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REShow: Tom Curran - Hour 1

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October 25, 2022 3:09 pm

REShow: Tom Curran - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 25, 2022 3:09 pm

Rich recaps the Patriots’ Monday Night Football loss to the Chicago Bears and the full-fledged QB controversy Bill Belichick has on his hands with Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe.

Patriots Insider Tom Curran tells Rich how Bill Belichick had “one of the weirdest nights of this coaching career” when his Mac Jones-Bailey Zappe experiment backfired against the Bears on MNF, and says why Tom Brady appears “adrift” this season and probably regrets changing his mind on retirement. 

Rich responds to a caller who suggests Justin Herbert might not be committed to the Chargers long-term if they can’t transform into legit playoff contenders in the AFC.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

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See terms and learn more at slash online privacy protection. This is The Rich Eisen Show. From the New England Patriots, he is Matthew Judon. What is your take on this Chicago Bears offense? They have one of the top running games in the league. Montgomery powers in. And then they also have a quarterback that's learning that Kiefer Fields for the touchdown.

No, I don't say that. The Rich Eisen Show. Today's guests, NBC Sports Patriots insider, Tom Curran, Colts writer for The Athletic, Zach Kiefer.

From Cobra Kai and author of the new book, Waxing On, Ralph Macchio. And now it's Rich Eisen. Our number one of The Rich Eisen Show on a Tuesday is on the air.

In other words, the show has begun. Welcome to this edition of The Rich Eisen Show here on the Roku Channel, Channel 210 and Terrestrial Radio, Coast to Coast and Sirius XM and Odyssey. And we say hello to those listening to us whenever they darn well please on our podcast through the Cumulus Podcast Network. Please do check out our pod every single day if you miss any portion of this show.

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Past certainly on our YouTube page, slash Rich Eisen Show. We've got tons of guests today and lots of time for you at 844-204-rich. Number to dial as well. So we're seven weeks into the NFL season.

I'm sure a lot of folks have a lot of opinions on what went down last night and what's going on with your team. We've got some time for you today. 844-204-rich. Number to dial.

Chris Brockman and Mike DelTufo in their spots. We say good Tuesday morning to you gents. It's not a good Tuesday.

And good to see you with TJ Jefferson. What's going on brother? What's going on?

You know what I find funny is Rich is the evil that Ricky Bobby Brockman tried to put on the Cowboys about the quarterback situation is now looming over his team. And I don't know, I kind of find that funny. Okay, that's something to talk about.

Absolutely brutal. There's lots to talk about here on this program. Is this mic on? Are we still talking? So yesterday on Monday's show, we went off the air nonstop talking about what's going on in Indianapolis. Matt Ryan, the guy who the Colts acquired from Atlanta, who Chris Ballard, the general manager there said when he signed up with Matt Ryan, two years here at least man, and they loved him. I mean, you talk to anybody in that Colts organization loved him. They talked about how he had a Manning-esque quality to him. Reggie Wayne was saying how he reminded him so much of Peyton Manning and made him want to throw up.

And he said that in the, I imagine, best possible terms. Frank Reich couldn't wait for Carson Wentz to get the hell out of there. You got that sense at the combine. Matt Ryan comes in and he's their guy. And then all of a sudden, seven games in at three, three and one being swept by the Titans as well. So the division looks very doubtful. At three, three and one, it's time to go with Sam Ellinger.

Go with the kid from Texas that you drafted in the sixth round last year. And we thought, okay, certainly when we heard initially that Ryan's shoulder was hurt, that that's the reason why. And the answer was no, he's going to be the guy the rest of the year.

And we're like, okay, that's something to talk about. And that's the top story in the NFL involving a quarterback. And then the Patriots played and Bill Belichick said, here is my beer, hold it. Now, Mac Jones, as we all know, last year, a revelation at the position for a rookie at quarterback in a draft that had Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Trey Lance, Justin Fields drafted before him. And Mac Jones, the fifth and final pick chosen in the draft last year at quarterback, came out of that green room looking like Vince McMahon, like Vince McMahon, all the memes just coming out, just walking out, grabbing that hat and coming out and then taking the NFL world by storm, almost taking down Brady and his return to New England. Looking terrific, looking terrific all the way up until maybe the rookie wall hit him, but just enough to get New England into the playoffs before they got spanked and bounced by the Bills and a changing of the guard moment in the AFC that we're still seeing to this moment.

But that was it. Coming into this year, it's year two for Mac. And unbelievably, Mac Jones comes in as a Pro Bowl quarterback. I understand there were a bunch of guys who didn't play in the Pro Bowl, but he's gritting during the Pro Bowl, having a blast. And then he gets hurt. He gets hurt at home against Baltimore in week three after New England loses in Miami and then wins in Pittsburgh in a manner that nobody really saw coming.

And then they lose at home to the Ravens and then lose Mac Jones, do a high ankle sprain. And Brockman, you were like, I don't want a thing to do with Brian Hoyer anymore. I don't want to see him. You did see him in Green Bay. And then in comes Bailey Zappi, because Hoyer gets hurt. And he's a kid that nobody had ever heard of.

I'm going to be very honest with you. Nobody had ever heard of this kid from Western Kentucky. Nobody watches Western Kentucky football. And I say that with the ultimate of respect.

It's a college football world dominated by the SEC and the Big Ten and then sprinkle in some other conferences every now. And then depending on people's regional desires, Bailey Zappi comes in, and damn near pulls off the Kaiser Soze trick. Best trick that Bill Belichick ever played was almost beating the Packers in Lambeau Field with this kid coming in there. Packers emerge with a dub. And then New England sees Zappi light it up against Detroit, go into Cleveland, beat Cleveland. And now comes Mack back just in time to take on the Chicago Bears and make sure that this is the team against whom Belichick surpasses the great Papa Bear Hallis for second place on the all-time wins list for coaching. And then the roof caved in.

That's putting it lightly. Mack Jones comes out and he didn't look, you know, he looked a little spry. He ran. He was running the ball. As a matter of fact, in a stat, a halftime stat that didn't tell any part of the story, Mack Jones was the Patriots leading rusher in the first half yesterday. That stat told nothing about what we saw in the first half of that game. Mack Jones throws an interception. He throws an interception and you could hear the chants for Zappi in New England like last year never happened. Like it never happened last year. All those 10 jerseys that got sold out last year. And I'll be honest with you, Chris, you know it and I know it. My youngest son Cooper wanted one and you wanted one for Cage and we couldn't find it.

Couldn't get it anywhere. Because Patriots fans fell head over heels for Mack. And Mack last year, the way that he was playing, completely flipped the script on the whole Belichick-Brady thing.

And Brady was the defending Super Bowl champ all last year. And all you heard was Bill's got his ass kicked. Bill's got his guy. And then New England fans just heel turned on this kid when Zappi comes in and leads two touchdown drives.

Two. The anointing on Twitter. Honestly, like the white smoke was coming in. Honestly, like the white smoke was coming out of Gillette. It looked like fog, but the white smoke was out.

The conclave was over. Everybody from Quincy all the way to what, Framingham? Sure, Worcester. Worcester. Quincy. Springfield.

That's it. Mack who? It was Mack who? Wow.

Wow. And that's when the Bears took over. And we will talk about the Bears on this program.

They are worthy of it. But it was over for Mack Jones in Gillette Stadium. Zappi's the guy moving forward. And then all of a sudden the Patriots defense couldn't stop the Bears running attack. Justin Fields looked like the player that the Bears fans have been looking for. He officially dropped his Huggies last night winning in New England.

Yes, the list of Chicago Bears quarterbacks all time to win in New England is a list of one. It's Justin Fields. He's the first to ever do it. Oh, wow. And so that happened last night and Zappi's throwing picks and Mack Jones is standing there and you're wondering what is going on. And here's the most confusing thing about it. The plan was to play both quarterbacks last night.

Apparently. And I was sitting in the chair, in the pregame chair for Westwood One of Monday Night Football as they do every single Monday night. And I saw the tweets from Shefty and Ian Rappaport saying, look for both tonight. Both quarterbacks.

And I'm like, why? What are we doing? Like if he's healthy enough to play, like what's the plot? What's the point of switching him up? Like if the guy is healthy enough to go out and wing it. Healthy enough to run to protect himself from Roquan Smith. How is he not able to play all four quarters? Like at what point are you bringing Zappi in? And they brought Zappi in after an interception that makes it look like Jones has been pulled because he's ineffective, not unhealthy or unable to take every snap.

That's the way it looks. And I understand the way it looks outside matters not at all to Bill Belichick. Never has, never will. And I know when the Patriots aren't winning and are not winning because of confusing matters like changing quarterbacks or having two in the league, where Belichick knows if you have two, you have none. When you're playing them in the same game or rotating them, it, it definitely thins the patience of the Patriots fan base.

The in Bill, we trust mantra thins greatly. Certainly when he knows this is the perception outside, doesn't care and then doesn't address it completely head on when asked about it by the media. This is the most confusing aspect of last night.

So this was the plan all along. Here was Belichick after the game last night when asked about this very subject. So when Mack came out of the game, Bill, was that a medical decision? The timing of the pulling him. So is that related to the, the interception? That was his last play tonight. No, we, we had planned to play, uh, I told the quarterback that we were gonna, we were gonna play both of them. So we did. And so it was the plan for three series.

It just seems when his last plays an interception, it looks like a benching for performance. That's not what it was, but you know, can write whatever you want to write. That's not what it was. Again, perception outside the building and what we're talking about and how it looks inside matters not to Bill. It doesn't at all. I've seen it firsthand. I've been talking about it, covering this sport for the NFL network for 19 years.

So now what about moving forward? It's jets week. Don't you know, could it be zappy versus Zach, the battle of the killer Z's or is it Mack? Cause it sure looks like the way that zappy got punked by the bears defense. Hey, you know what?

What unit's playing pretty damn well lately, the jets defense, they will chew that kid up and spit him out. If that's the way he shows up to MetLife on Sunday, or are you going to go back to Mac? Of course, the question is here, totally relevant, but you know, you're not going to get an answer. The question is, is how will you not get the answer? And here was the exchange from that last night.

Bill, just going forward as you have the jets coming up next, do you see a situation where you might go one quarterback, one week and one, the next and have kind of a platoon situation, or are you going to start one quarterback each week? Yeah, no, I don't see that. Okay. He doesn't see that.

And that to me makes sense though. Like you, you got to choose one and go and Mac's the guy from last year. He's the guy from last year. I was, I'll be honest with you. I know, you know, sports fans are fickle beasts and I know New England sports fans can be fickle beasts. I was stunned.

Like you're chanting for zappy, like, okay, got it. He beat the Browns last week, looked pretty damn good. And then the lions at home look good. You beat two bad teams. Well, I mean, the bears are supposed to be a bad team too, which is what the thought was. Well, record wise, they showed up last night and that running game has now put two terrific games together in a row. Put a pin in this part of our conversation for later on, Mr.

Cowboy, because that's, who's coming to town next week in Dallas. Look me in my face. I did.

I did. So I'll tell you this good to know that it's only going to be one guy because the two that ain't working. And apparently Mac wasn't put back in the game because the game was out of reach. So zappy went from savior to space filler pretty damn fast. Like you went from savior to the backup taking the lumps, like a reliever staying in the game for three innings because the game's over and he's getting his ass whipped.

I would proffer to say this is Mac's gig and we're going to see him in New York next week and this is the way it's going to be. And like, I can't believe I'm saying ride or die with the kid who was the best rookie quarterback last year. Period. Bar none.

No questions about it. I'm telling you, man, I was in SoFi stadium last year. I do believe it was right around this time.

Right around this time. Took the fam, went to the game, sat with the Patriots and a lot of New Englanders were in the building and it was a party for good reason. They were dynamite. I came back to this chair and I'm like, that's a playoff team. Mac was making the throws. He was making the throws with confidence.

They were moving the chains, getting the chargers completely off kilter, completely off kilter, sliding to stay in bounds, doing all the smart situationally brilliant things that Patriots players do. I saw that last year and now they're like bringing Zappi, bringing the kid from Western Kentucky. I tweeted out like, hey, Mac Jones did the gritty in Vegas in the Pro Bowl and two months later, kid Bailey Zappi gets drafted on the Saturday draft week and nobody saw this coming. Nobody saw this coming.

Just up the strip, Zappi gets drafted. Nobody's thinking Mac's toast and the number of people I got responding to me like, oh, I saw it coming. Mac didn't finish great last year. Oh, Mac had a terrible training camp.

Oh, Mac this and Mac that. I saw it coming. I saw Zappi play.

I even got somebody, bless him, who's I guess on the air there. I don't mean this at all denigrating anybody. I'm sorry to say that when I say, I guess. Somebody screen grabbed their texts that they sent between friends in preseason saying Zappi, look out for him. People are seeing it coming. Nobody saw this coming. Nobody.

Somebody even tweeted at me the name of Zappi's agent. That person saw it coming. Nobody saw it coming. Nobody saw Zappi doing what he did the last two games and then what we saw last night, whatever that was coming at all.

Because it gives off the impression that they have no plan when the plan was to play both and we got zero indication as to why. But that's the way it works with Bill and you can't discount it because the guy is going to pass George Hallis on the all times windlass and there are all those banners hung up there and he is the guy that damn near won with Zappi in Green Bay and is the guy that punked the Browns. Punked him.

Punked him. And there's still three and four and they're still in a race and it's going to be Mac moving forward and it should be. But I don't understand where all the nice knowing you Mac, see you later came from. I mean good lord.

Peace out. Did last year not exist? What the hell happened last night?

The fans turning on Mac is really strange and really bizarre. I don't get it because what the kid had two good games against two bad teams. Like come on. Bill got out coached last night and it's okay to admit that like the defense was as bad as bad as it's been in a few years.

Like the Bears gashed them for 220 yards on the ground. Like throw it out. Throw it out. Move on.

Let's go with Mac full steam ahead. I think Zappi kind of proved last night that he's not ready for a big moment. But he's very talented.

I don't want to sit here and definitely comes out of his hand. It does have a little more zip out of his hand than Mac Jones's passes do. But look, even in that interception, the dude made a one handed pick flying through the air. It was an incredible play. Is that the one that he also got?

That was the guy he kind of kid in the Musbergers. And so whatever. Fine.

But like come on people. Also great night for my I want Justin Fields instead of Mac Jones take from last year. So I just want to point that out.

No, I know. And Fields was terrific. He played the best game of his pro career. He did.

And I will hit the Bears later on. Zach Kiefer of The Athletic who covers the Colts. By the way, we booked him as soon as we were done with the show. Because that was the story.

And it still is one. What's going on with the Colts? He's joining us in hour two. Hour three, Ralph Macchio.

I zoomed with him yesterday. What a dynamite conversation about the Karate Kid. He's got a new book out called Waxing On. And it's called Waxing On Me, The Karate Kid and Me about his years with the Karate Kid. Now the hit show Cobra Kai. And he's got a book out. And so we talk about the Karate Kid, The Outsiders, the great Joe Pesci story.

Dynamite. You do not want to miss it in hour number three. And then there's you at 844-204-rich number to dial here on the program. When we come back, Tommy Curran. Tommy. Well, Tom E. Curran as well from NBC Sports Boston. I sent up the bat signal for him right at halftime of last night.

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Elizabeth the First. The Podcast. Wherever you listen. Back here on The Rich Eisen Show, Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston about to join us. But before we do, here was Bill Belichick today. God bless him, man.

He makes himself, the Patriots, he's available. Tomlin speaks like once a week. He's a great guy. He's a great guy.

Once a week. Belichick speaks multiple times a week, but it doesn't give you much. But here was Belichick on the Sunday night dual quarterback, Monday night dual quarterback thing. Here he was Tuesday. How did you feel Mac moved around? Looked all right. And as you move forward, if he's healthy, Bill, is it fair to say if he's healthy, he's the starter?

Again, that's a hypothetical question. So let's see where that is and what that is. And again, I just can't tell if we're in between the lack of confidence in Mac or just why am I giving out information when I don't have to give out information to the opponent. And it's not just any opponent this week, it's the Jets. We're five and two and can really stick it to the Patriots in a way that they have not had an opportunity to do in a very long time. Joining us right now on the Mercedes-Benz phone line from NBC Sports Boston is Tom Curran. Tom, I sent the bat signal up for you during halftime of last night. I'll give you this exchange that I just played for everybody as the opener.

Interpret this for me if you don't mind, sir. I think Bill just embraces the unconventional, enigmatic, I'm so mysterious, you never know what I'm going to do approach. And I think that last night was illustrative of it. And sometimes it can blow up in his face, whether it be putting Malcolm Butler down during the Super Bowl because you don't think that Nick Folds is going to put up 41. We're not taking the Chicago Bears seriously enough to decide that you're going to put Mac out there for a few series and knock the rust off and then bring Bailey in and then see how it's going and bring Mac in a little bit more, knock some more rust off.

I really think that this was a spectacle invited by Bill that he didn't anticipate. And all the confusion, I think, actually ends up leading to a conclusion. And the conclusion is, okay, let's stop jockeying around. Put Mac Jones back where he's supposed to be. Bailey turned into a pumpkin.

We'll see how he looks next summer. So let's just cut it out. So it's Mac's gig moving forward, you believe, despite the hypothetical? I mean, what I found is if you guys have a chance, find the sound from Mac Jones in the postgame. It's his second to last answer.

Okay. And he is so almost appreciative to Bill of the communication, saying Bill was very, very good in communicating what last night was going to be to me. Bill didn't tell the rest of the team. And I don't even think he told Bailey's happy, but he did tell Mac Jones, look, this is how we're going to do it. So he was so appreciative. And Mike Florio reported something saying that Mac was out there for 95% of the snaps in some practices. And he was really, really pressing Bill.

I wonder if he was I wonder if Bill said, all right, the Bears, get him out there. He does need the work. We're not going to go the whole night with him. He wants to play. Give him an opportunity to prove to his teammates that he's tough enough. What's the worst that could happen?

The worst happened. I mean, everything you just said makes complete sense, down to the fact where Belichick doesn't care that, you know, the 24-7, 365 media machine is churning this thing up today. That doesn't matter a damn thing to him. Certainly, if he's communicating what he's communicating and on his weekly radio appearance on the Greg Hill show today, he was asked point blank about the lack of communication that a bunch of players didn't know what was going on.

He's like, I spoke to the quarterbacks and I spoke to the team leaders. So, you know, and then that's that. And I guess now it's jet week. Moving on. Moving on to the Jets. Yeah.

And how do you proceed? I mean, the interesting thing is you have a team that had beaten or performed well against the Packers, beat the hell out of the Lions, beat the hell out of the Browns, had developed some enthusiasm. They were 3-3 and they had an opportunity against another perceived Patsy to show everybody, hey, we're not like those other teams that are 3-3. We're the Patriots. And we have a guy who just passed George Hallis. Gosh, darn it. Over here on our sidelines.

And they get absolutely rolled. It was so, it was one of the weirdest nights, I think, Rich, of Bill Belichick's Hall of Fame coaching career, I would think. Give me more on that. What was it like in the building? What was it like? I was in the studio, but I just talked to Phil Perry, who was there. We did our podcast together and he said that the Zappi, the Zappi chants began as murmurs. There was an incompletion that Damien Harris basically hit Damien Harris in the face mask and there was a little bit of Zappi. Zappi? Zappi? Justin Fields gets them in the end zone before the Patriots had even had an opportunity to have a possession.

And there was some Zappi chants and then it got deafening, which leads me to the question, Rich. Bill Belichick stated a plan to Lisa Salters of ESPN that he would have brought Mack Jones back in in the second half to score get away from him. Imagine if he brought Mack Jones back in with the Patriots leading 23 to 21 in the fourth quarter and it didn't go good. I mean, they're actively kneecapping the kid, even if they're not trying to at every turn, whether it's replacing the offensive coordinator, changing the offense, telling them to throw it downfield, then getting pissed off because of the picks or just promoting Bailey Zappi by not not promoting him. Well, I guess the the dual quarterback plan that is just weird on its face, because if he's healthy enough to play and start and he's healthy enough to practice as much as Mike Florio reported he was practicing and he's healthy enough to protect himself from Roquan Smith at all, then he gets removed from the game and he gets removed from the game after throwing an interception. And I totally understand that perception matters not within the Patriots world because Belichick has his own world that he's created there and that also is very helpful to move on to Cincinnati back in the day and also move on from play to play and game to game and it's it's proven to be immensely successful, obviously, but there there still is a perception within the temples of Mack Jones, right? I know he said Belichick hasn't got concerned about his confidence, but to make that to make that move then makes it does make it look like it was due to performance.

It really does. Yeah, and when we refer to the tradition of, you know, moving on when you have a force of nature, a quarterback who infuses the entire team, which does have some hall of fame level players like Gronkowski and Edelman, defensive players like Dante Hightower and Dev McCordie, it's different. Now you've kneecapped a player who you have pritted the leader, talked about as a leader, talked about his dramatic improvement, and then kind of castrated him in front of the team. I mean, his teammates, Kobe Myers, said that he thought it was ugly, didn't like the way they fleshed out at all. So yes, Bill can maintain that he is above it all, that he'll ignore the noise and expects his team to do so as well, but I mean to use the term that's in vogue, I think he'd like to have this one back.

Maybe so. I know, but I just keep thinking of like way back to lawyer Malloy, right? And Tom Jackson talking about on ESPN all those years ago the way that Belichick treated lawyer Malloy is going to lose the locker room and the Patriots are nothing and because of it or not a championship quality team because of it and we all know what happened, you know, that the it just seems like it's just like one big mad lib. You could just keep changing the names, but now the result might be different and I'm wondering is there any conversation like that in New England about the the defraying of the in bill we trust scenario in New England right now? I think it was really well articulated Rich at the owner's meetings when Robert Kraft said we haven't won a playoff game in three years and I'm very impatient. I'm a I'm a Patriots fan big time and he then alluded to a three-year playoff drought and he spoke openly of the Patriots draft failures in previous years and you know I think it remains in bill he trusts but he wants to see some results in between the unconventional which is something Robert Kraft pointed out as well construction of the coaching staff and now I want to call it castration again the kneecapping of the quarterback that you were kind of christening as your next leader I would imagine that there are continue to be questions look it's been a good year we're at six o'clock last night the Patriots arrow was pointing up with a bullet now not so much so we don't want to over correct to say it's a disaster but right he's got some work to do this week bill does Tom Carne here uh on the Rich Eisen show concerns about the defense or are you just um gonna toss that one out too what do you think I only have so much time in the day rich so uh anytime they see any quarterback with the smallest ability to work off script they really seem to have issues and I presuming looked like they did the same thing with Lamar Jackson but presuming that Lamar Jackson wouldn't beat him with his arm and then presuming as well that Justin Fields wouldn't beat him with his arm both backfired both guys did a little bit of both Justin Fields all he needed was a tiny drink of water in the desert that has been his season and he guzzled it down and actually looked really he almost looked better than Bailey's Abby hmm okay all right Tom so um so your your thought moving forward uh on the quarterback let's just uh let's just uh button this up just uh re-recapping last night and everything go give me that one first round pick he's a 15th overall pick he's more talented physically than Bailey's Abby he's got more experience a better football mind I'm not saying that he is Chad Pennington who I loved or Rick Myrer who was a disappointment but he's probably got to try the Patriots have to figure out which one he is okay do you want to diagnose Brady from afar because that's going to be the subject matter as soon as we turn the page from today to next week he's Thursday night against Lamar sitting at three and four for the first time since 2002 um and he just lost a game that he never we've I can't recall him losing a game in the matter in which he just lost it so what's your two cents about Brady from afar he just seems so adrift and the stabilizing nature of the Patriots organization that they both enjoyed Bill and Brady um while after 20 years I can understand why they wanted to go to different places it's just it's hard to watch because he does seem adrift and he makes decisions um that seem more Tom oriented which he believes he's entitled to and I would believe the same thing but it's just tough to watch you know you develop a professional relationship with a guy whether you're a fan or a media member and then to see him kind of going through hard times regardless of how Bucks fans feel they must be pissed off but to watch this kind of decline he said he would play until he sucks and I don't think he's ever going to suck but it seems like his attitude is it's like staying too he stayed for one beer too many he went so far and then came back and said I'll have one more with you guys right he sure just got home and he should have just uh he should have just won I guess Irish exited you know is that the way it's called just ghosted and just got home so you do think as we're sitting here prior to week eight Thursday night football against the Ravens that this is his last ride with the Bucks or last ride period what do you think it feels like it would be the last ride period because it seems like an absolutely joyless plug thanks for the call Tom Curran we'll chat again soon thanks for answering my bat signal in the middle of the game last night okay we'll do that that's it that's uh Tom Curran check him out on Twitter I follow him Tom E Curran of NBC Sports Boston I don't know if you could tell he's from New England well when he hit us with the Rick Myra that was pretty everything Myra Rick Myra Myra responded to my tweet last night what do you mean what was your tweet he randomly tweeted Rick Myra no I didn't actually but someone I posted the video of Vince Vaughn talking to the Mannings on the Manning cast last night about uh the play about Rudy where he comes in and throws the play that throws the touchdown at the end so Rudy can come in the game and Vince was telling a story because they shot that at a halftime of a real game yeah yeah uh that they only had two takes to get it done right and uh and they didn't use Vince for the take right it was not no and so Rick Myra responded to my tweet with the name of the guy who actually threw the pass in the movie and I'm just like how did you don't follow me how did you see my video how did you see my tweet maybe he knows you from the Roku channel Chris and maybe our world on Roku now is opening you up to getting tweets from people you never thought in a million years you'd get them from that must be nice when I was a kid I wrote Rick Myro a letter see he knew and got him to and he autographed a card and sent it back to me how about that what a good dude remembered that's great that's pretty cool so wait a minute but the thing I'm you're you're confused about getting a tweet from Rick Myer no by the way I'm being I was I was just laughing at him going maybe he remembered um so uh the thing that I'm confused by isn't the fact that Rick Myer tweeted you but so that was real that actually happened Rudy actually happened oh boy that really was a true story is it based on a true story like how much how much a heavy lift is based on well he's a real person yes that I know and he really played at Notre Dame that I know he really got in a game that's correct and really made a play right and that's and and so all the rest I got to assume is loosely based on his life loosely he had a father not Ned Beatty he had brothers who I think married his ex-girlfriend I'm not sure and then you know all that happened the rest of it is based on a true story or that whole thing really happened well it's not a documentary it's a film so it's the base there's a picture of him being carried off the film it exists yeah by everybody no everybody like four people four people but it still happened yeah you can't get carried off by everybody that is a legit that's not like this Photoshop didn't exist back then that's real Collinsworth in the slacks I just want to know if that's Collinsworth in the slacks in the front or in the back and is that number 39 is that zappy that looks like a z it is is that zappy number 39 did he get in the game too is that part of the plan was that the plan that was the way he played one of the worst Bill Belichick coaching nights ever I don't think there's any other way to say it and guess what he does not care he doesn't and that's really frustrating to the fan cares about winning and he cares about he doesn't care what the fans think that is yeah and that's 1000 and that's really frustrating the great thing about because he's got your back great thing about Belichick trust him he's got it I don't know about that in that video you wouldn't have known if they won the game or lost the game that's the beauty of him I'm saying but that's how they're able to move on it all right let's talk about this a little bit more and then and then we'll move to the Colts and we've got so much other things to talk about now that week seven's in the books we're going to predict do our best to figure out who's going to be the seventh seed when it's all said and done in about 10 weeks from now I like that all right 844-204 Rich Olsen the number dial your phone calls when we come back right here on the Rich Eisen Show. 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on the Rich Eisen Show first in first up Alan in San Diego California you're on the Rich Eisen Show what's up San Diego hi Rich thank you for taking the call what's up so I think it's safe to say that since Justin Herbert got to the Chargers you know they have done everything they can so far I think to help them build a team around them you know hire a new coach new offensive line all the moves they made in the off season but clearly something is not working and so I'm going to give them time to figure it out this season as they get a little bit healthier and that's a stretch but if they somehow miss the playoffs this season or barely limp into the playoffs as the seventh seed and get killed should Herbert start planning his exit from this team and go be a winner somewhere else well let me ask you this question Alan you're from San Diego are you from the southern California area are you I'm born I'm born and raised in San Diego and don't believe all the buffoons who say they're not charger fans anymore there's plenty here in San Diego okay well let me ask you this question if you could live and work in Los Angeles California and make generationally enriching money as opposed to going somewhere else and by the way your office is spectacular it's beautiful would you do that would you stay would you do that because that's what Justin Herbert is going to have coming his way Kyler Murray just got paid what he got paid after three years and the uh Bengals just named their stadium for the first time just signed a naming deal for their stadium for the first time the reason why is because they know the uh the truck that I I think you might I don't know if you can hear it being backed up behind me here on the show um that that truck is being backed up for borough in Cincinnati and it will be backed up for Justin Herbert here in Los Angeles California he's gonna have to say no and just say I'll play on my fourth year of my rookie contract no problem I I think he's staying here man I think he's staying here and and the issue is going to be and thanks to call Alan I I know I asked him a question and didn't have him answer it um I'm assuming his answer is yes I feel bad but um that yeah he would stay here and the answer is the the the question is is the Spanos is when they pay all this money to Herbert uh I would proffer to say they could you could look up all the money they paid Philip Rivers can you do that I don't know look up all the money that they paid Philip Rivers over his decade plus of being with the organization look at all that money and then you could potentially add up what they paid Breeze in his first contract before Philip okay and then you could look up maybe what they paid all of Dan Fouts in his tenure all right so Philip made uh in 16 seasons with the bolts last year obviously 2020 yes with uh Indianapolis 218 million 218 million with the Chargers okay all the money that Philip Rivers got paid by the Chargers in his 16 years here will be paid to Justin Herbert maybe all guarantee all of it that's insane and that might be under if you will charging so that money is going to be paid and the Spanos family has not paid that money to one individual in a much smaller smaller span ever ever so the pressure will be on anybody who is charged see what I'm doing with making sure Justin Herbert wins that's where the pressure will come and if you think Justin Herbert's like yeah gonna pull like a uh an Archie Manning and say this organization is just not a winning organization I'm out and in order to do that you you'll have to pull a harden and say I want to trade and then what the Chargers are going to oblige really I don't know if Justin Herbert is that has got that in him certainly when he might live in the South Bay and see that sunset every single day and say okay yeah but I've got a chance to win I got Keenan here I got I mean it's not like the cupboard is completely bare he doesn't have to have it and it's his agent who has to have it well no but his agent's got to do whatever he he wants if he says I want out of here that this or if he thinks the Chargers the way Archie Manning thought about it for his son and they these are totally different times okay because the the general manager at the time then ain't the guy here Tom Telesco's got a whole different MO okay so I don't see it I don't see it I see them wanting to keep him here certainly in Los Angeles where the Rams have a trophy in the case you've got a bonafide star that a lot of people in this town of Dodger fans and Laker fans and Clipper fans and Rams fans and USC fans and UCLA fans they know who Justin Herbert is they're not letting him go and so if he wants to play out his rookie contract demand a trade I mean I don't see any of these scenarios that Allen just posted none of it it would be changing the coach and there might be a guy sitting on a Fox Sports set right now who kind of likes watching the sunset over the ocean in a way that he never saw it over the if you will Gulf of Mexico yeah rich because he might he might be somewhat interested in that interestingly enough the job that everyone thought he was going to get uh they're doing a little bit better than people expected so he's all right because the Bears are coming to town because of the head coach or well look it's just funny like when things go wrong you know it's always his fault he's right the first seven weeks of the Cowboys are exactly the way it's all going to play out from here all the way through to Arizona for the Super Bowl I get it you're right I'm not saying that I'm saying everyone had an eye towards Sean Payton coaching the Cowboys and now you don't hear that as much anymore that's true am I right or wrong let's wait a couple weeks haters in the house I'm gonna go back to sipping my tea we can wait a couple weeks you know uh hey man I wake up I wake up hating what do you think that all of a sudden the bottom's gonna drop out like no excuse me let me just ask you this question let me ask you this question let me ask you this question last night Bailey Zappi was going to the hall of fame that's gonna do with the cowboys excuse me the New England Patriots are a team that is a net of national interest it is we see it in the numbers when we talk about them on this show we don't talk about them just for the clicks but I can see the clicks when we talk Patriots on this program there is a nation of Patriots fans that are interested and people love to love or hate Belichick so when he makes a decision that looks very on Papa Bear Hallis like it's to be discussed and it's on national television on ESPN ESPN 2 president Obama's on television while this is all playing out so that's one thing I guess maybe I'm confused I was talking about the Cowboys I will say this about your cowboys that puts what the Patriots conversations to shame to shame and if Dallas around Thanksgiving around December around January does not come through let's just put a pin in the Sean Payton Dallas conversation ain't over I'm just saying it's not the noise isn't as loud as it was this time last year and I said just wait a couple weeks I think we're going in circles keep on waiting but I like my circle it ain't gonna happen Zach Kiefer talking about the Colts quarterback situation next hey gents let's talk Halloween for a second what is your favorite Halloween memory one time I saw Nightmare Before Christmas performed live at the Hollywood Bowl walking with your kids it felt so magical and after they've got their candy and they walk away so pure the dad inside the house is handing you a beer my dad when I get home he would have me like empty out all the candy to make sure that it's safe and it wasn't until I was about 35 that I realized what he was just eating my candy rude what's your favorite Halloween costume one year I was Matthew McConaughey's character from days to confused one year I was like I would like to be roadkill the Halloween costume was a plastic smock and then a really scratchy plastic mask I mean you was styling if you had one of those Aquaman the plastic mask cutting into your eyes and then you get that little hole in the mouth to breathe through all night long what's your favorite Halloween candy what's your fave candy candy oh that rhymes anything Reese's Snickers bars it's all the food groups it's a meal you've got caramel yes candy corn I love wait really I'm one of the small percent of people who actually really enjoys candy corn it's a bad rap thank you so much everyone happy Halloween Halloween happy Halloween from the Cumulus Podcast Network make sure to subscribe and follow us at slash Cumulus Podcast candy corn is terrible it's atrocious it shouldn't be allowed it's not a candy ooh happy Halloween
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