this right, his throw right over the middle to put them up 20 to 13 to cap an 11-play 77-yard drive is a frozen rope dart on third and 10. From the Cincinnati 19, just when you think they might have to just settle for another field goal like they opened the game, it is a frozen rope to Marquez Valdez-Scantlin, who had a terrific game, and they put the Chiefs up by a score again only to have it placed into significant danger by one of those OMG moments where he throws and if it just empty hands he just whiffed. Mahomes did. I think the ball was frozen. I don't know what the hell happened, but you give that to Joe Burrow, and you know, that's gonna be a problem.

It sure was. Next, six plays later, touchdown. Joe Burrow got it done. He got it done. He made a fourth and sixth throw from the Kansas City 41. I don't know what he won. I think Romo called it stones.

He called it stones, and it was. Zach Taylor, let's call a timeout. You know what? We're not going to punt it. We're going to, this is the AFC championship game. We have Joe Burrow and we have Jamar Chase.

Let him make a play, and he puts it into double coverage and he throws it to where Jamar Chase can catch it. It's unreal. It is the stuff that we love because we're watching two generationally talented guys duel it out, duke it out again in the AFC championship game, and it comes down to, as always, who has the ball last and who makes the mistakes last, and that was the Chiefs, and who has the ball last, and the mistakes is Cincinnati.

Hey, listen. This kid, Osi, who is caught on camera crying his eyes out because he shoved Mahomes out of bounds. It is such a tough game to play, man.

Can you imagine? This guy's like 260 pounds. He's 22 years old. He sees Patrick Mahomes. He's played his ass off this kid all game long, and Mahomes, he shoves him when he's out of bounds, and when you do this to Patrick Mahomes, it's going to be flagged pretty much 100 percent of the time, and I say that fully aware that if that was maybe Brock Purdy, it wouldn't have been. We'll get to him obviously later on, but this is Patrick Mahomes, and of all things, of all things, anybody who thought the flag shouldn't be called, what can I tell you, man? You can't put yourself in that position.

Unfortunately, the kid did, and he played his mind off, but for this game to come down to, of all things, Patrick Mahomes running for his life on that gimpy ankle is exactly what we're talking about, about how special Patrick Mahomes is, and I'm sorry to those who think we in the national media and the NFL media gush too much about him. This is what we are talking about. It's not just his physical attributes.

It's about that heart that beats inside. It is on par. Talk to anybody who plays with him. Talk to anybody who knows him. Talk to anybody who knows anybody who plays with him.

Talk to anybody who's in the know. What this guy has beating inside his chest is on par with Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods. Name any of the generationally over the top athletes that we have had the pleasure of sharing Planet Earth with while they were on the court, on the course, on the field. Name it. Brady. Name it.

Serena, Sue Bird. Just keep going. Yes.

Messi. Go down the list. Yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Absolutely.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Mahomes is in that pantheon. Roman Reigns. These people who cannot do anything but compete and take your soul and your heart.

He just smiles at you. Steph Curry. Another one of them. Yeah.

Curry smiles at you when he does it. And so that's what happened yesterday. It's just a five-yard scramble. I think if you want a next-gen stat at what was he so deep back it could have been like 15 yards it felt like but it was just five yards to gain the extra 15 put it on the tee and it's the day started with Burrowhead and ended with Butgerhead and Harrison Butger splits the uprights no time left and that was all she wrote for another classic American Football Conference Championship game.

Another classic between these two. Burrow got Mahomes last year and this time around Mahomes got Burrow. It was close. It was going to come down to the little things and the little things on the last drive and unfortunately for Cincinnati, Kansas City had the ball last and the uh the shove in the back happened with Mahomes out of bounds.

It did. And Patrick Mahomes 326 and two scores come on on that ankle. That's why we gush about him. Now I do want to say this before we throw to a break and we'll talk about the NFC Championship game. Cincinnati let's talk. Let's talk. I know you are in pain.

I get it. I've been there. I've been there a lot. I've been there for many times with my my jets okay and I wish my jets were in your position. I would love it if I could rest my head on the pillow after a difficult AFC Championship game loss that I had two of them too. Jets were up on Peyton Manning by the way in an AFC Championship game by double digits. Lost that game. The one against the Steelers. This is the Rex Ryan Zenith of the Rex Ryan era.

That wasn't that close. Mahomes I think we have established this is his conference and he's going to the Super Bowl again. He's played for the chance to go to the Super Bowl he's played for the chance to go to the Super Bowl in the AFC five straight years. He's going to his third Super Bowl in a four season span.

Prior to his 30th birthday there's only four others Brady, Aikman, Elway and Greasy did that and so you've gone into Mahomes's house twice. You put the scare in him this year. You took his soul last year all right and your team you can put your head on the pillow and I say this knowing the guy sat in this chair two weeks ago and he's a sweetheart of a guy and he's excellent what he does now and Mark Sanchez not once on either one of those nights did I put my head on the pillow thinking that we got this thing for the next 10-15 years. We're good because you do.

You do. Joe Burrow I've been using this phrase throughout this first segment I'll say it again he is a generationally brilliant player player. When I say brilliant I say that like throwing a manhole cover around. What this guy brings to the table is off the charts and I don't know if I've I don't even know if Brady was this good at this age. I I I you're shit you you're you're the Brady watcher more than anybody was he this good? No absolutely absolutely no I mean he also didn't have you know no of course Chase and Higgins and Joe Mixon he had Belichick and Zach Taylor is a terrific coach too. Oh yeah and they are really good they're buttoned up how many times and this this cost him yesterday also with a a grounding penalty but how many times does he see the play's not not happening he'll just dirt it he'll just dirt it he'll just throw it down on the ground and he does that fast and sometimes I'm sure Bengals fans might be like what's he thinking he knows trust him he knows exactly take sacks instead of forcing the ball or trying to scramble or whatever he is so good he's so good again he's letting the ball go before his receivers turn and he's hitting them in the hands 30 35 yards down the field in this one spot that no one else can get it Hayden Hurst had one go through his hands in the end zone and that was a tough catch yeah okay to start the game for their best first scoring opportunity yesterday he again his incompletions are so good they hit his receivers in the helmet Jamar Chase I think got screened by the Chiefs defender yeah so the ball got through to him hit him in this the crown of his helmet I mean it borrows placing the ball in perfect places with perfect speed it's how many times does he he not put touch on the ball when he needs to or he puts too much touch on the ball when he should dart it in there every time it's perfect and this is only a second full year as a starter it's now on and I know Bengals fans might be concerned about this it's on uh ownership it's on the front office because the window unfortunately this is the unfortunate part unfortunately it appears that their window of doing this in Joe Burrows first contract is over you normally get paid after year three when you're this good in the NFL is the Chargers are going to find out with Herbert this off season as well so what happens with Joe Burrow now when he's paid what happens to this roster because you said Chris Brady wasn't this good when he was this age and this young but he also didn't have and you just named some very talented players around Burrow that was not around Brady well in order for those players to also stay there a long time Burrow needs to be in a way it seems like maybe like Brady giving the Bengals a hometown discount or something or not at all and hey Paycor hopefully is paying well because you gotta pay Joe and this is the Rubik's cube they're now gonna have to figure out that they didn't have to figure out from year one to year two and year two to year three but from year to three to three year four maybe so that's down the road but Bengals fans I mean how many times in your career as a or your lifetime of being a fan have you ever had to tell your mayor to pipe down because you don't want to rile up the other team which was unquestionably with the Burrowhead talk and whatever the mayor put out on on twitter talking about Mahomes needing to take a paternity test to see if he's Joe Burrow's son I mean come on now that's bulletin board material and the Chiefs you had them too you had them you had them so all the Chiefs talk about we defended our turf and we did this and we did that well it was pretty close to not defending their turf because the Bengals are that good and all the braggadociousness and all the talking the talk you got a team that can walk that walk man they are they got young kids on defense OSI included you're good you're going to be good for a long time so at least take solace in that as you're watching the replay of Joseph Assai giving a shove to Mahomes for a long time to come or the no-calls there was a lot of that I mean we can we'll get to that we've got three hours for that we got three hours for that but you in the end you got to play better than the refs ref and you don't you don't when Mahomes's ankle is the focus of everything and I know refs are supposed to just be in a vacuum but Mahomes is running this game is on the line yeah he's on the line yeah he's on the white maybe don't touch you shove him this flag is going to come out a hundred percent of the time just like it did in New England with Brady just like it will do for years to come with I believe Hertz is this good you do this to MVP quarterbacks well also it's going to be it was clear I mean his foot was down I believe so I believe so you know it is what it is I'm with you you're with us let's get to the NFC Championship game next also on this program over Reaction Monday also on this program chats with Eli Manning Chris Long that's two Super Bowls each for those conversations also I have already tomorrow and the next few days we'll start turning the page to the Super Bowl fully but I have the one item that will be front and center for all the sports TV trolls talking about the Super Bowl and who's not going to win it because of this take I'm going to predict that take I've got it I know it I feel it in my bones I know this industry someone's going to take this cheese and it's going to happen because there's two weeks and people get bored brilliant eight four four two oh four rich number to dial 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talk to a licensed specialist to find out if it's right for you the rich eyes and show back here on our radio network i'm sitting at the rich eyes and show desk furnished by granger with supplies and solutions for every industry granger is the right product for you call click or just stop by we got your phone calls at 844-204-rich being the number to dial let's talk nfc championship game this is the only one word for it is bummer i was ready to see what brock purdy was going to look like in this game i just wanted to see what it was going to happen with him good or bad i just needed to see how he was going to handle this crucible and either take the 49ers further than any rookies ever take taken a team to the super bowl four rookies have made it to the championship sunday all four of them lost not a single rookies ever started in the super bowl and this looked like we were had a real shot at it and then the first two series occurred game starts and what a total complete unmitigated disaster of a first quarter and then ultimately four quarters for the san francisco 49ers a total complete unmitigated disaster the first quarter finishes up nick bosa did come back but he limped off the 49ers lost their possible defensive player of the year candidate their possible offensive rookie of the year candidate and the coach of the year i gave shanahan coach of the year in my book and i think he might damn near win it i think you're right he absolutely should have challenged the devante smith fourth down one-handed grab to start the game absolutely should have thrown a challenge flag or at least called timeout because if you call timeout and then decide to take a look at something and then throw the challenge flag you can get your timeout back if you're right you could basically say i'm challenging and if you want to even give him the benefit of the doubt which i like to do and say well how does he know because they had to show 15 replays before you saw that he didn't catch it right so how is he supposed to know to throw it well two things one when the receiver hops up and screams at his team to quickly snap the ball that is sign number one through 100 i should throw a challenge flag a little indication you're so you're so confident because most receivers if they make a play like that will give some form of the are you not entertained look to the crowd okay not like hurry hurry hurry let's okay so somebody should have noticed that and gotten in in in his ears challenge it challenge challenge or just throw it and then the other part is what's a what's a first half timeout in the first quarter what what honestly well how how because you don't even have to throw the challenge flag just call the timeout and then toss it on the field after your guys upstairs have one extra look and even if they didn't find it you never know what comes out of that slot machine from replay you pull the arm out comes nothing or a bunch of you hit the jackpot which is your ball nothing nothing the other team just went for it with a low percentage play on fourth down they're running the risk first so you can match their risk by saying all right what's the first half timeout which by the way they had in their back pocket at the end of the half they didn't need it wound up they didn't they they had it to spare by the end what a what a tough way to start because who knows if Purdy would have been in that situation where he had Brandon Ayuk by the way on a touchdown Kurt Warner was calling it on Westwood one he said it you look at the footage after the game Purdy said he was looking as he said BA Brandon Ayuk was open but here comes Hassan Redick now wrecked again when you are by the way yes when you are a first grade pass rusher and defensive lineman you want to be called a game wrecker Hassan Redick who got the fumble okay when Josh Johnson who came into the game fumbled it later on he recovered that fumble he was the reason why Josh Johnson was in the game because he hit Purdy and hit him in the arm and knocked Purdy out of the NFC Championship game and put Josh Johnson in his journeyman credits into it and Sirianni decided to throw the challenge flag in the first quarter and they got the ball back now the Niners defense held and kept this a game that the Niners tied actually with Christian McCaffrey making a dynamite play but that pretty much set the tone McCaffrey could have put the Eagles uh the Niners up seven nothing the Eagles should not have scored on the opening drive and Purdy might not have been in harm's way if the field position was different unless you thought it just wasn't the Niners day and the football gods were going to put Brock Purdy on the sideline and as he was standing there all I could think of again I just have to go back to my jet fandom where I know trap doors open and you're not expecting it do you remember last year when you were T.J. trolling me about Mike White being my starting quarterback I mean I trolling I don't really I'd say that that's what I was but you remember okay you guys were positing that maybe Mike White was the future quarterback when Zach Wilson was just a rookie and he couldn't answer the bell and Mike White played so well and then turned right around had a Thursday night football game in Indianapolis let's see how Mike White could follow it up well he got hit in his elbow following through and exactly what happened to him is what I think happened to Brock Purdy a ucl strain he didn't feel anything yeah from his elbow down to his fingertips and it was painful for him and he couldn't grip the football isn't that what happened to Josh Allen this year and he uh Josh Allen got hurt at the very end of the game so he didn't have to gut it out and see what was going on and he came back from it the next week which makes it even tougher that maybe Purdy could have come back from this we'll find out in MRI how significantly hurt he was but you know he you know who came in for Mike White in that Thursday night game I'll answer it for you his name is Josh Johnson same guy same always played for every team guy he has literally though played for half the league yeah and he you know led the touchdown drive but then had a a snap go right off his helmet because he took his eyes off the ball and was looking down field which you can't blame him because there's his son Redick there's Fletcher Cox there's this Eagles defense and the Domic and Sue who showed up and a jacket looked like he had his shoulder pads on coming to the game he's just a huge monster and Howie Roseman added him and this defense is lights freaking out and they by the way absolutely dominated the line yesterday on both sides of the football both sides of the football you have to give it up to the Eagles for dominating the trenches because Purdy got hit and Josh Johnson got knocked out for a reason because the line couldn't protect them because the front seven for the Eagles is that good and on the back end they can cover oh my gosh all 11 with the front and the back end working together they are terrific as a matter of fact the last team to give up seven or fewer points in two playoff games to make the Super Bowl were the 2000 Ravens and that was a hell of a defense the Eagles are playing great on both sides of the ball and road grading their way and they didn't even throw I mean the fourth down play to Devante Smith was the big pass play I mean they didn't go up top all the time they didn't take the top of the defense off they just hit the Niners in the mouth and what the Niners did was melt down they melted down they lost their composure they lost their minds I mean Dre Greenlaw hit the ball did he did pull a rocky as as Greg Olsen called it or as Burkhardt three times on the football he hit the football but you know if the whistle's blown and you're you see some guy just like punching a fist like he's punching the meat hanging in in the freezer in the freezer like Rocky like the meat that Rocky punched you know I mean the flag's gonna come out and it did you know Trent Williams lost his mind too got ejected it was just a brutal day all around for the 49ers and you know I know there's a lot of criticism of Shanahan and the play calling towards the end of the game I don't trying well here's not the trying it's just when when Purdy couldn't throw it here here's Brock Purdy you know coming in the game a rare instance of the starting quarterback turning into the emergency quarterback that never happens okay and this is the third string guy that took him all this way I mean so he's in the game this was Purdy after the game describing how he was feeling you know my arm just felt like it stretched out just felt like really a lot of just shocks all over from my elbow down to my wrist front and back just pain really all over I've been throwing after the hit occurred on the sideline just to see where I was at but even in those throws it was it was painful and so I couldn't throw anything probably over 10 yards five yards so that's why we just had some screens it was really our only option when I went back in Brock after the initial end of the conversation with Kyle at that point on the sideline what did you say yeah I told him right there if we run a play you know I can't throw it deep like I just threw this play at least like it's hurting really bad and you know I just if we're gonna get a completion have it be something short if that's all right and so that's really what I was telling them what a sweet kid if that's all right coach you know I mean I can't throw it more than 10 yards if that's all right with you so this is what he's being why is he out there well he's out there because they have no one else yes they do they have Christian McCaffrey they have Deebo run a wildcat try to win the game so let me just it just seemed like they conceded do you know and and this is the whole thing I'm sitting there too how many plays do you think they have with McCaffrey throwing the ball like hey they can't run the offense and the front seven knows it I mean a wildcat is going to take you home it's at least right but they kept on trying to end around to kill they try to end around to to uh Deebo they tried you know McCaffrey doing it they tried it's better than having Brock Purdy hand off snap it to Deebo and let him make something happen it would give you the impression that you're trying to win the game rather than what the second half was I just think that they I mean I can't imagine how many wildcat snaps in practice they've had I bet you damn near every snap in practice for the last two months has been getting Purdy up to speed and that's why they're in the NFC Championship game I cannot imagine how many plays that they are confident to run against by the way one of the best defenses we've seen in the playoffs in a long time in their building that's going nuts to say let's now do this or Purdy let's run the plays we have practiced with you that we think can work honestly I I'm not going to sit here I understand what you're saying what you're saying and what you're saying I'm sitting here thinking they they they probably haven't practiced a damn thing that they're trying to run if they're sending McCaffrey out there as the quarterback like it's you can't run the offense check was the emergency fifth guy I just don't I mean that was one of the weirdest wildest scenarios and I think game plan and I just feel for the Niners that that's what happened and the Eagles just took care of it they took they took Purdy out of the game and took him out of the game they couldn't that line because we're that's what we're focused on is why didn't Purdy's offense you know why did Purdy come back in and the offense looked the way that it did because the Eagles affected it that's why Purdy just didn't say you know what I don't feel like playing today no the Eagles took the day they seized the day so give it up to them and then we'll talk about what the Niners do at quarterback for another day or another segment here on in on this show in about 40 minutes ah overreaction Monday so I'll save it 40 minutes I'll save it just save it yeah just save it you know what I'm going to do next what here's what I want to do because the break I'm gonna yes that's first I mean it's first and foremost here's what I want to do we come back the first if you will shot fired of our coverage of Super Bowl 57 I am going to predict to you the number one troll media narrative it's coming it might even happen today because some of these trolls in our sports world they can't they can't resist they can't wait till they're bored so we're gonna kick it off I'm going to kick it off I'm gonna predict to you and it might even be one of your overreaction statements I haven't seen them I really hope I know you do I really hope okay here you go here you go that's coming up next I wouldn't miss this if I were you thank you Einstein appreciate that we'll come back with that and your calls and so much more and Eli Manning coming up an hour or two as well Rich Eisen here for sleep number people who get enough quality sleep have more energy better muscle mass and improved muscle memory that's a fact those are facts did you know however that eight out of ten couples prefer a different mattress firmness I know it because I know my sleep number setting it's 60 my wife's is 70 just 10 numbers apart but our sleep number smart bed lets us adjust the firmness on each side and change it to whatever we like sleep too hot or too cold you're not alone sleep number has innovative solutions also from temperature balancing bedding to the new climate 360 smart bed that actively cools and warms on each side to keep you sleeping just right why choose proven quality sleep from sleep number so you can be at your best for yourself and those you care about most and now it's time for the ultimate sleep number event save 50% on the sleep 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cost per application pricing not available for everyone need to hire you need indeed back here on the rich isin show one happy family terrestrial serious xm and the roku channel family okay family listen we try to make you smarter here on this program we try to give you things to make you smarter where you go around your office or you go to a dinner party you go around and say you know what such and such and such and such people like huh this person really knows what they're talking about and you don't have to give us credit don't have to give us credit you have to say i heard on the rich house we appreciate it but if you don't just take it as yours and as a gift from us to you for consuming this program and i say that we make you smarter because this is our default and plus we know it kind of offsets other portions of the sports broadcasting television and radio community it's a service we provide not just to you our consumer but to the industry as a whole because we know out there are a lot of trolls they like trolling they get bored too oh gosh when they're coming to super bowl it's so much time so i every year on this program new to you at the roku channel try to identify for you the cheese that will be put out there by some people in the media okay don't take it don't fall for this trap don't retweet it don't say did you use it retweet it don't say did you hear this did you hear that because i think it's garbage and wouldn't it be amazing if this is one of the overreaction monday subjects you have in the shoot i really hope so for hour two so the philadelphia eagles it involves them they're in the super bowl don't you know it involves them this eagles offense is amazing okay they are uh number one in 2022 with 39 rushing touchdowns now okay including playoffs that's the most of any team in a single season in nfl history so they can run it that's what you need right you need to win by running it okay four rushing touchdowns on sunday most of the playoff game in franchise history tied for the most in a conference championship game by any team all time and this is the 49ers defense that they just did this to okay there's that jaylen hurts he just came up with his 15th rushing touchdown that passed cam newton for most in a single season in nfl history cam newton in his mvp season he was great day yes he was the defense first team to allow seven or fewer points in back-to-back playoff games since the 2000 ravens just seven yesterday and seven points to and seven points to the giants in the divisional round and here you go that's the wind up here's the pitch this is going to be the number one troll take of super bowl 57 and it is the following give it to me rich come on who have the philadelphia eagles played yeah anyway that's one of your overreaction monday subjects 30 minutes people just wait 30 minutes anyway that's so dumb who have they really played every team that was on their schedule take a look at their schedule for the season at detroit oh they kind of own that but back in week one were they minnesota they killed him who was minnesota by the end of the year anyway 112 okay jacksonville back in week four this is when they were just the baby jaguars when they took care of them that's a playoff team minnesota is a playoff team dallas is a playoff team all right but they beat dallas who do they beat when dallas was a quarterback was it dak no it wasn't they lost to dallas when dak was the quarterback forget that they didn't have their starter but that's not part of this equation they lost to the lowly saints does it matter that they had their backup quarterback no it will not they lost to taylor honey he got benched by carson wince coming back in he got benched when carson wince came back in yeah what do they look they had a barely barely beat indianapolis they barely beat green bay and and in the playoffs name me a better this will be it name me an easier run against the opposing quarterback then daniel jones and brock purdy slash josh johnson and whatever the hell they were doing in the fourth quarter okay so name it so they didn't even have well my home's my home's what is my home's doing my home's my home's took on i counted it seven playoff teams seven and he took on the jaguars when they were the jaguars roaring with their spots okay and then i mean joe burrow joe burrow ain't brock purdy slash josh johnson you better say okay that's coming as if everything else the eagles have shown that they can do and have done means nothing that's gonna be the troll take of super bowl 57 and i'm proud of you chris that you made it part of your overreaction monday coming because i could see the way you're acting over there you don't know that you don't know okay all right and so it's coming i know the troll media some might even do it today because they can't wait they can't help themselves pace yourselves don't cramp up rich michigan had a harder non-conference schedule than the eagles thank you very much there you go keep it coming it's coming it's coming it's coming also tom brady beat marcus mariota and blake bortles to get to the super bowl okay there you go so that was pretty what do you do once you get to the super bowl he won it yeah yeah so okay so you know it's common who of the eagles really played anyway have they been tested maybe the least tested team in super bowl history this is perhaps because take a look at their schedule forget the fact that two other teams in their division that they won made the playoffs honestly but daniel jones he stinks except ask the vikings if he stinks and why did he look so bad it's because daniel jones is reverted being daniel jones not because of what they did on defense and why why do they beat the niners because purty was out and josh johnson looked terrible because they knocked purty out of the game don't take the cheese but it's coming eli manning coming up next man rich i swear it's like we share a brain we've been doing this for so long together so i'm yin and you're yang uh i'm the comedy or the tragedy is that what you're saying uh cheech and chong okay neither one of you resemble that rumor it's common oh it's coming in about oh it's coming in about 25 minutes oh i just thought you meant you saw a topic bar in one of the oh is it no no no no no by the way that is such a stupid argument it is they haven't played anyone though like real like they sat there and decided who we're going to put on our schedule this year that is so stupid hey rich the fact that they lost the teams they lost three games to two teams who are clearly not as good as them so what does that tell you they were 11 and 0 in one game they are not going undefeated and then they lost to a game they weren't trying in the saints game and what was the other one the cowboys that they almost won by the way they're back up quarterback in that game and and they they lost the washington commanders and commanders look great in that game but division opponents can do that to you and they're not going undefeated like they're what 10 11 at that point eagles haven't been tested and you know i i'm low to say anything good about the eagles but come on that's so come on like hurts hurts everybody's just like letting him do what he what he's been doing all year right yeah just let him do it go ahead and run yeah you know what we're just not that good we'll just lie down what most russian touchdowns in the history of the nfl by quarterback oh god so easy because brock purty had to get you know and josh johnson in the game it's because sassan reddick knocked him out of the game let's not it's convenient to forget that i told you it's gonna be a blowout
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