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REShow: Jordan Poyer/Colin Hanks - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 18, 2022 3:42 pm

REShow: Jordan Poyer/Colin Hanks - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 18, 2022 3:42 pm

Bills All-Pro S Jordan Poyer tells Rich what it’s like to play in an NFL game with a collapsed lung after driving 15 hours from Buffalo to Kansas City, says what beating AFC rival Chiefs in Week 6 means, and has nothing but praise for all-world QB Josh Allen. 

Actor Colin Hanks joins Rich in-studio to discuss his new Peacock series ‘A Friend of the Family’ and the lengths he went to realistically portray his real-life character’s unique hair style, reveals how much joy he, as a Giants fan, took in the Dodgers’ playoffs demised this season, and touts his upcoming documentaries on baseball hall of famer Willie Mays and comedian John Candy.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

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You know I'm built for it. I got this 39 yards. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Earlier on the show, NFL on Fox analyst Greg Olson, head of lifestyle and content marketing for NBA 2K, Ronnie 2K.

Coming up, Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer plus actor Colin Hanks. And now it's Rich Eisen. Yes, our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. We've been having a fun Tuesday show. If you're just joining us now on the Roku channel or any of our radio outlets, Terrestrial or Sirius XM or the Odyssey app, where you've been. Thankfully we do have the Roku channel for you to catch up on anything that you may have missed at the end of this third hour on channel 210 on the free Roku channel.

We re-air. We also have something called the Rich Eisen Show collection where most of our videos are cut up and put there for you to watch on demand and you can also watch our show whenever you're darn well pleased through the Rich Eisen Show collection portion of the Rich Eisen Show on all Roku devices, Samsung smart TVs, Amazon fire TVs. The Roku app has the Roku channel for free.

Same with the internet, the Roku We just had a great chat in hour number one with Greg Olson talking about what went down last night in the National Football League with the Chargers taking down the Broncos to wrap up week number six, as well as the Bills chief scheme that we're going to talk about in a second with somebody who played in it. Colin Hanks, one of our favorites, is in our green room right now. He's coming out to talk about his new Peacock show, A Friend of the Family. He's also got a Willie Mays documentary that he's part of that he wants to talk about, which is going to be terrific. We just had Ronnie 2K on this program and that's to celebrate the tip-off of the NBA season, a guy who's so uniquely involved with NBA 2K and its rating system. It was a great conversation and he did what most people do, which is get married on a Saturday and appear on the Rich Eisen Show on a Tuesday. And so it totally makes sense with anybody who's overcoming a collapsed lung, appears on the Rich Eisen Show on a Tuesday as well after beating the Kansas City Chiefs.

Jordan Poirier knows all about that and the all-pro safety of the five and one Buffalo Bills. Joining us now on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line here on the Rich Eisen Show. How are you, Jordan? Hey, how are you doing? I'm doing well, man. I got home late last night, but I'm doing well.

I appreciate you guys for having me on. Of course, because not only are you balling out and not only are you balling out on a team that I said was going to win the Super Bowl, but you just made reference to you just getting back last night from a game that you played on Sunday in Kansas City. And the reason why is because you drove to or were driven to and from that game because of what's called a resolving pneumothorax, which I've never heard of a collapsed lung being called. Walk me through what went down for you to go to and from this game, Jordan.

Yeah, I mean, it was a crazy process, honestly. I got injured in the Baltimore game, actually on the last play when I picked the ball off in the end zone. I got collided with a pretty good and I felt it instantly, not instantly, but I, you know, I drove it on, but I felt it right after I knew something was going on. So got a couple of x-rays and, yeah, they call it a pneumothorax, basically a lung that just got punctured or a bruised lung. So obviously missing the Pittsburgh game, you know, trying to get back, you know, just frustrated. I wasn't really able to do much off, like, you know, on or off the field. I just kind of let it heal on its own.

So I basically just took kind of a week off, just trying to help the guys, you know, win the game against Pittsburgh, doing what I can to coach. You know, and then it kind of started getting better, started feeling better. I kept getting a couple of scans. I had a bunch of doctors looking at it. You know, I had a great team of doctors, man.

Both are team doctors and, you know, other doctors sent from teams looking at my scans and what it was was there's an air pocket that was in my lungs that needed to get filled up. And, you know, they probably told me, it was after the Pittsburgh game, they told me I probably wasn't going to be able to fly. If I was cleared to play, I probably wasn't going to be able to fly. And, you know, everybody's asking, well, if you're not able to fly, how can you play?

You know, I asked the same exact questions. I was asking a bunch of questions throughout the week. I said, the great team of doctors, you know, we probably came to the conclusion they was getting better.

Probably the Tuesday, it was the Tuesday before we played Kansas City this week, you know, it had gotten significantly better, but still not enough to where the doctors felt comfortable for me to fly because of the air pressure. But, you know, I was cleared to play. And, you know, once I was cleared to play, man, I'm a ballplayer.

So, I'm trying to be out there with my teammates any way I can. We figured out a way to get me out of Kansas City. So, I knew probably early on early on throughout the week what my situation was going to be.

So, I just had to really mentally compare. It was a long drive, you know, 15 hours. We left Friday after practice. We drove. My family, my wife and my daughter took a trip with me. I had an awesome driver.

His name is Joe. Yeah, we mobbed the Indianapolis, got to Indy that Friday night about 10 30. Stayed the night there. Left Saturday morning to get to Kansas City by about 4 30. Right about on time we had meetings for the team.

So, played the game and basically did the same exact thing coming back, you know. Right after the game, left Kansas City at about 9 30 p.m. 10 o'clock. We got to Indianapolis at about 5 36 in the morning. We stayed there until about 1 1 30 because everybody was tired. We were all tired at that point. We all just slept at about 12 31 o'clock on Monday. And then we mobbed the last seven hours. We got home last night about 11 o'clock and, you know, that was a trip. It was one for the books, man. I mean, you know, I'll look back on it and talk about it with my family and whatnot.

But, you know, it was a lot easier coming back with the victory. Wow, what a story, Jordan Poyer. Okay, first of all, if you don't mind me saying this is the greatest Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van phone line conversation ever.

We talk about on brand. Uh, secondly, you know, let's let's talk about this drive here. First of all, okay, I'm a dad. How old is your daughter? She's she's five years old. Oh, my God. So you did this with a five year old?

That might be more challenging than a collapsed lung, man. There was a lot of there was a lot of questions being asked. There's a lot of questions. There's a lot of daddy. How much longer? Five hours. Daddy, how much longer? Four hours, baby.

Daddy, how much longer? It was a lot of that. She's a trooper, dude.

Like, I mean, she she was mobbing. Like I said, it'll be a story for us to tell. My wife is, you know, taking videos and kind of documenting the whole thing.

Okay. Like I said, it was something that, you know, I'll look back on and definitely be thankful that I actually have the opportunity to, you know, to do that. And we all know here on the Rich Eisen Show, a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van is fully customizable. So did you have, like, TVs and stuff? Do you get, like, screen time going? Yeah, you know, we're driving a lot of this. There was, you know, a lot of the areas.

There's no service. There was TVs on there, but, you know, with everything on our phones nowadays, I've downloaded a bunch of movies. Okay.

You know, I have the, you know, a bunch of movies on the kids iPad, on Alia's iPad. So, you know, we were just, we kind of had the back row with a little bed area. I'll tell you what, though, you did feel every bump in that van, though, but it kind of rocked Alia to sleep a couple times.

But, you know, it was spacious, you know, not as comfortable as you would have hoped. We made it work, though. It was awesome. Well, we'll edit that part out at Jordan Poirier here.

No, no, in all seriousness, though, it is amazing that you did this. And I'm wondering, what did your teammates think of you being there in the manner in which you got there, Jordan? I mean, at the end of the day, you know, those are the main guys who, you know, I, but I, you know, I'm 10 years in this league. I could have probably, we have a bye week next week. I could have probably just been like, you know, I don't feel comfortable if I'm not comfortable enough to fly.

I don't really feel comfortable enough to go out there and try to hit Travis Kelce, you know, coming over the middle. So that was in my thought process. But then again, I love my teammates, man. I love these guys. And like I said, it was just another opportunity for me. And once the doctors, you know, said that I was able to play that kind of mentally wise, I was like, okay, well, you know, let's just make it happen. And so, you know, those are the guys who, you know, I want to go out there and ball forward. And so, you know, it was awesome to see, you know, how much love and support I got from them because at the end of the day, I really want, I didn't want this to get out before, for sure before the game. But, you know, I got out afterwards and, you know, just love and support I got from everybody.

It was really cool. All Pro Safety, current leading interceptor of the 2022 NFL season. All Pro Safety from the five and one Buffalo Bills. Jordan Poirier here on the Rich Eisen Show. And look, it is just a regular season game. I get it. But the manner in which your last two seasons ended in the building that you drove from Western New York to go play in, what did it mean collectively as a group, taking on the Chiefs and coming out with this win after everything that has gone down between the two teams?

Jordan? Yeah, I mean, obviously, it's a game that, you know, everybody wants to watch nowadays. You know, it's the Bills versus Chiefs, you know, but at the end of the day, like you said, you know, in another week, it was awesome to get the W going into the bye, especially if it's a really good football team. You know, like the Chiefs, you know, we've gone back and forth over the last couple of years, and they definitely got the best out of us. So, you know, we understand we'll probably get to see them again. If we want to get to where we want to get to, we'll probably get to see them again. We'll probably have to beat them again.

You know, hopefully it's at our place. But, you know, to go out there, like you said, and beat a very good team who, you know, and, you know, hold them to 20 points, you know, at their place, it was huge. And so, you know, we want to continue to keep that momentum. We want to get healthy. Obviously, we have a huge buy this week, being able to get healthy and guys back, and back to 100%.

And so, you know, we got no easy task. You know, we got Aaron Rodgers coming into town Sunday Night Football in a couple weeks. So, I said getting healthy and it was huge to get that victory going to the box. And again, it is a team game.

I get it. But, you know, your ability along with your other teammates on defense to hold down Mahomes as much as you can, and obviously Taron Johnson with the pick to end the game. How much do you think, you know, maybe not in the moment, but overall the fact that if there is a two-man MVP race between Allen and Mahomes, you have something to say about making sure Allen's offensive prowess is what's reminded all the viewers and voters.

Those two are the best in the game. And I always say, you know, you're not going to stop Josh Allen and you're not going to stop Patrick Mahomes. You're not going to, you know, being able to limit them is what you really have to do. When, you know, opportunities come, you got to be able to take advantage of them when they get down in the red zone. You know, you're not the Kansas City Chiefs are going to get down in the red zone, you know. And what happened the past couple years is the red zone has been the biggest difference in the game when we have played the Kansas City Chiefs. What happened in the red zone has been the biggest difference in those games when we play them.

So, when they get down there, being able to handle them in the red zone, being able to make them kick through, being able to take the football away like Tyreeland did, being able to, like I said, take advantage of opportunities, being able to make teams drive the football down the field and then take advantage of the mistakes. That's what, you know, that's the way to get defense. And that's what we try to do.

You know, you got to be there. You're not going to stop every single team. That's damn near impossible to stop an offense like that. But when you're able to limit them and then you're able to take advantage and create some takeaways for your offense and put them in the field position and flip the field, you know, that's where that's, you know, the stats that other people don't see that, you know, us and within our within our organization, our team, that's what we that's what we try to see. And then in terms of building this team together, Jordan Poyer, the Buffalo Bills, you were one of the first building blocks as a free agent signing signee in 2017 paired with Micah Hyde right on the get-go. And what is your recollection of seeing Josh Allen for the first time when he was drafted a year later?

What's your first story? I mean, he had, I mean, you knew he had all the upside. He had all the tools. He had all the athleticism. He had the arm. He just had to play. He just had to continue to play.

He had to, you know, make his mistakes and learn from them. And it's just been awesome to see, just to be a part and to see his growth. When he first came here to tell now, I mean, I mean, you could argue that he's one of the faces, I mean, he is one of the faces of the NFL. So he's at the face of our franchise, but I'm talking about the entire league. And just to see him come into his own and really, you know, put this team on his back.

And he's the dude that I go to war with, you know, any day of the week. And it's just awesome, like I said, to see him grow. And not only on the field, but off the field, you know, his impact in the community out here in Buffalo, his impact in the community, you know, everywhere, you know, around the world.

I know you saw what he did after the game, going up to the kid after and giving him the football and taking a picture. I mean, that's just him, man. He's an awesome dude. I mean, he's a character. He's a leader.

And he's, like I said, he's someone that I'll go to war with any day of the week. What's it going to be like in the film room if it is amongst the entire team when you watch back him leaping over Justin Reid, I think it was? What's that moment like?

That's him, dude. Like, at this point, I'm not surprised anymore. It's like, I get excited, but I'm just like, I mean, what do you do?

Like, what do you do? He's a 6'6", 6'7", quarterback, 250 pounds. And he's hurtling guys.

Like, yes, he's not. I mean, you just kind of have to put your shoulders up if you're a defender. And you're like, well, **** it. It's crazy.

It's crazy. Because, you know, and I always tell you, I'm glad he's on our team. Because to be able to have that athleticism, to be able to have that arm strength, and it's got to put, you know, it's got to strike here in the center of his eyes. And when he's running that ball down the field, he's not going to slot. When he's on the sideline, you know, you just see him, he's getting close to out of bounds, and he's lowering his shoulders, putting them in the defenders, put them on their back. So, I mean, that just sends a message not only to the other team, but to us, too. You know, as defenders, like, look, this dude is out here going in for his teammates. Like, let's roll, you know, and then he gets us all going. Well, you said that's him.

I don't understand. You're referring to Josh Allen as him. I thought him was Diggs. I thought Diggs was him.

I thought that. Well, we all him. We all claim him. Ah, empathy.

That's how it is out here. A lot of hims. A lot of hims. Buffalo hims.

The Buffalo hims. Okay, very good. I like it. So, tell me about your pod that you're launching.

What do you got? You know, I got an awesome opportunity, you know, Colin Cowher, he's starting to do a pod. He's starting to get a bunch of guys around the league to do podcasts.

I'm going to be joining him in this digital, digital media network called The Volume. It's just called the Jordan Porter podcast, and I'm going to be delivering instant reactions after all the Bills games, firsthand perspectives from the field, behind the scenes stories with the team, and interviews with my teammates, and other players around the league. So, I'm really excited about it because it's going to be really kind of unique and authentic with personalities, like I said, from today's MSL. So, it'll be cool to kind of break down the game, and like I said, how I saw the game. So, it'll be kind of cool coming from players. I'm really excited about it. So, you'll be able to download them on The Volume's YouTube channel, and wherever you can get your podcast.

So, the first episode I think is about to drop tonight or tomorrow. So, we'll be talking about a lot that we talked about here, the Chiefs game, going depth a little bit more about my trip, and like I said, I'm really excited about it. Jordan Porter, congrats on the start this year, everything going on with you in life, and let's do this on the regular. I appreciate you. I really appreciate it. No, I love coming on here. I appreciate you guys giving me the opportunity to come on here. Of course, Jordan Porter, you got it, man. Best to your family, and hopefully the drives are only during the bye week, just five minutes to the grocery store. That's it.

That'll be great for you. Yes, and maybe to the golf course, too. Ah, collapse lung.

Who cares? Let's go. Let's team up.

Let it fly. I'm good now. I'm good now. Oh, you're good. I'm all right now. Okay, very good.

Yeah, I'm all right now. Well, I mean, geez, I know you were drafted in baseball. You were a two-way star in high school. Tell me you're like, what, a scratch golfer, too? Are you a scratch golfer, too? Oh, man, that's my goals in life.

You know, it's not all of our goals. I'm like a plus 9, plus 10. Probably right now, I'm probably like a plus 14. I haven't played in a while. So I started playing two and a half years ago. So it's been a journey. I think it's a journey. A lot of ups and downs. Yeah, okay.

As long as it's not a 15-hour journey for you there as well. Hey, Jordan. Yes, thank you, guys. I appreciate it. Take care, Justice Jordan Porter. Greatly appreciate it. Thank you, sir. Greatly appreciate it. You got it. That's at J underscore poor 21 on Twitter and Instagram right here on the show.

So let's say remember Brockman had Jordan Poyer as his defensive player of the year in our quarter post. What's up? There you go. There you go.

Very good. Let's take a break. Colin Hanks is here. Colin Hanks is here. Look at that photograph.

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New episodes dropping weekly Thursdays through November 10th on Peacock. Our terrestrial radio audience just returned. So again, this is a true story, correct?

Yes. And the true story is, I give you the floor, sir. You'll do a better job than me trying to recap it. How much time do we have? Whatever you wish. There's a lot.

I know you've got a heart out at some point later this hour, so you go as you wish. There's a lot to unpack. It's a true story about the Broberg family that they were in Pocatello, Idaho in the early 70s. They befriended another family that moved into town.

They were a close-knit Mormon community. And the patriarch of the other family is a master manipulator and predator, and not only groomed their daughter and kidnapped her twice, but also groomed the parents and manipulated them by having relationships, inappropriate relationships with both parents in order to get to the daughter. So it's a very complex story about grooming and manipulation and just, you know, some really, really light stuff. Damn. Yeah, it's a lot.

It's a lot to unpack. And the predator played by the actor Jake Lacy, who people know from The White Lotus. Of course. He's terrific.

He's fantastic. And we saw Anna Paquin in it as well. And quite different than the last time I saw her as Brenda Warner in American Underdog. That is true. Different role. Very true. I must say.

Maybe a similar hair curl, perhaps. And then everything else diverges. And then everything else diverges. Yeah. And then look at you, man.

Yeah. Look at you in this role. And you're kind of like, if I didn't know you personally, kind of unrecognizable in your lid there, it looks like I'm saying you want me to have this hairstyle for how long? So let's bring that up because the last time you were on here was to promote another amazing thing that you were amazing in the offer, which, you know, I told you off air and whatever spectacular spectacular. And in the fact there were no nominations is outrageous.

I can say it outrageous, outrageous. Okay. But you were here in a very rakish lid that looked great on you. I had no idea though.

It was also quite functional. Yes. Because jacket, by the way, same jacket, same outfit. No, I don't care. I'm nothing consistent.

Things are all right. There's a reason why, because they, you literally shaved your head for this role. Like now that's look at you. That was the haircut that I was, I was given, there was a very conversant, you know, there were conversations very, very early on as to what the look of the show is going to be like, and I'm playing a real person.

Bravo, Bob Robert was a person that actually really existed. And so he had a very distinct hairstyle. And so the conversations were, you know, how do we want to approach this? And I went from a very practical standpoint of said, okay, well, what is going to be the thing that looks best on camera?

That will be the least amount of time in a hair and makeup trailer. And they said, well, the answer to that is shaving half of your head. And I said, okay, let's do it. And this was the photo that I sent out to everybody the day that you did it. I did it.

Freshly shorn half head. Yes. And here's what I've learned. If you have not heard from somebody in a long time, if they're not returning, if they've ghosted you and they're not returning your phone calls or texts, just get one of those hairstyles, zap it to them. And you will hear back from them in under a minute.

Like right away. I heard back from every single person I texted when I texted them that funny. Yeah. Now I know this is a loaded question, so I apologize for asking it without clearing it beforehand, but your wife thought what? Oh, she was, she was nonplussed. I think is the word that I can say on this program. I don't know if this was, uh, it was some other sort of show.

Maybe I could use the, she was nonplussed. She, she, she w it's very rare. It's bad. It's bad. It was just, it was just bad because there, there are so many facets to it that were unfortunate.

The one that I found that was the oddest was that, you know, they, the hair at the back of my head was not used to being in the front of the class. So we just didn't know what to do or where to go. They're like, we're not used to this. Where do we go? Do we go to the ride? Do we go to the left? Are we just, we're just going to go straight up.

We're going to go straight up. Like literally my hair had no idea what was going on. And inevitably I just looked like the heat Meister from, you know, one of those like one of those Christmas cartoons. Yeah, there it is. Yeah. So it was just a lot of, a lot of like, well, I guess, I guess we're doing this.

And the weird thing is too, and it's a hundred percent true. I was like, yeah, let's do it. Like let's, let's do this. And it was, I sort of was told like, yeah, this is like a galvanizing thing.

Like everyone's going to really, it sets the tone, right. Shave my head. And then within two seconds flat, I went, I'm going to be stuck with this for the next seven months. It didn't occur to me that like, yeah, there's the making it easy, like in the morning and the hair and makeup trailer.

But then there's also maintenance. I'm going to have this haircut when I'm out of work. Do you know what I mean? And so true story about seven days after I I've filmed that I went to a restaurant in Atlanta that I had gone to once before and they had told me, okay, yeah, all right, well we take reservations down. I said, okay, not a problem.

I'm literally going to be in in 30 minutes. So they're like, all right, we need your credit card for the reservation. I said, okay, not a problem.

Why do you need the credit card? Well, we're going to charge you in case you don't show. Okay, I'm coming anyway.

It's not a problem. And there's a dress code. I said, what's the dress code?

And they said, basically just, you know, no athletic gear, no sweats. I said, great, no problem. I show up in this jacket and a baseball hat and they go, okay, uh, sorry, you have to take the hat off.

Get out of here. And I went, excuse me. And she said, I told you no athletic wear.

And I said, you said no sweats. And she said, you're wearing a baseball hat. And so I had to sit in a restaurant and thank goodness they put me in the corner of the restaurant. I was like Blair, which I was just sitting in the corner of the restaurant, just hate eating this food, just going, I am never coming back here again ever. I thought the punchline of this story would be, okay, you can wear the hat.

No, there are other patrons. No, no, no, no. They said you can't, you can't wear it.

Sorry. So you had to promote the offer, like go to premiers and whatever for this dynamite a-list program, wearing this lid and all that. And now that hat, by the way, here's what I've learned that hat in London, that's a totally different vibe. Of course in London, I'm a gentleman when I wear it here in the U S I look like the dancer for the mighty, mighty Boston.

It is not the same, which is okay though, which is fine. I love the mighty, mighty Boston. Never had to knock on wood. I'm not knocking that. I'm not knocking it. You never know when you might have to provide the music for the 1997 SPS. I just, you never know. Just looks very circa 1997.

Like it would just, it was very, it was a little spot. So everyone must see a friend of the family just to know how much work went into it and sacrifice for your craft. All of that. And you want to know, you want to know what my dad calls it now? The neighbor next door show, all that hard work. He goes, Hey, you're crushing it on this neighbor next door show. Do you tell them it's what the name of it is? I told them that's what I'm calling it from now on a neighbor next door show.

What do you think of your hair? Oh, he thought it was hilarious. Well, you're committing to the craft. Oh, I mean, he was one I always heard back from very quickly whenever I would send him photos and videos all the time. And he was just never prepared for it. He was never, was he ghosting you and you got a response?

No, no, no, no. I heard back from him. In fact, I would get videos of him that would just be him laughing. Like I'm talking like that Money Pit laugh.

Do you know what I mean? It was that laugh. Wow. Yeah. It was a lot of that. Fantastic.

Colin Hanks here on the Rich Eisen Show. All right. Let's, let's, let's talk a little sports here. Yeah.

You're, you're one of the sweetest guys I know. And I set this up by saying this, how much pleasure have you taken in the Dodgers demise as a Giants fan? I mean, like on a scale of one to whatever your number you're thinking right now, I mean, this one goes to 11 and let's just say it goes out of 10. Yeah. You know, scale of one to 10, this one definitely goes to 11.

Yeah. A lot of joy. I mean, look, I will, I will say this definitely. I am much more upset at the season that my San Francisco Giants had, but if you're going to have a season, but if I'm going to have that kind of season to then watch essentially Jim Dodgers, as I like to refer to the Padres, or at least when they had those blue and white uniforms, Jim Dodgers, they look like the Dodgers twins. I really enjoyed seeing the Dodgers go down the way that they did, but look, here's the one thing I will definitely say, like across the board, all of these playoff games have been so fantastic and the atmosphere has been, I mean, it really does feel like everyone's waited two and a half, three years for like playoff baseball atmosphere. Like everybody's just going absolutely just bonk. And the Padres to do that to the Dodgers too. I just loved it. The Phillies to do it to the Braves is just, that's, that's, that's fan base dream type stuff.

Absolutely. The Guardians to do it to the Yankees, if they do it today, I'm sure those folks in Cleveland would, out of all the teams that they could pick, they'd probably pick the Yankees right there. But that environment, watching the Dodgers crumble on the road like that, I never tire of that. Fill the tears right into your mug. I never tire of that. Just fill a little of Chavez ravine with tears, Dodger. And then what a better, what a better way to promote the Willie Mays documentary that you are a part of, sir? See, this is why you are the national treasure with your transitions and whatnots and so forth.

Debut Tuesday, November 8th, 9 Eastern on HBO, available to stream on HBO max. Say, Hey, Willie Mays. You're one of the producers on the project on the project.

I mean, walk me through how this got started, what you did. Well, my partner, Sean Stewart and I, we make, we make documentaries and, you know, we made a documentary about the crazy crab, which is the San Francisco giants mascot many, many moons ago. And we've always sort of looked at Willie Mays as being sort of the, the, the story to tell from, from a giant's perspective. If there is anybody whose story has not been told yet, Willie was the one he's the greatest of all time, in my opinion.

And there's an entire generation of baseball fans that never got to see him play myself included, who don't know really just how important he was to the sport, how dominant he was in the sport, but also just how much of American culture he represented it in his time and place. And so we tried very, very hard for many, many years to be able to tell his story. And eventually he said, yes. And so we got to go up to San Francisco and meet with him and, and sort of chat with him, talk, talk with him before a game, uh, there at his, uh, his suite at, uh, at Pac Bell, which I still call it Pac Bell. And, um, and, and he, he, he agreed. And so Nelson George, who's an incredibly talented filmmaker, he, he directed the documentary and it's really, you know, it's Willie's story. It's, it's Willie's story of him coming up in, in baseball and just, uh, just what a force he was not only in, in, in the game, but you know, what a force he was for style, for the culture, both in New York and San Francisco, uh, you know, while, while he was playing. So at some point you were part of the process or Sean Stewart was part of the process to get him to say, okay, we nurtured it to get comfortable with you.

Yeah. Well, we really sort of planted the seed very, very early on, but that we would very much love to be able to be a part of, you know, telling his story. And it took a long time. And, and, uh, the people over at spring Hill, which is LeBron James is production company. They came on board cause they also saw the potential in the story.

And I think those two things, you know, in, you know, in combination, I, I, I felt probably put us over the edge. Uh, and so we then met with him and sort of gave him reassurances and whatnot. And, and Nelson is such a, a talented, great guy that I think Willie just looked at Nelson and said like, all right, all right, kid, like go for it. And I also saw on your Instagram, you're doing a John candy talk too. That's your next one. That is, yeah, that's, that's, that's, that's, that's, that, uh, that was the, you and Ryan Reynolds, Ryan, right. Yeah.

Ryan approached me about, uh, directing a documentary about John candy or directing it. Yeah. That one's the, I'm going to go back for that one. Yeah. Yeah. I'm excited.

I'm really excited with that one. We're going to try and get everybody. Yeah. I mean, John, it was such a unique, uh, uh, individual Mel Brooks. Listen, come on. Can I borrow your camera? Can we go down right now?

I mean, Spaceballs, Spaceballs, but John was just such a special individual and really truly holds such a unique, uh, position, uh, within sort of the American like zeitgeist and pop culture and comedy and film history that, uh, it just sort of seemed like a, a no brainer. And, you know, honestly, when, when Ryan Reynolds says like, Hey, you should do this. You just go, yeah.

And that's how some guys end up with like, you know, Welsh football clubs. And that's how I ended up with a, yeah. Yeah. But yeah, I'm really, I'm really very excited.

That is so it's going to be great. There is a, I'm going to go deep. I'm going to go deep candy on you here. There was a movie that, um, I, and the rest of my high school friends loved. We watched it about a hundred times called going berserk going berserk. If you know, I'm, I'm telling the director of the John candy documentary, it's called going berserk and it was Eugene Levy was in it and all the, uh, SCTV folks were in it and he was, it was stupid and dumb, but man, did we watch the hell out of that thing?

And if I'm, would you look it up? Did Carl Reiner direct that? I don't know if he did, but you know, I know Carl Reiner directed Steinberg, David Steinberg directed.

Okay. So he's another guy you can sit down with, right? Well, like, and I think Carl Reiner did summer rental with him or something like that. Summer rental, you know, and so who's Harry Krum was the, the big dumb one that I watched a million times. Yeah, I watched that movie about a bazillion times on cable TV. You're going to sit down with turtle town, right?

For a little bit of the, for a little bit of the cool running. Absolutely love nothing more than to sit with John turtle top for hours and hours. He gave me my first ever movie credit. That's how we met. And you were his plus one for a movie premiere.

And we met in, yes, we met in, well, we met in the bathroom, but that these are, these are things that are offline Colin. That's true. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm very sorry.

Uh, so that shouldn't be in the documentary or, or on your show. Okay. Good.

Good to know. Can we go back to my hair just to get us back to the subject? No, I'm just trying to get us off that subject. No, I'm desperately trying to grow this in. I mean, I'm throwing Chia seed on this just to see if I can get this to grow any faster.

I will pay good money if anyone in a pottery class just makes a little like clay sculpture of my face just so that we could make like a defacto Chia head out of it. It looks good on you though. I got to be honest. I appreciate that.

I, the amount of people that told me that I was very lucky that I had a good shaped head. Yes. I mean, that would, I mean, talk about important. Okay. Yeah.

Like I'm really glad I lucked out. That's important. Hey, look at you. It's important. Look at him.

It's important. See if he grew up, by the way, if he grew his hair in, he would look like your character. Tell me I'm wrong. Tell me I'm wrong. You've got the full horseshoe going on. I would look worse. I'm telling you Halloween though. Halloween's coming up right now.

You could be the only person dressed up as Bob Broberg for Halloween. I say, I say, go for it cut for you. And it's a deep cut. Uh, and how's, how's the Hanks kerchiefs business going? Good. We're plugging away, man.

Hanks Get one when you need one. You're always going to be grateful for it. Yeah, it's going great. We've been, we've been, uh, uh, busy coming up with some new designs and coming up with some fun ways of selling them. So it's, it's always a good way to spend a portion of my day instead of, you know, talking about, you know, wearing makeup and pretending to be other people actually, you know, work on something physical that I can actually, and again, I'll say it again, the offer is truly one of the greatest things you've done.

And that's not a lot. It was great. You saw too, TJ first one who told you, I was like, Colin, you are so unlikable. He did. It's great.

The last time I was here, he was, he basically just said, man, I hate you. Right. Well, not you.

No, no, no, no, no. I love you. I mean, you got to watch all the way to the end. You got to watch all the way. He redeems himself. Watch all the way to the end.

He's till twofold. You being Mr. Godfather over there. You've got to see this. I know.

And I, I, I have to get time, you know, to sit. Everyone I said is amazing. It is amazing.

It is truly great. And I think, did, did you know, I don't know if I told you this or not, but we, Susie and I binged it and we were so upset. It was over.

Remember I texted you. I'm like, please tell me there's more of a, you know, I mean, I don't know if there's going to be the Godfather part two. You were pitching me like, what about apocalypse now? Let's get going. There's gotta be ways to keep this thing going.

And so, uh, you're like, yeah, I don't think so. And so we, on the flight back, we, cause we, we were able to get away, uh, to Europe over the summer on the way back, the flight did have Godfather one and two and we watched them together back to back because we were so, you know, locked in on the whole subject matter. Oh, you know, did I tell you about the first time I saw it, it was actually like a different cut where it was told in chronological order.

What the offer? No, no, no, no, no. The Godfather.

Yeah. When I first watched it, it was, yeah, they start off in Godfather part two and you see, you see Don Corleone like come to America and all that sort of stuff. And then you get into the Godfather. Me personally, like in, in an interesting way to view it, but I think Godfather two is so special because of the way that it's cut, because it jumps forward and backwards in time like that, that it sort of makes it, it adds a little bit more to it. So to see it that way. But then again, I was, you know, I was 13, I was still just like, what's going on?

Cause my, cause then my 14 year old wants to see the Godfather for the first time. And I'm like, I don't know if you look at horses the same way again. Well, the first thing, yeah, maybe not, but, but don't underestimate just the pace. I think the pace is they're just going to be like, what is going on with this?

What is happening about the whole family thing? We get it. Could be, I'm not saying that is going to approach it. I'm just saying. And I just love the, you know, I did not know the offer taught me that the reason why Al Ruddy, the fame producer of Godfather did not do Godfather part two is he wanted to do the longest yard because he had, he had no promise for Reynolds that he was going to do it. That's that. That was really the thing. I already had given his word that he was going to go make that movie.

You never go back on your word and he never goes back on it. Clearly. Yeah. I had no idea about that. You got to see it.

It's truly amazing. Now I'm thinking about Burt Reynolds in the Godfather and what part he would play. I don't think so either. Well, he had been, he had been Mo Green. Godfather epic is what you were talking about.

Can you imagine, he's just on that bear rug, just chewing on an orange somehow, just about to die, just laughing, just hairy chest. It's really odd that the Corleone mom would be Sally Field. Really weird.

Really, really weird. Check out, by the way, those on Roku, Power Round Plus is right here. You should check out the offer. It's amazing. And check out on Peacock, a friend of the family streaming right now, every Thursday, new episodes all the way through to November 10th. And then November 8th is when the documentary, Say Hey Willie Mays appears on HBO, available on HBO max. Everyone check out to go check out this man's great product. You're awesome. Not as awesome as you are, Rich. Good to see you. Good to see you.

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It is. Went fast, didn't it? Quick. Went fast, didn't it? Looks like a nice dang Yankee Stadium for baseball. Game five, here we go.

Suns out, Nesters out. Del Tufo, you and Rich nervous? Of course. I am. Rich, is it? Rich still got it.

It's not August Rich. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Here's, here's the way, if I can describe it. I even said this to Brock the other day when we were on the phone about something else, is that these games are three and a half, four hours long and, and, and it is just nerve wracking. Every split second is just nerve wracking. Every pitch is nerve wracking. Every base runner I think is going to score.

Every swing that the Guardians make contact, which is every single one of their swings, I'm thinking is going to find grass because it does, you know, and, and, and Francona is Francona. And then part of me is like, if I'll, I'll say it Chris, what I told you the other day, if it ends, I, I, I don't have that pit in my stomach. And then I don't have to sit there and watch them take on the Astros, which is just whatever I've just described times 10. Yeah. And then there's the Jets, there's the Jets, there's Michigan. I got other things going on. I got kids, I got stuff.

But I said the same thing to you. I know that may not sound like a fan. My team being not in it, I actually am a little bit relieved to like not have to go through the stress of four or five hours of stress every single night.

Honestly. But I go through it and when they win, it's the greatest thing ever. It's kind of like fantasy football. Like, you know, when your fantasy football team wins. And it would kind of suck that the judge season winds up without, you know, an ALCS appearance against the, the Astros, you know, and, and I, as you know, I was hoping not to face the Astros because as you know, no, you, you tell those, well, they know, you could tell those, you could tell those, you know what, that no Yankees coming to Houston.

They go focus stands on you right there. This NFL season, every Westwood One NFL broadcast streams live for free Mondays, Thursdays, Sunday nights, Thanksgiving, and Christmas triple headers, the international series in every postseason game. Who's on tomorrow's show, Chris? We have a good lineup, don't we? I shouldn't say that with high register, right?

I shouldn't go high register right there. Fitzmagic is calling in, first dollar. He's really good at the television. You know, he is. They put him in the middle of that set for a reason. His beard is a little distracting.

No, it's not. But I do like his insight. Me too. Hall of Famer Chris Carter calling in hour two tomorrow.

Yes, because everything he does is, is be on NFL icons this Saturday. Oh, nice. Fantastic.

And then third hour. Also, I want to talk to him about what he's doing late November because you know how I'm talking about things these days. Oh, goodness. Oh, Rich. You're just digging. Why?

Why? Rich. I think he might've been, he might've been in the building when I, when I said hello to the Faithful at the jacket. I would say a hundred percent in the building. No, he was in the building up, but he was probably in the mosh pit waiting to be introduced.

Probably not hearing a damn thing. And now Mark Helgenberger is coming back. It's been eight years, eight years. She was on in November of 14. One of our first ever in studio guests. Now will be our latest. She's back.

She is indeed. All right. Thanks for taking in this Tuesday edition of the Rich Eisen Show. I am now going to spend the next five hours trying to not vomit my own mouth. We'll be back on Roku to wrap things up in a moment. When you're one person, that's too hard to do.

I recommend two max. Okay. Here's your foot, Ross. Hello, Ross. Available on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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