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REShow: Chris Long - Hour 2 (10-3-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 3, 2022 3:06 pm

REShow: Chris Long - Hour 2 (10-3-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 3, 2022 3:06 pm

‘The Green Light’ podcast host and 2-time Super Bowl champion Chris Long and Rich break down the Chiefs’ offense taking it to a previously stout Buccaneers’ defense, debate John Harbaugh’s controversial choice to go for a touchdown instead of a gimme FG in the Ravens loss to the Buffalo Bills, weighs in on the potential QB controversies on the Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys, and reacts to Doug Pederson’s return to Philadelphia in Week 4 and says what kind of impact he’s had on the Jacksonville Jaguars this season.

Rich lists his ‘Top 5 Surprises’ from the NFL season so far including the Seattle Seahawks, Miami Dolphins, Atlanta Falcons, NFC East and AFC West, weighs in on Baker Mayfield’s shaky job security in Carolina and on Panthers’ HC Matt Rhule being rumored for the Wisconsin head coaching job with leads to some random boasting about his unbeaten Michigan Wolverines.

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The Rich Eisen Show
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The Rich Eisen Show
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The Rich Eisen Show
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Who's got final. Usually it is the rich eyes and show two times Champion Chris Briere. Your phone calls more birds, the rickshaws and show is on the riches numbers looked on as you want real interaction.

That means fans want to talk to awesome.

We deftly want talk to you on the Roku channel channel to time your live here now if you're watching one of the readers. I'm sorry to say the word love what it says replay in the top corner about trying to throw you off.

It's not a little okey-doke just toss rearing all the time on the Roku channel channel 210.

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There are podcast subscribers as well as our YouTube page and show for all of that so much going on in the NFL. There's a lot of injury news to get to. We will get to that this hour the same thing with my top five surprises of the 2022 season Albert Greer joined us in our number three and that's what they do overreaction Monday with Chris Brock from the always popular holiday segment right now with Chris Brockman and Michael to form their posts, as well as my friend TJ Jefferson sitting in his spot as rounds. It's now time for our regular Monday guest. He is the host of the green light podcast is a two-time Super Bowl champ back on the Mercedes-Benz man's farm on our front. Chris Long is here how you doing Chris I am doing well. I tell you didn't get much cardio in until I watch the Chiefs last night that got my heart race going what what you think of when you watch and offense operate like that against the number one scoring defense like they did on Sunday night.

Chris I think you read whatever was suitable and waiting and waiting and waiting to have a top-of-the-line rollout talk about.

I don't know about the right thing to do, like a grudge old guy could not wait to play, Brady you love and respect for God, but spot between seven and so you felt pretty good about dictating what. Quite frankly, some of them for this year and choose a really good job automatic write down all work a lot more seamlessly 15 real well. Retooled pretty quickly locked the couple of the guys off that Super Bowl reshuffle a lot of, but are playing well apart. You look at all of the different people as you mentioned who did contributes to the Chiefs yesterday and Isaiah Pacheco, their seventh round pick out of Rutgers looking looking like Zeke Elliott. Sometimes you know he was being held. How the hell did we miss this guy freezing but so so when you put it all together. You're always attuned to the narrative that the Chiefs Ms. Tyree killed in the last two weeks supposedly were exhibits a and B about that and we see last night so is this the Chiefs offense. You think you're going to see more often than not, the rest of the year getting better. I don't overreact to go cold so we do the right load that dominate the card you know people who are not really, not like a big deal by their standard in production over the next couple weeks. And lastly, I think this is going to be a work in progress but the copy talk like metaphorically like what they can get an offense and put up when there there there top end speed is filled with a different way you look it Tyree. I think a big difference that he would make a lot of more jet suites explosives in the writing played in the London honestly I think ironically are what they did mix a little bit without him so you and read letter top five offense. Without that, that's not that's not like you know what I really expected like you got home and we know what the problem is we have an entire lawsuit or part of an off evening to diagnose and make the situation better than on the flipside, your former Super Bowl teammate Tommy what you think when he's waking up lease looks at the ceiling for the first time other than wondering you know what smoothies can have for the rest of what is what you think he's thinking this morning. I don't think you think I might get me out of here, but I do think that like you know the different what you had talked about and now it's strikingly different in the Roster quality often noted yet we talk about that the guided better and keep you garlic Engagement. It showed up again and again the first couple games you're my Kevin can do everything himself incredible ballplayer, but you know you gotta have God go to be healthy.

You know Julio grade and Julio stay healthy and engage with Lincoln around a lot by low back guy won't linger out of the heat coming off an ACL. I would talk about great good clarity got tight and get a blog you don't have God in my letter off of the line been so your Brady you thought on need scripts last night.

He is on the sideline and lipstick a sand and heat okay we got this guy open like it shipped a frustrating time for him. You know I got. I feel like in his competitive mind you feel like we we can still be great or perfect.

And he likes to pursue that perfection both of you are with this man. I had the underweight, total six on the box you know and I can't say that that the struggle offensively surprised me the date they have to play better because the only way to make a deep playoff run is going to be winning those games, you know, 24, 20.27 24 something like that, like those attached ballgames and beer They can't let alone kick the door down.

Expect when a shootout salon here on the rich eyes and show some ways to go with you on the ravens and bills game, but I'll go with you all through this door.

Marcus peters being very upset with John Harbaugh after hardball went for it on fourth and goal. Rather than kicking a field goal and leaving it up to the defense wanted you think of when you saw that Chris Long, I'm fine with you I really checked the temperature of the room see what most people think about. I think you know I think the ease with which the ball down the field to build and then they close down to calculable, but they would score touchdown and if you watch the ratings for this year.

You know that secondary had trouble once a two minute call with Miami that sort of thing in two minute pretty much sold not to get a good year and softer coverage you have to defend the team got a lot of ground make up and build the bills went down in and is some pretty quick so I got no problem with it. I think if you if they make that play. Everybody says what a genius. Harbaugh is everybody going to be role okay you let that thing go that the only problem I have with Miami Buffalo game a week or two ago is when Buffalo kinda laid up a little bit. Ensure that my havoc on the crime tried to score touchdown you ended up with the butt, but right that's what you want out of a portly goal to go right if you don't get it. I would've felt great even with the struggle of the Baltimore said defensively. On the one so a lot of people are talking about a Mart you want to throw back the ethical level you like.

The only thing I wish that was a quicker touchback and less somebody was wide open mouth play.

I think it's ridiculous to put that on the more like you call that play great what you would on and were great he would turn around only and breaking the other way. It comes back and makes a great place I can pick the game you really have to have that. So I have no problem with that and I think the play the game for the bills rather was blowing up that second downplay your noble birthday knock it down to wanted to give you a chance to put up a goal line stand that second downplay number 93 to credit you get so little credit that I get to work again today. A lot of that all the credit on that PFL. He played great.

Edmund was really acting for This kid swing the cockle loads up the card and the pole in this book come from lotto stop that they can kill a little red blown possession and it did so, that would be huge go line. The only problem I want to mark their market in the red number 14 three early in the game to get Andrews in the corner and he's okay Margaret, I've got 21.

I don't know you know I don't know if Buffalo can get back in the game so that that would find one you really want back I thought Lamar place on an article about the topic back so we'll see what know Russian is facing into the wide open receiver on the fourth and goal and an end. You're right, like you know how Something to talk about a genius.

John Harbaugh's the same way that were talking about what a genius Brian table was to go for two in week one and look at the Giants right there 31 right now I really changed everything.

But you know I think some ravens fans would say that the game that the play that changed everything was the roughing the passer call on Brandon's back because I was terrible and I mean like these things should be reviewable, I think, certainly, you know, 345 Park Ave. in the in the NFL officiating center should be at least chiming in on that Hawkeye system on and off. That's it that's allowable yet like the Coptic, this committee is a reach that but I mean I'm sure those flags before it's it's terrible. Just after turning the call is made so you know, at the very least get another chance. Thank you not drafted a converted you like I don't know. I think that they have to be a review I reviewed our outflowing again, these are so obvious.

Some of these are so obvious to me that if there's somebody watching a tight shot of the game before you can announce what the penalty is. You can pick it up Chris there also doing the answer for change of possession. You know like yeah ruling on the field was a fumble suddenly isn't no second down and you like what I get to see her viewed it in the like that there can be that quick and I think they should do that for roughing the passer and what's like the most frustrating, but what's that conversation like between you and the official after a moment like that mean what is so frustrated and nothing you can say to you so final in your look like you did what you like. You want to be there when he watched want to see how he screwed the game up you know the name you want to be over shoulder little tiny TV that he goes through the watches replace so you can tell him to his faith that he blew the game for your team, but the reality like your pastors are to be protected, and there deftly can be protected in the wake of everything you say with a head injury earlier this year like them to. Another thing so you know it's it's part of the deal. But I wish they had a mechanism or chart. Chris Long here on the rich ice shelf units left with the greenlight podcast host here on the rich eyes and show what's going on in the stealers locker room right now you think with simplicity getting benched and picket came in through an interception but definitely gave the burst. What you think is going on that locker room right now. I think I think that will I think this is the sum some talented players and the frustrating thing is, for whatever reason would match it just didn't feel like they got up to the top speed and you know II think they didn't help this kid with some of the drops of the last couple weeks by their just not explosive with the guy looked like pickets could be you know 50 yards down the field all day to be a lot of thinking and talking but you know the first to go brother and struggling it and I think it's reasonable to say that that wasn't a terrible grower maybe should have been intercepted make a little bit more competitive play on the football. I think you could give them a spark. I was wrong. I thought you would be able to hold on longer and Pittsburgh but nothing you can't go back now, but it's really hard to go back and help you close on that stuff up there and maybe then, is there any like a number two quarterback. Thank you for you know, but there's no rhyme to stage nobody got you have the top and kind of production of Orion Fitzpatrick you got a got to game managers, one younger ceiling so changed and Jerry Jones said to rush a political controversy on my plate is now three and no I still don't think that that there's a quarterback controversy there what you what you think I could be wrong.

I can only tell you what I do about Jerry. I give the guy been wildly productive for you and been through a lot a chance to come back and show that he can master barrages production really think about electric productions is not winning games. Brett became going well with backup come to the game. People elevate their level play.

It's like you without even knowing you know will overcompensate for each other off until the competent defense of line blocking will be better. The low titer. Could you maybe don't have that explosive offense thing is the cat was getting healthier outside right so going back.

It I hope to give him a fair shake. I don't know what it would you think there's a controversy in New England. There is athletes exactly the Joneses and until next week. That sappy skinned man I think so either.

Come on, that's all. By the way, I will shut our get John Gary risking God.

He was great many yeah but all but like happy man so deep it releases really long year like the ball does pickets I can get there on the pilot on the kid with Brian Boyer that they were efficient early not game like where was thinking. I think Bill had a great game plan that was going on a wire, no matter what, so I will be an interesting blog about thinking yesterday for me to build this plan little big personnel like 20, but wouldn't you run the ball obnoxiously and lifted it and big soft and the doctors up a little bit. They were able to hang in there was more soft and the lines defense right now that's next pharmacies good ceiling Western Kentucky action against the defenses given up 50 you know, so I feel bad I feel bad that we would talk about this man. Try to think back to the last team that was so prolific.

Alternatively, and so bad defensively. I was thinking about the faith, 2012 number one stage of the DC in New Orleans and neurotic throughput of big numbers but that payment of seven and I mostly got a real good one. Area 79 are now would be in town the whatever God's call for me know.

But it is you end up in the middle and I think for Detroit if you could hear ceiling to be at just under 500 can you would like to take great steps right but I think the topping of the dandelion services that they're actually pretty capable and so now we want more right and and I think that's tough for them, and they played themselves in the situation whether standard is higher than it is now seven), 89, Detroit Lions what it sounded pretty palatable to somebody living in Detroit this year but not the way they are losing games manage frustrating 45.7 Derek Joe golf let offense like their legit offense. We would not wood but got down yesterday.

Last one for Chris Long last one for you. What you think when you saw Jason Kelsey asked Doug Peterson for his rain jacket or Hernandez that I mean a jersey slicker exchange. What would you say that that warmed my heart rate, you will be all your discount of the affected dog hat on our team than you think. You can see the effect that objects will they jump Phil yesterday and finished turnover stuff dried up and I next went the other way.

So you know God coming back home I was out there rich I was always after the game. The dog briefly in China like the reception he got really raining that day and Phil yesterday got you went but you know like dog get hugs from all the players.

It was awesome first city that you can a lot of spectrograph. The question you can see that and you're right that Jacksonville came in and jumped him but they also jammed 200 rushing yards down 11 of the best stout young defensive L'Enfant 717 weren't were were were entering the there really legit realm for the legals right now. When you write a really good there really can be a logical way Help working out the and it's raining like sideways man. It was cold. It was raining and you're thinking I've got the blood date they just got the game plan and that we have off of the line like that. I don't think the guy get enough credit union.

Elaine Jahnke got the top hundred this year.

Whatever that's worth.

A guy get a block in the NFL know not saying that this young. Tribal walkers top cop by rushing it up though but he did a really nice job on him yesterday.

They had surrendered up on Jordan left again, better lease so they just they just seem to just Outland is good awkward lie because there's only and do a great job with the Eagles window I thought was close like it was close. Rich like to change quarterbacks like the whole thing off of the line you bunch of pieces change the personalities team training coaching is open again. And guess what they got New Orleans pick like so and that keeps get better. I mean it.

This is a team that when you look at them on paper you're like Bradberry quite well radically while all these guys you bring in rich new faces you looking to stain how I got a mini All-Star team and you say like there's no way the teams going to be good next year right there not set up for the long haul. They probably burned a bunch of drab capital. That's one thing that stuck the landing on the study.

Feel so I really download so who's on the plot this week. Chris finally asked Bob Miller tomorrow so you know I like him I don't like people on our plate, they lose so you can say I noticed you didn't appear sure you want to come on this week and get all I have. People have to live that stuck something or bunch of time.

So when you be here and Joseph R. Miller and then proceed on Friday and the thing and disrupting public Kyle and, Carlos Makin as well so you will always love you want your great without a suggestion about I'll get you one should as long Miller fees ever had a coach that came up to them. After the games and look we we we could've kicked a field goal, but it's a 4% better chance of winning if we get the touchdown and see how that worked. Is that several happened to Bob Miller well I don't know man I Margaret peters was upset but I didn't mind maps can help if we can feel the we get a 69.3% chance of winning and then you know but I just don't know how that works is I don't know how to you analytics are great but context matters right, of course, no one knows it didn't seem very I got your so Chris, thanks for call brother as always, love, love having you on Mondays. Thank you.

Richard You at Joel 91 on Twitter at LaFlamme LeBlanc, a 95 on IG course get the green light podcast were all podcasts required with personal you can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on Westwood One by Westwood One station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One sports. If it's the NFL. It's on Westwood One when we come back 844204 rich number to dial top five surprises of the season so far and something time injury news that will no doubt affect your fantasy team and real teams. That's when we come back 2000 2008 2022. When it comes to the economy. Those are some scary crash, housing crash and the roller coaster were kinda going through right now. One thing is certain. It's a dangerous time to not know your numbers but over 31,000 businesses have the confidence and clarity they need because they rely on NetSuite by Oracle number one cloud financial system.

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I thought I would be celebrating taken legal the brain that made you happy with no gay rights.

Talk about being my man is flanking here blank their marketing down the field. I loved it. How where all its inability short robust wing Pat boring stuff. That's what the coach said lets you play born there got there man he making these may please the fourth quarter. Here we go, and just generally we don't resolve to get the ball more. Now I think in the young kids are good and they rearrange are often sublimely put Darren Tucker out at left tackle and leap. I worked out. It worked. I know little thinking making Sanchez Sanchez is very good when taking into that person on whom I am okay Alex didn't hang in there with your mess.

Since the loss of seasoning and all the hundred when team here is what TJ I'm like I told Mr. Cooper last night. He's interested in the source stuff. Even though he roots the property or team. The household, while on one season.

On one hand on one hand you're now in a wildcard round against the San Diego Padres and then if you win that you take on the Dodgers all or nothing on your own. You don't put anything on the line you watch everybody else play, but the Dodgers and you get your pitching all settled.

The everybody all healthy best you can and you play the winner of what that Philadelphia and St. Louis and at all to be in the road team in Los Angeles. It's a big difference pretty big difference. It's all right it's all right there still dates of the buck, and I think that's when you really see it like a grommet show. People like the Braves are an exceptionally good base mapping to the defending champion was not there also were like 75 and 30 something in their last 100 plots of mass and then when I got an insane clip met some still 9900 when bulk of the Braves are just a phenomenal man. I don't think the bread the Mets choked him and they have 98 wins.

I know most of the brain The first place. For much of the season and all I hear the trumpet separates from all my friends were texting me is to be trumpets that Garfield you have a baseball fan applicant's murder in the play the Mets all all take the Yankees because were at least in the second round of the playoffs. Next you are you anxious winner. As you might want to sell those chemical. This is one which I don't like is the rich I don't.

I want this Rick I want what is peaceful what is the same things. My chest these days which you normally like this particular case because it's a better record than I need NFL films musically NFL films is just getting in the mood here just to give you some photos music because we're at the corner post point of the NFL season.

I got a top five list top five surprises. The most surprising aspects of this 2022 season. At this point in time.

Number five on this list of the most surprising aspect most surprising aspect of this season to this point. Carol's kids are all right how about that time I tell all those kids are all right for the Seahawks are not, there is kids are all right going to be the first place in the division and hold on Gino's's cooking is as is 27.3% completion Louisiana power is marked for games among quarterbacks of at least 125 passing attempts ever in Mershon is running the ball and in Detroit yesterday zero sacks of genome 40 points about them apples to into Seattle Seahawks that is a surprise. You certainly didn't see a sermon on the clock right now out for a considerable amount of time on Adams to into number four on this list to into team surprises. How about second-place Atlanta Falcons, Cordero Patterson on the shelf now for the next four games. The IR him today after he had a surgical procedure this very morning after the win over the Cleveland Browns yesterday. They took the two-headed rushing monster of the Cleveland Browns and said okay Mitch thanks for coming back to the state of Georgia but here comes a bunch of guys you never and Arthur Smith's team is to into that's good enough for second-place saints in the Panthers are looking up at the Falcons right now. Nobody I thought Desmond Ritter would be the first guy in as a rookie and Kenny pickets already beaten Desmond Ritter to that door seen him by just barely zapping the everybody.

Long story short, fountains are pretty damn good position right now to into same records the box. Talk about surprises. That's one) first places online next week. The Falcons, when I came.

That's number formulas number three on the list.

Kansas City fans would say wiser surprising, but the rest of the football world said AFC West was going to be the toughest division. We maybe had ever seen any AFC West is not what we thought it was. That's number three on the list. Now that intensity things will be like well yeah it's exactly the way it's been last six years. Everyone else calls us daddy, but that's not the way this thing was all drawn up was post to Ms. Tyree Kaelin. I thought the raiders had a chance to win the division and there to back and do take on the chief next week and they can take a nice step forward in on Monday night.

Week five finale to try and make it a bit of a race but no II guess the Chargers you can say are our in this mix and the Broncos are despite wanting Williams now being out for the rest of the season but this doesn't look like toughest division in football that's going to threaten the Chiefs.

Six straight division wins right now that's kind of a surprise.

I think after we talked about AFC West all off-season long. Number two, the second most surprising aspect of the season through four weeks, say hi register the best division for the only were undefeated remaining team through four weeks is inherently and the New York Giants at three and one the Packers and surviving against the patriots yesterday kept them above 500 and is the Giants now had to London along with the Packers, the 32nd London game in the history of the NFL. It's the first one, featuring both teams having winning record speak of the Giants are three and one going into the Cowboys lose that Prescott and Mayor Lawson, Cuba, Russia one BP so I'll say it again, despite the commander shown up and still is looking uniforms and Carson went looking like that] they sent banished to DC SES is best division football and number one on this list. The most surprising aspect to me what he thought it could be possible. I gas with the additions I gas with a new head coach was kind of a mad scientist. I guess number one. The most surprising aspect in my estimation to the first four weeks. This NFL season is the Miami Dolphins can win it all. Now I know to got all banged up and he is in fact been announced that he is out for next week against the Jets and it will be Teddy Bridgewater against the Jets, but when this offense is cooking and two outlooks. The way that he looked and I think Teddy Bridgewater will be able to sling it and may have a tremendous opportunity once again in front of him. That defense is no joke in this coaching get these guys open and in my estimation there only one up on the bills and they have that in their back pocket all the way to week 15 pages can win as many games as the bills were play a lot of games at home bills at 313 road games very tough road games that they've negotiated with only one loss in those three games.

I think the Dolphins can have a chance to win this conference and have a chance to maybe when it all if they can put up points like they have and play defense like they have noticed my list of the five most surprising aspect to four weeks. Let's take a break more phone calls we come back to college football is crashing to the professional world will talk about what's going on in college football, a Wisconsin opening is created some rumbles halfway across the country. That's next here on the rich doesn't show on the Roku channel and more like what I was just rejoining his own eyes respirator out that we dissemble arming our phone lines are are I know there lit but that was on fire fighters Mayor John Harbaugh replaced him with Rex from Manhasset appears a Baker Mayfield's starting careers in the crossroads.

If Sam Donald's high ankle sprain wasn't so damn severe and high he would be eligible return from injured reserve this week and had some very interesting choices to Matt rules mix but apparently according to Adam Shafter that he's not ready to come off of IR Baker Mayfield nine tipped passes yesterday two of them were turnovers one off of JJ Watts hands wound up in being an interception and then another one on fourth and one was a turnover on downs and it did not look pretty yesterday as Arizona once again comes I guess it's two choices for Arizona get blown out at home or get blown out or fall down on the road and then come back and when there to into only two home now chewing on the road, they came back from 20 nothing down in Vegas to win, and yesterday was 10 free and they scored 23 unanswered on Carolyn and looks pretty damn ugly in their blowing and Carolina and takers one and three seem to figure this thing out. And if your Carolina finger like okay really because I so homes look like last night when I close to that. I see what you know to what looks like were not close to that. You know I see what Josh Allen looks like I see what Lamar looks like it needs in order to meet the missing draft class not close to that. But there's still time 13 is not a death sentence Carolina Panthers though are looking up at Atlanta and Tampa. If your Carolina finger like okay so the Lamb is welcoming and Tom Brady next week for the right to take over first place. Really that's happening in Atlanta with Marcus Mario that we've got Baker Mayfield and Christian McCaffrey in teaching mortals and slouches in a defense I can know by things up.

Next up for them is Jimmy garrotte below coming into town and that's already causing Matt ruler to questions on this very day. Hey, were you interested in doing droplet was well what happened there.

You are worried about his shoulder and they could potentially go wanting to want a three-game homestretch before they come out here to take on the Rams and then the two teams above them in the standings and Tampa and Atlanta. Meanwhile in the state of Wisconsin badgers surprised everybody until Paul Crist work done here. They fired in the middle of the season. Things are not looking great for Wisconsin.

Okay, I think Illinois is the latest to come in and curb stop at home. Jim Leonard is now the interim head coach. I think there are concerned that he might bolt himself is he's in demand. I think you can do very well that I know that many of them interim but I'm hearing you know there's a lot of people that might be interested in the Wisconsin job and they in whoever those people are, I think it's Leonard's job personally but I don't know but at the same time.

That rule is now 1126 and Carolina so people already save me back to college I was a question asked of metal three was asked if he's been reached out with Nebraska open tubing 10 jobs open has even reached out to buy colleges from the camera pans.

I go to onward. I didn't hear the word no climbing, but what I mean. Maybe you have reached out to him, but he could imagine was like to reach out to me. You can't say that even be honest about anything.

No, I know, but it's better than the coach on these Panthers coaches to focus on what I am not of the problem is answer these focus on is that not good indication. So what that means.

If they reach out to him that means he's in demand. I'm wondering if David tappers can call somebody maybe JJ Watt big cat. Although all the Wisconsin folks can pool their money together, for rebirth mirth, who's been dancing show is him talking about your first Harbaugh's mystic khaki pants to khaki pants doing free mirth is undefeated, undefeated Michigan and Wisconsin, folks can get together and get David Tapper new coach Baker's got a coach on a hot C and he's got water back, and he's one of three a baby to WinFast that's a situation where very or not marathon he better start Sprint now Michigan. I discovered we were you just don't know how Michigan is undefeated in talking about is interesting. It's interesting to know how to help please. Michigan is just a member of the Big Ten put it just has to usually play everybody that's really difficult, but also so I watched I watched Gus Johnson and Joel Klatt on the call of Michigan leaving Iowa this week and I will after Gus Johnson and Joel Klatt were on the call of their Big Ten opener against Maryland in the next week. They're sending their crew to Michigan, Indiana and Indiana.

That's three straight big fox big new in kickoffs where they're sending their crew to a Michigan game and then they just announce you a few moments ago. Michigan.

Penn State is there big noon kickoff until weeks just wondering no Fox with their big audience member teachers in Michigan does Ohio State play like I have a question they played till because I know Ohio State is doing well tubing up on some other teams also. Just wondering if maybe Michigan rates may be, people are more interested in Michigan. Either way, I don't know.

I asked the people there and fox like is having a good nap. Just turn on the Big Ten game. The most boring games of all time.when your overs are like 40 that's not how I should go over what planet Michigan. I was going over it certainly was an earth should reach out to me it was the residence boring you should push to push thanks for Maryland I'm just telling you okay that came just if you want to say Michigan just turn on the biggest game. Fox has so all you first coming up week about the largest alumni base that we have so just simple math. If they watch me write better. She writes better. I like the only thing I can understand the cowboys maybe so the cowboys right varsity and you have a one and 2510 chance on all the time you got to go with the defending Big Ten to everyone throughout the cowboys when the quite off selected for the final four. Unlike the cowboys have 25 years on the correlation between Michigan Billy Ray Ray what else I don't understand why else I don't get it.

Michigan I will, Michigan, Indiana, throws a lasting play next week they're playing at Michigan State.

Why would not.

I don't know Alabama's now number one I did see that George became awfully close to losing man that I turn on the SEC network for the first time ever that outboard I get a whole year. SEC fans in Syracuse 2222 were you when you say your back not ranked in the deep debt he had very very bad.

Yeah the bottom sentiment call Joel Klatt next week. Somehow Ann Arbor still and I miss it.

Ross Matthews talks to celebrities friends and people with interesting stories to tell Hussein hello Ross this week Chelsea handler. Basically another dog that she take care of another.I have three mosquitoes and only two hands anyone person next to her to do. I recommend to Max okay hello Ross, available on YouTube or wherever you listen

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