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REShow: Patrick Peterson - Hour 3

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November 30, 2022 3:24 pm

REShow: Patrick Peterson - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 30, 2022 3:24 pm

Rich reacts to the USMNT’s 1-0 win over Iran to advance to the knockout stage of the World Cup thanks to Christian Pulisic’s daring goal that resulted in a “pelvic contusion.”

Rich reveals his latest NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 13.

Vikings CB Patrick Peterson tells Rich why he’s as adept at playing video game golf and cooking gourmet meals as he is at intercepting footballs, how he’s preparing to face QB Mike White and the surprising Jets, his reaction to Justin Jefferson’s incredible catch against the Bills, what he has to say to Vikings doubters, and reveals why Kirk Cousins is one of the most beloved players in the Minnesota locker room. 

Rich and the guys wish Bo Jackson a happy 60th birthday and marvel at some of the two-sport star’s most memorable moments from his NFL and MLB careers.

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It's Rich Eisen. All right, our number three of the Rich Eisen show is on the air. If you missed the first two hours, you missed a great chat with Desmond Howard about the college football playoff and then a very surprising opinion that he has on the Heisman Trophy voting that's going to take place in the next couple weeks.

This just in, Desmond has a vote in the Heisman Trophy. And we just also had a terrific conversation with Mita Kimes of ESPN and NFL Live and the Mita Kimes show that you can get where all podcasts are acquired, just like this Rich Eisen show. If you missed any of that, don't worry, right here on the Roku channel, we re-air right away. One more hour to go in this live show and then all three hours and then you can watch us on demand on the Roku channel. Portions of this program appear on our YouTube stream, slash Rich Eisen show, our twitter, facebook, instagram at Rich Eisen show. Also, you can just hang out and watch us for this next hour and then catch us the next day right here on the Roku channel. And call us at 844-204-RICH.

The Roku channel, by the way, is free. Patrick Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings. Patrick Peterson with potentially the toughest assignment in week number 13. Forget about the Niners taking on Tua and vice versa. Forget about the Bengals taking on Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs and vice versa. Forget about the Tennessee Titans taking on the Philadelphia Eagles and vice versa. There's only one Mike White in the National Football League. He's a New York Jet. So, Patrick Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings coming off of their Thanksgiving night win over the Newing the Patriots.

So, quick fantasy thing real quick. I've been starting Derek Carr the last couple of weeks but I finally dropped Russell Wilson today. Picked up Mike White. Who should I start? Carr has been terrific. Carr's been great the last couple weeks. Carr against the Chargers or Mike White against the Vikings? Food for thought.

Food for thought. My power rankings coming up shortly here on the program but we have not spoken at all in the first two hours about what started at the top of hour number three yesterday. At this very moment is when the U.S. men's national team took on Iran. Needing a win and they got a win because a one nothing victory. One nil victory. Pardon me. Because Christian Pulisic put his men's nationals on the line.

His Pulisics on the line. Look what this man did in putting his body in the line of danger to try and light the lamp if there is such a lamp. His lamps got lit. They did.

Well the only lamp and cutter is Aladdin's right? I don't know. Hey what he did.

It was awesome. Put it in the net and it does appear the knee of the Iranian keeper met the Pulisics head on. And he goes down and he also face planted. Couldn't finish the second half and the U.S. men's national team almost didn't either.

And the U.S. completes the necessary victory and they move on to the knockout stage as Christian Pulisic just went right down in a heap. Now look I've been covering sports for quite some time. Fortunate enough to be in this position quite some time. Not just in the show but various national television and radio outlets. Been at it a while. I thought the worst spin job in the history of sports spin jobs was the phrase wardrobe malfunction.

Okay I thought. It was pretty bad. Wardrobe malfunction. You all know that it was a little bit more than a malfunction in that Super Bowl halftime show. But calling Christian Pulisic's injury a pelvic contusion I believe might be your new clubhouse leader.

Doing a lot of heavy lifting. Pelvic contusion. Who's the one who came up with that one?

I tip my cap to that individual. He got hit in the nards. What are we going to call it? We can't just say you know. I'm just going to put up a pole pelvic confusion or wardrobe malfunction. What are we going to call it? I got it. We'll call it a pelvic contusion and then everybody whatever one of the U.S. men's national teams like that's it. Good job.

Put it out there. And Pulisic he went to the hospital. Did you see that? Oh yeah. There's a photograph of him in his hospital bed saying I'll be there on Saturday.

I'm in. He went to the hospital for that. That's how much of a direct hit it took. Remember when it happened we all like were watching the replay because we couldn't figure out what exactly happened like. Oh I know because he went down and and he was holding his stomach. We're very odd like he got hit into someone and then. I think Jeff Shrieves called it an abdomen injury. Yeah.

Because he was holding his stomach. And anybody out there who's who's taking a direct hit no it goes right here. Right here first. Anybody out there who's had a pelvic contusion before knows how it feels. Don't feel good. Doesn't feel. About once a week I get one.

How did the workshop session go for that? For the phrasing? Yeah.

Did somebody please tell me somebody. Somebody said it's an INT. Like wait a minute it's not an interception.

What are we wowing it all? An INT. What's an INT? Is that a medical term?

No it stands for Iranian Nut Tap. He suffered an INT. It wasn't a tap so we can't call it that.

Oh my goodness. How stressful though was the second half. Oh you want to talk about the actual game. Well I was just going to kind of move us away from this a little bit. And the number and the number of again I just love the casual fans who just have this nationalist moment want to win this game.

There's some geopolitical things on the line to say the least and I just use the word geopolitical and things back to back. Okay so but everyone just the number of people who you know and me too I'm just sitting there like complaining about the defense and all I've been to is an Angel City FC match in the last year right. But you and I we watched the LA FC.

I've been to LA FC. Okay and Gareth Bale who's now out. Out.

Wales out US in. We're sitting there I'm like are we playing prevent defense here like what's going on? We're all we're all but there was the what in that uh 99th minute Del Tufo Del even even Rich Eisen show stoppage time expert Mike Del Tufo you were surprised that the nine minute went above it went above nine minutes of extra time.

So what are we doing? That's almost as long as a a fox sports college football commercial break. Nine minutes.

Nine minutes. And there was one moment where they went they went to the old VAR nothing. The only thing I think more arbitrary since I'm now a World Cup expert only thing more arbitrary than figuring out stoppage time is VAR. When you go when the ref goes like this you know what this is an international symbol of also anything can happen. Absolutely anything can happen.

Anything can happen. Some FIFA dude you know Sep Blatter's grandson who probably got the gig because Sep got him in there he's the one who's looking at the whole thing and just anything can happen. And I thought I thought what one of our defenders pulled down was like he did get him a little yank kind of on his shoulder but then but they were saying on the broadcast they were saying that referee famously did not call a penalty on something way worse earlier in the World Cup so they were kind of confident that it wasn't going to get called.

Nothing is more rock solid in World Cup officiating than precedence right? I know. Give me a break.

This means you're effed. I thought we were getting screwed. I thought we were. I thought it was going to be with 10 seconds to go. PK with a 10 second equalizer.

Yeah that's what I thought too. Where it goes in and then blow the whistle. Oh sorry. Sorry. And we're out.

We're out. Yeah. That's our World Cup soccer update for you right here.

More importantly Rich, hit the England USA parlay yesterday. Oh okay. Let's go.

I got Argentina Mexico today and I got Argentina with Messi scoring a goal. Let's go. Okay.

More I guess germane to the subject matter. Saturday morning. Well 7 a.m. Pacific. Pacific. 10 a.m. Eastern.

10 a.m. Eastern. United States Netherlands. The Dutch. U.S. big underdogs plus 350 right now. What does that mean? That means bet a dollar win three dollars and fifty cents. Oh okay. So we're big underdogs. It has nothing to do with the what's the goal like the is we get like a are we minus a one and a half one and a half or something like that is that how it works half you can get half you know yeah yeah or plus we're gonna get we're getting goals right we're getting goals I hope we score a goal going against the Dutch okay Dutch minus money right now so it's us versus Rick Smits what do we got I think I don't know what else famous Netherlandians no famous uh Netherland Dutch people yeah right oh I don't know Vincent Vincent van Gogh so we're just we're axing all of our van Gogh's right now um what do you got not a lot here you know what here's what we're gonna do here's we're gonna do Chris we can't just do this off the top of our heads we're gonna have no no guys guys we have two more days we do two more days so we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna hype this match in the only way the rich eyes and show can which is to take the angle of who who are famous Dutch people that we're gonna have to punk okay right yeah the guy from blade runner yeah the guy from blade drive one way to put rutger howard you know him I don't think he's a right with us anymore rutger howard me rest in peace all right uh let's see melisandre from game of thrones is from the lady good uh 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial kylan harrisburg pennsylvania has been hanging on patiently listening to the first two plus hours of high quality content the rich eyes and show you there kyle there kyle you gotta you gotta you gotta lower your radio sir lower your radio and let's talk lower your radio let's talk uh oh hey i just wanted to uh can you hear me yeah yes yes so hey rich uh one time listener who falls sometimes when i get really when things get under my skin uh i'm gonna sit with my chest and please on a cup of uh got to nick stapen the first years how in the world is alabama being considered for the cost of a playoff first i'm going to start by saying congrats to michigan i'm a penn state fan not a boy to say that uh one want anyone who is in the top three and then losing out doesn't lose in the conference and they're still in right how do teams especially ohio state and alabama sneak in if somebody loses uh they weren't even good enough to make it through the extra game the conference championship um and how in the world does any media fund to talk about michigan or anyone else to strike the schedule we're at a conference alabama played la monroe austin p and utah oh you know that whole thing and i appreciate the call kyle thank you so much for hanging on as long as you did and and giving us some food for thought right there seems like we had an echo or something like that with his phone so um here here's the deal first of all i don't think alabama is being considered they're just in the mix they are they're on the well i guess to use a uh an urban traffic phrase in the outer ring right i mean they they're they're in the the outermost ring of possible like you've got to have kansas state blowing out tcu to the point where tcu is just can't even be considered anymore and then usc loses to utah and then and then the college football playoff committee puts in ohio state and alabama and then it's up to them to do to say okay we haven't seen alabama and georgia all year do we want to see it now and we want to play replay michigan ohio state just a month later do we want to run it back or not or do we want to switch it up and see you know kind of do what we just saw in hoops right the last couple nights the uh acc big 10 challenge you got an sec big 10 challenge one on one side of the bracket one on the other and and off we go um so i don't think alabama is being considered in that but they're they're absolutely still alive you know i i i would say that for sure and and i'll you know i'll be honest uh it's it it does come down to as well there has to be part of it i don't think they'll admit it well the one of have we ever had a cfp official on this program maybe we could reach out or something or something once it's already done or in advance but look part of this does matter when it comes to relevance and ratings and who's watching and i don't understand why they keep doing this on christmas new year's eve it's just i don't get it i don't understand it new year's eve all right so who do you want to watch on new year's eve it really does matter who's going to give you a compelling game or not who's going to be of interest to you to watch or not i'd profit to say alabama is pretty damn big at that and ohio state can raise its hand and say we've got that too as their latest game a 22 point b clowning was seen by the largest television audience to watch a college football game on fox sports ever and the largest what of any network in the last decade plus i think can include any of the family networks on espn it does so it does matter look everybody takes care of business tcu takes care of business against kansas state usc the night before against utah and this thing is all about the seating and that's the end of that okay you guys ready are you ready is it it's a wednesday are you ready to the thousands in attendance it's a wednesday i need to call it up call it up i need to call it up because i do i do remember mostly of it but here we go hit it hit that's right it's a wednesday on the rich eisen show we got power rankings and this is going to be the first power ranking to take you into december let's go everybody look number 10 on my list last week was the tampa bay buccaneers they're not on the list they're not on the list anymore who's number 10 on the list i had to look for a team that had a that has a a very good defense and a quarterback that's red hot good defense red hot quarterback you're gonna win football games and i had to look for a team that might you know that's already in a wildcard position number 10 on the list the new york jets yeah yeah yes garrett wilson and elijah moore and that rest of the offense had mike white finding him in stride and driving freaking rain and quinn and williams on the front end and solace on the back end that's number 10 on my list you just made the list number seven in the wildcard rankings uh and the afc rankings the new york jets number nine on the list down a spot i still like them i still think they're one of the best teams in the nfl and they will give anybody a good game as the eagles will find out this week not even loose than the tennessee titans who are down one spot number nine on this list oh my gosh jerec henry fumbled into the end zone that's how trail and burke scored his touchdown and then the bangles they made it they the bangles were just a stout team man and i think we're gonna find out a little bit more about the cincinnati bangles moving on the titans are still number nine on the list and number eight on my list right above them back on the list are the aforementioned cincinnati bangles god i love this team i love watching joe burrow play football and this week against the chiefs will be lit i love the defense getting better i do love their kicker as you know evan mcfirson he's uh he's he had a little bit of a slump in the middle of the season but the guy who can just stay out of the locker room during the super bowl halftime to watch snoop dogg has re-emerged and the uh bangles going into tennessee minus jamar chase and joe mix and they're number eight on my list because of that they're back on the list number seven are the minnesota vikings they're up two spots i i i i popped them down from the top five all the way to the bottom five with that loss that dreadful loss to the dallas cowboys but hey you gotta say this about the minnesota vikings when they did what they did on thanksgiving night against the new england patriots you're supposed to see kirk cousins going to the turtle position under the nationally televised lights and you're not supposed to see the opponent's best player light it up because that's what bell bellacheck notoriously is supposed to take away from you and justin jefferson and kirk cousins had a night and i do love their defense despite um a last couple of weeks not performing very well i do like big z and obviously patrick peterson's joining us shortly put it all together there's seven number six on my list i keep wanting to put this team in the top five but the other top five are still so rock solid the miami dolphins are knocking on the door let's just put it this way they beat the 49ers this week they're in my top five tua is just dynamite i had them number three on my mvp list one through five and the top five list that we did in yesterday's show they're number six and then the top five i just had a little bit of a reordering although the buffalo bills are still staying at number five on this list this is as low as they've ever been all year they haven't been out of the top five of my power rankings all year long they're number five after that josh allen throw to him uh and the final drive over the middle with a supposed still gimpy right elbow and that was concerning to me i kept hearing that in the broadcast from tony romo talking about over and over again about how josh allen might be feeling pain in his elbow and he needs to just rip it and throw for the but for you know using his his base and his legs which means allen might have told romo something that romo was kind of dropping nuggets in that broadcast i'm concerned about his elbow but not about the buffalo bills to drop them any worse than five number four i did drop him down one this offense just sputters at the wrong times man and it's your dallas cowboy offense that's why they need o'dell beckham yeah i dropped him one i dropped him one i dropped him you know dude going for it and uh no no no no no i dropped dallas one dropped us i did drop you i dropped you i dropped you if you had an offense better than the one that the giants brought in and you turn it over on downs and you throw an interception that game had had usual dallas cowboy thanksgiving day troubles written all over it until dallas finally got its foot in back in the second half of that game number three on the list on one spot michael this are the eagles i still take the eagles over the cowboys right now i know mina com said that it was a a matchup problem for the cowboys this next time around philadelphia eagles looks so damn impressive on on uh on sunday night against green bay and i know green bay did have success running the ball against him jordan davis is coming back and then no change i know the 49ers did not light it up against the saints and so many people are discounting them i think the saints defense when they are balling are one of the best in the nfl i'm concerned about the bucks on monday night for that reason alone you know they put a number on them and the 49ers defense they'll carry the day sometimes this offense is not gonna put it all together against the defense that can really um really uh put some pressure on jimmy g but i still think the 49ers are the best team in the nfc after 12 weeks entering week 13 and the chiefs still sit number one on my power rankings list hey you know it wasn't anything to write home about against the rams but is there a better combination in the nfl right now than the homes and kelsey there's tua and hill right through and hill what else you got for me mike white and anyone he throws too good one kirk cousins and justin jefferson i mean that's obviously pretty good mahomes to kelsey that might be number one in the league too mike white and anyone and anyone he throws too i'd love it including just uh you know a little dump off pass little screen uh mack jones and hunter henry when the refs call it right that's a good one that's a nice and bitter that's my power rankings here on the rich isin show let's take a break patrick peterson of the minnesota vikings is going to be joining us on the other side yes number four i'm texting mica right dude go get o'dell beckham jr you need him i'm just saying you could use him dear mica he won't believe what rich just said influencer it's a word that gets tossed around a lot these days there is a woman who went the distance who broke ground as the first true influencer by living a remarkable life her name elizabeth taylor i'm katie perry this is the story of the original influencer this is elizabeth the first elizabeth the first the podcast wherever you listen the world tournament of soccer happening in guitar is finally here and with all the weird kickoff times and all the other sports happening simultaneously it can be kind of hard to keep up so to make sure you're up to speed be sure to listen to katar kick around for the daily wrap-up of all the action from the tournament from the group stage all the way to the final andy lars and peter are here for you with recaps and opinions of what happened that day in katar everything can be found at the the cumulus podcast channel on youtube or wherever you listen joining us on the mercedes-benz van's phone line is one of our favorites it's been a while what was the last time patrick peterson was on this i think last time he called in he was on the golf course oh let's see where he is right now joining us from the minnesota vikings fresh off a thanksgiving night win against the new england patriots from your nfc north leading minnesota vikings patrick peterson how you doing patrick i'm doing great yourself rich are you golfing now where are you no i'm in my car right now and back to the facility and the road is white as ice that's right now that's a very stupid thing for me to say clearly when you were in arizona we could talk about playing golf on november 30th right that ain't happening right now for you right that's definitely not happening what a dumb question for me to start with right now what a dumb way for me of course you're not playing golf it's not dumb questions rich just he's not playing golf so do you do any winter sports are you a winter sports guy at all patrick i am not a winter sport guy at all but rich i did yes you know uh playstation just did uh sony just sent me over a playstation i did just get the new tiger woods golf game oh well there you go i'm pretty legit right now my handicap on there is a minus five right now you're giving five shots back to the virtual course is that what you're saying yeah no doubt about it no doubt about every every ball is down a fairway i just i just gotta work on the putty okay not allowed you know that's that's the key that's the key whether it's virtual or real oh my gosh so uh it is it is uh how was the thanksgiving when was the last time you played on thanksgiving is that a first for you too yeah this was a first for me and the day was kind of the same as it's been in the past because we had the later game so i you know got home around 11 and we had meetings in the morning had a little thanksgiving lunch um around 12 30 ish okay didn't eat too crazy because i'm not a real big eater on game day don't want to be too heavy we all know what thanksgiving food could do after a couple hours i didn't want to indulge too much so i did have a plate the wife did an amazing job of uh whipping up the thanksgiving dinner we had stuff we had turkey we had some mac and cheese we had uh we had some uh uh some yams we had a little bit everything but i had to go on a little bit on the light side but after the game rich yes sir i dug in what you do well wait a moment so like a midnight you had a midnight get a midnight dinner plate is that what you did oh yeah a big one too oh you also had the turkey leg right you got the turkey leg yes and yeah i had the turkey leg before before i got home to have uh the wife's turkey leg so uh how was the nbc turkey leg was it properly cooked what do you got what happened it was it was it was properly cooked but it was a little bit on the the dry side coming from a chef you know uh chef p2 i think they need to do a little bit of a uh cook it take the cooking time up a little bit don't make it so early did you just refer to yourself as chef p2 did i just hear that yeah yeah yeah rich i yeah i can i can really throw down rich i really can all right give it what's the dish what if i come over to the peterson house what do you got what do we got man honestly rich we're i i make whatever you feel like eating oh really oh really well i'm really lucky for you i i i i don't have very uh um i'm not a spice guy you know i could get you uh so you'll be good with uh a ham and a ham and cheese sandwich well i'm not exactly ham certainly not on friday night for me patrick but i mean you know you i'm not i know you spent time in baton rouge i'm not really a spice guy i'm not that guy i'm straight up i'm i'm i'm like a thanksgiving dinner is really you know that's that for me is right that that hits it's italian food can you cook oh yeah what do you got man i'm i'm i'm a i'm a master of pasta man i just made a pasta last night that was so good i had to bring it into some of the people at the staff to try it well what do you want to say when you say pasta though i mean are you are you making it from scratch you're just boiling water and putting it in a pod i mean what do we got so why when i'm when i'm home when i'm back home because i'm in minnesota now when i'm home i do make my own pasta impressive but when i'm here i did boil my water but i made my own sauce oh what's the sauce what is it uh i made a little mardi gras sauce last night so it had a little lemon a little white wine uh had a little scallops in there green onions a little garlic little uh what does oh i had some uh some cream some um some heavy whipping cream in there to make the white sauce man hey i got it man well speaking of white and sauce ready for the turn here mike white and sauce gardner are coming to town wow how about that there you are what do you think i set you up for that one yes yeah i feel i feel like it's that meme right what what lebron's dunking and and dwayne wade is just like put his arms out like like russet midford that's it right there there it is there it is all right what are you seeing on film already with the mike white experience you checking out that film already have you got oh definitely checked out the film mike white um just looking at from the game last week and you can just tell that he's a guy that's not going to put his team in bad situations though you can you looking at the tape you can you can tell that the office coordinator trusted trusts him you know the offense really haven't changed much i'll probably say the biggest difference is he's not turning the ball over you know so we know we have our plate full on trying to force him into mistakes uh we know that he's very very smart with football and having a big game last week that that does nothing but grow more confidence um in his cup in his court in a play caller to be able to unleash him a little bit more so um it's a little bit dangerous you know going into this situation not having much film on them and having the game that he had last week the uh you kind of you kind of going there kind of hoping that you know what's gonna what's gonna happen but after the first 15 plays in the game you kind of get a general idea of how they want to attack you well i mean you go for it please yeah go for it sauce what do you think yeah yeah man sauce has just been phenomenal you know i haven't been able to watch much film on him but you know just seeing some of the highlights just watching his movements uh the thing i love about him um the most is that he played with his his length very well you know he has very very long arms can put his hands on receivers very physical at the line of scrimmage um the guy has everything in uh in his game to be you know known as a great cornerback in his league so i'm i'm definitely going to be intrigued to see how his career unfolds but he's starting off on the right foot for sure yeah and there's uh there's a lot of uh heat around this young man in terms of um you know uh uh hype talk and he certainly walks it too i mean he is backed up he's backed up a lot of this hype uh i'm wondering you must have a front row seat to watching justin jefferson prepare for games in which somebody of sauce's um level uh and hype uh surrounding uh a young guy you know not everyone's there's a few people with this sort of game who is actually younger than justin jefferson where he's the og in the matchup but i'm i'm just wondering uh does he does he approach a game like this saying i'll show him that he's got his hands full that sort of thing patrick no not at all no not at all justin wants to just show up and play his game each and every sunday what people are accustomed you know him do on a on a on a on a on a on a on a sunday basis you know so for the most part you know justin is looking at his matchup as you look at each and every other matchup you know you want to go out there you know he's going to get teams best shot he know he's going to you know get you know double double team two man he has to find a way to overcome that and he's been doing a great job of that throughout this season and uh no matchup is ever too big for him or i i don't think he you know put any matchup above the other one he just want to go out there and try to perform at his best each and every time he stepped out there on the football field what was it like patrick peterson in the film room if you did watch it as a group watching back his catch against the buffalo bills on that fourth down what was that like it was uh it was pretty wild man guys still was just amazed on you know him catching a ball i had a front row see i was right on the sideline when the play all unfold unfolded because it's fourth fourth and 18 we have to get this we have to get this first down if we don't the game is pretty much over so i wanted to see everything that happened i saw kurt get the snap i saw him get a little under pressure a little bit that back hit stepped up uh in the pocket and he delivered a high ball when i first saw i was like damn i looked like it was a little bit too high and just jackson was winning and climbed the ladder ladder to make a great play for us but guys were still amazed after seeing it on the plane the next day after that when he got the offense uh the player of the week you know it kept being you know a fun reminder on how amazing uh justin is working patrick peterson here on the rich isin show obviously the eagles cowboys they're right there uh in the nfc east the northeast corridor where there's a lot of media attention for philadelphia the 49ers go ahead get mccaffrey those are the teams that we hear quite a bit about and then there's the nine and two vikings um what what what's your sense of the uh value that people are placing in your team and and your chances to shock everybody who you think uh don't really need to be shocked what do you got for me on that honestly rich you know all the talk about teams and who's the better team who's the best team really don't matter at this point you know at the end of the day we just want to continue doing the things that we need to do to be one of those 14 teams in the playoffs then from there all bets are off you know because you can go back year after year after year after year the number one teams that's that's been you know guys who've been predicted to win super bowls having won the super bowls like last year nobody even thought the bangles will make the playoffs you know the you know the year after that nobody thought that you know tennessee will continue to to put on the put on the run that they've been putting on nobody's been talking about them for years and they've been in you know two or three nfc you know two or one nfc championship you know winning season every year only thing that we want to do is worry about us we want to continue to talk about us you know as long as long as we know what we're doing each and every week and we're collecting doves at the end of the day we want to be talked about at the end of the season so man talking about now it's all fine and danny with us because it really don't matter and what are you seeing out of cousins man well what's happening on the plane when he takes his shirt off what the hell's going on at 35,000 feet patrick what's going on i think uh you know we we wanted to kind of up each and every one that we did um i think we kind of ran out of uh i don't know what's gonna happen well that's a good thing you're home man um you know you don't have to try you know on the plane let me see your next road now you're at detroit i don't know if you boss there um hold on a minute yeah and then at greenbelt at chicago okay maybe you have to worry about many plane flights at all on that front yeah we don't have to worry about many plane flights but at the same time it's going to be cold in those places so we don't want to catch any pneumonia got it like that shirts on then it's a shirts on situation from here on out i agree with you but it does seem like you guys love him it does seem like you guys uh rally around kirk cousins patrick it looks like it to me man man curt is curt is the man man and it's just the way he carry himself and the way he just fit right in as one of the guys it just it goes a long way because you know i play you know you could been on a bunch of teams to where the quarterback is the quarterback he's not he he's not participating in some of the team you know functions or um and things like that for taking the shirt off putting a bunch of chains on you just don't see that you know around the league and and kirk he understands how much you know he means to us and you know how much we love to see him come out of his shell as well it just it just makes it that much more fun so uh it's to say let's say kirk cousins has a birthday party at his house right um how many how many how many how many guys show up to his birthday party patrick what do you think everybody's showing up and if kirk's inviting everybody to the party everybody's showing up okay all right okay i just want to know did you hear that story out of denver did you hear about that story patrick and what's not of i heard someone reference to it was it no one came to us well not no one apparently only everybody not everyone a half full let's be positive his party was half full of his teammates half of 53 that's a lot of people when did he when did he have he had it on a monday or two he had it on an off night tuesday off night yes off night so tuesday so you got people gotta wake up on wednesdays you got practices next day that's the hardest day of the week okay you should have had it on a monday was it on a monday night um we don't know i don't know nobody knows patrick nobody knows but kirk makes it kirk's birthday let's open it up a little bit that's all kirk is his birthday is one is is in august is august 19 okay there you go you have it in training camp that's what you have to do yeah yep and certainly in the summer it's easier to take your shirt off yeah you know and have patrick's birthday july the 11th july 11th everyone's coming to yours yeah okay the only thing about mine is my birthday is always in tahoe so i'm always at edgewood tahoe the week of my birthday and yes i have all of my friends there uh however many guys that's in the tournament we all have a great time on my birthday okay very good and it and it's just like i guess like uh russ's birthday party at the stableford scoring system the positives are to the negatives right just like that positives of the negatives exactly there you go patrick peterson good luck to you sir oh one last thing is lsu going to shake things up on the college football playoff stuff this weekend or what i don't i don't know dude is uh is daniel's out i thought he took a big hit i haven't got any information on uh chris you're our georgia bulldog expert is he is he out do we know it looks like it looks like it looks like it's playing okay oh yeah we're gonna get we're gonna give him a run for a month for their money then we're gonna shock the world okay both tigers there you go thank you patrick peterson be well it's jackson always good great talking to you right back at you at p2 on twitter give him a follow at real patrick peterson on instagram he's one of our favorites right there boy we're dumb we're so stupid that's the whole point of birthday thing no oh but that's the first question are you playing golf he's in minnesota it's november 30th you're on the golf course never know i mean come on global warming i don't know please jeez rich is gonna not you're just gonna think about this the rest of the week no i'm not just tonight eight four four two oh four rich numbers now we'll wrap up this show in a moment and chris brockman will use this commercial break to focus fully on the match he's been half paying attention to the last 20 minutes okay folks that's a fun show huh yeah man happy yeah man happy 60th birthday bow jackson vincent edward bow jacks 60th birthday today 35 years ago he celebrated his 25th birthday in the old kingdom on a monday night where he runs one 91 yards down the left side line and into the tunnel for a touchdown and everybody go youtube it he out runs his blockers to the sideline and beats everyone kenny easley and everyone else on defense to the sideline and goes untouched watch it there's a bit of a false start too that isn't called thank god the full back in front of him kind of moves early yeah i'm watching right now but he outruns everyone to the sideline and then outruns everyone up the sideline it's breathtaking he's so fast and then we all know famously later in the game it was a two-yard run that everyone remembers as well where the baz was standing in his way and he ran through him you know i i think after all these years the buzz has gotten a bad rap on that play you go back and watch that lawrence taylor's getting run over there like ray lewis is getting right any name the greatest linebacker ever on that play on two yards they're all getting run through baz didn't get pancaked no like he didn't wind up a little bit but yeah looking back i think buzz is kind of like taking some shrapnel that who was going to stop bow on that play i don't think anybody could stop bow that night he celebrated his 25th birthday in the kingdom and then there's another kingdom video i tweeted out today it's a throw in the kingdom he made from the left field warning track okay to where home plate beating harold reynolds hr puff and stuff who got a great jump on the pitch he's stealing second he hit and run and the ball goes all the way to the left field wall and bow throws a strike on the fly to bob boone father of aaron boone current yankees manager and harold reynolds is out at the plate by a couple of feet and there's a massive argument that ensues jim lefever who was their manager at the time comes out and the reason why there's such a major argument wasn't arguing with the out call because they thought he was safe they were arguing with the out call because the home plate umpire had to make the call all the way out at third base up the line because the third base umpire went all the way out to the left field wall to follow the ball and the first base umpire didn't come home to home plate to make the call because nobody thought bow could make the throw from where he made it like mass confusion rained after when was the last time you saw a throw like that and then you watch the replay harold reynolds as he's running rounding third and going home runs past the home plate umpire was running out running up running up right i've never seen anything like that before and then you see bow just like stick his his uniform back in his pants because ho-hum yeah that's it yeah the only throw like that too is remember ichiro's rookie year he had a throw like that throwing out a guy a third unbelievable where you're like whoa harold reynolds had a jump i know and he's one of those he was he was one of the best base dealers of his time and i'll just a food for thought question bow jackson is he the best baseball player to not be in the baseball hall of fame and is he the best football player to not be in the pro football hall of fame well i don't i know skill set skill set skill set skill set just throw it out there his first home run nearly left kansas city it rests at the top of the green grass area at the very top i mean the stuff he would do thanks to patrick peterson mina kimes and desmond howard for being on this program everybody enjoy your wednesday we'll chat with you on thursday
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