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REShow: Jarrett Bell - Hour 2

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December 30, 2022 3:05 pm

REShow: Jarrett Bell - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 30, 2022 3:05 pm

Brian Webber in for Rich Eisen

Segment One-NFL -Preview Vikings v Packers, Will Aaron Rodgers Stay Hot?

Segment Two--NFL Guest Jarrett Bell – USA Today

Segment Three---CFB National Semis Tomorrow: Why aren't stars demanding more NIL money to play in the bowls?

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New episodes drop Monday, Thursday, and Friday wherever you get your podcasts. The program final show of the year. Great to have you with us. And you can be a part of the show. 1-844-204-rich.

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You can slide into Twitter. B.W. Weber, Weber with two Bs.

A lot of me so far, and that's not a bad proposition. After all, I have a microphone and you will listen to me but will break up the monotony me droning on, bloviating on a big word Friday, coming up in 20 minutes. In addition to the NFL analysis, I'm about to jump right in with, we'll take you across the league with Jared Bell. He's been covering professional football for decades.

Check out his fine work USA Today. And then final hour of the program in our last block of content. I'm going to talk more college football in 40 minutes and then we'll revisit that coming up at 2-40 Eastern Time.

Getting you fully lined up for Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan, TCU when we check in with Matt Fortuna of The Athletic. Not surprisingly, as week 17 is underway, football dominating the first hour of the show, primarily NFL. I watched the majority of the Thursday night finale last night.

Al Michael sounded excited. I think maybe he said, man, I have gotten through the slog of this year, going from the best games when he called Monday Night Football for years, and then the best games when he called Sunday Night Football for years. Thursday Night Football is a different experience. Look, if I wanted to be more heavy handed and jump on the soapbox and deliver a soliloquy, I could make a strong case for the abolition of Thursday Night Football. And I thought I was going to be handed that material when we found out together yesterday when I was on the air that Josh Dobbs of all people signed off the practice roster.

The practice, we're talking about practice squad of the Lions last week have been inserted into the starting lineup. But all we're looking for is a watchable game. And that game was more than competitive, in part because Dallas, a lot like Kansas City, has done at times this year.

The old notion of playing with your food in a football context, playing down to the level of competition. So just as we saw the Cowboys do it against Houston a few weeks ago, they let Tennessee hang around despite the fact that Tennessee was resting a myriad of starters and Titans wound up dropping their sixth consecutive game. But it was largely meaningless because, as we discussed in the tail and I'm sure you realize watching that game, mathematically Tennessee had nothing to play for. Winner take all next week against Jacksonville in Duval with the division title on the line. But from the Tennessee point of view, you found your starter for next week. And I don't think even if Tennessee sneaks into the playoffs by winning the division we're going to see Ryan Tannehill again.

Could be wrong. I was surprised when he was carted off the field against Chargers with an ankle injury he even was able to come back. But you take the shot you get a painkiller and things feel okay in the short term. Josh Dobbs was adequate. He was alright.

He was fine. But that's a major upgrade over Malik Willis. And I'm not destroying Malik Willis who's a rookie third round pick out of Liberty. But if you watched a few of those games Malik could do virtually nothing right. He looked overwhelmed. So that was clearly in retrospect the motivation to pick up Dobbs who had bounced around the league after being a fourth round pick coincidentally out of Tennessee. One of many players who were projected to compete to try to be the heir apparent to Ben Roethlisberger when he was selected by the Steelers in 2017. Didn't work out but here's a guy who's been on NFL rosters, who's been in meeting rooms, who's practiced, who's even played a handful of snaps in games that count.

And he was not overwhelmed. In fact played pretty well with the 232 passing yards, touchdown and a pick. As for Dak, he created his own issues again with the three turnovers in the first half alone. That gives him five multi-interception games this year.

Remember he missed a bunch of games, five in all with the finger injury and 14 interceptions over the course of his abbreviated season. So if we're trying to figure out where Dallas belongs amongst the teams with a real chance of winning it all comes down to how much you believe in Dak. And I think I believe in him more than a lot of you although I just gave you all the numbers that you would need to say my man whoever you are and I'm Brian Weber in for Rich Eisen final show of the year. We are live, we'll do it live 52, 53. I'm trying to give you proof of life here that I'm authentically in the studio and not a chatbot robot.

I'll be coming within a few years and I'll be thoroughly unemployed. But Dak to me has the goods, has the body of work, has the weapons around him. CeeDee Lamb is a legitimate number one. We'll get Tony Pollard, we, how about those Cowboys, we as football fans will get Tony Pollard back in the rotation after he rested last night. Zeke still reliable between the tackles and more to the point it's a Dallas defense I have a great deal of confidence in which gets me to my issues with the Vikings. As we mentioned in passing in the first hour of the program but I didn't have a chance to start crystallizing my thoughts on one of the more intriguing games coming up on Sunday. In all candor there are some lousy matchups because remember when the league tweaked the schedule a few years ago everything next week is all division games. Oh anything can happen when these division rivals get together.

Still foreshadowing that there are a bunch of meaningless games and there's some sloppy games. How about Arizona Atlanta? I'm not wasting our collective time together but on the other end of the spectrum you got Minnesota remember they abused Green Bay to kick off the season against the Packers who have suddenly found their way albeit against inferior competition beating teams they should have in the Bears and the Rams and then they got a lot of help from Tua Tonga Vialoa.

We did not know at the time we came to find out he was dealing with head trauma and back in concussion protocol and diagnosed with his second official concussion in addition to whatever happened to him against the Buffalo Bills four days before he went down with the head injury against the Bengals on Thursday Night Football. It's going to be a Green Bay team that has everything to play for against Minnesota still mathematically in the hunt to be the top seed. Game at Lambeau Field meaning that Minnesota's high octane offense has to deal with the elements. I'm not saying that Kirk Cousins for all of my issues with his overall body of work I know the numbers are astronomical but don't you think anybody with a legitimate NFL career could be getting the ball to Justin Jefferson and let him do the rest if you haven't seen the numbers Justin Jefferson still has an outside shot of getting to 2,000 receiving yards receivers don't win the MVP award Jerry Rice in my estimation the greatest all-time and on the short list of the best football players we've ever seen in NFL history won the AP version of the MVP years ago but it's a largely quarterback driven award now with a handful of running backs still the Minnesota offense has been absolutely sensational the problem is the defense is giving up an abundance of points all I need to tell you about the Minnesota issues defensively the liabilities remember what Mac Jones did against them going back to the last holiday cycle on Thanksgiving night Mac Jones of all people looked like a Hall of Famer because the Minnesota defense has been sieve-like so I realize Green Bay has a paucity a limitation of weapons although Christian Watson according to reports bouncing back from the injury that wiped out the second half last week on the road in South Florida and he's emerged as the primary playmaker for Aaron Rodgers this year I have my doubts about Green Bay on many levels and I've moved from being an Aaron Rodgers fan boy and you might recall I was here just about this precise day a year ago and I was still waving the pom-poms for Aaron Rodgers he's lost me with the cuteness about immunization versus vaccination and then he goes on the Pat McAfee show and Pat is a media sensation although he should clear his voice as well if I can get Pat and Tony Romo just to throw in a lozenge I'll be a happy listener understanding their bank account is much more robust than mine but when Rodgers goes on that show every week it seems like he's just settling scores well that's a personality assessment by yours truly and I'm Brian Weber in for Rich Eisen hit me up on Twitter B.W. Weber Weber with two B's in 10 minutes we say hello to Jared Bell NFL columnist for USA Today so Rodgers has lost me on that level but I still appreciate his skill set here's how I parse things I say Rodgers is the most skilled quarterback in my lifetime I've my lifetime I've been watching football that I can recall since 1975 I remember a little bit of Raiders Vikings from the Pasadena Rose Bowl old man Willie Brown and Chuck Foreman toting the rock for the Vikings so Rodgers now wherever he is physically right we've been talking about ailments that we didn't know about on the injury report and then he's volunteering that information to the media he now looks rejuvenated they're in the hunt and if you haven't looked at the schedule beyond hosting Minnesota I think they got a real shot of winning that game they host the Lions now the Lions had proven me wrong week by week with some very impressive ball and then they reverted to being the Lions last week one of the most embarrassing performances we've seen all year with everything to play for they got punched in the face by the Carolina Panthers so if we're looking towards the bottom rungs of the playoff picture in the NFC remember with the additional wild card now three wild cards were guaranteed of a lousy team being part of that equation and I'm not saying the Giants or the commanders are quality teams but at least in Washington's case they're 500 with that tie against the Giants and Giants have a winning record Giants to me feel a lot like Minnesota with all of those close games you knew when the Giants took on Minnesota last week that was coming down to the final possession right because every time seemingly Brian Dabol's team has taken the field this year something weird is going to happen in the fourth quarter but the Giants aren't winning a playoff game Washington and I don't have a huge reaction to the move to Carson Wentz I guess the Heinecke magic ran out Washington while I respect Ron Rivera and I'm rooting overtly for Dan Snyder simply to go away Washington's not doing anything I think the Packers could because somebody currently with a seven and eight record we're looking at Seattle Detroit or Green Bay could be a playoff team which is just bizarre but we know and I don't have to go through the whole body of work it's not what your seating is it's where you're at what your level of play is once we get to the tournament the postseason everything can change so fascinating time for Aaron Rodgers if I'm trying to forecast how it goes I can see the path for Green Bay right in front of them and he could do some Rodgers like things come playoff time after that what about next year for Aaron Rodgers does he want to hang around now the pros would be he could do essentially whatever he wants to in Green Bay they don't have a traditional owner they have a cute store that makes us feel warm oh they're publicly held you can buy a piece of paper that's meaningless saying you're a you're a shareholder of the Packers but that also has the consequence of giving Rodgers virtually total autonomy he was able to shake down the team for that big money deal he was looking for maybe he figures because I don't think he's going to be limping around at 45 like Brady is and Brady is going to play next year I'm going to address that before we're done a lot more to get to so hang with us Rodgers feels like an old 39 Russell Wilson feels like an old 34 suddenly and the reason I connect the two beyond hall of fame parallels although Russ has more work to do remember the king's ransom all the draft capital that Seattle got in return from the Broncos who have been abysmal and if you're a Bronco fan you would think intuitively well at least we're gonna have a high draft pick no you're not it's going to Seattle Green Bay could surely do the exact same thing if Rodgers agreed to be traded maybe he's had enough of the Green Bay experience maybe he realizes if he wants to secure his legacy all time he needs another Super Bowl because when you win two you're in an entirely different conversation that second Super Bowl changed everything for Peyton Manning and because the numbers now for everybody are going to be so insane regular season that means having postseason success in this era of everyone throwing the ball around the field so much postseason success will stand out even more when we're looking at a time horizon of a decade or two so if the goal of Aaron Rodgers is to get that second ring don't lose either fact he's only played in the one Super Bowl he won and this will connect nicely to what I was watching last night with all of you why not the Tennessee Titans unless Prady beats him there I know Tannehill's got a year left on the deal everything can be massaged as Derek Carr just found out and that's because unfortunately his agent allowed him to sign a team-friendly contract effectively a series of one-year deals and the Raiders can move on as they are clearly from Carr with no financial implications after the Super Bowl Titans with a good defense with an identity of Derek Henry with an intense motivator of a coach in Mike Rabel and a winnable division why wouldn't Rodgers want to go there or Tom Brady so based on what we saw last night with Tennessee still having a chance to make the postseason they're going to get there it's going to be Josh Dobbs I'm presuming starting next week after he played well enough last night in defeat Tennessee v Jacksonville next week winner take all to win the division next year who's their quarterback Aaron Rodgers would love that city he fancies himself a renaissance man I think that is fascinating on a variety of levels I'm Brian Weber Infra Rich coming up we're going to talk more of the marquee matchups across the NFL coming up this weekend best game of them all on Monday night Bills and Bengals will that be a preview of the AFC championship game looking forward to our latest conversation with Jared Bell NFL conversation list and he is a columnist but he's a raconteur as well the reason I like to talk to Jared is he tells good stories check out his outstanding work for USA Today I'm Brian Weber Infra Rich Eisen find the latest and greatest audio entertainment on audible it's got everything you want to hear including the Rich Eisen show along with podcasts you'll find audio books and exclusive originals we're talking comedy sports stories deep dives with athletes and entertainers business and anything else you're into with audible you get access to thousands of included titles with more added every week listen on the road at the gym or anywhere you want to fuel up your imagination join and get 30 days free at the home of storytelling what's right with nick right is a rapidly growing podcast from the fox sports podcast network you may know nick right from co-hosting fs1's first things first this podcast gives nick a chance to develop deep dive and defend his sharpest opinions during the show 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suite for the new year net suite is a new financing program for those ready to upgrade at slash rich pod head to slash rich pod for this special one-of-a-kind financing offer on the number one financial system for growing businesses net slash rich pod i'm brian weber in for rich final program of the year i'm the rich eisen show your voice can be heard 1-8-4-4-2-0-4 rich 1-8-4-4-2-0-4 7-4-2-4 hit me up on twitter that's bw weber weber with two b's in 20 minutes we make the move back to college football with the national semifinals coming up tomorrow let's continue to talk nfl with one of the best in our business it's jared bell nfl columnist for usa today who i'm told is in transit jared i really appreciate you taking the time how are you i'm pretty good brian happy new year man happy new year to you and i hope we have a lot of great football to watch coming up this weekend let's go back to last night i thought that game was much more competitive than i feared it might not be given what we knew about tennessee resting all their starters so even though the titans are in freefall and they've lost six straight they still have the possibility to play their way into the postseason if they can beat jacksonville next week with the division title on the line jared you presume that we saw enough from josh dobbs last night in his starting debut he'll be the starter for tennessee next week against the jacks i i think so and when mike vrabel was asked about it last night he was not committal basically said um he'd go back and review the film and they'd make a decision but um i i do think dobs gave them a little bit of a spark he saw some you know some big plays he knew he was a guy who has spent some time in the league so he you know he's got more experience than malik willis and so i think he gives them their best chance but even with that i just have a hard time believing that the titans are going to be able to just flick the switch next week when everybody comes back as great as derek henry is um against the jacksonville team that has been steadily building momentum and so even if the titans win that game i mean what do you what do you expect them to do in the playoffs right so if you wanted to and so i'm not foolish on the titans but it is interesting you think a year ago mike vrabel was the nfl's coach of the year and now he's sitting on this losing streak now yeah you lose the quarterback you lose you trade away aj brown and then derek henry's out so some circumstances but yeah like you you described a minute ago it's been a definite free fall for them but they did play with some you know some competitive juice last night which is more than we've seen a lot of thursday night matchups talking nfl with jarrett bell check out his great work usa today so let's jump over to the cowboys no style points but they got it done jarrett when i look objectively at the cowboys they have one of the most explosive offenses in all of football solid defense led by marca parsons but i keep finding reasons to talk myself out of believing the cowboys can win it all because of what i saw mike mccarthy do with clock management at the end of the playoff game last week or last year rather against the 49ers so i'll turn it over to you when you look at the cowboys is this team capable of winning a super bowl this year you know i like the way you put that you're like sometimes you feel when they're exposed to the dollar um so the ingredients are there but you just cannot trust the cowboys uh remember that game back in november where they just clobbered the vikings i mean i think it was 40 to 3 something like that you know that's their game tape that's the one that's their resume tape okay we play defense we're explosive on offense all that um you know that prescott um has been under the usual scrutiny and when you're the cowboy's quarterback but also because of the turnover issues and you know he had a fumble last night two interceptions one of which was not really his fault um just like the jacksonville pick six that ended the game in overtime a couple weeks ago and so you've got to be concerned about that part of it because to have all those things you mentioned you know big plays on defense the cowboys they they've entered the week brian leading the nfl and turnover margin and that's a credit to their defense because like i said that prescott has thrown a career high now 14 interceptions and a career high in picks and he missed five games so that's not a good pattern for the cowboys and i think the thing and dak had dressed it a bit last night after the game it's like when you get to january and mid january um the way the schedule but you know playoff football you can't afford those mistakes because those mistakes will be you know against a much better competition that will take advantage of those mistakes more often than not and so um the cowboys have to play their best ball and i don't know if if they could do it i really don't um so we will see but like you said they definitely have some ingredients that make you believe that they can be a force talking football with jared bell of usa today jared as we go through teams that have a legitimate resume certainly you put buffalo atop things and potentially the top seed in the afc kansas city with their postseason success and what a remarkable game that was last year in the playoffs between the bills and the chiefs but here comes cincinnati team that made it to the super bowl last year and typically the following year it's a team that loses the super bowl that falls apart and this year was the rams after winning the title should we be talking about the bangles more they've won seven straight and we got that showdown between cincinnati and buffalo coming up on monday night yeah i think that's going to tell us a lot because both of those teams are going to want to win that game and if it's cincinnati after that it's baltimore oh by the way um and so um i like cincinnati and i like what they've done and we talk about dallas and and its explosive offense well cincinnati's offense is just as explosive if not more because joe burrow gives them even a little bit more than say dak prescott gives the cowboys so yeah i like cincinnati and i i guess what this tells us brian when you talk about the rams you know kind of collapsed their seasons that maybe cincinnati should have won the super bowl yeah last year and the rams should not have but um just being facetious there but the but cincinnati was right in that super bowl game it could have could have gone either way down the stretch um you know of all the teams you just mentioned kansas city is one that just really impresses me because they have continued you've got a great quarterback obviously and andy reid and eric bien i mean they know what they're doing um and coaching that offense but the thing about them is that they have managed to score 30 points a game without tyree hill and with injuries to other key people along the way you get the running back uh edwards hilaire and mccall hartman and and juju smith's sister they've all missed you know time and in fact you know the running back and i don't think mccall has been i'm not sure what his status is for this week but he's been out for several weeks and so that's the real impressive thing about the chiefs is that they have been able to manage despite the setback so we've talked about the titans a few minutes ago and how you know they've been you know stung by so many different um injuries and stuff well kansas city's had injuries too but you know as long as number 15 is there and 87 it seems like they're able to put people around them to get it done let's wrap it up with the raiders what do you make of now derek carr and the silver and black parting ways and what are some potential landing spots for carr next season around the league yeah yeah you know it's it's it's really a uh you know a trip when you think about what's happened with derek carr and and and the raiders um you know so when the news started coming out last week about them sitting him and and the um implications with the contract you know you never want to hear that just because you you just hope that regardless of all that you just play to win every week but you know that's not reality okay you asked about landing spots for um you know go down the list you'll you'll you know you can start with you know carolina and you can look at um you know a few other places i hadn't really thought about it well i guess what the jets may be tennessee yeah tennessee i would put them on that list just because you know and and you know what the interesting thing is so tennessee's got marie and the jets have zack wilson i think they're going to move on from orbit but these are these young quarterbacks that just need time and that's the thing that is really disturbing about it i mean there are quarterbacks that come in to the league and they're ready to go they'll borrow being a great example they're ready to go right away but a lot of these guys i mean the expectations for them to come in and be your guy from you know from year one or even year two i think is a bit unrealistic as a as a general rule just because we drafted them in the first round or the first half the first round um doesn't mean that they're that guy we know the premium on quarterbacks so you're going to have to take it down high most of the time if you if you really like them but um yeah i would look at the uh the secondary market as as being the the ticket for for those things don't doubt jared always a pleasure i greatly appreciate you taking the time especially on a travel day travel safely happy holidays and look forward to chatting with you next year okay thanks a lot brian take care my pleasure jared bell long time nfl writer nfl columnist he is a great conversationalist as well kind enough to pull over jared was motoring down the road but he understands the importance of audio quality and here's a transition since we're talking about automobiles at the national football league a reminder you can listen to the nfl in the nfl app on the odyssey app on westwood one sports dot com via westwood one station streams or by asking alexa to open westwood one sports sponsored by autozone the free autozone fix finder service can help troubleshoot the likely cause of your pesky check engine light for free and get you back on the road restrictions apply get in the zone autozone i'm brian weber in for rich still opportunities for you to chime in one eight four four two oh four rich one eight four four two oh four seven four two four i'll check twitter account coming up and in our remaining now i feel like the ball is gonna drop coming up tomorrow night in our remaining less than 90 minutes to get to i am gonna get back to college football i made it an abbreviated block of college talk in the last hour we'll go more in depth coming up i want to explore the world of nil and these bowl games that's on the way and in the final hour of the program we will break the games down going category by category george ohio state michigan tcu when we say hello to matt fortuna of the athletic and jared i think said it well we used to have a different level of expectations for young quarterbacks now the kansas city quote-unquote model there's no model think about the good fortune to go from alex smith a good person willing to mentor patrick mahomes and what a seamless transition that was but i think everything changed in terms of a template of getting young quarterbacks on the field with matt ryan and joe flaco who are still hanging around and you gotta have empathy now for matt ryan 28 to 3 in the super bowl 33 to nothing a few weeks ago and the cults had the worst meltdown in nfl history but remember they started from day one as rookies and that really changed the entire way of doing business moving forward and there's also the economic component because rookie quarterback deals are far cheaper than what premier quarterbacks get paid or even just middle of the road quarterbacks get paid on the second deal while you have a player on the rookie quarterback deal you gotta maximize what you can do because it gives you much more flexibility to build around that young quarterback we always hear about the trade-offs when a quarterback gets paid in the second deal so that's why there's even more urgency for all these young dudes jared mentioned zack wilson not going to even dress coming up for the final two weeks of the regular season jet's still in the mix and if you think teddy bridgewater cannot keep things going offensively for a miami offense that's one of the most explosive in all of football with waddle and hill that's a real that's a real opportunity for the jets jets taking on seattle on sunday in the mighty pacific northwest seattle reverting to the mean gino smith although he is a pro bowler is playing more like the gino smith we knew when he was on for example the jets that's a tough way to lose your job i'm not gonna get too in the i told you so category but remember neither a bar nor a bar b neither a lender nor a bar b gino losing his job at the jets when he got his jaw broken allegedly over the 500 wager that he had yet to pay but nice to see him bounce back always good to have redemption stories but with the jets now also in freefall having lost four in a row it's up to mike white to keep the playoff hopes alive at seven and eight and then the question becomes who will guide the jets next year i think jimmy garoppolo makes the most sense given his potential availability whatever the niners do in the postseason and i'm not sure we're going to see jimmy g again less brock purty somehow falls apart i think it makes the most sense for kyle shanann to stay with the steady play of a competitor we expected absolutely nothing of as mr irrelevant jimmy g will be expendable again whatever the niners do in the playoffs there's a relationship with salah going back to their time together in san francisco i think derek carr is a better quarterback than jimmy g jets believe they're a quarterback away and a quarterback who's not going to make bad decisions on and off the field now zack wilson you can critique body language press conference methodology etiquette not being accountable the real problem is statistically he's having one of the worst seasons or he was past tense we've seen since jamarcus russell that's how bad it's been but if you're talking about maybe having an extended run i think derek carr has more years in front of him not just talking about where he's at in the chronology he's more of a playmaker than jimmy g there's still more of an upside but we got to sort out a lot between now and then namely can the jets find a way to somehow break through and make it to the postseason you can be a part of this program one eight four four two oh four rich one eight four four two oh four seven four two four about to check out the old twitter feed once more an hour from now we talk college football with matt fortuna all the athletic getting you set for the national semifinals coming up tomorrow next i'm going to head on campus why are college football stars not demanding more nil money to play in these bowl games the ones that matter that's coming up always a delight to be in for rich i'm brian weber it's the rich eisen show did you know that driving high is considered driving under the influence that's right driving under the influence of marijuana is against the law in every state even in states where marijuana is legal that means driving high could get you a dui and if you think law enforcement officers can't tell when you're driving high you're wrong your friends can tell your co-workers can tell even your parents can tell everyone can tell so what makes you think that law enforcement officers don't know when you're driving high driving under the influence of marijuana can slow your response time and change how you perceive time and speed so even if you think you're fine to drive when you're high you're not because the bottom line is if you feel different you drive different and driving high is driving under the influence so remember drive high get a dui paid for by nitsa so i'm brian weber in for rich we're getting closer to the final hour of the final program of the year 1-844-204-rich 1-844-204-7424 you can tweet at me during or after the program probably should be well established by how i handle my business i do not have much of a life so after the show if you want to interact you can tweet at me bw weber weber with two b's final hour of the program mostly nfl we'll kick it off in 15 minutes going through more granular detail of the playoff picture in both the afc and nfc we'll follow it up with nothing says the holidays like who's getting fired across the nfl coaches that should be looking over their shoulder and then in less than an hour about 15 minutes from now we're gonna go in depth on the national semifinals coming up college football tomorrow when we say hello to matt fortuna of the athletic five games today in college football the duke's mayo bowl monetizes and maximizes their sponsorship more than anybody else so i have the game on maryland and nc state i've seen more shots of people eating mayonnaise and that is a grotesque image and i'm not feeling great today so i really shouldn't throw that into my head but that is just a horrific visual still the whole reason you write a check is to build brand awareness followed by the sun ball pit ucla gator bowl notre dame south carolina south carolina had a phenomenal year with shane beamer extending the legacy of the beamer family ohio wyoming that's the dave portnoy barstool bowl in tucson orange bowl good one clemson relegated the playing on december 30th against tennessee ah tennessee your heart goes out to hendon hooker after he went down with a torn acl against south carolina a magnificent year for tennessee tennessee alabama one of the most thrilling games i can recall over the last 10 years and how about the job josh hyple is doing on rocky top it all though is pointing to the national semifinals coming up tomorrow so terms of components of the games that stand out you think about the career arc of stetson bennett who's been vilified at times by the georgia fan base and dealt with that scrutiny very well for a guy who was a walk-on who was relegated to the scout team nobody thinks he's got a burgeoning pro future in front of him and because of the reality of the transfer portal georgia fans wanted every other quarterback coming off winning the national championship last year other than the one who's got a chance to go back to back in this year georgia can be undefeated remember georgia lost alabama last year in the sec title game and they got redemption by winning the national championship game this georgia team does not have as much talent as last year's but they can do what that team failed to do namely win it all without losing a game ohio state loads of talent but this is not fantasy football and gonna be interesting as we discussed with p few tech from yesterday let's say the odds makers are right and georgia applies a beat down to ohio state that would mean the buck eyes last two games this year would have resulted in being demolished by michigan and then being pushed around by georgia ryan day is fine i'm not saying he's got any job security issues but that fan base can be so delusional they will be chanting many of them urban myers name in the streets of columbus i got much more interesting wrinkle would be ohio state and michigan the rematch for the national championship you might say wouldn't it be the same thing in terms of outcome no let me lean over dust off the fill-in handbook you know this cliche oh it's hard to beat same team twice well it's hard to do in the span of a couple months different setting i realized that game was in columbus but i'm also just talking neutral site more time to rectify the issues in the first matchup but that wasn't even close between ohio state and michigan which leads me to believe georgia will assert themselves against the buck eyes michigan i think will have their way against tcu and we're going to get into the nuances of the matchup final out of the program with matt frittuna of the athletic i realize the loss of blake quorum is significant for michigan but they have depth of the running mag position and tcu is a good team and a phenomenal story this is sunny dykes a football lifer winding up as head coach and transforming the program instantly but remember they need the miracle comeback against baylor they lost to a good kansas state team but they lost in the big 12 title game i realized it was over time i'm just not as sold on tcu as others are understanding they had tremendous they had tremendous strength of schedule i'm not diminishing them i'm just saying i think there's a real drop off between georgia michigan's right behind them then we go down to ohio state and then tcu rounding out the top four irrespective of seeding i'm just talking game control and the eyeball test but everything has changed in college football and you can argue not for the better and i would agree now my issues with college football and hopefully it comes through look i i could have done three hours of college today i would not be back in the future because the nfl runs everything in the media landscape but i love college football as much as i love the nfl it was my introduction to the business and i'm passionate about everything in the college sports space that's what i focus on when i'm not here in terms of television play by play realignment has altered the experience of all of us because rivalries have been sacrificed for you guessed it more money and nil has really altered how the player coach dynamic plays out but i'm all for it now here's the disclaimer i'm speaking just for myself none of my television employers still i have an issue with say well let's pick some names not nick saben not davo swinney hell even jimbo fisher has a outstanding resume but i got a real problem with an 85 million dollar buyout for jimbo fisher 85 million it's not my money i'm just talking about the optics it's grotesque mel tucker making nine million dollars at michigan state stoops making nine million at kentucky how many games do they win in the regular season six so the imbalance financially is thoroughly out of whack and i have no problems with marquee players getting whatever they can through nil in fact if we believe in raw capitalism right make every dollar you can shouldn't stars on these teams getting set for the national semi-final shouldn't they say all right you want me to play in that peach bowl tomorrow show me the money cut me a check why not now i i know why they wouldn't because they're part of a team and they don't want to let their teammates down all right well isn't the ceo of your company part of a team are they letting you down well they make 60 times what you make is that fair oh they're no they're much more valuable really you're all part of the same team so i think we've and this is getting a little too esoteric so i will rein it in i think we have become so obsessed with making every dollar any way you can our values as a society are out of whack but if that's now what we're doing overall if that's the goal in every pursuit and college sports is a big business why aren't these young people following that blueprint and making every dollar they can i'm glad it hasn't happened but i do think that i would have no issue with one of the four quarterbacks saying i'm not playing tomorrow do it now you got 24 hours leverage is great deadlines for action if you want me to play in the peach bowl write me a check for a hundred thousand dollars if not you get the backup imagine the outcry but it would also point out the disparity the folks who create the revenue are not fully participating yes they're getting compensated now in form but this is not revenue sharing this is at the 11th hour finally accepting the system has been broken for over a century and much bigger changes are coming and you better get used to it because the old days were not so good in fact they were morally bankrupt on a lot of levels well i'm getting deep now good thing we are heading towards the end of our number two will lighten the mood talking much more nfl sorting out the particulars of the playoff picture in both the afc and the nfc to start the last hour of the last show of the year a lot of pressure on me let's see if i can step my game up i'm brian weber it's always an honor to be in for rich this is the rich eisenhower rich eisenhower how wrestling really works and how you get the ratings eric bischoff and conrad thompson explain on 83 weeks you're either growing or you're dying i think it'd be hard to recreate the kind of growth that wcw experienced between 95 and 98 this audio should be growing the character should be coming more and they're not everybody's gradually losing audience either people will say well but aew is 15 ahead of where they were last year but there's variables there let's see where we're at year from now 83 weeks on youtube or wherever you listen
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