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REShow: Joe Manganiello - Hour 3

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September 30, 2022 5:33 pm

REShow: Joe Manganiello - Hour 3

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September 30, 2022 5:33 pm

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You know that which I shall be only Los Angeles move from hereunder shall help you franchise. Our number thriller withdraws and show is all beer. Mike McDaniel is talking right now we will hear what he has to say shortly. It was his Dolphins team lost last night in Cincinnati into a wound up being hospitalized briefly before coming home with the team. Dr. Alan Sills and see the chief medical officer of the NFL is making the rounds was on the phone network today on CNN moments ago talking about how concerned he was a neurosurgeon to see what will what to his reaction was on the field. I can't believe he was playing.

I don't understand how your you're looking into the protocols from Sunday and how they were followed and there's an investigation going on and the guys allowed to play while that investigation is happening. I guess he was medically cleared to play because there were no indications of concussion every day since Sunday and is still investigating whether the protocols were followed and you put them out there last night and the whole country saw what happened in our work will question the protocols John Harbaugh moments ago saying that he was astonished by what he saw last night and and question why was out there was interesting to see a coach talk about another team's business, but cortical.

I couldn't believe what I saw that he was. You can't put them out there until he is ready is what he said. Normally one coach doesn't talk about another team situation, but man there's a lot of fallout going on and this will last through the weekend and and and I'll personally tell you all on this show just because there's going to games can be played more than talk about them actually spent 15 minute segment now or never to talk about the rest of week four schedule were to keep focusing on this Dolphins play next against the Jets in week five will be 10 days off and Alan Sills the CMO of the NFL chief medical officer saying that the make the report public uses every means can be transparent has to be consult is a lot NFL fans in football fans and non-sports fans were this wound up on the radar screen of wonder what's going on and will keep talking about until we find out and answer 844204, which is limited all our friend Joe Mangino see me joining in our number one George Kittle was on the program and then an hour to Amari Cooper was on the show he was in great spirits better spirits and Cowboys fans are economists and I asked him about why I asked him what was he surprised about getting trade from Dallas gave no a brief answer mentioning we can get Jerry Jones mindset. I asked him why he thought he was traded in an electronic dropper here in the program and go Amari Cooper left left twice you missed any of that.

Guess what, right here on the local channel channel 210.

The show rear. So this is our number three live in them will just keep repeating the show over and over and you missed any of it go to state what essentially we saline or terrestrial radio audience and those listening on Sirius XM and those listening on the Odyssey, Abbott Sirius XM serious channel 218 XM 2029 92.

If you're listening on the and then there's our podcast we saline or podcast listeners were listening wherever they are, whatever they want to Eisen shown the back stop.

If you miss anything, and now George goes on our number one in my Wolverines take on his Iowa Hawkeyes tomorrow joining us about the 10 minutes timer so John wasn't still your buddy K Steelers are hosting Jets on Sunday. This interesting.

This interesting. I don't know if he's got bubbles the dog with him.

I'm assuming he doesn't and and you know he is apparently flying out of town after this were right by LAX that this meaning is brought the dog know he goes everywhere with right he did the pylon this to Leslie almost got bubbles was a pile that here was to all of those everyone that is not a metaphor for anything.

I was really is the truth. While 844204 Rich being the number to dial on the program.

We will take your calls later on this hour, TJ Jefferson's fantasy advice now with a new gift wrap now with a new brand to it. We think it's that we think there is one you don't know if you think it successful. Just go for you to put it. Why when you the first time you try to rush me for a name I like money just let the sling marinate a little Russian for you were saying they need to name us. I said let me let me let me ponder this for a minute running to me just take the shot writer so for the Roku channel audience. You see it for the radio audience. You see, Roku channel and the Rich Eisen show logo here. The Rich Eisen show logo on the mug, there's the Army right here you could take the shot. There is that the whole show low writer tick-tock instructed Buck Chuck what's behind Chris Brockman over the Rich Eisen #behind me me know okay so it's cobranding your branding yourself. I didn't have a break before rich/unexplained very good night. 844204.

Rich is never jealous.

Later on Chris Brockman's gambling advice as well.

But incidental films, music rates high Friday staple.

What's more likelihood never say never but never on Chris for what he got.

I think the best game of Sunday is Bill's ravens might be raining in Baltimore but hey, did you know they have two really good quarterbacks there that so Josh Allen Lamar Jackson obviously lead their respective teams and passing yards. I know also lead their respective teams and rushing about them apples that ever happened before I I have no idea. I would suggest you Google it, but you are talking on camera right now anybody else you were combined passing rushing yards on Monday Josh Allen Lamar Gen. Juan O shaman go Lamar.

He's more likely to rip off a long one. Not as likely to throw for 400:1. Like in that game.

Bill's notice goes awry number one team in my power ranking this week despite losing last.

It's not all it's my power rankings are not yours. What else see most likely to pull the road upset AFC East team most likely to pull the road upset you got the bills Jets or your daily SAPI backed up Brian Porter patriots answer patriots follow Jets married to come on now Chris. Come on now, how dear you come on man you even if you would take the Jets skill position players over the patriots right now. Zach Wilson over Brian warrior and men whose coming out from our green room watching user agreement right now packers over the Steelers and the Packers over the Steelers right now, I think, come on, man.

What's more likely is it Jets winning aqua sure yeah brother Joe to come out all feisty.

What else about this when I like this one really much Michael Parsons is good football right yes.

What's more likely Michael Parsons. I what's more, what's the greater bout total here Michael Parsons sass or when Stevie path old boy on their know it's Washington at Dallas.

He's got a channel his inner Alex Smith for me. Washing quarterbacks if done well and down Sergey three) and I went.

Alex half time. Last year him at the high register washing with her last year to each.

By the way that Cowboys give you the exact stats, but Washington doesn't say that we talk about down there and Thanksgiving seven touchdown on the go.

Once touchdown's and just say that the this access. This can be spread around about that on the one substance.

I'm thinking while your Zagat report about this when I this is to be a sneaky good game. I think jaguars and eagles wide receivers in their new homes are having really good seasons Christian Kirk and Ajay Brown which guy most likely to get 100 yards and score a touchdown. Kirk or Brown which one will be more likely to touchdown all the Christian Kirk Christian Kirk what he's been doing lately. Other Christian Kirk and that went by the way, I think he most certainly did not get it when there last year that Cowboys put a 50 burger Washington is seven is your 13 in the last 20 games against Dallas. That's from salon to start my recent memory about what Michigan was against ally was basically their last 20 years to about who's got the win. Most recently, I will not even Washington either. But recently, and five is interesting because my seven Christian Kirk. It seems like Monte Smith is getting a little bit more here.

Okay what else you about two guys a bit over 300 yards here total on the NFL season rush arsenic job with the NFL say climb right behind them. More rushing yards on Sunday John Barclay on the job against the planet rather than Barclay against the Bears will go there a man that Barclay 36 yarder through the Cowboys defense was really a thing of beauty. I thought that was a crushing blow for Dallas and the only scored in the next three possessions, two touchdowns in a field goal when it was all take a picture of an Atlanta. I'm going against Chubb this week and I am genuinely nervous about that when I do not like the matchup right there. I think Chubb can have a day what he think you're going back to Georgia mean something to him, I think. So now I have a lot of family stands right and this goes against what the one I had earlier but the AFC steam here. What's the greater total in Green Bay on Sunday. The Packers win margin or patriots point score's well what you think.

Print Packers win margin means the patriots don't score many points so all go Packers win margin is that is not a gambling question dressed up as a what's more likely to get me to sneak one has to go into trying to get what you what it would really try to glean out of here. Chris and I meant to give this game later on. I'm concerned about this offense going to getting back Green Bay defenses.

No joke. Absolutely the stronger side of the football right now. On the other side of the football has the back-to-back MVP of the sleep so I last one last one. Unless of course the list on Mac Jones out there as a decoy is gonna sap the Packers of much needed time and it's going to somehow rope a dope the patriots closer, but I still think though the win margin is good to be larger than the number of points. Patriots what he got. it makes me to step on your drop. i love the ocean's eleven very much is very soderberg think and you know a soderberg guys coming out on the 701 this last one is magic get you. i would say what my nickname is named richie but i don't want to say that i was making a magic mike reference as well. right there to get up to your own imagination go for chris ross or danica likely is no choice choice waiters options time to use a 24 phrase there always out of time on that shell always, always within cell reception and he raters max crosby jones dress that defense. let's ross where he needs to be on the sideline and let's get in the end zone and let's score some points. let's get stonestreet texturing is no other choice, it's derek carr. that's right, broncos, nation, broncos country, let's run the subway and get a weird i got stuff 844204, which numbered will speak in some calls after joe manganiello along with tj jefferson's newly branded fantasy segment chris brockman's three and one last all right somebody that's coming up short today brockman i see the current tickets: a crown very good and i'm glad that i had to show see shot joe to come join tvs ross matthews every thursday on his new podcast hello ross ross matthews and i am so excited to tell you about my brain i just said i know i was just thinking again to emphasize the name of my new pine cat hello you only have like 30 seconds to tell them about the new podcast hello ross to tell about the celebrity ghastly interesting people with cool stories to tell and it's new every thursday. i do think it could be an oscar winner to start your favorite show my dental hygienist anyone else.

one time i was at the dinner party and the lady across from he turned to the dominatrix hurt not even knowing are you going to go there and their stretch stretch things off limits? no question, no get away with it. mr. rogers neighborhood mr. matthews neighborhood & actually do some fun on youtube where ever you listen.

smiling hello ross, available on youtube or wherever you listen now you just repeated me.

we are so over time limit number terrestrial radio outfit.

joe manganiello is here bubbles the dog is here and what's the name of the show joe for the for those registering as immediate hashtag pdr baby marie brando manganiello is here. okay, so now i were just here to hang with the quest that right now yeah episodes releasing weekly streaming on apple tv comes back on november 11. you and rob mcelhinney and david hornsby who i went to the carnegie mellon school of drama with star and writer of mythic western rock really funny guy. i did a movie with glenn howerton: archenemy years ago and we became friends and then rob called me. actually the first season of its request to come to an episode, it was that night where anyone had the nba on this your mark cuban's whispering what's going on in coded so they canceled the nba to cancel coachella the next morning i went downtown hotel in downtown la to work on an episode of mythic quest. there was no one there was a ghost town. none of us knew what to do right. we shot this episode, but it would be needed big crowds and you couldn't do that anymore so they there is a hiatus there's a secret.

also floating somewhere. the only shot ever got aired and then three years later for the third season they call me back in okay testing awesome. there's so much more to talk about the let's just jump into it. sunday jets stealers. no less a hashtag. such a flock of his time searching the exact that they put zach because why what what what is now chose the backup joe is joshua scared was he like having dts in the morning and he said i can't get out there. i remember those old at the 2008 games. i don't like your tone and i don't appreciate and i'm going to flip it to say who's starting the backup quarterback this week. my team or yours. how about that joe manganiello is spicy well our starting quarterback is is is playing this week is okay will see what happens when we come to the biweekly appeared to be a little bit as you're saying that something's going on some things going. there's a lot of speculation on our part. we get old we get some talented young guys obviously in skill position on hawkins graham last thursday was observed but yeah did anyone see his highlight reel come out of college. the guys like unbelievable entities in the second like a mean guy got a mean streak university and knock those db like he shoves him he threw somebody out of the club in preseason. i saw that love love it. so we have these really talented guys who you can see on the file getting frustrated. so whether that's you know coordinator issues or incompatibility, or quarterback or whatever that whatever's going on in a week we we get played better on offense. you know it. just wondering brockman you can help out here who who has a better what a better grip pickens of that grab on the football or joe would bubbles a dog right now.

better for points pressure situation. what you think going on george and i need to like re-create with bubbles that would bubbles is somebody re-create like the george pickens baby my face i george is in photoshop that we could get some, especially as i wasn't happy where it was it here just laying out, but it's bubbles.

the dogs again who wore it better. i love it, but no here comes zach is asking to be there.

zach's going to come out of the 2022 gates here and see what happens. finally got we got a lot of skilled players, ourselves, you know, i know this is it's a tricky year for a mean, i'm sure the trickier for you every year. that's the text he always like i like you will see men. i mean, you obviously liked our defenses. this is a side of the ball it that we really pride ourselves on and that the team you know we got closer three levels by tom missing tj i think is really gosh look at what a difference. but alex highsmith was leading the league and spectating into this week so he stepped up a ton and we were looking for other guys to step up and remove all the wallow out and see what some of the younger guys can do, concerned about you defensively just it's it's the offense man and i and and i'm trying to see when problems can hit the push the button and proceed of the. the media is trying to get her to push it now and and he he's not budging.

as a matter fact he's getting more retrenched. it seems, but he also knows his team better than anybody else morning where you stand on that subject why i think it was there a lot of people saying hey look, you know, maybe on a 10 day week after thursday night game then you put the rookie and i was guys this week you go this week, then you face the meatgrinder we enter the gauntlet which is like bill's box heading into the buy and you know if anything can break the spirit of a young quarterback. if the guys can play. he's getting, you know he's gotta play against those teams anyway so i don't know what i think of work if we have you not bad record hidden in the bye week and it's a lost season or were so far behind the neck and right. we want to see we can note brother after the jets are not right here you want talk about meeting the offense to maybe go point for point for people in and get the defense somehow even starter right buffalo, tampa, miami, kelly kelly by new orleans c&c who we squeak out a win again. they handed us that when first week in the defense was saying right now.

i know you're saying the point need the field goal in overtime. you get to baltimore games of always, we always have trouble with the raters. the raiders are like with the dolphins were the patriots turning those years. i know you just have her number so it's a tough season. but here's the thing people do you think people forget that and didn't wasn't put in because he was a high draft rookie ben was put in because coming out straight and i remember the team was like not now probably have right now and we don't need some game managing rookie and he didn't lose again the rest the regular season when he won the games he needed a window at the company had incredible comebacks that whole season, so how likely is that lightning would strike twice important kenny picketing you know any like it is and is amazing amazing situation like that is any chance that you're in pittsburgh christmas eve for that that immaculate reception game because that is that's that. the anniversary that you will not work and you know franco franco was at my wedding, franco harris, was that the hit of my wedding. i remember ed o'neill telling me the story about all he wanted the whole night was to meet franco because he was in training camp in 1969 with joe greene capital and he was just nervous and didn't know what to do or how to approach them. franco sets walk across the dance floor towards ed's casket nervous wreck comes right out the music manager al bundy or i just can't believe you can believe the frank and he will but i yeah i'd love to be there to support franco will see receives a rough you know potential night family and things like yeah yeah and you be traveling a lot.

i'm directing this thing i can't like, but i'm i'm getting in full swing with that now was there did did franco catch the bouquet right on the right right you got that picture man or wedding photographer know much that they could get a full splash page and the wedding album just down on the ground, grabbing the bouquet hit the ground that it not to miss that.

how did i miss… it's a fiat that had i missed that.

i think you are due to busy on luck on just to go to think we need a fear that renewing an invalid get franco back in here and 10th anniversary as their ship and i will retire his number at got into the new game of thrones have washington and he's out.

i was so disappointed.

the way that it ended that the previous tones entity will go back. i wasn't mean i'm not mad about that. in fact, for me, i was ready to go back and start watching from episode one the original series thought i was ready to go back and start like enough time to pass. i wanted to go back and revisit it like i know, but maybe it's him at some point i'm writing something that's fantasy based on and i just kinda don't want other fancy incarnations on my brain while i was writing creative decision to not watch anything with now. i just made that up to watch brando intrigue are you want to do your own. so here we are playing dungeons & dragons and i only played once in the past over here. i have adult i have 45-year-old things going on right going on so you work brady nylon, not the well. both mary did very very beautiful women that we love cheating thing card game like she'd been taking a trip pittsburgh okay while very good picture thing that i still can't get through it. try palmolive it upset troy and you and now it's upset me more.

your buddy kurt what you mean dr. about about super bowl where they were calling all the interception you talk to kurt who is one of the most know troy and kurt maybe two of the best men i've ever met you. you are on that list. i don't need to fill me in with that, but she never says you know that you have put yourself to a high standard in you when you talk to them about those games are like there's no way feel the red zone plays yeah it falls apart. it was the red zone plays there allegedly filming the rams scored their only red zone appearance in that game. so what are we doing what when you're calling out plays that there's no way you could have known about that were installed in complete secret vectors. there's no way they could have known, and eric mangini blows the whistle. where's the michael mann movie about mike about mangini jeannie eric mangini got mangini is that the man of genius by michael mann. he's gotta pay using the japanese got over of that scene and he is a japanese dog of its amazing twitter feed someone reversing the dig site lily sent that to somebody that calypso jerry told us as his perspective on that scene where it was his birthday.

he had not been on the set very long and it was you know pacino kept it would take after take and then did that particular take and and his reaction was jesus you know that that made the final what ever he said usually would with a good director, and once you get it. you've got it, you know, first couple takes you want to make sure you get what's on the page. i make sure you nail it.

they've got it. and then there's the moment the director comes up and says hey this is to spend your free spend right back to pitching. i went there and not another harassment. what is soderbergh like which one is which was soderbergh is we show up in the space and he'll walk around for about 45 minutes to an hour.

you know like kill kinda can't get up here. 40 5c we just hang out.

talk nbs and ANY track here give you 68 or whatever and you and then we what he wants music yeah just where you were in your like to just pick a spot like we want us to do music, you know, we are talking a waffle house. you told that story will opt to do that was funny okay so then you do waffle house story and he moves the camera as a second take a look at good and you can shoot coverage. i got amazing so it's it's just, and then killed that night will go up to the hickey will call me to watch football which is amazing. skulking we don't. i just ordered some chicken in the rooms go back to the gym i bring chicken up the list. watch the torch football will go up there and he would sit on his laptop while watching football and then he taps his game is over. he'd have an assistant come and plug the camera in the tv room and he would have all of the scenes we shot that they fully edit watching the game with soundtrack and and so you're watching what takes he picked any seaweed. he's we shot the movies in order so that the next day you knew what take he used you newer part of your performance.

you knew what free spend a minute i like to take sure he was really quickly and he's like best friends are david fincher, so isaac did fincher's notorious for doing 3870 takes you whatever it is right to how you guys friends as i argue, because we just have very different ways of getting what we want and it was a fascinating so soderbergh told me that his goal was to not even have to speak to an actor that he could psychically get them onto the slide and slide them perfectly into where he wanted them to be and needed them to be and i got that because after about three weeks on the first magic mike he'd said nothing to not work and i was like hey do you like what you like music. not that a problem i what i would've said something and then it was like it just gave you permission to go home sewing machine a goldblum a thought on Verbal cigarettes and to bring my glasses from home. yeah.

okay. and then i just made this little sweatshop scene so gold thong new hampshire.

it was a great and then i want to the movie. so you are like given the freedom to bring whatever you wanted what you know it was it was this kind of protective atmosphere where you know that it also like that kind of fear that kind of energy where you don't know if you're any good if it helps so much. it's antithetical because you want to be comfortable but like for example like the scene we did in the know. and then the girls in them gas station convenience rhyme is seen where your dance and the backstreet boys which funny enough i posted there was a yankee game where they played. i wanted that when they were all singing in severe was like to get something to do with yeah i know i was thinking about what if there was there was another one. what what what songs i would bring back for that. but like you know when we shut the community sourcing the girl they cast. she didn't crack a smile during any of the rehearsals were walking through it and we thought it was the funniest thing in the whole world. and then i look over and she's like looking at me like this. is this you the stupidest person i've ever seen my senior nursing maybe it's not that funny. maybe this is a bomb but that's exactly what you need is then you want now you're trying harder and harder and harder.

you know and that's what you need and those more you need to be comfortable does not need to be uncomfortable and that's antithetical.

i think most people's like existence. but then when i got to the end and she smiled and it was genuine. it was like okay i love that amazing joe. i mean, what great insight.

that is, especially since you know you showing what soderbergh looked like checking out a scene and looking up from that point in that angle while holding a chair while at the same time was really impressive no idea if that's what soderbergh did as well or you just have bubbles in your hand, he did he have her hair was 12 and is tucked into his arm notices me as a director. every director has her own style when you are directing your next moves. bubbles can be attributable to what is joe style is a director would you like a salad directing its holding a careless chihuahua lending pieces around. i'm really hard on actors. now i yeah know i'm on my on them pretty user-friendly and i'm i'm just you come from theater. it's just like about excitement and everybody excited but like i said, also not playing some sort of machiavelli in game because i've been in those situations with directors words like to talk to you like a jerk trying to manipulate you into being a tough guy. it's like a minister in the camera on the right.

you know, so i'm kinda like back.

i like to why meaning being on the soderbergh said, and obviously having so much success that you had doing that it's no doubt leave a mark, so you're about to wrap the kill room your with sam jackson samuel jackson thurman and what's to the streetwear line.

death saves what's that that you're involved with, so i was bringing like heavy metal artwork and fantasy artwork. growing up, whether that was ranked present or you know all the old album art for like you know iron maiden and metallica and so i started streetwear line bring light and heavy metal fantasy back like music. there's a period of time. the satanic panic.

oh, this is my upcoming magic the gathering shirt was an old old piece of artwork from the 90s on all hallows eve in this i'll drop this for halloween. so yeah, i'm just combing old existing artwork or actually work with a letter grade heavy metal artist to create new artwork for you know i did game of thrones i did on the crystal mckim on a netflix and i dungeons & dragons my presenter at death – for all that wealth to be just something is visible just lost a bulb there, i just want i just think some power went out were good. as i sit death – that will pop were good bubbles.

okay everything okay bubbles okay by my mike is on so little good, all right, very good, good. thank you come in on your joe mangino. i greatly appreciated. thank you so much. very good. may the best team win to you as well. at joel manganiello on twitter and instagram right here on the rich eyes and show great to see you great seal bubbles is falling asleep, which is deftly not at all an indication of how terrific the conversation that we had very good could see, but a sweet dog, wonderful dog. we are back to our wrap up the show. in a moment right here, joel manganiello, god bless you for, is 2000 2008, 2022 when it comes to the economy. those are some scary crash, housing crash and the roller coaster were going through right now.

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the dallas cowboys taking on the washington commanders. that's why we haven't discussed yet as the dallas cowboys are trying to go to three and all with cooper roche as their starting quarterback and i know jerry jones said that he would like to have a quarterback controversy on his hands and even if they win this game.

the dallas cowboys, there is no quarterback controversy on on her hands, to say the least.

you have a three-game winning streak on their hands if they win this game and it does appear that dr. prescott has an outside chance of coming back the following week against the los angeles rams i'm hearing that quite a bit from my colleague ian rappaport manifold media group. he was out there like throwing soft cooper roche and the cowboys can get this win and get to go to three i know under cooper roche and hand things off the.prescott time for a visit to sophia stating here against the rams, that's a win. i find that hard to believe me.just got his stitches out on monday night now is doing some like throwing that sounds to be to be quite an aggressive schedule right there so you also have another fascinating matchup on sunday night football really haven't even hit that which i'd like to do before going out the way here going out the door. look tom brady or patrick holmes got me to into by the end of this weekend and that is going to be quite something for either one and it's going to be a hell of a night, certainly since a lot of the focus is going to be on what's going on in the state of florida about 30 miles south of tampa there fortunate enough to actually be able to have but i'll tell you this, i'm leaning towards the defense in this game and i'm leaning towards the buccaneers defense having the night that they need and mike evans providing the spark that they need and i know armpits and off chief spends a lot by doubt. i still think that there is no there still as terrific an offense of team as you can see, but the last two weeks have been a struggle and the box that's all they do is to struggle with their ability with the opposing team's ability to put points on the board, so i'm taking a look at that game and i think that you stamp on that game when it's my time to actually make that pair interesting kind of ticket. i agree with defense. i think that my bill is going and and and if the vegas raters when and let's just say the charges due, with that bright in houston and the box went than the vegas raters will just be one game back after all them apples are tj jefferson you were saying that you've come out with a new branding for your fantasy segment that you started two weeks ago we had no idea what the name was right yeah okay so we'll see how it is. also go the more is now he wants tj jefferson.

it is time for what what is it time for so the graphic will let the people know what the graphic up. it is time for the fantasy gospel according to brother jeffrey has we have the appropriate and really appropriate sound effects referred and amen working on these came about re-as i did the segment last week and i was using the him something on you to make a comment about a hymnal and i was like, and i told broughton i woke up in the middle of the night on sunday and went a minute i got this and then michael jordan came in monday. the michael irvin thing and i was like that's a sign at the sign that we get to go this way. so go this route and see how this okay going so i sort out. you got the floor in my floor music chair. now he's here we go hi list please and gentlemen i come here the preceding day. i wanted to do well in fantasy rights on the i want to teach you to show you the way i would delete into the path of glory and righteousness: fantasy football sunday soma give you a few men to follow and if you meant to not follow rich eyes. you know what i'm saying to you right now these players right now going to start with the players they don't want you to win surveying him. these are the plates it's got to sit out you can put these players on the field if you hope to find fantasy glory and that is carson went to get status. now let's talk about this here, people.

the dallas cowboys set consequence a lot and he was sacked nine times last week by by legal so brother parsons brother lawrence that that is still the way the fantasy glory, carson wentz, you don't want him this weekend mao sanders against jacksonville you see him to mouse in his brother the eagles a role in people's role in rich but the touches the start to be split toward the red zone member. the hurt spine passing he's he's elevating other people. therefore brother sanders were going to have to have him sit down this week, tossing knox disabled brother brother alan store the ball 63 times easily look at dawson knox were times that tells me that there's too much talent there in buffalo.

therefore brother knox is got to sit down. the seat is not deleted the suck suck delete into the path of glory goes away when you don't want to and they are not him. can i get an amen and yes are you certain of these players using these plaything the lead to down the path of righteousness and glory see they are the resurrection and the light was told to seek the place is a deep incident allowed six touchdowns.

why was he was in three games. people still use him. damien piercing the name spelled wrong up there with the board saying apply money appears to continue to seek because it's charges to seek mr. bosak. he's out that defense might be hurt bit consecutive weeks running back supposed to derby one princes against ellie defense were going to look damien pierce has somewhat might be him. brother brockman and jamaal williams. you know well in love with him doing hard knocks on williams is representing great and he's an rv 500 and standard format to look for brother williams to go ahead and find that glory find that enzo leading to prominence and leads into the land of milk and honey this week, but there is one more now i gotta tell you, there's a man out there that we got love for god got love for him. you have to know what this week. he is not him this week couldn't think of what you got in unison on monday night. you got to sit, matthew stafford and 99,009 is the little brother stafford could do this week 49, is disallowing 10.9 points per game to opposing quarterbacks. it is only worth start if you got a deeply did not want to wait till monday to have that happen brother were the work on this will make it better, but i hope you reach mesa glory and that was it, wrap it up for this week. well done. thanks for leaving me time tested for this week. my been fully back on roku in a moment to wrap it up for short for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson to all time have an opponent sponsor ms. natalie in a conversation where is andre free of all was said there was number one because not even going back before you know holcombe was a baby face holt and andre were able to go in headline that the new orleans superdome at shea stadium in japan wherever they went. that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts

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