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REShow: Mike Williams - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 27, 2022 3:38 pm

REShow: Mike Williams - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 27, 2022 3:38 pm

Chargers WR Mike Williams tells Rich why L.A.’s offense will be even better with Justin Herbert in year-two of Brandon Staley’s offense, says if Davante Adams is now the best WR in the AFC West, and more.

Rich previews some of the top games for NFL Week 1 and TJ breaks down the Dallas Cowboys’ 2022 schedule and predicts what their final win-loss record will be, while Rich does likewise for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Rich celebrates the anniversary of ‘Smokey & the Bandit’ and the guys have a tongue-in-cheek debate on whether or not Larry Bird should be present to hand out the Larry Bird Tophy to the MVP of the Eastern Conference Finals.

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Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. A Goodfellas poster that I've had for ever. Really? This is not my signature. Because it's signed by you DeNiro and Pesci and I spent at least four figures on this thing. Get out of here.

Yes? You're a sucker. Earlier on the show Pro Football Hall of Famer Anthony Munoz. NBC Sports host and broadcaster Mike Tirico.

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Chris Brockman and Jay Felley are in their positions. TJ Jefferson just gave us a terrific TJ Jefferson big ass grab bag on Ray Liotta. Top five Ray Liotta performances. Yes sir. That you gave us and also told us that Madeline Stowe was one of your favorites back in the day. I had no idea.

I'm gonna have to do an 80s crushes top five. Okay there you go. That's not a bad one. Very well done. TJ Jefferson wearing his new uh those are the new shoes that you burst out for for our trip.

Oh no these are just these are some Jordan Conchords man. You know it's nothing. I like it. Very good. Nothing. Some of them jump man please.

I mean every day. Joining us now here on the Rich Eisen Show is a man who a lot of people have a lot of hopes in uh because he along with Keenan Allen and the rest of the offense that's quarterback by Justin Herbert here in Los Angeles California. Um there is so much to be excited about for the powder blue faithful here in Los Angeles about the Los Angeles Chargers. The man was the seventh overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft uh out of Clemson.

The pride of Vance South Carolina himself on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line Mike Williams of the LA Chargers. How you doing Mike? I'm good. I'm good. How you doing? I'm doing fine. Uh I've been reading about you uh the last few weeks Mike.

You got a new contract. You said that you're going to unleash yourself this year right? Is that what you said something along those lines in 2022? Yeah yeah yeah for sure.

I mean that's that's the goal. You know last year was the first year in our offense uh so year two you know it's going to be a lot different. Everybody know what they expect.

Uh everybody know where everybody like to get the ball at. You know the spots of the quarterback so yeah it's gonna be it's gonna be a lot more fun. Uh year one was an amazing year for the offense but year two where everybody knowing the system.

You know we're looking forward to you know having a better year than last year. So then how how did that affect maybe anything last year Mike um where it was a new offense for everybody and uh it takes a while in order to get all that to be second nature. How that how might have that affected anything last year looking back? Uh it was it was I mean I don't think it affected us too much. I mean I feel like the coaches you know kind of made it as simple as possible.

You know I heard Justin said something the other day it was like year one it felt like he was drowning. You know but we we surrounded him. You know we made things a lot easier for him. You know just us getting open and making plays for him and you know him putting the ball where it needs to be. So we all just kind of work together in year one.

Now we all know what they expect. So year two you know it's gonna be a lot you know more relaxed smoother and just go out there play and have fun. Yeah I had Brandon Stanley on the show the other day uh your cut your hc and I think he pointed out was that what are you pointing out Mike uh Chris that um he has not had the same offensive coordinator or offense in a row two years in a row since high school or something?

Yeah I think that's right. So um yeah yeah that's true he actually told us that in a team meeting also and it was crazy to hear that so it's gonna be crazy just to see the type of numbers we put up with with him being enough you know the same offense for you know two consecutive years in a row. So he brought it up he brought it up. Yeah yeah coach Daley uh brought it up in a team meeting and told us but I don't think uh everybody else had knew but yeah he brought it up I guess Justin told him so yeah we all decided for it you know we all coming out OTAs you know having fun making plays getting better. Okay and so um we always hear about chemistry right between quarterbacks and wide receivers Mike Williams can you describe yours with Herbert? Oh it's pretty good I mean he he know what I like he and I know how uh he throw the ball so I mean we we kind of you know been together for a few years now so we we all know each other like and we just go out there have fun you know I try to make his job as easy as possible and go out there and make plays and he try to do the same for me so you know we all just work together you know in and out of practice you know staying staying after practice extra games so make sure uh throws in so just looking forward to the season that's coming up. You got that look you got do you guys share a look that you he knows what you're thinking you know what he's thinking and the and the ball winds up in your hands something like that?

Yeah for sure I mean there's a few big plays last year where we kind of just not not even running us the play that's called you know we just kind of look at each other and I don't know how we know it what we like how we both know what we gonna do but we kind of you know look at each other and just a little head nod can go a long way so yeah we done we done made a lot of you know touchdown plays big plays you know just kind of doing it just in the mic things but yeah it works out for us you know I feel like he knows what I like to do and we just kind of go from there. Mike Williams of the Los Angeles Chargers here on the Rich Eisen show um who's the best wide receiver in the AFC West? Mike?

Uh the best wide receiver in the AFC West. Say it Mike. Come on Mike say it. Say it with your chest.

Do it. We ain't gonna speak on that. The numbers the numbers this year gonna speak for itself uh uh uh women lie men lie numbers don't so yeah we're gonna we're gonna stick with that. Okay because you know uh you got a new member of the division right this year at that position. Yeah yeah we got some good guys on my other side but yeah but we we also know we got on our side too we we like our players you know a lot more. Okay what about you Mike you could say yourself right you could say yeah yeah yeah I feel like I'm putting up the numbers you know last year I put up the numbers that right you know kind of was one of the best in the AFC West so yeah I just got to improve on that and do you do you better do you know Devante Adams at all personally or no you never met him?

Uh I think we met like once but yeah we yeah we not someone who talk on the regular we kind of met just once probably maybe a few years ago if I'm not mistaken. Because you heard he's on the Raiders now right you heard about that story. Yeah I heard.

You heard that story? A friend of mine Hunter Renfro told me I heard. Ah Hunter Renfro aha that's right he caught that he caught the game winner didn't he back in the day for you guys?

Yeah I guess Alabama did. Okay very good so Hunter did Hunter really reach out to you and tell you that he's that he's a teammate of his now or you just mentioned him? I mean I mean during the whole uh the whole Pro Bowl around the Pro Bowl time me and Hunter was just talking you know this he made the Pro Bowl and I was just hitting them up telling congratulations and uh okay he thought I was gonna be a free agent and stuff so he was calling me talking to me I told him it wasn't it wasn't gonna get that far. So Hunter who's known about he's known he's known for moving the sticks he he tried he did he did he lobby you is that what you're saying?

I wouldn't call it that it was just a friend phoning a friend. Just an NFL version of who wants to be a millionaire is that what it is phone a friend? Yeah we were just talking to these fellas about the season and about uh maybe me getting in the Pro Bowl to be an alternate yeah that was just what the conversation was about.

But your final answer was you're re-signing with the Los Angeles Chargers so that's what happened? For sure. Okay what does that mean that you were paid this in this manner by this team how what does that mean for you Michael? That is I mean that does mean that they believe in me uh you know I was the first round pick uh a few years ago and for them to you know to keep me around you know that that means I'm doing what I need to do or they believe in me they trust me to go out there and you know make your team and offense better so yeah I mean it come from all different parts you know I came here not being able to do the things I wanted to do and the offense that that was here when I first got here you know not being able to be put in the right position to make plays and then slowly you know being able to you know contribute and do what I do best and you know just getting the opportunity last year you know to to be me that was the main thing let me be Mike Williams let me go out there play loose play free and have fun and everybody see what I'm capable of doing if you allow me to do that so yeah year two we're just trying to uh in this offense we're just gonna build on that. Okay Mike Williams the best receiver in the NFL from Clemson right as well correct is that what you're saying? For sure. Okay so make sure because you know there's there's a lot of you in the NFL. Yeah it is a lot of us right now. Okay so you are the best wide receiver from Clemson in the National Football League. Yeah some may believe so. I'll take it. I'm just trying to I'm just trying to have some fun with you.

Yeah you trying to spark something. No not at all but there it is it is amazing I mean why do you think uh Clemson has turned into such a terrific uh receiver factory in the NFL? I just think they do they do a good job of recruiting uh they're bringing the right guys uh for the system and they're bringing a lot of players who can dominate on the outside so that's the main thing you know we all kind of learn from each other you know we some of us been there with each other so we kind of all you know pick stuff from each other game and got better like that but yeah they kind of do do a good job of recruiting and you know developing those guys over there so we just keep it going. Mike Williams here the Los Angeles Chargers on the Rich Eisen Show um so what are you what have you been doing I guess to get ready for the season any different anything different in your workout regimen or anything like that? Uh yeah I actually uh added some pilates in my uh in my routine.

Okay. So I kind of hit that you know two three times a week uh. Like what are you doing? Yeah what are you doing that's no joke Mike by the way Mike something I bet you didn't think you and I have something in common if anything um I I've been doing pilates for years that's no joke man. It's no joke and I and my my goal is to be able to go in there and and be able to do it with ease because right now I'm struggling. What are you struggling with? Walk me through it what what pilates are you struggling with? I'm not I'm not I don't even know which one I'm doing but it's like when I the first day I went I'm like if there's no way like I work out every day and I feel like this doing this this body weight stuff so it's like I don't know just me competing with myself you know I feel like I need to go until yeah I feel like it's easy to me and right now uh I'm a little ways from that. Are you on the reformer is that the issue the reformer or the Cadillac which ones which whichever one that's on the floor that's the one oh the reformer on the floor you got four springs right you got four springs and the reformer okay I cannot they kept telling me to do the one white spring and it's like I don't know it's like I'm about to do a split or something oh yeah but yeah I'm getting used to it you know and I've probably done like and maybe four or five classes so far every day I'm getting better so yeah hopefully you know. Let's be honest though when you when you heard everything would be good right when they bring up pilates you think like that's nothing right I got it because it's just for sure when I when I when I first thought about it I'm like all right pilates uh please right you think you can got that yeah I mean I work out every day run every day in good shape so it's gonna be a cake walk with the first day I went yeah it was it was crazy you know why it's called pilates Mike why it was created by a guy named Joe pilates believe it or not I'm not making that up that's why Joe's last name should have been ass kicking that's what it should have been give you a better heads up you know pilates you know what I mean like oh I got pilates like no problem and you go there and it kicks your ass big time okay all right so so but it does your core I mean it changes your posture your core the whole thing the whole body yeah it's no joke yeah that was the main reason I went for the core right I had some back issues early on in my career so the core was like one of the main things I worked on to get my back feeling good yes you know I always work on my core but when I was reading up on pilates it's like yeah you can it's a lot of extremely core work so that's why I really got into it also okay so must be so so when we see you when we see you with 15 touchdowns this year 1500 yards receiving it'll be must be the pilates forget pervert screw him it's the pilates that's what I'll say right I can do that pretty much yeah pilates okay it is true it's no joke all right man uh uh what are you doing memorial day weekend you got any plans what do you got what do you got I'm not inviting anything I mean I know that sounded weird but I'm just wondering what I thought you was inviting me somewhere or something I thought I was gonna make like a appearance on the show or something but Mike Mike Mike okay this is an anytime proposition we're we're practically neighbors you know and we're practically neighbors so real yes I mean I'm up here by LAX where are you oh yeah I mean I'm a little ways away I'm in I'm in Orange County okay about yeah I can send you a car I'm sending you a car let's do it seriously you just bought yourself an appearance on this program yeah but no I mean I I'm just chilling really I'm gonna go out on a boat tomorrow okay uh watch the Javante Davis and the roadie fight tomorrow night okay yeah pretty much chilling okay very good and what tv shows do you watch what are you catching up on what are you doing uh tv shows right now I'm not watching any tv shows right now uh I need to though somebody told me to watch a tv show called elite or something like that honestly okay elite I don't know yeah yeah I haven't even looked it up and see what it was about anything huh yellow yellowstone mike yellow's been right here on peacock you gotta be very okay right here oh I've seen the first season I have not okay yeah that's that's my favorite show on Netflix okay very good well look mike uh we'll catch up here let's let's catch up and in the meantime you know um thanks for calling into this program really appreciate thank you all for having me you got it anytime that's mike williams who's coming here on this program because he's the best wide receiver in the afc west and from clemson in the nfl right here on the rich isin show that's fun that's great that was great that was fun he so for the record he did hear that tavante adams is now yes oh and by the way guess who's gonna see first game out hey guys let's just let's just wet the appetite right going into the all right let's talk some football when we come back let's go lfg let's do that your phone calls 844-204 rich and everything else going on here on the rich isin show don't go anywhere we're talking some nfl when we come back the week one slate off the charts got to hit it got to talk about it when we come back geico asks how would you love a chance to save some money on insurance of course you would after all who doesn't love a great deal right and when it comes to great rates on insurance for all the things in your life geico can help like with insurance for your car truck motorcycle boat and rv even help with homeowners condo or renters coverage you could save even more with a special discount when you bundle your coverages plus add the easy to use geico mobile app available 24-hour roadside assistance and more and choosing to switch to geico becomes an easy choice switch today and see all the ways you could save with great rates and discounts it's easy simply go to to get a rate quote or contact your local agent and get started seeing how much you could save here we are back on the program 844-204 rich being the number to dial here on the program hey um we were just talking about it with the los angeles chargers taking on the las vegas raiders um in week one is that sunday night football week one it is not okay sunday night football week one is tampa bay versus as he would say the varsity oh that's a rematch of last year's opener that is correct i didn't have to say it week one starts with the bills here in los angeles and then goes sunday night football with the bucks hosting the cowboys and then monday night football being russell wilson at seattle you know and russ the joe bucks first game right and aikman and those guys and the return of the emmy award-winning manning cast um and so the um while we were gone russ was asked about week one he's gonna he's gonna just gotta take the emotion out of it i'm like good luck with that how's he gonna do that good luck with that and i know he can compartmentalize and all that business and go broncs right but man that's gonna be insane certainly since we'll have seen the entire week one play out and every other game in week one vegas and the chargers right out of the gate someone's gonna be 0-1 unless these two teams played with ty which we saw almost happened the last time a regular season game was played in the nfl yeah yeah yeah for sure yeah oh is that a new drop we got a new drop might be a new segment at some point too a new segment called yeah yeah yeah for sure yeah yeah yeah yeah for sure not for sure show the show like williams was awesome he was great that was a lot of fun um cincinnati and pittsburgh right out of the gate right out of the gate joe burrow is hosting the pittsburgh steelers and we assume it could be pickett right you imagine pickett's first career start in the jungle i would say trubisky probably i don't know man why sign him then i don't know why sign him i think he's gonna start how about that week one game between green bay and minnesota that's a lot of division games week one um yeah yeah and then other ones like kansas city at arizona new england and miami new england and miami's another ray uh uh another game that's going to miami's another ray uh another game in division new orleans and atlanta let's just start it off with two teams that flat out hate each other literally hate each other their fans hate each other that's a big game huge game um how about carolina and cleveland what if baker mayfield starts that for carolina or mayfield starts it for cleveland which more and more people keep saying it's possible i always say that i i i it's i can't get off of the of the g t f o h right of that um and how dude how about san francisco and chicago man even even baltimore at the jets right lamar v zach could you say the jets have the better passing game going in that game yeah like if you want to do what's more likely you know wide receivers they have better wide receivers they have three kind of studs if you think about it jacksonville at washington laugh all you want doug peterson peterson back in the nfc east if we're going on sexy matchups of week one i mean it's at the bottom oh i think so but that'll be a sneaky good game houston and indianapolis ryan's debut tennessee and the giants i mean speaking of tennessee story lines with those two teams right speaking of tennessee did you say busting with the boys responded so i posted it so i posted the video of our segment and uh i used because this is nice because they're gonna keep taking photo they're gonna keep posting photographs of me until i come on their pod right so i was like to do so i was like yes we've noticed what's going on the last couple days with our friend taylor and will and they're busting with the boy account yes and we think there's a middle ground to be found so the busing with the boys uh account uh tweet it back uh rich we will have a motor on the bus next pod that's a promise oh my goodness okay okay it's out there well now um here's what we'll do we'll go into memorial day weekend and i want to see what photographs pop up i just want to see what other what other photographs we'll revisit we'll revisit tuesday we'll revisit and i'll i'll reach out to uh taylor which one of those guys is handling their their twitter great question should we respond back i don't know what i don't want to see what's under the hood period well no you do want to see you want to confirm there's something under the hood right never say never but never thank you coach i think we're going to make this happen soon okay in nashville right in person tj why not okay all right screw it let's do it you ready to do your dallas cowboys win last game put me on the spot damn straight but you know my motto i made this list last week i stayed ready i didn't have to get ready okay i need nfl films music from you jay fella you got it i need this is the first one out of the gate we haven't done this yet not yet i need the dallas cowboy schedule from you mike hoskins oh buddy all right i'm getting to the page in my booklet here we go i've gotten to my page in the booklet let me hydrate real quick okay you need to hydrate we can't have you cramp up cannot have you cramp up all right don't let dehydration here's the thing i need to do i need to do this i need to so down the right column on my pages there are the appropriate boxes to put a win loss i'm going to have you in this column i will put tj in that column you know we're also recording this so i understand that no but i'm gonna write it down tj in this column and down the left side of the page i'm gonna leave blank for when michael irvin does this because we piggyback one another dallas cowboy schedule on the screen please for those watching on peacock thank you all right tj jefferson win loss game for the dallas cowboys in the 2022 season let's go tampa bay buccaneers um in dallas this time around first sunday night football game of the season go for it winner loss well you know last year we uh you know i just can't answer winner loss all right opening game september the 11th going to be a lot of just like a lot of emotion going to be flying through on that day yes and uh we're gonna get the w okay stop tom brady's oh and one but don brady's never lost to dallas by the way that's correct okay and next up late windows cbs week two tony romo and jim nance in the booth bangles at cowboys joe burrow coming in and win loss well what's the opposite of loss oh first time they're packing bags they fly in new jersey the dallas cowboy jet lands in newark what's wrong with y'all and it's now time monday night football joe and troy and the mannings are sitting down at the giants win loss i mean that might be the easiest dub of the season let's go three and oh when was the last time the cowboys started three and oh will you look that up chris please now look up the man last time they started four and oh because there's no way he's giving them the loss at home week four against the washington washington football they started four and oh chris looked that one up commanders did i say football team no i said football team because that's what their name is all right next up late window fox late window fox week five at the los angeles rams home of the super bowl champs and oh wow oh wow it's so generous very generous next up sunday night football week six on nbc at the philadelphia eagles i don't like them week six do you like them to win or lose that's a w for oh wow cowboys five and one home for the detroit lions week seven cbs the vanilla one o'clock game because that's all denver that's all detroit gets you remember last year when i did this and we got to the broncos and i said we're gonna lose that game and you were correct and i and you gave me crap you're giving you're giving dan campbell the job i'm gonna take the element because the last two hard knocks you know i'm gonna say detroit's gonna get that that's a hard knock a loss to the lines did he say week six win he said a week six win they are now currently five and two according to tj jefferson going into their week eight game home against the chicago bears well i got i got some friends that are bears fans and we talked about maybe ashton yes then this time you are corrected as ashton uh and i'm sorry but if we go to that game he's just gonna have to have a long plane ride back home because that's going to be a loss for at least at least uh it'll be a pj right i mean stay out of her personal business rich i mean come on i mean seriously you just made a million dollars on two and a half men being shown in slovenia over the last five minutes in my man's pocket okay uh coming out of that by nice and rested it's the battle of mike mccarthy going back to green bay and week 10 winner loss well obviously oh my god you know des caught it they wouldn't give it that to us so my god we're probably you know do i have to say it we're gonna i mean that might be a loss okay he's taking the loss so the cowboys come out of a bye week having lost three of their last five and everybody's probably that but by the way if this happens the metroplex is going to be in full freak out mode certainly since they've already lost to the rams lions and packers that's always that's that's three the conference loss is not looking good going to minnesota vikings minnesota vikings week 11 kirk cousins that's an away game you know i mean if cooper rush won't beat him last time that is true but you know what is that a loss two in a row every now and then we go through a little weird stretch i'm just saying that the vikings get the w on that day he's saying the cowboys have now lost oh my god two in a row they're one two three four five and four going through a thanksgiving home game against the g-men and you know you can't play well at home on thanksgiving when there's two losses in a row six and four six but the thing is this year four five six take those losses we're going to learn from them we ain't losing to the giants all right seven and four home for the colts on nbc coming up the next week well jonathan uh taylor he's tough and uh but unfortunately so is michael parson so that's a w eight and four houston texans that's one of those weird games man we're like i'm gonna say douse is gonna find a way to lose this game wow like the like the texas inaugural uh game right yeah okay so they're one two three four five six seven eight and five going into the game at jacksonville come on all right all right losing the nine and five then a saturday home uh a christmas eve game home against the eagles okay we beat philly on the road uh you know we'll probably take the l on this wow then a thursday night quick turnaround at the titans w no offense to our buddy taylor one and then at the washington commanders final week w one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven and uh and six tj jefferson and by the way you know this and i put a video out last week no matter what i said if i said we'd go six and eleven people are gonna crap on me right now on twitter and youtube don't don't you're not for sure you're gonna say 17 and l i was going to but you know i again no matter what i say i'm stupid and the cowboy sucks all right rich i'm sucking i've done some research i've looked it up last time the cowboy started four and oh the last time the cowboy started three and oh yes they did it in 2019 okay they also did it in 2008 last time they were four and oh rich they actually started the year five and oh yeah 2007 that's how long it's been it's not that long decade and a half i mean in the big how long has the earth been here if someone was born in 2006 what a great way to say you know in terms of you know in football years it's long but just in terms of like just in terms of homo sapiens yeah since man's been walking upright then it hasn't been you're right just you got to put it in the proper jurassic park perspective that's why i'm here rich someone born in 07 the last time the cowboys were five and oh they can get their learner's permit today hey congratulations to them that's how long it's been i mean again not that long 11 and six by the way that would mean they'd finish the season seven and six after starting four and oh there'd be lots of puckering up in that town starting four and oh finishing 11 and six i mean this might not be good you know 11 and six might not be good enough to win that division right well it's it doesn't necessarily reflect what i really feel i think i just did this just to not cause a commercialness gracious what is wrong with you why do you want to like couch everything he's got a couch get off the couch do you want to do your patriots or you're not ready for it yet ain't ready rich are you trying to follow that up here you go tj we will spank that a yes that's right all day i'm not ready i'm not ready you're not ready to do the page ain't about this life rich i need to see mac jones with his shirt off first what are we doing i ain't seen dak with his shirt off and i made pics we know dak is shredded you see what mac jones looked like last year i just feel like i should should i do the eagles one right now no you should do the cowboys i should do that you should do the eagles because you think they're gonna win the division don't you oh that is true let me try you think the eagles are going 12 and five i'm gonna let's see if i'll try it let's see if i'll be right let's see if i'll be right can i have some music please sir okay here we go and i need the philadelphia eagles to go thank you play the rocky theme um at detroit that's a win home for monday night football uh minnesota vikings is a win yeah we know what kirk does in prime time game um at the washington commanders um i'll give them the loss why because i think the commanders are defensively going to be improved who's who's their quarterback uh it's carson wince great it's a revenge game but i think they'll they'll take carson the next time um and then here's another one they got revenge games back to back in comes doug peterson and they uh they tell him you know here's whiz wit that's w uh at the cardinals um that's an l is it though cardinals are gonna be fine you know the cardinals always start off hot i know but they don't have they don't have d hop for this game but d hop is you know a little long in the tooth coming up i'm gonna i'm gonna give him that uh i'm gonna give him that win four and one going into dallas and i'll and i'll i'll baby i'll agree with you and say that they the cowboys beat them um four and one against four and oh right that would be four and one against four and four and that would be four and what would be battle of four and ones as far as i'm concerned yeah that's what it is but tj has them for now going into that week no they got they've already they're coming off all right then there's a bye week home for the steelers um i'll give them a win there and i'll have them beating the houston texans the next week and then they're definitely not losing to the washington commanders at home uh at the colts i'll give them a loss um they're gonna split the next two i will have them how about this i'll have them beating green bay but losing to the titans they go to the giants and they they always perform well against the giants um giants could be in tank mode at that point too i don't think they're gonna tank i like their coach a lot um i will give them a win it i'll even i'll even have them losing at the giants just to see if it happens they've now lost three and four three in a row i mean three out of the next four i'll give them a win at the bears i'll have them um huh i i will have them winning at the dallas cowboys on that saturday home again you did the same damn thing okay i'm just following your lead i'm matching you my goodness this guy that guy this guy that guy um i will have them um winning the last two as well i'll have them beating the saints at home and the giants at home so what's that one two three four five six hold them one two three four five six seven twelve eight nine ten eleven twelve yeah there you go that's that was a division nicobe dean baby he's gonna be healthy aj brown come on jaylen i just what i just said is not out of the rile sanders what did you say it's not out of the room i'm gonna change mine then what i said is what i said out of the realm is what i said out of the realm i mean look it's a pretty god i have them splitting their division games have them i have them three and three in division i have them eating you know eating up most of now they're eating up they're they're they split their games against the afc south and i have them performing well against the afc the uh the the nfc north actually and that's fine but their quarterback you will have them sweeping the nfc north is a pretty giant question mark um i'm i'm there for him he was 61 completion last year that is unacceptable that's the way you have to do the win-loss game you gotta if i believe in him i gotta give him the wins where it's gonna be that's true right but he's gonna need more than 16 touchdowns they have improved defensively of course i know but what do you mean 16 touchdown passes i'm just saying he's he played a whole year last year account for chris he had like eight russian right how many do you account for how about this jaylen hurts will account for more than 30 touchdowns next year who jaylen hurts will put the ball in the end zone either himself or throw it in there 30 times howie roseman and uh the rest of the crew and syriani must have the the uh the analytics of what that number needs to be in order to be successful right so hell of a way to go on a memorial day weekend baby we got one more segment to go we'll set up the rest of the week as well touchdown yeah i mean so i'm saying so yeah 35 maybe 35 six right there he needs 35 total at least 35 total at least so you said he accounted for 24 last year at 26 last 26 so me saying 30 is not a lot that's all about 35 i mean okay you counted for a lot you gotta get better than 61 completion of course and he will be you know why because he's jaylen freaking hurts i like him he's a dog you love him i love your blanket stavis what do you mean i'm here for it i'm here for it actually uh mike williams actually backs up what i feel about uh jaylen hurts correct don't you think that no that's whoops that's okay wow i threw it on him real quick that's our new that's our new i'm gonna create this i'm gonna create i'm gonna get a segment around that that's yeah yeah yeah for sure yeah i like it i just need to figure it out we're workshopping people you're welcome peacock i mean we're well on our way we're well on our way to another three years in a row i can't wait till next year yeah very good so the dallas cowboys are going to be 11 and 6 according to tj jefferson i love it last year that you had them much better than that why do you think they're not going to be as good as last year there were two it was a one or two game different you think they're going to lose the detroit lines at home huh that was given their clunker you give them the clunker you know there's going to be one of those games you know what the clunk well the clunk is going to be thanksgiving always what's the thanksgiving day always the giants against the giants but not this year not this year settle down just a little bit exactly daniel jones ain't getting the job done not against us not against michael parsons so what happens tonight in uh the boston garden that's a wrap baby you really think so yeah you're also dude i'm also what yeah you you're not the best uh i am the best because at what um i called a sweep against the nets gotcha i said they were the better team against uh the heat the you said that after game one and then they lost game two and then the better team against the heat and then and then in in uh so in game three right where the the heat won despite not having jimmy butler you tweeted out in all caps to get jaylen brown out of the game out of the game because he's been an incredible run ever since you tweeted that great hopefully hopefully i inspired him but i doubt he can't hold on to the ball he's got you know he must have joe burrow hands jared golf hands how is he so good at scoring but turns it over every other play he can't dribble correct me if i'm wrong okay if you're in the nba okay should you be able to know how to dribble this is jaylen brown you're talking about i understand love the guy right not necessarily stop dribbling just let someone else dribble and you just shoot and dunk that's your analysis turnovers it's a good thing i'm already bald do we know that tyler hero's playing yes or no uh we don't know he was uh warming up he was gonna try to do some workouts well he's playing tonight he's gotta go i thought he was gonna play last game i think he's gotta go he was looking like bobby bobble service on the sidelines oh here we go about an hour ago shams uh told pat barring setback hero will be playing tonight told who uh pat mccaffee oh okay okay but butler doesn't look like he's playing at full speed i mean it's just caught up to them and you know celtics fans didn't go to work today they've been drinking all day it's gonna be what do you mean they didn't go to world i mean look three-day weekend it's called out sick and just started lubricating early today in boston in anticipation of tonight okay larry bird's gonna be there unconfirmed not reporting that larry bird's gonna be there to hand out the trophy to tatum oh god it's gonna be i mean literally they should allow cigar smoking in the garden tonight that's awesome let me tell you what's not gonna happen that's larry bird being there tonight larry bird's not walking through that door not coming what about mchale oh what about parish is he walking through that door last time you saw a chief man here's the thing here's what i'm saying i was doing my patina if i had a trophy named after me every time that trophy was given out i would be there to present it yes just to remind everyone that this little thing that i'm giving you yes it's named after me well i mean magic wasn't there yesterday and so and if anyone was going to be at something you'd think it'd be magic they wouldn't what because no laker the lake let me tell you what the lakers are never going to be near the western conference finals again for a while so like time stamps have to show up to them you like how he said never and then he couched it with for a while yeah for a while in the easter conference finals for the next decade at least so larry bird just like this weekend every year larry just make sure you have a reservation you know larry's not going to that when he said when he said never for a while never for a while that's that that's like a del tufo isn't right that's what he told that's when he told that's when he was pitching mr wonderful from shark tank saying that he came up with this idea sitting at home alone on a couch with his friends never say never but never i've been sitting next to him for too long it's just kind of like it dumb you down by the way i'm i'm with you though if there was a rich eisen trophy of course if there was a trophy what would it look like it would be me running i'm running yeah yeah yeah rich eisen award for sprinting whatever whatever they gave that out you would be there it would probably be for broadcasting okay let's be honest although i do feel like you know my my stride has improved my form has improved but your time's gone the rich eisen show logo for anybody who doesn't know is me running the 40 yard dash uh my right leg is like this now if you see my photographs of me running i'm the leg was out this original this original logo the original logo was me with a a perfect uh capture of my stride and my right leg was out and i asked them like would you mind moving it back in and i watched the graphic artist actually do that to move my leg a little bit less spastic for the for the logo um but if this was on a trophy and given out to somebody absolutely yeah every time i'd have to be there everything but i'd have to be the one to decide i don't think that's how that works that's too bad then it's not named and he gets a trophy yeah that's it bird is just going to arbitrarily pick the eastern he's got to play yes i would that's not how this works that's not how any of this works like for instance if if i was larry bird okay i would say i need to get a preemptory he like apparently david stern had according to winning time on the 1980 uh just a vote or did like is he get a veto or he gets five x votes well his vote is worth five there's a deal it's going to be like leon po or james posi or pj tucker respect the pj brown rather what if it is somebody that he doesn't feel is deserving of an award with his name on it like who i don't know on the celtics team i don't know horford they give it to horford and he's like yeah nice but what happens when he gets to give it to jimmy butler no i i'd have to i'd have to i'd have to have a preemptory you can't just give out something with my name on it without me saying who i have to have a say in it i'm just going to show up and just hand it out and just say please enjoy something with my name on it yeah i would demand it i mean you can by the way i mean magic magic would actually if i was magic i would say i've got to i'm the one who announced it on my twitter congrats to steph curry for west court 30 points 12 rebounds all right should he do it last night congratulations to steph curry whose golden state warriors beat the dallas mavericks 120 to 110 he did tweet scoring 12 points what did he tweet out he tweeted out it's really cool that the greatest shooter basketball has ever seen a friend future hall of famer and a great person steph curry won the first ever magic johnson western conference outstanding that magic was not there to present where was he not there probably on a yacht somewhere but it also wasn't a laker it wasn't a laker this is a celtic about to win it yeah good point just saying i'm saying look out for leon poe oh no bill russell is trending hold on star of the 2008 is he the one giving out the award no he's okay that would make sense he get the mvp of the finals yeah that's bill and he's out he gives it out right gives it out of course because will oscar robertson be there tonight because that's the one of the the finals championship is named after oscar robert oh well i would love to see larry there tonight that would be great that would be for you i mean the roof for everyone else no just for me yeah for you and all you other mass holes who love him that live in your house you are surrounded by them my wife my wife my son susie let's get some of that break safe memorial day weekend somebody invite me over to the cookout please be safe 844-204 rich we'll see you on tuesday for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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