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REShow: Jeff Pearlman - Hour 3

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October 27, 2022 3:11 pm

REShow: Jeff Pearlman - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 27, 2022 3:11 pm

Rich comments on the emotional reaction by Bears LB Roquan Smith upon learning his teammate Robert Quinn had been traded to the Philadelphia Eagles, and gives some advice to an Australian living in New York who’s facing the dilemma: should he adopt the Jets or Giants to root for the rest of his life.

Bestselling author Jeff Pearlman joins Rich in-studio to discuss his new book ‘The Last Folk Hero’ about multi-sport legend Bo Jackson, says where Jackson’s talent ranks in the pantheon of all-time great athletes, reveals how Bo nearly ended up on the Yankees and Buccaneers instead of the Royals and Raiders, says if Aaron Judge’s 62 homers make him the legit single-season HR king, and reacts to the way his ‘Showtime’ book was dramatized for HBO’s ‘Winning Time’ that resulted in some ruffled feathers for Lakers legend Jerry West and others.

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Clean feel all day. This is The Rich Eisen Show. Matt Ryan, what do you think he's thinking about right now? Live from The Rich Eisen Show's studio in Los Angeles. But the major thing is the Indianapolis Colts now have a new starting quarterback.

I unfortunately think it's unfair to Matt because I don't think he was playing so bad that it was vengeful. Earlier on the show, Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett, ESPN MLB insider Jeff Passen, Pro Football Hall of Famer Brian Dawkins. Still to come. New York Times best-selling author Jeff Perlman. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Hour number three of The Rich Eisen Show is on the air. We've already had Brian Dawkins and Jeff Passen of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and ESPN respectively and hour number two talking about the big trade in the NFL yesterday. The undefeated Eagles acquiring a guy with 18 and a half sacks and Robert Quinn and yesterday from the Bears and we talked about the Eagles side of things with him and Jeff Passen previewed the World Series as well as the upcoming free agency to end all free agencies with the Yankees potentially losing their superstar record setting historic player and Aaron Judge. Hour number one we had Tyler Lockett of the four and three Seattle Seahawks on the program getting set to take on a six-and-one Giants team that sent Caderius Tony their first round selection wide receiver from Florida last year to Kansas City on a bye week. So everybody's making moves and nobody's resting like the 49ers improving their team with Christian McCaffrey and the Jets lose Breece Hall they're five and two and they're like we're going for it.

We're going to keep going. We're going to tell our locker room we're going for it. We lose Breece Hall but guess what we're flipping a draft choice for James Robinson a thousand-yard rusher from Jacksonville we're going for it and then we're going for it in Philadelphia.

Robert Quinn's coming. 18 and a half sacks putting him on that line and the question is is what happens in the locker room of the team that loses the player? Well we saw last week it doesn't mean you fold up shop. I even said you know Carolina when they're trading away Christian McCaffrey as they did to San Francisco that's the way you tank in the NFL. You don't purposely lose games by purposely fumbling the ball. You don't purposely lose games by seeing someone that you could tackle and say I'm not going to tackle that guy. You might make a business decision and not tackling that guy saying that my team's not trying hard for me. I'm not going to maybe throw my separated shoulder that I'm not telling anybody about at at somebody you know healing shoulder at somebody that that's coming at me.

I'm not doing that. You just don't give your team the bullets. You don't give your team the ammunition and then after a while the roster gets thinned and you wind up losing games if that is something that you wouldn't mind doing. That's the way that's the way it goes in the NFL. In the NBA they just tell a guy you're not dressing and put him on a on the bench in a suit or street clothes in front of the entire paying customers that are going to have to handle the tanking.

It's a different scenario but I bring this up because it ain't easy. Carolina still put its foot in the ground on game day for an interim head coach and beat Tom Brady. Sending Tom Brady into tonight's game against the Ravens in danger of falling two games under 500 for the first time in his starting career. That's never happened to Tom Brady. He was two games under 500 in his first go round as the Patriots starter but they had already lost a couple games before he started. So you can survive your team telling the locker room we're going to take somebody that you find very important that we know is very important and you might look up to as a leader and send them elsewhere and you're going to have to still win.

It's not easy. I can't imagine Carolina players were thrilled to hear Christian McCaffrey was gone. We don't know because they weren't on a podium in front of the media as Roquan Smith was yesterday when he found out that Robert Quinn was traded away and this is mind you on a Wednesday two days removed from easily the Bears biggest most impressive certainly nationally televised win they've had in a long time and this is a guy who is very prideful. This is a guy who was on our program leading into that game against New England talking about how we all know his holdout over the summer he wanted long-term money whatever the dollar figure between him and the Bears and general manager Ryan Pols who was the one who did send Quinn away whatever that number was wasn't good enough for Roquan Smith so he still said I'm gonna bet on myself and they win that game and then they're three and four they have the same record as the Packers they have the same record as the 49ers who they've beaten they have the same record as the Arizona Cardinals in the box and the Falcons I mean the Bears are not who we think they were certainly didn't look that way Monday night I mean you never know and Robert Quinn's now in Philadelphia I've never seen this man I've been at this for 20 years now at the NFL this was Roquan Smith learning it in front of everyone yesterday Robert yeah what's what do you make of Robert's time here and what do you mean yeah man sucks yeah like yeah let me take a second for a second if you don't mind yeah I have a great deal of respect for that guy you know damn crazy yeah I hope for his sake and the Bears sake that they all come to terms with him he stays there and the fourth round selection who they get for Quinn turns into a teammate that means something for them to win and Ryan polls he said it's his job to look over the steering wheel it's a general manager's job to look over the steering wheel and do what's best for the team and right now I know Bears fans might be like who's that fourth like what are we doing and they spent seven million dollars to go send them packing and that's not the fans money but I can't imagine man Roquan Smith is a baller quan rich quan he is a baller and um and he learns apparently just seconds before he goes up there that a guy who was in the trenches with figuratively obviously on Monday night football in the fog of New England winning a great game and they feeling like okay now is when we can start turning things on for us they're going to Dallas this weekend Robert Quinn it would have really been helpful to have him try and match Micah Parsons snap for snap right it's a shame he won't be there I'm sure you feel that way and then home for Miami and then at the then home for Detroit at Atlanta at the Jets home for Green Bay against their so-called owner when the owner's down and out before a buy I mean they've they got a shot here at three and four they have a shot and they're gonna have to find whatever reserve Carolina had they're gonna have to do it you have to do it because Carolina sure you can do it against Tom Brady coming off a loss in Pittsburgh with a chip on his shoulder pissed off and you went ahead and you hit him in the mouth they're gonna have to do without Robert Quinn I don't recall seeing something like that it's quite something last folk hero the life and myth of Bo Jackson a tremendous book the author Jeff Perlman's in our green room he's going to come out in a second let's take this phone call been hanging on for a while Jack in New York City you're here on the Rich Eisen show what's up Jack hey Rich how are you I'm just calling because I've been in New York for three years coming from Australia okay now I haven't been particularly motivated to pick a team from the New York or four choices and I just want to know the foreseeable future first of all there's more likely to appear in a suitable and secondly there is more likely to take years off my life for the rest of my life this is great so Jack you're from Australia and you're asking which which New York football team you should put your marker on that is most likely to win and take years off your life for not taking years off your life sorry I've got about I'm gonna make a commitment I'm gonna stick to it but uh so it's so which one's more likely to to show him fantasy glue well I mean you got to go with the Giants then because the Giants are going to be the team that that has won you know and and and and I and I don't imagine they've they've had a lot more fortune in their history than the Jets but I will make the case here that the Jets have a lot of young players and you might want to go on the ride and be there with the team that's never done it in a lifetime of probably 60 to 70 percent of their fan base right now so I'll I've laid it out for you which one would you choose yourself I'm a fan of the underdog I'm leaning jets but I think I'm gonna wait for uh wait for the Thanksgiving weekend and commit myself to the rest of my life so okay trying it out for the next month or so okay uh why can you call me call call back let's let's give you the let's give you the weeks okay call back and then we'll we'll figure it out but the Giants I think are going to have a terrific record at that point we'll see how the Jets look when they go through the bills Belichick and Buffalo um before they hit their bye week but uh I I appreciate you reaching out to this as your source Jack I appreciate that I feel welcome to go get the New York sporting knowledge and leverage bless you sir about anything every three years there you go thanks so much Jack appreciate it good luck did I did I steer him in the right direction you did the right thing I would avoid both teams but that's why I was in New York City he wants to put his marker on something my question would have been why are you going to limit yourself if you're in if you're in the state of New York you should go above New York City's in New York right Rich if you're going in the state of New York pick the one team that plays in the state the Buffalo Bills he wanted somebody in the city and I know that they're not in the city proper itself but ask the guy to your left if New Jersey's part of New York City essentially East Rutherford yeah you go to East Rutherford to hang out Mike all the time yeah okay when LT's barn grill was back there you go very good LT's barn but Rich you did you told him something true like like when I came to LA in 99 I would already kind of like the Clippers a little bit when I got here I could have jumped on that Laker bandwagon but I was like they didn't want to do that I'm gonna root for this team because if they win or when they win it's just gonna mean more now they haven't won yet but when it I mean it does happen the Giants have water skied behind yachts before yeah yeah Phil Simms' yacht Jeff Hostettler's yacht so if he picks the Jeff Hostettler's yacht is a great fantasy football name write it down they've you know so we've got two yachts you've water ski behind those yachts you know what the yank the Jets have been on a pontoon so it's like you said like you root for the Jets you're gonna have to go it's the first time they win when they finally come it's gonna uh Phil so much better I can't even imagine that they'll someday win what you can't imagine a championship I'm just saying like I don't even know what would you do I can't even fathom it would you go back for the parade you'd have to right for a jet parade the ticker tape yeah you have to go I'd probably be here you and your nephew Lee would not allow you would not allow you to come to work that day yeah you have to go to the parade with your brother you're gonna be there you're gonna stay you're gonna stay the extra couple days wherever the Super Bowl no you're gonna fly there would I would I ask for get on get on a bus should I get on a bus oh you they would have to put you on I bet Salah if Salah is the head coach and you guys he'll put you on did you hear he's he says he now laments his receipts comment he says that was out of character for him well he was just yeah I mean he was feeling it that day you know that was his version of you play to win the game pretty much that was his you play to win the game and I'm kissing Bella Chex rings you play to win the game has stood to the stats at the test of time the eye I was there to kiss Bella Chex rings not so much hello the receipts though the receipts though I like that I like that win some playoff games and the receipts will hold up oh there's this game this weekend this is a big one home dog hello who's starting for the year play to win the game there it is I was gonna ask you a question but I think I already know the answer what is it I was gonna say would you rather have michigan or jets don't go that touch but the fact that matters are you how dare you and you've got 10 teams so easy for you to say to next win a title chris chris chris how is it easier if I have 10 teams that would make it harder for me to pick no it wouldn't it makes it easier because there's not you you couldn't you you've got fallback positions you don't get so many teams and they still don't care what are we talking about nba start bench cut nbl all right start bench cut to next win a title what start bench cut the next win a title michigan jets yankees how dare you come on man stop it no play I will not play I will not play it is you're asking me to start bench cut much when someone throws a start bench cut at you you have to play that's the rule you gotta do it it's like you making me pick the cowboys record in july it's like it's like asking Jeff Perlman to choose his books well the bad guy is what all right Jeff Perlman's coming out the life and myth of Bojax and the last folk hero a page turner a great book I'm in the midst of it you should pick it up we'll talk about it with Jeff when we come back it's the Jets chris it's the Jets what's the fastest ball sport in the world not baseball not tennis it is in fact the sport of Hyli spelled j-a-i-a-l-a-i originating in the Basque region of Spain and played professionally in the US most notably in the 1980s Hyli's making an unprecedented comeback the ball reaches speeds of 150 miles an hour the action is intense and the danger factor is high six-person teams of professional athletes play the sport at the Magic City front on in 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Jackson by Jeff Perlman Jeff I am reading this book right now it is a page churner man I think it is awesome that you're writing style and and the neat thing is to uh because I know um you know I saw Bo's tweet about the book you know and you and I kind of went back and forth about it and not a negative way not like back and forth no no the back and forth between us wasn't but you know he was you know said something along the lines of you know my story is my story you'll get my story from me when not and and anybody who might read that and think that this is a book that denigrates or anything every page you could see that you you feel the same way we all do about Bo like lionizing this man's achievements now you tell about you know some warts and all as well but not a ton of warts though no just this is a fantastic book and all the stories thank you so uh out of all the stories that uh you you've told I'll go with this kind of sports talk radio question it's like which one is the one that you learned about where you're like okay I didn't know that and I can't wait to tell it in this book so I love the story when he was a junior at Auburn and they were playing baseball and it was the first night game at the University of Georgia and it was a big deal Georgia Vince Dooley's there it's a huge crowd Pepe and the whole thing and Bo Jackson playing right field for Auburn and he's getting just heckled behind the uh right field fence there's a thing called kudzu hill with all these kudzu vines and people would sit there drink beers and heckle they're berating Bo Jackson he grounds out his first at bat he goes back to the outfield berating him second at bat first night game he hits a ball that slams into the lights as a whole Hobbs it came out 39 days but this event came 39 days before the natural so he does this he hits the lights like Grey Hobbs the natural isn't even out yet he goes back to the outfield all the fans do this start bowing at him instead of booing him his next two at bat he hits two more home runs his last at bat he doubles and they boo him because he didn't deliver that he already had yeah that's the way you turn a crowd man from against you to for you and then against you again uh you know and just his his he was on this show two weeks ago and just the larger than life stuff i did ask him about the the the story you tell i believe in the forward of this book right yeah about him being on a plane with the white socks and it's going down or there's something that makes everybody think it's going down and he leaves the cockpit and most of the players thought he not only you know did he he flew the plane or he saved the plane from going down so basically it's the white socks are returning from Anaheim right uh Tim Raines looks out the window he's on the white socks and the plane is on fire and it's like holy crap the plane's on fire planes on fire everyone's freaking out guys are praying my favorite scene is Frank Thomas cocooned himself in pillows as if like if the plane was going to crash that would save him ready for the big hurt right so cockpit door opens Bo Jackson walks out guys everything's going to be okay take your seats take your seats blah blah this whole scene Joey Cora the second baseman was like it was the most courageous thing i've ever seen but then i got another story from other guys on the plane who said no no no Bo Jackson when the plane's on fire everything's the same but he runs up to the cockpit and he goes to see if he can help him right and it was the most courageous thing i've ever seen so there are these two stories of what did Bo Jackson do on this plane and it almost goes with the theme of the book which is he's so mythological and he's really Paul Bunyan and the one thing that everyone agreed upon the plane makes makes an emergency landing in Des Moines it's 3 30 in the morning players are freaked out there's a uh there's a closed kiosk with a keg with a lock on it and Bo Jackson picks up the keg takes his right hand breaks off the lock and they all drink out of the keg and the question i asked is if the kiosk was closed where did they get cups and i said that is part of the mythology of Bo Jackson it doesn't matter and that's the reason why it's called the last folk hero the life and myth of Bo Jackson is because this was all of these achievements and you explain it in a book were done at a time way before obviously you could see achievements like if Bo did it now we'd see it in the palm of his hand the minute he does it and so many of these achievements were done on film and on television or many of them took place that they weren't uh captured and so the stories are like fish stories they get larger and larger and larger or they are true and he was that large you know and it's amazing it really is that dichotomies throughout this entire book well his his just biography alone i mean when he was in high school first of all he stole 90 of 91 bases in high school it's crazy i found the catcher Sam Doss from Jess Lanier who threw him out he said i got a high fastball blah blah blah nailed him he said the next time up Bo Jackson hit a home run winked at him as he crossed home plate Bo Jackson won back to back Alabama state decathlon championships as a junior and a senior his senior year there was a mysterious i still don't know who it is mysterious guy older guy walking around with an umbrella covering him because it was raining all weekend he did the decathlon in sweatpants he didn't do the last event he was so far ahead both times he didn't have to run the 1500 because he hated the 1500 the day after winning the state decathlon and setting five individual track and field records a few weeks earlier he pitches his only game of the year from Akadori high school only game of the year strikes out 13 in a playoff game and they win it's it's a joke the whole thing's a joke and then and then tell that story about the pop-up oh tell that one they're playing Fairfield high school and i'm hearing the story Bo Jackson hit a ball so high by the time he reached third base it came down and i'm like that's bs there's no way that happened right i call one person i'm telling you i call another guy i'm telling you you need to call eddie scott he was the outfielder call eddie scott i tracked down eddie scott and um he's like i was playing left field the ball it's the highest ball i've ever seen he went on to play in college it's the highest ball i've ever seen hit i couldn't find it couldn't find it it comes down in front of me i bend down to grab it i pick it up bower's rounding third base it's the truth i mean eddie scott says it is i love this story too about when he shows up in the royals clubhouse for the first time tell that one i'm seriously i could literally but tell that story jeff parlin please this is why i don't get if bo jackson's mad because this book is just his legend i'm telling you i'm reading this book and all i keep thinking about is how amazing this all was yeah but keep going keep going yeah he he's drafted by the royals and he goes for his first time takes bp with him and he has with him a stack of glossy pictures of him with the hyzum trophy which he had just won and he signs them all unsolicited and starts putting them on the lockers and how mccray is the dh veteran he's 40 and he's following him basically taking him and ripping him up and throwing him in the air and all the royals start throwing these pictures in the air like who the hell is this guy my favorite is like george brett like a you know chest shy or cat is watching this all and he takes a bunch and he hangs him on his wall you know i mean to bet to me like bo jackson's first major league at bat he it's a white socks he's playing steve carton's pitching it was a 321 wins at that point both singles to second base beats it out 3.6 seconds is the second fastest recorded time for right-handed hitter from home to first in baseball history he did in his first at bat after the game they're like so what it means to you getting your first hit off steve carton no idea who he was just didn't know well he didn't know very much about anything because he wasn't you know attunu it also his upbringing he didn't have a lot at his disposal to learn anything and be in the pop culture no or anything of those nature of that nature and you know i'm and this one last story i ask of you and then we'll start digging a little deeper into this jeff perman the last folk hero of the life and myth of bo jackson when you're talking about speed uh tom flores didn't believe his speed either right when you've arrived with the the raiders yeah because he'd run a 413 in college and um he's with the raiders early on and flores is a coach and he has bow run a 40 on grass in pads and he does a 419 and no one believe it like nah that doesn't seem right they measure it out and he runs again and he runs a 417 in pads the guy's 35 pounds heavier than tyreek hill and tyreek hill does not run a 413 40 it's insane and he ran it in pads you weren't and some guys are faster in pads you know well he wasn't because he ran the 413 at auburn not in pads he only ran a 417 in pads on grass jesus wow he's the best athlete who's ever lived i don't care anyone says throw anyone at me i i know deon you know a guy you like him he's just a better athlete he just is well i mean it's not just that too is that he he was also bigger than anybody uh with that athletic ability as well right i mean deon said that when he approached him to try and tackle him in college he said he didn't know he was running on a grown ass man um and that he palmed his head like a prayer warrior is what he said when he was on this program and and he did we you looked up that video chris i know that posted so so and here's the amazing thing about this story as well because we could go on and on and on and you do fill your book with all of these amazing stories jeff is that he's not in either of the hall of fame halls of fame of baseball and football he's in a college football he's at well i'm talking professionally that's what i'm talking about professionally he's not in either one of these and i'm sitting here reading this book uh next to my daughter she's nine and she's doing her reading i'm doing my reading you know i'm doing my homework she's probably reading the harder books and and she's asking who's bow jackson dad you know who's bow jackson and i you know and i explained to her you know best i can as to who he is how would you explain who who he is then so i always show people who don't know who he is i showed my kids him climbing up the wall in kansas city yes and i'm like because my son and i had this debate what's the greatest bow jackson play and i'm like there have been other great throws there have been amazing runs there's never ever ever been a guy recorded running up the wall across the wall down the wall never it is ridiculous the day after that happened all these baseball players throughout the majors were trying to do it during batting practice and couldn't do it nobody can do that i never say that's a great he is just the superlative athlete of all time the greatest physical specimen of all time take jim thorpe take dante whoever he's the greatest and i think he's worth knowing about it's due well and the reason why maybe like i said we don't know about is you can go to cooperstown and i imagine there may be some of his baubles in cooperstown from some of his achievements right and and i've been to the pro football hall of fame i i don't know if there's um anything in there about bow jackson i don't even think there's like a Bosworth exhibit for that moment you know even though that is truly one of the more seminal moments you can't tell the history of the nfl even without that moment him running out of a tunnel all of that business um so is it because he got hurt yeah that's essentially it it doesn't have the numbers what if he didn't get hurt jeff so if he did not get hurt on that day he was only going to play one year one more year of football um i heard on your show he said he was planning on retiring at the end of the year at the time he actually said he was going to play one more year and then retire and i think he wrote about that in his book too you might have been confused by that um if he had played a 12-year football career he's jim brown he's eric dickerson he's walter paden he's at that level i think the interesting thing is if he never played football and he devoted himself to the major leagues exclusively he had mike trout mickey mantle talent he really did he was a raw raw player his routes were not good he didn't move runners over he didn't really know how to read pictures if he had devoted himself full-time and hadn't been using his off seasons in baseball uh for football i think he's one of the handful of absolute greatest players of all time and um do you think he would have done that had he not gotten hurt and gotten out of football and had the ability still what do you think his baseball skills were significantly diminished by that injury in football i think his baseball skills he missed a window where he should have been developed if he wanted that yes we should have been developing his skills by playing instructional league by going to play in the dominican uh you know he he didn't have that period he was so raw he didn't even play one full season of minor league baseball he jumps up to the royals he didn't really know it was all instinctive and he had these moments i think he really needed the early he should have been in the minor leagues longer truth of the matter is he should have started in a ball he should have gone up graduating he should have had two years in the minors and i think you would have seen this majestic ball player and and talking about paths not taken as well jeff prohman here on the rich isn't sure last folk hero um technically obviously there's a lot that went into the reason why not he could have been with the yankees and the buccaneers right yep can walk me through those stories if you don't mind it's pretty awesome so he's a high school senior in the yankees draft him in the second round and they had a scout named gus palouse who was all over bojax and this guy's gonna be amazing blah blah blah they draft him the second round they can't get into contact with him they literally can't get in contact with him they call multiple times nothing they knock on the door no one answers they send an intermediary nothing they reach out to his high school coach terry brazil and they say we want to fly you and bow so coach and bow to yankees stadium for yankees red socks well yankees red socks meant nothing to bojax and going to new york meant nothing to bojax and he only left the state one time to go to six flags in atlanta it's the only time he left alabama at that point he was being guarded by alburn heavily alburn was definitely cocooning him to make sure he goes to college and he also his mom really wanted him to go to a four-year university would have been the first in his family to go and he just the guy gus palouse once said i've never he's like i've never had this happen before where he drafts someone in the second round we want to pay them a lot of money and they just ignore me the new york yankees in new york yankees because they don't so um wow then he's drafted uh first in the 86 draft by the tampa bay buccaneers now when bow is a senior playing baseball at alburn the buccaneers u clover house was the owner flew bow to tampa for a physical before the draft and he was under the impression bow was that it was all cleared by the scc because at the time the scc had a rule where you could not go pro in one sport stay amateur in the other most of america did the scc was very strict about that he flies the tampa how barrett is a baseball coach at alburn great guy and um he has a player he's like where's bow and the guy goes yeah bow i think bow flew to tampa to get a physical with the buccaneers now bear's like what he's like yeah he flew to tampa so he lost his eligibility now the buccaneers like he makes it clear don't draft me just by merely taking the physical yes by going taking the flight by taking the flight he lost it it's ridiculous all these players are getting paid it is such a joke it hurts my heart it is so ridiculous and it's like some stickler the scc commissioner at the time you know all these guys are getting paid you know about the handshakes between boosters you know about their selling their own tickets for thousands and it's the biggest bs nonsense it costs one of 10 single mom just wanted to finish up in college yeah it's one of the biggest a-hole moves of all time truly yeah so the buccaneers i can say a-hole right yeah you just did it twice um the buccaneers so he blames the buccaneers and he blames the guy who he had working for him as his kind of agent which he shouldn't have either he uh but the buccaneers still draft him this is one of my favorite things of all time steve young who's one of my favorite people on the planet yes it's the best the buccaneers draft him bows agents say you should still go to tampa and meet with him so go as a tampa and you call her house the owner says uh ask steve young who was a quarterback at the time there will you come to dinner with me and bow we're gonna take bow out for dinner and talk to him about the buccaneers so uh they go out to dinner and call her house is like i'm gonna leave you two for a little bit you know gets up bow leans over to steve young and says uh steve there's no f-ing way i'm signing with this team just so you know and young is like okay my work is done here they also like he went fishing with a bunch of guys ate a linebacker scott brandley yeah and the same thing they're like we would love to play with you but you don't want to be on this team you just you don't want to be here this is a freaking mess oh yeah so he just and he was very sad bow was very how bared said this to me he's like he told you something he was going to keep his word he said he's not going to tampa bay he didn't and then the royals took a fourth round pick on him the the line from art stewart who was a scouting director they didn't do first round didn't do second didn't do third he said if we use a fourth round pick and he doesn't sign our franchise isn't going to collapse he's a fourth round pick on him well the beautiful thing about this book jeff is so many i've done this so many different times with so many authors and they're like well you got to buy the book to hear those stories you you're on well you're not just free with these stories and to tell them and you tell them so well because you're so researched and you're so buttoned up but i'm telling you i'm in the middle of this book you haven't barely you haven't even scratched the surface of the number of stories every story you've told there are so many more in this book and they're told so well and and clearly with reverence for the subject matter everyone should get the last folk hero the life and myth uh of bow jackson by jeff prohman i'd like to take a break come back and ask you uh about winning time i mean i wore a suit you wore a suit i brought my mom's tie you brought your mom's tie i'm gonna go official i did the i did the the fat knot i'm gonna do a different one i mean this is this is literally you know uh john prohman made that no no curtain material okay very good i gotta i gotta i'll redo this tie here it's from the john i want to ask you since you know you brought you his bonds book right did you know bugging me for it okay very good i want to ask you about the the erin judge uh uh home run chase and all that great but okay uh jeff prohman is here on the rich eisen show i wouldn't move some more great stories to come great book amazing book you should go get we're back with jeff and 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housing lender qualifying members who purchase mortgage applications after september 16th may receive up to a thousand dollars towards actual closing costs applied at closing with no cash back and subject to loan program maximum contribution limits terms subject to change ask your loan officer for details navy federal credit union our members are the mission still a little bit more with jeff perleman whose latest book the last folk hero the life and myth of bow jackson you should go get um you've got that book right there chris uh well you've got uh love me hate me the barry bond's autobiography the uh biography that jeff wrote what was your take on the uh the aaron judge home run chase and uh whether it was the legit most legit single season home run campaign in the history of major league baseball i mean i guess it was i mean i hate to say i hate to be this guy but it's like go for it sure you wrote the book on yeah i know but i'm always like covering baseball during that period just made me a skeptic and guarded about being like this is amazing like i'm always skeptical of everyone i really am now and i'm hopefully is that a john rocker thing deep down it's a john rocker i really don't rocker i don't think anybody is skeptic but i asked him about his bar mitzvah and he's like i don't know what you're talking about i am right i just don't i hope it's legit i do and i'm not i have no reason to think it's not but i just don't look at fernando tatis i thought he was legit right oh so you're looking through it is like we don't know about judge yet either we don't we don't know about anyone anymore so and i um the other thing is having cover baseball at that time period like they ruined this this is a repercussions of all they did this is repercussions of not paying attention of looking the other way of turning the other cheek of not coming down on ballplayers of the union not insisting on testing i was saying if anybody wants to blame anybody right now you blame bud seelig who's in the hall of fame and and donald fear who is in charge of the players association at the time yep and you know i i feel i'm so conflicted because i was sitting on sports center doing all those home run highlights and the chick dig the long ball was in the commercial breaks you know and so i was part and parcel of this whole thing but i'm you know a 26 27 28 year old guy i'm not going to say you know what the hell's going on with their trapezoidal heads and things of that nature and bondsman when he came up he he was rail thin when you know jim lealins barking at him in spring training as a pittsburgh pirate he was one of the best baseball players then as well his head literally grew his head literally grew as an adult which is impossible without growth or so so you you you obviously wrote the book and so knowing if what we you know about bonds and thinking what we know about judge let's put it that way i hope he's clean i believe let's just say he is clean do you think it is the it is the most it is the the home run single season home run achievement and major league baseball yes i do i do i do i but i do think baseball when everyone was like baseball's back those guys save baseball it was like a band-aid on a flesh one like yeah you saved it for a brief period of time but you ruined the record book forever and the record book there was a day we sound like old people saying this or i do true when 755 like mattered yes when 61 mattered and this erin judge record is cool but does it really matter in the same way those records mattered no jeff palman here on the rich isen show um winning time that's why i wore the suit yes you wore the suit congratulations on that thanks um jerry west is a very unhappy individual right i mean so what do you say to anybody who feels that their their story has been um dramatized through your book i mean i would say your story has been dramatized through my book like it actually has been it is a dramatic series it's not a documentary um i 100 percent always understand why someone like jerry west or magic johnson or cream or mark lansburg or whoever watches a show and says wait that wasn't that's not exact that's not blah blah blah i get it like i totally get it i don't i'm not a tv writer i write books right but it is what the medium is like rudy is not 100 to the rudy story and friday night is not buzz bissinger's book and who's you know across the board yes they take flourishes that is the medium and if you have an issue with the medium it's about it's honestly it's just above my pay grade i love the show i've loved everything about the experience truly but i get it i actually get it i get if you're jerry weston you're annoyed by this right i think the depiction is really good i think jason clark is brilliant i think if you read jerry west's autobiography which is one of the best sports books ever it's sort of true to the torture and tormented soul that he was but i do understand why i get it like i totally get it because at the end of this at the end of season one jerry west is portrayed as the keeper of the flame the guardian of of all things lakers you know so by the end of season one he's a hero if he's still watching you know i and i thought so uh and and john c riley's portrayal of jerry bust is that spot on or is that or is that a little bit of even genie who was kind of not so thrilled by the show yes raved about john c riley i mean i mean to me john c riley spot on quincy isaiah's magic is one of the great revelations of sports tv i don't know yes and uh solomon uses kareem brilliant i had him here he was great uh he's the best chickless as uh red arbok great and to me the one fantastic the one who deserves like huge props and has kind of flown under the radar and just had a baby is shawn patrick small plays larry bird and he actually was he got the part because bow burnham turned it down and i think shawn as bird doesn't pitch perfect nails it right truly nails it in a way is my favorite character in the whole thing and uh a adrian brody playing oh yeah pat riley and at one point you know he has he's going through his trials and tribulations he's at a sink and then he takes his his you know he's wet wetting his face then he throws it in his hair and for a quick second you see the slick back look yeah of the riley to come i love that yeah that was really well done so what's the next season going to be about do you think you must know so i can tell you tell me about hollywood reporter is is reporting that a certain nerdy but well-dressed journalist will be playing a journalist in an episode is that right i can't confirm or deny but i can confirm okay that's kind of cool it's about time you know come on you would have seen the back of my head in the pilot episode i was there okay very good um i know you know it kind of goes along with i believe the next two seasons yes and um the sort of transition from westhead to riley and the full blooming of pat riley as an mba coach and i think that really takes center stage they've been they're filming it's coming out next summer it looks i've been reading the scripts scripts are not just saying this i wouldn't say anything the scripts are insanely good and like i mean for me it's it's all gravy it's like the greatest thing ever well i mean to see your book um become a series like this and it's such a hit series i thought it got snubbed obviously when it comes to emmys i've i really truly enjoyed it uh there were some laugh out loud moments my favorite line of the entire first season i think was when john c riley as jerry boss is sitting down with uh jason clark as uh jerry west and he's asking west about what he should do with his head coaching position okay and by the way and tracy let's as uh jack mckinnon phenomenal just great i mean what an incredible cast and so he's asking what should i do should i stay with westhead or should i go back to mckinnon now that he's healthy enough to come back what should i do and jerry west is like i'm not telling you because you know either way you know i could get screwed whether it works or not and he said come on jerry i'm asking everyone i'm asking my priest even and the answer coming back is don't ask him he's probably a celtic fan made me laugh out loud and i was watching on a plane at like 35 000 feet people are turning around what a brilliant line that was man i like um in in the first episode i love like little subtle things yes i like how in the first episode jerry west has his conniption on the golf course and he's walking off and he just goes i broke my shaft padre and he's like i just love the little subtle stuff yeah i'm sure and again i'm sure those are the moments of jerry west talking about you know his his flashes of anger you know they're legit i mean there's not he was a combustible highly strong couldn't watch his team very billy beanish right can't watch the team walk around walk around and i find i do i again i wouldn't say this but like i just find his character really endearing and really like he desperately wanted to win it meant everything to him this is showing how badly he wanted to win i also understand why it's weird to watch a tv show with a guy named jerry west based on you playing you and you don't agree with it all i get it did magic really have to bring orange juice in a newspaper to kareem every day hundred percent every day and he kept he brought the wrong paper wrong paper wrong paper and then he finally brought in the new york times and creams like that's a real newspaper that's the way it would and the juice was fine though every single time basically i don't remember he definitely brought him juice every day this is the greatest fantastic fantastic well congrats on the book i mean this bow jackson book is just uh phenomenal and um you haven't heard from him right you didn't hear you haven't heard from him at all i have not and you did reach out to try and get him to of course to do i talked to him on the phone for a half hour you did when i was first working on the book i sent him a copy of my books with a note and he called me and he was great and we talked for a half hour he was going to get his wife a chopped salad he was driving he called me from the car he basically was like i don't i don't have a problem with you writing it like he said i don't care that you're doing or i don't mind that you're doing it i just get asked all the time i'm not going to help and um he talked about dick shappe who wrote you know there's an autobiography bono's but i don't know how i told you this yeah that you found a whole bunch of uh like hours upon hours of interviews but dick shappe wrote bono's bow with bow jackson came out in 1990 and dick shappe left all his audio tapes all the transcripted uh all transcribed by a young jeremy shappe in the auburn gave it to the auburn library so i'm researching bow says no but then i'm reading 300 400 pages much of it never used before from the dick shappe interview sessions when bow is 28 years old total page churner man and i know some of this stuff is coming too which is the ultimate compliment i think i like i like i said i can't rave enough and this is a great book you're in the middle of reading it i am tj you're gonna start reading it and mike del tufo is gonna learn how to read just to pick up the book we also learned today that tj has a large stash of playboy all right i want to thank uh my guest today you jeff prohman thanks joe i want to thank brian dawkins and i want to thank uh my other guests uh joe hayden and absent cutcher on tomorrow's show we'll be back on roku to wrap this up it could be information to change your life forever or the something you should know podcast could just be something interesting ramit sadhi talking about being rich the old definition of rich had a lot to do with how much money you accumulated but it wasn't about how to spend it it was more about how to get it but okay so once you get it what do you do with it in our culture everybody tells you how to save but nobody teaches you how to spend it something you should know wherever you listen
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