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REShow: Bo Jackson - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 20, 2022 3:12 pm

REShow: Bo Jackson - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 20, 2022 3:12 pm

Rich previews the Cardinals vs Saints on Thursday Night Football that features the return of DeAndre Hopkins for Arizona after his 6-game PED suspension 

Two-sport legend Bo Jackson tells Rich if he’s ever played himself in the classic ‘Tecmo Bowl’ video game, how his 2-sport exploits compare to those of Deion Sanders’, if his NFL career would have been different had he not injured his hip, his favorite recollections of late Raiders owner Al Davis, shares some great baseball stories, and weighs in on Saquon Barkley, Derrick Henry, Aaron Judge and Shohei Ohtani.  

Rich reacts to the latest criticism being heaped on struggling Denver Broncos QB Russell Wilson  

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The Rich Eisen Show
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The Rich Eisen Show
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The Rich Eisen Show
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See terms and learn more at slash online privacy protection. This is The Rich Eisen Show. We have not heard from Tuatunga Vailoa since that awful night on Thursday night. Getting carted off, I don't remember that. Serious business.

And as you know, concussions apparently become easier. Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. My heart's gonna be in my throat on Sunday night watching this.

That's for damn sure. Today's guests NFL Pro Bowler and MLB All-Star Bo Jackson. MLB Network analyst Al Leiter. Actor and comedian Kevin Nealon. And now it's Rich Eisen. Ah yes, welcome to this edition of The Rich Eisen Show live in Los Angeles, California. I am your humble host sitting here on the set on the Roku channel, channel 210. We're also live on The Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio network Coast to Coast. We're on Sirius and XM radio. Sirius channel 218 XM 202. If you're listening in on the app, channel 992. It's red hot because Howard Stern was talking today in a manner that has kind of gone viral.

So check that one out on the Twitter machines right now at Rich Eisen Show. If you want to follow us as well, go for it. We're on the Odyssey app streaming Coast to Coast. Listen to us right there. We're everywhere. Yes we are. And we say hello to our podcast listeners.

The podcast of all three hours is available every single day and we've got three fun hours to talk about. Bo Jackson's calling in in about 18 minutes time. Dion told a great story the other day about I think it was in you never know could be in the pros but it sounded like it was in college that he had a perfect angle to try and tackle Auburn's finest Vincent Bo Jackson and he said he thought he was just tackling a regular football player and had no idea he would just run up on a man and he said that he Bo palmed Dion Dion said he palm my head I wrote it down palm my head like a prayer warrior that's what he said let us pray so I can't wait to find out Bo's angle on stories about Dion and obviously what's going on in the NFL today and any of his two cents on those subject matters. Al Leiter from MLB Network's gonna join us folks. He's gonna join us talking about the baseball playoffs. The NLCS is all knotted at one game apiece just when you thought that the Padres might be staring in an 0-2 hold down 4-0 to Aaron Nola. They started putting some runs together and showed everybody what happens when you actually uh what's the word for it hit the ball and not strike out 17 times as the Yankees did last night in game one of the ALCS and Houston hit three home runs and did some weird clapping that I'd never seen before and I threw things at the television set and it's now 1-0 Astros. I didn't watch Rich. Were you making a veiled accusation right there?

What do you mean? With some clapping you've never seen before? No no no it was like some sort of like uh gator chop. Just checking. No I was not.

Just checking. Gator whatever the hell they were doing I don't know what it was. All right strike. Astros up 1-0 in the American League Championship Series. They're a very very very very good baseball team. That kid Jeremy Pena man. Everybody needs one of them. Certainly when you got Carlos Carreras saying I want out.

They're like okay there's the door. We got somebody better. Al Leiter is going to join us in hour number two and then in hour number three the man who I had no idea is a very impressive caricaturist and uh and drawer. Kevin Nealon has a new book called I Exaggerate where he tells stories from his remarkable career from SNL and everywhere else and um and then he he includes his drawings and it's pretty impressive and he's going to be here in studio in hour number three and it's always fun when he stops by.

844-204 Rich is the number to dial when whenever you want to stop by. We're here having a conversation as week seven of the NFL begins tonight. The NBA last night was one of the first full nights of basketball we've seen since what? What would you say April?

Right late March early April and um you know lots to talk about from that and we will on this program. Week seven of the NFL begins tonight and during what a what a fascinating non-playing season it was for the Arizona Cardinals. I still have this piece of paper on my desk. I don't know why I have not thrown it out yet. I don't know why because I've had it on my desk since the very last week of February going into the first week of March when Kyler Murray's agent popped it out. This statement to all of Arizona saying that Kyler Murray wants a new contract and he doesn't want to go anywhere and it sure looks like he might have to go somewhere because the contract's not on the table yet and it was this fascinating uh uh lovely piece of stationery from from his agent and we all know that Murray got the new contract and then the new contract had some weird claws in it about how he has to study on his ipad and they'll know if he's playing other video games while he's on his ipad and he needs to have i he needs to have his ipad time which is the exact opposite of of uh my situation with Susan and I in our house take it away usually not too much screen time for the quarterback uh that wasn't the proper amount of screen time and we all know that they scrapped that they scrapped that uh clause because it made their quarterback very honest look like a baby and you know we had a little bit of fun with it and then it wasn't so fun when the season began because in the middle of all this drama that turned out to be no such drama because he did come back and he is there in Arizona in the middle of all that it was announced that De'Andre Hopkins was missing the first six games of the season because of a violation of the steroid policy some sort something was found in his system that didn't belong there and six games the six games are now over and when Hopkins went out and the conversations were turned to the Arizona Cardinals what would their record be I said if they could at least go 500 that would be good if they could somehow start fast which they have done in the last two years two years ago they started six and three and then fell off and didn't make the playoffs last year they were the last remaining undefeated team at seven and oh until that week eight thursday night football date with green bay packers came in and handed the cardinals their first loss and then and then they still made the playoffs thanks to that strong start and then got one and done that was as if they never made the playoffs and now here we are Hopkins returns and the team's two and four and the team is two and four and their big off-season acquisition on draft night Marquise Brown from Baltimore long you know long ago teammate of Kyler Murray's in Oklahoma it looks like he's out for the rest of the season he's got a foot injury we're taking a look at it now Robbie Anderson who got sent off at SoFi stadium just four days ago by Carolina acquired by Arizona on Monday they're coming out with a pretty much damn new receiving core for Kyler Murray yep so here we go the season for Arizona starts tonight one would say or you could make a case that it could come to a much earlier than expected five alarm fire because walking into their house tonight is another two and four team that I'd proffer to say had an idea I mean there were many people who thought the Saints were not only going to win the division in shock but go deep into the playoffs and they're two and four and it looks like Andy Dalton's going to get consecutive start number four on this short week as Jamis Winston his foot and back problems that are still keeping him out and Dalton trying to go to 500 as a quarterback of the New Orleans Saints he's coming into this house tonight taking on Kyler Murray and Arizona and both of them staring into an abyss wondering if they can make something out of the final 11 games of their regular season still a lot more football left to be played but as of right now it looks bleak that we're going to see a third straight team host a Super Bowl in their own stadium because you're looking around at that team in Arizona and they haven't put a darn thing together in a way that you normally see for the first six weeks and tonight we'll find out if DeAndre Hopkins makes this a much better situation one would think so. Cliff Kingsbury who was signed to a new contract in the off season as well says he's going to consider maybe giving up play calling duties is that the issue?

Yeah whatever it takes he said. I don't blame him because right now there's a lot of people looking at him wondering if it's a if it's a coach problem but I've seen a lot of Arizona Cardinals football this year they are just making way too many mistakes way too many mistakes when Kyler's throwing a pass right to one of his receivers on the third down second down he drops it yeah when Kyler Murray needs to pick up a first down he slides too soon he slides too soon on second down rather than picking up the first down and then he runs to the line of scrimmage and spikes the football to stop the clock bringing up a fourth down and then they bring out a kicker who then misses it and tonight we might see the return of either Matt Prater or Rodrigo Blankenship by the way I saw that they uh find him because when Hopkins came off of suspension they cut Matt Amendola and signed Rodrigo Blankenship who we last saw miss a field goal for the Colts in week one in their tie against Houston and the Colts just cut him. Cardinals signed him to the practice squad if Matt Prater can't answer the bell tonight so they might have a new kicker and a whole new receiving corps and hopefully for them a whole new lease on life and then there's the Saints as well where Michael Thomas is out Jarvis Landry is out. Lattimore is out.

Andres Pete is out. They already have Trevor Penning who's their top tackle that they drafted he's out looks like Olave might be back up they are banged up big time and they're coming in at two and four with their backup quarterback and the loser goes to two and five. Benefit for them though is everybody else in the division that's above them three and three. They're right both teams right there man they are right there both teams so that's your setup for for tonight you've got a high stakes contest in the NFC high stakes certainly since one would think if somebody wants to make a run even if they lose this is a wild card scenario and if you're talking about a seventh and final playoff spot somebody might have a tie break to just throw on the table second week of January and say remember that week seven kickoff man that should have been won by you because we'll take that tie break and we'll walk into the playoffs with it. Cardinals are 13th in the NFC right now 13th two and four with the commanders and bears oh my goodness same thing with the Saints neither of these teams thought that they would be two and four tied with commanders and bears and looking up at the Seahawks and Falcons I might add. But just think about the NFC West Ridge Niners have a tough game this week against Kansas City albeit at home so you want to say they're three and four and Rams are on a buy so Cardinals would have win tonight they're suddenly yeah right there tied with the 49ers half game behind the Rams with Hopkins back with Dehop back who we assume is going to look like Dehop. One would think one would think he's going to come out and he's going to be ready to roll eager to show off that he is the difference maker that the team has been missing.

So like I said when Hopkins went out I'm like this team is going to have to do what they haven't done in the Cliff Kingsbury era where they started five ten and one and then went six and three missed the playoffs and then started seven and oh barely made the playoffs as a wild card and walked into the house of the team that went right past them and then went six and three to the team that went right past them to win the division and got spanked as that team who won the division went on to win the Super Bowl beating another team in the NFC West in the process to get to the Super Bowl in their home stadium it's like Arizona's attempting to do. You know so big game tonight on Amazon promise fun conversation with Ryan Fitzpatrick yesterday on this subject matter and when we come back we're going to talk to Bo Jackson. Has he ever been on this program? I think he might have been on once before maybe years ago.

I was inclined to say no. Okay so we've got him and then we've got Al Lider talking baseball and we've got Russ eating sandwiches and that's gone viral today. I want to talk about that no no no no we have to talk about it. No I'm not you I'm like why? No because I think people are unfair on you know I feel for him. You shouldn't no.

I do. No stop it. I do feel for him. I mean stop it he got paid.

He could have nuked the script but he didn't yeah and now it's I think folks are describing thing describing something to him that he's he didn't intend when he shot this thing. That's a just let me just let me just let me just let me just put that out there for the moment. Okay okay.

Look I'm I'm an apologist as you know Chris but at some point even I gotta be. I understand. No hold on a minute. I understand. I'm laying this out I'm for the moment I also because I am a lover of the NFL and looking at the week seven marquee and I don't see much on it it's a pretty difficult week for matchups. I'm still going to give you the top five games of week number seven.

They exist. I was able to cobble together five. There are five there are five of them.

I was able to cobble together five. Dang okay. See if you'll agree with me. All right uh Kevin Nealon in hour number three uh that'll be a fun conversation with one of our favorites from SNL. Al Leiter in hour number two um I imagine he'll come on as a Marlin because if he comes on as a Yankee he'll have struck out. He didn't bat but I see where you're going. Just put the bat on the ball. 17 strikeouts is beyond embarrassing.

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You need Indeed. 844-204-RICH is the number to dial. You can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on the Odyssey app on via Westwood One Station Streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports sponsored by AutoZone. This gentleman is simply one of the greatest athletes to ever play a sport in America and he did two of them for quite some time and he's joining us right now on behalf of Crown Royal ahead of the brand's on-site activation at the Southern Smoke Festival in Houston, Texas. One of the best on the Mercedes Benz Van's phone line is Bo Jackson. How are you Bo? I'm fine guys. How are you all?

We're doing fine. Did you ever play yourself in Tecmo Bowl? Bo did that ever happen? No. Come on.

I have never played the game. Wow. You were good in it. Bo you're really good in it. Yeah. You were great in it.

You know in Tecmo Bowl. You never did. Never once huh? Yes.

Okay. I have heard that I was good but I've never played it. I still got video games still in the original package.

It hasn't been open. I got the game to play it in. Uh-huh.

The cassette and everything and I'm saving it for my grandson. Bo don't open that. You know how much those are going for these days? Is that right? Are you serious? Yeah. Wow.

Bo you could put your grandson through college with that. Yeah you could just sign it. Sign one and just do that. Yeah. That's the deal. Okay.

That's the plan. Very good. Um what in your estimation Bo Jackson is the most impressive thing you've ever done on a field if you could choose one?

What is it for you? I said I but actually I just talked about this 30 minutes ago. Okay.

I got the most impressive thing in my mind is getting tossed out of a baseball game on purpose. Okay. I'll bite. What do you got for me on that story?

What do you got? July 21st 1990. Kansas City Royals playing the Milwaukee Brewers. I took third strike on purpose right down the pipe. Turned around had a few choice words with the umpire.

He proceeded to toss me out of the game. I went inside changed and went down on the plaza in Kansas City to the hospital. Spent the rest of the day with my wife and my baby girl who was born that morning at 6 30 a.m. So you got yourself tossed purposefully so you could be there on time to watch the birth of your daughter is what you're saying.

No no but my daughter was born that morning at 6 30 a.m. Okay. This was a this was a this was an afternoon game. I got tossed out of the game. Well I mean yes really that's your most impressive you think that that that's it not not doing what you did on a football field not doing what you did on a baseball field throwing somebody out for you know from at home plate from left field or or a home ring off of Rick Russell with Ronald Reagan and Vince Scully in an all-star game booth or running over Bo you know Brian Bosworth none of that stuff none of that stuff.

I've been doing that since I was eight nine years old and and I was just doing it then because somebody was paying me to do it. Amazing. Bo Jackson here on the Rich Eisen Show.

I had Dion on the show the other day and I asked him to tell his favorite Bo Jackson story. Is that the end of the interview? Say that again. I can't hear you. Can you hear me now? I can't hear you guys. Uh oh. Can you hear me now? Bo Jackson? Well you all are whispering at each other and I can't hear you whispering. All right how about now? Can you hear me now?

Yeah. Okay I had Dion on the show the other day and I asked him for his favorite Bo Jackson story and he said it was the time when he went up to you what came up on you in a game and he had no idea that he was approaching a grown-ass man and you palmed his head like a prayer warrior is what he said. Well well well I yep Dion was probably the only Dion was probably the only kid in college that could run with me and when he got to me he didn't know what to do with me and he was sort of getting in my way so I kind of pushed him to the side. Huh and um what did you uh what did you make of Dion at the time when he was becoming prime time Bo and he was starting to think about doing the two-sport thing too. What did you think of him? Well well in college everybody knew Dion as just a skinny loud-mouth defensive back but no one knew how good Dion was but Dion like no one knew how how talented I was but me um but Dion shined at the right moment that's why he's in the hall of fame.

And how much uh do you feel your influence um landed on him Bo? I don't know Dion said that he looked up to me and I heard the comment that he said that um he said that there wouldn't be no Dion if there was a Bo um um I took my hat for that comment but Dion in the end he said that comment but Dion in my view uh was one of the most talented people that I've ever gone up against baseball or football. And then your your your career Bo Jackson let's talk a little bit about it right now if you did not get hurt on a football field that one day uh wearing the silver and black what do you think you would have been able to accomplish as a football player in the NFL Bo? The same thing the same the same thing because a lot of people don't believe this but I discussed with my wife prior to playing that game that that year was going to be my last season playing football.

Really? And it wasn't because I was tired of football it was because my my my oldest kid I got tired of moving him around the country three moves per year and he was in kindergarten getting ready to start school and every time he got to the point where he got comfortable with his new friends it was time to leave again and that's not good from a mental standpoint for your child so with me being having a minor in psychology and my wife got her PhD in psychology we knew that that wasn't a good thing so luckily the man upstairs worked it out to where I didn't have to announce my retirement and piss off all of the Raiders fans and Al Davis and things worked out for me. What's your favorite Al Davis story Bo you got one for me? Favorite Al Davis story?

Yes sir. Is that I would never my favorite Al Davis story is is is that he made it a point to call me Vincent when everybody would call me Bo and I would ignore him until he called me Bo and he would just laugh and he would have people out on the field because you know when he's out on the field you can smell his cologne 10 minutes before he shows up so you know that he's coming and I would walk past and he would say good afternoon Vincent and I just keep walking like I never hear and he'd say it again I get about 20 yards past him and he'll say good afternoon Bo and I would stop and turn oh hey Mr Davis how are you and that would just tickle him pink because no one else would do that to him but I told him I said Mr Davis I said the only somebody that I allow that I allowed to call me Vincent is my wife so he was determined to get me the answer when he called me Vincent and I never did so that was our little thing with each other. Bo Jackson here on the Rich Eisen Show courtesy of Crown Royal and we'll talk a little bit about that in a second. The toughest pitcher you ever had to face in baseball who was the one that gave you fits Bo? It wasn't the hard throwing pitchers it was the Frank Panatas and those guys that threw a lot of junk it's because Frank Panata could get you to break your back on a 75 mile an hour 80 mile an hour fastball because he throws so much junk out over the plate then he busts you inside with a fastball and you're so happy to see it so it surprises you and he jams you with it and breaks your back dribble back to the pitcher and he gets you out. You sure it wasn't your own knee that broke the bat Bo?

You sure about that? No but I've done that a lot. I saw that has caused me to break a lot of bats. I mean I saw that oh man so then who's the most talented player you ever played with in baseball whether even if it's the Miners too even with the Memphis Chicks even if it was that I played played with and again there's a ton of them okay George Brett, Frank White, Willie Wilson, Ken Griffey Jr. there's tons Brett George Brett man he just he he was one he was an all-time great and then what what was it like when you first walked into the locker room with those guys well George just walked up shook my hand George Brett it's nice to meet you welcome to the team that's the type of player he was that's it that's it man just as simple as that just as simple as that he welcomed me and we have and we have been trans for over 30 years now is it true Bo Jackson when you were on the White Sox you helped land a plane that was in distress and the rest of the team was freaking out thinking that this was the end that the plane was going down no that isn't true but I was in the cockpit when the engine blew on the plane I was standing in the cockpit door talking to the pilot and we were talking about P-51 Mustangs and how that plane that one particular plane killed more American pilots than any other plane and the reason we were talking about it because I've always had the craving to own one and my wife wouldn't let me so that's the end of that story but yes we I think we flew into a flock of cranes at 34,000 feet coming from Anaheim this is when I was with the Sox and we blew an engine and we had to land in Iowa where that where that United plane that United BC-10 landed and crashed about 35-40 years ago so then why do your teammates think that you helped land the plane Bo most of them because they were probably terrified the only thing that was said was the pilot snapped around to get the controls and said oh snap we've lost number one engine right and he told me go back go back tell everybody sit down fasten your seat belts that's what he told me to say but as I'm walking down the aisle everybody white guys turn red the Latin guys got their rosary out playing black guys turn white Frank Thomas is to get yeah and and and they said I said the pilot says shut the f up and sit down and buckle your seat belts well apparently you commanded such a way that they thought that you were in charge like you were that you were that no one was going to go down if Bo was actually talking to the pilots that's basically the way that that story is being told today Bo are you aware of that you know it seems like your teammates thought that literally you were in charge so they thought that they were not going to die because you were in charge Bo I was just relaying a message from the pilot very good very good tell me about what you're doing with the crown royal you're gonna go hanging out with Demarcus where too huh you got that going on five more minutes yep did I lose you right oh I think we're losing the internet connection there talk about is this contest this weekend between me and um between me and between me and Demarcus yep Demarcus we're cooking contest with crown royal that's going down uh it's a cook-off challenge featuring crown royal infused sauce to raise money for the southern smoke foundation that's what you're doing right raise money for the southern smoke foundation it's a twenty five thousand dollar gift which is part of a one million dollar uh year-long gift with the nfl uh and the funds are going to support the people behind the scenes in the cooking industry the servers the preparers the caterers and so forth and so on so we are going to go and have fun to see if we can take some crown royal and uh infuse it in different sauces to see who can come up with a decent uh meal a decent dish to let everybody try but it's all for for fun and we are going to raise some money doing it yeah twenty five thousand dollars the crown royal generosity fund of the southern smoke foundation everybody should just uh follow beau on twitter and instagram for more at beau jackson so who's the the nfl player that you would pay to see or you just sit down you're strolling down you know through the through your living room tv might be on that player is playing you're like okay i got to see this snap is there somebody beau for you today um um um two players okay the running back for the jet and the running back and and and and darry ken so breeze hall if i'm gonna watch it if i'm gonna watch football that's what i would sit down and watch why do you mention breeze hall i'm i mean excuse me not to uh jet the giants oh say quan say quan and derek henry why do you like derek henry i'm i know the answer i'm sick or i'm assuming the answer but i'll take it from you please beau jackson what do you love about him he reminds me a lot of myself but he's three inches taller and his arms are two feet longer he's a bad man with bad intentions when he runs the football beau no doubt about that and you like say quan too huh you'll sit down and see check him out yes say quan's a powerhouse okay i love the way he handled his job and uh what did you make of erin judge's season this year beau 62 home runs i think he deserved it i think he deserved it i sent out a tweet to him i sent out a tweet to him when he tied the record and told him that i was pulling for him okay i've never met the gentleman but i think he is good for baseball no query good for baseball no doubt about that and what do you think of otani what do you think of him excuse me oh show hey oh tony yeah tony i think the same thing very talented young man did you ever think of pitching too beau i pitched in high school but i thought pitching was boring you just liked hitting and running okay well beau thanks thanks for the time greatly appreciate this i'd love to do it more often i'd love to do it more often thank you guys let's do it beau let's do it some more okay appreciate the time you got it catch me if you can says beau jackson everybody take care beau thank you thank you thanks there he is there goes beau catch me if you can we'll never end him again there goes beau oh jack absolutely absolutely jeff pearlman wrote uh a fascinating biography that beau i it seems to not be a big fan of uh oh interesting and um jeff's coming in next week i'm reading it yeah i've started i've started it too fantastic yeah and i texted him beforehand about that story about the plane going down and jeff said he i'm just gonna say it here he sourced it with 17 or so different people that story alone wow i mean jeff is thorough we know that and they all to a man in the book reading the quotes from so many of them believe beau like beau landed the plane and that's jeff pearlman's you know theory about beau jackson is he is the last folk hero like that that is where the stories get bigger and i mean it's correct yeah kind of fish this where wherever where everything is seen in the palm of your hand now the minute happens so everything's confirmable or deniable right you know or and and you see it what but back in his day not everything was completely seen or accessible it's like have you heard about this guy three towns over he hits 500-foot home runs he's 12 and you're like oh wow you know the 30 for 30 that came out years ago about beau is just unbelievable what this guy could do yeah and and and this book you know uh is called the last folk hero that's what he's saying is that this was in the era where beau uh and what he was doing you could you could see it but sometimes not all of it and the stories grow bigger and taller as the years go by and you i just you got that sense just there you were talking to a folk hero you know and it's what's true and what's not and dion's kind of like that too in the fact like dion's folk hero story involved which i asked him point blank finally on the air at the super bowl in atlanta a few years ago that he you know the story is that he ran his 40 at the combine ran through the tunnel and into a waiting car that took him to the airport because he'd done his work there i mean that story is told by people at the combine swearing it happened and he's like get out of here no i had meetings i had things i had to do you know i didn't do that but i think even belicheck told us that story and the difference too dion had a full career we saw we saw the potential in the beginning and we saw the full scope of the greatness whereas beau everything was so short-lived it was burst it was like wow 90 yard touchdown runs but then gets her career over you know the towering home runs and the running up the wall making catches and then his career's over it's so short also beau jackson's legend i can remember being a kid in here and stuff like when beau was 12 he killed a wild boar with a rock yeah i heard that through a rock so hard that it killed like a hut like so well that's the beginning that's the beginning you know that's the beginning of jeff's legend you should read jeff's book certainly if you want to do it before he comes in next week i mean it's a quick read and i'm getting through it i'm not to the the raiders part yet did did you know he was gonna quit i'd have never heard i've never heard that either yeah i remember watching the game against the bangles and then you know he thought he was gonna be back next week hey it's a hip pointer if you ever look at that play it's so it's so routine yeah it's nothing it's routine it's just like you see it every week somebody tackled like that and they pop right back up and run back to the huddle except his football career was over yeah and i have been under the assumption and talking about it for for years that what a shame which i could have seen 10 more years of that and he was like you wouldn't you wouldn't have gotten 10 more games if that didn't happen bo jackson 2782 career yards he likes saquon i thought for a second he said i liked the breeze hall you got so happy i did originally what what what what child man but yeah bo's the type of guy chris like he's gonna go down through legend now because like you said the sample size is so small all we have is now our memories and as you know those memories just get bigger you know i'm not saying lying because i knew what i saw and i'd never seen a man like bo jackson who could do the things that he did man so that that memory is not a lie that's some real i just remember that i remember that all-star game i remember that all-star game and vin scully is in the booth with ronald reagan okay the president of the united states he's sitting president of the united states i believe he was sitting or he just left office i don't know um left office and he's sitting there in the booth and bows up against rick ruschel and the whole idea that he's in this game and what he's been doing what he's done already as a professional baseball player but let's see what he does on the also and again this is when the all-star game was the midsummer classic in the 80s i mean i shouldn't say that that it is not now but i think we can all at any rate and i just remember he holman i mean the the the when when reality meets expectations or it's it's the best it was 89 so rating was out yeah yeah yeah yeah eight four four two oh four rich number to dial the latest with russell wilson everybody we'll hit that he went viral today on twitter and everywhere else that's next on this edition of the rich eisen show this message is sponsored by discover did you know you could reduce the number of unwanted calls and emails with online privacy protection the latest innovation from discover discover will help regularly remove your personal info like your name and address from 10 popular people search websites that could sell your data and they'll do it for free activate in the discover app see terms and learn more at online privacy protection influencer it's a word that gets tossed around a lot these days there is a woman who went the distance who broke ground as the first true 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sprinter van is capable and versatile enough to help you drive your ambitions when wherever you want to take them so now's the time to discover what it is that moves you most don't wait unlock your potential inside a mercedes-benz sprinter russell wilson's new advertisement for sandwiches for a sandwich company um is uh it's a tough watch it's a tough watch it's a tough watch and um look we we're not the ones to pile on that russ has had a lot uh piled on him quite a bit lately and a lot of it is self-inflicted and a lot of it is viewed as self-inflicted because he'll do some things that uh that leave you scratching your head let's be honest i mean and he's been on this program uh many times many many times and i look forward to many more times with him but the problem is when he does commercials and they're shown when he's two and four that's a problem he can't control that what he can control is going into a season where there's so much change say no to these spots but i think he thought this wasn't going to go poorly that's why he came he just figured it was just going to be a new spot same success as he's had his entire career in seattle where the things that he does that makes you scratch your head sometimes you forget about it because he's so dynamic on the field and he's winning and also you know there's that walter payton man of the year patch on his chest for good reason so you put it all together and it's just like that's just rus being rus but now russ is two and four and when he says broncos country let's ride after a home loss an overtime home loss to a colts team that had no business winning that football game it just rings hollow and i said that the other day but i do want to say this the problem with these spots coming out now it's a new spot and it's you know i would have uh counseled against that script because he's doing goofy stuff and it's just you know i mean he doesn't have the the manning comic timing down but there are definitely people who will see this and it's new and will think that they will think this this is part of the problem when you when you when you come up with a season long commercial campaign they'll think that he shot it this week right they will think that he spent time this week where he's been hurt and he's been announced to be hurt potentially not going to play on sunday and he looked terrible you know they looked terrible on monday night football and the final three games of the season but he's not going to play on sunday night football in the final three quarters in overtime of that game he was dynamiting in quarter one he looked like the the russ of old slinging it around stepping up in the pocket avoiding the rush finding guys head up downfield knowing where they are hitting them when when he needed to uh they'll think that he spent this week doing it and he didn't okay i just want to throw that out there they'll think that he did it this week it's so ridiculous i know that but people so folks don't folks don't know like he probably spent like they probably got him in a two three day period it's just like with his commercials people that he was doing right and the number of times you see the number of times you'll see a an nba star and you'll see their their uh advertisement in the conference finals in the nba finals and that guy was eliminated in the first round and you'll be like oh god this guy didn't do anything well i mean it's not like he shot it there and he there and then it's a tough one that's why i mean that's why some nfl players will just say i won't do it i'm not gonna do it or i don't want to do it or i'll think better of doing it we'll do it we'll do it after that's why a lot of guys don't come on shows like this one until they want to come on after a win remember mica parsons had an appearance after that week one loss and he didn't he didn't go on that show because he's like i didn't want to go on the show and the rest of the my teammates are seeing that i'm i'm on tv after we just lost week one we get that a lot with our monday guest chris long who sometimes he worries about getting a guest who's lost he doesn't want to talk to him he talked about the von miller a couple weeks ago but anyway not a great spot but he didn't shoot it now so keep that in your mind's eye doesn't change the fact though that it's that it's not a good spot it's a tough it's a tough i mean it's they're two and four and the coach did you hear would you hear melvin gordon said yeah i guess when he was asked like did you get a an acceptable in your mind reason why you were benched for the final three quarters in overtime against your former team and so he's he's sat down quarters two through last and then days later he's reinstalled as the starter it's good good for him i'm glad for him yeah he can play i'm happy for him you know and good luck against the jets you're going against a tough young team with a stout line there man by the way i mean again it's just the last do you do you think like russ's team even called them up and say hold off on that spot right now just hold off because it came out today i think that's it came it was all over twitter today yeah yeah i think these things are already scheduled they're already in the can yeah but even if you help him out like wait wait till he wins his next game even if they were six or no it wouldn't matter this thing is i mean if it's six and oh it'll it would just be just be silly and that's just not it's not a best look and whatever he's wearing fingerless leather driving gloves i mean it's it's it's it's it's a weird spot and they they it's put him in a spot because he's two and four they put them in the spot because it's course half one man hey gents let's talk halloween for a second what is your favorite halloween memory one time i saw nightmare before christmas performed live at the hollywood bowl walking with your kids it felt so magical and after they've got their candy and they walk away so pure the dad inside the house is handing you a beer my dad when i get home he would have me like empty out all the candy to make sure that it's safe and it wasn't until i was about 35 that i realized what the f*** he was just eating my candy rude what's your favorite halloween costume one year i was matthew mcconaughey's character from days to confused one year i was like i would like to be roadkill the halloween costume was a plastic smock and then a really scratchy plastic mask i mean you was styling if you had one of those aquaman the plastic mask cutting into your eyes and then you get that little hole in the mouth to breathe through all night long what's your favorite halloween candy what's your favorite candy candy oh that rhymes anything reese's snickers bars it's all the food groups it's a meal you got caramel yes candy corn me too wait really i'm one of the small percent of people who actually really enjoys candy corn it's a bad rap thank you so much everyone happy thank you so much everyone happy halloween halloween happy halloween from the cumulus podcast network make sure to subscribe and follow us at slash cumulus podcast candy corn is terrible it's atrocious it shouldn't be allowed it's not a candy happy halloween
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